How tall is Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony's Height

6ft 6 ¼ (198.8 cm)

American professional basketball player, who has played for the Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder. At age 19 he was measured 6ft 7.5 in sneakers and 6ft 6.25 without, with a 7 foot wingspan.

How tall is Carmelo Anthony
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Average Guess (43 Votes)
6ft 6.21in (198.7cm)
Canson said on 16/Oct/20
@Junior: I’m thinking Lebron and Melo can be within 1/4” of their listings or right on the money. As for Wade 6’3” is what I have him at. Lebron can look 6’7.25 at times being he’s taller than Haslem but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s 6’6.5. Lebron wasn’t a lot taller maybe 1/2” or 3/4”
Canson said on 16/Oct/20
@Junior: I’m thinking Lebron and Melo can be within 1/4” of their listings or right on the money. As for Wade 6’3” is what I have him at.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Oct/20
Lebron posture isn't good like Carmelo that sometime makes them look between 1/2" but i have seem better comparison where Lebron standing straight and look an inch taller. The extra 1/4 of them was a morning height then both of them were 6'7 and 6'6 respectively include Wade as 6'3 not less.
181cm boi said on 29/Sep/20
How tall is the guy next to anothy here? He was listed 6’4 which seems ridiculous (Jordan lawley)

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Here he is looking shorter than 6’1claimed scheck wes

Click Here
Editor Rob
I'm not sure he looked shorter than Schwek
Canson said on 21/Sep/20
@D.A.: he got the listing because they never measured him this year since he joined the Trailblazers after the measurements had already taken place. As for growth not sure. It’s possible but it’s also possible that was near a low for him back in 2003 being he’s always looked an inch or less shorter than Lebron. Then again maybe Lebron grew since he was drafted too and is 6’7” or 6’7.25” now
Canson said on 21/Sep/20
I’m not so sure he grew a fraction. They may have been afternoon measurements back then or possibly a few hours out. But he certainly wasn’t under 6’6” and isn’t today
D.A said on 19/Sep/20
6’6.25 one hour after waking up back then
Now 6’6.75 one hour after waking up which would explain why they gave him 6’8.
D.A said on 19/Sep/20
I’m one hundred percent sure , that Melo grew a friction after his pre draft measurements. He used to be 6’6.25 back then one hour after waking up. Now I would say he’s 6’6.75 one hour after waking up and on a low he would be 6’6.25.
Canson said on 7/Sep/20
bobbyh3342 said on 6/Sep/20
this is the problem when you run into a legit 6'6 person you say well he cant be because that would make kobe 6'4.5 range and kobe ls 6'6 so melo must be 6'8,,, and our beloved derek theler is 6'6 so carmelo must be 6'8,he has to be?,,, the truth hurts , we are not as big as we think we are , or we want to be,,,, fact is melo is 6'6 and all the fake hollywood 6'6 s are really 6'4.5 range,,,,

And Melo in person is only 6’6 range. He was at most 2” taller than me if not just 1.5-2” range. I will vouch that’s he’s not under the mark at all and that he’s not over what Rob lists him
bobbyh3342 said on 6/Sep/20
this is the problem when you run into a legit 6'6 person you say well he cant be because that would make kobe 6'4.5 range and kobe ls 6'6 so melo must be 6'8,,, and our beloved derek theler is 6'6 so carmelo must be 6'8,he has to be?,,, the truth hurts , we are not as big as we think we are , or we want to be,,,, fact is melo is 6'6 and all the fake hollywood 6'6 s are really 6'4.5 range,,,,
Canson said on 15/May/20
@Junior: I agree more with Rob’s assessment on that one about Dr J being nearer 6’5” than 6’6”. It looks like it’s a full inch between them putting Dr J around 6’5 or 6’5.25”. Funny because a teammate from high school has a pic with Dr J when he was a child and Dr J could almost pass for being 6’6” with him then next to the guys father who is about my height give or take. I couldn’t see footwear however
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Apr/20
Click Here The angle of the ground tilt up from Carmelo side which make up advantage for him a little. I did say Dr J is still 6'5 1/2 looking with Carmelo.
Canson said on 24/Mar/20
@Rob: Dr J may have always just been a weak 6’6” guy even in his prime. 6’5.5-6’6” range.
Canson said on 18/Mar/20
@Editor Rob: how tall would you say Dr J looks with him?

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Editor Rob
Might be nearer 6ft 5 than 6 now, although how much height he's lost I'm not so sure.
Jean214 said on 14/Mar/20
As listed 6'6.25 afternoon with 6'7 LeBron and 6'4.5 Jr Smith
Canson said on 8/Mar/20
@Joe: that looks reasonable next to Carmelo and Lebron. Maybe 6’5.75 in a basketball sneaker
joe ### said on 16/Feb/20
jr smith 6'5.5 in shoes.
Canson said on 15/Feb/20
@Joe: yea I agree with you on JR Smith. Funny that Quentin Richardson has a 6’5.5 pre draft when he’s max 6’4”. Amare Stoudemire said it right to him on a game show when he called him 6’4”. I also saw Richardson on TV last night with Darius Miles and it’s a good sized difference. Miles was supposedly 6’8” barefoot
Canson said on 15/Feb/20
@Joe: yea I agree with you on JR Smith
Canson said on 30/Dec/19
@Joe: that’s a very good listing of your top 5! It’s hard to argue against what you said!
joe ### said on 23/Dec/19
My top 5- Michael jordan,lebron james,Magic jhonson,Bird,bill russel.
joe ### said on 23/Dec/19
J.R smith looks 6'4.5 Click Here
Canson said on 22/Dec/19
@Joe: not sure if he’s the 2nd best of all time though. Top 5 I’d say. But I agree with what you said about his height being inflated for that - his star power
joe ### said on 19/Dec/19
I made this comment on lebron james's page.
joe ### said on 18/Dec/19
I think also because being the second best basketball player of all time benefits him from being ranked higher.
Canson said on 25/Nov/19
@Viper: guys in his class said he was only 6’6” barefoot. 6’8.25 seems high. I could believe 6’7” possibly
viper said on 25/Nov/19
This article says Elton Brand measured 6-8.25

Click Here
Canson said on 24/Nov/19
@Viper: I Meant to say didn’t look as tall as Hardaway at times. Penny looked around 6’6”
Canson said on 24/Nov/19
@Viper: honestly I see 6’5 range. Scottie Pippen was taller than he was and he didn’t look much taller than Penny hardaway
Canson said on 22/Nov/19
@Shane: I saw your post about Melo on Lebron’s page. I think they just left it the way it was at 6’8”. So many others kept or gained from the 18-19 listings so they probably wouldn’t say anything and Adam Silver has met many of these players esp the higher caliber players such as Harden and Russ etc with their MVPs. he knows how tall they really are and didn’t do anything to curtail this nonsense. As for Ingram, the Lakers claimed he grew after his rookie year to 6’10 or 6’11. Guess not. And I bet it was the Lakers choice to list him at 6’9” not his.
Canson said on 22/Nov/19
@Shane: it’s funny you mention that. I saw Dennis Scott on NBA TV with Dominique Wilkins who a friend of mine has met and said he looked at best 6’6-6’7 but likely closer to 6’6” today and he’s shorter. Scott looked small on the court even with Penny Hardaway who was probably a legit 6’6” guy or very near it if he wasn’t. I think Scott May have shrunken a tad at best but that won’t explain why he looks that short. I never believed he was over 6’6” maybe even 6’5. Ingram surprised the hell out of me. I always thought he was 6’8” barefoot and even said it here. That’s bad news for Lonzo Ball because that’s 3” between them. Now maybe Ingram was an afternoon or he rounded down an afternoon and his is 6’7” and change and went with 6’7” because he’s so thin. But JT a poster here, met Lonzo and JT at 6’5 said he had Lonzo by an inch. So he’s obviously not 6’7” like he claims lol. Also I posted on Liangelo’s page that the one commentator who met him said that he at 6’2” was eye to eye with Liangelo. This was on Dan Patrick Show. LiAngelo really is only 6’2” looking at him with Lonzo. Lonzo did only look 6’4” maybe 6’4.5 tops with Magic. I’d really say 6’4 knowing Ingram is only 6’7”
Canson said on 22/Nov/19
@Shane: it’s funny you mention that. I saw Dennis Scott on NBA TV with Dominique Wilkins who a friend of mine has met and said he looked at best 6’6-6’7 but likely closer to 6’6” today and he’s shorter. Scott looked small on the court even with Penny Hardaway who was probably a legit 6’6” guy or very near it if he wasn’t. I think Scott May have shrunken a tad at best but that won’t explain why he looks that short. I never believed he was over 6’6” maybe even 6’5-6’5.5”.
viper said on 22/Nov/19
Maybe Scott is 6-5.5

