How tall is Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn's Height

6ft 4 (193 cm)

American Professional Wrestler. During his career he has been billed anywhere from 6ft 3 to 5. This photo is from a London Film Con event in 2012. When asked how tall he was on twitter, Billy claimed to stand at a towering "6-5".

How tall is Billy Gunn
5ft 8 Rob and Billy @ LFCC 2012

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Average Guess (106 Votes)
6ft 3.67in (192.2cm)
ken6-3 said on 21/Nov/19
6'4" peak in the attitude era
Roderick said on 16/Nov/19
@Rob It's very possible. I would say closer to 6'3" than 6'4"
Roderick said on 3/Nov/19
Rob, remember poster Mikey97 said he met Billy very recently and said he looked 6'3" in normal shoes. I think dropping him down to 6'3.5" is a good move.
Editor Rob
Today Gunn could measure 3.5
SeanR said on 25/Oct/19
Hi Rob for Gunn:

What do you think:
Peak 6’4”
Current 6’3.5”

He is almost 56 years and still is pretty good shape. But being in wrestling for 25+ years he had to have lost a fraction by now.
Or do you think he can still pull off 6’4”?
Editor Rob
6ft 3.5 is arguable for him. In late 40's I would still think near 6ft 4 but the last couple of years might have now become that 3.5 mark.
Roderick said on 7/Oct/19
He looks 6'3" with 5'6" Mikey
viper said on 7/Oct/19
At most 192cm.
Mikey97 said on 6/Oct/19
I met him today.

I suppose 6'3.5" is a reasonable guess for today. I thought he looked more 6'4" up close, but he did have a good pair of boots on, and I'm was wearing some Vans.

Click Here

Picture of me and him are there. I've been measured at the doctor at 5'6" at around 3PM~. I can see how it's very easy for him to claim 6'5" in person. He did wrestle tonight, and wow at 55 years of age, he's still in great shape, and he's fast.
Paul the Puppeteer said on 3/Oct/19
Guys. Rob is not 5'8 flat. His youtube video shows him at almost 5'8.5 and I think he mentioned being nearer to 5'9 out of bed. So Billy Gunn may have just lost a little from his peak height.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Sep/19
They could've underlisted him by 1/2", but I highly doubt a full inch. Gunn could've been 6'3.5" peak. Aleister Black's listed 5'11.5" here but billed only 5'11".
Nik Ashton said on 17/Sep/19
He looks over 6’3” with Rob!

The average guess is 6’3.69” (101 votes!) and he has 303 comments!
Roderick said on 16/Sep/19
Maybe I'm actually wrong, that's a good point Viper.
viper said on 15/Sep/19
He was billed at 6-3. I find it hard to believe they would underlist him

This is wrestling
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Sep/19
I don't know if he was ever 6'4" to begin with.
Roderick said on 14/Sep/19
He isn't 6'4" anymore, maybe 6'3.5" at most
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 14/Sep/19
If Diamond Dallas Page gets lowered to 6'3.25", then so should Billy Gunn. I can't see the latter being taller than the former.
Editor Rob
Gunn was taller in person, however I feel he did have a bit more footwear, so it is arguable a fraction under for Gunn.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Sep/19
@Rampage and Canson
I doubt he's even 192 today. More like 191.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Sep/19
He could be 192cm these days
Canson said on 7/Sep/19
rawdshaq said on 4/Sep/19
Was never taller than 6'3". 6'2.5" maybe today

He had to have at least been 6’3”, when Josh and Rob met him, at least. Not sure about his current height since Rob met him back in 2012, some 7 years ago. The height chart with Rob shows 6’3” but with both guys it appears he’s not standing completely straight compared to those two. I don’t know about a solid 6’4” but 6’3.5” perhaps

I also agree with Vegas. He looked too tall next to Triple H to be under 6’3, maybe even 6’3.5”.

Final verdict is around 192cm
rawdshaq said on 4/Sep/19
Was never taller than 6'3". 6'2.5" maybe today
Roderick said on 31/Aug/19
He's still safely over 6'3"
miko said on 26/Aug/19
Easy 6'4 peak, with age he's probably dropped a bit under it now. Could be 6'3.5 today.
Vegas' said on 25/Aug/19
straightahead, Gunn was taller than peak Dwayne Johnson circa late 90s in staredown and taller than Joeyb33 who claims 6'2 1/4 barefoot in recent photo, in fact taller than Joeyb33's brother who is supposedly 6'3 barefoot.

Gunn looked over 6'3 at WWE HOF next to HHH this past April
SeanR said on 19/Aug/19
Anywhere between 6’3.5” and 6’4” fits Gunn.
straightahead said on 12/Aug/19
Roderick said on 5/Jul/19
I find it very interesting he got billed at 6'3". I wonder how that happened.

Because thats his real height? sometimes they forget to add inches. 6'3 peak and maybe a little over 6'2 today
Roderick said on 30/Jul/19
He did look 6'4" in the 90s while at the time he was being billed at 6'3" I think. I find it absurd that he got underlisted by a full inch. Maybe they didn't really think about Billys height and just put down 6'3" by accident or something. I find it funny how HHH was billed at 6'4" and Billy at 6'3", yet Billy Gunn towered Triple H in every single match and segment Lmao.

It was basically in reality 6'1.75" vs 6'4".

Billy can even look 6'5+" in group shots but he is always on his tippy toes, Lol.

I think he is now a weak 6'4", he is probably the same height as Randy Orton.
Roderick said on 7/Jul/19
I can buy 6'4" for his peak
Alex 6'3.25 said on 6/Jul/19
Not sure he's a legit 193 cm, he could be 191-192 cm, but he's not definitely under 190 cm.
Roderick said on 5/Jul/19
I find it very interesting he got billed at 6'3". I wonder how that happened.
berta said on 11/May/19
he looks to be about same height as jason mamoa. 193 seems like a good listing
Ironman092289 said on 4/May/19
Honestly I think he lives true to his 6'3" billing. He still looks 6'3" but some may argue he is more 6'2" than 6'3" today.
Sonnecker said on 15/Apr/19
Solid,clean 193 cm... I think Billy took care of his body and didn't lose anything noticeable so far.
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Mar/19
Again, Gunn and Momoa... Click Here

Momoa and Von Miller (listed 6'3") Fellow poster viper said Miller was measured at 6'2.5", which might be a morning height: Click Here , Click Here , Click Here
That confuses me.

