How tall is Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan's Height

5ft 9 ¾ (177.2 cm)

American Celebrity from reality show Hogan Knows Best. She mentioned her height on Larry King, saying "I'm 5'11", although was quite specific on twitter, claiming "5'9 & 3/4 exactly", "Morning folks! I just found out I'm 5'10''... not 5'11'' I'm not as tall as I thought :/ ... what gives? LOL" and in 2015 even going with "I'm 5'9".

How tall is Brooke Hogan
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Average Guess (44 Votes)
5ft 9.72in (177.1cm)
borat1 said on 24/Nov/20
Hey @rob!!hope you would figure this out. How much difference do you see between Jennifer hogan and brooke hogan? In some pictures jennifer is matching her whereas in others brooke is towering in same footwear.

Same height: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Brooke suddenly taller: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
Brooke might have the edge, sometimes they can look close.
borat1 said on 12/Oct/20
Hey Rob!! Do you see 5'10 for her ??
In many photos with Hulk Hogan's wife Jennifer who claims 5'10 she towers over her.
Editor Rob
Sometimes that seems possible. Her heels+hair helped her look very tall at times
Nik Ashton said on 4/Jun/20
Look at these:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
6'4 and a half leperchaun said on 1/May/20
She's honest about the 5'9'' claim unlike her dad at 6'9''. haha.
khaled taban said on 7/Nov/19
5'9.5" is spot on for Hogan , she could be even 5'9.75".
Lazar99 said on 18/Aug/19
I could buy 5ft9 1/2 cause I struggle to see her the full 5ft10.
This listing is spot on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Dec/18
I think potentially she could have had a decent shot at making it as a wrestler. She’s naturally broad and if she went to gym possibly could have turned into a blonde Chyna. She takes after Hulk more than Nick
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 6/Dec/18
I remember seeing her height listed as 5'11" on Google. So I was a little bit shocked to see that she was a bit under 5'10". She's pretty much my height, but I'm still surprised, I thought she was taller than me. Brooke was described as 6 feet tall by her father on their reality show. I knew she wasn't quite that tall, but she still looked like a big and tall girl. She is definitely like 5'10" at the very least, I can't see being as low as 5'9", she likely just downgraded herself. Brooke is 5'9 3/4"-5'10".
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Nov/18
@Rampage: I even remember Hulk describing her as 6 foot on an episode of their reality show.
Conan said on 14/Feb/18
I'm 5 ft 9 3/4 in (177.2 cm). She is a tall girl, she is tall as me while I'm a man
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/17
I remember seeing her listed 6ft in places
David Banner said on 6/Dec/17
@ Tito S - I'd love to see that pic with Andre. Can you post it?
Rose said on 27/Aug/17
I am a woman and I am 5'10". I just measured myself and I am 5'9.75" at night and 5'10.25" in the morning. People CONSTANTLY tell me I am 6'. I have argued and argued with people that I am not 6' tall. I finally started saying I was 5'11" just to shut people up. I do not know what it is, but for some reason women who are a legit 5'10" are pegged as being at least and inch taller. Brooke Hogan appears to be exactly my height, which is why I believe her that she is probably 5'9.75" (at night) and is likely a little taller in the morning. This is probably why Brooke started claiming 5'11". No doubt lots of people insisted she was that height. Nope, a little under 5'10" (like me) and mistaken for 6'.
Tito S said on 23/Apr/17
Andre the Giant was 6'10" tops. My good friend and I met Andre in New York after a show. My friend is 6'11" and stood taller than Andre by about a good inch. We all had a photo together and you can see it in the photo.
dinka said on 24/Jan/17
what a babe...prefer her being slightly taller or shorter than me than some tennis doubles reject of some male
anon said on 30/Dec/16
How Tall would you put Linda Hogan?, she is listed as 5'8.5 bit ludicrous she seems a few Inches shorter than Brooke so no way she is as tall as 5'8
Editor Rob: would have thought 5ft 6-7 range was more believable than 5ft 8.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Dec/16
Same here, Arch!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Sep/16
Always thought she looked about the same sort of height and weight as Lindsey Vonn, though Vonn is a professional athlete so obviously more toned and fitter. I love women who are about this height and that strong build! This does seem a genuine claim, at one time the Hulkster claimed she was 6 ft.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 26/Sep/16
Danimal (176-178cm) said on 5/Jul/16
5'9 3/4" was probably a nighttime measurement.

No, right after breakfast
Danimal (176-178cm) said on 5/Jul/16
5'9 3/4" was probably a nighttime measurement. She easily wakes up 1" higher than that. As for her bodyweight, nothing under 180 pounds.
M.P. said on 27/Dec/15
I always thought she was 5'11 1/2", if not 6'0 barefoot. I guess a tiny bit under 5'10" is a bit underwhelming, considering once a girl is even a quarter-inch over 5'10", she's officially in Amazonian status, which Brooke is now revealed to not be. 5'10", despite an inch, is a huge drop-off in rarity from 5'11". In other words, she's more normal and mediocre than I thought.
john said on 24/Dec/15
5'10 seems good for her
BGee said on 14/Dec/14
5'10 on the dot.
Sergei said on 6/Aug/14
It's my **** sorry **** of paper goody?
tiny said on 21/Jul/14
Always thought she was 5'11" but guess she finally got measured. However there is no disputing that she is one extremely well built girl. Those thick legs and broad shoulders should easily make her about 170 lbs
J.Lee said on 1/Jul/14
Rob do 5 ft 9.75 girls often say they are 5 ft 11?
[Editor Rob: she changes her mind a few times, with quite big heels a 5ft 10ish women can look suddenly like a 6ft - 6ft 1 man in person.

look at her beside 2 tallish women Here. Now the hot girl in pink claims she's 5ft 10 and the girl in black is down on Next Management as 5ft 9.5! It doesn't add up...]
Just said on 12/Jun/14
In that link of the Tyra Show she's taller than Tyra when they hugged each other. Tyra said that she's 5'10 and had higher (platform)heels on than Brooke. Maybe an upgrade for Brooke?
J.Lee said on 21/May/14
Rob I thought you agreed 5 ft 11. Now 5 ft 9.75?
[Editor Rob: if she's coming out with that mark then maybe she got measured it]
RP said on 8/May/14
Then this girl must wear 5"-6" heels a LOT!!! Isn't her fiancé 6'4"?? Or 6'3.5"?? Many pics of them with Brook only looking an inch shorter in heels??
Doink said on 1/May/14
Said earlier this year on twitter that she's 5'9 3/4" exactly.
[Editor Rob: maybe she finally got measured! Sounds like it]
tiny said on 27/Apr/14
Brooke is one big girl. Tall & very well built tho I doubt all of her is natural. She has nice hips and thick strong legs...easily 180 lbs
J.Lee said on 12/Mar/14
Rob check this link. Brooke went on Tyra Show and said she's 5 foot 11 and Tyra said that she's shorter than Brooke. Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah they look quite similar but then tyra has bigger heels so 5ft 11 seems reasonable]
Mandy said on 12/Nov/13
I'm 5'11 and I weigh 170 and have the same body as her so yeah I would say 160-180
Mimut said on 13/Jul/13
She was taller than her father Hulk Hogan on a recent episode of TNA Impact. They were standing right next to each other and she had to look down to talk to him. It was weird to see Hulk Hogan looking up to talk to his daughter. Yes she had heels on, but she is one tall girl, easily 6'0!
Juicey said on 14/Apr/13
5'10 1/2 5'11 easy brooke needs an upgrade
tiny said on 12/Apr/13
Brooke Hogan - 5'11" & 180 lbs with strong thick legs
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/13
LOL then Nick goes back to looking 5'9" tops here and Hogan's Brooke-lookalike new wife pulling off a near 6'3" in heels.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/13
Click Here

