How tall is Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

American basketball player associated with The Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets. In a 1999 Orlando Sentinel he claimed "I'm 6-foot".

How tall is Allen Iverson
By Keith Allison [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
When you look at him, 160 pounds at the most, 5-10, 5-11, what he accomplished, it’s just amazing to me. I think Isiah (Thomas) and Tiny Archibald were two of the greatest little players I ever saw. I never thought I’d ever see another one like that. But I think Allen’s in that category and that’s a pretty big honor for me to say that.
-- Coach Larry Brown

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Average Guess (144 Votes)
5ft 11.07in (180.5cm)
Griffith said on 17/Mar/23
Wow Rob,in that case you contemplating downgrading Beckham around the 5"10 range
Jawilder said on 17/Mar/23
This dude trying to give AI an upgrade 🤣
Griffith said on 15/Mar/23
Rob, have you check out the latest pic of Allen iverson and David beckham ,Allen looks maybe 1/2 inche taller than beckham...perhaps a upgrade Rob?
Editor Rob
Could be another case of Beckham looking weaker 5ft 11, which was talked abotu recently on his page. I'm seeing more of that lately.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 8/Mar/23
Must be downgraded if not to 5'10.25", but 5'10.5" is a really good list.

My photo proof comparison says he's like 4in shorter than me in reality!
QM6'1.5"QM said on 8/Mar/23
Jawilder said on 2/Mar/23
Canson said on 4/Mar/23

On the most photos he always have a cap, so might be even 1/2" shorter.
0% chance that he's over 5'10.5" barefeet (evening). Probably good 5'11" in the morning.
Canson said on 4/Mar/23
@Jawilder: maybe 5’10.5? That’s what I’ve always had him at
Jawilder said on 2/Mar/23
Click Here=

Here is a legit 6’1 with AI.
Jtm said on 25/Feb/23
clearly not 6'0 but certainly not under 5'10.
Canson said on 23/Feb/23
@QM: at his low he is. Out of bed he’s not
QM6'1.5"QM said on 22/Feb/23
QM6'1.5"QM said on 4/Feb/23
He's closer to 5'10.5" than 6'0"!

He's even closer to 5'9.75" than 5'11.75" in reality!!!
Jawilder said on 22/Feb/23
Griffith said on 11/Feb/23
Rob you reckon he's 6 ft when wake up in morning?
Editor Rob
Pushing 6ft out of bed.
Cbrady said on 7/Feb/23
Listing does seem a bit high for Iverson. I view him more like a 5-10- 5-10.25 ranger. Interestingly, I found this old article giving a scouting report on Iverson and he is described as 5-foot-9! I believe the author Charley Rosen is extremely tall though at around 6-8.

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QM6'1.5"QM said on 4/Feb/23
He's closer to 5'10.5" than 6'0"!
Canson said on 28/Jan/23
5’11.25 is likely an out of bed
5’10.5 at a low
Canson said on 22/Nov/22
@Shane: I think he was always listed 6’9”. I’ve seen 6’9.5 before but that was probably a shoe height or earlier in the day rounded up. Worst case 6’8/6’8.5
Shane Gray said on 21/Nov/22
@Canson wasn't McDyess listed 6'9" in pros? I can't remember if he sometimes got a 6'10". But heights were very liberal then, so I'd have to assume if listed 6'9" he wasn't over 6'8" barefoot. I can't really remember how tall he looked, though.
Shane Gray said on 21/Nov/22
Camby might have been 7 foot in shoes at best. He wasn't a barefoot 6'11". If he was, he'd have towered most other 6'11" listed guys like Garnett did. I never saw him do that.
Daycringeothon said on 7/Sep/22
Spud Webb was 5'5.5'' never over 5'6" that never stopped him from winning some Slam Dunk Contests.
Avery Johnson never 5'11'' around 5'9" or a hint above. Boykins around 5'4'' and Bogues 5'2.5''.
Daycringeothon said on 22/Jul/22
Camby’s height was always an asset to all the teams he played. He was a leading shot blocker on just about every team roster. I have heard 7 foot claims before for him. Probably 6’10.5” at an extreme low and 6’11” flat midday. He played power forward and centre positions.
Usthosz said on 2/Jul/22
After doing some research on him I found out, He is slightly taller than David Beckham and similar in height to Polish-German footballer Lukas Podolski. 6'0 Listing in basketball shoes definitely looked reasonable.
Canson said on 7/Jun/22
@Shane: the time of the day they were measured back then (1996) is tricky. It could’ve been afternoon or morning. But For a guy like Marcus Camby I could almost buy 6’11 being his low. If he dipped below it was maybe 6’10.75. He looked it next to Nene who looked every bit of his 6’9.25”. The one whose measurement I think looked off was Kenyon Martin. He always looked closer to 6’8” than 6’9” and he did say once when someone asked him how tall he was in high school when he graduated he said “6’8. About the same as I am now”. I think his was morning and same with AI especially if Larry Brown called him 5’10/5’11. But with both guys they were undersized for their positions (AI very much so) and Kmart for a power forward in that era, he was maybe an inch shorter or more if you count KG Duncan Nowitzki McDyess Wallace. Do you think McDyess was really 6’9”? His height seems a mystery as he can look 6’8 or 6’8.5” tbh. I’d lean more toward the latter though
Canson said on 7/Jun/22
@Shane: the time of the day they were measured back then (1996) is tricky. It could’ve been afternoon or morning. But For a guy like Marcus Camby I could almost buy 6’11 being his low. If he dipped below it was maybe 6’10.75. He looked it next to Nene who looked every bit of his 6’9.25”. The one whose measurement I think looked off was Kenyon Martin. He always looked closer to 6’8” than 6’9” and he did say once when someone asked him how tall he was in high school when he graduated he said “6’8. About the same as I am now”. I think his was morning and same with AI especially if Larry Brown called him 5’10/5’11. But with both guys they were undersized for their positions (AI very much so) and Kmart for a power forward in that era, he was maybe an inch shorter or more if you count KG Duncan Nowitzki McDyess Wallace. Do you think McDyess was really 6’9”? His height seems a mystery as he can look 6’8 or 6’8.5” tbh
Shane Gray@ said on 6/Jun/22
5'11" barefoot afternoon? I don't see it. If he was 5'11 1/2" early morning he'd have been listed 6'1".
Canson said on 8/May/22
The max I could see for AI at lunch is 5’10.75”. Maybe 5’10 5/8 and 5’10 1/2 afternoon
Daycringeothon said on 7/May/22
Who would win in a height face off between Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Allen Iverson?

They’re all listed at 180.3cm 5’11”. Brad Pitt would edge both of the other two guys by a centimetre. Brad Pitt can look 5’10 range sometimes. but does hold a flat 5’11” a lot too.

Beckham could measure a flat 5’10” if fairly dehydrated and same with Iverson. Quite believably 5’10.75” max for Iverson lunch time height.
IceCold said on 18/Apr/22
Canson, The Editor might go with the middle between these figures - 5'10 and 5'11
Canson said on 17/Apr/22
@James: prob 5’10 1/2 or 5/8 afternoon. If Rob tweaked his listing to 5’10.75 it would either fit or almost fit his lunchtime height (1/8” below is the worst case- 5’10 5/8 lunch) imho.
James755 said on 26/Mar/22
Probably 5'10 much shorter than kobe
Canson said on 18/Mar/22
@Ian: maybe 5’10.75 lunchtime or 5’10 5/8 and 5’10.5 afternoon or 5’10 5/8”. Probably anywhere between 179-180 around lunch
Ian Omom said on 17/Mar/22
180 cm, prolly a weaker one
Canson said on 18/Feb/22
@Cold Water: he’s nowhere near 6’0”. Know people who’ve met him that say he’s only 5’10”. I agree with Larry Brown however 5’10-5’11
Cold Water said on 16/Feb/22
183.0 cm
Canson said on 3/Nov/21
@Shane: I’d give him 5’11.25 out of bed maybe 5’11 3/8 and 5’10.5 or 5’10 5/8 afternoon
Shane said on 29/Oct/21
5'11" max out of bed for Iverson.
Chaoscontrol. said on 23/Oct/21
Canson said on 22/Oct/21
@Chaos: your English actually is very good from what I see

