How tall is Andrew Flintoff

Andrew Flintoff's Height

6ft 3 ¾ (192.4 cm)

English former cricketer, turned TV presenter. In the Express he said "I'm 6ft 4ins".

How tall is Freddie Flintoff
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Average Guess (18 Votes)
6ft 3.76in (192.4cm)
Inches_to_cm said on 10/Jan/21
Rob- Have you had many requests for Australian Rules Football? I got into it fairly recently and average heights are quite high (as "key position" players all tend to be 190cm and above). However shorter players can do very well in different positions.
Editor Rob
not really. If you were running an Aussie celeb heights, then of course that would be much more focussed and you'd probably add quite a few of those guys as it's a big sport there.
Rajiv roy said on 5/Jan/21
No he is flat 6 foot. Looks about 2 inch taller than bhuvi kumar .
Inches_to_cm said on 2/Jan/21
Zaheer Khan......flat 6'0 is a bit too short for him, isn't it? I thought there'd be a good photo of him with one of the Pandyas which could help.
Rajiv roy said on 1/Jan/21
@ Dave mills, zaheer khan flat 6'1 😲😲😲😲. No mate . He is about the same height as steyn. Steyn is flat 6 foot tall. Not 5'10" like most people says. Nehra and yuvi both could be 6'1.5" maybe .25 inch higher.
Dave Mills said on 31/Dec/20
@Rajiv Roy true,If Zaheer Khan is flat 6'1 and Yuvraj is a weak 6'2 then 6'1.25-6'1.5 is definitely possible for Ashish Nehra
Rajiv roy said on 29/Dec/20
@ dave mills, 6'1.5 is possible for nehra
Dave Mills said on 27/Dec/20
Click Here
@Rajiv roy how tall do you think Ashish Nehra is? Google lists him at 6' but with Ishant Sharma he looks closer to 6'1
Rajiv roy said on 25/Dec/20
Dave mills,yes only morne morkel height listing looks all right.
Rajiv roy said on 22/Dec/20
@ sakz, gayle could be 6 foot 2.75 inches who knows. Looked similar to cook but a little taller. How much its debateable? 6.3 or 6' 2.75 or even 6'2 and 7/8 ths.steyn is a legit 6 foot guy . He is Too short to be 5.11 only.
Dave Mills said on 22/Dec/20
@Rajiv roy ironically Steyn's teammates have been mostly overlisted on Google, Hashim Amla who looks a good 2-3 inches shorter than Steyn was listed as 6 feet for a long time before being demoted to 5'10, David Miller who is somewhere between 5'11 and 6'0 is still listed as 6'3 and Faf du plessis who is 1-2 cm shorter than Steyn is listed as 5'11. South African cricketer's height listing on Google is a total mess.
Sakz said on 20/Dec/20
@Rajiv Roy Well Gayle could be slightly under 6'3, which would therefore put Steyn under 6'0. It's not easy judging the height of cricketers accurately mainly because of their posture, unless you observe team photos where they stand well. At first glance, I wouldn't have guessed Steyn at 6'0 based on his proportions. My guess would have been around 5'11.
Rajiv roy said on 19/Dec/20
@ inches to cm, steve smith is 5.9 range😲😲😲😲. No way. He is 5 is 8 and a half ( 174 cm). Marnus labuschagne maybe 6 foot so 3.5 inch difference. Believe me. Still hoping that rob will add a cricketer soon. He is watching my comments. Common rob paul, atleast add one english cricketer. Add stuart broad. I think you are aware about stuart broad.
Rajiv roy said on 19/Dec/20
@ sakz, i still feel wood is 179 cm. As for holder 6 foot 7 is bang on. Surprisingly steyn is listed at 5.10 and a half ( 179 cm) on google which is nonsense. He is every bit of 6 foot ( 183cm). Just search steyn and gayle in a cpl match on youtube. Steyns eyes were at level with gayles lower lips which means about 3 inch shorter. Gayle is 6 foot 3 means steyn 6 foot.
Sakz said on 18/Dec/20
@Inches_to_cm Labuschagne probably has a footwear advantage. I would put him at a strong 5'11 going by what I've seen, and Smith at a strong 5'8 since he seems to look about 4 inches shorter than 6 footers.
Inches_to_cm said on 17/Dec/20
In any case, couldn't see too many comparable photos of them (only looked at the first results page), a lot of the times they're walking, and one or both are wearing helmets.
Inches_to_cm said on 17/Dec/20
@Rob- actually I just Googled "Labuschagne and Smith" lol (Labuschagne is the guy I'm interested in, Smith is the 5'9 range guy). Yeah there could be footwear issues in the first, as I always thought Labuschagne was upper end of average (5'10-6'0), but beyond 6'0 would be hard for me to see.
Sakz said on 16/Dec/20
@Rajiv Roy A weak 5'10 at most for me. If you look up pictures of him next to the likes of Root, Stokes and Archer, he looks around 3 inches shorter. The funny thing is he's listed at 6'0 on Google, which he doesn't even reach in shoes! Holder does have a small head which aides him in looking as tall as he's described.

