How tall is Bow Wow

Bow Wow's Height

5ft 4in (162.6 cm)

Shad Moss is an American rapper, actor and television host known for songs like "Let Me Hold You", "Outta My System" and "Shorty Like Mine".

How tall is Bow Wow
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Average Guess (6 Votes)
5ft 3.79in (162cm)
5'11.25 at noon. said on 17/Jul/17
Apparently he passed the information to google that he's 5'7 tall.
This guy is 164 cm max.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 11/May/17
Rob, is there a possibility that Bow Wow's wearing lifts? Click Here His shoes look extremely bulky and thick, almost like platform boots. Plus, he looked barely taller than Kevin Hart when they stood back to back after taking their shoes off. Bow Wow may be self-conscious of his height so he tends to wear thick basketball sneakers with lifts to appear taller.
Editor Rob: they look like air max 95 styles to me, about 1.3 range. They are bulky looking sneakers, and if you are short and have a bigger foot size, sneakers can seem even bigger....
VeryShortRussianDude said on 20/Jan/17
Click Here

Rob, how many inches does Cheadle have on Bow Wow here?
Editor Rob: RussianDude, at most 4 inches I'd argue.
MD said on 5/Aug/16
I wasn't talking about the clip, simply the fairly clear picture from the show posted by Svet on 2/Aug/16. That's not even an inch, let alone two.
Editor Rob: the clip gave a better sense of perspective, he looked taller than Hart, but the debate was how much.
5ft 3.5 is a real possibility.
MD said on 3/Aug/16

What do you think of the picture below with Kevin Hart where they are back-to-back barefoot? Not the perfect picture, but what it does show is that there is nowhere near 2" between the two.
Editor Rob: not seen the clip since it was on here 3 years ago, but at the time from viewing the encounter I thought there was more than an is possible he falls under of course, a decent chance.
Svet said on 2/Aug/16
Bow Wow and Kevin Hart look the same in this picture. So they are both 160 cm by the looks of it, unless one of them wears bigger shoes.

Click Here
Daffy duck said on 23/Mar/16
If Kevin hart is 5'2 then bow wow is 5'1 and some change because they stud next to each other bare foot and Kevin was some change taller lol no joke.
TJE said on 28/Dec/15
Rob, how tall do you reckon August Alsina is?

With 169 Sevyn Streeter:
Click Here

Near 162-163 Bow Wow:
Click Here

With 169 Larenz Tate and 183-4 Chris Brown:
Click Here
Editor Rob: generally I'd have thought 5ft 11-11.5 range could be possible for him
Bennett said on 11/Jul/15
i don't think bow wow is any taller than 5'4 but on BET him and kevin hart stood back to back and it looked like maybe a 1/2 difference at most but it was a bout the same height to me so i think Kevin Hart should be upgraded to 5'3.5 but
Anthony said on 5/Jul/15
Hmmm, you have Omarion at 5ft5, but Bow Wow is taller than Omarion???....
- Click Here
Bennett said on 31/May/15
it was funny when he played kobe in basketball who is 6' 6 and he was blocking his shots with out even jumping…………LOL
Bennett said on 31/May/15
it was funny when he played kobe in basketball who is 6' 6 and he was blocking his shots with out even jumping…………LOL
cd said on 6/Sep/14
I've seen the video with him and Kevin again and I think it's a 1.5 inch difference:

Kevin Hart: 5ft 2.25 (158 cm)
Bow Wow: 5ft 3.75 (162 cm)

This makes sense seeing has he looked parallel with Jermaine Dupri.
the real said on 18/Jul/14
Who gives a damn how tall he is? He's still human. We all have to live our lives rather your tall or short. I rather be short and rich than tall and broke. Besides, tall people have bad knees. I'm 5'11..
James said on 14/Jul/14
LOL 5'4" he should have just kept "lil" in his name
Alan said on 27/Mar/14
I ran into this guy at Flight Club today in NYC. I'm 5'9" this kid didn't even come up to my shoulder. He is at the most 5'2", and that's being nice
Natrl1 said on 15/Mar/14
I went to school wit Kirko bangz, he is 5'6 at the most, and he is very petite as well
leonari said on 6/Mar/14
He looks 163 cause he is 163. Simple.
MD said on 18/Feb/14
Rob, Taking into account any footwear difference (and I don't think there is much of any, probably just the difference in the color of the boots/shoes), how tall does Bow Wow look here with 5'3.5" Jermaine Dupri? Click Here I actually don't think Bow Wow is a full two inches taller than 5'2" Kevin Hart, either. I think Bow Wow may be more 5'3.5" than a full 5'4". Look at my pictures from December, too, and tell me if these are enough to maybe knock off a bit.
[Editor Rob: you could argue either mark for him]
Hola said on 14/Jan/14
haha, goodness lord the freaking 5'8 listing on goog

