How tall is Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

Canadian singer, best known for songs such as "Everything I Do", "Summer of 69" and "Please Forgive Me". In a 2003 Globe article it described him as "Mr. Adams, who is 5-foot-8 and slight, clearly has no stature hang-ups"

How tall is Bryan Adams
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Average Guess (31 Votes)
5ft 7.89in (172.4cm)
David Zelisney said on 11/Sep/22
He's a distant cousin of mine (or his mom and mine). Met him at a bbq in 1982 at the beginning of his career. He's my height at 5'6 and he was wearing runners with thick heels. But I'll give him another half an inch back in 1982.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Apr/22
Blimey! He’s 62 now so is likely to have lost a bit of height.

I did visualise Bryan being taller, I must say.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/22
I like Bryan's hit song 'Run To You'.

He's been going for longer than you'd think. My, doesn't time fly? There was a radio programme some while ago now which featured purely Canadian acts. This included Bryan, Alanis Morissette, Gordon Lightfoot, Rush and the great Neil Young. The latest I listened to the radio was in the 90s, when I favoured DJs like Bob Harris and Alan Freeman, so it could have been the idea of one of those two.

Bryan can have a medium-sized 5ft8.

OriginalAnon said on 11/Apr/21
Looks less than 5'8'' in his prime. Maybe 5'7.5" or even a bit under that.
Acmd11 said on 25/Mar/21
Short guy
Danimal 176.7cm said on 14/Oct/20
Bryan's 60 years old. The average 60 year old man will have lost 3/4".
MD said on 16/May/20
With a listed 5'10.75" Seth Meyers:

Click Here

I don't know, 5'8" seems to be stretching it a bit.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 1/May/20
Maybe 5ft8 1/4" peak height ?
Damonwolf said on 24/Apr/20
If he is 5’6 or 5’7 like mentioned, he does have some fairly large beautiful feet, size 10.
texluh said on 6/Feb/20
With Kirk Douglas's death announced today, Bryan Adams had this to say on Twitter....
" RIP #kirkdouglas I remember him walking into a lift in NYC, I was 21. After a few moments he looked up at me and said β€œhow’s school son?” I said β€œgood sir”. (I couldn’t tell him I never finished school.) What a moment, what a total legend he was."

So Kirk Douglas was 63 in 1980, when Adams was 21. Presumably Douglas was 5 ft 8 minimum, as he's listed here as 5 ft 9. "Mr Adams has no stature hang ups"????? - or maybe Adams had heels on that day and Douglas had a large forehead?!
HeightExagerration said on 6/Dec/19
He always seemed like a 5'6" type to me, smallish, but nothing that ever stops him. He is very skinny, too - he's vegan. He was pictured next to Nelly Furtado, and she was the same height as him. She's said to be 5'-5'2", and even in monster heels, she can't be the same height as him unless he's on the smaller side.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Nov/19
πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚ Happy 6️⃣0️⃣th Birthday Bryan! πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ

Wishing Bryan Adams, terrific Canadian singer, a fantastic BIG 6-0!


Keith 5'10 said on 15/Aug/19
173cm for sure
c-mo said on 12/Jul/19
I associate the number 174cm with his look for some reason . he looks like a 174cm guy porportion wise and even facially even though this might sound weird lol

just like how the number 172cm fits very well to actor Aaron Paul
MAD SAM said on 7/Oct/18
Easy 5’8” at 173 cm
Y07 said on 30/Jul/18
Hey Rob, is it possible he is 5'8 β…›"? Since the article described him as 5'8 and slight.
Editor Rob
By slight they mean more like a thin guy with little mass to his body.
Gracian said on 18/Apr/18
Rob, please add Bryan Adams to the rock singers category.
Gracian said on 10/Mar/18
I think Bryan Adams, George Ezra and Hozier could join the rock singers section: Click Here
It is a pity that rock singers are much less than pop singers.
Nathan said on 13/Aug/17
Can look 5'9 at times but probably 5'8 is a good bet!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Aug/17
Rob, did you upgrade him?

