How tall is Cher

Cher's Height

5ft 5 ½ (166.4 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 6 ¼ (168.3 cm)
American singer and actress known for movies like Mermaids, Moonstruck, Mask, The Witches of Eastwick and Silkwood. She stated 5ft 6 in 1970's and also 5ft 7 and once mentioned her weight: "I was almost 5β€²8β€³ & weighed 106πŸ’ƒ Till 48".

How tall is  Cher
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How tall is  Cher
Kourtney Kardashian, Cher, Kim Kardashian
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Average Guess (39 Votes)
Peak: 5ft 6.51in (168.9cm)
Current: 5ft 5.51in (166.4cm)
Leesheff85 said on 14/Jan/23
Five seven peak and five foot five and a half now
sky chaffee said on 28/Dec/21
I met Cher in the dressing room area at Ohrbach on Wilshere blvd in 1969. I was 13 years old at the time and I was 5'7 . Cher was so tiny I remember, I was surprised when I saw how small she was, she had no shoes on. She wasn't more than 5'4. It was so hard to know when she was on stage because she wore the highest heels.
Dennis Halford said on 1/Oct/21
Years ago when Cher was still married to Sonny and they were living in Encino--just the two of them with their little dog--my sister was friends with Cher and her younger sister. The three of them would often do things together. Cher was in her 20s then. That's how long ago it was. Consequently, I was in their home a few times and around Cher. Every time I saw her, she was always wearing flats. I am 6-feet tall, at least I was back then. I was a good 5 to 6 inches taller than Cher was. Unless I was taller than I thought back then, Cher could not have been more than 5"7". That would have been my guess. Online somewhere I once read that her height was 5'9". That is ridiculous! I think she looks taller because Sonny was not very tall, maybe 5'7" or 5'8" and on their television show she was often in heels and her hair was often up. This is my opinion. By the way, I might add that Cher was one of the sweetest, nicest persons you would ever meet! Nice to everyone and always made everyone feel welcome! I loved her!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/May/21
πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽŠ Happy Birthday Cher! 🎊🎈🎁😳

A Very Happy 7️⃣5️⃣th Birthday to the one and only Cher, who is 25x3 today!

5ft6.75 peak and an inch and a quarter less today. πŸ’πŸŽΆπŸ₯€πŸŽΆ

Almost 180cm guy said on 9/Dec/20
I think 5ft 6.5 might be a good list for her peak height. Here is a short video of her, Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery from 1988: Click Here
Cher was 42 at the time, Cage 24 and Connery 58. I would say there was no two inch difference between Connery and Cage, Connery looked like 6ft 1.5 to me then and Cage could looked like 6ft 0.25 next to him. As for Cher, despite the heels, I'd say 5ft 6.5 (169 cm) fits her. Rob, could you give her this mark?
Editor Rob
6.5 is about the most I feel I could argue...
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/May/20
πŸ’πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Cher! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸ’

A Very Happy Birthday to Cher. I'm not mentioning how many Birthdays she's notched up because she is ageless!

Peak height - 5ft6.75 😁
Now - 5ft5.5 🎡🎧

Littlelee5ft6 said on 12/Oct/19
Plus in photos together cher looks a good 3 inches taller than madonna so 5ft 6 peak is out of the question
Littlelee5ft6 said on 12/Oct/19
I have seen a lot of photos of her with Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon in the witches of eastwick and cher always looks taller. I think cher was 5ft 7 peak and Susan and Michelle both a flat 5ft 6 peak . 5ft 7 for cher peak and 5ft 6 now
blessfarms said on 31/Aug/19
I think 5'7" is the most correct answer. I remember once hearing her say that she was "5 foot 7 and change". This stuck in my mind just because I am "between inches" and it always bothered me that when I was measured for physicals the nurse would always write that I was 5'8" when I was really just a fraction less than 5'8 1/2". Funny how stuff like that bothers you...
Karen Roberts said on 25/Jun/19
I met her once while shopping in Sarasota ,Florida. It was around 1977. I am 5'5 barely and she was the same height as me. She was very pleasant to me and more beautiful in person! I was surprised be cause I imagined her much taller from watching her on TV. Wonderful person inside and out!!
Stranger things fan said on 3/Jun/19
looks 5’6 even now
mohammad said on 16/Apr/19
Under 5'5 " = 100 % impossible

