How tall is Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem's Height

5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)

Spanish actor best known for roles in movies like The Sea Inside, No Country for Old men, Skyfall, Bitiful, The Gunman and Eat, Pray, Love.

How tall is Javier Bardem
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How tall is Javier Bardem
Don Cheadle, Halle Berry, Javier Bardem
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Average Guess (69 Votes)
5ft 11.05in (180.5cm)
Slim 6'1@ said on 23/Nov/20
He gets 181.5 from me
Slim 6'1@ said on 23/Nov/20
Rock solid 5’11, should be getting 180-182cm guesses
VitoCheng said on 8/Jul/20
He is indeed 181cm
pov said on 12/Mar/20
More than an inch taller than daniel craig in skyfall, no way craig is 5'10. Solid 5'11 for bardem
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Mar/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday Javier πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Wishing Javier Bardem a Very Happy 51st Birthday today. Let's hope he has a terrific time with wife Penelope Cruz, their two children and all other family members and friends!

5ft11.25. πŸ˜πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

Panchsfhool said on 16/Feb/20
In flat sneakers he was just taller than flatted 1.76 rebecca hall so i would go for 1.78-1.79 max.
Typical said on 30/Nov/19
Absolutely 1.78 cm - 5ft10
DarkPower729 said on 24/Oct/19
Looks too tall to be 5’11” flat and too short to be the full 6ft. Probably 182.6cm (5’11.875”) in the morning and 180.9cm (5’11.25”) at night. 5’11.5” would be a better listing to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Oct/19
His brother looks 184cm range to me
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Feb/19
Javier wear lift's with 6'2 Dev Patel? Click Here They look quite close and some picture look only about 1-1.5" max.
Willy said on 1/Feb/19
rob how tall do you think his brother is ?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be in the 6ft range
Crypto139 said on 25/Sep/18
Wait never mind they meant Antonio Banderas instead of Javier Bardem. Yeah Banderas is probably 174 cm, but I wouldn't say he is short I guess.
Crypto139 said on 18/Sep/18
Wow he is this tall? My friends were calling him short, although most of them believe he is 174 cm for some reason.
;) said on 24/Jul/18
He is a good example of real 5'11
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jun/18
This guy's creepiness impaired my concentration a bit in my recent viewing of the film 'Mother!', but yes, being coupled with gorgeous 5ft7 Jennifer Lawrence, one can definitely see that there is a good 4+ inches of difference between the two!

I recognised Javier instantly, but hardly expected him to be paired up with someone like Jennifer! Well, Darren Aronofsky, the writer and director, is rather famous for the unconventional!

Javier gets 5ft11.25.
LT said on 2/Mar/18
@slim what’s with the β€œ7 hours into the day” thing rob mentioned you should do 5-6 and some point in the afternoon.
Slim 185 said on 14/Nov/17
Rock solid 181.5 CM seven hours into the day.
Slim 184 said on 3/Nov/17
5’11.50 is fine, that’s how tall he’s looked in β€œno country for old men”.
Slim 6' said on 27/Oct/17
Needs the full 5’11.5” upgrade.
Slim said on 28/Sep/17
181-182 area, he's quite tall, it sure why he wears boots.
Slim said on 4/Sep/17
Can we please give him 5'11.5?
It's still in safe territory.
Slim183 said on 15/Aug/17
Richardspain said on 9/Aug/17
181-181.5cm with bare feet

178cm never, maybe when he was a child or when he grows old and shrinks.
Slim 182 cm said on 14/Aug/17
5'10 is absolutely ridiculous, this guy clearly is 5'11.25-5'11.5 and he wore boots in "no country for old men", to pass of as a 6' or 6'1 guy.......
Richardspain said on 9/Aug/17
181cm with shoes

178cm barefoot
even said on 25/Jul/17
this handsome dude is 5'11.25" just as listed .
John said on 27/May/17
Was tall as hell in No country for old men. Looked 6'0" tall in that movie.
I would say at least 5'11.5"
Tom said on 26/May/17

With perhaps the exception of those who are incredibly tall, people generally don't drop 2 full inches throughout the day.
meezemaker said on 23/May/17
well, looks barefoot at least 16-18cm taller that Cruz on these photographs.

