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6ft 2.7in (189.7cm)
joe 193cm night said on 21/Jun/15
Jason says on 12/Jun/15
Rob, who do you think would be taller between him and Chris Hemsworth?
yes, chris would measure a little highClick Here
joe 193cm night said on 17/Jun/15
it seems to work very well in some posture photos
Andrea said on 15/Jun/15
Rob, he actually looks max 6'2 with those two guys, do you think he was dropping some height during the photoshoot? Strange because he generally looks a guy with a great posture...
[Editor Rob: actually the 5ft 11.5ish guy recognised me as my face was 'everywhere', I've no idea what site he visiting but then once you put photos up on the web you have to realise they can be shown anywhere without much care!
I would be surprised if Routh wasn't standing decent with those guys, although Dr Who fan (who typically wears converse) as part of the peter davison 'cosplay' always has (mostly) a great pose in photoshoots I've seen him take.]
Modeus said on 13/Jun/15
I doubt hugh jackman has ever been a true 6 ft 2 guy
Jason said on 12/Jun/15
Rob, who do you think would be taller between him and Chris Hemsworth?
[Editor Rob: I think Hemsworth would edge him. ]
Andrea said on 11/Jun/15
Rob, would you have given to him if you didn't meet him? I mean, if you compare him to the other guys on here, he really can look a big 6'3! He looks at least as tall as The Rock (in some pictures he actually looks taller), he looked a solid inch taller than Hugh Jackman, when he was only 38, so still near his peak! if you wanna be coherent, you should list him 6'3.25! Of course, he's not that tall though. I think he's just a solid 6'2.5, as listed!
[Editor Rob: possibly 6ft 2.75...I think he has a good physique and posture, I would say 6ft 2.5 could be his after tea height, he may well be 6ft 2.75 at lunch range.

Remember he was 'outgunned' by a Dr Who fan who again I saw this weekend up close and I'd guess him in 6ft 2.5-3 range Click Here. The other thumb beside him is a guy I spoke to actually a few times recently and that guy is about 181-2.]
joe 193cm night said on 3/Jun/15
bad angle and ended 6'2.5
Andrea said on 3/Jun/15
Well, if you wanna believe in a 6'2 "peak" Hugh Jackman (that picture was taken in 2006, so i doubt Hugh had lost any height), Brandon does look a big 6'3 guy at least, yeah... But i dont think he's more than his listing! Good chance 189 is his low, though. A big 189 is what i think he'd measure!
OneNamePlease said on 30/May/15
189 night
out of bead nearly 6'3.25
joe 193cm night said on 22/May/15
I have routh 189cm strong but Momoa prace aprnas 6'3.5 beside himClick Here
Aza said on 16/May/15
Brandon does look 190 cm but maybe it's the hair. He does look genuinely taller than Dwayne Johnson.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/15
Rob, maybe 190cm is closer?

I think he'd be similar to Welling.
[Editor Rob: he would be that height for a part of the day but I think he drops to 189, but then that is his low.]
Hypado said on 13/May/15
Brandon Routh's height is 6ft 2.5in (189 cm)

A strong 188 cm and a weak 189 cm guy.
Andrea said on 30/Apr/15
Noway 6'3.5 or even 6'3... He's clearly shorter than the 191.5 challenger with Rob! I can buy a solid 6'2.5, though... I don't think he'd be under 189 if measured!
joe 193cm night said on 30/Apr/15
Aswin MK,Rob, already showed the difference between 191.7 cm measured face Brandon is much shorter
[Editor Rob: Routh I think is still a solid enough 6ft 2.5 guy, he may well measure 6ft 3.4-5 range out of bed.
In person he was nearer the 6ft 2.25 guys height rather than the 6ft 3 3/8ths guys height.
Aswin MK said on 28/Apr/15
I am sorry but I am afraid Rob is a bit off the mark with the 6 foot 2.5 inch prediction here. Brandon looks a solid 6 foot 3 not a weak 6 foot 3 as some people mention here.