Certainly no taller than 6-6
Shane said on 21/Nov/19
Also @Canson Shane said on 19/Nov/19
@Canson someone mentioned Dennis Scott and I'm sure you remember him. He was listed 6'8" and always felt he was way overlisted. Tonight on NBA TV he was interviewing 6"7" Brandon Ingram and even though Scott was closer to the camera, Ingram easily had him beat and it looked around 2 inches -- and again -- Scott had angle advantage with the camera. It was shocking. They were not even close. Now, it is possible Scott is wearing a very short dress shoe but still, they again were not even close to the same height . But what was crazier is Scott had advantage on Josh Hart who is 6'4" tops barefoot and he looked about as tall as Scott. Blew my mind.
Shane said on 20/Nov/19
Carmelo is listed at 6'8" for Blazers. They obviously just submitted his old listing. Best case if they measured him early in day he would have gotten 6'6 1/2" and rounded to 6'7". Of course, we have so many fake listings the new policy is a joke, overall. Also, even for listings that look close to accurate, we dont know that players got to the full half inch on some of these rounded up. I'm sure several teams rounded a 1/4 to a half for example and then the half to the inch. Best nba could do is verify measurement and it be 1/4 inch off of which they couldnt do much about.
Canson said on 20/Nov/19
@Dillon: he still has his 6’8” listing
Canson said on 17/Nov/19
@Dream; I look at pics with guys like Boozer and Lebron and that’s how he comes out. That’s secondary to me meeting him.

@Dillon: hit or miss. Because he’s coming in late he may end up still listed at 6’8”. Thinking about it he’s not 2 or 3” shorter than Lebron so they will prob give him that. 6’7” is a worst case
Dillon Rice said on 16/Nov/19
@Canson Do you think he’ll go through the new NBA height protocol now that he’s in the NBA?
Dream said on 15/Nov/19

Honestly, I trust that you met Carmelo Anthony, in person.
Canson said on 14/Nov/19
It’s been reported that He’s signing with Portland
Canson said on 12/Nov/19
@184guy: I meant to say I wouldn’t argue against his listing. I guess 6’6.25-.5 is possible still but I think 6’6.25 if that’s what he measured would be the most he is unless he grew since
Canson said on 9/Nov/19
184guy2 said on 8/Nov/19
Canson , don't you think 6'6.25-6'6.5 range is more believible for Carmelo than 6'6-6'6.25 ??

I don’t. I would say the 6’6.25 is the most he is from what I saw and others around me. They told me max 2”. One said 1.5-2. To me it looked closer to 2”. I wouldn’t argue Rob’s listing
184guy2 said on 8/Nov/19
Canson , don't you think 6'6.25-6'6.5 range is more believible for Carmelo than 6'6-6'6.25 ??
joe### said on 5/Nov/19
sometimes carmelo Anthony can look 1.75 hinches taller than kobe.
Canson said on 5/Nov/19
@Dillon: Kobe isn’t standing straight. Using a picture when the two are coming down the court and not at a complete stop is not really worth anything. And Melo is not 2” taller than Kobe. In fact it looks under 1.5” on some. Some 1.25 some 1.5”. I’ve never met Kobe but I trust he’s 195cm like he was measured as that’s how he looks. Melo I have met and he is no more than what he measured at the combine. If he’s less it’s absolute worst a flat 6’6” but that’s the lowest. I’d really say his afternoon would fall to around 198.5 perhaps. 6’6-6’6.25 range

Click Here

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Melo is even favored in this one and taking into account that’s max 1.5”

Click Here
Dillon Rice said on 2/Nov/19
@Joe and Canson Looks more like 2 inches between Kobe and Carmelo and Kobe isn’t 6’4.

Click Here
Dillon Rice said on 2/Nov/19
@Joe and Canson Looks more like 2 inches between Kobe and Carmelo and Kobe isn’t 6’4.
Canson said on 1/Nov/19
@Joe and Dillon: Melo is a legit 6’6” maybe 6’6.25 in person. Klay Thompson measured 6’5.75 in the morning. In all likelihood he’s the same size as Draymond Green or maybe at best he’s 1cm taller. I’m more convinced that Klay would measure 6’5.25-.5 in the afternoon than I am that Draymond would. Draymond I could see as 6’5 afternoon height. Carmelo looks taller than he is because he’s actually what he’s listed as far as draft measurement and not a 6’5.5-6’5.75 guy like some of the others who get a 6’6.25 measurement. I guarantee you if he were still playing he would be listed 6’7” now since they measure in the morning barefoot
Dillon Rice said on 31/Oct/19
His hair is obviously giving him a boost a lot more than Carmelo’s is.
joe### said on 30/Oct/19
look at the tops of the heads, walton is a little taller than carmelo.
Dillon Rice said on 29/Oct/19
Carmelo appears to be taller than 6’7.75 Luke Walton and 6’5.5-6’6 Klay Thompson and taller than 6’6.25-5 Tracey Mcgrady.

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Canson said on 22/Oct/19
Wingspanpro said on 22/Oct/19
I think Melo is grown since draft.
He is more than 1 Inch taller than Justin Anderson

Click Here

Anderson was measured 6'5.25 without shoes

Melo has not grown unless his 6’6.25 measurement was in the morning. In the afternoon he is no more than a 6’6 or strong 6’6” guy like he is listed here in person. I think the validity of Justin Anderson and the video need to be examined as it’s more than Likely Anderson is not really 6’5.25” if Melo is more than an inch taller. Melo is around an inch shorter than 6’7.25 (max) Lebron and only about 1.5” taller than Kobe at best
Wingspanpro said on 22/Oct/19
I think Melo is grown since draft.
He is more than 1 Inch taller than Justin Anderson

Click Here

Anderson was measured 6'5.25 without shoes
Canson said on 10/Oct/19
He was billed 6’8” since he came in the league. Still looked around 6’6 almost 4 years ago (early 2016)
Onabill said on 9/Oct/19
Honestly Carmelo May have grown a cheeky bit of height after he got drafted, which also would explain why he would get billed in his 6 ft 8 in shoes height
Canson said on 24/Aug/19
@Junior: I see max 2” between Lisa and Candace. At times it’s 4-5 cm
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/Aug/19
Candace Parker can never be 6'2 when Lisa Leslie is only 6'3.75". Ther is always 6cm between them. We can argue Carmelo had 1cm more footwear than her. So that makes a 198.1cm Carmelo with 186.4cm Candace Parker there. So give it 6'1 1/2 but not over.
Canson said on 18/Aug/19
@Junior and Ellis: look at the picture with The entire group. Melo does have a footwear advantage and Candace looks 6’2” still. I doubt she is under 6’2”. But look at Candace with Lisa Leslie. Leslie isn’t but probably 6’3.75. She honestly looks 4” shorter than Lebron but I can’t see footwear. I doubt Lisa is only 6’3” flat