Click Here

179-181 sound good for him. No less.
ok said on 5/May/17
180cm in the morning.. Noon maybe 5"9
Charlie said on 24/Mar/17
If he is 5 ft 11.25 then Charlie Theron is 5 ft 7. There's a photo of Him and her standing side by side. Charlize stands the same height as him only thing is she was wearing massive heels 6 or 8 inch nothing less.
Heyja said on 2/Mar/17
This is a tallish man with such a huge frame he looks short. Interesting.
186cm said on 23/Nov/16
He wore cowboy boots with a 2-3 inch heel in No Country for Old Men, didn't even look 6'0", let alone 6'1"-6'2".
I think he could be 5'9.5" at max.
Bruce 5'11.5 said on 16/Sep/16
Appears to be 5'11
Rodson said on 1/Aug/16
@17 year old on 6/Dec/10 Β«I am portugese and am 6'8. My dad was 6'4 his dad was 6'2. My older brother is 6'10. All my family is tall...ahahah so your wrong...Β»

-- You must be kidding. 6' 8" is 2.03 m and 6' 10" is 2.08 m... Maybe you should check your meter to feet/inches converter...
david said on 30/May/16
@plus What about Carlos Baute? He looks 176 cm.
plus said on 30/Apr/16
@plus I correct my old impressions:
Javier Bardem is 181.5, so I understand the late evening listing at 181. I normally say the height around 10-12. Jose Coronado is 179 same height for Mario Casas. Hugo Silva 182, Imanol Arias 176 and Antonio Resines 176.5. Alex Gonzalez 180 and Miguel Angel Silvestre 179.5
BT said on 7/Apr/16
He can look between 5'11 and 5'11.5 at times, 5'11.25 is a safe bet.
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 16/Dec/15
Even if I'd be 1" taller I would hate to have such a big head!
plus said on 6/Nov/15
He is 183 cm. He is the tallest of popular Spanish actors, for example Jose Coronado is 178 cm the same height for Miguel Angel Silvestre, 177 cm for Mario Casas and 179 cm for Hugo Silva and Alex Gonzalez. Imanol Arias and Antonio Resines are 176 cm
The Dutch Guy said on 22/Oct/15
Strong 5'10" and weak 5'11". Anything in the between is acurate.
Andrea said on 17/May/15
Yeah, Judd! Look at the pictures of him with the 183-184 italian actor i've posted! He looks max 179-180... There's no need of giving him that quarter inch, Rob! At least, give him 5'11 flat...
Judd said on 13/May/15
IMO he's more 179-180 cms than 180-181 cms...look at him with Tommy Lee Jones (5'11.5")...he's visibly shorter. 5'10.75" would be better!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Apr/15
Another guy whose a lot shorter than expected...
Dmeyer said on 7/Apr/15
Looks more than 1cm over fassbender who looks a 180cm Guy
Dr JJ said on 6/Apr/15
Always look for a standard measure, in science, engineering or medicine. Lying celebrities who wear lifts are not 'standard measures' so comparing one with another gets you nowhere. Woody Allen, on the other hand, doesn't need to lie about his height and is a standard measure. Listed here as 5' 5" but age likely means 5' 4.5" these days or less. Penelope Cruz with platform high-heeled shoes is only about an inch taller than Woody. Give Allen an inch of shoe and subtract three inches from Cruz and you have a 5' 2" - 5' 3" woman. With that in mind we have a 5' 10" absolute max for Bardem (who benefits from an absolutely enormous head). He often appears to have custom shoes on at red carpet events. Downgrade needed.
Judd said on 2/Feb/15
Bardem was visible shorter than Tommy Lee Jones. Unless TLJ is today 6'0" or more (I doubt it) Bardem can't be 5'11.25"! IMO today Bardem is 5'10.5-11" (max), Fassbender 5'10.5" and TLJ is 5'11.5".
Sam said on 21/Nov/14
I think it's possible Bardem's accurate at 181 cm, Fassbender at 180 cm. Jones does edge Bardem out by you'd never guess that from watching No Country for Old Men.
Dejavu said on 18/Nov/14
Tommy Lee Jones who is maybe a weak 6'0 edges out Bardem.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Oct/14
182cm could be closer if Fassbender is 180-181cm
Sam said on 30/Oct/14
Some more pictures with Michael Fassbender, Bardem does seem to have a fractional edge on Fassbender.
Click Here
Dago Red said on 28/Jul/14
Those shoes in the Daniel Craig pics have a huge lift (check out the vamp it's a dead giveaway) giving him at least 2 inches or more. That pic is like the battle of the elevator shoes. Taller than 5'7" though.
cole said on 25/Jul/14
@Andrea: Those pics aren't the best to compare, but I think Luca looks his claim compared to James Marsden, who just never looks 5'10 in credible shots (I wouldn't go over 176 cm for him). And with 6'0.5 Richard Jenkins, he looks about the same as him. Bardem can look a flat 180 cm a lot, like I've said. But I wouldn't rule out 181 cm. As low as 179 cm flat? It would surprise me if he turned out to be that. Between 5'10.75 and 5'11.25, I would say is my lowest-highest estimate range for him.
Andrea said on 29/Jun/14
cole, I highly doubt he could be 181!
There are some photos with an italian actor who claimed 183 and, more recently, 184... I can believe he measures between 183 and 4, like 183.5, which explains his claims. But no more than that!
Here are some photos:
Click Here (the fourth from left)
Click Here
(The same guy next to an alleged 5'10 James Marsden:
Click Here)
I dont know what you think, but he does look at least 4 cms shorter to me! So let's say that guy is 183.5, Bardem isn't over 179-179.5... Rob, you still think he's that's a solid 181 guy next to a 183-184 guy? Noway!
cole said on 25/Jun/14
Actually seeing him more recently in quite regular footwear with Michael Fassbender he can look the listed 181 cm. 180 cm is equally likely though.
SAK said on 7/May/14
Gilipollas says: Slouches pretty much, aging badly, ugly as hell and a hell of an actor sooo talented. 5'11" and looks like it.
'ugly as hell' a little harsh.

