How tall is Ice Cube

Ice Cube's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American Rapper and Actor known for films such as Three Kings, XXX State of the Union, Ghosts of Mars, Boyz n The Hood, Ride Along and Barbershop.

How tall is Ice Cube
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Average Guess (118 Votes)
5ft 7.9in (172.5cm)
Brandon Churchill said on 24/Apr/23
Eminem is 5'9" and Ice is roughly 2 inches shorter making him 5'7".
5'7 and a fraction said on 3/Mar/23
Looks like a bog-standard 5'8 to me.
Robby Harris said on 10/Oct/22
Cube with 6'0"-6'0.5" Chris Tucker in 2012:
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John Overdon said on 25/Sep/22
Johnny Miles said on 11/Aug/22
I’ll give him 5’8
Francisco Gamino said on 25/Feb/22
That’s impossible Ice cube is 5ft7 3/4 but few meters closer to 172.7 at the actual 5”8. Besides he’s taller than Tom cruise and even Kevin hart who is 5 inches shorter than ice cube. While not tall nor short, he’s perfect for his height and in some countries 5”8 was considered to be the average of its height of men. So yeah somewhere 172.5-172.6 for ice cube.
dreus23 said on 26/Dec/21
@BMK Ice Cube cannot be below 5'6, in 99% of the pictures with his 5'11 son he barely looks more than 2 inches shorter than him. Either you underestimate your own height, or you were standing on uneven ground. While I agree that a lot of celebrities lie about their height, it's really not weird, considering most ordinary people do as well. Eitherway, I don't think it's good to use a single experience to judge someone's height. Height isn't just how you stand next to a row of numbers, it can vary every other day
BMK said on 26/Nov/21
So I met Ice Cube in Westwood at his movie premier back in 05. I'm 5'-6", I was in sandals, he was in sneakers, and I was still taller. Not that it matters, just don't know why so many celebrities don't give their actuall height.
MaskDeMasque said on 17/Jun/21
He looked 5'8 in Friday.
Roby Italy said on 30/May/21
Ehi Rob , how do you think he weighs today? I think on the 200 lbs
Editor Rob
At times he looks near that 200 range
ksu said on 18/Mar/21
big daww said on 6/Mar/21
Thats Jaime Foxx in that photo you shared.
KH said on 18/Feb/21
How is he 5'8? He looks like he is about 5'7 3/4 with shoes ( I would imagine he is not barefoot here) on in that lineup measurement with Kevin Hart. Is that not correct? Looks like a weak 5'7 guy. Wakes up barely clearing it. Downgrade please unless you can explain this?

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Slim 6'1" said on 11/Nov/20
172cm weak 5'8"
GTB172cm said on 24/Oct/20
No more than 5’7.75”
TheDon1528 said on 24/Sep/20
around 5'8"
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jun/20
🎉🎁🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Ice! 🎈🎂🎁🎉

Many Happy Returns to Ice Cube who celebrates his 51st Birthday today. He was named Ice by his older brother for being cool way beyond his years! Well, Big Brother wasn't wrong because his little bruv became a world famous superstar!

Mr Cube gets a supercool 5ft8. I did think he was taller, I must admit. Perhaps it has something to do with the impressive and powerful parts he plays. I've never seen him rap though. That style of music is not really my cup of tea!

5ft8 😁☑️🍵❎

JohnMoore-162cm said on 17/Mar/20
5ft8 is about right , Doesn't seem as high as 5ft8 1/2 @World Citizen
herio said on 13/Oct/19
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Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Aug/19
I don't wanna say the exact city, but I live in the southern part of LA county, outside the LA city limits. But I'm originally not from LA though, I was born and raised in the Bay Area.
edwards said on 26/Jul/19
dude i think oshea is around 5'11.5 and he was wearing a bigger shoes with bigger hedls maybe jorbin types and looked near 6'1 in those boots.
edwards said on 25/Jul/19
Dude i personally think oshea jr is around 6’1 but i’m not sure sbout that.
edwards said on 25/Jul/19
Yes dude ,which part of la do you live,as a la native you could have great chance in meeting them dudes as they are also originally a native angelenos.back in the day it was common to see them dudes on low riders hopping all over la.i saw him nearly 30 years ago and i was around my 20s.i am not into rap but i like cube,which part of la are you from dude,i am excited to know that?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Jul/19
That's cool. I've never met Ice Cube myself, but I saw his son Oshea Jr last month in LA, but I wasn't close enough to him to estimate how tall he was. I tried to get closer to him but the place was just too crowded.
edwards said on 19/Jul/19
rob's listing is quite the spot for ice cube,i was lucky to see him back in 1989-1990s at his prime and nwa at his heydays.cube was around 5'8-5'8.5 and i saw him along with legendary hiphop artist eazy e,may his soul rest in peace,eazy e was along with him.eazy e was around 5'2 atleast imho but didnt pay my attention towards him.i saw them dudes aling with mc ren"ruthless villian and andre.andre aka dr dre was around 6'0 and was same height as looked like dre had full head on eazy e.i saw them dude's in downtown los angeles near boarders of south central la.rob's listing is quite the spot and quite accurate for cube.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jun/19
🎁🎂 Happy 50th Birthday Ice Cube! 🎂🎁