Here's more confusion: Jason Scott Jenkins is listed 6'4". Here he is w/ Momoa:
Click Here Maybe Jenkins is really 6'3.25"...

Here's Jenkins w/ 6'5" J.J. Watt (2013)... Click Here
Jenkins and 6'6" Deontay Wilder... Click Here

Billy Gunn and Matt Morgan in dress shoes... Click Here , Click Here

Morgan and Flair... Click Here

Morgan and Matt Gaetz... Click Here
Gaetz and 6'0.5" Trump... Click Here
Vegas' said on 1/Feb/19
Ziggler I met and was taller than 5'9 range, he looks more than 1.5 inch taller than Rob next to Gunn.

Snoop is closer to camera there, he is closer here too Click Here full video Click Here

As for Gunn he is taller Joeyb33's ~6'3 brother so somewhere between 6'3.5-6.4 is probably fair guess. I actually was in same room as Gunn in NY Hilton in 2004 but didn't stand close to him or estimate his height with that of my friends
Sotiris Gravas said on 31/Jan/19
@Vegas Great pics, dude. Here again, Gunn w/ Big Show... Click Here ,
Click Here

Gunn w/ 6'6" Braun Strowman... Click Here
Here he's doing his best to look taller w/ Strowman... Click Here

Pretty sure Gunn is on his tippy toes again way in the back next to 6'6" Corbin. That's Big Cass next to Corbin. Can't tell if Cass is also doing some tiptoe action (2014)... Click Here

And finally, Gunn and maybe 5'9.75" (not 5'11") Dolph Zigler... Click Here

How tall do you think he is...?

Just a reminder: Here's 6'3.5" Snoop w/ Show (2009)... Click Here
Vegas' said on 29/Jan/19
There is a photo of Khalifa and Gunn Click Here

Show has always had 7-8 inches on Gunn Click Here
Ali said on 26/Jan/19
Click Here

This is an interesting pic of Gunn with Big Show, how many inches difference is there? Take into account footwear and ground isn't showing.

Rob? Anyone?
Editor Rob
A good 6 inches or so, though Gunn's top of head might be a bit further from camera (but camera tilted a little to favour Gunn's side).
Joeyb33 said on 23/Jan/19
Check out Billy Gunn’s instagram. He’s got a pic with Jason Momoa. Can’t see their footwear but he looks massive next to him. I think Billy stands at his tallest when taking photos with tall individuals and definitely leans in on the photos with shorter individuals.
Editor Rob
I believe Gunn has more footwear at lfcc than Momoa
James Brett said on 16/Jan/19
Years of steroids,wrestling injuries and heavy weight lifting will make you lose height especially if your very tall like billy Gunn.
miller said on 13/Jan/19
Rob why he is listed 6.4 when he is billed 6.3 and looks that size in both Pictures above. i dont think there is a chance that the wwe would under bill him.
Editor Rob
They did once give mark henry 6ft 1.
rawdshaq said on 11/Jan/19
If he was 6' 4" then he wouldn't be billed at 6' 3". He's billed at 6' 3" but some argue he is exactly what he is.
Kevin's ranch rules said on 12/Dec/18
He’s definitely 6’3 in boots and 6’2 flat. No way would wwe under bill him. Considering he’s a well build guy also. If the guy was really 6’4 flat you’d think wwe would bill him at a near 6’6 back in his prime.
JamesB172cm said on 11/Dec/18
Rob could he be like Dolph Lundgren gone from 6ft4.25 too 6ft2.5?
Editor Rob
When he stands tall I think he's still comfortably over 6ft 3
michael loughrie said on 25/Nov/18
He is 6' 3", why would WWE underbill him?
62B said on 22/Nov/18
RP, I know you are pretty set on Dibiase's height, but he really was taller than Luger in person. He may even have been a little past his peak when I met him. Its crazy to me how much height he has lost.
RP said on 20/Nov/18
Joeyb33 (6’2.25”) has met many wrestlers in his time. And he’s always extremely honest & accurate about not only his own height ...but, their’s as well. And he’s got Billy at about 6’3.75” after meeting him in person. He’s also got a good pic with The Millionn Dollar Man from the same day...and Ted is looking a weak 6’1” in the pics. When you factor in all variables. I’d go 6’1” to 6’0.75” on Current Ted & 6’2.5”-ish peak.
Myself said on 16/Nov/18
I think he may be standing on tip toes in that photo aswell!
Agent Orange said on 23/Oct/18
Thanks again for the awesome pic👍 Am gonna go with 6’’4 present height because he can confidently claim it.I agree with Rob that his peak could be a solid 6’4.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Oct/18

It especially looks stupid when he's easily the tallest out of those people. It wasn't like he was standing next to Shaq or Yao Ming.
Joeyb33 said on 22/Oct/18
@ Agent Orange

I think he’s just under. He seemed slightly shorter than Randy Orton in comparison when I met him. Billy strikes me as Definitely over 6 foot 3 but a smidge under 6 foot 4.
Editor Rob
He might have lost a cm by now, gone from a solid 6ft 4 range to a weaker one.
Agent Orange said on 21/Oct/18
Great pic thanks! Would you say that Gunn is still a legit 6’4 after meeting him in person? I would say so going by the pic.
Joeyb33 said on 18/Oct/18
I’m 6 foot 2.25 (in tank top). My brother is 6 foot 3.25. Billy was BUILT. I’m putting more pics up as well with other wrestlers. You’ll see I was standing slightly closer to the camera in this one and my brother was leaning a bit.

Click Here
62B said on 23/Sep/18
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 30/Nov/17

For someone to be losing 2" in posture, they would have to have very horrible posture. Gunn isn't losing anywhere near 2" in the photo.

