How tall is Benicio Del Toro

Benicio Del Toro's Height

6ft 1 ¼ (186.1 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2 (188 cm)
Puerto Rican actor, best known for roles in movies like The Usual Suspects, Sin City, Traffic, Snatch, License to Kill, Sicario and Che. Screentrade had an article regarding Del Toro and it mentioned that when auditioning for a Bond Villain in License to Kill, Broccoli asked him 'How tall are you?', to which Benicio replied "6ft 2".

How tall is Benicio Del Toro
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Average Guess (74 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 1.63in (187cm)
Current: 6ft 1.06in (185.6cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Feb/21
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ Happy Birthday Benicio! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Wishing Benicio Del Toro a fantastic 54th Birthday today.

Original height - 6ft2 and three quarters of an inch lower for nowadays.
XXX πŸ˜πŸ»πŸ˜†πŸ‘ŒπŸŽŠ

slim 6'1 said on 14/Feb/21
I can understand 187cm guesses for him but 182-183 is just trollworthy
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 29/Jan/21
Here is the height in feet difference
Benicio Del Toro- 6ft 0 in[183 cm]
Willis Christian Macaraig- 6ft 3 in[191 cm]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jan/21
182cm is a joke both now and then
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 25/Jan/21
Benicio Del Toro[Fred Fenster] is actually 6'[183 cm] tall and it is his real height without shoes.
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 24/Jan/21
Kevin Pollak: 166-167 cm
Stephen Baldwin: 174-175 cm
Benicio Del Toro: 182-183 cm
Gabriel Byrne : 174-175 cm
Kevin Spacey :174-175 cm
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jan/21
Strange that Benicio lost 2cm before he turn 53. He wasn't like famous wrestler who broke their vertebrae during match and start loosing height in early 40s. Also Vince Vaughn lost of height in his 40s still some strange element stuff thinking about it. I have not encounter any of my older cousins (in their 40s) have lost anything yet only one uncle from my dad side have lost 1/2" at 51.
slim 6'1 said on 22/Jan/21
187 peak
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 18/Jan/21
Peak:184 cm
Current:182 cm
He looks around 182-183 cm to me because he wore thick heels in The Usual Suspects.
slim 6'1 said on 5/Jan/21
Weak 6’2” agree with rampage he hasn’t shrunk that much only 0.5-1cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Oct/20
Quite young to be losing that much.....
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Sep/20
There's absolutely no excuse for Benicio to hit his children in the film '21 Grams'. It's disgusting, and they aren't even badly behaved!

In my era, we were smacked to smitherines, but we had to do something really naughty first, unless we got under the skin of a particularly ratty teacher. 😠 Now there are laws against it, and rightly so. Violence just breeds violence in later life.

Benicio is huge as well! πŸ’ͺ😝

This is a very evocative film and quite disturbing.

⭐ I believe 21 grams is the amount of weight the body loses at one's time of death, when the spirit leaves the body.

Peak height - 6ft2
Now - 6ft1.25

He looks at his peak height in this 2003 film.
Sinclair said on 4/Sep/20
I believe Benicio Del Toro was a flat 6’2” at peak but probably not any taller. I thought Del Toro seemed a shade taller than Robert Davi in Licence To Kill. Camera angles and Del Toro’s relaxed posture could make Timothy Dalton seem taller than Del Toro for a few moments in Licence To Kill but I reckon Del Toro was a tad taller than Dalton, even when we take Del Toro’s questionable footwear from Licence To Kill into consideration. Del Toro is also taller than Clive Owen (who strikes me as someone close to the 6’2” mark).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Aug/20
Edged Dalton and Davi in LTK when he was 21. If he was only 187cm peak, the two of those guys were 185-186cm tops
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
187 young now 186
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Aug/20
Tim Robbins does look 9cm taller than a current height Benicio. Tim still pulling off 6'4 & 3/4.
berta said on 4/Aug/20
i dont think he have lost 2 cm. he was probably a 187,5 guy and today is down to 186,5 but have worse posture and can look 186 most of the time.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Jun/20
I did rule out 187.5cm peak and 186cm now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/May/20
I'm not convinced he'd only measure 6ft1 today and 6ft1Β½ is possible for him.

Looked no less than 6ft2 20 years
BT said on 16/May/20
@Rob: Yeah but surely only 3 inches when slouching. Do you really think he's 2 cm shorter than peak? I can't see it. You know better than anyone that looking a certain height and actually measuring it are different things. Liam Neeson is over 10 years older and gets away with 6'3.5 when he rarely looks it these days. Just saying.
Editor Rob
It is possible if measured he could still get near 1.5
BT said on 15/May/20
@Rob: When bothering to stand tall he can still pull off looking pretty much 4 inches taller than someone like Josh Brolin: Click Here. He could arguably look no more than that with Depp in 04 and 98: Click Here, Click Here.

He doesn't really look that much different from what he did in his 30's. A bit more meat on his bones, some grey in his beard and a tendency to drop 1-2 inches in posture, sure, but being physically incapable of getting closer than 0.75 inch to his peak height in his early 50's... I don't know. Seems pretty harsh. It might be more likely that he has always been around 6'1.5, perhaps with a bigger chance of measuring 6'1.75 in his youth.
Editor Rob
He can look from 3 up to 4 inches taller than Josh, so I can see why 6ft 1.5 isn't entirely (at least up to a couple of years ago) impossible for him.
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 27/Apr/20
My guess for his height
Peak: 6'2.25" or 189 cm
Current: 6'1.5" or 187 cm
I think he is 188 cm tall because i found out that he is 6'2" in Google and Film Bug.
Nearly 180cm guy said on 23/Apr/20
Rob, who do you think could be taller in the 90's, Samuel L. Jackson or Benicio Del Toro?
Editor Rob
There may still be a better chance of a 90's Samuel measuring taller than Del Toro.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/20
Looked a decent 6ft2 in the 90’s, sometimes even 189cm
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Feb/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ Happy Birthday Benicio! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Many Happy Returns to Benicio del Toro, who is today celebrating his 53rd Birthday. Let's hope he has a lovely time!