You’re aware that I’m English right? Okay I was born in the Netherlands and my dad’s Syrian but I’ve pretty much exclusively in Derbyshire, England and Rob can confirm I’ve been posting from here if the need arises
Canson said on 22/Oct/21
@Chaos: your English actually is very good from what I see
Chaoscontrol. said on 21/Oct/21
@Canson I think his comment was sarcastic, especially with the emphasis on how correct it was and the fact that he said his English wasn’t very good when it’s better than mine
Canson said on 19/Oct/21
@Iago: he was listed at his basketball height
Iago said on 9/Oct/21
When Iverson was arrested he was measured barefoot at exactly 6 feet "183cm", as we all know police measurements are always correct for obvious reasons, and fellas I apologize for my limited English as I'm not fluent and I'm learning, I'm from Brasil.
boop (181cm) said on 25/Sep/21
definitely 5’11 and change.Probably over 6 foot in shoes. 5’11 flat seems to low cause he looks slightly taller than Beckham and only 1/2 an inch shorter than CP3. 5’11 1/4 for one of the greatest and most influential players in NBA history.
recapa said on 20/Sep/21
179-179.5 before bed and 181-181.5 out of bed.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 6/Sep/21
He’s a strong 5’10” same height as Beckham

IMO you need to be at least 186cm to be a basketball player

Shave off a quarter inch please @Rob
Daycringeothon said on 3/Sep/21
Animus said on 11/Sep/20

Nope, John Stockton was around 6'0 - he was the same height as Isiah Thomas. See him at his Hall of Fame Enshrinement on YouTube.

Stockton may be a very weak 6 foot and that would likely be a mid-day measurement. Even if Stockton is a flat 6 foot which i still can’t see. His proportions are so much like a shorter persons in my honest opinion. One thing that he has got is a longer neck than most 5”+ maybe. I often see guys 5’10”-5’11” with necks around that length anyway.
Canson said on 1/Sep/21
I’d say Bibby was max 6’1”. Maybe 6’0.5”
Daycringeothon said on 30/Aug/21
Any guesses on the height of retired NBA Point Guard Mike Bibby? listed as 6'2''. I'd guess 6'1⅝"-6'1⅞" morning height. and likely 6'1⅜"-6'1½" afternoon height in barefoot.
Canson said on 30/Aug/21
5’9 looks too low. I’d say 5’10 and change is a worst case and 5’10.5 likeliest
Robbie Murphy said on 29/Aug/21
5’10 max. More like a strong 5’9
ChaosControl said on 17/Aug/21
So THIS is who Iverson is...
177cm said on 16/Aug/21
Love AI. He’ll always be a personal hero if mine. But I don’t think he’s quite a full 5’11”
Canson said on 12/Jul/21
5’11.25 out of bed 5’10.5 afternoon
Allen jones said on 11/Jul/21
5'11.25 barefoot 6'0 in shoes.
Canson said on 18/Jun/21
@Shane: I’d wager on 6’2/6’3 range. He can look up to 6’2.5”. These are afternoon heights. I think he can either make 6’3 out of bed or a hair under worst case. Interestingly enough, I saw him on Hanging with Mr Cooper standing next to Tim Hardaway. Hardaway is similar with Allen Iverson imho or maybe just a hair taller. I’ve always had Hardaway as 5’11”. Likely his afternoon height too. Worst case he’s a just a small hair under it. Payton only has about 3-4” on Hardaway. Looked closer to 3 lol
Shane said on 16/Jun/21
@Canson: I'd love to have had a barefoot height for Payton. Like I said, he ALWAYS STOOD as tall as possible and his posture was always absolutely perfect. As for Wade, I don't think out of bed he could have measured that height barefoot. The evidence doesn't seem to support that, in my opinion. They got some numbers mixed up somewhere.
Shane said on 16/Jun/21
@Beta: this site uses barefoot afternoon height as standard. 99% of height listings in Iverson's day were shoe heights, and some rounded up shoe heights, too. Iverson was never anywhere near 6 foot without shoes. He was no more than 5'11" range barefoot out of bed. No more.
Shane said on 16/Jun/21
@Rob: this needs a downgrade, buddy. No chance Iverson was 5'11" barefoot in the afternoon. 5'10 3/4", max. More likely 5'10 1/2 to 5'8" range, tops.
Joey Diaz said on 16/May/21
I always thought it was weird how NBA had him listed at “6’2 165lbs”. It made no sense. 5’10 range is more accurate
BETA said on 3/May/21
Weak 6 foot flat nothing lower than 5’11 3/4 he either rounds up or is just a Weak 6 foot the 5’11 Flat listing is just ridiculous🤦🏽‍♀️
Monkey knees said on 18/Feb/21
5ft 11in dead on. Same range as kemba, kyle lowry etc. Not quite a 6ft solid like Lillard.
BETA said on 14/Feb/21
Strong 6’0 Flat
Canson said on 19/Jan/21
@Slim: yea but he knows he’s not. Larry Brown, his coach, called him 5’10/5’11 and Brown was listed 5’9 when he played

@Editor Rob: you should add the quote about him only being 5’10/5’11

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slim 6'1 said on 16/Jan/21
Lots of 179 fellas claim 6 foot
He’s just one of them 👍
OriginalAnon said on 14/Jan/21
I agree with some others here. 5'11'' is probably out of bed.
Canson said on 11/Jan/21
@Shane: possible. Payton looked shorter than Wade too. But then I’ve seen pics where Payton looks less than 2” shorter than Jordan. I saw the pics of Jordan and Wade back to back during the one shoot and I’d say considering footwear that it’s about 1.5” between them. I’d give Jordan 6’4.5 and Wade 6’3”. Not sure how Wade got his measurement but I suspect it may have been in a low shoe (which I once heard). Maybe he did lay down and was measured at 6’3.5-.75 range which would be his morning height (out of bed). It’s funny because Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh and Kirk Hinrich (close enough), look their heights whereas TJ Ford and Wade do not. Ford looks more 5’10”.
Shane Gray said on 10/Jan/21
@Canson I think Jordan might have had a touch over 2 inches on Payton. Keep in mind, Payton had optimal posture and always stood at absolute maximum height virtually at all times, and then would tilt head up at almost all times on top of all that.
Canson said on 19/Dec/20
Iverson with 5’8” Isaiah Thomas

Click Here

5’10.5 barefoot/ 5’11.25 out of bed tops
Canson said on 21/Nov/20
@Realist: agreed. Maybe a hair over
Realist said on 18/Nov/20
He's 5'11 out of bed
Canson said on 28/Sep/20
@Animus: I agree with everything you just said. Payton looked about 2” shorter than Jordan who I have at 6’4.5”. I would say Miller is about that height. 6’5.5-.75 maybe. I have Wade at 6’3” flat but you’re right he’s not much taller than GP. GP is about J Kidd’s height imho. 189 ish
TheDon1528 said on 24/Sep/20
5'10.5" a little bit under 5'11"
Animus said on 11/Sep/20

Nope, John Stockton was around 6'0 - he was the same height as Isiah Thomas. See him at his Hall of Fame Enshrinement on YouTube.

You're also mistaken about Gary Payton's height, I believe. He was within a fraction of Dwyane Wade, who is 6'3¼ on this site. I'd say about 6'2½ is right for Payton. Payton was, as far as I can tell, roughly 3 inches shorter than Reggie Miller, who I think was 6'5½.

Yeah, Canson, Tim Hardaway was probably around 5'11. In my opinion he was at most 5'11 - he can look 5'10½ sometimes.
Canson said on 4/Sep/20
@Slim 6’1: I would go with 5’10.5 for AI. 179 looks good for him
slim 6'1 said on 8/Aug/20
i agree canson hes in that 179 range. solid 5'10 but nearer 5'11 than 5'10
slim 6'1 said on 8/Aug/20
hes 179.5cm normal for a man but a little short for a basketballer
1 man united said on 24/Jul/20
179 cm at most, he never really stands out when picture with normal people
Canson said on 13/Jun/20
Daycringeothon said on 11/Jun/20
The retired point guard John Stockton was listed 6'1'' most if not all his basketball career. He barely hit 5'11'' in my opinion. Stephan Marbury another NBA Retiree listed at 6'2''. OK say 6'1/2"-6'1'' max with shoes. Gary Patton was supposed to be 6'4'' but we know now he was barely 6'2'' minus basketball shoes. Tim Hardaway listed 6' foot. AI probably has him beat with his 6'3'' wingspan.