@Inches_to_cm Well some average height guys do sometimes describe themselves as 'short', though as you pointed out it does depend on the height of others. Compared to fast bowlers in England and other teams, he isn't as tall so it's not surprising he feels that way.
Inches_to_cm said on 16/Dec/20
@Sakz Wood has a new podcast out (Middle Please, Umpire), and on it, he describes himself as being "quite short". Don't know what to make of that, although even a six-footer would call themselves short if they were constantly surrounded by taller men in the same profession (in Wood's case, the stereotypical big quick who is often north of 6'2).
Rajiv roy said on 15/Dec/20
@ sakz, i actually thought of 5.10 for wood. But i think he is 5 foot 10 and a half. About 179 cm.i mean he cant be 5.9 range surely. So is 5 foot 10.5 inches. Well 6 foot 4.75 inches is possible for braithwaite . But holder has a relatively small forehead. I think braithwaite is exactly 6.5. Holder 6.7. So a 2 inch gap. Stokes is 6.1 and archer 0.5 inch less.
Sakz said on 15/Dec/20
@Martin Denyer Brathwaite looks slightly over 2 inches shorter than Holder so I would put him at a weak 6'5. Of course that's assuming Holder is actually 6'7.

@Rajiv Roy Mark Wood definitely isn't 5'11. He looks average in height so I would say somewhere in the 5'9 range. Looks a few inches shorter than 6 footers such as Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes too.
Inches_to_cm said on 15/Dec/20
Rajiv- I've mainly lived in the UK and India, I like to think of myself as a global citizen. In the UK, in and around London and in India, New Delhi.
Rajiv roy said on 14/Dec/20
@ inches to cm, wood is may be 5 foot 11inches. I am not that sure. I am pretty confident that archer 184 cm or 6'1/2" tall. Looks .5 inch taller than 6 foot joe root.where are you from? I have seen your comment on general height forum of this wrote that you lived in india for a fair bit of time and 6 foot is just tall but not super tall.
Inches_to_cm said on 14/Dec/20
On the other end of the spectrum for pacers, what would you say about Archer and Wood, star quicks for England in last year's World Cup?
Rajiv roy said on 9/Dec/20
@ chilling, yeah mitch johnson can look taller than vaughan. But both of them can look anywhere from 6 foot 1.5 to 2 range. Would not surprised if either of them is measured at 6 foot 1.75inches. Root is a perfect example of a real 6 foot guy.
Rajiv roy said on 7/Dec/20
@ rob paul, please mr. Rob add a cricket player. Start with some popular english cricketers. Ben stokes, joe root , broad, anderson , morgan are most popular current cricketers
Martin Denyer said on 7/Dec/20
Brathwaite is not 6’7” or 6’8”. Look at him with Jason Holder, a good inch or
more shorter. Brathwaite is about 6’6” and Pollard is about 6’4.5”. Pollard is noticeably shorter than Ian Bishop.
Rajiv roy said on 7/Dec/20
@ inches to cm, yeah cummins could be 6.3 on the dot at low. Ifran is not even 6.11 believe me. He is aussie cricketer Cameron green looks similar to starc probably a bit taller. I think he is 198 cm or 6.6. Lest arm pacer Jason behrendotff is also quite tall. I think if kevin pietersen and him stand side by side they would be really close. So for him anywhere from 6.4 to 6 foot 4.25 is possible.
Inches_to_cm said on 5/Dec/20
@Rajiv - Yeah Cummins has been listed at 192 cm (just over 6'3.5) online. All these measurements could be morning though. Yeah 7'1 seemed suspicious for Irfan, but at that height, the marginal inch doesn't really matter.
@Dave mills- Yeah the new young Aussie kid Cameron Green is also listed at 200cm, so he joins that club too, unless there's a mistake (in which case Rajiv can enlighten us). There was another Aussie quick in the World Cup last year- Behrendorff, wonder about his height.
Dave Mills said on 5/Dec/20
@Rajiv roy Carlos Brathwaite is very easily over 6'7 and probably 6'8 just google him with Kieron Pollard (listed 6'5 and 6'6) ,there is easily atleast a 2 inches between them.
Rajiv roy said on 4/Dec/20
@ dave mills, braithwaite seems 6 foot 5.5 inches tall or 197 cm. Maybe about same height as stuart broad. Dont know why you think he is 6.8. Stanlake , blessing, tremlett could be 6 foot 7.5 or at most 6 foot 7.75 inches. They dont look full 6.8. But tallest cricketer in the world mohammed irfan is definietly not 7.1 or even 7 foot or 6.11. He is 6 foot 10 inches tall. Dont know why he is overlisted by 3 inches. Irfan has a photo with ian bishop who is 6.5. Irfan looked 5 inches taller there.
Canson said on 3/Dec/20
Looks around his listing. May be 6’3.5 afternoon height
Dave Mills said on 3/Dec/20
@Inches_to_com Blessing and Stanlake are big guys, on par with Joel Garner, Carlos Brathwaite and Chris Tremlett.All of them seem to be around 6'8.
Rajiv roy said on 2/Dec/20
@inches to cm, wow that guy i think is zim fast bowler muzarabani. He is listed at 6.8 in google. Morkel looks 3 inch shorter but he was little behind . So probably 2.5 inches. I think muzarabani is 6 foot 7.5 inches. But morkel's legs looks very awkward in that picture like great khali. Not sure he has lost any height in legs. But yeah 6.5 in possible for morkel. Rabada is 6 foot 1.5 inches tall and ngidi 6.3 or quarter inches above. Aus pace trio -
Cummins - 6.3 or a little under
Hazlewood- 6.5 or little under
Starc - 6.5 . Starc is maybe quarter inches taller than hazlewood .
Inches_to_cm said on 1/Dec/20
I'd say 6'5 is right for Morne, though haven't noticed him too closely. He look quite diminutive here (lol): Click Here

