How tall is Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser's Height

6ft 2 ½ (189.2 cm)

American actor best known for roles in The Mummy Trilogy, George of the Jungle, The Whale, Blast from the Past, The Quiet American, Airheads, Bedazzled and Journey to the Centre of the Earth. In an interview (recounted on a fraser fansite) he was supposedly measured, although nobody seems to have seen this interview. He has claimed from 6ft 2 up to 3.5.

How tall is Brendan Fraser
5ft 8 Rob and Brendan (age 50) @ LFCC 2019
I'm six foot three-and-a-half if I stand up straight but I have tall guy syndrome. I'm always slouching.
-- The Guardian, 2008 (Aug 2)

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Average Guess (111 Votes)
6ft 2.58in (189.4cm)
Lamont Cranston said on 8/Sep/23
He is actually a dual citizen Canada/USA. He was born in the USA to Canadian parents but spent his youth (up to college) in Canada.
6'0.5king said on 20/Apr/23
Rob I think it’s time for the 6’2.75 upgrade
QM6'1.75"QM said on 11/Apr/23
Barely 6'1.5-75" around The Rock.
The Rock is still solid 6'2" in my eyes!
Abdul(177cm) said on 2/Apr/23
6’3 ish.
Tall Sam said on 22/Mar/23
I honestly think he could be around 6'2" flat now. He looked similar to Dwayne Johnson not long ago. He also seems to be barely scraping 1.5 inches over Austin Butler. In No Sudden Move he looks weirdly shorter somewhat than Benicio del Toro but I'm sure his extra weight (I think he might've already preparing for The Whale) and disadvantageous camera positioning accounted for that. I think even today Fraser would edge Del Toro. Curious to see what's next, hope his acclaim and Oscar win lead to more opportunities, neither of the male actors to win this year (both comeback stories) say they have any work currently in the pipeline.
Matt6'4.5 said on 21/Mar/23

As a Brendan fan since I was little, I remember seeing him in “George of the Jungle” when I was 10. That movie had some tall actors (Greg Cruttwell and Abraham Benrubi) and he seemed to stack up well. 6’3 or darn near close to it. I recently read an article where Fraser describes what he was up to for the 2010’s. He stated that his injuries from doing his own stunts led to multiple surgeries, including a laminectomy. His words were: “ The lumbar didn’t take, so they had to do it again a year later.” He also had a partial knee replacement, more back surgeries to bolt compressed spinal pads together, vocal cord repair and other procedures. Fraser said that he essentially spent” seven years going in and out of the hospital.” Given this, even though he’s only 54, I’d say an inch of loss is totally possible, wouldn’t you?
Editor Rob
1cm is likely, a full inch I'm not so sure about.
berta said on 21/Mar/23
in that clip with dwaytne johnson he really did look like he was 1-1,5 cm shorther. brendan have gone from 189,5 down to 188,5 and dwayne really is still 189,5-190 is my guess .
Andrea said on 19/Mar/23
Is this the famous video where he gets "measured"? Click Here
Although of course I would hardly even call it that, it at least gives a good quote to add at the top: 6'3.5 "if I stand up straight in heels". I suppose that sometimes he just forgets about the heels part...
Editor Rob
Yeah, it turns out it was just holding a tape beside him...a rough measurement!

Yeah 6ft 2 and a half 'without' is what I'd stick with barefoot. He said a 6ft 3.5 quote in 2008.
Malcolm Oliver said on 19/Mar/23
Looks around the same with The Rock in past and present:
Click Here
Click Here

He’s a tall guy, would edge out the likes of Reynolds, Bana, Affleck

Bana’s son edge him out too, makes you wonder how tall your successors can reach albeit genetics can vary
Progking185 said on 14/Mar/23
@Blacknoir his sons look tall as well maybe 6'4 and 6'5
Gian 181cm said on 13/Mar/23
A great actor, he deserved this Oscar.

He looked 6ft3 on stage, but 6ft2 1/2 feels right to me.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 23/Feb/23
I think he always looks like a solid 6'2 guy, the smallest I could buy is 6'2.25 but 6'2.5 is probably closer. Rob, can you add the whale to his description.
Jtm said on 3/Jan/23
he didn't seem taller than ryan reynolds did with nathan fillion and no more than 2 inches taller than christopher walken in blast from the past. i will go with 6'2 peak and maybe a little over 6'1 now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Dec/22
Yeah, he is looking closer to 6ft2 these days but I doubt less. Might still just creep over it when measured. Peak I think was near 6ft3.

Like Affleck he also upped it to 6ft3½ but then went the other way and rounded down to a modest flat 6ft2. Overall, he’d have the edge on Ben
berta said on 23/Dec/22
Rob maybe give him peak and current? He really look shorter today than back in the mummy days. Peak always seemed like a " almost" 6´3 guy. But only 189 flat at peak? Maybe but the odds are greater that he measured aomething like 189,8 than 189 flat. Today he can look bang on 6´2 flat but i guess it could be posture. I think 6`2 3/4 peak and 6´2 1/4 today. Think asbout all the injuries and problem with back and knees, at the same time been very heavy for many years now. If one guy have lost height then it really is Brendan. Current brendan back to back with ryan reynold would look identical.
Jolapizza 6'0 1/2 said on 11/Dec/22
@Rob Paul
Oh, yeah. I also forgot about that. He indeed got several accidents while doing stunts. This caused him theses issues. So He might not be 6'2 1/2 anymore
Andrey200 said on 8/Dec/22
To be fair I think 190 would be a better listing Rob, it’s in the middle of his claims and he definitely looked it
Black Noir said on 7/Dec/22
Rob at 40 do u think Brendan was 189.6 cm? Also how tall do u think his sons are?
Editor Rob
I don't know about his sons, but at peak could he have been 6ft 2.75?
He's probably in that zone like Routh in which you could make the argument for that figure.
Andrey200 said on 29/Nov/22
In The Mummy days definitely looked a solid 190.5
Jolapizza 6'0 1/2 said on 25/Nov/22
A very tiny loss is obviously possible at his age. But definetly 6'2 1/2 peak height. And 6'3 straight out of bed
Editor Rob
He's had back problems and knee issues I believe, a few surgeries on his back.
marcus said on 20/Nov/22
Just saw an interview with him. His boots looked like they were made for Frankenstein. Gave him around 3 inches
Andrey200 said on 4/Oct/22
Rob do you think a 190 listing is possible for him? Would be in the middle of his claims.
Andrey200 said on 25/Sep/22
Don't think he's lost more than 1/8. Perhaps he just has loose posture. 190 at peak.
Tall Sam said on 23/Sep/22
Rob, might you consider a current listing for the suddenly very busy Brendan? I think he’d be lucky to hit 6’2” nowadays. You can see him below with Hugh Jackman and he looked a bit shorter than Benicio del Toro.
Click Here
Editor Rob
Today he may be 6ft 2 at most.
Tall Sam said on 23/Jul/22
In his peak, doesn’t look an inch shorter than Dwayne Johnson, if anything they are pretty close. Click Here
Tall Sam said on 17/Dec/21
Funnily enough Fraser looked a little shorter than Benicio Del Toro in No Sudden Move, he is rather heavier so I’m not sure if that’s a contributing factor but Del Toro could be standing better, though historically he’s not had great posture.
whwh said on 15/Oct/21
I never thought he was this tall, he always looked 6'1" to me in the movies. Good to him.
Mickie said on 2/Sep/21
6'2.5" is a fair listing. I wouldn't go any higher.
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 10/May/21
189 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/21
Half inch loss seems extreme unless he's been seriously injured?