Agreed. Hardaway was 5’11 barefoot and Payton maybe 6’2 and change perhaps
Daycringeothon said on 11/Jun/20
The retired point guard John Stockton was listed 6'1'' most if not all his basketball career. He barely hit 5'11'' in my opinion. Stephan Marbury another NBA Retiree listed at 6'2''. OK say 6'1/2"-6'1'' max with shoes. Gary Patton was supposed to be 6'4'' but we know now he was barely 6'2'' minus basketball shoes. Tim Hardaway listed 6' foot. AI probably has him beat with his 6'3'' wingspan.
QM6'1QM said on 9/May/20
5'10.5" max, around 6ft with shoes.
Jean214 said on 14/Mar/20
5'10 7/8 (180)
Just over 6 foot with Basketball shoes
Greg1267 said on 12/Mar/20
Probably a Guy like me, wakes up 181.5 and Goes to bed 179.9. Iverson never looks 178-179 tho.
Canson said on 5/Feb/20
I know people who have seen him and say 5’10-5’11 range. His own coach Larry Brown said 5’10-5’11 and Lebron said 5’10.5”
Kay Leno said on 5/Feb/20
Being in Philadelphia I see Iverson a lot and he's easily taller than the average person. I'd give him 6 feet, he looks tiny next to athletes but tall around regular folks. If we are talking flat feet then I guess the 5'11 can stick but he's definitely no shorter.
Canson said on 23/Jan/20
Lebron is 6’7”
Bryant said on 21/Jan/20
To all the folks debating LeBrons weight, it really is impossible to know how much someone weighs off a photo. Simply because muscle weighs more than fat and people can look muscular and not actually have dense muscles.

It's like if you had identical vases, and one was filled with water and the other was filled with lead. Both vases look full but one would be heavier and you wouldn't be able to tell just by looking.

I suspect LeBron has a muscular body type but doesn't have the type of heavier muscles you'd get from weight training. If anything, he probably avoids anything that'll unnecessarily add weight(stress) to his joints. (Zion's ppl should be calling LeBron's ppl yesterday for tips on this)

He's a solid 6'8, and is wide. Which is why he never looks small no matter who he's standing next to. I bet he's been 260-270 the majority of his career. He'll probably stay healthy after his retirement, but even still, he'll probably jump up to 280 without the daily grind of competing to be the best in the world at a sport.
Canson said on 16/Dec/19
@Junior: I would give him 5’10.5 afternoon
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Dec/19
5'10 3/4 with 6'3 wingspan was good for Iverson.
Canson said on 25/Nov/19
According to Larry Brown he’s 5’10/5’11. Brown was close in height with him and he has seen him measured having coached him. Paul is likely just a solid 5’11” barefoot . Paul would be more 5’11.5 or .75 morning height and 5’11 flat. Iverson 5’11 morning 5’10.5 afternoon
Canson said on 2/Jul/19
@Onabill: I think he would measure 5’11.25 out of bed 5’10.5 at a low and 5’11.75 in sneaks
Onabill Choudhury said on 25/May/19
As the the typical basketball shoes gives 1 1/4 inch of height I’m guessing AI is claiming his height in shoes, so he may just fall under 5 ft 11 being 5 ft 10 3/4
Canson said on 25/Mar/19
179 cm at a low
181 out of bed
Daycringeothon said on 23/Mar/19
AI my guess never above 180cm-181cm morning height (good posture). Afternoon 178.5cm-180cm (good posture/loose posture). How about Damon Stodamire never looked (178cm) 5’10” at least not without shoes. 5’9” ranger standing beside Comissioner David Stern (reference 1995 NBA draft). Looks absolutely tiny next to 6’10” Marcus Camby. Camby was listed as 6’10” when he played for UMass. Then 6’11” in NBA. Looks about 2 feet shorter next to giants like Muresan.
Canson said on 26/Feb/19
Excuse me. Conversion was off. Meant to say 181-181.5 out of bed and 179/179.5 before bed. Probably toward the bottom of both ranges
lkss said on 15/Feb/19
Out of bed -181.89cm
Before bed - 180.3cm
Canson said on 30/Dec/18
@Rising: I thought his weight was 240 at the pre draft? From what I recalled 6’8” 240 is what he was originally billed but maybe I’m wrong. I will say that his 240 or 245 even then was a better than Melo’s listed 230. Melo looked a bit chubby for part of his career.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Dec/18
@Canson: He must have weighed 245 at the pre-draft camp because there's no reason to misreport that since he was hands down the number 1 pick and Lebron is sort of embarrassed by the talk about his weight. 240 was his official NBA listed weight when he entered the league. It's possible he fluctuated between 240-245 then, but that means 250 is far too light for current Lebron, much less 245. He's easily 20 pounds heavier now than as a rookie, probably more so I'd conservatively guess 265 or so. It's not uncommon for NBA players to be significantly heavier than they're listed as weights aren't updated much.
Canson said on 14/Dec/18
@Rising: I saw him listed at 240 when he was drafted. I think with his body type that’s reasonable. I doubt his stats were fabricated per se but the media has always tried to make Lebron taller and bigger than he is (like KD with his height). Maybe he was 235 then but now probably 250 is what I’d give him max. I can see 245 possibly when he got back to Miami but maybe 250 today. In his Heat days easy 260 or so
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Nov/18
I agree Lebron doesn't look his weight. Dwight Howard was sort of the opposite in that he eventually got into the 270+ range, but because he was leaner and more cut with a small waist and wide shoulders, people perceived him as bigger than he was. David Robinson was also like this. And this did affect their low post games too vs shorter, wider players. They could be pushed off the block by guys like that. I'd also add Dwight had relatively skinny legs too, which you could see compared to Lebron: Click Here Durant also looked even skinnier at times than his actual weight because he doesn't naturally carry much muscle, has relatively high body fat compared to other NBA players and he has a freakish wingspan. Back to Iverson a bit, he varied between 155-180 or so his career, but while he didn't look skinnier than 155, I usually wouldn't have guessed him as big as 180 and probably not quite 167 when drafted. Weight is much tougher to guess than height.
Canson said on 2/Nov/18
@Viper: at 6’7” or even 6’6-6’7 with the kinda muscle he has 245 is nothing for him. MWP is 6’5 or so and weighs about 260 and doesn’t look it either
viper said on 1/Nov/18
He weighed 245 out of high school, though he didn't look it
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Oct/18
@Canson: Lebron must carry weight well because this is what a 245 Lebron looked like: Click Here Click Here Click Here I don't think you can accurately guess Lebron's weight without considering what he actually looked like at 245. I think Lebron had gained 15 pounds by his fifth season and has generally been 260+ since. He already looked a good 10+ pounds heavier by his first finals apperance. A current Lebron will easily top 260: Click Here Click Here Click Here I don't know whether he's "only" 265 or as much as 270+, but I'm 100% sure Lebron is 260 minimum unless his pre-draft weight was falsified, which I doubt.
Animus said on 30/Oct/18

It's complete conjecture. I agree that he's not 6'9", 270 lbs, like many describe him as, but he's not 245 lbs either. It's true he lost weight before going back to Cleveland, but he put most of it back on again - it was quite noticeable, if you compared his summer photos with how he looked during the season.

I think he's 255-265lbs. He might be in the lower end of that range now (having been in the higher end of that range in Miami).
Canson said on 22/Oct/18
@Animus: people exaggerate how big Lebron is and always have. When he was in Miami he may have been 260. When he came back to Cleveland he was probably not more than 245 or 250. He looks noticeably leaner now (even in LA) than he did in Miami
Animus said on 21/Oct/18

He hasn't been 245lbs since early in his career. He's clearly gotten a lot thicker since his rookie year. There's a reason he's always been sensitive about his weight. He's not smaller than someone like Jimmy Graham, who was 260lbs at 6'6¼ at the NFL Combine.

