How tall is Alfred Molina

Alfred Molina's Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2 ½ (189.2 cm)
English Actor best known for roles in films such as Spider-Man 2, Frida, An Education, Not Without My Daughter, Chocolat, Species, Boogie Nights and Raiders of the Lost Ark. In the NY Times (15/5/1987) he said "I'm 6 foot 3 and quite big". In 2015 he mentioned in the Irish Times "I'm 6ft 2in and something. John [Lithgow] is 6ft 4in"

How tall is Alfred Molina
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Average Guess (23 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 2.47in (189.1cm)
Current: 6ft 1.78in (187.4cm)
Weak5'11james said on 8/Jun/23
Alfred is 70 now, he's definitely got to be in the 187 range now...

Peak 189.1cm (6'2.5)
Current 187.4cm (6'1.75)
Jordan87 said on 6/Sep/22
@ Tall Sam,

That's def Possible. Even in his 60's he looked very near Alfred Enoch's height who is around 6'2.25". In His Prime I could see him as a 6'2.5" Guy, maybe pushing 6'3 in the am hours.

His Bios have him at 175 pounds still, which Is odd. In Spider-man 2 he looked around 230, and that was down for what he weighed in Frida.

Either way, he's no 175 pounds at a height of 6'2+ in his prime.
Tall Sam said on 22/Jan/22
At peak its believable he measured not far at all from the 6’3” mark early in the day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/22
Rob, could Molina have peaked at 6ft3?

The ‘6ft2 and something’ statement is more current and since he was claiming 6ft3 in the 80’s maybe he’s aware that he’s shrunk.
Editor Rob
I think the 189 range peak is a fair fit and I believe rounded up to 6ft 3.
Jordan87 said on 12/Oct/21
@ Slim 6'1.75"

Yes Sir!!!!......We are Lucky b/c Molina is a top class actor.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 5/Oct/21
Now part of the mcu

As doc ock
David Tang said on 23/Jul/21
Jordan87 said on 22/Feb/21
Click Here

He still looks as Tall as 6'2+ Enoch ( Who has a Picture with Rob).

Molina was the " 6'2" and Some" He Claimed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Oct/20
In Raiders I think could pass for a full 6ft3 next to Harrison...
Dream said on 27/Feb/20

I think Braun's listing is fine. Braun is visibly taller than current James Cromwell, who edged out Tim Robbins and looked more taller than Michael Duncan, than Kobe Bryant did.
Canson said on 23/Feb/20
@Dream: I feel Braun is overlisted. The 6’6 he had previously was fine. Maybe if Rob felt he was over the mark, 6’6.25 or 6’6 1/8” maybe at lunch but if you see him with Conan who universally we feel is under 6’4” (most have him 6’3.25-.75) then Braun’s 6’6.5 is a bit suspect I would say. What are your thoughts??
Canson said on 20/Feb/20
@Dream: I can only believe that because Bo claimed to be 6’6” once and 6’5, 6’6 on a good day. I guess that’s why with Owen Benjamin he looked it. I wouldn’t go above 6’5.5” though.
Dream said on 18/Feb/20

Look at Bo with 6’8” Greg Davies and 6’6.5” Nicholas Braun and 6’4.75” Michael Carter Williams. Compare Bo with Anthony Joshua, Current James Cromwell, and Kobe Bryant.

You’d be extremely surprised how tall Bo looks with those guys, especially when he had a posture/footwear disadvantage against them.

Of course, Bo had Thomas F. Wilson by at least 3.5 inches, even with posture and footwear disadvantage. A slouching Bo looks taller than Kobe Bryant, with Michael Carter Williams.

Heck, a slouching Bo, wearing lesser shoes, even looked taller than current James Cromwell, with 6’6.5” Nicholas Braun. James Cromwell has always looked taller than Tim Robbins and an old Cromwell even looked taller than Kobe Bryant.

If anything, 6’5.5” has always been arguable for Bo.
Jordan87 said on 30/Dec/19
@ Dream,

"He'd probably have Alfred by at least 3.5 inches."

Your saying Molina is 6'1.5", possibly lower? Look at him with Alfred Enoch who has a proven height on here by Rob. Molina is at least his height.

Alfred is 6'2 I'd say. That means your saying Bo is at the least 6'5.5"?
Dream said on 13/Nov/19

Honestly, You'd be surprised how well Bo stacks up with Michael Carter Williams, Kobe Bryant, Jimmy Butler, Greg Davies, Blake Griffin, Pete Holmes, Owen Benjamin, and Vince Vaughn. Not to mention Bo also towered 6'2" range Thomas F. Wilson, who Rob has met.