I seem to remember him at 5ft7
Editor Rob
yes months ago I looked at him again and he could look nearer 5ft 8.
al said on 31/Jul/17
Downgrade. I'm 5ft 6 1/2 in and I met him. Same height as me no doubt!
Shredder said on 10/Mar/17
I wouldn't go to 5'9 , but over 5'8 isn't unlikely.
Mark said on 8/Mar/17
Has always looked 5'8 - 5'9 to me so fair listing.
Realist said on 7/Mar/17
Rob can you add straight from the hear. Beautiful song, especially the instrumental section, very romantic. 5'7.25 current, peak 5'7.75, being on the lower average side he hasn't lost much. I still think in 2017 you can call 5'7.5 low average. On a worldwide scale definitely average.
Joe said on 26/Feb/17
C'mon Rob, give him an upgrade. He can easily pull of looking average height with good footwear. 5'8" peak at least? He's been voted 5.8.3" on average. He can look as high as 5'9" in some older videos from the mid 80s.
Editor Rob
5ft 8 can seem a better fit.
Shredder said on 14/Feb/17
Rob , you sure he isn't taller than this? He looks at least 5'8
Editor Rob
he could pull that off at times.
Jim said on 9/Aug/16
Looked 5'9 when I saw him back in 97. 5'7.5-5'8 these days.
Joe said on 28/Jul/16
Looks a solid 5'7.5" even today, Is 5'8" peak possible?
Dom said on 24/Sep/15
Looks 5'9"
Harry said on 14/Aug/15
5'8 and still in great shape!!
Gary said on 22/Jan/15
Seen him live a few times. Would probs say 173 cm
Frank said on 21/Aug/14
5'8 looking guy
SaveUsY2J said on 18/Jun/14
172 is more like it.
Realist said on 18/Jun/14
He is really a good act. Rob did u grow up listening to him ?
Editor Rob
I listen to all sorts, I never follow any particular band or artist. If the music sounds good, that's all that matters.
Realist said on 16/Jun/14
Correct Rob, but for peak u can also right 172, current height is more 5'7.25.
Ethan said on 13/Feb/14
No shorter than 5'8 and no taller than 5'9
Kramerication said on 5/Nov/13
Sting is 5'11", Rod Stewart is 5'10", so how tall is Bran Adams? He looks about 5'6" in this? Click Here
Edward said on 16/Sep/13
Looks about 5'8-5'9
Scott 5"11 said on 7/Sep/13
5'8 in his younger days. His skinny frame makes him look taller than what he is. Having seen him live and only being about 15 yards away from me he didn't look any taller than 5'8.. I consider myself a fairly good height guesser and would have said 5'7.5
Dommy said on 9/Jun/13
He's more like 5 feet 8 to me.
David said on 27/Apr/13
You make a good point there Marcus. My friend who is also 5'11 got his picture taken with Bryan last week and there was barely an inch difference
Marcus said on 25/Apr/13
I didn't realise he was this short. A friend from school uploaded a photo of himself standing next to Bryan Adams. My friend is about 5'11 and only appeared maximum 1.5-2 inches taller. Mind you, he didn't seem to be standing completely straight, but even stil. I doubt he would be less than 5'8"
Scott 5'11 said on 26/Dec/12
Thanks Cane, I agree that's their heights with shoes on.
Cane said on 23/Dec/12
Bryan 5'8
Keith 5'10
Mickey 5'9
Just my opinion after seeing them over the years.
Scott said on 15/Oct/12
Correction - I have three Bryan Adams live DVDs (yes maybe a bit sad but I'm
A big fan) and at the end of the show before and after encores he and his band all line up and bow together. If he is 5'7 Keith Scott his lead guitarist is not bigger than 5'9. Mr Scott seemed tall live with noticeably long legs, almost looked 183 cm (6 feet tall). Funny how height can be deceiving! Any other fans got comments on Keith Scotts height or Mickey curry (the drummer) ?
drew said on 1/Aug/12
He looks a bit shorter, maybe barely 5'6
Scott said on 11/Jan/12
Seen him live and been a fan of his for years. Always been slim which makes
him seem taller. I'd say he's 5'7 and Keith Scott (who I also find a massive inspiration) is around 5'10
SAK said on 20/Nov/11
He was the same height as Dermot Oleary on UK X Factor. 5ft7 is right for him.
anon1 said on 20/Nov/11
Jus seen him on the xfactor, dermot had a inch on him. 5ft 6 1/2 mite be closer
Tim said on 14/Nov/11
met him three years ago when he was promoting his newest album "11"..he is not 5'7", hes shorter than that. But taller than 5'4"!
Treets said on 3/Aug/11
No way he's 5'8". I've met Bryan Adams too and I think 5'7" is closer to the truth than 5'7.5".
andy said on 6/Jul/11
What happened to my old comment?? I'm reposting then: In an interview I have on CD from the Jackie Brambles show on BBC Radio in 1993 he says, "Well, i'm not really big. I'm only about 5'8".