5'2 Hart makes him look a a weak 5'4 at best, not trying to patronize him, but if he claims 5'8 himself then he deserves some slack, haha.
height said on 21/Dec/13
lol if that guy below is 5"2 then bow wow cant even be over 5"4 barely 5"3 he is like just one inch taller at most 3
MD said on 19/Dec/13
It's unfortunate that they aren't standing directly side-to-side, but here he is with 5'2" Kevin Hart for reference:

Click Here

Click Here

And, I don't know why, but this picture with First Lady Michelle Obama (in heels) made me laugh a little bit. lol

Click Here
The General said on 17/Dec/13
He aint 5'8 try 5'3/5'4
cd said on 16/Dec/13
You've got to be kidding. He looks barely 2 inches taller than (5'2) Kevin. My punt:

Kevin Hart: 5ft 2.25in (158 cm)
Bow Wow: 5ft 4in (163 cm)
wonder full said on 4/Dec/13
he's definitely not 5'8 when standing back to back with kevin hart. he looks about 167cm 5'5"
dwine said on 6/Sep/13
bow wow is 164.45in
Jay said on 22/Aug/13
Juicey, that's what I said. Who the hell is he paying to have gotten that done?
tony t. said on 9/Aug/13
It would be funny to see him standing next to Cam Newton lol
Juicey said on 24/Jul/13
Crazy they got bow wow claiming 5'8 on the internet
cd said on 18/Jul/13
Rob, what do you think of this?
Click Here
We know Kevin Hart is around 5'2'', but what does this say about Bow Wow's height?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 2 and near 5ft 4, but in the video he got annoyed with kevin, the clip was on here a few weeks ago.]
Gucci Mane said on 15/Jul/13
He is a clear foot shorter than 6'4" Waka Flocka Flame

Click Here
Michael Elam said on 2/Jul/13
Click Here

7: 09

He looks 2 -2.5 inches taller than Kevin Hart (5'2) here. They both barefoot as well.......
[Editor Rob: there might be 2 inches at most]
Christofi said on 27/Jun/13
I used to think he was 5'6 until I saw him next to the 5 ft 4 Ken Jeong, Ken towered him so i'd say 5'3?
Michael said on 7/Apr/13
Same height as me..... 5'4.5. 5'5 in shoes
Tall Shrimp said on 15/Feb/13
A LOT of you must be seeing things with your glasses off...The eye is a tricky subject, especially when looking on television and pictures. Unless you've seen these people personally and are honest about your own height, you'll never truly know. With that being said, I'll give Bow Wow the benefit of the doubt and say he is at MOST 5'4. I am 5'8 barely and when I got measured, it is surprising how lazy people are or inaccurate when doing a job that requires precision. The nurse was trynna claim me as 5'10, but the lady measured my hair! That's not an accurate head to toe reading; you do not include things that can come off.(I have a frohawk). So this only means that unless people do their jobs properly and are honest, you will never know. I had to tell her that's my hair, she got kinda mad and slammed the measuring bar on my head (B****).
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 24/Jan/13
Rapper heights:
Jayz 6ft1.75-6ft2 range still debating on that
J-Cole 6ft3
Meek millz 6ft3
kirko bangz is 5ft8 not 6ft lol
Future looks 6'1 maybe 6ft0.5
camron 5ft11 and rick ross too
Thats my take on it.
Blank101 said on 23/Jan/13
@dont worry- you have got you numbers wrong on those tall rappers.
Wale is defintley not 6ft- he even said hes around 5'10
French Montana aint taller than J'cole.. so hes not 6'3.
Everyone knows drake is 6ft- not 6'2
ri©o said on 9/Jan/13
He is 164cm
dont worrry said on 29/Nov/12
Bow wow is short same with lil wayne yes some rappers are short yes but a lot of them are either normal or tall. Heres just a few of the many famous (millionaire) tall-tallish rap artists:
Gucci mane: 6ft.3
Waka flocka: 6ft.4
Slim thug: 6ft.6
camron: 6ft.1
lloyd banks 6ft.1
snoop dogg: 6ft.4
wiz khalifa: 6ft.3
the game: 6ft.4
meek millz: 6ft.3
J cole: 6ft.2
Drake: 6ft.2
rick ross: 6ft
50 cent: 6ft
flo rida: 6ft2
french montana: 6ft.3
wale: 6ft
Future: 6ft.4
busta rhymes: 6ft.1
Vado: 6ft.1
fat joe: 6ft.1
Roscoe dash: 6ft.2
nippsey hussle: 6ft.2
Dr. dre: 6ft1
Jay z: 6ft.2
kirko bangz: 6ft
Slim Dunkin (rip) 6ft.8
realgame said on 15/Nov/12
Bow wow is 5'3, Omarion is 5'3 3/4, Lil wayne is 5'4 3/4 and Kanye is 5'7 barely. So is Nelly who i know personally. Most rappers are short. All of them lie about there height like T.I talking bout he 5'9. I promise you will never non of these people height because they all lie for magazines and its no telling what they got in there shoes. T.I is 5'6 barely.
random said on 28/Aug/12
Mervin says on 11/Feb/12
Okay stop all the guessing ppl Bow is like 5'6 or 5'7 the most look at this pic of him standing next to megan good who is 5'5 clearly he is taller Click Here

