How tall is Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall's Height

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

English Comedian and Actor known for TV shows Bad Education and Fresh Meat.
Auditioned today for a film, the part was for a dwarf. was really hard to hide the fact that im 6ft1 to a casting director but did my best!

Jack Whitehall height is 6ft 1
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Average Guess (36 Votes)
6ft 1.15in (185.8cm)
5'7 and a fraction said on 30/Apr/23
Looks 2 inches shorter than current strong 6'3 Steven Seagal so 6'1 works for him.
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Rory said on 14/Mar/23
Definitely no less than 6ft1, average guess looks pretty shrewd..can imagine him getting that on the stadiometer afternoon/evening.
Cooper Clarke said on 2/Feb/23
@ZooK he does appear to have quite tall proportions in the above photo, though that's most likely because of how lanky he is.
Bau xer said on 22/Sep/21
185,00cm 6ft 3/4
ZooK said on 7/Aug/21
Why he looks taller than the rock??
AlexJau said on 2/Aug/21
6.1ft in shoes not barefoot. A strong 5.11 or weak 6ft
Frank Col said on 30/Jul/21
The Rock has maybe half an inch on Whitehall in Jungle Cruise. This would either mean Whitehall is either 6ft 2 or the Rock is 6ft 2 losing half an inch from his listing on here..
Hyper said on 23/Oct/20
Rob, is it me or does this guy look like a king-size Jacksepticeye? 😵😵😵
Editor Rob
maybe some resemblance
Rory said on 24/Jul/20
In the paper the other day it said:

"On being tall(he's 6ft 1in): I wish I was a bit shorter, as I think shorter people have better walks. Freddie Fox, the actor, is shorter than me and has an amazing gait; and Tom Cruise has a brilliant run. I'm just gangly."
Enter said on 13/Apr/20
Hey Rob, The Sidemen made the episodes free. Now you can check his height with Mini closer (if you haven't). But I think they are both same height.
Mr B said on 20/Mar/20
he is more like 6ft 1.25 (186cm) i think an upgrade is needed
Enter said on 24/Aug/19
It's from The Sidemen show, Rob. If you are interested to watch it: Click Here

Though you need to pay, there is a free trial ;)
Enter said on 22/Aug/19
@Rob, @Connordee

Here he is with Miniminter: Click Here

Looks the same height as him, maybe slightly taller.
Editor Rob
At that moment Jack looks taller, though I didn't watch the clip of them.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/May/19
186cm I think was closer
Monkey knees said on 17/Mar/19
6ft 1in is spot on. Seen him live on intimate "test" tours often. Wears dress shoes, but 6ft 1in is perfect!
Connordee said on 10/Jan/19
Rob,How do you think he'd measure beside 6'1 listed Simon minter (miniminter) I personally think Simon would edge him slightly?
Editor Rob
Both could be argued solid 6ft 1 range
MAD SAM said on 8/Jul/18
Perhaps 6’1.25” at 186 cm !
grizz said on 30/Dec/17
Never thought he was that tall. I only knew him as a guest on Graham Norton shows and he looked small compared to JLaw, Ford and other celebs. Sure, they are all sitting there, I guess he is all legs.
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 26/Apr/17
Perfect 6'1!
bazza said on 24/Apr/17
somewhere between 6'1 and 6'2 most of the time. certainly not under 6'1 for me so good listing.
jack said on 20/Mar/17
he probably 6 even barefooted
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/17
I think 186-187cm
Chris said on 5/Feb/17
I think this guy is 187cm and just rounds down. But not quite 6"2 next to legit 6"4 flintoff
Krist said on 1/Oct/16
Wow, he looked really tall on Fresh Meat and Bad Education, I guess the rest of the cast is pretty short? I remember James Corden calling him 6ft2, but I definitely buy around the 6ft1 mark when looking at him next to 6ft4 listed Freddie Flintoff in some shots of A League Of Their Own.
so said on 30/Sep/16
I think this is right. He is taller than most people on tv but on occasion someone you didn't think of that tall isn't that far off him.

Him and Benedict Cumberbatch.

