How tall is Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby's Height

6ft 0 (182.9 cm)

American actor, best known for starring in The Cosby Show. In a 1986 book about the show it described him as such: "At 6-foot-one, 185 pounds, Bill looks more like a young Olympic track star than a middle-aged TV star". Cosby himself, said in a 1969 interview he said "I'm six feet tall and I played forward"

How tall is Bill Cosby
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6ft 0.45in (184cm)
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/23
Mmm in some scenes in A Piece of Action I could see 6'0 and 6'2.75 actually, but I think there's a good chance Cosby was a shade over the 6' mark.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Nov/23
There didn't seem 3 inches between Cosby and Poitier in Uptown Saturday Night and A Piece of Action, google them Rob!
Editor Rob
There have been a fair few folk who would go with 184 range for Cosby, which probably looks closer with Poitier.
Duhon said on 23/Nov/22
In a clip with 6'3" George Foreman from the 70s Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Nov/22
PI agree with berta. Peak was at least 6ft0½
berta said on 3/Jan/22
probably utaller than this peak. i dont think he really looked under 184 peak and did pull of 185 alot. 183 seems very low. i mean 182 is clearly imposible and that makes me think 184 is better.
chuck darby said on 28/Dec/21
I remember seeing an old episode of 'THE BILL COSBY SHOW" from the early 70s where he played a schoolteacher.Dick Van Dyke appeared as a magician.DVD always has been listed as 6'1" but in reality his peak height was closer to 6 foot.Cosby was consistently taller than him by at least inch
Bruce Thomas said on 20/Sep/21
Cosby is at least 6'1". I worked with him for several days in a living room shoot and his stand-in, Calvin, told me that he is 6'1". Calvin has been his stand-in for decades, since the I Spy days. Also Samuel Jackson was Cosby's stand-in for 3 years on the Cosby Show. You have SJ listed at 6'2", which is approximately true because I've worked with him on 3 different occasions.
Jtm said on 11/Sep/21
min 3 inches taller than richard pryor in california suit. maybe pryor wasn't quite 5'10?
avi said on 9/Sep/21
I think he is one of those people who were a bit over 6'0 but just claimed 6'0 (rounded down)
Maybe 6'0.5

I think he should be listed at 6'0.25 at least maybe 6'0.5
viper said on 17/Aug/21
Seeing recent video of him walking into court, 5-11 is hard to believe physically
viper said on 17/Aug/21
Hard to believe he would be shorter than 6-1 OJ Simpson
viper said on 17/Aug/21
I definitely would have thought 6-1 without blinking
Canson said on 16/Aug/21
He could’ve been a hair over peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jul/21
Very strong 6ft range peak, no less than 183.5-184cm...tbh I wouldn't doubted 6ft1 until Rob had changed this
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 24/Oct/20

I don't think that Culp had an inch on Cosby. There could be a difference at times, but they look way too similar for the most part. If Culp beat Cosby out with measurements, it wasn't by much. Click Here Click Here Click Here

Cosby is listed 6ft 0 here and Culp 6ft 1. Since I doubt Culp was less than 6ft 1 in his heyday, I'd give prime Cosby 6ft 0.5. The current listing is too low
Mon said on 22/Nov/19
One of the women who accused him was a former fashion model (so no titch) and she said (he was in his later career) he was bigger than she expected. That would surely mean a sold six foot in later middle age and a little above that peak.

I agree with Greg about Culp, despite what he claimed he looks uncannily like 6'2'' until the early seventies. He had unusual proportions in the noggin with a lot of head above his eyes. He was a good inch taller than Cosby if you look at impromptu snaps, or Hickey and Boggs.