6ft2 peak; 6ft1.5 now. πŸ˜„πŸŽŠπŸ»

179cm guy said on 23/Apr/19
Peak: 6'1.75-6'2
Current: 6'1.25-1.5
I don't think that Benicio's lost 2cm yet, but if Rob wants to give him the full 6'2 that's fine by me. I do think that he looks closer to 6'1 than 6'2 nowadays though.
179cm guy said on 7/Feb/19
Rob, how did he manage to lose 2cm at only fifty years old? Did he suffer from any injuries? Do people that measure well over the six foot mark tend to lose more height as they age than people that measure under it?
Editor Rob
I don't know either, but he looks shorter today than at age 30...whether he was 6ft 1.75 rather than 2, that is something I haven't dismissed.
Miguel Calado said on 25/Jan/19
i think the accumulated fat over the years might be the main cause of his height loss... did he have any accidents?
Gracian said on 18/Aug/18
Rob, thank you for the upgrade you gave him! Here is one of his newer photos alongside Josh Brolin: Click Here
He does not really look like smaller than 186 cm today. I am surprised that he is only 51 years old and he has lost a little height... He wonders if he could have a little more than 6'2". He looked much taller than Rodrigo Santoro in 2008:
Click Here y9getmmr
Click Here
In addition, in 2005 he looked much taller than Clive Owen: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Here are his pictures next to Tim Robbins from 2004: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
And here his other photos next to Robbins from a few years ago: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Here are his photos alongside Emily Blunt from 2010-2015 (Emily often wears high heels):
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Here are his photos alongside Oliver Stone and John Travolta from 2012: Click Here
Click Here
Rob, peak height 6'2.25" is possible for him?
Editor Rob
I don't think I'd list him over 6ft 2. I feel that is enough for him.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jul/18
I am surprised! Judging from his performance in 'Sin City', and many more besides, I would have expected Benicio to clear 6ft2.

I go for 6ft2 peak and 6ft1.5 nowadays. He can't have lost much! I have to check out how old he is. I wouldn't have expected him to be old enough to have lost any height yet, except through misfortune.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Jul/18
Strange that Benicio could look 2" lower than 6'2 Adam Driver when both look to be standing same posture.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jul/18
Looked a decent 6ft2 15-20 years ago
Ian555 said on 27/Jun/18
Rob who do you think would most likely be taller Benicio del Toro or Gerard Butler?
Editor Rob
I think Benicio 10-15 years ago looked a bit taller than he has last couple of years, but then you could argue Butler when standing tall seems over a flat 6ft 1 too.
SHANTANU SANJAY lal said on 15/Jun/18
peak - 6'2.25
present- 6'1 3/8
SierraSix said on 10/Jun/18
Guys, I posted a bunch of pics in which it is so obvious that he is around the 6 foot mark, did you not see them? How can Benicio be 6'1 1/4 but be considerably shorter than, for example, Roger Federer who was measured to be 184.7cm tall?
People always, always overestimate height, never under!
Gracian said on 8/Jun/18
Rob, I think you should look at Del Toro again. Peak height 6'2.25" and current height 6'1.25" can really be argued for him. He looked like a good 6'2" guy just a few years ago. Djimon Hounsou looked much shorter than him, Karen Gillan also looked much shorter (although she had high heels). Del Toro did not look much shorter than Lee Pace and Dave Bautista, Rob, you can look at his pictures with them: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Today, however, he still looks 186 cm. Next to Mads Mikkelsen, he still looks a lot taller than him, and he still looks taller than Domhnall Gleeson. Here are the pictures: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rob, you said 186 cm is possible for him today. Can you give him an upgrade now?
Editor Rob
It might be realistic that if he measured he could stretch just over 6ft 1...I think he has lost some height though.
Taxi Driver 101 said on 5/Jun/18
What’s with all this β€œweak 6’0” nonsense down there? Dude still looked a strong 6’1.5 in Sicario, dwarfed Brolin. He was a big boy in Traffic, very strong 6’2, and he’s barely 50, there’s no way he’s lost 2 inches. Ridiculous
Gracian said on 12/May/18
Yeah, 6'2.25" is really a possibility for this guy when he was younger." Rob, look at him from Clive Owen: Click Here
Benicio looks much taller than Clive Owen. Rob, I care more that you give him an upgrade to 6'1.25". Rob, you told me that 186 cm is still possible for him today, and I found evidence that Del Toro in Star Wars on many events looks taller than 6'1" Domhnall Gleeson. In addition, the difference between him and Gwendoline and between him and Driver was not too big when Benicio had a better posture. Rob, please look at these pictures: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
I think peak height 6'2.25" is still a debetable for this guy, but 6'1.25" really looks better for him nowadays. Rob, please give him an upgrade to 186 cm.
jake185 said on 4/May/18
peak height 6'2.25 . present height - 6'1.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Apr/18
He might still measure 186cm today. Peak was no less than 188cm. Look how big he is in Traffic and he was taller than Dalton and Davi in LTK
Gracian said on 14/Apr/18
Rob, I think you've lowered Del Toro too much... Take a look at this photo of Del Toro with Gleeson and Gwendoline: Click Here
I think that 6'1.5" today is debatable for him, but flat 6'1" seems to be too low now, list 6'1.25" probably was the most correct today. Today, Del Toro holding 51 years holds bad posture. He smokes, it's proof that he lost some height. As for his peak height, he thinks he was 6'2" and you can even argue at 6'2.25". Rob, look at his photos with Travolta and Rodrigo Santoro: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rob, please answer to my coment.
Editor Rob
It's arguable to say 186cm if he was measured might be possible for him.
berta said on 12/Apr/18
peak 187 soday 186 and look 185 with bad posture. ( his posture is really bad these days)
berta said on 16/Mar/18
to short these days to have been 188 peak rob i think 187 peak would be better?
shant185 said on 11/Mar/18
Peak Height : 6ft 2.
nowdays : 186.7 cm or 6 ft 1.5 inch
6footTom said on 24/Feb/18
@SierraSix Clive Owen is over 6ft though. A character's height listing isn't the same as the actor's actual height.
Jordan87 said on 21/Feb/18
@ SierraSix,

True, he was never a 6'2 guy. He likely scratches only 6 foot nowadays. He is 50, He didn't lose 2", that is crazy talk.
SierraSix said on 15/Feb/18
One more link to show that Benicio is 6' at best, possibly even under!
Click Here

Michael Caine has been put at 6'0.5" (184.2cm) by this very site and Samuel L. Jackson is put at 6'1" (185.4cm), if those numbers are correct (and I fully believe they are) then how can Benicio be a full 6'1" yet appear to be at least 1 1/2 if not even 2 inches shorter than Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson?
SierraSix said on 14/Feb/18
I have been reading in on this conversation for a while and quickly wanted to chime in. Benicio just got a downgrade but I'm afraid even this one was generous, I have looked at dozens of pictures of him and other celebs and have come to the conclusion that he is no more than 183cm after a couple hours on his feet.
Check out this picture of him next to Roger Federer whose height was certified by some scanning device on live TV as being 184,7cm. In this picture Roger has at least 2-3cm on Benicio:
Click Here

Further proof to make my case: Clive Owen is listed as merely 6" (please note Anniston's real height listed there as well, so even though they are props the id's appear to be accurate) on his driver's license prop from "Derailed":
Click Here
and as 184cm in "Killer Elite", so I am assuming Clive to be around 183cm and some change in actuality.
Benicio looks to be about the same height as Clive if not even less in some pictures. Benicio's hair is also no accident, he clearly likes to appear taller, he may even be using lifts on occasion. This is why, from my observations, I have to conclude that he can under no circumstances be taller than 183cm!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Feb/18
I wouldn't have thought lost this much...