Whether or not it's healthy being that heavy, regardless of body composition, is an interesting question. I do think it takes a lot to fuel such a big body and it might introduce unnecessary 'wear and tear' on not only joints and bones but organs and other internal parts. Generally, bigger (in terms of girth) NBA players and virtually all NFL players try to slim down upon retiring, if they are at all health conscious.
Canson said on 14/Oct/18
@Rising: that’s about where i have Lebron weight wise. 240 probably. He’s a healthy 240 for being around 6’7”
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Oct/18
@Canson: That still looks about 6" to me in that back to back photo: Click Here I may even be counting some hair, but Shaq's eye level would have to be at least 5" from the top of his head and Lebron is well below that. Lebron is actually slightly closer to the camera in the full pic I posted and Shaq is standing loose in that. Lebron comes up to the lower part of Shaq's nose here too: Click Here Taken together, Shaq genuinely does look 6" taller. As I said, I think Shaq is 7'0"-7'0.5" range so he might have had his orthotics in. As for Shaq's measurements, I've never heard of a shoe measurement, but some sources seem to put him at the 7'0"-7'0.25" range, but he's also supposed to have measured around 7'0.75". My theory is the latter was early while the former was more noonish give or take or midday. At his size, he could probably measure higher than that range out of bed and a bit below it at his absolute low. I heard the 6'9" figure for Lebron for a while after he claimed it, but it's too high even for a shoe height, unless he borrowed Spencer Hawes' shoes. But considering many think NBA heights are close to legit, it's not surprising some thought he actually was that tall. 240 is way too low for his weight, though. I think Lebron got uncomfortable with people talking about his weight so much because he was 245 pre-draft when he was A LOT thinner. He was more like 265-270 range with Miami and his last few years before leaving Cleveland the first time. He slimmed down to around 260 give or take after leaving Miami.
Canson said on 11/Oct/18
@Rising: I doubt Shaq has 6” on Lebron or more. I’d say right around 5”. 5” I could definitely buy as that’s how they normally look together. Shaq could still be a hair under 7’ at a low if he measured just over 7’ of course depending on what time of the day. I’ve seen ambiguity in the supposed measurements. Shaq supposedly measured slightly over 7’0” barefoot and then saw that he measured slightly “almost 7’1” in shoes. Even slightly over 7’ could mean that he’s slightly under if the measurement occurred in the morning. But I could see Lebron being below 6’7” as well. Next to Melo, he doesn’t look but half inch taller at times. Other times I could see 2cm. Melo looks a genuine 6’6”. That could probably cover 6’5 7/8” if he measured 6’6.25 in the morning or after laying around, but that’s it. I’m not even sure that he dips under 6’6” to be honest. And he may be 6’6 1/8 as well. I don’t know what time of day the measurements were held in 2003 when Lebron and Melo were drafted, but in 2002 and 2003 Keith Bogans measured 6’4.5 and 6’4.25 respectively. bogans and I are the same height in person so if he’s less than those measurements it’s prob a solid 6’4” but no less. I also say I don’t know when because Melo could’ve grown a fraction since he was drafted being I saw him in 2016.

Click Here

Lebron isn’t standing straight in this one below

Click Here
Canson said on 11/Oct/18
@Rising; I think that was a one time deal for Lebron lol. He backed down and claimed 6’7” 240 a day later. I agree with most of what you said
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Oct/18
@Canson: I think Rob could keep AI at his current listing and take CP3 down to 5'11.5", but if Lebron wants to keep claiming he's 6'9" then he shouldn't have said Iverson was about 5'10.5": Click Here Shaq is destroying Lebron's claim in that pic as well with more than 6" on Lebron even with looser posture. Actually, the difference between Lebron and Iverson isn't much greater than the difference between Shaq and Lebron in that pic.
Canson said on 20/Aug/18
I agree with Rob about the difference between them but would have CP a straight 5’11 AI 5’10.5
Canson said on 20/Aug/18
@Rising: I would actually have to say that he looks 5’10-5’11 like Larry Brown and Lebron James say. But 5’10.5 and 5’11 will look relatively similar. I also wonder if Francis is really that tall although he looks “roughly” 6’2” next to 6’4.5 Michael Jordan
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Aug/18
Actually, Rob also said Iverson and Paul could be within 1 cm of each other after viewing this pic: Click Here on 26/Apr/16 so it's not just me.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Aug/18
@Shane: You must be talking about the BET Awards in 2015: Click Here Iverson's eyes are only slightly lower, but that's just one event. They're closer in Toronto 2016: Click Here Click Here How tall is David Stern? I know he's claimed 5'9", but that must have been in shoes in his prime? Either way, a 69 year old Stern looks 4"-4.5" shorter than Iverson with loose posture here: Click Here And Francis does look a couple of inches taller, but a couple of inches below 6'2.5" is 6'0.5" and I agree Iverson is a bit closer, but not much. 6'2.5" was likely a morning measurement for Francis, but no way Iverson looks less than a solid 5'11" with Francis and I think that's about what he was. It was noted during the 2001 Finals that Iverson was taller than Tyronn Lue. How short could Lue possibly be?
Canson said on 11/Aug/18
@Shane: I would say CP3 is no more than about 5’11 at a normal low. AI is prob 1/2” shorter maybe 2cm to put him 5’10.25-.5
Shane said on 10/Aug/18
@RisingForce What are you looking at with first pic of Paul and Iverson? Top of Allen's hat lol? Look at their eyes and Paul easily has in inch on AI of not more. The pic with Francis shows AI a bit closer to camera which helps AI and Francis still clearly has a couple inches.
Canson said on 9/Aug/18
@Shane: I buy that as an extreme low for sure!
Shane said on 9/Aug/18
@Canson I would say a weak 5'11" but only early in day. I would say more 5'10 1/4" to 5'10 1/3" later in day.
Canson said on 11/Jun/18
@Rising: my guess for Franchise is 6’2” flat at a low. Imho AI may be something like a weak 5’11” at a low. You’re right posture isn’t perfect all the time. I would put Paul slightly taller than AI and prob 5’11ish
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Jun/18
@Canson: Well he was listed 6'1" in college, iirc. Personally, I still think he's a minimum 5'11.5" compared to other NBA heights (e.g., Chris Paul at 5'11.75", Steve Francis at 6'2.5" etc.) but if those are early measurements then Iverson might be just a flat 5'11" afternoon/evening. He's often slouching, though.
JJAK said on 8/Jun/18
Amazing baller very small 510 ish maybe another half.
Saw some film from 01 this little dude made shaq and kobe look like bums!
Canson said on 27/May/18
He isn’t 5’11.75-6’0.25 when his coach said he’s between 5’10-5’11. Likelier that he measured 5’11in the AM and that he’s around 5’10.5 in the afternoon. If he were 6’0” he would’ve been listed higher than 6’0” on the roster
Lkk said on 24/May/18
Canson said on 17/May/18
@Ian C: they exaggerate on his behalf meaning the NBA. They list him in shoes. But that is common as the average player is about 1.5” shorter than their listed height. Some deviate even more than that like Kevin Love, Gerald Wallace, Al Thornton, etc while some may only be about an inch. Then you have guys like Kevin Durant or Kevin Garnett who are their listed heights (barefoot).
Ian C. said on 3/May/18
Interesting that Iverson would exaggerate his height (assuming that he did). You would think he would seize the additional credit that would be his due for being short (for a man in his chosen vocation), and yet a brilliant player.

