How tall is Bam Margera

Bam Margera's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American professional skateboarder, stuntman known for Jackass.

How tall is Bam Margera
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Average Guess (18 Votes)
5ft 7.54in (171.6cm)
Nik Ashton said on 3/Feb/20
I wonder if he actually is taller than me.
Zay said on 1/Feb/20
I saw Bam at The Home Depot in Glen Mills, PA a while ago. I'm 5'7 and I walked passed him a couple of times and he didn't seem like he was 5'8.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Sep/19
🎁🎉🎂😂 Happy Birthday Bam! 😂🎂🎉🎁

I've laughed so much at the 'Jackass' amtics that I've actually been in pain! The things these guys get up to, I ask you?


Here's wishing Bam a very jolly time on his Birthday, and hope he doesn't get up to too much mischief with the other Jackass guys, all of whom are professional stuntmen. They've been up to all sorts - and have even thrown up as an outcome!

🐍 "Bite my ****!" 🌽🙄.....😂😂😂😂😂

Bam gets 5ft7.5.

Z. said on 15/Mar/19
I walked pass him at my job, a couple weeks ago. I'm 5'10 in sneakers and I had a few inches on him. He didn't look 5'8. I'll say 5'7.
Monkey knees said on 30/Jun/18
Floats around the 5'7.5 mark. Most of the Jackass guys were sub 5'9. Knoxville was/is a tall guy, mind.
Fisticuffs said on 6/May/18
Looks no more than 5'7" to me.
Monkey knees said on 18/Apr/18
Bam is a tad below 5'8.
Steve-o is 5'9.5.
Ryan Dunn (RIP) was 5'9.
Height Sky said on 31/Oct/17
Steve O and him use "small" footwear the most of time
Height Sky said on 31/Oct/17
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Second 0:55 Looks 5'7.25 with weak 5'10 Steve O
Editor Rob: he could look between 5ft 7-8 range
Height Sky said on 30/Oct/17

Hey, Rob, Look him with Steve O in since the minute 0:55

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Jani said on 5/Sep/17
Lot of websites and Google puts Margera at 173cm which I think is pretty close to reality I think. Ryan Dunn who I believe was around 175cm and looked just a tiny bit taller than Bam in some pictures and videos maybe about an inch taller or so.
andre said on 10/Aug/17
bam 169cm barefoot
Tyson said on 18/Jul/17
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Nearer to 5'7 than 5'8
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/17
I enjoy anyone who was in 'Jackass'! The second time I saw one of their compilation films, which I'd bought for my boyfriend one Christmas, I was in such a state that the film had to be stopped so I could get my breath back!
I must say, I did think he was a little taller.
Jackie said on 8/Dec/16
I've met Bam. He is no taller than 5'7"... and that is being generous.He's probably exactly 5'6". I'm 5'8" and I towered over him.
David said on 1/Sep/16
I've meet him at one of his bands shows. I am 5' 10" and he was several inches shorter than me. I would say he is 5' 7".
Sensualman said on 7/Oct/14
Well, Brad Pitt is 1'80 (5'11) and in a pic where you can see both standing together, Bam seems half head shorter than Brad. I guess he might be 1'72-1'74 m
chilean said on 29/Jul/13
margera looks 5'7 in many pics comparing him with the other members of jackass

rob are you sure about this height?
Clay said on 22/Nov/12
States on Vincent Margera a.k.a Don Vito Sex Offender page that he is 5'11 325 lb. Watched an episode where they are on the river and at the very end of the episode bam and vito are barefoot talking face to face, bam seemed equal size if not taller(tho barely). Vito does have very poor posture and heavy weight pulling him down and bam was standing straight
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Danimal said on 30/Jul/12
Phil Margera (Bam's Dad) is 5'11" and he had height on Bam. I'll stick with 5'8" for him.
AmyMargera said on 24/Jul/12
Bam has said he is deffo between 5'6 - 5'8 and he hasnt grown so im guessing he is still that
Danimal said on 15/Jun/12
Remember he used to claim 5'11" in the Jackass days. Never realized he was this short. Ryan Dunn was 5'9" I believe. Should be a good gauge as to how tall Bam really is, seeing they were in so many scenes together.
Lmeister said on 14/Jun/12
Off topic, but I just saw a mug shot of Finnish Dudeson Jarppi. He is listed 169cm 5ft6.5 in their official website, seen him live many times and can confirm he is that height. In the mug shot his height is listed 180cm = 5ft11. So this confirms U can have almost anything put as your mugshot height...Btw Bam is barely taller than Jarppi.
MK said on 27/Sep/11
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Bam and fam with David Hasselhoff. David (6'4) has nearly an enitre head over all of them. This would put bam staright under 6'0 and the 5'10.5. down to about what he has here, 5.8......phil on the other hand,I can't see being that small, but he looks a 5'9-maybe 10
Danimal said on 26/Sep/11
Used to get listed at 5'10.5" in his Jackass days.
MK said on 26/Sep/11
WOW! Look at this, Bam completely towers missy. In an episode of unholy union Bam shows Missy's drivers license and it says 5'7. By the looks of this he has potential of a 5'11-maybe 6'0 person if he stands stright next to her, but we all now he's not even close.