Click Here
Canson said on 13/Aug/19
@Ellis: but as I mentioned before, Melo has a footwear advantage on her. That’s a decent advantage too. That’s probably around 4.25” including that. I know that her former boyfriend Sheldon Williams looked 6’7” or so. Maybe a hair over and she’s 5” shorter. Sheldon edges Melo by about an inch maybe 3cm max. I can’t see Candace under 6’2”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Aug/19
@Ellis Carmelo mid eye level was no way only 4.5" (11.43cm) gap count from his head. Kobe eye level was consider high but close to 12cm and Carmelo head is slightly bigger and a bit lower sets eye than Kobe so Melo mid eye level is 4.8 inch (12.3cm) not below. Candace head not a hair is under his lower eye lid which is about 5" (12.7cm). Click Here look carefully it's 5" if we go on listing then Candace is 6'1.25" but then another picture look to have 1/4 less footwear than Melo which brings her up to 6'1 1/2 as you say but its confirm a morning measurement since Carmelo low is prob 6'6 but not under. Shes more legit 186cm taller than i previously thought of weak 6'1.
Ellis said on 8/Aug/19
@Canson: That's not 6'2 and 6'6, I just saw the picture, that is at least a 4.5 inch difference. If Melo is 6'6, according to the picture Candace is looking 6'1.5, her head is at his eye level, that is 4.5 inches. A 4 inch difference would be convincingly above the eye, and almost at the eyebrow, and that is simply not the case in this picture.
Canson said on 6/Aug/19
@Junior: that can’t be. That’s 5” with footwear. If not it’s probably 4-4.5. I could buy 6’6.25 max perhaps and 6’2” or 6’2 and 6’6”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Aug/19
@Canson Candace at most 6'1 have count on Carmelo advantage footwear.
Canson said on 17/Jul/19
@Junior: I only see about 5” so with footwear that’s easily made up difference wise.
Canson said on 17/Jul/19
@Junior: Melo has a pretty significant footwear advantage on her. And it could be the angle or something else. Candice is about 6’2” from all I’ve seen including her next to her Ex Sheldon Williams who looks 6’7”
Canson said on 17/Jul/19
@Junior: Melo has a pretty significant footwear advantage on him. Candice is about 6’2” from all I’ve seen including her next to her Ex Sheldon Williams who looks 6’7”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Jul/19
Click Here Candace Parker way over listed on WNBA Official 6'4 listing look nothing over 6'0.75" with 6'6 Carmelo. I can see Carmelo had one picture look to have 1/4 more shoes so Candace most likely is not over 6'1.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jun/19
If we just simply go with the calculation of height measurement from morning what time Carmelo get his 6'6 1/4 then then it simplify that he 6'6 and 6'5.75" at the worst at night. Sometime he can look the full 6'6.25" other time not quite over 198cm. So i will not go for 6'5.75" this low for Carmelo. Average guess now its just a morning height for him.
Canson said on 20/Jun/19
@Yusuf: pics are misleading. I see one where KD looks 4” taller and Lebron is 2” shorter than KD. Melo in person is closer to 6’6” than 6’7”
Yusuf Bei said on 19/May/19
@Canson: well If KD is 6’9 as u say, the pic of him and Carmelo confronting each other definitely doesn’t suggest the difference between them is 3 inches, it looks 2” difference max, hence why I think Carmelo is a weak 6’7
Canson said on 17/May/19
@Yusuf: I don’t agree. Lebron is at least 1/2” more like 2cm taller than Melo. Melo May be as much as his pre draft but Lebron probably is a flat 6’7” if that’s the case. If Melo is a solid 6’6” then Lebron is probably 6’6.75 at a low based on that. But if it’s an inch then that explains it
Yusuf Bei said on 16/May/19
@Canson: if Lebron James is 6’7.25 then there is no way on earth Carmelo is 6’6.25, Him and Lebron are legit the exact same height
Canson said on 15/May/19
@Kapp: flat and solid are pretty much the same. Flat in the case of a 6’6” person would qualify for 198.12 imho since that’s right on the nose. I’d give a person who falls to maybe 6’5 7/8 a full 6’6” and call them textbook. Melo looks a very very strong 198 range to weak 199 best case. I think weak would be more 6’5.5-.75 and .75-1” is kinda undefined. I think once around like .83 or so it’s no different in appearance than the full number
Kapp said on 6/May/19
My understanding of solid is 1/8 to 1/4 over the mark(strong=1/4-1/2), 198 is more flat than solid as it's 1.2mm below the mark(it would've still been flat if it were 1-2mm over it) When it's 3-6mm, that's when you are solid. In that case(of a 198 normal low guy) the reason is you'll dip around 1/8 at a possible extreme low and going below the mark(3/16 below 6'6 or even anything for that matter) is not solid. I know such differences are very subtle and even slight postural changes can affect millimeters while measuring but since this is a height website, getting technical is important.
Canson said on 1/May/19
@Junior: a low of 198 may be a solid 6’6 as opposed to strong. Strong is more a 6’6.25 or 199cm. Melo can look 3cm maybe 1.5” at times
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Apr/19
@Canson your post had advantage for Kobe comparison it looks 2" from head to head not 1.5" and real difference between Carmelo and Kobe is atually around 3cm range i have seem enough from the past. I haven't seem Carmelo anything under 198cm so he is strong 6'6.
Canson said on 20/Apr/19
@Junior: there is a chance at 6’6.25 for him. He’s definitely at least the full 6’6” imho but it’s not easy to compare Melo to Strahan since one is wearing a hat. Melo next to Lebron or Kobe is more indicative of him being 6’6 or a hair over however since he can look very close with Lebron max 1” at times and 1/2” others. He looks to have a good 1.5” on Kobe. Worst case 3cm. Melo also looks his pre draft or within 1/4” next to 6’2.25 Russell Westbrook. I doubt Russ has grown and that was likely his low or is his low for the day (6’3” out of bed max). I don’t rule out 6’2 or 6’2 1/8 for Russ to be honest if we are talking after a game or even like 1/8” at a low. One thing I can say is that I have a friend who’s an inch taller than me 6’5.25 at a low (6’6 out of bed) and he or someone else Christian’s size would not look as tall as Carmelo does in that picture. May be splitting hairs since it’s only about an inch or even less difference between Melo and either of them but Melo looks a legit 6’6” even in the pic above not to mention when I’ve seen him in person

Click Here

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Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Apr/19
Chances of looking 6'6 1/8-6'6 1/4 with 6'4 Michael Strahan is a fail for Carmelo if Kobe Bryant is strictly 6'4.75" his low. Carmelo look at most 6'6 with Strahan in modesty.
Canson said on 2/Apr/19
Definitely isn’t under 6’6”
Canson said on 29/Mar/19
@Shane: close enough. Usually I’m about 195.7 cm out of bed (6’5.047) and drop down to 193.2 if I hit my extreme low sometimes 193.1. So it’s roughly 1 full inch to a tiny hair over 6’4”. A normal low is something like 6’4.299 or 6’4 1/4” if I hit the gym
Shane said on 27/Mar/19
@Canson @Christian Canson, I know you have said before you compress from 6'5" flat to an extreme low of 6'4" flat? Is that accurate? @Christian how much do you compress from morning to your lowest?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Mar/19
What does that mean exactly?
Shashank 6'3 3/8 said on 3/Mar/19
Agreed.But when i stand also there is a 1 mm spike somewhere in the middle
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Feb/19
It's probably due to being reclined, like sitting in a couch for example. I can often regain a couple mm after reclining at night.
Canson said on 20/Feb/19
@Shashank 6’3 3/8; if it is increasing that late in the day it’s likely due to laying around or something or sitting reclined a bit. Mine never increases when I’m not reclined. I’ve even had times when I’ve sat completely upright and been on my feet just normal throughout the day and still hit 6’4.25 although the usual low for me if I don’t go to the gym or don’t stand a lot during the day is 193.8cm
Shashank-6'3 3/8 said on 19/Feb/19
@Christian and Canson
But i have noticed that height increases
by 1 mm after you hit your nearly low height like in my case 3 hours before bed i m 191.7 but then in half an hour or so i m 191.8.
Shashank-6'3 3/8 said on 19/Feb/19
@Christian and Canson
I m also pretty sedentary.Sometimes when i have me P ed classes then i lose more quickly.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Feb/19
6 hours out of bed and still being a half cm taller than your low is a pretty slow shrinkage, even slower than mine. After 6 hours, I'm often 196.8cm which is 0.3cm taller than my usual low.
Canson said on 18/Feb/19
@Shashank 6’3 3/8: I lose around that after 5. Usually 1.6. Then 1.9 to 2.1 for the day normally
Shashank-6'3 3/8 said on 17/Feb/19
@ Canson and Christian
Maybe i m also similar to christian in terms of height shrinkage.i m exactly 193.5 after 8.5-9 hours of sleep after 6 hours i m at 192 dot.
Canson said on 12/Feb/19
@Christian: true
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Feb/19

I don't believe that my torso's much shorter than yours. I'm an inch taller than you and my inseam's also about an inch longer than yours, so that means our torsos are probably about the same length. Not to mention, both our morning heights are right around 2cm more than our lows. It's just that I lose height seemingly at a slower rate than you.
Canson said on 10/Feb/19
@Christian: I also wonder in my case if it’s the way i sit or the chairs I sit in. I’ve noticed some chairs I sit in cause me to gain height after standing as I may be a bit reclined even when I’m not trying to recline. I tried one this morning and and I measured about 3-4mm taller from being sort of reclined but I came back down relatively quickly
Canson said on 10/Feb/19
@Christian: you may have a shorter torso than me. I’m usually 195.7 maybe .8-.9 on a better day of sleep and have seen as low as 6’5 flat with a little less sleep. I tested today on a day off and I’m 194.1 after 5 hours. That’s prob close to the norm. Some days I’ve been 194 flat. I only got to 193.8 after 5 when I was on my feet almost the entire time. If you’re getting to 6’5.5 after 5 hours and wake up 6’6 1/8” we come out about the same. That’s 5/8” after 5 hours. If you’re still 197-197.2 you do lose slower than I do. Even Rob loses just over 1/2” after 5 hours. He mentioned that he used to lose all of his by lunch but now is nearer 5’8.25
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Feb/19

After an hour out of bed, I can be 6'5 7/8", only about 1/4" below my out of bed height. And after about 2.25 hours, I usually lose about 3/8", as I can measure 6'5.75". You seem to lose height at a 1/8" faster rate than I do.
Canson said on 8/Feb/19
@Christian: I lose about 1/3” maybe a touch more after an hour. Then about another 1/8” after 2. 195.7 out of bed typically would get me to 194.8 after an hour sometimes 194.9. And Usually by about 2.25 hours I’m down a full 1/2”. I’d be around 194.5 after 2.25 hours more than likely. Then by 5 hours I’m around 194 sometimes 194.1. If I’m standing a lot I can get 193.8 or 193.9 after 5 hours. But judging by combine figures I’ve seen some guys measure similar to me in that they’re 3/8” less than their combine height when they measured at the senior bowl. The way someone sits could affect it as well. If you sit reclined in the car while driving etc.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 8/Feb/19