Wishing the rapper turned actor a great day as he turns the BIG 5-0. 😁🎈

I always thought Ice was quite a bit taller. Why is that? Well, I openly admit that I have got him mixed up with Ice T on occasion, so now I call him ICED tea! ☕ (Well sometimes I do!) Since coming along to Celebheights, of course, I frequently see Ice T's picture and height when I'm hunting around for someone with a surname beginning with T, because Icy Boy (the Bigger 5ft11 version), is top of the pile.🤩

My Birthday guess for Mr Cube is 5ft8.

Bradley said on 22/Apr/19
I think I iced him at 5' 6.5" which after 6 hours lugging a heavy bag from the Bronx and getting photographed at 9 P.M. after walking forever was reality. "I'm five feet eight!"
Bradley said on 21/Apr/19
The March 3rd 2007 post by The G is priceless. I guess I said what became reality: "5' 6.5" in photos" but it was deleted. I wonder how foolish he felt after "the measure"?
Editor Rob

That is the issue with not at least showing a measurement - nobody was really allowed to question his claim or as you remember, if you did, he got mad at being called 5ft 7. Actually a bit threatening in tone!
James G. said on 24/Feb/19
5’8.25” 173 cm
Nikolai said on 13/Feb/19
Looks legit 5'8
Bail said on 6/Feb/19
@rance don’t be dumb he’s really from the hood and was down with gang life
World Citizen said on 3/Jan/19
Hey Rob is 5 ft 8.5 or 5 ft 8.25 possible for Ice Cube?
Editor Rob
5ft 8.25 maybe, but I wouldn't have gone as high as 8.5 for him.
Canson said on 14/Dec/18
This is the absolute most he would be.
Dddenny said on 12/Dec/18
In Friday he's maybe 3" taller than his refrigerator, and most fridges are 5' 5", so 5' 8" seems legit.
Leno said on 5/May/18
5'8, he looks 5-6 inches taller than 5'2 Kevin Hart
soiefej said on 21/Apr/18
Keep in mind that Ice isn't that much taller than Kevin Hart who is probably closer to 5' than 5'2".
Im 171CM said on 5/Feb/18
Looks 5'8" next to 5'10" lil ice...
JJStyles said on 3/Jan/18
Nah when i saw him next to charlie day which he's 5'7 in the movie fist fight he looked way taller than 5'8 so i would say either 5'9 or 5'10 ice cube is
Soije said on 26/Oct/17
Same height as James Corden, who is slightly shorter than Tom Cruise, so 5'6", 5'6.5" max.
Kevin said on 3/Oct/17
On his good cop bad cop video, he is against mughshot background
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Brad said on 17/Jun/17
Maybe 5-7 in '17.
Dimitri said on 1/Jun/17
He is 5'10
VeryShortRussianDude said on 27/May/17
Click Here

Interesting clip pretty much a staredown with Corden.
berta said on 26/May/17
i would bet onon little under this. 172,5 guy is what he looks to me. IN his movie fist fight he doesnt even look tall next to the other guy.
Phil said on 4/May/17
5 foot 7 and a half is possible.
Chris said on 24/Feb/17
5"8 for ice cube and 5"4 for Charlie day judging from new movie
Moe said on 22/Oct/16
I met him and swear he is 5'10
omar said on 18/Oct/16
Not much defferent between him and kevin hart 157cm in conan show so 165 cm for ice cube
Jake said on 13/Oct/16
Rob, how tall do you think his son is?
Tim said on 23/Sep/16
With Six Five Stormzy who is leaning a lot I don't think Ice is over Five Eight.
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John said on 17/Aug/16
Guy I know who is 5"10 , his dad is 6"6 . Tall parents don't always mean you'll
Be tall.
WC said on 19/Jul/16
I thought Cube Was 5'10
JOSH said on 10/Jul/16
We'rent that much taller than kevin hart in ride along 2. The detective guy is listed at 5ft 8 to 9 was couple of inches taller. I say 5ft 6 and a half.
Dan said on 5/Jul/16
Why is his son taller than him? He's like 2-3 inches taller than him... While I'm shorter than my dad who's 5'9"