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Jimmy said on 26/Sep/11
looked to be a pretty averaged sized guy in his earlier days, like 5'8-5'9. Though looks as small as 5'7 now, possibly due to his skating and injuries. But he is only in his 30s, so i dont know how correct that might be, im just adding some opinion.
WSM said on 18/Sep/11
watched jackass#2, and couldn't help to notice a height difference in the Switcheroo scene. At the end of the skit bam and april joke about what just happened and as they were next to eachother I could see bam only had about an inch on her, give or take. This is a great example because april is obviously barefoot being she was sleeping and bam is in shoes. April in my opinion looks 5'5-5'6 and with this bam could only be about 5'7( a weak one though). But i'd give him this height here with shoes.
Bluespire said on 14/Sep/11
Ville Valo is supposedly 6'1" and Bam is at least 5 inches shorter. 5'8" sounds about right.
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jt said on 13/Sep/11
Dunn towers over bam here...but it also looks as if dunn could be tip toeing in the back and also bam isnt standing straight
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I can't really prove dunn is on toes, maybe its just the way hes standing. But i'd say if bam was standing straight he could be the same size as dunn or just under(barely). Dunn has said for a 5'8-9 range so bam could be maybe 5'7.5,5'7.75

If he was straight and "if" dunn is or isn't on toes, Bam could b
Meat said on 15/Aug/11
Jesse is actually 187cm.
tb4 said on 22/Jul/11
Hes brother Jesse is 192 cm, so they have almost a 20 cm difference thats pretty much for brothers
TNTinCA said on 27/Jun/11
5'8" seems about right. He always looked about that tall in the Jackass films and TV show.
Mr. Anderson said on 22/Jun/11
Bam is no more than 5'8", I have been at his house in PA a few times and also did a couple tattoos on him, I tattooed the back of his calf which he had to take his shoes off for, I am 5'9" and easily had a couple of inches on him!
Ezio said on 6/Mar/11
"bam could be 5'6. I received a autographed element shirt from bam through my work. It had several markings on it meaning it was worn, since it was element, possibly worn by bam. I was 5'6 at the time i just fit in it, pretty tight fit. so if this were bam's shirt ,5'6 sounds good. A possible 5'7."

Wow going by someone's shirt size is about the dumbest thing you can do to judge height.
mr. error said on 13/Feb/11
on his myspace site is listen he is 5'8
Clay said on 11/Dec/10
He physically looks 5'8'' at most.
ACG said on 1/Dec/10
A guy I saw claiming 5'5" on myspace had a pic with Bam and Bam towered him. If was only the heads and it was a weird angle, so I guess it's not that reliable. And I had no way of knowing whether the guy really was 5'5".

I don't think he's as low as 5'6-5'7, though. I always believed the 5'11" listings for him...they're BS, of course, but it just shows he that doesn't give a super-tiny impression.
TNTinCA said on 1/Jul/09
You know what's funny; I watched the second Jackass movie recently and in that one scene where they played a practical joke on his mom, Bam actually looked taller than his dad. And I believe his dad is 5'11".

Either way, he never appeared more than 5'9" to me.
T Jones said on 18/Jun/09
Ok. I had community service at the salvation army 2 years ago. Bam and his wife dropped off a sh*t load of spam during Christmas break. I stood next to him and he told me about his community service time in west chester. I am 5'7. He was exactly my height maybe 1/2-1 inch taller. Case closed.
ACG said on 23/Apr/09
"US Celebrity of some sort"

