How tall is Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi's Height

5ft 10 ¾ (179.7 cm)

American former Professional Tennis player, winner of 8 grand slam titles. In August 2006, he mentioned his height, saying "I'm five-foot ten and three-quarters, but when I come to net, I'm five-foot seven.". Tennis Coach Brad Gilbert said "I can 100% tell u @AndreAgassi is 5 11 3/8 barefoot"

How tall is Andre Agassi
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Most of the guys I'm playing against are 6-2 or 6-3 and they weigh 180 to 190 pounds. I'm 5-foot-11 and 158 pounds which isn't much but it's better than a year ago when I weighed about 145, 146.
The Montreal Gazette, 1989

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Average Guess (39 Votes)
5ft 10.6in (179.3cm)
Enrique Jorge said on 19/Dec/22
The last great American male tennis play. At least 180cm, 183 with the wig.
Mvk (182cm) said on 19/Jul/22
Out of bed:- 181cm
Before bed:- 179cm
Jawilder said on 24/Nov/21
5’10.5” before bed
Editor Rob said on 2/Dec/20
To follow up this 174cm is somebody simply mistranslating a foreign edition...

Here is the page itself to show Andre said 5ft 11 and 148 pounds:

Click Here
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
Most honest height claim I’ve ever heard
OriginalAnon said on 16/Jul/20
In Open, Agassi tells his story chronologically and asserts self-facts throughout. I can't recall exactly, but it sounds likely that what Hijoputamos is referring to is one of those instances. For instance, "the time is 1989, I'm 174cm and 67kg".

Anyway, here is some photos of him with Marcos Baghdatis in 2006 during his final tournament. Marcos Baghdatis, at this point in time was listed universally at 6', but never looked it. However, he still edges Agassi by what looks like around 0.5" - 1". Marcos Baghdatis is now listed at 5'10'' which seems more in line with reality. Agassi's back at this point was causing him serious issues, and especially following an epic match he may be suffering posturally and he may have lost height by this point, with all of the injuries despite only being 36.

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Editor Rob
I would be surprised if Agassi said 174cm as the book is aimed at primarily American audience who wouldn't know what 174cm was.

I would not be surprised if Hijo read the Spanish edition with a translated value which was wrong.
TwelveTER said on 26/Mar/20
He claims five foot eleven in his autobiography OPEN.
Canson said on 9/Feb/20
I think peak 5’11.25 out of bed
5’10.5 afternoon max
Nik Ashton said on 7/Feb/20
@ Hijoputamos - Can you be more specific about the date?
Editor Rob
1989? An autobiography by a 19 year old Andre Agassi ???
Hijoputamos said on 5/Feb/20
In his autobiography he says “I’m 174cm and 67kg”
That was 1989....
richard dye said on 30/Mar/18
"Ironghost said on 7/Jun/09
The height listed here for Agassi is just preposterous. I remember his first appearance on The Tonight Show when he was 17 and just starting to break onto the tennis scene. He was asked about his height and stated he was 5'7, adding he expected he still had "one or two more inches left in him (in growth potential)". From that point on, I've followed his carreer rather closely and have not witnessed any major increase in his height. I'm not even sure he got the two full inches he had hoped to gain. So I doubt he is much more than 5'9. In any case, a tremendous player in his day..."

People like this are why you should never listen to anyone on the internet. I remember that interview vividly as well - at no time does he say he's "5'7" - that's a lie. Carson does ask if he might not grow more and Agassi (he was listed at 5'10 in those days) says he "might have an inch or two" left and "definitely 10 or 15 lbs". ACTUALLY what I remember - and what I commented on once in the the Schwarzeneggar section is that when Agassi comes out, it's clear he's very nearly as tall as Arnold (and Agassi is wearing flat boat shoes)....I remember noticing that at that time and saying "whaaa??"

...and yes....5'10 and 3/4 is spot on.

