How tall is Celine Dion

Celine Dion's Height

5ft 7in (170.2 cm)

French Canadian Singer known for songs such as My Heart Will Go On, It's All Coming Back To Me Now and Because You Loves Me. In a 1998 UsaWeekend article it described her, "at 5- foot-7 and 115 pounds, she's a size 2".

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5ft 7.33in (171cm)
Dom said on 5/Sep/17
Jtm how tall did you think Houston was? looks like 4 inches taller than Alicia Keys who is listed as 5'6'' and looks the same height as Jordin Sparks who is over 5'9'' Click Here
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Dom said on 3/Sep/17
Jtm how do you estimate these girls' height?! By guessing randomly? Look at pics of them besides other people whose heights are known, it's not very hard lol.
Jtm said on 26/Aug/17
Carey isn't over 5'5. Houston 5'9? Lol
Dom said on 24/Aug/17
Lin First Whitney's body was measured a while after she was dead and the body shrinks because of rigor mortis. Whitney was about 5'9'', and Celine when standing straight looked a tiny bit taller than Mariah who's 5'7'' and change.
Lin said on 16/Aug/17
She seems as tall as Mariah Carey at a 1998 Music Show, who is about 1 inch shorter than Whitney Houston, who is proved to be 5'6. So Celine is 5'5, I reckon.
Dom said on 19/Jul/17
even she also said roughly 5'8'' and she does look it.
even said on 18/Jul/17
just as she said : 5'7" , 115 lbs
even said on 6/Jul/17
she cant be under 5 foot 7 ( most likely 171 cm )
Mouse22 said on 6/Jul/17
If Celine is 171cm that's still not 5'7.5" but closer to 5'7". She's very thin, I think that's what make people think she's taller.
Kelly said on 24/Jun/17
Eh her old legs and not a good body makes her look tall so 5'9 she's not 5'7
Spencer said on 20/Jun/17
Looks 5'8
Dom said on 21/Nov/16
Just I also think she's taller than 5'7 but where have you seen her next to Mariah?
Just said on 12/Nov/16
Rob, is it possible that she' s taller than 5'7? She never looked 5'7 to me. I always thought she's at least 5'9. She looks a lot taller than Mariah Carey.
Editor Rob: it's always possible she could be a bit over 5ft 7, though I'd never have guessed as tall as 5ft 9.
BilboBaggins said on 26/Oct/16
I'd say she's closer to being AT LEAST 5' 8" in height. I've seen her pictured alongside various, other celebs of varying heights (which I've known) over the years, and there's never been any doubt in my mind that Celine is a tall lady.
Insey said on 5/Aug/16
Never met her, but telling from her bone structure and seeing her on video, she seems taller than 170cm. My guess is that she is probably closer to 172cm-173cm.
Mouse22 said on 30/Dec/15
Not in every detail but generally I think I agree with the people here who say she's a bit taller than 5'7" - Celine is listed mostly as 171cm, that's about 5'7.5. Not sure about claims like '5'8" or more' or so; I don't think so, she's of a very slim build which makes her look tall, she only needs a pair of high heels and its likely people start to exaggerate because of her looks.
Fray said on 30/Dec/15
@Dom I worked with a team of people (all wardrobe.styling/prod design) for the company/management running press junket (ads/commercials I think) for Vegas with various celebs (so no - i was not directly hired by her). Everyone was frazzled (us more than anyone), things were not going well, and everyone was scared of upsetting her ("diva" rumors) and management. She treated people better than the people around her did.
Dom said on 29/Dec/15
Fray you worked for her? On one of her shows?
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
She's taller than 5'7" - I would say 5'7 1/2" - 5'7 3/4" and weighs 110-115lb. She is def a size 2 (sometimes a size 0). One of the best people to work for! Professional, on time, kind.