He is deffo in 5f11 range. The listing is spot on.
Gilipollas said on 5/May/14
Slouches pretty much, aging badly, ugly as hell and a hell of an actor sooo
talented. 5'11" and looks like it.
SAK said on 25/Apr/14
Looks similar to Fassbender(180cm).
Click Here
Realist said on 12/Apr/14
Rebecca Hall 174 Javier Bardem 179
Arch Stanton said on 22/Mar/14
Rob he has minimum 2 inches on Rebecca Hall in Vicky Christina. I doubt she's really 5 ft 10.
powerbrokers said on 26/Feb/14
he is shorter than Mark Wahlberg who is a mere 5'8", Bardem is 5'7"
FM said on 28/Jan/14
5'11.25" looks spot on.

On a funny note, this article I read about shorter actors in Hollywood had him at 5'7" - which he is clearly taller than.

Click Here
Sam said on 13/Nov/13
He talks about nearly envying Brad Pitt's looks, but at any rate he's a hell of an actor...just see him in the three films Rob lists at the top.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Nov/13
Like Russell Crowe, suprisingly shorter in person.
Sam said on 9/Oct/13
The angles are not ideal but Bardem does strike me as a bit taller than Michael Fassbender. Maybe 2 cm, so Bardem at 181 cm and Fassbender at 179 cm.
Click Here
183CM said on 1/Aug/13
He seems 1 or 2 cm taller than Daniel Craig, I think he is 5Β΄11
cole said on 30/Jul/13
Oh, I'll try that link again: Click Here
cole said on 29/Jul/13
With 5'4 Penelope Cruz, both in sandals: Click Here
What do you recon Rob? I can see more or less 5'10-11 range, not sure on the 5'11.25. He's not 5'7 or 5'8, that's for sure.
[Editor Rob: the link doesn't work, but I think around 5ft 11 is generally what he can look.]
Polys said on 23/Jun/13
VH1 just made an article about short celebrities Click Here this guy is listed as 5'7, he really looks tall but the article is correct for sure about the 9 from the 10 actors, so probably they do know something
cole said on 14/Jun/13
Personally I would not go much over 5'11 for him, even 5'10.5 could be right. He wears big footwear, so it's not that surprising that he can look 6ft or more at times.
David said on 8/Apr/13
6'1 (1,85 m.) according to some sources.
May be 6'0 (1'83 m.) is more accurate.

He is not huge, but no doubt he's a big guy
Sam said on 3/Apr/13
true, it's hard to buy that he's under 5'11" range. 5'7" would be tough to disguise so consistently. Bardem is a couple of inches over average not under it.
17, 182 said on 29/Mar/13
Was he downgraded Rob? I swore he was 182 the last time I checked.
Original said on 9/Mar/13
5'10 or 5'11 never.

He's 5'11.5, max 6', min 5'11.25".
Sam said on 29/Jan/13
Bardem looks close to the six foot mark with Ben Affleck:
Click Here
Leonerdi said on 29/Jan/13
5-11 max. Met him at Barajas Airport terminal 4, Madrid. He is a big guy, very moody and eith this big ego. Very ugly too! Nothing important but ugly as hell and wears this dirty look...
Converselover said on 14/Jan/13
I couldn't see this guy over 5'11". 5'10.5" sounds right. He's a good height nonetheless
Max said on 10/Jan/13
If Bardem is 5'11" or 6', how tall is Woody Allen then?