Agassi mentioning height is at 40 min in:
Click Here
Liam 6'2 said on 13/Dec/17
Hey Rob, What would you guess Pete Sampras at today and at his peak. And will you make a site for him ever of no?
Editor Rob
I need to look at him...he did seem a guy near his claim, though maybe not the best postured player, at times didn't seem much over 6ft.
Junior said on 24/Oct/17
Weak 5'11 is a shout for Agassi like he claim.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/17
Pete Sampras is long overdue a page here. I think he wasn't far from 6ft1 in his playing days...
Editor Rob
someone like Federer I think looked a more solid 6ft 1 than Pete, who does claim 6ft 1.
SportsHeight said on 13/Jul/17
Rob, any guesses for Steffi Graf?
Editor Rob
on her official site she's down as 176cm, but with a self confessed weak 5ft 11 Agassi it makes as much sense as arguing with John McEnroe.

I think Graf is more 174-5 zone.
Jason said on 15/Jun/17
Again, he is at least 5'11. He is close to 6 feet tall with shoes on
ok said on 1/Apr/17
where is andy roddicks page .. Find him 5'9
Arthur said on 4/Feb/17
Rob, how tall do you think he would be at night?
Editor Rob
he might end up 5ft 10.5ish.
SportsHeight said on 28/Jan/17
Rob, how tall do you think Steffi Graf was in her peak years?
CS said on 15/Jan/17
Don't see guys this honest very often. Most guys this height easily claim 6 feet and don't give it a second thought.
Jason said on 14/Jan/17
Andre is at least 5'11. I'm 5'10 and he has got about an inch on me standing next to him. We were both wearing Nike tennis shoes
Editor Rob
I've never seen a man who is over 5ft 11 who would come out with 5ft 10.75 as their height!
HonestSlovene said on 9/Jan/17
Yeah I pretty much knew 6'0 was a stretch as he always looked around 5'11" at the very most.
Jack said on 27/Dec/16
Met Agassi when he came to NZ to sign his book. Exactly what I expected 180cm. Why do people talk crap like 5 7 and stuff? Steadily graff is like 175 or 176. People have no idea if heights. For some reason people put celebs heights down cos they are jealous or just fools
Mat said on 2/Jul/16
Rob you used to thinks back in 2007 that Agassi could have measured at that mark at 9-10 am. Does that mean he could be 5'10 1/4 at night?
Editor Rob
he could drop to 178-9 range possible...I'm sure he actually did measure almost 5ft 11, but yeah the time of day wouldn't be at night.
fuzzblaster77 said on 24/Jun/16
No more than 5'10" in person.
small foot said on 18/Jun/16
honest guy with shoes he's 6 foot even....very very honest I must say....most guys lie he surely doesnt
pierric said on 1/Dec/15
Looks 2 cms smaller than Mcenroe.

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robin said on 14/Sep/15
I think his height was good for tennis. He was well trained, agile and fast, to get to drop shots for instance.
adolf said on 25/Jul/15
Guys look at him with thomas mustrr. He is lika a inch shorter.
Lee said on 14/Aug/14
Yh, I think Agassi claim is legit does look a weak 5'11 I think, he is bald too, Sampras is a legit 6'0 range guy he is about an Inch under Federer.