Why is that Rob?
Editor Rob
well, sons aren't always going to be taller than Father's...else the human race would be the size of king kong by now...
berta said on 25/May/16
Rob do you Think the chanses that he is 172 is bigger than 174?
Editor Rob
it could be, roughly I think about 5ft 8
berta said on 19/May/16
i saw this new Movie with hinm and kevin hart. I Have thought that he was a proper 175 guy maybe even 176 but now after seeing that Movie i would say he is no taller than this. could be a Little shorter. I saw maybe 14 cm between them
Parker said on 17/May/16
From those ID pictures posted by Cubevision October 15 the only debate is whether he was in footwear or not. If he was 5'8 he is, if not closer to 5'9.
Franco... said on 14/May/16
He looks 5'9 next to morris chestnut, michael ealy and pretty much all of the 5'10 ,5'11 guys. I have always thought he is 5'9 , when a 5'8 man is standing next to a 5'10 -5'11 guy it's easy to see the difference but in boyz n the hood i only see one and a half inch difference between him and chestnut, and also he only looks one inch shorter than michael ealy in the barber shop movies. 5'9 guys never get towered by 5'10 - 5'11 guys . It's like the tom hardy case leo dicaprio,joel edgerton,guy pearce the height difference is not so easy to notice.
John said on 31/Jan/16
Click Here The 5'8" listing for Ice Cube is spot on, as he is nearly a full head shorter than 6'5" measured Cam Newton and looks about 6 inches taller than 5'2" Kevin Hart.
show said on 1/Dec/15
with T.I. Click Here
CubeVision said on 22/Oct/15
Rob, we have got this one wrong. This was taken when Ice Cube was 24 and as we know, you can't really get any taller after that. Also I see comparison

Full evidence: Click Here / Click Here
Editor Rob
yes, this was shown many years ago, I think it still can put him near to 5ft 8 if measured.
Dingus said on 21/Oct/15
His stocky build can make him appear shorter.
james said on 28/Sep/15
@ Joe .because his son looks so much like him and who would know how to play ice cube better than Jr ..still can't believe JR is a few inches taller than 5'8 Cube though
joe said on 22/Sep/15
I think cube is closer to 5'7.75 so basically 5'8 and his son oshea is 5'10ish
Joe said on 14/Sep/15
No, I've met plenty of guys taller than their parents. There's also a lot of guys shorter than their fathers too. Ice Cube looks about 5'8 in movies. It's weird that he'd have his son playing him in Straight Outta Compton with him being quite a bit taller than him though.
james said on 7/Sep/15
How did O'Shea Jr grow to be about 5'11 taller than Cube in the photo ..usually the male child takes his daddy's genes
Ken said on 31/Aug/15
How tall would his son be then? He towered his dad at the VMAs tonight.
Dr. Eazy said on 27/Jun/15
And I'm sorry about saying WC was 5'11 he's actually 6'1 and Mack 10 is 5'9
Lorne??? said on 28/Mar/15
Nah, Shredder, look at him with Chris Tucker. 5ft8 is fine.