I would say Cosby was a strong six foot minimum in his pre Huxtable years, but with the way he carried himself and his brawn, people meeting him might have thought Cosby slightly taller than he actually was.
Dan Gerry said on 7/Feb/19
Rob, police report documents have him listed at 5'11 now.
Editor Rob
I'm sure he did shrink to that range, but a peak Bill Cosby looked at least a six foot range.
CDS said on 12/Oct/18
Rob, I would've thought for sure you'd have a page for Bill's Cosby kid, Malcolm Jamal Warner, considering what a long film and tv career he's had. Ftr, I'd say bill in his prime was a solid legitimate 6' (maybe down to 5'11" now?), and Malcolm, a solid 5'11".
Jug said on 15/Apr/18
Often looked the exact same height as Robert Culp on I Spy but sometimes Culp looked a tiny bit taller. This is back when they were young. I would place Cosby at 6'0.5" at peak. In one episode, "Weight of the World," actors Albert Salmi and Rex Ingram (known for playing the genie in The Thief of Bagdad), who are both listed as 6'2, looked noticeably taller than Cosby and Culp.
M58 said on 21/Mar/18
He always appeared to clear six feet easily, I’d be extremely surprised if he really did claim to be only 5'11"! He could have been a 6'1" guy who simply just rounded off to “six feet” without giving a specific height...I’d upgrade him a half inch tbh, he’s surely lost height today though. But 5'11" peak? No way!
jtm said on 20/Mar/18
did he ever tell you where you could find the record?
Editor Rob
Unfortunately not, though it seems hard to believe Cosby would claim only 5ft 11.
Danimal said on 12/Mar/18
He was definitely 6'1" as a younger man. He's 80 years old Rob and has easily lost 2" since then. There really should be a before and after height for Bill.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 15/Jan/18
Yeah, Bill's a bit closer to the camera, but it's hard for me to think he'd be much under 6' there at an age where it's almost certain he's lost height. Imo I see Fallon typically around 5'11 1/4
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/Jan/18

Bill's favored by the camera angle a bit, but even if there's no advantage Bill would still edge out Fallon who's about 5'11".
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 11/Jan/18
Yeah, I agree with that Christian. I just don't think it's hugely relevant w/ Cosby because he's never directly claimed to be above 6'1 as far as we know. My thoughts on him being above 6ft0 flat isn't based on him once being described as 6ft1, is all.

Anyway to stay on topic, here's a 76 year old Bill still looking a good deal taller than Jimmy Fallon: Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 11/Jan/18

I didn't say that Cosby could or couldn't have been a fraction over 6'0" (although I'm not too familiar with his height so I have no idea). I'm just saying that just because a person inflates an inch, it doesn't necessarily automatically mean they're a fraction over. For example, if a guy claims 6'2", it doesn't mean he must be 6'1.25" or more. I've seen plenty of 6'1" flat or 6'0.5" guys claim 6'2".
Canson said on 11/Jan/18
@Anonymous: it’s far more often that someone will claim shoes like Christian said or even round up than to round height down. Especially if you’re only right around 6’0”. I can see a guy my size or Christian’s if we measured 6’4.5 or 6’5.5 respectively to round down because (both are only a few hours out of bed tho and we come down to 1/4”). But most who are comfortably over half round up. But what you said is possible someone may have attributed 6’1” to him as most people inflate other people’s heights thinking they are doing them a favor but generally in vein to make themselves taller too if they believe they’re an inch taller than they are
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 10/Jan/18
Wouldn't have thought he was 2.5 inches shorter than Poitier either. That's a pretty remarkable height difference and I don't think Poitier ever looked significantly taller when they were both even together in scenes. The old listing was probably too high, but I don't see much that points to him being merely 6ft0. There is of course the possibility that he was just really honest and everyone needs downgrading...

