How tall is Brian Dennehy

Brian Dennehy's Height

6ft 0in (182.9 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 3in (190.5 cm)
US Actor from First Blood and F/X. On article described him: "At six foot three, with the build and the craggy face of an Irish boxer" but he's definitely lost height.

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Average Guess (7 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 2.89in (190.2cm)
Current: 6ft 0.75in (184.8cm)
Richardspain said on 11/Oct/17
A strong 6'2 and with footwear 6'3! I think he was not a full 190cm but very close. He was more in the 188cm zone barefoot. Next to Richard Crenna (6'1) in First Blood Brian looks a bit taller than Crenna. Only a bit taller so 188cm is reasonable to him

Nowadays... who knows???

Good role in First Blood, very credible!
berta said on 2/Sep/17
i think 190 cm ore 0,5 cm under could be better listing. today i have no idea, if i remember right it looked like he was fraction taller than russel crowe couple years ago. so maybe little under 6 foot today. but he have terrible posture. maybe he always was and still is half inch taller than he looks. but i still think almost 191 sounds little mutch
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Aug/17
I agree with 190 cm peak, but who knows nowadays? He's lost A LOT of height. Clearly has back problems. Even years ago, he never had good posture, which may have made him look shorter to some.
Gonzalo said on 26/Jun/17
Saw him yesterday in Silverado. He looked taller than Kevin Kline. In one shot next to Jeff Goldblum he looked clearly shorter but Goldblum had ground advantage and Dennehy had bad posture. Before that, when Dennehy and Goldblum met in the saloon, on even ground he held his own next to Goldblum. Dennehy was around the 1`90 area
RisingForce said on 30/May/17
It's important to remember he always slouched and hunched, but was still much bigger than James Woods in Best Seller. This guy lost A LOT of height, even by Righteous Kill when he was only about 69. Naturally his posture can make him look shorter, but he had to be quite tall in the 70s and 80s to still look as huge as he did at times.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Feb/17
For some reason or other, and I'm presuming it's because he was big in more ways than just girth and height, they've had whole days devoted to Brian's films on one of the 'True' channels. This gave me ample opportunity to take in that he is very tall, so 6ft3 it will be! It also gave me an equally king-sized opportunity to grow tired of him in one day flat!
Joseph said on 19/Nov/16
I'm thought he was 6'2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Sep/16
No he was near 6ft3 for definite...he towered over Telly Savalas when he appeared in one episode of Kojak
Josh jeffords said on 3/Sep/16
Doubt he was ever 6 3 big tall guy but not that tall.
I'd guess 6 2 in shoes at his prime seen most his movies.
Still a giant of an irishman.
hambubger said on 1/Aug/16
Clearly taller than 6'1" Ford in Presumed Innocent - and he's already 50+ in this film.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/16
Looked 6ft2-3 in Rambo.
Pierre said on 9/Sep/15
In the first Rambo i don't see him at 6"3' compared to listed 5"9' S.Stallone.I think 6"0' or 6"0.5 is more real.S.Stallone has army shoes and Brian has santiags so Brian is probably advantaged.He look very tall because his shoulders are very tall:he seem have a little neck compared to Sylvester.
Sheriff Kane said on 2/Sep/15
Mr. Dennehy looks like he's under six feet now. He has scoliosis, and is curved over pretty substantially. In Silverado, he was full height, but hard to tell with cowboy boots on. Looked huge.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/15
Rob, are you sure he's lost 3in or is it possible that he wasn't quite 6ft3?
[Editor Rob: he could look anywhere in 6ft 2-3 range ]
Sam said on 17/Apr/15
Not really an inch taller than Hackman, although Hackman appears to have better posture. It's quite possible that Dennehy measured 6'2.25"-6'2.5" as a young man with good posture but I've never been convinced the guy was a full 6'3".
Here's an unsual line-up of Kevin Bacon, Christopher Meloni, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Rudd (Rudd I think is stand a bit closer so looks taller than he really is), does look similar range as with Meloni in older age.
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Tdude said on 26/Feb/15
Rob c'mon. This guy wasn't even close to 6'3". I can buy 6'2" peak. Need evidence of him noticeably taller than any 6'2" person to even believe he was close to this listing.
Gonzalo said on 23/May/14
Dennehy and Gene Hackman. Dennehy looks taller
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Rey said on 12/Apr/14
In Rambo: First Blood, he appeared to be about 6'1" and then some with the boots. Brian has bad posture. But, he still made Stallone look small. Brian is a big man, but needs to pull his head back a few inches cause it appears his head is sunken where his neck should be. He could be closer to 6'2" with better posture. For sure in his younger days.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Dec/13
Around 6ft2-6ft3 peak.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Nov/13
Nah he looks taller than Kevin Kline in Silverado, looks 6'3" range to me.
Rusty said on 19/Sep/13
Actually looked the same height or shorter than Kevin Kline in silverado
Sam said on 22/Jul/13
I agree with Bruno...I think a 6'2" listing is better at peak for Dennehy.
Bruno said on 20/Jul/13
6'2'' Dennis Weaver looked slightly taller Brian Dennehy in Pearl. I think Dennehy's height is exaggerated, he probably was not much over 6'2'' in his prime.
Shadow2 said on 2/Oct/12
Brian was never more than 6'2" in his prime. He's an inch taller than 6'1" Bryan Brown in the movies they made together.
Mr. R said on 7/Jun/12
I saw him years ago in New York, and he was pretty close to 6-3. But could he have lost three inches?
Alex2401 said on 6/Jun/12
He is a big guy with a strong build but not that tall.183cm seems accurate but no one can lose 8cm with age,no way.Peak height 191cm not a chance.
tom said on 5/Jun/12
Prime 6-2"+ ,now around 6'-0.5" now.
Sam said on 7/Dec/11
Unquestionably a large guy, but I don't think I ever saw him loom tall enough that he seemed 6'3"
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
rob, i guess you owe this men by 1.5-2". im pretty sure his taller than 90/100 6'2 claim actor. will smith is not a stretch at this bulky old men height. he can look 6'0 but he can pull out taller when stand tall taller than you list freddy prinze jr whose 6'1 here.
Hansen said on 15/Aug/11
as i say brian is 6ft2 nowadays. 6ft way too low.
dmeyer said on 9/Aug/11
in first blood he towers sly and is clearly tzllrt thzn 6 ft 0.5 6 ft 1 in crenna so 6 ft 2.5 6 ft 3 seems right in the 80s now he seemed raughly taller than 5 ft 10.5 russel crowe so 5 ft 11.5 6 ft today
Hansen said on 8/Aug/11
perhaps you have underestimate brian dennehy height by few inch. although he have bulky and 6ft to 6ft1-ish looking build. but when i watch summer catch , he can look close 6ft3 next to 184-185cm freddy prinze jr when he stood up straight. i think 6ft was unfair. im confident anybody did be surprise he stand up well next to 6ft3 guy he can be near it. ;)
he had a weir standing posture like a turtle, pardon my words(which is laughable) strechable neck. i think he can be in 189-190 range if he stand straight and relax down at 6ft.5 , nowadays at least a flat 6ft2 straight up.
lol said on 19/Jul/11
how can a man shrink that much ?...however he still tall with 6 foot...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/May/11
6ft2.25(189cm) peak...don't think he was quite 6ft3, but close
I think he's still over 6ft, like 6ft1
PatB said on 12/May/11
My dentist is almost exactly my age. The other day he remarked on how big I am. I told him I had only shrunk one quarter inch in the last fifty years. He replied that he had lost two full inches in jsu the previous year. He wasn't very happy about it.