It is possible that he just wanted to up himself to the magic (and arbitrary) tall guy threshold of six feet. Burt Reynolds used to say that there wasn't an actor in the world who was five foot eleven. (Actors who claim to be five foot eleven are usually five foot nine on tip-toe.) Maybe there isn't anybody who is really five foot eleven who is willing to claim that as his true height.
Canson said on 23/Mar/18
@Animus: agreed with much of what you said but Wade is not 6’3/6’4. He’s 6’3 on a good day. 190ish
Animus said on 23/Mar/18
At 5'11 he was already quite a good defender when he made an effort and wasn't recharging for his one-man attack on offense. (His steals were mostly a perk rather than a feature of his game and his eagerness to steal the ball was sometimes a defensive liability.) If he had been 6'2, I think the largest improvement to his game would have been as a defender. With his quickness and long arms he could have been a good defender at 6'2. He would have had to be around 6'3-6'4 (Dwyane Wade-size) to reach another level offensively.
Animus said on 20/Mar/18

The taller you are, the better you can generally finish around the rim. For any sport I think there is a sweet spot, where athleticism (agility, explosiveness, strength, etc.) and size (height and weight) are optimized in combination. For basketball, I think the height range is probably 6'4-6'7. (Centers are in a category of their own - they are highly specialized and do not possess many of the skills and attributes of the players at the 1-4 positions.) This does not exclude players outside of this range (Kyrie Irving at 6'1½ comes to mind).

Allen Iverson was an almost supernaturally gifted athlete with a strong competitive mindset, so he could do a lot of things no other man his height has been able to do. But imagine what he could have accomplished being 6'2?
Canson said on 16/Feb/18
@The Answer: Thanks!
The Answer said on 14/Feb/18
@ Canson you are spot on! Some basketball shoes give 2" which is why he could be near 6ft but in reality he isn't
Canson said on 13/Feb/18
I think Larry Brown said it best 5’10/5’11. Prob 5’10.5. Lebron also said 5’10 1/2. This challenges his 5’11.25 pre draft. That looks too much for him based on how he looked to people who’ve met him off the court as well. Talking 6’0” guys who had 1-2” on him

Click Here
Canson said on 12/Feb/18
I think under 5’10 is pushing it. 5’10.5 more like it
The Answer said on 11/Feb/18
Click Here

Link to article naming A.I. as one of thr best players 5"10 or ubder argument done
The Answer said on 11/Feb/18
Allen Iverson is 5"10.5 or 5"10 barefoot but 6ft in his basketball shoes just ads to the legend that he is. He never looks anywhere near 6ft on the court or with the complex shoe guy Joe La Puma
Canson said on 30/Jan/18
@Baba: agreed. But I doubt Wade is that tall. He looks max 6’3”
Baba said on 29/Jan/18
Imagine how devastating he would have been at say D Wade’s height of 6’3 1/2
Canson said on 26/Jan/18
@Revisionist: yes
Revisionist said on 25/Jan/18
Pound for pound the best baller ever?
Canson said on 30/Nov/17
Larry brown and Lebron James both said 5’10/5’11 and 5’10 1/2. Weak 5’11 is more accurate for him
Jalen C Gilmer said on 29/Nov/17
This is a good listing.
Frost said on 31/Oct/17
@Slim I highly doubt an additional boost in height would have impacted his accolades. The man is a top 30 in league scoring, and top 50 in assists in NBA history. Keeping in mind he took a team of nobodies to the NBA finals, I think it's a bit disrespectful to assume that a lack of height would have garnered significantly more accolades. He never had a strong team around him in Philly and was horribly mistreated by Billy King's front office. Not directly, but they never put him in a position to win much of anything and the tired excuse was that AI was the unironic answer to every problem they had.

Perhaps he would be a slightly better rebounder, but he was generally speaking the most athletic point guard at the time. An increase in height would only aid the point guard position if he wasn't able to see the court the way he did or distribute the basketball accordingly. And again there weren't many people to distribute the rock to before 2004 anyway. Bring him to Jason Kidd's height and I can't fathom a significant improvement in performance. AI was already a freak with a large wingspan and large hands for his height, and had handles very few could keep up with let alone match.

People like him were good at their own height. Same with cp3. Now a player like Lowry or Rondo? I'm sure they could benefit from an additional 2-3 inches if nothing more than to manage the floor better. I'd also like to point out AI was almost a top 10 steals leader even before he retired. So defensively he matched up impeccably with other PG at 5'11.

He's already arguably one of the most talented point guards in NBA history.
Canson said on 10/Oct/17
@Slim: even if he were maybe a full 6’2” barefoot I can imagine what he more he could’ve done. But then again he needed better preparation but when the lights came on he shined!
Slim 6' said on 10/Oct/17
5'10.75". I do think G5'11" would be eye to eye with this guy.

If he was like 4 inches taller he'd be just as good as Kobe and all those other great players.
Johnson said on 1/Oct/17
Iverson is not shorter than Beckham that is what I see
hardguy said on 30/Sep/17
181.something in the morning.
Canson said on 8/Sep/17
@animus: agreed!
Animus said on 7/Sep/17
Insanely gifted athlete. It's hard to overstate the level of athleticism and toughness this man possessed at 5 feet 11 inches in order to lead a team to the NBA Finals and to be a 4x NBA scoring champion.
Canson said on 26/Aug/17
Teddy said on 23/Aug/17
6'2 Terence Garvin with Iverson. Click Here

Iverson is leaning a lot but even if he didn't he still isn't less than 4" shorter. I think 5'10.5 for Bubba Chuck is perfect. Fits what Larry Brown described him as well as Lebron.
Teddy said on 23/Aug/17
6'2 Terence Garvin with Iverson. Click Here
Canson said on 4/Aug/17
The funniest part is watching this guy play in person as I have before (didn't get the pleasure of meeting him however but he looked small on the court with anyone but Chris Whitney and Ty Lue when he was a Sixer paying the wizards) he is really something to watch. He gave it his all on the court and truly left it all out there. I honestly having played the game at high school and collegiate levels have never seen someone his size accomplish that much. Nor has someone has size had the impact on the game and culture like he did. And it's no disrespect to the Tiny Archibalds and Isiah Thomas's of the world (both Zeek and IT) but AI was more talented (God Given) And I can agree with many that he never even reached his full potential or even the same degree of accomplishment (in the critics eyes) as Zeek with his rings. He had so much more to offer and his career didn't end the right way imho. And while he says he has fulfillment and is contrite I think he would've yearned for more as any Athlete would. Had he worked more with honing his God given talent with his athleticism and speed and focused on buying into what Larry Brown sold and of course even had the opportunity woth more talent like Brown had in his later years with the Pistons he'd be easily a top 10 player of all time at that stage and would have a good 2 or 3 rings. But seeing as where he started and almost ended up with at 18 years old (jail) he did remarkably well for himself
Canson said on 4/Aug/17
@James: agreed and it's good to be different imho! Brings out the best of us and our debates here on celebheights. johnson is a different breed but we both still respect him too!
James said on 29/Jul/17
I absolutely agree with @Canson in this particular case. While I appreciate a lot the interesting comments of @Chris, I have to admit that he seems to overestimate a lot of people. Chris is a very respectful user, I hope he doesn't get angry with me for this. But I do think he has a general tendency to overestimate the height of famous people.
Unanimous said on 19/Jul/17
5'11 155-160
Canson said on 12/Jul/17
@Chris: if he were 6'0 almost 6'1 he'd have been listed 6'2" on a roster. Are you really 6'5" as you claim? You tend to overestimate everyone you comment on.
Chris said on 7/Jul/17
Iverson isn't 5'11. I've met him before, and he's surprisingly big. Look at pictures as well - he towers over everyday people. He's easily 6 foot. Probably approaching 6'1
Canson said on 18/Jun/17
@Rising Force: I will say AI was misunderstood though and pund for pound was the best I've seen play I mean even using their official listed height he's a mere 6'0" while Jordan is 6'6 and he had a much harder road but the one thing that separated the two immensly was Jordan took practice just as seriously as the game where AI in game may have been the most effort I've seen on the court. He worked harder than almost anyone I've seen
Canson said on 18/Jun/17
@Rising Force: I agree with everything you said even AI's weight. Brown may have exaggerated that a bit but in thinking he wasn't over 160 prob not 150 although for a year or two. AI was always listed 6'0" 165. But everything else was well said! AI will probably never truly be appreciated. Us enthusiasts that saw him play I. College and saw how bad his Sixers teams were pre and post can tell but another thing was before they got Brown you said well he was running point and Brown made him into an undersized but powerful 2 guard
Morningheight 181.5cm said on 17/Jun/17
Iverson is though to figure out I'd guess 5'11.50 in his prime.
Canson said on 12/Jun/17
Lebron says the same as Larry brown here 5'10 1/2 (brown said 5'10/5'11