The height difference between Rob and Brandon Routh in this picture is the same between me and my brother. He is a tall 6 foot 2(2ish+) and I am around 5 foot 7 inches. I have actually measured his height from the tip of the nose to the top of his head and guess what the measurement was 7.5 inches. So, if Rob is 5 foot 8 as he claims, I am adding a minimum 6.5-7 inches here (Don't believe me, find a similar size person and measure yourself. The height comes close to 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 3.5. I can safely say Brandon is a strong 6 foot 3 inches and perhaps half an inch above.
joe 193cm night said on 10/Apr/15
Click Here
pablo77bar said on 28/Mar/15
This guy give the impression of weak 6ft 3
alhths said on 26/Mar/15
in the arrow show ,he seems 6'3
Josh said on 19/Mar/15
He's looking 6'3 in that photo with you. He looks like a big 6'3 dude.
nayhole said on 19/Mar/15
Honestly thought this guy was much bigger the 6'2 more like 6'6 years ago because he towered over everyone but now i am thinking hes 6'3
joe 193cm night said on 19/Mar/15
Guy Henrydefinitely is 3cm higher,rob that shift was taken the photo the night or afternoon?
[Editor Rob: both afternoon I believe.]
joe 193cm night said on 11/Mar/15
rob, make a mounting challenge with the number 5 Brandon Routh
joe 193cm night said on 10/Mar/15
Andrea, the picture was also taken very closely increased the brandon high
Andrea said on 8/Mar/15
I know, that's why i said Zach might actually edge him out, barefoot... But i'm not so sure there would be almost an inch between them! Brandon has high shoulders so he could appear taller than he is at times... Zach looks a weak 6'3 next to Rob and Jared Padalecki!
joe 193cm night said on 7/Mar/15
Andrea, Brandan has the advantage footwearClick Here
joe 193cm night said on 7/Mar/15
Andrea, the Routh shoes gave him a considerable ilpulso, but I agree 6'3 flat for zachary
Andrea said on 6/Mar/15
Joe, i saw Chuck and saying "he was noticeably less than Zachary Levi" is just BS! They actually look quite similar and Brandon can look taller than him, but Zach has less shoes in most of the episodes so maybe Zach might edge him out, nothing "noticeable" though. I still doubt Zach would be 0.75 inches taller than him!
joe 193cm night said on 5/Mar/15
another dumb guy giving wrong information you did not see Chuck Zachary was higher
Jonathan said on 3/Mar/15
Routh is bigger than 6'2.5" more like 6'4", he seems a bit bigger than his Chuck co-star Zachary Levi who is 6'3". My most educated guess would be 6'3.5".
Click Here
joe 193cm night said on 23/Feb/15
Arch Stanton you did not see Chuck he was noticeably less than Zachary Levi
Arch Stanton said on 21/Feb/15
Well he's tall enough to get away with claiming 6 ft 3 put it that way.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Feb/15
Rob who looked taller in person, Brandon Routh or Jack Coleman?
[Editor Rob: hard to say, I think it would be interesting to measure them both.]
Judd said on 22/Jan/15
Perfect example of a 6'2.5" guy!
Tunman said on 1/Jan/15
Another example of the perfect pic,Rob,it seems that both of you stand at quite optimal posture.I mean you reach slightly over his nose which would be like a solid 16cm for a head probably near 24cm.Am I wrong?
[Editor Rob:
Unfortunately I can't photograph myself, but this is as close to ideal.

Lebensdorf said on 21/Dec/14
No, I really think he looks 6'3 here.
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 8/Dec/14
I correct one of my statements:Akshay is about 2.5in shorter than brandon.
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 8/Dec/14
Hi Rampage,my american friend met brandon routh in philadelphia comic con and she comes upto my eyebrows.She has an autographed pic with brandon where she is like 2 to 2.5in shorter than him.She is a solid 181-182cms and claims that they had about equal footwear.He doesn't look over 6ft 2 with her.If he is slouching a little bit or she is tip towing who knows.Unfortunately she refused to share the pic.Personally I would say he is definitely more than 6ft 2.Even with bollywood star akshay kumar who is about my friend's height,he was 2.5 to 3 taller than brandon the movie Kambakkht ishq.You can check this video.You can skip to 1:20 and at 1:45 to see their height comparison.
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Dec/14
Not under 189-90cm.
joe said on 1/Dec/14
hairstyle it is too bulky 189 cm seem quite right
lolo said on 6/Feb/13
looks 6'4 (193cm)
Mikey T said on 31/Jan/13
Yeah he looks 6'3". My dad's 6'3" and I'm 5'8" and that's how I look next to my dad
thinker said on 26/Jan/13
solid 190 cm for brandon
maybe upgrade rob?
Greg said on 25/Jan/13
Looks legitimate.
Nils said on 22/Jan/13
Should be upgraded to 190cm
Alex said on 19/Jan/13
I think he is closer to 190 cm.
TheMan said on 6/Jan/13
I think he is more of a 6'3. You look very short next to him, and you are not short Rob. I don't think his hair is the case here.
Lo sgozzatore said on 29/Dec/12
Rob, did he really look shorter than Zachary Levi? There are a lot of pics of them together and he just doesnt look shorter, but likely taller
[Editor Rob: they are pretty close, but levi wore chucks a lot on his show.]
Aragorn 5'11 said on 22/Dec/12
6'2.5 in the morning
6'2.25 in the day
6'2 before bed
Rikashiku said on 21/Dec/12
Looks 6'3" but that may be due to the hair.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/12
Probably between 6ft2.5-6ft3 like Tom Welling
jasper186cms said on 19/Nov/12
Solid 6ft 2.5..can be 6ft 3 as well.
James said on 15/Nov/12
6'2.75. Looked very close too 6'3 rock.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 12/Nov/12
Based on this picture alone, I would say around 6,3. Closer to 6,3 than 6,2 is probably the case. I mean if you compare this photo to 6,4 listed jason momoa he looks around the same height. I always get him mixed up with Tom Welling....
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 28/Oct/12
Would be interesting to see a pic of him next to Tom Welling, I believe Welling would edge him a little.
The Exorcist said on 28/Oct/12
I'm seeing 6'3" in the photo with Rob.
Lo sgozzatore said on 21/Oct/12
Rob, in person did he look taller than the challenger who is 189?
[Editor Rob: pretty close I think, but I've seen the challenger look 188cm aswell because he does night shifts and I caught him for that challenge in his 'morning' time.]
Lo sgozzatore said on 13/Oct/12
Because your height is your low :)
Vegas said on 3/Sep/12
Alex says on 31/Aug/12
Hes at least a solid 6'2.25. I wouldn't go under that for him

he measures up almost identical to rob how 189cm challenger 5 did Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think the 189 is probably his low]
Alex said on 31/Aug/12
Hes at least a solid 6'2.25. I wouldn't go under that for him
Henrik said on 24/Aug/12
With 6'4" Brandon Molale:

Click Here
navy said on 12/Aug/12
as a teenage . I have a dream that i would be 6feet long in future , i m really impressed at mr , routh's height , really by heart
patrick said on 12/Aug/12
sure he is 6' doubt for me. Rob is not that short with 5'8 and he really looks so here. almost 7 inches between them, probably 6.5 or so.
Joel said on 3/Aug/12
looks closer to 6'3"
Hob said on 28/Jul/12
6'2.5 was pretty accurate. he look about 1.5 inches on 6'1 barack obama. brandon routh was at least 6'2 and 220lb?
matt789 said on 26/Jul/12
he looks defintley 6 foot 3 to me mabye even taller
aaronious said on 1/Jan/12
yeah, Brendan routh hass really swollen up since this picture.. hes muscular as **** now
Nils said on 30/Dec/11
I think he can measure close enough to 6'3 to claim it ;)
189-190 is fine
Ras_ said on 29/Dec/11
Sorry for the double post,I ment the weakest would be 188,so 188.5/189cm. sounds pretty accurate.
Ras_ said on 29/Dec/11
Maybe if he stood up straight as the 6'1.5 dude he would be a bit taller but my guess is that hes nothing more than 187.5/188.5 bf,without the big hair.
Clay said on 13/Dec/11
Thats how 6'3 stacks up to 5'8.25, no?
ChiasmataX said on 13/Dec/11
@Ryan nah, he looked taller because of his muscular frame and his hairstyle, knock both of them of and he will look as tall as the 186.8cm guy from height challenge.
Ryan said on 4/Dec/11
he does look significantly, taller than you, ROB. id give him 191 as he claims.
xyz.reg(186cms-187cms) said on 3/Dec/11
@Rob With the challenger 8 he barely looks about an inch taller..your height challenges have surely helped u and as well as others to judge pics more accurately..i don't know why did i get the illusion of 6ft 3in from this pic..he is definitely shorter than that..!!
ChiasmataX said on 22/Nov/11
Much more accurate listing compare to other legit 188cm guy on this site. Usually they are listed at 6 feet 3 or 6 feet 4 (like Jim Parrack).
johno said on 21/Nov/11
It looks pretty likely that the 189cm would be the tallest. The thing is, he's 189cm with a 5'8.2 rob, what about a 5'8 rob?
johno said on 21/Nov/11
Another thing, with someone of robs skull length, the distance between skull top and nose tip is near 6.25 inches. Thats probably average of a 9.5 inch skull. Robs head reach's the 189cm challengers nose tip, with routh, robs head reaches the nose but slightly higher up and routh has a shorter nose then the challenger, all these minor differences could make the difference between a 6'2.5 evening height and 6'2 or slightly shorter. I would love a direct comparison.
johno said on 21/Nov/11
Vegas says on 21/Nov/11
johno says on 19/Nov/11
Infact, doesn't hardly any noticable height over the 6'1.5, challenger. 6'1.75 could be his max evening height.

what about the other challenger who came out 189cm, him and routh come out pretty much exact same height next to rob Click Here
Well with challenger 8 he does look fractionally taller then his 6'1.5 height but not 1 inch. But with the 189cm challenger, yeh routh comes close but note, rob is listed 5'8.2 there not like, 5'8 like here and i believe the challenger might have slightly more height on rob as compared to routh. All these differences could add upto 0.75 inch but not definent. Routh could be a weak 6'2 in the evening, rather then a, 6'1.75 but it would be interesting for an exact comparison between challenger 8, brandon routh and the 189cm challenger.
Alex said on 21/Nov/11
Min 6'2.25, max 6'2.75. Most likely 6'2.5
Vegas said on 21/Nov/11
johno says on 19/Nov/11
Infact, doesn't hardly any noticable height over the 6'1.5, challenger. 6'1.75 could be his max evening height.

what about the other challenger who came out 189cm, him and routh come out pretty much exact same height next to rob Click Here
johno said on 19/Nov/11
Infact, doesn't hardly any noticable height over the 6'1.5, challenger. 6'1.75 could be his max evening height.
johno said on 19/Nov/11
xyz.reg(6 ft 1.5 in) says on 10/Nov/11
hi rob..somehow this guy looks taller than 6ft 2.5in..Would easily be 1-1.5in taller than i think he is 6ft 2.5in minimum..i don't think he looked shorter than this when u met him in person...!!

[Editor Rob: I think the 6ft 1.5 Challenger...holds up pretty well compared to Routh, who has at least 1/3rd inch more hair than challenger 8 did.

Was going to say samething rob. I must say, the height challenges to do raise the bar when it comes to height. Much more strict and obviously correct. 6'1.5 is taller then 95% would have imagined on here compared to you. And yeh, challenger 8 does measure up well compared to routh.

6'2 might be spot on for an evening height
[Editor Rob: there's more people who I've measured but they've not wanted to be in a height challenge. It's useful to have reference heights, I think it helps a bit.]
xyz.reg(6 ft 1.5 in) said on 10/Nov/11
hi rob..somehow this guy looks taller than 6ft 2.5in..Would easily be 1-1.5in taller than i think he is 6ft 2.5in minimum..i don't think he looked shorter than this when u met him in person...!!