What about his compatriots Rabada and Lungisani Ngidi? And the Aussie trio of Cummins, Hazlewood and Starc?
Rajiv roy said on 1/Dec/20
@Inches to cm, yeah he is anywhere from 6 foot 1.5 to 1.75 inches. Looks a weak 6.2. By the way, how tall is sa former fast bowler morne morkel? He does look 6.5
Chilling said on 28/Nov/20
Rajiv- I was watching BT Sport outtakes from the 2017-18 Ashes recently. When Michael Vaughan was seen with 6'0 Root, he looked his listed 6'2.
Then I saw him and Damien Fleming with Johnson. From the video, Fleming looked around 6'0, and Johnson looked taller than Vaughan, so I thought 189cm could be reasonable(although footwear and posture may matter here).
See here for Root and Vaughan: Click Here

And here for Vaughan, Fleming and Johnson:
Click Here

(This is Inches_to_cm here, changed my name on my computer but for some reason hasn't changed on my phone haha)
Inches_to_cm said on 22/Nov/20
Yeah 6'1.5 seems right for Johnson, maybe 6'2 max (see here with Cook who is 189cm on Celeb Heights: Click Here)
Rajiv roy said on 22/Nov/20
@ inches to cm, perry isn't 176 cm or 5'9.25. 5'9.5 is actually 176.5.looks barely 5.8 with steve smith in a youtube video.warner was there too in that video.johnson is 6'1.5. Google listing is off by an inch.
Rajiv roy said on 21/Nov/20
@ dave mills, i think abd is 5.11, du plessis 5.11 and a half and miller 6. Steyn is 6 foot as well. But david millers forehead is pretty big.
Rajiv roy said on 21/Nov/20
@ inches to cm, 5.11 on the dot for jonny bairstow is possible. Root is 6 foot and stokes anywhere from 6' 0.75 inch to 6'1.
Inches_to_cm said on 21/Nov/20
Rajiv - Equivalence is a little difficult to say. Some people say add 5 inches, some say 6, some say 7.
Since we're talking about cricket, and Ellyse Perry of Australia is listed at 5'9.5, would that make her the same as a 6'2.5 male then (as per your assumption), like a Mitchell Johnson (going by his listing again)? I think that it may be easier to make comparisons by looking at distributions of individual populations and the different percentiles therein, rather than just adding on half a foot or whatever.
Anyway, Equivalence is interesting, but don't know if it has any practical use.
Rajiv roy said on 21/Nov/20
@ Inches to cm, yeah steyn is 6 bowlers are generally his height looks on the shorter side.actually i want to know that if a 5.2 female is roughly equivalent to 5.7 male then 6.2 female should be equivalent to 6.7 or it would be more.
Inches_to_cm said on 20/Nov/20
@Rajiv roy, what do you think of Bairstow? Here's a picture of Stokes, Bairstow and Root all together standing at attention with heads bowed down (Click Here say the latter two are pretty similar? Which, if Root is 6'0, would put Bairstow in the 5'11-6'0 range, rather than his current online listing of 5'10. Stokes seems to be significantly bigger than these two though.
Dave Mills said on 20/Nov/20
@Rajiv Roy De Villiers,Du Plessis,Miller and Steyn are all some kind of 5'11's my guesses.
1. De Villiers - 5'11- 5'11.25(probably the shortest of the bunch)
2. Du Plessis - 5'11 - 5'11.5
3. Miller - 5'11.25 - 6'0.25(posture varies too much,but could easily be weak 6 footer)
4. Steyn - 5'11.5 - 6'0(could be the tallest but Miller's posture variations makes me unsure)
Inches_to_cm said on 20/Nov/20
@Rajiv roy, just had a look at some pictures of Steyn with Faf Du Plessis and yes, Steyn definitely looks taller. 6 foot it is.
I guess there is a fast bowler effect after all, I'd say the same would hold with basketball players under 6'3 or so, they'd look positively tiny on the court next to the dudes 2m and over.
Rajiv roy said on 18/Nov/20
@ inches to cm, faulkner could be just shy of 6.1 mark. So 6'0.75 inches or 184.8 cm is believable for him. But at the end of the day i am waiting when will rob add a cricketer.
Rajiv roy said on 18/Nov/20
@ inches to cm,these are all aussie cricketers height
1. Paine - 5'11.25
2. Labushagne- 5'11.75
3.smith- 5'8.5
4.warner- 5'6.25
5.finch- 5' 8.5
6. Khwaja- 5' 8.25
7.lyon- 6'
8. Cummins- 6'2.75
9.pattinson- 6'2.25
10.starc- 6'5
11. Hazlewood - 6' 4.75

Morkel and broad are 6' 5.25 or 196.25 cm cant get more accurate heights than this.