Mmm Nick's grown I think but then again he was only 14-16 in the Hogan Knows Best series I think. He does actually look 6'-6'1" here. Brooke is stooping a bit but around 5'10" looks right.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/13
Who's taller, her or her brother Nick? I read 6'1" for Nick which is silly. Always looked 5'11" tops to me. I think I remember Brooke being taller than him but I think she had heels on.
nona said on 10/Dec/12
Brooke Hogan is close to 5'11" but one thing that is very noticable is she is built like a brick wall. Those legs of hers are like tree trunks and considering ahe is 5'11" she is easily about 180 lbs.
Davyyyyyyy said on 28/Nov/12
I think she is 5'10.5 so yes she is between 5'10 - 5'11. 179 cm for Brooke.
Thats why she several times claimed 5'11 and 5'10 for her self. She is right between 5'10 and 5'11.
Ronster said on 16/Nov/12
So Dicksock, as usual with you it's always ok to continue to question if she is shorter but never if she is taller right? That is whats wrong with you and your tunnel vision. Yes i would agree she is 5'10", but is very close to 5'11". As for the Hulk Hogan height crusaders like yourself out to diminish him somehow, how can you come on here and say she is 5'10" barefoot, then go on and say he is only 6'3" which is reduiculous? Every time they are photoed together she has 4-6 inch heels, and even with the 6" heels she still comes out a couple inches shorter! So yes she is a strong 5'10", and her Dad is a strong 6'5" after having some height restored.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Oct/12
Hogan claimed she was "six feet" in an episode of Hogan Knows Best. In one episode a trainer said Brooke had 22% body fat so no she is not a size 0. Yes, 170-180 pounds would be about right, her mother weighed 170 pounds I think in one episode. I personally think she looks attractive. Yes she has inherited Hulk's big frame and looks like she could kick a lot of guy's butts but I think she looks good as she is. She looks near 5'11" I think, certainly a solid 5'10". But let's face it, she is not a gifted singer, and is clearly a Britney Wannabee...
dicksock said on 31/Jul/12
jon says on 7/Jan/12
easily 5'11. when you look at her live performances, she looks like a giantess compared to the background dancers and towers over the men as well since in heels she's 6'2-6'4. Weight wise a good guess is 180ish. She clearly isn't a size 1, she's got her fair share of fat on her, but the majority is muscle. If you look at her legs/thigh muscles and arms it is quite apparent. A good comparison to make for weight is Jenny Finch who is a bit leaner and taller at a weight of 174lbs. To be honest, I imagine a lot of guys are intimidated by her becuase she looks like she can overpower a good portion of guys.


You and everyone else who thinks she's 5'11" are WRONG. She's the new head of the TNA Knockouts Division and on a recent episode of Impact she actually claimed that she is 5'10". So I guess the debate is over. She is, according to her, 5'10". I guess people who think she's less than 5'10" can keep debating...
jon said on 7/Jan/12
easily 5'11. when you look at her live performances, she looks like a giantess compared to the background dancers and towers over the men as well since in heels she's 6'2-6'4. Weight wise a good guess is 180ish. She clearly isn't a size 1, she's got her fair share of fat on her, but the majority is muscle. If you look at her legs/thigh muscles and arms it is quite apparent. A good comparison to make for weight is Jenny Finch who is a bit leaner and taller at a weight of 174lbs. To be honest, I imagine a lot of guys are intimidated by her becuase she looks like she can overpower a good portion of guys.
Dwayne said on 25/Oct/11
She is 5'11, right on the 5'11 mark. 180 cm for Brooke sounds and looks correct.
super mario said on 26/Aug/11
very gorgeous women,5-11 sounds right
Lin said on 21/Jun/11
Brooke is 5'10 she confirmed it on her facebook page. I have her on my page well just her music page.
anon said on 8/Jun/11
Brooke Hogan is the kind of girl most men dream of, tall (5'11"), well built (180 lbs), well rounded with a big chest and cury hips complimented by the nuscular long legs
Mo said on 1/May/11
Brooke is probably six feet tall [5'11" sounds better]. Her dad is 6'5". She's probably 160 lbs, a 14-15 dress, and size 11 feet. A big beautiful girl!
Jim said on 25/Mar/11
I dont care if she's 4'10" or 6'10", She is beautiful either way.I'm 5'11" 185 lbs.I often wonder how hard she could squeeze me with her muscular legs. If I didn't die,I'd still be in heaven. I'd love to have a big strong girl like Brooke :)
Ezio said on 23/Feb/11
Joe says on 23/Aug/10
Brooke IS 5'11". This is not debatable as I just met her.