Click Here
Hew said on 5/Jan/13
He wears massive boots at times, this guy could easily be arund 5'10.
David said on 3/Jan/13
I've got a picture with him when he was shooting Goya's ghosts (i'll upload it as soon as i take the chance) He's taller than just 5'11.25. I'm 5'9 and he's much taller than me. Six foot is more accurate. I promise I'll upload the photo. He's six foot for sure.
Archie said on 24/Dec/12
This guys shorter than Daniel Craig.... 5'10 MAX
Spanish Girl said on 21/Dec/12
Javier Bardem: 183 cm for sure! :)
Jed said on 15/Nov/12
There's a picture of Craig standing next to him - a full body shot - and craig has an inch on him. I'll look for the link.
Robert Gray said on 14/Nov/12
@ceci...I think my post went completely over your head. I'm aware of all of those things you mentioned (not sure how they relate though) - all I was saying is I heard that he's a little shorter than his listed height but his build might make him seem taller. His shoes from the Skyfall premiere also seem a little suspicious as well.
ceci said on 11/Nov/12
Robert Gray. Javier Bardem doesn't have anything special in his shoes, as you put it. The role he was playing might have. He is an actor, after all, so he portrayed someone with undefinable sexual preferences. the actor is a husband and father. Married to Penelope Cruz. It's interesting when people can't tell a role from the person portraying it.
nick said on 11/Nov/12
i think javier bardem is 5"11 cause i think daniel ndcraig is 5"9 and a half that daniel with shoes is 5"10 a quarter.
Robert Gray said on 5/Nov/12
A friend of mine worked on Skyfall and saw Bardem without shoes on and said he was actually more around 5'8. Crazy I know, but his long arms and heavy build probably make him seem taller. Not to mention having a little somethin' special in his shoes.
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
I heard he is 6 foot but i remember someone said he is 179cm. Someone said he was two inches taller than daniel craig. I don't believe that. Daniel craig is close to 5 foot 10 and javier is probably 181cm.
Shaun said on 23/Oct/12
Bardem would be considered a solid tall man in Spain, yes, but not a giant.
Shaun said on 23/Oct/12
I had seen another photo of them and Bardem looked 2 inches taller. I have Daniel Craig as 5'10.5".
Shaun said on 23/Oct/12
Click Here

Don't know about Craig's but Bardem's look suspicious here, raised angle. I came here guessing 6-6'1" until I saw his footwear.
Len said on 30/Sep/12
An imposing presence who comes across as taller than he is.
Sylinher said on 2/Sep/12
he must be 1.80-1.81 roughly
here with benjamin bratt who is listed as 1.87 Click Here
I mean bardem is not really tall..more like average height...but i suppose he is a giant in spain
shrapnel said on 22/Aug/12
o.k. 2". But not less than 1.5"
Dr JJ said on 22/Aug/12
Whoa! Both Daniel Craig and Bardem have elevator shoes in their 007 press shots. Bardem's are more obvious, but that exaggerated angle between the toe section and laced section is a dead giveaway. Lifts, custom elevators, both the same height. Whatever that height is, your guess is as good as mine!
satchy said on 27/Jul/12
he is tall like 6ft
Lucchese enthusiast said on 26/Jul/12
Hi to all,
Explained through the Lucchese Boot Toes & Heels chart, in this scene the boots worn by Javier Bardem have a #3 toe, clearly visible at 3:56 - I thought it could be #5 toe, but it's too narrow for that - and 2" #6 Riding Heel, or equivalent in others brands. One thing I noticed is the fact that he has apparently very big (meaning wide) feets, it seems those boots are EE or even maybe EEE width.
There's no 3" heels, I never saw that in any boot brand I know.
The most highest kind of heel I know is the "Fashion Heel" proposed by Blackjack Boots, but I think it's only for women boots, and it's only 2"1/4 high, anyway at 4:00 it's evident that's not "fashion heel".
No, the most likely it's Lucchese #6 heel, 2" high.
shrapnel said on 25/Jan/12
Minute 4:00 of ths scene. You're telling me that those heels are 1.5" or less?
Click Here
Sam said on 23/Jan/12
Those weird leathery boots looked nowhere close to 3 inches high in No Country. Do you know how chunky that would look? They were probably about 1.5 inches or slightly less.
shrapnel said on 21/Jan/12
Think this a stretch for him. atch the scene in No Country for old men after he shoots woodyharrelsonand picks up his boots to avoid blood getting on them.Those heels are 3"! Not to mention the sole adding another 1/4" Evenwith that,he does not tower over other people in the movie. If he was a legit 5'11.5", those boots would put him near 6'3" and again,he does not appear this in the movie.
jake, 1.82 m/ 1.83 m said on 9/Jan/12
Surprising-- he seemed pretty tall in No Country for Old Men, however looking at pictures he doesn't appear over 5" 11.
MD said on 17/Dec/11

How in the world does this guy get listed so high? He's somewhere in the 5'10", range. Really kind of average heighted guy.

With 5'10" Daniel Craig:

Click Here

Click Here

A full half-inch has to be knocked off this guy, at least.