Mohammed irfan who is claimed to be the worlds tallest cricketer is only😲😲😲6.10 inches tall and not 7.1 which is listed in google.
Rajiv roy said on 18/Nov/20
@ david mills,i think kohli is 5.9 and a quarter. Steyn looks 2.75 inch taller. He is 6 is 5 foot 9 and a half maybe. Hashim amla probably quarter inch higher at 5'9.75 inch. Abd 5.11 and a quarter. Du plessis 5.11 and a half. David miller 5.11 and three quarter. Gayle 6.3
Dave Mills said on 18/Nov/20
@Rajiv roy I don't think MS Dhoni at age 39 has lost any height, it's his posture that seems to vary so anything around 5'10 seems fair alsi I'd agree Dale Steyn often looks a good 2.5-3 inches taller than 5'9 Virat Kohli and I remember him looking 1.5-2 inches taller than 5'10 listed Hashim Amla,as for AB de Villiers he debuted at the age of 20 so might have grown a cm or two in his initial years, Chris Gayle is even more interesting since Google lists him at 6'2 but never looked that short , he often gets mentioned during matches as 6'4 or 6'5 but I'd assume he is a legit 6'3.
Inches_to_cm said on 18/Nov/20
And of course, Jimmy Faulkner, mentioned by Dave, is an interesting one. I'd never have put him above maybe 184cm, but he's listed at 186cm! Could be because he seems to stoop more than other cricketers (surprised because people who bowl pace should know the importance of good posture).
Inches_to_cm said on 18/Nov/20
Rajiv, since you seem to be fairly knowledgeable about all this, what do you think of the following guys?: Marnus Labuschagne (who doesn't seem that tall but does appear to tower over Steve Smith), Tim Paine, Nathan Lyon, Usman Khawaja and the formidable pace foursome (Starc, Hazlewood, Cummins, Pattinson)?
Have been watching the excellent Amazon series "The Test" these days, which is where the question comes from. Would recommend to any cricket fans here.
Inches_to_cm said on 18/Nov/20
Steyn may look shorter than he is because pace bowlers outside India are typically north of 6' when we see someone like Steyn, we may compare them to the likes of Morne Morkel and Mitchell Starc, and so downgrade them in our minds.
Rajiv roy said on 17/Nov/20
@ dave mills, yeah you are right about rahul dravid. He was 5.11 in early 2000s now he is about 5.10. Subhman gill, a new star of indian cricket looks 5.11 to 5.11 and a quarter inches tall. Dhoni was 5.10 and a half now 5 foot 9.5. Abd is legit 5.11 . Gayle a legit 6.3. Greame smith also a 6.3 guy.steyn has to 6 foot. I saw a cpl match in youtube where steyns eye level reached gayle's middle of two lips. That is 3 inch difference. Steyn acted in a movie called blended. I saw a pic of him with hollywood actor adam sandler who is just under 5.10. Steyn looked 6 foot there. I am like rob who is good at guessing height. Sorry my english is bit weak. This is not my native language.but look , i have seen so many cricket matches that i can guess cricketers height accurately.