In his younger days I'd have said 190cm
Ali Noufal said on 27/Mar/21
I'm thinking either this or 6ft 2.75. I doubt he lost anything considering he's only 52
berta said on 16/Mar/21
rob maybe 190 peak and 198 now? this guy really seems like a guy thats lost close to 1 cm at little over 50.
Hyper said on 7/Feb/21
joe ### said on 5/Feb/21

Click Here
Canson said on 3/Feb/21
@Hyper: not to mention Cromwell is not over 6’6” now. In his prime he was. But in Rockford Files he looked what Rob lists him. Not surprising because taller guys like that 6’6+ lose height over a lifetime and it’s usually a bit more than average from what they say. I could buy Rob’s listing for Cromwell on both ends (maybe his peak is 1/4” lower but I think he looked 6’6 and change too)
Hyper said on 2/Feb/21

Also, I’m not Canson. I’m actually a former username called Dream, of this site. If I was Canson, I would be 6’4.25”-6’4.5”, but I’m 5’8.5”-5’9” range at an absolute low.
Hyper said on 2/Feb/21

A current James Cromwell looked shorter than Bo Burnham, with 6’6.5” Nicholas Braun. Bo also claimed 6’5” flat and 6’5”, 6’6” on a good day. Not to mention 6’6.5” Nicholas Braun is ‘more than an inch taller than current Cromwell.

Not to mention, that puts Bo at 6’7” and Nicholas Braun at 6’8” which is unrealistic.

Unless Tim Robbins is secretly taller, he is 6’4.75” at worst. Not 6’5” as you believed him to be.
Hyper said on 2/Feb/21

A current James Cromwell looked shorter than Bo Burnham who claimed 6’5” flat and 6’5”, 6’6” on a good day.

Not to mention, that puts Bo at 6’7”, which is unrealistic.

Unless Tim Robbins is secretly taller, he is 6’4.75” at worst.
thisismoe!! said on 31/Jan/21
@Hyper...Canson,I presume? Tim Robbins when I met him some years back was absolutely 6'5. He attends the Actor's Gang in Santa Monica regularly so anyone can meet him (after it reopens). Cromwell is over 6'6 so of course he'd be taller than Tim. And both of them are a good chunk taller than Tom Welling.
Hyper said on 30/Jan/21
Ah. Moe.

The person who thinks Tim Robbins is 6’6” or over 6’5” while a current 6’5.5” James Cromwell is taller than Tim Robbins.
it'smoe!! said on 30/Jan/21
Brendan Fraser is still a solid 6'2 plus. Tom Welling is going all out to look taller than him in their TV show (which is having trouble finding an audience right now).
Dmeyer said on 2/Dec/20
Looked 4in over Travolta in rose John IS starting to look 5-10
RJT said on 27/Nov/20
@Editor Rob

In this recent trailer of Fraser with Welling, he looked inch and change shorter than Welling. Maybe he has lost a bit of height or Welling wore boots? Seem to be both.
Editor Rob
half inch lost by 50 is possible for a guy like Fraser.
berta said on 13/Sep/20
i think he was close to 190 but weak one. 189,7 ish. and now after surgeries and injuries have lost couple of mm and is just over 189.
Hulk.23 said on 6/Aug/20
I think this listing is ok! He’s a strong 6’2.5/189cm guy half-inche taller than Affleck
Black Noir said on 27/Jul/20
Miss his presence in the action adventure genre; do you think celebheights that Brendan is incredibly lucky to not lose any height from all those surgeries and injuries? Considering Harry Dickinson is 186 cm next to Brendan
Editor Rob
a fraction by 50 is a possible loss
Jam Cherry said on 10/Jun/20
I would say Fraser is definitely 190 cm atleast
Man in Black said on 23/May/20
Yeah he always gave the striking impression of a genuinely tall guy. Could easily believe he measures a strong 6'3" when standing tall.
Vexacus said on 16/May/20
Solid 190cm (6'2.75) in his prime for Rick O'Connell ,legendary hero.
Big King said on 7/Mar/20
He looks definitely an inch shorter than 6'3" Dwayne Johnson on the Google pics.
Redwing said on 11/Dec/19
Rob do you have a pic with him? If so can you post it to me?
Editor Rob
I am in the process of sorting all my content for 2020.
However, if anybody wants to view josh's pic, feel free to go and like his Youtube Slideshow
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Nov/19
Ben Affleck is 1/2 inch lower than Brendan in School Ties. It shows that the truth on Ben's real height coming out from Rob meeting Brendan in person. Brendan could be listed at his low by Rob now.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Nov/19
6'2 is def too low for Brendan.
berta said on 3/Nov/19
remember he had pretty big back injury. i Think was 190 cm and today 189. Or did he look 188-189 range rob? i cant see him under this heihgt. He had easy half inch on ben Affleck. Maybe Affleck is 188 cm flat
Mickie said on 1/Nov/19
Good adjustment. I never thought this guy was closer to 6'3" than 6'2".
Nearly 180cm guy said on 1/Nov/19
@Rob: I can believe what you said, 6'2.5" may be ok for Fraser. Have you taken a picture with him?
Editor Rob
Yeah one of these days I'll get my remaining photos up.
Redwing said on 24/Sep/19
Have you met him rob? What was he like
Editor Rob
Taller from a distance I felt, but still quite big up close.
Redwing said on 22/Sep/19
Rob, how come you’ve changed his height? Down a fraction?
Editor Rob
In person he doesn't look near 6ft 3, though over 6ft 2
thismoe!! said on 31/Aug/19
Another pic of Brendan Fraser with 6'4 Randall Batinkoff. Brendan stacks up better in this pic but still seems over an inch shorter than Randall. A good solid 6'2 and a half at least.
thisismoe!! said on 29/Aug/19
Brendan Fraser at the "School Ties" premiere next to 6'4 Randall Batinkoff.
Click Here
Alex 6'3.25 said on 4/Jul/19
He said many times to be 6'2
Nik said on 2/Jul/19
It's so interesting that he claimed to be 6'2"! I'm delighted to give Brendan Fraser his 300th comment!
berta said on 30/Jun/19
yeah rampage i also believe that. i dont think he is lying, he just got measured at barely 192 out of bed probably. But his 6 foot 2 claim is a little strange, cause its like 0 chanse that he is only 188.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Feb/19
I can see him hitting 192cm first thing
Elton said on 7/Feb/19
If standing straight def 2 inches on McGinley (Scrubs/DR.Cox) if not more. I think 190cm today. Maybe 191-192 back in the day. IF he really was only 188 then McGinley needs downgrade to 6"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jan/19
Junior I reckon they'd be similar enough
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Oct/18
Def taller than Max Irons.
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 24/Sep/18
190 cm, came surprisingly to me back then as I didn't imagine him so tall..
Smiles03 said on 1/May/18
No he's denftily 6'3 alright
ManKo said on 23/Mar/18
Hi Rob, He said in a recent interview:

Click Here

But so did his movies, where he was required to pull off some fairly dangerous stunts.

'By the time I did the third Mummy picture in China [in 2008], I was put together with tape and ice...'cause they're small and light and they can fit under your clothes. I was building an exoskeleton for myself daily,' he told the men's monthly magazine.

Eventually he needed multiple surgeries.

He needed a lumbar laminectomy, a surgery that removes the back portion of a vertebra in the lower back, to create more room within the spinal canal.

However, it didn't take and it had to be done again a year later. He underwent a partial knee replacement, more back surgery involving bolting various compressed spinal pads together and even surgery to repair his vocal cords.

Fraser said he was in and out of hospitals for almost seven years.

I am sure those operations took a toll and he may have lost some height by now, what do you think?
Editor Rob
Yes, this could have effected him maybe up to 1/2 inch or's understandable why he might look a little shorter at times, especially if his back is feeling some pain and he's not standing as tall as he could.
Dude 173 cm said on 16/Jan/18
Rob, can make a tag of The Mummy?
Dude 173 cm said on 16/Jan/18
Good listing, 6'2.5-6'2.75 in his low !
Jeremy said on 11/Nov/17
188 is too low but 192 is too high. I think 190 is perfect and drops to 189 at night and is 191 in the morning.
John Cena said on 11/Sep/17
Rob who is taller Brendan Fraser or Liev Schreiber or Tom Welling.
KH said on 7/Sep/17
Could be the full 6'3. Big framed guy as well really if you didn't see him in comaprison to other tall guys 6'4 would be totally believeable.
Junior said on 18/Aug/17
Good listing here. He have downplay 6'2 quite long ago and also inflate 6'4 claim. 6'2.75" best to think he could be this tall and 6'4 with a footwear.
Ben said on 8/Jun/17
He's a very depressed man which is also why he has a bad posture, he is getting used by his ex-wife who has ****ed up his life forcing him to pay 900 000 dollars/year to her and 300 000 in child support every year since 2008 which he can barely afford because of that money sucking blood vampire Afton Smith (His ex-wife) ruined his career.

He is very depressed and looks sad which makes me sad because he's a great and humble person who deserves a great life and I miss the old Brendan.
Namor said on 9/Apr/17
He's taller than Affleck on school ties
berta said on 9/Apr/17
this update is perfect he looks like a 190 cm guy
shiva 181 cms said on 6/Apr/17
Rob, it's time for a downgrade to 6'2.5 he always hovers around 6'2-6'3 , watching films with other actors he looks spot on 189cms guy

With rock he looked .5" shorter with Paul brttany he looked 2cms short
With Nathan fillion(whom you met) he looked an inch taller
And so on lastly

He claimed 6'3 which is a roundup , 6'2 which is rounded down, 6'3.5 which is definitely in shoes
Editor Rob
I certainly think almost 6ft 3 is probably a fair reflection for him.
Namor said on 5/Apr/17
How much rob do you think he weighed in the first mummy? And what's the lowest do you think he is.
Editor Rob
I'm not sure on his weight.
S.J.H said on 18/Mar/17
He was never 6'3 not a proper 6'2.75 and probably just 6'2.25-6'2.5
berta said on 21/Feb/17
i think it like this : in the evening he is 6`2 and 3/4 and he is 63 and a half in the morning. one time he rrounded down to 6s other time cliamed morning height and on time he tookin the middle.6 foot 3. i think we should list him at his late afternon /evening height at littel under 6 foot 3.As usuall the average guess is spott on 189,9 is what he looks. Its so strange that the average guess in 90procent of the times get the exact number they probably are( well in my eyes) and i can be very wrong :P
Josh Jeffords said on 19/Feb/17
Tough to guess looks 6 3 but barely had anything on Vosloo bald and barefoot.
Though he was much taller than faher I'd say 6 2.5 average 6 3 max 6 2 min.
The eckoman said on 19/Feb/17
6ft 2.50im
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Feb/17
Rob, should we go with the 6ft2¾?
Editor Rob
there is a good chance that figure could be closer.
Wiles189 said on 9/Feb/17
Solid 6'3 guy, Rob don't downgrade him
Mathew Robinson said on 9/Feb/17
I agree that a bit under 6'3"is more likely than a solid one. He's claimed 6'2" several times, 189 - 190 cm zone seems like it would explain perhaps why.
Redwing said on 8/Feb/17
He's taller than the guy who played his son in the mummy 3 and his son is listed here at 6'2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Feb/17
Rob, are you still convinced he's 6ft3?
Editor Rob
a weak 6ft 3 range is very possible, 6ft 2.5-3, somewhere in that zone, it's probably why he came out with 6ft 2 a few times.
berta said on 19/Jan/17
shortesst he can be is 189 and tallest 191. but i think i go with 190.he is probably a guy who dont know that you get shorter during the day and was ,easured 192 in the morning one time
Redwing said on 27/Dec/16
He looked a little bit taller than Nathan filion in blast from the past. And fillion is 186-7 cm tall so Fraser must be 191 cm.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 29/Sep/16
Maybe just a little over 6'2"?
Ren said on 18/Sep/16
Who would be measured more taller? Brendan Fraser, Sacha Baron Cohen, Tom Welling, and Liam Hemsworth
Editor Rob
Cohen might edge them all out under the stadiometer.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Aug/16
Rob, how likely is 6ft3½ out of bed?
Editor Rob
very possible
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jun/16
He could vary beside Dwayne Johnson. Sometimes a bit taller, other times shorter
berta said on 10/May/16
i Think he is excactly 190. 189 is possible but feels to short and 191 is also possible .
20 % 189
45% 190
35% 191 But 6 foot 3 is 190,5 Right? In that case i Think he is ecxactly 6 foot 3 ore acouple milimeters under
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 13/Apr/16
180.20 said on 18/Mar/16
He was 188cm on this page, i can't believe he was upgraded to what the actor is claimming....Where is the objectivity?