correction sorr but hes on roller skates in this picture and she is not so you are wrong 5'4" seems about right
Maximus Meridius said on 25/Aug/12
@Djimi184 there is hope for justin bieber don't be mean just because he hasn't grown in a while doesn't mean he will not grow anymore he is 5ft 6in now at 18 he may top up at 5ft 8in one day with a late growth spurt 5ft 7in or maybe even 5ft 8in is the most i can see justin bieber grow too he won't get past 5ft 8in he won't even reach 6ft not even close he didn't hit puberty until he was 16 so he might grow a bit more after all.
Andrew said on 24/Aug/12
He's about 5'3''
Mervin said on 11/Feb/12
Okay stop all the guessing ppl Bow is like 5'6 or 5'7 the most look at this pic of him standing next to megan good who is 5'5 clearly he is taller Click Here
DaDon said on 22/Nov/11
im like 5 11 and i went to there concerts j holiday raj j and bow wow are all really short they look really small im guessin like 5 5....and thats me pushin it...thats wit some basketball sneaks with some thick ass soles lol
Alex said on 8/Nov/11
bow wow is 5'5 and 5'6 at most...i saw him in concert and he is soo tiny! and when he stands next to certain people you'll see how tall he is...ciara is said to be 5'9 and towers over him for him to be "5'8""
Lil Wayne said on 23/Oct/11
His midget ass like 5'2". I seen him plenty times before and I'm taller than him and Nicki Minaj almost as tall as him. I'll bust his lil ass any day.
Kamila said on 2/Oct/11
Bow Wow is taller than Lil Wayne, and Wayne is 5'5.5, so Bow Wow is actually 5'6 - 5'7 ;)
Demiere said on 4/Sep/11
Loretta devine is 5'6. So most likely Bow Wow is 5'4 no shorter no taller. Because of him being skinny that makes him look tall.
Never mind said on 10/Aug/11
Just saw him and jermain dupri stand side by side and it almost seem like dupri was taller - dupri is no doubt 5.4 so bowwow is definitely 5-4.5.
DGKRocks said on 7/Aug/11
I heard that Brandon T. Jackson was 5'7 and he towers over Bow, when some sources say that Bow is 5'7, so 5'5 seems a little more accurate.
ErNero said on 27/Jul/11
Bow wow is 5'5. my sister told me, she was in a musicvideo(lil secret) with him
AtlBigBoss said on 18/Jul/11
I was in "The Lottery Ticket" in a scene with Bow Wow.I stood next to him and Brandon T.Jackson.I am 6'1.They are very short.5'4 is stretching it.5'2 is more accurate.They were tiny.I could not believe how short they both were.
Ms.lil1 said on 24/Jun/11
Bow wow is 5"7 notin taller
kevin said on 15/Jun/11
bow wow is 5.5 or whatever, for me height doesn't count, what counts is ur personality... At least the dude can get what ever he wants...
james said on 10/Jun/11
he is about 5'5 he is shorter than loretta devine who is 5'6
Tony Adaigbe said on 8/May/11
Bow Wow is my age mate,but he's older than me with some months.When i waz 15 i waz like 5ft 5inches but im 23 now and will be 24 by July,im now 5ft 9inches,dat means Bow Wow was 5ft on the dot as at then.He's 5ft 4 or 5ft 5.
Djimi184 said on 27/Apr/11
Bow Wow will not grow any furhter. I was 173cm ´till the year i turned 18. Over the summer, i grew to about 178-179cm. I am now 20 years old, 184 cm (Closer to 185 cm) tall and still growing. There is hope, not for Justin Bieber though...
Anthony said on 26/Apr/11
I recently posted in response to Bow Wow's height - but recently I've gotten the chance to see Bow Wow on TV shows, music videos, and even in his latest movies. So, I've come to the conclusion that Bow Wow is about 5'3" or 5'4" seems a lot more accurate than 5'5".
Burton said on 26/Apr/11
Bow Wow was shorter than Conolly on Entourage, and Conolly is 164cm. Bow Wow can´t be more than 162cm.
Destiny said on 23/Apr/11
i kno bow wow is 5'7 but how tall is brandon j.?
Babalou said on 16/Apr/11
Lol when I typed this in to google it came up with 5'7 as the quick answer, just a LITTLE off....
Danimal said on 28/Mar/11
J says on 23/Mar/11
@FrenchFrog You stop growing when your 21. I'm 20 and I just grew an inch and a half.

