How tall is Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

Hong Kong American martial artist and actor best known for starring in films such as Enter the Dragon, Way of the Dragon and Fist of Fury. He had pretty extensive measurements of his whole body and he wrote his height before becoming famous as 5ft 8. Also 5ft 7.5 has been mentioned in some of his books and he also said in a radio interview that height. His Brother Robert Lee said on the EarlyYears website "Bruce was an inch taller than I. I am 5/7 and Bruce was 5/8 with a shoe size of 7-71/2. I know it's a little confusing, because we have all heard for years in how small he was, but in fact 5/8 is really not that small."

Bruce Lee is how tall
Bruce as Kato in ABC Televisions The Green Hornet (1967)

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Average Guess (107 Votes)
5ft 7.11in (170.5cm)
Yao is 7-8 said on 3/Jun/20
@Keith 5'10, Chuck was listed as 5-8 on his military ID while in his prime. You can't see their shoes in that photo so how do you know Chuck had more footwear? Camera angle plays minimal role in that photo IMO since they were standing so close together. Chuck and Bruce were arm in arm, look at how much higher Chuck's shoulders were. Bruce literally had to reach up to put his arm around Chuck. This won't happen if the other guy is only 1 inch taller than you. Bruce was 5-5ish barefoot at best.
Keith 5'10 said on 2/Jun/20
@Yao is 7-8 In that picture Chuck is closer to the camera and has a bit more footwear.
But for me Norris was closer to 5'9" then.
Yao is 7-8 said on 21/May/20
@Yang, 5-7? Does Bruce look only 1" shorter than Chuck in that B&W photo I posted? Because that would be the case if Bruce was 5-7. To me, it's a 3 inch height difference, which makes Bruce 5-5ish barefoot. BTW, what's up the Zodiac sign talk? This is a height board bruh!
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 20/May/20
Weak 5ft 7 I would guess. Unlike Jackie Chan and Emma Watson/Thompson, Luke Evans, Dennis Quaid etc. We dont share same zodiacs despite same birthday month!!!! He is Taurus April while I am Aries April on 11th.
Yao is 7-8 said on 17/May/20
If Chuck Norris was 5-8 then NO WAY Bruce Lee was 5-7 1/2. In Return of the Dragon, Chuck looked much taller (and bigger) than Bruce in the final fight scene at the Coliseum in Rome. If Chuck is 5-8, then Bruce is no taller than 5-5ish, but just like Jet Li, Bruce Lee relied on his blinding speed in fights, rather than size.

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Davidjr said on 18/Apr/20
Well yes he was 171cm tall i give him 5foot 7.5inches
Keith 5'10 said on 9/Apr/20
He looked around 3cm taller than Bolo Yeung in ETD. But, he looked more than 3cm shorter than Chuck Norris. Maybe Chuck Norris was a weak 5'9"
Miramira said on 9/Mar/20
In several picuters 5'8 chuck norris is far taller than bruce. Bruce looked almost exactly the height of 5'6 Bilo Yeung in ETD. I put bruce at 5,6 1/2...maybe a smidgen undrr 5'7
5ft 8 Snake said on 27/Feb/20
Hey Rob could 5ft 8.25 have been possible for Lee straight out of bed ?
He did injure a disc in his back in 1970 and had injured it in 1968 also. Do you think these injuries could have caused him to lose some height and measure lower than the 5ft 7.5 ?
Editor Rob
Maybe straight out of bed he could clear 5ft 8, but also a chance he might have fallen just under 7.5
Nik Ashton said on 20/Feb/20
5’8” ain’t small at all!
Nearly 180cm guy said on 20/Feb/20
Here are two interesting photos of Bruce next to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from 1972: Click Here Click Here
In the first picture Bruce looks more in the 5'7" range when both of them are barefoot. In the second picture Bruce may actually look like 5'7.5" but he was wearing shoes when Kareem was barefoot and the camera angle is also slightly different. I would definitely not go as high as 5'7.75" with him and although for some time I thought Bruce could be flat 5'7" I can still believe in 5'7.25". Maybe strong 5'7" and weak 5'9" (5'8.75") for Chuck Norris would be better lists because the difference between them has never looked as small as just one inch and sometimes it could have looked as nearly two inches.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Feb/20
Not convinced he was the full 5ft8 except in the morning
5ft 8 Snake said on 17/Feb/20
Hey Rob do you see Lee Measuring around the 5ft 8 mark for example at say breakfast time is 172.5cm possible or almost 5ft 8
Editor Rob
I can believe early in the day he probably got 5ft 8, how early though...
MrLee said on 12/Feb/20
@6footTomMy mum and dad are both 5’3 and I’m 6’1. Genetic variation never ceases to amaze me.
Jkiller said on 8/Feb/20
Beej said on 28/Dec/19
5' 7''. Looks no more than that as he was thin / well -porportioned, so could appear taller in pics.
Damijan Ruzic said on 19/Oct/19
Some things are intriguing for me here..
I was measured several times betwen the age of 18 and 55. Results were betwen 168 and 171, but my army measure at age 18 and 26 and my last working insp. measure at age 52 are the same 169,5. wingspan 171. I noticed that your avarage estimation for Bruce lee is actualy the same 169,5 or 170,5 with rope slippers.
Warren said on 7/Oct/19
5'7"-5'7.5". Legendary actor's never fading.
6footTom said on 6/Oct/19

It can definitely happen. My dad is around 5'6.5" and I'm 6'0".
Roderick said on 31/Jul/19
I'd say 5'7" max.
Bradley said on 9/Jul/19
Strong 5' 6.5" no more.
Vequlle44 said on 3/May/19
Rob, the vote is 170.5 cm. You see the possibility of Lee falling below 171cm during the day?
Editor Rob
That figure is possible, anywhere from 5ft 7 to 7.5 is probably more likelier than 5ft 7.5-8 range.
Peter175 said on 28/Apr/19
If he's 172 then Norris is easily 175

I think a bit above 5'7 is fine for bruce. 5'7-5'7.5 range
Jammes said on 18/Apr/19
Crazy how Brandon was almost 6'0 and his father 5'7
Victor cheung said on 15/Apr/19
In pics with his student Dan inosanto he is always visibly an inch or so taller and inosanto is listed as 5ft6. So Bruce is 5ft7.5 I'd say.
Some say Bruce is similar in height to bolo who is 5ft6? But not that many pics were taken of the two together. So Bruce being taller than inosanto would be more accurate. Inosanto with Benny the jet they are same size and Benny unsurprisingly is listed as 5ft6. Bruce is also taller than samo hung.
Bruce could beat heavyweights in fights and I don't think theyd want Lee listed as 5ft6.
Claus said on 22/Feb/19
Google strangely updated Bruce Lee's height to 172cm. If you look at old comments is Zio's comment in 5ft7 1/4-5ft7.5 (171cm). Rob, do you give Bruce Lee a chance at 172cm?
Editor Rob
Lee 172cm earier in the day yes...but he surely did drop under it for a chunk of the day.
Kimblemur said on 6/Feb/19
@Frank R - That’s incorrect. It was his left leg that was one inch shorter than his right.
zio said on 31/Dec/18
Hello rob.Burt Ward listed on your site 170.8, listed in imdb 171,5 Burt Ward is obviously longer than Bruce lee in these photos.

Click Here
Click Here

You can also watch the fight scene Kato vs Robin in the video. What do you think of Bruce Lee for 5ft7 1/4? Your answer is important to me, Rob.
Editor Rob
They could look quite close in height on the show, you could argue so close they might have been the same mark.
zio said on 31/Dec/18
Hello rob.Burt Ward listed on your site 170.8, listed in imdb 171,5 Burt Ward is obviously longer than Bruce lee in these photos.

Click Here
Click Here

You can also watch the fight scene Kato vs Robin in the video. What do you think of Bruce Lee
for 5ft7 1/4? Your answer is important to me, Rob.
Anonynon said on 22/Dec/18
Min: 5'6.50".
Max: 5'7.50".

