How tall is Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford's Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

American actor, best known for playing Nate Archibald on TV series Gossip Girl and The Deep on The Boys.

How tall is Chace Crawford
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Average Guess (49 Votes)
5ft 10.09in (178cm)
Abdul-DK said on 13/Oct/22
177.5 cm.
Ian555 said on 20/Jun/22
Hi Rob,

It's been a while, but after looking at the site again and seeing Chace's listed height, is there a stronger possibility that he is 5' 10 1/4" instead of 5' 10 1/2"? Most of the evidence seems to indicate that is the case. For example, in these pictures with 6' 1 1/4" Jack Quaid, he looks at an absolute minimum three inches shorter: Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. Keep in mind that in the last photo, he is wearing larger footwear than Quaid, which makes it even less likely that he is 5' 10 1/2". In photos with Antony Starr, who I believe is more likely to be 5' 10 1/2" than him, he almost always appears to be shorter and the times he does appear to look taller are when he is closer to the camera or has larger footwear: Click Here, Click Here, (In the fourth episode of Season 3 of "The Boys", there is a shot of Homelander and the Deep looking down on A-Train and Starr also appears taller than Chace in that scene but I am unable to the find the photo at the moment). This photo with Sebastian Stan is also quite telling of Chace's true height, as he appears at least an inch shorter than him Click Here. With Penn Badgley, who is about 5' 8 3/4", he looks about an inch-and-half taller than him more often than not: Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. And finally, when pictured with 6 foot Hayden Christensen, it appears more than an inch-and-half difference there: Click Here. So what do you think Rob? Do you think that 5' 10 1/4" is more plausible?
Editor Rob
10.25 might be the low end of what I'd have guessed him.
Yanis Kaps said on 27/May/22
This listing seems accurate
Sepanta said on 9/Feb/22
Rob, what do say about his former girlfriend, Rachelle goulding?
Editor Rob
If he is 179cm range then she could be 171cm range.
Chaitanya Sinha said on 22/May/21
Looks like 5'10 ¼" barefoot
queen said on 28/Feb/21
sometimes he looks shorter than penn badley, maybe 5’9
Tall Sam said on 21/Oct/20
He does look a similar height as Antony Starr. I always thought Crawford was in my peripheral view just kind of a pretty boy but I admire his dedication in his Boys role to being irredeemably repugnant and ceaselessly pathetic.
Vsquad said on 8/Oct/20
Rob, on Amazon Prime Video, The Boys has a list of stats for all the superhero characters.

Chace is listed at 6'0.

Antony Starr is listed at 5'11.

I'd like to think it's intentionally ironic, as the characters in the actual show universe would likely have their heights fudged for the public eye... but I don't know. Has Chace ever claimed anything himself in interviews?
Editor Rob
I haven't looked for a Chace quote since adding.

Usually I will see if I can find anything online, sometimes years later I stumble upon something or somebody else finds an interview...
KH said on 28/Sep/20
Not so sure about this. 5'10 at most maybe more like a weak 5'10. Not as tall as Homelander. It has nothing to do with insecurity me doubting 5'10.5 lol Im taller then that. Rob is awesome and I never doubt him when he has met a guy which I dont believe is the case here. Been binge watching the boys he looks closer to average height for a US male 5.9.5 then a full inch above it. He is one of the shorter males on the show and its noticeable only taller then Frenchie.
Editor Rob
One thing Chace has against him is that he's always kicking around in the deep costume, and if you ever see his footwear, it's quite thin compared to other folk.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/May/20
Chace is so utterly delightful in The Haunting of Molly Hartley! He has a girlfriend, but says to Molly when he offers his company and support to her, "But we should all be friends!"

How very true that is, especially at a time such as this. 🙆

There's a good 4" between Haley Bennett, who plays Molly, and Chance, so I shall give him 5ft10.5.

khaled taban said on 2/Aug/19
5'10" guy, a decent height!
Luker said on 14/Feb/18
@theturth @nina

I don't understand how this site is being insecure, if Crawford can't even beat out Sebastian Stan (who in turn can't even beat the weak 6 fter that is Chris Evans) unless he's closer to the camera, Jimmy Kimmel (who claims to be 6'1 yet has had photos with actual self-claimed and officially-listed 6 fters on his show, who've clearly edged him time and again) or Miles Teller (who also claims to be 6'1, yet gets edged by actual 6'1ers or is seen eye to eye with 6 fters).
MD said on 30/Jan/18
With 5'11.25" Sebastian Stan:

Click Here

With a leaning 5'11"(ish) Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here
Tallish89 said on 8/Jan/18
Legit strong 5'9 that's it
Bella said on 3/Jan/18
Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick are all very close in height. Most of the time, Penn seems to be the shorter one and Chace the tallest one. But only by a couple cm.

My guess:
Blake Lively 170cm
Penn Badgley 172cm
Ed Westwick 173cm
Chace Crawford 175cm
Desmond Harrington 176cm
Theturth said on 27/Sep/17

They just look like normal shoes with half - to a inch heel.

That wouldn't make a 5'10 guy taller then a 183 dude.

