How tall is Ciara

Ciara's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

American Singer. Ciara's height was given 5ft 7.5 in Vibe Vixen, and she says she got measured and was 5ft 8 and later claimed 5ft 9 for herself although in 2015 she said:
I'm actually 5' 7" ☺️. My heels make me appear much taller.
I'm only 5-foot-7...People always think I'm way taller than I am.

How tall is  Ciara
Photo by PR Photos
Modeling has always been one of my aspirations, but I was insecure about my height. I thought I was 5'7", so I'm really excited about that.
-- 2008

How tall is  Ciara
Vin Diesel & Ciara
Photo by Debby Wong/
Some guys are nervous about speaking to me. Maybe it's because I'm five foot nine-and-a-half. Since I've been doing music I don't really get asked out much.
-- WENN (April 28, 2009)

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Average Guess (54 Votes)
5ft 7.86in (172.4cm)
fnblast56 said on 4/Jan/23
An video using a video from 2016 to compare her

Click Here
Hann said on 28/May/22
This girl looks quite tall. I thought was 5’10. She is taller then bella hadid,rihanna and may other tall celebs. I think five foot nine-and-a-half is more posible for her
Anyway, shes very talanted ❤
Hann said on 28/May/22
This girl looks quite tall. I thought was 5’10. She is taller then bella hadid,rihanna and may other tall celebs. I think five foot nine-and-a-half is more posible for her
Anyway, shes very talanted ❤
Killingmesoftly said on 12/May/22
5’8” indeed or 172 cm.
Truthteller27 said on 12/Dec/21
She is probably somewhere around 5'7.75 because in heels she is 5'10.75 next to Vin Diesel whose wearing boots and he looks actually about 6'1 in those shoes for some reason Vin Diesel looks like 3 inches taller than her but it could be the picture and her posture etc.
Michael187BarefootInTheMorning said on 3/Dec/21
Lordy! I remember when magazines and websites were claiming her as high as 5'10.5" ! Were they giving her an "in heels" height?

5'7.5" seems way more likely.
Stacy Holmes said on 2/Jul/21
Sounds about right. When you see her next to Russell Wilson, she is wearing 4 inch heels and the same height he is. His height is 5'11". She looks much taller, but I thought her boyfriend was bigger than he is.
Vincent Caleb said on 12/Feb/21
Weird that she claimed 5’7”. Looks 5’8” at times with Russel.
GTB172cm said on 1/Nov/20
Yeah she being overly harsh, 172cm
U Wot m8 said on 6/Mar/20
She looks quite tall. I thought 5’9 for her since she was taller than Rihanna in many pictures. However a solid 5’8 is the most likely true height for her. She can’t be honestly anything lower than 5’7.5 and the fact that she claims 5’7 flat when she can claim 5’8 or 5’9 believably is interesting.
Ayyy said on 23/Nov/19
How is she not 5'9? She looks so much taller
Kay Leno said on 22/Nov/19
She's not as tall as most think, it's mainly the heels. I met her this year and expected her to tower over me and she only had me by about an inch while I'm heels and I'm 5'9.5"

She took a photo with ASAP Rocky later the same night and he was taller but I'm assuming she took her heels off as I met Rocky before and we were around the same height. Here's the photo of me and Ciara below

Click Here
Lazar99 said on 29/Jun/19
Both 5ft9 and 5ft10 are impossible for her, I bet she is no more than 5ft8.
I choose 5ft7 3/4
Nik said on 1/May/19
It's interesting that she claimed to be 5'7"!
Dan Jones said on 25/Apr/19
@Rob I think shes the same height as jennifer hudson
khaled taban said on 30/Mar/19
She is 173cm not 175cm for sure!
Nik said on 1/Jul/18
I like her name! This listing is fine!
Incubus said on 30/Jun/18
I think 5'7.5 or a weak 5'8 is a good rating for her. She doesn't look as tall as the TRULY tall pop girls like Taylor or Iggy, but she doesn't look out of place when standing next to the average model like Beyonce who is taller than average but not really "tall".

Standing next to 5'10.5 Joan Smalls
Click Here
Gracian said on 17/May/18
Please Rob, add Ciara to the pop singers category.
Lima said on 16/Feb/18
173 (rounded off from 172.70) (5'8)
Heightstalker said on 1/Dec/17
She's at least 5'8. Look at her next to 5'7 Kelly Rowland in similar footwear.

Click Here

Click Here
Im 171CM said on 5/Nov/17
Tall woman is say looks about right
Kentopoto said on 12/Oct/17
She looks 5'4-5'7".
Molly said on 31/Aug/17
I don't know how to add pictures but just google "Russell Wilson Ciara training camp".
Molly said on 31/Aug/17
and by "him" I mean Russell Wilson lol (oops)
Molly said on 31/Aug/17
@christian, she can say the sky is green and the grass is blue but that doesn't make it true. She's a tall girl. No way she's 5'7 and only about an inch shorter than him in sneakers when he's wearing flats.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 13/Aug/17