And i've met him several times. Considering footwear, he is/ and was slightly taller than me (5'6). 5'8 on the spot. Matches my girlfriend who's 5'8 too.
Phil said on 22/Apr/11
I agree with you, Adam. 5 foot 8
He is a nice guy.
Adam said on 21/Mar/11
I'd say 5'8. Looked 5'9 back in the 90s.
Bud clark said on 2/Mar/11
I spend the day with Bryan Adams yesterday... He's a great bloke
linke said on 3/Jan/11
Shocking but he's really 5'6!
Maude said on 11/Nov/10
When I was young I wrote to his fanclub and they told me he was 5`8``. He was 145 pounds at this time and he didn't change
Daii said on 25/May/09
Yeah I got to agree with you 983, having seen him relatively close up (about 10 metres away) he did look 5'8 on the dot. Hes slim and looks fairly young for his age also as hes pushing 50. Love his music
glenn said on 16/Apr/09
nice find 983.
983 said on 15/Apr/09
In an interview (which I got on CD) from the Jackie Brambles show in 1993 on BBC with him and Basketball star Shaquielle O Neal in the studio - he says, when Jackie asked "are you a big basketball fan Bryan?" - replies: "well i'm not very big. i'm only about 5'8".
Doug said on 1/Apr/09
5'7" flat.
Daii said on 3/Nov/08
I saw Bryan live less than 2 hours ago. He was shorter than I expected, but I think nowadays he is 5'8 with shoes, 5'7 without. 5'7.5 sounds okay, but really he is a short looking guy, and I was standing about 10 metres away from the stage.
daii said on 16/Jun/08
keith scott is 5'11, he looks like 6'1 on stage at some angles, but hes definitely 5'11 my friend has his autograph and he is 5'10 and keith had at least an inch over him! bryan is 5'8 you can see the difference in height between the band members who are all from 5'8 to 5'11
glenn said on 2/Jun/08
keith scott seemed 5-10 to me.but i could be wrong.
daii said on 1/Jun/08
Stood next to a 5'11 Keith Scott on stage, you can see the difference is about 3-4 inches so hes about 5'7-8 so 5'7.5 seems correct!
mcfan said on 26/May/08
He slumps a lot. Probably closer to 5'8.
Danimal said on 30/Dec/07
5'7"-5'8" seems about right.
Lmeister said on 20/Nov/07
Bryan usually looks average in his band photos, but it is because of camera angles. His myspace page has a good pic showing that he is actually the shortest in the band Click Here and the other guys are slouching next to him = )
D. Ray Morton said on 8/Jul/07
Saw him with Tina Turner in Paris back in '85. Looked much shorter onstage than in his videos!
glenn said on 7/Jul/07
i love his music.he is 5-7.
Stefanie said on 6/Jul/07
Was on his concert here in Sweden yesterday, and I was shocked ! he looked really small ! still really awsome concert, that guy knows how to rock ! :D
Carlos said on 7/Apr/07
Has always looked 5'8 to me.
glenn said on 5/Apr/07
the one on the on the left i mightve just hit 5-8.
Derek said on 4/Apr/07
Seems more like 5'7" flat. Weren't you still 5'7" in those pics Glenn?
radio_man said on 2/Apr/07
he is 5'7 always lokks that way to me!!
no way he's 5'9 and 5'8 I think its generous so this seems right
glenn said on 31/Mar/07
hey stef,how ya been and where you been?
Stef said on 31/Mar/07
He was in Rome on tour last week. I was lucky enough to meet him and he's definitely 5'7.

