How tall is Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

American actress best known for playing Rory on TV series Gilmore Girls. In film she can be seen in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and Sin City.

How tall is Alexis Bledel
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How tall is Alexis Bledel
Ann Dowd, Elisabeth Moss, Alexis
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Average Guess (37 Votes)
5ft 5.47in (166.3cm)
Majestic Butterfly said on 8/Oct/22
she's not 5'7 at all, looks 5'5.5-flat 5'6 range. she doesn't look only 1 1/2 inch shorter than lauren graham, she doesn't look a whole 5 inches taller than 5'2 liza weil, looks towered by that 6'0 actor by at least 6-7 inches, and she doesn't look 5'8 in regular shoes (looks weakish 5'6-5'6.5 at most).

5'5.5-5'6.0 is my guess for her.
Jewels said on 14/Jul/22
yeah she’s definitely not 5’7 (katy perry is an example of 5’7 or so) she has to be 5’5 1/2 or barely 5’6, her figure is really slim and her legs are mostly her height which makes her look tall. based on how tall she is next to the actress that played her mother, i’d say 5’5 1/2 because of how short she is next to lauren graham and she definitely isn’t only 2 inches shorter than her.
nicster said on 12/Apr/21
She definitely doesn’t looks 5’7 next to 5’8 Lauren graham, 5’.5-5’6 probly right
n_te said on 26/Dec/20
Do you think she was around 53 kg in her Gilmore Girls days, Rob?
Editor Rob
nearer 55-6kg I'd have thought recent years, but early Gilmore days maybe a bit less like 53-4.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Sep/20
Rob, do you think 5'5 1/2 a higher chance for Alexis?
Editor Rob
Just now, that would be the highest I'd ever try to argue
the name's Sam said on 12/Aug/20
Looking at her younger photos I think it’s safe to say she is over 5’5” I guess somewhere in the 166-166.5 cm range would fit her well she was a total barbie doll back then
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jun/20
In Gilmore Girls during the past she pull off 5'5 1/2. I think a chance she could be 166cm.
Nik said on 12/Mar/20
@ Alice Bay - I can see where you are coming from!
Alice Bay said on 9/Mar/20
she looks at least 5'6
Nik said on 12/Jul/18
She does look quite tall!
Ella Lu said on 11/Jul/18
she's definitely 5'5, I've seen her next to 5'1 people, and generally a 5'1 persons head reaches the mouth of a 5'5 person and that's exactly what happens when Alexis is standing next to 5'1 Elisha
Ariane said on 10/Jul/17
She said in the first episode of Gilmore Girls that she's 5'7"
Jazz said on 30/May/17
Far shorter than I initially thought she was. Thought she was supposed to be taller than Amber Tamblyn.
MDVG said on 30/Apr/17
If you look on SAMIRA WILEY's instagram. There is a photo of her with the other cast of Handmaid's Tale. She is next to 5'2 Samira and looks not too much taller. Who is gonna go check?
BirchGirl said on 15/Jan/17
@anyonmious She is not 5'3". She is about an inch shorter than 5'6" Amber Tamblyn and about 3 inches or so shorter than 5'8.5" Blake Lively in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I would say 5'5" is about right.
anyonmious said on 24/Nov/16
She is no more then 5'3". 5'5" if you include heels
Sandra B said on 19/Sep/16
She was born in 1981 and looks like she was born in 1993.
Avachi said on 4/Nov/15
No less than 5'6" in my opinion
Bammer said on 6/Oct/14