She's claimed 5'7" several times. Stop with that 5'9"/5'10" nonsense.
Molly said on 11/Aug/17
I would say she's 5'10. No shorter than 5'9. When she was dating Amare, she was at his shoulder in 4 inch heels and he's a legitimate 6'10. So I'd say 5'10 with 4/5 inch Louboutin's she'd be 6'2/6'3.
HeightAware said on 10/Aug/17
No way. Ciara is prime model height (and looks both face and physique) of 5'10. She is never under 5'9.5. Just look at her with 5'7 Katy Perry or 5'8 Rihanna or 5'3 Drew Barrymore. She towers. Hugs from this 5'5 East Asian.
Ciara is one of my girl crushes and I'm not even gay!
5'11.25 at noon. said on 18/Jul/17
5'7.5 seems about right for her one of the few celebrities that doesn't add inches to her actual height
OK said on 22/Mar/17
Realist said on 31/Dec/16
5'8 or 5'9 at least I am 5'9.3 and I bet she's nearly my height barefoot wearing no shoes. I never met a black woman over 5'5 that upped their height. Black people usually don't do this.
anon said on 31/Dec/16
I often wonder with some of these quotes if they even get measured, For her to Claim 5'9 at first and now calls herself 5'7 sounds like she was got measured 5'7 but also mentions she got a 5'8 reading too- I think 5'7- 8 range covers her.

Do you think most the time they are guessing their heights- Even generally it can happen you in some cases have a 5'9guy claim 5'11 so then a legit 5'11 guy thinks they are 6'1 etc that's where heights can get inflated through guesses to other people or people call shoe height
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 30/Nov/16
Quite surprising that she actually downplays her claim. Many celebrity women around her height tend to inflate an inch or so.
Dom said on 29/Nov/16
Looked about half an inch taller than Celine Dion at the Billboard music awards and had much bigger heels on with platforms.
Beavis said on 9/Sep/16
She insecure about being taller than most dudes. There use to be rumors about her back in the 2000s about her being born with both parts. She is most def around 5'9 and taller than the other tall girls like Rihanna, Keri Hilson, and should be on par with Taylor
MaryAnne said on 12/Jul/16
:O she got downgraded
Panda said on 10/Jul/16
Rob is that a picture of Ciara or Beyonce lol?
Editor Rob
she does look a bit like beyonce there, but that is Ciara.
Jason Momoa's son said on 31/Jan/16
@LiveLoveLaugh No she's definetly a solid 5'8. She's taller than Katy Perry who is 5'7 and also taller than Kelly Rowland. She is one of those girls who is insecure about their height so she constantly downplays it.
Mouse22 said on 16/Dec/15
Just saw an article where she says men often feel intimidated by her height of 5'9.5". She seems to get taller all the time according to her own statements. But I believe her height of 5'8" will be more accurate. -?
LiveLoveLaugh said on 3/Nov/15
Ciara is actually 5'7, her heels make her taller. And Google is not accurate.
J said on 25/Oct/15
Saw her in an interview last week say she is 5'7"...not buying it. She must be the biggest "5'7"" out there.
Jason Momoa said on 20/Sep/15
She should be upgraded to at least 5'8.5 Next to Taylor Swift she was practically the same height. Ciara appears to have less footwear too. Click Here
Jack said on 12/May/15
she is 175cm the same height as kendall j.
missy said on 24/Apr/15
Taller women look better in their clothes. Look at the models.She is beautiful.
Bishop said on 20/Mar/15
Rob, the link that's supposed to be Kourtney Kardashian says "Khloe" and it leads to Khloe's page ;)
Editor Rob
ok I fixed that thanks.
SaSHa said on 24/Oct/14
ciara is 177cm or kendall is not 178cm
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
kendall stands closer to the camera
Click Here
Nofingway said on 27/May/14
How can she be that tall when she dated Bow Wow who is all of 5 ft 4?
Star said on 12/Nov/13
Exactly so if she was as tall as Tim with heels on she is not 5'8".
someone said on 1/Nov/13
i'd say 5'8
Tim said on 29/Sep/13
I met her in person. I'm 5 8" and she was as tall as me with heels on.
Jay said on 6/Sep/13
She's taller than 5'6 star.
Star said on 24/Jul/13
I saw her at a live taping, she was wearing huge heels and barely 5'9. So no way she's 5'8". I was disappointed because in all her videos she looks tall but she's really not. She must be 5'6" max.
Hip hop luva said on 13/Aug/12
Rob, since vibe vixen says she's 171, she should be no taller than this, right?
Editor Rob
I think since ciara 'found out' she was taller than she thought, it's an ok listing, but then she's also tried to claim 5ft 9 range!
tuba said on 7/Oct/11
i thought her weight s 1.78-180,cuz she looks very tall in the screen!
oregon said on 3/Oct/11
Rob!: in the end of this video Click Here nelly and ciara stands and dance next to each other (both in jordans which give the same height) and ciara looks about 1-2 inches taller than nelly!
Editor Rob
when they're dancing about it's tough to tell, in some bits she can look taller yeah.
Miriam said on 24/Sep/11
She's 5"10.5 1,79 (cm) according to her in the New Look Foundation's Annual World Leadership Awards Click Here
Dom said on 3/Sep/11
@Cicifan Ciara looks a good 2 inches shorter than Tyra and has bigger heels.
darshia said on 26/Aug/11
i think shes 5"9 cause she look tall in all her videos but when she have heels on she look taller so i think she 5"9 at the most love you ciara
Just said on 25/Aug/11
@Cicifan: Ciara clearly wears higher heels than Tyra. So she's not the same height as Tyra.
Tatiana said on 7/Aug/11
In an interview in "08 she said herself that she in 5'9.5"
Denise said on 31/Jul/11
I'm about 5'11'' and she's definitely shorter than i am... so about 5'8.5'' i'm guessing...
jake said on 19/Jul/11
5ft8.5 and very attractive.
jamallo said on 15/Jul/11
i think ciara is about 5ft 9 she is so beautiful love you girl
hey said on 13/Jul/11
3-4 inches smaller than 6´1.5 Enrique when she wears heels.