She could even be 5'6"
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jan/19
What a reception Cher is getting on Ellen's show! With her customary high heels, she looks quite a bit taller than Ellen, but it has proved to me beyond all reasonable doubt that Cher is NOT the dinky 5ft4 that I once read for her! Perhaps the person who decided upon that height was begrudging of her weighing in at 110lbs - but she WORKS AT IT! She has talked to Ellen about working out almost every day, and I have only ever seen her looking her shapely best. Her face, and therefore the rest of her, was slightly fuller at the beginning of her career.

Now Cher and Ellen are cavorting about in a hairdressing studio, and the two ladies who are having their hair done are in hysterics! Cher, with her shoes, and Ellen, in her pumps, are about 2" apart at the most. They can look each other straight in the face though, so maybe not as much as 2".

I'd like to give Cher 5ft5.5 for today's height and 5ft6.25 for her peak. When you manage to look like that at 72, I can't see an excessive height loss developing over the years. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
James Keffer said on 1/Nov/18
I agree that her current height is 5'5.5 but her peak height seemed much taller than 5'6.25. Look at her with the Jackson 5 in 1975.
Gracian said on 25/Mar/18
It's true that she lost her height. I think that the peak height 5'6.5" and the current height 5'5.75" will be reasonable for her. Rob, could you give her such updates?
Editor Rob
I will do it soon
Mimi said on 24/Mar/18
Rob don't you think Cher would have lost at least 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch in height? She's 71 and I'm sure even if she doesn't belong to the 2 inch loss at 70 she'd have still lost a noticeable amount?
Editor Rob
yes she's lost height, but her fitness and overall health certainly don't put her near 2inch loss category. At most 1 inch.
Barbara P said on 3/Feb/18
Cher is 5'4". My locker was next to hers when I worked at the New York Health and Racquet Club in 1982. Saw her frequently in gym shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jan/18
I expected at least 5ft8 for her
Mouse22 said on 6/Jan/18
She’s listed as much taller but when I saw a picture of her towering massively over two women of whom I know they’re not that small at all I somehow knew it’s her shoes or boots. It’s very common with female celebs, they’re often believed to be as tall as in fact they only are with their platform heel things on.
Adijos said on 26/Dec/17
Rob, could you add people like Cher, Pink, Kelly Rowland, Leann Rimes, Gwen Stefani, Andrea Bocelli, Kat DeLuna, Tina Turner, Nelly Furtado, Lionel Richie, Sabrina Carpenter, Sean Kingston, Samantha Fox, Redfoo, Cyndi Lauper, Rick Astley, Will I Am and Bonnie Tyler add to the pop singers section?
Click Here
I sorry for the fact that I wrote almost 20 people who are missing, I just listen to a lot of music and I noticed that these people are not in the section pop singers. I preferred to write it in one commentary than under eatchother separate.
Editor Rob
yeah, there's still a fair whack of pop singers not in that category.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Dec/17
@ Peggy - I wrote in just over a year ago expressing how surprised I was that Cher was in excess of 5ft6! I had always believed that she was 5ft4 myself, having actually read it, so what better a reason
is there for me, a cat lover, to write in re-assessing the superstar's height than on the day I read your lovely little tale involving Cher and your tomcat!
It must have been very exciting to see your cat shoot under the rope barrier that they had put up while filming 'Mermaids' in your road area! Then you had the fantastic opportunity to go right up to her and catch an eyeful as you were handed back the little fellow! How smashing that must have been, and if that isn't proof enough that Cher is smaller than 5ft6, then what is? I will lower my estimate to 5ft5 now and then I have to hurry out of this room because one of my cats, a ginger female called Felinia, has just used the litter tray, and it doesn't smell too good in here now at all!

