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6ft 2.7in (189.7cm)
RobertJ said on 27/Aug/06
He's not that tall big show? The guy is nearly 6'3'' and he's easily more than 200 pounds. He has mentioned he was around 220 at his peak in an interview, I'll post a link when I have time.
Big Show said on 24/Aug/06
250 lbs for Brandon Routh is downright ridiculous. Even Schwarzenegger was never this big during competition. His max weight was 245 lbs (probably 265 off season). If you would put a young Arnold next to Brandon Routh, Arnold would make Brandon look like a toothpic.
Christopher Reeve was 6'4 and 220 lbs during the filming of Superman and he's also more massive than Routh. Routh looks around 195 lbs to me. He's not that tall or massive. Compare Routh with Kevin Sorbo from Hercules. During his peak he was 215 lbs (with a height of 6'3). Sorbo is also a lot more massive than Routh.
Viper652 said on 23/Aug/06
You think he weighs a staggering 250 pounds?? You must think I weigh 230 then lol. Hes no more than 200 Max. If he was a legit 250 pounds mostly muscle, he would look like a NFL linebacker. NFL linebackers would dwarf him.
andrea said on 17/Aug/06
I think he could easily weigh 250. My cousin is 6 foot something and he's 225 and he looks scrawny. Mucles weighs 4 times more than fat people- he may not "look" 250 but he probably is.
Superman said on 13/Aug/06
In Superman III, Reeve bulked up even bigger. He could bench almost 400 pounds!!In Supe 3 he was over 235. Reeve was not into lifting weights, but he is a true professional that he was, and damn strong too.
Superman said on 11/Aug/06
You know being too tall can make you lose a million dollar part. I think most people agree he is about six foot three. My brother works at an airport, and my bro is 6'2''--he said Brandon was atleast an inch taller than him. But definitely taller. He is taller than Hugh Jackman, and I know Jackman is over 6'2".
Kal-El said on 9/Aug/06
I agree with 316 Routh deifinitely 6'3 coz he was much taller than chrissy bale in the mtv movie wards wen deyr on stage and bale is supposed to be 6'2
316 said on 28/Jul/06
I also believe Brandon is more 6'3 than 6'2, whetever he appears to be in the movie is kinda deceiving coz of the big lifts he wears when in the "SUPERMAN" mode, otherwise as Clark kent with normal footwear, he still looks in the 6'3 range.
Viper652 said on 25/Jul/06
That could be true anony but most of the sightings Ive read on this guy say he only looks 6-2 in person.
Anony said on 24/Jul/06
Honestly, in the countless pictures and videos I've seen him in, I can't see Brandon Routh any shorter than 6'3". I agree with what many people say, that he probably downplayed his height to 6'2.5" to get the more "in" male modeling height of 6'2". Markus Schenkenberb does this, claims he's 6'2", when he's really 6'4". Tyson Beckford might of as well. Tall female models like 6' Elle MacPherson or Nadja Auermann (also 6') claim they're 5'11", to be closer to the "in" height for female models which is 5'10".

At one point, when Routh was an unknown soap-actor, him and his agent were probably marketing him to be a more generic "all-american" boy acting roles a la Richard Gere, Bruce Willis, etc.. but after he landed Superman, he probably wanted to maintain the heroic iconic height.
KalEl said on 22/Jul/06
According to the Official Superman Returns movie guide, Brandon Routh is 74-3/4" tall. The character Superman has always been listed by D.C. comics as 6'03" tall and 225 lbs. Fyi...
Louie John Buluran said on 22/Jul/06
He is 6 ft 3 with 2 inches heel that makes him 6 ft 5
Stalmannen said on 22/Jul/06
When Brandon was interviewed by our local showbiz host, he said he stands 6'3".
supes78 said on 12/Jul/06
I think Routh's reason for listing himself as 6'2" originally was that he didn't think he'd become a big action star, especially from one movie. Now he or some of his publicists have upped his height to as much as 6'4", but his official bio stated he is 6'2.5", which he looks in photos without odd camera angles.
Larry said on 12/Jul/06
Gotxo - Thanks man! :-) I don't even want to THINK about what some of my collectables would be worth now!!! Mom was "just cleaning up"!
Gotxo said on 11/Jul/06
Sorry i tried to write: "i can`t tell" (awfull typing) meaning that an estimation up to a half an inch accuracy is hard to achive. He looks what you say.
I was only wondering why he didn't stated that from the begining, another modelling issue?
Gotxo said on 11/Jul/06
Sorry for that of your comics, my best friend had an almost complete collection of spiderman, his father threw it to the trash and smoked almost a whole package of tobbaco until the trash truck arrived (preventing a rescue op from his son).
Bad califications at exams :(