Click Here
TEETEE said on 7/Jul/11
I am 5 ft 7 without heels and it still seems like Ciara Towers over me So I say she is about 5ft 10 ish because when I wear heels I am 5 ft 10
morgan williams said on 22/Jun/11
she is not 5ft 11 or taller she is 5ft 8 because i asked her and im 5 ft 8 nearly 5ft 9 so i should no ok
SweetChari said on 20/Jun/11
She has always seemed taller to me. I would have said 5'9" but I saw a pic with Rihanna and Ciara both looked basically the same height--if anything Ciara may be slightly taller but idk. Both wear huge heels and look 6ft tall (like me) I'm only 5'8" which leads me to the conclusion that this height is most accurate.
oh no no said on 9/May/11
@cicifan> ciara wore 2" taller heels
burger said on 8/May/11
@cicifan I see, when rihanna came to tyra's show her(rihanna) legs was injure . she still wore high heels but she stand on her injure foot (her ijure food is bare) so her high heels won't gave effect. But if ciara 5'10" rihanna could be 5'10,5" that insane.
5'10" is to tall for rihanna
Rihanna ~ 5'9,5"
Ciara ~ 5'9" i
cicifan said on 29/Apr/11
she's 5feet10inches
Click Here
if u compare her to Tyra (who is 5 feet10inches too) u could see they're the same height
burger said on 14/Apr/11
I think she is 5'8"(173cm) and rihanna who always wear little shorter heels than her but still look at same height is 5'9"(175cm)
hey said on 17/Mar/11
she always claims 5'9 actually. and she talked about how guys are scared of dating her becuase she is 5'9.
nodoubttt said on 3/Mar/11
she is not that height at all,she's same as rihanna or even alittle smaller
domonique said on 8/Feb/11
ciara does not look like she is 5ft 8
Britt said on 21/Dec/10
I honestly would say that Ciara is at least a good 5'11 or more. im 5'8 myself and when i met her in person, she gave me a hug and she had to bend down a lil to do so. lol. so im pretty sure shes at least 5' 11. and o yea, she had flat shoes on, no heels.
ClaireUK said on 16/Dec/10
yeah, she looks like she's got reallt long legs, I'm 5'7 and with an athletic build like her and she looks taller than me, I'd say 5'9 ish?
jim said on 12/Dec/10
Ciara is taller then Rihana who is listed at 5'8 so I say she is like 5'10???
Alegre Miller said on 23/Nov/10
ciara is about about 5'10 like me she looks great and EVERYTHING she does but she looks to tall to be 5'7,5'8 or even 5' miss ciara is either 5'10 or 5'11....i look to ciara in many ways and alot of people tell me every day that we could be sisters..
PPV said on 22/Nov/10
yup, 5'8 sounds right
Christa said on 19/Nov/10
Yelmer your wrong! Ciara is a solid 5'8 maybe even a bit taller. She is the exact same height as rihanna, The only reason rih looked taller at the stand up to cancer thing is because she was surrounded by short girls while Ciara was standing with girls that were only a couple inches shorter than her. Plus when ciara was hosting a fashion show with chris brown she was practically the same height and she had flat heeled boots on.
Duffy said on 19/Jun/09
I hate Ciara so I do not care what hight does she have , I cant understand why people like her so much she is nothing absolutely nothing . I'd like to say to everybody who watches this comment click "" and visit "Dafina Zeqiri" with her song "Shum larg" she is the ONE please if you watch her comment so you will let me know if you watched her or not.
D.T. said on 6/Jun/09
Ciara's not a man I know that because I'm her bestfriend and I've known her since I was 5 and plus how would yall know if she is or not. Sorry i just hade to put that out there.
Proof said on 30/May/09
she is 5'8 shes the same height as nelly if not taller in the stepped on my J's video. They both wearing jordans so you cant say she has any advantage
J.J. said on 25/May/09
Did she actually say she is 5'8" . LOL
BTW I think Ciara is very similar to you rob this is because she looks so solid 5'8" so people can overestimate her height.
josh said on 21/May/09
is she trying tobe like mariah carey or something . there is no way she is 5 ft 9 .5
Editor Rob said on 21/May/09
Last year she said.
"But I was insecure about my height. I thought I was 5' 7" but I just found out that I'm 5' 8". I'm really excited about that".