Bye for now, and here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
Peggy said on 19/Dec/17
No way is Cher that tall. How do I know? I lived right around the corner from where they were filming the movie Mermaids in 1990. They had the street roped off. I was standing behind the ropes when my cat (swear to God) ran under the ropes and ran right over to Cher. She picked him up and someone yelled Can someone get this cat out of here. I yelled Hey that's my cat. I slipped under the the ropes and walked over to Cher who was holding my cat. SHE is Petite. She was no taller than me and I am 5'4". She looks taller because she always had on platform heels. She also has very long legs and arms. Sonny was short only 5'5". Check out old YouTube videos.
Joshua said on 1/Dec/17
She looked at least 5’8 next to her husband in 1970s
ANDY said on 22/Oct/17
guitarist in TN. said on 1/Oct/17
I got to see Cher back in 1987. She is at least 5'7 tall with flip flops. She may have been 5'8.
MAN19 said on 17/Sep/17
Peak Height: 5ft 7in
Current Height: 5ft 6in
Rd said on 10/Sep/17
Who cares
Editor Rob
well, you added a vote to your 'who cares', so I appreciate you cared enough to vote 😊
Dard said on 7/Sep/17
Cher wishes she was 5'9" way in hell. She is at most 5'6"......her slim figure and long hair made her seem taller. Plus she wore heels. I had no idea Celine Dion was that tall.....she always seemed petit to 5'3" or something like that. Wow.
MAN19 said on 30/Jul/17
Looks 5'7" next to Raquel Welch wearing similar shoes.
Might be 5'6" today.
Lyttle Bird said on 12/Jun/17
So this is kind of a long story. My next door neighbor was a former sessions player for the Allman Brothers and remained very close with the band members afterwards. He visited Gregg Allman in hospice and was invited to Gregg's recent funeral. Today (June 2016) he told me that at the funeral, while he was talking to someone else, a woman slipped up and took his hand. He turned around, didn't recognize her, and carried on talking to the first person. The woman laughed and asked him "how are you?" He turned back and asked her who she was, and she replied "Cher." (Cher was very briefly married to Allman.) The neighbor told me he hadn't recognized her because she was so much smaller than he remembered, and he indicated about shoulder-high on himself. I'm 5'11" and have half a head over the neighbor, so I'm guessing he's about 5'7", meaning that Cher would be even shorter than that! I got curious and looked up Cher's height, which is how I found this page. So for what it's worth, it would appear that Cher is probably well under 5'7".
Carolyn R said on 6/Mar/17
I followed Cher closely in the 60s, as she was a mere 3 years older than me. I read in a fan magazine in 1965 that said she was 5'6" - just my height! And how I loved her hair! Unfortunately, the article also said she weighed 115 and I was 125! Arrrghh! Based also on observing her for years, I believe she is between 5'6" and 5'7" - and I know well with heels one can look much taller.
Importer said on 27/Dec/16
Chill people, her "almost 5'8" claim is just like cooper saying almost 6'2 which is quiet fair cause he is almost 6'1 barefoot and almost 6'2 with shoes on. Since most women wear heels in open area she can look 4 inches above her own height and normal people living around her won't even realize but us height enthusiasts.
Oanh said on 27/Nov/16
LOL at the 5'8"-5'9" claims.
She was 5'6" at best.
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Nov/16
That really comes as a surprise as I honestly thought she was 5ft4 and 110lbs! Well, good luck to her for being taller! One thing's a dead certainty and that's that she'd turn heads whatever her height, and she can pull off the loud costumes she wears like nobody else can.
Next time I see her in 'the Witches of Eastwick', I shall compare her to Jack Nicholson and the two other girls. She's great in films AND I like her music!
Dman oflv said on 17/Oct/16
I believe Cher is 5'6.5" to 5"7.5 " length in bed and.easily 5'8" tall standing in casual shoes. She can be 5'10" to 5'11" in heels. In any case what does it matter? She is still a hottie and most of all one of the most talented persons on this planet.
richinkle said on 20/Aug/16
In this clip from the Carol Burnett Show from the 70's, Cher and Burnett appear to be nearly the same height, with perhaps even a 1/4" edge
Click Here
Burnett is reliably reported to be about 5'-6 1/2".