Brooke IS 5'4. I just met her and said it so it must be true.
dicksock said on 5/Feb/11
She is 5'9" max. Hogan dwarfs her when they are in sneakers.She is under 6'2" in huge heels. 5'11" is a joke. That'd make her 6'3" in her giant heeled shoes. That would make Hogan like 6'6" now!
Simon said on 12/Jan/11
I met John Fashanu at HotDog Stand a couple of years ago. Stood waiting next to him for 10 mins. I am a strong 6'1" and he was definitely 1" taller than me so I would say he is a strong 6'2"
Viper said on 30/Nov/10
Shes 5'9-5'10 according to my boi Jmanslow. Click Here He saw her.
timotea said on 29/Nov/10
are you stupid, she is without a doubt a tall girl google her a press images you mug the bird towers over everyone. Whats muscular legs got to do with anything, muscular legs would make her appear more shorter and stumpier not taller your fall, skinny legs would make her look taller you dip ****. As it would make her lanky and like a cat walk model. The girl looks 5,11 and yea about 11 to 12 stone. Theres no doubt she looks strong she could probably easy be a female wrestler, if she did weights she would be stronger than %90 of men, she seems to have some sort of strong nordic woman genes.
Derek said on 24/Jun/09
5'10" Brooke makes Hulk a flat 6'3".
Mark said on 23/Jun/09
She just said she was measured at 5-10 on Bubba the Love Sponge satellite radio show. So she should be downgraded.
J.J. said on 7/Jun/09
Size 12 female is a mens size 10
Doug said on 4/Jun/09
Brooke is 5'10.5", Hulk is 6'3.5" -a 5 inch difference. WHen she is in heels she gets within 1-2 inches of Hulk. Very tall girl!!! Like father like daughter.
Steven said on 3/Jun/09
YES IT IS 100% TRUE BROOKE WEARS A MENS 12!! my source i was at a sneaker store in miami very exclusice called ATC and i tried on a size 13 nike sb shoe that sells for 650 so we know she was spending her money, and the worker looks and me and goes those are actually a really good bargain to because brooke hogan owned those he said she bought them and returned them, i said wait they are a size 13 though and he said yea she wears a 12 and they didnt fit her but she wanted them he then said her and her brother come in together and buy the same size haha this happened last week
marls said on 25/May/09
Brooke is 5'11 most likely, Your right zak she is fit, yh most guys would bang her in bed if they could just to say they slept with hulk hogans daughter and a pretty girl, All most guys care about is scoring with a sexy chick.
Big King said on 24/May/09
Well, Brooke is a strong 5'11". She's only 4-5 inches shorter than Hogan who is 6'4"-6'5" nowadays.
Doug said on 19/May/09
On Hogan knows best she said she was a 5'10" according to her "almost 5'11". I believe her 100% as she gets within a few inches of Hulk in heels. 5'10.5" is her legit barefoot height for sure.
zak said on 18/May/09
I saw brooke a while back now with a guy who had about 2 inches on her and he looked around 6-1 at best,I would say 5'11 is her height at best, The guy kissed brooke and grabbed her ass, she is well fit, I think most guys would still bang her in the bed she has a good figure.
alex_scandinavia said on 17/May/09
i would say she is in the morning 180 cm tall barefoot..she is pretty tall. She appears taller than almost every guy she dates, at beach or at 5'11 in the morning..why not?
The Dutchguy said on 14/May/09
She appears to be slightely taller then a lot of people in "Hogan Knows Best", so i guess 5'10.5 is right
Elise said on 9/May/09
I love it that's she's tall! But it's not that tall.. i'm the same height and in my country (The Netherlands) there are a lot of girls taller then me!
sweden_5445 said on 5/May/09
an average size of a woman in sweden iz 168cm and 179,5cm for men..then brooke is no't average.she is very tall..when you watch episodes of hogan knows best she looks almost taller than every guy on the street, in the mal, on the beach or even her dates..yes she is hulks daughter and she is tall..she said that she was 5'11 and i believe her..yes she wears heels almost al the time but she is pretty tall barefoot against guys on the i think she is 5'11..i saw her also standing next to john cena in an episode of hogan knows best i belevie he is a legit 6'0.5 and maybe 6'0.75 the stood almost at the same height and she was wearing flip flops and he sneakers. brooke 5'11 and 175 pounds (she's not fat she is just tall, big and hot:)
mike said on 2/May/09
Brooke is 5'10 and yes she is sexy, April Matson too I saw her at an event for kyle xy, she is very sexy, nice lady and a talanted actress I would say she is around 5'4 but she had heels on so it's hard to say.
jes said on 28/Apr/09
Brooke Hogan is 5'10, she has a sexy body,I would love to tap her ass, incredible legs and ass and a good height too for a lady, Jo Joyner is my top babe.
Paulpierce4ever said on 20/Apr/09
She's dating the rapper Stacks, and he looks tiny next to her
Doug said on 10/Apr/09
I said that anybodu who thinks Brooke Hogan is a very average height or size for agirl is laughable. Why you think she is average?
re: doug said on 4/Apr/09
why is it laughable? I think fergie is short for a woman here in EU. She looks better than fergie too, who resembles a bulldog Imo.
Doug said on 2/Apr/09
"very average height ??" Ha thats laughable. This girl is very tall without heels! Check out an image of her and Fergie. She looks extremely tall in comparison, very Amazonian and looks around 6'3" in very high heels. She must be close to 5'11" barefoot to look that tall.
Doug said on 2/Apr/09
Chaz yes she definately takes after her father, very tall and big built. There is definately a facial resemblance. I think Brooke regularly looks 6'1-6'2" in heels, at times she looks tall even compared to 6'4" Hogan. 5'10.5 ish barefoot is about right which is very tall for a girl.
Big King said on 26/Mar/09
Well, Brooke has a perfect height for a girl but I don't think that she's hot enough because she's the daughter of Hulk Hogan.
Chaz said on 22/Mar/09
She said she was nearly 5'11''so 5'10.5''is about right,she has got a lovely body,but she looks too much like her dad in the face.
Doug said on 19/Mar/09
Brooke is minimum 5'9.5" I think but is likely the full 5'10" I think, she has at least three inches on her mother. Not 6 foot but she is still a noticeably tall girl and "big" built like her father and mother really!, in heels she will be 6'-6'1".

Yes Beth this was also the same Dad who claimed he was 6'8".
JACKSON said on 16/Mar/09
Brooke is 5'11 she has thick thighs and a nice tight ass, I saw her recently she is fit as hell not as nice as say meagon good and those babes but she is a babe.
beth said on 11/Mar/09
shes 6 foot her dad said she was on hogan knows best
matt said on 16/Feb/09
Brooke always wears heels then she may be, she said the once that she was 5;10 and a half and 5'11, she is either 5'10 or 5'11, no way is she 6'0 or more she is always wearing 5 inch heels, hulk may be 6'3 or 4 now at best he isnt too huge, brooke only has a show cos of her dad,and cos she is pretty?

I do not think brookew is that nice at all, she has a nice ass etc, but in general she is not that good.
Doug said on 4/Feb/09
Hulk claims his daughter is "about six feet tall" on numerous occasions. Must admit I've never seen it, only perhaps in heels. To me she looks 5'10" never 6'0" but tall guys tend to produce tall girls and Hulk is pretty huge.
Heightfan said on 23/Jan/09
Nick, Because the name of the site is!
Nick said on 13/Jan/09
Who gives a crap about height. It's not the height but the person.
Eivind said on 11/Jan/09
Brooke Hogan is tall i think that she is 5`11 and hulk hogan is 6`5 and linda hogan is 5`8 and nick hogan is 6`0
GF said on 10/Jan/09
Wannabe singer? Haha funny. Today's music industry is a joke. All the talented bands suffer as teh reality shows take over. What a load.
tom said on 27/Dec/08
I say she is 5'10, so sexy is brooke hogan, she got her show etc, because of her dad obviously, its who you know plus having a grat body, i would say she weighs a bit because she has big thighs, and big ass but she is in good shape.
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/08
Will put Brooke's height at 5'11". Guess she looks shorter cos she is a big girl with broad shoulders and nice strong legs. How much do u think she weighs, will put her at atleast 170lbs considering she is so tall
Josh said on 13/Nov/08
She looks exactly 5'9.5 (177cm) to me rounded up 5'10.
sarah said on 11/Nov/08
in tyra show she says "i'm 5'11" and Tyra is 5'10 but Tyra looks a little bit taller than Brooke there, but shes wearing higher heals.
Big King said on 8/Nov/08
How the hell can Nick be 6'3" if Hogan has at least 4" on him?
Frank said on 30/Oct/08
Brett i agree with you on Brooke she no 5ft 11 barefoot and i dont believe she's even 5ft 10 Barefoot
Frank said on 28/Oct/08
Michell Obama was on Leno tonight and she said she was 5ft 11 on another Show she was on and in heels she was alot taller than Jay Brook looked about the same height as Jay when she was on in her heels
jack said on 23/Oct/08
I watch brooke a bit on her show, she is 5'10 i think, she's with glen and ashley her 2 mates, shes always hangin with guys kissing, her show is poor, i saw a bit only reason i left it on is because of brooke being so sexy, i would love to kiss her she has a hot body.