He'd probably have Alfred by at least 3.5 inches.

Bo doesn't usually wear lifts, unlike Wladimir Klitschko, not to mention Bo is usually in converse shoes or just runner shoes.
Jordan87 said on 26/Aug/19
@Dream, I wouldn't think Bo would have Molina by more than 3".
Dream said on 18/Aug/19
It will be interesting to see this guy with Bo Burnham, since they will be in a future film, together.
K.A 188 said on 18/Jul/19
His weight and stocky built make him appear shorter but in reality he is a tall big man.
Jordan87 said on 27/Jun/19
@ JTM,

"he's clearly closer to the camera and we don't know for sure they both have equal posture"

Yeah we do, we can look at the picture and it looks like they have equal Posture, chief.
Jtm said on 15/Jun/19
he's clearly closer to the camera and we don't know for sure they both have equal posture. molina was a legit 6'2 in his younger days but not anymore. he was much shorter than john lithgow in love is strange.
Jordan87 said on 12/Jun/19
Click Here

He is at least the Same height as 6'2.5" Alfred Enoch still nowadays. Enoch has a picture with Rob, and some think this kid is as tall as 6'3".


Do you think Molina can still be a Solid 6'2? He surely looks it with Enoch and they both have equal posture. There are some Pics where Molina looks even taller !!!!!
JenniferBrook said on 15/Apr/19
I’m 5'11" which is tall for a women, but I saw him back in the Spider-Man 2 premiere and I took a picture with him he was about 4 inches taller than me, he was 6'3", I saw him in the new Wreck it Ralph premiere and he was only 3 inches taller than me at 6'2"
Final Verdict: Peak he was 6'3" now he is 6'2"
Tkazi said on 27/Feb/19
6'3" peak now 6'2"
ltkazi said on 12/Feb/19
6'2.75" in his prime now prob is 6'1.75"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Apr/18
He could be dipping below 6ft2 now but I wouldn't bet on him measuring just 6ft1
Bobby said on 7/Oct/17
Wow, I had no idea he was this tall, he didn't look like he was 6'2 in Spider-Man 2 but I suppose, compared to a 6'1 Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Ark, he must have been 6'2.5. His bulkiness makes him look shorter though.
Richardspain said on 8/Sep/17
He is a tall man and great secondary actor.

To me he was nearly of the 188/189 cm zone when he was young. A strong 188cm.

Nowadays who know?? 185cm??? He is 64 years old maybe he lost an inch so he could be today 6'1 barefoot
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/17
I think he's about 250lbs today. I think at his leanest (80's) he was 200lbs. He's a naturally large framed guy
Jordan87 said on 16/Apr/17
Rob ,

I agree which is why at the time of Spider-Man 2 I thought the whole thing was bizarre. They had him at 175, when in reality would you put him at 220 or 230 in the pic I posted ?
Editor Rob
yeah Jordan, he's got to be at least 20 pounds over 200...
Jordan87 said on 13/Apr/17
Click Here


Looking at the pic i posted Is there anyway Molina was say under 220 pounds back when he did Spider-man 2? B/c his bio's at the time( 2004, 2005) I remember stated he was 175 pounds, which I don't think would be the case for a man who looks like this and is most certainly over 6 feet tall.
Editor Rob
I don't think Molina has seen 175 pounds since leaving high school.
Sam said on 22/Mar/17
Rob, could you add Not Without My Daughter, Chocolat, Species and Boogie Nights to his credits? He still looks a tall guy in his appearances on Angie Tribeca, 6'3.25" listed Hayes MacArthur looks to be taller only by a weak inch.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Feb/17
Rob, also in Chocolat and Boogie Nights
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Aug/16
I see about 1in, maybe at a push 1½in between them. So you could bring down Lithgow to 6ft3½ if Molina is still 6ft2 flat.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jun/16
I can definitely believe that John Lithgow has lost height. He maybe just edges Molina in that photo. I reckon he could be down to 6ft3 flat today if Molina is 6ft2. No more than 1in between them.