In this clip from the early 90's, Cher looks to have about an inch edge over 5'-6" Meryl Street, both wearing comparable shoes.
Click Here
Cher also has consistently looked taller than 5'-6". I would give boost her to 5'-6 1/2" or 5'-7".
Brad said on 9/Aug/16
Might be her last public appearance this week. Sorry to see her implode.
charlie said on 24/Jun/16
for years she was listed as 5 ft 9 sometimes 5 ft 9.5. but seeing her with 5 ft 5 sonny i will say she is a lot closer to 5 ft 4 inches because Sonny was taller than her.
Bill H. said on 17/Mar/16
I have been an adopted Family member of the Late Dan Tolers' Family. Dan played Lead Guitar with The Allman Brothers Band,and Lead Guitar in The Gregg Allman Band. I was at Dan and Debbys' all the time,I lived 3 houses away. ANYHOW!? I was there a couple times when Cher was there with Gregg,( She and Debby were Pals). I am 5'8" and I was as tall if not taller then She was, and She was bare foot. So I never got out My tape measure, but She wasn't the tall Girl I had expected!
Dom said on 20/Feb/16
5'7,5" peak, Today a good 5'7".
Arch Stanton said on 14/Feb/16
Strange, in some stills of Silkwood Cher again looks shorter than Meryl Streep! I thought Cher looked quite a bit taller in the film. I don't know. perhaps it's her frame and look which makes her seem taller! With Cage I find it hard to see just 5 ft 6. But today with Streep she really looks nothing over 5'5.
Editor Rob
I've seen silkwood but at a time when not paying attention to heights.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Feb/16
I think she's lost quite a bit today though, she does actually look shorter than Streep now and looked taller peak! Could be down to 5 ft 5 now.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Feb/16
If you watch Silkwood too Cher looks quite a bit taller than Meryl Streep.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Feb/16
@Rob, there's a scene in Moonstruck in which she's in flats with Nicolas Cage and the diff looks no more than 5 inches. i have no idea why people think she's under 5 ft 6. Looks taller with Nicolas Cage, not much shorter in heels. Click Here A still there. I looked at her heels in parts and they weren't THAT high. Cage would be 6'1 ish in shoes too. I'm surprised at just 5 ft 6, but not impossible. As she's said 5 ft 6 and 5 ft 7 Rob, perhaps 5'6.5 peak and now a current listing? She's 70 this year and has probably lost a bit.
Editor Rob
5ft 6.5 could be argued for her
Tony said on 19/Jan/16
Heels and hair my friends. Ran into her several times backstage at venues I've worked. 5 '3" would be the top end. Yes, she carries herself tall, but unless you've been next to her it's hard to gauge. Pictures are deceiving, between camera angles, heels and shoe lifts, and in the case of film, Apple boxes, you can't just look at a picture comparison.
Fray said on 1/Oct/15
@M - Rarely are successful runway/fashion models under 5'9". Even in the '90's, big talk was about how short Kate Moss was in comparison to all other models (look at the 90's supermodels - only Kate was under 5'9"), and she ushered in a *tiny* wave of shorter models - who did more print than runway (Jenny Shimizu, Josie Maran, Trish Goff, Laeticia Casta). Yes, there are exceptions in everything, but generally in fashion, 5'7"-5'8" is considered short.
M said on 15/Sep/15
@Fray 5'7" is not short even today in Fashion indutry.
Fray said on 28/Jul/15
Peak Height was 5'7" - 5'7.5" Bob Mackie himself (her costume designer for almost 40 years) said that before he met her he thought she was going to be an amazon, but when he started working with her, he was stunned she was only "a little over 5'7" - in the fashion industry, 5'7" is short (even in the '70's).
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/15
Odd. I watched Silkwood earlier and thought she looked almost as tall as Kurt Russell and much taller than Streep. Oddly looked near 5 ft 9 in it.
CECE said on 30/Jan/15
I stood next to her and she's as tall or taller than me and I'm 5'7.
Charles said on 22/Dec/14
Cher said she was "five seven and change" on the Mike Douglas show.
The said on 28/Oct/14
Someone who saw her said she was short like 5feet
177cmGuy said on 3/Oct/14
Peak 169cm. Current 167cm
Kelci said on 11/Aug/14
Click Here
Rob, would you say the height difference here is only 4.5 inches? She looks a lot taller than Christina here to me.
Editor Rob
I'd say she appears 6 inches taller, but maybe has a bit of camera advantage.
richinkle said on 19/Jul/14
Cher is almost 2" taller than Farrah Fawcett when the two stand next to each other in this bit from the 1970s Sonny and Cher Show.