You are correct. My friends posture is horrible. He is very lanky at about 165lbs and seems to have a habit of making himself as short as possible
Zampo said on 5/Sep/18
Billy Gunn is looking 6'3 range nowadays (based on how he looks with others)....
Sotiris Gravas said on 28/Aug/18
Here's 6'3"(MAX) Gunn (way in the back) in big heels, still feeling the need to stand on his tippy toes to look taller. Pathetic... Click Here , Click Here
Bobby said on 9/Aug/18
He's 6'3 by the scale...
josh b said on 1/Aug/18
Click Here
My pic with Billy, big guy, surprisingly still built like a tank, could give Momoa a run for his money actually. Clearly knows what will be in the pic, he tenses one arm to show off in every pic :D
Editor Rob
Billy is still well-built, he might have lost a bit of height. Although with Tatanka that day, still seems quite big.
Jordan87 said on 31/Jul/18
@ Paddy,

He cannot be only 6'2" if you look at the picture with ROb. 5'11 Eyelevel ( Usually the top of the head is around 4" higher) and 6'3 top of head. Makes sense.
Paddy said on 30/Jul/18
I saw this guy at LFCC and he looked 6'2". I must be blind though as everyone's claiming he's 6'4".
Editor Rob
I would be surprised if he shrunk under 6ft 3!
Canson said on 23/Jul/18

A 6’3/6’4 guy claiming 6’5”.
James B 172cm said on 20/Jul/18
Guy C- you look 5ft11.5-6ft comparrd too billy gunn
Guy C said on 15/Jul/18
So apparently i measure 186 but i don't think so according to Billy's listing, Rob what do you think? Is my bad posture what's causing it? What would you say? we had the same footwear.

Click Here
Editor Rob
I would say if you were 186 he seems over 194cm beside you, but only you would know your height, it would be interesting if you done a self-measurement again against a wall to check it.

Zampo said on 6/May/18
Anywhere between 6'3.5 to 6'3.75. He is a weak 6'4, although I think in another camera shot, would pull a 6'4.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/May/18
55 now he may have lost a fraction and was never a solid 6'4. Possible 6'3 5/8 now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Apr/18
192cm zone today wouldn't shock me but I think in mint 90's condition he had a decent shot at 193cm+
Jordan87 said on 12/Mar/18
@ KenC,

OK he doesn't come over 6'3 in the picture ( yes he is slouching), are you saying even with the Slouch he is over 6'4? Not the case.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 25/Jan/18

Best case he looks 6'3.5" if he stood straight but not 6'4" let alone over.
KenC said on 23/Jan/18
He slouches
He still seems a tad over 6'4" to me
Elektrafans said on 18/Dec/17
Is strange, his front, eyes, nose, lips, shoulders are in the same level than Nicholas Rowe according with the height chart, another 6ft 4in. However, the head of Rowe touch the 6ft 4in and Gunn barely pass the 6ft 3in, maybe for the short hair of Gunn. Is really Nicholas a 6ft 4in? or Gunn have a bad posture in this pic? When you met him they look above the 6ft 3 for you?
Editor Rob: the camera is more central with Billy and myself.

With Rowe, the cameraman (Giles) is standing on Rowe's side...this has potential to add some height, which is the reason in the photo with Robert Davi I dropped more height.

Rowe is no taller in person than Gunn.
Canson said on 30/Nov/17
@62B: i have a legit 6’3” friend (190.3/190.4 at night) and he himself is in his 50s where i am in my mid 30s. There are times where he doesn’t stand straight himself but when he does if he has a footwear advantage on me that it can almost appear that we are the same. I am 6’4.25 at my lowest late night and would be 6’5” in a casual shoe where he may be 6’4” in sneaker or a hair more.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 30/Nov/17

For someone to be losing 2" in posture, they would have to have very horrible posture. Gunn isn't losing anywhere near 2" in the photo.
Bobby said on 28/Nov/17
According to the height scale, he's 6'3.
62B. said on 26/Nov/17
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 9/Jul/17

No, Gunn isn't 6'5" even if he had military posture. Many people overestimate how much slouching decreases height.

I am still just about 6'3" and I have a Friend who is about 6'5". In my friends normal standing around posture and me in my normal standing around posture we look eye to eye. I play a game from time to time with him where I will stand as tall as possible when next to him and he will then stand his tallest. The 2" difference is then easily noticeable. So I would say poor posture for sure can potentially take away a few inches.
Mayfield said on 24/Nov/17
The unusual thing is how he was billed shorter than Bart Gunn, listed 6'4, but Billy had the edge on him, was the true 6'4, while Bart just looked like a 6'2 range guy
Canson said on 21/Nov/17
Chris, you mentioned you were 6’4” before? Are you certain about your height? I remember you thought Allen Iverson was 6’1” when you “met” him.
James B said on 5/Nov/17
Rob i know you saw him at 6'4 but if he wore exact same footware you might have seen him at 6'3.75
Editor Rob: yeah it's not impossible, but overall 6ft 4 is a good fit for Gunn, he was furiously downgraded by WWE at a time as 6ft 3, probably insulted one of the head honcho's!
bob said on 5/Nov/17
Saw him at a smackdown in 2003. Maybe the most underrated in terms of height of all wrestlers. He's taller than Hogan and The Rock for sure. 6'4" might be underrating him. Maybe an inch, inch and half shorter than peak Undertaker
Canson said on 22/Oct/17
Weak 6’4 192 max
Ricky said on 21/Oct/17
Rob did he had some footwear advantage in this picture?

Because during The Attitude Era I never saw him towering The Rock and The Rock was about 6'3.5" or 6'3" in those years.

I just wanted to know either there was any kind of shoe advantage or not.
Editor Rob: I am in 1 inch sneakers, he has a boot that was about 1.1 minimum, possibly more if it was a Cat type boot, but I couldn't tell the brand.
Matthew Robinson said on 26/Sep/17
He does look closer to 6'3" than 6'4" here. I'd say perhaps somewhere in between the two could be a fair listing.
Canson said on 10/Jul/17
@Christian: I definitely trust Rob's judgment on this one this guy is standing about as straight as possible and can look weak 6'4 at times like with Rob above. Chris's guess is a shoe height that's the norm for his guesses
Canson said on 10/Jul/17
@Christian: I definitely trust Rob's judgment on this one this guy is standing about as straight as possible and can look weak 6'4 at times
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jul/17
I don't think he was ever 6ft5 but you could argue a fraction over 6ft4 peak for him and DDP
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 9/Jul/17

No, Gunn isn't 6'5" even if he had military posture. Many people overestimate how much slouching decreases height.
Chris said on 7/Jul/17
You've got to remember that he's leaning down to your height. It's what tall people do (I'm 6'5) naturally in photographs. They tend to relax, and slouch. When I'm in a photo with someone who is 5'9 or 5'10 I always slouch down, and relax, so we fit in the same photo frame. And we appear a lot closer in height than we really are. But if I'm standing with someone who is 6'3 or 6'4 I tend to stand at my maximum height so I'm taller! Don't underestimate how much tall people naturally slouch/relax when they're in pictures with shorter people. And how much difference that makes. When I slouch/lean/relax I'm seriously about 6'3 maximum. But when I stand up straight, I'm over 6'5. If you stood back-to-back with Billy, and both of you went for maximum height, the height difference would be a lot different than that picture.