(Paul NS, now free from being Anonymous)
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
I don't know what you're getting at Christian. He claimed 6 feet flat and maybe six foot one if that book description came directly from him (Rob doesn't seem to think it does). I'm just saying that nothing has ruled out a bit over six feet at peak (which I believe he was) because most people won't necessarily claim change.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 8/Jan/18

Just because a 6'0" person claims 6'1" it doesn't necessarily mean they're a fraction over 6'0". He could be claiming his height in shoes.
MrTBlack said on 7/Jan/18

The average person will round up usually by .5” or more.
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/18
He probably wasn't exactly pushing 6'1, but it's clear he was above a flat 6'0 at peak. 6'0.25-6'0.5 would be a better listing. That wouldn't be downplaying as there are many examples of people not bothering to claim a fraction or so because the average person doesn't really care
MrTBlack said on 4/Jan/18

He’s probably honest 6’0”. 95%+ of the people IRL and celebs who claim 6’1” are usually 6’0”. But he’s probably 5’11ish at this point since he’s pushing 80.
Canson said on 1/Jan/18
Why would a guy 6’0 or 6’1” downplay their height? Makes no sense he prob is 6’0” always has been and 6’1” with shoes
Mike said on 31/Dec/17
He was downplaying his height, he was near 6ft 1 in his prime or at the very least 6ft 0.75.
Clint said on 21/Dec/17
@DL No, I still own that LP, what he actually says is that he had an initial limit of 6'0 because he was convinced he couldn't jump over his own height, not 5'10, he even went on to say he cleared 6'1 on the high jump in a cocky display for the female spectators
DL said on 10/Dec/17
I used to have several of his early LPs. In one routine he was talking about when he played sports. He said when the bar was set at 5'10 he couldn't do the high jump when it was higher than his head.
Jalen C Gilmer said on 4/Dec/17
6'1" then, 6'0" now.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 20/Nov/17
I would probably give him a 6-0.5 listing. Definitely looked more than flat 6ft with Letterman. The average guess (6ft 1.28 as I write this) seems a bit high, at best he seemed like a weak six-one to me.
Jamie said on 19/Sep/17
Wow, this is surprising.
MJKoP said on 30/May/17
phil said on 20/Dec/16
With everything going on, im pretty sure he's closer to 6 feet under