On a side note,
the shredder said on 27/Mar/15
Rob , Can he be over 5 ft 8 , like between 5'8 and 9 I saw some pics where he looked 3 inches over John Leguizamo and edged out 5 ft 8 Ludicrous ?
Editor Rob
not convinced he'd be 174 range
dirtybirdy said on 25/Mar/15
I saw him at a premiere for one of his family friendly films back in 2007. At the very most, he was 5'6. No way he is 5'8.
Dr. Eazy said on 22/Dec/14
eazy-E is 5'5.75 or shorter he might even be 5'3
Dr. Eazy said on 22/Dec/14
My friends uncle is ice cube and he says that when he asked his uncle ice cube said he was 6'0
Guest said on 21/Dec/14
Looks 5'8.
BobbyShmurda said on 21/Oct/14
5'8 69 inches tall
mo said on 30/Aug/14
I say 5' 8"
2F2F said on 19/Jun/14
looks shorter than 5'8
Hypado said on 7/May/14
This, Ice Cube height 5ft 8in (173 cm)
yaris said on 21/Apr/14
I would say he is 5'8, but he have that 'short guy' looks average
foot long said on 1/Mar/14
I think admits 5'8"... plus he looks 5'8"... doesn't come off a short guy though
height said on 11/Jan/14
ice cube is not 5"11 when he stand next to kevin hart he looks 5"6 to me but he look 5"10 next to chris tucker im not sure but he looks 5"7-5"9
Sam said on 23/Oct/13
Dr. Dre I think rounds up to sound bigger. He's about 4 inches shorter than Snoop Dogg and I think right around six foot even. I think Ice is close to 5'8" and Dre 6'0", both maybe a tad under those marks.
YOE"balls said on 20/Oct/13
isnt Dr. Dre 6'1 if he is then that means Ices cube is around 5'11 to 5'9
coolbro said on 23/Sep/13
Its funny how ice cube is only 5'8 and hes the tallest guy in westside connection that would make wc and mack 10 around 5'6 5'7
Gaz said on 8/Apr/13
Yeah that is around what i thought 5'2'' to 5'3'' sounds more accurate.
Gaz said on 6/Apr/13
Rob how tall would you say Eazy-e was? he is listed 5'5'' allot lol Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
he had to have been a few inches shorter than that, more a 5ft 2-3 fella
Conti said on 1/Mar/13
If Wahlberg is 5'7 in that picture than it would make Ice Cube 5'6 solid and 5'7 shoes.I would think Wahlberg is 5'8 solid and Ice Cube 5'7 solid.
Kevin said on 14/Feb/13
im the same height as ice cube :)
im 5'8 1.73 barefoot
And 5'9 1.76 with shoes
toomer said on 10/Sep/12
I met OShea (aka Ice Cube. I'm 5'10 and the top of his head was about the height my nose..
Brad said on 25/Jul/12
The Wahlberg-Cube-Clooney shot is hilarious. Wahlberg is in massive elevators. 5' 7" at most, had the departed one by 1/2" both in Portmans.
LG69 said on 29/Jan/12
Looks around 5'9" with shoes on...5'8" barefoot is probably spot on.
Adamz said on 20/Jan/12
Ice mugshot link is no longer working...
turk said on 19/Jan/12
RussianKid, i am assuming that you never heard of elevator shoes? Look at Marks footwear in that link and you will see one!
RussianKid said on 9/Sep/11
Click Here
If Whalberg is 5'7...
Legend said on 2/Sep/11
Rob, the mugshot link doesn't work anymore.
DJ said on 22/Jun/11
solid 5'8"
Iggy said on 12/May/11
5'8 is a solid estimate, although in the movie Friday with Chris Tucker who is 6'0.75 Cube didn't look 5'8 more 5'10
xXx said on 3/May/11
yes, he's 5'8''
:D said on 16/Apr/11
if ice cube is 5"8 that means i was taller the him wen i was 13 yrs old :D that makes me
Adamz said on 5/Apr/11
Ice is 5ft 7; Rob is just being generous... watch Rob's youtube video where he proves most mgushot situation give you about 1 inch because of the angle. So 5'9" shown minus 1 inch for angle and THEN you have shoes to consider. -0.8 inches at least. 5ft 7 flat.
a4l said on 17/Feb/11
Click Here
RJ said on 9/Jan/11
Looks 5'9 in that mugshot. Probably 5'8 barefoot
walker said on 27/Nov/10
5 foot 8 he had an inch or so on Wahlberg in three kings maybe even 5'8 1/2.
Real mccoy said on 5/Nov/10
I met ice cube he's 5'8 so y'all relax
donno said on 1/Jul/09
Hes only 173cm if he has an afro.. but he doesnt seem too short, because of a wider frame..
Maximus said on 6/Jun/09
I would have figured he was at least 5'10".
Somborac said on 28/Apr/09
I always thought Cube was around 6'3", then I met him at one of the Ice Cube fan conventions & realised he's around 5'8" cuz I'm 6ft & easily had 4 inches on him.
josh said on 22/Apr/09
yeah i know i saw the movie he was taller than mark wahlberg so that means you should downgrade mark at 5'7"
BlkDrgn said on 11/Apr/09
Check him out in 3 Kings, compared to Mark Wahlberg. This is an interesting commentary on his height.:-) 5'8" would be my guess.
Jason W. said on 3/Feb/09
he will apparently be playing the legendary B.A. Baraccus in the new upcoming "The A Team" movie.
Maribel said on 30/Jan/09
More like 174cm.
Annoyed said on 24/Dec/08
The mugshot is a beast of a pic ! bang on 5'9" minus 1" = 5'8" flat barefoot, a good barefoot at that, camera angle issues but we will go benefit of the doubt.