Agassi one of the greatest tennis players ever, legend, People who say stuff like he is 5'7 know nothing about height and are most likely just trolling, Its as bad as the people who think Nadal is under 6'0
J.Lee said on 13/Aug/14
Rob it looks to me like he may not be shorter than Brook according to some photos
Tall said on 7/Sep/13
No way is he 5'10.He looks more like 5'7
Arch Stanton said on 15/Aug/13
Sampras looked about Nada's height at peak. I'd go with 6'0.5", he can look 6' flat today though, not sure he's shrunk he's only in his 40s I think.
avi said on 7/Jul/13
he is only an inch shorter than Pete Sampras so Pete is 6'0 is guess? and Andre 5'11? make sense?
Editor Rob
sampras at around 6 foot is probably right as he's shorter than someone like federer.
Dommy said on 9/Jun/13
If Andre Agassi admits he's that height of 5 feet 10 3/4 inches, then he must be that height then.
Steven said on 7/Jan/13
Hi might even be 1 cm above. Look at this pic: Click Here
leonari said on 10/Nov/12
Copnovelist195: You are the biggest downgraded ever!! Any you have no clue what you are talking about.
Copnovelist195 said on 9/Nov/12
I saw him practicing at The Queen's Club tournament a while back and he's nothing like 5ft11 - more like 5f7. Five-eleven is given by actors and sportsmen who are short*sses. Lleyton Hewitt is another one. Agassi was playing with his shirt off though and it was impressive just how much muscle he had packed into his back. He could certainly punch above his weight, making up for his lack of inches.
Johnny Bong said on 20/Jan/12
He looks 5'9" on TV, maybe 5'9.5". With wig, 5'10.75", that's while wearing his Nike tennis shoes.
mister said on 7/Oct/11
Saw him at the Champions Series in 2011 and I am 6' 1.5 in at noon. I watched him practice the wed before his match and we were both on level ground, but were seperated by a fence. The kid he was hitting with was a junior player and he walked right by me. He was at least 2 inches shorter than me. Agassi was roughly an inch or 1.5 inches shorter than this junior so 5'9-5-10 would be a good estimate for him in my unprofessional opinion...:)
Bon_ said on 3/Aug/11
Okay, I buy 5'9 and nothing more
hs2011 said on 8/Jul/11
Not over 5'10" barefoot IMO.
anon said on 6/Jul/11
How can any of you say he was under 5'10''?

He doesn't look that small next to Marat Safin who's listed at 6'4'' but is probably as much as an inch over 6'4''.

Click Here
Click Here

or next to 6'1'' Federer
Click Here
SL9 said on 18/Jun/11
Dickens that Taiwanese model has massive heels on.
adz said on 16/May/11
He's possibly lost height at a earlyish age cause hes had quite a few back injuries during his career.
Dominic said on 1/Apr/11
Clay do you see 1.5in between Ziering and Agassi in that photo (more with Zierings hair)? If Ziering is 5'11 then Agassi would be 5'9.5 but I don't mind Agassi at 5'10 flat and Ziering at 5'11.5 because I think Ziering is taller than his listing from evidence provided. What's interesting is Perry leaning in and still taller than Agassi.
Bon_ said on 8/Feb/11
I think he's still the same height he admitted to be in his late teens - 5'7.
Mr Mayfair said on 5/Feb/11
With his wig? 5'11'' & 180lbs. Without? 5'8'' & 160lbs. I am being serious.
Bon_ said on 28/Jan/11
or maybe even 5'7 in all fairness.
To me it seems that tennis players listed heights and their actual heights are two different worlds. Instead that they are honest, we have the case that for example my 5'8 friend who played tennis got alot of remarks how he is 'too short' for tennis. How wrong they were.
Clay said on 13/Jan/11
Needs a downgrade to 5'10'' flat.
dickens said on 8/Jan/11
i mean the model in white dress is 173cm.
Agassi is about 5'7
dickens said on 8/Jan/11
see this: Click Here

She's a taiwanese model.
Click Here
173cm is her height.
So Agassi 180cm? no way.
fuzzblaster said on 28/Dec/10
At best he's 5'10" Johnny Mac is clearly and inch taller than him when the stand together.
Bon said on 29/Nov/10
He never quite seemed 5-11 to many other players along with their listed heights.
Mr. R said on 4/Nov/10
In an article years ago in Parade Magazine, he said that Brooke and he were the exact same height which was 5-11. RRRRRRRIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTTT!
Bon said on 3/Nov/10
178 at night.
Rick said on 3/Jul/09
No, just a former D1 tennis player, certified professional and huge tennis fan. And been to many events. But, like you said, we are not going to change each other's mind. It is all in fun. Just do me a favor and google Agassi with guys like Rios, Chang and Hewitt (5'9, 5'8 and 5'10, respectively). Agassi is noticeably taller than all of them. And then do the same with the guys I already suggested (Sampras, Federer, Courier). Let me know what you think. Take care.
Ironghost said on 30/Jun/09
Right, Rick. You've seen him in person with Sampras and Federer. And up-close, too, I'm sure (or else it's not very telling). Why not mention that in your first post, then? Sounds like you're just now making it up to give your claim some weight.

And, contrary to what you think, I have not changed my tune. In my original post, I wrote this : "I doubt he is *much more* than 5'9" - clearly making allowances for his being a bit taller. 5'10 would be the absolute maximum in my estimation.

