How tall is Xzibit

Xzibit's Height

5ft 9 ¾ (177.2 cm)

American rapper, actor and TV presenter known for Pimp My Ride and films Gridiron Gang and XXX: State of the Union.

How tall is Xzibit
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Average Guess (25 Votes)
5ft 9.43in (176.4cm)
MaskDeMasque said on 30/Jun/21
5'9.5 or 5'9.25 at worst.
TheDon1528 said on 24/Sep/20
looks a little bit under 5'10"
Thomas S said on 1/Sep/19
Looks at least 5'9.5 with 5'7.5 Eminem.

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Could even make a case for 5'10 with 6'0 Dr. Dre.

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Thomas S said on 1/Sep/19
Looks at least 5'9.5 with 5'7.5 Eminem.

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Could even make a case for 5'10 with 6 foot Dr. Dre.

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Canson said on 28/Oct/18
Closer to 5’9 than 5’10”
Nik said on 4/Mar/18
i can't see that he is nearly 5'10"! However I think he is at least 5'9"!
JJJ said on 1/Mar/18
I don't know his height but he doesn't look 5'9 to me.
Realist said on 31/Jan/17
He looks short on Empire.
Dingus said on 21/Oct/15
5'08.75" MAX
SLIM SHADY JR said on 9/Sep/15
he looks nothing like 5'9 he looks more over like 5'7-5'8 about 171-174cm
Anonimus said on 31/Mar/14
He ain't 5'9"
I have met him many times. Try 5'4"-56"
Money said on 12/Mar/14
Yeah russian kid his height is 177 178
He looks much shorter then snoop dogg because snoop is 1.91
KeepItQuiet said on 27/Feb/14
If this is XZibit's actual height then there a few other people that need "downgrades".

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From left to right: Eddie Kaye Thomas, Anson Mount, Cam Gigandet, Robert Knepper, Freddy Rodriguez, XZibit
Height expert said on 20/Jan/14
Yeah I believe he's 5'9-10
See said on 5/Dec/13
@ Russiankid - Snoop Doog (or Lion as he is now called) is 6ft 4 almost. He towers over most other rappers.....
art said on 21/Aug/13
he looks much shorter
RussianKid said on 2/Aug/13
Rob, you sure?
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Dman1528 said on 30/Nov/11
5foot9 he was listed at 5foot11 185 in NFL Street 2 and lots of rappers will lie about there height to make then seem bigger. he looks and most likely is 5foot9 if you ask me.
Shaun said on 25/Jul/11
Agree with Dan I'd have estimated 6' and about 210 pounds, I thought he was about the same sort of size as 50 cent.
xzibit said on 6/Jul/11
weak 5'9
yo sup dawg, i herd you be making fun of my height, so i put a comment in yo comment so you could derive while you read.
James said on 15/May/11
There are times when Xzibit wears those huge ass military boots, probably with an extra build-up inside, hense the "I know he is taller than 5 ft 9 in" claims. He is closer to a flat 5 ft 9 in barefoot i would say, 175-176 cm tall.
chainzzy said on 27/Dec/10
guy settle the **** hes around either 5'9 or ten ,he aint that big ,and looks pretty average on tv...
Dan said on 29/Oct/10
This guy can look 6 foot at times. He must be at least 5'10. Solid 5'11 with shoes.
Rance said on 16/Mar/09
after watching many pimp my ride episodes id have to say he is 5ft8 to 5ft 9 max, he,s of average height, definately no 6footer,
Paddy said on 6/Jan/09
Nah Xzibit is more like 5 10" 5 11", watch 8 mile and see the difference between him and eminem 5 8"
Zach #2 said on 9/Dec/08
i'd say Xzibit is 5ft 9", on PMR he's allways wearing big boots or chunky sneakers to give him that extra lift. anyway tv/movies make a person taller, look at TI, who looks a 5ft 10 on tv, but u meet him and he's short like Usher
Tony said on 16/Jul/08
I was watching Pimp my Ride on Mtv the one show when Arnold the Gov of californa came on