Scata said on 16/Apr/09
Some references state he's 5'11, I call major BS.
this guy said on 28/Feb/09
My friend is cousins with chris raab, and i asked how tall chris is and she said he was 5'8, and bam is taller than chris if u look at any vidoe of them together, so i'm pretty confident in 5'9 for bam, as well as i heard vincent and phil margera are both 5'10 and bam is only a little shorter than makes perfect sense
Shotty said on 3/Feb/09
I met bam almost a month ago, I am only 5'7.25" He stood at my height. I figured he would have been atleast 5'9" But nope, at tops, a sold 5'7.5" at most.
Mr. R. said on 2/Feb/09
Wasnt Bam on Jackass with Johnny Knoxville? I actually got caught by them once. I dont know if the episode aired or not.
5'8 Beast said on 1/Feb/09
i say bam is about 5'9 barefoot
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/09
I remember reading an article on Bam in Revolver magazine. I believe it was the February 2004 issue, if I remember right they said he was 5'9" and weighed 150 pounds. But then again most celebs lie about their height by at least an inch or two. I would put Bam at 5'8".
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/08
oh damn, Poster....That is long, and I thought mine was long
Bash said on 11/May/08
Bam's father Phil looks HUGE in common to his son, his mother looks only a few inches shorter
Anon said on 30/Apr/08
i dnt care how tall he is! he's really fit! :D sorry LOL
poster said on 3/Feb/08
also while looking through pictures of bam, I've noticed something that might make him sometimes look smaller than he is, he seems to have quite a long neck (noticed this in the picture with glenn), and in this pic with dunn it shows even more Click Here
glenn said on 3/Feb/08
im fine with 5-8.nothing taller for bam.he can look smaller with his posture.
brother_h said on 3/Feb/08
that'll make his mum 5'7 and btw i was anonymous before.

and i knew ryan dunn was 5'9. the ppl he always meet always seem slightly taller than him and im thinking no way can there be that many 6 footers in america. no offense but u guys arent that tall.
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/08
no Anonymous, I was saying the exact oppoite

if bam is 5'9, then that would make ryan dunn (who's always looked an inch or so taller than bam) 5'10 barefoot, and around 5;11 in shoes

ryan dunn has NEVER looked 5'11 to me on tv, that's why I think bam is under 5'9

I wasn't saying bam look's 5'11 (he was listed on tony hawk's pro skater as 5'11 I think though, which is ridiculous)

and fair enough glenn, so it's def 5'8 for bam then?
glenn said on 2/Feb/08
a photo is a photo.footwear,posture,pavement,perspective will all distort things.
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/08
u actually thought he was 5'11?

not a weird thing coz u might not be tall or u are but just cant tell how tall ppl are on tv.

i always saw 5'8 or 5'7 with him. i know his brother on CKY is actually 6'2.

also, he was shorter than the lead singr of foo fighters(im a fan starting yesterday lol) and i know the lead singer is 5'8-5'9. he is shorter than by 2 inches and will is 5'10.5 perfectly.
poster said on 1/Feb/08
sorry forgot to add, the main thing I suppose which makes me think bam isn't 5'9 (even though to me he doesn't look far off at all) is that would mean dunn is 5'10 (and therefore 5'11ish in shoes) which I don't think dunn ever has
poster said on 1/Feb/08
what I don't get is if glenn and bam are both 5'8, then why/how is bam still AT LEAST the same height (if not a TAD taller) than glenn, even though bam has a major lean (you can really see the lean in the full pic on ville valo's page)

don't get me wrong I'm not saying glenn isn't 5'8 (or bam for that matter) but that's why this pic confuses me, because I think they're both about 5'8, but bam seems to be ATLEAST as tall as glenn with a major lean

maybe I'm seeing the pic wrongly and the lean isn't taking away as much as it looks? I don't know really
17and5'8'' said on 28/Jan/08
5'9''?? i see max 5'8.5'' for bam.
Mike said on 11/Jan/08
Bam looks to be about 5'9". On CKY's official website, his brother Jess claims to be around 6'3" or 6'4"
glenn said on 9/Jan/08
thanks for the correction on april.however im not too interested in studying her height.thats why i wasnt clear.
poster said on 9/Jan/08
i know its been said before but its so weird bam wasnt a lot taller, at least like 5'11

isn't his brother like 6'4 or something? i've read 6'4 a lot though i couldnt say myself, but he does look MASSIVE compared to everyone in cky
Lmeister said on 9/Jan/08
Phil was maybe 5ft11 in his youth nowadays he does look around 5ft9.5 due to his bad posture and weight. I think Don Vito is around 5ft9. April looks like a 5ft5 woman.
poster said on 9/Jan/08
lol april is not 5'3

I just took this screen from jackass 2 to show

Click Here

in that clip she doesnt even have any shoes on (she got woke up) and bam is most likely wearing those purple boots he's took a liking to (so keep in mind april is 1 shoeless and 2 looking down in that screen and still looks barely shorter than him). throughout some clips in the film (bam) looks a good inch or so over ~5'9 ryan dunn (who as far as I know, has never looked shorter than bam before and I've seen every cky, viva la bam, jackass, jackass movies, etc, everything), and I remember it sticking out to me because bam has always been a tad shorter than dunn but not in parts of this movie, i.e. (dunn on the left, bam center, knoxville left)