Anyway, I won't be debating this with you any further. I can't convince you, obviously, and you can't convince me. So if you wan't to have the last word, you're welcome to it.
Rick said on 25/Jun/09
No one is laughing. Take a look at the photographic evidence with Sampras (6'1) and Federer (6'1 plus). I sure don't see 3-4 full inches. Not even close. And it is interesting that you go from 5'9 (your original post) to now concluding bewteen 5'9.5 and 5'10. Which is it? I have seen him in person with his aforementioned rivals. The bottom line is that the guy is much closer to 5'11 than 5'10.
Ironghost said on 17/Jun/09
You can laugh all you want about my "Leno scenario", Rick (and FYI, the Tonight Show was still hosted by Johnny Carson at the time I'm referring to, not Leno), but it's going to take more than snide and dismissive remarks to change my mind. The only film or photographic evidence I will accept as trustworthy for Agassi are those taken on the tennis court either during or immediately before/after one of his games, because in such pictures we can be confident the ground is level and no one is wearing lifts. Most of those pictures show a man smaller than his alleged 5'10 3/4. Those with his wife (tennis star Steffi Graf, who is consistently listed at 5'9) show that he is only marginally taller than her. That would place him somewhere between 5'9 1/2 and 5'10. And of course you have to take it on faith that Graf is really not a hair shorter than 5'9. I don't necessarily have that kind of faith. Some sports federations routinely "upgrade" heights to make their athletes seem even more impressive than they naturally are. Perharps it's the case with the ATP (case in point: Michael Chang, listed at 5'9, who confirms he's exactly that tall... with his shoes on!)
Rick said on 7/Jun/09
5'9 is ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Did anyone watch him hand Federer the trophy today? This listed height is exactly right. And this whole Leno scenario is equally laughable. I saw Andre on Leno late in his career. Andre looked taller.
Ironghost said on 7/Jun/09
The height listed here for Agassi is just preposterous. I remember his first appearance on The Tonight Show when he was 17 and just starting to break onto the tennis scene. He was asked about his height and stated he was 5'7, adding he expected he still had "one or two more inches left in him (in growth potential)". From that point on, I've followed his carreer rather closely and have not witnessed any major increase in his height. I'm not even sure he got the two full inches he had hoped to gain. So I doubt he is much more than 5'9. In any case, a tremendous player in his day...
John said on 16/May/09
I saw him in London, and I was definitely taller than him. I'm 5'10.
anon said on 21/Apr/09
Don't forget that Agassi has vertebral disc problems, so he might have lost height or it might mean that he shrinks a lot more from his morning height. Regardless, he was one of the shorter tennis players which makes his achievements and his ability to punish players much bigger than him more remarkable. He also boasts a 315 lb bench.
Doug said on 2/Apr/09
Funny thing is that this guy is a shade under 5'11" yet has always looked short on the tennis court. I remember watching Agassi vs 6'6" Todd Martin and Agassi looked tiny, Must admit he looks nearer 5'9.5" in the above photo. If you compare this picture to the one of Glenn with Stallone is does seem very strange that Stallone would appear to be inches taller than Agassi here yet Stallone is listed as 2 inches shorter than Agassi!
glenn said on 9/Mar/09
agreed dani.though he did have pavement advantage over can be a joke to judge.
dani said on 8/Mar/09
He's 5"11(180cm0. People can't make judgements based on the above picture. Andre is slouching on this picture.
Trent said on 20/Jan/09
Never taller than 5'10 max
mclover said on 17/Jan/09
glen, was this guy nice?? Ive heard a lot of disappointing stories about him.
Jase said on 29/Nov/08
Agassi definitly looked a legit 5'11 next to federer in the us open photo , also look up the french open 1991 final against courier on youtube, he's not far off couriers height. also, 180cm=5'11 . i mean, you dont list mm, so its impossible to be exactly 5'11 on this site. many might not even count the extra.34cm when saying they are 180cm
dural said on 28/Jun/08
Steve012 - 5'10.75in is 179.705cm. close enough to 180cm. 5'11 is 180.34cm.
he looks barely 2in taller then his 5'9" wife Steffi Graf. 5'10.75in could be his early morning height.
rick said on 25/Jun/08
The post below (Mike I believe) is spot on. Tennis sneaks are low to the ground to aid against turning an ankle. Agassi's build is awkward and can give a smaller appearance. But look at him in tennis shoes with Sampras and Federer. Then, in every day footwear up against Armstrong. He is just about 5'11.
leonyhli said on 4/Jun/08
i believe he is 180cm first thing in the morning and 178cm b4 bed. tall people can shink up to 3cm by night because I see myself shinking 1.25 cm by night. I am 164.2cm in the morning and 162.8cm at night so I guess I am really 163.5cm at 5ft4.25. I can also see why Michael J Fox is listed as 164cm for the same reason. Thus Agassi in reality is 179cm tall (by noon) if he wear thick heel tennis shoe (no more than 3cm and shinking (.30cm) when pressing on it (2.7cm)) he can look like 180cm at 5ft11 when competing with other players who are also 180cm.
leonyhli said on 3/Jun/08
now looking at Glenn there is no way Michael Chang is more than 5ft8.25 (173.5cm) and no way to be 5ft9 (175cm) . I have seen his photo standing with agassi straight up and now I believe sports people and celebrities always exagerate their height up to 3cm.