You seem to lose height faster than the average person in your situation. I don't typically drop anything under 6'5.5" even after 5 hours out of bed, and often measure a solid or sometimes even a couple mm above 197cm like 197.2. I don't have the most sedentary type of job either, but I only hit my ultimate low after I get out of work, which would typically be around 4-5 PM.
Canson said on 7/Feb/19
@Christian: lol depends. This morning I was up before 3am but because I have a flight to catch for a quick business trip. Normally, I wake at 530 or 515. So my 5 hours would typically be around 1030. 2 mornings per week I hold 8 AM meetings one with staff members and one with the Other Directors and up in our organization. I’m typically standing the entire time for at least the one with my team, and sometimes for a while in the other one when I have to brief. I’m the Director of Facilities Management for my Org. That speeds up the loss and I have been at a low after 5-6 hours 193.8ish. I tested it when I left work early once and measured when I got home at 1030 and was 193.8 which was 5.5 hours after waking
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Jan/19

Most of the time I wake at 7 but sometimes 6:30 or even 6. What's your usual wake up schedule?
Canson said on 26/Jan/19
@Christian: right. I knew Noon but I was asking what time you woke up.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Jan/19

True definition of noon is 12:00 PM. I typically wake up at 7 AM so it's 5 hours. Afternoon is the time past 12:00 and before evening.
miller said on 23/Jan/19
Canson Melo looks 4 inches taller than Boheim in the first pic and 3.5 inches in the second pic you posted. Boheim is Probably closer to 6.2
Canson said on 22/Jan/19
@Christian: Noon is only 5 hours out of bed for you?
Canson said on 21/Jan/19
Click Here

Click Here
Canson said on 21/Jan/19
@Christian: after 5 I can still hit 194.1 some days but usually 194 flat. But by 7 I’m 193.8

As for Melo he looks 6’6” or a hair over with 6’3 Jim Boheim depending on the picture. Some he looks shorter but that’s camera angle. Knowing someone who’s met Boheim in person before and having seen him relatively close distance on the court in college at a tournament I could buy 6’3 or a hair under when he was coaching Melo
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Jan/19

That can depend on the person. Some people lose height faster than others. At noon (usually about 5 hours out of bed) I'm usually 6'5.5", whereas others already drop to their lowest by that time.
Canson said on 17/Jan/19
@Miller: An early afternoon and evening may vary by 1/8”. But really if it’s mid afternoon and evening they’re the same. So a guy losing a full inch like that would prob get 6’5 7/8 listing at best if not the 6’5.75 if he loses quickly which most taller guys do
Canson said on 17/Jan/19
@Miller: afternoon and night are the same. After about 7-8 hours of being awake you don’t lose anymore. That’s the consensus among most here on this site. When I measure my 6’4.25-6’4.3 it’s about 7 hours after waking if not 6 some days if I’ve been very active. If I get up at 5 am and measure at Noon or 1 then that’s not night that’s afternoon. Rob uses 5’8 1/8 that’s his low for the day
miller said on 16/Jan/19
Canson this site is based on afternoon height which is slightly more than night height.
Canson said on 15/Jan/19
@Miller: if that size the guy would prob get 6’5 7/8 or 6’5 3/4”. I’m not sure on Pippen but I believe 6’7” prime height when he was first drafted. I would say

Wade 6’2.75 Lebron 6’7 Melo 6’6-6’6 1/4
Ellis 6'7.25 said on 14/Jan/19
@miller and @Christian 6'5 3/8: Okay cool thanks for the clarification, I was just a little confused.
@Canson: Yeah man!, he should definitely get a page! I'm also surprised that Giannis is not on here, I feel like he would be a great addition to the basketball players page. I understand Porzingis because he is injured, but Giannis is making a case for the league MVP, very popular in recent media
Canson said on 13/Jan/19
@Ellis: he’s having a great year in Denver as well! I believe Porzingis’s pre draft as close to accurate
Canson said on 13/Jan/19
@Ellis: Rob has always defined it as 1/4-1/2 (I believe) is strong 5/8-3/4 is weak. I would really say:

1/2-3/4 = weak
1/4-1/2= strong
3/4-1” is sorta a solid so is 1-1/4”

This is why I consider myself a strong 6’4 since I fall to 6’4.25-.3 at a low. A guy that size that you mentioned could be a borderline legit 6’6” or a weak 6’6”
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Jan/19

It's subjective. Some people here consider 1/8" over/under an inch as strong/weak, and for others it's 3/8". I'd personally consider 1/4"-3/8" range, since 1/8" is negligible.
miller said on 13/Jan/19
Canson maybe pippen has shrunk but in his peak he was 6.7 or 6.725

my opinion on the 2003 Draftclass

Bosh 6.10
Lebron james 6.7
Carmelo anthony 6.6 1/4
Dwayne wade 6.3 1/4

Ellis if someone is 6´6.75 in the morning and 6´5.75 in the night i would say his listet height here would be 6.6.
Canson said on 12/Jan/19
@Miller: I’m usually 195.7cm out of bed and 193.8 in the afternoon which is 6’4.299. Other days if I hit the gym or stand a bit more I’m down to 6’4.25. I hit the gym 4 days per week and when I go out on the weekend for happy hour etc I do stand and get down to at least that amount so I just go with 6’4.25. My extreme low is 193.2 but I surely didn’t hit it that day. 193.7-.8 is fair. I’ll give myself 6’4.25-.3 to cover it. I don’t rule out Melo being 6’6.25 but I don’t rule out 6’6 either. It looked about 1.5-2” difference. I honestly would’ve said 4.5cm minimum max 5. 5 would make him 6’6.25. 4.5 would be a touch over 6’6”. I used to think Pippen was 6’7” back in the day but I would say he’s more 6’6.75 barefoot. He’s had surgeries during his career on his back too more than once so it’s not unreasonable for him to have been a full 6’7” at his peak. But He didn’t edge Rodman by much today and I would go with 199 for Rodman.
Ellis 6'7.25 said on 11/Jan/19
@Canson: Just for clarification, what range is strong, weak, and solid. Like for example, lets say if someone told me he is 6'6.75 in the morning and 6'5.75 at night, what would he be called?
miller said on 11/Jan/19
Canson whats your afternoon height 6.4 1/2 if i remember correctly?
that would make Melo a legit 6.6 1/4 which he looks next to 6.7 Scottie Pippen.
Ellis 6'7.25 said on 10/Jan/19
I think Nikola Jokic needs a page, another European player breaking out. He is listed at 7 feet and next to Kristaps Porzingis he gives me the same impression as Joel Embiid a legitimate 7 footer.
Canson said on 9/Jan/19
@Junior: I’ve also seen Keith bogans and spent substantial time around him and he’s 6’4” minimum. He’s about the same as me. Kirk Hinrich is also not less than 189cm range. Maybe worst 6’2.5. I don’t think they took place in the morning back then at least not that year. Maybe if they did, maybe the players in question grew but Bogans was legit 6’4” in high school. I agree with your estimate below 198.5 for Melo
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Jan/19
@Canson We can argue if Melo did not grow he should be 6'5 7/8 now at least a solid 3/8 lost from morning 6-8am draft height untill end of the day, problem is he look at least 6'6 sometimes doesn't look under 198.5cm zone. he either have grow 1/8 to 1/4 since drafted.