Click Here
Im 171CM said on 11/Jun/17
5'10" flat for Allen...
Canson said on 7/Jun/17
Well said Rising force! Wasn't just his height he didn't have the same gear as Jordan which is something most don't have. He also didn't "practice" like Jordan did lol!!! His approach wasn't quite the same on or off the court
RisingForce said on 5/Jun/17
Iverson was fun to watch with the right team and coach(about '99-'03), but there's a lot that separates him from Jordan, not just 5-6 inches. Would be interesting to see what Iverson at his best would do in a league where Westbrook averaged a triple double, though.
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
Well said Christian! And he never won a ring and still gets his praise!!! Well deserved
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 3/Jun/17
His lack of height probably hindered him from being one of the top greatests in bball history. Sure, he was great, but if he was at least 6'3" he would've had the same level of success as Jordan and Kobe.
Canson said on 3/Jun/17
He was a soldier at 5'10/5'11!!!
RisingForce said on 2/Jun/17
I can't go lower than 181 cm right now, but I stand by my higher estimate. Do you have a source for this measurement? Why not believe the 6'0" w/o shoes from pre-draft? He can look both shorter and taller, but the posture thing is big. I thought my friend was basically my height, but we compared once and suddenly I was looking at about the bottom of his nose. I had thought he was maybe 5'9" max before that, but he suddenly looked closer to the 5'10" range he was claiming and his posture was no worse than Iverson's.
Canson said on 31/May/17
@Rising Force: maybe Iverson is really as tall as his former coach described him. Yes the teams do measure them every year and Iverson's 6'0" was in shoes
RisingForce said on 29/May/17
Iverson can look 5'11" flat, so I'll leave that possibility open on him, though I think it's his slouch. Frankly, I don't really care what Larry Brown estimates him as. You've repeated that before so obviously I know that already. I care what he looks. Larry Brown may not be considering Iverson's slouch for all I know or he may just not be that accurate estimating height. I have no idea. It's worth mentioning once, but it's not proof of anything. You have no proof of some team measurement, Iverson was supposedly measured 6 feet pre-draft in 1996. It could have been an hour out of bed, so maybe he's 5'11.5". But for team measurements, a Rockets team measurement in the late 80s/early 90s had Hakeem at 6'10.75", iirc and while I find it plausible I'm willing to bet you think he's shorter. Back to Iverson, he looks 7" max shorter than 6'7.25" Lebron here: Click Here He actually looks 184 cm there, imo, just like he did with Steve Francis in another full shot. Michael Curry was listed 6'5" and only looks 4" taller here: Click Here Obviously, Iverson isn't 6'1", but Curry's 6'5" was probably in shoes, making Iverson look 6'1" in shoes in comparison, or worst case, 1/4" under. That would make sense since Iverson got 6'1" listings in college.

As for Ewing, I just don't buy that one bit. I'm convinced he's a 7 footer in shoes. Outside of Mutombo's joke I never heard his height doubted in all the years I watched him. Announcers use to say Olajuwon was under 7 feet regularly, but he's a bare minimum of 6'10"(I think 6'10.5"-6'10.75") and Ewing is clearly taller, just like Ewing was always noticeably taller than fellow Georgetown alum 6'9.5" Mourning. We can debate Ewing at another time if you like, but we're already arguing about too many basketball players right now.
Canson said on 29/May/17
@Rising Force: look at Jeremy Lin page poster Robert Broome at 6'5" says Ewing is 6'9" and change that's prob what mutombo refers to with Patrick. I believed 6'10" prime for Ewing that's how ive always seen him. So maybe 6'9.75 or 6'9.5. If you look at spree and Jordan they're not much different with Ewing. As for AI you can discredit the others but Larry brown was similar in height. Brown is also very familiar having been his coach and they measure him at some point during their time together likely every year so 5'10/5'11 is fair and more than accurate
RisingForce said on 17/May/17
Here's another comparison, Andre Igoudala is almost 6'6" himself(he measured 6'5.75" to be exact) and Iverson comes to about his nose: Click Here putting him half a foot shorter, so 182 cm would be pretty likely.
Canson said on 17/May/17
@Rising Force: 4"? I saw where you said people are bad judges of height but your judging with he or Barkley or Kobe isn't very good either. Ice cube is not 4" shorter he's above AI's eyebrows well above even in that pic. If his coach along with people who met him said he's 5'10/5'11 that's what he is sorry. Lue is shorter than him too so 5'9" range for Lue is very possible at best he's 5'10" and a half inch shorter than AI
Canson said on 17/May/17
Well Hope says it best below. Larry Brown said himself below exactly that AI is 160 lbs and he also said at the same time 5'10/5'11.
hope said on 17/May/17
Reading this, I saw the comment from Larry Brown that AI weighed around 160 lbs. I laughed because I heard two announcers once discussing his size. They were both chuckling about how on one program he'd been listed as 6'0" and 175 lbs. One said, "175 lbs.? He doesn't go more than a buck-fifty and change." Because he's been thought of as a "tiny" man in the NBA for years, and because he appears to be tiny when playing with giants, I imagine he's taller than expected. I'd put him at 5 10.5" or even 5'11". He might have been a soft 5'11.5' or a soft 6" at one time, but I doubt it. The thing to keep in mind are his skills. It's hard enough for a guy who's 6'5" to reach the NBA. To play at his size, and be one of the best players in the game, illustrates just how good he was.
RisingForce said on 14/May/17
My mistake, Barea was measured, and it was indeed 5'10" flat, don't know by how much, but Lue is taller than that.
RisingForce said on 14/May/17
Unless I know the specific posters it doesn't mean much to me. Not everyone judges height well. There's no way Lue is only 5'9" range. JJ Barea looks shorter than any of these guys and I assume he's about 5'10"(don't think he was measured pre-draft). Iverson has terrible posture here, but still looks about 4 inches taller than Ice Cube going by where Cube reaches on Iverson's head: Click Here
Canson said on 1/May/17
Ty lue is nowhere close to 6'0" tall one poster met him below and said he's 5'9" range same height as he is
Canson said on 1/May/17
@Rising Force: Larry brown says here that AI is 5'10/5'11. Weak 5'11 in barefoot is gonna make him 6'0" in shoes which is how most posters who have met him here on celeb heights have described him 5'10-5'11 range

Click Here
RisingForce said on 29/Apr/17
Iverson isn't an inch shorter than Chris Paul. The 2 look virtually identical in height: Click Here Click Here CP3 could possibly edge out Iverson by a quarter inch in the first pic and Iverson probably edges out Paul by 1/4" in the 2nd pic, but it depends on posture, shoes and hat. I've always thought Iverson was just about 6 feet, but just under, as shorter as 5'11.5" is possible as well. Though I distinctly remember, Iverson was taller than Tyronn Lue during the 2001 NBA Finals. The announcers made a big deal about. Here's an example: Click Here Iverson is 6'1" in shoes, it just depends on how big his shoes are. He was very undersized for a shooting guard, but the 5'10" range stuff is nonsense. Part of it is Iverson's bad posture, but here's an excellent full shot where I'm not even sure I see him a full 2" shorter than 6'2.5" measured Steve Francis: Click Here His head reaches Francis' hairline there.
Canson said on 17/Apr/17
@KH: agreed and great insights
KH said on 14/Apr/17
Weak 5'11. He is close to an inch shorter then Chris Pual. Only about an inch and a half taller then Larry Brown. Sixers fan watched him for years. Super skinny too have been near him plenty of times.
Canson said on 11/Apr/17
@James: don't bother replying to Chris as Chris is a troll. He has said that Magic is 6'9" barefoot and that Bird is 6'10" just to make Magic 6'9" and that Jordan is 6'6" barefoot. Why they would list bird at 6'9" when he is 6'10 is mind boggling. Some people just have no common sense. Those are all shoebheights (Bird is 6'9" or near it barefoot) while everyone knows MJ and MJ aren't their barefoot heights on paper. Some will argue 6'5 for Jordan others 6'4.5 like myself but that would put him 6'5.75-6'6" in shoes while Magic got his 6'8.5 in a shoe (pat Riley even said he's 6'7" and coached him for 8 years lol).
Canson said on 7/Apr/17
@Chris: do you not see what you're doing? You have some nerve calling James out when you upgrade everyone you comment on. You use shoe heights. Everyone here knows Iverson isn't a legit 6'0" tall. He's listed 5'11" here by Rob. why would Larry Brown who is not only close in height with Allen Iverson but coached him for 6 years say during his hall of fame induction that AI is 5'10/5'11? Maybe that's what he is and maybe that's what Beckham is
Chris said on 7/Apr/17
"He's similar to Beckham, so 5'11"

Do you see what you're doing. You say everyone is smaller than they are, so it fits your theory that everyone is smaller than they say they are.