MOST men stop growing at 18 years old.
J said on 23/Mar/11
@FrenchFrog You stop growing when your 21. I'm 20 and I just grew an inch and a half.
Ken said on 23/Mar/11
Honest to God.... i think he could possibly be 5'3.5. i honestly think that is his TRUE height. he is shorter than the biebs. i mean, com on.

this kid is soo short. its not even funny.
Jester said on 10/Feb/11
Bow Wow is def NOT 5'7". He recently shot a video with Layzie Bone and he goes up to Layzies neck pretty much. Layzie is 5'9" at MOST (sources say 5'7") but I've met him a couple of times and I'm 5'9" and we are just about the same height. Check out the vid and see...Bow Wow is a tiny.....Click Here
FrenchFrog said on 9/Feb/11
@Tommy your growth is over if you're 20
Tommy said on 8/Feb/11
i'm from Africa and in my country (Namibia) most men are about 5'10 to 6'5.... I'm 6ft tall now and am only 20 years old...
Ted said on 3/Feb/11
Woooho i'm 5,5 and i thought iam too Short but now when i know that Bow wow is 5,5 so it's Okay i'm the Same in Height with Bow Wow
Anthony said on 3/Feb/11
Bow Wow looks 5'5".
snowman. said on 3/Feb/11
ok...lets put all this to rest. I used to work at a radio station in the dallas area. im 6'2 and my sister is 5'7. Bow wow came to the station and i called my sister to meet him. my sister always wears chucks so its not like she was wearing high heels or anythin like that. and she was just a little taller that bow wow. so I'd say bow wow is about 5'6and half.
@Miss Love said on 6/Jan/11
ahah he never 5'7
he is 5pi4 max
Miss Love said on 3/Jan/11
No,he ain't 5 ft 4.5 in.He's 5 ft 7 in.
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/10
Should take off the .5? then what about Lil Wayne? because they're the same height.
Michael said on 9/Dec/10
They took off a centimeter. Why is that?
RaV said on 9/Nov/10
Click Here