I give Melo an honest percentage chances of how tall he always look:
50% - 198.5cm
25% - 198.8-199cm
25% - 198cm
Canson said on 8/Jan/19
@Ellis 6’7.25: I’ll leave him not being on his feet long open as a possibility however. Then he may be able to dip below but judging how he looks on the court he looks a solid 6’6” at least. Even with Porzingis Rising even said while not looking 6’6.25 he does look 6’6 next to him. Porzingis may be nearer his draft listing in reality. I know with Kobe Melo is bare minimum 1.25” taller depending on if Kobe falls lower than 6’4.75 or if Melo is over 6’6” but in pics he’s at least 3cm taller and Melo is taller than Pierce as well. Melo is close to Lebron’s height. I would not at all be surprised if I had a mirror and more time to gauge it with others around again and maybe barefoot that Melo ends up right at 6’6 or that he could even be nearer 6’6.25 or in between
Ellis 6'7.25 said on 7/Jan/19
@Canson: Man that's crazy, I thought that Carmelo was 6'6.25 in the morning or a couple hours after waking, my low is 199.5 but I round to the 2 meters. I guess that makes sense, you seem very confident in your answer and you have the evidence to support it so I'll agree with you. He looks tiny compared to Porzingis though lol, but I would too. Carmelo Anthony is 6'6.25, and Kristaps is like 7'1.5 near the morning and more like 7'0.75 at night. Carmelo is probably just under 6'7 when he gets up, what do you think he would get measured at in a draft combine assuming they are done in the morning probably around after an hour of waking. I'd think 6'6.75 or 6'6.5.
Canson said on 6/Jan/19
@Ellis6’7.25: while Carmelo could’ve measured early morning he would’ve grown since then. Not usual for growth but 2003 pre draft appears to be closer to an afternoon measurement on players I’ve seen. Keith Bogans is about as tall as I am. He measured at 6’4.5 in 02 and 6’4.25 in 03. He’s not less than a solid 6’4” for sure as he was that height in high school when I knew him. Same with Kirk Hinrich he’s 189 range in person. The only two that appear off are TJ ford as he is only 5’10 and Dwayne Wade looks like he’s a weak 6’3”. Melo was at least a full 6’6” if not up to the 6’6.25. The people around us said he was about 2” taller than me and one said 1.5-2”. I personally saw at least 4.5cm but maybe 5 honestly. Now it’s possible he wasn’t on his feet very long that day but I doubt he would fall much under the 6’6” mark. I have a friend who is 6’6 1/8 at a low and he looked at least the same nexf to me as my friend does. As for the difference with Lebron I tend to agree it’s about 2cm but Lebron is closer In height with you. He’s not much less than a full 6’7”. Unless Melo hadn’t been awake long and this was in the evening when I saw him. Even if it would maybe be 6’6” flat or 6’5 7/8 but to me he really does look the full 6’6 bare minimum next to Kobe as well. He also edged Paul pierce
Ellis 6'7.25 said on 1/Jan/19
@Canson: In my opinion I think that Carmelo Anthony at a low is 6'5.75 and after he gets up he is probably 6'7(right out of bed). I think LeBron is generally around half an inch to 3/4 quarters of an inch taller than Carmelo. My general understanding is that draft combines are taken in the morning, probably around an hour after getting up and if Carmelo Anthony got measured at 6'6.25, I'm pretty sure he would drop below 6'6. Also, I'm positive that the NBA wouldn't take there combine late because that would make there incoming draft class look short. That's my opinion on the matter.
Canson said on 27/Nov/18
@Rising: I would probably put Melo somewhere around 198-198.5 at a low imho. Not less than a full 6’6” imho (not noticeably) but probably not too much above it either
Canson said on 27/Nov/18
@Rising: It’s possible he didn’t grow but that his posture improved. That could yield him a small gain albeit not a full inch. Even if we gave Melo the full 6’6.25 (that’s still within the realm of possibility to be fair but no higher), I would have Amare 6’8.5-6’9”. I’m thinking gains could be more like 1/4-1/2” tho (probably 1/4”). I would put Melo 198-199 range and Amare 205ish today
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Nov/18
@Canson: I'm still skeptical of Amare growing. Shaq basically towered over him by 4.5" minimum even with looser posture: Click Here But if you compare 2011(first 2 pics) to 2013(last 2): Click Here then Amare does go from at least 2.5"-3" shorter than Chandler and just 2"-2.5" taller than Melo to just 2"-2.5" max shorter than Chandler and nearly 3" taller than Melo. I'd say still 2"-2.5" between Amare and Melo in 2012 pics, but Amare looks just 2.5" shorter than Chandler: Click Here Though Melo more consistently looks around 5" shorter than Chandler: Click Here Click Here Perhaps a bit less in the all-star photo, but no less than 5.5" in the Team USA pic. Amare's height varies, though. Melo and Chandler don't vary as much. Sometimes Amare does look a full 6'9", but other times just 6'8.5". Maybe he is the 6'8.75" you mention. Tough to say because I can't say it's impossible he corrected his posture since he always did look kind of hunched. Even a small correction at that height could add a fraction.
Canson said on 18/Nov/18
@Rising: my bad didn’t see the comment after lol.
Canson said on 18/Nov/18
@Rising: that looks more than 1.5” with Melo and Aaron Afflalo
Canson said on 18/Nov/18
@Rising: if we were to gauge him with Amare Stoudemire I would also say he’s 6’6. I have Stoudemire at 6’8.75 if he grew from his pre draft. They made mention that his newfound claim was at a practice in the morning so I would say Rob May have him a bit overlisted. Best case maybe he’s 6’9” flat but that’s a stretch as that doesn’t look a full 3” with Melo maybe 2.5-2.75
Canson said on 18/Nov/18
@Rising: yea a solid 6’6” is definitely realistic for him. I wouldn’t completely rule out something like 198.5 but that’s about as high as I’d likely go. I wouldn’t go below maybe 198 flat but to be honest, he’s one of the most appropriately listed 6’6” guys on this site. Unlike Rick Fox or Derek Theler (imho). Or even mic Fleetwood. Even in that pic above he gives off a legit 6’6 impression
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Nov/18
My bad, I meant 3.5" taller than Afflalo NOT 1.5" lol.
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Nov/18
7'1.25" Kristaps Porzingis makes Melo look a weaker 6'6" here: Click Here Click Here Although Melo has about 1.5" on 6'5" listed Arron Aflalo, but looks like Canson was right that Melo didn't really grow past his solid 6'6".
Canson said on 12/Nov/18
@Ellis: at least a 15. In person his feet are large as well
Ellis said on 11/Nov/18
@Canson: I'm not sure, I'm not good with shoe sizes lol, I'll go with whatever you think is best.
Canson said on 10/Nov/18
@Ellis: I also view it as Christian and I being very tall range and in your case you’re very tall/extremely tall. If you’re up to 6’6.5 at a low you’re closing in on extremely tall so 6’0” would be just tall

By the way what size would you estimate Melo’s feet to be? I could believe a 15 as listed but they can look larger in some pics. I’ve seen a 14 for him as well but they definitely look larger than that
Canson said on 10/Nov/18
@Ellis: I also view it as Christian and I being very tall range and in your case you’re very tall/extremely tall. If you’re up to 6’6.5 at a low you’re closing in on extremely tall so 6’0” would be just tall
Canson said on 10/Nov/18
@Ellis: you’re absolutely right. They will be. And I respect your opinion as well.

@Christian: I view a 6’0” person as the start of tall but that’s more in comparison to what I see daily (avg 5’9 guy) not just compared to me st my height
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Nov/18

That's right, I was simply basing it from my point of view. I'm over 6'5", so my standards are much higher than the average person. I can't call a 6'0" guy tall from my POV because I'd still tower over him.
Ellis said on 9/Nov/18
@Canson: I mean opinions are gonna be opinions right?
Canson said on 8/Nov/18
@Ellis: I don’t think Christian was saying 6’2-3 is short. Sounds more like if the difference is what you mentioned it would be considered short to him. I also view 6’0” as tall myself. I think that’s about where it starts really.
Ellis said on 8/Nov/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8'': You think 6'2-6'3 is short, that's pretty close to your height unless you view yourself as average. In my opinion(unless if you view yourself as average), I don't think anyone could view 6'2-6'3 as short unless they are like at least 7 feet tall. Now I aint saying 6 foot tall is short, it's just not tall to me, for me as I stated down below you have to be at least 6'2 to be viewed as tall by me.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Nov/18

I say 6'0" is tall because it's 3" above average for a guy. I'm basing it from an average guy's perspective. It's not really from my perspective. If that was the case, I'd say that 6'2"-6'3" is short.
Ellis said on 7/Nov/18
@Canson and @Christian: Canson makes a very valid point, it is all about who it is coming from, since I'm 6'7, I think 6'4 (a little shorter than me) is ideal, I honestly find it amusing that Christian views 6 foot as tall, but then again that is coming from me and since I'm so tall my opinion will be different, but that is okay, and I respect Christians opinion. I most definitely see 6 foot being described as tall, I get it, but standing with a 6 footer they only come up to between upper lip and the bottom of my nose so for me my opinion will be different.
Canson said on 7/Nov/18
@Christian and Ellis: I think a well proportioned 5’10-5’11 guy could appear tall as well
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Nov/18

Anything above 6'0" is already tall IMO. I've seen guys that height get described as tall from time to time.
Canson said on 6/Nov/18
@Ellis: I would put 6’3-6’6 as very tall and anything approaching 6’7” may be extremely tall. Say around 6’6.5 or 200 cm. But definition of ideal will vary based on how someone else views their height and how they feel about being taller shorter etc. a guy who is 5’9 may say 5’11 or 6’0” is ideal whereas a guy who is 6’0 may say 6’2” is ideal. Then someone my size or Christians may say that our current heights or ideal or something a little less 6’2-6’3 perhaps. Then you see some guys like one Christian mentioned, a friend of his who said that he claims 6’1 at 5’11 1/2 because he felt that 5’11 range is too short. That guy could easily claim 6’0” even if he were a straight 5’11” but he feels that an acceptable height is 6’1” or above. So for some guys 6’0” is even too short
Ellis said on 5/Nov/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8: It depends where you are, but the general census is that 6'2 is tall a legit 6'2 so you're right, it's not like it will not be accepted or something, but 6'4 as well is an ideal height. This is how I see it (My Opinion) :
5'8-5'10: Average
5'11-6'1: Above Average
6'2-6'4: Tall, and ideal, a person who is truly 6'4 is like the height that is very tall but also accepted as an ideal height, 6'2 and 6'3 are also very tall. Now, I'm not saying that 6'4 is the popular opinion, but it feels like the alpha height for a man. Very tall, and still accepted as ideal.
6'5-6'6: Very tall
6'6+: Extremely tall, I'm not being biased because I'm above, it's actually shown that anything above 6'6 in a 5'9 society is viewed as extremely tall.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Nov/18