so ya april has to be 5'6-7, easily, im not the best at judging height but like ive said ive seen all the ckys, jackasses, etc and while i dont remember ever seeing april taller than bam, she has never looked far off him at all, thats why i think shes probably around 5'7 though i could be wrong, she is no 5'3 though thats for sure
glenn said on 8/Jan/08
i agree.thats sound low for april.but hey,it maybe so.
17and5'8 said on 7/Jan/08
aprils 5'3''?? she never looked that short next to bam considering he's 5'7-5'8
Jo said on 4/Jan/08
I met Bam, Jess, Phil and April a few yrs ago when CKY toured. Bam's a def 5ft 8 and Jess easily reaches 6ft 2. Phil is maybe 5ft.9. April is around 5.ft 3. Deron from CKY is 5ft 7-8. They all hung around the venue for ages chatting to fans.
DB said on 12/Dec/07
I saw Bam and Phil in a McDonalds in Maryland a few years back, I almost didn't recognize him because I didn't expect him to be so short. 5'7 to 5'8 seems right.
JD said on 27/Nov/07
Pontius is 5'6ish.
chris said on 28/Oct/07
glenn,how tall do you think Chris Pontius is?
glenn said on 7/Aug/07
i understand bombay.
Bombay Rocker said on 6/Aug/07
Well Glenn i always believed you but i just cant trust anyone who comes up here and says that i met him, this and that so ya.
glenn said on 6/Aug/07
now,people that actually met him are backing me.
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/07
I met Bam today at a restaurant near his house and he is definitely 5'8". He was about 1/4 of an inch taller than me and I am 5'7.75" tall. No way is he 5'9".
ray said on 29/Jul/07
I seen bam randomly at the 69 eyes concert in new york a month ago and im 5'7'' and he was more or less my height maybe an inch taller so its understandible for this posted height to be his real height. but he's defenitely not 5'9'' so I dunno where bams cousins getting that from
RICHARD said on 24/Jun/07
I wonder why Bam isn't taller. His dad,Phil,is 5'11 and his older brother,Jess,is 6'3.5 yet he is in the 5'8-5'9' range. I thought he would be 5'10-6'.