Keep up looking fine brooke
Brett said on 17/Oct/08
Hey Rob,
Yep it is me after a long break from the controversy that is celebheights....
I actually saw Brooke and Hulk in The South Beach Golds Gym. Brooke is definitely a large girl in the sense that shes pretty well built/ heavy set, but 5'10.5-5'11" is definitely an over estimation... Id say shes lucky to be 5'9.5" - 5'10"... When I walked past her I noticed that my eye level and the top of her head were pretty much inline... as for Hulk he was maybe an 1 inch taller than me... hes really not what I expected. I have grown slightly since I last posted, and am around 186.5cm by mid afternoon ( 187.5 in the morning and just on 186 at night).
Either way I would be suprised if Hulk was more than 190cm tall and Brooke 176-177cm.
I find it laughable that Hulk was ever 6'6", you couldnt lose the best part of 3 inches in height... He always wore enormous boots in his wrestling days, and no doubt that could have made him appear that tall.
Clay said on 7/Oct/08
I spat out my water on the screen in laughter after that comment you made Sandra. Her dad is 6'3.5-6'4 and she's 5'11 tops.
Heightfan said on 3/Oct/08
Awesome height talk between her and Tyra Banks on Tyra today! She said she was 5'11" today on Tyra. Tyra said that she was 5'10". Tyra admitted that she had on platform heels which allowed her to have slight advantage on Brooke who said that she had on low heels. IMO she needs an upgrade to the 5'11"
Sandra said on 1/Oct/08
Brooke is definitely taller than her bro and now i would say she overtaken her father too. Seen too many vids recently of her being taller than Hulk.
Naomi said on 23/Sep/08
Who is taller: Brooke Hogan or Stacy Keibler?
Anon said on 22/Sep/08
I thinks she's about 5'10" but looks more imposing because she's a large woman. She's not petite, that's for sure.
Big King said on 21/Sep/08
Brooke is at least 5'11". Maybe she has the chance on reaching 6 ft.
Clay said on 20/Sep/08
Hahahah her dad is 6'3.5/6'4. She may be near his height, in 4.5 inch heels...
Targa said on 18/Sep/08
In alot of Youtube videos lately she appears taller or the same height as her dad. I think shes grown in the last 2 years.
Clay said on 9/Sep/08
..And isnt it kinda strange how Nick is shortish at around 5'10'' when his dad was gargantuan and his mom is a tall lady as well at 5'7/5'8? Nick's 18 so he is just about done growing. And for the record, Hulk towering Brooke only further prooves my point that the man is still 6'4''.
Clay said on 8/Sep/08
Gotta love how the Hogan family thinks they're royalty when walking down the street...
Julie said on 4/Sep/08
Saw Brooke a few months ago, my word shes tall! Im 5ft10, she had heels on and i was barely up to her chin! You've got to stand next to her to find out how tall she really is. Cant imagine Hulk walking around the house barefoot if Brookes around.
Vegas said on 1/Sep/08
she must have been on a box lol she looks very average height without mega-heels to be fair, hulk dwarfs his kids in truth Click Here
Clay said on 1/Sep/08
Those must have been 4 inch heels then. Hulk has just horrible posture though.
Jane said on 27/Aug/08
I saw Brooke about a year ago at a shopping mall, she was with Hulk. From where i was standing she looked taller then hulk, which really surprised me. I went closer and stood next to them. She had heels on and Hulk had flip flops and she looked the same height close up. Hulk was standing straight but Brooke was crouched and had a leg bent, prob to make herself look shorter. I went over and said to Brooke 'i was standing over there and thought your were taller then Hulk' to which she replied 'I am, look'. She went behind Hulk, straightened her back and was actually standing taller then him, Hulk was unaware of this. She was standing taller then Hulk, it was a sight to see, Wow!
Star said on 27/Aug/08
I'm the same height as Brooke. I'm a female too. :) My dad is 6'4 and mom is 5'6. So, I got the tall genes too. I never feel too tall though unless I'm wearing 4 inch heels. But, I don't shy away from wearing big heels. I like them. :) I also love being tall. I don't hide my height.
Jake said on 21/Aug/08
Tall and sexy at 5'11. I'd date her.
Clay said on 20/Aug/08
I could certainly see Nick at 5'9''.
Danimal said on 19/Aug/08
Red says on 29/Jul/08
Nick looks shorter than 6
Babygirl said on 18/Aug/08
Em red how can nick be 5'11 and brooke 5'10 when she is blantly taller then him? Also in an episode of hogan knows best when she goes missing at the beach and hulk is in gold buggy trying to find her he shout has anyone seen my daughter blonde, about 6ft. There for she must be 5'11-6'1 ft or something. Bt she always looks taller cause she wears heels all the time which make her 6ft 3 etc.
Clay said on 5/Aug/08
There was an episode on ''Hogan knows best'' where Hulk was interviewing bodyguards and he asks this one bodyguard about his size and he said '' 5'9 187 ibs. '' Hulk took a picture of him next to Nick and they were the exact same height. Nick is 5'11'' absolutely tops.
matt said on 30/Jul/08
5'10 but who cares i would bang her if i met her, shes hot, seriously shes hot in a tight dress,high heels and g strings, broooke you are hot babe, others i think are sexy are elise neal, spencer garammer, leah remini and briana evigan and ashanti of course.
Red said on 29/Jul/08
Nick looks shorter than 6
Rissiie said on 29/Jul/08
People always say they are taller than they are.
I'm 5'7 3/4 almost 5'8" so I always say i'm 5'8.
Brooke just might be 5'10.5 or something.
colitaspa369 said on 28/Jul/08
she must b at least 5'10'' cuz her father is 6'4'' nd her mother is 5'8
cal said on 28/Jul/08
she is 5'10 and sexy and she knows it, who would not bang her with that hot figure, she gets her good looks off linda hogan not hulk.
supes78 said on 25/Jul/08
She was taller than Tyra Banks when she appeared on her show and even said "I'm 5'11" tall" to Tyra. Even if she was 5'9" there is nothing to be gained from exaggerating her height, which works as a detriment to her pop singer career. She's already accused of looking like a man as it is.
mon said on 24/Jul/08
i don't she 5'11.. she more like 5'9.5 or a weak 5'10..
jord said on 24/Jul/08
watching hogan knows best, brooke went missing whilst in key west hulk described her to the police a 'blonde about 6ft'
TheMan said on 21/Jul/08
I don't know what the deal is with nicks height unless hes still growing he was only like 15 in hogan knows best dont know how tall he is now. I read somewhere though tall fathers usually have tall daughters and shorter sons something like that. Youd think if brookes 5,10 nick should be atleast 6,5 or something lol.
Iceman said on 20/Jul/08
look that Click Here paul wall's height is 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Frank said on 14/Jul/08
I believe Brooke is 5ft 9 barefoot and about 5ft 11 in heels Again she was about the the same Height as Jay Leno and she was wearing high heels !! Jay is no more than 5ft 11
Haliee. said on 4/Jul/08
hulk hogan is listed as 6'6", so i think brooke wears heels around him a lot cuz shes always close to his height.cant wait for brooke knows best!
Leon said on 11/Jun/08
Besides the Hulk himself, Brook is usually an inch or two taller than most of the ordinary guys in the show, even in flat shoes, so I'd guess she's just over 5'11" and Nick Hogan, who looks slightly shorter to me, is about 5'11" flat, perhaps a little under. They're both around th 5'11" region. Wow, I really cleared things up there! lol
oscar said on 28/May/08
she acts like shes 6'1, brooke is a sexy babe 5'10 is more realistic or 5'11 at best, hulk hogan is only like 6'3 now he shrunk, but brooke has a hot figure she has big thighs and big booty
Guido G. said on 22/May/08
She looks taller than her brother in heels ...
Alex said on 21/May/08
Shes at least 5'10 1/2.
Anonymous said on 12/May/08
supes78 says on 1/May/08
She not under 5'11" and I don't see how people can argue that. She has absolutely amazonian proportions and she's stated 5'11" as her height for the longest time. Given her career path as a pop star, she's got nothing to gain by exaggerating her height.

