How tall is Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan's Height

6ft 1.5in (186.7 cm)

Indian actor best known for roles in films such as the Dhoom movies, Guru, Yuva, Bluffmaster!, Sarkar and Happy New Year. He once claimed "I'm 6' 3" in real life and twenty feet on screen".

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6ft 1.29in (186.1cm)
Dero said on 12/Oct/17
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With 226 cm listed Sim Bhllar (NBA player). Bhullar was like 8 cm taller than Shaq and the same for Demarcus Cousins. But if Bachchan is "only" 6'1 (I don't know him well, so I don't have opinion in his case) then Bullar is about 215 cm at best.
Juggernaut said on 7/Sep/17
His entire family claims his height to be 6'3' including himself,but He is no more than 6'1' at one point being billed such in Google..He is not even taller than his dad's prime height..In every of his movies together w his dad he was max 0.5 taller sometimes looked almost an inch..I believe Amitabh is 6 foot sharp today..
HMD said on 23/Aug/17
Abhishek a weak 6'2". Sonu Sood and Rana Dagubatti between 6'2" to 6'3" Akshay kumar & Sanjay Dutt 5'10.5". Jackie Shroff 5'11" peak may be 5'11.5" Arjun Rampal & John 6'0" approx. Amitabh current close to 6'1" peak was close to 6'2". Ajay Devgan 5'9" Salman Khan close to 5'6" SRK close to 5'7". Aamir 5'4.25". Sunil Shetty 5'9.25". Anil Kapoor 5'9". Niketan Dheer 6'4" tallest of them all.
Mask said on 30/Jul/17
He is 6'1" for sure. Sonu is 6'2"(187 cm) for sure
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jul/17
Weak 6ft2 is more likely than a strong 6ft1
www said on 31/May/17
6'3" is the ideal height for a man according to a lot of people. I believe Abhishek's claim of standing 6'3" without shoes. He looks it next to Magic Johnson. His father is a great actor and was probably 6'3" at his peak as well.
AJ said on 22/May/17
I'm with arch weak 6'2" isn't out of the real he can look more than .5" taller than his dad.
ISSA said on 9/May/17
Kl said on 28/Apr/17
Yes he's 6'1.5 on the dot
Canson (194 cm) 6'4 3/8 said on 18/Apr/17
Rahul said on 1/Feb/17
Are you saying Sonu Sood is 6' 1.5"?
Interesting and surprising.
Where did you get this detail from?
He looks 6' 2", if not more.
Aza said on 12/Jan/17
Looked more 6'1 in recent filmfare awards. He definitely gets an extra inch with his hairstyle.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 28/Oct/16
Rob, who would you say is taller? Abishek or his father Amitabh (peak height)
Freak said on 22/Oct/16
well..these Bollywood stars are listed more than their actual heights here..For Abhishek he always looked a weak 6'1' to me,6.05 for sure looked '1' shorter than 6.15 Sonu Sood..Even Google bills this guy as 6.1 His Dad at peak may've been 6.2
today no more than 6 at most..These guys are so much overestimated here..
Aza said on 15/Oct/16
Think he is slightly less than listed . Looked definitely shorter than Sonu Sood who is 6'2.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Oct/16
To me he looks similar to peak James Garner, 6'1.75 is arguable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Oct/16
6ft2 still isn't impossible for him...
Raja said on 30/Sep/16
Come on guys, I have seen Abhishek from a very close distance. I myself is 6'1" and he is definitely taller than me.
John said on 25/Sep/16
Rob, 6'1.5 fits better but i still think he should be downgraded to 6'1.25.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Sep/16
187cm could be a goer...but no less
Rahul said on 21/Sep/16
Hello Rob, You had given him 6' 3" in your earlier post a few years ago. Now you hv rated him 6' 1.5". What really made you down grade him by 1.5"?
Editor Rob: I put him at 6ft 2 firstly, but then looking more I thought under that might be possible.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Sep/16
He can certainly look a full 6'2 but we always said there was a good chance of 6'1.5.
Rinkz said on 10/Sep/16
Abhishek bachchan had claimed 6'3" in comedy nights with kapil show.
Johno said on 6/Sep/16
The picture with John Terry indicates he can go sub-6'1. He is a little taller than his father, 6'1.5 is out of bed height.
Expert said on 31/Aug/16
The real height of abhishek bachchan is 6'3" he has himself claimed it.
Ud191cm said on 25/Aug/16
Hey Rob,