The point is that men shrink on average a centimeter or so a decade but individuals vary tremendously. The big shrinkers seem to be Clint Eastwood, Senator Alan Simpson and Brian Dennehy.

I love Dennehy in the movies because he always plays a big guy but unfortunately he is no longer the man he once was. He's shrunk so much that his personality no longer fits his frame.
Paulio said on 27/Mar/11
I am 5'10 and he came in where I work about 2 years ago. He was not 6ft 3in. I can buy 6 feet though.
Austrian said on 13/Oct/07
lol.. Glenn looks more like the celebrity in this pic than the other guy :)
Adam Brennon said on 27/Sep/07
Looks 6' 1" in the picture.
jimmy2k said on 25/Sep/07
I've heard of people losing 1 to 1.5 inches in height over the years. But losing 3 inches is just ridiculous. What did they do, take out a vertibrae or two??
dmeyer said on 7/Sep/07
he twerd sly by 5 to 6 in in rambo 3 in is a lot
Bob H. said on 8/Aug/07
Watched FX2 last night. Bryan Brown claims 6'1/2". Sounds real. In a hallway seen Brown needs to pass Dennehy. They look the same height... and then...
Dennehy sucks in his stomach and stretchs about 3 inches. I believe he really was 6'3" or so as he claimed. His posture is and has been just slouchy.
Chemer said on 4/Aug/07
it´s time to upgrade this one Rob, this guy is 6'1"
Suze said on 9/Jul/07
Like I said, his knees went...were replaced. That took some height off.