because on an episode of "Hogan knows best", when asked her height she said "5'10, almost 5'11". I think the 5'10.5 is an estimate based on that. She could be 5'10.75 as well, but probably not a full 5'11 otherwise I don't think she would have said that.
Tony said on 9/May/08
I saw an episodes of hogan knows best where Hulk told this guy that asked her height that she was almost 5'10.5 "I almost 5'11 she said, she was about 16 years old when i saw this episode so i guess she really is 5'11 by now. Brooke looks taller then me even without high heels, I'm 5'10 and 1/4.
Rantsrob said on 7/May/08
If she said 5'11'' wheres the proof to provide shes 5'10.5''.
supes78 said on 1/May/08
She not under 5'11" and I don't see how people can argue that. She has absolutely amazonian proportions and she's stated 5'11" as her height for the longest time. Given her career path as a pop star, she's got nothing to gain by exaggerating her height.
Kevin said on 4/Apr/08
I recently met Brooke Hogan and i'm a 5'3" female and she towered over me and we were both in sandals...i was under the impression that she was about 6ft. however she is very pretty and very nice in person...very down to earth and i admire her alot.
Ryan said on 27/Mar/08
Yeah, there's no way HULK is only 6'0"-6'1", I'm 6'7/8" there-see I tell people I'm 6'1" anyways, yeah he'd have to be a few inches taller than me to look that big (btw he lists at 6'7" 285 lbs. and Steve Nash from NBA lists 6'1" but he's barely 6').
Emilee said on 21/Mar/08
She distorts her height? I tell people (as a joke) that I'm 5'12" cuz it sounds shorter but I'm probably closer to 6'1. I don't know any tall girl who would want to distort her height even MORE.
Leah said on 19/Mar/08
I'm 5'11" and when I wear high heels i'm about my 6'4" cousin's height
Anonymous said on 12/Mar/08
Her height is really strange. Sometimes she looks 5'11. Sometimes she looks much shorter.
Here she looks 5'10-11:
Click Here

But here (see below) she looks...5'7? She's in heels, yet still doesn't even reach up to Hulk's eyes! You can see both of their feet too.
[Go to Click Here and search photo number "56329859"]
I know she can't be only 5'7, but I'm not sure if she's quite 5'11 or even a full 5'10, because she somehow manages to appear much shorter once in a while.
Francis said on 25/Feb/08
95% of people inflate their height. I'm 6'3.75 barefeet and I have seen people who claim they are 6'4" and about 1-2 inches shorter than me.
Tom said on 22/Feb/08
I am 6'3' with a 1" heel on my shoes, and with high heels on (her) she looked me eye to eye.
Hogan said on 6/Jan/08
I seriously belive she's 5'10'' to 5'11''. She said so on that Hogan episode. When she is barefoot she comes up to her 6'4'' dad's chin. Wearing heels she's a little shorter than he is. If you disagree check this picture: Click Here
Sam said on 4/Jan/08
ya she no taller then 5'10. :P 5'10 for sure.
Vegas said on 29/Dec/07
brooke said she was 5'10 in an episode of HKB when asked and then said almost 5'11 :D

she is 5'10

in the scenes in HKB where she isn't wearing her huge heels she looks really short next to her dad, i have seen her in a few barefoot scenes where she barely comes above the bottom of hulks nose standing right next to him.
kelly said on 29/Dec/07
ya i'd say shes 5'10 or 5'11 at the most. probaly,, definaly more like 5'10.
Alex said on 28/Dec/07
You have a lot of people who will round or inflate by 2 inches. I find a lot of guys 5'8 will say 5'10, 5'10 will say 6'0, 6'0 say 6'2 and 6'2 say 6'4.
Alex said on 25/Dec/07
Brooke is under 6'0 but by how much. 5'11 she looks to me.
Jason said on 10/Dec/07
My mum rounds herself up from 5'7'' to 5'9''...

[Editor Rob: she'll make up for this rounding up by rounding down her age by 5 years I'm sure!]
Vegas said on 10/Dec/07
diana says on 9/Dec/07
She is definitely 5'11
no girl rounds up on their height unless their super short