Now she's saying: "Some guys are nervous about speaking to me. Maybe it's because I'm five foot nine-and-a-half. Since I've been doing music I don't really get asked out much".
Keke said on 13/May/09
lol...whats the problen with being Tall?...I'm a girl and Im 5'8 1/2-5'9 and I never really like it but for the girl who said taller women are beefier?...idk, i dont really agree with that...I'm tall but im thin i weight 120 pounds on a good day which is thin to me...though i wouldnt mind being a thicker girl but thick in the ashanti sense!...
Pete said on 10/May/09
She never looks shorter than 6'0.5" with her high heels. I think she is about 5'9''-5'10''.
J.J. said on 4/May/09
Rob, i think nelly should also be listed at 5'8" cos he looks exactly the same as Ciara
J.J. said on 26/Apr/09
She is 5'8" her heels were 5.5" which gives her 4.5" in real height making her 6'0.5" & Enrique was standing at 6'2.5" so that means she's 2" shorter than him.
AG said on 30/Mar/09
I watched Enrique Iglesias' new video 'Takin back my love'. In that video she wears enormous heels, my guess about 4 - 5 inches. Even with those heels, she is still 2 inches shorter than Enrique. I don't think she is 5'8, she looks 5'7 max to me. But i don't care though, she is hot :D
Paddy said on 23/Mar/09
In the newest video, "Love Sex Magic", when standing next to Justin, she is easily taller, by 2-3cm ( an inch ). The obvious thing is that she is wearing 3'' heels for the video. Judging by JT's 5'11'' height, she is around 5'8'', maybe 5'9'', at max.
J.Lee said on 19/Mar/09
Rob! you know what's funny? I went to getty images and typed in ciara and rihanna. and in some pics rihanna just towered over ciara with the same heels. just TOWERED. then i saw others where ciara was taller. Isn't that weird? But they all look taller than mariah, even beyonce does.
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/09
On the making of her movie allyouve got she said she's 5'9
Blake said on 9/Feb/09
I read in VIBE magazine,the 2006 issue with her and Bow Wow on the cover,where she said herself that she was 5'7-3/4
J.J. said on 7/Feb/09
5'8" is tall for a woman i mean come on in the US it's only 14 per cent% of the population are 6'0" and over and about 4 per cent% are 6'2" and over
random girl said on 10/Jan/09
she could possibly be wearing heels that can boost her height as much as 4 inches or even more in those videos and stuff
diamond said on 30/Nov/08
OMFG....the way people made it seem, i thought she was much taller...but i'm 5'8" as well and to tell u the truth i'd much rather be a tall gal...
Lil c said on 22/Oct/08 everyone...its ciaras lil sis just checking out this site.she is 5 ft 8 bt shes much taller than thngs to do and gigs to b out
Moi said on 17/Oct/08
Ou, common... I
Big T said on 11/Sep/08
just sayin', I think Nelly looks taller than Ciara in that vid actually....great vid for comparing because they are all wearing exactly the same footwear!! A lot of the times in the video Nelly is leaning a lot, but there are a few recurring scenes where they are standing up straight, and to me Nelly looks Ciara's height or more.

Jermaine Dupri is also looking 5'3" AT MOST
who who said on 9/Sep/08
so this very interesting about how ciara is a man but she's five eight
idon't think it's true.But if u look on ciara's video promise her feet are huge!!! I don't think she looks taller than nelly.
S.P said on 20/Jul/08
just sayin' said on 10/Jul/08
go on youtube and look at Nelly's new vid step on my j's. She seems to be taller than he is. If on Celebheights Nelly is 5ft8.5, then Ciara would be at least 5ft9 from the vid. Just sayin'
bcrod said on 7/Jul/08
According to pre-draft measurables, Reggie bush is 5'10.5" not the 6'0" he is listed at
Bruce said on 27/Jun/08
i will have to go with 5'8.75" because after looking at certain pictures of her i feel like she is almost 5'9"
marcus said on 27/Jun/08
no doubt 5ft8 is same as 6ft2 for a man......probably 5ft9 is around 6ft2 for a guy....gotta be equal, you only see 6ft2 guys one or two in a group of people so you gotta think the same for women too. Since usually women are like 5ft3-5ft6ish then there might be 1 or 2 5ft9-10ish women in the group of people. my 2 cents
Junior said on 27/Jun/08
Is 5feet8 for a woman the equal of 6feet1 for a man? I read somewhere that 5feet8 is the equal of a 6feet2 for a man.
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/08
Insecure about her height? 5'7 5'8 either way your tall for a chick why would being 1 inch taller make her excited? And why be insecure when your like equivalent to a 6'1 male in relative height...

Editor Rob
in the context of modelling
Editor Rob said on 26/Jun/08
Ok here is her quote I saw:

"I was insecure about my height. I thought I was 5 foot 7 inches but I just found out that I'm 5 foot 8 inches so I'm really excited about that". So I guess she got measured...
GSP said on 12/Jun/08
"She's 5'10 flat footed. 5'11 with heels. End of discussion"

