How tall is Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody's Height

6ft 0 (182.9 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films such as The Pianist, Predators, The Village and King Kong. At age 18, whilst at University, he listed himself on his resume as "Height: 6'" and "Weight: 160 lbs"

How tall is Adrien Brody
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I went on an extreme diet and lost about 30 pounds in about six weeks. I'm about 6-foot-1 and pretty slim at 160 pounds, but I went to 130 pounds. Aside from making me look the part, it again provided some sort of insight into a level of deprivation, which I fortunately have not experienced.
-- The Sacramento Bee, 2003

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Average Guess (102 Votes)
5ft 11.91in (182.7cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Aug/23
Average guess is too low, let me adjust accordingly...
Jake: 1.84 m - 1.85 m said on 4/May/23
Seemed to edge out John Malkovich in 'BULLET HEAD'. 6ft easily.
QM6'1.75"QM said on 20/Apr/23
Adrien Brody, Dan Stevens and Joseph Gilgun are solid 6'0" tall guys in my eyes!
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Feb/23
I don’t know why, but I used to think Adrien was English.

The funniest film clip IMO was when he was ‘getting it on’ with the funny little creation he and his girlfriend had made in the film ‘Splice’!

Abdulrahman said on 29/Jan/23
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jan/23
6ft and change I think is arguable, 6ft1 out of the bed
berta said on 4/Jan/23
always seemed like a legit 6 footer in movies. at worst 6 foot and at best almost 184. I think he will measure something like 183,4
Jake: 1.84 m - 1.85 m said on 1/Aug/22
Strong 6ft in the show 'Chapelwaite' too.
Jake: 1.84 m - 1.85 m said on 14/May/22
Looking a strong 6-feet in 'Clean'.
CDS said on 4/May/22
Now I'm confused. On the latest episode of the HBO series, "winning time", a shot of the 2 actors next to each other on the basketball court -- Jason segel towers over Adrien Brody?🤔
CDS said on 23/Apr/22
Ah, thanks duhon. I thought it might have something to do with the character he was portraying on "winning season". But I know nothing about sports 🤔😂
viper said on 23/Apr/22
I thought he looked taller than Segal
Duhon said on 22/Apr/22
Adrian Brody plays Pat Riley who was listed at 6'4" as a player.
CDS said on 21/Apr/22
Watching the new HBO series "the winning season", can anyone tell me why 6' (which I think seems accurate) looks the same height as 6'4" costar Jason segel?
David Tang said on 20/Apr/22
hey rob dont you think six flat is the best for him. hes edged by hayden christensen and with good posture looks just six fkat not a hair iver.
Editor Rob
I think the 6ft mark is still fair for Brody
Jake: 1.84 m - 1.85 m said on 2/Apr/22
Rob, do you reckon he could be 183 cm and change? Out of bed he could be 6ft 1 or close...The resume 6ft and his 6ft 1 claim indicate he's somewhere in that range.

6ft ⅛ possible?
Editor Rob
If he is over 6ft I doubt it's by much.
Dom5'11.5 said on 12/Mar/22
183.5cm, same or edges out Robert Pattinson
Jawilder said on 27/Jan/22
@Rampage Yeah he’s a solid 6 footer
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jan/22
Reminds me a lot of Cage, bad posture can make him look shorter but up straight he’s not under 6ft
berta said on 11/Jan/22
The guys on the site that i think is the most legit 6 footers must be Brody, Cage and Nolte. I feel all of them could have made it closer to 6´1/4.. I cant believe average guess is just strong 182. The guy always looks legit 6 foot and he have very bad posture.
V for 1984 said on 27/Dec/21
6-0.5. Never looks sub 6-0.
Myers Haddonfield said on 8/Nov/21
Imo 6-0 minimum. Looks over 6-0 in a lot of his films.
Jake: 1.84 m said on 26/Oct/21
Tall, slim 6ft+. I'd say a touch over this mark.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 29/Sep/21
Looked 183-183.5 in peaky blinders

Give the quarter inch please rob
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Mar/21
Eastwood I think was 6ft1-2 in the 2000's
Hong said on 24/Jan/21
Click Here Here's Brody with Clint Eastwood,its from 2003 Clint in his early 70s was generally looking in the6ft1 range compared to Morgan Freeman,max 6ft1.5,he looks a good 6ft3 there 8f Brody is 6ft.
Jake: 1.84 m - 1.85 m said on 22/Jan/21
Great actor, and I think he could be just over 6ft.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jan/21
If he's 5ft11, Owen Wilson is closer to 5ft9
raven said on 7/Jan/21
Hi Rob. I have a question. What do you think about this russian site ? It seems that they have proof that Adrien Brody could be actually 5'10-5'11 . What do you think ? Thank you.
Editor Rob
brody can at times look like he might be 5ft 11...but his posture in the majority of photos looks very loose, he ain't no Stallone when being photographed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Nov/20
He can look over 6ft.
PYoo810 said on 19/Aug/20
184/185 cm guy. Towers Darjeeling limited cast. And looks 6'1 against all other actors I've compared him with tbh. This guy deserves an upgrade, editor Rob.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/20
In Predators Adrien look buff very close to 170.
Sandy A Cowell said on 14/Apr/20
@ K.A 188 - I think Adrien is actually in good, muscly shape and he only gets skinny if a role calls for it! 😁👍
Sandy A Cowell said on 14/Apr/20
🎂🎈🎉🎁 Happy Birthday Adrien! 🎁🎉🎈🎂

Wishing Adrien Brody the most fantastic of Birthdays! He turns 47 years old today.