rubbish, alot of my female friends are around the 5'6-5'7 mark and some of them give themselves 1-2"
Danimal said on 9/Dec/07
Diana, her father was once 6'5"-6'6", so yeah, she got her height from him clearly.
Danimal said on 9/Dec/07
5'10"-5'11" FOR sure. 6'0" VERY possible.
diana said on 9/Dec/07
She is definitely 5'11
no girl rounds up on their height unless their super short
and isn't her dad 6'4?...not 6'3
she is always taller than her brother even without heels
so if she really is 5'8 he must be 5'7 which is highly doubtable
Korinn said on 24/Nov/07
I met Brooke at a club one night...I'm 5'10.75, she had about 2-3 inch heels on and I was wearing flats, she seemed about 2-2 1/2 in. taller than me.
TM said on 25/Oct/07
She looks like a strong, muscular, 1.80m, hot girl. Her face is a little male-like. But she is one hot girl. She would be perfect as a wwf diva, i think she'l be the strongest.
herm said on 13/Oct/07
brooke is possibly 5'10, did you see her on wwe saturday night main event a while ago, got damn she is hot, pow thighs and big ass.
i love u brooke
myspace celebrity said on 10/Oct/07
shes possibly 5'10.75 with her mom whos 5'8.5
pav said on 10/Oct/07
brooke is in the 5'10 range, she is just under 6 foot tall but damn brooke is fine,she has a sexy body too, wow she is a babe as for hulk hogan i say 6'7 is complete crap, these days only looks 6'4, and i would love to see brooke on the wwe she was on there once with randy orton, why not again she could make out with cody rhodes
supes78 said on 27/Sep/07
The Tyra & Brooke clip was on youtube momentarily but got taken down real fast. I think companies are cracking down on unauthorized clips on youtube.
Hollie said on 27/Sep/07
She also told Tyra, on the Tyra show that she was, 5'11"
claire said on 15/Sep/07
im younge and im 5 8 almost 5 9 (im 13) so one day i may be even taller than brooke hogan
Lawyer said on 12/Sep/07
can someone show me this on a link. Tyra and Brooke
mary said on 3/Sep/07
yeah, she is 5'11. I also saw the tyra show and they both were in heels and she was taller than tyra a little. I didnt think she was that tall, but now i know shes not lying!
supes78 said on 29/Aug/07
Both Brooke and 5'3" Fergie in heels next to one another;
Click Here
Brooke looks like she could break Fergie in half. Or maybe a body-slam followed by the atomic leg drop?
Alex said on 27/Aug/07
Spungo, you're right a lot of tall girls will say they're shorter than they really are. I've seen girls who are 5'11 and claim to be 5'9 only while guys are the other way around and upgrade.
Spungo said on 27/Aug/07
Girls usually round down regarding their height. I believe she probably is 5'10" or 5'11".
supes78 said on 17/Aug/07
She was on the Tyra Banks show yesterday with Hulk and when Tyra asked her how tall she was, she replied 5'11" tall. She also looked taller than Tyra as well and they were both in heels.
CC-Tron said on 13/Aug/07
Hulk Hogan is not 6'5 or 6'4 these days. No way.
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/07
I dont think she is a true 5'11, probably 5'10, cause she is over 6'0 in heels, she like 2 inches shorter than her dad, whos like 6'4 or so.
Jen said on 31/Jul/07
Yea, I just watched that and I noticed that Hogan said he was 6'5 and when she hugged him she was a few inches shorter thatn him, but I didn't look to see if she had heels on or not..and sometimes, when people hug someone the get on their tip toes.. my friends do that to me cause I am 6ft and only 13 and all my friends are like 5'2 and they get mad if bend my knees to hug them so I just stand there..maybe she was doing that..who knows?
CC-Tron said on 31/Jul/07
I think Brooke is 5'9 based on where the top of her head measures up, how tall she appears barefoot or in high heels and hows she measures up next to 6'3 Hulk Hogan. I just don't see 5'11 barefoot. 5'10 at best but 5'9 seems likely.
Anonymous said on 31/Jul/07
Watch that episode of her dad looking for a body guard, and her bodyguard is like 5'9, so I think she is 5'11 or close to it. I dont think everyone lies about their height. I'm 5'11 and people think im 5'9, it just matters if u have longer legs or longer torso, I happen u have a longer upper body than legs, so I look shorter.
dez said on 31/Jul/07
5'11 most likely with heels on, 5'9 possibly, hulk only goes 6'4 these days and he is a mile taller .
Lance said on 31/Jul/07
They claim her dad is 6'8 but thats a lie. He is 6'5 an he even said in the last show when he was interveiwing Brookes new bodygaurds. Look at all his stats an they claim 6'8. the media will lie about anything. But all in all, Brooke is dam hot no matter how tall she is. Can I get a HELL YEA on that!!
Alex said on 20/Jul/07
Vegas, yea she's no longer 5'11 to me. I'm sticking with 5'10.
Vegas said on 18/Jul/07
Just after watching hogans know best episode from season 2 where the hogan family go to hollywood to film the movie "Little Hercules in 3-D".

During the episode a greek guy asks her how tall she was and brooke replys 5'10, then pauses for a few seconds and says "Almost 5'11", which means of course she is NOT almost 5'11, she is 5'10 :D
Tom said on 11/Jul/07
If Brooke is 5'10 1/2, how tall do you think her brother Nick is? My guess is 6'1.
CC-Tron said on 11/Jul/07
Well I don't know man......I still think her height is 5'9 barefoot. The truth will come out one of these days. 5'9 is still tall for woman and add in the 4 inch heels and you got an Amazon.
CC-Tron said on 10/Jul/07
She wearing 4 inchers so 5'8 or 5'9 makes sense for Brooke. She looks around 4 inches taller than Pharell in the photo. Pharell is 5'8 so Brooke must be around 5'8.5 or 5'9 barefoot.

[Editor Rob: Pharrell is taller than glenn, even I wouldn't argue, glenn had thought he might have been taller than 5ft 9!]
CC-Tron said on 9/Jul/07
How can anyone know she ISN'T wearing heels when the picture is cropped at waist level?

[Editor Rob: They are proper 4-inchers over barefoot heels she's wearing.]
Chris said on 6/Jul/07
How can anyone know if she's wearing heels when the picture is cropped at waist level?
Crissy said on 6/Jul/07
the first time I met her was last year. The most recent time was in April of this year and I am 5'8 i was probably 5'7 at the time but she only had an inch or so on me in flat shoes. I didn't have a camera, we weren't expecting to see them. But she is a very sweet girl, but she was only about 5'8- 5'81/2
Alex said on 5/Jul/07
Josh, yea I don't think 5'11 anymore but when I see her I see a 5'10 girl though. Just my opinion.
Josh said on 4/Jul/07
In Hogan knows best she said she is 5'10 she looks 5'9.5 to me she could be a full 5'10 girl though but definetly not 5'11.
CC-Tron said on 1/Jul/07
It may out rule 5'7 but not 5'9. She still appears to be 5'9 in the pic with Pharrell Williams (She appears 4 inches taller with heels) . I can't see her shoes. Brooke often wears high heels and no doubt is wearing high heels with that outfit.
Vegas said on 30/Jun/07
holy crap brooke is like 6" taller than Pharrell there. kinda rules out 5'7 for her unless of course she is not wearing 8" heels or something

[Editor Rob: she wasn't in battlefield earth gear.]
Crissy said on 29/Jun/07
I met her the other day and I stood right next to her, I was taller by like an inch or so, and I'm 5'8 1/2 so I think she is like maybe 5'8 flat or 5'7 1/2
CC-Tron said on 25/Jun/07
She's 5'11 with high heels.
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/07
wow but she wears almost all the time high heels, how tall is she with heels then?? 6 ft 3??
Crissy said on 16/Jun/07
I have met her before and I am 5'8 and we saw eye to eye, i might have had a half an inch or something on her. idk
Alex said on 8/Jun/07
I lose a full inch during the day from right out of bed until nighttime.
I think my weightlifing might have something to do with that.
I actually have a cardboard cut out of The Rock that I bought years ago that stands at 6'2.5 and I sometimes measure up against it
l0ck n l0ad said on 5/Jun/07
A full inch? wah... sounds mad. Are you talking about the average guy losing a full inch or someone who lifts heavy weights during the course of his day?
I like your idea of taking a photo taking next to an object, I was thinking about my fridge it's just 2-3mm over 5'9". I can also picture under my bathroom door frame which is only 192cm (when I wake up and wear 2cm flip flops, my head touches the top), I'll try think of what is best to photograph next to you; what about drawing a straight line on the wall around the head level and photograph next to it, I'm trying to think of the most accurate way.
Anyway right now cuz of my back I don't lift weights and I actually lay down a lot to relief back strain, so it won't be that accurate as my night height could be more like mid-day. If I choose not to lay down at all since the moment I wake up it can be done, and I also need to shave my head hehe that way the hair won't fudge the max height of the sculp. I can tell you already now I don't think it will more than 2cm; and what kind of sleep are we talking about 7-8 hours or 10-12 hours ? On the weekends I can go up to 12 hours without a problem lol.
Alex said on 2/Jun/07
Lock, Would be interesting to have someone take a picture of you at 3 different times on the day standing next to something where you can see a height difference. One right out of bed, another midday and the last at evening/night.
Don't you lose a full inch from out of bed until night?
l0ck n l0ad said on 31/May/07
Yeah thanks Vegas I was actually referring to that exact same picture when I told Alex I don't think that Hogan is 6'1" if Brooke is 5'9".