I don't believe that's true. The most ideal height range for men is 6'1"-6'2" if you see statistics. And even then, many don't quite realize how tall a legit 6'1"-6'2" is.
Canson said on 5/Nov/18
@Ellis: mad respect. And I’m not knocking you. Some guys here have mentioned that they would want to be 7’0”. To me, ideal is very broad. Some guys here will say that 6’0” is as tall as they would like to be but then you see 6’1-6’2 for some and even up to 6’8-6’9 like you mentioned. Guess it depends on the person
Ellis said on 4/Nov/18
@Canson: I would actually say that 6'4 is viewed as the ideal tall height nowadays. As for me wanting to be 6'8-9, it's just my personal opinion, it's not ideal but I have other qualities that can compensate for that so I will be fine. I guess I like standing out.
Canson said on 4/Nov/18
@Ellis: I claim 6’4.5 sometimes. But I also do it because taller friends of mine claim their heights so don’t stray from that. Also at this size, it’s plenty tall for me. I can appreciate that you enjoy your height tho. However, I can’t get with the having to add extra inches. I don’t see the point honestly. It’s like me saying that 6’4 isn’t enough when lots of guys that you see will say that they wish they were 6’0” tall let alone 6’2” or 6’3 like you see on general heights. Now for you I’m surprised you want to be 6’8” or 6’9”. That’s not necessarily the most practical or ideal height for daily life
Ellis said on 3/Nov/18
@Canson: You are a very modest person when it comes to your height, literally everyone lies about there height in my city. When I was 16 I was around your height, I was 6'4.5 and I always said I was 6'6. No one second guessed it because they were all lying as well. Since I have grown into that niche, saying that I'm 6'6 nowadays would be laughable, you got guys here at 6'5 saying there 6'7, but I get it. I feel like my body frame has changed now, I feel like 6'5 to 6'7 changes how you look, when I was 6'4-5 I was very tall but my frame wasn't that lanky, now I'm much more lanky at 6'7 barefoot. I wouldn't change it for anything that's my personal opinion on the matter.
Also who do you think is taller Lonzo Ball or yourself?
Ellis said on 3/Nov/18
@Canson: Yeah, on the basketball court I always say I'm 6'8 sometimes 6'9 now(rarely), I used to be insecure about my height I know how crazy it sounds, I would come to my school with insoles upon the default insoles in my shoes(you heard right). I just felt like I wanted to be taller, but now since I'm taller than every single person I know, and I'm taller than my height with shoes on with insoles upon insoles in them barefoot now(it has been a year now since I wore those big shoes), I don't wear insoles upon insoles nowadays. That's not the whole reason though lol, the main reason is because my height shouldn't be my main quality. This one time this kid thought I was 7 feet tall, I went with it lmao. Hopefully I'm still growing, my goal is 6'8 or 6'9 barefoot.
Canson said on 2/Nov/18
@Ellis: I used to say 6’4 1/2 or 6’5 sometimes when I played ball. Since I’ve been out of college (15 years) that’s been 6’4.5 or 6’4”. Now it’s almost always 6’4. If someone is close in height or challenges I will say I’m like 6’4 1/4-1/2 or 6’4 1/4 but 90% of the time it’s 6’4”. I do it because I have taller friends that are honest about their height as well so don’t need to put them in a position to lie for me. In addition to the fact that I wouldn’t want to be any taller than I am. I consider myself 6’4”. You definitely could get away with 6’8” for sure with a lot of people. But If I were you and you wanted the extra amount, however, I would just claim 6’7” even though you drop to 6’6.25-.5 because you’re close enough that many won’t challenge you. If you wanted to be modest 6’6 probably but that may raise eyebrows as people may think you’re downgrading yourself if you’re 6’6.5 some days still. If 6’6.25 regularly then you’d still get it. I’m not against someone rounding half down because I would even if I were closer to 6’4 1/2 at a low than I am. But because of how much taller you are than everyone. I have been told before “6’4? That’s it”. Or “ you’re taller than that I’m 6’4 and you’re almost 2” taller”. The former is someone who can’t tell the difference the latter is a liar who wants to make himself taller.
Canson said on 2/Nov/18
@Jdubbz: we’re almost identical. I used to measure 6’4.3-.4 probably but not sure if it was due to longer hair. Now I’m almost always 6’4.25-.3 at my normal low and can get to about 6’4” or a mm over on a rare occasion when I’ve been on my feet but usually when I’m experimenting to see my extreme low. I almost never come to 193.04. Usually about 193.2 maybe 193.1 once assuming I measured right (I was a bit tipsy when I did it once lol)
Jdubbz said on 1/Nov/18
@Canson I used to measure 6'3 7/8 - flat 6'4 range, but these days I'm 6'4.2 - 6'4.3 at night.
Ellis said on 1/Nov/18
@Canson: That is my extreme low, I was measured that after doing a lot of activity. I remember, I did bench press and all that good stuff, I also did a bunch of dunks earlier in the day, it was taken at midnight. I was surprised that I measured at that height, because I actually encounter that height a lot later in the day like at nighttime pretty commonly. Mid day I'm a 2 meter man, and early in the day like right out of bed I'm closer to 6'7 and 1/3 than 6'7.5 actually. It actually depends what time of the day people see me, if it is early they will either guess me at 6'7 or 6'8, I say I'm 6'8, if it is later in the day people guess me probably at 6'6, and I say 6'7. Canson how tall do you tell people you are? I say I'm 6'8 usually, I know it sounds crazy but since I'm so much taller than most people, no one can tell the difference of an inch.
Canson said on 31/Oct/18
@Ellis: that sounds like it must be more like an extreme low for you if you go to 6’6.25 from 6’7.5. What do you measure on a normal day after about 8 hours of being awake (with normal activity)? I’m 2-3” shorter than you but even my extreme low is probably right at 6’4” or a mm over the Mark after waking up around 6’5-6’5 1/8. I usually maintain a mm over 6’4.25 at a normal low which is about 3/4” to 2cm max
Ellis said on 29/Oct/18
I'm not sure what my inseam is but I run a 36 Long in jeans, in my opinion my legs look long. Most people guess me at 6'6 or 6'7 sometimes. My normal height is around 6'6.75 then I shrink once again for my night height.
Canson said on 10/Oct/18
@Jdubbz: do you measure 6’4 at a low or do you go below the mark in the afternoon? Can’t remember if I’ve asked you this before.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Oct/18

There are a few NBA players whose wingspans are nearly a foot longer than their height as well. It's few and far between though.


I don't think it's so much that women on average have proportionally longer legs than men, it's more that women have to buy longer pants than men on average, because they have higher waists than men. So for example, a 5'8" man with 32" regular inseam can wear 30" inseam pants just fine, but a 5'8" woman with 32" has to buy pants that are the same length.
viper said on 20/Sep/18
6-6 guys with a 30 inseam would get guessed at 6-4-6-5 a lot
viper said on 20/Sep/18
5-11 with a 6-9 wingspan, haven't seen anything close to that in the NBA measurements
viper said on 20/Sep/18
A 40 inch inseam at 6-4? Nuts
Jdubbz said on 17/Sep/18
@Christian good to know. I do seem to have a longer stride than nearly everyone, so having somewhat long legs for my height would explain that.

Unrelated, but this discussion of pants and actual inseam makes me wonder if the myth that women have proportionately longer legs than men, on average, is really true. Like if a 6'0 girl has a 36 inseam, would she have the same leg length as me, or would her legs be more like 2 inches shorter (since men's crotches hang 2-3 inches lower than our public bone)?
Canson said on 17/Sep/18
@Christian: I think it’s 36-37. Pants I’m right at 35 I believe. You’re right 40 is super long for someone 6’4. I have a friend who’s my height who wears a 31-32 and looks short compared to me till we stand next to each other
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Sep/18

That's pretty long for your height, although I wouldn't say super long. Rampage Clover who's a poster, is 6'4" as well and he has 40" inseam but most likely it's a regular inseam rather than pants, so he probably wears 38", which is super long for 6'4". I have a cousin who's weak 6'4" range, about 192cm to be exact, wears 34" pants so probably he's 36".