Ali Mohammed saleh said on 14/Dec/18
What do you think bruce Lee's peak height would be?
Editor Rob
The figure he is listed at...I don't think he was any taller, nor much smaller than that mark.
Alaa said on 27/Nov/18
How tall do you think bruce lee is in this picture
Go to link below
Click Here
Editor Rob
He looks a guy who is less than 5ft 9
greg lehmann said on 1/Nov/18
Even if you think "Chop Suey Theatre" kung fu epics are too bloody,I at least give myself the "benefit of the doubt" and I enjoy watching Enter The Dragon with 5'8" Bruce Lee. (He shared my nephew Mathieu's Nov. 27 birthday!) But how did he die? Now here again I'll give myself the "benefit of the doubt" about Lee dying from a violent allergic reaction to painkillers he was given for chronic back problems. But was he assassainated by kung fu lords because he was going to "spill the beans" about the ultra secretive kung fu world? Even Robert Stack on Unsolved Mysteries in 1993 after son Brandon died in a filming accident generally went along with the pain killer allergy causing Bruce's death. Kung fu is very secretive and kung fu lords generally don't want anything revealed about kung fu or other martial arts but I also like Lee on The Green Hornet during the 1966-1967 TV season.But while I will accept Lee's death from the violent allergic reaction to painkillers he was prescribed for his bad back,kung fu is a jungle out there!
Canson said on 12/Aug/18
@Rising: he’s put a lot of weight on since Above the Law I agree
Michael said on 24/Jul/18
171.5 sounds just about right. Anything from 170 to 175 is a pretty good height for smaller guys. 169 and below would be too short.
Anonim said on 16/Jun/18
He 1.5 inch shorter than Chuck Norris. 170cm, not more.
Leno179 said on 14/Jun/18
5'7.5 is perfect
Z61 said on 12/Jun/18
Even though he was 5/8 he could look tall, especially when standing alone.
Frank R said on 30/May/18
Bruce Lee’s right leg was almost 1 inch shorter than his left. This gave him an ‘uneven stomp’ which Lee believed generated more force in certain kinds of kicks. Source: book ‘Zen In The Martial Arts’ by Joe Hyams (1979).
Fanlee said on 27/May/18
Yes 171.5 Click Here

But when is 171.5? For example my height is morning 172.2 evening 170.5. bruce lee height when is 171.5?
Hide said on 24/Apr/18
How tall Bruce lee when he was young?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure at what point he reached adult height.
Ariel Royce said on 15/Apr/18
almost 1,72cms

...I think 1,71.8 or 1,71.5cms at least
jorge Inzunza said on 12/Mar/18
I have seen pics where he stands next to Norris,,,, and is not much the difference among them...i would say 5-7, 5-8 tops, compared to Norris, a little taller (around 5-11), am i right?
Michael J20 said on 27/Feb/18
He was about 5'8 and 130 pounds
MAD SAM said on 21/Jan/18
Look at his photos with Chuck Norris Bruce looks around 172 cm
WhocareshowtallTomis said on 27/Dec/17
Bruce Lee was very lean at the time of Enter the Dragon , which was literally just before his unfortunate death. The lighter a person the taller they can obviously appear. In a scene as others have eluded to Bruce looks pretty much the same height as stocky co star Bolo Yeung who is 5.6. I think that the fact Bruce had long legs for his height and indeed arms he often can appear like a 5 feet 7.5 guy( his body looked short compared to his limbs) In his TV show stints before Film fame Bruce Lee looked more like a 5.6 size ... especially in an episode of Ironside, Longstreet etc. He was a giant of the martial arts film genre for sure though. The protype 👍🏻
Real Cavill said on 17/Dec/17
I think Bruce was 5'6.05". At the same time, we know Bruce had one leg a little shorter than the other which is an impetus he had to overcome in martial arts. So he could have been 5'7", but the crooked leg made him stand a little off and so he looked a little shorter. I can't be sure.

@Hero Lung.......I believe his brother was telling the truth. But sometimes people don't know their exact height. His bro may have been 5'5.05" and thought he was 5'6" making Bruce Lee 5'7". People measure themselves a lot using the ruler on the wall technique. Even the doctor could be wrong. There's always a half inch margin of error. Nurses don't do a perfect job and sit there for a long time making sure the height is precise. I've had a nurse measure me and push that stupid arm down on my head so hard I lost a quarter inch and I think she downgraded me another quarter inch as well because it just "looked" that way to her. It wasn't going to change my medical outcome.
zoro the great said on 18/Nov/17
It's pretty clear that Bruce was the same height as BOLO in Enter the Dragon. He was 5'6'.
The Exorcist said on 31/Oct/17
Brandon Lee states his father's height as 5'7" in this Australian TV interview.

Interviewer: "You're a good-deal taller than he is, aren't you?",
Brandon: "Well, my mother is Swedish"
Interviewer: "Well, I hear he was about five-four, five...?"
Brandon: "...Five-seven"

Start the video @ 6:44
Click Here
Hero Lung said on 22/Oct/17
If his own brother says Bruce Lee was one inch taller than himself, I can accept that. Especially he notes BL's shoe size of 7.5. If he was fudging about BL's height he would have said a shoe size of 8.5 - 9. In photos with Chuck Norris and Bob Wall, on the set where BL is wearing his flat on-screen shoes, he's just a couple of inches shorter than the two. In BL's Way of the Dragon, he's wearing his flat shoes and you can compare his height with Jon Benn, the villain. I met him in Hong Kong and Benn is around 6-3 or 6-4. From this Lee would be at least 5-7. Re the comment below that BL was not a real fighter, just look at the accolades of boxing greats like Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao ... see combined video with Tyson and Mayweather on BL. See interviews on James DeMile; after Lee's death lots of guys were going around that BL was not the real thing, and DeMile basically challenged them, that "If you could have beaten Bruce, then you can easily beat me." Linda Lee has written that in the early days she saw BL spar with Chuck Norris and Mike Stone at the same time: "He made them look like amateurs." There are tons of interviews of people who were actually there to see Lee's streetfights,sparring eg.. Dan Inosanto, one of the gentlemen of martial arts: "There was a road rage incident, and Bruce just played with this huge guy." DeMile: "To this day I would put my money on Bruce against anyone in the world." And this from a guy who said that he had a personal falling-out with BL. Or with his future sister in law, in his early twenties: they were returning from a dance club and four punks accosted them. She was scared, and BL said, "Be right back." When she turned around, all four were on the ground, in seconds. What did you do, she asked. "Oh, I just kicked them."
JJ said on 11/Oct/17
Don't let your eye fool you
andre said on 5/Oct/17
this is very funny how in hell he is 5ft7.5 barefoot ?

maby 5ft7 with shoes
David said on 17/Sep/17
5ft 6 max.
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Jul/17
Bruce wasn't 5'8" since he claimed 5'7.5" himself, which could have been honest as he was certainly taller than 5'6" Bolo. Norris was indeed 5'8.5" and even today at 77 is closer to 5'8" than 5'7".
BLFan said on 25/Jul/17
PLB: "He also, to my more experienced eyes, now looks to have been something of a fraud. He doesn't seem to have been a particularly good fighter at all. When I first saw him he was startling but after having watched real boxers and MMA fighters for decades it is easy to see what's missing. "

Your eyes are deceiving you. What you see in film is not how he actually fought.
even said on 3/Jul/17
bruce lee was a 5 foot 7 man .
KH said on 29/Jun/17
Come on lol. Chuck Norris is not 5'7. Chuck Norris is a shade under 5'9 so of course Bruce was a bit shorter Look at how tall his son Brandon was. Im sure some of Brandon's height probably came from the mother's side but really a 5'5 guy is not going to have a 5'11.5 son. Bruce was right around 5'8 stop with the 5'5-5'6 stuff.
Morris said on 28/Jun/17
Van Williams (the green hornet) 183cm was at least 20 cm over Bruce Lee.
PLB said on 21/Jun/17
They have been showing some of the old Bruce Lee movies on cable. I have recently watched "The Big Boss", "Marlow" and "Fist of Fury". I saw these and all his other films in the theater when they were first released.

He was smaller than I had remembered. In both of these films as well as "Enter the Dragon" and "The Way of the Dragon" he is surrounded by other Chinese guys. He looked tiny next to James Garner in "Marlow" but he was also smaller than the average Chinese extras in those other films.

He was a tiny guy. He also, to my more experienced eyes, now looks to have been something of a fraud. He doesn't seem to have been a particularly good fighter at all. When I first saw him he was startling but after having watched real boxers and MMA fighters for decades it is easy to see what's missing.

I lived in San Francisco at that time. I was near Chinatown and went to the Chinese theaters to see Kung Fu movies before Bruce Lee became popular. One of the first ones that I remember was "Five Fingers of Death". The story was fantastic but very entertaining. Bruce Lee who exploded a few years later was much different. First of all he was handsome - like a real western movie star. The camera - as they say - loved his face. Also he had incorporated many style elements from western cinema and western fighting. He had lived in San Francisco and Oakland for several years. So his Kung Fu style was not like anything they had ever seen before. He was a sensation in China.

He was also a gifted actor. He could and did play comedy alongside his crazed vengeance killer characters. But the main thing he brought to the movies was a whole new modern approach to movie fighting. There are plenty of people on YouTube who testify that Lee was a real fighter in real life. I don't think so. One thing he always seemed to do in his fights was to cluck like a chicken. I've never heard anyone else do that. Real fighters in real bouts strike a blow and then revert to their normal stance to prepare for a returning blow. Muhamad Ali would hit a guy and then hit him again. Bruce Lee however introduced the freeze pose after he hit someone. Sometimes he would shake and grimace. It was not like anything I'd ever seen before. It worked well on the big screen and we have seen a lot more of this kind of movie fighting in the years since. Look at Donnie Yen in "Iron Monkey" he is always striking poses.

