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6ft 2.68in (189.7cm)
supes78 said on 8/May/07
Wow. So Routh has been downgraded again back to the widely publicized 6'2.5" height. I would have to agree with that, but I can see why people would think he's 6'3". He's got great posture and the fluffy hair so it's hard to gauge accurately at times.

Editor Rob
Suffice to say original 6ft 2.5 is closer to the truth. But a proper 189cm at night time...

I may also add, on the Sunday morning I was siphoning through about 200 of the Routh photoshoot pics trying to find my saturday one and I saw a handful beside people whose height I know. He was 1.5-2 inches shorter than a guy who is a very strong 6ft 4, but he looked nearly 2 inches taller than a guy who is 6ft 1, although I don't know whether that guy was wearing hugh jackman style shoes or whatnot, routh definitely had brown shoes on which looked 1.2. 0% chance of lifts
TheJerk said on 8/May/07
Certainly a well proportioned 6-2. He doesn't seem that "buff", but more so cut. Like a well trained yoga instructor.
Vegas said on 8/May/07
Ray that photo sucks
rock is taller Click Here
rock is taller Click Here
rock is taller Click Here

based simply on this photo the Routh/Rock debate is dead its a clear 0.5-1" in Rocks favour Click Here Ray if Routh is 0.5" taller than Rock i'll eat my hat.
Da Man said on 8/May/07
They look very, very similar in the pics.
Viper said on 8/May/07
Well, I dont see how anyone could 100 percent come to the conclusion on who is taller. They both look the same height when you come down to it. Rock's whole body structure looks shorter than Routh's and hes closer to the camera as well. But Rock offsets that with the bigger head.
Da Man said on 8/May/07
Ray, I think your fighting a losing battle. The Rock is not shorter than Routh.

Editor Rob
there's a lot of shots, in a number rock is marginally closer, they are too close to call, for once though the Rock isn't really slouching like he can do
RAY said on 8/May/07
I think 6ft 2.5 is correct for routh but rock is 6.2 and not taller than routh.
RAY said on 8/May/07
this following pic again shows that the floow is not completely flat , i mean it is slanting just observe the AFTER SCHOOL BOARD behind them , it proves that the ground isnt flat , therefore rock is on slighter higher ground and closer to the camera.
RAY said on 8/May/07
the pic i posted below shows rock is closer to the camera and cud be shorter if stood right next to routh.
RAY said on 8/May/07
Click Here
RAY said on 7/May/07
I mean the floor is slanting dude , look closer u ll also find rock closer to camera
Da Man said on 6/May/07
RAY, I don't know what you are talking about. The Rock is NOT standing on a higher surface in any of the those pics. The "cemented part" is actually lower than the rocky-surface as it is part of a rainwater-drain. Notice the drain grate by the Rock's foot?
RAY said on 6/May/07
I mean he is not shorter than routh , i wish they were edit options.
RAY said on 5/May/07
ROCK may not be 6.3 but he is not shorter than ROCK. OUT of the four pics of routh with rock two of them proves rock is is standing on a higher surface ( cemented part) which clearly shows surface wasnt even and secondly rock was closer to the camera in the two pics. I personally believe both rock and routh are equal or routh little taller by 1 to 2 mm or sumthin to be dead accurate.
supes78 said on 5/May/07
Check out this pic of Routh next to 6'3" Steve Howey from the 'Reba' TV show;
Click Here
Routh definitely isn't above 6'3" that's for sure.
RAY said on 5/May/07

All are saying ROCK IS TALLER THAN ROUTH, but if u all the pics between them u ll observe rock is STANDING AT A HIGHER LEVEL. I n one pic i saw between them rock stand on a cemented part which is higer , i think different i feel both are the same or routh is little taller.

Rock is not only on higher level of ground but nearer to the camera.

I tried to get the pics bt it says to use tiny url, bt i m very sure brandon is not shorter. sum one pls upload the pics where we can see rock on cemented level of ground and thus he is at higher level and closer to the camera, thanks IN ADAVANCE.

Editor Rob
there is 2 pics were they are same distance and those pics actually make it hard to see much difference between the two of them. If Rock is 6ft 4 routh to me looks like he'd have to be close to that aswell...
patrick said on 16/Apr/07
We all owe the truth not to vae enough landmarks to make solidly up our mind about his height; After all, that wonderful guy is known just with one film, no more; So, pictures are our only way to finally guess it.
In SUP. returns he wears thcik soles presumably to match his glorious predecessor; I am not sure; he's very tall but how, i don't know; need further informations; He seems shorter than the Rock by just few cm;
paulG said on 14/Apr/07
Rock has about half an inch to 3/4 of an inch on routh, it's obvious from looking at that pic... routh is 6-2.5 at most !
Blackmax said on 14/Apr/07
I apologise RobertJ, I didn't notice your post, which states the Rocks head is tilted back. Their both the same distance away from the camera so it's not a deceptive view.
Blackmax said on 13/Apr/07
What your all failing to mention is that the Rock has his head slightly titled upwards hance his eye level would be higher than Rouths, if he held his head straight it would be dead level, due to his high forehead I'd say he's slightly taller, maybe 0.6mm, their shoulder level is dead even also.
patrick said on 13/Apr/07
I agree with you RobertJ even though i respect Vegas opinion; Sorry Vegas, i couldn't open your photo !!!
RobertJ said on 12/Apr/07
He's a bit closer, his body is turned more toward the camera and he's definitely tilting his head back. I still think there the same height. If Glenn could get a pic that would be so awesome.
Vegas said on 11/Apr/07
Rock is not closer to the camera in this photo Click Here yet he is still 0.5" taller despite Routh big head of hair. Rocks eyes are at a higher level and his forehead is at a much higher level than Routh's. One could easily make a case for Rock being a full inch taller in that photo but as it stands I think there is 0.5" between these guys with the 0.5" in favour of the Rock.
patrick said on 11/Apr/07
OK, but what if Brandon would have been in the right ?
The, very nice, Rock is significantly closer to the camera; I made myself a lot of portrayals and was always amazed how important was the difference between the real size of the backward person, ALWAYS shorter than he or she really was.
In these pictures, look how appears the line of the background notice board: it looks tilted because of perspective law. Almost everyone is "framed" this way.
Vegas said on 9/Apr/07
Only in one of the photos does Routh measure up to the Rock Click Here
all the rest:
rock is taller Click Here
rock is taller Click Here
rock is taller Click Here