No she didn't, she said 5'7" but Alex Bledel isn't more than 5'5" tops in real life.
JB said on 1/Oct/14
Interesting, she was said to be tall and 5'7" on the first episode of Gilmore Girls.
jj said on 17/Apr/14
I always thought she was petite(around 5'2~5'4), taller than she seems..
Junebug said on 27/Aug/13
The first season Lauralie said to her father 5 8 and they were having her studied at MiT.
marla singer said on 7/May/13
Just saw a picture of her and 5'6.5 Emmy Rossum Click Here she looks 5 ft 3-4 there..
Josh said on 18/Jan/13
5'5 and gorgeous
José said on 15/Oct/12
5'6" maximum
NickB said on 3/Aug/12
And in the 4th season of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai says Rory is 5'5" :)
runnerup1991 said on 31/Jul/12
she still looks so young at 31 years old and her height is 5 ft 6in
Jake T. said on 30/Nov/11
She is 3 cm smaller than Katie Cassidy in a picture they took last year. 5'5.25 is right.
BJ said on 21/Oct/11
Can't be taller than 5'5"... Her Ex-boyfriend Milo looks at least 10 cm taller than her and he's listed as 1,74 cm...
Truth said on 17/Jul/11
In the first episode of Gilmore girls, she said that she was 5'7", but compared to Lauren Graham, who is 5'8"-5'9", she doesnt look as tall. Definitely 5'5"-5'6". There's at least 3 inches difference between them.
Kate said on 10/Jul/11
@ John Sorry I did a mistake, I meant 5'8.
John said on 1/Jul/11
@Kate - Wtf is 7'8?
Kate said on 30/Jun/11
In the first episode of Gilmore Girls she said to her grandfather that she's 7'8(1m73) and that's seem the right height to me. She used to be a model, and even if she's 7'8, this is not really tall for a model, so I really don't think she's under this height.
tall said on 13/Jun/11
looks maybe 5'5-5'6 here Click Here
ai said on 6/Apr/11
Blake live said to Alexis " I'm 3inches taller than you are" and alexis said on lettermen that she is 5'7. She's also taller than 5'6 Devon Aoki
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/11
she looks about 5'4-5. shes between 1-2in shorter than amber tamblyn
Randall said on 16/Jan/11
Check this YouTube clip from The Ellen DeGeneres Show Click Here starting at 2:10. Alexis and Lauren Graham are walking side by side outdoors. They both appear to be wearing flat walking shoes and it looks like Lauren is 3 inches taller. If Lauren is 5'8.75" then Alexis would be in the neighborhood of 5'5.5" +/- 0.25".
Justin said on 7/Dec/10
Alexis can't be taller than 5'5 if Zach Gilford is 5'8 (as listed on this site)
Click Here
js said on 3/Nov/10
why would you say blake lively isnt 5"10? she is very tall .
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/10
Alexis Bledel is 5'5", that's so correct.
okay said on 15/Jun/09
Click Here

that is a good picture to compare. milo is 5'9". she is a good deal shorter than he is so 5'7" is sooo not true.
Amanda said on 2/Apr/09
5'5" Alexis next to 5'9" Shia in a small heel. I believe she is 5'5". Click Here
cari said on 19/Feb/09
i stood next to her once for a pic when i saw her (im a huge fan) and she was taller than me by a little il say an inch. Im 5"6 so shes about 5'7 il say
kate said on 18/Feb/09
She's 5'6"-7"
okay said on 13/Feb/09
1. you can't use gilmore girls as an actual source for facts. writers make the scripts, not alexis herself. alexis bledel is not rory.

2. she is definately not 5"7'.
hazel said on 11/Feb/09
Click Here
According to diz site elisha is 5'1.5" tall
what do u guys think of alexis even when she stands staight an elisha bending her knee?
cassie said on 16/Jan/09
On an episide during season 7 (I think), Rory was with her new friends from Yale and they were in Stars Hallow at Rory's house loking at a photo album. One of the girls says "What are you here? Five-two?" to which Rory replys, "More like five-seven."

But next to Lauren, even when in barefeet, she looks about 5'5 or 5'6. My guess on Liza would be 5'3 in comparison.

Also, using events from show premiers is pointless as every woman wears insanely high heels. Alexis' looks like her heels are about 3 inches high, making her 5'7.
Kay said on 1/Jan/09
Awww!!! What makes you people think that a statement in a TV show is reality?

I think 5'5.25'' is right, she looks tall cause' she is very thin, but next to others who are 5'7'' she doesn't look the same height and next to 5'6'' ones she looks about the same height or even a bit smaller...
me said on 26/Dec/08
She says 5'7" in a gilmore girls episode.
bam said on 19/Nov/08
rob, what prompted you to downgrade her?
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/08
The camera seems to be in Erica's advantage in all of the pictures, but you could be right. The thing is, it's very difficult to tell someone's height from only a picture. I remember seeing a picture of 2 of my friends one time and they both appeared exact same height except in reality one was 4 inches shorter than the other one. It's hard to tell with photos.
Kay said on 14/Oct/08
No way! You can't see Erica's shoes! And Alexis is still shorter!