Rob, what do you think?
Editor Rob
lithgow might be 6ft 3.5 today
Mat said on 23/Jun/16
rob i think he deserves a description update. he had a minor role in the lost ark. he has played in quite a few films, and stars on csi
Dmeyer said on 20/Apr/16
In person looked near 6'3 but i had converse so 6ft 2,5 that was 10 years back hé was propbably still 6ft 2,25
Mike said on 23/Jun/15
Peak: 6ft 2.25in
Today: 6ft 1.75in
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jun/15
Rob, are you confident he's still 188cm?
Editor Rob
I think he is still around that today standing for a measurement.
Editor Rob said on 16/Feb/15
He came out with a very recent quote, saying 6ft 2 and something.
jtm said on 7/Oct/14
6'1 range today
Sam said on 29/Sep/14
Hmm, looks 6'2" tops, maybe more 6'1.5" next to John Lithgow, who I saw in person and was a true 6'4" several years ago but might be a little shorter these days at his age. Lithgow seems near 2.5 inches taller.
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Mar/14
"Peak height was 6ft 2.75in (190cm)"

Just saw ROTLA again and he has 2in on Ford (still near 6ft1)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/14
I actually thought he looked about 6ft3 in Raiders of The Lost Ark with Ford.
Dan said on 19/Nov/13
Yeah, he never seemed quite like a full 6'3. Probably around 6'1.5-75 today, but I can buy a peak of just over 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jul/13
187cm today, Rob?
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/13
1inche taller than john c riely in boogie nights....'
LAN Jiao said on 18/Oct/11
He weigh over 230 at 6'1-1/4 range. I don think he lost height. He is max 6'1.5
ANDREA[ITA] said on 10/Sep/11
He looks 4 inches taller than Steve Martin...
Sam said on 1/Aug/11
I am *6 foot& 1/4 inch tall* he was not taller he was eye level I remember
Jonas said on 6/Jul/11
I'd say his peak height was 6'2 and nowadays he is more like 6'1.5 or 6'1.25

He looks almost the same height as Daniel Day Lewis who is listed as 6'1.25
dmeyer said on 27/May/11
looks realy tall in person but i had converse while he had 1.2 in shoes so 6 ft 2
Sam said on 9/May/11
I still dont belive that he is generally accepted at 6'2. I met him i am 6'0 to 6'0 1/4 every time i measured myself or get measured. He was eye level wit me, if that a little shorter. He is a solid 6'0 but no more than 6'0.5. 6'2 is rubbish.
Johan Cruyff said on 12/Apr/11
Alfred Molina's heights are:

Morning (out of bed)= 6'2.5" (1.89 m)
After 1,5-3 hrs= 6'2" (1.88 m)
After 5-10 hrs= 6'1.75" (1.87 m)

Today he's in the 6'1.5"-6'1.75", also if i think at night he could be even 6'1.25" (1.86 m).
Big Jon said on 19/Mar/11
I thought in a scene in Spider-man Alfred was about an inch taller than James Franco who most people think is as short as 5'9 and as tall as 5'11 so I don't know about Molina being 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Dec/10
That makes absolutely no sense Rob...
Lenad said on 6/Jul/09
I can buy 186cm at the lowest
Hugh 191cm said on 6/Jul/09
188-189cm peak and 187-188cm now.
James said on 25/Jun/09
6'3 at peak
Lenad said on 22/Jun/09
6ft3 is ridiculos for him barefoot. Even Rob admits he doesnt look over 6ft2 anymore
Lenad said on 22/Jun/09
I think a weak 6'2 most likely 187-188cm
Lenad said on 21/Jun/09
Rob would you say 188cm max today?

Editor Rob
yes today.
dmeyer said on 15/Jun/09
when he walked by me he seemed huge but i had converse and he had normal shoes like 1.25 he sreel looked 189 cm
Lenad said on 9/Jun/09
I doubt hes taller than 188cm
Lenad said on 9/May/09
Looks no taller than 6'2 to me
Lenad said on 8/May/09
He doesnt need a peak height Bob. This guy has always been 6'2 max
Doerte said on 26/Apr/09
188 cm is about right. I got chatting to him yesterday. I'm 179 cm and he was a good bit taller than me (and much slimmer now!).
Jordan said on 14/Apr/09
Rob, how many inches does it look like Molina has Maguire by here ?
Click Here

Sam, how come you were not in the learning center today ? I came in around 12 ish and did some trig. Your in calculas ??
Jordan said on 14/Apr/09
Rob Why the change from 6'2.5 to 6'2?

Editor Rob
I do think he can look 6ft 1-2 range now.
Jordan said on 14/Apr/09
lol nah Emil I'm ok at 5'10. In new York it was average height, out here in PA not really but its all good.

And dont bother arguing with Sam, trust me he goes to my school and he came here first when he saw me in the learning center in our college on this site. He introduced himself and was nice at first but now comes on and messes with me on this site. HE still goes to learning center in our school but i dont b/c im done with math.
Sam said on 26/Mar/09
Whats a matter Jordan ? Not coming back to the lerning center so we can chat ?