Routh is a big guy at about 6'2.5" i think those pics with the superman wax work proves that but Dwayne Johnson is slightly taller by about 0.5" or so.
Blackmax said on 9/Apr/07
Yes I do believe your right Viper, the do look the same height in the second photo, like I said previously maybe the Rock has a 1cm advantage. I don't think either is a legit 6'3"(191cm). I'd say 6'2.5"(189cm) definitely for Routh. 1 cm is such a slight difference though in height. The rock has a high forehead thats why I'd say 6'2.75(190cm) max.
Viper said on 7/Apr/07
Nobody with a straight face could say 100 percent sure who was taller between the 2. I sure couldnt. Both looked the same height when all is said and done.
AAAA said on 7/Apr/07
Well, my friend is a legit 6'3, I know I can't prove that to you guys, but If you ever met him, you would know. I mean, he was behind the statue, so that may have a bit to do with it, he has a shaved head so there isn't any hair adding another .5 in ,and he wears thin soled shoes ( no more than 1 inch of additional lift). Never the less, he was smaller. here is my take

I see about a 1 in. (maybe like 1.25 but who can really see that) diff between my friend and the statue, if we moved him to where Routh was standing, instead of behind the statue. I maintain he is a solid 6'3, plus his shoes would put him at 6'4. That makes the statue about 6'5.25. Routh was about 1in smaller than the statue. He was standing about 6'4.25 next to his statue. You can't see his shoe's real well, as he is wearing some kind of boot cut jean. most dress shoe's have a 1.25 in heel, which would put routh at 6'3 barefoot.
Blackmax said on 7/Apr/07
Observing the RobertJ pics of Brandon with the Rock, there maybe a 1 cm difference, with the rock slightly taller. I think the superman actor is 189cm tall 6ft 2.5in tall and the Rock 6ft 2.75in. Hugh Jackman looks 6 ft 2in exactly.
Vegas said on 7/Apr/07
Viper we have a number of pictures of the Rock and now Brandon Routh standing next to their wax work. In the Rock's case he was the same height as his wax work (amazing that) and the real Brandon Routh was roughly ~0.5-1" shorter than the superman wax work due to the big heeled shoes on the wax work. So we know that both the Routh and the Rock wax work are correct height.

Now AAAA's 6'3 friend is shorter in comparison to the Superman wax work than the real Routh himself is; so what does that tell you?
1.AAAA's friend is not legit 6'3 OR
2.Routh is more than you are proclaiming he is, which is 6'2

I tend to go with number 2 seeing as he had over an inch on 6'2 Hugh Jackman and 5" on 5'10 Kevin Spacey.

If the Rock and Routh had not appeared with their wax work then you might have a point; as it is, they have, so you don't have a leg to stand on imo.
Viper said on 7/Apr/07
Vegas, If you actually take those statues seriously then you need your head examined. Take it with a grain of salt.
Vegas said on 6/Apr/07
Viper the real Brandon Routh is standing next to the wax work in 5 photos, so yes we can compare it to the real thing. Put those big heeled superman boots on the real Routh and hey presto both the wax work and Routh would be the same height and this is because madame tussauds physically measured Routh from head to toe for the model.

Stop being so sceptical about everything Viper.
AAAA said on 6/Apr/07
Yeah Viper, I agree with you there. Plus it includes the muscle suit "look" underneath it, so it is somewhat exeragated. See Routh actually next to it puts it in better perspective.
DaMan said on 6/Apr/07
I missed the Superman wax figure display by a week. I was at Madame Tussaud's just before it was debuted, would have loved to have gotten a pic with it.
Viper said on 6/Apr/07
Its just a statue. I wouldnt take it seriously comparing it to real life counterparts.
AAAA said on 6/Apr/07
here is my legit 6'3 230 friend by the statue of Routh the cut out is from the bottom of his lips to the very top of his eyes

Click Here
Vegas said on 6/Apr/07
The heels on that Superman wax work are huge. Superman is the only guy I didn't get a picture of while I was in Madame Tussauds, didn't even stand close to it either ao not a clue on its height. Would have been interesting to see my 6'4 friend near it though. He towered Arnie and was looked taller than Michael Jordan wax work.
RobertJ said on 5/Apr/07
If the statue is to scale, than I'm assuming about 6'4''. The boots give about an inch at least. Here are more photos from the event.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
AAAA said on 5/Apr/07
Hey rob, howcan I post a picture that is saved on my computer, but not on the net
AAAA said on 5/Apr/07
I don't know man. I can't believe how big routh must be. My friend is a freakin TE as southern connceticut and is listed at 6'5 250lbs. He admits the height is bs and he is "only" 6'3 230, but he was noticebly smaller than that statue. He was about 1 ft behind it in the pic, and he was wearing really thin soled shoes, but trust me, he is a MASSIVE guy in person.

Editor Rob
see what I wrote on andre giant page, it should be easy enough to do.
bikagyura said on 5/Apr/07
This guy's gotta be taller than this... I looked at some pictures with him, and Christian Bale barely reached his eye-level, Hugh Jackman looked like 1 and a half inch shorter than him...
DaMan said on 5/Apr/07
How tall is the wax figure? Anybody have any pics with the wax figure?

Click Here
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/07
I think Hugh is 6'2 flat and Routh is 6'2.5. It's hard to tell when they''re seen together coz Routh always wears normal shoes and Hugh wears this soled shoes.
Viper said on 23/Mar/07
I think Hugh and Routh are the exact same height, 6-2 flat.
AAAA said on 21/Mar/07
well I think routh actually has maybe a quater inch to a third of an inch, and if he was in regular dress shoes that could give him another .5 inches for almost a full inch.
And ever since the posture training for Superman, he stands better. Jackman sometimes tends to stick his head foward abit.
RobertJ said on 19/Mar/07
These were posted some time ago which show Routh having a 1/2 inch-1 inch on Hugh but Rob said that Hugh could be wearing thin soled shoes as he sometimes does.

Click Here
Click Here

but now I've found a pic showing Hugh's footwear, they look like trainers and seem to have a little heel.