PS: How tall are April and Don Vito
16and5'7.25'' said on 19/Apr/07
yeah, bam's gotta b 5'7''-5'8'', but i still can't see chris pontius being 5'5''-5'6''.....he just didn't look that short on jackass number 2: the movie, oh well, i haven't met'em lol
300 said on 18/Apr/07
I saw him once doing a radio show with his uncle. 5'9'' seems about right.
CeCe said on 18/Apr/07
hey.....god i'm sooo f-ing bored....i'm sorda hyper and i'm also hurting....well....i dont think my message got onto this thingy....but i do have myspace but i dont check it alot.....i dont 'member what the profile thingy was.....oh....and that message from the 14th wasnt me.....i dont hate bam...i think he's awesome...g2g later
glenn said on 18/Apr/07
not sure which guy he is, yeah.
Lord Stonepaw said on 16/Apr/07
Bam is 5-7.5 for sure. I am precisely 5'10" and when I met him he appeared 2 and a half inches shorter than me.
yeah.. said on 16/Apr/07
Glenn do you know how tall bams friend raab himself aka chris raab is?....raab is awesome..he really made viva la bam bam more fun to watch..
CeCe said on 14/Apr/07
Yeah its
tonymargera said on 13/Apr/07
yo you u got a myspace er somethin like that
CeCe said on 12/Apr/07 to hear from both of ya soon....yeah...i am a fan of his and i am a cool person, but people just dont take the time to get to know me well...l8r
tonymargera said on 7/Apr/07
ya dude an you obviously kno good music H.I.M f***in kicks ass bro definetly my favorite band and bam's too
HIMFAN said on 6/Apr/07
Talking to Bam would be awesome man if that could be a possibility
tonymargera said on 5/Apr/07
hell ya and by tha way im his 1st cuz too i live in Minnesota and bam is in West chester right now but tha nex time i see him is for the margera easter family thing we do so i'll sho him this site and he'll talk to u and s*** and im dead ass serious ceCe u sound like a cool ass person and a damn good fan
tonymargera said on 5/Apr/07
ya you'll jus hav to be patient i live in Minnesota and bam's in West chester right now so i'll see his ass sometime this weekend for our easter margera get together thing im sure it'll be crazy as hell like always and wen im over there i'll sho him this site and u can talk with him
CeCe said on 5/Apr/07
are you serious?? wow....that will be soooo cool....i will appreciate that....dang....he's just an awesome person and stuff....Thanx!!!
tonymargera said on 5/Apr/07
i think its cool to go on these sites were people comment about bam its weird cuz im really close to him and he jus blew up on mtv an became famous but we still kick it and party an s*** yes hes really 5-9 we go back to back every year and we are both 5-9 CeCe keep kickin ass and i'll sho bam this site and maybe you can talk wit him and s*** i luv hookin rad ass fans up
CeCe said on 4/Apr/07
if tony says he's 5-9, then he must be....that's your cuzin?? cool...i wish i had a cousin who was famous or whatever....i think bam's so awesome...i really hope i could meet him one day...he's my most favorite celeb and i wish i could talk to him or whatever....
glenn said on 3/Apr/07
he must have bad posture.
tonymargera said on 2/Apr/07
bam is 5-9, im his cuz and we are the exact same height so hes five nine with no shoes on
brenda said on 30/Mar/07
i live in WC,PA too. i saw Bam the day befor yesterday in his purple lotus,i think it is, and that boy look all of 5'4, same as me, so i don't know what his real height is! maybe with his boots on he's 5'11, sorta like Dog the bounty hunter is only 5'8 and his boots make him 6 feet. thank god for the little people to keep us entertained.
glenn said on 24/Feb/07
max 5-9.but i think even that is unlikely.
Bombay Rocker said on 24/Feb/07
So glenn, u mean he can be 5 feet 9. Do u think he can be close to 5 feet 11 as he is listed on official site. Maybe close to that like 5 feet 10. What's ur max on bam margera. This guy's awesome for sure.
glenn said on 24/Feb/07
thank you bombay.i do have a 5-9 friend that looks 5-8,so anything is possible.
Bombay Rocker said on 23/Feb/07
If Glenn says he has met him many times and hung out with him and he seems pretty sure that he is his height than ya i will believe him. So people bam is 5 feet 8 at the most.
Bryant said on 19/Feb/07
I live down the street from Bam in WC, PA. I've met him a few times, and seen him in person many times at bars in town. I am 5'7" and I can easily say he is 5'9". No way is he shorter than that.
Glenn said on 5/Feb/07
No,I dont know Bam.I keep bumpin into him.met him at least 7 times.maybe he knows my face by now.
Xtinneee said on 5/Feb/07
heyy glennn,,,,, do you really know bam ?????????? how old are you ..... if you do plzzz tell me... all my life i have wanted to meet bam or talk to somone who knows him... i dont know to beleive you or not so plzzz write bakk
Glenn said on 4/Feb/07
Nah.I bump into him all the time.he might even be 5-8.5-7 the smallest.
16and5'7'' said on 21/Jan/07
Dave England is the guy who had the leech on his testicle (in the unrated version of the DVD) of course, this is IF i remember correctly lol
Glenn said on 6/Jan/07
Who is Dave England?
stuart said on 5/Jan/07
the guy on the left is dave england. is that the blonde u were on about?!
Glenn said on 9/Nov/06
I didnt know who the blond was.they said bring him in the picture ,that I needed him. of course I knew who they were.Im a big fan :-).bumped into them in a club.not the first time.and certainly not the last.yeah,Bam is around my height.thanks for agreeing.
someone said on 8/Nov/06
i cant beleive you didnt know who they wihs i could meet them(well not sure hu the guy with the blonde hair is lol) is my dream to meet come you met them anyway( just wondering, dont meen to be cheeky)
Bam looks about the same height as u btw.!
Glenn said on 25/Oct/06
Thats who I thought too.hmm.5-9,5-10 sounds right.I didnt pay attention cause I didnt know who he was.