Yeah, he's claimed 6'2" on more than one occasion, years apart. I don't see why he'd do that if he was really a solid 6'3".
180.20 said on 18/Mar/16
He was 188cm on this page, i can't believe he was upgraded to what the actor is claimming....Where is the objectivity?
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 21/Nov/15
Is there any real evidence he's more than 6'2.5"? He looks 188 - 189 cm a lot to me.
SJH said on 26/Sep/15
6'2.75 same as the rock and batisa
Mike said on 21/Sep/15
Morning: 192 cm
Night: 190 cm
Judd ISR said on 30/Aug/15
IMO, 6'2.5" Fraser, 6'1.75" Vosloo and 6'3" the Rock!
joe said on 13/Aug/15
he was the same height of the rock
Armandy said on 5/Aug/15
Rob, How tall was Stephen Dunham?
Editor Rob
Armandy, I never realised this actor had passed away a few years ago, I think he looked a rather tall guy, I'd say no less than 6ft 4 maybe more.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jul/15
Rob, what are the chances of 6ft2 flat?
Editor Rob
at times he can look anywhere from 6ft 2 up to 6ft 3. I think just a flat 6ft 2 might be a bit low.
Matthew said on 29/Jun/15
He's never been a full 6'3", that much I'm pretty sure of.
OneNamePlease said on 31/May/15
6'3 is 190.5, so, he is 6'2.75-6'3 (190cm)
joe 193cm night said on 30/May/15
6´2.75(190cm) but perhaps at the height was 6'3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/May/15
Rob, could 190cm be nearer?
Editor Rob
a nibble shy of 6ft 3 is as good an argument as 6ft 3
James B said on 5/May/15
Looks 6'2.5 to me
184.9 on a bad day said on 20/Mar/15
The Rock 6ft 3

Arnold Vosloo 6ft 1.75

Brendan Fraser 6ft 2.75
TJE said on 5/Feb/15
Always thought that 190 would be dead on.
Mathew said on 31/Jan/15
6'2" and maybe some change. If he was a full 6'3" I doubt he'd be quoted as saying 6'2" as often as he has. I could go with 6'2.5".
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 19/Jan/15
Rob, can 'the Quiet American' be added to the top? One of his best roles IMO.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/14
Sorry I meant to say I doubt he'd measure taller than Tom Welling
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/14
I doubt he'd measure taller than Brendan Fraser
Celebheights 188 CM said on 13/Dec/14
I'd say that 6'2.5" is fair. He can appear both 6'2" and 6'3".
joe said on 25/Nov/14
189 cm - 190 cm
184.9 on a bad day said on 15/Oct/14
weak 6 ft 3
judd said on 29/Sep/14
6'2.5" is spot on...he's a bit shorter than paul bettany (6'3.25-5"), just a little taller than Jim Broadbent (6'1-1.25" today) and sightly taller than Arnold Vosloo (6'1.75")...
Klent 187cm said on 29/Sep/14
1.94 91 kg (It was my old account)
I was wrong, my previous comment, he is 6'3 (191cm). Now I'm sure
John said on 7/Apr/14
My two cents? I bet he is exactly 190cm. A weak six three or a very strong six two.
Mathew said on 12/Mar/14
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 1/Mar/14
"Brendan Fraser height: 6ft 2.75in (190cm)"

Lowest 189cm, which is most likely at night. But certainly not 188cm.


188 cm is more likely than 191 cm to me. He's claimed 6'2" enough times.
Editor Rob
his recent claim this year is back to 6ft 3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/14
"Brendan Fraser height: 6ft 2.75in (190cm)"

Lowest 189cm, which is most likely at night. But certainly not 188cm.
1.94 91 kg said on 20/Feb/14
Rob in the Mummy is 1.88 approximately . No more
Dan said on 8/Feb/14
Brendan's craning his head forward in that picture with Sorbo, which will drop a bit off his height. They'd probably be equal if Brendan stood straight. However, we can't see their footwear, so it's not the best image.

Brendan's never looked under 6'2.5" at the very least to me. I'd be happy to give him 6'3".
mummy said on 5/Feb/14
6'3" for sure
Mathew said on 1/Jan/14
Kevin Sorbo is a legit 6'3", or a hair over. Brendan Fraser is closer to 6'2".
Click Here
Mathew said on 23/Dec/13
He's not a full 6'3". No way. He's claimed 6'2" too many times. Maybe he's between 6'2" and 6'3" but director Rob Cohen has even alluded to him really being 6'1.5"! So I think a legit 6'3" isn't likely at all.
Mathew said on 30/Nov/13
Brendan quotes his height here in a 1994 article:
"How tall?" I ask, seriously scrutinizing him.
"Six foot, two."
Click Here
Balrog said on 25/Nov/13
6'2.5", shorter than Betanny.
Ud191cm said on 9/Sep/13
6 foot 3 exactly. 3.5 inches taller than harrison ford.
Arch Stanton said on 5/Aug/13
I agree with 190cm Rampage and nothing under it. Clearly around 6'3" and bigger than 6'2".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jul/13
190cm is maybe nearer. Same range as Welling, Ferrell, Daniels and Schreiber.