and to people who believe the playboy playmates' claim of 5'7" and weight of 100lbs.. totally lying..they'd have to be skinnier than Celine (and she is very small boned) and Cher (back in the '70's).
Jerome said on 12/Dec/15
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Michael buble is probably about 5'11 in dress shoes so Celine must be 5'11.5-6' here. A 5'7 person would need huge platform heels to actually gain 5 inches. She's probably 5'8
Dom said on 24/Jul/15
Looks about 2 inches taller than 5'7 Vivica Fox here with a slight heel advantage.
Dom said on 24/Jul/15
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MaryAnne said on 9/Jul/15
She looks tall. Nice posture.
Mouse22 said on 9/Jul/15
As she's listed as 171cm, that seems quite real and more like 5'7.5".
Dom said on 15/Jun/15
She sang at a gala recently and there are a few pictures of her and Sharon Stone together, they look pretty much the same height.
Sarah Sunderbans said on 22/May/15
She must be at least a very stark 5'7 because she always looks taller than people who claim to be around her height, like Maria Menounos, Oprah Winfrey, Brandy... and even some models.
Gerard said on 5/May/15
i have met her in person in a press conference during her world tour. I bet my bottom dollar that she is 5.7 and half comparing with other artists and my height.
nai said on 21/Sep/14
yeah!she is 5'7 or more
Brad said on 11/Jun/14
5' 8" at the least.
Just said on 9/Jan/14
Maybe an upgrade to 5'7"5 or 5'8?
Dom said on 23/Dec/13
In reasonable size heels, Looks 2,5 inches taller than 5'8" Ne-Yo in dress shoes
Dom said on 12/Sep/13
She looks exactly the same height as Maria Menounos, same size heels also, Maria's posture seems a little better than Celine's. Roughly 5'8".

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bella said on 21/Apr/13
i think she's 5'7 one half
Mikey said on 3/Feb/13
At least 5'7.5'', possibly 5'8-5'9.
She looks very tall compared to women that claim 5'4-5'5.
bill said on 4/Nov/12
she's 5''7 exactly.Comparing her with 4''9 Charice
Dom said on 6/Dec/11
@Samuel Anderton That doesn't mean their heels were the same size. Do you have any pics? Personally I think Celine is 5'8"
Samuel Anderton said on 6/Dec/11
They had same heels in an award night. You know, you have to wear shoes with heels in those special nights. You should not wear a shoe without heels. It must equalize with the beautifully dress!!
Dom said on 1/Dec/11
@Samuel Anderton, where did you see their shoes??
jtm said on 26/Nov/11
i am gonna go with 5'7 now.
Samuel Anderton said on 26/Nov/11
She is taller in same shoes than 5ft 9.5 Cindy Crawford!!
Rocky said on 4/Nov/11
She is at least 5 foot 7, she always looks fairly tall in her photos compared to women that are 5'4 or 5'5'. Don't see how she's any less than 5'7 in any photos.
The Archer said on 4/Sep/11
she is so thin and her BMI is about 18<25 .
Dom said on 14/Jun/11
faten 115 pounds is not 47 kg it's about 52 kg and honestly nowadays she looks more like 55 kg
faten said on 14/Jun/11
i thought she is 180 cm, and OMG she is about 47 KG, how shikkny. this is too much
Dom said on 9/Apr/11
In the country music awards, Celine seemed about 2,5 inches taller than 5'6" Reba.
Dom said on 1/Apr/11
Lisa what Oprah photos are these exactly? I've never seen a picture or video of Oprah where she looked under 5'6 and sometimes she looks closer to 5'7"
lisagoodeyes said on 27/Mar/11
I think Celine Dion is 5 foot 7 inches tall, but in the latest videos of her new Vegas show, her heels look about 5 inches high. This has become the norm for celebrities, even the very tall, such as Tyra Banks, Uma Thurman and Charlize Theron will wear very high heels. The taller they are the slimmer they look, and this helps with photographs and videos which are not quite true reflections of the body, because everyone looks heavier.
As far as Oprah, she has been lying about her height since the age of 18 when she gave her height as 5 foot six inches and her measurements as 36-24-36 for the first MISS BLACK TENNESSE PAGEANT in 1972. Many photos over the years show she is closer to 5 foot four. She always wears LOUBOUTIN heels on the show with their red soles, the heels are between 5 and 6 inches and sometimes there is a platform as well, she walks with difficulty in them, hard to balance when you are very heavy. But they will make you look much slimmer with the added height of a wig or hair piece. Thus the explanation why Oprah looks so much shorter than Celine.
Ellis said on 26/Mar/11
Looks more tall than she is
Katy said on 1/Jan/11
She looks taller maybe because she's so thin.
Dom said on 9/Nov/10
Well it'S hard to tell as they are moving around so much but sometimes it looks 1 inch and sometimes two inches so I'm guessing Celine has about 1,5" on oprah. And there is no way Oprah is under 5'6", She's been saying 5'7" and She's not the kind to lie about that.
Jeremy said on 9/Nov/10
Dom, I could see in the second video that Celine looked 1.5 or 2 inches taller but Celine's heels may have been higher than Oprah's heels. I saw another video.