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James said on 30/Aug/16
Bale is 184 cm. This guy could be easily 186 cm. No less than 6' 1" (185.5 cm) for sure.
joe joe said on 19/Aug/16
next to 183 bale he looks like a solid 6'1, but like I say when I met him he seemed like a 6 footer to me. look at the pics with Jaimie redknapp where redknapp looks taller than whitehall even though redknapp is consistanly listed as 183. But when I met redkapp he looked bang on my height and when I met Jack he looks a little bit shorter. May have been posture, i'm not sure, but the picture and meeting them in person showed the same thing.
Rory said on 6/Aug/16
@Joe Joe, what height do you think he is then ? I have to say from all I've seen of him and proportionately he does seem a good example of 6'1.
joe joe said on 3/Aug/16
Yep I've seen this video and he does look taller than Bale but I haven't met Bale so I cannot vouch for his height. I have met Jack a few times and he is shorter than me and I always measure 185cm/ 186cm on occasion. But hey it is what it is.
Zentay said on 23/Jul/16
I seen the comic relief he did with gareth bale and he seemed a bit taller than Gareth. You can see the video yourself Click Here
joe joe said on 10/Jun/16
funny thing about this thread is that most of the people who have met him are saying 6ft and the people who haven't are adamant he is 186 lol. btw @Will and @tb Dallaligo has lost a lot of hight coupled with the fact that so many rugby heights are well off. I don't believe he was ever 193cm. to give u contaxt. For about a year Jonny Wilkonson who we all know is 5'10 was listed at 6'1 by Toulon his club. I will when I get the chance dig out a Photo of my mate Who also used to play rugby and is now a record producer, Tieks. He is around 6'1 and took a photo with Northampton and England flyhalf Stephen Myler who is listed 188cm on the england website and Northampton and england full back Ben foden who is listed 183cm. My mate is about the same Height as me 185cm and he towers them both. Marler is closer to 183 and foden 180. But so many of the sport heights are done in the Morning and there are so many errors and inconcistancies. let me know if you guys wanna see it and i will find it.
joe joe said on 10/Jun/16
@MD i've met both Redknapp and whitehall and redkapp was taller in person to me. I'm 1m85 and whitehall was definately shorter than me. i took a foto with him but jack's drunk mate who took it on my phone didnt save it. Redkapp on the other hand looked like a small 6'1 upclose even though he's listed 1m83 everywhere. Very wierd. the photo you posted looks exactly how i saw them up close
HULK said on 17/Apr/16
If Chris Eubank jnr is 6ft then surely his dad (Chris eubank sr) is 6ft too, on this site Chris eubank sr is listed as 5'10 which is correct. also Chris eubank jnr looks shorter than Carl froch (6ft).
Scott said on 15/Apr/16
I think Eubank Jnr is at least 6 foot. I met Billy Joe Saunders and he is definitely 5'10.5 -5'11 and Nick Blackwell is marginally taller than 5'10.5 Golovkin and Eubank Jnr seems at least 6'0 next to these guys.

I'd say Whitehall is just over 6 foot on a good day.
MD said on 14/Apr/16
Well, except that you have Ramsay to high, too.
HULK said on 12/Apr/16
Next to chris eubank jr(5'11)
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no way is he 6'1, More like 5'11 or 6FT
Editor Rob
I doubt he's that short, he can look Ramsay's range. Of course he might be only 184cm himself though!
MD said on 11/Apr/16
Well, this is weird. He certainly only looks 6'0" here at the very most standing next to Jamie Redknapp is Redknapp is really only 6'0" taking into account the footweard advantage he has:

Click Here

Click Here

But the guy on the left is listed at 6'4", which is obviously off. Maybe 6'2" for Andrew Flintoff? On the other hand, Whitehall can certainly look 6'1" though it may have something to do with him being built like a ruler and standing many times at his full height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/16
Rob, what happened to the 186cm?

I thought he easily looked that
Editor Rob
since he claimed 6ft 1, it makes sense to give him his claim.
hulk said on 10/Apr/16
he's 6ft MAX, look at him next to Andy murray and Jamie reknapp, trust me hes prob 5'11.5
Will said on 8/Mar/16
he's closer to Lawrence Dallaglio's height in the RWC school of rugby vids than would have thought, looks to be within an inch or so. Lawrence was always listed as 6 4, but usually looks more 6 3 next to others at that height like Will greenwood. I think closer to 188 makes more sense for Whitehall
TB said on 4/Sep/15
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He's in a moving video with Lawrence Dallaglio here (who is slightly slouchy), so Jack is probably 187cm if Dallaglio is listed at 193cm.
lee said on 2/Jul/15
his girlfriend looks maybe 4 inches shorter than him maybe 4.5 inches if she is 5'9" then he must be 6'1" no more than 6'1 and a half
joe joe said on 26/Jun/15
i'm 185 I've met him a few times and was a bit taller than him. I wouldn't have thought he was 186
joe joe said on 26/Jun/15
i'm 185 I've meat him a few times and was a bit taller than him. I wouldn't have thought he was 186
katie666 said on 17/May/15
his girlfriend, gemma chan is 5'9 and he is alot taller than her. i would say maybe 6'3
Amaze said on 4/Apr/15
lol this guys jokes. fabulous actor. comedian too.

his height imo is 10/10. never too short or never too tall. 186cm is just perfect
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/15
Great stuff!

This looks nearer.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/15
Rob, is 186cm possible?

He can look near 6ft2
Editor Rob
186 could be a goer.
Shamrock said on 17/Mar/15
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rob he has an easy 1.5" on ben cumberbatch, maybe 6'1.5 would be more accurate?