It's much more likely that both Beckham and Iverson are the exact same height they say they are - 6 feet
Canson said on 26/Mar/17
Out of bed 181 range
Before bed around 179
Canson said on 22/Mar/17
@JJ: no way! He's 178-179 bare minimum
jj said on 21/Mar/17
He's 175cm
Canson said on 2/Mar/17
@Ok: I'd go with what Larry Brown said he's 5'10/5'11 a weak 5'11 is prob more like it. That's how most people guess him.
Chris said on 9/Jan/17
No more than this
horace said on 29/Dec/16
181 centimeters with no footwear.
James said on 17/Dec/16
@Joe He is not 6 foot by any means, not even out of bed.

Click Here

Looks kinda similar to Beckham, around 5' 11" is OK.
Cr said on 8/Dec/16
he looks 178 cm
Joe said on 8/Dec/16
181 cm barefoot. He looks shorter because he wears baggy clothing, especially pants. He actually appears 6 foot if you watch footage of his college years at Georgetown University. Even the 1996 draft combine measured him at 6'0" without shoes.
184-182 said on 28/Nov/16
@hijopotamus: I believe that was Isiah Thomas of the Detroit Pistons, who was listed at 6'1"

As for Allen Iverson, I'm betting he's around the 5'11 mark give or take a little based on what time of day it is
hijopotamus said on 26/Nov/16
Rob, wasnt Iverson same height as Will Smith on Prince of Bel Air??
Canson said on 23/Nov/16
Larry Brown who is 5'8-5'9 said during AI's HOF press conference 160 lbs at most and 5'10/5'11 which is what people like KROC who have met him (here on Celebheights) have also said
manny said on 25/Sep/16
Chris Paul is 6foot and looks to be that inch taller that Iverson so I would have to say this is accurate and no lower that a strong 5'10. For Iverson anythinglower is nonsense
Wallace said on 11/Sep/16
Highly doubt he's six feet. He isn't much taller than Tyronn Lue. I met Lue when he played for LA and his listed six feet is bs. I'm five eleven and was taller by some maybe an inch and a half
Canson said on 26/Aug/16
5'10-5'11 barefoot
123 said on 23/Aug/16
Iversion is 5'9 look at him with mj
Canson said on 22/Jun/16
@Truth: right where you have him prob 5'10.5. A friend of mine at 6' even said he looks an inch and a half shorter than he was
truth said on 21/Jun/16
Looks like a strong 5'10, weak 5'11 guy. Very similar to me (only slightly taller), 5'10.5 - 5'11.
Buck said on 9/Jun/16
I think 5'9 is a crime, he's a weak 5'11 or very strong 5'10 at worst but I imagine 5'11 is closer to reality
Leo said on 4/May/16
So, Allen is 5'11 and not less. Good job Rob.
Draxler said on 26/Apr/16
Rob, What is the difference?
Chris Paul and Allen Iverson
Click Here
Editor Rob
doesn't look much really, they could be within 1cm of each other
Mike said on 8/Apr/16
@Junior Lewing Koo Seriously? You think he's 5'8". You should never be taken seriously on this website ever again.
Junior Lewing Koo said on 4/Apr/16
I would say that I'm approximately 5'8
Allen Iverson was always overrated as a player and his height. I would say, Iverson gotta be around possibly 5'9 with shoes. Without shoes 5'8. Why does the NBA Exaggerate players height?
Ljungberg said on 2/Mar/16

KG is like 6-11.25 and Ray Allen is actually a legit 6-4 guy (He is a little less than 3 cm shorter than MJ at 193 cm - 193.5 cm)
Canson said on 26/Jan/16
Height: I could not have paid for a better response than that! Spot on!
Height said on 25/Jan/16

You are right about Garnett, as that 6'9.5" measurement comes from an Olympic height...that's what Fiba does to players that are not officially measured: they knock of 1.5" off their listed NBA height.

But as far as Ray Allen goes, he's in the 6'3" department, he is a strong 6'3" though at about 6'3.6"-6'3.8"...

He is about 1 inch shorter than Kobe and about 1.5-2 inches shorter than Paul Pierce who is about 6'6".
Pdubble said on 24/Jan/16
Some ppl gunna believe what they want to believe..somebody tried saying kg must be 6'9.5...and ray Allen only 6' is atleast 6'11shoes off..Ray is 6'5 no shoes, just stop it..some guys heights are altered..not all tho.
WAF said on 29/Jul/15

You are most likely referring to this article: Click Here

Barkley does not say that he lied about his height. He says that some players do. There is a distinction between lying yourself and having a coach who lists all the players heights and decides to exaggerate - that is how it's commonly done.

I think most well-informed fans of the NBA, and there are not many, are aware of the fact that players listed height is their height in shoes. There is therefore very little ambiguity - you subtract about an inch off every listed height and you have the barefoot height. There are, of course, exceptions:

Chris Paul is actually about 6'0" without shoes and therefore should be listed 6'1". Kevin Durant is at least 6'9" without shoes and should be listed at 6'10", but because he is a small forward, he is listed at 6'9" as that is typically the tallest height for a small forward - 6'10", 6'11" and sometimes 7'0" is the height of a power forward.

Then there are players like Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, and Nick Young whose heights are all exaggerated, even when accounting for shoes. (Howard might have grown half an inch, which would justify his 6'11" listing, but I am not sure.)
In general the listed heights are accurate heights with shoes worn. Besides, the important thing is not whether a player is 6'8" or 6'9", but whether he is 6'6" or 6'9" - the wingspan and Standing Reach are arguably more important measures when comparing players of almost equal height.

So, Barkley was correctly listed at 6’6”, since he is at least 6’5” (even though he is listed at 6’4.75” here).

The most problematic aspect of the current listing convention is that some people don’t know that it has not always existed and they thus tend to underestimate the height of former players compared to current ones. That’s why it is a widely held belief that centers were undersized when Wilt Chamberlain played and that he could dominate on sheer size alone - as a matter of fact, Wilt Chamberlain was actually a finesse player, who wanted to beat you with his skills and not his unprecedented size and athleticism (although he did that as well - especially if he was provoked). People also say that Bill Russell would have been too short and insufficiently athletic to compete today, even though he was about 6’9.63” and would legitimately have been listed 6’11” unlike Dwight Howard (unless he grew after getting drafter - not that it ultimately matters for his worth as a player) and that he was a freakish athlete who could run and jump like few human beings on this earth: Click Here
jjg943 said on 3/Jun/15
I say 5'10"-5'10 3/4 barefeet to being 5'11 3/4- 6'0" legit with shoes on....
leonari said on 17/May/15
He ain't broke
b-mint1994 said on 12/Apr/15
5'9.5" is hate-crimish. At worst he's a strong 5'10/weak 5'11"
Dusty said on 6/Apr/15
Draft express, or any draft-oriented measurements are definitely not the be all end all. That's where the lies begin. Just read about Charles Barkley, there's a quote from him where he says straight up that he lied to get listed at 6'6, and says he's really 6'¾
oregon said on 10/Mar/15
Rob, look at his photos with 5'11 rapper Fabolous. Also look at his pictures with Dwyane Wade...this guy is 5'9.5...
b-mint1994 said on 28/Feb/15
I wonder how many of the listed 6 ft point guards are a legit 6 foot in real life.
trev said on 21/Aug/14
Met AI when I was a kid. My pops knew Louis Katz (owned the Nets) and I got to be a pregame ballboy one game when they were playing the sixers. I loved AI so I went to the sixers side of the court. I was only 12 back then so I maybe don't have the greatest retrospective judge of his height but if I had to guess compared to other players on the court I don't see him as less than 6'0" at his peak (back then I mean). Nice guy!!
Ian C. said on 13/Aug/14
I don't know, Speed, if I want Allen Iverson to be short, other than that the less tall he is the more spectacular his achievements as an athlete. I sure get a nasty, spiteful thrill out of him being broke though. Anybody else out there get that, or should I go into therapy (again) for being a jerk?
Roger said on 12/Dec/13
How is that possible that you have Fabolous and Allen Iverson both at 5'11 even though that Fab is at least an inch taller than AI. The pictures below clearly shows that. They were wearing the same shoes by the way Reebok Questions. I think you should downgrade AI to 5'10 taking into consideration below pictures. :