I think Rob is right about her height, she is slim and fragile that's what makes her look taller, but she isn't that tall at all, but beautiful no matter how tall she really is :)

Same event different view, so now everything looks wrong about Alexis being the same height as Erica, you have to notice that pics don't show what's real, well at least not always, Rob has a nice section about the changing of appearance when the pic is taken from a different view.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 13/Oct/08
Take a look at this picture: Click Here

She is about the same height as Erica Durance in this picture who is 5'7". I think she needs an upgrade.
Yaspaa said on 6/Oct/08
The mugshot of her stuck on the fridge from season 5 says 5'5 115lbs.
Kay said on 22/Sep/08
Ariell Kebbel (Lindsay) is said to be 5' 7.7''. Alexis Bledel (Rory) doesn't look near her height anytime they stand beside each other at Gilmore Girls.
There are two possible reasons:
Arielle is not that tall
Alexis is not 5'7''.

I trust the second reason, Kelly Bishop (Emily) who is 5'6'' seems to be her height or even taller the whole time.

I think Alexis is around 5'5.5'' to 5' 6'' but nothing above.
She did commercials, but you need not to be 5' 7'' for commercials.
Kirstin Kreuk did some too and she is far away from the 5'7'' mark.
And Alexis never was a runway model.

5'7'' is not right.
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/08
In season 7 she said that she is 5'7
Leah said on 5/Sep/08
I met her about a year ago. I'm 5'4" and she was at least 2 inches taller.. I was in converse and she was in flats. I'd say she's 5'6.5"
Girlie said on 1/Sep/08
In Gilmore Girls she looks Milo's height if not taller to me! I really think she's definutely atleast 5'7''. I'm sure.
Anonymous said on 19/Aug/08
victoria, she wasn't a runway model, she was a photomodel!!!

I've seen so many pics of her with people who are 5'7" or 5'6" (I'm sure some of them are really that height...) and she was always shorter...

and whats he said on GG has nothing to do with her real life. She could have said as Rory :"I'm 5'8"" too. or 5'6" or whatever...
sinlessbeauty116 said on 17/Aug/08
im not sure how tall she is, but she does slouches a lot...a common thing that most thin and tall people with a fragile frame do
Anna said on 17/Aug/08
I doubt shes only 5'5 1/4.On gilmore girls she said she was 5'7 and shes looks it.I think maybe shes even taller than that.
Gabrielle said on 17/Aug/08
Her character in Gilmore Girls mentioned she was 5'7". I don't know, she always seems much shorter than Lauren Graham, who's supposedly a little less than 5'9".
victoria said on 13/Aug/08
she said she was a model and she probably refered to herself as a runway model which must be at LEAST 5'7"
crystal said on 22/Jul/08
in an interview with letterman she states that she is 5'7
susan said on 11/Jun/08
That's a TV show! That's no argument.
I'd say around 5'5''-5'6'' is correct, several pics with emily bishop, devon aoki, amber tamblyn etc. are showing that.
tdh said on 17/May/08
On "Gilmore Girls" she claimed to be 5'7". I don't think she made it up. This entry is wrong.
Yaspaa said on 11/May/08
The given height minimum but 5'6 is possible.
anne said on 9/May/08
i was looking at a picture and alexis doesn't look as 5'7". She's standing next to Krysten Ritter who's listed as 5'9" and she's wearing flats, and Alexis is in heels and still doesn't look as tall as Krysten.
susan said on 1/May/08
alright, alexis can NOT be taller than 5'6'', devon aoki is listed as 5'5'' also 5'6'' but never taller and there are pics of alexis with devon both in heels, and devon is clearly taller than alexis, they are listed on wireimage

the second and third pic, show it clearley, alexis seems to be less than 5'5'' next to devon...?

Click Here
susan said on 1/Apr/08
I think she's just referred to as 5'7'' cause' she was a fashion model and 5'7'' sound way better than 5'5.25'', but the pics and gg show that she isn't a 5'7'' more a 5'5'' one
mimi said on 14/Mar/08
In this picture with America Ferrara (5'0"), she looks about 5'4". They're both wearing high, 4-in heels, and Alexis only looks about 3 in. taller than America.