Back in the 90's he looked a decent 6ft2 minimum, no question.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Feb/18
If he was only 187cm, then Clive Owen was 186cm
Jordan87 said on 7/Feb/18
@ Celebheights,

" Peak: 6’2 1/4”
Now: 6’0 3/4”-6’1”"

So You Think by age 50 he lost 1.5"? This is getting utterly ridiculous now.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 6/Feb/18
Peak: 6’2 1/4”
Now: 6’0 3/4”-6’1”

He edged out Clive Owen in his peak.
Jordan87 said on 6/Feb/18
@ CHristian - 6'5 3/8"

"Maybe it's just that other celebs around her are shorter than their listings"

Benicio Especially. If he was really 6'1, she would be 6'4 to possibly 6'5, which we all know for a fact she is not. DOmhnall Gleason is also maybe an Inch on Benecio who has crazy hair in that pic, but Gleason is looking at least 3" SHorter than Big Gwen which actually does align with his 6'0 Guesses. Gleason is def not 6'1, you can rule that out.
Mike1 said on 5/Feb/18
Lol Rob, how can he lose 1 inch at just 50???
Editor Rob
I think he was arguably the same height as Timothy Dalton, so he may have been 187cm.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 5/Feb/18

I think Gwendoline's 6'3". Maybe it's just that other celebs around her are shorter than their listings. I don’t see a reason for her to have risen late.
Jordan87 said on 5/Feb/18
@ Mickey,

" That's not 4"...More 2.25-2.5"

Click Here

Guess again my friend. There are other hobbies for you to try.
Jordan87 said on 5/Feb/18
@ Rob,

I honestly Think even if Christie is as high at 6'3.75" ( She doesn't look it with you), Benicio would still be Under 6 foot so yes, he is certainly "Struggling".....She does have him by nearly 4" in most every one of those pictures at the event.

Benicio at 6'1.25" on here I feel does need a good bit of a downgrade. I am shocked myself b/c I never looked into him much on this site but always figured him to be a solid 6'1. Guess not.
Editor Rob
I'm not sure he looks as much as 4, but he can look near 3 inches shorter in some photos, he did as others have said, look 1-1.5 shorter than adam driver too.
Jordan87 said on 5/Feb/18
@ Mickey,

Reserve the LOL for yourself b/c in this below picture If you think there is only 2-1/4" to 2-1/2" look again lol.

Click Here

Christie is 6'3 ( Tops), Benecio would be 5'11-5'11.5"
Editor Rob
He's certainly struggling to look much over 6ft.

Gwendoline must have risen late that day, as she looks 6ft 3.5-3.75 at that event.
Jordan87 said on 5/Feb/18

There is certainly more than 2.5" Between them. Compare their shoulders and their Eye levels. Yes Christie has a small head, but Do Not let Benicio's hair fool you, more I look its not 4" but its more 3-1/2". 2-1/2", no dude look at it again she pretty much towers him.
mickey said on 1/Feb/18
lol that's not 4 inches jordan... more like 2-2.5
Jordan87 said on 1/Feb/18
Click Here

Christie at 6'3 has him by 4" at least. Christie doesn't have women's heels on here.
Anonymous said on 7/Jan/18
Peak 6'2
Current 6'1.5
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 29/Dec/17
He was shorter than Adam Driver in several pictures.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/17
More like 188-189cm peak
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 19/Dec/17
He looked tall in "Sicario", id guess him at 6'2" on the nose.
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/17
Somestimes he's looks 6,1 but I say he's 6'2 it's probably because he doesn't stand up straight but yeah
Jani said on 30/Jul/17
I would say more like 185-186cm nowadays. Maybe 187cm peak when he was younger.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jul/17
Looked a strong 6ft2 in Traffic and Sin City
KH said on 18/May/17
Right around this mark remember he is a sloucher.
S.J.H said on 10/Nov/16
I think he was always between 6'1.5-6'1.75 so 187cm that explain why he look solid 8cm shorter than near 6'5 tim robbins
mike said on 1/Sep/16
he looked almost conan o'brien's height in an interview in 2005. conan is 6'3.5-6'4...
Dejavu said on 8/May/16
He looks 6'1 next to Tim Robbins. If he is really 6'2, Tim Robbins is 6'6.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/16
If Clive Owen is 187-188cm then this guy looked 189cm for sure.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 20/Feb/16
CanΒ΄t see him over 6Β΄1", 6Β΄2" probably the western style height in footwear.
Goose said on 15/Feb/16
Saw him in Central Park in 2003'. I'd would have put him around 6'1 3/4 factoring in he has bad posture....
Luc said on 30/Oct/15
1.87 cm max.
ArjunaKorale said on 18/Oct/15
I was out today with some friends & we all wanted to watch a film at the cinema. I wanted to watch something scary like Regression or Crimson Peak, but my friends (who don't like horror movies) out voted me & we went to see the thriller Sicario. God damn, I never realised how 'scary' it was going to be. It was one tense & sick film!
SportsHeight said on 15/Oct/15
Rob, here's Benicio with 5'9.5" Josh Brolin: Click Here
with 6'0.5" Bradley Cooper: Click Here
with 6'1.5" Djimon Honsou: Click Here

Looks closer to 6'1" in these photos, doesn't he?
Arch Stanton said on 18/Sep/15
Rob can you add a photo? I think he looked a bit taller than Clive Owen.
hal said on 16/Sep/15
He very recently said that he is 6'2" on 'Live! with Kelly and Michael'. I can buy that. He might be a little bit under. I'd say he's either a strong 6'1" or a weak 6'2".
Michael said on 16/Sep/15
6'1 same height as Timothy Dalton and Clive Owen, an inch shorter than Davi
184.9 on a bad day said on 12/May/15
Actually Clive Owen is a hair taller than him.
xoxo said on 18/Apr/15
Sooo, in the movie Jimmy P, within the first 10 mins, there is a scene where he is being measured. The doctor clearly says, "six foot 1 and a halve."
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/15
189cm for me. Edged out Timothy Dalton and Clive Owen.
cole said on 18/Mar/15
He nearly towered over the rest of the average height cast in 'The Usual Suspects' - he was slim, couple that with wearing a suit and it adds to the illusion. I don't think he ever was more than a strong 187 cm or near enough 188, and I don't think he has necessarily lost all that much. But it's obvious that the weight he has gained in his 40's is making him stand more relaxed, hence why he can appear 185 cm at times. I jumped to conclusion last year when stating that he's likely not over 186 cm today, I don't stand by that one...