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In this video it looks like they are wearing the same size heels and Celine looks 1 inch taller than Oprah. Oprah is 5'5 or 5'6. So Celine probably is not taller than 5'7.
Dom said on 7/Nov/10
Well Jeremy that's cause the stage is at an angle and Celine is standing lower, here in the end, Celine looks 2 inches taller than Oprah
Click Here

and here at the beginning and the end, she looks at least 1,5 inches taller than Oprah

Click Here
Jeremy said on 3/Nov/10
She looks the same height as Oprah. 5'6.5 or 5'7 is probably right.

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Franco said on 17/Sep/07
she does looks tallish (illusion).....

minimum 168cm max 170cm , i'd say 170cm.
gerald said on 30/Aug/07
i think is she s 5 7 if bare footed. she looks the same high as mariah on Divas Live 1998 though mariah s wearing towering heels. saying mariah is 5.8,how tall is celine?
Winglet said on 28/Jun/07
I have stood right next to Celine at a concert and she was the same height as me. I'm 5'7.5
Sam said on 27/Jun/07
I'm one of Celine's fans and i know her height, because i asked her with an e- mail. Celine send me an email that she is 5''8 as at 2006. My question is, why we always read her height 5''7 on media and internet!! I thought, she would give her personal informations to media better day by day, year by year. To be honest to say, I stood next to her at her concert in Canada and She (no heels) was definitly 1 inch taller than me. I'm 5'' 7,5
Chabel said on 24/Jun/07
Celine is at least 175 cm ,there is a french television show of the 1997( or 1998) new year's eve hosted by Michel Drucker where she stands next to dutch model Kate MUlder and they appear of the same height.
Chris said on 30/May/07
Probably she was closer to the camera than Randy.
CC said on 26/Jul/06
I saw a pic of Celine with Randy Jackson, and she's a few inches taller. Let's say celine is as tall as Randy if bare footed
Celine? said on 6/Jul/06
I remember hearing over the radio someone who met her and said she was like 5'2" if bare footed. But she was on the Oprah show and she looked about 2 inches taller than Oprah. I believe she was wearing 3-4 inch heels and Oprah might have been wearing like 2 inch? Anyhow, by just analyzing the body from long shots it looks like she would be about 5'4.5" to 5'5.5".
Ad said on 8/May/06
I can't remember the exact height they say she is .... yup ... should be around 5'7 as claimed above.

But that's also the height claimed for WHitney and yet when both singers stood next to each other during Divas LIve Concert, Whitney was wearing flat shoes while Celine was in towering heels.... and was still shorted than Whitney...

So who's understating... or overstating.... ? hahah.

Brenda said on 28/Apr/06
I seen her in her Vegas show and she looked EXTREMELY short! hah

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