Lee only weighed 132 pounds and was often the shortest guy on a screen full of small Asians. He was an actor. There is no compelling evidence that he ever could really fight. The local guys around here who tell stories about all his street bouts will also tell yo that he was killed by offending a Kung Fu master who gave him the "Delayed Death Touch".
Morris said on 14/Jun/17
165 -168 cm without shoes
Shane.rod said on 12/Jun/17
Small guy. Like 5'5
RisingForce said on 12/May/17
Except Chuck Norris wasn't 5'7" and maybe still isn't. I'm not sure where that strange idea comes from. Chuck was definitely over 5'8" until at least age 72, probably 5'8.5", maybe even 5'9". That puts Bruce an easy 5'7"-5'7.5". 171 cm is probably a pretty good guess.
Ken said on 10/May/17
I dont think he was 5ft 7.5, if chuck norrris was 5ft 7, Lee must have been just under 5ft 7
ColeW22 said on 30/Mar/17
Bruce was likely close to Bolos 5'6 height. The average person over-estimates their height by 1.5 inches.
ColeW22 said on 30/Mar/17
Bruce was likely close to Bolos 5'6 height.
RisingForce said on 23/Mar/17
I think Bolo looked close enough to 5'6". Bruce clearly wasn't above 5'7.5" since he claimed that height and I can believe it, but he definitely didn't look taller either. I'm sure the 5'8" was a round up from 5'7.5". Very normal thing to do. Chuck Norris may have been 5'10" in his cowboy boots, but he definitely wasn't taller than 5'9" barefoot and very possibly under it. Norris has been known to wear lifts for years so he can LOOK about 5'10". I think Chuck only started claiming 5'10" when he got into films. I'm pretty sure he was only listed 5'9" during his martial arts career.
Frank R said on 12/Mar/17
Bruce Lee was probably no shorter than 5'7.5" and no taller than 5'8", based on the claims of numerous people who knew him well. Chuck Norris was a solid 5'10" at his peak, and he appears to have about 2 inches on Bruce Lee in 'Way of the Dragon'(1972) when both actors were in their early 30s.
Scott said on 9/Feb/17
I am 5' 10" and when was at peak of training was 165lbs and on a frame like mine or Bruce's you end up with pretty much nothing but protein and fat craving muscle and bone when our size and training intensely while achieving bench of 350lbs plus power clean of 275-285 max , squats of 300plus etc you quickly burn off calories and never have a chance to gain fat so very low BMI's are more common in guys our size than you think.
Ray said on 24/Jan/17
Hey rob people comparing bolo's height weight lee will ony make sense if bolo really was 168cm . I mean that bolo might be smaller than that abt 165 or i think 168cm might be the best guess for lee. What do you say?
Editor Rob: I doubt Bolo was only 5ft 3-4, I think giving him 5ft 6 is reasonable enough, maybe 5ft 5 isn't impossible.
Edward said on 29/Dec/16
Love Bruce, height estimate seems right but these claims of 165 weight are physically impossible. Single digit body fat % for a professional natural bodybuilder of 5'7-5'8 are 148lbs and 152lbs at 4-6% body fat. Google image search 165lbs at 6% body fat. That's arnold status
Sammosfan said on 16/Dec/16
Click Here

Click Here

About my previous post. I might be wrong about that guy pic with Bruce. I don't think he is Carter Wong after looking at more pics lol. Sorry for the misinformation Rob.
Editor Rob: I'm sure there will be photos of them out there, I've not seen them together in any film to remember. I do think Wong in person wasn't really more than 5ft 7, whether he was a true 5ft 7.5 at least at 30-40 range? It is very possible, I think there was a photo of him 2.5 inches over jet li somewhere!
Sammosfan said on 16/Dec/16
Click Here

Click Here

About my previous post. I might be wrong about that guy pic with Bruce. I don't think he is Carter Wong after looking at more pics lol. Sorry for the misinformation Rob.
john#515 said on 23/Nov/16
Again based on evidence with him next to bolo yeung, and the Sammo at the begging of Enter the Dragon.
Ben said on 14/Nov/16
5ft 6.5, not 5ft 8
Legend29 said on 12/Nov/16
5'7.5" 140 pounds watch at 2:44 of this video Click Here
Ice said on 22/Oct/16
thought he was 5'3..
Leonardo 1.73m said on 5/Oct/16
Rob, What do you think of 5'7 flat (170cm)?
Editor Rob: it's a question of then Bruce lying about his height. He seemed meticulous about all his other measuremnents, so I'm not sure he is just 170cm...although I guess height is something many might just add a cm too.
Jings Chen said on 14/Jul/16
According to Chinese society at that time when Bruce just past away; he was no more than 168 cm on bed; anyway he was a great marshal art actor at the time but it was a pity, he was so young and too strong Chinese Catonese character while he had a lot of enemies with envy...
Andrew M said on 15/Jun/16
@Melvin - I don't know where you get your facts from, but in 30 years of following martial arts and Bruce Lee in particular, I've never heard anything like the sort of nonsense you're citing here.
Anonymous2 has cited some facts which were published in Joe Weider's "Muscle & Fitness". Prof. Wally Jay (who discovered Bruce and brought him to the American public eye) also saw his power in kicking a punch bag such that it slapped the ceiling.
Bruce did say he didn't THINK he could beat a man the size of Muhammed Ali, but then Chuck Norris said he reckoned Bruce could have beaten anyone around at the time.
As for the statement that a good boxer could beat a good martial artist? I don't believe that for a moment!
Let me say once and once only: if the martial art you practise has striking techniques (so not Judo, Aikido, or BJJ), and you train full contact, then all other things being equal the martial artist should always win. They have more weapons at their disposal, more defensive techniques, and so a greater range of strategies. Bruce would know this.
Also Bruce not only spent hours watching film of Muhammed Ali to study his footwork, but was himself a brilliant strategist and tactician. Most opponents couldn't even get close enough to lay a glove on him. And Joe Lewis went on record to rather angrily rebut many claims about him and Bruce, saying that only ONE of their close friends ever saw Joe spar with Bruce!
2020 oriental prince said on 5/Apr/16
I went to an exhibition in HK a few weeks ago where his personal belongings were displayed including a collection of his clothes
Judging by how small the clothes were Im surprised if he is ever above 170 barefoot
Ed said on 10/Mar/16
@The Master Bolo was 5'6" max. He's probably 5'4" or 5'5" today as he's near 60. He looks very short in pics next to Van Damme (5'9")
Robby D said on 10/Mar/16
On the site "How Tall are Celebrities they say he was 171cm out of bed and went down to 170cm and 169cm as the day wore on. I would go along with that because it is believable. All this talk of him being 5' 8" is ridiculous. On that site they also say Bolo was 168cm which seems accurate. Bolo always looked a similar height to Bruce when they stood next to each other. My guess is that Bruce may have been 5' 7 1/4" (171cm) out of bed and shrunk to 5' 6 1/2" (169cm) during the course of the day. Bolo was probably 5' 6" (168cm) during the day, hence the fact that there was only about 1/2" difference in their heights when they stood together. Bruce never looked an inch and a half taller than Bolo. My theory is that Bruce is listed by his height out of bed which he probably rounded up to 5' 7 1/2" whereas Bolo is listed by his daytime height. I don't think Bolo was as conscious about his height as Bruce was.
Mark Ingemi said on 2/Mar/16
Bruce Lee , had a terrific physique.
amaterasu said on 18/Dec/15
Interesting, I always thought he wasn't taller than 5'6" or 168cm
G dragon said on 15/Dec/15
Is 5'8.25 inch is possible for bruce right out of bed?
Editor Rob: yeah, it's not impossible
SportsHeight said on 14/Dec/15
Rob, if you had to choose a champion for a GoT-style trial by combat fight to the death that would decide your life, what height would your champion be? Would he be huge, would he be slight like Lee, or would he be somewhere in between?
Editor Rob: that's a tricky one as if weapons were involved then sometimes smaller and having more agility/speed could win. But a straight fight, being very big brings it's own advantages.

A no-holds barred fight, I'd want the guy who doesn't try to punch a face, but knows other easier areas of the body to target.
Anonasensei said on 11/Dec/15
When were these photos of Bruce taken (with the tied back hair bun)? He's definitely bulkier, 150lbs at least, maybe 155-160 ...

Click Here
Click Here
Arbab said on 24/Nov/15
I'm 5'7 and the reason Bruce was able to achieve that weight was because of weight training which he started in America. I used to weight train in high school along with playing basketball and swimming and at my peak I was 160. Now I don't weight train mostly focusing on tai chi now and my weight has dropped down to 145 which is around the weight Bruce was at before he began his intense regime of work outs. When my skills at tai chi has been better honed I'll probably jump back to more weight training work outs to get some mass back on.
Jordan said on 12/Nov/15
I am 5'7 (height measured, not a guess), 128 pounds, and have a size 7 (UK) shoe (7.5 wrestling shoe US). I am a big Bruce Lee fan - seen the films, read the books, have a collection of pictures - and find it hard to believe that he was ever as big as 165 pounds. That's a huge jump. According to his wife, Linda (who cooked for him), his diet wasn't anything special plus I haven't seen any pictures where he looks almost 40 pounds heavier than 128. I think people just like to throw that number around to make him sound a bit more "normal".
MissingBruce said on 7/Nov/15
Van Williams towered over him in The Green Hornet (Williams was 6'). I would say Bruce was around 5'7. If he was more or less, it doesn't matter... he was PERFECT! Loved him & still miss him. His death was such a tragedy, as was his son's death.
tumac66 said on 26/Oct/15
i Believe he could have been 5 7.5 but definitely no taller as many of his Chinese co stars are as tall or taller, The actors who played Tony and Thomas in Way of The Dragon were both taller than him. Oh and by the way, im 5 7.5 and wear a 7 and a half shoe size so it is possible to be that height with small feet
Jake said on 27/Aug/15
Rob, people in said he was 128 pounds at the time of his death. Do you think this is accurate? He was so muscular though can't even imagine.
[Editor Rob: he might have been 130 range]
Anonasensei said on 26/Aug/15
No, short supporter peeps, Bruce was not 5-6 or less. Many pics of him taken with Chuck Norris who is legit 5-8 to 5-9, even ones with Bruce in flip-flops and he always stood around only an inch or so shorter, 2.5 at most when Chuck had the cuban heels. As a leading man he was always a few inches taller than many secondary Hong Kong actors and actresses, many well known ones at the time. If he were only 5-6 it would imply many of them were only 5-2 or so which I find hard to believe. Also, at one point he put on 165 lbs bulky muscle (which he did not like since it slowed him, so he trimmed down) and at only 5-6 that'd make him actually a bit fat and we know he we was never anywhere near such proportions.
Alucard said on 10/Aug/15
Between 5'6 and 5'7... Actor, philosopher, martial arts enthusiast, who had some good ideas but nothing revolutionary... Still the first that popularized the MA-TMA's culture trough movies, truly a pioneer in that department... Absolutely not a fighter, didn't even spar, although he trained a lot...
120 said on 26/Jun/15
Doesn't look 5'8" next with 5'10½" John Saxon. Bolo could look around 5'6".

