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5ft 9.72in (177.1cm)
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/06
Probably a lot of recessive genes involved, but as said below, his mom is fairly tall.
Frank said on 14/Dec/06
I seen the British Buldog in street clothes he looked 5ft 8 to 5ft 9
6'2'' JK said on 14/Dec/06
That is a mystery Alex, but i would love to know who did he get the height genes from
Alex said on 14/Dec/06
JK, I was wondering the same thing if British Bulldog is 5'9 (even though I thought he was actually a little taller) but whatever, how did his son become 6'5.
6'2'' JK said on 13/Dec/06
Harry's father is 5'9'', so i wonder how he got to be 6'5''
Alexa said on 12/Dec/06
Well I am 5'3.5 exactly and was wearing 6 inch heels and she was in flats and she was a good three inches taller than me. She is a chunky girl too. My friend, Carla, is 5'11 and 135 lbs and is MUCH skinnier even with her great curves.
6'2'' JK said on 12/Dec/06
Have you seen Davey boys smiths son in one of Hogan knows best episodes?? brooke was up to his chest, he looks a legit 6'5''. His father was only 5'9'' so i wonder where he got his height from
Frank said on 12/Dec/06
Guys im not saying she is short i just dont think she is 5ft 11 barefoot
Cantstop i read your post but i did not see her in person so thats the only thing i can go by
Martijn said on 11/Dec/06
Maybe she's not 5 ft 11 but she is tall and she looks strong. Does she wrestle too?
Frank said on 11/Dec/06
No i seen the show live Cantstop so i seen her before and after she kissed him
The bottom line is SHE IS NOT 5FT 11 BAREFOOT!!! Im not going by photos im going by the live footage i seen
Frank said on 10/Dec/06
Alex you cant go ny the show.....You have to see Brooke next to someone who's height you know....If i stand next to guys 5ft 7 or 5ft 8 i would appear very tall... Again i seen her in High heels look alittle shorter than a 5ft 11 guy so i have to say she's 5ft 8 to 5ft9 and the most i can give her 5ft10 and besides 5ft 9 for a woman is on the tall side
Alex said on 9/Dec/06
I don't insult people, but Brooke looks taller than 5'9. On Hogan Knows best she appears 5'11 everytime I see her.
Jason said on 8/Dec/06
Viper, that's because it is him. I thought there's a thing here about sticking to the one ID?

Legend, we own the deeds to your life on here my trollish friend.
Frank said on 7/Dec/06
The only reason i keep bringing up Jay Leno is because i know he is 5ft 11 and i seen him standing next to her on his show......
Frank said on 7/Dec/06
Well if she is 5ft 11 in heels it makes sense......Leno is 5ft 11 barefoot and in shoes hes probably close to 6ft or 6ft so thats why she looked alittle shorter than him
Viper652 said on 7/Dec/06
Legend posts just like Louie Boluran guy.
Frank said on 7/Dec/06
Your welcome Legend Stopper :o)
Frank said on 6/Dec/06
Legend i may disagree with you but i dont insult you....Im not going to lower myself and insult you but i must say people on here respect me even if they dont agree with me
CC-Tron said on 6/Dec/06
Dunken, those heels on Brooke look 4 inches high in that pic. She's no taller than 5'9 from what I see. Super high heels to nearly match Hulk's height. 5'11 no way.
Frank said on 6/Dec/06
My point is if she was 5ft 11 barefoot she should have been alot taller than Leno with her high heels on....She was alittle shorter than him or the same height...And you want to say the floor is not level "They do that to make the Guests Taller not the host !!
Jason said on 6/Dec/06
Frank, don't pay too much attention to ''Legend Stopper'' - he's another troll. I would have guessed Brooke is 5'10'' or almost, but I wouldn't be suprised if she's 5'9'' or just under.