[Editor Rob: I said in the previous comment 181 is possible, although I've not looked at bardem yet to say. I do think Craig is a fraction over 5ft 10 mark though.]
Frankie said on 11/Nov/11
Rob, you gotta take a careful look at this pictures:
Click Here
Click Here
If Daniel Craig is 5'10''(178 cm) Bardem cannot be by no means 5'11.5'' (182 cm) judging from their almost unnoticeable height difference. If you look closely, they have a perfect posture and similar footwear. There are not 4 cm between them, maybe 2 or 2.5 maximum. So Bardem must be around 5' 11'' (180 cm) or 5'11.25'' (181 cm) in a very good day.
I do believe this guy needs a downgrade.
What do you think?
[Editor Rob: I had a look and from all the pics it is possible he is more 181cm. I think daniel's a guy who can maintain good posture.]
me said on 3/Nov/11
Click Here
Jonan said on 25/Oct/11
Spanish men has grew up much more than the rest of Europe in the last two decades. Today lots of teenagers have 180cm or more. Our average heigh is similar to French or Italian people -perhaps a little bit more- and not much lower than the Germans height. Dutch, Scandinavian and Serbian or Croatian still 5 or 6cm taller on average
news flash said on 10/Oct/11
who gives a ****?
Original said on 10/Sep/11
He's 181cm for me.
Martin said on 30/Aug/11
He has a very big frame and a big head aswell. Big boned guy.
Jose Antonio said on 17/Aug/11
I crossed JB several times in Madrid, and I can only confirm 182-183 is precise. A reasonably tall, strong framed guy that never wear heels, no height conscious, just happy with his size, I would say.
Sam said on 29/Jun/11
He looks about his listed height here with 6'1" Richard Jenkins:
Click Here
And is much more than 3 inches taller than Woody when he's not standing behind him:
Click Here
DrJJ said on 27/May/11
IΒ΄ll stick with my 5Β΄10" estimate.
MYY said on 23/May/11
he looks only 2 to 3 Inches taller than Woody Allen who is 5'5".
Click Here
Chameleon said on 19/May/11
No he cant be 182cm as he had 1 inch on Rebbeca Hall. Both flats....
bwlf said on 17/May/11
I meet him several years ago in Spain. I,m 177cm and he was 2 inches taller.
Chameleon said on 19/Apr/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Apr/11
anen said on 9/Apr/11
sounds about right almost a solid 6 feet. FYI Spain are current European Basketball Champions! NOT Austria, or Portugal < lol jealous haters
Chameleon said on 11/Mar/11
In Vicky Christina Barcelona he only had 1 inch on Rebecca Hall. Both flats.
Spanish man said on 11/Mar/11
Javier Bardem really looks a strong 1,82. He look a big guy.
Sam said on 7/Mar/11
Yes, that's definitely more than 2 inches of height difference:
Click Here
jtm said on 6/Mar/11
there is one article that claims he is 5'8 and then posted a picture with woody allen claiming there was only 2 inches between them but you could see that he is much more than just 2 inches taller than allen.
Sam said on 4/Mar/11
No way is Bardem 5'9"-5'10". That's probably the height of Josh Brolin and Bardem is about 2 inches over that, as could be seen at the Oscars.
Heightgirl said on 3/Mar/11
DrJJ I found a pic of them at the Oscars and she was wearing platforms not sandals. Click Here I say she's 5f2 and he's 5f9.
DrJJ said on 1/Mar/11
Watch this year's Oscar footage. There are plenty of side by side shots of him with Penelope. She is a 5'3" - 5'4". At best. She is also very pregnant. She had 2 - 3 inch heels on. He was about 4 inches taller with 1 inch of heel. He is no more than 5'10". And he looks it too. For him to be 6' 0" Penelope would have to be a legit 5'6"-5'7". No way.
JMS said on 27/Feb/11
Looked about 2-2.5 inches taller than Josh Brolin at the Oscars
JuAn said on 27/Feb/11
Solid 5'10, notice how he Has poor posture and is always sort of slouching casually, this would knock off at least an inch from his height explaining why he and 5'9 Rebecca hall were eye to eye.
Sweeney said on 26/Feb/11
Hello!!! have you guys seen Vicky Christina Barcelona? He is eye to eye with 5'9 Rebecca Hall.

Bardem is 176CM max!
spanish said on 20/Feb/11
hi people i saw bardem with john malkovich together in segovia,spain in 2002 while they were filming the dancer upstairs,and they were exactly the same height at 1.82,since i am 1.80 and they both were approximately no more than one inch taller than me. by the way,iΒ΄m the shortest guy of my group of friends...
David said on 17/Feb/11
In Spain he is commonly listed 1,85 (That's 6'1 more or less) He is probably a bit shorter. 6'0 might be accurate. Anyway, for the spanish standard he is really a big guy, even though not huge.
gvigo said on 12/Feb/11
I'm from Spain and comparing him with spanish famous people whos height i known , I can tell you he is 1'80 or 1'81.
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/11
Why are you all so ignorant and am Aussie has to tell you all...Spain has tall people and short people. The tall people live in Madrid and the not so tall live elsewhere.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/11
I'll correct myself, he may well be a full 6'.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Dec/10
6"0 on the nose
17 year old said on 6/Dec/10
Austrian your an uneducated troglodyte. You know nothing and have no clue about the Iberian Peninsula or Spain. You should know that Spain is mixed with celt,Gaul,Mycean,muslim, phoenician, greeks,berbers, etc...all from different countries from Africa, central europe. I am portugese and am 6'8. My dad was 6'4 his dad was 6'2. My older brother is 6'10.All my family is tall...ahahah so your wrong.....
Bon said on 19/Nov/10
Doesn't seem exceedingly tall. Solid 5'11.
Marc said on 4/Jul/09
I Think he's 5'11 to 6'. In "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" he hunched a lot. In some scenes he looked the same height as Rebecca Hall (who's almost 5'10), but when Bardem was in good posture, the advantage for him showed. And in "No Country For Old Men" he not only used those cowboy boots, but was also always in good posture, probably reaching 6'2" and, depending on the camera angles, looking 6'3".
Josh.J said on 29/Jun/09
Click Here
ropey shot and postures but javier clearly looks taller than clooney (unless clooney is stooping). i's venture a guess and say he's 6'0".
Termont said on 27/Mar/09
he's no way 5'11.5 !
look at this pic nearby Clooney
Click Here