Click Here
Vegas said on 10/Mar/07
Rock is 6'3, Routh is about 6'2.5 or 6'2.75" I'll stick with Robs figure as usual he seems spot on
J-Dog said on 9/Mar/07
I doubt as many people will try to downgrade him after this recent evidence.
Gotxo said on 9/Mar/07
If the Rock is 6'4" then rout must be shy of 6'3"
RobertJ said on 8/Mar/07
That true rob, he had a movement coach during Superman returns and said because of that he slouches less.
RobertJ said on 8/Mar/07
Yet all evidence points to him being closer to 6'3'' hmmm.

Editor Rob

Routh does have very good posture, he's always got a good stance. Guys like farrell, giammata...when they're 70 they'll have hunchbacks. The folk saying colin is 5ft 40 years they'll be saying 5ft 6!
Viper said on 7/Mar/07
He doesnt look quite as tall as 190. Hes closer to 6-2.
dmeyer said on 7/Mar/07
190 cm seems right
Vegas said on 1/Mar/07
here is a photo of Rock and Routh side by side and Rock 0.5" taller Click Here
Vegas said on 28/Feb/07
Rock's forehead is much bigger than Routh's that is clearly evident from all the other photos you posted.

As for Rock being closer to the camera in that shot I can't see it, both look exactly side by side to me.
RobertJ said on 28/Feb/07
How is it clear? Rock is closer to the camera and you photo shopped Routh's hair higher than it should be on The Rock. Look at that forehead!
Vegas said on 28/Feb/07
Rock has between 0.25" and 0.5" with Routh's hair, pretty clear there
Routh 6'2.5"-6'2.75
Rock 6'3
RobertJ said on 27/Feb/07
Even with Routh's hair, they look the same height.
AAAA said on 26/Feb/07
OKAY...that pic of the rock with rouths haircut is hysterical!!!! photo of the year so far
Viper said on 26/Feb/07
Is that floor even flat? Looks like it tilted yet that is probably the weird camera angle.
RobertJ said on 25/Feb/07
I'm interested in seeing The rock with hair Vegas, I need a good laugh.

Here's another pic, this one slightly better with Rock a bit more back. They still look equal in height and it seems the Rock has a habit of tipping his head back.

Click Here
Vegas said on 25/Feb/07
There is none that Routh is taller, only his hair is taller and they are standing right beside one another in one of those photos (no advantage for Rock etc). Rock has a bigger head that is quite clear. Dont worry I will put Routh's hair on the Rock head when I get a minute to show you how much difference that would actually make.
supes78 said on 25/Feb/07
Hmm. After seeing Routh with the Rock, I have to concede that Routh might be a tad over the 6'2.5" mark he was originally described as. Either that or the Rock is shorter that 6'3", which I just don't beleive. I still wouldn't give Routh the full 6'3" because he clearly has puffier hair than the Rock, but 6'2.75" might be closer to the truth. This is the kind of photographic evidence that I wish more posters here would use to back up their height claims instead of referencing clips from movies or TV.
AAAA said on 25/Feb/07
Well, I was going by his new upgrade... Even with the eyes of a hawk it is hard to pinpoint .25 inches unless you have back to back with close ups of heads
Viper said on 25/Feb/07
I dont see it Vegas. Rock really does look closer to the camera though. Plus its slightly tilted to his favor. I dont know. Couple of those pictures arnt the best to compare because of the angle. Routh's head does look higher up than Rock's. Routh looks a hair taller in 1-2 of the others. If anything they are the same exact height or Routh is quarter of an inch to half inch taller. Rock needed to take a step back to really compare.
Vegas said on 25/Feb/07
Click Here RobertJ and Viper; Rock is clearly taller there by about half an inch, look how much bigger the Rock's forehead is. Routh's 2" hair is putting you guys it seems. I would downgrade Routh to about 6'2.5" actually

If Rock had Routh's big hair, we would be saying the Rock was a clear two inches taller.
Viper said on 25/Feb/07
Routh might be 6-2 1/2 - 6-2 3/4 and Rock 6-2.25. Ive always pegged Routh at 6-2.25 at the very most.
RobertJ said on 25/Feb/07
Really AAAA? Does Brandon look shorter? Although Routh has fuller hair, The Rock is standing closer to the camera and side by side I see Routh w/ a possible .25 inch advantage. I don't know though, either way there pretty much the same.
AAAA said on 24/Feb/07
WHOA.... They look perfectly identical. Brandon may be .25 inches shorter, but their shoulders, chins, and eyes line up perfect
RobertJ said on 23/Feb/07
I find these recent pics of Brandon and The rock very interesting.

First lets observe footwear, more or less the same.
Click Here

Now side by side
Click Here

Click Here

And again
Click Here

You'll notice that The Rock is closest to the camera yet in all the pics they look the same height or Brandon's a smidgen taller. Now based on this, I think rob you gotta either downgrade The rock or upgrade Routh to 6'3''.
ron G the true said on 15/Feb/07
i think back in the day when Routh was listed at 6 foot 2, that was him just trying to fit into that niche. 6 foot 2 sounds good. in truth, i believe him to be 6 foot 3, but that sounds on the large side. i think you nailed his height at 6 foot 2.5

Editor Rob
6ft 2.75 could be closer, that height popped up once
J-Dog said on 21/Jan/07
It's easy to understand why he may appear really huge at times, at 6'3" men tend to look even bigger than their actual height. I noticed the same with professional MMA fighter Josh Barnett.
6'2.5'' JK said on 20/Jan/07
I think 6'2.5'' listing is proper accurate for him, although he can look 6'3'' at times i think 6'2.5'' is bang on.
RobertJ said on 20/Jan/07
ok....? Btw Superman was 6'2'' during the silver age, after the crisis, Byrne upgraded him to 6'3''.
MAYDAY said on 19/Jan/07
In the comics superman was ALWAYS listed at 6'3 and 225lbs. On a few occasions his weight was 235lbs, but Supermans accepted height was always 6'3.
Daman said on 17/Jan/07
I read an interview with Routh where he claimed to be 217 pounds during the filming of SR. He also claimed to to have dropped to around 210 pounds around the time SR was released in theaters, it's believable IMO. The guy seems pretty truthful about his height and weight IMO. He himself has also claimed to be 6'2.5" as well which is also very believable.
RobertJ said on 5/Jan/07
Wizard said he was 6'4'' and 250 pounds. He could very well be legit 6'3'' flat.
Mark said on 5/Jan/07
Brandon Routh looked like he had an above average build, I thought Christopher Reeve was better built during Superman 1,2,and 3. The idea that he is 6'3" and 250lbs is ridiculous, he is smaller than Christopher Reeve was in height and build, probably he was over 200lbs when Superman Returns was filmed.
DaMan said on 2/Jan/07
Routh could be 6'2" flat there. Hard to tell much from that pic though.
supes78 said on 1/Jan/07
Routh definitely had a toned physique but he just wasn't big that's all. He had more of a bicyclist or althletic runner's physique. I'd give him 215 lbs max during the Superman days but no where near the 250 lbs he was once reported as. These days though, he looks postively skinny! Around 180 lbs or so. As for his height, 6'2.5" is again what his own agency lists him as so why argue that he's any taller?