ps: Hi Glenn, long time no speak. I hope you're fine man. And thanx for the usual! :)
glenn said on 30/Mar/07
i always thought 5-7.maybe he is my height.
Bombay Rocker said on 30/Mar/07
Looks about 171 in the pic on the left, provided both have same shoe heels, in the pic on right he looks around 174. What do you think Glenn? How tall do you think he is?
the shredder said on 30/Mar/07
looks a legit 5'7 in both pics !!!
Bombay Rocker said on 23/Mar/07
Back in the day....?...Do you mean that day or someother day sometime back?
glenn said on 18/Mar/07
he was in his car already.couldnt tell.he seemed 5-7 back in the day.
Bombay Rocker said on 17/Mar/07
Glenn did u meet him....what did u make out of his height?
Glenn said on 8/Jan/07
Ill be meeting him again for the first time in 14 years,this thursday I think.
clad-in-black said on 7/Jan/07
always thought he was at least 5'8
Paul said on 23/Dec/06
Could be 5'8 without shoes and 5'9 with shoes. This picture is of Bryan with Nick Rhodes who is 5'7.

Click Here
Paul said on 23/Dec/06
Could be 5'8 without shoes and 5'9 with shoes. This picture is of Bryan with Nick Rhodes who is 5'7.
Brad said on 15/Nov/06
Met him in '83, he's 5' 7" with horrible acne scars that he had peeled later on.
Glenn said on 14/Nov/06
Could be 5-7.
Viper652 said on 18/Aug/06
He looks 5-8.
Andrej Milanov said on 17/Aug/06
Doe somebody knows for sure, how tall is Bryan? I'm curious, i'm 18, and by now, i'm 173cm(5,8 ft), and i'd like to know weather i'm taller or shorter comparing to Adams...
ForensicNYC said on 29/May/06
Director Jeffrey Katzenberg 5'7", Bryan Adams 5'8" and Hans Zimmer 5'10" (music of Gladiator, leaning on rails)...
Click Here
Adams with 5'3" HRH The Queen...
Click Here
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/06
anonymous again I think you are mistaken on your own height there james he is 5ft 7 for sure
james said on 27/Dec/05
In my opinion he is 5ft 9, beacause when i was standing next to him to get an autograph at one of his concerts earlier this year, he seemed to be a bit taller than me and i'm 5ft8.
Anonymous said on 21/Dec/05
yeah he is 5ft7 i remember seeing him at a Chelsea match in 2000 i was only 5ft 8 at the time being 15 years old and I was for sure taller than him, my uncle commented on his boyish height.well the only thing i have over Bryan Adams (seeing as he is stinking rich) is that i grew to 6ft.
Glenn said on 27/Nov/05
correction on you taller guessers.I have 2 photos of me and bryan,that I cant post cost Im not home,and Im guessing 5'7''.Im 5'8''.yes,you are right mr s.Ive met almost everyone and have my picture taken with them too for 16 years.Im your boy for heights.intrigued by it actually,cause some celebs look taller on certain days cause of lifts in the shoes.
rik said on 27/Sep/05
mmm im about 169 cm....2 weeks ago i went to his gig here in italy and i was close to a girl who was about like me something more or less....bryan called her to go up on the stage and she was tall like bryan is about 169-170 cm...
Richie Richster said on 11/May/05
In my opinion he is only 5ft 2 , he looks like a stumpy little guy and i've met him over 100 times
J. said on 15/Mar/05
Bored at work ... so i'm just commenting away ;-) Yeah, defintely 5'8", back when he, Sting, and Rod Stewart did that song together, in publicity pics, he was defintely shorter than 5'10" Rod and 5'11" Sting. plus, he always 5'8" to me.
Lmeister said on 15/Mar/05
Based on the pics I have seen on the web Adams looks taller than he really is 'cause he has the habbit of using bikerboots quite often similar to what Colin Farrell and Mel Gibson are doing. The singer of the Who Roger Daltrey is max. 5'7'' when comparing him to Bryan...
Lmeister said on 13/Mar/05
Bryan is def 5-8 kinda looking guy and he doesn't look that short. It makes me wonder how tall are the guys who claim to be 5-9 or 5-8 and look shortish just to mention Taye Diggs, Ben Stiller, Eminem, Stephen Dorff, Sam Rockwell etc...

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