Very good photo indeed, showing feet and all. Some have Spacey @ 5'9", to me him
hardly can be under that. So yeah, anyway Routh looks on 6'2" range there (his nose over Spacey's head-tip). I can tell with such precision as a 1/2" but don't rule it out.
The question is why so an unhumble guy advertised first as 6'2" and later exactly as tall as Tom Welling's advertised height, Rob?
Larry said on 11/Jul/06
Gotxo - Not an eminence, but I bought a lot of DC and Marvel comics (Dell too). I also had an extensive FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND collection. Sadly, my Mom threw MOST of my comics out while I was at college! :-(
George Reeves was 6'1", but there WAS a guy who played Superman in two-reel episodes that that showed as a serial in thearters. His name is on the tip of my tongue!??? In fact, George Reeves FIRST played Superman in a film called SUPERMAN & THE MOLE MEN. Superman was my hero. I even tried to fly off our bunk beds once & chipped a tooth. :-)
supes78 said on 10/Jul/06
Check out this dead-on pic of Routh with 5'9.5" Kevin Spacey and it's clear that Routh really is 6'2.5" tall;

Click Here
Gotxo said on 10/Jul/06
Hey, you're an eminence at comics too?
Yeah, i've read also 6'3" and 220 pounds but in a 5 years old or so comic, so it's right. I think the first actor who played him was 6'1" (as the second).
Apparently his super robes didn't stand the gun shot from the mafia LMAO.
Larry said on 10/Jul/06
Gramps - Good point about Clark Kent vs. Superman. In fact, the whole Superman costume was reconceptualized (darker colors, higher emblem). I just can't see this guy being under 6'2". He's pretty much "an unknown", so WHY cast an actor who is "too short" to play Superman? Doesn't add up. Superman was RARELY described in the comics, but I can think of two instances (in the 50's/60's) when his height was "listed" as 6'2" and 6'3". His weight was only mentioned once (that I recall) and that was 220 pounds (in the comic books). Reeve was a bit larger at 6'4" and beefed up to 225 pounds. I think I read Routh had to "hit the weights" too. :-)
Gramps said on 9/Jul/06
Here's Routh looking about four inches taller than Joe Torre, who was listed as 6'1" or 6'2" in his playing days:
Click Here
Gramps said on 9/Jul/06
A couple errant comments:
1) The mention of a screen character's height in a film (or on TV) is just the musing of a writer, and does not necessarily have a basis in fact regarding the actor himself.
2) Although Superman's boots were indeed huge, the Clark Kent character also towered over everyone.
supes78 said on 7/Jul/06
Since when is watching a movie a good way to tell a person's height?!? That's where strategic camera angles, raised platforms & shoe lifts are employed the most. Just look at the lifts on Routh's boots;

Click Here

The lifts were blatantly obvious in the film too as there were quite a lot of close-ups of his boots, like when Lois took off her shoes and placed her feet top of his. The 6'4" height they touted in the film was Chris Reeve's establised height from the first movie so they kept it for consistency. But Routh himself really is 6'2.5" tall as stated by his own agents.
sam said on 7/Jul/06
In this picture, Routh appears to be just a little taller than Frank Langella (who is shrunk a little from his former 6'4"):
Click Here
mm said on 6/Jul/06
in superman returns movie, lois and richard estimated his height and they said it's 6'4" to 6'3".. i thought it was accurate and so i assumed that kate bosworth is 5'8"... if kate is 5'5" then brandon is about 6'1" to 6'2"...
Larry said on 6/Jul/06
Saw SUPERMAN RETURNS yesterday. To me, Brandon looks the same height as Frank Langella, so 6'3" is probably about right.
Viper652 said on 5/Jul/06
Even in the movie they said he was 6-3, 6-4.
Jaws said on 2/Jul/06
I believe Brandon is at least 6'3", and most likely in between 6'3" and 6'4". Next to Hugh Jackman he looks at least two inches taller and Jackman is listed at 6'2" to 6'2.5"
0kuma said on 1/Jul/06
Anthony: That picture is deceptive. Look at the imdb picture:

Click Here

Which someone posted on Bale's height comment page. Bale is a bit taller here. Routh also had some posture work done, so he can stand tall with an erect spine, when doing the movie Superman Returns. It had to have carried over to real life, so he may "seem" taller.
Derick said on 30/Jun/06
Brandon does look huge, at leas 6'2 maybe even 6'5 but i see him about 6'3-6'4 range,but he's not 250 pounds, i say at the most he weighs 235 pounds
kenji toyokawa said on 30/Jun/06
this guy looks more like 6ft3.5(1.92m)tall most of the time..
supes78 said on 25/Jun/06
That 6'3" height is most likely taken from IMDB, which is where a surprising amount of mainstream outlets get their "facts."
Anthony said on 24/Jun/06
I saw pics of Bale backstage with Roth (and Kate Bosworh) at The MTV Movie Awards, and Roth looks HUGE. He looks 6'5 or so. Bale comes up to his nose. Either Bale's shorter than 6' or Routh is bigger than he seems.

Click Here
Mr_Tea said on 24/Jun/06
states in this article he is 191cm (6ft3):

Click Here
Viper652 said on 23/Jun/06
Routh looks no taller then 6-2 in most pics, and most of the sightings Ive rad for him are just a flat 6-2.
Ed said on 22/Jun/06
Thanks My2Cents, he does look easily 6ft3, hard angle to judge by, but Routh was looking quite a bit taller than Letterman, who's usually taller than most of his guests.
J-Dog said on 22/Jun/06
I think Routh like Tom Welling is pretty much 6'3", but are slightly under-listed. Look how big he looks near David Letterman and look how big Tom Welling looks near Carson Daly.
patrick said on 22/Jun/06
Either C.Bale is really 6' and in this case, B.Routh is MORE than 3 inches taller than him and reaches 6' 4''...OR "Batman" is less than that and Brandon cannot be less than 6'3'.
As simple as that! Really, it's obvious.
Remember how Bale is dwarfed by Liam Neeson; quite like H.Ford. So, C. Bale may not be 6'.
I don't have watched "sup.returns" yet but we all know how tall is F.Langella: 6'3'' (minimum): how does Brandon look next to him?
My2Cents said on 22/Jun/06
Hey Ed, yessiree, here's da clip:
Click Here

If Dave is about 6'1.5", Routh seemed about 6'3" to me, in the very brief instant they shook hands and sat down ...
Ed said on 21/Jun/06
Anybody see Routh on Letterman last night, I missed it, too busy with the NBA finals? I'm interested in how he matched uo next to Letterman.
supes78 said on 10/Jun/06
Yeah, I used to think he was right at 6'2", but I'd say he's 6'2.5" like his bio states now that I've seen more of him. But 6'3" or more is just not plausible.
supes78 said on 10/Jun/06
Routh's official bio released by his agents states that he is 6’2 ½" so I don't know why some people think he's 6'3". If anything, agents typically exaggerate the size of an actor, especially one in an action movie. Routh's official bio can be found here;

Click Here

[Editor Rob: he's not shorter than 189cm for sure, beside the racing driver coulthard and the other 5ft 11.5 racing driver, if he has 1cm more in his footwear then 189cm is what he looks]
funkmonk said on 9/Jun/06
Looks easily 3+ inches taller than Bale. Perhaps Bale is less than 6 foot after all.
Salsero04 said on 8/Jun/06
I just watched Routh accept his award on the MTV Movie Awards, where that photo with Christian Bale was taken. That picture is slightly deceptive. I think Routh was slouching a bit. When the camera showed both of them full body, it looked more like 4 inches possibly 5 between them. I think Routh really is just under 6'3", but I don't think Bale is 6 ft. He's never looked it to me. I think he's between 5'10" and 5'11". But unless Routh was wearing lifts there's no way Bale is over 6 ft, even marginally. That would make Routh somewhere between 6'4" and 6'6".
supes78 said on 8/Jun/06
Here's a better version of the same pic and it's very clear that Routh and Bale are a couple of inches different in height. 3 inches would be stretching it.

Click Here
RobertJ said on 7/Jun/06
I posted this in Bales page, Brandon is leaning but he looks a solid 3 inches taller. Click Here
Jason said on 7/Jun/06
Bales standing closer to the camera so there probably is 2, maybe 2 1/2 inches there. Agree probably not 3, though.
supes78 said on 6/Jun/06
Here's the photo I was talking about of Routh with Bale;

Click Here
supes78 said on 4/Jun/06
My bad, it looks like they moved the photo. Rob, I just emailed you the pic of Routh with Bale so maybe you can upload it to your site.