I knew a guy from college whose wingspan's 10" longer than his height. He's only 5'11" but has a 6'9" span, but he had very broad shoulders and huge hands so that could've been the reason why. He played college basketball and he was a really skilled player.
Jdubbz said on 13/Sep/18
@Christian Yeah 30 inch inseam at 6'6 is all torso. Probably looks pretty weird irl. I'm 6'4 with a 36-36.5 pants inseam and 38.5 regular inseam, is that about average?
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/Aug/18
I had a Scottish mix Nigerian friend who was only 6'1.5" wear a size 14 shoes with a measured 35 inch inseam that is ridiculous long legs under 6'2 and having a wingspan of 7'0 same as Carmelo.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Aug/18

30" inseam at 6'6" is insane. That's almost unhuman. I know plenty of 5'8"-5'10" guys with longer inseams than that. My 5'8" friend has a pretty long inseam for his height at 32".
viper said on 9/Aug/18
I measure 34 inches exactly from the floor to the pelvic bone
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Aug/18

Is your actual inseam length about 37-38 though? Pants length is different than actual.
Canson said on 31/Jul/18
@Viper: mine is 35-36 at 6’4”
viper said on 30/Jul/18
My inseam is 33-34, I guess that's average for my height
Canson said on 29/Jul/18
@Christian: very true! And Barkley and Jordan are the same height and Chuck wears a 16 I believe! Jordan 13
Canson said on 29/Jul/18
@Christian: very true! And Barkley and Jordan are the same height and Chuck wears a 16 I believe!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Jul/18

I know two different guys who are almost a foot in difference in height but share the same shoe size, lol. One is 5'5" and other's 6'4" and they both wear 11.5
viper said on 24/Jul/18
Rasheed Wallace only wears a 13 at about 6-10
viper said on 24/Jul/18
I see 6-3 Sheamus wears a 10 at 6-3.

Wilt only wore a 15 at 7-1
Canson said on 21/Jul/18
@Christian: a 10 is small for a guy who is 6’2.75 like Viper is
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jul/18

10 is quite small for a 6'3" guy. But I think shoe size and height don't have that strong of a correlation like many people think. One of my friends is only 5'11.5" but he wears the same size as me at 14. And I know another guy around 5'11"-6'0" that wears a 9. And I've seen 6'5" range guys wear anywhere from 12 to 18.
Canson said on 14/Jul/18
@Christian: not sure if Bill Deblasio measures 6’5 7/8 at a low (presumably he’d be around 6’5.75 at worst judging by appearance) but I still get a taller impression from Carmelo In pics and in person He would never go under 6’6 even at a low. He doesn’t even have greatest posture in the pic above to be honest
Canson said on 14/Jul/18
@Junior: I think Melo edges Roberson after seeing pics. It’s possible if Roberson measured 6’6.25 morning that he’s 6’5.75 or 7/8 and Melo honestly looks an afternoon measurement. He may be below the mark slightly at a low but I would be hard pressed to say he’s below 6’6” and may not even get that low. I have a buddy who is 6’6 or 6’6 1/8 at a low I believe or thereabouts and he looked around the same height as Melo in person. Melo could be as high as 6’6.25 as he may have gained a tad (say if the measurement wasn’t the normal low). It looked just about 2” to me and others said 1.5-2” which still puts him right at 6’6 or maybe a mm over. I would have him edging Roberson honestly. Roberson is likely a weaker 6’6 than he is
Canson said on 13/Jul/18
@Christian: I agree 100%, they do look larger probably due to the angle. A 15 isn’t all that much of a surprise being he’s taller than both of us. But those at first glance look larger than a 15. It’s strange because I know people that are taller than both of us (my friends) that have varying shoe sizes. The “weak” 6’6” fake 6’7, ex teammate wears a 14 or 15 I believe then the legit 6’7” wears a 16 while my legit 6’5 friend wears a 14 or 15 and the 6’6 friend a 14 I believe
viper said on 13/Jul/18
How odd is it that my foot is so wide for just a size 10, even at 6-3.

They say I have a EEE foot
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Jul/18

You're right, Carmelo's shoes look bigger than a 15 in that pic. Maybe it's because of the angle of the pic or the style of the shoes.
Canson said on 8/Jul/18
@Christian: yea I’ve had some 14s I had to order online like in a dress shoe or even a sneaker before. Then again, there have been times when I could go to an outlet store and find a 14 and have even seen 15s in stock at places such as DSW
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 30/Jun/18

Plus you have a much easier time finding size 13's at stores compared to 14's. Did you order them online when you wore 14's?
Canson said on 30/Jun/18
His feet in this pic above are huge. Not under 15 imho
Canson said on 29/Jun/18
@Viper: I’ve never seen 14 but have seen sources with a 15 for him. He looks to have at least a 15 in that pic above and when I saw him in person couldn’t guess the foot size as I’m not good with that but from a quick glance they were larger than mine noticeably
Canson said on 28/Jun/18
@Christian: yup. I wore a 14 before as I liked baggier feel with clothes and shoes but I’m really just a 13. Some 13s can be tight but most are perfect.
viper said on 27/Jun/18
Sources say he wears a 14 or 15 shoe
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Jun/18

You're pretty lucky you wear size 13 because stores typically sell up to 13. But I wear size 14 so most shoes I own I had to order online, which tend to be more expensive than offline.
Canson said on 24/Jun/18
@Junior: I’ve seen 22, 24, and I think 21 for Shaq too lol
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jun/18
@Canson Thanks for your info. It's strange that Lebron and Melo wear the same size but was report to be 2 size difference more bizarre that Durant wear 19 but from the internet it show size 16.
Canson said on 15/Jun/18
@Junior: it says here he wears a 15. But you’re right it could be an error. I didn’t pay as much attention to the shoe size when I met him but his feet did look larger than mine and I’m a 13 myself at 6’4-6’4.5 range. I’ve never seen anything but 15 for Melo. But for a 6’6” guy like him that’s about normal. I’ve seek guys my height wear 15 and seen guys an inch taller at 6’5 wear the same size as me

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Johnson said on 14/Jun/18
In the last message I wrote Melo looks similar to LeBron in those pics
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Jun/18
@Canson I thought 15 too but it maybe the shoe design make it look bigger. Carmelo feet size was reported to be size 13-14. Lebron feet size was wrongly stated size 16 in some site but he claim to be 15 not 16 and it's bizarre that Durant feet size was say to be 16 in the past but he claim on IG recently he had a size 19 feet same huge as his buddy Kevin Love.
Canson said on 14/Jun/18
His feet look larger than a 15 here on this pic
Canson said on 10/Jun/18
@Caesar: there’s a guy on Lebrons page that claimed to have met Melo and also said he’s 6’6”

Click Here
Canson said on 4/Jun/18
@Joe: I would say if Melo is that full pre draft listing which he may be Lebron is 6’7” possibly. Other scenario is Melo dips to 6’6” and Lebron 200cm like you said.
joe### said on 1/Jun/18
6´6.25 is a pefect listing and maybe lebrom can be 2 meters tall man
Canson said on 31/May/18
@Joe: that’s about right. Someone who posted here said 6’5” but I can firmly say that Melo is at worst a solid 6’6 perhaps as tall as 6’6.25. Once you’re into the 1.5-2” range that you see it’s hard to needle down to 1/4” because you don’t know who’s been awake longer etc.
Johnson said on 29/May/18
in the pictures Carmelo looks similar to LeBron James

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Canson said on 29/May/18
@Junior: I’d go 6’1.5 for Steph. I agree
joe### said on 29/May/18
with Okafor 6´9.25-5 Click Here
with dermacus cousins 6´9 Click Here
looks 198-199
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 28/May/18
@Canson The time of the measurement always an issues for guessing a correct height of the player. Melo did look 6'6 at a low. Before the draft express remove all players draft measurement i have check on Roberson height was 6'6 1/4 w/o shoes like Melo and they generally look the height maybe a low at 6'6 both. One point is that i don't agree Stephen Curry look as low 6'1.25" because he look 6'1.5-6'1.75" with Durant, Melo and Lebron.