But no less than that.
teej said on 24/Jun/13
Id believe 6ft2/6ft3 definetley a big guy
Lorne said on 12/Jun/13
Hard to say. Definently 6ft3 range, but could he measure 190cm at night? Certainly no lower than that, and 6'3 is possible, but he just doesn't look a strong 6ft3 guy to me. I think he is similar to 190cm Tom Welling. So 190-191cm for Mr. Fraser.
Mathew said on 10/Jun/13
Interestingly Rob Cohen had Luke Ford at 6'3" and Brendan Fraser at 6'1.5".
Mathew said on 8/Jun/13
Strong 6'2" I'd say. Weak 6'3" at best.
Lenad said on 26/Apr/13
he claimed 6ft2 then 6ft3 later? Then he probably is between 6'2 and 6'3. like 189-190cm or so
Lenad said on 19/Apr/13
fraser looks 6'2 range to me
Ud190.5cm said on 15/Apr/13
Honestly do you really think he's that big? Maybe you should downgrade him to 189-190cm.Sounds reasonable isn't it Rob?
Editor Rob
is he a weak 6ft 3? I think he's got to be very close to the mark
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/13
191-192cm, Rob?
Editor Rob
I don't think so
James said on 28/Oct/12
Nah he's bigger than 6'2
Silent d said on 21/Oct/12
He was pretty tall in airheads in a long time ago next to adam sandler and steve bescemi. 190cm now.
Denis said on 21/Oct/12
At 6'3" a human usually starts to look huge but Fraser doesn't look tall enough anyway to list him at 6'3". I think 6'2" could be his height.
James said on 17/Oct/12
He,s probably not 6'2.5 but 6'2.75 i think would be his height if he was measured barefoot. 190cm is close enough too pass for 6'3 anyway. 192cm out of bed.
Joe257 said on 14/Sep/12
I would think 6'2" for sure! I don't know about 6'3"...
SRG said on 18/Aug/12
Maybe he's 6'3 maybe 6'2 maybe even 6'1.5 at the lowest when you really think about it an inch or an inch and a half is barely even a noticeable difference in height (in fact the only way I would see a difference between someone who is 6'1.5 or 6'2 and someone who is 6'3 is either if the 6'1.5 to 6'2 guy had bad posture or both of them where standing perfectly straight up against a wall and even then it's slight) so I'll put him 6'1.5- 6'3 it's a pretty reasonable deviation, My past barefoot doctors measurements have had a similar deviation ranging from 5'9.5 at the lowest all the way up to 5'11.25 at the highest so I just meet them in the middle and put down 5'10 for my height. My guess is the Fraser just puts down either his highest measurement or a morning height. Generally I just Pegg him in the middle and assume he's 6'2 but like I said the only real difference between 6'2 and 6'3 to me is a number. If I was in his position and could get away with it I'd probably say 6'3 too, in reality its slight difference but in people’s minds it can have a big effect on the perception of the person. He's one of those people I think however who just looks taller than he really is. If you listen to the Mummy commentary Arnold Vosloo who is a strong 6'2 comments on how much taller Brendan was than him when in reality there’s probably a less than an inch difference between them. so I don't know if he wears lifts which is very likely at least for the movie the mummy if you look at the scene where he throws Kevin J. O'Connor who is 6'1 off over the side of the boat, there is a lot more than a 2 inch difference between them but I think that was more to make Kevin J O’Connor look smaller not to make Brendon look taller. So in my opinion he just looks taller than he really is my grandfather was like that, he was 6'2 and had perfect posture so people always pegged him at 6'3.5 and even 6'4 and since I inherited his thin yet large build I get the same thing all the time as well I'm 5'10 and people think I’m at least 6'. Being tall is a much about posture and carrying yourself well as it is about being over 6’.
R. said on 28/Jan/12
6'1 to 6'1 and a half maybe 6'2 When he wakes up but thats it yall are nuts lol actors give are listed a inch to 2 inches over their actual height, thats the way of things.
steven said on 20/Jan/12
to the reality point fraser had only 2.5" max on harrison ford in Extraordinary Measures, ford who is noticeable not quite 5'11 since the year 2006-2007 compare morning glory premiere jeff goldblum had ford by a full 5" and everyone knows goldblum claim 6'4 and dipping in 6'3.5 today.
in conclusion ford is 5'10.5 and fraser is 6'1 in reality that make sense for jeff goldblum at 6'3.5(6'4 peak) if not people still believing fraser at 6'3 there will bring up jeff at 6'5.5 max which is impossible.
steven said on 14/Jan/12
weird.. he only look 6'0 with 5'4 jet li.
maio said on 5/Dec/11
from the mummy trilogy

MUMMY (1999):
Brendan Fraser: 6 ft 2.5 in/189 cm
Rachel Weisz: 5 ft 6 in/168 cm
John Hannah: 5 ft 9.5 in/177 cm
Arnold Vosloo: 6 ft 1.5 in/187 cm
Kevin J.O'Connor: 5 ft 10.75 in/180 cm
Oded Fehr: 6 ft 1.25 in/186 cm
Jonathan Hyde: 5 ft 10.5 in/179 cm
Tuc Watkins: 6 ft 2.75 in/190 cm
Corey Johnson: 5 ft 10.5 in/179 cm
Stephen Dunham: 6 ft 4 in/193 cm

Patricia Velasquez: 5 ft 9 in/175 cm
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje: 6 ft 1.25 in/186 cm
Alun Armstrong: 5 ft 10 in/178 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 9.25 in/176 cm (TODAY)
the Rock: 6 ft 3 in/191 cm

Maria Bello: 5 ft 5 in/165 cm
Luke Ford: 6 ft 2 in/188 cm
Jet Li: 5 ft 5.75 in/167 cm
Isabella Leong: 5 ft 6.5 in/169 cm
Tman said on 24/Nov/11
when Rob meets this guy he should ask him to take part in the celeb heights challenge I'm 100% sure that he would agree. My future guess for him is 1,897m
Stingray said on 26/Sep/11
He does look 6-2 maybe a wee bit more to be honest. He is really fat these days
Shane said on 25/Sep/11
Saw him at the beach in Hawaii quite some time ago. My best friend from high school is 6'2" and Frasier was at least the same.
lan jiao said on 12/Sep/11
paul bettany had elevator shoe effect. they were both same height.
James said on 28/Jul/11
looks 6'2ish in photos next too Paul Bettany.
James said on 22/Jun/11
Never in a million years though is Fraiser over the 6'3 mark. More likely under than over.