6ft 💪🥳

Emm Bee said on 27/Mar/20
He looks quite tall next to everyone else in Darjeeling Limited. It's irrelevant if he may be fractionally shorter than he claims .... he looks a legit 6-1
RichardSpain said on 16/Jan/20
In my opinion he is a legitim 183 cm or 6 ft guy not more.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Oct/19
185cm out of bed and 183cm before bed. That Choi Si-Won who claim 6'0 look to be 5'11 1/4 next to John Cusack and Adrien Brody.
herio said on 14/Sep/19
i thought he was very tall in the pianist by the way he walks
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/19
I think he may fall a fraction over this and hit 6ft1 out of bed
K.A 188 said on 19/Jul/19
He is very skinny and i would thought he was taller than 6ft...
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 14/May/19
Rob, maybe the 6 ft and an eighth listing is best?
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/May/19
I'm thinking 6'0 1/8th he look solid 6'0(182.9) but over 183cm under 183.5cm when standing straight.
Kimblemur said on 10/Apr/19
Claims he’s 6’1 hahaha. Not even 6.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 9/Feb/19
Yep, I think a 6-0.25 listing would be spot on, berta!
berta said on 29/Jan/19
i agree with Jake. this guy looks fraktion taller than 6 foot flat
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 21/Jan/19
6ft 0.25in perhaps, Rob? 6ft 1in early.
Editor Rob
possibility, but 6ft 0.5-1 I feel is just too high a range. 6ft or 0.25 maybe is more believable.
Dhouser said on 17/Dec/18
Looks 184 because he's skinny
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 19/Sep/18
A strong 6ft guy. First thing in the morning he's probably about 6ft 1in.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Aug/18
Adrien Brody look a fraction or 1cm taller than Choi Si-Won who also claim to be 6'0.
berta said on 20/Aug/18
i believe mr r who thought little over 6 foot. maybe not 184 but 183,5 range. and with his muscle mass have very bad posture that makes him stand 1 cm shorter sometimes
Dejavu said on 24/May/18
Next to Jeff Goldblum who may dip below 6’4 nowadays, he looks 6’1.
Mister lennon said on 1/Dec/17
About 183-184
Solid 6
Bego said on 29/Nov/17
182 morning, 180.5 at night
kerry said on 16/Oct/17
At least an inch shorter than Nic Cage. no more than 180 cm
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/17
probably around gosling
Peter181cm said on 14/Sep/17
Min. 5'11.5 (181.5cm)
Max. 6' (183cm)

I think he is 5'11.75 (182cm)
He has bad posture..

But he can be 6' (183cm)

But more than 6' not ;)
berta said on 19/Aug/17
this guy i staller than edward norton for example. he is like hayden christensen. 183 is the absolute lowest possible but can be up to 184.183,6 sounds good to me
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Aug/17
184cm earlier in the day
DirectorKrennic said on 23/Jul/17
Solid 6 feet. He is probably around 5'11.75" when he goes to bed.
even said on 5/Jul/17
6 feet is the real height but a solid six feet
travis said on 19/Apr/17
i dont see 5'10-5'11 for adrien brody that impossible
Ramualdo said on 17/Apr/17
He's very skinny that's why he looks so tall. He's somewhere between 178-180cm
berta said on 27/Mar/17
rob maybe giving him a little raise in the listing. i think he should have the average guess listing. he looks like a guy that could be 184. Also he is very skinny and have bad posture. standing at his tallest he is probalby 184. IF i remmber right he was listed that years ago?
josh jeffords said on 26/Feb/17
Great actor but his career is strangely lack luster hes done more b and mediocre than good movies.
He does give a tall impression but he is thin to scrawny except in Predators where his posture was great but he looked shorter.
On a good day I bet he is 6 .75 worst is 5 11 .75 this is due to lack of proof from footwear and the fact that he never towers anyone but jack black who is a short rotund guy.
berta said on 21/Jan/17
very skinny guy with bad posture. i think this guy have bigger chance to be strong six foter than a weak one
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/17
I think he is more 6ft1 than 6ft exactly!
I enjoyed that rather original film he starred in called 'Splice' in which he plays a scientist who makes, along with the help of his scientist partner and girlfriend, a half-human creation!
Chaos is sure to follow and it does - some funny, some sad, but it is a darn good watch!
S.J.H said on 29/Oct/16
Rob, could he be 6'0.5? He always had loose posture
Correg said on 24/Sep/16
Adrien is always looks tall. I don't know i think 6 ft is right maybe a bit over or little that mark.
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 3/Apr/16
I just watched a video where he got described as 6'5. OMFG
Dmeyer said on 23/Feb/16
Kidman is about 6'1,5-2in with à 3-3,5in heels brody looks 0,5-0,75in smaller so about a strong 6'1 shoes on so 6ft0 is right , 6ft plus 1/3in extra shoes And haïr makes sens hé looked near 6'1 in person
Dmeyer said on 23/Feb/16
When i met him the floor wasnt good And it happened fast but since he looked over 6ft then he must be near 6ft
Dmeyer said on 23/Feb/16
I happened realy fast but in person he looked near 6ft 1 but had big haïr And solid shoes in the 1,3in And is very slim so 6ft seems fair , with those conditions any 6ft will look near 6'1 for some reason hé looks smaller in pics ,
S.J.H said on 16/Dec/15
He does look 6'0 and so keanu reeves was the same height as brody
Key said on 23/Nov/15
In American Heist with Hayden Christiansen he looked 5'10 - 5'11 NO JOKE XD
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Aug/15
Can look 6ft0½-1 range.
This has to be his low.