@Editor Rob: At what point do you decide to say that an actor has lost height? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if one has actually shrunk or is just standing more poorly than in their heyday. I mean it's clear with a guy like Clint Eastwood - he has definitely and indisputably shrunk drastically. But with other celebs we see who get taken down 0.25 or 0.5in, they must look that much shorter than their "prime self" quite consistantly over a certain period of time, right? Unless they come out and say that they have lost height, of course.
S.J.H said on 2/Mar/15
6ft1.25 at best. Chris pratt was taller than Benicio although i think both were under 6'2.
5'11 barefoot said on 23/Feb/15
hah people argue height on here, sad, truly it is. Instead think about yourself and how to do with what you have. People shrink, more than others, this guy looks like he has aids now. So he's 6'2 with shoes. Who cares? No one walks around barefoot in public. Which is where most celebs or spotted.
Tim 181 said on 5/Feb/15
Strange he is not 3 in taller than Brad Pitt (pic 11)
Click Here
Mike said on 11/Dec/14
Both look 6ft 2. I still think Pratt might be a little taller though. Benicio probably didn't lose any height.
Njp said on 2/Dec/14
Pointless in comparing the height of somebody "on film" opposite a co star. Especially in a sci-fi movie where they're wearing ridiculous footwear. The red carpet isn't the best place either as generally when you see people posing, the tall people are slouching down to pose with the shorter actors. Not always but often. In all the shots I've looked at of various premieres and events Del Toro sometimes looks taller and sometimes looks shorter than Chris Pratt but more often than not thru look the same height. It's the old scientist bias: Your theory is disputed so you go back to look at the research until you find something that supports your theory, no matter how many papers you sift thru first that disprove it. He's 6'2" flat.
mike said on 16/Oct/14
Looked shorter than Chris Pratt in GOTG.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Oct/14
Rob, why isn't Traffic listed there?

THAT is his most famous role
[Editor Rob: I inserted it in.]
Arch Stanton said on 7/Sep/14
Rob how can you not mention 21 Grams? I'd say that is arguably his most famous role.
[Editor Rob: I wasn't as much a fan of that one.]
Andrea said on 6/Sep/14
Rob, could he be closer to 6'1? He doesn't look over that next to Lee Pace, even considering his posture
[Editor Rob: there's a significant footwear difference, his sneakers don't look much compared to a boot over an inch. In last few years he could have lost a fraction but 5-6 years ago I think he still looked 6ft 2.]
James B said on 18/Aug/14
Maybe it's hair but in old pics he could look near 6'3 compared to tim robbins
SaveUsY2J said on 29/Jul/14
@cole- It's pretty uncommon to have lost anything more than a fraction before entering your fifties. Usually you'd start shrinking in that age bracket and then have dropped around an inch by the time you hit 60. Unless you've suffered a serious injury necessitating surgery noticeable height loss before 50 doesn't happen very often. Your dad is probably an anomaly. My own dad is 57 (and not really a picture of physical fitness) and has only lost half an inch so far. In Benicio's case I'd put it down to his posture being wildly inconsistent when compared with his younger self.
jtm said on 27/Jul/14
cooper is closer to the camera and del toro's legs are spread apart. i also think cooper had footwear advantage so if anthing cooper's listing is too high.
Guy said on 26/Jul/14
I saw him in person, he is 185
Reznik said on 22/Jul/14
Same height as Bradley Cooper or maybe just 1/2 inch taller. So 6'1" seems to be a fair measurement for Benicio Del Toro
Click Here
cole said on 2/Jul/14
@Editor Rob: You might as well remove my post from 7/Jan/14 - that comment was meant for Tommy Lee Jones' page, don't know how it ended up here...

@SaveUsY2J: I don't know if it's common or not to drop 2 cm by age 47, my dad had dropped about 1,5 cm after 45, and he's a relatively fit guy, so I guess it's not impossible... Maybe a fraction loss is realistic for Benicio though, or maybe it's just his posture that has gotten more sloppy as of late? 186 cm was more of a suggestion really, I think he has looked it a couple of times. But maybe 6'1.5 or 6'1.75 is what he generally looks now. I don't often see a solid 6'2 guy in him anymore, but I did in the 90's - I guess is the point.
Henno722 said on 24/Jun/14
Benicio is standing the same height as penn jillete at 6ft 6 in fear an loathing in last Vegas
SaveUsY2J said on 13/Mar/14
Don't understand all this talk about him shrinking down to 186cm. I seriously doubt he's had any noticeable height loss at just 47...
cole said on 20/Jan/14
@Editor Rob: I must have posted that comment on the wrong page, it was meant for Tommy Lee Jones, my mistake!

Del Toro is obviously not 6ft or under! I'd say his range now is more 186 cm.
He did look a full 6'2 for sure in the 90's.
jtm said on 9/Jan/14
lol at people claiming 5'11.
cole said on 7/Jan/14
Is 181 cm possible today Rob? Can't see over 182 cm. Surely around 183-184 cm at peak, but not as of 2014.
[Editor Rob: I think he looked tall in 80's and 90's...and even a few years ago still near 6ft 2, today maybe he's losing a touch of height but under 6 foot?]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Dec/13
Rob, is a hair over 6ft2 possible for Del Toro?

He appeared to edge out Clive Owen in Sin City...
[Editor Rob: it's not impossible although if you look at him now, he could even dip a bit below 6ft 2. I'm not sure they had equal footwear in that movie.]
Adrian said on 5/Dec/13
He is 5'11, 6'0 with shoes. In Excess Baggage, he looked about half a foot taller than Alicia Silverstone, and she is 5'4-5'5.
Rude said on 8/Nov/13
Click Here
One more pic, Batista is around 2 inches taller and he's a weak 6'3" and Djimon Hounsou is listed as 6'1.5" here and he's taller. I think Benicio is barely 6'1".
Rude said on 7/Nov/13
Click Here
Another pic.
Rude said on 7/Nov/13
Click Here
Rob, do you think he needs a downgrade or is John wearing lifts? That's not a 3 inch difference more like 1 inch?
Ludyper said on 6/Nov/13
I dont know. Benicio shrugged? Whit Chris Evans (6 foot).
Silent d said on 21/Oct/13
Solid 6 foot 2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Oct/13
He edged out 6ft1.5-2 Clive Owen in Sin City. For sure, a 6ft2. Very tall in Traffic and Usual Suspects aswell.