Frank said on 6/Dec/06
Dunken, Im glad you agree with me !!! She is about 5ft 11 with high heels there is no doubt but she is 5ft 8 to 5ft 9 barefoot topps Im sticking to my guns on this one
Mike said on 6/Dec/06
Brooke could be 5'11, idk she just doesnt look it, i agree shes def above 5'9 (thinking 5'10ish but could be wrong) though, maybe it is her "thicker" body that makes her look alil shorter then other girls. Loken and Keibler i would bet have longer legs, but maybe all 3 women are the same height just Brooke has a longer upper body, but theres not a huge dispute over her height like sly stallone so no need for huge arguements here
Danimal said on 5/Dec/06
Hogan in his prime would have been the exact same height as Rodman. That's how much height Hogan has lost since 1990.
alexa L. said on 4/Dec/06
At a comic-con, I got a picture with her, and since my head was leveled a bit under her breats, she was probably 6'0 in the picture.

But her legs are definitly long......
Mike said on 4/Dec/06
Sorry guys i agree with Frank i dont think shes 5'11, granted everyone is built differently Brooke doesnt look as tall or towering as leegit 5'11 stacy keibler and kristann loken do, however i think Brooke's around 5'10ish, wow the Hulkster keeps shrinking, but still looks in very good shape after lookin at recent pics
Frank said on 4/Dec/06
Listen Legend im only going by when i watched the show when Hogan had his family on..Leno is 5ft 11 im pretty sure of that and when he had Stars on his show that were 6ft 2 they were taller than him ....Brooke came out with Big Heels and she looked the same height or alittle shorter than Jay which i found strange because if they are both 5ft 11 she should have looked a good amount taller than him because of her high heels....I did hear about talk shows using unlevel ground but thats to make the Guests look taller not the host??
CC-Tron said on 4/Dec/06
Special Shoes? Any proof of that Cantstop? With no proof that's just speculation as is saying the camera angle favored Leno. The camera angle is a convenient excuse.

[Editor Rob: if anyone finds a video online of her appearance it would help...]
Frank said on 4/Dec/06
Legend, how am i insecure ??? Listen i met and took pictures with alot of Wrestlers and are you Stupid if she was 5ft 11 berefoot she should have been alot taller than Jay Leno because she had high heels on...Listen your a new to this site...I dont mind if you disagree with me but dont say insulting things
Frank said on 3/Dec/06
Again how is she 5ft 11 barefoot ???? She was shorter than Jay Leno with her high heels on!!!! Leno is 5ft 11 and he dont wear lifts and besides 5ft 8 is tall for a woman
Alex said on 3/Dec/06
The picture of her with Leno may be decieving or something because she looks 5'11 on the show. Looks too tall to be only 5'8. The camera angle may have did something on the Leno show.
CC-Tron said on 3/Dec/06
I agree Alex. I believe Hulk is around 6'1 these days. I have yet to see a picture of Brooke that proves she's over 5'8 or 5'9. As for Marcia Cross and Garner in heels being shorter than Leno; I don't know but Leno is 5'11 and Brooke wasn't taller than him.
Alex said on 2/Dec/06
Hey if Brooke is 5'8 then Hogan would be 6'1.5 tops and more likely 6'1 flat. They are only 4 inches apart on the show.
jovanni said on 2/Dec/06
Hulk Hogan is around 6'6 no less then 6'4. Brooke is about a half of a head shorter then her father so i believe that she is 6 foot tall
CC-Tron said on 1/Dec/06
The soles on Hulk's sneakers look an inch thick in that pic and he still looks 6'1 at best. I'd like to stand next to him and see how tall he really is. The Incredible Shrinking Hulk.
Frank said on 1/Dec/06
Anonymous was me
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/06
CC-Tron im glad you agree with me.....If she was 5ft 11 barefoot she should have been alot taller than Leno ....Even with her High Heels she was alittle shorter or the same height as Jay
CC-Tron said on 24/Nov/06
Once again those of you who claim she's 5'11 prove it. Find a pic of Brooke barefoot that clearly proves she's 5'11. Frank already proved she's 5'8 with that pic with Jay Leno. On the show Hulk Hogan is clearly taller than 5'11 Leno but Brooke isn't and she's wearing three inch heels. That's pretty strong proof right there that she's 5'8. Once again provide the proof otherwise your claim of 5'11 for Brooke is ridiculous.