Cher's peak height was at least 5'-7".
kk said on 16/Jun/14
i have to say, she looks quite tall in photos, 5'7+, so was surprised to see this listing, but i tend to think this site has accurate height listings.
jewelyb said on 26/May/14
I remember watching The Sonny and Cher show and Cher saying that she was "Five foot seven and change and that on a good day she weighed 105 and on a bad day 110. Of course, that was back in the '70s. I'm sure she weighs more now and may have shrunk. I doubt she would have grown though.
Dom said on 8/Nov/13
She looks at the very least 5'7" everytime I've seen her
Cher said on 25/Aug/13
Cher was 5ft6 in but told some she was 5- 8 . With her shoes off she was one half an inch shorter than SonnyBono. Who was 5'6".
David said on 12/May/13
I reckon Cher is 100% 5ft 6. She sang a few songs with David Bowie back in 1975 and looked 3 inches shorter than him. I have to go along with 5ft 6 but 5ft 7 is a negative answer.
wendy said on 15/Dec/11
I rode in an elevator with her to a Dr's office in '73. We were in flat shoes and it seemed she was a bit shorter than me, I was 5'6". She was depressed-looking though, and slumping a bit.
richinkle said on 12/Dec/11
This 1977 Sonny and Cher clip shows Cher standing side by side with Farrah Fawcett. If Fawcett was 5'-6", Cher is nearly 5'-8". Click Here

Cher has said she is "5'-7" and change" in an interview in the 1970's. She certainly looks it to me. Why is she listed at 5'-6"?
57.5 at her Peak said on 4/Dec/11
There's a video of an interview from the '70s on youtube after she did "Vogue" in which she states that she is 5'7 1/2 and weighs 108 lbs. Now I'd imagine with age she might be 5'6ish and weigh 130-145 lbs.
Mr. Tempus said on 28/Sep/11
really??? i thought she was near 5'8, but if she says 5'6 then its 5'6.
leonari said on 9/Jan/11
This is too low. She is a tall lady. Over 5'7".
Linda said on 24/Dec/10
You can compare her to 5'4 Tina Turner in these videos, their footwear is very similar:

Click Here

Click Here

IMO 5'6 for Cher is close.
Anonymous said on 4/Dec/10
will someone give the right answer,how tall is Cher.
paul86 said on 30/Oct/10
I'm sure she was listed at 5'8' between 1999-2000, so 5'7 1/2' makes sense.
guyfrommars said on 6/Jul/09
Sonny Bono was 5ft5 and wore lifts or platforms to boost his height, while Cher had low heels or flats, so he could look taller than her.
ch3lsea said on 12/Mar/09
she is 5'7 i work for her. i work the show and the cher store she isnt as tall as she looks
Charles Varin said on 25/Feb/09
Cher said in an interview with Mike DOuglas that you can find on Click Here that she was a little above 5'7. She must be 171 cm.
Davey said on 17/Feb/09
5`6 to 5`7 seems correct
Lovey said on 11/Feb/09
I stood next to Cher in a yoga class in LA in 1976. She seemed to be about 5'-4" to me. And, she was tiny. I was 5'-1/4" then (now 5'-2" from doing yoga).
Daniel said on 3/Jan/09
I think that 5 foot 6 sounds absolutely Perfect. I'm a major fan and that height would make perfect sense! She was usually the same height as Sonny in the 1960's, when she didn't wear high heels as much, and sometimes she even looked shorter than him. Watch their early videos and you'll see they are the same height, and he was a short man. Also, she is now in her early 60's meaning that she may be getting shorter! Anyway, if you're a Cher fan, visit my site at Click Here
leonari said on 13/Nov/08
she dated Tom Cruise way back in the 80's. I think she is closer to 5'7" than 5'6". Rather tall gal for her generation. She was HOT back in the day. The outfit she wore for "If I could turn back time" video was crazy. Love it.
PaoloSJ said on 13/Nov/08
I saw the Ellen show, ellens like 5'6 and cher was taller then her, even thought she had heels on, she seemed to be really taller than ellen
frankys said on 31/Aug/08
tom with 5-6 Cher Click Here
Jessica said on 23/Jun/08
ok people i have her real height! i know that this is weird but when i went to her concert i was tired of having all these hights so i asked her if i could measure her and she is 5' 7 1/2'! ok so now all you people saying she is 5'2'' and that she is short can stop!! i got the facts!
richinkle said on 3/May/08
I think 5'-6" or 5'-6 1/2" at her peak, perhaps a little shorter now. In a video with Carol Burnett from the 1970's, they are very close in height. I always thought Carol Burnett was about 5'-6 1/2".
Click Here
wally said on 8/Apr/08
she's 5 7 or shorter. I saw her several years back at an autograph session [Virgin Records, Miami, FL]. She was 2 feet away from me. The reason people believe she is tall stems from their comparison with Cher to Sonny. -- Sonny WAS SHORT --- thus making Cher appear taller. ----- This should end the discussion!
Shayna said on 20/Mar/08
Cher herself proclaimed to be 5'7 1/2", and she emphasized on that extra half inch.
Elle said on 2/Mar/08
Wow! I wouldn't have been suprised if someone said she was 5'10.
Jason said on 16/Feb/08
cher is 5'4 - 5'5 i also thought she was much bigger but she is acctually tiny, you can check out a picture with her and miley cyrus miley is 5'2 and cher was about 3 inches taller lets remember she was wearing heels though.
Rhiannon said on 29/Jan/08
Here's a picture of Stevie Nicks and Cher when they did VH1 Divas Live.

Everyone knows Ms Nicks is 5'1 1/2", and she usually wears 6 inch platform boots.

Click Here

There you go.
glenn said on 16/Jan/08
well i actually met her many times and she might be 5-7 tops.if not a hair smaller.
Cher and Cher alike said on 16/Jan/08
Cher is actually 5ft 10. I met and spoke to one of her costume designers for her Farewell Tour a few years back and asked them about her height as i'd noticed her waxwork at Madam Tussauds was quite tall and they told me in her bare feet she is just under 5ft 10" tall.
anon said on 12/Dec/07
she has very short arms haha meaning she cant really be as tall as is stated here. I'd say no more than 5'4
myspace celebrity said on 31/Oct/07
she looks a lot taller, like 5'7.5
in that one movie with michelle pfiffer and susan sarandon she was taller than both of them
Ted said on 24/Sep/07
Well she must wear HUGE heels then cuz in her video with Meatloaf in cowboy boots, he only stands an inch or two taller than her. He was a definite 5'11 at peak height. I think we are talking 5'6, with 3-4 inch heels at times
patti said on 1/Sep/07
I saw her backstage before a concert, I was shocked at how short she is, I am 5'5" and I don't own a pair of heels, so I was in flats and I looked down on her quite a bit, she had shoes on, my guess is she is 5'2". After the concert it's all people could talk about, how short she was. And, I hear that Sonny was 5'0".
sf said on 27/May/07
Rob is a Cher impersonator - he wants her to be taller...
Raulrocks said on 24/May/07
I find it hard to believe Cher is 5'6" unless Sonny was 5'7" or 5'8". She just used to wear those giant heels all the time. There are tons of pictures of them together, where she's even shorter than him. Here's a couple of examples, but there are PLENTY more:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

See giant shoes:
Click Here
sf said on 19/May/07
Gotta say this again - most evidence has Cher shorter - why do you keep her at 5'6", Rob?
Juan Manuel Tobon said on 18/May/07
I had read that Cher is 5'9".