And no im not going to be quite since he stood right next to me and was barley over 6'-0 tall while he is listed here at over 6'-2, which is dumb. I guess this gives me the right to say im 6'-2 to all my freinds now when Im actually 6'-0. Nice.....
Jordan said on 13/Mar/09
Rob, if your pretty sure Craig Ferguson is 6'1.5, than this vid shows that Molina has him by a good inch. Perhaps Sam can be quite now.

Click Here
Sam said on 11/Mar/09
Richard Gere us no Giant and he is leaning in the pic Brah, Molina would only have 3 inches on him tops if they were both straight.
Brah said on 11/Mar/09
Alfred Molina is much taller than Maguire:
Click Here

And Richard Gere:
Click Here
Sam said on 9/Mar/09
Emile, Tobey is not 5'5. He is around 5'7, Molina is not 5'10, he is 6'0 on a good day. He is noooo 6'2.5 though, thats a joke. Im 6'0, maybe 6'0.25 in the Morning, and Molina was eye level to me.
Emile said on 20/Feb/09
6'2 1/2 ? This guy looked short in Spiderman the second part. I thought he was 5'10. Only looked like 3 over Mcguire who is like 5'5, a short dude.
Sam said on 6/Feb/09
And Please Jordan, dont get all pissy. Im not saying Al is short or anything, I think he is a legit 6'0 footer, but not the extra 2 inches he is listed on here.
Sam said on 4/Feb/09
People watch the movie species OK, Whitaker is not over 6'2, fact. Molina was 2 inches shorter than whitaker in that Movie just watch it.

Al also has only 5 inches on Tobey Maguire in Spider-man 2, TObey is 5'7 ish which would make Molina 6'1 tops.

Site Editor Rob, Have you seen Species and Spider-man 2? To me he doesnt look 6'2 in those movies, what movies does he look 6'2 in that you have seen?

Listen, Im looking for proof that he is 6'2, casue if thats the case then I have been measured wrong at 6'0.25 and 6'0.5, twice by the doctor. Im 27 years old so i didnt grow since those, he was my height.
Jordan said on 3/Feb/09
SAm so your still at it huh? No I dont wear lifts, and I have been 5'10 since junior year of high school, and there is no way in hell that Lena Olin is only 5'10 in Heels.
Sam said on 30/Jan/09
Well Jordan he must have been in lifts when you met him. Im 6'0.5 and he was eye level to me.

And to the Anonymous, Olin more 5'8 at her age, so she she would be 5'10 in heels with Molina Having 3 inches on her making him 6'1 tops. Not the 6'2.5 he is on here, or the 6'3 he claimed.
Jordan said on 4/Dec/08
Sam im not 5'6, I had stated im in the 5'10 range about 5 times, open your eyes. And if you claim he was your height, maybe he was on lower elevation, casue when I met him he was 4 inches taller than me, im 5'10 for the 100th time. Molina is one of the only celebs I have met (Besides Rob Macnuaton from ET). Molina is def not just 6'0. He is at least 6'1, prolly 6'2 or 6'3. No need to get nasty like this Sam.
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/08
Sam, have you heard about high heals?

"And if you notice in your Olin pic Molina is 3 inches taller than 5'9 Olin, how does that make him over 6'0---oh wait it doesnt".
Sam said on 2/Dec/08
Can somone provide pictures of him looking 6'2? . To me he mever looked 6'2 in any of his movies, especailly SPECIES where he is shorter than whitaker.

The other folks that met him, Dmyere, Jordan, and NP say he is 6'2 and 6'3, No way fellas he was my height, im 72 inches tall, AKA 6'0.

Jordan are you like 5'6 or somthing and thats why he looked tall to you?

NP, Are u sure your 6'3?

Editor Rob, so you think he really looks 6'2.5 in his movies? C'mon man really.
Sam said on 2/Dec/08
Im telling you people he is about 6'0, Im 6'0 and he was no way an inch taller than me. Watch the movie SPECIES. He is 2 inches shorter than Forest Whitaker who is about 6'2. So Molina is closer to 6'0 than 6'2 or 6'3.
NP said on 18/Oct/08
I met Molina, I'm 6'3" and he was easily as tall as me.
Hugh said on 20/Sep/08
Molina is at least 6ft2. More likely 6ft3.
Jordan said on 13/Sep/08
Again Molina is the only actor I have met in my life. Im actually 5'9.75 at 3;30 in the afternoon and he had a solid 3 inches on me and my 5'10 freind, maybe more.
Anonymous said on 22/May/08
he looks to be 186 cms 6'1.25 nowadays. 6'2 were likely
Sam said on 9/May/08
Goldblum is more 6'3 and Molina looks 3 inches shorter in your pic there Jordan.