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Duanne said on 16/Jun/15
Sammo Hung is 5'6 and so is Bolo young. Bruce was probably between 5'6 to 5'7
Vicky said on 10/Jun/15
I'm really fan of him. I love and miss him really. Such a great martial artist.
Key said on 23/May/15
5'7.5 (171 cm) for sure! Spot on
Ninja Guy said on 11/Apr/15
He's estimated to be about 5'8" according to stats
Nah said on 22/Mar/15
no. 5'8. Next to sammo hung (5'7) he appears a bit taller
Nah said on 22/Mar/15
5'7 but his physique is proportionate and his posture was great so he never really seemed awkwardly short
Ryan said on 25/Feb/15
I agree 171cm is his height. Rob do you think that his thin muscular body frame in some pictures makes him look taller.
DMC said on 20/Dec/14
by the way,Bruce lee's height was 5.7 inc.moreover I found a book called wing chun and a book of his invented techniques by Bruce careful don't try to find me ,when the times come u will find me.
ChinaBoy said on 11/Dec/14
Mr. bruce lee is 1,74cm here a photo on barefoot

Click Here
SteveL said on 8/Oct/14
5'6- 5'7 tops
Dude said on 14/Sep/14

5'8" on one of his legs since one was longer than the other
Saeed said on 26/Aug/14
Bruce lee doesn't look short at all in fact I think he has a decent height
Jatobá said on 19/Aug/14
everybody here is jealous about Bruce Lee...
why he couldn't have 5'7"1/2?????
rick said on 14/Aug/14
Same as me
keith said on 27/Jul/14
yeah 5 foot 8 sometimes 5 foot 7.5 to 5 .7.75 depends on the posture could make you lose height temporary but he's 5 foot 8 maybe 5 foot8.5 at best
Robby D said on 19/Jul/14
IR. I cannot see Lee anywhere near 5'7.5" unless he was wearing shoes and I doubt Chuck Norris was much over 5'8" barefoot, if he were that.
IR said on 18/Jul/14
Bruce Lee 5' 7.5"
Chuck Norris 5' 8.75" peak , he could have been close to 5' 9" barefoot and with shoes that would make him up to 5' 10" so he could claim that.
Robby D said on 2/Jul/14
Ethan W. Bruce Lee may have been 5'8" in his wildest dreams but not in reality. Interesting how people who add inches to their heights do not increase their shoe sizes!
Ethan W said on 1/Jul/14
how come bruce is 5'8" and he wears a 7.5. im the exact same height and i wear a 10.5?
Robby D said on 29/Jun/14
Exorcist. You are absolutely right about his shoe size and a size 7.5 in the USA would be equivalent to a size 6.5 in the UK which I can tell you right now is tiny and more inclined to fit a person of around 5'4' or 5'5" in my opinion.
The Exorcist said on 26/Jun/14
His brother quoted Bruce's shoe size at 7.5?

A US 7.5 shoe size would be the equivilant of a UK 6.5 size, right? That's a small foot for someone in the 5'7.5" - 5'8" range. I'm 5'5" range and my shoe size is 9 US/ 8 UK.
Robby D said on 25/Jun/14
I still think Bruce Lee was 5'6", that was all he looked next to Bolo and several sources have said he was 5'6". Lots of short celebs and sportsman exaggerate their heights a few examples being Jason Priestley, David Cassidy and Michael Owen and Bruce Lee was no exception in my opinion. The fact remains that whereas Rob can be photographed with certain celebs, we can never confirm Lee's height because he has passed on, hence the fact that this site shows his height in accordance with his claim of 5'7.5", however, you only have to look at his stature to see that he was well short of his claim. Look at Lionel Messi who is a genuine 5'6.5" and makes no claims to be taller. Messi looks taller than Lee ever was to me.
Sajad007 said on 19/May/14
Frankie Edgar of UFC is 5'6".... if we compare bruce lee to him, then bruce seems 5'7" fair enough! I am also 5'7"... i c my frame equivalent to bruce lee...
The Big Dipper said on 26/Apr/14
By the way, that video claims that Lee was 5'6". Don't know where they're getting that number from, but he looks 5'6" to me.
The Big Dipper said on 26/Apr/14
Honestly, I feel that he looks smaller than 5'7" when he fought Kareem Abdul Jabar. I mean, I know Kareem was huge, but he looks almost two feet taller than him. Anyone else notice this? The battle starts at 2:17 in this video:
Click Here
RisingForce said on 18/Apr/14
Rob, it might be good to mention Bruce's 5'7.5", 140 pound claim at the top of the page from the radio interview posted below in case youtube takes it down in the future.
Inches said on 1/Apr/14
Bruce was a very well proportioned man. A strong 5-7 is my guess. He looks it!
77Stan said on 3/Nov/13
I read it on a magazine that Bruce was 176cm. Sammo hung is 172cm according to the cyclopaedia. Before I went to college, the physical examination told me that I was 176cm. Later, I went to college and did a physical examination again. My stature became 174cm. These years, all the physical examinations told me that I was 177.5cm. But a woman said I looked 170cm, much shorter than 1-179 guy. So, our stature changes.
Anthony Waller said on 2/Nov/13
Yes, bruec lee was about 5ft7, countless people who knew bruce lee confirm it so that outweighs any rare and occasion 5feet6 predictions.
He is clearly taller than Sammo in ETD by 1.5 inches at the very least. So Bruce doesnt need to be under scrutiny. Find out how tall Sammo was in 1973 and whatever he is, add and inch or so for bruce lee.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/13
His son Brandon said he was 5ft7 when an ignorant interviewer asked "your father was what...5"4,5"5?"
Richard Pawlaski said on 20/Oct/13
Bruce is at least an inch taller than Sammo hung in the opening scene of ETD, but even 2 inches taller.

So people want him to be shorter than he is for some reason. To say he is 5ft 6 is just being mean, he was a giant of a man if not physically height wise.
He was 5ft7 at least.
Marcell T said on 10/Oct/13
A solid 5'6 to 5'7. I know he was mentioned at 5'7' 1/2, but who's measurement is that? Personal measurements are notorious for being inaccurate. When they stand side to side, he looks the same height as bolo young, who is 5'6, and sammo hung who is 5'6. By looking about the same height means, 5'6 1/2 to 5'7 1/2 MAX. I guess you could say 5'7, but a strong 5'6 is not out of the question.
Robby D said on 30/Sep/13
Powerhouse. Not necessarily odd. I am over 4 inches taller than my Dad and he was 7 inches shorter than his Father. My Brother-in-law was 6'4" and yet the first of his three sons only reached 5'8" his other two sons got to be 6'3" and 6'2" respectively. It goes that way sometimes.
Powerhouse said on 27/Sep/13
His son Brandon Lee said Bruce was 5'7 in a interview. Kind of odd that his son was over 4 inches taller than himself.
leonari said on 23/Sep/13
Those saying 5''8 need to go to some eye doctor. His frame screams 5'7" on a good day.
Robby D said on 18/Sep/13
Brad. His early 5'8" claim was ridiculous, his later 5'7.5" claim equally so, 5'7" would be unlikely, 5'6.5" possible, my guess for him would be 5'6" flat, he was the same height as Bolo.
Brad said on 16/Sep/13
5' 6.5". Gene was blown off by Bruce.Bruce trained himself and set up the fights himself. He got jacked by Fox and made up the 5' 4" listing.
IR said on 14/Sep/13
Bruce was 5' 7" flat, like me!
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
Whether he was 5'7 or 5'8 it's amazing how he was under 140 pounds in weight but still looked very well proportioned. Muscle does weigh up more than fat on the body and he was around 136 lbs in his prime and had a great rip to his muscle. I would rather weigh less and be ripped muscle wise than heavier and carry fat. I'd say he was 5'8, he did look it.
Oliver said on 17/Aug/13
5'6-ish , maybe 5'7
Dayo said on 9/Aug/13
I can see him being 5'8'' even though he has Chinese genetics and was born in 1940. Isn't he like 1/4 Caucasian?
Dr JJ said on 21/Jul/13
Highly unlikely he was as much as 5' 8". That would have been significantly taller than the average in Kowloon for those born in the late 1930s early 1940s. I can't see anything above 5' 6" although 5' 5" is my estimate.
liz said on 16/Jul/13
Gene LeBell said he was 5'4". Gene trained bruce so he would know. Why does it matter anyway? It doesn't. People are obsessed with height. It all stems from insecurity,ignorance or both. "If I'm taller then him I'm better" = human simple minded ignorance.
Chinna said on 9/Jul/13
Exlent hight and weight super finess body
hazaratajik said on 28/Jun/13
5'6 is more like it . 5'7 is his stage height
Always said on 2/Jun/13
I am 173cm, but people think I look like 175-177 or something. I don't get it, but it could be because I am a bit too skinny :P. I workout almost everyday now, and I've done so in a year now. I weigh 65 kilos, but the BMI says it's in the normal weight range, so I'm good :). How much did Bruce weigh with that height then? Btw, I'm almost in the same situation as Pothead. I told my friends, I am 173, and they were like "no, I don't believe it". I got a bit angry, because that IS my height. I am 173!! I measured it correctly like 6 times to be sure, and I got 173 to 173.2 every time. They are either joking or idk.