Editor Rob
all the physical workouts gave him another 1/4 inch! 189cm really looks like a nighttime height
Mads said on 18/Dec/06
I met him and he was def. a good foot taller than me (I'm 5'2")
Glenn said on 12/Dec/06
I read 6-3.5 on him.
Ed said on 11/Dec/06
I just watched some of the special features on the Superman Returns dvd, and the documentary on the casting of Routh and his year long transformation into Superman shape is interesting. First off Routh looks every bit 6ft2.5, personally I'd think he was a lot taller at least 6ft3 plus, considering much of the doc covers him training on wires and in the weightroom with nothing but trainers on, not his super heeled boots. Even with just trainers he dwarfs everybody on the set, by a huge margin. I know he's not, but he looks 6ft5ish compared to everyone else. As far as his size, he did wear padding for the suit but they showed it and explained it was pretty thin, and it was just for minor aesthetics. Without the padding, he got pretty big, 220lbs is the number floating around, but if that's the correct weight his body fat% was very low.They say he was a swimmer in high school/college and his build reflects that with a huge back,shoulders,and arms. Even though the movie had some serious weak points, Routh was a great Superman, who scarily at times sounded and looked just like Reeve.
Jordan said on 2/Nov/06
whether Porter is 6'2 or 6'3, he is still much bigger then Brandon. Brandon looks 220 tops as far as weight.
Viper652 said on 27/Oct/06
I agree with your eyewitness Franco, he generally looks 6-2 and nothing over that,
Franco said on 26/Oct/06
yup saw him in Torino 2006 and he had about 2cm shoes and i had the typical 1cm flat, i am 1.93cm aka 6'4 add to that 1cm and i'm 1.94cm and he looked really around 1.90cm and the floor was take off 2cm of his shoes and you get his TRUE height....that's 1.88 cm. period :) he is 6.2
Jason said on 26/Oct/06
Routh has some pretty big lifts in those Superman boots.
Viper652 said on 25/Oct/06
Porter is 6-2 actually.
Jordan said on 24/Oct/06
Your right viper---Joey Porter on the steelers(LB) is 6'3 and 240, He looks much heavier then Brandon does.
THE *TRUE* ANONYMOUS said on 15/Oct/06
I'm a little bit late on this thread, but I have friends who worked on the CGI special FX in Superman Returns, and they say someting like half the shots with Superman are using computer graphics. This one in particular definitely is, I read it in a special FX magazine:
Click Here
So I'd be wary of using film footage for weight and height estimates, I'm sure they'd most likely take some liberties to make some enhancements to make Routh appear bigger than he really is.
supermanfan380 said on 12/Oct/06
Regardless of weight, i am willing to ber that More of Reeves max of 235 was muscle, than Rouths 220. Routh has big hips.

Reeves, circa Superman III, was a big dude, and beleive it or not, pretty assive build too if you look closely.

I think he never got as much credit for his build, because his arms did not propotionaly match the rest of his body. Everything else was big, legs, back, chest, shoulders, he just had "laging arms", frequently amoung even bodybuilders, some people just have parts that do not respond as quickly as others by growing from resistance stimulus. Reeves part just happened to be arms.

I wish they would have found some one his size for the role, much more like the comic book, well except for the laging arms, but these days bodybuilding instructors/trainers are far more knowlagable. If Routh would have trained for 6 months non-stop with a guy like Charles Glass before filming, he would have been 250, but at it was, I dont care if he was 6'6", he still was not 250!
supes78 said on 12/Oct/06
True Routh never claimed to be 6'4" & 250 lbs but he also didn't deny it when the Wizard magazine interviewer referred to him as such.
RobertJ said on 6/Oct/06
Let it be clear that Routh never claimed to be 6'4'' or 250 pounds, that was started by wizard magazine as far as I know. I read an article where Routh stated he was about 220 maximum during the SR shoot and 215 minumum. Het Rob, can you chance the little bio you have of Routh, He already starred in Superman and most sites don't claim more than 6'3'' if that.
Viper652 said on 4/Oct/06
250 pounds is linebacker size in the NFL. Think about that for a second. Those guys are huge, huge monsters of muscle.
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/06
Click Here
anybody know who are the 2 tall men with routh?
Gotxo said on 3/Oct/06
No supes78.
No prob at all with weights, it is fairly related.
That's cool, Brandon looks rake thin, especially if we compare the torsos alone.
No way he can be that 250libs, Reeves looks lika bull and is way under that wheight.
supes78 said on 2/Oct/06
I know this isn't but I have to chime in with my thoughts on the over-inflated 250 pound weight for Routh in 'Returns'. Chris Reeve said in a 1983 interview with Starlog magazine that he'd reached the peak of his bulk while filming Superman III, topping out at 235 lbs. Here is a pic of him from Superman III showing what 235 lbs looks like on a 6'4" frame;

Click Here

Compare that to the alleged 250 lbs on Routh's 6'2.5" frame;

Click Here

Even with Routh sporting a muscle suit & lifts, he simply lacks the mass of somebody even remotely close to 250 pounds. I'd put him at 220 pounds max and around 200 pounds now since he's obviously not working out anymore and looks substantially slimmer.

supermanfan380 said on 1/Oct/06
Ont he subject of Rouths weight, weather he is 6'2" or even 6'4", he does NOT WEIGH any where close to 250, not even 200, unless it is because of bodyfat in his hips. The guy has a effeminate structure.