UHHH so her heels were 1 inch then? LOL
siearra said on 9/Jun/08
i am tall. i am 14 and i am 5'5 i make 15 in 2 months. i been 5'5 since i was 13. i guess thats going to be my average height. i had a bad disease and doctorsd say i will be 5'5 forever. i wish i can be 5'9 or 6'0. so ciara is bout 5'10 or 5'9 she is tall. she is a inch taller than reggie bush in heels and reggie bush is 6'0 so she should be bout 5'9 or 5'10.
brian said on 4/Jun/08
looked taller than adam sandler in that movie..
J.Lee said on 28/May/08
i think she is atleast 5 foot 9. go on youtube. type in tyra banks and ciara. you shall see that ciara is about tyra banks height. she is not 2 inches shorter.
Bruce said on 28/May/08
i strongly believe her maximum is 5'8.5" or maybe 5'8" because she was wearing the same heels as Tyra Banks on her Tyra Show & Ciara was still about 1.5 inches shorter than Tyra. This is still tall for a woman because any woman from 5'7" is tall & that is where tallness begins in women. But with men it's 6'0 & upwards.
PB07 said on 27/May/08
I know Ciara personally. I talk to her on a daily basis and out of curiosity the other day, I asked her what her height was and for her to be str8 up about it. She's 5'10 flat footed. 5'11 with heels. End of discussion
Bruce said on 19/May/08
she is probably 5'8" for certain
Lewis said on 12/May/08
I've heard in more than one instance that Ciara is at least 5'10". In pictures of her with Eve and Rihanna, Ciara is taller than either and Rihanna is 5'9" and Eve is 5'8". BTW Tyra is 5'11" and wear 5" heels at times. And Ciara wears size 12 shoes.
Stella said on 10/May/08
I agree with WW : I have seen in many pics that Ciara was taller than Rihanna.
ww said on 30/Mar/08
she is 5'9 because she is taller than rihanna and rihanna is 5'8
Melinda said on 28/Mar/08
By the looks of her (especially when standing next to other celebs) I'd peg her as an inch taller than what she's given here, but probably not quite 5'9''.
sweetchari said on 27/Mar/08
Wow Ciara gets five seven and three quarters yet Rihanna gets five eight. There is a picture with them together and clearly Ciara looks half an inch or so taller than Rihanna. Ciara towered Bow Wow significantly this must be changed. I am five eight myself...I believe she is either five eight or five nine at least.
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/08
ciara is 6ft and bowwow is 5 7 just look at her pictures with bowwow
2005 said on 19/Mar/08
I saw that Tyra banks show too. Ciara heels were higher than tyra. I would give 5'8 1/2 max.
Paige said on 17/Mar/08
Well, whe Ciara was on the Tyra Banks show, they were both wearing the same size heels and she was only about an inch or less than Tyra. Tyra banks is 5'10, meaning that Ciara is about my height, 5'9ish. there is no way she is 5'7.
C. said on 24/Feb/08
If Ellen is 5'7", Ciara has to be taller than a shade under 5'8". She's either 5'9" or very, very, close to it.
mci said on 14/Feb/08
yeah, she's 5'9 or taller...the tyra episode proves it all...
"lauren" i dont know if young j. is really 5'10.he could be lying cause guys always lie about there height, but shes def.taller and she not even standing straight.. 5'9 plus heels would make her taller
mimi said on 9/Feb/08
oh come on y'all,she's 5' wit that fact
Lauren said on 30/Jan/08
I looked at a picture with Ciara and Young Jeezy. He's supposed to be 5'10" and she's taller than him.Of course she could be wearing heels, but I don't know. See this pic Click Here
brit said on 12/Jan/08
Ciara is 5ft 7.5 it says so in Vibe and Vibe vixen
C. said on 30/Dec/07
I think you mis-posted-- this is Ciara's page, not Rihanna's. But I do believe Ciara is around Rihanna's height, if not dead on. And if Ciara looks close to Tyra in height (at 5'10"), she can't be shorter than Rihanna.
Alyssa said on 29/Dec/07
Okay so i'm hearing a lot of 5'9s and 5'8s as far as how tall Rihanna is. Hulk Hogan's daughter is 5'11 and Rihanna is 5'8-5'9... and these girls wear high heels, so that means Hogan's daughter is 6ft or so w/ heels.. and so is Rihanna about.. how are they still shorter than a lot of ppl at those red carpets and stuff? I luv those grls! Molly SIms is a famous swimsuit model and stated in PEOPLES magazine that she was 5'9 her sinior year and i quote 'my mom wanted me to wear heels w/ my dress, i stuck with flats'. I admire these girls soo much!
BigDenz said on 29/Nov/07
Next to Petey Pablo she looked pretty small. I red that Petey Pablo is 5.11 but don't know if its true.
C. said on 21/Nov/07
Ciara is at least 5'9". Her and Rihanna are both around the same height but I do believe they both have a height complex and like to appear shorter than they actually are because given the clip frank69 linked to, Ciara is virtually the same height as Tyra.