A fraction over 6ft possible, Rob?
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 22/Apr/15
I definitely think 6ft is a good listing for Brody.
Hypado said on 23/Feb/15
Let me see,

Adrien Brody height is 5ft 11.75in, 182.6 cm
Shamrock said on 1/Feb/15
was an inch taller than Ralph Fiennes in Grand Budapest Hotel
Dmeyer said on 14/Dec/14
Saw him twice gave me a 6'0.5-1in impression
MD said on 29/Nov/14
With Orlando Bloom:

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Nov/14
I've seen 6ft1½ listings for him! Maybe in shoes
Arch Stanton said on 29/Oct/14
Could pass for 6'1 in The Pianist but he's skinny with angular features.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 26/Sep/14
No chance he's anything less than the listed 1.83m/6ft
6'1.75 (187cm) 80kg said on 9/Jul/14
Looks 181cm
Hypado said on 27/Jun/14
183cm for Adrien Brody
American Heist said on 21/May/14
Hayden Christensen is slightly taller than Adrian Brody. If Brody is 6'0, then Christensen might taller than 6'0 and shorter than 6'1.
ArjunaKorale said on 6/Mar/14
I love Brody's acting talent - he was supremely amazing in The Pianist (which will always remain one of my favourite films)! I too can see Brody around 182 or 183 cm (6 ft or a fraction under).
Mr. R said on 11/Dec/13
He is between 6 and 6-1. I met him the night he won his Oscar. I met Nicole Kidman that night too, and she was way taller than both of us. At least 6-2 in her heels.
dmeyer said on 10/Dec/13
In person looked 6 ft or more
glynny 182 said on 28/Oct/13
id say a tad over six foot. .he,s more like 6ft.05in or 184 if you measured him properly an ordered him to stand straight for 1nce as he has terrible posture!, but yea gwd actor played great part in king kong.
cole said on 7/Aug/13
About 6ft is probably right. I could see him between 182 and 184 cm, sometimes he is slouching quite heavily.
Brody vs Christensen said on 1/Aug/13
Brody is cleary not 6'1 but closer to 5'11-6'0 ish
He was filming a newmovie with Christensen American Heist in NOLA, Hayden is at least 1inch taller.
Richie Rich said on 13/Jun/13
Barefoot hand in hand with ex 161cm Elsa Pataki Click Here
He seems to have a good 14 cm on her which makes him 175cm
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 6/Feb/12
6ft right on I'd say. Solid 184 cm early in the day.
linke said on 1/Feb/12
For some reason this guy comes across as someone who is closer to 6 than a 6 footer.182
Ras_ said on 31/Jan/12
This is not Justin Timberlake...Adrian Brody is atleast 6ft just because he looks shorter in pictures proves absolutely nothing he may as well be the height he listed or a bit under but he isn't below 6ft.He has awful posture,but when he stands straight you can clearly see that he is a legit 6 footer if not 6'1...
Yaspaa said on 19/Dec/11
An odd picture with supposedly 5'10 Douglas with 5'8.25 Penn. Not seeing the 6'0 for Brody.
Click Here
dmeyer said on 8/Dec/11
in person was a bit taller than me he had 0.25 in more shoes under 6 ft is unlikely , but for some reason he looks bigger in real life than in pics and movies
Silent d said on 5/Dec/11
Good actor. He is really skinny muscular build. In the darjeeling limited he looks 182cm. If he is 185cm than owen is 181cm. 6 foot is about right. He does have bad posture. He looks honest and i don't think he'll change his height that much. I can buy 6 foot.
Chameleon said on 4/Nov/11
Didnt Affleck tower this guy aswell?? How is he 6' LOL.
LAN Jiao said on 24/Oct/11
181cm on the $!
ANDREA[ITA] said on 15/Oct/11
looks almost 20 cms shorter than Tim Robbins! He at 183 makes tim at least 6'7!
DejaVu said on 2/Oct/11
I agree with 5'11.75. He could be 6'0 because he has really bad posture.
jake, 1.82 m said on 25/Sep/11
5ft 11.75in (182 cm)
dmeyer said on 23/Aug/11
when in bad posture hecan look anywere 5 ft 10.5 11.5 when in good he looks good 6 footer like next to kidman in heels
Dmeyer said on 22/Aug/11
In person seemed ní´ less than 6 ft maybe more for some reason hé looks Max 5'11 in pics
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 22/Aug/11
He has a small head, thin bones... And this may be random, but I always think Jewish actors are much taller than they are. I thought he was 6'2" or so, but he's only 5'11".

I would consider bumping him down to 5'11.5" for now, Rob. :)

3 inches shorter than 6'2" Simon Rex.
Click Here

2-3 inches taller than 5'8.25" Christian Slater.
Click Here

2-3 inches taller than 5'8.25" Sean Penn.
Click Here

2-3 inches taller than 5'8.25" Mark Ruffalo.
Click Here

0.5 inches taller than 5'10.5" Owen Wilson (look at shoulders, hair).
Click Here

1.5 inches taller than 5'9.5" David Hewlett.
Click Here

3 inches taller than 5'8" Robert Downey, Jr.
Click Here

Strong 5'11" max.
Alex said on 8/Aug/11
Cori Gonzalez Macuer was his body double in King Kong, Cori is 6.2.
MaxB said on 1/Aug/11
@Atl gman - according to his own quote he weighted 130 pounds for the role. That would mean he normally weights 160 pounds, as he lost 30 pounds for the role.
Sam said on 21/Jul/11
It was not unimaginable based on the film. It's very skinny but he said himself its 30 pounds over his previously weight and he probably weighs more than that now (Predators)
Atl gman said on 15/Jul/11
According to his own quote he weighs 130 pounds. If that is true there is no way he is more than 5'6. His ego is out of control. He wishes he was taller. He also wishes his nose was not the largest protuberance. So sad.
KT said on 2/Jul/11
Just saw a movie on TV called "The Experiment."

