How tall is James Corden

James Corden's Height

5ft 8.25in (173.4 cm)

British Actor from The Gavin and Stacey Show, films like Lesbian Vampire Killers and Talk show host of The Late Late Show. In 2017 he claimed on his talk show "I'm 5 foot 9", a far more reasonable figure than what he used to officially claim to casting people, which was Height 5 feet 11 inches.

How tall is James Corden
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Average Guess (31 Votes)
5ft 7.94in (172.6cm)
shredder said on 14/Oct/17
Rob , what would you guess his weight? I have read 175 lbs for him.
Editor Rob: I don't know if he's lost any, but in the past he could look 250-275 range a lot.
Johno said on 13/Oct/17
Looked slightly taller than Usher recently on his show and also within 2-inches on Luke Evans height at the same sing-off.

I suspect he wakes up around 5'8.25
Shredder said on 13/Oct/17
I'd buy 5'9 before 5'7.5
Pierre said on 10/Oct/17
James Corden and Matthew Horne(listed 5"6' here) = Click Here Click Here Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Oct/17
Damon honestly doesn't look more than an inch taller than Corden to me. I think Matt could be 5'9.5" and have claimed 5'10.5" as a shoe height, but Matt was also claiming just 5'10" when he did Invictus.

@Anonymous: Rob lists Kurt at 5'9.25" and I tend to agree as he was clearly taller than Mel Gibson in Tequila Sunrise and also looked to me like he edged out Andy Garcia in The Mean Season, but he's also fond of cowboy boots and looks to be wearing them there while Corden's footwear may even be an inch less or at least 2 cm less. So you could consider Kurt more of a 5'10" man when he's wearing cowboy boots compared to someone in sneakers or dress shoes.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/17
Lulz at Corden for claiming to be 5'9" and Matt Damon for claiming to be 5'10.5".

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Their claims are consistent with one another, but inconsistent with real life encounters. As I've learned over the years the rule of 3 applies, especially when it comes to males. Whatever is claimed, generally subtract 2-3 inches from said claim. Matt is 5'8" and Corden is 5'6.5".
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/17
either Kurt Russell is taller than 5'9" or Corden is shorter than 5'8"
Click Here
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/17
Just curious how a guy who's supposedly 5'9" is at best as tall as someone who is 5'7"?

Click Here
JKE 168cm said on 20/Sep/17
In this clip James Corden claims to be 5'9".
Click Here
Editor Rob: thanks for linking to it, I'll mention his claim.

I mentioned on General Height page on 10/Sep about if I was going to ever do a 'game' it would be "A 'Higher or Lower' price is right type interaction might be interesting"
Tallish89 said on 15/Sep/17
Accurate 173 seems right
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/17
Met him at a club 3 years ago, I'm 6'1'' ans he seemed 5'9'' to me seemed the same height as my 175 friends
Bobby said on 20/Aug/17
Rob I think you can be a little taller than him. What do you think?
Editor Rob: sometimes I think he can pull off 5ft 8.5, but I would say there is a good chance we would measure very close.
Pierre said on 12/Aug/17
Click Here =James Corden next to Samuel Anderson(James is on tiptoe,Samuel's head is looking downward). Click Here = Rob(strong 5"8') next to Samuel Anderson who is looking upward (Rob had 1/4 inch more shoes).
J5'8 said on 1/Aug/17
He's 5'8 noway he is 5'9
Johnson said on 31/Jul/17
Taller than Usher. Weak 5'9 no less
Nacho said on 29/Jul/17
Definitely not 5’8’’.

His recent carpool karaoke with Usher had him looking at least an inch shorter than Usher (who, is at best, a 5’6’’ or 5’7'')
Bee123 said on 26/Jul/17
He's got a couple cms on Justin Bieber so 173 seems good estimate
Pierre said on 6/Jun/17
Click Here
Editor Rob: whoever created that height chart should learn how many units are in a foot 😂
RisingForce said on 4/Jun/17
5'8" seems right overall. Seeing them together twice, I'm pretty sure James is shorter than Mario Lopez, who I don't see any taller than 5'8.5". I don't think Damon is taller than 5'9.5", but Corden can oddly make Damon seem a flat 5'9", and I really don't think Damon is shorter than 176 cm either. Strange, does anyone know what Corden claims?
Pierre said on 3/Jun/17
Click Here
Shredder said on 28/May/17
This guy edges out Ice Cube but an inch , No way is he less than this
Marc said on 2/May/17
oh was there a small upgrade?
Peter175 said on 17/Apr/17
Does seem a bit unnecessary, I'd bet the Cruise clip was one of the reasons for it