Lmeister said on 25/Oct/06
Chris Pontius looks like 5'6'' and 165 - 180 pounds. He is rather bulky which makes him appear even shorter.
15and5'7'' said on 25/Oct/06
man u went the first day it was at theaters??!! man that's cool! i THINK i know who the guy with the blond-ish hair is...isn't that ryan mcgehey? He was the guy who dressed up as an Iraqi in the final true stunt of jackas 2, he was also the guy that got the ''normal'' hairs in his mouth lol. also Glenn how tall do u think he was? like 5'9''-5'10''-ish?
Glenn said on 24/Oct/06
I went the first day! and I havnt went opening day to a movie in 10 years maybe! Bam and Steve O said to let that guy in the photo cause he was a cast guy too.Im not sure.
15and5'7'' said on 24/Oct/06
i've been good Glenn thanks for askin. yeah u definetly have the main guys, knoxville, bam, steve-o, and chris. also Glenn who's the guy with the blonde-ish hair? he looks familliar but i can't remember where i seen him....maybe from jackass 2. also Glenn if u haven't seen jackass 2 i'd definately reccommend u go see it, if u haven't already. anyway's great photo man keep up the good work!
15and5'7'' said on 24/Oct/06
dang Glenn u got a picture with bam, steve-o, AND chris pontius? man, that's AWESOME!!! man i bet it's pretty cool hangin with those guys!! so Glenn chris is 5'5'' or 5'6''?? dang i didn't think he was that short...but i haven't met him, so Glenn i guess that pretty much means u have taken pictures with the whole jackass cast right?
Glenn said on 18/Oct/06
Steve O is 5-10.
Bill said on 17/Oct/06
how tall is steve o glenn?
Glenn said on 10/Oct/06
Change the name to deaf,dumb and blind.never mind what I said on his height and that I met him.
Dumb but not blind said on 10/Oct/06
C'mon, Bam is clearly taller than Glenn in that picture. He is slanted, yet still looks taller; either Glenn is 5ft6, or Bam is 5ft10!!! Because he is clearly around 2 inches taller than Glenn!
Glenn said on 9/Oct/06
Thank you brooke.though I could swear in the old days Kiedas appeared 5-9,5-10.early 90s I was 5-7 maybe and he had thicker footwear.
brooke said on 9/Oct/06
bam is 5'8 because my friend (who is 5'8 exactly) and i met him and he was the same height as my friend.
brooke said on 9/Oct/06
i agree with glenn. bam is 5'8 because he is the same height as anthony kiedis who is 5'8. and anthony even said that he is 5'8
Glenn said on 9/Oct/06
Chris is 5-5 or 5-6.only met him once.
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/06
Glenn, how tall would you say Chris Pontius is?
Glenn said on 5/Oct/06
antron-read Logans post below.he is 5-7ish,possibly,but no bigger than 5-8.I have a cast photo 6,7 weeks ago of me,Bam,Steveo,Partyboy and possibly a nobody,but they said he was a cast member.youll see it soon.great photo.terrible for height guessing.we are all hunched over hugging.I love those guys so much.not only are they extremely funny,they always make me feel like Im part of the family.constantly pounding and fiveing me.they really know how to treat people.the nicest cast EVER! and Steve o to my surprise was 5-10 easy.maybe 5-11 if he has that funny spine trick some do.
antron said on 4/Oct/06
Bam is leaning in this picture and tilting his head back. Glenn I'd have to say based on this picture he would be a bit taller than you (you're actually kind of pulling an Ian McKellen eh?). BUT you say you have hung out with him, so, maybe 5'8.5 is fair?
Clinton said on 1/Oct/06
Someone said Steve O was 5'11", well I met him at Hooters during the Indy 500 in 2004. I was wearing flip-flops and he seemed to be about about my height maybe, just maybe an inch taller but no more and i'm 5'8". I'd say he was 5'9" probably about 5'10" with the skate shoes he had on.
logan said on 26/Sep/06
go see jackass 2...bam is around 5'7''
and you get to see him cry like a little baby.
Conner Iannone said on 6/Aug/06
Glenn, Bam looks an inch taller than yopu in the picture - but I'll take your word for it.
Glenn said on 4/Aug/06
Cause Jack,no offence,Im busy pal.and when I am home,I dont have internet.I have 2000 pics no one saw yet.Im posting at least 600,700 of those slowly over the next 110 NEW pics yet to be time we will see new Bam pics.
Jack said on 4/Aug/06
Glenn, if you have a few pics, why dont you post one we can go off of. Because you did say this pic wasn't accurate.
15and5'8'' said on 3/Aug/06
Hey..i agree with Glenn. Jack, and i take my quote from Glenn to prove why i beleive Glenn is taller. ''you cant always go by pics to judge due to angles,posture, slouching,street levels,and footwear.fact 2 IS my eyes and my celebrity acsessibility.I HUNG out and met Bam many times.I have a few pics.he is between 5-7 and 5-8.'' do i believe Glenn is taller than Bam? yes, could i be wrong? yes. so there ya go, Jack.
Glenn said on 3/Aug/06
The only thing thats clear Jack is that you dont know the facts.fact one, as Rob just stated is you cant always go by pics to judge due to angles,posture, slouching,street levels,and footwear.fact 2 IS my eyes and my celebrity acsessibility.I HUNG out and met Bam many times.I have a few pics.he is between 5-7 and 5-8.take my word.take it from someone who is really there.
JK said on 3/Aug/06
yeah, i think he is atleast 5'9''. in viva la bam he dosen't even look near 5'8'', i used to think he was 5'11'', but he as to be atleast 5'9''.
Jack said on 2/Aug/06
Are you kidding me? Glenn, he is clearly taller than you. Bam's shoes probably only give him about .75 of an inch because they are most likely Adio skate shoes. He is also leaning, which if he took his hat off, and stood up straight he'd still be about an inch taller. He has to be about 5'8.5 to 5'9. And 15and5"8, if Bam is only 5'7, then Glenn would be about 5'6. Seriously 15and5'8, what makes you think Glenn is taller. Are you blind to the fact that he is leaning towards Glenn?