Click Here:
Canson said on 26/May/18
@Christian: I do agree that Caron is “similar” to Kobe in height. But he would be a fraction taller imho. I would be hard pressed to see Butler sub 6’5” at a low whereas Kobe measures 6’4.75.
Canson said on 26/May/18
@Christian: same with Caron Butler. I’ve met him and I find it hard to believe he would be under 6’5”. He could look around 1/2-1” Taller than me. I would say no less than a full 6’5” and Melo no less than 6’6”. Now that’s odd because I have a friend who met Melo that thought he was 6’5 but it’s because he can’t gauge height well either

I do agree with Caesar on Jordan 6’4 1/2 and Barkley same height as Jordan. As well, I concur about D Wade as he’s a weak 6’3” guy who would measure 6’4 in basketball sneakers perhaps or even 6’3.75”
Canson said on 26/May/18
@Christian: same with Caron Butler. I’ve met him and I find it hard to believe he would be under 6’5”. He could look around 1/2-1” Taller than me. I would say no less than a full 6’5” and Melo no less than 6’6”. Now that’s odd because I have a friend who met Melo that thought he was 6’5 but it’s because he can’t gauge height well either
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 24/May/18

You sure Carmelo, Lebron and Westbrook are that short in person? One poster named Canson met Carmelo and said he looked no less than 6'6".
Canson said on 24/May/18
@Caesar: I’ve met Butler and he’s definitely a full 6’5” minimum. He’s not less than that. I’m 6’4 1/4- 3/8 and I could tell he was taller than me by close to an inch. That could be 2cm but it still is a solid 6’5 no less. I would go with 196cm honestly. Melo I’ve also met and he’s not noticeably less than 6’6”. I was told he was 1.5-2” taller than me and we both had dress shoes on in the restaurant. Look at him with Kobe as well that’s 1.5” difference. I agree on MJ and Barkley both 6’4.5 barefoot and Blake as well 6’7.5-.75 Love is around that height maybe 6’7.25-.5.

Russ looks awfully low. He’s been guessed 6’4 and 6’5. I know someone who’s met him and said he’s maybe 6’2 and change.
Caesar said on 23/May/18
Wade: 6’2.5-6’3 Have seen him multiple times. Always looked a very weak 6'3.
Pippen 6'7 Pippen is nothing below this.
Kobe 6’4.5 A very weak 6'5 is what he always looks in person. His wife measurement doesn't count in my eyes.
Melo 6’5 Yes! Carmelo is no more than 6'5. Compare pictures of him with Lebron James. Lebron has at least an inch on him.
Lebron 6’6.25 Seen him twice. Easy 6'6.
Jordan 6’4.5 This what he looks in person.
Barkley 6’4 5/8 Never met him but this looks accurate.
Durant 6’9 Legitimate
Westbrook 6’1-6.1.5
Curry 6'1
Rose 6’1
Blake Griffin 6'7.5
Kevin Love 6'7.5 Same as Griffin
Kevin Garnett 6’11

Caron Butler is similar to Kobe in height.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 4/May/18

He could be 6'6" flat but that's the worst I'd have him at.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 4/May/18

He could be 6'6" flat but that's the worst I'd have him at.
Canson said on 3/May/18
@Junior: not sure on Roberson. I’m not sure what he measured but I know that 2013 was a morning measurement. Anything 2009 or beyond was. Melo was drafted in 2003. Not sure if that was morning but I would guess if it was that it was later morning. You’re absolutely right that there is a chance Melo could dip to 6’6” flat. Even the people around us said 1.5-2” difference. but he could honestly look just half inch shorter than Lebron as well. I put him around 198.5 (6’6-6’6.25). He can look closer to the pre draft height with Kobe as well. That looks closer to 1.5” than 1” imho. I’ve never noticed Roberson with Melo but I would have Melo taller than him if anything
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/May/18
If Carmelo was measure like ever other NBA teammates in the earlier morning he could be go as low as 6'6 flat. Andre Roberson doesn't look shorter than Carmelo and many argues that Roberson look just legit 6'6 although Roberson himself claim 6'7. More i look at Carmelo i'm confuse that 1/4. He might be just 6'6 at low. Sometimes he wear thicker footwear like Nike Air style that given 1.-4" boost of height.
Canson said on 2/Feb/18
@Frost: for Kobe I haven’t met him or MJ or Chuck. Although I did see chuck from a distance in philly once he looked short imho and a buddy of mine is 6’3” and met him two times and said he’s my height and a former coach of mine was a scout for years and said the same (he himself is 6’2). He also said Jordan was my height. I’m 6’4 1/4 at night to maybe 6’4 1/3 on a day when I’m not active He said Kobe looked “about 6’5” and that Wade was barely taller than him and that if he were over maybe 6’3” he would be surprised. He felt about half inch prob. He said 6’2/6’3. I met Melo and he looks close enough. If anything I’d say he is a good 6’6 and can be 198-99. Not less than 6’6” tho. I met Caron Butler and he was 6’5” maybe at most 6’5.25 like his draft but looked a decent 6’5” not less. There are some others there too. Jason Maxiell I played against and he did grow. He wasn’t noticeably taller than me when I saw him in high school then in college if he were taller it was about 1/2”-1” maybe. I know his cousin and he’s grown to about 6’5.5 now and that showed when he was cut from a team overseas from exceeding the height requirement of 6’5. But that’s a rare instance as a lot of the younger players now (that are measured first thing in the AM) don’t ever look as they’re listed on a draft bio. My same 6’3” friend stood next to Wall before and said he’s not even 6’2”. Said he had him by 1-1.5” which is consistent with a 6’0” friend that said Wall was only slightly taller than him like 1.5” or so
Canson said on 2/Feb/18
@Frost: Durant if anything is possible 6’9.5 like rob has him but to me remotely possible. He still looks shorter than Deandre Jordan and only about half inch taller (max) than Serge Ibaka. Russ looks spot on imho (6’2.5 is possible for him I’ll say). Russ looks a perfect 4” shorter than Melo does. I could almost even say Russ can look 6’3 at times but also see a flat 6’2” other times. He looks a lot taller in comparison to his contemporaries such as lillard and those guys. Speaking of Lillard remember Shawn Respert? He was listed 6’3 but wasn’t over 6’0.5 or 6’.75 lol. Damian is shorter than all 6’1” players out there imho. He looks less than 6’1” with Kloss

Lowry I totally agree he doesn’t look much bigger than CP3
Bradly said on 2/Feb/18
Probably right on the list but I think 23 still hangs tough at 6-5.
Frost said on 2/Feb/18
Only disagreements I have with that list are westbrook Durant. Feel they're slightly taller than their celeb heights listings.

Spot on list regardless. A few I'd like to add.

Damian Lillard 6'0.75-6'1
Kyle Lowry - 5'11.5 (at least an inch shorter than lillard)
Canson said on 1/Feb/18
My guesses for the NBA players here (real afternoon heights)

Wade: 6’2.5-6’3 (doesn’t look his pre draft height at all)
Pippen 6’6.75-6’7
Kobe 6’4.75 as listed
Melo 6’6.25 as listed
Lebron 6’6’75-6’7
Jordan 6’4.5
Barkley 6’4 5/8 (Olympic measurement) worst case 6’4.5
Durant 6’9.25 like he was listed before
Westbrook 6’2.25 as listed
Curry (morning measurement) 6’1.5 max afternoon
Rose 6’1.25-6’1.5 close enough
Blake Griffin (morning measurement with hair) doesn’t look over 6’7.75 with Deandre Jordan and looks same as Kevin Love
Kevin Love 6’7.5-.75
Garnett 6’11 flat
Carlos boozer retired page 6’7.5
Kyrie Irving 6’1.25-.5
Rodman 6’6.5 close enough prime (6’6.25-.5)
Chris Paul max 5’11
Canson said on 1/Feb/18
@Rob: good thinking. You have him precise as listed. Met him in person 2 years ago and he’s roughly 2” taller than I am. One of the few NBA players who’s listing matches his pre draft (likely it was in the afternoon that year)

@5’11: if Melo were measured in the morning he may be 199.5-200 the in first hour out of bed maybe 2 hours max. Johnson bases his estimates off of soccer players who are likely overlisted in some cases (those are morning measurements for them) so instead of bringing them to normal he inflated the legit guys
Canson said on 1/Feb/18
@Rob: good thinking. You have him precise as listed. Met him in person 2 years ago and he’s roughly 2” taller than I am. One of the few NBA players who’s listing matches his pre draft (likely it was in the afternoon that year)
Junior Hernandez said on 1/Feb/18
Carmelo was very close to 4cm taller than Kobe Bryant but look more like 1.475inch (3.747cm). I would say Carmelo is a good 6'6 3/8 (199.07cm) and Kobe Bryant was more like 6'4 7/8 (195.26cm)
5'11 said on 1/Feb/18
Johnson said on 31/Jan/18
@Rob Don't you think he is legit 2.00 metres?

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with Ashton Kutcher
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With Thierry Henry
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I can't believe some people will still say Henry is 6'1.5"-6'2. You can see from that pic he is 6' maximum.
Bennett said on 1/Feb/18
And this is more legit 6ft6 guy on this site.
Frost said on 1/Feb/18
He's exactly as listed
Bradly said on 31/Jan/18
Looked the same as me as a Nugget. As listed then and now.
Johnson said on 31/Jan/18
@Rob Don't you think he is legit 2.00 metres?

With Karim Benzema
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with Ashton Kutcher
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With Thierry Henry
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Editor Rob
Sometimes he can seem 199cm range, but 200 I'm not sure he is that tall.
5'10 lad said on 31/Jan/18
Where’s all these 6’6 guys coming from Rob lol
Editor Rob
They're coming out the woodwork, a lot more will appear!

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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