Click Here
Jessica said on 24/Feb/08
Looking at the picture of Alexis and Amber it looks like Amber is wearing slightly lower heels, obviously very hard to tell but Alexis looks as if she is on her tiptoes more and raised higher. I think Amber is probably 5'6 and Alexis closer to 5'5 but she is very slim so looks taller.
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/08
She looks a little shorter than Amber there, hard to tell though. They both look amazing in that picture!!

On Gilmore Girls it's tricky to gage Alexis' height because sometimes she looks very tall and close to Lauren Graham's height but then she doesn't look a whole lot taller than Keiko Agena at times either.
susan said on 21/Jan/08
with 5'7'' erica durance and 5'1'' kristen bell
Click Here
with 5'6'' amber tamblyn
Click Here
with 5'9'' krysten ritter
Click Here
on the pics she seems far away of being 5'7'' or even 5'6''
susan said on 21/Jan/08
it really seems as if she's shorter than 5'6''...but why is she listed as 5'7'' on most sites? is she just upgraded or what?
brett said on 16/Jan/08
alexis is about half a head shorter than lauren graham i would peg her at about 5'4 maybe 5'5
lucy said on 3/Dec/07
she looks shorter than this - maybe 5'4.5?
allana said on 15/Nov/07
i've seen a few pics of her with a better posture than usualy but she's always looked shorter than lauren and milo so i'm guessing 5'7
corney said on 13/Nov/07
sara's right you don't have to be taller than 5'7'' to do commercials, and that's what she did!
just watch gg there emily is taller (she's only shorter when rory wears heels) and emily (kelly bishop) is 5'6''
Click Here
here rory wears high heels but emily wears just short heels and they are bout the same height although emily is a bit taller but if kelly bishop really is 5'6'' alexis isn't taller than 5'6''
i'm 5'5.5'' but always pretend to be 5'6'' cause it sounds better and why should i downgrade myself? i think alexis could be 5'6.3'' but pretends to be 5'7'' but i don't believe she really is 5'7'' when i see her next to kelly at the pic and in other gilmore scenes
sara said on 12/Nov/07
You have to be tall to be a runway model. Print and commercial models can be 5'5 to 5'6.
Danielle said on 11/Nov/07
She is most definitly 5'7!!! I looked it up also and that was the only answer that came up a lot. Plus if she was a model, they won't except you if you aren't at least that height, if not more. So i guess that she just has to be at least 5'7 not anything less.
Squidnee said on 11/Nov/07
Come'on guys! I looked it up on Google and now she is 5'7 no dought. But if she is shorter than that in season one than in season three - she might have just grown a bit. Plus to be a model you have to AT LEAST be 5'7 or else they won't except you . . . it's the truth.
sweetchari said on 5/Nov/07
Its so funny that in the show her character Rory is 5ft7 during the first season they were ordering uniforms for her school and she was like I'm a size 6 and I am 5ft 7. She does seem more like 5'6" so maybe that is right...I would have never guessed she is of Latin heritage, cute girl
Stephanie said on 2/Nov/07
On season one of Gilmore Girls, it is said that Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is 5'9" and Rory (Alexis) is 5'7". I am 5'7" and have a similar build of Alexis. I think she is shorter than 5'7" though, because she appears much shorter than Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), who is said to be 5'9". I'm not quite sure how tall he really is though, since he seems shorter than Lauren Graham at times, so somebodys height isn't right here.
corney said on 17/Sep/07
alexis isn't 5'6'' she's more like 5'5'', kelly bishop is 5'6'' and appears taller than her on gg anytime
Jess said on 15/Sep/07
Amber looks shorter than Alexis here... Click Here
an said on 18/Aug/07
Click Here check this out. It's Amber Tamblyn in the yellow. If Amber would stand up straight, I think she'd only be a tad taller. I think 5'6" for Alexis and 5'6.5" for Amber.
Victorian said on 15/Aug/07
From what I've seen on Sisterhood of the travel pants and it's promotional pics, Bledel's height varies to be either shorter than Tamblyns' or similar. I have yet to see a picture where Bledel is taller than Tamblyn though.