I think Bruce was very small. But what I have heard is that, when you make crunches, your spinal cords are being pressured against each other, and when that happens you get smaller!! No ****, because it happened to me, when I did like 80 crunches. Very difficult :(. And then my back hurt, but after I measured my height, I lost about 1cm maybe..
Pothead said on 29/Apr/13
Ok. I am 5'6.25" barefoot. 90% of people think I am either 5"7 or 5"8 when they guess my height.
Robby D said on 8/Apr/13
Marcus. I doubt he was as short as 5'5" however, I did see his height listed in a magazine as 1.67m which is about 5'5.75". I wondered at the time if the 1.67m was confused as 67" hence the 5'7" claims. Bolo is listed as 5'6" and when photographed with Lee, they look exactly the same height. Bolo is certainly not an inch and a half shorter which would be the case if Lee's 5'7.5" claim was true.
Marcus said on 24/Mar/13
Bruce Lee is towered over by his co-star Van Williams, in the "Green Hornet" television series. Williams was listed at 6'0" back in the 1960's, when the show aired. Based solely on their appearances together on this series, Lee appears to be approximately 5'5".
marc said on 16/Mar/13
in a documentaty about his life it said he stood at 5ft7 and a half
Robby D said on 1/Feb/13
Above there is a quote from Robert Lee saying that he (Robert) is 5'7" and that Bruce was an inch taller at 5'8". Then "Superbeauty" says on 22/Oct/12 as per Robert Lee, that "Bruce was between 5'6" and 5'7" or let's put it this way, he wasn't 5'7"! Bruce had a tendency to say he was taller than he was and 5'6" sounds better than 5'8". So that is two alleged statements from Robert Lee, one completely contradiciting the other. I would go along with the second statement which has also been endorsed by Bruce's wife Linda.
Sbu said on 11/Jan/13
There is a telephone interview of Lee on Youtube, from about 1973 I think, the interviewer asks Lee hs height, Lee says "five seven and a half". I guess it is quite common for people to round up half inches so he may have been listed as 5'8", also he injured his back in his 20's so could have lost a half inch but I think that as he himself said 5'7.5" he was. Lee seemed like a very intelligent man and not one to lie about his height. Also he looked about this height.
gaz said on 9/Jan/13
He was not 5'8 he claimed in an american radio imterview that he was 5'7.5 when he was asked his height and weight.
Peyman-6ft said on 9/Jan/13
bruce wasn't under 5ft7in
I bet
but somebody tell me which one is more worthwhile to be proud of?
6'4'' or one inch punch?!
RyanM said on 7/Jan/13
No way he was 5'8. You can see that he was very similar to another actor in ETD, Bolo Yung, who is confirmed 5'6. Realistically, Bruce was between 5'6 1/2 and 5'7 1/2.
Anonamous said on 17/Dec/12
When I was 11 or 12 years old I always thought he was 5'10" tall he ,wasnt much of a short guy
Daniel Craig said on 9/Nov/12
Bruce lee was a a short guy. 5FEET 7INCHES he looked to me. Do not know why some people continually say he is 5feet 6.5 every once in a while?
What problem have they got with him being 5feet 7.5 inches which is what he was, who some rounded down to 5ft7. He may have stood 5ft6ish at some point in his life but most of his life was taller, so why mention his shortest ever height?
No reason at all, just as i thought.
Rick Occonnell said on 31/Oct/12
Nah he wasnt 5ft6. People wouldnt exagerate his incredibly long reach, and if he was 5ft6ish with an incredibly long reach he would look like a monkey or orangutan.

Bruce lees peers mostly mention him as 5ft7 and thats nothing to do with what bruce lee says. When bruce lee is standing next to tall people like coburn, wall, lewis he dont look like 5ft6.
Superbeauty said on 22/Oct/12
Per Robert Lee; "Bruce was between 5'6 and 5'7 or let's put it this way, he wasnt 5'7!" Bruce had a tendency saying he was taller than he was. 5'8 sounds better than 5'6!
Brad said on 10/Oct/12
Jim Kelly told me 5' 7". I'd go with a 5' 6.5".
Brad said on 5/Oct/12
I should ask his photographer from Enter The Dragon sunday, maybe his wife if she appears, Wall-Saxon-Kelly are.
gaz said on 25/Sep/12
He definitely was not over 5'7.5. In an interview that is on youtube with Bruce he was asked his height and weight and claimed 5'7.5 135 lb. So around 5'7 - 5'7.5
GG said on 23/Sep/12
Bruce had legs that are different in lengths which explains why he can vary in height.
Alan said on 11/Sep/12
nothinbutninja, Bruce lee was nothing like YOU but a human not -god- as you wrote..., But he has done what he knew.,.,!
kevin said on 8/Sep/12
Bruce was definitely 172cm at his peak. Here is Bruce with Chuck Norris who is wearing what appears to be dress shoes with 1 inch heels, and Bruce wearing .5inch flats, and looking just an inch shorter. I'd say Chuck was close to 5'8.5" and with those shoes he would be 5'9.5", which would make Bruce close to 5'8"

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Edward Todd said on 28/Aug/12
Ive no doubt to some think he looked 5ft6ish. But the guy was rather long in the limbs. Look at his neck, his arms etc. If Sammo hung can pass himself off as 5ft7, and bruce looks 2 inches taller dont be harsh on bruce lee.

If Bruce lee stood up straight trying to make himself as long as he can be, which is how you measure your height he is a 5ft7ish guy in anyones book.
dante said on 27/Aug/12
probably a smidgeon under 5'7. I'd say 5'6 3/4
Edward Todd said on 20/Aug/12
Bruce Lee was 5ft 7 give or take really. Some have said he is 5ft6ish, maybe because they thought that is what he looked like and its hard to approxiamte anyones height from just meeting someone. YOu can make a rough estimate that is all.

For instance i can meet a genuine 6footer, but he may look 5ft 11 to me. Thats just the way it is. So you will hear stories of people thinking he is 5ft6 or so, genuine mistakes i would say.
Peyman said on 17/Aug/12
Mike Tyson is really great but he is nobody in comparison with Bruce Lee.
now back to his height : I think 5ft 7.5in is totally a true listing ,but yeah sometimes he could apear shorter but whats the difference he was Bruce Lee.
indeed a true legend !!!
jimjo said on 29/Jul/12
I am 5'7'', very fit, and weigh 132 lbs. I can see him being 128.
Mr. Kaplan said on 21/Jan/12
He weight was recorded at 128 at the time of his death.

5'7" at 128 pounds? Are you kidding? Have you seen his muscle mass?
ernie said on 17/Jan/12
Look on the polish website you see article about television mailbox and his height ist 167 :D maybe its true.
Click Here
Robby D. said on 16/Jan/12
ernie. You raise a valid point. I would not say Bolo is taller than Bruce but in the photos I have seen of them together there is little if any difference in their heights.
ernie said on 14/Jan/12
Bruce ist 5'6" max +- 167 cm
Click Here
Yip Man is 5'4"
Click Here
Or look on the movie Enter The Dragon, Bolo is 168 5'6" and he is taller than bruce.
burby said on 4/Jan/12
The Kung Fu is strong with Kung Fu. I'd go weak 5'7" MAX.
yannis_baby said on 28/Dec/11
Mike Tyson has beaten many opponents bigger than it IS more than just muscle and weight. Another case in point is watch Cassius Clay/Ali, 206 lbs, fight against Sonny Liston, 218 lbs in 1964 and then Ali, 216 lbs, against George Foreman, 220 lbs, you will see that a much faster skilled fighter can actually run rings around a bigger stronger opponent. Maybe the question asked should be, who would win in a fight between a Bruce Lee weighing 200 lbs against a Bruce Lee weighing 150 lbs? I think endurance is a big factor, it takes more energy to move more weight consistently, ask any boxer who goes up in weight, or any fighter who does...even any athlete. Remember BL had a punching bag that weighed 400 lbs, and he could consistently kick it to the ceiling with his devastaing side kick, that has been witnessed, not in the movies.
frank james BS said on 26/Dec/11
you do realise that bruce lee was not just a "movie fighter" he is considered the greatest martial artist of all time. he had many street fights and won them all sometimes with several opponents. true, that mike tyson is superior in muscle and size but lee can out smart him he technique is flawless. you really think a boxer could stand with a ufc fighter think again my friend boxers use hands. bruce could use and limb he wantes. just to add legs are longer than arms so tyson wouldnt even get close enough to him. do you rteally think mike tyson can defent against a kick to the knee when he cant even reach him. SERIOUSLY REASEARCH A LITTLE INTO MARTIAL ARTS AND LEARN SOMETHING DONT JUST BET ON A GUY BECAUSE HE IS BIGGER.
Robby D. said on 19/Dec/11
I think "Kung Fu" has it right for Bruce Lee, 5'6.5" to 5'7" maximum. Probably 5'7" straight out of bed.
Lee said on 30/Nov/11
5'7.5 to 5'8 doesnt make a difference because half an inch isnt noticable because its a small fraction if you were 5'10.5 and stood next to a 5'11 person you would look exact
Kung fu said on 23/Nov/11
Bruce is 5'6.5'' to 5'7'' maximum and chuck Norris is 5'8'' to 5'8.5'' maximum.
Robby D. said on 5/Oct/11
I would go for 5'7" for Bruce and 5'8.5" for Chuck. Anything over those heights would be very optimistic in my opinion.
mk said on 4/Oct/11
Bruce was 5f.7 and chuck is 5f.10.
anon said on 3/Oct/11
awe geez, another "how good was bruce" thread. haven't been in one of these in a while, but i've seen and heard it all, believe me lol. first, let me say bruce is one of my idols, what he did was way ahead of his time and did the asian man proud. no camera tricks or fancy wire, the man is still entertaining to watch today and inhumanly quick even compared with today's fancy film ramping and wire tricks.