"Benicio Del Toro height: 6ft 2.25in (189cm)"
cole said on 25/Aug/13
Maybe he is a shade under 6'2, like 6'1.75, he was shorter than Chris Pratt, who might be 189 cm range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Aug/13
A hair over 6ft2 for this guy, while Clive Owen is a hair shorter
Rey said on 5/Aug/13
Originally, Mestizo refers to a mix of Spanish and Native American of the Americas. It is or was more regional from Mexico down to Central America to use Mestizo. In Puerto Rico, the word trigueno is more common usage when speaking of a citizen with European, Indian, and Black. If he does not has not Black heritage, than Mestizo would be more accurate. He is a tall Latino and so is Lorenzo Lamas. Latinos are definitely growing taller.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Feb/13
I agree James, and remember the Clive Owen comparison too.
James said on 13/Nov/12
I think 6'2.25 (189cm) judging by how tall he looked next too Tim robbins
Eddie said on 11/Nov/12
He is a tall Mestizo-Latino, he is 6'2.
Willy said on 23/Oct/12
Not 6'2''. Seemed to be around Timothy Dalton's height in Licence To Kill, but that was when Del Toro was wearing Cuban heels and Dalton wasn't. And in spite of Benicio's clear footwear advantage, Timothy actually could have had the edge.
I also wonder if no one here has really seen The Wolfman, cause what several posters claim with regard to this movie is simply not true. There's barely a decent shot for height comparison in the entire film, and if anything, Hugo Weaving seems to edge Del Toro out. Benicio is 6'1.25''.
Silent d said on 5/Oct/12
You forgot the usual suspects and his new movie savages.
Silent d said on 1/Oct/12
This guy is definitely 6 foot 2. I always thought he was a little taller. All the movies i've seen him in, he is tall and 6 foot 2. People do describe him as tall dark and handsome. Even halle berry said he was really tall when she was on oprah and said that all the girls find hin sexy.
Dave618 said on 27/Jul/12
Now he is being listed as 6'1" on Google. In Licence To Kill he looked about the same as Dalton, who also claims 6'2".
jtm said on 4/Jun/12
he is 6'2.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Dec/11
6'1/2 is not impossible for benicio but anything lower is improbable!
SAK said on 30/Nov/11
No lower then 188cm/6ft2 for him.
thebad7 said on 18/Nov/11
@Andrea: He's not my all-time favorite actor, but he is one of my favorites--his understated, brooding but subtle performance in 2000's TRAFFIC impressed the hell out of me. In watching him over the years, I do think that lots of people are thrown off with regard to how tall he really is because he tends towards loose posture. The thing is: when he stands like a ramrod, he is genuinely tall, and he looks every bit of that height. He always looks 6'2"--much like Lee Van Cleef, he is always noticeably taller than legit 6'1" men (think Clive Owen or Rodrigo Santoro)--and in boots or dress shoes, he hits the 6'3" mark. It's funny how perceptions can be different: in photos that I've seen him in with Robbins, he did look a strong 6'2" to me. But you're right: 6' 1/2" is ridiculous for Benno.


P.S.--Sorry about the late response; it's been a busy few weeks.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Nov/11
ahah the bad why you always defend benicio? is he your favourite actor? anyway i dont have any problems saying he's 6'2 but he looks a weak one to me, especially next to tim robbins! sometimes he looks 6'2 but not always like you say! be honest :) 6'0.5 is clearly too low for him!
thebad said on 24/Oct/11
Jiao: You're a troll. Get glasses, and accept the fact that there are some guys taller than you. BDT ALWAYS LOOKS 6'3" in shoes. FACT. Get over it. 6'2" barefoot whether you like or not, smurf.

LAN Jiao said on 22/Oct/11
BDT is 6'0.5 and 6'2 in hollywood dress shoe.
thebad7 said on 21/Oct/11
ο½™ο½ˆ says on 21/Oct/11
Connie Nielsen 178cm

Tommy Lee Jones 182cm

Benicio Del Toro 186cm

No. TLJ was NEVER under 6'0" in 2003's THE HUNTED. He always looked 6' in that film. Likewise, next to BDT, Del Toro had Jones by 2". 6'2" is right for BDT.

yh said on 21/Oct/11
Connie Nielsen 178cm

Tommy Lee Jones 182cm

Benicio Del Toro 186cm
DejaVu said on 12/Oct/11
I don't think Weaving is under 6'2. He looks a bit over 6'2 with Keanu Reeves.
carnegie said on 8/Oct/11
i think thatt hugo weaving is 6ft1.5 barefoot footware 6ft1.75
so del toro is 6ft1.5 footware 6ft2.5
thebad7 said on 7/Oct/11
@LAN: You're as bad as troll Viper on heights. Wrong. Much like your buddy, you sound like you have a beef against tall guys. Del Toro is a legit 6'2". He stacks up this way against tall actors. Recurring motif: Walken was 6'1" as a young man. Deal with it, boy.

LAN Jiao said on 7/Oct/11
Lol christopher walken is weak 6'1? He is lucki to hit 5'11 range look 6ft with brush up hair. De toro is 6'1 at best also 184cm. Hugo weaving never look over 186cm , in matrix look struggle 6'1
thebad7 said on 5/Oct/11
@James: I can buy 6'2 1/4" for BDT barefoot, and based on his height in shoes (in dress shoes/sneakers he's over 6'3", and in cowboy boots he's approaching 6'4"), I'd be willing to go as high as 6'2 1/2" for him barefoot. This is why I think anything lower than 6'2" is a joke for Benicio. He's definitely taller than Weaving. I watched THE WOLFMAN recently--Weaving I can buy at 6'2", but not a strong 6'2" like BDT.
James said on 4/Oct/11
Hugo Weaving is 6'2.

6'2.25 (189cm) for BDT maybe?
thebad7 said on 4/Oct/11
There is too much evidence available favoring 6'2" over anything less. 6'1" is realistically too low.

1990 - DRUG WARS: THE ENRIQUE CAMERENA STORY. BDT has at least 1" on 6'1" Steven Bauer. He's about 1" - 1 1/2" shorter than strong 6'3" Craig T. Nelson.

1996 - THE FUNERAL. Next to strong 6'0"/weak 6'1" Christopher Walken, BDT has about 2".

1997 - EXCESS BAGGAGE. BDT has at least 1" on strong 6'1" Harry Connick, Jr.

2000 - THE WAY OF THE GUN. BDT has close to 6" on 5'9" James Caan and just about as much on Ryan Phillippe.

2007 - THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE. BDT is a hair (hair = less than 1") shorter than strong 6'3" character actor John Carroll Lynch; likewise, is 3" - 4" shorter than 6'6" Omar Miller.

2008 - CHE. BDT has strong 6'1"/weak 6'2" Rodrigo Santoro by close to 1".

2010 - THE WOLFMAN. Much like Rodrigo Santoro, BDT has Hugo Weaving by close to 1".

Everyone is entitled to their thoughts, but I believe there's too much that points towards 6'2" for BDT. When the man wears cowboy boots (TRAFFIC) or dress shoes with 1" heels, he is in strong 6'3" territory. Most importantly, he is always noticeably taller than men who are legitimately 6'0" or 6'1"; he also hold his own well against actors taller than him (6'3" - 6'4").

Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 4/Oct/11
187 is more realistic than 188.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 4/Oct/11
With tim robbins, in some pics he looks 188, but in most of them, tim has solid 3 inches on him! I think 6'1.75 is a fair guess for him!
thebad7 said on 3/Oct/11
@ITA: NO. He is at least 6'2" tall--he consistently looks taller than men who are legitimately 6'1" like Steven Bauer, Rodrigo Santoro, Hugo Weaving, etc. A couple of months ago you cited the line up scene from THE USUAL SUSPECTS and it's not a good template for comparisons. Bad evidence: even in the line up he's not standing with good posture; his legs are spread, and he's leaning forward slightly. Also, I don't like the way the height chart was measured off with such thick, heavy lines--very haphazard. If you watch him in 2008's CHE, 2000's THE WAY OF THE GUN, or 2000's TRAFFIC, there are plenty of places in which you see him standing with good, military-style posture. I will admit that BDT is tough to pinpoint because he's definitely a sloucher, but when he stands at attention, make no mistake: he's a tall man, noticeably taller than 6'1". Furthermore, if you look at recent pictures of him with Tim Robbins, BDT still looks 6'2"+. Easily 6'2" for BDT.

ANDREA[ITA] said on 1/Oct/11
Hes more like 187! In the usual suspect he struggled to be 10 cms taller than 177 kevin spacey!
James said on 25/Sep/11
Rob do you thinmk 6ft2.5 could be possible for Del Toro? I know he claimed "6ft2" but maybe he did not bother throwing in the extra half inch?

here he looks maybe 2cm taller than johnathan ross
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think he's an honest 6ft 2 guy]
thebad7 said on 23/Sep/11
@James: Now that you mention it, Cusack is similar to BDT in height and in body type. I watched 2007's THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE again. 6'2" for BDT without a doubt; I can even buy 6'2 1/2". Next to 6'3" John Carroll Lynch, BDT was only a hair (hair = less than 1") shorter.

James said on 20/Sep/11
thebad7 it goes too show you that beneci del toro is in the strong tall height range.

i think 6'2.5 like john cusack and near 6'3 in the morning for sure.
thebad7 said on 17/Sep/11
@James:Most definitely. Against even somebody as tall as Robbins, BDT still looks 6'2" and some change.

James said on 14/Sep/11
thebad7 benecio can pull off looking 189cm next too robbins as well?
thebad7 said on 5/Sep/11
@James: I watched THE WOLFMAN again for comparison. 6'2" is reasonable for Weaving, but BDT still looked a bit taller than Weaving. Your estimates are reasonable for both men.

James said on 3/Sep/11
thebad7 says on 29/Aug/11
@James: I'm kicking that notion around as well, whether BDT is a hair over 6'2". I just watched THE WOLFMAN last night, and Benicio had a noticeable edge on Hugo Weaving, whom I believe to be a strong 6'1"/weak 6'2" (say 6'1 1/2" for Weaving) man. Some change to that 6'2" wouldn't surprise me for BDT. Strong 6'2" for sure for him. He's a tall man, and again, in relation to strong 6'1"/weak 6'2" men, Benicio is noticeably taller. Examples include Weaving, Clive Owen (SIN CITY), and Rodrigo Santoro (CHE).

Saw a few more of those videos online when BDT was signing autographs. He is a big guy for sure--the man has huge hands.


Hugo Weaving is around 188cm since he had a good 1 inch on Keanu Reeves.

Benecio Del Toro 6'2.5 (189cm)
Hugo Weaving 6'2 (188cm)
thebad7 said on 29/Aug/11
@James: I'm kicking that notion around as well, whether BDT is a hair over 6'2". I just watched THE WOLFMAN last night, and Benicio had a noticeable edge on Hugo Weaving, whom I believe to be a strong 6'1"/weak 6'2" (say 6'1 1/2" for Weaving) man. Some change to that 6'2" wouldn't surprise me for BDT. Strong 6'2" for sure for him. He's a tall man, and again, in relation to strong 6'1"/weak 6'2" men, Benicio is noticeably taller. Examples include Weaving, Clive Owen (SIN CITY), and Rodrigo Santoro (CHE).

Saw a few more of those videos online when BDT was signing autographs. He is a big guy for sure--the man has huge hands.

James said on 27/Aug/11
IF Johnathan Ross is 187cm then i would say benecio looked a little over 6'2.
thebad7 said on 26/Aug/11
Interestingly, there are several clips of BDT available on YouTube; the first I saw was of him exiting a restaurant in West Hollywood, hanging out for a few minutes, posing for photographs and signing autographs for fans. The second I saw was of him arriving at a premier somewhere in L.A., and again shaking hands and signing autographs for fans. In interviews, he's always come across as a very thoughtful, insightful individual--it was really cool to see these YT clips because he's also a really gracious, genuinely nice guy. He was very friendly with the fans, and I was pleasantly surprised to see such a highly-regarded actor so down to earth with everyday people.

I mention the clips specifically because it's here where you can really see just how tall he is next to the group of people out on the street in West Hollywood. I was surprised at how big he was physically, as well--he looked to have put on some weight; I am assuming that this was required for his upcoming portrayal of Roy DeMeo in THE ICEMAN. These clips of him outside film work--in the "real world," so to speak--leave no doubt. Easy 6'2" barefoot for BDT.


James said on 24/Aug/11
he towered over johnny depp as well in fear and loathing in las vegas.

no doubt he's tall for an actor.
thebad7 said on 23/Aug/11
I just recently watched the line up scene in THE USUAL SUSPECTS. Assuming he's wearing a standard dress shoe with about a 1" heel, BDT looks 6'3+ in shoes. Throughout the scene, he still has a bit of slouch--if he stands at military attention, there's no denying it: this guy is tall. Even when he slouches, he still looks tall--taller than 6'0" barefoot. 6'2" barefoot; 6'3" in shoes. He's always held his own against taller actors--his height is somewhat deceptive because he does slouch a bit. 6'2" barefoot on the money for BDT.

@James: Spot on. He's a tall guy, and 6'1 1/2" is too low an estimate for him--I agree with you on that. He always looks noticeably taller against legit/strong 6'1" actors.

James said on 22/Aug/11
6ft range is silly. he's 6'2.
Eli said on 20/Aug/11
look at the mugshot from usual suspects.he is 6'2'' with shoes 6ft range barefoot
James said on 17/Aug/11
i think a 7cm difference between him and robbins although 8cm is not impossible.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 16/Aug/11
He's at least 8 cms shorter than Tim Robbins!
James said on 15/Aug/11
Not really towered by 195cm Tim Robbins. 6'2 solid is bang on the money for this guy. 186 or 187cm is just too low. Appearing 6'3 in Leaving Las Vegas in Cuban Heels next too 5'9 Johnny Depp as well.