Bow Wow with Ciara
derek said on 13/Oct/07
he is not very tall, 5'4 or 5 i have seen a lot of images with him next to the very sexy 5'7 ciara and the 6'0 chris brown and 5'4 or 5 is right
Big T said on 10/Sep/07
ok...Jermaine Dupri is in the vid as well, and I actually thought JD looked taller! If anything, LBW and JD are the same height.
Big T said on 10/Sep/07
In his latest video he looks like an absolute midget compared to all 3 members of Bone Thugs and even Mariah Carey. Seriously, he looks about 5'3'' to me.
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/07
The reason he looks taller sometimes on tv is because of camera angles and it also depends on the shoes he's wearing. A pair of timberlands will make him look taller than if he was wearing sneakers. He's 5'5 max.
Ra-killa said on 15/Aug/07
shad gregory moss is probably 5'5 cuase he looks average height im 5'6 and he should be about that height now people say he like 5'3 or 5'4 oooooo plz he's not that short their over reacting yah diggg!!!!!
SmaLL_ThuG said on 6/Aug/07
he's definitely 165 cm when I saw him on his tour on atlanta
dubz said on 4/Aug/07
i met him and im 5'7 have been since i was like 14 and he is 5'4 or 5'5 cause i was way taller than him
MR THUNDER said on 30/Jul/07
Glenn said on 29/Jul/07
One moron told me 5-10. 5-5 sounds right.not too friendly.saw him as lil bow wow too.
Liam said on 14/Jul/07
Not a clue but his MySpace says 171cm, I trust Rob's judgement though. Same with Lil Romeo, not on here but he is billed as 6'1" and seeing him in pics with Ciara he is definitely not.
leonari said on 13/Jul/07
you guys have no clue. Seriously. These days he looks barely taller than Jermaine Dupri!!!!!! And Dupri didn't grow fools , cause he is 40 years old...
Giving Bowwow 5'6" and 5'7" is a joke. Rob has him 10000% perfect: 5'5" it is.
kojo said on 12/Jul/07
bow wow is 5 foot 6 right now, i heard his albums all he talks about his money, its bland coming from a midget
JWill said on 5/Jul/07
Is this Bow Wows current height or was this height taken when Bow Wow was still growing. I say he's atleast 5'6 maybe 5'7. Someone update this.
Melly said on 2/Jul/07
It doesn't matter how tall bow wow is and i'm only 5 ft 3. And i don't care. I like bow wow because he has a nice sense of humor and it don't matter if he's in tha business or if he's rich.
amin said on 21/Jun/07
sorry but i was bow wows stand in for a magazine and he 5'2 5'3 no tall
my myspace is see for yourself and im 5'7

[Editor Rob: when was bow wow picture taken? ]
Jon Doe said on 14/Jun/07
I estimate Bow wow at 5'4 no more no less.The reason I say this is because he's only slightly taller than Jermane Dupri who can't be any less than 5'3 and I'm 5'4 myself and I have to say anytime I see him on t.v. he looks as tiny as I ever do standing next to people.And what's so wrong with a tall girl and a short guy going out together? I mean if a girl wouldn't date a guy shorter than her or a guy wouldn't date a girl taller than him fine so be it, that's your thing but don't be so judgemental on other people's lives and let them live the way they wanna live!!!! People should be able to be free to go out with whoever they feel like and forget about the critizism of others and I think if we did that sorta thing more often then we might actually be happy for once.I'm dated a girl taller than me and I have no problem with it and neither does she I don't care if she was shorter or not height is overrated materialistic crap anyways.
xaoxio said on 11/May/07
this guy is 5'3"(IMHO)!
6'3'' JK said on 10/May/07
Come on Rob he isn't low as 5'5.5'' now, he looks 5'6'' minimum
Duhon said on 15/Mar/07
Jeff r us serious? no way for his life could he pass for that! let alone the 5'8" height but the weight. even lil wayne who is at least twice as bulky as bow wow at a simmialr height is no more than 140 pounds as listed on his police report.
Jeff said on 20/Feb/07
During the all-star celebrity game for the NBA they listed his height on the tv at 5'8 and 155 lb
sumbody said on 15/Jan/07
it don't matta how tall he is cuz he still fine.An' if ya'll don't like it den who cares.he could care less about 2 or 3 people not likin him cuz dat shawdy pimpin all ova da world. Ya Digg?
Kayla said on 13/Dec/06
Bow Wow needs to find a diff. women. It look s like a a child and his mother, dosen't it?
Larry KP said on 21/Nov/06
If you didn't realized, most of the times you see bow wow , he is either taller or shorter. I thought he was 5'9, but everybody says he way shorter. So he does look around 5'6-5'7. but bow wow got a flow and skills in rapping
shasha said on 29/Oct/06
bow wow is fine and it doesnt matter to me wheter hes a shorty by forty cause i still like hes fine looks
CB said on 22/Oct/06
obviously, he's a shorty. for a guy at 5'5, or 5'5.5, he could be taller, but he's still attractive. making him seem taller is just not cool. people hes short, just accept it.
khadijha said on 17/Oct/06
I mean does it really matter how tall he is just as long as I don't have to jump in a pair of heels to touch his head.BowWow is fine either way it go!!!!So stop talkin' 'bout my man height!!!All ya'll li'l hoes still gon' like him,so shut the hell UP!!!
Anonymous said on 24/Jul/06
yah i meet him 2 we are about the same hight i am 5'4 so he is probley 5'5 but how cares about as long she aint as tall as yao ming then that would be a problem
Shay said on 19/Jul/06
I met Bow Wow last summer. I am 5'3 and he is a bit taller than me. So I think he's about 5'5 and a half, 5'6 at the most. Nothing more. Unless he's grown which I doubt.
trueheight said on 15/Jul/06
Bow Wow looking at least 9 inches shorter than Tyra Banks who typically wears 2-3in heels on her show:

Click Here
Anonymous said on 9/Jul/06
I'm taller than Bow Wow! Wow! I knew he was short because he was shorter than Ciara.
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/06
They balanced their pics, which means that when shooting they would place the camera near the ground so he would look her height (if not taller). But their relationship is in the past, so we don't have to think about this anymore. Ciara is smart, she wants a career not a midget!
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/06
HE Is about 5ft,5.6in/168 you no the boy got to grow and eat he u know he can;t stay that height if he want another gurl thats probally be taller then him he best to grow ya dig.
amz said on 20/Jun/06
hes cute and short hey tht cnt be helped..but i defnitly think it is short
Anonymous said on 6/May/06
fatty_gurl1812 iam a female from orangburg and i think height don't make a difference. so if you ya'll love each other then keep each other and that real.if someone says difference e-mail me at
shay said on 24/Apr/06
I am 5ft8,average height I think,and believe me,that dude is pretty short, and a year ago,alotta sites had his height at 5ft8, no no ,thats crazy,hes bout 5ft4, cuz he stood nex to Jojo and shes like 5ft2,and even then,theres wasnt a big difference in height
bella said on 12/Apr/06
He is much shorter than Ciara! They usually try to balance the pics, which means that she rarely stands tall or wear heels. I saw a picture where she wore a pretty normal heel and she absolutely towered him! If she is 5'8, 5'4½ seems accurate for him.
trueheight said on 6/Apr/06
And this seams to be taken at the begining of the game(no sweat) so they should both be in their optimal postures.

I don't really know about the Chris Brown pic b/c the angle is dodgy but the Bball one certainly is reference quality!
trueheight said on 6/Apr/06
xaoxio, I think you pretty much sealed the deal w/ the ICE cube pick. its like the perfect conditions. Hardwood floor, both sporting 2in b-ball sneaks. I think these are the most perfect photo conditions ever on this sight. They both seem to be at about the same distance from camera w/ Cube in front in a negligleble few inches.

A real easy way to compare celebs against each other is to use your PC scroller and scroll to the top of BowWow's head and it cuts off exactly at the upper lip of Cube. NIce find! 5'4 at best and thats pretty generous