Reebok-news-photo/186611802" target="_blank">Click Here

Click Here

Reebok-news-photo/186611781" target="_blank">Click Here
speed said on 7/Dec/13
why do we all want him to be short?
kyle said on 2/Dec/13
@Bosnia if you can mistake someone who is the same height as you with someone who is 3 inches taller than you then you are genius!
bulba said on 6/Nov/13
Wasnt he listed as 5ft 10.5in at one point?
Bosnia said on 5/Nov/13
@kyle How do we now that you estimated Lues height corectly? Lot of people make are making mistake when judging someones height. So, like Malone11 said, if you cannot trust predraft measurments where it is clearly written "height with and w/o shoes"..
Bosnia said on 5/Nov/13
@Lyvloev how is it possible that Iverson had already lost height? :s That is exaggerating...
Lyvloev said on 4/Oct/13
His peak height was 5 ft 11 1/2 in, soonly he fell to 5 ft 10 3/4 in, however he is now 5 ft 10, clearly.Do not forget his wingspan at 6 ft 3 1/4 in, and, yes NBA height is in shoes so he is 6 ft, but do not forget in predraft he was listed in shoes at 6 ft 1 in.
KROC said on 13/Aug/13
I use to see Iverson all the time at Rucker Park back in the day. He always looked a little below 5'11.
KVC said on 2/Aug/13
Rob, you have rapper Nelly at 5'8.5 (which I believe is a bit too much, seeing as how Nelly himself claims only 5'9, I'm sure he's no taller than 5'8) and in this video we see Nelly and Iverson in similar footwear, with AI looking marginally taller. Do you think that video would change your estimate of AI? Also, Iverson is listed oficially at 6'0 with shoes - which means he should be 5'11 barefeet if they didn't add anything - which everyone knows they do.

Best regards: KVC
monogamy said on 19/Jan/13
i assume our buddy malone11 here is about 16-19 years old. so don't be too mean to him as he is not an adult yet
kyle said on 14/Jan/13
Malone11 the only ignorant man here is you. Inacuracy of draft measurements were proved many times not only on this website. Just for instance check Tyronn Lue's height (6'0 from pre draft measurements) I"m from Boston, have seen and approached him many times and he was exactly the same height as I am (5'9.25). As don omar said don't think you are smarter than this website's visitors!
malone11 said on 31/Dec/12
if you dont trust the official predraft measurment, what the hell are you gonna trust? the ignorance on some people here, i actually linked everybody up and supported the claim
Don Omar said on 26/Dec/12
If it is so easy to solve this mistery over Iverson's height this page is irrelevant. So malone11 don't think that you are smarter than most people here because you really look dumb while doin' this!
Tony said on 20/Dec/12
Yeh I dont actually trust those draftexpress measuremnts for iverson. I saw someone post on another forum he was measured 5'10.25, sounds right but I do not think they backed it up.
Pop said on 20/Dec/12
malone11 those so called "measurements" for AI appeared after someone posted unconfirmed information here on this page.
malone11 said on 10/Nov/12
Click Here he measured 6'0 barefoot at the draft combine, case solved
Knowledge said on 1/Oct/12
Murad is probably right considering he played in Turkey 178cm (5'10) is the best estimate.I really dont see him being even 5'11 or let alone 6'.Even in basketball shoes its a reach
Noble said on 29/Aug/12
met him in atlanta this summer, 5'10 is correct i think, considering the fact that he was in sleepers
hungarian said on 24/Jan/12
Probably Murad said the right thing. He's 178 cm.
Francis said on 8/Oct/11
Allen Iverson's height without shoes is 5'11 and 6'0 with shoes.
LG69 said on 28/Aug/11
5'11 barefooted...6'0 with b-ball shoes.
responseto done deal said on 10/Jul/11
done deal says on 20/Dec/10
Ronny says on 20/Aug/10
Jameer Nelson is actually 5'9. Met him in person.

no pre draft measurements show he is 5-10 or 5-11 without shoes..

bc said on 6/Jul/11
Click Here

This photo was taken on 20 Feb 2005 for the NBA All-Star Game.

Allen Iverson, who was born in 1975, was 30 years old by that time. We can then assume that he was in his prime and should not have started shrinking yet. Dwayne Wade, who was born in 1982, measured 6-3.75 without shoes and 6-4.75 with shoes on during 2003 pre-draft camp when he was 21. We can also assume that he has not grown by then.

In this photo, they were both the same distance from the camera. The floor was flat. They were both wearing basketball shoes. They were both standing in a good posture though Wade was leaning a bit forward, but we can assume this to cancel out the effect of a slight tilt in camera angel ( which gives a little advantage to Wade)
So comparison based on this photo should be accurate enough.

Now you can see that the length of Wade's head is about the same as the NBA Spalding basketball (standard circumference: 29.5 inch. By simple maths, diameter is found to be 9.4 inch)
So we simply give 9.4 inch as the length of Wade's head.

Now you can also see the top of Iverson's head reached just below Wade's eyes; and Iverson's eyes reached just below Wade's chin.

To make things simple we assume that Wade has his eyes located in the middle of his head. So dividing 9.4 by half and we can tell Wade's eyes are 4.7 inches below the top of his head and 4.7 inches above the bottom of his chin.

To conclude, Wade has a bit more than 4.7 inches over Iverson and Iverson has to be lower than 5-11.05.

Based on this piece of evidence, I'll give Iverson 5-10.5.
yeshi said on 11/Jun/11
Allen iverson look like 6-2.
Viper said on 7/Jun/11
I can agree with 5-10
kj said on 6/Jun/11
viper your really being way too technical about this...most people just say 5-10 even though their really 5-9 1/2...two inches isn't's really not that much....two inches isn't a people wear different size shoes

if someone says their AROUND 6 foot that could mean 5-10 or 6-2....around just means an estimate
kj said on 6/Jun/11
he's not 5-9..he's just stocky looking...loko at nba pre draft measurements and he measured at a bit over 5-10 w/o shoes
Shi said on 30/May/11
He's definitely less than 6'. First time I met him was in a stairwell at PCOM (where the 76ers practice(d?)). He was a step above me and he was BARELY taller than me and I'm 6'3". I met him two other times, one time I was standing right next to him and he was a good 4 or 5 inches shorter than me.

I'd definitely say he's around 5'10"
Chris said on 23/May/11
Ayo I know hes 6 feet tall cause the NBA say he was and I'm sure dey aint lyin so Gloomy why dont yo shut yo... and try to get in the NBA and slam dunk.
Sam said on 5/Apr/11
He looks 177cm
Gloomy said on 6/Feb/11
Cm on guys he's 5'10, i'm from philly had close encounters many times.
Jordan said on 6/Feb/11
kj says on 1/Feb/11
what are your sources? like i'd rather believe you than a legit website

YEah, like you can back up your own claim he's 5'11 with any source... I'm waiting...BTW the information that Iverson is 5'11 1/4 appeared on this website first in 2007 and it wasn't backed up with a source too!
Viper said on 4/Feb/11
LOL 6-0 1/2. Better chance hes 5-9

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