Tall dude.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 15/Aug/11
Ok! But in all photos with kevin spacey who miggt be less than 177, he looks max 10 cms taller! 186-187! Even 185 wouldnt surprise me!
thebad7 said on 14/Aug/11
No. 6'2" for sure. He stacks up this way against taller actors. I just watched him in 2007's THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE. Opposite 6'3" character actor John Carroll Lynch, BDT looked just a hair (hair = less than 1") shorter. Likewise, in the same film, there are scenes in which BDT stands face to face with 6'6" Omar Benson Miller--himself a doppelganger for Forest Whittaker. BDT looks 3" - 4" (max.) shorter than Miller. 6'2" is correct for BDT.

I've been on a kick for his films lately, so I've watched quite a few. He was excellent in his portrayal of Ernesto Guevara in Steven Soderbergh's CHE. Next to 6'1" - 6'1 1/2" Rodrigo Santoro (Xerxes from 300) BDT is noticeably taller. 6'2" sounds spot on once again.

Oh, and for THE USUAL SUSPECTS: forget about that scene in which all the actors are getting their mugshots taken. That height chart is seriously whacked.

ANDREA[ITA] said on 9/Aug/11
looks max 10 cms taller than kevin spacey! i'd say min 185 max 187! let's say a strong 186!
thebad7 said on 20/Jul/11
I watched SNATCH the other night, and BDT is one of the few that's bothered me because he's been hard to pinpoint--he tends to have a loose posture. When he does stand with good posture, there's no denying it; he's a tall guy. 6'2" bare minimum for BDT--and in the morning hours, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some change added to that 6'2". He looked to be the same height as Vinnie Jones--he, Jones, and co-star Dennis Farina were the tallest principal cast members, with BDT & Jones the tallest, and Farina about an inch shorter than the formers. 6'2" is right for Del Toro.

James said on 11/Jun/11
Legit 6'2 guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jun/11
Taller than Hugo Weaving in The Wolfman
Mohammed said on 21/May/11
Looks 186-187 in comparison to most other actors, probably only 6'2 the minute he woke up from bed.
James said on 6/May/11
he's not 6'3 but i think he is 6'2 for sure.
thebad7 said on 18/Apr/11
Great actor. He has a weathered look that kind of reminds me of the late, great Charles Bronson. I think 6'2" is right for him. He's tricky at times because he tends to be a sloucher, but when standing straight with good posture, it's easy to see he's a tall guy. No more than 6'2" for BDT.

kookierx said on 8/Mar/11
maybe its his hair/build/shoes/clothes that make him "look" 6-2

personally I don't buy the 6-2 especially if that is his "barefoot" estimate

MAXIMUM 6-1 even 6-0.5 from me barefoot that is
Andrea [ITA] said on 2/Mar/11
With Tim robbins he looks no more than 185...
Klaus said on 17/Feb/11
He's a solid 1,87 or 1,88 today, maybe 1,90 when young. A really tall actor
James said on 27/Jan/11
Sometimes with Tim Robbins could look very close to 6'3.
Mike said on 23/Jan/11
He is almost the same to, or just slightly taller then Tommy Lee Jones in "The Hunted." I think Tommy Lee's current height seems to be about 5'11" to 6'. Therefore Del Toro appears to be no more then 6'-6'1" imo.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/11
He was taller than Clive Owen in Sin City
James said on 1/Dec/10
I agree with Larc I don't think he's a full 6'2.