Morning: 6'3.5 (192cm)
Mid-Morning: 6'3.25 (191cm)
Lunchtime: 6'3 (191cm)
Afternoon: 6'3 (191cm)
Evening: 6'2.75 (190cm)
Night: 6'2.75 (190cm)
I met him said on 22/Jun/11
I met him once and shook his hand, he is a very big man, I am 5ft11 and he was a good amount taller than me, i would say 6ft 3
James said on 16/Jun/11
He did look 6'3 in that film he starred in with Jim Broadbent
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jun/11
Rob do you think 6ft3 is bit generous for Fraser?
Editor Rob
I think it's fairly reasonable, at worst I could see a fraction under 6ft 3.
rob89 said on 13/Jun/11
Never EVER thought this guy could be 6'3, he always gave me the impression of 6'1-6'2. He's tall yes, sure but IMO not quite as tall as a legitimate 6'3 afternoon-night height. Just look at him with Bettany who actually IS 6'3. There are several photos of them standing next to each other, and even though Brendan is standing with military-like posture and Paul is leaning towards him slightly, has spiked up hair contrary Paul's which is much shorter, he's STILL plain as day shorter than him by a good inch, BEFORE taking any of the aforementioned into consideration. I honestly think Brendan could be as much as 2 inches shorter if he didn't have those "advantages". Either way i just can't see him being over 6'2, sorry.
James said on 12/Jun/11
the shortest he has looked to me was in school ties.

i think brendan frasier is between 6'2-6'3 as opposed to a legit 6'3. he looks slighty shorter than legit 6'3 men such as paul bettany and will ferrell. So I think reality 6'2.5 (189cm) is closer for brendan frasier.
Heather said on 8/Jun/11
After watching many movies with him in it, I can tell he is 6'3". Seeing the way he is when standing in doorways and honestly, the way clothing lays on him, he is definitely 6'3". - have been a fan of his since I was younger after finding out we share. The December birthday.
James said on 31/May/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/May/11
He has that imposing presence that a typical 6"3 guy has

No he does not. Look at him on scrubs he look no 6'3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/May/11
He has that imposing presence that a typical 6"3 guy has
marko said on 10/May/11
he is 6 ft 3 tall
elksize said on 9/May/11
My husband is 6'4" - and seeing BF in movies - check out the height of the ladies/men he stands next to he is at least 6'3".
James said on 2/May/11
maybe not as low as 6'1 but i am not convinced he's 6'3 either
DMan said on 30/Apr/11
Looks 6'2 in The Mummy
bale said on 26/Apr/11
@John Smith

Was doing some extra work in Downptrick Northern Ireland for his new film last night. I was in flats, im 6"1 he had probaly 1.5 inch heels and he was towering above me. Reckon around 6"4.5
Johan Cruyff said on 21/Apr/11
@John Smith
I don't trust you! That's a fake! He's clearly over 6'1''!
Johan Cruyff said on 4/Apr/11
Brendan Fraser height's are

Morning (out of bed)= 6'3.25" (1.91,1 m)
After 1,5-3 hrs= 6'2.80" (1.90 m)
After 5-10 hrs= 6'2.5" (1.89,2 m)

Brendan Fraser's real height is 6'3.25" (1.91,1 m)
big mike said on 12/Mar/11
I always thought he was alot shorter than 6ft3 I thought 5ft11 or 6ft at most I guess in The Mummy films and his other films I didn't notice I did notice in that rockstar movie he did He wore a good three inch heel boots he was as tall as the door frame thinking about it now this may be correct because if he was 6ft3 in those boots he would be 6ft5 as tall as the door frame
Mathew said on 16/Feb/11
He's 6'2.5" at best.
James said on 15/Feb/11
6'3 in the monring
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Feb/11
6"3.5 in the morning
James said on 25/Jan/11
6'3.5 in shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/11
Probably says 6"2 in order to get more work...

But if he's now claiming 6"3.5(192cm), he most likely was measured out of bed and is not aware of human body shrinking a bit during the day...overall that makes him 6"3(191cm)
James said on 16/Jan/11
Click Here
James said on 16/Jan/11
Well i saw him in Scrubs earlier tonight and he looked 188-189cm if Zach Braff is 183cm. Then again we all know Zach Braffs hairstyle adds a lot of height to him. I also heard 182cm for Zach Braff.

But still though when you see him on Scrubs its hard to imagine he is only 2 inches shorter than Neil Flynn who looks a lot more imposing.

I still woulden't rule out 6'2.5 or 6'2.75 its not impossible.....
Jason said on 2/Jan/11
"I've always had a bit of a complex about being over 6-2," he confesses. "I've developed bad posture; I always try to become diminutive and stoop so as not to feel I'm dominating."
Mr Mayfair said on 26/Dec/10
He is a good 6'2''...may have been taller but that looked his height when I saw him in 2009 - normal shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/10
Probably got measured in the morning if he claimed 6"3.5
James said on 23/Nov/10
With Jeff Bridges
Click Here
James said on 23/Nov/10
He's a strong 6'2.5 like 189-190cm. 6'2.75 on a good day but i think his real height is 6'2.5.
paul86 said on 22/Nov/10
I think he's closer to 6'2' more likely being 189 cm.
Observant said on 21/Nov/10
He has an inch on Fillion, that would make him 189cm
James said on 18/Nov/10
Larry says on 18/Nov/10
just met him tonight at Elling on Broadway, really nice guy. 6 3 at aminimum for sure, the guy is definitely big no joke. seemed 6 3 maybe even a little more. but deff at least that height no less.

Was he standing on higher pavement?
Larry said on 18/Nov/10
just met him tonight at Elling on Broadway, really nice guy. 6 3 at aminimum for sure, the guy is definitely big no joke. seemed 6 3 maybe even a little more. but deff at least that height no less.
James said on 7/Nov/10
Does not look 6cm taller than 185cm John C Mcginley
Click Here
Click Here
James said on 29/Oct/10
lol rob so do you think brendan frasier constantly changes his mind about how tall he is?