a Strong 5'8" regardless
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/08
The camera angle in the mugshot looks like it gives him a half inch to 1 inch of height. 5'7.25" - 5'7.75" for cube imo.
$ said on 25/Sep/08
5ft8in sounds just about right if not half an inch shorter
leonari said on 31/Jul/08
Dre is ripped and so is the guy from Run DMC. They were chubby when young and now in the 40 ies they are packed and ripped... Well they got the time to work out day and night...
Brad: I already told you : Dre is a monster. Like 50 cent would say.
Lmeister said on 31/Jul/08
Yeah Dr. Dre looks big and ripped = )
Brad said on 31/Jul/08
No Shi$? Ripped? Dre must be ready to take on NY & Miami. Yeah, Cube is quite rolly-polly now.
dits said on 8/Jul/08
dr.dre isn't chubby anymore.i saw him on TV sometime ago and he has become ripped.he's a big guy n now he's in shape too.

ice cube gets chubbier each year tho,no doubt about it.saw him in a basketball game n the jersey hugged onto his body..quite a funny sight it was,if you ask me lol.
leonari said on 6/Jul/08
Brad: Have you seen Dr. Dre in the last couple of years?? The man transformed his body into something like 50 cents. no joke!!
Brad said on 6/Jul/08
5' 8" another big boot with Firestone tread on the bottom. He's like Dre, getting chubbier each year.
glenn said on 17/Jun/08
thanks for backing me dits.i also agree,one of the greatest from a genre i dont like.i like old school though.
dits said on 17/Jun/08
yea cube's not 5'10 lol.i've been hearing 5'10 and even 6 foot for him,but those claims are more by people who've just heard a song or two of his,or seen a couple of pictures.

its just that image most rappers project,about being dangerous,big and stuff.that makes them seem taller to most people.
glenn said on 7/Jun/08
wow.and cuba is a weak that makes me feel more relieved.cause ive been hearing 5-10 claims for cube.not just here.
dits said on 6/Jun/08
look at him in boyz n the hood..

he looked atleast 2 inches shorter than cuba gooding jr.might even be a tad lesser than 5'8,who knows.but one of the greatest rappers ever.
glenn said on 19/May/08
tracy could be standing funny and cube could have heels on.hard to say.
runt said on 18/May/08
Tracy Morgan is listed at 5-9 on this site so check this out

Click Here
glenn said on 7/May/08
they measure usually with shoes on.but it varies.
Chris said on 5/May/08
do they make Mugshots with the shoes on?Cause if thats so...i cant imagine him being more than 5ft7 barefoot
an0n said on 21/Apr/08
if glen shaved his head they would look the same height
Runkus said on 1/Apr/08
Cube also looks maybe a hair shorter than Glenn. Although he could hit 5'8".
Krista said on 13/Jan/08
I just met him yesterday and got a picture with him...I'd say 5'8" is pretty accurate...I thought he'd be taller!
glenn said on 31/Dec/07
yes,same time.and a copy of the predator in my hand not seen.signed.
Derek said on 31/Dec/07
Predator came out in March 1993, so this photo must be around the same time. Going on 15 years. Anyway, Viper is right in that Ice Cube is 5'8" at the most.
tim said on 22/Dec/07
he might be 5'9 look at him in da pic hes bending over kinda hes got an inch on glenn. Ice cube a G mayne love dat guy
Brah said on 7/Nov/07
user, you have to subtract an inch because he was wearing shoes in the mugshot.
user said on 4/Nov/07
that mugshot says 69 inches though? isn't 69 inches 5'9??
6'1-1/2 said on 27/Sep/07
Glenn-Cube is 5'10",But to say the least maybe 5'9"

Editor Rob
maybe they chopped 2 inches off the height chart in his video. I put those 2 images of ice beside height chart and the angle of the camera in the video wasn't even at the top of his hairline.