To conclude, he probably genuinely is 6'3 when he's slouched and relaxed. And he probably genuinely is 6'5 at his maximum extension
Logan said on 29/May/17
My dad is 5,8 and my uncle is about 6,3 and my uncle looks about as tall as Billy Gunn.
Luca said on 25/May/17
Jesus u guys, he's only 6'2"! He was hhh'S height back in 1999/2000
World Citizen said on 24/May/17
6 ft 3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/May/17
DDP and Gunn were both 193-194cm range at peak. Gunn might give shorter impression because he's much wider framed.
James B said on 5/May/17
Rob can I have you opinion on why he was only given 6'3?
Editor Rob: to piss him off?

I really don't I say I'd be a bit surprised at 6ft 3 flat.
James B said on 3/May/17
Rob perhaps Christian might have a point because why do you think Gunn had the 6'3 range listing? He must have been the only WWE wrestler in history to have his height downplayed.

Honestly I was surprised he was given 6'4 on this site because I didn't think he looked that big originally.
Editor Rob: Gunn in person is taller than many 6ft 3 guys to be fair.
I would be a bit surprised if he measured only 6ft 3.
Canson-194CM (6'4 3/8) said on 29/Apr/17
192cm peak
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 29/Apr/17
James B said on 22/Apr/17
No both gunn and DDP were genuine 6'4ers peak


They why else would Gunn be billed at 6'3"? If he was a full 6'4", he would've never had the 6'3" billing.
James B said on 22/Apr/17
No both gunn and DDP were genuine 6'4ers peak
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 21/Apr/17
Peak wise I think Gunn was the weaker 6ft4 compared to DDP.
bazza said on 27/Mar/17
6'3", 6'4" peak no more.just another WWE wrestler adding inches for effect.
James B said on 16/Mar/17
Well rampage he certainly did not look over 193cm compared to the rock but it's hard to tell because of posture
nelo said on 6/Mar/17
berta said on 13/Feb/17
to me this guy at peak looked taller than 193. he still looks like someone who is strong 193 guy. he is getting old and working in that industry. i think he was probably half inch taller than this at peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/17
I'm not convinced he was quite 6ft5 but 6ft4-4½ range is arguable peak. Today still looks about 6ft4
berta said on 1/Feb/17
he is a wrestler wich make me think he was 194 peak and today at most 193
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jan/17
Solid 6ft4 guy peak...not as convinced he was 6ft5 though
Joe said on 15/Jan/17
Another man who lies about his height, he's no towering 6' 5"... lol
James B said on 21/Nov/16
Vegas - McIntyre did look around the size of other 6'5 wrestlers on TV such as jack swagger and wade garret didn't he?
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 16/Nov/16
Looks 6'3" here. Maybe he's losing a fraction in posture but apparently was in boots though, so he may have gained that fraction back there. Not sure what the lens height was, but he looks 6'3" here and was described as such by the WWE, so I think he's likely shy of a legit 6'4".
Vegas said on 14/Nov/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Oct/16
@James B: McIntyre is 6ft5, that's why.

McIntyre is not 6'5 out of gear
Peter 179cm said on 21/Oct/16
He looks atlest 190 but not quite 192cm besides Big Rob.I'm guessing a solid 191cm for this guy so basically a fraction over 6'3.
Brandon said on 19/Oct/16
Was posture and footwear the same? Because if it is then i'm seeing 6'3.25", really 6'3" flat, never really looked at this guy anywhere else so based on the photo, user guess of 6'3.6" and listing of 6'4". I'm gonna guess 6'3.5".
Editor Rob: possibly he had a fraction less posture, but footwear...he had a boot (looked a bit like cat style), so a decent chance of a fraction more than me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Oct/16
@James B: McIntyre is 6ft5, that's why. So 6ft4 is still ok for Gunn maybe a shade under at worst today. In the 90's him and DDP may have been just over it though
James B said on 14/Oct/16
Rob 6'4 1/2 for McIntyre?
Editor Rob: that might be possible...if he had a boot on then he could have looked taller and pulled off 6ft 5 that way.
James B said on 12/Oct/16
Rob how could drew McIntyre look at least 1 inch taller in person than billy gunn? Posture?
Editor Rob: his footwear could have been more, he definitely gave off a taller impression.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/16
Rob, how likely is 6ft3 flat today?
Editor Rob: unlikely, he is still over 6ft 3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Oct/16
He comes in a fair amount below 6ft4 in the photo w/h Rob
kingkong56 said on 5/Oct/16
In pics I've seen of him next to the deadman and the beast (2 separate pics), he appears more 6'5 than 6'4.
Maybe, a peak height of 6'4.5 is worth a consideration.
The Ben said on 1/Oct/16
Always looked 6'4 to me.
James B said on 27/Sep/16
These days I don't think he would be 6ft5 out of bed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/16
He's most likely near 6ft5 out of bed
Johno said on 11/Sep/16
Probably be 6'3.75-6'4 out of bed.
Johno said on 11/Sep/16
6'3.25 average.
Aza said on 9/Aug/16
Today he is 192....pretty damn close to his peak..
The Man said on 9/Aug/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Aug/16
Stephanie looks only max 2" shorter than Shane when wearing high heels, which givers her about 3" footwear advantage. So no way Stephanie's 5ft7 and Shane 6ft2.
Please watch this video Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Aug/16
Shane has a similar amount of height over Vince as Triple H does. I think he's gotta be nearer 6ft2 than 6ft. Also, Stephanie is more 5ft7 range than 5ft8.
The Man said on 5/Aug/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Aug/16
Shane Mcmahon at 6ft2? Give me a break. Shane's nowhere near 6'2", in fact he looks nothing more than 184cm, as evidenced when standing next to 5'8" Stephanie and 6'0" vince.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Aug/16
DDP and Gunn could both look 6ft4-4½ range in the 90's. Today more 6ft4 flat. Both have claimed to be 6ft5 (DDP also said 6ft4 though)