anyways, this is what it boils down to for me - he was undoubtedly good. he was undoubtedly knowledgable, wise, skilled and very innovative in martial-arts. BUT... he didn't practice fighting enough. he certainly trained hard and sparred, but if you count even all his street fights as a young inexperienced tough and later tussles with film set extras and whatnot, you can hardly count any of them as world-class fighters. and to be good at ANYTHING, whether it be art, music, fighting or any other sports, requires much actual practice of your craft, including losing - losing is what teaches and makes winners.

bruce had an iconic image to protect, and i don't blame him for not fighting much, i woulda done the same if i were him. did that make him an invincible fighter? certainly not. did that make him a poor fighter? certainly not either. i just hate it when people exaggerate it either way - that he was so good, or so crappy.

as for his height, was probably closer to 5-8 when younger, but he became overly stressed, malnourished and dehydrated closer to his death, trained with diuretics and whatnot, so i say could have been closer to 5-7 upon his death.
Phillip Box said on 23/Sep/11
Bruce Lee is a real.dragon warrior. He is very good at kung fu and he trained well when he was 18 years old.
Rico said on 23/Sep/11
I see some of you guys bashing on Vinn..
But the things you guys are bashing him about was actually just Vinn quoting GBot, which read, "GBot says on 19/Jul/11
Mike Tyson in his prime wouldda kicked the **** out of Bruce Lee without a problem. Forget all the mystical kung fu powers and one inch punches and all that crap. That stuff takes meditation and time, if it works at all. Put them in the ring and let 'em have at it as they will. I'd be surprised if Bruce Lee even made it out alive. Dude was just a movie star."

His actual comment was after wards, which read, "Dream on, tyson is strong but bruce lee is alot faster than mike tyson and im damn sure bruce lee would beat mike tyson... 100%" (Slight grammar fix)

I think some of you guys owe him an apology..
As for the topic, it makes me sick to my stomach whenever someone discredit Mr. Lee's achievements based on the perceived stereo types of Chinese Martial arts (or Asian MA in general). What Mr. Lee brought forth was anything but useless, in fact, he advocated to remove any unnecessary elements in traditional martial arts and only keep what is useful. How much more practical do you want to be? He was simply a man ahead of his time, a visionary, if you would. Please be reminded that before an actor Mr. Lee is a martial artist, it just so happens that in reality a martial artist isn't exactly the best paying job. He fought with no rules, unlike the more conventional sports like boxing or MMA.

Hopefully people can do some research before speaking. Wishful thinking, I know.
Vinn said on 18/Sep/11
man you people have no idea what you people talking about you people think only that strength is everything mike tyson has only strength but he is stupid he is so big boned but still he got beat up by a man that was out of boxing we all know george foreman... so stop the crap mate... and bruce lee has speed and im damn sure he can hit him on some places and even chuck norris told that bruce lee could fight better than him so what is mike tyson than? chuck norris is 7 times champion of every sport and if u dont belive me than search it
Gerald. said on 16/Sep/11
Everyone of Lees time say Lee was the toughest man in the world. When they say toughest they dont mean he had the hardest chin and could take the most punishment, they mean he was the TOUGHEST man in the man to beat. Because of his superior skills and ability, not to mention being a fighting genius.

Back to his height. 5feet 7 inches at least in his prime, but most likely a little taller.
Shaun said on 6/Sep/11
Vin. Most of the hardest guys and most successful fighters and athletes in the world say that Lee was second to nobody. Whether its Gene Lebell or Sugar Ray Leonard they all they that Lee was the most superior fighter, mentally and physically in history and could destroy anybody or any size of any discipline. Tyson is little more than a super thug. Lee was way quicker and mentally far superior.
Shaun said on 6/Sep/11
Very interesting watch Jackie Chan's interview Click Here

6:36 and right at the end. Bruce Lee wore bell bottom jeans and high heels. Maybe he was more height conscious than we think. Chan says Lee wore high heels and appears to describe them as you would those of a woman.
leonari said on 6/Sep/11
Vinn: Man you have no clue about martial arts or boxing. Your post is crap. There I said it. Bruce Lee was not only a "moviestar". Stallone is only a moviestar. Vin Diesel. Bruce lee was genius and probably one of the fastest guys ever. He invented A whole new martial arts philosophy and technique .Tyson would not be able to keep up with this kind of speed. He wouldn't catch Bruce. Stop posting nonsense here. Aight!?
GUY said on 5/Sep/11
I think Rob has it right here. Bruce did round up sometimes to 5'8" but was probably really 5'7.5". Bruce never looked especially short on screen even in the American feature Enter the Dragon. Bob Wall is a good 6'1" min and Bruce held his own against him. Bruce also looked about the same height as Chuck Norris in Return of the Dragon. Norris was 1 inch taller max. Not much difference.
Guacho said on 19/Aug/11
5'6 is probably closer to reality. He listed himself at 5'7 1/2 , so 5'8 is out of the queston.
Vinn said on 12/Aug/11
GBot says on 19/Jul/11
Mike Tyson in his prime wouldda kicked the **** out of Bruce Lee without a problem. Forget all the mystical kung fu powers and one inch punches and all that crap. That stuff takes meditation and time, if it works at all. Put them in the ring and let 'em have at it as they will. I'd be surprised if Bruce Lee even made it out alive. Dude was just a movie star.

Dream on tyson is strong but bruce lee is alot faster than mike tyson and im damn sure bruce lee would beat mike tyson... 100%
xxxx said on 8/Aug/11
nija is obviously challenged if at all can even dream lee would have beaten Tyson. Keep dreaming forrest
ajuba said on 4/Aug/11
brucelee can beet any 6 footer with his physique.This shows height doesnot matter.For a man it is his stature that leaves a mark.
nothinbutninja said on 2/Aug/11
nothing about height, GBot, you happen to be as dumb as the other 90% of this world, mike tyson was an ear biting boxer, not also did bruce lee also box, but his feet were faster than anyone in the world, and you also said "in his prime" lets not forget that if bruce was still alive we would have been in his prime practically his whole life, so maybe if mike tyson was even close to beating him during his less than 20 year prime, bruce could have came back at anytime. you also say he was just a movie star after all.... the only reason he was a movie star is after years of learning the discipline of martial arts and being asked by ed parker to do a demonstration at his karate championship in long beach did he find his way to fighting in front of a camera. bruce lee just happens to be god, no doubt.
Robby D. said on 28/Jul/11
TruebloodFan - I did not think Bruce Lee did look particularly tall for a Chinese guy and don't forget the average heights were alot less then than they are now so I am sure if he had been 5'8" as his brother claimed, which was about the average height for a European male back then, he would have towered over the others. I thought Jackie Chan looked taller than the average chinese guy but I felt even he had his height exaggerated. I would have gone along with 5'9" for Chan but I think he claimed 5'10.5".
TruebloodFan said on 27/Jul/11
how tall is the average Chinese man? Lee looked tallish for a Chinese guy. However I'm sure Jackie Chan was tall at peak, like 5ft9...
Phil said on 24/Jul/11
Rob, I know Bruce Lee is 5 foot 7, but how tall is Tony Jaa?
Robby D. said on 20/Jul/11
Come on, GBot, this is a height site, not a "who can beat up who" site. My only issue against Bruce Lee is that I think he lied about his height, I doubt if he was an iota over 5'7" on a good day, however, let us take nothing away from his ability. He was probably the greatest Martial Arts fighter of all time and I would never bet against him if he were fighting, Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali. Just my opinon though.
GBot said on 19/Jul/11
Mike Tyson in his prime wouldda kicked the **** out of Bruce Lee without a problem. Forget all the mystical kung fu powers and one inch punches and all that crap. That stuff takes meditation and time, if it works at all. Put them in the ring and let 'em have at it as they will. I'd be surprised if Bruce Lee even made it out alive. Dude was just a movie star.
Kwon138 said on 17/Jul/11
The comment made from Bruce lee brother Robert is correct 5ft8".
Robby D. said on 17/Jul/11
I have just read on the internet that Bruce Lee had one leg an inch shorter than the other. Now if this is correct then that may have settled the arguement on his height. Let's say he was 5'7.5" putting his weight on his longer leg with his shorter leg raised an inch off the ground and 5'6.5" putting his weight on his shorter leg. Problem solved.
Robby D. said on 30/Jun/11
MigMig. Are you serious? One foot 2cm smaller than the other?
MigMig said on 29/Jun/11
I heard that one of his feet was 2cm smaller than the other one. I can't find the source however.
JKD FAN said on 28/Jun/11
Lee was 5'7-5'8 hands down the greatest and strongest man who ever lived not to be messed with at all
Rikashiku said on 28/Jun/11
"License is not an official measurement. Anyone can put down anything as long as it's not totally skewing the fact."