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/06
She's atleast 5'10"-5'11". YOu people saying she is 5'8" is ridiculous. ALmost everyone comments about her height.
Josh said on 13/Nov/06
In Hogan Knows best she said she is 5'10.
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/06
she's definitely as tall as she says she is, i saw her in person today.
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/06
Yeah, I think she's a legit 5'11" too. Granted she had monster heels on, but she looked as tall as Stacy Keibler looked next to Randy Orton.
RP said on 1/Nov/06
She is 5'11. On the Tyra Banks show she stood next in heels to Tyra who was the same height as her (in heels). Tyra asked how tall Brooke was who answered "5'11!"
Danimal said on 30/Oct/06
Frank, Leno KNEW he was having the Hogan's on his show and I'm SURE he dressed appropriately for the occasion if you know what I mean ;).
supes78 said on 30/Oct/06
She's easily 5'11". Not only did she state that herself but claiming to be taller than she actually is hurts her singing career because the pop teen divas like Britney and Jessica are short and being a near 6 foot amazon makes her out to be an oddity. Besides, even if she was closer to 5'8", that's still damn tall for a teenage girl and nothing to conceal.
Frank said on 29/Oct/06
I hate to keep saying the same thing but if she was 5ft 11 barefoot then she should have been taller than Jay Leno (who is 5ft11) She had high heels on and she was alittle shorter or the same height as Jay!!!!!
grace said on 29/Oct/06
i had the coolest oppurtunity to meet brooke and [forgetting the name] her brother .. at miami's ritz carlton. summer ago. shes really tall. like 6'1'' is really her height.
michael said on 27/Oct/06
she looks as tall as her dad but she aint that tall i mean 5'10" is kinda big for a girl though. Im 6'6, ma pops and mums are 6 all and my brother are 6'2 and 6'4 so i guess im kinda used to the height but it does suck coz its hard getting size 20 shoes
Frank said on 26/Oct/06
cc-Tron your right on the money...She's about 5ft 8 barefoot and with her high heel she can appear 5ft 11.....Again she looked alittle shorter than the 5ft 11 Jay Leno with her heels on End of Story!!!
TNTinCA said on 24/Oct/06
That missing episode was laughable. How can she be "missing" if the friggen camera man was still with her? LOL
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/06
on the tv show "hogan knows best" when she went "missing", she was described as "about 6 feet tall" so this seems right
CC-Tron said on 24/Oct/06
6'4? C'mon now. She looked 5'11 on Fox & Friends but she was once again wearing 3 inch heels. There is no way she is 6 ft or even 5'11 (nothing supports her being this tall). She's 5'8. If she's not prove it.
Tina said on 23/Oct/06
she is 5'11 and so and i. i love being tall u can look over people aand stand out, i have size 12 shoes they should make nicer size 12s cause the women these days are becoming alot taller... and im only 14
anonymous said on 22/Oct/06
i'm 5'11". and i think it sucks... people say i should model but why would i wanna be an aneroxic stuck up bitch??? i would love the money but there are more important things
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/06
Ive stood next to her and talked to Her while i was working at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, im 6,1' and she was at least 6,4' with heels. Shes 6 feet tall at least
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/06
WTf 5'8 That would be close to martin size lol shorty is at least 6'1 6'2 with hulk being 6,5- 6'7
Josh said on 13/Oct/06
Havent anyone seen that episode of hogan knows best where the short guy asks her how tall she is and she says 5'10 almost 5'11 and the short guy says oh thats a model height she even took of her heels and stood next to the 5'5 guy. she looked around 5'9.5 1.77cm she aint 5'11 (almost hehe)
Josh said on 13/Oct/06
Havent anyone seen that episode of hogan knows best where the short guy asks her how tall she is and she says 5'10 almost 5'11 and the short guy says oh thats a model height she even took of her hills and stood next to the 5'5 guy. she looked around 5'9.5 1.77cm she aint 5'11 (almost hehe)
CC-Tron said on 1/Oct/06
I believe she's 5'8 for the same reasons Frank said. If she's 5'11 prove it. Find a picture of her without heels standing at 5'11. She looks 5'8 on Hogan's show. Without heels she doesn't even look 5'10. She's only around 5'11 with 3 inch heels.