please Rob, downgrade him ;-)
Nate said on 22/Feb/09
Hey... I don't think he's ugly at all... As a straight dude I thought he looked handsome in VCB.
\-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 21/Feb/09
I buy 183cm-184cm.
sam said on 17/Feb/09
He did look on the short side in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. He was just barely taller than Rebecca Hall. Also, Scarlett Johansson looks relatively closer in height to him than she did Bill Murray. Rob's listing for him is probably accurate.
pablo said on 15/Feb/09
I met him in the gym, barefoot in the showers, he is 5ft 11.5 - 6ft is correct, no more
Chris said on 20/Jan/09
This dude looks 5'10", maybe 5'10.5" to me.
horacle said on 18/Jan/09
In vicky christina barcelona he looks 5'11 MAX.
sam said on 5/Jan/09
looks 6 foot
Namely said on 15/Dec/08
Just saw No Country for Old Men again. I was surprised how "compact" he looked. Like a fat 5'10 guy. Bear in mind that his shoes in that movie have about 3" heels. I'm not saying he's not 6', I'm just saying that he is probably not as big as he looks in the movies.
Hugh said on 1/Nov/08
Knut is bang on with his estimates for Bardem.
Knut said on 29/Oct/08
He is slightly over 6ft without doubts,1m 84cm. I know him
Valeri said on 19/Oct/08
Honestly I can't see him anywhere more than 5'11,he wasn't taller than woody harrelson,on the red carpet premieres etc.
Hugh said on 18/Oct/08
I think he's at least 6ft.
ralf said on 2/Sep/08
I've seen a few pics of him and Rob has him perfect. congratulations.
little one said on 17/Aug/08
just watched No Country last night. Thought Javier was outstanding. Also thought he was 6'+ although the fella he 'Bolted' at the roadside in the early part of the film towered over him. I'm not really interested in what he is like personally as I am not intending to go out for tea and cakes with him. He can be the biggest 'a' hole he likes for all i care just as long as he gets the job done. which he does. with aplomb.
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/08
When I saw 'No Country For Old Men' I thought this guy would be either 6' 1" or one those 'tall' 5' 9" guys, like Ed Harris.
MD said on 7/Aug/08
That's because Scarlett is really short and not. lol
Dennis said on 6/Aug/08
Scarlett Johansson called Javier "really tall and big" in a recent interview.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/08
This guy has poor posture and can give the appearance of 5'9-5'10...
footballed28 said on 26/May/08
hmm he is kind of an ugly fella...I dont know why that Jen chick would think he is hot...I say 5'11 1/2 suits him well
Jordan said on 21/May/08
Well, If a person is usually 5'11.5 you cant blame them for saying there 6'0 when asked.
glenn said on 30/Apr/08
leonari said on 30/Apr/08
Jen : get lost. We don't need psycho chicks here. we really don't
Jen said on 29/Apr/08
The one thing I don't get is,if you don't like a certain celebrity,why bother to post in a forum or go to a website that is about them and upset their fans? If you really hate Javier Bardem,why waste your time here? I HATE Barbra Streisand but do I bother to look her up on the net and comment about her,NO! For someone who apparently can't stand Javier Bardem,this Glenn person seems to spend a lot of time following him around and posting in forums about him! Again,why bother?
if you hate Javier Bardem you shouldn't be here or on any other site that has anything to do with him! I also met Bardem last November (2007) in Brooklyn and he was the nicest guy!
He was very polite and I have heard that he is self conscience about his english.
He wasn't arrogant at all. What IS arrogant is making childish,jealous remarks about someone who probably didn't give you the time of day when you met him because YOU,FRIENDO, are childish and arrogant! Some of these posts are so stupid and petty,it makes some of you sound like a bunch of envious,jealous old farts!
Javier Bardem is a HOT looking man and a GREAT actor! But then those of you that are bashing him know that already!
He was all over Penelope Cruz? Maybe that's why you hate him! I'm sure Cruz loved it!
Jealous old farts!! Get a life!
Susan said on 23/Apr/08
Now this guy is one of the few actors who looks much bigger than he is - in No Country for Old Men, I'd swear he was a solid 6'3. (Mind he is wearing those killer boots too, lol). He's built a lot like Gordon Ramsay, also played soccer, very solidly built.
Johnny said on 3/Apr/08
He's got a huge head, both vertically and horizontally! That's gotta give him the impression of being taller than some others he's been compared to. Always check where the shoulders line up. I agree with BFer that he's not 6'; closer to 5'10.5".
Boxing Fighter said on 25/Mar/08
Almost the same height as woody harrelson.
Maybe 5ft10.5?
They are both smaller than Josh Brolin. I belive that Brolin is at least 5ft11.
Click Here
Click Here
Boxing Fighter said on 25/Mar/08
he looks smaller than Josh Brolin here:
Click Here
Boxing Fighter said on 25/Mar/08
Yeah Ed, to me 5ft11.5 is average.
Ok, taller side of the average, but a very commom height. I am 5ft10.5 and I'm the shortest of my friends.