Just watch this clip from an old 2004 movie and tell me who's taller Abhishek or Sonu, comparison is pretty fair on this one and the ground also seems even. Click Here
Champ said on 22/Aug/16
He is 6 foot exact look at him next to John Terry who is a legit at 6 foot 1 and these footballers are measured.Rob you need to downgrade him to 6 foot look at this pic and the hairline and you will understand what im saying . Click Here
Editor Rob: not sure what his posture is like in those poses, but he certainly can look under 6ft 2, an argument that he is 6ft 1-1.5 makes a lot of sense.

I know someone mentioned Sood at 6ft 2, that guy actually claims to be 6ft 3.5, I don't know how tall Sood really is though.
Rahul said on 12/Aug/16
Hello Heighchecker34, I dont think even Amitabh was ever full 6'2". 6' 1.5" (187 Cms) was his peak height
heightchecker34 said on 6/Aug/16
Abhishek Bachchan is 6'1.5 (187 cm), I don't think other than waking up, he ever walks around as a full 6'2 guy, unlike his dad in his prime. Still, quite tall especially for Indians, and there is no doubt where he got those genetics from. In my opinion, never got a chance to truly see what he could have done on his own without his last name, because he will always live in his father's shadow. Oh well, at least he has the former Miss World to keep him company... not a bad gig eh?
jajamen said on 20/May/16
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Rob, since Abhishek Bachchan is listed at 6'2, the actor Rana Daggubati whos next to him maybe could be 6'2.5 if he was in a good straight posture, he is listed as 6'3
And maybe giving him a page will be good.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Apr/16
Weak 6ft2 at worst.
Humble said on 16/Apr/16
He looks a weak 6' 1'' guy from the pics and videos that I have seen of him.
Rahul said on 9/Apr/16
6' 1.5" 187 cms
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 29/Feb/16
@cutie Sonu Sood has to be around 6ft 3.5 to 6ft 4 if abhishekh is 6ft 2..Sonu looks visibly taller than him.But if Sonu has said that he is 6ft 2 then questions can be raised on abhishekh's height of 6ft 2.
Cutie said on 22/Jan/16
6' 0.75''- 6' 1'' without shoes, he is clearly shorter than genuinely 6' 2'' bollywood actors like Sonu sood and Kunal kapoor
John said on 12/Jan/16
186 cm is appropriate for him.
j said on 10/Nov/15
come on guys believe me he is more than 6'2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Nov/15
If he had a tall mother, he'd probably have ended up 6ft4 range minimum.
Aza said on 13/Aug/15
He is a very strong 6'1. Looks smaller than 6'2 Sonu Sood. I could see 6'11/4 at most.
Amaze said on 12/Aug/15
@Rampage(-_- _-)Clover she's actually 5'1, 155cm area. Less now because she's old. Abhishek did pretty well to be 6'2 with a short mother.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/15
I reckon his mother is of average height since he didn't outgrow his dad's peak.
Amaze said on 16/Jul/15
@Arch Stanton lol that guy ended up unlucky!

he is no lower than 187cm, his posture isnt the best either. in the john abraham pic you can tell theres a 2+ inch difference. it looks a strong 2.25-2.5inch difference.

John abraham is a 182cm 5'11.5 person listed on this site, abishek bachchan is no less than 187cm 6'1.5/75.

abisheks height during the day is 6'2 188cm fact late at night he could dip to 6'1.5/75 187cm

that picture with ben kingsley. look hes an inch taller than amitabh! amitabh is 185cm or 6'1 flat.
Amaze said on 16/Jul/15
@Arch Stanton lol that guy ended up unlucky!

@Ferris he is no lower than 187cm, his posture isnt the best either. in the john abraham pic you can tell theres a 2+ inch difference. it looks a strong 2.25-2.5inch difference.