Sorry, I am of the group that thinks he is way less masculen than a superman actor should be.

To put it in perspective, and BigSHow said it here Arnold, at his heavies contest weight ever, was 245 pounds, but that year he was NOT lean enough to win, and it was not until he cut down to a peeled 235 that he won the Mr.Olympia, in fact his 1975 Mr.Olympia weight was 225 pounds. In Pumping Iron the movie Arnold only weighs 225. Now arnold is around 6 foot. The actual official stats of Superman, from DC comics, is 6'3" and 225 pounds. Reeves was close to the right weight, his arms were a little on the skinny side, some people have laging parts even when they lift weights, but no way is Routh as heavy, muscle wise, as he should have been.

BTW muscle is heavier than fat, but NOT 4 times as heavy. Most people would be shocked at how much of their weight is really fat, even people who look rather lean. As far as superman, he should be ripped. Not the wrong use of the term ripped, some people are cnfused and think is means huge, ripped means very low bodyfat.

The costume looked like garbage too. Sorry, Bryan Sunger went with a subdued color scheme, and raised the neck line, and added a dark leather cape, on a character that that is strong and bold.
Max said on 1/Oct/06
seeing this pictures i would say he is 187cm-189cm barefoot and 190cm-192cm with shoes Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (with his girlfriend)
heightmaster said on 30/Sep/06
Brandon is easily 6'3"! Glenn, have you even seen Superman Returns? Routh towers over everyone in the movie. If you list James Marsden as 5'10"(which I think is very accurate), Routh has at least 5"to 5.5" on Marsden. See Superman Returns!
Joka said on 19/Sep/06
Bana was bigger during Troy than Routh was during SR. Bana's chest/arms/shoulders were huge, much larger than Rouths.
RobertJ said on 16/Sep/06
I dont believe Bana was bigger than Routh. Brandon has a hourglass upperbody so it makes him looks smaller and diproportionally to his lowerbody but his arms were pretty big. Wellings upper body is probably bigger than Rouths but has smaller arms.
DaMan said on 13/Sep/06
caligula, Bana was FAR larger in Troy than Routh was in SR or currently, although I don't believe Bana to be over 6'2". Regardless of what you believe, Welling has a larger frame than Routh.
Dan said on 10/Sep/06
In Superman Returns Louis and her husband are discussing the issue of Clark maybe being Superman. Her husband says something along the lines of "How tall is Superman?" Louis says "6'4" (remember that's the height Christopher Reeve was, and what he said in the original Superman movie when Louis is interviewing him). Anyway her husband then says "How tall do you think Clark is?" and Louis says "around 6'3 maybe 6'4". I know it's a line in a movie, and not very reliable, just throwing it out there. Also when Routh is Superman, he is wearing those super boots which must have at least 2 inch heal on them, maybe more those were some serious boots, so he may be taller when he is Superman, but note when Routh is Clark in the movie, he still towers over everyone when he is wearing normal shoes.
316 said on 3/Sep/06
Whats this Why cant we all agree, keeping Brandon's weight aside, that he is infact 6'2.5-6'3.
caligula said on 1/Sep/06
While the 250lbs. seem to be a bit much it's not really so unreasonable, but he has the 220 for sure. Just think of Eric Bana as Hector, he is around the same height as Routh and had around 225 lbs. if I remeber correctly.
Furthermore, don't forget that legs are a really heavy part of the body and Mr. Routh has a really powerful pair of those.
btw. I don't believe that Welling is of a stouter build, actually I would say that he is a bit slighter than Mr. Routh - and believe me I really looked close ^_~
DaMan said on 28/Aug/06
Routh weighs no where near 250 lbs. I can say that with 100% confidence because I am almost *exactly* the same height and build as Routh. I am 6'3" and 205 pounds, Routh *may* have 10 lbs. on me but I doubt it since the camera usually adds weight not robs it. Welling could be up to 220 pounds, since he is of a slightly stouter build than Routh is.
Viper652 said on 28/Aug/06
I actually read where they had to pad his suit to make him look bigger. Id say he was 200 pounds in the movie, but 250 pounds is just laughable.
RobertJ said on 27/Aug/06
Here's a few pics of Routh in the suit, you can see how massive his legs are, I think a lot of the "220" he claims comes from his lower body.

Click Here
Click Here
Big Show said on 27/Aug/06
RobertJ, to me 6'3 ain't that tall. I'm 6'0.5 and I weigh 185 lbs and Routh isn't that much bigger than me. I'll admit he's got a bigger upperbody than me, but my legs are bigger than his, so I doubt that this guy weighs almost 40 lbs more than me. A guy at my gym claims to be 220 lbs (he's 6 feet tall) and he's a lot more muscular than Brandon Routh I can tell you that.
250 lbs for a guy who's 6'3 is humungous. If he were 6'10 or something I could believe a 250 lbs claim.
If I compare Routh to the people I've mentioned (Christopher Reeve and Kevin Sorbo) I just don't see him to be in the same weight class as those two. Maybe Routh was 220 lbs at his peak, but he didn't weigh this much during the filming of Superman.
RobertJ said on 27/Aug/06
He's not that tall big show? The guy is nearly 6'3'' and he's easily more than 200 pounds. He has mentioned he was around 220 at his peak in an interview, I'll post a link when I have time.
Big Show said on 24/Aug/06
250 lbs for Brandon Routh is downright ridiculous. Even Schwarzenegger was never this big during competition. His max weight was 245 lbs (probably 265 off season). If you would put a young Arnold next to Brandon Routh, Arnold would make Brandon look like a toothpic.
Christopher Reeve was 6'4 and 220 lbs during the filming of Superman and he's also more massive than Routh. Routh looks around 195 lbs to me. He's not that tall or massive. Compare Routh with Kevin Sorbo from Hercules. During his peak he was 215 lbs (with a height of 6'3). Sorbo is also a lot more massive than Routh.
Viper652 said on 23/Aug/06
You think he weighs a staggering 250 pounds?? You must think I weigh 230 then lol. Hes no more than 200 Max. If he was a legit 250 pounds mostly muscle, he would look like a NFL linebacker. NFL linebackers would dwarf him.
andrea said on 17/Aug/06
I think he could easily weigh 250. My cousin is 6 foot something and he's 225 and he looks scrawny. Mucles weighs 4 times more than fat people- he may not "look" 250 but he probably is.
Superman said on 11/Aug/06
You know being too tall can make you lose a million dollar part. I think most people agree he is about six foot three. My brother works at an airport, and my bro is 6'2''--he said Brandon was atleast an inch taller than him. But definitely taller. He is taller than Hugh Jackman, and I know Jackman is over 6'2".
Kal-El said on 9/Aug/06
I agree with 316 Routh deifinitely 6'3 coz he was much taller than chrissy bale in the mtv movie wards wen deyr on stage and bale is supposed to be 6'2
316 said on 28/Jul/06
I also believe Brandon is more 6'3 than 6'2, whetever he appears to be in the movie is kinda deceiving coz of the big lifts he wears when in the "SUPERMAN" mode, otherwise as Clark kent with normal footwear, he still looks in the 6'3 range.
Viper652 said on 25/Jul/06
That could be true anony but most of the sightings Ive read on this guy say he only looks 6-2 in person.
Anony said on 24/Jul/06
Honestly, in the countless pictures and videos I've seen him in, I can't see Brandon Routh any shorter than 6'3". I agree with what many people say, that he probably downplayed his height to 6'2.5" to get the more "in" male modeling height of 6'2". Markus Schenkenberb does this, claims he's 6'2", when he's really 6'4". Tyson Beckford might of as well. Tall female models like 6' Elle MacPherson or Nadja Auermann (also 6') claim they're 5'11", to be closer to the "in" height for female models which is 5'10".