Also, when standing next to Czuchry in heels (usually not-that-modest ones) she still seems a good 2 inches shorter than him - OK, considering that I might be fooled by her big hair on Gilmore Girls the difference may be between 1 and 2.5 (3 at a stretch) inches....depending on the shoe.

But whichever heel she wore, she never came up to the height a 5-6er can get to next to a 5-9er (Czuchry). With the Bledel/Tamblyn comparison also in mind, I find it hard to believe that this girl is indeed 5'6"; 5'5" seems more suitable in my humble opinion.

I have to admit that prior to the entrance of Czuchry on the show, I really bought the 5'7" estimate for the series progressed she really began to tower over co-star Liza Weil (Paris on Gilmore Girls)!
sf said on 19/Jul/07
watch the sisterhood there she is the same height as amber even when amber wears shoes which are one inch high, pics often do not show the truth..
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/07
Yeah, what I was thinking, though, was that if she did straighten up she would still appear shorter than Amber.
sf said on 8/Jul/07
she is slouching very much and is wearing high heels! watch the sisterhood there you can see she is the same height as amber
Anonymous said on 28/Jun/07
Sorry for the multiple comments! It does seem like there is a heel on the shoe (thoughts?). Here is a similar pose from a different angle:

Click Here

Even with her terrible posture (and difference in shoe height), it doesn't seem like she would be that much shorter than someone who is the same height as herself. Alexis Bledel is pretty hard to figure out.
Anonymous said on 28/Jun/07
Click Here

Has anyone else seen this puzzling photo? I can't tell whether those shoes she's wearing have only a small heel or have no heel at all, but it's strange that she looks so much shorter than Amber Tamblyn.
jessie said on 26/Jun/07
she says she is 5'7" in a bunch of gilmore girls episodes. she is definitely at least 5'6 if not 5'7
lilla said on 31/May/07
In one episode, her friend says : How tall are you on this picture? 160cm? Rory: More like 170!
Katarina said on 15/Mar/07
I wonder how much could she weifht, she looks really petite, but in real she might be normal weight.
glenn said on 17/Feb/07
5-1 sounds better.
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/07
Uh.. no they aren't pimpin princess. America Ferra is 5'1"!, and the blonde girl said she was three inches taller than her character in the Sisterhood of the traveling pants.
Glenn said on 15/Feb/07
No way is America 5-4.5.5-3 tops.
pimpin princess said on 14/Feb/07
she's 5'7. watch the sisterhood of the travelling pants, they're all kinda tall except america ferrera (5'4 1/2)
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/07
I think she is 5'6", because she never looks tall.
kassandra said on 30/Jan/07
Lauren Graham wears heels all the time.They want us to think that Lauren is sooo tall and Alexis is smaller because it wouldn't look good when the "daughter" has the same height as her "mother".Thats what I guess.
Mark Burdeos said on 5/Jan/07
Hate to dissapoint Alexis Bledel is 5ft 7" Watch Gilmore Girls more closely. Lauren Graham who is 5ft 9" doesn't wear high heels.
A Girl said on 11/Dec/06
I have the first season on DVD twice over, she says she's 5'7" when Richard asks.

She's also stated in season 7 (current season) that she is 5'7" when her new friends were asking her.