And if you notice in your Olin pic Molina is 3 inches taller than 5'9 Olin, how does that make him over 6'0---oh wait it doesnt.
Jordan said on 5/May/08
Click Here

molina has 4 inches here on 5'10 Lena Olin
Jordan said on 30/Apr/08
Click Here

Molina is 1.5 inches shorter than 6'4 making him the 6'2.5. But aacording to Sam, Goldblum must only be 6'2 than right.
Jordan said on 29/Apr/08
Click Here

Rob if you scroll down it says it needs a stunt double for Alfred Molina in the new movie Pink Panther 2 and it requires the person to be OVER 6'0 tall. Hopefully this plus the fact that i have met him and you generaously provided the 6'3 Molina quote will convince sam so he can stop insulting you and everyone else.
Sam said on 27/Apr/08
Molina looked about 4 inches taller than Bill Mayer who is 5'8, making alfred again the 6'0 i saw him at.

Click Here
jordan said on 26/Apr/08
Sam, in your pic the title of the Movie is James Angelton, the guy Molina is Simon Calow and he is 5'6. I have said numerous times on here that Molina is one of the few celebs, if any, that I have seen in person and he had about 3.5 or 4 inches on me and Im 5'10.5.

Sam your the only one that has met him and claims he is only 6'0, Myself and Dmyer also belive he was about 6'2 or 6'3. So we outnumber you on this one and Rob found a qoute that Molina said "Im 6'3" so dont act like we all are the crazy ones.
Ces said on 25/Apr/08
Molina never looked 6'2.5. Why is he shorter than 6'1.5 Whitaker in this pic.

Click Here
Sam said on 24/Apr/08
Looks 6'1 tops here with 5'9 Odonnel
Click Here

Looks 5'11 here with 5'9 Odonnel
Click Here

Looks 6'0 with 5'6 James Angelton
Click Here
Hugh said on 15/Apr/08
Yeah, 6ft2-6ft3. Maybe 191cm on a good day.
Jordan said on 14/Feb/08
Actually fisher that is one pic ive seen that Molina looks Below 6'2. Actually he appeaers shorter than DeLewis b/c of the angle possbily. Actually Sam's pic shows him shorter than 6'1.5 Reno by an Inch.
Fisher said on 23/Dec/07
Looks the same height as 6 ft 1.25 inch Daniel Day Lewis here.
Click Here
Sam said on 15/Nov/07
Matter in fact the pic I posted beleow Molina is dam near the same height as Tom Hanks !!!

Editor, Rob---Doest Molina deserve some sort of downgrade after the pics I provided ( epecially the last pic) ????
Sam said on 30/Oct/07
Molina is 6'0

Here Click Here

He is shorter then 6'1 Gene Reno, Happy.
Sam said on 30/Oct/07
Now watching him after Spider-man 2, and The Davinci Code, he is no 6'2, not even 6'1 as he is barly taller than Tom Hanks in Davinci Code who is 5'11-6'0.

He is one lucky dude to get away with a 6'2.5 listing, maybe I should give myself 2 and a half inches, seeing as he was eye level with me when I met him and I am 6'0.5
Sam said on 23/Oct/07
There needs to be more pics of him looking this listed 6'2.5, to prove to me that he is. Whats on this site is not enough and I am conviced he is 6'0, since i met him face to face.
Sam said on 19/Oct/07
Still no downgrade Rob?

Rob can you provide pics where he does look 6'2.5, if you can then I will pipedown but i really think he is less. I know the visitos are soppused to post pics but Jordan's still dont make me belive that Al is over 6'0.

I also admire the site b/c of discussions like this, It gives me something to do when I'm at work, not Working.
Jordan said on 13/Oct/07
Ed, SAm, lets not forget how skinny Molina was in Boogie nights, he was like 100 lbs less then he is now.
Ed said on 13/Oct/07
I agree Sam, celebs do inflate their heights a great deal of the time. I'm pretty sure that a lot give their height in shoes and then round up if asked by a reporter or for their publicists.

As for Molina's weight gain, I could see 240-250 easy now. He's definitely put on a lot of weight since Raiders was filmed in 1979-80, probably in the neighborhood of 30-40lbs.
Sam said on 12/Oct/07
I was wearing Gym sneakers when I met him, Ed. Molina was wearing casual dress shoes.

Im not going by what Molina claimed as his height, Celebs almost always inflate there height.

The thing I noticed most about Molina is that he definetly outweighed me by at least 30 pounds. Jordan you said he looked like he was 250, I think he is in the 230-240 range myself.
Ed said on 10/Oct/07
Sam, I'm with you on your opinion that Molina is listed too high.