believing 5ft 10 is bizarre when you've got footage of him not exactly slouching in front of a height chart.
glenn said on 24/Sep/07
who knows,maybe he is 5-9.
Realheight 88 said on 24/Sep/07
Oh, i really thought cube was taller than 5-8, like 5-10, but the pic with glenn proves he is 5-8.Whenever i see a cube's movie he looks in the 5-9,5-10 range.Maybe this is why glenn looks taller(around 5-10) than his 5-8 in some pics with other celebs.
glenn said on 16/Sep/07
exactly leon.
Leon said on 16/Sep/07
Yeah, I never thought about the ground-level, but you're right. I can walk down the street beside my 5'10" friend and be taller than him because of the tilt of the sidewalk.
glenn said on 16/Sep/07
you also have to take into account posture and ground levels.oh,and lifts.
Leon said on 15/Sep/07
Okay, thanks very for clearing that up for me, Glenn. I only ask because knowing what your footwear's like helps me better judge the height of whichever celeb you're standing next to. I always wear shoes with at least 1-inch heels,too, so we'd probably be exactly the same height.
glenn said on 15/Sep/07
flat shoes? in the old days,like the pic above,it was dreaded reebox that only gave an inch.nowadays i wear thicker shoes or sneakers.1.5 at least.
Leon said on 14/Sep/07
I'd give Ice Cube five eight and a half. That's my height and he definitely looks no shorter than me. His bulky build in XXX: The Next Level makes Cube seem like a big bloke regardless. By the way, Glen, I'm interested to know whether you always where flat shoes in your photographs?
Alex said on 13/Sep/07
He would be 5'8 thats if Morant has a 9.5 inch head. If its more than that then Cube may be 5'7.5. But 5'8 looks right.
glenn said on 7/Sep/07
good pic viper.
Viper said on 7/Sep/07
Cube looks 5-8 next to 6-4 measured Johnnie Morant of the Oakland Raiders. Click Here
che said on 6/Sep/07
then eminem must be 5'7
glenn said on 25/Aug/07
i think mc ren was also 5-8,5-9.
Jon Doe said on 24/Aug/07
Ice Cube is 5'8,Dre is like 6foot something,Eazy E could be anywhere from 5'4 to 5'6 which is probably the reason he had an afro and a hat on all the time.How tall are DJ Yella and MC Ren?
glenn said on 22/Aug/07
thanks for taking the time out for me means still haunted that i never got to meet him.
Dennis said on 22/Aug/07
I told a lot of kids about Eazy because they were to young to remember him,Ralph has been on a N.W.A retrospect,he been listening to nothing but N.W.A since 1998 and he's also an original Ice T and N.W.A fan.
Dennis said on 22/Aug/07
What's up Glenn-Ralph told me Eazy was a very generous guy,he was a philanthropist,political activist and generally a charismatic person.We all miss thoughs N.W.A Days like in 1989 when being profane was obscure you know back in the days but not long ago.
glenn said on 22/Aug/07
i love eazy e. i never met friends friend has a near group photo with nwa! he has dre,eazy and cube in the photo with him.they were all nice to him.
Dennis said on 22/Aug/07
Glenn-My friend Ralph who happens know Eazy personally,he grew up with Eazy E and later moved to Boston,he's also a huge N.W.A fan and is obsessed with peoples heights.He says Eazy was about 5'5" max maybe little considering shoes.
glenn said on 21/Aug/07
dennis-did you know or know anyone that knew eazy personally? ive been having serious discussions about eazy coincedently, recently.
Dennis said on 21/Aug/07
Yeah Glenn,when you think you Ice Cubes roots there's always something prehistoric,Ice Cube has always been stocky,Eazy was stocky too.Dre,Ren,Yella are all mesomorphs,Ice Cube and Eazy are endomorphs.
glenn said on 21/Aug/07
cia ever put out product?
Dennis said on 20/Aug/07
Ice Cube is a stocky guy making him seemingly shorter,he's always been stocky even before N.W.A he was with a crew called C.I.A in 1985,he just a large frame.Dr Dre is also pretty big but not stocky just overweight and he still appears quite tall
Viper said on 20/Aug/07
I thought Ice even gave a slightly shorter appearance in his NWA days. Hes not over 5-8.
glenn said on 20/Aug/07
so dennis,was he thinner then? and he looked 5-10? maybe his stocky build now makes him shorter.maybe he was 5-10 and is 5-9 now.anything is possible.i mean almost everyone thought including myself that dmx was short.even in front of my face he looked 5-9 a few times.then he streched out to was his bizzare posture that tricked me.a hunch,sort of,not a shoulder was like his spine relaxed.
Dennis said on 19/Aug/07
Hey Glen-maybe your right,Cube could've shrunk,
glenn said on 19/Aug/07
d ray-houdini doesnt hold a candle to what i can do ;-)
glenn said on 19/Aug/07
im irish/mestizo indian.
priscilla said on 19/Aug/07
wow. glenn looks sooo different. like he looks caucasian. i think he is philipino? am i right? or just plain weird and crazy?
glenn said on 18/Aug/07
dennis-any possibility he shrunk a bit?.
the shredder said on 18/Aug/07
I think 5'8 is pushing it , more like 171cm .
Viper said on 18/Aug/07
Cube being over 5-8 is impossible.
RICHARD said on 17/Aug/07
Looked 5'8 or 5'9 next to 6'1 Chris Tucker in Friday. Ice actually gave me the impression he was a 6'0 guy in Boyz N Da Hood
Dennis said on 17/Aug/07
I'm a true N.W.A fan, I remember it like it was yesterday in the front row at an N.W.A concert back in 1988,backstage I asked every member to stand together so I can take a picture,Ice Cube was exactly 3 1/2 inches shorter than Dr.Dre,Hey Glenn you're probably taller than you think like 5'9" or something.
glenn said on 15/Aug/07
excellent eye viper.correct.i had a copy of the predator signed over here too.these are my black Reebok not much height advantage.
leonari said on 15/Aug/07
Dennis: man...another wise ass. Cube is 5'8" . Everybody knows that!
Lmeister said on 15/Aug/07
Ice Cube isn't 5'10''/190. He looked rather small next to Criss Angel(5'10''). 5'8''ish/180 max...
Dennis said on 15/Aug/07
Ice Cube's Height is definitly 5'10",he's three inches shorter than 6'1" Ice Cube's pushin weight video there's a profile stating his height and weight being 5'10" 190 lbs.