Editor Rob
Michael Chang has never really claimed 5ft 9, the organisations published that height. What he said in 1993 was "I am 5' 9", at least, with shoes", so he's claiming 5ft 8 really and all the organisations giving 5ft 9 are in the wrong.
Ali said on 2/Jun/08
I think Agassi is 176-178 cm. So 5-10 is accurate. He
definitely is not 180 cm.

Sampras was always clearly 2+ inches taller than Agassi. But
Sampras had bad posture and looked 183 cm. It seems Sampras
has improved his posture and lookes taller nowadays.

Here is a picmture of Sampras and Federer having almost the
same height. Fed might be 1 cm taller.

Click Here

Andre Agassi 178 cm max
Sampras 185 max
Federer 186 max
Vincenzo said on 25/May/08
I think he is more in the 5'9.5 range, 5'10 is pushing it.
Shawn37 said on 17/May/08
He's barely taller than his 5'9 wife Steffi Graf, 178 cm (5ft 10) sounds right for this guy.
Leung said on 12/May/08
Steffi Graf is 5
quebecker said on 11/May/08
Anybody know how tall his wife (Steffi Graf) is?
quebecker said on 11/May/08
i don't believe he's anymore than 5'10 (178 cm)
mr. blue said on 6/May/08
Steve012 is right, Editor Rob. I'd change it to 179 cm.
Jason said on 5/May/08
i agree gazinder
Steve012 said on 2/May/08
BTW, i don't think he's taller than 179 cm, he said it self and i've no idea why he should downgrade himself. I also don't think that he would claim his evening or after exercise height as his "height", why should a man do this, Leung?
Steve012 said on 2/May/08
5'10 3/4 isn't't 180 cm, 5'11 is 180 cm, 5'10 3/4 is 179 cm or so.
Leung said on 24/Apr/08
Andre has always walked like that, some bow-legged people have that walking motion. Regarding his "5ft 10 and three quarters" claim, I think that is possibly his evening height or after exercise height.
Davey said on 22/Apr/08
One thing ive noticed is that american sports people always get measured with shoes on.I think hes 5`9
Marcelo C. said on 7/Apr/08
Silver: You
Silver said on 4/Apr/08
is 5'10=178cm? 5'11=180cm? 6'=183 or am I mixing?
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/08
I personally think he is 5'9.5 to 5'10 (that height he gave 5'10.75 is with shoes, as Americans have a habit of stating height in shoes)
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/07
there is no doubt about it that Agassi is somewhere between 5'10.5 and 5'11 depending on the day.
antron said on 21/Oct/07
all evidence points to 5'10 and change
Caesar said on 10/Sep/07
Jan, Federer has pretty thick hair there. Taking that into account, Agassi looks about 2.5 inches shorter, and if Federer is exactly 6'1 1/4 then that would make Agassi 5'10 3/4 as he says. I don't like talking in quarter inches, so we'll round down to 6'1 and 5'10.5.
JanJ said on 30/Jul/07
agassi is more like 5'10 or 177 cm
Click Here
weekly said on 20/May/07
antron - Sampras has been always listed at 6'1, but I doubt he is this height nowadays. He was extremely slouching during matches and so he does when photographed. I've never seen him standing straight on any photo. That's why I think Sampras could be about 5'11-6'0, which would make Agassi 5'9.75-5'10.75, because I think there's an 1.25'' difference between them.