Dave Mills said on 17/Nov/20
@Rajiv Roy cricketer's height are way more complicated to track than it looks , for ex Rahul Dravid(listed 5'11) already seems to have lost some height at age 47 in his more recent pics with Shubhman gill ,also in 2004 he somehow ended up looking taller than 6'0 listed Shoaib Akhtar, MS Dhoni somedays he can looks as short as 5'8 other days he almost stood eye to eye with James Faulkner (listed 6'1.25),Ab de Villiers whom you're assuming to be around 5'11 often looked to only 2 inches shorter than a 6'3 listed Chris Gayle but ends up looking way shorter than 6'2 listed Graeme Smith. it's all pretty difficult to predict.
Rajiv roy said on 14/Nov/20
@ inches to cm, if anderson is 6.2 then there is no way steyn is 5.10. Even if he is measured flat 5.11 i will be surprised. Steyn looks to tall to be 5.10 to 5.11 only.he is 6 foot. Looks 1.5 inch shorter than anderson. Anderson is 6 foot 1.5 inches
Inches_to_cm said on 14/Nov/20
Rajiv roy- Having said that, I think you are about right for Root, Anderson may be 6'2 on the dot, Morgan 5'8-9, Stokes would be 6'1 approximately, but maybe slightly less. Kohli seems alright, Dhoni would be around half an inch taller than him perhaps, Sachin seems accurate as does Gayle, Warne would be 5'10.5-5'11.5 (I think he's listed at 5'11 over here), Steyn would be 5'10-10.5 (I think 6'0 is too generous for him) and ABD would again be 5'11-6'0. These are all educated guesses though, haven't studied them too closely.
Inches_to_cm said on 14/Nov/20
@Rajiv roy - I guess there isn't much demand? Cricket isn't incredibly popular in the UK, and certainly not in the US or Europe. The South Asian visitors on this site seem to be more interested in the heights of Bollywood actors, which makes sense as actors tend to exaggerate their heights more than athletes do.
I would like Rob to add more cricket players as well, but it's understandable why he hasn't done so yet.
Rajiv roy said on 12/Nov/20
@ inches to cm, not sure when will rob paul add more cricket players? But these are some of the popular english cricket players probable height
1.root - 6 foot
2.anderson- 6 foot 1.5 inches
3.morgan- 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 8.5 inches
4. Stokes- 6 foot 1 inch
Other notable cricket players height from other countries
1. Kohli- 5.9 to 5.9 and a half
2. Dhoni_ similar to kohli
3. Sachin_ 5.5
4.gayle _ 6.3
5. Warne_ 5.10 and a half
6. Steyn_ 6 foot
7. Abd - 5.11.

I request you please add one of these cricketer rob my bro.
Inches_to_cm said on 12/Nov/20
Pace bowlers tend to be the tallest of the lot, like Freddie. Speaking of, could you give an estimate for Jofra Archer, often called "not the tallest" by commentators? Wiki lists him at 182cm but I think that's a bit too low.
Here he is with England Test captain Joe Root, who is 183cm as per Wiki (and this seems alright).