Editor Rob
do people like totally ignore glenn's picture and the part where I capped the mugshot :)

people should visit this page if they ever doubted glenn's height...
8 Ball said on 8/Aug/07
There is something weird about Ice Cube: In a picture with N.W.A. he was like at least 5 inches taller than Eazy-E, who was 5'5. But in the other pictures he looks like 5'8 so I think that is wright maybe he shrinked^^
Ball-a-Hallic said on 2/Aug/07
how tall was the guy who played deebo in the friday series i've seen listings from 6'5.5-to 6'7.5 idk what to bill him at
THE REAL ANONYMOUS said on 6/May/07
I might have mentioned this on the Sly page, but I saw Icecube backstage at a concert a couple of months ago. Snoopdog and Ice were on the same bill. Icecube must have walked by me at least ten times and he is max 5'8 , prolly just a shade under that.
G-unit said on 30/Apr/07
These days Ice cube really look 5'8. But back then, in old NWA videos he did look 5'9ish
dequanwilliams said on 3/Mar/07
ice cube is definitely 5'8 because ilooked at him and my dad together when we went to a concert and he's like way shorter than my dad who is onlt 6'0
Lmeister said on 3/Mar/07
Appeared in MindFreak (Criss Angels tvshow). Next to Mr. Angel he looked like a little boy with a beard. 5'7''-5'8'' range not as big/buff as seems in some movies just wears baggy clothing...
Austrian said on 16/Feb/07
funny you people who say he looks like 180 or 185 even rofl

to me he always looked like 5'5
Glenn said on 11/Feb/07
I agree.his early stuff was great.
mr.olympia said on 1/Feb/07
what!? i thought he was like 185 cm :P
ice said on 10/Dec/06
Cube looks like a solid 5'8 to me. I don't see anything less than that. Some people like to downgrade for the sake of downgrading. Sighs. He had a nice amount of height over easy-e, who was about 5'4.
dequan williams said on 21/Jun/06
ice cube is about 5'8 because in his films with mike epps he looks way shorter than mike epps who is only 6'0
CoolJ said on 6/Jun/06
The mugshot is shot at a lower than eye-level.. and he hardly looks over 5'8 w/ shoes...

Ice Cube is probably 5'7, or a shade over. He even looks shorter than Glenn who is a little under 5'8"
D. Ray Morton said on 5/Jun/06
"He was arrested for crimes against movie making..."

Too bad he made bail.
Chris said on 5/Jun/06
Is the mug of ice cube from a movie or real?