John abraham is a 182cm 5'11.5 person listed on this site, abishek bachchan is no less than 187cm 6'1.5/75.

abisheks height during the day is 6'2 188cm fact late at night he could dip to 6'1.5/75 187cm
mr.rashid said on 7/Jul/15

can u plz downgrade Abhishek?

he always looks shorter than most of the legit 6'2" guys....

with 6'2" Kunal Kapoor (left)
Click Here

with 6'2.5" Rana Daggubati
Click Here

with 6'2" Sonu sood
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

its more than once that he struck me as a near 6'1" flat guy!

with 181 Ranbir Kapoor
Click Here
Click Here (probably using trickery there?)

with 6ft max Zayed Khan
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

with Hrithik Roshan
Click Here
Click Here (their footwear)

with Ben Kingsley
Click Here

with 184 Harman Baweja
Click Here

with 5'11.5" max John Abraham
Click Here

To me he always looks like a flat 6'1" guy. its his good posture,
Hairstyle and sometimes extra footwear that gives the illusion of
a 6'2" guy, but he really isnt that in reality.
i know u dont want to downgrade him to 6'1" flat but u could at least
consider taking him down to 6'1.25" or somwhere below 6'2". 6'2" seems
a bit optimistic to b honest. a 6'2" guy would have more difference over
a 5'11" range guy than Abhishek does with John Abraham/Ranbir Kapoor.
munna said on 21/Jun/15
he is close to 6'3"
issa said on 15/Jun/15
@Arch Stanton My mom is 5'1.5 and my dad is 5'11. I am still growing so I don't know how tall I will become.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Jun/15
@ Amaze I know a guy with a 6 ft 5 father and 5'1 mother and ended up 6 ft 7!!
Amaze said on 8/Jun/15
Abishek did so well.
Hes always had a very tall Indian father at 6'2
However hes always had a short 5'1 mother
He still ended up 6'2. Most guys I know with short mothers ended up shorter than father or even short.
E.g.friends dad

Friends dad 6'0
Mother 5'1/2
Son: 5'8

Friends dad 6'3
Mom 5'1/2
Son 5'8 older brother 5'7 younger brother who is 15 is only5'6.

So abishek did well, 6'2 dad 5'1 mum and reached his fathers height. His father is 6'1 now while mother 4'11/5' now.

2 reasons to be jealous of him xD
1. 6'2
2. Aishwarya Rai

Lucky geezer.
Amaze said on 11/May/15
@shib hes 6'3 in shoes. Barefoot 6'2.
Amaze said on 11/May/15
@shib hes 6'3 in shoes. Barefoot 6'2.
shib said on 8/May/15
He's 6'3 bout 190 easy HV met him personally
Arch Stanton said on 1/May/15
Yes, but he can give the illusion of looking taller at times. Out of bed he might be 6'2.5.
Amaze said on 21/Apr/15
@Arch Stanton what do you reckon he's out of bed?
I do think he's a weak 6'2" someone like Reynolds will edge him out but I personally think abishek will edge out Hugh. You are around abisheks height aren't you?
Abisheks height is very good
He looks 187 range with The 6'7.5 bloke
Rahul said on 21/Apr/15
Rob, He is atleast 6' 2.25" (188.5 cm) at any point of time. Looks 6' 2.5" (189 cm) during most part of the day. Let us give him 6' 2.25" (188.5 cm)
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/15
Rob check out this with 6'7.5 Magic Johnson Click Here I think we can rule out 6'1 flat!
[Editor Rob: I'd say he could look about 6ft 1.5 range there]
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/15
[Editor Rob: 6ft 1.5 or 2 is more arguable than say a 2.5 or flat 1 I feel. Having looked at the celebs he met at the nba I think this 6ft 1.5-2 range is possible.]

It would be interesting to see him with Hugh Jackman and who would have the edge!
Arch Stanton said on 19/Apr/15
Rob, what's the lowest you could imagine him being at? I think he looks too tall to be as low as 6'1" flat even at lowest. I can see 6'1.5 at worst but I think around 6'2" for him is reasonable. He can look 189 at times. I think he's claiming his height in dress shoes.