Editor Rob
Agassi should get some credit, he came up against the munster wearing Sly and came out taller. These days that's no mean feat!
glenn said on 19/May/07
he walked funny here too.
antron said on 18/May/07
One thing strange with Agassi is his strange waddle/walk, at least on the court. Im not sure if it is due to his back problems or what. It's not conducive to great posture that's for sure. Based upon Glenn, mine, and DMeyer's examples, he looks 5'10". I was looking at some pictures of him with Pete Sampras, who is listed as 184-85, and Agassi doesn't look any shorter than 180cm. Here is one!
Click Here
Click Here
glenn said on 18/May/07
rob-no,no order on the pics.hence losing place is too small to organize things.i know all the photo with guys well.
glenn said on 18/May/07
he did give an illusion of 5-9 at first.he seemed barely he is going up a slight hill here.
Irshgrl500 said on 17/May/07
Glenn, even if Andre was wearing shoes with say a one inch heel, he appears to be 5'9", at the most. What are your thoughts?
Irshgrl500 said on 17/May/07
Hey folks,
for all of you who post links to Getty Images, do you realize that you have to be a member of their website to view their pictures? Does anyone know if there is another way to view the photos without having to sign up for a membership?
glenn said on 10/May/07
bumped into both agassi and armstrong! not together of that timing and luck.rack,rack rack.and the photos with stack.

Editor Rob
do you know the other top 5 photo collectors in ny personally? Actually, do you organise all your pics, or do you even bother with some sort of method of storing them?

I know one old fellow who stores them all in alphabetical binders etc and carries about this folder where on each page it has like 20 smaller scaled pics of what he's collected, he loves to tell tales to go with his pics, actually I enjoy hearing any tidbits about celeb meetings, not necessarily to do with height of course.
MD said on 9/May/07
A new pic for more references.

With 5'-9.75" Lance Armstrong

Click Here

Editor Rob
Glenn GOT the man with strong arms aswell!...
Mike said on 9/May/07
Agassi is a tricky one... he doesnt have the build of a tall guy and walks funny, but hes taller than you think... itching in close to 5'11, and I think Glenn got it right here. Plus hes an honest guy and if he admits 5'10.75, im sold.
invisible said on 29/Apr/07
rob. i know you can't see agassis and federers trainers.
sorry was a mistake. i won't you to look at agassis shoes in MD's pic with Andy Roddick. seems like he's tiptoeing a bit

Editor Rob
one thing with the 3/4, it is a good chance agassi measured himself earlier, this could be a 9-10am measurement. Maybe a bit like jodie foster at college measuring earlier and earlier until she gets out of bed and measures herself nearer to 5ft 4 and thinks she had grown.

But regardless, he still manages to look a little taller than sly stallone who wears god knows what in his shoes!
invisible said on 29/Apr/07
andre with another 177cm guy Benjamin Becker
Click Here
Click Here
with Roger Federer (186cm)
Click Here
they're standing on the court so the ground level is the same. I think he is more like 5'10
MD look at his shoes

Editor Rob
you could have picked a better federer/agassi, i'll give you one

Agassi's trainers: here
Federer's trainers: here.
glenn said on 28/Apr/07
to make it worse,he is going up a slight hill.
antron said on 28/Apr/07
Andre looking 179-180cm with Lance Armstrong(177cm): Click Here
The Horse of FUNK said on 27/Apr/07
Hard pic to make anything out of. At first glance he seems 5'10" barefoot. But, then Glenn and Agassi's unusual leaning/posture totally throw me off. Agassi's like leaning in as he walks and Glenn's leaning back and to the right.
MD said on 24/Apr/07
As I said months ago he really looks of average height to me. I'd give him no more than 5'10" barefoot, with his own stated height of 5'10.75" in shoes. He just can't be 5'10.75" barefoot, of he'd regularly loook 6'0", and he's never looked that, to me.

