How tall is Adam Saleh

Adam Saleh's Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

American Youtube personality, who has almost 4 million subscribers on his Vlog channel. On twitter he once said he was "5'6 almost 5'7 :)" and " Im not short. Im 5'6'' :p That's average height. :}"

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Average Guess (53 Votes)
5ft 5.46in (166.3cm)
Mrahman said on 29/Mar/23
Rob is 5'5 possible?
Editor Rob
5ft 5.5 yes, but a flat 5ft 5 I am not convinced he's that short.
Jackie Lee said on 18/Dec/22
He is probably somewhere in the 5'5-5'6 range. I never thought of him as short though.
Chris Cross said on 11/Dec/22
Hey Rob,
What would you say is the height difference between Slim and Faze Temper.
Click Here
Editor Rob
Not as much as the face off suggest, because of Slim's bending forward at the neck.
Plissken said on 29/Mar/22
5'5 and a half maximum, 5'5 flat minimum.
Katie Glynis said on 28/Mar/21
Adam has also claimed 5’8 lol.
I would give him 5’6 1/4.
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 1/Jul/20
Unfotuantely 5'6" is not Average height , not even 5'7" .. If he is 5'8" , maybe he could push out being average height , not at 5'6" though
Nik Ashton said on 28/May/20
He may be average for a global man!
Ali Shareeff said on 19/May/20
Has to be 5'7, just look at the pictures of him next to fousey.
cmillz said on 10/Apr/20
5’5 range, no taller. May even be a flat 5’5.
Jc eskie said on 5/Apr/20
Goes to my gym see him on the regular, pretty spot on would say he’s exactly 5’6 too
Murtuza said on 5/Feb/20
I would say Adam is a solid 5’6.5” in the morning and shrinks down to a 5’6” Flat in the Night
RandomUse said on 14/Nov/19
Rob how tall do you think Slim is? He’s Adam’s long time best friend and is a youtuber himself. He’s there in almost every adam vlog. I have him at at least 5’11 if Adam is 5’6
Editor Rob
Yeah he could be closer to 5ft 11.

He does claim to be 6 foot exactly on twitter, with short parents.
rania321 said on 1/Sep/19
Rob can you can please make a page for zack knight he's been in a couple of songs with adam saleh his a singer by the way thanks by the way
Arnab Raheem said on 16/Aug/19
He’s not a strong 5’6 I’d say he’s about 5’5 3/4 because I saw him in person and he was slightly shorter than me. I’m about 5’7 1/4 and he seemed more than an inch shorter than me.
TheBat said on 20/Jun/19
Adam saying 5’6” is average height in America is completely false. It’s really in the 5’9” to 5’10” range particularly with white and African Americans and also depending on the state. He wishes he was average. XD
Yasir said on 21/Jan/19
Hey rob how tall does this guy in this picture look? Here he is next to 5”6 Adam Saleh

Here’s the link : Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be in 5ft 10-10.5 range
Nik said on 1/Jan/19
Maybe the average American adult is under 5'7"!
Guest66 said on 30/Dec/18
No offense Adam, but being 5’6” or almost 5’7” male is considered short, at least here in US. Be realistic, you don't look to be anything close to an average height if you’re under of 5’8 at the very least.
Yasir said on 14/Oct/18
If fazerug is 5'7 you could argue that adam saleh is strong 5'6 range
Yasir said on 14/Oct/18
Hey Rob how tall does adam saleh look in this picture next to Fazerug (whos also 5'6)?

heres the link: Click Here
Editor Rob
Tricky to tell, because of Saleh being a bit more closer to the camera.
cmillzz said on 26/Aug/18
5’5.5” range. He is not as tall as Faze Rug who is a legit 5’6.
Anon636365 said on 2/Jun/18
@ayasie he has phtora with many famous people who’s heights are listed here and looks 5’6 next to them
Yasir said on 18/May/18
How would you know that guy in the picture is 5'6?
Pablo_Escobar said on 14/May/18
he has a photo with a guy who is 5’6 and is smaller than him on his tiptoes
Click Here
cmillzz said on 11/May/18
@Shahid No, it's because he literally doesn't look a full 5'6 most of the time.
Shahid said on 3/May/18
I saw him in NYC once, I'm 170cm before bed and Adam saleh seemed around 1 inch shorter than me. It was an evening, he's 168cm. People trying to make him shorter are just trying to make themselves feel better.
cmillzz said on 3/May/18
Not sure why you’re trying to make him seem taller than he really is Yasir. Weak 5’7 is a joke for him.
Yasir said on 2/May/18
Hey rob how tall Is charlie sloth? Here's a picture of him next to 5'6 Adam saleh..