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/06
Does anybody know what size shoe she wears. I would guess between a 10 and 11 in womens and between a 9 and 10 in mens shoes. I would say she is 5'10.
derbi said on 17/Sep/06
on hogan knows best hulk describes brooke to a police officer:
She's blond and tall, about 6 feet.
jatt said on 12/Sep/06
u guys are crazy have you watched her show she is taller than her brother and a little shorter than hulk she has too be 5'11" and hulk says so too my daughter is bout 6'
Frank said on 11/Sep/06
I still believe she is about 5ft 8 ...Again she looked alittle shorter than the 5ft 11 Jay Leno and she was wearing high heels so she cant be 5ft 11 barefoot
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/06
Yeah, in that episode of the creepy short older guy, she says she's 5-10, almost 5-11. So yeah, 5-11 is about right. Tall like her dad. And with heels on, she's defintely above 6-0, damn! Tall, thick girl. She can't sing, but is still a sexy big girl.
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/06
In one episode of Hogans knows best bout a creepy 30 sumthin yr old guy feenin for her...he did estimate her at bout 5'8 then she quickly (kinda suspect) corrected him 5'10
JK said on 16/Aug/06
yeah probably he was rounding up, she looks 5'11'' to me anyway.
Frank said on 16/Aug/06
Alex,Danimal Again if she is 5ft 11 barefoot why would she be the same height or shorter than Jay Leno who is 5ft 11 when she was wearing high heels ?? She looked like she was wearing 3 inch heels on the show
Alex said on 16/Aug/06
JK, he did say she was 6'0 on his show but he was just rounding up.
Danimal said on 16/Aug/06
Frank, difference is, Hogan was reading from a script back then and they were promoting those 2 wrestlers at that height. In this case, Hogan is referring to his own flesh and blood and why would he make her out to be taller than she is? That could ruin her entire reputation. Girls don't want to be that tall, but in her case, she's between 5'10"-6'0".
Viper652 said on 16/Aug/06
Who would have ever thought we would be throwing around 6-0 claims for Hulk Hogan when he was mentioned as being close to 7-0 in Rocky 3. Thats amazing to me. Also, there is no way in the world Brooke is 6-0. She doesnt look it and she said between 5-10 and 5-11 before.
Frank said on 16/Aug/06
Jk, Hogan also said Andre was 7ft 4 and The Undertaker is 6ft 10
JK said on 15/Aug/06
Even Hogan said on his show that Brooke was a 6ft girl.
Alex said on 15/Aug/06
If Brooke only looked 5'8-5'9 then camera shots/angles must have had something to do with it. On Hogan Knows Best the girl looks 5'11.
15and5'8'' said on 15/Aug/06
well let's say she did LOOK 5'8'', r u sure they weren't using camera tricks to make her LOOK shorter? also if she's 5'8'' then that makes Hogan 6'0'', and her bro 5'6''-5'7'' at best.
Frank said on 15/Aug/06
If she was 5ft 10.5 or 5ft 11 barefoot she should have been alot taller than the 5ft 11 Jay Leno!!! She was wearing high heels and she looked alittle shorter than Jay or the same height at best.....I seen the show
Alex said on 12/Aug/06
Ok, if Brooke is 5'8-5'9 and Hogan has her by 4 inches or so. That puts Hogan at 6'0-6'1 then.
15and5'8'' said on 12/Aug/06
I still can't see brook in the 5'8''-5'9'' range, hell, i beleive she's more in the 5'10.5''-5'11'' range. does anybody agree?
Viper652 said on 11/Aug/06
It seems like everyone looks shorter on the Jay Leno show.