But yes he seems a stronger 5'8 like Kanye west so certainly possible listing
Johnson said on 28/Mar/17
I think Rob should add Julia Carey. Corden's wife. Is she 6 cm shorter than him? What do you think?
S.J.H said on 27/Mar/17
Click Here
Pierre said on 22/Mar/17
@Johnson= 5"9.75'for Matt Damon is maybe not his height barefoot.
S.J.H said on 19/Mar/17
Corden is not even tall as rob. 5'7.5 is the max
Johnson said on 17/Mar/17
How can you guys explain he is as tall as 5'9.75 Matt Damon???? Watch the videos
Arch Stanton said on 14/Mar/17
Can certainly look 5'8.5 with Damon, Paltrow and Lopez.
Shredder said on 14/Mar/17
Barefoot with Beckham did it for Me , he is closer to 5'9.
Pierre said on 13/Mar/17
another picture to see better the shoes= Click Here
Pierre said on 13/Mar/17
Here are pictures James Corden and Mathew Horne listed 5"6'.In the second picture you can see the shoes.
Click Here
Click Here
Allie said on 9/Mar/17
I thought he was shorter not gonna lie haha. But around this range makes sense..
Johno said on 9/Mar/17
Corden is not taller than Rob i believe.
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/17
This guy is 2cm shorter than listing. 5'7.5 max

Click Here Judd Apatow listed at 5'9.5 and James Corden is max 5'7.5 and even look just 5'7.25
Johnson said on 26/Feb/17
He wasn't very different of Orlando Bloom. Around 4 cm of difference. Please do not show the pic where they face each other and Corden with terrible posture
HonestSlovene said on 22/Feb/17
@Wrs567 Bieber never looked taller than him in equal circumstances.
Wrs567 said on 18/Feb/17
Super unnecessary upgrade

Even Bieber can look taller than him
Hijopotamus said on 9/Feb/17
He looks same height as Paltrow and Paltrow same height as Pitt.
So the 3 of them can be 5'11"...or 5'8"...

This site correlation theory is messed up.
Johno said on 8/Feb/17
You might notice Corden going through late puberity as he meets more and more A-listers. 5'8 tops.
Johnson said on 6/Feb/17
@Rob you list Paltrow 5'9 and Corden 5'8. Don't you think honestly that they look like 1 cm maximum of difference between them and not an entire inch? He deserves an upgrade
Dmeyer said on 18/Jan/17
Rob 174cm IS Closer how hé looks with arnie and Beckham if not arnie and Beckham are Closer to 179
Johnson said on 12/Jan/17
@DefinitelyNotCC I think the angle in the shoot with Beckham fools us. Seeing the puc I can understand why it is less of a difference of what it looks

Click Here
DefinitelyNotCC said on 12/Jan/17
flat 5'8 is a good listing, he doesn't look 5'9 with David Beckham and Logan Lerman.
Erin said on 10/Jan/17
I became interested in his height purely because Cara Delevigne claimed to be taller than him and David Franco in a rap battle. Cara seems to be 5''7 maybe even 5'6.5 and so for her to make such a claim she couldn't have had a more than two inch difference , she was wearing heels though so she might've just meant In the moment.
Johnson said on 2/Jan/17
@SNH no surprise... I have been adverting you guys about that :)
SNH said on 1/Jan/17
Met him and throught he was 5'9" - did not seem as short as 5'8"
Im 6'1'' did not feel there was 5 inch diff - whole thing was brief
Johnson said on 18/Dec/16
He is similar to 175-176 Gwyneth Paltrow

Click Here
Johnson said on 22/Nov/16
With Ellen DeGeneres

Click Here

Corden is 175 cm minimum
Johnson said on 22/Nov/16
James Corden is 5'9!!!
height said on 17/Nov/16
What a height? 5ft 8in
Aaron Zamora said on 28/May/16
He looked 2-3 inches shorter than David schwimmer in their drop the mic video
MD said on 19/Feb/16
@berta, was this meant for someone else's page?
berta said on 17/Feb/16
hm he must be taller than 185 because he was the same height as morgan Freeman in 2013 and slightly shorter than Jeff Daniels. They looked about the same but Jeff Daniels was a cm ore two taller. I Think he is 187-88 an still is
MD said on 10/Feb/16
He had on 5'9" Charlie Puth a few nights ago doing a kind of rare stand-up interview where they stand by the bar. For whatever reason, I can't find any photos of the episode, but Puth clearly looked more than an inch taller. James was in his dress shoes, though I'm not sure what Puth was in. With what he was wearing, I imagine it was flat gym/tennis shoes/sneakers, but I guess it could have been heeled boots. Anyway find any photos or video showing his footwear? Anyway, it was more than an inch not knowing the footwear of both.
sfs324 said on 2/Feb/16
Interestingly many people here think Orlando is more of a 5'9.5 which would give some weight to Corden being more like 5'7 than 5'8. I think it's worthwhile paying more attention this height especially now that he's pictured with higher profile celebrities.
Johno said on 1/Feb/16
Orlando Bloom is more a 5'9.75
MD said on 1/Feb/16