Again, with people of known height. Notice him and 5'9.25" Serena Williams. Daisy Fuentas (adjacent right) is given 5'8.5", and Ellen 5'7". Andy Roddick is either 6'1" or 6'2":

Click Here
Don said on 24/Apr/07
haha! If Glenn up there is really 5'8, I'm being generous and saying Agassi is 5'9 to 5'9.5 barefoot. He might be 5'11 in his shoes!
Vibram said on 23/Apr/07
I agree with hulk. 5'11'"/180 is nonsense for this guy. He looks 177'ish, 178 at most. He just doesn't exude the build of a guy above 5'10", and I doubt he's shrunk since his peak playing days (23-30), it's not like he's 55 or something........he's only 36 for Christ sake!
hulk said on 23/Apr/07
He doesnt look 180 on this picture, i would say 177 cm, and thats it.
Mr Mayfair said on 10/Jan/07
He always used to claim 5.11 which made me at least six foot tall, when I peaked at 5.11. I was surprised to see just how small he and most other "celebrities" really are!
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/07
Also those are horribly angled pics and Andy still looks taller in 3 out of 4 since he's leaning in the 5th one. Note that he has a cap in the 1st one and an inch lower heel in the 3rd one yet he is STILL taller than Roger who is 186 making him 188.
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/07
He gets the 6'1" because when he first turned pro he was 17/18. You can tell in pics he's taller consistently. He's 4 inches taller than Hewitt and ATLEAST 1 than Federer. So Agassi probably is 5'10.75"-5'11".
Alex said on 2/Jan/07
He only looks 5'10 with Glenn if Glenn was more back from the camera.
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/06
MD-Roddick is 6'2" and Serena is a bit over 5'9".
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/06
Re John McEnroe - I saw him talking on BBC television last Wimbledon. He said that, as he was 5ft 11 and a half inches tall, he was going to start to round up his height and claim 6ft - this was in response to another player (can't remember who) who had rounded up his height.
MD said on 29/Nov/06
Which pic?
dmeyer said on 23/Nov/06
looks a weak 180 in that pic
rick said on 23/Nov/06
No Steffi is smaller than him. I always thought 179/180 cms for Agassi. So I was right. (see my comment on May 2006 about Matthew Perry). I'm 179.5 cms and when I was just in front of Andre at the French Open, I estimated him at a little 180. but I haven't any pic of us. Sorry.
Glenn said on 23/Nov/06
Yeah,in that pic.I heard the Rock twice this year.Johnny Depp,Tom Cruise,Emilio Esteves years ago.
Gonzalo said on 23/Nov/06
Is it you, Mikex
Mikex. said on 22/Nov/06
Is it me or do Glenn and Andre look like brothers?
Anonymous said on 28/Oct/06
BTW, he is taller than Steffi Graf, and he always looked about the same height as Brooke Shields. And he's not the type to ever wear lifts. He's quite comfortable with being shorter than everyone, since he mostly hangs out with 6'1" - 6'5" tennis players.
Anonymous said on 28/Oct/06
Nah...I know tennis. He's always been known as 5'11" at least. Most people say he is closer to 6'. John McEnroe said he was 5'11" 1/2. Since he has admitted that he is 5'10" 3/4, and since that is such an exact height, and he is a professional athlete and probably knows his exact measurements, that's his height. If you met him and he seemed shorter than that, maybe he just shrunk more than you during the course of the day. He always looked close in height to Sampras and he seems only a couple of inches shorter than Federer.
Glenn said on 14/Oct/06
I agree MD.
MD said on 13/Oct/06
I'm sticking to my guns that the 5'10.75" is in shoes. He's 5'10" tops barefoot.
Bad Attitude said on 12/Oct/06
Agassi doesn't look taller than 5'10". His wife, Steffi Graf, is as tall as him.
Anon said on 11/Sep/06
I wonder if he lost a bit of height due to all his back problems. Bulging discs, shifting vertebrae, bone the very least it has an effect on his posture. John McEnroe BTW is 6' even.
Viper652 said on 6/Sep/06
Im actually right most of the time Bik. You just think actors are closer to their listed height I guess. Perry is no taller than 5-10 for sure.
bikagyura said on 6/Sep/06
seriously Viper... I can't recall discovering a single height comment you wrote that wasn't logically distorted... Perry is at least 5' 11" for sure...
Viper652 said on 5/Sep/06
Hes referring to Matthew Perry I beleive.
indian hunk said on 5/Sep/06
guys debate is over steffi graf is listed as 5 feet 9 this is her max height probably a bit less but not much cause she looks it.then look at the pic provided by MD.see the pic,here andy is slouching a lot steffi too has her legs bent a bit which might make her to loose bout half an inch now look at andre his feet are not firm on ground maybe hes trying to look taller by doing this,this accounts for an increase of about half an compare steffi and andre.hes 2 inches taller than her in that pic but in reality hes only one inch taller cause of his foot being not on the ground and steffis i guess hes atmost 5 feet 10 if we take steffi to be 5 feet 9 .end of story
Nolifts81 said on 4/Sep/06
Right Rob I've seen him in Rome 3 times in occasion of "Telecom Italia Masters"and he is about 180cm or at least 179cm.P.S. You are talking about Luke Perry or another person called also Perry? If you are talking about Luke Perry I can say that he is for sure 176 cm(5'9"+). In 1995 he starred in an Italian movie called "Vacanze di Natale95" with one of the most famous actor in Italy Massimo Boldi. Massimo Boldi is for sure 5'9" and Luke was about the same height or 0.5 at max (1cm)taller than Boldi. So I am almost sure that Luke Perry is 5'9"+ (176cm).
Viper652 said on 4/Sep/06
Perry is 5-9 to 5-10 also Dmeyer.
dmeyer said on 4/Sep/06
near perry he looks aleast that near 182 183 perry
Anonymous said on 3/Sep/06
Seen a listing for him at 5'10 in a sports magazine!...also had Morris Green at 5'7 (US 100metre runner)
Viper652 said on 3/Sep/06
Louie, its amazing how you are wrong every time you open your mouth.
Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
McEnroe is near impossible for photo with.I told him so,and his reply was "at least Im consistant".dickhead.
Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
McEnroe always seemed 6ft to me.
MD said on 3/Sep/06
With 5'9" Serena Williams and 6'1" Andy Roddick (among others):