Arnold looked just one inch taller than xzibit in that episode if xzibit is only 5'9 arnold is only 5'11 these days with shoes on
Domo said on 22/May/08
in the video for "hey now" he stands next to Travis Barker, who is 5'10'' and they're about same height
Height Seeker said on 10/May/08
I seriously Thought xzibit was 6 Foot one half inch tall but I guess I was wrong anyone got any pics of him standing next to someone with a known height? Glenn do you have any pics of you and xzibit if so can you put them up on here? thanks
Braden said on 12/Apr/08
Ive met him im 5'8" and i have to say we were pretty much eye to eye.
Wil said on 29/Feb/08
I think X is one of those people that looks shorter because they're a little bulky. I'd say 5'11''.
anonamous said on 9/Feb/08
id even k who this person is
Sabby said on 7/Dec/07
I think he's definitely no more than 5 ft. 10 inches. Even in Arnie's adavancing age he still has at least 3 inches on X
JK said on 10/Nov/07
What?? i saw him at the Hilton during the gumball 3000 he's at least 6 feet
jtrain said on 11/Oct/07
make up your mind Viper
Viper said on 16/Sep/07
I always thought this guy was six feet. Very surprised."

Thats weird. I always thought he was a short guy, around 5-8.
Anshelm said on 16/Sep/07
I too noticed there wasn't much between him and Schwarzenegger when I saw him on Pimp My Ride. It was hard to tell, though, and I'm not going to make too precice guesses, but I'd say Arnold had no more than two inches on him, and possibly they were almost the same. Here's a clip in German, where you can see them together starting from 1:02. Not a very good one, I'm afraid: Click Here
Anonymous said on 14/Jul/07
Xzibit look a solid 5-10 for me, with a good built which makes him look bigger on camera. But I guess that's about right. He looks a little shorter than a 6-1 Dr.Dre, but a little taller than the 5-8 Eminem on The Anger Management Tour, so to me 5-10 is about right. Cuz Im 5-10ish at 18, but my slim figure makes me look shorter compared to bigger people, but sometimes if I stand up straight my slimness makes me look taller.
Heyzeus said on 1/Jun/07
He's just claimed to be a little taller than Arnold Schwarzenegger on British TV.
Drew said on 2/May/07
I always thought this guy was six feet. Very surprised.
dmeyer said on 13/Dec/06
i was wearing 1.4 dockers shoes so about 6'0.5 in in shoes and he looked 1.5 to 2 inches smaller he had 1.25 sneakers 5'10.5 to 5'11 in shoes wish means 177 solid in barefeet similar height to colin farrell 5'9.75 177 strong make sens since he didnt have great posture
dmeyer said on 24/Oct/06
i stodd by him for one minute he looked aleast 1.5 inches smaller than me at 5'11 so no more than 5'10 for sure possibly 177
Van said on 14/Aug/06
XZibit is 5'10 I think. Beside 6'3.5 Snoop Dogg he looks 5'10. Click Here
MHouillon said on 4/May/06
That is totally nonsense. He's been on a premiere together with 5'11 Jim Belushi (Yes, he is 5'11, not 5'10 or 5'9). And Xzibit is clearly taller. 182cm at least.

Editor Rob
I've seen the shots with belushi, I don't see that, he could be 5ft 10.5, go to wireimage and see all the shots (a few on getty) of him near navratilova, vinnie jones and theres one of roger cross...sure, maybe 179cm, 182 I am not so sure
L.A.'s Finest said on 11/Apr/06
X is like 5'9'' cause i know for a fact Ice Cube is not 5'8'' Ice is about 5'10'' so X would have to be about 5'9''

Editor Rob
Ice Cube made a big mistake...

actually, make that 2 big mistakes...