@James: I think 6ft3½ could be argued for a young Dwayne Johnson. He had more than 1in on 6ft2 guys like D'Lo Brown, Shane McMahon, Triple H etc.
The Man said on 2/Aug/16
In the pic with Rob, he could have pulled off a weak 6'4" (192cm) if he stood straight, but I believe he was a solid 6'4" (193cm) in his prime, identical to Diamond Dallas Paige.
Nobody said on 30/Jul/16
Billy Gunn has a good 2-2.5 inches here on 6'1 1/2 Stone Cold in this face to face segment:

Click Here
James B said on 22/Jul/16
Rob I don't think the Rock was over 6ft3 by 1999 was he?
Editor Rob: there's a strong argument that he could have been.
heightchecker34 said on 20/Jul/16
I use to think Billy Gunn was 6'4... always a couple of inches taller than 6'2 Road Dogg. Now with that picture and measurements, he might be 6.3'5 prime. Could fall on either side of the fence really. As for Drew Mcintyre... he is 6'4.5 on the dot (195 cm)... always taller than flat 6'4 guys like Randy Orton, yet shorter than 6'5 guys like Wade Barrett. He and Damien Sandow might measure within a quarter-inch of each other. He always talks about how he was the tallest one from Scotland and rarely met anyone before Barrett.
James B said on 19/Jul/16
Rob is 6'3.75 possible for billy gunn? There is a photo of him and the rock from 1999 and I didn't think there looked that much between them.
Editor Rob: tough to say, but about 6ft 4 I think is fine, you can argue Rock as a strong 6ft 3 though in the 90's
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/May/16
I'd put McIntyre somewhere between 6ft4-5 range.
James B said on 26/May/16
Rob so you think Vegas seeing drew at 6'4 (out of ring gear) in person holds no truth to it? remember Vegas at 181cm is closer to McIntyres height than you are so he might be able to more accurately judge his height.
Editor Rob: I wouldn't rule it out entirely, because a tall 6ft 4 in thicker footwear might pull off 6ft 5 in person.
James B said on 25/May/16
Rob so if drew was at least an inch taller than gunn up close than that would mean he was 6'5.5?????
Editor Rob: well I doubt drew was under 6ft 5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/May/16
Right so comfortably above 6ft4, Rob?
Editor Rob: I'd have guessed that yes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/May/16
No James, McIntyre is a 6ft5 guy. Rob, saw him up close and confirmed it.....I think?
Editor Rob: at least an inch taller up close than gunn...
James B said on 15/Apr/16
Sean- rob is not well like billy gunn too in the pic and he comes up to 5'8
Sean said on 14/Apr/16
I think if Gunn had perfect posture - 6'3.5". With Rob here he looks 6'3". In addition, the pics with Gunn and Morgan from TNA can be deceiving. Gunn is bending his neck up to look at Morgan, who knows what footwear Gunn had at the time. Morgan looked like he was in regular wrestling boots. I think if they had a stare down today barefoot - Gunn: 6'3.5", Morgan 6'8.5"
James B said on 29/Mar/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/16
James, it is rare that a wrestler is underbilled but Gunn is not the only case. Virgil was billed 5ft11 for years and he's a solid 6ft. Mark Henry was billed 6ft1 for years and he's easily in the 6ft2-3 range, some even think 6ft4! Drew McIntyre was originally billed at 6ft4 (now 6ft6 though) and he's a clear 6ft5. I think back in the 80's, they were a little closer. They've gotten way out of control in the last 15-20 years though. Guys who don't even hit 6ft flat are being sold at 6ft4. I think HBK may have been one, don't know for sure though. It is a symbol of how down market pro-wrestling is today. Never fails to insult the fans' intelligence...

McIntyre was no taller than 6'4 according to Vegas who met him in person and even has a photo with him
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/16
James, it is rare that a wrestler is underbilled but Gunn is not the only case. Virgil was billed 5ft11 for years and he's a solid 6ft. Mark Henry was billed 6ft1 for years and he's easily in the 6ft2-3 range, some even think 6ft4! Drew McIntyre was originally billed at 6ft4 (now 6ft6 though) and he's a clear 6ft5. I think back in the 80's, they were a little closer. They've gotten way out of control in the last 15-20 years though. Guys who don't even hit 6ft flat are being sold at 6ft4. I think HBK may have been one, don't know for sure though. It is a symbol of how down market pro-wrestling is today. Never fails to insult the fans' intelligence...
James B said on 2/Mar/16
RoB not trying to be offensive but sometimes we can get it wrong when estimating someone's height in person.