Editor Rob
yeah, this was a few years ago. He was arrested for crimes against movie making...
Alex said on 24/May/06
He looks 5'8. The mugshot has him at 5'9 making him 5'8 unless hes wearing big boots or something. Shortest he'd be would be 5'7.5.

Editor Rob
he might stand a little less, I wasn't sure just how high the camera was in that video...cube can be made to look taller in films
Glenn said on 14/May/06
Yeah,but in those 1990-1992 pics I might be 5-7.I dont why I feel and look tall this week.too bad no photo taking!
Glenn said on 13/May/06
Whats more confusing is now Im measuring 5-8 late at night.instead of 5-7.cant figure it out.I guess I shrink sometimes.

Editor Rob
lol, you've grown back to your original, congrats, all that stallone posture you've been doing has forced you back where you belong, the 5ft 8 club!
Glenn said on 13/May/06
Some geniuses say Im 5-6.
dmeyer said on 12/May/06
glenn realy looks 173 in pics
anon said on 4/May/06
yeah 5'8 is about right.
I'm 5'2" and I was standing on a curb facing him and he was barely taller than me. The curb was about 4 inches high.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 17/Apr/06
I always thought he was like 5'10 until i saw friday when chris tucker had like 3 or 4 inches on him
~Nate~ said on 6/Apr/06
My sister just met him at his CD launch party last night, she's 5'8 and was wearing about a 2 inch heel and was about 2 inches taller then him, she said 5 '8 is right.
Polska said on 22/Mar/06
Good point about the military posture Rob. He looks like he has a pretty relaxed posture in the mug shot. After factoring in hair and shoes I'd say 5'8 on the dot is exactly right. Glenn's pic is the nail in the coffin.
CoolJ said on 20/Jan/06
5'8 is the MAX.. I still think hes a shade under.
CoolJ said on 15/Jan/06
"[Editor Rob: his standing height yes would be 171cm, but maybe if he was in military measuring stance he'd be 173? Who knows...]"

If we're unsure maybe we should chop him down 1 or 2cm.
snoop said on 27/Dec/05
on a picture with the n.w.a. ice cube looks like 5 foot 10 because he's almost one head bigger than eazy e but in his video's he looks shorter.
CoolJ said on 17/Nov/05
The mugshot seems like its shot from below.. Assuming he has shoes on, he's probably more like 171cm.
CelebHeights Editor said on 15/Nov/05
In Ghost of Mars sometimes this guy did appear taller, but there were enough scenes with him and Henstridge (i.e. many closeups) that had his eyes gazing up to her ;)
James said on 14/Oct/05
Yeah, Ice Cube is 5'8" on the dot. He was exactly my height(Im 5'8") when he came down here in Miami. I met him at some place where he was talking about "Are we there yet".
J. said on 8/Oct/05
Hey, now, Rob, Ice Cube is 6'1" nowadays. He's been doing pilates!!!! ;-)
CoolJ said on 8/Oct/05
I'd inclined to agree with the below poster that Cube is probably about 171cm based on that mugshot.

I think his hair takes close to 1cm away, plus the photo seems to be shot at around shoulder-level.. so the perceived height is moreso than it actually is.

Not sure about the "boots" thing that A-Bomb was referring to though.
CelebHeights Editor said on 8/Oct/05
In xxx2 they done a good job of making the 'hero' appear taller. In fact if you paused the dvd at around the 25 minute mark you might spot Ice's mug on a big screen showing the tip of his head at the 6ft 1 mark on a mugshot. Lol!
A-Bomb said on 14/Apr/05
I'd say 172cm, though most likely 171 cm. I've seen the clip for "Check Yo Self" with the height chart and I noticed in it Cube isn't wearing his normal sneakers, but some pretty sturdy looking boots. Plus Cubes hair subtracts at least a cm off of that height chart.
Ricardo said on 10/Apr/05
If you watch the advertisement for XXX State of the Union, you will see Ice cube on a height chart and his head hovering slightly over 72 inches lol!
Ball-A-Hallic said on 3/Apr/05
Mike Epps has to be 6'0 cause Anthony Anderson is 5'10 and in Malibu's most Wanted they stand by one-another and Mike got a good two inches on Anderson
Celebheights Editor said on 14/Feb/05
Watch the video for “Check Yo’ Self” and there’s a brief scene of Cube alongside a measuring board getting a mug shot. It has him clocked at 69 inches. Subtract one inch from the sneakers he’s wearing and you got O’Shea’s height. Math rules!

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