1) he stood beside a police height chart where he looked near 5ft 9 with shoes.
2) he took a photo with 172cm Glenn and looked his height!

if Ice is 5ft 10, Glenn is 5ft 10...this is great news for Sly though, I better up him to 6ft!
uk man said on 15/Feb/06
i am 7ft 1,age 13 live in the uk
6 foot 1, 16, still growing said on 18/Jan/06
I agree after seeing photos that X to the Z is a good 5 foot 9.5, 5 foot 10. Snoop Dogg is 6 foot 3 and X looks about 5 to 6 inches shorter. They probably had Ice Cube a little bit taller than his costar Xzibit in the movie because usually the "leading role" should be taller. I think he probably wore lifts all throughout the movie because he walks around and you can see that he seems like a pretty tall guy when he's next to people in a restaurant, etc.
6 foot 1, 16, still growing said on 17/Jan/06
nope! tell me if I'm wrong, but in the state of the union XXX Ice Cube is actually a lil taller than Xzibit in the movie. If ice is only 5 foot 8, wouldn't xzibit be 5 foot 7 inches? I saw there was about a 1 inch difference. Unless they made ice cube like 6 feet in the movie with padding. but if they didn't, xzibit is only 5 foot 7. my best guess is that xzibit is 5 foot 8, same as ice cube, but ice cube might have worn some lifts or something to be taller. who knows
jeezy said on 6/Jan/06
xzibit is the exact height of eminem, he is 5'8
Leo said on 5/Jan/06
Xzibit came through alb for hoopla and i hung out with him for a while... He's a stocky guy but i'd say he's defititely 5'9-5'10 1/2. I'm 5'10 myself and we were definitely about even. His stocky build makes him seem taller though...And that's no bs..
daddy said on 20/Dec/05
he really looks in the 5'10-5'11 range,he aint under 5'10,and for the guy who said 5'6,well wrong! you need glasses.
Tony said on 24/Nov/05
Eminem is around 5 7", he simply cannot be 5 11" let alone 6 foot like some sites claim. Maybe 5 9", 5 10" tops.
eman said on 20/Nov/05
The people on pimp my ride are f***in giants. that why he seems small. he is 510.
Mac said on 24/Oct/05
If xzibit is 5'11 then the ppl on pimp my ride must be f***in giants. Even the Women are equal/taller in height than him. He usually wears basketball sneaks as well which would add a couple of inches on him so my guess would be 5'8 tops. Anyways despite his height he's still a gr8 rapper and a pretty funny guy 2
Ball-A-Hallic said on 20/Oct/05
X 2 me always looked a solid 5'11 maybe 5'10.5 i'd say he never seemed smaller than 5'11 2 me.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/05
I hardly doubt this guy is less then 5'10" at the very least, he probably sloucehes badly, more likely hes 5'11", but saying 5'6" or 5'8" common people surely you dont all have height complexes and need to make yourselves feel better this way?
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/05
5'6"-5'8", yall gotta be smoking! He is 5 ft 10ish, no shorter, no taller. And he looks exactly 2 inches taller than Eminem is 8 Mile, so that is why Em rounds up his height to 5'9".
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/05
Hes nowhere even close to 5-11.5. I would say 5-8 Tops, maybe as short as 5-6 even.
Qwerty said on 14/Sep/05
I think you could probably round it up to 6', he doesnt seem short. And in that photo next to snoop dog you have to consider snoop is 6ft3. So I'd say 5'11"- 6'
dmeyer said on 26/Jul/05
i worked with him today he looks 177-178 cm i was a full minute close to him
BigThings_954 said on 15/Jun/05
He is my cousin yall need 2 get off him yo dont try family like dat he is 5'11.5
deth row pimp. said on 29/Apr/05
how can he be that tall. on t.v. he looks short. my gusses is that hes around 5'8.
J. said on 11/Apr/05
Rob, I hate to do it but ... I TOLD YOU SO! :-)
J. said on 29/Mar/05
I used to see Xzibit quite frequently back when I was staying in California for a summer (2001). I used to work at a Tower Records out in Los Angeles and X and his little boy, Tremaine, would come in quite regulary. He's a really good guy but ... the only problem is that he's not quite 6 feet. He was easily more on the 5'10" side, when I would talk to him. Maybe 5'11" MAX (and that would be with shoes on). Back when I would see him, he had a muscular frame which can make him seem taller onscreen or in publicity photos. Yet judging from someone who has looked him in the eye and saw him multiple times in the flesh, X to the Z is 5'10" -5'11".

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