Years of dealing with bad knees damage your back as well...and he is 69 guys. Give him a break! The guy has been doing 2 shows almost every day on Broadway, with touring companies, in Chicago and in London for several years. Can't do that if you are not strong.

I have been next to him and he IS a big guy. This is an old picture...he has lost a lot of weight and looks super.
Still a big guy in stature though. My husband is 5'11 ft. He is a good 2 inches above that. I would have put him at 6 ft 3-31/2 in the past. He is about 6'1-1/2 now.

And he can be the greatest guy...has been to me and to many I know. Funny and talkative in the right place at the right time. Not when he is busy, tired or
whatever. That would go for anyone. I have yet to meet a single person anywhere in the world that is not a grump from time to time. We all have things to deal with but don't have people stopping us and flashbulbs going give him a break.
Please? : )
Bob H. said on 5/Jul/07
Just watched "10th And Wolf". Dennehy looks to be a tad over 6 feet these days.
At 20 or so I was just a tad under 6'2". 40 years later I'm about 6' 1/2" fully stretched. I have never been sick. Never smoked or drank. Always exercised. I shrunk over an inch. It just happens. My friends my age have also shrank. Gravity. Crap wears out. We shrink. Dennehy has terrible posture. He's very over weight. Looks to have back problems when he walks in the movie. A tad over 6 foot tops.
Franco (194cm) said on 12/Jun/07
are you kidding?

this man today looks 175cm for whatever reason!

Click Here

199cm vs 193cm ???? NOT!

Click Here

looks as short as 180cm there

[Editor Rob: he's lost a lot...]
glenn said on 30/May/07
thanks suze.
Suze said on 28/May/07
He had both knees replaced...that will make you lose some height every time!
He is a great guy...was to me and my friends. BUt everyone has a grouchy day occasionally. : )
Great picture Glenn!
Dai said on 16/May/07
If he sorts his posture out, he could stretch out 189cm i think
glenn said on 14/Apr/07
he is a grouchy man.
LordHumongous said on 12/Apr/07
Hey Glenn - you look really scared in that picture, Dennehy is a very intimidating man! I remember a film of his where he was a mass murderer and hid the dead bodies in his house, fitted his character perfectly!
Gonzalo said on 28/Feb/07
Dennehy is closer to the camera but he seems at least as tall as Gene Hackman, who is around 6`2.
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Pat said on 25/Feb/07
When I was twenty five I was 6'4". Nearly forty years later and I'm still 6'4". That is when measured the same way. I'm sure some men shrink in their fifties and sixties but on this site shrinkage is invoked as an all purpose explanation for height estimate variations.

Dennehy is obviously a big guy. He is also a heavy guy. He has no reason to walk around fully stretched up so as to appear as big as possible. Many smaller men do that. They appear on the street and just casually standing around as if they are in the doctor's office being measured. Dennehy appears here in a self confident slump. Liam Neeson likewise doesn't need to stretch to obtain every last inch. He knows he's big. He doesn't worry about posture.

Put Dennehy on a scale with a height measurement stick and he would probably stretch up another inch over what he appears in this picture. Tall guys don't need to adopt optimum posture like Stalone or Kurt Russel.