And if she's given as 5'9" now compared to 5'7"-8" when she debuted, it's most likely due to the fact she's grown, or she downplayed her height in the first place. It's highly unlikely that she'd add inches onto her height since she clearly wasn't (and in some cases still isn't) comfortable with her own height. I say she needs an upgrade.
Garrettlover said on 30/Sep/07
Well she was standing next to chris brown and he is 6,1 ft and she was taller than him but she had hills on.
frank69 said on 30/Sep/07
Here's a link of the Tyra Banks show with Ciara as a guest,and they are about the same height,although ciara heels are bigger.Check it out Click Here
Roe said on 24/Sep/07
I think she is 5'9 or 5'10..this video shows her and Rihanna side by side,both in heels..and they are the same height
Click Here
sweetchari said on 22/Sep/07
Ciara is either five eight or five nine because taller people usually make themselves seem shorter, she may be giving us her height during her teen years the vixen article is definitely dated...
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/07
with Eve on August 28th. I hope this is helpful for both their heights, although I can't entirely be sure what kind of shoes Eve is wearing.
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Melarky said on 27/Jul/07
She is 5'8 she stated it in vibe magazine
knockkey said on 28/May/07
Ciara is 5'7 1/4 Beyonce 5'7' 1/2 Rihanna 5'9 It is what it is let go people They all stated on live interview
stefan said on 19/May/07
Ciara doesn't wear heels that often so basically- what u see is what u get! she is definitely taller than 5-9 rihanna (even if here stands rihanna is 5-8), so I'd say 5'10 for CC
sweetcharity said on 5/May/07
I think she is more like 5'8-5'9" she towered bow wow...
913d said on 3/May/07
i think being tall gives u a betta view of the world
Shamorria said on 1/Apr/07
Ciara doesn't look tall at all in person...i just seen her on Saturday becasue i work at the LAX and she didn't look 5'9 or 5'10 because im 5'9 and she looked like she can be shorter than me...and she is very since she's skinny of course she looks taller on t.v.
Jus_sayin said on 8/Mar/07
Ciara's height is definitely 5'9 /5'10 .....u can just look at her legs and average ...if she was 5'7 she'd look shorter than Rihanna on t.v
eric said on 7/Mar/07
Ciara's minidress was balanced by tall boots from Giuseppe Zanotti with a wedge heel raising her a good three inches off the floor. Ciara in bare feet is 5 feet 7 inches tall, and it's only recently that she's become comfortable with her stature and begun to overcome her resistance to heels.
Bridget said on 28/Feb/07
I think she's 5'9". She's not 5'7.5" There is no way!!! I've seen people at that height and they're not so tall. I'm way taller tan her by far though, I'm 5'11". (I am a girl) But besides that, you can see it in her legs that she's about 5'9"
Tuffy said on 14/Feb/07
Random, but I heard on the radio that she said "Im 5'10'' and 6'1'' in heels." 5'8'' seems right.
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/07
This might help with her height in comparison with Rihanna. I believe they're both wearing heeled shoes in this picture.
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budda said on 24/Jan/07
my friend asked me to look on here to see how tall she was because he thought she was about 6'4"
Anonymous said on 26/Dec/06
This is in response to Naija. People are not shorter today then they were in years past. People are taller today. Also, the average height for an American female is not 5'7 it's 5'4. For a man it's 5'9.
J. said on 22/Dec/06
Last week, I came across one of my classmates who had went to NYC to see a taping of the BET show 106 & Park. Ciara happened to be the guest of the day. When I asked her what Ciara was like. She replied, "She was so nice! And REALLY TALL". Strangely enough, this classmate of mine claims to be 5'7". Is Ciara a big heel wearer or does she just give the impression of being really tall?
Nila said on 11/Dec/06
I went to a concert at the Nokia theater last night and it appeared that Ciara was about 5'7"-5'8" at the most
Brooke said on 3/Nov/06
I guess everybody has come to the conclusion that Ciara is not shorter than 5'7.5" it doesn't matter. She is a tall, beautiful girl and could model if she wanted. And for the record if you are tall it doesn't mean you are big. That's why they say "big and tall" Ciara is tiny in her body and jus tall. She ain't big at all. I'm 5'8 and skinny, but I'm not big.Can someone short and fat be short and big? I think so.
RoRo said on 18/Oct/06
5 feet anything is sexy and Ciara's workin' it. much luv.
Mimi said on 9/Sep/06
I dont think that Ciara is 5'8 1/2, cause Rihanna is something like 5'9 and there's no way Ciara is shorter then Rihanna. Ciara looks tall on t.v compared to Rihanna who always looks tiny!
Jay said on 7/Sep/06
On Wendy Williams she said she is 5'8 1/2 when Wendy asked, this was out of her own mouth.
Mimi said on 6/Sep/06