I am just saying wouldn't billy looking legit 6'3 next to you in the photo be enough to to suggest that maybe 6'4 is a bit much? The WWE even billed him at 6'3 and its unusual to underbill a wrestlers height
James B said on 29/Feb/16
Rob you are sure he is 6'4 but he comes out as 6'3 against the number height chart you added in the photo of you and him?
Editor Rob: I think he could look over 6ft 3.
Ended of Debates said on 20/Feb/16
LOL Booker T is 6'1" not Seth Rollins.
Ended of debates said on 20/Feb/16
@A 6'2guy If 5'8" comes up to the bottom of your eyeline than you're obviously not 6'2" you mean to tell me there is a 6" virtical span between the bottom of your eye line to the top of your head?.... When the average size head is around 9 inches. Either you have an extremely long head or an extremely short nose and mouth which is diproportionate to your head. I'm 6'3" and 5'11" comes just beneath my eye line. That's a good 4 inches bud. Just look at 6'4" Dwayne Wade in comparison to 6' Jay Z the top of Jay Z's head is right beneath Wade's eye line.
Johno said on 18/Feb/16
Yup --- 6'3, possibly 6'2.75 but yeh, 6'3.
Paul said on 14/Jan/16
Why in the hell would WWE bill Gunn as an inch shorter, when 99% of all wrestlers gets their height inflated by at least 1.5-2 inches??
James B said on 27/Dec/15
6'3.5-6'3.75 now and peak 6'4-6'4.25 seems right
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 23/Dec/15
Rob,your hair give 0,3in right ?
Any chance for Billy measuring 6ft 4.25 at least at the time of the Con ?
Editor Rob: I would stick with about 6ft 4 for him, he has kept his eyelevel quite straight forward so his head won't look much over 9 inches in that photo...
Craig. said on 3/Dec/15
The WWE is known to bill their wrestlers 2 inches taller than they are. He was listed at 6'5 so he probably is 6'3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Sep/15
Maybe it is posture but Gunn gives a shorter impression than DDP. Just my opinion.
Deego said on 28/Aug/15
On Tough Enough he definitely looks 6'4 next to legit 6'6" Josh Bredl
miko said on 31/Jul/15
Maybe he just got a rogue measurement a few years back at went with a 6'3 bill, just like Bret Hart he was 6'0 and did get 5'11 listings.
BorkLaser said on 30/Jul/15
Rob, seeing Vegas's post made me there any chance you'll hold another height-guessing challenge/contest soon? :) I think I found out about this site after the last one was held
[Editor Rob: for me it's easier to just do the odd video when someone agrees.]
Vegas said on 29/Jul/15
Ender of debates says on 19/Jun/15
Wow just wow I'm 6'3" and 5'8 comes up to my lower chin.

what type of head do you have?

this guy Click Here measured just shy of 6'3.5 barefoot Click Here
Matthew190 said on 23/Jul/15
[Editor Rob: hard to say, Billy strangely got billed a fair bit as 6ft 3 when he looks taller than that up close.]

To be fair, he definitely doesn't look a full 6'4" above either.
A6'2Guy said on 21/Jul/15
@Ender of debates: No way that is true, I am 6'2", 5'8" comes up to just below my eyeline, it must come up to about middle nose range for you...
joe said on 15/Jul/15
It seemed a bit higher here ortonClick Here
BorkLaser said on 5/Jul/15
Still looks 6'4" with 6'1" Seth Rollins Click Here
Matthew said on 24/Jun/15
He doesn't really look 6'4" here, Rob. 192 cm maybe more accurate?
120 said on 21/Jun/15
He definitely looks 6ft 3
Ender of debates said on 19/Jun/15
Wow just wow I'm 6'3" and 5'8 comes up to my lower chin. This guy isn't what he claims.
James B said on 2/Jun/15
Randy might edge out billy today

Billy Gunn in his prime was probably 6'4.25 like orton
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/15
Randy might give a taller impression because he's lean while Gunn is bulky.
They're probably close.
peter ohm'field said on 18/May/15
Hi rob who would you say is taller out of billy gunn and randy orton. I have met randy orton and he is about an inch sorter then me i'm a flat 6'4. You say that orton, ddp and billy gunn are the same height. I'm just wonder who is taller.
[Editor Rob: hard to say, Billy strangely got billed a fair bit as 6ft 3 when he looks taller than that up close.]
James B said on 31/Mar/15
Nah Rampage DDP is barely 6'4 these days.

Billy Gunn on the other hand is still a solid 6'4.
pablo77bar said on 28/Mar/15
He is dropping a little bit of height
But I think at least 6ft 3.25
But I thing he is a strong 6ft 3.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Mar/15
Nah, DDP's a solid 6ft4 guy even today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/15
Strong 6ft4 guy peak isn't impossible
James B said on 17/Mar/15
DDP is probably fraction under 193cm today. Back in WCW he was as legit a 6'4 as you can get.
Ti'emo Insoto said on 15/Mar/15
Who do you think is taller out of billy gunn, DDP and randy orton they are all listed as 6'4. Now I have met orton and the 6'4 listing is B.S he is 6'3 at best I'm 6'5/6'6 myself and he is at least 2 inches shorter then me. And i can see that you stated Gunn might edge out DDP. Who do you think is tall out of Orton or Gunn.
lendal ortara said on 11/Mar/15
Would like to be able to see him stood next to randy orton and DDP all listed as 6'4. I now orton is listed about an inch below his listed height. I have met orton he's about 6'3 but listed as 6'4. Which is what i am have never met DDP or Billy Gunn. (Rob who would you think is taller.
[Editor Rob: Gunn might edge out DDP by a fraction, how much of a fraction is harder to say, might not be that much.]
Cj said on 10/Mar/15
Billy Gunn has stated in an interview i read a while ago "he's 6ft 3in and in great shape".

Road dogg stated he is 6ft 4in in a shoot interview and again on the wwe networks legends of wrestling raw episode.

Billy is always the taller of the new age outlaws, i think RD maybe a bit of a sloucher but i always thought road dogg was closer to 6ft 2in range personally.
S.J.H said on 16/Feb/15
6ft3.25 today
Mathew said on 8/Jan/15
Not a legit 6'4" in this pic. I can see him as a weak 6'4" maybe.
James B said on 4/Jan/15
6ft4 today
6ft4.25 peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Nov/14
Still looks 6ft4 today...
Height182 said on 10/Nov/14
I don't know why but Billy just never looked 6'4'' on TV to me. He oddly gave me a 5'11'' impression Lol. He must be one of the shortest looking 6'4'' guys in history.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 19/Oct/14
BILLY GUNN:6'4(193cm)
Dolph Ziggler:5'11.5(181cm)
So these two guys have a pretty accurate billed height.
BorkLaser said on 12/Sep/14
Ziggler is in the 1.81-1.82m range (5'11.5" to 5'11.75") because I saw a site selling a Ziggler life-sized standee and it usually adds 1-2 cm to the height, and it had Ziggler at 1.83m. WWE Shop also has the same standee at 72" which is 1.83m.
James B said on 4/Sep/14
Looks 181cm here
Click Here

Good chance Billy Gunn could have been 6'4.25 in his prime if he's still bang on 6'4 today.
Alex 6'0 said on 30/Aug/14
If Gunn is 6'4 that makes Ziggler 5'11.5 range
mesi said on 28/Aug/14
i fail to see dolph as a flat 5'11, especially in that pic with billy gunn. looks more 5'11.5.
ziggler 5'11.5 max
gunn 6'4
Clay said on 26/Aug/14
Ziggler is indeed about 5'11''.
Alex 6'0 said on 23/Aug/14
Looks at worst 6'3.5 with Rob but 6'4 seems fair in this pic.
James B said on 18/Aug/14
I did used to think gunn was 6'3 and is listed as that on w I k I
cos said on 11/Aug/14
billy gunn 6'4
dolph ziggler 5'11.5
Rikashiku said on 3/Aug/14
Dolph Ziggler has always looked around 5'11". I think he's slightly shorter than Miz who I thought is about 6'0", and he's clearly shorter than 6'1" Zack Ryder and 6'2" Alex Riley.