with 183cm Harrison Ford in 2002.
Click Here
Larc186-188cm said on 8/Nov/10
He's actually 6'1.25 barefoot. In the Usual Suspects he looks 6'2.5 with shoes on at the mugshot, a tall guy for sure, but not quite 6'2 (maybe a very very weak 6'2).
E said on 30/Oct/10
always looked 6'1"...usually wearing dress shoes which add more height
Hugh 190cm said on 30/Jun/09
Actually maybe 189cm. He was taller than Clive Owen in Sin City. If not then maybe we should downgrade Owen a centimetre or so.
Hugh 190cm said on 30/Jun/09
Probably close to 6ft4 with the hair. Solid 6ft2 either way.
James said on 17/May/09
You ain't the first to think that glenn don't worry :).
glenn said on 16/May/09
at first i thought you were crazy.but yeah,i see what you mean.its extremely hard to detect though.
James said on 16/May/09
glenn is just me or does Del Toro he look like a taller, broader and darker version of Brad Pitt?
glenn said on 16/May/09
6-2.met him.wouldn't pose.i read 6-4 though.
James said on 15/May/09
Didn't see 6'4 in the Hunted. Again at the beggingin of the Usual Suspects compared to Gabriel Bryne in the Line up Scene he look 6'1.5. Not sure if he had hair advantage though?
Joe257 said on 21/Apr/09
The link below is malfunctioning, use this one: Click Here
Joe257 said on 21/Apr/09
Check out this video at 0:30, Click Here You can clearly see that Benicio Del Toro is about 6
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/09
6ft2 or 3. Tall guy.
Mr. R said on 26/Mar/09
People Mag has him at 6-2.
watson said on 20/Mar/09
wel 188 , 190 ok , but I still can't figure out how he looked practically same in height with 183 -4 cm david douchouvny in things we lost in the fire and there's more than a scene where you could see it.
Rusty said on 14/Mar/09
I think he might be nearly 6'3" and downgraded himself a little.
glenn said on 14/Mar/09
seemed 6-2 when i saw him.
Doug said on 13/Mar/09
Toro could be wearing lifts to look nearer 6'4"??
Doug said on 13/Mar/09
I think the photo next to Tim Robbins proves that Toro is nearer 6'3". Robbins as we know is nearer 6'6" in shoes. A strong 6'4.5" without them. Toro has to be nearer 6'3" and he looks it today.
Doug said on 13/Mar/09
He definately looks nearer 6'4" next to Clive Owen in that picture. When he was younger I thought he looked around the same height as Timothy Dalton and Robert Davi, 6'2" but he has indeed these days gained at least 50 pounds these days and looks to me like a big man today. His frame in the Clive Owen pic looks like the frame of man in the 6'3-6'4" big. The strange thing guys CLive Owen had 1.5 inches on Jonathan Ross. Yet here Toro seem to have that on Owen. Strange.
jay89 said on 21/Feb/09
looks 6'4 next to 6'2 clive owen.
Zach #2 said on 15/Feb/09
this guys got such a big frame, looks 6ft 4 at times. 6ft 2"
U turn said on 8/Feb/09
Did look a bit taller than Clive Owen.
Zach #2 said on 7/Feb/09
he cleared J Ross by a clear inch, so 6ft 2" sounds right
Raoul Duke said on 4/Feb/09
Benico appears the same height as Penn Jillette in Fear And Loathing as he walks right in front of him, so I doubt Penn is 6'6", cause Del Torro is not over 6'3".
anonymous said on 26/Nov/08
I always thought he was 6'0
dbb said on 2/Nov/08
Saw Benicio Del Toro in Hollywood today, passed next to him he is at least 6ft4, really tall guy.
Hugh said on 14/Oct/08
A little more than 6ft2. But he can look less at times.
neishow said on 8/Oct/08
met benicio about 3 weeks ago in the premier for "che" in madrid, he posed for me in a pic, kinda friendly, 6ft2 seems right
RICHI said on 3/Sep/08
hes way over 6 feet. hes the black hair dark skin and talented version of brad pitt. theyr like twins!
lili said on 7/Aug/08
I saw him a couple years ago jogging on the beach in Santa Monica. He is atleast 6'2 and probably taller. I am 5'10 and he was much taller than I. My Boyfriend is 6'2 and he was a bit taller than him...
Zana said on 28/Jul/08
He's a hell of an actor! I've always seen him listed as 6'2, and he's a little over the 6' line in the poster for The Usual Suspects. I dont know where people get 6'4.
DasMaedchen said on 13/Apr/08
I just saw him while I was out for a bike ride and he is very tall, at least 6'2"
venus said on 16/Jan/08
The pic with him and Tim, his hair is raised off his head. 6'2 is right.
glenn said on 29/Dec/07
met benicio last week.not too friendly.wouldnt pose.6-2 it is.
Chuck said on 29/Dec/07
That`s a strange pic there with Robbins who sure as hell isn`t less than 6-4
Alonso said on 23/Oct/07
I remember watching Conan O'Brien one day, and Benicio wasn't as tall as Conan.
And everyone knows that Conan is 6'4", 6'6" with the hair.
mickael said on 21/Oct/07
i don't understand nothing...I saw a picture of brad,julia roberts and benicio in the charity events "a tribute to heros" in 2001 and brad is not very much smaller than benicio.Brad wears elevators shoes or my name is not mickael ! :D
Yoyoyo said on 21/Jun/07
i met him once in nyc. Im 6 foot and he had a couple of inches over me.
anonymous said on 2/Jun/07
i see about an inch there. and you are right footballed28, he really genuinely does look like brad pitt. a much taller version of brad pitt.
Aldo said on 24/Feb/07
Yea ootballed28 he looks a lot like brad pitt, same lips, mouth
J-Dog said on 21/Feb/07
Click Here
footballed28 said on 7/Feb/07
is it me or does he look like Brad Pitt? tho he looks older than Pitt, even tho he is really a few yrs younger than the former
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/07
Weird, I always thought he was about 6'3", because in Sin City he seemed taller than the apparently 6'2" Clive Owen.
McMurphy said on 9/Jan/07
In Licence to Kill (1989) he appeared to be about the same height as 6'2 Timothy Dalton.
Glenn said on 4/Dec/06
I never met him.but I agree,he can look near 6-4.
Ben said on 3/Dec/06
HeΒ΄s definetly over 6-2. In his biography itΒ΄s often said that he used to play basketball in college. On photos he looks 6-3 to 6-4. I think he is in the area of 6-3 and in my opinion he looks it in the pic together with Timm Robbins.
Derek said on 19/Nov/06
Benicio is standing a bit closer to the camera, but I agree, he is a legit 6'2".
colen said on 13/Sep/06
he is at least 6,2(188cm) look at this pic with tim robbins Click Here
Glenn said on 3/Aug/06
I thought he looked bigger than 6-2.
dmeyer said on 2/Aug/06
i saw him from distance he looksd 6 feet4 but i was far so maybe 6 feet 2
80's Man said on 26/Jul/06
Sorry, i didn't mean 1.5" lift i meant about 1.5" heel in total. Chuck Taylors might give you 1" but i think more like 3/4 of an inch.

[Editor Rob: I wear chuck taylors sometimes (who hasn't), they give about 0.6 inch, maybe 1.5cm]
80's Man said on 24/Jul/06
You have del toro's height at 6'2" but in the bathroom seen in sin city with clive owen, he seems to be a little (slightly) shorter than clive. Also keep in mind that clive is only wearing those red chuck taylors and del toro is probably wearing normal shoes with about 1.5" lift.
Goldie said on 9/Jul/06
He lives around the block from me and is a tall guy, I would say "6ft 2" is about right. He is a very friendly guy and as far as looks, not much different then in is movies.
Ralphy said on 5/Jun/06
I had the opportunity to see him in person. I would put his height at a solid 6'1" barefoot. He was wearing some crazy Harley boots, so he looked about 6'3". He is definitely a big guy.
ron said on 2/Mar/06
not 6'2,shorter than clive owen in sin city
deltoro said on 16/Nov/05
187cm and Robbins is 195cm
Anonymous said on 12/Nov/05
he looks 6 foot 4 in person
Brett said on 12/Nov/05
in that pic del toros 6'2" in shoes, so he cant be more then 6'1" barefooted
Liz said on 30/Aug/05
I think he's about 6ft 2in. my dad tought him art at Mercersberg Acedemy when Benicio was at college. everyone then called him "Beno" as his nickname. My dad had know idea he'd ever be a big actor, until he saw a movie and said, "Hey, he looks just like Beno!" of course, when the credits rolled, there he was. then my dad wrote him a letter asking if he remembered him and he's like, "Of course i do!" LOL
Mr. Klaus said on 17/Aug/05
In traffic and other movie's he wore sneakers and he looks very tall. Maybe they wanted to make him shorter. There is a movie in wich they wanted to make 6 ft 2 michael Caine like 5 ft 10 guy (read more in Caine's page), maybe they wanted to do same thing to Del Toro in the Usual Suspects. I'm just saying that he looks to tall in his most movie's to be under the 6 ft 2 mark.
Bleemo said on 16/Aug/05
Why do you say that Klaus? maybe Benny was wearing lifts and Tim was not?

I'm not saying I know one way or another, all I'm saying is looking at that pic it's hard to imagine him being 6ft2 barefoot when he might not even scrape 6ft2 in heeled shoes, you can't see them in that pic too well but I watched the film last week and he wears loafers throughout. It would be easy for a 6ft man to appear very tall in heeled shoes, especially around actors who for one reason are another all seem to be on the shorter side.
Mr. Klaus said on 16/Aug/05
If Del Toro is a 6 ft guy, Tim Robbins would be 6 ft 3!
I think that he is a strong 6 ft 2, in every movie in wich he stars he is one the tallest guy's.
Bleemo said on 15/Aug/05

If he stood up straight he possibly wouldn't quite make 6ft2 and he's wearing shoes, I think he's 6ft ish, the pic also confirms that spacey isn't even 5ft10 barefoot.

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