Ciara said that she was really insecure about her height when she was younger and i dont think that they're that you should really be insecure if your 5'7''. Besides Ciara looked way taller then Rihanna at the 2006 vma's!
thisonecoolchick said on 1/Aug/06
yea i saw her movie too all youve got the one about volleyball. she was definetely taller than everyone on her team and even one of the other girls on her team looked to be 5'8 so i would say shes 5'9 to 5'10 and u girls who think youre tall i am 14 (and done growing) but i am five foot 8 and 1/2. girls are taller these days and i would say average hieght for women is about 5'7 so ciara is not much taller than average all the ppl pictured with her are short.
Sharie said on 30/Jul/06
Click Here She aint wearing no heels here
LonnY said on 23/Jun/06
Quote from "Ciara's minidress was balanced by tall boots from Giuseppe Zanotti with a wedge heel raising her a good three inches off the floor. Ciara in bare feet is 5 feet 7 inches tall, and it's only recently that she's become comfortable with her stature and begun to overcome her resistance to heels. She originally selected a pair of suede cowboy boots for Sunday night (August 28), but at the last minute she opted for a pair of "rock star" silver boots trimmed with silver and black stones in the back. "I was really insecure about my height when I was younger," she said. "But it's all good now. They're hot, so why not rock them?""
Yes there is your proof she is in bare feet 5ft7!!! frum
savannah said on 16/Jun/06
i have seen her in concert and she said that she was 5'9.. so she is not 5'7!
5\'10chick said on 26/May/06
i think she is 5'8 to 5'8 and a half because I saw her movie ya know the whole volleyball thing and she was tall as ever and she was taller than 5'7
510chick said on 15/Apr/06
I saw her in concert at the holladay jam and she is about 5'7 and a half and bow wow is 5'5 trust me he was 2 inches shorter than ciara, and and inch shorter than omarion
mimi said on 11/Apr/06
ciara is at lest 5'9 how do i know cuz shes my big sister
Unknown Superstar said on 31/Mar/06
me and ciara were bestfriends in Riverdale High School my name is Keshia and Ciara's avrage hight is 5'9
bowwow's girl said on 1/Mar/06
well for all you people saying bowwow is 5'5 he isn't he 5'7. yeah its on his website. If you went to school you would know boys average is 5'7 and that may seem tall but its average so thats kinda short like bow but girls are taller so if a girl is 5'7 thats tall for a girl but not boys so Ciara is just the way she is. Love Ya.
mouldy said on 16/Feb/06
Well, 5'7.5" IS TALL for a girl, to start with. But, I just saw Missy Eliott's "Lose Control" video today and noticed that in the scene where the whole bunch is dancing on the street wearing blue clothes and white sneakers, she is taller than pretty much everyone, including the men. Since they're wearing identical clothes/shoes, I believe she may have rounded her height down half an inch or so...
laffy taffy said on 1/Feb/06
actually ciara goes to the studio i use and i am about a half an inch taller than she is and i'm 5'8 so ciara is 5'7''.5 and this is from her mouth
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/06
yeah...thats true that the director can make the video look like Ciara is not much taller than bow.Look at the scenes when they are together on the screen: they are never showed from the front, ciaras whole upper body is never shown when they are in the elevator, a little piece is always out from the screen, and when they walk they are shown from the left side. So i really doubt that Ci is 5.7 if bow wow is 5.5.
Mzs. Bubblegum said on 23/Jan/06
Ciara's actually 5'9. I have close ties to her and know this for fact! And to whomever said they know her 4rm CAU is a lie! Because she graduated 4rm Riverdale in 03 and didnt go to college because she was persuing her music career.
~ModelGurl817~ said on 22/Jan/06
Naija said on 10/Jan/06
I feel like Ciara got to be more that that. ithink she my height..5'10. She seems wayyy taller that Bow and he 5'5. She doesnt have to be ashamed. There are many 6 feet and up boys out there. Especially here in new york. She is so pretty and she dont need tolower her standards unless she like short itslike i say..5'10 is not extremely tall its jus that people these days are extremely short. Average height is 5'7
suckmytoes said on 6/Jan/06
I don't know but I think Ciara is probably 5'7 1/2" - I doubt she's 5'10" otherwise she would be a fashion model, and they're usually 5'9" - 6ft tall.
Vee said on 1/Jan/06
Ciara went to school wit my sis and my sis said she is like 59 510 cuz my siser is 5'8 and she said ciara was like 1 or 2 inches taller than her she said she tall but not tht tall
Telejah said on 22/Dec/05
Ciara is not 5ft. 7.5 in she is 5ft. 9 1/2 in. Trust me I know this I am her #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!1
Brandon said on 21/Dec/05
In that link pic. Michelle from Destiny's Child is taller than all the girls if you can't see.
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Dec/05
I had another look at this girl. Sometimes she really does wear big boots/heels and can look taller...