My guess is that most of the guys like James Garner or Clint Eastwood who are believed to have shrunk are mearly slumping. If Eastwood was 6'4" thirty years ago he was 6'4" in the doctor's office and 6'4" walking down the street. Today he may very well walk around at 6'2" but in the doctor's office when he is told to stand up straight he's probably still very nearly as tall as he every was.
glenn said on 25/Feb/07
true,misha,so true.someone else pointed out something similiar.
misha said on 24/Feb/07
Amazing how many of us don't just vary on heights, we vary on reading expresions conveyed in photographs. To me, Glenn looks like he's just about to
give Dennehy the green light to go beat someone to death, and Dennehy looks like he's making a list of his own victims, including the photographer.
glenn said on 24/Feb/07
when my friend wanted the next pic,he barked that we were ruining his yeah,i was a bit nervous.he's grouchy.
Matt said on 24/Feb/07
Glenn, you look so intimitated by his size from the expression on your face lol. I'd say he looks 6'3 or so, he looks like he's slouching in the picture and Glenn is reaching up.
glenn said on 24/Feb/07
thanks misha.initially i thought i looked ugly in shot,but appreciate it more now.especially since you saw tones in it.
misha said on 24/Feb/07
Glenn, closer study of this photo tells me I was focusing too much on the difference in your eye levels, but Dennehy has a very "high-domed" forehead -it just keeps going on like some kind of vertical wall. Hence I feel that he could be 6'2" here, but tell me, how tall did he seem to you, and did you by chance get a glimpse at his footwear? He doesn't strike me as the type who'd wear lifts.
misha said on 24/Feb/07
I say 6'2" at his peak and 6'1" now is perfect. This is a very imposing man
physically, absolutely terrifying as John Wayne Gacy in the t.v. movie, but he never seemed as tall as 6'3" to me, and I agree with UNK that he's actually kept most of his height. And yes, Glenn, that is an incredibly dark shot of the two of you, really marvelous, with good skin tones and natural eye color,
very difficult to achieve outside at night.
Anthony said on 17/Feb/07
Looks at least 6'1 with Glenn. I buy 6'3 at his peak.
UNK said on 2/Feb/07
Rob you have his peak height as 6'3" and current 6"1. Do you serioulsy think the guy lost a full 2". What is you 90 years old... ha ha. Unless he has some sort of illness I don't know about, he didn't lose a full 2".
Viper said on 2/Feb/07
He looks 6-1 to me there.
P. Smith said on 1/Feb/07
LOL Glenn, in that photo you two look like you are in the mafia...Awesome.
Derek said on 21/Jan/07
Looks around 6'2" with Glenn. Probably was 6'3" in his younger days.
D. Ray Morton said on 22/Jul/06
Crazy story. Your friend's reply was funny.

I'd always heard he was nice, but wow!

Great actor, just the same.
Glenn said on 20/Jul/06
He turned his attitude one of my favorite stories ever,which I strangely forgot until my friend reminded me,when it was his turn to take a photo with Brian,Brian said"your ruining my life!".and storm inside a friend did say to him "sorry for ruining your life" sarcastically to him as he stormed off.weird grump.
D. Ray Morton said on 20/Jul/06
Nice shot. He looks like he *could* be about 6'2" here.

Always liked Dennehy. He's supposed to be a cool guy, I hear.

tomking said on 19/Jul/06
Good photo, Glenn. Mr Dennehy looks really tall on it.He is a great actor.
Editor Rob said on 7/Jul/06
I've added a pic of Glenn with big Brian.
Gonzalo said on 1/Jun/06
In Silverado there was more than one inch between Goldblum and Dennehy, but it could be the posture. I´m starting to think that Goldblum is more than 6`4. Damn, I saw Goldblum last summer in NY and I didn´t pay my whole atention to his height.
Goldblum looks taller than Chase, anyway, from the distance
Glenn said on 31/May/06
Goldbloom and Chase are both 6-4.Dennehy was 6-3.
Gonzalo said on 30/May/06
He is tall, that´s clear, but his posture isn´t the best, maybe because of overweight. I think he is around 6´2. He looked much shorter than Jeff Goldblum in Silverado. And he looked shorter than Chevy Chase in Foul play. But he was taller than Kevin Kline and William Hurt. Could he ever be 6´3? How tall are then Chase and Goldblum?
Mikex said on 28/Apr/06
He can't have shrunken 2 inches can he? I mean he's not an 80 yr old.
tomking said on 26/Apr/06
In both fx films he played with bryan brown (6`1")in 1986, he seems one inch taller then brown, maybe 1.5, but he was taller.So Frank i think you are right today with 6`1".
Frank2 said on 20/Apr/06
Dennehy is about 6'1". I sat next to him on a flight from Vancouver to LA and we chatted almost the whole way. Nice man. He's big boned as well as heavy, maybe 250 lbs.
Mikex said on 19/Apr/06
Looks under 6'3'' more like 6' or 6'1'' but is heavily set and this may deceive.
Glenn said on 9/Mar/06
met him in 1999.
Glenn said on 9/Mar/06
Ive seen coming.

[Editor Rob: the guy looks to have shrunk, when did you meet him?]
Glenn said on 5/Mar/06
I saw 6-3.
Mr. R said on 10/Feb/06
Actually, when I was in New York during his Gorky Park days, he was listed at 6-4. Seems a little high, but he did seem taller than 6-3 William Hurt in Gorky Park.

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