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he has almost 3 inches on 5'11 noel fielding as well. the 6'0 estimates on here are ridiculous
Editor Rob
in that photo I wouldn't have thought he was 1.5 inches taller, although he can look 6ft 1.5 at times yes.
Brandon haha said on 3/Dec/14
Im 6'3 and i met jack at a gig and hes isnt much smaller than me, id say hes 6'1 maybe 6'0
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 7/Jul/14
Sorry, no, this listing is perfect. Nice one, Rob, good spot.
SaveUsY2J said on 24/Jun/14
If this guy is 6'0" then Joe Thomas is barely over 5'7" and a lot, I mean, a lot, of other heights on here are overlisted. If he's that short then he's the lankiest 6-footer I've ever seen in my life. No less than 187cm. 6'2.5 Jack Fox had an inch on him at most in Fresh Meat.
joe joe said on 13/Jun/14
its funny people saying 6'2 for him. He really isnt. I have never measured 6'2 in my life but i was for sure taller than jack when i meat him. I'm 6'1 so I would put him at 184/183
jh rowling said on 27/May/14
He's 6ft max
Ulysses 5'9 said on 13/May/14
He looks huge on Fresh Meat, probably because the other male cast members are on the short side. 6'1 seems about right though. Tall guy.
joe joe said on 19/Apr/14
I would put him at 6ft purely because I was at the Warner party where the picture MD has posted are from. I chatted to him and noticed I was taller than him by at least an inch. I ususaly measure 6ft 1/ 1m 85. Jonathan Ross was also seemed around my height. His posture is terrible though
Anon183cm said on 6/Apr/14
I agree I think he is probably 6'1", but it pains me to say it since I was convinced he was 6'2" for the whole time I have known of him. I guess though, that 1 inch really isn't as much of a difference in real life, as the difference between 6'1 and 6'2 is in my mind.

I think he might be 187/8 out of bed though, and drops to a 6'1 range in the afternoon.
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 1/Apr/14
He's shorter than 6'1/2"(max) Jonathan Ross. You don't get to decide what is common sense. Also, this is a forum about height - stop repeatedly trying to get to know me across several pages.
MD said on 1/Apr/14
I think 6'1" is a very good listing. Here hs is with Jonathan Ross, who has a footwear advantage in this shot:

Click Here

Click Here

It's clear that even with their leans in both pics that they are both very close in height. Jack certainly isn't any taller.
kaplaaa said on 30/Mar/14
For me it's pretty common sense that this guy is more 6"2 than 6"1.

1.85m83kg is just trolling, maybe he has a problem with people being taller than him.
Jack said on 13/Mar/14
SaveUsY2J - I have to disagree with all of that, really. To address your first point, my problem with the Ryan Clark photo is it's such a close up shot there could be a ton of different factors making the height difference minimal. If you watch 'Fresh Meat', in the scenes between him and the model-agency listed 6'2.5" guy (Jack Fox) you can see that he is definitely more than an inch shorter.

Now regarding what you've linked: with Flintoff, the angle is extremely uneven and nearly impossible to make a judgement from, especially when taking his hair into consideration. With JR, I'm a bit confused by your statement because to me they look pretty much the same height considering Whitehall is closer and standing straighter. Finally, the difference between him and Joe Thomas is pretty much exactly the same as it is between Thomas and the 6'1" Blake Harrison.

I think people overestimate Whitehall due to the hair and build; I initially presumed he was taller until I started looking at it closer.
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 13/Mar/14
This is how a 6'0" man gets bumped up to 6'2".
SaveUsY2J said on 11/Mar/14
@Jack- I don't see what's wrong with the angle in the Rylan Clark photo. Seems fine to me, and not slanted in favour of either man.

Anyway, I'm with Anon and Arch on this one, this listing's too low. In your photo, the difference between him and the 6'2.5 guy (Jack Fox) is negiligible, certainly not 1.5 inches. The 6'3 guy is nearer the camera so we can't make a fair comparison there.

Click Here

Even with his slight camera advantage, he doesn't look three inches shorter than Andrew Flintoff, another 6'4" guy.

Click Here

And he's looking taller than JR here (again, even with a slight camera advantage)

Click Here

And he towers over 5'9 Joe Thomas.

I don't buy this listing, at all. He looks far too lanky to be just 6'1. And, quite honestly, he never looked under 6'2 in Fresh Meat either. If nothing else, he needs bumping up to at least 6'1.5.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Mar/14
I have Rylan as a strong 6'4" too.
Anon183cm said on 11/Mar/14
Yeah true, I think the photo with that Rylan guy must be an anomaly, he must be standing on higher ground. I've checked out that photo Jack and lots of others and I agree now, he also seems a similar height to Jonathan Ross who I don't think is over 6'1 really. Still surprising to me though he gives off a taller impression. I'd say 186 evening isn't impossible either.
Jack said on 11/Mar/14
Anon183cm, you can't really tell anything based on that photo angle. For example, in this photo - where the guy to his left is listed at 6'2.5" and the one to his right is 6'3" - he does look 6'1":

Click Here
Anon183cm said on 10/Mar/14
I agree with you Arch, I have him at 6'2 personally, minimum 6'1.5" / 187cm. I mean, since when has a 6'1 guy looked like this next to a 6'4 guy? Click Here (Rylan Clark)
Arch Stanton said on 10/Mar/14
Now that's a surprising one, I always believed he was 6'2" range!!
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 10/Mar/14
1.83 m. Gives away a cm to Jonathan Ross.

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