Frank said on 11/Aug/06
I hate to say it but Hogan looked about 6ft 2 to 6ft 3 next to Jay Leno when he was on the show with his family....Maybe Hogan use to wear lifts and he does not wear them anymore ???? and CC-Tron i believe Brooke is 5ft 8 5ft 9 topps barefoot
CC-Tron said on 10/Aug/06
I'm quite serious and no it doesn't make Hulk 6'0. Find a pic of Brooke barefoot and not in heels standing next to Hogan and you'd see she's 5'8. If she were 5'11 she'd be over 6'0 with three inch heels. She's 5'11 with three inch heels. That makes her 5'8.
Viper652 said on 10/Aug/06
Frank, how tall do you think Hogan is now?
mike said on 10/Aug/06
i will say one thing stacy keibler whose at least 5'11 looks taller then brooke, but key word is "looks"
15and5'8'' said on 10/Aug/06
R u serious? if she's 5'8'' that makes hulk like 6'0''-6'0.5'' there ain't no way
CC-Tron said on 9/Aug/06
Her height is also exaggerated. I think she's 5'8 barefoot and 5'11 at best with heels. She stood next to Nick barefoot and she wasn't taller than him. If you find a pic of her barefoot standing next to Hogan then you will see she's nowhere near 5'11 barefoot. All the tall pics have her in heels. Like Frank said Jay Leno was still taller her with heels. I'd like to see her stand next Venus Williams who truly is tall.
Frank said on 9/Aug/06
If she is 5ft 11 then she would have been taller than Jay Leno who is 5ft 11 and she was wearing high heels and she was about the same height or shorter than Jay
15and5'8'' said on 4/Aug/06
I know she looked 5'8'' or so in those pics but come on, she's seriously gotta b atleast 5'10.5'', i personally agree with 5'11''
Frank said on 2/Aug/06
I believe Brooke is 5ft 8 at best because she was about the same height or alittle shorter than the 5ft 11 Jay Leno and she was wearing high heels
anon said on 1/Aug/06
nick could reach 6ft4. i know a guy who was 5ft10 at 16 (father was 6ft2ish)reached 6ft 4.5 when he stopped growing.
15and5'8'' said on 31/Jul/06
Yeah, Nick's in the 5'9''-5'10'' range, anything over that and it's ridiculous. Hey Editor Rob, i know when i ask u this your gonna say that nick might grow another 1'' or 2'' which is true since he's only 16, BUT u have a page for Chrs Brown and he's only 16. so why not add a page for him? it seems everyone talkin about him on brooks page anyway.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
I think Hogan is 6'3 barefoot and Brooke is 5'11 barefoot. Nick is def shorter than her so he's probably 5'10ish I think.
Jack said on 30/Jul/06
He is only 15... and I'd say he is about 6'. I'm estimating he is going to be about 6'3-6'4.
mike said on 29/Jul/06
no way that nick hogan is 6'1 although in this yr's episodes he looks alil taller and put on some weight ( size and muscle not alot but alittle noticeable)he's prolly high 5's maybe 5'10 5'11 just an estimate anyone know how old he is, and now way is he gonna pass out his dad in height fame or
15and5'8'' said on 28/Jul/06
well actually JK i said ''personally, i can't buy 6'1'' for nick. b/c i see MORE than just a 2 1/2 inch difference between him and his father.''
and besides he always struck me as a 5'9''-5'10'' guy anyway
Danimal said on 28/Jul/06
Funny, Hogan used to be that much taller than 6'1" guys back in the 80'
Nick is NOT 6'1". Hogan was said to be 6'5" in High School, by his buddy Ed Leslie. Brooke is 5'11", or just under. If she were only 5'8"-5'9", that would be HUGE. She could be upping her height, because to be a super model, you have to be the height she claims she is, but if she's not, I would have to re-evaluate Hogan's height again. Could be they're all giving their measurements in shoes. Hogan being 6'4" in shoes. Brooke being 5'11" in shoes and Nick in his. Would surprise me, but anything is possible.