Javier looked massive in Collateral. I thought he was something like 6ft2, 220lbs, maybe Jamie Foxx is a slim person.
Chris175 said on 24/Mar/08
5-11.5 is a tricky height, people with this height can look 6-2, he seemed tall in no country for old men
dmeyer said on 23/Mar/08
those heels had 2.25 in heels
Ed said on 23/Mar/08
5ft11-5ft11.5 sounds right! I though he looked around 6ft1 in NCFOLM. With a pair of 2 inch heeled cowboy boots, he'd be around 6ft1-6ft1.5 in the film. Did you guys notice how much shorter he got, when he took the boots off in the hotel scene?

I'm curious Boxing Fighter, you think 5ft11.5 is average?
Boxing Fighter said on 23/Mar/08
In no Country he looks at least 6ft2!!!!
Just that?! An average 5ft11.5?!
Brah said on 23/Mar/08
The best scene in the movie to notice his huge boots is when he got shot and you see him taking off his boots.
charlie said on 22/Mar/08
You can see clearly in the scene in No Country with Javier and Woody H. that he has cowboy boots that must add 2-3 inches. You can see the heels they are huge even for boots.
Mr. T said on 11/Mar/08
He looks huge in No Country, though. He isn't too far from some door frames. How big were his lifts?
glenn said on 4/Mar/08
rob has this guy right.6ft tops.
Tobe said on 3/Mar/08
I can assure you this guy is 6 or 6'1. He was standing very close to me for 5 mins and he is pretty tall. Certainly taller than me (5'11)
glenn said on 2/Mar/08
i never said or doubted he was a good point is he should be grateful he isnt doing novellas only or even worse washing dishes.america may not be the only market,but its the final frontier to conquer.
anomimo said on 1/Mar/08
Glenn usa is not the only film market in the world,he have being working in europe since long time ago and he is wellknown in europe as one of the best actors, no way he will being working in novelas,he never did.he had work with the best european directors,cause he is not nice doesnt mean he is a bada actor and he should work in novelas,novelas are from southamerica,he had work in several almodovar movies and amenabar.he will not be stuck performing in novelas
glenn said on 29/Feb/08
then he has a bad day often.he should be nicer to americans and be grateful he isnt stuck performing on novellas.
anomimo said on 28/Feb/08
he is 5.11,i know it cause he played rugby in the same team as my cousin.he is a nice person,but everybody has a bad day,cant say the same about penelope.he is famouse since he is 16,he used to be in a spanish program by then.his uncle won in cannes as best director long time ago.
Leung said on 27/Feb/08
Leonari says
leonari said on 27/Feb/08
thanks shredder...but watching this guy makes me sick...Arrogance all from top til bottom.
Rob: I apologize. But my impression seems right. Glenn saw him and he was arrogant.
glenn said on 27/Feb/08
he usually ignores with arrogance.
the shredder said on 26/Feb/08
Leonari , I got a treat for you !!! lol