Click Here The guy on the right is listed at 5 ft 11 and the guy on the left is an ex Indian basketball player I think, he might be 6'5 range or something like that.
[Editor Rob: 6ft 1.5 or 2 is more arguable than say a 2.5 or flat 1 I feel. Having looked at the celebs he met at the nba I think this 6ft 1.5-2 range is possible.]
Yod said on 14/Feb/15
6.1 on a good day, but wears big heel boots. Barefoot in the temple same height as his father.
linke said on 7/Feb/15
Rob, how tall does he look next to Rana?
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 28/Jan/15
With Abhishekh,Kunal Kapoor doesn't look less than 6ft 3.
Ud-6'3.25 said on 17/Jan/15
@arch Stanton

Next to al Pacino he looks 6'1 tops and isn't he like 5'5?
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jan/15
In most comparisons he looks more 6'2 than 6'1 that's why Realist. Rob wouldn't have listed him at 6'2" if he didn't think that he generally looked it. 6'1.5-6'2" is arguable for guys like him and Jackman, a flat 6'1 just isn't.
Linke said on 15/Jan/15
Duggabati, havent't really seen much of guy but his claim is pretty honest. He says he's not 6'3 but 6'2.5 half. Rob considering Duggabati is 6'2.5 and Sood 6'2, how tall does Abhisekh looks?
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/15
Duggabati could pass for 6'3" though.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/15
Rana Daggubati is the guy I was thinking of.
Amit said on 13/Jan/15
If Sonu sood is 6'2" then Abhishek is 6ft flat.See the pics posted by linke. @Rob. Both wearing slippers. Sonu is clearly 2 inches taller. The other pic doesn't show the shoes.
linke said on 10/Jan/15
@ Arch, Who is Das? This guy loks weak 6'2.
linke said on 9/Jan/15
He looks clearly shorter than 6'2.5 Rana duggabati. Looks tad shorter than 6'2 Sonu Sood. He is very strong 6'1, weak 6'2.
Rahul said on 8/Jan/15
He consitently edges out all the 6'2" Indian celebs by half-an inch or so.
He certainly looks 6' 2.5" (189 Cms)
linke said on 8/Jan/15
With Rana duggabti who is listed as 6'2.5 over here.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

With 6'2 Sonu Sood
Click Here
Click Here
Amaze said on 8/Jan/15
arch do u think he dips to 187 evening? And would he edge you out? Is he taller than you

I think ranbir IMO is 5'11 flat, and abishek is 6'1.75-2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jan/15
He can look 188-189cm in photos with his father
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jan/15
I think he's being honest when he said 6'3 but it was a shoe measurement.
linke said on 7/Jan/15
Very Strong 6'1, closer to 6'2, not sure if he's full 6'2. Looks shorter than Sonu Sood. Would try to post some pictures o the two, which may help.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jan/15
John Abraham always looked an honest 6 ft to me.
John said on 6/Jan/15
@ Arch Stanton says on 4/Jan/15
With John Abraham in flip flops who I think is a
smidge over 6 ft Click Here If he's not 6'2" on
the nose he's very close to it.
John is a strong 5'11(181cm) and there's arround 2.5(1.5-2 at times) inches diffrence between them so that makes Abishek strong 6'1 or weak 6'2 (186-187cm).And he was shorter than the legit 6'2(188cm) Sonu Sood.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jan/15
It's ONE photo FA. Everybody has one photo or two where they don't look close to their listed height.
Click Here You really think he looks 6 ft flat generally??
Amaze said on 5/Jan/15
Yeah 6'2. Finally lol arch. He has a very short mother but still turned out 6'2/188. Lucky lol
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 5/Jan/15
Never looked shorter than 6ft 2 on screen.He had an easy 4in on Hrithik Roshan in the movie dhoom 2.With his father also looks about this height.I believe it's a fair shout for him.I don't think he is lower than this though.
Ricky171cm said on 4/Jan/15
He is 6ft2in figure
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jan/15
With John Abraham in flip flops who I think is a smidge over 6 ft Click Here If he's not 6'2" on the nose he's very close to it.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jan/15
I think at times he has a bit of hair advantage like in the photo with his dad. About an inch on his dad seems about right. I think peak they'd both have been the same height.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jan/15
6'3" is surely a shoe measurement. With that Das what ever his name is I think we can safely rule out 6 ft 3.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jan/15
Yay finally LOL. I'm sure it'll get a lot of traffic. Can you add the see also thing at the bottom? Generally I think 6 ft 2 is a fair shout but he can look a bit taller or shorter at times. With that Das what's his name who is on here at 6'2.5 Abi did look a good inch shorter but sometimes he can certainly look a similar sort of height to Ben Affleck and 189 ish, with his father there Click Here he can look 189. 6'2" flat seems the best compromise overall though. No doubt you'll get lots of visitors claiming he's 6'1" max, he might turn out to be the Indian Will Smith :-)

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