[Editor Rob: numerous pics on getty of them...]
supes78 said on 4/Jun/06
Although we can't see their footwear, the difference in height between 6ft Christian Bale and Routh doesn't strike me as being a full 3 inches;

Click Here
Billy Joe said on 30/May/06
Saw the guy at a convention when he and Bryan Singer spoke about the upcoming Superman Movie. I'm an even 6' and he was a few inches taller than me, I'm guessing a hair over 6'3". He's definitely not 250 lbs, a more accurate number would be around 220-225.
Jason said on 22/May/06
He's either 6'2'' or 6'2 1/2''.
RobertJ said on 21/May/06
I still say he's 6'2.5'', the pic of him and Hugh prove that IMO. I'm willing to go to 6'3'' but that's probably with footwear.
Jason said on 21/May/06
I agree. A guy I know is a legit 6'4'' and (a solid) 252lbs yet makes Routh look like a garden weed. 250? Try 215 lol.
The Man said on 20/May/06
Dude is a solid 6'2" w/o shoes which is really pretty tall, most people who claim to be 6'2" usually are exaggerating or factoring in a boost from regular shoes.

He's not remotely close to 250, absolute max of around 220.

The real thing Brandon is missing is Chris Reeves' huge neck, it made Reeves look a lot thicker than he really was.
Viper652 said on 19/Apr/06
The 250 pounds listed for Routh is laughable. That is like NFL linebacker big. He doesnt look that at all.
Superman said on 26/Mar/06
Christian Bale, in every scene with Morgan Freeman was atleast 2 inches shorter. But I think Morgan Freeman is taller than 6'2", afro not included. Hugh Jackman is listed at 6' 21/2" and Brandon was well over an inch taller, and he slouches too, like a Superman we all know and love (RIP).

p.s Christopher Reeve is Superman, always and forever, and 6'4".

[Editor Rob: don't forget Jackman is hit and miss whether he wears 1cm trainers or not...when he does, even LL Cool J looks taller!]
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/06
Another pic taken at Showest (16/03/2006): Click Here
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/06
Routh appears to be slightly taller than Hugh Jackman: Click Here

[Editor Rob: yep, he looks solid 6ft 3, but, the thing with Jackman - what is he wearing, he's been known to wear those 1cm type trainers at events and will look 2-3cm shorter (i.e like he did with ll cool j). If he's normal footwear then Routh really is 6ft 3 range!]
LSD said on 16/Mar/06
He isn't 6'4", but definitely 6'2" or 6'3"
supes78 said on 11/Mar/06
I'm the one that got IMDB to downsize Routh from 6'4". I forwarded them Routh's official bio that his publicity team put together which lists him at 6'2.5" tall. I guess they decided to meet halfway and list him at 6'3".
Anonymous said on 1/Mar/06
It came true...! Brandon is official 6' 3" om

[Editor Rob: your task is to try to get him to 6ft 4...]
J.J.F said on 24/Jan/06
"Yeah, because to go from 6 to 6'2" you add 40 lbs

...Think again."

Having looked at it again I think you're right (assuming you're claiming that Routh can't be 250lbs, as your counterargument was very brief and rather poorly constructed...)
Anyhow. Routh's mass looks closer to say 225, maybe 230lbs. I don't think he's under 6'2" however.
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/06
'Routh's 250lbs on a 6'2.5" frame look correct also from the Superman pics I've seen.'