Ciara and Bush ;)
STL Nunya said on 11/Dec/05
She's listed as 5'9 here
CoolJ said on 8/Dec/05

N/M People are dense.. Look how DC is standing.. Bad picture
Justine said on 1/Dec/05
omg look how big her tummy looks in this picture:
It seems like she's a sloucher because of her height..generally tall girls like to say theyre shorter than what they are because they want to seem more petite so they slouch and they say theyre 1-2.5 inches shorter than they really are.
Myrah Wilson said on 24/Nov/05
Well, it's ok size does make a difference. They Make a good couple and I hope they stay together for a long time. iF I COULD get Bow Wow i SURE would and i WOULD not even THINK ABOUT height I WOULD GO FOR IT.
Jay said on 5/Nov/05
SH said on 7/Sep/05
to coolj: I really used to think she was 5'8'' or maybe even 5'9'', at the VMAs she was wearing huge heels and was only 2'' max taller than usher, who is really short. Usher was wearing flat shoes, the only elevation he would have got would have been from lifts. How can she be 5'7'' then? She should have been much bigger than usher.
CoolJ said on 5/Sep/05
SH: I still believe the 5'7 - 5'7.5 judging by the VMAs
SH said on 5/Sep/05
now that i have looked at it, she looks more like 5'6'', she just has huge shoulders and likes to wear big heals. At the VMAs she had huge heals on (maybe 4'' +), and she only looked 1'' maybe 2'' bigger than tiny usher.
TJ said on 22/Aug/05
What i would like to say is that Bow Wow is only 5'5" and during their new video together they look about the same height. This is because they made sure to have the camera shoot from a certain angle to make it look like Bow Wow is actually taller than he really is. Plus, Ciara is only wearin tennis shoes while Bow Wow is wearing Timberland's
someone said on 14/Aug/05
what are u talkin bout shayshaylaghost ciara and oprah dont have no pix 2gether. they've never even met. ciara is 5'7 1/2
jazz said on 8/Aug/05
i agree.....becuz she is not quite as tall as BowWow ..but that gurl is TALL!!especially bcuz at the BET awards wen she was on stage with alicia keys,Eva, AJ, and halle berry....And she was taller than Halle who ALSO had heels on...and Halle is 5' i would say Ciaar is 5'7 1/2 or 5'8.whichever i could believe!
MD said on 8/Aug/05
Yeah, in the new video she and Bow-wow are similar heights and she's in normal tennis shoes. She's just a bit taller, maybe .5-1" so I would give her 5'7" without shoes.
melly said on 8/Aug/05
well ciara is like 5'8 because luda is 5'8 and in the oh video her and luda are about da same height but then again it could be her sheos but then again not because in her new video with bow wow her and bow wow look almost the same height and bow wow is like 5'6 so she's probably between 5'6 or 5'7 she cant be lower than 5'6 cause that s*** is ridiculous
someone said on 7/Aug/05
yeah she says that she is 5'7 1/2. its tru because she is a little shorter than monica (who is 5'8)
CoolJ said on 5/Aug/05
I cant find a good pic of this girl.. she's nowhere close to 5'10 but she may be 5'8.
Z2 said on 31/Jul/05
When Ciara came on TRL, she was wearing black boots, which were flats, and I thought she looked like a six-footer!
Viper652 said on 24/Jul/05
Rumors have been going around that Ciara really is a Man, seriously. I think shes a solid 5-8 personally.
SH said on 22/Jul/05
Ciara - seems really tall, I would easily believe her height is between 5'8'' and 5'10''. She is obviously a huge girls, if you watch her vids she dwarfs most girls and is normally as large as the guys. She was also on MTV room raiders, she clearly looked like around 5'10'' in comparison to the things and the people around her (she looked so big my friend actually thought she was a man in drag). The only thing that does not help with Ciara, is her upper body, her shoulders are so huge it gives her the upper body appearance of a well built male, this often makes people seem much taller.
Woodi said on 17/Jul/05
I dont believe that she is 171 cm. She is taller (177 cm). Look at
Mi Mi said on 15/Jul/05
Ciara is 5'7...She said it in an interview..She isn't over 6'0
J. said on 30/Jun/05
Oh please, Rob, don't let the little teenyboppers fool you when they insist she's 5'10". She's nowhere near there. She clearly stated her height as 5'7.5" in the premiere issue of Vibe Vixen (I'm more than willing to scan the article onto the sight if need be) and when you look at proper pics of her without big shoes, that's her height. She's nearly 5'8", case closed.
Mr. R said on 30/Jun/05
Woodi, I can say for sure that Hill Harper is 5'6", so Ciara looks to be about the same height if you take her shoes off.
ava said on 30/Jun/05
She seems around 171 cm. Nikki u need to check out that Goodies video again, cuz Ciara is mos. def. shorter than Monica in that video! Mon is around 5.8 and waz wearing heels too, Ciara looks around 171 in that video. But she has long legs and maybe that's why she looks taller than she really is...
CoolJ said on 29/Jun/05
Does anyone have pictures to support these claims? She doesnt look over 5'8 to me. Check the footwear out first.
HeyNikki said on 28/Jun/05
Monica is only 5'7-5'8 and always wears heels as well.
Mz_Divine said on 11/Jun/05
ShayshayLaghost is rite i saw ciara in london at she is around 5'9 or 5'9.5
J. said on 18/May/05
It's common knowledge that Luda is shorter than 5'8" so Ciara is the height that she stated if you're comparing the two.
se se said on 17/May/05
i agree wit anonymous b/c if luda is 5'8 then she must be like 5'9 to 5'11
not 5'7-5'8.5

famous said on 30/Apr/05
I think this height is true she seems like this...
Tall said on 30/Apr/05
I'm so glad I've finally heard of a singer that was around my height because I'm 5"7" and I hope I don't grow anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said on 13/Apr/05
I've met Ciara alot of times and she is about 5ft 7.5. And Missy is 5ft 2in. Ciara looks the same life as she looks on tv!!!
Tunabun said on 9/Apr/05
T needs to watch the 1,2 step video again. Missy is definatly wearing heels looks around 1 inch, on top of that she says right in her lyrics that shes 5'2". Ciara has on "flats" and is obviously 4-5 inch's taller at many parts of the video where they are standing straight, the parts when they are bending don't count, we can't tell who is bending more. Head over to her website and watch the vid again, freeze it at the right times, there are 3 or 4 spots, and you can tell she is tall.
J. said on 8/Apr/05
Ciara is indeed the height she said she was. She's taller than Hill Harper and Bow Wow, both of whom are 5'6"-ish. And she's not much of a high heel-wearer.
T. said on 3/Apr/05
Thats funny that you say that because in the video 1,2 Step Missy(5'1) looks almost the same height as Ciara who is suppose to be 5'8. And they both have on flats.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/05
that doesn't seem right. in her videos and performances she seems much taller i think she is between 5'8 to 5'10
J. said on 20/Mar/05
According to the premiere issue of Vibe Vixen magazine, Ciara is 5 foot 7 and a half.

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