I've also noticed sometimes in the last season or so that she has started wearing heels more on par with the GIGANTIC heels Lauren Graham always wears (seriously, she's (Lauren) -still- noticeably shorter than Scott Patterson and David Sutcliffe?? The shoe's she was wearing a couple of weeks ago had to put her at 6'2") and seems to be closing in on that 2" height difference.
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/06
No she she said she is 5'5. on their first dinner at the gilmore house....
gab said on 16/Oct/06
nope she's 5-7 she said it in the show (Richard: you're tall! Emily, she's tall! how tall are you? Rory: 5-7 on their first dinner at the gilmore house) and i saw it in another height site. she's just got a really bad posture (pretty weird for a former model)
zeke said on 21/Sep/06
I was watching an ep of GG and she was talking to Doyle the Yale Editor, she looks about 2-3 inches taller than him on screen, didn't see if she was wearing any high shoes though, and he's listed at 5'2 so i think shes about 5'5 or so.
anton said on 9/Sep/06
no way.alexis only 5-4.are you jokking.come on this girl is not tall.ý am sure this.ýf she said 5-7 she is only 5-4.come on she is really small
Denise said on 7/Sep/06
Look at this.
Alexis with Kristin Bell(5'1).
Click Here
And Alexis with Kristin and Erica Durance (5'7).
Click Here
luna said on 1/Sep/06
yes, she's 5ft 6 in the 4 episode of the season 4 of gilmore girls lorelai says
LORELAI: Rory's on her way over - brown hair, blue eyes, about 5'6" - don't cuff her.
anon said on 15/Aug/06
i used to watch gilmore girls a lot and i remember rory was shorter than that grandmother lady who's 5'6.
Leah said on 14/Aug/06
Wow. When I first so her on Gilmore Girls, Sisterhood etc. I thought for sure she was small. Like maybe 5'3" But her frame definitely throws you off. I think 5'6" is correct, maybe even 5'6.5
Myen V said on 8/Jul/06
Lauren Graham- yes, tall, 5'9''. Alexis has a combination of things going for her in relation to her mysterious height- 1, she does have bad posture a lot; 2, her character on Gilmore is often in flats/kitten heels. This is partly because 'that's the way Rory should dress' and part of it is to keep her smaller and make her seem more innocent, sweet, vulnerable and needing of protection.

In the picture from MTV where you can see her full body- she seems to be wearing quite flat boots while the hostess is wearing nicely heeled shoes. She is also leaning to the side with her foot twisted over to the side. Honestly, it looks to me in that photo that if Alexis straightened up she would be nearly eye-to-eye with the high-heeled host.
Samantha said on 25/Jun/06
But, Brooke do you notice how slouched over Alexis is in that picture? Kristen is probably up to her shoulder there if Alexis would've been standing up straight. She does seem shorter then 5"6, but she also was around the same height as the rest of the girls in Sisterhood of the traveling pants, except for America, because she's shorter then them all.
fiambre said on 18/Jun/06
In a Gilmore Girls episode she tells her grandfather Richard she's 5,7 tall. Although that's what's probably in the script she might be more or less a 5,7 woman!
anonymous said on 1/Jun/06
I think she is no taller than 5'6. Click Here
here she is with vanessa minnillo (who is also no taller than 5'6).
Click Here
Brooke said on 30/May/06
I'm pretty sure she's 5'7"...I met her a while back and she does have a small frame, which probably makes her look shorter.
Fez said on 27/May/06
Click Here

Take a look at this picture. The 5'1 Kristen Bell is almost at the same height as Alexis. And Alexis is wearing heels.
I don't know, but to me. Alexis is not 5'6-5'7. She is way shorter then that.
ty said on 5/May/06
i saw alexis bledel at the grove mall shopping and she is surely about 5'6" to 5'7" she just looks smaller because she has a petite frame and a small face but when you stand next to her you realize she isnt a small person
Anonymous said on 7/Apr/06
How in the world is Ventimoglia 3 inches taller than Bedel??? Never!! This height for Bedel is correct , but Ventimiglia: way off.
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/06
She looks tall because she wears heels.
anonymous said on 8/Dec/05
Yeah, Matt is taller than Alexis with heels.
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/05
Matt Czuchry - Logan is 5' 9½ and he's still than Rory even if Rory have heels.
Kay said on 27/Nov/05
Her height is debateable, but I'd say 169 cm is correct.

Episode: Chicken or Beef?
LORELAI: Rory's on her way over - brown hair, blue eyes, about 5'6" - don't cuff her.

Episode: Pilot
RICHARD: Rory. You're tall.

RORY: I guess.

RICHARD: Well, what's your height?

RORY: 5'7".
thort this might be interesting said on 30/Sep/05
(from external website)

..."Alexis since I'm taller than her she did seem smaller. But it's not like she's small small. Still tall, slim and cute. We're about the same height I should think, cause I was wearing shoes with more heels than her flippies. "
Simon James said on 28/Jun/05
Well I see her on these premiere pics and she never looks particularly tall, and she's always in very high heels, so I think 5'7 is a bit generous.
CelebHeights Editor said on 12/Jun/05
In the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls Bledel does say she is "5ft 7" and some guy comments she's tall.
Lmeister said on 1/Apr/05
Doing great job Robster. Lauren surely is a tall woman and Alexis ain't that short either...

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