[Editor Rob: there might be 2 degree tilt in bam favor though and Glenn being between ville and bam might not have his best posture, who knows]
15and5'8'' said on 31/Jul/06
Yeah, i'm pretty sure everyone can agree that bam's in the 5'7'' to 5'8'' range.
Glenn said on 30/Jul/06
First off the guy is wearing a skull cap,thats obvious to tell where the top of his head is.and to my eyes,if he straightens,he would be my height.not taller.
martin said on 30/Jul/06
This picture doesn't prove that Bam is as tall as Glenn is. Bam is leaning into Glenn and is also leaning a a bit forward. In addition, I don't think that this cap makes Bam taller than he is. When I look at this picture, I would say that Bam is probably 176 cm tall.
JK said on 30/Jul/06
i used to think that bam was 5'11'', but looking at this pic i would give him 5'8.5'' to 5'9''.
Danimal said on 29/Jul/06
15 how can you tell who's taller? Bam is wearing a hat. We don't know where the top of his head is. He's also leaning into you Glenn and leaning forward. Don't you usually lean into chicks when they are shorter than you Glenn? I'm just saying is all.
DudeX said on 29/Jul/06
Here is a picture of Bam Margera and Mike Vogal (Who is listed as 5-10)
Click Here

either both of them are 5-10, or both of them are 5-8
Glenn said on 29/Jul/06
Thank you 15.
martin said on 29/Jul/06
I can't believe that he is 5'8 tall. I always thought that Bam is a solid 5'10 guy.
15and5'8'' said on 28/Jul/06
yeah, Glenn it looks to me that your taller in that pic, by like 1/2 an inch to an inch maybe. so i guess that makes bam 5'7.5''-5'7''
Danimal said on 26/Jul/06
I know, it kills me that I don't remember the other actors real heights, but for some reason, Cruise's has always stuck with me.
Glenn said on 25/Jul/06
Really? do you remember anything else?
Danimal said on 24/Jul/06
Cruise's official height is 5'6 3/4". My older sister had an old issue of Cosmopolitan when I was younger and they revealed actors and actresses real heights and they had Cruise at 5'6 3/4". I believe it.
Glenn said on 24/Jul/06
Funny,to me I see it as Im taller in the pic.he is between 5-7 and 5-8.its sometimes hard for me to decipher celebs of that range,ala Cruise and Walhberg.
Danimal said on 24/Jul/06
Also, Bam looks like he's a bit closer to the Camera, which gives off the illusion that he's slightly taller than you and then throw in the hat and that's what people are seeing Glenn. I take your word for it that he's your height though.
Glenn said on 23/Jul/06
Could be.I dont see it.apparently,your not the only one.
Danimal said on 22/Jul/06
Glenn, it could be Bam's hat that makes him appear taller than you.
Glenn said on 22/Jul/06
He could be does everyone see him as taller than me in that pic,is a mystery to me.and why Rob cuts photos in half like that I dont get either.Ville Vallo is to the left of me.I have other photos with the 2 of them Ill post one day.
Danimal said on 21/Jul/06
Okay, Bam was listed at 5'10.5" when on Jackass/CKY. Steve-O was 5'11". Johnny Knoxville was 6'1". Chris Pontius was 5'8". Ryan Dunn is 5'9". Skateboarder Tony Hawk was 6'4". I believe you Glenn, but going by that pic, Bam looks a little taller than you.
***ville*** said on 21/Jul/06
Bam is deffintly shorter then 5 10 there is no way i am sorry i meet him and i am 5 6 and we were about chin to chin... its not possible for him to be that tall.
Lmeister said on 21/Jul/06
I watched an episode of Viva la Bam last night. Bam is clearly an inch shorter than Ryan Dunn who is around 175cm. The most accurate height for Bam might be 171-172cm.
Anne said on 26/Jun/06
Here is the original picture:
Click Here
Anne said on 26/Jun/06
That picture is photoshopped, it is originally of Ville and Juska (ex-keyboardist of HIM). Bam seems quite short though, I've seen him several times and I was surprised how short he looked. I wasn't next to him, but he seemed to be a bit shorter than me, and I'm 175cm (5'9).
Glenn said on 23/Jun/06
Thats what Ive been saying all least one of you,if not alot of you thought he was taller than me.he may actually be shorter!
Lmeister said on 23/Jun/06
Click Here This funny picture shows that Bam Margera isn't 5'11. Eventhough he is slouching he is clearly shorter than Ville Valo. Bam's real height is 5'7''to 5'8''.
clad-in-black said on 17/Jun/06
Bird man is 6'2 not 6'3
and i think this is pretty accurate, i never realized it on viva la bam, till one day it just occured to me he wasnt that tall.
Also i saw an episode where he was getting freebies from other celebs, *(forgot the reason)
and he got a mesh cap from pharell williams, and they were almost the same height, so guess pharrell is in the round abouts as well then. always thought he was larger too
Brett said on 7/Jun/06
yeh he looks about that height. Seriously I cant believe you guys think Bams anywhere near as tall as Tony Hawk, hes got like a head on Bam Magera. Are you sure Steve-Os only 5'9"? he looks pretty similar to Knoxville, I would have thought 5'11" or so for Steve-O
Glenn said on 3/Jun/06
Thank you Alex and 15.
Anonymous said on 3/Jun/06
But Tony Hawk is DEFINETELY 6'3" and Bam doesn't look that much shorter.
A-Bomb said on 3/Jun/06
Steve-O is 5'9", not 6'1"
Jack said on 2/Jun/06
Glenn, what's not accurate about this photo?
15and5'7.5 said on 2/Jun/06
well personally if glenn says he's 5'7-5'8, u can b sure that's his height!
Anonymous said on 1/Jun/06
Seriously, DM there is no way that Bam is that short......he must be at least 5'11" as that is what he is listed as on every site and profile I've seen of him. He looks barely shorter than 6'1" Steve-O and towers over 5'8" Chris Pontius. Hey, Glenn, are you sure that YOU weren't wearing lifts that day when you met him??;-)
UNK said on 1/Jun/06
@DM, YES we care. Please scan the picture. I am sure everyone on this site would like to see more pic contributions from users.
DM said on 31/May/06
Let me weigh in. I am 5'8" and met Bam the day after a cKy show in an upscale hotel and was shocked that I was taller than him by atleast 2". If anyone cares I can scan the picture.
Glenn said on 31/May/06
For the last time.He isnt cant be accurate by photos.and I hung out with the guy many of the sweetest 5-8 guys youd ever meet.
Jack said on 30/May/06
Why 5'8.5? He wears Adio's which have about a half an inch heel and he is still taller than Glenn even leaning. He is 5'9 definetely.
Alex said on 27/May/06 has him at 5'10 but we know most those heights are off by at least a little. He looks 5'8-5'8.5 with Glenn.
aaa said on 27/May/06
here is a pic of fim next to danny way pro skateboarer, from which profile says he is 6-2. he wears flat skateboard shoes which gives around 2 cm-3/4 inch and bam wears boots. Bam looks about 5-9 maybe less...
Click Here
J. said on 25/May/06
His father, Phil Margera, appeared on the US version of Celebrity Fit Club a season or two again. He was listed as 5'11" on the show.