Editor Rob
you been reading a bob hoskins interview or something?
glenn said on 6/Mar/07
weird on hoskins.cher has even appeared 5-7 to me as well.
leonari said on 6/Mar/07
Hoskins was never 5'6"!!!
glenn said on 6/Mar/07
she and sonny appeared 5-6 to me when i met them,seperately.

Editor Rob
I still can't get over how Bob Hoskins was bemoaning how he didn't realise how short he was until he worked with Cher on mermaids.

maybe because Hoskins never was even 5ft 6 to begin with - I was flicking channels the other day and saw him, Rod Stewart, Robbie Coltrane all singing on a chat show, some sight!
Brad said on 4/Mar/07
She cast (and Sonny) & hired short people around her on stage/screen/TV. She, like most performers, get looked upon as "short" after years of always being seen taller than everybody they work with. Somebody told me that when Paula Abdul spent a week or two hiring dancers for her first tour, she had to dump better dancers because they were 5"+ taller than her.
Larry said on 3/Nov/06
I am 5'8" and I meet her in village in New York City. She did have flats on and I was taken back by how short she was. It was 1970 Sonny was about an inch shorter than her. Years later my son was a dancer on one of her comeback tours and he is 5'3" like his mother. Althought she may be short SHE stands tall among the greats!!!
Glenn said on 24/Oct/06
Sonny was closer to 5-6.I have a photo with him.
Paula said on 22/Oct/06
additionally.... this site lists Sonny as 5.5 I believe.... maybe our perception of her being tall is because the big joke between them was that she was taller than him and height jokes abounded....however she was always in heels on that show cause she was always in Bob Mackee gowns...
Paula said on 22/Oct/06
there are many tricks of the camera to make people look tall, short, fat, thin, many times the camera fools people's perception of height....many times I've noticed on Jay Leno people come out and depending on the angle they look taller and at times shorter than Leno even in the same segment of film coming out onto the stage... men wear platforms just like women and women can be in hills or platforms.... I would guess the best way to figure her height would be look at an old Sonny and Cher clip and see if she is in hills and see how tall she is compared to Sonny... and since he was a Politician his stats are on govt/ records
phil said on 14/Oct/06
Just saw the episode of "The Nanny" where Cher was the guest star. Fran Dreschler is listed here as 5'5" and in one scene, Cher was in slippers and was a good 3 inches shorter than Fran in heels. No way possible that Cher is over 5'4" or 5'5"...
km said on 15/Aug/06
saw cher at after party arguing over son with Greg and she is short. I'm 5'7 and I looked down at her. She is at most 5'4-maybe shorter.
Brad said on 3/Aug/06
5' 5". Saw her at cycle event. She wore those Doc Martin cycle boots. Probably 3 1/2" on top of her height. 5' 8 1/2" with ease, taller with one of those German helmets on.. She stands pround tall, no slouch.
sf said on 26/Jul/06
Hey Rob - the evidence has Cher shorter!!!!
Glenn said on 25/Jul/06
Close to 5-7.if not 5-7.
Haylie said on 24/Jul/06
5'6-5'7 sounds more sane, I just can't believe that she is 5'4! I've noticed in her video for 'Main Man' however she wears flat ballet shoes for once and doesn't look that tall, so she could be closer to 5'6 maybe 5'6.5
Glenn said on 16/Jun/06
She always looked 5-6,5-7 to me.
Tom said on 14/Jun/06
I read an interview with singer Connie Lee Stich in which when asked what meeting Cher was like she responded "I couldn't beleive how short she was, she is only about 5'4". I was suprised so I googled Cher height and it brought me here.
kate said on 7/May/06
I saw cher in the store today and she is pretty short... 5'3 maybe 5'4. She is short and look kind of strange without make up....
ty said on 5/May/06
I saw cher close up as did my girfreind who is legit 5'8 1/2 and Cher isnt even close to 5'8 shes barely 5'5 most likely 5'4 all these dam entertainers lie like athletes do especially wide recievers they are all mostly 5 '9 and list themselves as 6 ' what a joke!!
sam said on 3/May/06
Cher is 5'4". She wears big heels. End of story.