He played a prisoner, and he was barefoot in many scenes. I would have guessed 6'1 minimum.

He looked around 1 inch max shorter than Forest Whitaker when they stood face to face.
abcdef said on 30/Jun/11
He has to be taller than 6'0. He looks a couple inches taller - at least!
shell said on 11/May/11
He has a hat in that photo, blocking the top of his head. Mentally remove the hat, and he's about the same height as Liotta (who is about 6'0). Seriously, people, use your heads! You're not very good at this height estimating; you take photos too literally, where things are easily distorted.

James says on 1/Jan/11
6ft1 is a ridicolous claim

looks 5'10 here
Will said on 14/Apr/11
Adrien Brody is 5'11". There is no possible way that he is 6'1".
Aaron said on 2/Apr/11
"6ft1 is a ridicolous claim

looks 5'10 here
Click Here"

That's weird. He looks markedly smaller than <6' Ray Liotta in this picture. Always pictured him as a tall dude. Guess he looks taller due to his scrawny build. And why do they make him wear that ridiculous anteater nose all the time? It's not "charismatic" or anything.
dmeyer said on 14/Feb/11
he walked by me he had 0.25 in more footwear and big hair and looked near 6 ft 1 he must be 6 ft
Moke said on 1/Feb/11
how can you believe he is 5'10"? He was about an inch taller than Wilson in Darjeeling Limited, but it's true, that you cannot see that in every scene. My guess is 5'11.5".
5foot7 said on 18/Jan/11
adrien would have to be 6" just by looing at his bone structure he does look wrong with his weight bu he is not as tall as the predators whos heights are listed in the special features as 6"4 If you care to take notice
James said on 1/Jan/11
6ft1 is a ridicolous claim

looks 5'10 here
Click Here
Baloompia said on 1/Jan/11
He looks almost exactly the same height as 5ft 10.5in Owen Wilson in The Darjeeling Limited, throughout the whole movie. Maybe a half inch taller. I'd say 5'11.
reina said on 26/Dec/10
Just saw him in person and he is no more than 5'10". I was shocked because he seems tall on tv. I guess he is tall compared to 5'6" or 5'7" actors. I was with a friend over 6 ft and he was much taller than AB.
john said on 25/Dec/10
not that tall next to almoust 5ft9 Thomas Kretschmann

Click Here
PatB said on 27/Nov/10
I guess I'm wrong. I watched him in "Predators" last night. I would have guessed 5'6".
Tori said on 15/Nov/10
I say that he is as tall as he says! 6'1 sounds about right... he is extremely talented and has some amazing sex appeal going on;)
DejaVu said on 20/Jun/09
He looked similar height to Keanu Reeves. Maybe a tad shorter at best.
Click Here
Click Here
Big T said on 25/Apr/09

I just found a photo of Gonzalez-Macuer and Brody

CGM is slightly taller than Brody

6' flat it is

Click Here
Big T said on 25/Apr/09
I like Mr R's estimate- a strong 6'. It makes sense. This Gonzalez-Macuer guy had exactly the same build as Brody (as you would expect). If he wasn't his claim of 6'1" he was only a hair less.
Big T said on 25/Apr/09
I just made a good find today. While walking to work a local TV presenter here in New Zealand, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, walked past me. I tried to size up his height very carefully (because I'm obsessed about height, lol). I decided that he was 6'1", and very thin. I looked him up and what did I find?

Click Here

185cm, exactly 6'1", just as I guessed! And what else- he was a stand-in for Adrien Brody for King Kong!

Now, from what I know about stand-ins, I would assume that if Brody isn't 6'1" as he claims, he is very, very close to it.
Leo said on 3/Apr/09
6ft - looks taller than he is though due to being thin.
Lenad said on 8/Mar/09
Okay maybe 5ft11 tops is too low. Still dont think hes 6ft1 though.
T said on 22/Feb/09
In this picture next to Owen Wilson(5'10), he looks like a 6'2 or something...

Click Here
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/09
In the movie Bullet with Mickey Rourke he is about 1-2 inches taller than the math mickey is 5'11...
F. said on 22/Nov/08
I knew the 5'10'' listing I had seen before wasn't right. It must have been really late at night for that... Strong six-footer. Wicked talent! Not to mention... he's very very attractive in his own unique way.
el toppo said on 18/Nov/08
just watched darjeeling limited and I would say he is an easy 6 foot 1 guy.
Lenad said on 24/Oct/08
Kathy says on 12/0ct/07
Adrien Brody is definitly 6'1 tall. Again he states it himself. Why rebel against this fact?
Well the reason is because he doesnt look it. Also many hollywood actors add an inch or 2 to there height or there shoed height. DMeyer even said Brody had wierd shoes. Also if you watch King Kong he doesnt look that tall next to Naomi Watts. Hes at best 5 ft 11 I'd say. Im with Anonymos 100% on this one
Lenad said on 1/Oct/08
That pic with Edward Norton says it all. He's 5'11 max
MD said on 14/Sep/08
Sorry, the 5'10" thing is a bit more than ridiculous. Here he is with Mark Ruffalo, who's 5'8":