Whoa...savage. That's kinda what you'd expect out of me. :O
Cameron said on 26/Mar/17
6'2" peak maybe???? At times he looked close to that on the Cosby show.
phil said on 20/Dec/16
With everything going on, im pretty sure he's closer to 6 feet under
nomatter said on 30/Oct/16
I'm pretty surprised. I always figured him for 6'3 or close at his peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Aug/15
Rob, could he be nearer 6ft today?
Editor Rob
I'm sure somewhere around that today.
HULK said on 13/Jan/15
Looks same height as Jimmy fallan(5'11)
Shadow2 said on 9/Jan/15
I've seen Culp in several TV westerns pre "I Spy" where he appears no taller than 6' 1". One is a "Bonanza" episode where he is the same height as Pernell Roberts (no more than 6' 1" and not a "lift" wearer) in their several scenes together in that show. My memory of "I Spy" is that Cosby and Culp were the same height. Same as when they reunited on the "Cosby Show" many years later.
Galsia said on 22/Aug/14
Rob, how tall is Malcolm Jamal-Warner?
Carl said on 15/Aug/14
I met Bill in 2010 and was actually surprised by his height. I'm 5'10" and I'd say he was easily two to three inches taller than me, so I'd say 6'0 to 6'1".
Mike said on 28/Jan/14
Bill Cosby was about 1'' shorter than 6'2'' Robert Culp on I Spy. I would say that 6'1 would be a more accurate depiction of his height.
mike said on 1/Dec/13
He is exactly 6 ft tall.he is same height as iam.i stood next to him and looked eye to eye.someone got a tape measurer and measured us both exactly 72 inches or 6ft.
SCB said on 30/Sep/13
No way Bill Cosby was ever close to 6'1". Sidney Portier looked at least three inches taller than him in Uptown Saturday Night. 5'11 would be my estimate.
PK said on 4/Aug/13
I walked with him to his limo. I wouldn't have guessed 5'10. Shorter than I thought.
Steel said on 25/Mar/13
I just saw Mr. Cosby live last night in Daytona Beach, and I was not far off from the stage. He looked at least 6'2, maybe 1/2" taller. And this is without shoes, because he took them off, and kept them off for the entire show.
Silent d said on 8/Nov/11
He was about the same height as david letterman. Bill cosby looks bigger though. I can live with 6 foot 1.
nybruin said on 20/Sep/11
He used to run at the track at ucla. Looked around 6'2" (I'm 6'3.5"). He didn't have great posture though.
IPM said on 7/Aug/11
On tv his executive producer said that when Bill came to discuss what the show would be like "all 6'3''" of him told her his plans. Definitely not shorter than 6' 1''
Mr. Kaplan said on 3/Apr/11
So how tall was his son Ennis? 6'7"?
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/10
I use to live near and have seen Bill Cosby walking around the streets
He must have shrunk, back in the 90's he seemed very tall, he had to be at least 6'2". Gotta be the shoes!!!??
Anonymous said on 3/Jul/09
Cosby was at least 1.86m in I spy.In most scenes they look eye to eye with Culp,1.87(6'1.5")is more likely.
Ejel Khan said on 24/Jun/09
Warner reached Bill's height. Never 6'1", as he claimed ... more, just shy of 6' at best!
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/09
Just now next to Letterman..6'2" who looked exactly the same height. Has been on before, maybe shorter looking.. but Maybe IS 6'1 1/2"
j.d. said on 25/May/09
In one of Cosby's comedy albums he tells a story about rejecting football because his opponent was 6'8'' and 247lbs. and he was only 5'11'' and 170lbs. I don't know if he was talking about his high school or college sports, but he certainly looks to be 2 inches over his claim.
Anon said on 11/Apr/09
Nope. Malcolm Jamal Warner was still 2-3 inches shorter than Bill Cosby by the end of the Cosby Show's run. I think Bill Cosby is 6'1.5''.
Ejel Khan said on 6/Mar/09
Malcolm Warner is 5'11" and towards the end of the Cosby show was the same height as Bill .... making Bill 5'11" tops!
Clay said on 15/Feb/09