-You're right. I noticed that after a while when i saw other peoples licenses. But his wasn't a Drivers license and they do measure you for a Martial Artist license. I've got one, 184cm :D.
josh said on 21/Jun/11
People please! Let's end it Bruce was 5'7 1/2 and 140. He stated this in his wons words in the Alex Ben Block intereview, check youtube enough said final verdict. End conversation.
Robby D. said on 17/Jun/11
If Chuck Norris is only 5'8.5" as listed on here, then I don't see how Bruce Lee could have been 5'7.5" as Norris definately had more than an inch height advantage over him. On the other hand Bolo is listed as 5'6" yet there was nowhere near 1.5" difference between him and Bruce. Based on that, I would say Bruce was 5'7" maximum, perhaps slightly less.
Lesterstorm said on 1/Jun/11
He looks around 5'6to me. I can believe 5'7 too, but not 5'8.
Rebound said on 28/May/11
I think a comparison of Chuck and Bruce, at the link below make it pretty clear Bruce was nowhere near 5'8. He was probably between 5'6 and 5'7.
cheng said on 24/May/11
i thinks,he's 5ft8 when i saw him in hongkong.
mike said on 24/May/11

License is not an official measurement. Anyone can put down anything as long as it's not totally skewing the fact.
Chadillac said on 29/Apr/11
Chuck is most likely 5'9, Bruce was most likely 5'7.5. People who say Bruce was 5'6 are just off. Look at Jose Aldo in the cage, Bruce was no shorter than him.
Observant said on 26/Mar/11
Using the same "deductive tenable logic" as most of the posters here, I 100% know that bruce lee was 5ft 2" when he was in the horse stance preparing to kick chuck norris in way of the dragon. This is complete and utter fact... :-/
Rikashiku said on 18/Mar/11
At a Martial Arts supply shop, i saw a copy of Lee's License. 171cm tall and 145lbs.
jordan said on 16/Mar/11
Id say 5'6 1/2 to 5'7 1/2. No less than 5'6 1/2, and taller than 5'7 1/2. 5'8 is unlikely given his own estimate of 5'7 1/2
keith said on 1/Mar/11
5 foot 8.5 to 5 foot 9
keith said on 1/Mar/11
5 foot 8.5
P Savage said on 28/Feb/11
I saw a youtube vid with Bruce next to Bolo and bruce lee was taller by an inch and a bit it looked like.
I dont think bruce has ever looked as short as Inosanto. Bruce was very thin and if he was 5ft6 as well his body weight would be like 120lbs or so.
Safe to say bruce was 5ft7ish.
Solid said on 24/Feb/11
That fat dude is bolo, and he is recorded at 5'6. In behind the scene photo's of enter the dragon he looks the about same height as bolo. There are also a few photos of inosanto with him and they are the same height. In the ones you are referring too im guessing he wasn't standing at full attention like bruce. Though I do believe bruce to be 5'7, there is plenty of evidence that he could be 5'6.
hammerfilmfan said on 20/Feb/11
Bruce Lee is no 5ft6ish guy, dont play that game with me. Whenever he is next to so called 5ft6 guys like Dan Inosanto he looks visibly taller. And when i say visibly taller im not saying one inch, two inches or so taller. Just unmistakably taller, so that is evidence you can just rule that out.
And watching the opening scene of ETD, bruce lee is even taller than the fat guy who supposed to be 5ft7.
So whatever way you look at it, bruce lee is 5ft7 at least.
me said on 12/Feb/11

Totally agree. Chuck is 5.7. That makes Bruce pretty short.
Solid said on 7/Feb/11
If chuck is 5'10 I'd say bruce is 5'8. However I don't think that is the case. Therefore his height is probably closer to 5'7. He has photo's with inosanto that make him only seem about a half inch taller at the most, and he is 5'6. I have no problem with bruce being 5'8, but then chuck would have to be 5'10 which he is not.
Cliff richard said on 7/Feb/11
solid, and bruce looks at least 5ft7. So why you trying to make out he is 5ft6. It is important that bruce lee is seen as small to you. Tell us your problems and the reasons behind your behaviour and actions towards Bruce lee.

You said Bruce in that picture must be 5ft6? Why? Why cant Norris be 5ft10 and bruce 5ft7.5 in that pic? Because even in that pic Bruce dont look 3 inches shorter than Norris. Look at the eye line. 2 inches maybe.
Solid said on 5/Feb/11
Lewis says he was five foot seven.
Salvo said on 5/Feb/11
Bruce was taller than Pac Mr Solid. He dont look like a dwarf next to Joe Lewis. He looks 4 inches shorter maybe when handing him his trophy.
Solid said on 2/Feb/11
It looks pretty apparent that chuck is a solid 2 inches taller then bruce. I'd say he was 5'6 1/2 same as manny with a different frame. I'd give him 5'7 1/2 in shoes. Also if you notice how they are standing. They all are slouching besides bruce.
Cliff richard said on 2/Feb/11
That picture that Solid linked does look weird. Ive never seen Norris look so tall. He is nearly the same height as Bob Wall. So all that proves is Norris is taller than 5ft9 in that pic more than anything.
Bruce lee dont look much smaller than Bob Wall who has shoes on. Norris has never been 3 inches taller than Bruce lee. If you are 3 inches taller than someone it looks so apparent.
Mark Ibbotson said on 1/Feb/11
Bruce lee is only a couple of inches shorter than Chuck Norris at most. In WOTD the directors said they look too similar in size so they asked Norris to put weight on.

Do you know how tall Bob Wall is, and Bruce lee dont look that much smaller than BoB Wall in that picture.
Bruce Lee is about the same height as Roberto Duran at about 5ft7.5. Taller than Manny Pacquioa.
Solid said on 30/Jan/11
Click Here

Giving chuck a lucky 5'9 id say bruce is closer 5'6
me said on 29/Jan/11

Probably not Mexico. In south america, like peru, avg height per male is 5.3. Mexicans are taller at around 5.6 because of the mixed spanish blood. Brazil is taller too.
daniel p, said on 23/Jan/11
not true for me

he is/was a SOLID 5-7
EdgarHernandez said on 23/Jan/11
To me, is no quite true, lets say this: nearly all the people in the north of Mexico, i mean, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, nuevo leon, Sinaloa, etc... is well over that mark, i am 5ft 11 and i dont feel so special at all regarding my height, i am happy with my height. But the suth Mexicans are 5ft 6 or a little less, there are exeptions in the suth, but belive me, the height in Mexico is not, as low as 5ft 3, and second, even phisicaly the north and suth Mexicans are very diferent, the suth thend to be more mesomorphing looking while the north are very ectomorphing looking(the classic build here in chihuahua is tall skinny and long leged).
me said on 7/Jan/11
Click Here
me said on 7/Jan/11
The avg height of a mexican male is 5.3.
MD said on 5/Jan/11
@ me

It hasn't. That's not an opinion, it's a fact.
Duhon said on 4/Jan/11
If indeed the average height of americans has decreased its due to substantial increase in mexican immigration. The average white and black male in the US has a height of 5'10", the average mexican male in the us is 5'7"
me said on 4/Jan/11

Actually the avg height of Americans are shorter today from what I've read.
MD said on 2/Jan/11
You obviously aren't understanding me. You made the silly comment that he would have been short at the time, when the fact is that he'd be even shorter today, as Americans are taller than they ever been. If you don't get what I'm saying, I don't know what else to say.
me said on 1/Jan/11