On another note John Rhys Davies claimed 6ft2 and is barely 5ft10 these days, so when actors claim heights like Molina being 6ft3 I'm skeptical.

What kind of shoes were you wearing Sam when you met Molina?
Sam said on 10/Oct/07
ED, What I cant uderstand is that Molina is listed on all of his Bios at 6'2, yet he is 6'2.5 on Rob's site.

Personally I was taller then him when I saw him and i am 72.5 inches. Yet Jordan met Molina and described him at 6'2. I personally think he is 6'0 even.

Dmeyer even claims 6'3 when he saw him which is even more obsurd than Jordan's 6'2 claim.

Editor Rob
molina came out and said "I'm 6ft 3".
Ed said on 10/Oct/07
I'm really thinking 6ft2.5 is a with shoes estimate for Molina, not barefoot though. Maybe he's 6f1.5 w/o shoes, but I don't know about a legit 6ft2.5.

A good argument was made regarding Paul Bettany and Molina in The Davinci Code, where Bettany at 6ft3 was easily 1.5-2 inches taller than Molina. Then in Firewall Bettany had an easy 3.5 inches on Ford maybe a bit more.
Sam said on 10/Oct/07
Besides the ford argument just check the evidence I provided below of all the Sub 6'1 pics that have Molina in it.

Molina is also shorter then 6'1.5 John C realiy in Boogie Nights when they are FACE TO FACE. If Reily is 6'1 or 6'1.5 and he has an inch on Molina, do the math.

I dont even think Molina is 6'1, he looked 6'0 in person, and 6'0 in his movies.
Ed said on 9/Oct/07
"Since when are we going with the idea of Harrison Ford being only 6 feet in 1980?"
I'm going with it because I've never been 100% convinced Ford was a full 6ft1 in his youth. 6ft0-6ft0.5 maybe, and if that was the case Molina would be at 6ft1.5-6ft2 tops. I've seen no evidence to put Ford at a full 6ft1 barefoot/6ft2-6ft2.5 in shoes. In my opinion he's never looked that tall. 5ft11.5-6ft yes, but not a full 6ft1!
guy said on 9/Oct/07
Since when are we going with idea of Harrison Ford being only 6 feet in 1980. He was not yet 40. Your observation that Alfred Molina had an inch, maybe a bit more, works with Fords real height at the time, 6'1".
Ed said on 8/Oct/07
In Raiders of the Lost Ark he looks to have an inch, maybe a tiny bit more on Harrison Ford who in 1980 was most likely standing 6ft. I could see maybe 6ft1.5, but near 6ft3 seems pretty huge. Dmeyer you met him and confirm this listing, huh? Is your in person estimation for him of over 6ft2 with his shoes?
Jordan said on 8/Oct/07
I agree with you dmeyer but this guy Sam swears up and down that Molina is only 6'0. Some of the pics that Sam provided pin him at 6'0 but I think he is hunching in the photos. I still think Molina is 6'2.
dmeyer said on 7/Oct/07
molina is huge in person over 6'2
Sam said on 5/Oct/07
Here is Molina looking tall next to a 5'2 actess. He looks to have 10 inches making him 6'0.

Click Here

ROB,Why is he 6'2.5 on this website when he is listed at 6'2 on all his bios??

In My honest opinion he should be brought down b/c I have provided enough Evidence that def. takes him out of the 6'2 range, and maybe even the 6'1 range yet he is still listed at 6'2.5 which is insane in the brain.
Sam said on 5/Oct/07
OK ROB Jordan, and Dmyer answer me this. How is Molina 6'2.5 if he is an inch shorter than 6'1 Day Lewis?????

Click Here

Answer Please ?

I said he was 72 inches when i met him, he was a hafl an inch or a full inch shorter then me ( 6'0.5). He is also an inch shorter then 6'1 day Lewis in the pic i Posted making him 6'0, 6'0.5 at most.

Why does everyone think he is so tall?
Jordan said on 4/Oct/07
Here Is another Pic that suggests Molina is about 6'2 since he looks to have over 4 inches on richard.

Click Here

Honestly Sam i would still think Molina is at least 6'1.5. 6'0 seems to short for him.
Jordan said on 4/Oct/07
This Pic of Molina looking 4 inches taller then Richard Gere would suggest him to be around 6'1.5. SO A 6'0 LISTING SEEMS TO LOW SAM!!!!!
Click Here
Jordan said on 4/Oct/07
OK Sam I only found one pic where Molina looks only 6'0 and that is this one
Click Here

Rob Is right, you should look at the other pics from the Event. Keep in mind that Molina could have lost soome with age, and the posture matter does in fact come to mind.
Jordan said on 4/Oct/07
Sam, can you post pics of Molina and Whitaker ( If there are any) b/c Whitaker is widly regarded as 6'2, so it would help to see Molina next to him.