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

With Edward Norton:

Click Here

After seeing these pics, I'm pretty convinced of his height, now.
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/08
rob won't listen to me on this one, and i won't take a picture, so it works out: adrien brody is about 5'10''. he wears HUGE lifts. I usually think this site is spot on, but investigate this guy. He's a shrimp. I know him through work, met him a bunch of times, actually know his family, and he's about 135 pounds and 5'10''.
Hugh said on 29/Aug/08
I agree with james. What was the name of the movie he was in with Owen Wilson. He looked a good 3 inches taller. I've seen 6ft1.5 listings for this guy.
yoney said on 9/Aug/08
I think, he looks taller because he is skinny. My guess for him is: 5 ft 11.5
Mr. R said on 29/Jul/08
He is a little over 6 feet. I met him the night he won his Oscar.
mikec said on 11/Jul/08
if owen wilson really is 5'11 like glen said he was adrien brody is for sure a 6 footer.. unless he was wearing lifts in the darjeeling limited.
sprint84 said on 9/Jun/08
Click Here

David Akers play for the Philadelphia Eagles and is listed at 5'10". The tall guy next to him is a doctor from Philly who, based on this picture, looks to be about 6'3". In the photo on the right, that same doctor is there with Adrien Brody, who looks nowhere near his 6' listing.

My best guess for Brody:
5'10" barefoot / 5'11" in shoes / looks over 6' because he's so skinny
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/08
nope sorry brody is really really really around 5'10''. I see this dude like every week , and walk right by him! we grew up in the same neighborhood, tribeca, and actually yhave seen him outside of a restaraunt with Ice-T. I know, weird combo. But to substantiate my point, Ice-T, who is maybe 6 feet tall, is a true 2 inches taller than him.