At one point, when Routh was an unknown soap-actor, him and his agent were probably marketing him to be a more generic "all-american" boy acting roles a la Richard Gere, Bruce Willis, etc.. but after he landed Superman, he probably wanted to maintain the heroic iconic height.
KalEl said on 22/Jul/06
According to the Official Superman Returns movie guide, Brandon Routh is 74-3/4" tall. The character Superman has always been listed by D.C. comics as 6'03" tall and 225 lbs. Fyi...
Louie John Buluran said on 22/Jul/06
He is 6 ft 3 with 2 inches heel that makes him 6 ft 5
Stalmannen said on 22/Jul/06
When Brandon was interviewed by our local showbiz host, he said he stands 6'3".
supes78 said on 12/Jul/06
I think Routh's reason for listing himself as 6'2" originally was that he didn't think he'd become a big action star, especially from one movie. Now he or some of his publicists have upped his height to as much as 6'4", but his official bio stated he is 6'2.5", which he looks in photos without odd camera angles.
Larry said on 12/Jul/06
Gotxo - Thanks man! :-) I don't even want to THINK about what some of my collectables would be worth now!!! Mom was "just cleaning up"!
Gotxo said on 11/Jul/06
Sorry i tried to write: "i can`t tell" (awfull typing) meaning that an estimation up to a half an inch accuracy is hard to achive. He looks what you say.
I was only wondering why he didn't stated that from the begining, another modelling issue?
Gotxo said on 11/Jul/06
Sorry for that of your comics, my best friend had an almost complete collection of spiderman, his father threw it to the trash and smoked almost a whole package of tobbaco until the trash truck arrived (preventing a rescue op from his son).
Bad califications at exams :(

Very good photo indeed, showing feet and all. Some have Spacey @ 5'9", to me him
hardly can be under that. So yeah, anyway Routh looks on 6'2" range there (his nose over Spacey's head-tip). I can tell with such precision as a 1/2" but don't rule it out.
The question is why so an unhumble guy advertised first as 6'2" and later exactly as tall as Tom Welling's advertised height, Rob?
Larry said on 11/Jul/06
Gotxo - Not an eminence, but I bought a lot of DC and Marvel comics (Dell too). I also had an extensive FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND collection. Sadly, my Mom threw MOST of my comics out while I was at college! :-(
George Reeves was 6'1", but there WAS a guy who played Superman in two-reel episodes that that showed as a serial in thearters. His name is on the tip of my tongue!??? In fact, George Reeves FIRST played Superman in a film called SUPERMAN & THE MOLE MEN. Superman was my hero. I even tried to fly off our bunk beds once & chipped a tooth. :-)
supes78 said on 10/Jul/06
Check out this dead-on pic of Routh with 5'9.5" Kevin Spacey and it's clear that Routh really is 6'2.5" tall;

Click Here
Gotxo said on 10/Jul/06
Hey, you're an eminence at comics too?
Yeah, i've read also 6'3" and 220 pounds but in a 5 years old or so comic, so it's right. I think the first actor who played him was 6'1" (as the second).
Apparently his super robes didn't stand the gun shot from the mafia LMAO.
Larry said on 10/Jul/06
Gramps - Good point about Clark Kent vs. Superman. In fact, the whole Superman costume was reconceptualized (darker colors, higher emblem). I just can't see this guy being under 6'2". He's pretty much "an unknown", so WHY cast an actor who is "too short" to play Superman? Doesn't add up. Superman was RARELY described in the comics, but I can think of two instances (in the 50's/60's) when his height was "listed" as 6'2" and 6'3". His weight was only mentioned once (that I recall) and that was 220 pounds (in the comic books). Reeve was a bit larger at 6'4" and beefed up to 225 pounds. I think I read Routh had to "hit the weights" too. :-)
Gramps said on 9/Jul/06
Here's Routh looking about four inches taller than Joe Torre, who was listed as 6'1" or 6'2" in his playing days:
Click Here
Gramps said on 9/Jul/06
A couple errant comments:
1) The mention of a screen character's height in a film (or on TV) is just the musing of a writer, and does not necessarily have a basis in fact regarding the actor himself.
2) Although Superman's boots were indeed huge, the Clark Kent character also towered over everyone.
supes78 said on 7/Jul/06
Since when is watching a movie a good way to tell a person's height?!? That's where strategic camera angles, raised platforms & shoe lifts are employed the most. Just look at the lifts on Routh's boots;