I think this is one of those ones you might really need to rethink, one of the one's that really stick out as an overlisitng. Here he is with 5'10.5" Orlando Bloom:

Click Here

This probably isn't even among the better photos for evidence below the listing, but it seems really clear from all of the evidence posted here on an other pages, that a flat 5'8" is really just too tall.
Editor Rob: he is a burly kind of guy whose posture at times might make him look shorter, but generally I've thought near 5ft 8 was fair for him.
Johno said on 23/Jan/16
A bit shorter then 5'8. He is of similar height to Gary Barlow who in turn is shorter then the 5'7.75 listed Peter Andre. He can be as low as 5'7, possibly 5'7.5 and a genuine 5'7-ranger.
Jay said on 7/Oct/15
I don't see a difference between Corben and Isaac.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Jul/15
For all of you who think Corden is 5 ft 7 max, with Oscar Isaac who Rob has at 5'7.5!
Click Here Looks taller or Isaac is shorter.
Gregor said on 4/Jul/15
That scene with the height chart is odd.

Click Here

Matthew Baynton is 5'10" so it odd he was happy being shown as being about 5'6", but it must have been a production decision to make the characters seem more vulnerable. You wonder if he is happy with the result.

Corden is taller than the height shown.
Matt said on 4/Jul/15
This listing seems way off. Here he is with David Beckham:
Click Here
In this picture he is 455 px tall, compared to Beckham at 482 px. If Beckham is 180 cm, that makes Corden 169,9 cm or a weak 5'7
robert said on 7/May/15
There looks to be 2 or 3 inches between him and arnold
MD said on 4/Feb/15
With 5'7.5" Logan Lerman:

Click Here

Come on. This guy might be nearly a full inch shorter than his current listing.
[Editor Rob: I don't think he'd really be 5ft 7, there is a clip of James and Patrick Stewart always worth a laugh, nearer the end they are standing better together Click Here]
MD said on 13/Jan/15

I'm not sure he's this taller. Here he is with Dominic Cooper (who probably needs to be brought down half-and-inch, himself):

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

I wish they were standing straighter, but it looks to me that there has to be two inches. Dominic is likely a flat 5'9" and James a flat 5'7" give or take a quarter-inch for either of them in either direction.
[Editor Rob: I'd struggle to see james only 5ft 7, I wouldn't argue that low.]
Joe said on 9/Jan/15
@Rob, so what you saying? The chart is a lie. Actors always want to boost their height so i doubt it'd be wrong.
[Editor Rob: yes, I believe it was attached to the wall at the wrong height. I think if you look at him with many other people he looks a lot nearer to 5ft 8 than 5ft 5 :) ]
Ed82 said on 5/Jan/15
I just saw Into the Woods. He seemed just an inch taller than Emily Blunt, who is 5-7, so 5-8 is a good listing.
Joe said on 3/Jan/15
Hes about 5'5.5
Heres the proof:Click Here
[Editor Rob: imagine the same guy installed that height chart for a Tom Cruise movie...he'd be kicked out the door within a second of Tom seeing it!]
Mel 2000 said on 8/May/14
Cool its good at least he is fit and small that's what I like about James he is good looking as well and buff too 5ft 8 is not a bad look for James infact he is FIT and sexy
Arch Stanton said on 29/Oct/13
Glad to see he got an upgrade. He never looked as low as 5 ft 7. In Gavin and Stacey in fact he can look 5'9"-10.
Ryan said on 8/Sep/13
he always used to rib Mathew Horne for being small which is a bit rich seeing as he's barely 5'7 himself.
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
I also thought he was around 5'10 and matt horne was 5'8. Their both 2 inches below
What I've just said. Tv angles no doubt
Shaun said on 25/Aug/12
Click Here

That said proportionally he does look short here and looks 5'6"-5'7"!
Shaun said on 25/Aug/12
5 ft 7 always seemed too low for him. I watched Gavin and Stacey and he seemed pretty much average height, although his costar said he was measured at 5'6.5" or something. He always seemed 5'9"-5'10" to me, maybe its because of his significant girth he appeared bigger.
JaDo said on 12/Jun/12
seems fair. was shorter than 175-177cm Dominick Cooper in suit and similar shoes. 5´8 bare feet seems to be a good fit. looks shorter some times and sometimes even 5´8.5, never looked a full 175cm though. so yeah, 173 is spot on for now.
Anonymous said on 1/Sep/06
Tall man and even in mature years looks to have lost little height. My guess would have been 6'3''.

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