1. Click Here

2. Click Here

I think this shows, also, that Daisy Fuentas (between Andre and Serena) isn't the 5'9" she's given, here. Andre's looking closer to 5'9.75"-5'10" than anything else.
MD said on 2/Sep/06
I was about to say the exact same thing, Stiffelio. He was AT LEAST a full inch shorter than McEnroe in that interview, and I'd even say as much as 1.5" I'd say 5'10" tops, unless McEnroe is honestly 6'0", which I doubt.

Editor Rob
just had a look and would agree that there looked nearer 1.5 inch, but hard to say if more because of hair+footwear, although I don't think Agassi had thin trainers on. 5ft 10.75 could be an early morning height for this guy...
Glenn said on 2/Sep/06
Got him by accident last night.seemed 5-9 with a yeah,maybe 5-10ish.
stan said on 2/Sep/06
rob does your morning height really come back after laying down for only 20 mins?

Editor Rob
well, not quite your early early morning height, maybe your hour after rising height. You'd need to try it yourself...
Stiffelio said on 2/Sep/06
I think this could be his height with tennis shoes on. I'd subtract 1 full inch for his barefoot height, or even 1 1/2 inch. He did look 1 1/2 inches shorter than 5ft 11in John McEnroe, when the latter interviewed him for the TV after his thrilling and loooooonnggg match with Baghdatis.
xaoxio said on 2/Sep/06
I don't think that Andre is lying either but may be that's his old measurement?
You do know that he has some problems with his back, don't you?
p.s.(Click Here)- the official site of men's proffesional tennis - that's where you can check player's height. That's not the most correct source for height but still it's quite reliable...

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