[Editor Rob: I think the 6ft 1.5 Challenger...holds up pretty well compared to Routh, who has at least 1/3rd inch more hair than challenger 8 did.
Physics Enemy said on 1/Nov/11
You have nice eyes Rob.
LAN Jiao said on 25/Oct/11
I took lowest. Routh is 1m88.2-3 just estimate.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 24/Oct/11
If hes 6'2.5, he doesnt go under 6'2.25 in night! Hes gotta be a bit more than 6'3 at morning, 6'2.5 in the noon and 6'2.25 by night!
lorne said on 23/Oct/11
Oh sorry, I think I misread your comment. Thought you we're saying UNDER 6ft2!!!
LAN Jiao said on 19/Oct/11
Alright close 189here. But i remember someone pointed he had wore boots here. Maybe thin boots. Even he is 6'2.5 with rob in picture noon, i bet on night he goes down 6'2 again.
lorne said on 17/Oct/11
LAN Jiao says on 30/Sep/11
don why people bringing him up 6'3. his frame did look his previous listed height 6'2 and compare how tall 194 ryan mcpartlin look next to rob is like brandon look 6cm shorter than mcpartlin.

No he doesn't. He looks 5cm shorter. Rob's listing is spot on, just visit Richard Brooks page.
Shaun said on 12/Oct/11
Very solid 189cm, I reckon the top of his hair is around 190cm mark here but its pretty thick!
Legend said on 10/Oct/11
He's tall, but again I would hate to have a head like that, which is why I never say I want to be taller than 6'1.5 or so.
xyz.reg(6 ft 1.5 in) said on 7/Oct/11
I think he is a legit 6ft 2.5in minimum..could be even 6ft 3in..slouches a lot...!!!
Rikashiku said on 3/Oct/11
He does look around 6'2.5 with Rob.
LAN Jiao said on 30/Sep/11
don why people bringing him up 6'3. his frame did look his previous listed height 6'2 and compare how tall 194 ryan mcpartlin look next to rob is like brandon look 6cm shorter than mcpartlin.
Triplescrew said on 26/Sep/11
Comparison between Routh and Ryan Mcpartlin:

Click Here
Shaun said on 19/Sep/11
190cm at some point in the day..
Tman said on 18/Sep/11
this is how a man who stands at 1,993 m(6 foot 6.5) would look next to a 1,831m(6 foot) man!
Tyler said on 16/Sep/11
Talk about bright eyes Rob. And 6'2.5"-6'3" easily fits Brandon Routh.
Nils said on 16/Sep/11
He looks atleast 6'2.5
could be 6'3 or very close.
RealityKing said on 16/Sep/11
Thanks Rob.
dmeyer said on 16/Sep/11
he could very well be 6 ft 2.75
RealityKing said on 15/Sep/11
Rob what do u think of VEGAS's analysis on 22 February 2011. Do you think after reading his theory and after seeing the pic Brandon could be lesser than 6 feet 2 and a half inches. Do you still rule out a flat 6.2 or 6.2 and a quarter for Brandon.
[Editor Rob: the lowest guess I think is 6ft 2.5, I don't think he looked less than that range. There is more chance 6ft 3 than 2 I think]
RealityKing said on 15/Sep/11
Vegas i read u r analysis on Brandon and Rob's height, its super. I conclude he is almost exactly 6.2. Do you think ROCK could be exaclty 6.2 as well? I think not because when i see their pics together, their eye level may be exactly the same but the ROCK has a bigger head and no hair advantage, so i wana conclude ROCK tiny bit taller may be 6 feet 2 inches and a quarter, though not likely 6.2 and a half. Want to know if u agree with me. Ur analysis and reasoning is cool man.
Maximus said on 10/Sep/11
Legit 6'2"...doesnt need lifts at all.
RealityKing said on 9/Sep/11
Viper Bro and others I am talking about the scalling pic, posted by ROB bro on 18th November 2010- for member named Diego. Cheers.
Realityking said on 8/Sep/11
Guys im sorry fr being so specific, but this helps us make better comparisions.
In the Pic, ROb bro is tiny bit more than 5.8, so even if u guys say Brandon is only 6.2 removing the hair, he cud be eeny meeny bit more likely 6feet 2 inches and a quarter.

Rock has no hair or little, i m assuming he is quarter an inch taller or equal. But if we give benefit of doubt, we can ROCK bro is 6feet2 inches and a half.

I think ROCK and ROUTH make super base comparisions especially-IF rock is taken as 6 feet 2 and a half inches, since many like comparing ROCK with other celebs.
Realityking said on 8/Sep/11
larc bro, why cant u say ROCK is 6.2 and a quarter to 6.2 and a half inches, becuz ROB sir's pic is is lot better than the pic in ROCKS page, no offense to Super mamun bro.

Wish all take routh as base fr comparision with other celebs, cuz this pic is too gud.

Wish to the see the already posted scaling pic of Brandon Routh and ROB again where it shws Routh being ONLY quarter of an inch taller than 6.2. I cud be wrong as i may have seen the pic long back. That scalling pic is too good, so we can make ROUTH as base hero for comparision with other celebs as well, Cheers.