They showed footage of Phil and his son, Bam, and Bam was a bit shorter.
Tall Guy said on 24/May/06
I always thought he was 5'10-5'11, but according to the pic, I would estimate him as 5'8 or 5'9
Rocky said on 23/May/06
Guys, still photos arent always great for judging height, Glenn says he's 5'7-5'8 so there you go.
x said on 23/May/06
Click Here

D. Ray Morton said on 23/May/06
Is this the guy from "Viva La Bam" or whatever? Wow, I really thought he was more like 5'10".
UNK said on 23/May/06
Yeah, I would say he is a little taller than Glenn... close to 5'9". Post some pics of him next to Steve-O (Who I believe is 5'8"?), if you have some A-Bomb.

Or was it Chris Pintus (sp?) is 5'8" and Steve-O 5'9"? I did always think Bam was taller than Chris and Steve-O though.
A-Bomb said on 23/May/06
Really?!?!!? Only 5'7-5'8?!?!? I watch his show and he always looks a solid 5'10". However, looking at some photos now of him next to Steve O and Knoxville he does look like he could be 5'8". Maybe a good case of the illusion of film and television when it comes to height.
MD said on 22/May/06
Yeah, this looks like a rare case and angle where a lean makes a person look taller than they are. He really looks like he'd be Glenn's height, or maybe marginally taller. 5'8.5" seems like the top of the scale, here, and not the bottom.
Glenn said on 22/May/06
I try to meet everyone.he isnt 5-9.
Razorblade said on 22/May/06
In the pic he looks, due to his lean, about 1" taller than u Glenn...
diddy said on 22/May/06
Glenn u meet everyone!! haha
Glenn said on 21/May/06
5-7, more than that.
aaa said on 21/May/06
in tony Hawk pro skater 3 game he was listed 5-11. From skateboarding videos I estimate him between 5-9 - 5-10.
Dominic said on 21/May/06
If Bam stood up straight he would be 5'10.
J. said on 20/May/06
He was a cast member of the MTV show "Jackass" and hosted his own MTV program, I believe. I rememember a Rolling Stone profile that described him as 5'8".
wrestling said on 20/May/06
i seen 5'10" for him on Click Here ... now i see hes more like 5'8" - 5'9"

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