Click Here

Glenn , how did he act in person around you and fans ?
glenn said on 26/Feb/08
leonari can say what he wants rob.but a foul mouth is hard to control as im most guilty of it.sorry that he upset you.
Gago said on 26/Feb/08

you're basing all just because you didn't like how he recieved the award, what, you're like 12. or is it because he's a foreigner, but let me tell you every person expresses their joy and excitement differently, and one more thing, this site is to discuss celebrities heights, not to judge them, because you just don't like certain people.
the shredder said on 26/Feb/08
I know , I just be kidding ! ... Im Board ... Please add or upgrade somebody ?
leonari said on 26/Feb/08
ROB: you are right...and maybe he is a wonderful fella. But I can say that I can't stand him.
glenn said on 26/Feb/08
he is what he a hole.even left leonari that impression.
swedish said on 25/Feb/08
A friend on mine met him and says that he's 6' or a bit more , he also looks big.
Valeri said on 24/Feb/08
Click Here - how tall is aaron eckhart.I dont see javier at 5'11.5,he was barely taller than woody harrelson,pitt was taller ofcourse,he was a bit under mortensen viggo.I htink hes 5'11 flat now.
Andre said on 24/Feb/08
Gago may I ask you how you get to know all these celebs? thx
G-MANN said on 21/Feb/08
He looked pretty big in No Country For Old Men. But then he did wear high-heeled boots in it.
smdd said on 9/Feb/08
Well you guys seem to think that everyone needs to be in a good mood all the time. Actors and public figures are humans and get tired too. You need to put yourself in his place.
glenn said on 11/Jan/08
gago-it was in nyc not going to make a mistake like that.dmeyer-rob has him perfect.
dmeyer said on 10/Jan/08
glenn are you sayng he is a bit less than 6 ft
Gago said on 9/Jan/08
Glenn, if you're talking about Critic's Choice, it was held in Santa Monica on January 7th, even saw him after at the after party, had a attitude and was all over Penelope.
Mimi said on 9/Jan/08
He's not 6 ft if Salma and Penelope's heights here are correct; girls of their reported heights don't reach that high on a 6 footer. Look at this pic:

Click Here
Gago said on 8/Jan/08
He's not 182, he's 180, met him yesterday in LA at the Critic's Choice.
Rob, did he claim this height before? He's 5'11.
sam said on 20/Dec/07
He does look about the same size as six-footer John Malkovich:
Click Here
Pete said on 19/Dec/07
Met him and im 183 and I was about an inch taller. he may slouch but i did not feel he was my height. he was wearing trainers same as mine.
alexg said on 17/Dec/07
i agree with dmeyer.. cowboy boots add a lot of height..
sam said on 3/Dec/07
In a recent Esquire, he looked maybe 3+ inches taller than Cate Blanchett (Emile Hirsch looks almost as tall him, but was photographed separately!) There's not much for height comparison in No Country for Old Men, but he's probably a 6-footer.
dmeyer said on 2/Dec/07
in no country he gave impressiomn of 6'1,but they were all wearing cowboy boots some of them seemed over 2 in like 2.25 to 2.4 in
dmeyer said on 25/Nov/07
after looking at getty images ,javier realy looks near 6 ft
J said on 30/Jul/07
In this pictures, you can see him (Converse AllStar) with Scarlett Johansson (flat shoes) and Woody Allen. Maybe you can confirm or recalculate his height:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Yoyoyo said on 9/Jul/07
Im 6'1 exactly and i was a bit taller than him, maybe an inch.
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/07
I have seen then sometimes; I am 5'10'' and he is at least 3 inches taller than me ;maybe more.
Gonzalo said on 19/Dec/06
I heard six feet in s spanish program on TV. He looks around that height. My wife said he looked very tall when she saw him.
By the way, Robin Wright is gorgeous in that pic with Bardem and Penn. She is got a charming smile
Pete said on 17/Nov/06
met him once. hes 5-11 at the most
chavi said on 8/Sep/06
Actually met the guy. Looked near to 6'1".
ralph said on 6/Aug/06
Rob, change his height to 6"1". That pic with penn proves he is that height.
ralph said on 4/Aug/06
and here looks 6'1" beside 174 cm sean penn

Click Here
ralph said on 30/Jul/06
Click Here

here is beside 5"10.5" luis tosar
ralph said on 16/Jul/06
he is definetely not 5"11" .Possibly he is listed here as a 5"11", but he is known as a 6"1" man.
ferg said on 6/Apr/06
I had seen him sometimes and I think he is 6 ft.
Fran said on 5/Feb/06
IΒ΄m sure that his height is more than 5'11' (almost 6')because have been near them two times and I'm 5'10''. He's big and looks very strong. To raj: in Spain there are actors (like in the rest of the world) taller and tiner, but if your reference is Antonio Banderas, in fact, he's... no tall (absolutely).
Gotxo said on 30/May/05
The woman standing at his left is his mother. Dunno her height but she's tall compared to another spanish actresses, plus she's evidently wearing big heels (do notice the feet/leg angle). I've never met him, but he's usually taller than the rest of the cast, i'm also 5'11" on de dot and easily feel myself puny (especially compared to young both women/men). He looks tallish in the screen withouth camera angles, in shots that captures shoes too.
A person that scraps 197cm is not a good judge if the height diff is so big
Ramon said on 11/Mar/05
IΒ΄m spanish. IΒ΄ve met him in several premiers. IΒ΄m 6 ft 5 1/2 and his real height is near 180 cm (5 ft 11).

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