I tried Looking for Screencaps of Species that Show Molina and Whitaker but Coudnt find any, SO Sam back up what you said about Molina looking 6'0 in Speceies.
Sam said on 4/Oct/07
There Molina is an inch taller than 5'10 Michael Keaton and 2 inches taller then 5'9 Chris Odonnel.

SO how does that make him 6'1, 6'2 or 6'3.

I thought so people, he is a 6'0 tall man, not taller, not shorter!

Editor Rob
I more open to him losing up to 2cm. He has more than 2 on O'donnell when he stands properly though...look at all the images from the event. Although it's true he doesn't look 188cm even.
Sam said on 4/Oct/07
Now You Got me started. Molina needs to be dropped. Rob is a fool if he doesnt drop him.

Click Here
Sam said on 4/Oct/07
Well then i dont understand how the actual Editor cant see that Molina is not 6'2.5. That Listing is horrible, I dont know how Rob, or you Jordan, or anyone else cant see that his height is inflated.

Look at Molinas Movies, look in Photographs, and see that he is only about 6'0. Not 6'1 or 6'2 or 6'3. And dont give me that Hunch business either, The man is no taller than 6'0. End of Story, he needs a dam downgrade.

WOOOOOOw He looks tall next to Tobey maguire, thats becasue Tobey is 5'6 or 5'7, cant you people put two and two together.

Editor Rob
maybe over the years his posture and stance has became poorer and he carries himself shorter?

in 1995 species film was he really a 6ft man?
Jordan said on 1/Oct/07
Listen Sam, For Rob to downgrade Molina he prolly needs more evidence especially if you want him to dowgrade him to 6'0,seems like alot.

I see what your saying in the photos but give a photo of Molina with Witaker and then we will talk. For now, I think those prevoius pics you posted of him looking onl 6'0 is due to bad posture.
Sam said on 25/Sep/07
He is not that tall, Im telling you when I met him he was a tad shorter then me and I am 72.5 inches exactly He cant be 6'1 or 6'2 or 6'3. He looks about 6'0.

Jordan Chill out, just look at the evidence and youll see. In Boogie nights he is like an inch taller then Tom Jane who is 5'10 .How does that make Molina 6'2?

Again if you all look closely he is 6'0, especially when he is 2 inches shorter then Forest Whiteaker in Species. Forest is 6'2, so Molina cant be 6'2.5 or 6'3.

He doesnt even look 6'1 to me.Maybe Rob should downgrade him.
sam said on 14/Sep/07
In both those pictures, Molina is losing height. Though it's difficult to estimate, Bettany and Molina are both dropping some height due to posture while talking to McKellen, but an inch difference betwixt them looks closer to accurate. Plus there's these:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
This does not seem like a 6' foot tall guy to me.
Sam said on 13/Sep/07
He is not that tall i met him couple years back and he was shorter than I am (6'0.5). He is only lke 5 inches taller then 5'7 Maguire in SM2 ( watch the movie).

Here he is looking 3 inches taller then 5'9 Odonnel and Keaton
Click Here

Here he is looking 2 inches smaller then 6'2-6'3 Pual Bettany
Click Here

Jordan your full of crap with the 6'3 estimation and Dmeyer you must have been high when you met him.
dmeyer said on 5/Aug/07
i agree even thaugh when i met him he had a bit more footwear but the guy was a giant like 6'3 so aleast 6'2.5
Jordan said on 5/Aug/07
Click Here

Alfred with 9 inches on 5'4 Marcia Gay Harden who is prolly in heels.
Jordan said on 5/Aug/07
Here is Molina looking 6 inches over 5'7.5 Bruye Dallas Howard who might be in heels, making Molina at least 6'2.

Click Here
Jordan said on 12/Jul/07
I noticed that as well. He was like 1/4 inch shorter than Reily but your right, Riely had shoes and Molina had Slippers. I also think Reliy actually had boots on so 6'2 is about what i would say Molina is. And for the record Molina was dam SKinny in boogie nights. lol
Jordan said on 23/May/07
Yes Sam, When I met him i pegged him at 6'2, maybe more and ceratainly 250lbs.
Sam said on 21/May/07
A bulky 6'2.5. Really fat. At first I thought he was tiny little fella.
Al capone said on 7/Apr/07
probably 6ft2.5 at 250lbs or so.If he was 180lbs, he would probably be in the 6ft3-3.5 range.What do you think rob?
dmeyer said on 26/Mar/07
did look over 6'2 when i met him could be 6'3
Jordan said on 23/Mar/07
I agree D. Ray Morton. He is one of the few celebs I have met and my friend even thought he was 6'4, but he answered "No, not the high, 6'2 or so". But I think he could be 6'2.5 or even 6'3.