Billy Gunn always looked like a solid 6'4". Maybe slightly taller. He edges Chuck Palumbo out by an inch or so.
mike said on 29/Jun/14
6ft 3.5-6ft 4 (192-193 cm) today
6ft 4-6ft 4.5 (193-194 cm) peak

6ft 3.75 would be a better shout.
Poioro said on 26/Jun/14
Click Here

So if Billy Gun is 6'4, does that make Dolph Ziggler 5'11.5 or 5'11.75?
James B said on 18/Apr/14
This guy could still be 6'4.... DDP however looks 6'3 these days.
Alex 6ft 0 said on 14/Apr/14
At worst he could be 6'3.5 but 6'4 is a fair listing for him
BorkLaser said on 10/Apr/14
Definitely a strong 6'4"! I agree that his bulk makes him look shorter, but next to others his height becomes noticeable
James B said on 30/Mar/14
Triple h looks 6'1-6'2 next to gunn
Bud said on 30/Mar/14
I he is 193cm,than that would put triple h at 189 Click Here but that would mean Cena is at least 185 which he isn't,so i am confused
James said on 11/Jan/14
Just to look at this guy on TV he looks nowhere near 6'4 yet when u see him next to a 5'11 guy like cm punk he towers him.

Maybe his bulk makes him look shorter?

6'4.25 (194cm) peak
6'4 (193cm) today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jan/14
Rob, who looked taller this bloke or DDP?

I know Gunn is a much bulkier guy (whether that's natural or not is beyond me) and DDP has a much leaner look. Maybe that might make the latter look taller.
[Editor Rob: both can look near to 6ft 4, Gunn I think might look a little taller. ]
Vegas said on 26/Dec/13
anon630 says on 16/Dec/13
stood next to him for an autograph at Chicago City Limits once. Seemed like he was about an inch taller than me, hovering around 6'0.

if he was 6ft the top of robs head would come to gunns eyebrows.

compare the shot above with this one, the guy in that photo measured roughly 6'3.5 barefoot Click Here
Mathew said on 17/Dec/13
He looks under 6'4" to me. But he's not under 6'3". Most likely he's somewhere between. But not the full 6'4".
anon630 said on 16/Dec/13
stood next to him for an autograph at Chicago City Limits once. Seemed like he was about an inch taller than me, hovering around 6'0. Felt similar to when I met Ultimate Warrior. Definitely nowhere close to Jake Roberts or DDP, who I would put in the 6'3-6'4 range. Dustin Rhodes is also taller, and I'd put him around 6'2-6'3. The impression I left with was that Billy was way shorter than I expected.
Nico said on 14/Jul/13
Click Here

In this photo, Billy Gunn is stood next to Dolph Ziggler. If Billy is 6'4 does that make Dolph atleast 5'10 to 5'11. In the photo Dolph is just at Billy's nose. Also they do look like father and son lol.
KJK said on 17/Jun/13
Billy Gunn definitely look around 193 cm in the picture with Rob. That means his height matches his billed height in Wrestling pretty good.
BEASTMAN said on 28/May/13
@Dan: Stop trolling.
BEASTMAN said on 28/May/13
@avi: No he's not a strong 6'3. They're losing the same amount of height. If they both stood up straight, there would still be AT LEAST a solid 20 cm difference.
Dan said on 27/May/13
He looks only 6-6.5 inches taller than you here. I have a hard time seeing it as 8 inches.
TAJ said on 26/May/13
I met Billy Gunn along with Road Dogg who is 6'1", and he was 3-3.5 inches taller, with a footwear disadvantage, as Road Dogg always wore bigger boots. This was at a house show in Baltimore in 2011, so he has probably lost some height. But I would say 6'5"
avi said on 14/May/13
@Rob, by you being so close it makes you look shorter like hes pushing you in towards him. hes probably a strong 6'3. if you move more to the right (in the picture away from him) and hold your head up like him he will struggle with a full 7 inches.
J-Dog said on 4/May/13
Billy Gunn is a legit 6'4".

Click Here Click Here
Dude said on 26/Apr/13
Road dogg 6'1-6'2
Lomax said on 25/Apr/13
Mathew said on 25/Apr/13
Doesn't really look the full 6'4" in this picture. 6'4" is possible if Rob thought it in person. I'd still consider knocking a half inch off though. He doesn't look over 6'3.5" here and tons of places list him at 6'3".
Derek said on 25/Apr/13
Billy will be 50 this year. Still looks 6'3.5"-6'4".
The Ben said on 22/Apr/13
He was billed anywhere from 6'3 to 6'6.
If Rob says he's 6'4 then surely he can be used as a measuring stick for other WWE and TNA wrestlers.
Alex said on 19/Apr/13
How old is he right now anyway? He sure must have lost a few cms.
johno said on 18/Apr/13
and oh, he used to be billed at 6'6 in the smoking guns.
johno said on 18/Apr/13
About 6'4 in that picture. With rob standing straight he would be around 6'3.5
Bard said on 6/Apr/13
Looks 6'3.5 in the pic but I wouldn't doubt 6'4 in his prime
Mathew said on 25/Mar/13
I wouldn't be shocked if he was only 6'3", he's mentioned at that height a lot. Still sticking with between 6-3 and 6-4 though.
jimmy said on 23/Mar/13
@Ali Baba He must be the only guy these days that his actual height(6'3") is the same with his billed height.The strange is that he looks taller than Rob Terry and only 1 inch shorter than Undertaker.
Kidd said on 21/Mar/13
Looked an inch taller than lesnar on raw so 6'3.5 on the money today
Juju said on 12/Mar/13
I see two inches aswell vegas, but gunn has his shoulder over road doggs and road dogg has bad posture. Six three for dogg
The Ben said on 7/Mar/13
If Rob says he's 6'4 then that's about as good as it gets for an estimate.
Its great to compare him to the current guys on screen, hopefully it'll end the constant downgrades in height.
Vegas said on 7/Mar/13
road dogg looks about 2 inches shorter than gunn Click Here
James said on 6/Mar/13
what about road dogg?
James said on 20/Feb/13
He was a strong 6'4 guy in his early carrier yet just too look at him when he was in WWE 6'4 seems hard too believe. The impression he gave me was 6'3. I guess he could look 6'4 sometimes as well but he looked 6'3 a hell of a lot too me.