Sorry sorry sorry folks, really. And a lot of people agree with me about this. Since he is SO skinny, and wears lift (I gurantee it) he can appear to be 6 feet tall. He is not. I rest my case.
Hugh said on 5/Apr/08
Brody is 6ft1 if not a strong 6ft1.
Anonymous said on 31/Mar/08
if david strathairn is 5'11.5, brody is 6 feet.
edward said on 19/Mar/08
Met him twice last year. I am 6'1 and he was 2-3 inches shorter than me.. couldn't be taller than 5'11.
lizzz said on 4/Mar/08
he was 6 feet next to jack black. very talented btw :]
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/08
I met him and Ice-T (I know, weird combo) a while ago and I swear by it, Brody is shorter than Ice-T. Make of it what you will. I was really surprised, as I thought he would be a taller guy.
kevin said on 12/Feb/08
i think he needs to be downgraded. he looks smaller than clooney, pitt, dicaprio tucker, cage, murray and some others who are except of bill murray not even 6ft 1in. and looks barely taller then owen wilson, chris cooper, daniel craig or thomas kretschmann who are all under 5ft 11in.
Leo said on 7/Feb/08
People say I look like Adrien. I'm 5ft 11 though, check out my pic with Kate Richie Click Here or Bec Cartwright Click Here or Ian Smith Click Here
Sarah said on 6/Feb/08
I think Adrien Brody is really tall no matter what people say about his height. Cause everyone is tall in their own way.
Jennie said on 15/Dec/07
trust me he is 6'1!
Pete said on 8/Dec/07
met him. 5-11 for him and probably wears lifts. hes too skinny so he looks taller than what he really is.
a said on 6/Dec/07
i saw him in the right aid on hudson and i thought he was VERY tall. 6'1" at least...
Za said on 5/Dec/07
in this photo here, it looks like he is atleast 2 inches taller than Owen Wilson and he is not even standing straight. I think he is around 6ft Click Here
Jennie said on 1/Dec/07
All I can say is that if he says he is 6'1 than he's 6'1" and he is one of the sexiest men alive in my eyes.
kathy said on 24/Oct/07
who are you? i dont even know you and am not trying to make you laugh. please! all i am saying is that if brody says he is 6'1 then he is that height. he cannot be wrong about a fact he knows about himself. duh!
Valeri said on 13/Oct/07
kathy,dont make me laugh.Im goim to say im 6'1 too.So? hey,its form the horses mouth,so it has to be true.How naive you are. So since I said im 6'1 its also a fact,why rebel against it? Almost all actors inflate their height,its a regualr procedure,nothing bad or special here.There is a chance Brody is close ot that mark,but he was 2-3inches smaller than Ben Affleck,so unless Affleck is 6'3-6'4 I dont see how brody is 6'1. 6 is probably it. If hes 6'1,then owen wilson is 6ft minimum and same goes for Clooney,6ft min,Pitt 6'0.5min,Leo also.
kathy said on 12/Oct/07
oh and fyi Fox check your info on Nicholas Cage's height over again because the guy is definitely 6'1 and proves Brody is just the same height standing right there next to him.
kathy said on 12/Oct/07
Adrien Brody is definitely 6'1 tall. Again he states it himself. Why rebel against this fact?
dmeyer said on 10/Oct/07
i agree with glenn wilson dosnt look under 5'10.5
kathy said on 7/Oct/07
PPL if Adrien himself says he is 6'1 than he IS 6'1. It came straight from the horses mouth so there is no denying this fact then.
Valeri said on 3/Oct/07
Owen Wilson was max an inch smaller htna him when both had great posture and throughout the movie darjeeling limited. And still he looked same as Clooney.taller though. But even if owen wilson is a legit 5'11,then brody is still only 6ft.
dmeyer said on 23/Sep/07
we agree alot me and mr r wwe dont have a big height diofferance i am 5'11 and he is about 6 and i also think adrien was a lidl over 6 when i met him
dmeyer said on 23/Sep/07
after looking at some pics he could be 6'0.25
Anonymous said on 10/Aug/07
Click Here - ill say it again.either brody is 5'11 or garcia is a legit 5'10,which he aint.
azz said on 9/Aug/07
he cant be that tall,i saw his girlfrien in spain and she is 4,11 more or less but not more that 5 feet,i saw a pictures of both holdings hands and she had 12 cm shoes so i calculated he is 5,11 no more but he is so thin that he looks taller
dmeyer said on 26/Jul/07
looked 6 ft 0.5 in when i met him but he did weird shoes
18,181 said on 25/Jul/07
Click Here
another great example of him being 5'11 and no more.and dont let the hair fool you.he is not taller than wilson. I still say Brody is 5'10.5 and somehow manages to fool some people into thinking and appearing 6ft.Good lifts.He also seemed struggling with Clooney's height with him,while Clooney wasn't even trying to stand straight.
dmeyer said on 9/Jul/07
for some reason he looks 5'11 in pics but in person looks a lidl over 6 ft
Mr. R said on 22/Jun/07
I met him the night that he won his Oscar (He dangled it in front of us!) We spoke for a minute, but he was definitely a little taller than me. He is between 6-0 and 6-1.
Fox said on 19/Jun/07
movies can really do wonders on actors/actresses heights
17,181 said on 18/Jun/07
just cant seem to understand all this nonsense. with nic cage he looks 5'11.with clooney he looks the same.And his posture seems alright,why does he seem so much smaller in photos.what's the catch?
Fox said on 18/Jun/07
looking 5'11 range with 6ft nick cage Click Here
anonymous said on 27/May/07
wouldn't it be very unhealthy/nearly starved to be 6 foot 1 and 130?
MD said on 16/May/07
Of course he looks tall; he's incredibly skinny.
Anonymous said on 16/May/07
i always thought he looked tall. look at him in in king kong, granted hes with tiny jack black but still looks tall on his own. 6ft isnt massive, i thought he was bigger than this. laters
dmeyer said on 16/May/07
i agree mr r he seemed about 6'0.5 in in person
Pete said on 15/Mar/07
saw him in madrid recently. in the street hes about 5-11 or less and in premiers he appears like 6-1. he wears lifts 4 sure.
Aldo said on 15/Mar/07
Saw a pic with him and clooney
I think Adrien is about 5'11, 6 Max
17.181-182cm* said on 10/Mar/07
well what about the photos with George Clooney where he looks shorter than George,even though hes stiff and George is leaning.And still Clooney is taller.
Glenn said on 10/Feb/07
Thats BS.I got him last week and he is close to 6ft.I have a friend thats 6-1 that looks 5-11,so Adrian can be 6-1.but yes,he can appear smaller.
raymond said on 9/Feb/07
wow, i wish I had my camera out tonight. I have always thought that Brody is average height or tall, but I saw him tonight at a japanese restaraunt in manhattan. He was shmoozing by the bar for quite a while. The man is 5ft10. Maybe a bit shorter. I am a legitimate 5 ft 11 and people often think I am 6 ft or 6ft1, but this man was 1-3 inches shorter than me! I stood next to him for an extended period of time and got many good looks at him. Most of the time when I see a celebrity I'll glance, but this guy made me double take over and over because he is tiny. I hope you lower his listing, since he is 5ft10 and about 130 pounds and that is maximum.
dmeyer said on 15/Jan/07
in pics he looks 5'11 in person 6'0.5 so 6'0.25 make sens anyrthing from 6 ft to 6'0.5 is possible but he looks taller in person
Gonzalo said on 27/Dec/06
Hard to pin. Anything from 5`11 to 6`1. I guess he tends to slouch a lot
Snakeman said on 29/Nov/06
Did he really weigh 130 pounds in Pianist? He looks skinny in it, but the justified to a six one frame. Five eleven sounds fair.
Edward said on 14/Nov/06
I've met Adrien Brody in two different occasions, on the same floor. I am about 6'1 feet tall, and standing right next to him, he looked about two inches smaller than me. He really didn't stand out in the crowd (height wise). So I would guess he's probably 5'11, 6' at the most.
dmeyer said on 13/Nov/06
both of the time i met brody were too fast and we werent on the same floor but that was good enaugh to see he is aleast 6 feet possibly more
dmeyer said on 13/Nov/06
travolta looked pushing 6'1 when i met him
dmeyer said on 13/Nov/06
to me he seems a lidl taller than hanks but hanks looks taller in pics i met brody twice but i wasnt on the exact same floor but he did seem 6 ft + guy he is close to his claim 6'1 in pics looks 5'11 bad posture maybe like ll cooj was 1.5 to 2 inches taller than me and in the pic with military posture i looked the same i gain about 1 to 1.25 with good posture in pics so that whi hanks apear 6'1 in some pics to me he looks 1 to 2 cm taller than hanks but in the pic hanks looks taller 6'0.5 fits him good
dmeyer said on 10/Nov/06
i met him tonight i was runing i stoped to ask him to take a pic with him he said he gotta go he seemed a ldil taller than me it happened realy fast so it was hard to judge an exact height but he looked 6 ft or a lithel over so 184 cm 6'0.5 fits him good he is possibly 6 feet 1 out of bed and 6 ft 0.5 at night but he is defenetly no shorter than 6 feet more loikly 184 cm for some reason he looks smaaler than that in some pics but 6'0.5" fits him good rob
Viper652 said on 2/Nov/06
I think Affleck might be wearing lifts there. Ive never seen him look that tall before.
dmeyer said on 1/Nov/06
looks 5'11 im most pics with ben or not for some reason looked aleast 6'1 when he walked by me
TNTinCA said on 1/Nov/06
Looks like 2.5 to 3 inches of separation between Affleck (AFFLAC!!!!) and Brody. Make me think Adrien is closer to 6 foot. Or Ben is taller than 6'3".
Viper652 said on 4/Oct/06
Brody looks a lot shorter than 6-1 in many pictures.
MD said on 24/Sep/06
Here he is with Ben Affleck, who's somewhere around 6'2", maybe:

1. Click Here

2. Click Here

I'm genuinely confused.
Josh said on 23/Sep/06
I'm 5'10", and standing next to him, I was just about as tall as him. I'd give him around 6'0"-6'1".
Jordan said on 3/Sep/06
The only reason Brody looks tall in King Kong is becuase Jack Black is short and Adrien is pretty skinny. But By god this guys nose is huge.
Cecily said on 7/Aug/06
I saw him in the West Village this past week. I'm 6 feet, and I was standing on the curb of 7th Ave. He was slightly shorter than I was and was walking in the street. I suspect that he is not as tall as the screen suggests, although he is certainly lanky.
Pierre said on 19/Jun/06
I saw him on 3rd st (santa monica) today.. he's my height (five foot nine). really not more.
Tim said on 16/Jun/06
listen. you are all CRAZY. i live in Tribeca and as I posted before, I see both Ice-T and Adrien Brody so often. I am just under six feet and I honestly am three inches taller than Brody and two taller than Ice T. My friend who is about 5'7 is just an inch or two shorter than Brody. He looks like he weighs maybe 140 pounds- tiny kid.
MaxB said on 23/May/06
Yes, that photo with Rourke is not good for comparison (and also if Rourke was 5'11 in his prime he probobly isn't that tall anymore - but yes, I can see two inches difference on that photo and I can also see Adrian's 'funny' shoes). Any other? I suppose Adrian could be 6ft.5in but there are many photos that put him under that. Don't know why exactly - bad posture? Or he appears shorter because he's so slim? Bad angles? So many bad angles?
Mr. R said on 17/May/06
Rob...where have you been? My estimates are ALWAYS 100% ACCURATE! (Don't fall into Loch Ness laughing!)
Elio said on 16/May/06
MD, I can see how you've interpreted the photo to just be 1/2" difference. But when I look more closely, I notice that the top part of Adrian's head blends into the background, making it hard to see where it ends ... whereas Rourke has hair mounted up on his head giving him a false height boost. Just look at their eyelines for example. And the bottom of Brody's chin is on level with the bottom of Rourke's nose.

Personally, I think it's not the best comparisson photo, given the angle and the above factors.
MD said on 16/May/06
Elio, are we looking at the same picture?! 1-2" inches? I don't think so, at all.
Mr. R said on 16/May/06
Sooo Rob, I get credit when the star is taller then most people think, but I am ignored when I say the star I have met is less than people think. Hmmm...seems like a George Clooneyesque conspiracy!

Editor Rob
nobodies estimates are 100%, I give good credence to estimates when a guy is within 2 inches of someone...hence why I sometimes find lower estimates harder to believe :)
Elio said on 11/May/06
In Fairness to Adrian, I see him looking 1-2" taller than Rourke in that photo, and they're both wearing big heeled footwear.
MD said on 10/May/06
Another photo. Here he is with what this site gives 5'11" for Micky Rourke. Adrien looks half-an-inch taller, at best, and look at the heels on his dress shoes:

1. Click Here
sam2 said on 9/May/06
Have you guys (Glenn) seen "The Village"? Look at scenes with Brody and Hurt. There is one where they are standing up straight, side by side. Hurt towers over him. (3-4") He is barely taller than Jaoquin. Check him out in "Summer of Sam" He not much taller than Mira Sorvino. He is 5'10". You need to change this listing of 6'1". Way off!!!!!
MaxB said on 9/May/06
Funny - we've provided links to photos in which Adrien is shorter than pretty much every six-or-more-footer here, but is still listed at 6'1. Are there any good photos that would support 6'1 claims? To me that's logical fallacy - if somebody claims 6'1 there must be at least some evidence that he really is that height - otherweise that's not true.

Editor Rob
I can see 6ft 0.5 yes, but remember, I'm giving credence to Mr R who has seen the fellow, he says Brody was an inch taller, so maybe 6ft 0.5 is truer!

...but this guy's posture does sometimes look frail especially compared to a guy trained in alexader technique
MD said on 6/Apr/06
Also, though an odd angle, here is with 6'1" Chris Tucker:

1. Click Here

BTW, how tall is Nicole Kidman in her highest heels (which it looks like she is wearing, here):

2. Click Here

And, a picture from 2003 with 6'0" Nick Cage:

3. Click Here

Editor Rob
remember sometimes Cage has a penchant for larger heeled shoes, but brody can look shorter many pics
MD said on 6/Apr/06
Maybe this may help.

Here he is beside what this site list as 5'8" Joaquin Phoenix. Does he look a full 5 inches taller than Joaquin?