Yeah he is a presence since I think he might be in the 250lb range.
D. Ray Morton said on 22/Mar/07
He gave the impression of 6'2"+ the first time I met him in '04, if I remember correctly. This time I was paying a lot more atention to height and made note that he definitely looked a full 6'3". Didn't broach the subject with him, though. Somehow I feel funny asking actors/musicians how tall they are.

Quite a presence, though, this guy.
Jordan said on 22/Mar/07
D. Ray Morton-you have met him before? What hieght did he look the first time? 6'3 as well?
D. Ray Morton said on 21/Mar/07
6'3" for sure. Met him again today. Massive dude, but seems to have lost a little weight.
dmeyer said on 18/Dec/06
for example molina gave me the impression he was taller than hounsou since i had 1.4 dockers maybe he had only 1 inch so 188 to 189 6'2.5 fits him
Jordan said on 17/Dec/06
Yeha nO DOubt, molina is one of the few celebs I have met. I posted this lower on this page that I am 5'10 3/4 in the morinin and 5'10 at night so my legit height is 5'10 1/2 and he was one big guy. At the Comic convention my freind thought he was 6'4, so he as got to be a legit 6'2-6'2.5
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/06
Molina towered over six-foot Chris Meloni in an episode of "Law and Order:SVU".
Jordan said on 16/Oct/06
Yeah dmeyer that sounds correct. I def think over 6'2
dmeyer said on 16/Oct/06
he looked 189 to 191 yesterday when i met him so no less then 189 defenetly over 6'2 possibly 6'3 the first thing that came to my mind is this guy is over 6'2
Jordan said on 8/Sep/06
I think in Spider-man he prolly weighed close to 250 ---since he is al least 6'2. He was noticably Fat in Spider-man since the chracter of Doc Ock is chubby.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/06
189 cm looks closer
D. Ray Morton said on 7/Sep/06
"He did say his height, back in 1987 NY Times: "I'm 6 foot 3 and quite big""

He ain't kiddin'.
Jordan said on 7/Sep/06
Rob I think this is a well deserved upgrade from 6'2 to 6'2.5. I couldn't agree more. In the pic you posted on the top he has Tobey( who I refuse to take less then 5'7) by nearly 8 inches. So to me 6'2.5 is perfect.
Editor Rob said on 7/Sep/06
He did say his height, back in 1987 NY Times: "I'm 6 foot 3 and quite big"
Jordan said on 4/Aug/06
That is good evidence, but i think molina still looks 6'2, but i had originally thought he was 6'3 so this pic chnges my mind. Thanx
Biffy said on 2/Aug/06
Click HereI don't know looking discernably shy of (reputedly) 6'3" Paul Bettany. The camera's at a slight angle, admittedly, and Bettany's tilting his shoulders, but I'm surprised - not used to seeing Molina overshadowed at all.
Jordan said on 29/Jul/06
In SPiderman 2 whenever you see molina next to another cast member he always towers. Tobey Maguire is not tall, Maybe 5'7 5'8 but Alfred had clearly 6 inches on him. Alfred Also had 5'10-5'11 james franco by some 4.5 inches. He is a tall man.

Remember here that Molina is slouching and looking down but still you can see a mojor height diffrerece. Click Here
Jordan said on 30/Jun/06
whats up Vip, this height thing is fun I'm gettin to know u guys
Jordan said on 30/Jun/06
He looked 6'2 or 6'3 but my Freind thought he was 6'4---I think he is at least 6'2
D. Ray Morton said on 29/Jun/06
Molina is a HUGE guy. Definitely 6'2" minimum, maybe more.
Viper652 said on 29/Jun/06
Sounds like the classic case of some guy thinking a 6-2 person is 6-4 Jordan.
Jordan said on 28/Jun/06
Ran into him at a comic convention in New York in 2004 after spiderman 2 and my freind who is 5'10 said to Molina " you gotta be 6'4" and Molina replied " no not that high, 6'2 or so."
dmeyer said on 29/May/06
he does look aleast 6'2"
Mario Nariano said on 28/Aug/05
Molina looks in my opinion taller than 6 ft 2. My cousin who is 5 ft 9 and has meeted him decribed him as a giant.

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