So... actually assuming the old champ is 6'3", and taking into account he got one inch advantage over here and adding up one inch for Brooke's slouch I think she does look 5'9". I could quite safely say 5'10" max.
As I said I'll try check into that if I could get my 5'9" friend to picture next to me barefoot without him giving me a wierd raised eye brow look as to what my intentions are lol.

Assuming the old champ is 6'3" and giving
Alex said on 30/May/07
Lock, Brooke comes across to me as a 5'10 girl, I just can't see her less than that. Hogan would be 6'3 and you'd get a 5 inch difference. If Brook happened to be 5'8 then Hogan would be no taller than 6'1 which isn't true.
Rob is right, her posture is a bit worse too. Hogan has an inch advantage in sneakers. Take that away and its around 5 inch difference or a bit less.
Vegas said on 30/May/07
I Agree Lock hogan looks an easy 7-7.5" taller than Brooke in that photo Click Here less the footwear advantage of say 1-1.5" and Brooke would still be 5.5-6" shorter than her dad. It hard to tell with her though as she always has huge heels on in most photos.

[Editor Rob: footwear advantage doesn't look more than 1 inch, but she does appear to have a good inch worse posture with lean.]
l0ck n l0ad said on 29/May/07
What Alex you think that if Brook is 5'9" then Hogan is 6'1'? Ooo I don't think that's how a 6'1" matches up against a 5'9"... He seems taller than that.

I'll try get my 5'9" friend to go barefeet next to me while I wearin those air nike trainers which should put me at 6'3-1/2". take a picture and see how we match against each other. quite good comparison for hogan in trainers vs brooke in flip flops isnt it?
Alex said on 29/May/07
The pictures of Hogan and Brooke that Vegas posted I could say Brooke is as low as 5'10 IMO which puts Hogan at no more than 6'3.
Alex said on 29/May/07
I think we can downgrade Hogan right now to 6'0-6'1 if Brooke really is 5'8-5'9.
Frank said on 19/May/07
Crissy I agree with you she is probably 5ft 8 to 5ft9 .....5ft 10 i doubt it 5ft 11 NO Way
sidewalk said on 9/May/07
Sorry if I insulted you Crissy. She might not be 5'11 but I still think the 5'10 range is correct.
Crissy said on 29/Apr/07
whatever, I just don't think she is 5'11
I would say about 5'8 or 5'9 which isn't short but
I wouldn't give her 5'10 or 5'11
I have seen her before in person and I am like 5'8
and we saw eye to eye
CC-Tron said on 24/Apr/07
Actually I took into account the fact that she was slouching and she still looks 5'9. Every pic I've seen of Brooke minus her heels has her looking 5'9. When she is wearing heels she looks 5'11/6'0. Where are the pics that prove otherwise. If you have them please post them. I would like to see them.
Anonymous said on 19/Apr/07
Hmmm, CC-Tron, she's actually slouching in the first pic, and Hulk is like with his face in the sky which makes him look taller. If she stood straight I bet it would be a different case. And in the second one, well I can't see their feet/footwear nor were they are standing on, if it's a flat floor or what.
CC-Tron said on 18/Apr/07
Anonymous forget the Leno video. Check out the pics posted by Vegas. 6'3 Hogan is a full head taller than Brooke. In fact I've never seen Brooke look 5'10 or taller without heels. She's 5'9.
Anonymous said on 17/Apr/07
OK, where is this video of Leno with her? And anyway, we know Leno is very concerned about his height, he always takes any measures to look taller, fooling people about his or his guests height. He's invited people of 6'2 and they barely look an inch taller than him, then he makes short people look taller so they don't look like dwarfs. Another thing that would help is to see her with another guy or guys (or girls) of 5'11 to see if Leno was using his tricks (as he always seems to do).
bert said on 3/Apr/07
she is about 5'11. the greek was a fruit next to her.
CC-Tron said on 1/Apr/07
6'3 Hulk is a good 6 inches taller than Brooke in the photo that vegas posted here and Hulk is leaning. No way is a 6'3 man a full head taller than a 5'11 or 5'10 person. No way is Brooke taller than 5'9. The photos just don't support it.
anonymous said on 27/Mar/07
On an episode of "Hogan knows best" last year when asked her height she said "5'10, almost 5'11". I would say that 5'10.5" - 5'10.75" is probably right on. I'm 5'11-1/8 out of bed in the morning and 5'10-1/2 at night time and I always give my height as 5'11. I would bet that Brooke is probably the same.
Kevin said on 14/Mar/07
If she said on Larry King "I'm 5'11" what did you said 5'10,5 ?
CC-Tron said on 8/Mar/07
Hogan is a full head taller than Brooke in the pic. Hogan is 6'3. I'd put her 5'9 tops because the top of her head comes up to his chin. Hulk is leaning but he's still a full head taller. 5'8 is quite possible also. The hair on her head may reach 5'10 but that doesn't count.
Alex said on 8/Mar/07
Hogan is in sneakers and she's in sandals. She may not be 5'11 barefoot but I am thinking maybe 5'10 but no lower than that though.
CC-Tron said on 5/Mar/07
Nice. Good pics Vegas. Brooke looks no taller than 5'9. Pretty strong evidence but what does the site editor think?
Vegas said on 4/Mar/07
Brooke without her high heels on and her 6'3 dad the Hulkster, she looks to be as low as 5'9 here Click Here and Click Here
CC-Tron said on 2/Mar/07
Post the pic Trey. I would like to see it and what Brooke has on her feet.
Frank said on 2/Mar/07
Im sorry i have to say this again but if she was 5ft 11 barefoot why did she look the same height or alittle shorter wearing high heels than Jay Leno who is 5ft 11 ???
trey said on 1/Mar/07
my friend def got a pic with her on the cruise ship. she is 5'11. trust me. those divine legs take up most of it....
Frank said on 28/Feb/07
CC-TRON I agree i would say 5ft8 to 5ft 9 ....She is about 5ft 11 in high heels
Viper said on 23/Feb/07
Im starting to agree with CC-Tron here.
CC-Tron said on 22/Feb/07
She looks 5'11 in heels. Not without them though.
Alex said on 22/Feb/07
Brooke looks 3-3.5 inches shorter than Hogan with heels on so I'd still put her at 5'10 bare minimum barefoot though. thats the shortest she could be IMO. The 5'11 is more acccurate if you ask me. I know people said on the Jay Leno show she looked around Leno's height but I have never seen it myself and I can bet there was a camera angle trick because she looks 5'10-5'11 everytime.
ShiaLabeoufGurl said on 18/Feb/07
Brooke said that she was 5'11'' on E! channel
CC-Tron said on 14/Feb/07
Her saying it doesn't make it true. The pics of her say otherwise.
pimpin princess said on 13/Feb/07
she's actually 5'11. she said it herself on fashion police and hogan knows best
CC-Tron said on 7/Feb/07
Well if she stops wearing the 3 to 5 inch heels that wouldn't be a problem. No taller than 5'9. I've seen no proof of her being any taller than that.
supes78 said on 7/Feb/07
No way is she 5'9". She looks every bit the 5'11" she gives herself. She gave an interview on the Best Damn Sports Show on FOX where she talked about not enjoying being so tall because it makes meeting guys awkward and it's counter productive to the pop-star image where being short is the norm. She said her height tends to distract people from her singing talents.
CC-Tron said on 7/Feb/07
Finally a downgrade in height for Brooke but I still think she's under 5'10 though. 5'9 seems right.
Chief said on 7/Feb/07
OH REALLY, Anonymous??! Guess again! Brooke Hogan was less than a month away from her 18th birthday and fully grown when she said the quote about her height in the "HOGANS GO HOLLYWOOD" episode from SEASON 2!! Just check it on for the episode and description. Brooke was born on May 5, 1988. It looks like you are the one who is full of it,Anonymous. By the way, nice original name you got there fella.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 6/Feb/07
Chief you're full of it, she's never even been seen with Keibler. And Brooke said that quote on one of the first episodes of Hogan Knows Best. She could have grown the last half-inch easily, considering she was 15 or 16 when the show started.
Chief said on 31/Jan/07
On the show, Hogan Knows Best, Brooke was asked how tall she was by that short dude and Brooke replied, "I'm 5'10, almost 5'11." So, she is obviously shorter than 5'11 because almost does NOT count. DOWNGRADE TIME! If her admission is not good enough reason to downgrade on this site, then WHAT IS??? She has been seen as reportedly shorter than 5'11 Jay Leno and Stacy Kiebler and speculation has risen on the possibility of her being in the 5'8 or 5'9 range. THE ONE THING THAT CAN BE MADE CERTAIN BY BROOKE'S OWN STATEMENT IS THAT SHE IS IN FACT LESS THAN 5 FT. 11.
sidewalk said on 31/Jan/07
If Brooke was standing eye to eye with a 6'4-6'5 Randy Orton with 5 inch heels on that would mean she is 5'11 or even 6'. Your comment makes no sense at all. I think she is at least 5'10 probably 5'11. You can't judge her height by the Leno pic it's useless. What makes the guy in the episode of Hogan Knows Best who guesses her height as 5'8 such an expert? It's silly to go by what he says, if I were on tv and walked up to Shaq and said you look 6'8 would that mean I'm right? No, of course not.
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/07
I would say she is atleast 5'9-5'10 barefoot. Does she really wear a size 12 womens shoe? With that big of foot she would have to be that tall. She has a larger foot than I do and I wear a 10 in mens. She is definitely taller than 5'8, I am a 5'9 male, most women with large feet are taller.
Crissy (RKOchick) said on 24/Jan/07
there is NO WAY she is 5'11 barefoot, and for that person who said that she was eye to eye with Randy Orton (who is a legit 6'4-6'5) she was wearing like 5-inch heels. So I give her 5'7-5'8. Sorry but there is no chance she is 5'11. Anyone have a pic of her next to ms.keibler?
Kiat said on 17/Jan/07
Wow! Just imagine if Cantstop25 (6'4.5") were to be in the WWE, he will be billed as tall as 6'7"! Cheers.
Vegas said on 15/Jan/07
All the wrestlers and their families (e.g The Harts) were staying in the same hotel (Westin O'Hare) for Wrestlemania 22. Our hotel was just down the road so we just basically lived in their hotel for 2 days before mania using all the facilities (pool, restaurant), lol.