1. Click Here
dmeyer said on 5/Apr/06
when i saw him he looked 6'1" but in most pics he barely look -' he might be a lift guy
Dominic said on 31/Mar/06
They all might be standing on a step. No way can he be that short.
Mr. R said on 28/Feb/06
I met Adrien the night he won his Oscar. He was definitely 6 feet tall, and a little over that.
insanity man said on 28/Feb/06
I was in a fight scene with Adrien. We had a full day of rehersal and I got the chance to hang out with him. Aside from being a cool and funny guy he is 6'1 for sure. His reach is long as all hell. I am 5ft9 and I could clearly see he was 6'1. He was even wearing asics wrestling shoes, which have no lift at all and are practically rubber slippers.
Josh said on 24/Jan/06
you´re kidding me right 6-1 never he strugles with 5-11
MOF said on 12/Jan/06
I'm not talking about the stair scene, On a TV show where they two stand together with Jackson and others, Brody is very noticably smaller than Hanks by at least two inches...
elio said on 30/Dec/05
This guy definately aint 6'1".

surely he's in the 5'11" - 6'0" range
dmeyer said on 20/Dec/05
i watched king kong brody and hanks arent standing on the same stair
MOF said on 19/Dec/05
Standing next to 6'1 Colin Hanks he looks about 5'11.
Jason said on 7/Dec/05
I don't think Shaq ever was over 6'11 1/2'', J. He's said himself numerous times that that is his real height.
Biffy said on 6/Dec/05
6'1" methinks not. And if you needed more convincing... (next to 6'2" Damien Fahey)
dmeyer said on 31/Jul/05
when i saw adrien he looked a lithel over 6'1'' so he was wearing lifts
J. said on 30/Jul/05
Well, the more and more I see of Shaq beside other celebs (who are of course much, much, much smaller than him), I'm convinced that he has lost some height because he's not looking 7 feet anymore. He always had bad, "Shrek"-like posture but nowadays, he's looking as close as a abnormally tall person can look next to more average sized people. I'd guesstimate 6'10"- 6'11" for big Shaq these days. A commentator at a game that the Heat played some time back
made a comment on Shaq's "shrinkage". Yet, with Brody, I always thought he was 5'11"-ish. Listen, in Hollywood, most male actors who are 5'10"- 5'11" get boosted up to 6'0"- 6'1" so it's not unusual. I think that's the case with him. He never looks tall and in the world of the shortish that is Hollywood, if he were really 6'1", he'd look a giant.
Mr. R said on 30/Jul/05
I have to say, those are very compelling pictures MaxB. I met Adrien and Nicole on Oscar night when some of those pics were taken, and Adrien was definitely about an inch taller than me (5'11.5"), but Nicole towered over all of us. This is why I believe that she is at least 5-11, if not taller, and if she was wearing 3 inch heels, she would be 6-2, which would be just about right looking at the difference between her and Brody. When I met Adrien that night, he was wearing regular tuxedo shoes, and I did not see where a lift could be placed. I will still say that he is just over 6 feet, and either takes a lot of bad height pics, or maybe he is getting a "lift".
Gotxo said on 30/Jul/05
Let's forget the photo of Shaq by it's unconclusiveness.
Let's focus on the Simon Rex pic.
In spite the camera took an slanted angle or Simon was nearer to it, He has a good diff on Adrien. From what it seems directly 4", if we taken on count these factors it could be less, but definatly more than the official 1" supposed here.
6-1 & 130 pounds? Christian Bale is the only one who had the privilege of dropping to 6'0" & 145 pounds (and looking like a freaking skeleton).
Please Rob, at least admit that MaxB's #1 link is disturbing.
MaxB said on 29/Jul/05
I recently watched The Jacket and I was just thinking to myself that Adrien is an average height guy that wears bulked shoes and lifts in them - it's just unnatural that guy who is that thin or tiny has unbelieveable long legs (the position of he's knees is not right) - looking at him walking on the snow and wearing napsack on his back I thought that he has build similar to mine (i'm 5'9", he's thinner than me) and that I would look the same if I had bulky shooes and lifts in them. Adrien is nowhere near 6 feet. Evidence? Don't look photos taken from movies as the camera angles can make people look really tall - look at real still photos:

Adrien (forgot to wear lifts) and 6'2" Simon Rex
Adrien and 5'10.5" Nicole Kidman Photo 1 (looks taller because he's in front of her) Photo 2 Mr. R said on 22/Jul/05
I met Brody the night he won his Oscar. He is pretty close to 6-1, maybe just a little under, but I would give it to him.
Anonymous said on 22/Jul/05
here's an image worth the look,7588,1020643_8,00.html
sam said on 17/May/05
danny, the posters you have a link to show Ewan McGregor with Nicole Kidman, not Brody. McGregor does look shorter than Kidman with Kidman's heels, but without shoes they'd be about the same height. On Brody, he has said consistently that he is 6'1" and, with his slouchy posture in most of these pictures, I'd believe him.
J. said on 6/Mar/05
Yeah, this is an intresting picture of Brody:

He's standing pretty straight across from 5ft10 Michael Jackson, who is 5'11" in the picture. There's no more than 2 inches taller. Meaning that he's either 5'11" or 6'0". 6'0" at best. He's not that tall. He's reed thin and his hair gets usually gets all brushed up which gives the illusion of a greater height.
Defacto said on 5/Mar/05
He's listed as being 6'1.5" on most places and he doesn't look anywhere near that height. He looks quite small next to 6'2" Simon Rex and in general doesn't look tall next to most people, I would question the 185 cm given to him. Not only that, he doesn't look 160 lbs. in any picture of movie I've seen him. I think he's 6'0" at the most, and probably shorter and no more than 140-150 lbs.

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