Bill appeared to be in his own little world on the Jay Leno show recently.
T.J. said on 5/Feb/09
Tall guy.
funny to. BRAIN DAMAGE! priceless! lol
PK said on 12/Jan/09
This is all very strange to me since I walked with Bill Cosby to his limo (Las Vegas) guessing around the mid 1990's, and he seemed shorter, or about the same as me at that time. I'm just under 5'8", so wondering if he wears elevator shoes or something...
Hugh said on 11/Dec/08
Looks an easy 6ft2 there.
cliff said on 11/Jul/08
Bill cosby is 6'1, Robert culp is 6'2 in raymond ray always looked an inch above him or so, ray romano is 6'2 1/2 and Fred willard is 6'2 too.
Brad said on 6/Jul/08
6' 1". I was 5" taller than him and Cos n I were in sneakers.
Manitobaboy said on 12/Jun/08
When he ran track and played football with Temple University, he was listed at 6'1" and 190 lbs.
max said on 27/May/08
bill cosby is 6'1, my favourite actor along with ray romano and kevin james, if wondering ray romano is 6'3 and kevin james 5'9.
glenn said on 3/Apr/08
i know alot about tv in some of those is pretty anywhere is bad.
Daniel said on 2/Apr/08
I agree with Danimal, to me Cosby seemed to be 6'2'' or 6'3'' tall on that show. And Glenn, I understand you. I stopped watching TV almost entirely (although I occasionally watch some TV) a couple of years ago, for the same reasons as you, no time and too much crap. You don't imagine all the trash that is seen on TV in Peru, specially the reality and talk shows and the news.
David Melton said on 28/Mar/08
The celeb list I read listed him as 6' in one place and 6'1" a little higher on the list.
Tom said on 22/Feb/08
In film we really never know the height from ones shoe soles. I saw Cosby in person and I am 6'3", and he appeared at least two inches shorter with what I'd deem a 1" sole on his shoe...whereas I was wearing flat, boat shoes.
Derek said on 7/Feb/08
Cosby was never 6'3"-6'4" Danimal. My dad, who is in that height range, said Cosby was 6'1" when he met him in the 70s. Cosby may have lost a fraction of an inch, but that's it. He was either 1)Just over 6'1" at peak and a flat 6'1" now, or 2)A flat 6'1" at peak and just under 6'1" now.
glenn said on 6/Feb/08
i didnt watch tv or least then,anything popular.sure,i saw a handful of episodes.not enough to realise he was that tall.stopped watching tv in time and too much crap.
Danimal said on 5/Feb/08
I do. Theo was at least 5'11" by the end of the show and Cosby had 3-4" on him.
glenn said on 4/Feb/08
i agree with that viper.i dont think he looked incredibly tall.
Viper said on 4/Feb/08
Cosby always looked to be around 6-1 on the Cosby show. I think hes been that height all of his adult life.
glenn said on 4/Feb/08
well i meant when i get past 60.
brother_h said on 3/Feb/08
u prolly wont glenn. men over the 6'2 mark are usually the ones who lose height at early ages. i had the theory before when i was like 15 but now i cant remember.
glenn said on 3/Feb/08
i hear you danimal.i would hate to shrink when i get older cause im short enough.
Danimal said on 2/Feb/08
My mom and her mom both have osteoperosis. My dad is just shrinking for what reason, I don't know. I haven't grown in 12 years and he used to be WAY closer to my height than he is today. That tells me only one thing.
glenn said on 2/Feb/08
my dad was 5-8 to the end thankfully.
Danimal said on 2/Feb/08
My grandmother has officially lost 3.5" now. My mother 2" and my once 5'8" Dad is barely taller than my 5'5.5"-5'6" friend. SCARY.
Schnouzer Breath said on 1/Feb/08
Seen him outside the Letterman show on Monday night - stood right next to him, he seemed about 6 ft. and perhaps change. Unfortunately didn't get a pic w/ him (he was half froze from Dave's studio already and wanted to get in the car, but seemed friendly otherwise).
brother_h said on 30/Jan/08
well, the only injury my grandad got was a back injury in his 50's, idk how tall he was back then though.