JK said on 28/Jul/06
i was wrong, hee looks 5'9'' in that pic rob...
stephanie said on 28/Jul/06
if u watch the hogan knows best where brooke is "lost"
when hulk describes her he says
"he has blonde hair and is about 6 feet tall" so i go by that
Alex said on 27/Jul/06
Nick Hogan 6'0.5? I thought he was def under 6'0, not even 5'11. 5'10 I thought he was.
JK said on 26/Jul/06
It says it on his myspace,, and he looks like 6'0.5'' anyways, he is also still growing.
15and5'8'' said on 24/Jul/06
personally, i can't buy 6'1'' for nick. b/c i see more than just a 2 1/2 inch difference between him and his father
JK said on 23/Jul/06
Brooke is around 5'11'' and her brother nick is 6'1'', it even says it on his myspace, plus it looks like he is getting nearer to his fathers height.
Alex said on 22/Jul/06
If Brooke is 5'8-5'9 that makes Hogan 6'0-6'1.
Alex said on 22/Jul/06
Brooke is probably more upper body than legs.
mike said on 19/Jul/06
i've never me brooke hogan, but i'd guess 5'10, here's why... gramps pics do show she's a big girl no question there, but brooke in pics/tv doesnt look like her legs r nowhere nearly as long as kristanna loken (terminator3) or stacy keibler (dancer/wwe/old baltimore ravens cheerleader) both who r solid 5'11 girls, maybe brooke has a bigger upper body/smaller lower body then those 2????, but all 3 are very attractive ladies no questions
Frank said on 18/Jul/06
Guys i dont believe she's 5ft 11 because she was wearing high heels and she was about the same height as Jay Leno who is about 5ft 11 i would say she is about 5ft 8 barefoot 5ft 9 topps
15and5'8.5 said on 18/Jul/06
Hey Editor Rob, why don't u make a page for Nick Hogan?

[Editor Rob: maybe when he's done growing, could still get another inch or two, who knows]
T said on 17/Jul/06
When brooke was getting ready for the music tryout in the 3 rd episode season 1. she as wearing high heals standing next to her mom and she was s tall! and taller than her dad i think it wsa 4 inch heels. I think her momis 5'6". its amzing how much taller she is than her mom. in barefoot she's 6foot. he rmomis short. its amazing how much brooke is bigger and much taller than her mom!
SH said on 11/Jul/06
I think Nick is slightly taller. She normally has heels or shoes on. When you see footage of them both in barefoot, he looks taller. I also saw a clip where she was wearing 3'' or 4'' heels, he had sandals on and she was taller (at 6'2'' or 6'3'' with the heels on). I guess that makes him about 6' or 6'1''
15and5'8.5 said on 7/Jul/06
yeah Brooks 5'11'', but i think the nick guy is like 5'9'' or 5'10'' (he seems a good 1''-2'' in. shorter than his sister.) or he does to me anyway lol
Margarita said on 7/Jul/06
I really do thinkj she's 5 foot 11 inches cuz she said it on the show and she looks like it next to hulk hogan. She's a big girl is true...........
SH said on 7/Jul/06
Brooke really does look like a 5'11'' girl. You can easily see she is above the average male height, just by comparing her to objects and people on the show. When she wears her heals she really does look close to Hulk's height. In one episode Hulk and his wife went out looking for her and described her as 5'11'' to about 6' tall.

There does not seem to be much interest in Nick, what is he 6'1''. He seems above average height but is pretty short when you factor in his parents.
Alex said on 24/Jun/06
Viper, I was just watching Hogan Knows Best and when Brooke and Hogan were dancing they both had the same size footwear about and Hogan looked about 4 inches, no more than that taller than her. Thats why I think she is a solid 5'11 girl.
Viper652 said on 22/Jun/06
It probably was the camera angle that made her look that short possibly. But damn, she sure didnt look close to 5-10 1/2.
15and5'7.5 said on 21/Jun/06
brook hogan 5'7''-5'8''? lmao she's gotta b atleast 5'10.5''.