Click Here

The lifts were blatantly obvious in the film too as there were quite a lot of close-ups of his boots, like when Lois took off her shoes and placed her feet top of his. The 6'4" height they touted in the film was Chris Reeve's establised height from the first movie so they kept it for consistency. But Routh himself really is 6'2.5" tall as stated by his own agents.
mm said on 6/Jul/06
in superman returns movie, lois and richard estimated his height and they said it's 6'4" to 6'3".. i thought it was accurate and so i assumed that kate bosworth is 5'8"... if kate is 5'5" then brandon is about 6'1" to 6'2"...
Larry said on 6/Jul/06
Saw SUPERMAN RETURNS yesterday. To me, Brandon looks the same height as Frank Langella, so 6'3" is probably about right.
Viper652 said on 5/Jul/06
Even in the movie they said he was 6-3, 6-4.
Jaws said on 2/Jul/06
I believe Brandon is at least 6'3", and most likely in between 6'3" and 6'4". Next to Hugh Jackman he looks at least two inches taller and Jackman is listed at 6'2" to 6'2.5"
Derick said on 30/Jun/06
Brandon does look huge, at leas 6'2 maybe even 6'5 but i see him about 6'3-6'4 range,but he's not 250 pounds, i say at the most he weighs 235 pounds
kenji toyokawa said on 30/Jun/06
this guy looks more like 6ft3.5(1.92m)tall most of the time..
Anthony said on 24/Jun/06
I saw pics of Bale backstage with Roth (and Kate Bosworh) at The MTV Movie Awards, and Roth looks HUGE. He looks 6'5 or so. Bale comes up to his nose. Either Bale's shorter than 6' or Routh is bigger than he seems.

Click Here
Mr_Tea said on 24/Jun/06
states in this article he is 191cm (6ft3):

Click Here
Viper652 said on 23/Jun/06
Routh looks no taller then 6-2 in most pics, and most of the sightings Ive rad for him are just a flat 6-2.
Ed said on 22/Jun/06
Thanks My2Cents, he does look easily 6ft3, hard angle to judge by, but Routh was looking quite a bit taller than Letterman, who's usually taller than most of his guests.
J-Dog said on 22/Jun/06
I think Routh like Tom Welling is pretty much 6'3", but are slightly under-listed. Look how big he looks near David Letterman and look how big Tom Welling looks near Carson Daly.
patrick said on 22/Jun/06
Either C.Bale is really 6' and in this case, B.Routh is MORE than 3 inches taller than him and reaches 6' 4''...OR "Batman" is less than that and Brandon cannot be less than 6'3'.
As simple as that! Really, it's obvious.
Remember how Bale is dwarfed by Liam Neeson; quite like H.Ford. So, C. Bale may not be 6'.
I don't have watched "sup.returns" yet but we all know how tall is F.Langella: 6'3'' (minimum): how does Brandon look next to him?
My2Cents said on 22/Jun/06
Hey Ed, yessiree, here's da clip:
Click Here

If Dave is about 6'1.5", Routh seemed about 6'3" to me, in the very brief instant they shook hands and sat down ...
Ed said on 21/Jun/06
Anybody see Routh on Letterman last night, I missed it, too busy with the NBA finals? I'm interested in how he matched uo next to Letterman.
supes78 said on 10/Jun/06
Yeah, I used to think he was right at 6'2", but I'd say he's 6'2.5" like his bio states now that I've seen more of him. But 6'3" or more is just not plausible.
supes78 said on 10/Jun/06
Routh's official bio released by his agents states that he is 6’2 ½" so I don't know why some people think he's 6'3". If anything, agents typically exaggerate the size of an actor, especially one in an action movie. Routh's official bio can be found here;

Click Here

Editor Rob
he's not shorter than 189cm for sure, beside the racing driver coulthard and the other 5ft 11.5 racing driver, if he has 1cm more in his footwear then 189cm is what he looks
funkmonk said on 9/Jun/06
Looks easily 3+ inches taller than Bale. Perhaps Bale is less than 6 foot after all.
Salsero04 said on 8/Jun/06
I just watched Routh accept his award on the MTV Movie Awards, where that photo with Christian Bale was taken. That picture is slightly deceptive. I think Routh was slouching a bit. When the camera showed both of them full body, it looked more like 4 inches possibly 5 between them. I think Routh really is just under 6'3", but I don't think Bale is 6 ft. He's never looked it to me. I think he's between 5'10" and 5'11". But unless Routh was wearing lifts there's no way Bale is over 6 ft, even marginally. That would make Routh somewhere between 6'4" and 6'6".
RobertJ said on 7/Jun/06
I posted this in Bales page, Brandon is leaning but he looks a solid 3 inches taller. Click Here
Jason said on 7/Jun/06
Bales standing closer to the camera so there probably is 2, maybe 2 1/2 inches there. Agree probably not 3, though.
supes78 said on 6/Jun/06
Here's the photo I was talking about of Routh with Bale;

Click Here
supes78 said on 4/Jun/06
My bad, it looks like they moved the photo. Rob, I just emailed you the pic of Routh with Bale so maybe you can upload it to your site.

Editor Rob
numerous pics on getty of them...
supes78 said on 4/Jun/06
Although we can't see their footwear, the difference in height between 6ft Christian Bale and Routh doesn't strike me as being a full 3 inches;

Click Here
Billy Joe said on 30/May/06
Saw the guy at a convention when he and Bryan Singer spoke about the upcoming Superman Movie. I'm an even 6' and he was a few inches taller than me, I'm guessing a hair over 6'3". He's definitely not 250 lbs, a more accurate number would be around 220-225.
Jason said on 22/May/06
He's either 6'2'' or 6'2 1/2''.
RobertJ said on 21/May/06
I still say he's 6'2.5'', the pic of him and Hugh prove that IMO. I'm willing to go to 6'3'' but that's probably with footwear.
Jason said on 21/May/06
I agree. A guy I know is a legit 6'4'' and (a solid) 252lbs yet makes Routh look like a garden weed. 250? Try 215 lol.
The Man said on 20/May/06
Dude is a solid 6'2" w/o shoes which is really pretty tall, most people who claim to be 6'2" usually are exaggerating or factoring in a boost from regular shoes.

He's not remotely close to 250, absolute max of around 220.