Editor Rob
if she's 5ft 4 then what are kurt and meryl streep...they all wore flats in that radiation film and granted this might be a tad too high, 5ft 4 would make streep 5ft 2?
ice said on 24/Mar/06
I think she's 5'7. Twiggy is slightly closer to the camera. which makes a look 0-.5 inches taller than cher. So, 5'7. a inch lie isn't too bad for a celeb. some try to get away with three!
Haylie said on 24/Mar/06
That picture with Twiggy makes her look really short how can she get away with 5'8". And for what it's worth I don't think she can possibly be 5'4" she looks too tall only 5'6" is possible!
Cady said on 6/Mar/06
Are you guys all sure it was the actual Cher you saw not just someone at 5'4" who looks really like her?!
abbie said on 4/Mar/06
How can two people have seen Cher and one think she is 5'8" and the other 5'4"????? One person certainly has an odd perception of height. . . baffling. Me? I think Cher is about 5'6.5" just a guess
Julie said on 26/Feb/06
Saw Cher in Bloomies years back. She is definately about 5'3"-5-4". Was surprised because she does project taller, but she's not.
J. said on 22/Feb/06
Rob, is this the case of one person sporting different identities? 'Cause it seems odd that multiple people pinpoint Cher at 5'4".

Editor Rob
I think the 5ft 4 people are different, as far as I can fathom...
Charlie said on 22/Feb/06
5'8 is about right. I'm 5'9 and I saw her at a bookstore. she did have biker boots on... so maybe 5'7
jeri said on 15/Feb/06
Cher is 5'4 if you watch that film mermaids with Winona Ryder you will see that she was only a few inches taller than her and despite what people may think Winona is 5'1, I know I have read that several times before.
Brett said on 12/Feb/06
As I said previously I saw her in a Wheel and Barrow in Beverly Hills in Jan 2004, she was shopping with her assistants. Not only is she smaller then expected, about 5'4", but she had no make up on, and boy oh boy was that an eye opener. From memory she was barely up to my chin level, so that definitely rules out the possibility of being 5'8"?!? and she was in sneakers and black baggy pants.
Robin said on 31/Jan/06
I saw Cher in concert and I could not get over how small she was. I would say she is about 5'4". She seems taller because of her large presence.
John said on 1/Jan/06
I walked next to Cher at Heathrow airport and she is NOT tall. I'd guess 5'4" at best.
Morgan said on 28/Dec/05
In Mermaids there's a good scene where Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci are walking in a line and we can clearly see their heights- Cher is in 2-3inch heels and is about 4 inches taller than Winona Ryder in flats that makes Cher about 5ft 5 I think she always looks taller due to the massive heels she wears-a 5ft 5 person can be 5ft 9 or 5ft 10 in heels!
jonny5 said on 15/Dec/05
twiggy was only 5ft4 in the photo and 5ft6 now
Richinkle said on 6/Dec/05
In Silkwood, Cher looked a consistent 1" or 1.5" taller than Meryl (5'-6") Streep.
Cady said on 3/Dec/05
Are you sure Raquel Welsh is a legit 5"6 she might be 5"5.5 and this might explain why Cher seemed a bit taller? In mermaids Cher looked about 5"6
phillyflash said on 27/Nov/05
A few years ago I read on the internet someone who met her and they were surprised that they were the same height, 5'6. OTOH, I recall her doing a song with her guest star, 5'6 Raquel Welch on her variety show, she did appear taller than Raquel...
Lindsay said on 25/Nov/05
Yeah on most sites it lists Twiggy as 5"4- try it yourself type Twiggy height into Google and see what you come up with all I got was 5"4!! However I do think Cher looks tall. . . . this is a strange one!
Z. said on 6/Nov/05
I dont know about Cher but Twiggy definitely isnt 5'6.5. She was 5'4 at the age of 17 and then she suddenly grew to 5'6!-very rare to grow 2 ins after that age! I think Twiggy is just about 5'5 and judging from that picture Cher looks in that range as well( but twiggy is closer to the camera so that could have an affect...)
brett said on 25/Sep/05
saw her in L.A, un made up in normal flatish shoes, shes no more then 5'5",maybe 5'4". shes small

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