VIPER bro we rock. our comparisions r similar and closer to truth in regards to ROCK, ROUTH, GLENN, PAUL WALKER.
Realityking said on 8/Sep/11
larc bro why u cant u say ROCK is 6.2 and a qurater to 6.2 and a half becuz ROB sir's pic is is lot better than the pic in ROCKS page, no offense to Super mamun bro.. wish all take routh as comparision, cuz this pic is too gud.

wish to the see the scaling pic of Brandon Routh and ROB again where it shws Routh being ONLY quarter of an inch taller than 6.2. I cud be wrong as i may have seen the pic long back. That scalling pic is too good, so we can make ROUTH as comparision for other celebs as well. cheers. VIPER bro we rock. our comparisions r similar and closer to truth in regards to ROCK, ROUTH, GLENN, PAUL WALKER..
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Sep/11
0.5-1in shorter than The Rock IMO.
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 6/Sep/11
He is 6'2.5-6'2.75, eye to eye with The Rock.
James said on 5/Sep/11
could pass for 6'3.
Me said on 3/Sep/11
Looks very close to 6'3"...!!!
bigman77 said on 2/Sep/11
Looks 189cm max,I think he is standing a bit straighter than Rob.
nthng said on 30/Aug/11
he is strong 6'3'' coz in kambakkht ishq he is easily 3 inches taller than akshay kumar
Terryman said on 27/Aug/11
Rob has already shown that Routh is dead on 1,89.3m excludind his hair
[Editor Rob: you can have 6ft 3 people look like routh does aswell beside me, so I can see 6ft 3 arguments for him.]
ANDREA[ITA] said on 27/Aug/11
in fact the rock probably is 189!
adams1818 said on 26/Aug/11
No way under 189cm. I buy 191 (6'3") for him out of bed. In photo with the Rock he is exactly the same height.
Click Here
Chameleon said on 25/Aug/11
190cm? Good one, 188/189 for him.
mr medium said on 24/Aug/11
rob, ur eyes below his chin. i assume 190cm at least
Bon_ said on 24/Aug/11
He doesn't even look like a proper 6'2, both in proportions and compared to Rob.
Alex said on 23/Aug/11
Looking at it again I can def see 6'2 1/2
Legend said on 18/Aug/11
He's Taller than John Schneider for sure and Schneider is listed as 6'3.
Hansen said on 10/Aug/11
brandon was listed 6ft2 and on his word. although rob gives him higher maybe because just an impression he looks 189ish. i watch a few of his film he does not suits 190cm or 189cm. 188 is just fits right for him.
Chameleon said on 10/Aug/11
189 no more.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/11
189.5cm or a strong 6ft2.5. His hair in the picture with Rob makes him look roughly 192cm
(like 191.5cm).
Clay said on 8/Aug/11
Really Alex? Pulls off 6'2.5 easy IMO.
Alex said on 6/Aug/11
Hes closer to 6'2 than 6'3. 6'2-6'2 1/4 he looks with Rob.
John said on 6/Aug/11
Looks 190 to me...very close to 6'3.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Aug/11
Yeah he looks 188-189 in the pic but i gotta say he's very big shoulders, i mean "tall" shoulders! I mean, you have other pics with 189 guys but they dont look that big next to you!
Gaga said on 1/Aug/11
He is 187 in that photo
Bon_ said on 28/Jul/11
Looks 6'2 max, maybe even a weak one.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/11
6ft3.5(192cm) in shoes, Rob?
[Editor Rob: between 192-3cm in shoes is possible]
5'8.18758596 said on 5/Jul/11
Rob, I don't know, his arm-level would indicate he's got nearly 8 inches over you, maybe his head could be bigger than average and made him 1 full inch taller than listed, hence 6'3.5 instead of 6'2.5??
[Editor Rob: he never looked that tall to me.]
5'8.18758596 said on 5/Jul/11
Maybe 6'3 Rob??
Terryman said on 22/Jun/11
it the same case with jack coleman because they both look a legit 6'2 people think they should be listed at 6'3 so that now guys who are 1,87m can be upgraded to 6'2 by the legendary upgraders of this site!
Lenad said on 14/Jun/11
I can see 6.5-7 inches taller
MD said on 11/Jun/11
Sam, I actually laughed out loud at that one. lol Thanks for that.
sam said on 9/Jun/11
he looks like a giant jonas brother
James said on 8/Jun/11
I am with Viper Bale looks 5'11 most of the time.
Chameleon said on 8/Jun/11
No, he looks 189cm in the pic.
Viper said on 7/Jun/11
Bale is probably under 6-0.

Mohammed, he looks spot on 6-2 flat in that pic. Not 6-2.5
Peter said on 6/Jun/11
Routh was standing next to Christian Bale at the MTV movie awards, and he totally towered over Bale is six feet tall flat. I could swear that Routh is 6'5"!!! Its surprising he is 6'2.5" tall.
Chameleon said on 31/May/11
Yep Mohammed this guy is bang on 189cm.
Mohammed said on 29/May/11
Has the frame of a 6'2 guy, looks spot on 6'2.5 on that piture.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/May/11
6"2.75(190cm) could be on target...I think Ashton Kutcher may be that aswell.

I agree 6"2 is crazy for Bale except when he's in the Batman Suit
James said on 21/May/11
6'2 for Bale is beyond ridicolous
J.J. said on 18/May/11
Rob would you rule out 6'2.75" for Brandon?