weight lifters arent usually that tall anyway. mostly coz they start at an early age.

there are still alot of men who have lost height without injury.
glenn said on 30/Jan/08
obviously older men lose height most of the time.not all.the argument is at what age does it start.i have friends in the early 40s i swear look shorter.but they are weight maybe injury or illness.and my 6-1.5 32 year old friend looks 5-11.5 now.but has had back problems and other issues.
glenn said on 30/Jan/08
anything is possible.knees,backs.
Danimal said on 30/Jan/08
Haha. Yeah, easy on the 3" loss Brother_H. People like Eastwood, Hogan and some others have lost about that much, but that's not just age. It's either surgery, or some kind of spinal, or degenerative bone disease (osteoperosis for example). I have read biographies on Cosby in the past and I do remember having come across a 6'3" listing for him in his youth. Quite possible.
Viper said on 29/Jan/08
Ok, this shrinking stuff is ridiculous. If I was Rob I would be banning posters left and right saying that everyone has lost 1-3 inches. Bill MIGHT have lost a half inch or something. But he was never 6-4 or anything like that. Ridiculous. Hes always looked to be around the 6-1 mark.
Rooney said on 28/Jan/08
He was a lot taller in his prime
glenn said on 27/Jan/08
yes,dr.ray.the 66st location.6-2? i guess maybe at one time.thanks lynn.
Danimal said on 27/Jan/08
He's 70 years old. Quite sure he was taller in his youth.
Derek said on 27/Jan/08
Probably 6'1", or near it if he stands straight. Hasn't lost much height, if at all.
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/08
looks 6'0-6'1.
dmeyer said on 27/Jan/08
easy 6'1er
D. Ray Morton said on 27/Jan/08
Btw Glenn, was that outside the B&N on 66th?
D. Ray Morton said on 27/Jan/08
Awesome photo! I like the angle. He looks to be a potential 6'2" in shoes here, which is interesting. I could've sworn 6'1" in loafers, but hey. Glad to hear he was nice. He was extremely reserved (i.e. not too friendly) both in '91 with Dizzy and Elvin and again last August.
Lynn said on 27/Jan/08
beautifull pic. He is a big man.
glenn said on 27/Jan/08
he was pretty nice.i heard mixed things.seemed 6ft with bad yeah,6-1.
glenn said on 27/Jan/08
taken by a 5-3 barnes and noble security guard in the gutter.
miko said on 27/Jan/08
Looks 6"2 next to Glenn here.
Random Person said on 27/Jan/08
Looks at least 6 foot in the picture and could be very well 6'1". How tall did you estimate him, Glenn? Also, I'm surprised you got a picture with him, I heard he is/was a dick.
D. Ray Morton said on 28/Aug/07
I met Bill again a couple of days ago. It was neither the time nor the place to ask him his height or get his picture (it was a funeral service for one of his dear friends) - and I probably wouldn't ask him for either, anyway, as he is never that friendly. Looked 6'1" in shoes, probably 6' or slightly less barefoot.
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/07
It is hard to say about Cosby's height.
In the Bill cosby show, he can look tall, but when I watched a show, when he was on TV Himself or what it is called in the eighties, he does not look that tall.
But 6-1 is anyway to much. In case if he is tall, I would not give him more than 6'.
talker said on 29/May/07
Culp young looked 6'1",not 6'2".Try to see him in Sunday in NY next to Cliff Robertson,Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor.
AirSky said on 20/Apr/07
He was on the Late Show with David Letterman recently, and when they shook hands Cosby looked Letterman's height (about 6'2"). I'm guessing Bill Cosby should be at least 6'1"
Derek said on 5/Dec/06
My dad met him a few times. 6'1" and a ****.
Brad said on 22/Nov/06
6' 1" if Culp is 6' 2". Not a nice guy. Uses his wallet to iron problems out. He and Culp literally live at the Playboy Mansion a bunny told me (for decades).
Dave said on 18/Apr/06
How does Cosby compare with the 6'2'' Robert Culp in I spy?

If he is around the same height then I suggest he must be at least 6'1''.
Tave Hawkins said on 2/Apr/06
No way. He might be 5'11. No more than that.
Smoke said on 6/May/05
Like I said, I admit when people are right and you are J.! But I have stuck to this name, and in Cosby's case I'm arguing about 2 inches not 1. ;) Honestly who doesn't argue about an inch on this site? Most celeb's real heights are usually off by an inch or so, maybe two from experience. Nice guess J., you caught me! But it looks like you were wrong on your Cosby estimate. ;)
Smoke said on 5/May/05
Boo ya! I had a sneaking suspicion about this guy, he just doesn't look like a 6'1" guy next to his 5'10"-ish son on the Cosby Show. Was he full grown in the early 70s? All I can say is that he has always looked to be shorter than 6'1" to me, very possible that 5'11" is his honest height.
CelebHeights Editor said on 4/May/05
Someone mentioned to me "I have an old record album of his from the early seventies in which he very clearly states that his height is 5’11"
Dr. Huxtable said on 18/Mar/05
I have to disagree, in the first picture Bill doesn't look anywhere near Sidney's height! In the second picture they do look somewhat closer in height, but Sidney is leaning and Bill is still an inch shorter standing straight. Poitier at his peak was 6'2.5" tops, Cosby 6'1" at his peak (and now still standing fairly tall at 6'0.5"). He couldn't have been anything more than 6'1" at his peak and now in his 70s has to atleast be marginally shorter. Again Malcolm Jamal is 5'10"-5'11" and Bill looks no more than 2 inches taller than him in the Cosby Show.

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