Click Here
Mimi said on 10/Oct/20
Rob how tall do you think is the woman beside him? 5ft9?
Editor Rob
I believe his wife was a model near 5ft 9 is possible yeah.
the name's Sam said on 4/Jul/20
Flintoff was easily in the 192.5-193 cm range he looked 6’4” when he played back in the day
Height Guy said on 18/Sep/19
Hey Rob,

Wasim Akram a famous Pakistani cricketer was actually considered really tall in his time ( mid eighties to late 90s). His bad posture makes him a very interesting candidate for height measurement. He himself claimed 6 feet 3 for himself. Some people who saw him claimed 6 feet 4 in youth and decrease later.

Here is 1 pic with Flintoff and 1 with Kevin Pietersen (though both not very clear). Any thoughts:

1 Flintoff Click Here:

2- Kevin Pietersen
Click Here:
Editor Rob
6ft 2-3 may be a possibility
Wrestling Fan said on 26/Aug/19
Rob you've had him at best here at 6'3ΒΎ".
If you're planning to meet your next English Cricket player,then please meet Steve Harmison.
He's listed at 6'4" but I think he and Flintoff are almost same.
Dream said on 1/Jun/19
Maybe 6’3 5/8”. Dan Snow towered this man, when they were on their barefeet.
Sakz said on 4/Nov/18
@Zahid I would put Anderson closer to 6'1. Flintoff is leaning in that picture so I can see him being slightly over 2 inches taller.
184guy2 said on 30/Oct/18
If Pietersen could be just over 6'4 , than Anthony Joshua is no way under 6'6
Zahid said on 30/Oct/18
Nice to see another cricketer. I don't see Freddie being taller than 6'3.5". Here he is with 6'2" ish Anderson: Click Here

Freddie has always been about 0.5" shorter than KP.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Oct/18
Pietersen I suppose could be a fraction over 6ft4
Arch Stanton said on 26/Oct/18
Big lad, I had always thought of him as a proper 6 ft 4, but seems Kevin is a bit taller.
Sakz said on 26/Oct/18
@Rob Do you really think he's only 1/4 inch shorter than KP? Looking at some photos it seems a noticeable amount like 1/2 inch.
Editor Rob
Could make a case for 6ft 3 5/8th and Kevin 6ft 4 1/8th, those wouldn't be much of a surprise under the stadiometer.
secondrowback said on 25/Oct/18
Had guessed him at 6'3.5
At the outset of his international cricket career he was described as 6'5. He is definitely shorter than Kevin Pietersen, who is a solid 6'4.
Mimi said on 25/Oct/18
How tall do you think is that woman beside him? Possibly 5ft9.5ish?
Editor Rob
She could be near 5ft 9, I'm not sure he's standing as good as her.
Agent Orange said on 25/Oct/18
A very fair listing RobπŸ‘
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Oct/18
@ Rob - Re: Top Gear.

No wonder I didn't know! I have seen Top Gear a few times and I did actually enjoy it, but I don't go out of my way to see it!
Chase said on 24/Oct/18
Click Here

Probably the best pic you’ll find with Kevin Pietersen. Looks a half inch short imo. This is the highest he could be.
Nik said on 24/Oct/18
6'4" is only a slight round up for Andrew Flintoff!
Sakz said on 24/Oct/18
Good addition Rob! Was actually going to request him but as he's best known for cricket wasn't sure you'd want to give him a page. He is edged out by Pietersen so a fair listing though my initial guess would have been around 6'3.5.
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Oct/18
⭐️ Mr Flintoff is the second Andrew to grace this website whose name ends with the letters O-F-F!

We also have horror specialist and Wishmaster General, Andrew Divoff! ⭐️
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Oct/18
Rob, why not the full 6ft4?
Editor Rob
I think compared to genuine 6ft 4 guys like Kevin, he's not quite in that range, but close.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Oct/18
I know the name but haven't the faintest idea what sort of programmes he presents. Ones about cricket perhaps? 😴
That means I'm plumping for the average of 6ft3.75 - one vote, which I have now doubled!
Editor Rob
He's going to be one of the 3 Top Gear presenters but has hosted a few smaller shows in recent years.
Zampo said on 23/Oct/18
Finally...about time Flintoff was added! lol.

Can't argue against this listing. Pretty fair.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 23/Oct/18
He seems slightly shorter than Kevin Pietersen.

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