[Editor Rob: 6ft 2.75 isn't improbable]
Cranberries (6 ft. 3.25 evening, 17 years) said on 17/May/11
He doesn't look like a "mamouth" to me, juststic. In general, Routh's unique build make him look taller. Brandon Routh's head and shoulders are about the same size as Rob's (shoulders might be an inch broader, max). I struggle to see him at anything over 189cm.
Phil said on 17/May/11
The most telling photo of Brandon Routh is the one where he is standing next to Christian Bale, Bale was once purported to be 6'2". If Bale really was that tall than Routh would be 6'6". Who knows maybe Routh was wearing boots that made him even taller. Regardless 6'2" seems about right for him, 2 inches shorter than Reeve. Routh always appeared to be a leaner and somewhat smaller version of the Reeve Superman. The new guy Henry Cavill, is even smaller.
James said on 17/May/11
juststic says on 3/May/11
@James, Yeah but he just looks like a mamouth there with rob, even considering the hair advantage, but 6'2 is bordeline very tall people need to remember that, really tall is 6'3+ no doubt, and giant is 6'7+ this is all true i'm not lying to you

yeah i agree he looks huge next to rob. this just goes to show how tall a strong 6'2 guy really is. and i agree 6'2 is borderline very tall. people say 6'2 is not really that tall becuase guys who are between 6'0-6'1 claim it.
gogo said on 13/May/11
looks like kaka
189-190 on this photo
Chameleon said on 10/May/11
Yea he's 1.89 the listed height, lmao @ the ppl who say 190+
James said on 2/May/11
u have to remember how much height brandons hairstyle is adding in the pic
Chameleon said on 30/Apr/11
EXACTLY juststic....
Lenad said on 29/Apr/11
I would say absolute min 6'2
Chameleon said on 27/Apr/11
In fact, hes nothing over it.
Chameleon said on 17/Apr/11
I stick with 189cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/11
Chameleon said on 10/Apr/11
Looks 189 to me.
xyz.reg said on 10/Apr/11
Looks 191cms easily with rob being 5ft 8.25in..but when i saw the pic in which there was stadiometer comparison with rob,he was found to be 189cms...i couldn't believe my eyes..!!!
adams1818 said on 9/Apr/11
he can be 190cm, for sure more than 6'2.
Michael said on 27/Mar/11
He looks 190cm, built much bigger than the diminutive Henry Cavill. Miles better than Cavill in donning the Superman suit.
Chameleon said on 14/Mar/11
He is the listed height, 1.89..
Clay said on 12/Mar/11
I dont see anything but a 6'3 guy next to Ron, TBH.
MsKitty said on 5/Mar/11
Sorry to all the fans stating that he is the "perfect Superman"...I don't think he looks anything like Supes. I think that based on his non-Superman photos I would never have chosen him. Zachary Levi would be better than Brandon Routh. But I'm happy with Henry Cavill, who looks NOTHING like Marc Anthony!

As for his height, I think 6'2.5 is pretty accurate.

And Editor Rob, what lovely and very blue eyes you have! :D
Chameleon said on 1/Mar/11
Easy 6'3? I dont think so.
HULK said on 1/Mar/11
aaronious said on 24/Feb/11
routh looks bad in that pic.. so out of shape
Viper said on 22/Feb/11
He looks no taller than a flat 6-2 with Rob
hs2010 said on 21/Feb/11
He could be 190cm stretched out IMO. Certainly not under 189cm.
James said on 15/Feb/11
Yeah not over 6'2.5.
jacob said on 12/Feb/11
i think he is 6ft.3 inches tall
jacob said on 12/Feb/11
brandon routh looks like the perfect superman.why are they hiring a guy that looks like marc anthony(jennifer lopez`s husband)in the next superman film in 2012?
Legend said on 5/Feb/11
I didn't realize 6'2 was this tall...
Yuri said on 20/Jan/11
Hi i'm from Brazil. I love this site and i have a question about Brandon routh.
He's realy strong? or the tv make that?
Sorry my english =)

[Editor Rob: he's a physically fit man and pretty strong, but if he was in an arm wrestle with SuperMAMUN he may lose...]
Shaun said on 9/Jan/11
I would claim 6'3" at his height.
Pamco said on 6/Jan/11
Looks 6'2.5. The size of a persons' head may vary, Brandon got a bit bigger head than the general person, hence you can't apply the "where the top of robs head is in comparison to x".
Menace 195cm said on 6/Jan/11
gorgeous guy without doubt, nice height too at 189cm, tho being 6 cm taller would be much much better..
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/11
Rob comes up to about the top of his nostrils, so that's about 6 inches differences. So 5ft 8in + 6 inches = 6ft 2in.
krazy krippled! said on 2/Jan/11
Brandon is 6'3, if Jason Momoa is 6'4.
Rodrigo said on 31/Dec/10
He may actually be half an inch shorter, he looks much taller in this photo due to his hair, which migh give him 2 cm more. He's kinda skinny for his height so it gives the illusion of more height.
Clay said on 27/Dec/10
Viper says on 3/Dec/10
He doesnt look 6'3. He looks 6'2

That is 6.5-7 inches.
Sam Rick said on 23/Dec/10
Rob I hope you do not mind a few questions about Brandon

[Editor Rob: between 200-210, he seemed like a pleasant fellow]
Observant said on 17/Dec/10
Rob has already posted a picture proving routh is 189cm tall,assuming same footwear 189cm is his height, end of story
Viper said on 3/Dec/10
He doesnt look 6'3. He looks 6'2
Brian67 said on 1/Dec/10
6'3'' at least.
My stepfather is 1,73 m and I'm 1,82 and he reaches my eyebrows.
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/10
rob why the **** he looks 1.94 or more really he cant look so tall compared to you if he is really 6 2.5 or you you are ft 8
lolo said on 25/Nov/10
he's very tall but doesnt seem much larger than rob
Matt said on 12/Nov/10
I compared this photo with the photo of rob standing next to the height stand, and the top of this guys head touches 189.0cm on the dot, this guy really is 189cm no more no less
Tim said on 12/Nov/10
he looks 193 in this pic
Alex said on 7/Nov/10
Thats a 6 inch difference between Rob and Brandon.
Alex said on 7/Nov/10
At least 6'2, maybe 6'2 1/2.