Editor Rob
he keeps folk guessing!
James said on 28/Oct/10
rob go to 1:05-1:20 on this video, graham norton says he is 6'2 and brendan does not say anything about being 6'3.
Click Here

Editor Rob
he's said 6ft 2, 3 and 3.5 as his height before, I think he picks them at random to what he says
Ali said on 1/Jul/09
What 190cm? It can't get any crazier than this.

6'1 max. Tall guy, but not over 6'1.
Frank2 said on 18/Jun/09
6'3" and he wears a toupee:

Click Here

So does John Travolta.
Ras said on 3/Jun/09
This guys very tricky. Maybe because of his posture he makes persons that are about 5'7ish look taller but I don't think he's quite 6'3, more like 6'2.5.
Ace said on 30/May/09
Good photo RisingForce.
Matt Sisk said on 22/May/09
I agree that Fraser is overall a weak 6'3". 6'2.5" is the best accurate height for him.
Spencer said on 19/May/09
Just stood next to him at line in Whole Foods. He was shorter than me and I'm 6-2 flat. I was in flip flops and he had boots on...
RTD2 said on 18/May/09
Well from School Ties a movie that he is in. He is taller than Ben Affleck who is said to be 6'2.
The Dutchguy said on 14/May/09
Whoah, ignore my post there, i think it is some banana republic in Africa, where the average height for males is 6'10 or something :P But still the Dutch people are tall, adn the average height here
RisingForce said on 13/May/09
even considering his camera advantage, a hunched over brendan fraser is still clearly taller than 6-1 tom arnold who is standing straight. Click Here i wouldn't be surprised at all if he reaches 6-3.5 standing up straight.
The Dutchguy said on 27/Apr/09
dani says on 5/Mar/09
Big King is wrong............Australian average height for males is 5'9-5'10. I visited Sidney Australia recently a saw many many people between 5'9 and 5'10 so Big King stops promoting Australia as the capital of giants...........

He is dead wrong, the capitol of the giants is either some nation in africa, or Holland( the average height for a male in holland is a strong 6'1, and people shorter then 5'11 are starting to get rare)
Josh.J said on 23/Apr/09
Click Here

here's a pic of the two. adjusting for angle and posture i can see 2 inches between them.
Josh.J said on 23/Apr/09
in scrubs he looks shorter then he is because he has bad posture. whilst McGinley stands very straight most of the time. i did see a couple of shots where fraser had at least 2 inches on McGinley.
Big King said on 16/Apr/09
Yes but it's better to give him his real height.
RisingForce said on 14/Apr/09
Big King, he may not like his 6'3.5" height because he might like to be more like 6'2" so he can still be tall, but not stick out so much.
Lozzer said on 3/Apr/09
Austrian, he was more than an inch taller than Mcginley id say!
Ace said on 24/Mar/09
He does look 2 inches taller than Oded Fehr: Click Here
Austrian said on 24/Mar/09
ehm.... i just saw an episode of scrubs and as long as he didnt wear lifts he cant really be 6'3

he looked 1 inch taller than McGinley and 2 inches taller than Zach Braff, which would make sense cause it would make him 6'2
Big King said on 24/Mar/09
We got the result. Fraser is 6'3.5" in the morning and 6'3" in the afternoon. He often looks very tall in his films. I almost estimated him as 6'5". And I also don't know why he doesn't like his height. 6'3.5" is a perfect height for a celebrity.
RisingForce said on 23/Mar/09
He's 6'3.5", he admitted it, but also admitted that he doesn't like his height and slouches on purpose at times.
stefano said on 10/Mar/09
In inkheart Paul Bettany ( 6'3") is an inch taller of brendan, so Brendan is 6'2"!
Big King said on 7/Mar/09
Is there a source on what time Fraser get measured?