The real thing Brandon is missing is Chris Reeves' huge neck, it made Reeves look a lot thicker than he really was.
Viper652 said on 19/Apr/06
The 250 pounds listed for Routh is laughable. That is like NFL linebacker big. He doesnt look that at all.
Superman said on 26/Mar/06
Christian Bale, in every scene with Morgan Freeman was atleast 2 inches shorter. But I think Morgan Freeman is taller than 6'2", afro not included. Hugh Jackman is listed at 6' 21/2" and Brandon was well over an inch taller, and he slouches too, like a Superman we all know and love (RIP).

p.s Christopher Reeve is Superman, always and forever, and 6'4".

Editor Rob
don't forget Jackman is hit and miss whether he wears 1cm trainers or not...when he does, even LL Cool J looks taller!
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/06
Another pic taken at Showest (16/03/2006): Click Here
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/06
Routh appears to be slightly taller than Hugh Jackman: Click Here

Editor Rob
yep, he looks solid 6ft 3, but, the thing with Jackman - what is he wearing, he's been known to wear those 1cm type trainers at events and will look 2-3cm shorter (i.e like he did with ll cool j). If he's normal footwear then Routh really is 6ft 3 range!
LSD said on 16/Mar/06
He isn't 6'4", but definitely 6'2" or 6'3"
J.J.F said on 24/Jan/06
"Yeah, because to go from 6 to 6'2" you add 40 lbs

...Think again."

Having looked at it again I think you're right (assuming you're claiming that Routh can't be 250lbs, as your counterargument was very brief and rather poorly constructed...)
Anyhow. Routh's mass looks closer to say 225, maybe 230lbs. I don't think he's under 6'2" however.
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/06
'Routh's 250lbs on a 6'2.5" frame look correct also from the Superman pics I've seen.'

Yeah, because to go from 6 to 6'2" you add 40 lbs

...Think again.
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/06
I met the guy a few years ago in LA when he was on One Life to Live, and I have to admit, he isn't 6'4". I'm 6 feet tall and he was not that much taller than I am. My dad is 6'3" and he was a a bit taller than Routh. The problem was that Wizard magazine said he was 6'4" 250 lbs and that is not the case. He's more like 6'2" 215 lbs.
Brandon Routh said on 17/Jan/06
Hi My name Brandon and im 6"4
supes78 said on 17/Jan/06
Routh has been listed as 6'2" since his acting career started. He's suddenly jumped up a couple of inches just to make him more "Superman-esque". The fact is Teri Hatcher even in high heels would still be only 5'8" or 5'9" max. Routh in shoes would be around 6'3" making it a 6 inch difference between the two of them which is exactly what it looks like in the following pic;
Brett said on 17/Jan/06
Come to think of it he dwarfed Terri Hatcher in the Golden globes when they prsented together , by what seemed like a full head above her, and she is 5'6" plus a good 2-3 inch heel. Did you see it Rob? He looked HUGE!
Brett said on 17/Jan/06
He really looked tall on the golden globes, I definitely belive that hes easily 6'2.5" or more, I thought more when I saw him on the GGs
wizard said on 7/Jan/06
He doesn´t look like he´s 6"2" in all the pictures, maybe he is taller, you can´t blame his heels, that would only work if the rest were barefoot´d
J.J.F said on 2/Jan/06
"He is probably 6-2 but not 250lbs, Routh looks skinny. Christian Bale is 6'2" and 210lbs, looked a lot more built than Routh"

Bale is without doubt closer to 6' than 6'2" which makes 210lbs look right for him in Batman - Routh's 250lbs on a 6'2.5" frame look correct also from the Superman pics I've seen.

I've trained/weighed/conditioned plenty of people and those are very believable numbers based on height/weight to physique comparisons i.m.o
RobertJ said on 31/Dec/05
I would guesstimate he's between 6'2''-6'3''. So the height listed is very accurate IMO. Routh standing next to marsden, he's got a good 3-4 inches on him.
Mike said on 31/Dec/05
He is probably 6-2 but not 250lbs, Routh looks skinny. Christian Bale is 6'2" and 210lbs, looked a lot more built than Routh.
kenshin said on 30/Dec/05
no way in hell he's 6'4 thatz just crazy 6'2 yeah but 6'4 no i think thatz cuz he wears really big boots in the superman movie.

Editor Rob
yeah, In costume this guy WILL look 6ft 4, no doubt. Those boots have super-lifts!
Wellingfan said on 17/Dec/05
There are pics of him with with Joe Torre, who claims he is 6'2'', and Routh towers over him. There's no way Torres is 6'2'', if not, Routh is bigger. here it is:
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/05 has an exert from the Wizard Magazine interview with Routh in which it states, "At 6-foot-4 and nearly 250 pounds, Brandon Routh never perceived himself as too small for anything." So, as predicted earlier, Routh has suddenly jumped up two inches to equal Chris Reeve's height. said on 2/Dec/05
BR's agent spoke to USA Today when his casting was announced and said he's 6'2.5".
One of the "Superman Returns" screenwriters, Dan Harris, was interviewed by E! where he said BR is 6'3".
supes78 said on 25/Nov/05
I wouldn't be surprised if this guy gets upgraded to 6'3.5" by the time "Superman Returns" comes out.

Editor Rob
...with Josh Duhamel who himself insists 'I'm 6ft 3'
Kenshin said on 21/Nov/05
if i remeber corretcly they never had 6'3 here before
Kenshin said on 20/Nov/05
either he is shorter or James is taller...

Editor Rob
I think it's too hard to tell exact differences in that photo
supes78 said on 9/Oct/05
Here's an even better look at those lifts on Superman's boots:

There's definitely 2 to 3 inches of extra height on those soles.
Kenshin said on 20/Sep/05
i think they changed him from 6'2 to 6'2.5 so that he could be like tom's height
Cycklops said on 30/Jul/05
Routh came to the place where I work a couple days ago. 6'2" is just about right.
J.J.F said on 18/Jul/05
I saw Routh on Will & Grace next to 5'11 Sean Hayes, standing up straight next to one another, and he had at least 3" on him. Might be just a little over 6'2"
MD said on 5/Jul/05
Why would you go up to 6' 2.5" from 6'2" knowing that actors more often than not exaggerate their height by an inch? If anything, simply put the 6'2" he claims and work from there. I find that you are far too generous sometimes. ;)

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