Vegas, yea that looks like a pretty close comparison to how I would measure up against Routhe.
Yelmer said on 6/Nov/10
Maybe its the pic but he looks super tall in this photo
Viper said on 27/Oct/10
Looks 6'2 Max with Rob
Tipjar said on 8/Jul/09
Looks like a SOLID 6'2.5", probably peaks at 6'3"
Hugh 191cm said on 7/Jul/09
6ft3 minimum after a good nights sleep
maximus said on 5/Jul/09
He is definetly not a short person and definetly in the 6'2.5 to 6'3 range....its kinda of obvious. One of the few legit tall guys without lifts.
Lenad said on 4/Jul/09
189-190cm. He's way bigger than Christian Bale
J.J. said on 2/Jul/09
'Rob' a solid 6'2.5" guy who can easily get away with 6'3" or a little over. But he is not even a 6'3" yet. A rock solid 6'2.5". How come somepeople get measured properly & some don't get measure properly.
James said on 2/Jul/09
Next to rob he looks a solid 6'3.
Doug said on 30/Jun/09
Looks roughly the same height as Tom Welling 6'2.5".
sprint84 said on 30/Jun/09
Same photographic evidence as Zachary Levi, so I'll just repost a message from his page (replacing Levi's name with Routh's of course)..........

Actually, wowuguys, that would make his head 12+ inches, which is impossible given that it is the same height as Rob's head (approx. 9.75") in the photo.

Routh has 2/3 of his head height over Rob meaning he is 6.5" taller in the pic (2/3 x 9.75 = 6.5). If Rob is 5'8-8.25", Routh is 6'2.5-2.75".

I know it's just one photo, but my best guesses...
6'4" in shoes, 6'3" in the morning, 6'2.5" mid-day.
J.J. said on 24/Jun/09
solid 189cm guy exactly 6'2.5" in this photo
wowuguys said on 16/Jun/09
actually he has rob by more than 6 inch its more like 7 or 8 inch for a guy if it was 6 rob almost reach his eyeline which he doesnt
Ian said on 1/Jun/09
Big T says on 17/Sep/08
I have a 10" long head at 5'10 1/2". Am I a freak? A monster?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. My head is around the same about 10-10.5 and 24" around. I'm (5ft11ish weak 6ft max) and there are plenty guys with much much bigger heads than us. I do have a long head but not a wide head. From my the bottom of my nose to top highest part of my head is 7". To others Make sure you measure to top of the head not hairline. Balance a big book on your head to get the measurement and down to your chin. I thought mine was 11" until I did the book thing.

If his he 7" from nose to top of head then I could see 6ft3. I'm positive that guys head is 10" if Robs is 9.5 because I've scaled it up and yes there is also about 7" to the top of his head from the bottom of his nose.
Hugh 190cm said on 13/Apr/09
A very solid 6ft2 guy. approx 189-190cm.
Emile said on 11/Apr/09
He has Rob by no more than 6 inches. He is a sure 6'-2. Not a full 6'3.
Lenad said on 3/Apr/09
Looks at least 15cm taller than Rob. Solid 6'2 guy.
rob89 said on 25/Jan/09
Looks a solid 6'2.
victor said on 17/Jan/09
People say routh has short legs. Does he have abigger ionseam than 32 inches in his trousers?
fghgffhg said on 12/Jan/09
RobertJ said on 7/Jan/09
MarcustheSwede- Footwear could easily explain that discrepancy but regardless, Routh is absolutely minimum 6'2'' and no one here disagrees with that.
MarcustheSwede said on 27/Dec/08
He cant be 189 centimeters. In the movie Zac And Mari Makes a porno he is CLEARLY not 14 centimeters taller then co actor Justin Long who is 175 centimeters.Not as tall as 189 watch the move and you will see for youre self.
Id say 185 MAX.not more.Watch movie you will see.
victor said on 26/Dec/08
Anyone know how long Rouths legs are or what his inseam measurement is?
Alex said on 13/Nov/08
6'2 1/2 max with Rob. May just be 6'2 flat, no less though. This is assuming Routh's eye level is 4.5 inches from the top of his head.
unknown said on 9/Oct/08
look at this pic

Click Here

he look the same as the rock so he is 6'3 or something
Smallville said on 22/Sep/08
I also met Brandon Routh in Mk in May and i noticed he was wearing boots with high backs. I am 6ft 1 and in the photo he looks a lot taller so I'm guessing in flat shoes he wouldn't be as tall. Just need to meet the Rock now and my life will be complete.
Big T said on 17/Sep/08
I have a 10" long head at 5'10 1/2". Am I a freak? A monster?

I know I have a big head but I didn't realize the problem was this bad!
Anthony David said on 10/Sep/08
He looks 6'2" to be precise.
RobertJ said on 9/Sep/08
"ok that was totally gay...I recognize a good looking guy when I see him, but I never say or even think the word 'sexy' in regard to him, my brain just doesnt go there. Not that there is anything wrong with that."

If you believe there's nothing wrong with that, why did you comment on the guy being "totally gay." Obviously it did bother you since you replied to his comment and even explained how your "brain just doesn't go there". Dude grow up.
derek d said on 28/Aug/08
I'm just curious, is a quarter of a inch really a big deal? lol
fluxboy said on 1/Aug/08
Are you guys for real?