[Editor Rob:
I personally wouldn't use that pic to argue definitively because cube is x inches in front of the wee fella, their stride patterns are not identical and the camera is below their faces, enhancing closer object height by x cm.]
Pooty said on 25/Mar/06
I was at a chris brown show.. and Brandon T. Jackson was opening and said hes a comedian so he was saying how short Bow Wow was compared to him. even though hes just a bit taller. buttaa yes he is around 5'5"-5'6"!
Adam-luv-me said on 15/Mar/06
Hey...I think Bow wow stands at 5ft 6inch...I mean ciara's 5ft 7 so he's just about an inch shorter..still Bow wow's taller than I am...I'm only 5ft 1 but hey! I'm a girl..
Lamborito said on 10/Mar/06
U gotta hold into account that when a person wakes up he/she is usually taller, so maybe he just got up when some of the piks were taken thats why some of his piks he looks a lil tall but his defly around 5'4 around JD's height
shellie said on 6/Feb/06
i am the girl in the video and for the record he is very short i am 5'5" barely and we are the same height.........sorry but it's true bow wow is a shorty, still cool though
Tashawn Smith said on 24/Jan/06
I seriously think the true height fot Bow Wow is about 5'5.75, because Ciara is about 5'8 and when she is wearing flat shoes Ciara looks just 2 inches taller then him. It is impossible that Bow wow is 5'7 because if he is Ciara would be close to 5'10. And one time on ellen dengeneres show ciara was standing with paris hilton(5'10), but ciara was at least a couple of inches shorter then her.
detney said on 23/Jan/06
i think all of you guys are wrong because i was reading this thing about bow wow amd it said that he is 5'7 so yeah but i am goin to kick ciaras butt cause bow wow is going to be my man i am 5'1 and you know i am shorter and most guys dont like there girls taller and i am 18. so yeah
? said on 1/Jan/06
Ciara couldn't be that much taller then bow wow because in the pic of them at the VMA's she is only a head taller then him and thats with about 3 to 4 inch heels on. i wear heels and i'm 5'7 they add a great boost.
CoolJ said on 4/Dec/05
g-arm: Think with your brain a little. She's got big heels in those boots. 5'5.5" for Bow-Wow looks deadon judging from that pic.
mrs. chris brown said on 27/Nov/05
bow wow seem 2 be about 5'5 cuz ciara seems 2 be anywhere from 5'9-6'0. and in the A.M.A's there was a huge height difference(and she was wearing flat shoes)!
John said on 23/Nov/05
no way i think he is about 5"5" cuz i saw is height in some magazine
Ash said on 11/Nov/05
my cuzzin and sister met him dis summer and dey r 5'3 n 5'2 respectively, n both said LIL bow wow was bout their height. Also when he performed everybody gasped n was shocked at how LIL he was.
Diplomat said on 25/Oct/05
He's listed in the OCT issue of Vibe as being 5'5
REBUS said on 13/Oct/05
In the elevator? hav u seen him, 5'6" no way!, more like 5'4-5"
Jeff said on 12/Oct/05
loll are u sure he 5'4"???? i mean in the Like You video Ciara is like 5'7" and Bow Wow stands somewhere around 5'6".
REBUS said on 8/Oct/05
In the let me hold you video he luks the same height as jermaine dupri, hu is listed as 5'4", so maybe 5'4-5"
angel said on 7/Oct/05
mjd said on 23/Sep/05
J.,in that pic,you can also see bow wow slightly on his tippy
bleah said on 21/Sep/05
cannot belive he's snoop's rel,
but this guy is dating a chick more than 2 inches at least taller than him
J. said on 1/Jul/05
I flubbed the second sentence of the last point, what it meant to say was: Also, the girl that he is persuing in the video is petite and not wearing heels.
J. said on 1/Jul/05
I saw his new music video and it's funny how most of the camera angles in the video are designed to make Bow Wow look taller. I also that the girl he's supposed to be persuing in the video isn't taller.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 2/Jun/05
I heard him being 5'10 and in Johnson Family's Vacation if Ced the Entertainer is 5'10 or 5'11 then Bow's definetly 5'4 or 5'5 cause Ced was like 4 inches bigger than em
diamond said on 29/May/05
Bow wow has to be between 5'5-5'6 nothing more or nothing less he took a picture with my little sister who is 5'5 and he was a tad bit taller than her straight up.
5'7???? said on 24/May/05
he was on 106 and park about a month ago..he's 5'4-5'5 tops..JESUS..if hes 5'7 then im 5'11...
Anonymous said on 19/May/05
Bow wow is not 5'7 yall must be out yall mind that man is no more than 5'4 or 5'5
Anonymous said on 19/May/05
i dunno he kinda looked like 5'7 when he performed with omarion on BET'S spring bling...i say no more than 5'7
leonari said on 13/May/05
I agree with J Dub. In his recent picture with cedric the entertainer he is like 3/4 ers of a head shorter than cedric. So I say 5'4 is exactly on the mark... If he is really a relative of snoop dog than he didn't get the tall genes snoop obviously has in his family.
JDUB said on 10/May/05
Lil bow is 5'4" cause I've met him and Im 5'5" if u notice on access granted on the making of his video let me hold you u can clearly see that bow is standing next to jermaine dupree and they the same height.

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