I suspect a persons height must come from at least one member of the family, in me and brothers case its probably my 6'0 uncle (mothers brother), i would say there had to have been someone tall on the Hart side of the family as well, maybe one of Helen or Stu's brothers????

I always wonder who tall me and my brother could have been had my dad and my mother been my height???
Vegas said on 12/Jan/07
Pics with me, my dad, aunt and my mum. My mum has prob 2" heels on in that photo as it was a wedding but I still have a good 7" on her. I have very few pictures standing with my parents in the last few years Click Here
Vegas said on 12/Jan/07
Yeah will have to post pics with my parents to show you how short they are. The picture with my dad and my brother at 11 is so funny. All my family are really short on my parents side aunts, uncles, cousins etc. My mother's oldest brother is 6'0 though and his son is 6'6, but that is it everyone else short short short, my mums youngest brother is about 5'4
Alex said on 12/Jan/07
Vegas, your mom and dad are both 5'3 but you turned up 5'11 and your brother 6'0. Don't see that too often.
Vegas said on 5/Jan/07
6'2'' JK Im 5'11 and my brother is very close to 6ft and our mum and dad are only 5'3 so sometimes kids can be alot taller than their parents. My brother was taller than my dad at 11, everyone thought he was going to end up about 6'6 or so but he slowed down as he got older.

Regarding Dallas Hart pics; here are a few from april 2006 in chicago, all sitting down though sorry Click Here

Dallas is a very tall but skinny lad; looks every bit his claimed height of 6'5 1/2. He towered over all the other wrestlers in the hotel that day. Jarred guerrero is a big guy, he claims 6'2 and 275lbs (looked it), he trains with King booker and other guys, incredible athleticism for such a big guy, he was doing shooting stars presses from the dive board of the pool; he should be a full time wrestler. Ted dibiase Jr looked about 6'2-6'3 and Jade Hart (Bret's oldest kid) looks about 5'7-5'8 standing with my brother who is 5'11 3/4
Alex said on 4/Jan/07
Cantstop, just imagine yourself having a profile listing you at almost 6'11.
Alex said on 3/Jan/07
Cantstop, crazy when you think about it like that. No way in a million years could I say I'm 6'6.5 to people unless its to little kids like 7-8, LOL. When I was in 7th-8th grade there was this teacher who was a legit 6'5 someone told me and I thought he was like 6'10 or more because I was shorter and younger so it was tough to estimate.
Danimal said on 30/Dec/06
It was crazy, however, he had been billed at 5'11" for MANY years and then they upt him to 6'0" or 6'1", which was normal practice for the WWF in the mid 80's to mid 90's. When they billed him at 6'3", I was like, "I MET HIM in PERSON and he was slightly shorter than ME"!!
Alex said on 29/Dec/06
Crazy how at 5'9 he was being billed at 6'3. Thats like me being billed at 6'6.5.
Danimal said on 28/Dec/06
Bulldog was 5'9", not 5'11".
Frank said on 19/Dec/06
Cantstop i seen Owen up close and 5ft 8 is very possible....
Alex said on 16/Dec/06
The Harts weren't even very tall. Owen was what 5'9-5'10, Bret was like 5'11.
TheMan said on 15/Dec/06
Hey JK i was quite amazed at that also harry being 6,5 even if bulldog was 5,11 thats still a huge diffrence. I wonder how tall Hogans son will be amazingly i bet he'll be shorter than hogan. I wonder though if Harrys actually abit shorter than 6,5 i don't think he's a strong 6,5 though he's probably like 195cm max proabably just shy of it.
6'2'' JK said on 15/Dec/06
Does anyone know links to Dallas Hart pictures, because i havent seen how tall he is
Jason said on 15/Dec/06
Dallas Hart is also very tall. Must be on the Hart side.

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