In the 70's, Americans were among the tallest. I think the Dutch as the tallest population right now. I think it has something to do with having more processed food in the diet. Kid nowadays eat chips and soda for lunch. The dutch has a more healthy diet.
MD said on 31/Dec/10
What are you talking about? American's have shrank, they just haven't grown. We're as tall as we've ever been. If anything, Lee would have been slightly closer to average than now.
me said on 31/Dec/10
He was probably short at the time. Remember in the 70's the people in America were among the tallest in the world. 5.7 is short when everyone else is 5.11 and over.
Brad said on 18/Nov/10
Probably lost a 1/2" in 6 years by Enter The Dragon, his back was wrecked in '71.
Prithivi said on 13/Nov/10
Bruce looked realy small in 'enter the dragon'. I think his actual height is 5.6"
j josh says said on 28/Jun/09
i appreciate what you said and its true but what you are telling me is something i already knew i like to hear facts that i didnt know. He did adapt to each situation and also applied philosophy to the martial arts people say that he wasnt a traditionalist and part of him wasnt but adding philosophy to his art is nothing new the chinese have been doing before him hundreds of years so part of bruce is traditional he just wasnt bound by it and that is what people dont understand . the base for jun fan jeet kune do is wing chun basically it is more than a modified wing chun of jun fan gung fu at the time it is a broken rythm wing chun that involves boxing,taekwondo,fencing grappling,eskrima,karate,choy li fat,kickboxing,and being able to react as you wish in real life situations it was not meant to be a style , rather bruces own way to express himself through martial art jeet kune do was a name not a name for a style but for bruce expressing the martial arts, so now it has become a style today as a fixed martial art which was never intended to happen. so people who study jeet kune do think that they have to follow exactly what the are shown and dont even realize that you can learn concepts and then be free to use them how ever they want and not programed to, and that is what jeet kune do is all about finding yourself and not being restricted by what was taught to you, the true essence not to learning jkd because you cant learn jkd, but to fully understanding jkd is gone because only bruce really understood his expression better thsn anyone else and thats why martial artist should look at finding their own expressions to martial arts and not bruces only his concepts!
Josh.J said on 26/Jun/09
The reason bruce lee is still the best is because he had the balance of being both a scholar and a warrior. he worked so hard in applicating the theories and philosophies into real techniques. and the fact that he analyzed many martial arts and knew their advantages and disadvantages meant he could adapt to any opponent with great tactical versatility. he was a true martial artist in body and mind.
josh said on 21/Jun/09
the fact is bruce is still the best fighter till this day not becuase of his hype and his movies, please do research watch every bit of footage out there and you will see the timing,reflexes,flexibility,power,strength,speed is better than any martial artist or fighter compared to even today. if you watch tommy caruthers he is the only martial artist comparable today to bruce and even he isnt as fast as bruce , he demonstrates his speed with all his might while bruce's speed in compared on a video shows bruce at the same speed but very relaxed not moving too fast so the camera can capture what he was doing. bruce from 72-73 started loosing weight if you noticed his photos in the early 70's he has a little double chin and around 72-73 it was gone with the rest of his weight. the shortest bruce got when he shrunk was 57-1/2 to 5,7 5-6/12 no way! And the part about him taking steroids there wasnt any thing wrong because at the time steroids were perfectly legal and were like suppliments so why do many people judge him for that he was only experimenting with his body to become the best! how many martial artist today workout 6-7 days week and run 6 miles a day ,throw 2,000 punches and kicks, electro shock machine, isometrics, weight lifting, stretching, these are facts that all add up to the greatest not the movies, he didnt throw high kicks in real time fighting e threw low kicks and moved in for the kill asap ending it quickly, come on wall ,norris ,or any of these guys can defend themselves becase bruce is not here but did they study martial arts as a science like bruce no! And BTW mr crosby bruce was a martial artist first then an actor watch some of his hk tv and longbeach footage you will be shocked how fast and powerful he was! remeber in the 60's there were too many rules and regulations involeved in tournaments and they were non contact, bruce sparred with people full contact and no rules real fighting so how is he not a real fighter? and linda always covers up for bruce i know that look at here interviews there so phony only half truths just like she wouldnt admit the affair bruce had with betty ting pei! speaking of pei she really knows what happened to bruce as well as raymond chow, bruce all of a sudden getting sick and raymond always there betty comes all of asudden into bruces life?
Austin Powers said on 20/Jun/09
People are intelligent enough to have sent men to the moon, so guys like Davis Miller and Tom Bleeker wont be able to pull the wool over peoples eyes and fool people.
They think Lee is too iconic and legendary so have to tell lies to bring Bruce down a peg or 2.
Davis Miller says lets look at the evidence we have to conclude how good a fighter bruce was. But then so obviously biasly goes about picking and choosing the evidence they want to use.
Conveniently leaving out important little stuff like everyone meeting bruce thinking he was the best fighter who ever lived. Davis Miller dont mention the little fact that Bruce easily handled guys like Bob Wall in serious sparring sessions. As well as all the other karate Gods of that era. Kind of thinking it might not be an important issue when trying to assess how great bruce was as a fighter. Or the fact that bruce said he could beat anyone in the world, and noone diagreeing with him. Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris, BOb Wall, Gene Lebel werent to vocal if they disagreed. Very mouse like quiet in fact.
Chuck Norris went on HKTV and told the audience bruce was the best fighter he'd seen. Little details like this you would think relevant. But obviously not to guys like Davis Miller and Tom Bleeker. Jealous guys indeed with an agenda clearly.
Bruce was 5ft 7.5 btw. Not 5ft6.5 at all.
Cindy Crosby said on 19/Jun/09
I'm no Bruce Lee expert. I'll be the first to tell you Bruce was not a fighter (in the tournament sense), but had unbelievable fighting skills. I'll also tell you he was driven by fame and fortune more than martial-arts. That said, still his contributions to asian culture, martial-arts and martial-arts film were immeasurable despite whatever his personal agenda was.

All I'm saying is to watch what you hear. There's a lot of truth to Bleecker and Miller, but there's also a lot of twisted facts they fabricate for their own gain, at the expense of Bruce. They're in the business of selling books, and just like tabloids, more "dirt" equals more dollars. And anytime you hear even one ounce of lies, you've got to question the source entirely.

Just like how I take Linda Lee and John Little with a grain of salt as well. They obviously have every bit to gain in preserving the Bruce Lee myth. Watch what you hear, especially with regards to Bruce Lee. That's all I'm saying.

About his height - he was probably 5'6.5" on his worse day in the evening and 5'8" in the morning on his best day. Depended on his health and fitness level. Daytime height, I'd put him 5'7.5" peak, 5'7" 1970-72.
josh said on 19/Jun/09
dragon the bruce lee story ha ha ha 80% of that film is fiction why even bring that into the topic ? I think you listened to bleeker after the fact. And you probably think that george tan is a fake as well, george is about getting to the truth you want to wath his biography or interviews go for it. And people say that bruce never drank b s maybe not in the 60's but in the 70's he had a few.
Cindy Crosby said on 19/Jun/09
Yes, I've watched the interview.
Click Here

But I'm a fan of the truth.

There's a few things that are shaky in Bleecker's case. First off, everything he's said about Bruce on anabolic steroids is pure conjecture. Not 1% solid proof. He basically hypothesized Bruce was on roids, and it was one of the primary causes he attributed to his death. Bleecker took them himself, theorizing that experiencing the same effects like roid rage he experienced himself implied Bruce took them also. His book was written over 20 years after Bruce's death, much of the facts had changed including the facts on steroids.

Keep in mind the biography in question is written by Linda Lee's estranged second husband Tom Bleecker. Their marriage did not end well. Linda was remarried to Tom Bleecker in 1988 but they divorced in 1990 before she remarried stock-broker Bruce Cadwell in 1991. Bleecker had lots of access to Bruce's private info during their marriage, exploiting it in writing the 'Unsettled Matters' book published in 1996. Linda attempted to stop its publication, but was unsuccessful. There was a time Bleecker was kicked out of JKD and went back to Kempo Karate. A lot of the information actually comes from a lot of the other Bruce Lee biographies and then Bleecker merely skews it negatively to his favor. This book is very pro Kempo and anti Bruce Lee. It seems to come more from a guy that is still jealous to this day of what Bruce has accomplished and he didn't. He disguises it with sprinkles of praise for Bruce, but the bias is clearly there. He embellishes where he chooses, so take this read with a grain of salt. You can tell Bleecker had much disdain for his "friend" and "teacher. It's an interesting read, but I would read other biographies on Bruce as well before making any final opinion on him.

In the end, guys like Bleecker and Miller are deeply biased and have an agenda. Don't be fooled by their guises in selling you the "truth". They wear very deceitful masks. At the same time, don't believe all the drooling fanboys who say Bruce was invincible and who actually believed 'Dragon the Bruce Lee story' was truth and all that. Bruce was only human no doubt. And humans aren't perfect, make mistakes. The truth is somewhere out there in between all the madness. Use your own judgement and don't take any of the info out there as dogma until you verify it yourself.
Cindy Crosby said on 18/Jun/09
Dylan, your and Jay's assessment seem most correct. 5'6.5" evening height but 5'7" morning height when he died. I do buy your dehydration theory, Bruce went to great extremes for the ripped look. Amazing how he achieved that way back in the 70's without all the fat burning supplements of today. In his prime (mid 1960's) he was 5'7.5" evening / 5'8" morning. He weighed around 145-150 at that point too. He was shorter than, but not dwarfed by American actors (Van Williams, Bob Wall, Chuck Norris and the like). He was medium to tall compared with asian actors (Nora Miao, James Tien, so forth). Anything 5'6" or lower would have made him look smallish and I never got that impression of him. If anything, I was somewhat surprised discovering he was in the 5'7"-range. Based on watching his movies alone, I always pegged him at 5'10"-ish. I'm finding a lot of people on this site don't understand or underestimate height variation due to spine compression, age, diet, disease and so forth. It definitely happens, especially on people who go through extreme physique changes such as Bruce.
Brad said on 18/Jun/09
He couldn't sweat, his skin was painted on like cement. Steroids? Not a chance. Muscle pain killers yes, his back was a mess.
josh said on 18/Jun/09
did you watch the interview? he didnt defame bruce he just told the truth come on i am one of bruce's biggest followers yes he did work for his physic but he didnt do anything wrong , maybe by todays standards he did.

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