Like ...

Naw, there's no way he's 6'2.5" ... I put him at 6'2.25"

No way man, he's 6'2.75"!

I'm just curious, is this like a fetish or something?
clark said on 24/Jul/08
My cousin met him in L.A., my cousin is a solid 6'2"and 1/4 in flat feet. He said Brandon Routh was atleast a half inch, or more taller. The funny thing he said, is that they were both wearing black converse all stars. He said Brandon was very easy to speak to and a gentleman to all the fans. His best guess onhe height was that Brandon was atleast 6'2" and 3/4 and my cousin is not the type of guy to talk about height. But I was able to get it out of him.
Guy said on 15/Jul/08
Tnx, luv ya. fr educating us abt the camera angles & the difference it makes, yes the inch is quiet big, thats why i doubt him being 6.2 and a half. Rob considering how big the inch is, are u 100% sure he is 6 and half inches taller? I think is the best pic in this whole forum, so much i visit this page first. and i always assume 6.2 or 6.2 and 1/4 max. PLs answer my query. tnx
BlackRay said on 15/Jul/08
Yes with dress shoes on the Rock is about 193 cms tall, hence 6 ft 4in. Brandon Routh is then 192 cm 6ft 3.5in also in dress shoes.
jack said on 13/Jul/08
the rock is 6'4''
Viper said on 2/Jul/08
Santa Clause and the tooth fairy is more real than the Rock at 6-5.
Yaspaa said on 2/Jul/08
How do you know Rock is 6'5,he never looks it however the wrestling commentators said he was so it must be true
RobertJ said on 1/Jul/08
No he isn't.
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/08
The Rock is 6'5". that's definite. That I know.
Marty said on 22/Jun/08
I think that the top of Rob's head is a bit above the tip of Brandon's nose. I see at least a .5 inch difference between the top of Rob's head and the tip of Brandon's nose if not .75 inch,

[Editor Rob: with that short hairstyle take away about 7-8mm (0.3 inch) to find where my skull is.]
Marty said on 19/Jun/08
I kinda see a 14 cm difference between Rob and Brandon. Measuring the width of Rob's hand and assuming that it is about 3.5" you then get approximately 1.54 hand width difference in height between Rob and Brandon wich if you multiply by 3.5" gives roughly a 14cm difference, give or take .5cm wich would put Brandon at about 187cm ( rounded from 186.7 ) so in my view 6 ft 1.5 in
Guy said on 14/Jun/08
I THINK brandon has 6 inches and a quarter or more likely 6 inches from his nose to the top of his head not taking his PUFFY hair into account. we can see 4only 4 inches frm his middle eye point to the tip of his head removing haie to be 110% accurate. May be 4 inch an quarter nt more.
Halb said on 12/Jun/08
In those pics the Rock is taller. Routh is standing tall and straight, Rock has a slight lean, both have same shoes on flat surface and Rock is taller.
RobertJ said on 10/Jun/08
Joe257 - yes, they made him about 6'4'' with thick heeled boots since, I'm assuming, they wanted to keep continuity since Reeve said he was 6'4'' in Superman the movie. Of course another may be they just wanted him to look bigger.
Joe257 said on 8/Jun/08
Did they make him look 6'4" on Superman Returns? I remember him being noticeably taller than most people in the movie. He towered over Kevin Spacey.
Yaspaa said on 7/Jun/08
top of the head to tip of the nose is about 6.5" making Brandon 6'2.5
big kid said on 6/Jun/08
definitely not 6' 3"
Lego said on 5/Jun/08
i reckon his true height is around 6'2 to 6'2.5 max not quite 6'3
Marco said on 4/Jun/08
I agree with ola, i think routh is exactly 6'3, no way less. I can see those almost 20 cm over rob.
Yaspaa said on 21/May/08
No Rob page so Routh's will have to do,thanks a lot mate.
Yaspaa said on 20/May/08
About 6.5 inches to the tip of the nose so 6'2.5 looks right,6'3 for Rock.
Viper said on 19/May/08
That floor does look like it might slope towards that drainage area.
Viper said on 19/May/08
Is it me or is Rock closer to the camera in that pic as well?
guy said on 19/May/08
I am happy viper belives me. I belive You have great talent in recognising precise dude buddy. I observed u comments many times. They seem almost perfect in etimates.
guy said on 19/May/08
Pic 1- Click Here

Bro. Is nt the floor higher marginally where rock is standing. The floor is nt 100% flat.

Vegas, the debate with rock being taller is not dead.

[Editor Rob: there is 2 pics were they are same distance and those pics actually make it hard to see much difference between the two of them. If Rock is 6ft 4 routh to me looks like he'd have to be close to that aswell...]
Viper said on 19/May/08
"A man who was at times listed at 6'5 playing college football is not in the 6'2 range imo"

Thats not true Vegas. JJ Arrington who is in the 5-8 range was listed at 5-11 in high school and in college.
Da Man said on 18/May/08
In the last two pics the camera is tilted heavily in Rouths favor.
guy said on 18/May/08
I think there might be exactly 4.5 inch difference so he indeed acurately 6.2 and a half.
guy said on 18/May/08
Guys do u think Routh's head from middle of eye line to tip of his head is 4 inches ??, 4.5 inches?? or 5 inches?.

There may be 5 inches. If there is 5 inches he is no doubt 6.3 inches.

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