Yeah, because to go from 6 to 6'2" you add 40 lbs

...Think again.
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/06
I met the guy a few years ago in LA when he was on One Life to Live, and I have to admit, he isn't 6'4". I'm 6 feet tall and he was not that much taller than I am. My dad is 6'3" and he was a a bit taller than Routh. The problem was that Wizard magazine said he was 6'4" 250 lbs and that is not the case. He's more like 6'2" 215 lbs.
Brandon Routh said on 17/Jan/06
Hi My name Brandon and im 6"4
supes78 said on 17/Jan/06
Routh has been listed as 6'2" since his acting career started. He's suddenly jumped up a couple of inches just to make him more "Superman-esque". The fact is Teri Hatcher even in high heels would still be only 5'8" or 5'9" max. Routh in shoes would be around 6'3" making it a 6 inch difference between the two of them which is exactly what it looks like in the following pic;
Brett said on 17/Jan/06
Come to think of it he dwarfed Terri Hatcher in the Golden globes when they prsented together , by what seemed like a full head above her, and she is 5'6" plus a good 2-3 inch heel. Did you see it Rob? He looked HUGE!
Brett said on 17/Jan/06
He really looked tall on the golden globes, I definitely belive that hes easily 6'2.5" or more, I thought more when I saw him on the GGs
wizard said on 7/Jan/06
He doesn´t look like he´s 6"2" in all the pictures, maybe he is taller, you can´t blame his heels, that would only work if the rest were barefoot´d
J.J.F said on 2/Jan/06
"He is probably 6-2 but not 250lbs, Routh looks skinny. Christian Bale is 6'2" and 210lbs, looked a lot more built than Routh"

Bale is without doubt closer to 6' than 6'2" which makes 210lbs look right for him in Batman - Routh's 250lbs on a 6'2.5" frame look correct also from the Superman pics I've seen.

I've trained/weighed/conditioned plenty of people and those are very believable numbers based on height/weight to physique comparisons i.m.o
RobertJ said on 31/Dec/05
I would guesstimate he's between 6'2''-6'3''. So the height listed is very accurate IMO. Routh standing next to marsden, he's got a good 3-4 inches on him.
Mike said on 31/Dec/05
He is probably 6-2 but not 250lbs, Routh looks skinny. Christian Bale is 6'2" and 210lbs, looked a lot more built than Routh.
kenshin said on 30/Dec/05
no way in hell he's 6'4 thatz just crazy 6'2 yeah but 6'4 no i think thatz cuz he wears really big boots in the superman movie.

[Editor Rob: yeah, In costume this guy WILL look 6ft 4, no doubt. Those boots have super-lifts!]
supes78 said on 24/Dec/05
IMDB has suddenly raised Routh's height to 6'4" tall. I guess the publicity machine for the new Superman movie has officially kicked into high gear!
Wellingfan said on 17/Dec/05
There are pics of him with with Joe Torre, who claims he is 6'2'', and Routh towers over him. There's no way Torres is 6'2'', if not, Routh is bigger. here it is:
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/05 has an exert from the Wizard Magazine interview with Routh in which it states, "At 6-foot-4 and nearly 250 pounds, Brandon Routh never perceived himself as too small for anything." So, as predicted earlier, Routh has suddenly jumped up two inches to equal Chris Reeve's height. said on 2/Dec/05
BR's agent spoke to USA Today when his casting was announced and said he's 6'2.5".
One of the "Superman Returns" screenwriters, Dan Harris, was interviewed by E! where he said BR is 6'3".
supes78 said on 25/Nov/05
I wouldn't be surprised if this guy gets upgraded to 6'3.5" by the time "Superman Returns" comes out.

[Editor Rob: ...with Josh Duhamel who himself insists 'I'm 6ft 3']
Kenshin said on 21/Nov/05
if i remeber corretcly they never had 6'3 here before
Kenshin said on 20/Nov/05
either he is shorter or James is taller...

[Editor Rob: I think it's too hard to tell exact differences in that photo]
supes78 said on 9/Oct/05
Here's an even better look at those lifts on Superman's boots:

There's definitely 2 to 3 inches of extra height on those soles.
Kenshin said on 20/Sep/05
i think they changed him from 6'2 to 6'2.5 so that he could be like tom's height
supes78 said on 5/Sep/05
If you follow the URL below, you'll see a pic of Routh is his Superman costume and he's clearly sporting lifts in his boots. Looks to be a good 2 inches on those soles.

[Editor Rob: yep, the superman boots are 'extra big' so he'll come across a bit bigger maybe.]
Cycklops said on 30/Jul/05
Routh came to the place where I work a couple days ago. 6'2" is just about right.
J.J.F said on 18/Jul/05
I saw Routh on Will & Grace next to 5'11 Sean Hayes, standing up straight next to one another, and he had at least 3" on him. Might be just a little over 6'2"
MD said on 5/Jul/05
Why would you go up to 6' 2.5" from 6'2" knowing that actors more often than not exaggerate their height by an inch? If anything, simply put the 6'2" he claims and work from there. I find that you are far too generous sometimes. ;)

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