Alex said on 18/Jun/06
Those pics with Brooke and Leno aren't a good angle really and aren't very clear. If Brooke is 5'7-5'8 then that makes Hogan 5'11-6'0 because there is 4 inches between the 2.
ER. said on 16/Jun/06
I mean if she's 5-7, what would that make Hulk, 5-10 - 5-11 ? That just sounds too crazy to be true.
ER. said on 14/Jun/06
I agree it would be very suprising if she was only 5-7 - 5-8, as she in almost every picture I've seen of her dwarfs every guy she stands next to except for Hulk, who usually has 3 to 4 inches on her.
Viper652 said on 13/Jun/06
I dont know man, she looked a lot shorter on Leno, a lot.
Alex said on 12/Jun/06
Viper you're mostly right about Brooke Looking 5'10.5 on Hogan's show but I think shes a good 5'11. 5'7-5'8 for Brooke sounds crazy. 5'10 and some change at the very least but nothing less than that for her though.
ER. said on 4/Jun/06
Viper might be onto something, she sure doesn't look 5-11 in those photos. She actually looks quite a bit under that!
Viper652 said on 4/Jun/06
In hindsight that is pretty damn funny. Because I originally though Brooke did look 5-10 1/2 on Hogans show. She really might only be 5-7, 5-8.
Alex said on 3/Jun/06
If Brooke is 5'8 then that makes Hogan 6'0 then.
Frank said on 1/Jun/06
Raz i said the same thing i watched that show and i would say Leno is 5ft 11 and Brook with heels was not even taller than him.....
Raz said on 1/Jun/06
Here are two screencaps. The first shows Brooke in her heels, a couple of seconds before the hug. The second shows the moment right before they hug. Brooke's brother is in the way, but both heads are visible at least... Note that Jay bows his head down while Brooke does the opposite.

Click Here
Click Here
Raz said on 1/Jun/06
Ok, I just downloaded the full clip of the Hogans' appearance on Leno. When Brooke is about to hug Jay, she's standing right next to him, and the camera is too far away to produce much of a perspective error. At that moment, Brooke did NOT reach even Jay's height. And Brooke wore at least 3 inch heels at the time! Jay's probably 5'11"-6' in shoes, so Brooke reached maybe 5'10"-5'11" in her heels. Subtract the heels and you end up with Brooke's true height, which must be about 5'8".
Alex said on 24/May/06
5'8-5'9 for Brooke? Very hard to believe. She looks 5'11 everytime I see her and thats subtracting heels. Shes no doubt over 6'0 in her heels.
Raz said on 20/May/06
I agree, she looked quite a bit shorter than Leno. 5'8" to maybe 5'9". Definitely not more.
I was a bit suprised, but her mother looked much shorter so maybe her father's genes weren't enough...
J-Man said on 17/May/06
I don't see the son listed on this site, Nick. I don't know about height, but in terms of body size, he's a LOT smaller than his Dad. Granted, he's still a teenager and has a lot more time to fill out, but I don't think he's ever going to come anywhere near his Dad's massive frame. He's the spitting image of his Mom, so he probably took after her side of the family.
Alex said on 9/May/06
Leno I think is 5'10 too.
Frank said on 7/May/06
Viper, Leno is not short he not shorter than 5ft 10 but i would say he could be 5ft 11 topps
Viper652 said on 5/May/06
Frank, Jay is not 5-11 LOL. Hes lucky If hes even the 5-10 he has stated as.
Frank said on 4/May/06
Leno dont wear lifts he has guests that are 6ft 2 and he was about 3 inches shorter....They are lying on that show...I am a Big Hogan fan and i cant believe how short he looked last night
Alex said on 4/May/06
Brooke only 5'9? Hard to believe. She looks a good 5'11 everytime I see her. Maybe Leno was wearing lifts?
Frank said on 4/May/06
She was on Jay Leno last night and she looked alittle shorter than Jay who is 5ft 11 and she was wearing heels.....She might be 5ft 9
Lanette said on 3/May/06
In an episode the other day Hulk Hogan said she was 6'0" tall...