Like rob said though wrestlers can sometimes carry themselves shorter.
Rikashiku said on 14/Feb/13
He looked small compared to 6'4" Damien Sandow. Then again, it could have been the position of the cameras.
Jamesy said on 31/Jan/13
He was probably a strong 6'4 in the 90s.
Mathew said on 30/Jan/13
I think he's possibly more a 192 cm than 193 cm guy. He looked a bit taller than Rob Terry in the stare down though, who's listed at 193 cm as well. Ali Baba (who has met Rob Terry) wrote on his page there's not a chance he's 6'4". Rob (editor) indincated in a response to one of my earlier posts on this page that he thinks that Terry's standing posture may be bad.
What I would peg them at: I'll go with 6'3.75" for Billy Gunn and 6'3.5" for Rob Terry. I think given the evidence in it's entirety that makes more sense than both at 6'4" even, but we are splitting hairs I suppose.
[Editor Rob: terry looks like a guy who can walk with an inch compressed spine from what I saw, but I saw him stretching up and looking near 6ft 4]
Lillo thomas said on 28/Jan/13
He is looking 6-3 in the pic but he could be 6-4 in person . Pics aren't very accurate to judge height sometimes .
Trent said on 28/Jan/13
I say 6'3.5 - 6'3.75 with Rob. At 49 he maaayyybe could be down a smidge from his peak. So I think 6'3.75 would be a good listing.
miko said on 28/Jan/13
If he's 6'3 he's certainly at the upper end of it.
Jamesy said on 24/Jan/13
6'4-6'4.5 in his 20s.
LG69 said on 23/Jan/13
6'4" is spot on.
Cj said on 23/Jan/13
Had an interview on the TNA Website a few years back where he stated he was 6ft 3in and in great shape when talking about going on a singles run after splitting up with BG James.

I cant find the interview any more but if anyone can it should roughly say what i have just wrote.
PLB said on 20/Jan/13
I was only 6'3.5" when I was 18. Luckily I grew some more. It took until I was 25 before I finally got to 6'4". And I stayed that height my whole life until at age 69 I fell down a cliff. I hurt my back and was house bound for six months. At the end of that time I lost about two inches.

I think something like this happens to a lot of pro wrestlers. Normal men slowly lose height over a period of many years. No one even notices, It's so gradual. But if you take a lot of falls you can get your spine reworked in a single evening and suddenly become shorter. I think that's what happened to the formerly much taller Hulk Hogan. It looks to me as if he lost four inches. This guy looks about 6'4" here but if he is a wrestler that figure is subject to change at any time.
James said on 3/Jan/13
so is 194cm not out of the question for his peak rob?
[Editor Rob: not impossible, some guys might shrink a bit more than an inch, so at times you might see them look taller.]
James said on 2/Jan/13
He could look no taller than 6'3.5 in one pic next too the rock...however I think that's just because of his posture.

Rob is there a chance this guy could have been 193-194cm in his 20s? Given that he looks a legit 6'4 now aged 49 indicates that he may been a small fraction over when he was much younger?
James said on 2/Jan/13
He could look no taller than 6'3.5 in one pic next too the rock...however I think that's just because of his posture.

Rob is there a chance this guy could have been 193-194cm in his 20s? Given that he looks a legit 6'4 now aged 49 indicates that he may been a small fraction over when he was much younger?
[Editor Rob: he may have lost a fraction, could have been lucky not to lose more than a few mm.]
Halb said on 1/Jan/13
Red says on 19/Dec/12
As far as I know he was billed 6´4" and 6´5"

I recall 6'5 billing for him.
Trent... said on 1/Jan/13
Bizarre that this guy was billed at 6'3 for wrestling. Usually the heights are given pretty extreme upgrades: downgrades are practically unheard of!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/12
192cm at the lowest
B said on 24/Dec/12

There's also john cena...his billed height is 6'1 but has claimed 6'0 in real life

Triple H/Cm Punk/Undertaker/Kane etc. however have heights inflated by at least 2 - 3 inches
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/12
Billed height: 6ft3(191cm)

Real height: 6ft4(193cm)

That's rare
Ali Baba said on 22/Dec/12
He used to be billed taller, but according to WWE's site they're now billing him at 6'3".
Niko 199cm said on 21/Dec/12
looks rather 192cm to me
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 21/Dec/12
Gunn was billed at 6'5 from what I remember
Trent said on 20/Dec/12
Yeah, that surprised me. They usually do some pretty serious exaggeration with the billings. Maybe that's another sign he's really more 6'3.5 than 6'4?
Mathew said on 20/Dec/12
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Dec/12
Did the WWE bill this guy at 6ft6?


He's actually been billed as 6'3" believe it or not.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/12
Did the WWE bill this guy at 6ft6?
FiveNine said on 16/Dec/12
At 6'4 this is the kinda dude to be on good terms with... Looks like his arms are big enough to keep so called 'tall' comments at bay...
Steven said on 13/Dec/12
He press rob shoulder down a little. 6'3-6'3.5
Mike said on 12/Dec/12
Billy Gunn is one hell of a big tall guy to me. Aw Christ, look at his broad shoulders. Frighteningly huge man with a big head.
173 said on 11/Dec/12
More like 7.5", though 6'4" standing tall.
Mike said on 11/Dec/12
He is definitely 6'4". BTW, big strong very tall guy. No high shoes included.

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