Click Here
Editor Rob
Big SLoth claims to be about 5ft 10...he usually has awful posture in photos, he's dropping 2-3 inches easily with salah.
Yasir said on 29/Apr/18
He must have maxed out an inch between 18 and 22
lee168cm said on 25/Apr/18
He was born in 1993 and the video that Adam was in was made in 2012 so he'd have been 18 or 19 not 15 or 16 and the Ellen episode was from 2014 so he'd have been about 20 so fully grown and clearly shorter than ellen though she might have still been 5ft 7 there making him about 5'5"
Yasir said on 24/Apr/18

in that video adam saleh was aged 15-16 and he wasnt done growing during that time
Jonathon8 said on 22/Apr/18
So many people here looking at this quote and forgetting that 5'6 is over the male average height in many countries, India being one of them, just 1.4 billion people there...
JacksonK said on 19/Apr/18
I thought he was 5'2" well he isn't as short as he makes himself out to be sometimes
lee168cm said on 19/Apr/18
He does look shorter than Ellen in that video and she's 5'6"
Idkman223 said on 18/Apr/18
@cmillzz 5ft5 and 5ft6 u cant really tell a difference tbh
cmillzz said on 17/Apr/18
Sorry but strong 5'6 is impossible. Even a 5'6 flat seems generous after looking at this video.

Click Here

He really does look 5'5 range to me.
Nik said on 17/Apr/18
Adam is of a very normal height!
Ragingmanlet said on 16/Apr/18
Its not borderline short its tiny im 5'9-10 and im borderline short for younger people.
lee168cm said on 16/Apr/18
Lol mo_adam wtf short? Lol that made me laugh what would wtf short be classed as? Yes nik people should treat others with respect no matter what size they are. It's not like we have any choice on how tall we are not that id wanna be an inch taller anyway. Idkman its all about self confidence and he clearly has it in spades
Yasir said on 16/Apr/18
I saw him in some pictures again, I now see that there is absolutely no way he's 5"5' or shorter. Strong 5"6'. Can look 5"7' in some pictures. Definitely within the 5"6'/5"7' range.
mo_adam said on 16/Apr/18
lol i was under the impression he was a tad bit shorter probs 5,5,and ps 5,6 is short but not like wtf kind of short.
cmillzz said on 15/Apr/18
Honestly thought that he was shorter than 5'6. His proportions make him look 5'5 and under tbh... I still am struggling to see him at 5'6 though.
Idkman223 said on 14/Apr/18
@lee168cm, its funny because this dude is only 5ft6 but he gets more girls than most guys. our height is the least of our worries....
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/Apr/18
5'6" definitely isn't average in America. Maybe he's referring to the global average. But even then it's about 5'7" not 5'6".
Depressed Schizophrenic said on 13/Apr/18
''Im not short . Im 5'6 . thats average height .''

LMAO In your dreams pal .
johnathan said on 12/Apr/18
5'6 average height hahaaa i was 5'6 when i was 13 ahaha
Peter175 said on 9/Apr/18
It's a short height but within the realm of average. I think 1 standard deviation or so. I think he's a bit above 5'6 flat though. He doesnt look very short to me at all
Lenny said on 9/Apr/18
Lmao he’s the guy that almost got to fight KSI. how was I under the impression that this guy was like 5”3? Well he is a strong 5”6. He’s honestly not as short as I thought he was.
Ben said on 9/Apr/18
Guys, the worldwide average male height is 5'6", hence why he said 5'6" is average. It's still borderline short in US/UK but it's also within the average range and a very common height.
Nik said on 9/Apr/18
Well Adam is an adult of average height! He is of a common height amongst men but a bit on the short side, at least he is honest about his height!
lee168cm said on 9/Apr/18
Shaq he was being sarcastic and maybe he doesn't feel short I know I don't
DreadPirateRoberts said on 8/Apr/18
''That's average height . :}'' hah what a comedian well atleast he's honest about his height
ahmad5555 said on 8/Apr/18
handsome guy,but 5'6 for him
Shaq said on 8/Apr/18
5'6 is short for a man, sorry bud. height is distributed on a normal curve, so 1 standard deviation above or under average (5'9 to 5'9.5 in north america) is the cutoff. for tall it's above 5'11, for short under 5'8. between 5'8-5'11 is average range
Yasir said on 8/Apr/18
Yes he’s 5”6 (same height / tiny bit shorter faze rug).
aknawkneemoose said on 8/Apr/18
where is 5'6 average
5'9 dude said on 8/Apr/18
5'6 ,average height ?

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