MeLiSsA said on 2/May/06
I just saw that episode yesterday...funny how someome could mistake 5'8 for 5'11. Big difference there. Usually tall people get guessed for taller.
Alex said on 27/Apr/06
On his show, Hogan doesn't look anymore than 4 inches taller than his daughter.
She has said 5'11 and def looks it barefoot. She could have gotten closer to 6'0 for all we know now.
Alicia said on 24/Apr/06
In a recent episode Brooke was dancing with her father, both wearing plain tennis shoes. She wasnt that much shorter than him. So she may be subtracting and inch or two and he might be inflating some. My brother is 6'6" and I am 5'11". There is a much bigger difference between us then there was between father and daughter.
15and5'7.5 said on 17/Apr/06
On the newest episode of hogan knows best brook is on a movie set and a guy named troy (i think) ask brook ''how tall r u? 5'8''?? and she replies no i'm 5'10 ALMOST 5' editor rob i think u need to downgrade her to 5'10.75,or maybe she was downgrading her own height...allota girls who r tall do that
J-Dog said on 16/Apr/06
On the most recent "Hogan Knows Best" episode, on the set of "Little Hurcleus in New York" the creepy Greek Translator who was hitting on her, asked if she was 5'8" as this guy was not tall and she dwarfed him even with her heels removed, she said no and said she was 5'10" but just under 5'11" so who knows. It seems like she rounds down.
MeLiSsA said on 30/Mar/06
I always thought people were more petite in California.
tybor said on 29/Mar/06
Two 5'10+ blondes on a beach in Venice California? I don't think that's all that unlikely.
MeLiSsA said on 28/Mar/06
Then how come her friend wasn't any shorter than her if they were both barefoot? I mean, im not trying to sound stupid and say that it's not possible for two girls to be 6 feet or over, but seriously do u honestly think that's the case? And she always wears heels so if she's embarassed to say her true height why would she add even more height? That's like a fat person who's embarassed to be fat stuffing pillows under their shirt. Well, not exactly but u know. Brook's always in heels. Im 5'6.5 and i feel to tall to wear heels sometimes.
i dont know my name said on 28/Mar/06
brooke hogan i think is about 5 11 maybe 6 ft but who knows yu kno the people lie
Hulkster said on 27/Mar/06
This girl is a soon to be sasquatch. I saw her walking along with Hulk. Hulk bare footed and her with flats and she was barely shorter than he was. I'm saying at the least 6'1". She just to embarassed to say her real height. She'll top out at volleyball height of 6'3" or 6'4"
MeLiSsA said on 22/Mar/06
I just saw a few emins of that show the other day when she was walking on the beach with one of her friends (both barefoot) and they were EXACTLY the same height. So now I think Brooke is 5'7, maybe 5'10 or '11 with heels on. Cuz how many 5'10 girls do you really see? What are the odds? Two 5'7 girls are not at all uncommon.
Lafrich said on 20/Mar/06
She said she was 5"10 on the Howard Stern Aftershow last Thursday. I would say that she had absolutely no reason to lie.
MeLiSsA said on 6/Mar/06
I didn't think of her as that tall when i watched the show before I saw this site. I guess since most girls are lke 5'5 or less, you don't think "hmmm maybe she's 5'11". Her mother must be tall too. Brook always wears heels though so I guess that threw me off.
jp said on 1/Jan/06
Her official website says Brooke is 5'10" but is very possible that she has grown and is now 5'11"
report said on 17/Nov/05
an agency website had her at 181cm ,does look it tho
CoolJ said on 19/Oct/05
I'm still thinking she may have grown a bit. I think she's close to 6' and probably embarrassed to say it.. or its been a while since we heard her profess her height.
Sammo said on 4/Sep/05
On this website: one of the girls who in her profile says she is 5'10 tall says this about Brooke:
"Meeting Hulk's daughter was cool. I thought I was tall, but I had nothing on her. And she is only 16 years old. Unbelievable!!!"
There is also a picture of her standing next to Brooke and she is a good half a head taller than the 5'10 girl.

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