Editor Rob
I never saved the page, so can't verify if the whole measurement thing was true.
dani said on 5/Mar/09
Big King is wrong............Australian average height for males is 5'9-5'10. I visited Sidney Australia recently a saw many many people between 5'9 and 5'10 so Big King stops promoting Australia as the capital of giants...........
VVV said on 2/Mar/09
I have a picture of my husband standing next to him - They stood shoulder to shoulder and eye to eye. My husband is 6'3". There you go. Depending on their personality tall guys tend to underestimate their height.
slimytoes said on 24/Feb/09
Agree with JJ, I'm 6 in the mourning, 5 11.5 throughout the day and 5 11.25 at night, people quite often remark that I'm tall, When I tell them my height, they always seem a little suprised.
J.J. said on 21/Feb/09
I honestly think if you are 5'11" which is 180cm you can always be viewed as tall because so many people say i met this guy & he is tall but when I asked how tall the person is there say 5'11". But the people that really stand out are the 6'2" men because in shoes they look 190cm & that's big enough for every1 to comment about your height
Hugh said on 8/Feb/09
Well, I can be a little arrogant myself at times. I hate to be like that though. I suppose if your between 6ft2-6ft4 you kinda feel the need to be better. Tall people tend to be over confident at times. It doesn't always help.
Forrest 6'1.5 said on 1/Feb/09
Yeah im pretty sure average in australia is similiar to that of europe and the US (for white males). Granted i am only 17 but at nearly 6'2 i am taller than 80% of the people i see on a daily basis.
Hugh said on 1/Feb/09
6ft is where tall starts. But I really do not understand those 6ft guys who think that they are like really tall. It's pathetic. A 6ft guy will not stand out in a crowd often. If your say 6ft2 you're likely to stand out.
Lenad said on 30/Jan/09
The average Australian male height is more like 5'9. I'm not even a full 5'10 and I'm a tad taller than many men I walk past. My friend is 184.3cm and hes taller than most other men.
Jalabi said on 23/Jan/09
Click Here
he must be 6'3 or more, he is towering over jet li 5'6". Unless of course Jet li is only 5'3
Forrest 6'1.5 said on 23/Jan/09
That guy Big king is something else. 6'3 is where tall starts? no my friend try 6'. And although ive never been i have a hard time believing that the average australian male height is 6'-6'3
Hugh said on 18/Jan/09
Taller guys downplay their height. It's a fact. I sometimes claim 6ft2 as my height when I'm really closer to 6ft3.
Hugh said on 12/Jan/09
Solid 6ft3. 6ft3.25.
Sami said on 10/Jan/09
I believe 6'3".
And he is so much better in comedy rather than action.
He was a natural at it Scrubs, I don't know why he's in all the action flicks, not saying that I didn't like The Mummy, but it just seems wrong for him.
Giuseppe said on 10/Jan/09
Brendan Fraser is 6ft 2 ins, i was at a Graham Norton show and he actually said on LIVE english t.v that he is infact that height so bang goes that theory of him being 6ft 3
Raven said on 8/Jan/09
Big King, This may be a little late for me to be commenting to you, but seriously. "5'10 to 6'3" is the average for Australians, i dont know what kinda parellel Austraila i'm living in, but i have yet to meet a man in Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory or Victoria who would 'truthfully' think that is the range of males in Australia, height is just as variable in Australia as every where else in the world. I am 5' flat, yes i am female, but fewer than half the men i know exist in your little average height scores... seriously, if your trying to sound scientific be a little more sure of yourself and your sources. and there is no need to get insulting. this is a forum to 'discuss' celeb heights not to insult and completely disregard other peoples debates. Have a nice day! :D
RisingForce said on 7/Jan/09
He's 6'3 1/2".
linebacker40 said on 7/Jan/09
A quintessential 6'3" actor from what I've seen of him.
Lenad said on 30/Dec/08
I can defintly buy 6ft2 for Fraser. No less than that though.
anonymous said on 28/Dec/08
Here is the scene from encino man: Click Here
Although you can't judge from it, but maybe using shawn astin as a reference we can: Click Here
Although Fraser's hair and his slouching sure isn't making it easy to judge.
yoyo said on 27/Dec/08
i believe his 6ft3 with a little hair. a weak 6ft3.
JTRoN said on 25/Dec/08
Encino man was on tv the other day, there is a scene where he stands in front of a height chart with that guy from Lord of the Rings and it's hard to say his exact height cause of his massive hair but he was well over the 6ft mark, I would have guess about 6'3 or 6'4 for sure. Someone should find a still of that scene.
yoyo said on 24/Dec/08
Director Philip Noyce was 6ft4 and always apear a bad standing posture. Saw pics of Michael Caine,Brendan Fraser and him standing near each other and notice Noyce was like 1.5in at less over Brendan Fraser and 4in over Cain without good posture. Cain looks 6ft,Brendan Fraser 6ft2 on the pictures taken. Brendan Fraser really look no more than 6ft2.5. If the above mentions of he take off shoes and measure 6ft3 was likely count abit hair topped up like 190cm(190 is legally 6ft3)that could be. he really looks no more than 6ft2.5(189cm) even with 6ft2 actor Luke Ford who played his son in Mummy 3, both height looks very close.
RisingForce said on 22/Dec/08
He's 6-3.5
cb said on 15/Dec/08
looks more like 6"2'. looks the same height as the guy who plays his son in the mummy 3.
Antonio said on 7/Dec/08
"Athletic optimal heights" don't exist! McEnroe is 5-11 max, so is Agassi. Jimmy Conners is 5-10. I met Mark Spitz and although he is listed at 6', he was actually about 5-10. In fact, one of Marks legs is about 2" longer than the other and he walks with a very noticeable limp. So on his short leg, he is about 5-8. There's nothing optimal about any of this. His amazing success was attributed to hard work and dedication. He also believed in himself, despite his handicap. After meeting him I always wondered why this was never brought up! He could have inspired so many, if it was.

Don't tell 7-0 Shaq that he ought to be 6-6 or 6-7 in order to be an optimal all around basketball player. No basketball player is "all around", either. Let those 6-6 guys go up against Shaq in a "rebound" contest!

What is optimal for baseball. Is it 6-5 like McGuire & Clemens, or is it 5-9 & 5-10 like Ichiro and Willie Mays, or is it 5-8 like Pudge Rodriquez? Derek Jeter is about 6-4, at least 6" taller than Willie Mays. Both have been considered 2 of the best all around players in the game. Some guy named Babe Ruth is considered to be greatest baseball player that ever lived. He was even a great pitcher! He was in between the above mention players in height, but was grossly overweight and out of shape. One can go on and on, to discredit your analogy.
Jay said on 5/Dec/08
Brendan Fraser is definitely quite tall. He's 6'4". I'm watching him on Conan O'Brien right now, and when he walked out, he was the identical height, and eye to eye with Conan. His 6'4" height with shoes is confirmed by the fact that he's 6'3" barefoot (a loss of an inch).
In general, the average US male is 5'10". In the rest of the world, the average is a little shorter. In Germany, people are also tall, and the average there matches that of the US.
In terms of athletics, the optimal height for a tennis player is between 6'0" and 6'2" (McEnroe, Sampras, and Federer all fit in this range). The optimal height for a basketball player is 6'6" or 6'7" (ie all-around players like Jordan, Pippen, Kobe, and others). The optimal height for an olympic swimmer is between 6'2" and 6'5" (Mark Spitz, Phelps, Morales, Ian Thorpe, and others are all in that range). The optimal height for a soccer player is a mere 5'6" or 5'7", and for a gymnast, it's between 5'7" and 5'9".
- Jay
Lenad said on 2/Dec/08
Looks like a solid 6'2 in Looney Tunes back in action.
Big King said on 30/Nov/08
On what time did Fraser get measured?
Sarah said on 22/Nov/08
I think hes a good actor,versatile he can really get into his characters.hes a big guy,definatley looks 6'3. reminds me of my friend stature wise.Not hard on the eyes either.:-)
anonymous said on 8/Nov/08
Maybe has tall costars. That's y he seems short. I was shocked with 6 foot 3. I guess television can be deceiving.
Big King said on 5/Nov/08
Yes but I remember films where Fraser looked very tall with his 6'3" height.
Big King said on 29/Oct/08
anonymous, are you kidding? Fraser looks too tall for a 6'3" guy.
Yaspaa said on 24/Oct/08
Average height in austria is 5'10 - 6'3,thats quite a subjective statement. Average height in Austria is 5'10...thats it.
anonymous said on 20/Oct/08
I rephrase my estimate. I'm saying he's 6 foot 3 max considering how tall rachel weisz and elizabeth hurley are. he just doesn't look that tall in movies.
bikagyura said on 19/Oct/08
Having been a long-time-spectator on this site, as well as Viper, I must say that I cannot recall ONE single time that he has'nt downplayed a height with

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