Sorry. Stop insecurely downgrading dudes unless you have facts that he uses 3-4 inch lifts yet some how maintains a normal walk
Jay said on 13/Sep/17

Erm, look at his shoes. Jesus.
thetruth said on 6/Sep/17
Nina said on 19/Mar/17
Next to Colin Egglesfield who is set to be 183.)

Problem is this site us full of insecure dudes who love to downgrade people's heights to make themselves feel better
kendra said on 27/Aug/17
i have been talking to chace and o-town how long if my mother has an affair aafter 48 years of marriage when chace crawford said natahinel was single how many days so he should know kendra joy mitchell bethune's question
Michael said on 2/Aug/17
179 looks about right.
James said on 18/May/17
definitely not 6'0... I'd say a strong 5'10, in the 5'10 range but not a tall 5'10.
Nina said on 19/Mar/17
Next to Colin Egglesfield who is set to be 183.
Click Here
Realist said on 6/Mar/17
5'10" tops, maybe 5'9,75" at night
Balrog said on 22/Dec/16
@MD great pics there, I don't know how this listing is still holding. Could you consider a downgrade to 5'10'' Rob?
Chase Witherspoon said on 7/Nov/16
Yep barefoot next to Ed Westwick in several pics he seems more in the 177cm region..
mike said on 21/May/16
@MD i think that photo is SOLID PROOF, he isn't over 177cm. I think he's 177cm, he looks that way next to Aaron Paul and Tyler Hoechlin.
MD said on 29/Sep/15
With 5'8.5" Ed Westwick:

Click Here

Click Here

Yeah, not taller than he's currently listed.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 28/Sep/15
He has to be above this listing. Here he is by 6'2" measured Tony Romo:

Click Here
Skye said on 10/Apr/15
He's just about always edged out Lively. So I agree with this.
CA said on 4/Apr/15
Has never even been 5'10 let alone 6'0
He's more like 5'9.5 / 5'9.75 ( 176 / 177 cm )
Needs a full inch downgrade
Silent_D said on 13/Mar/15
Rob he does look 179cm next to joe but why is he shorter than taylor kitsch? 177cm.
Editor Rob
I'm not convinced he really looks much different than taylor
MD said on 28/Feb/15
Here he is with Aaron Paul at an event last week:

Click Here

It's just not possible that he's over 5'10"
Hypado said on 25/Feb/15
Chace Crawford's height is 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)

Looks this next to Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley.
carver said on 10/Jan/15
Rob, tyler hoechlin looked a good 2inches taller than him, wouldn't that make chace 177cm? I really don't think he's over 5'10
Canadian said on 24/Dec/14
5'9.5 - 5.9.75
181 said on 29/Jul/14
He is wearing lifts.
D said on 19/Jul/14
176cm tops for him
mila said on 7/Jul/14
that seems right for him
chrisssss said on 22/Apr/14
177cm, and ed westwick is 173cm
JD said on 9/Apr/14
wow i have come to appreciate your work and trust your estimates after viewing chace crawfords height on another website at 1.86 meters which is just over 6 ft 1 which is crazy of the height difference.
MD said on 7/Apr/14
There simply isn't just an inch between the two. You've used that excuse on at least two posts, now (you were kind of dragged into taking down Joe Jonas half-an-inch), even though I kind of preface these posts with taking the angle into account. It's kind of frustrating.
MD said on 5/Apr/14

Here is Chace with 5'11.5" Tyler Hoechlin:

Click Here

Click Here

This has to be more like two inches even taken into account the angle. I think Silent d's 176cm might actually be more on the mark, honestly.
Editor Rob
it's shot portrait close up, sometimes that distorts things, you can see me and jon bernthnal as an example of adding height that way.
zzz said on 19/Sep/13
He looks more like 5ft9-5ft9.5 next to Paula Patton
D said on 26/Jul/13
Click Here

Just found this picture. So he might be even shorter than most of us here thought.
cole said on 17/Jun/13
Wouldn't go much over 5'10.25, he's the same height as Peter Facinelli, whom Rob has met and got a pic proving he's 5'10.25 with. This in return proves Robert Pattinson is more 5'11.5 / 5'11.75.
MarcusTheSwede said on 25/May/13
Agree with Enrique below.
175cm maximum
Need evidence. Look at the Picture
Click Here
Louis said on 20/Mar/13
Click Here

ROB,I think if Peter Facinelli stood straight he would be taller than Chace Crawford what do you say?
voovoo said on 14/Feb/13
he doesn't tower over 5'2" anna kendrick in "what to expect when your expecting". i think he is 5'9" or maximum 5'9.25"
Balrog said on 29/Jan/13
Five ten guy with good posture. The 6 foot listing are way off.
Matheuscore said on 28/Jan/13
Click Here

In this photo he looks 5'8

But in this photo with blake lively (5'8) he looks 5'10.

Click Here
Matheuscore said on 28/Jan/13
Seeing more images of him.

I think that is a bit less than 5'9.

173-174 for chace.
Matheuscore said on 11/Jan/13
He is 5'9.
Louis said on 18/Oct/12
Chiara says on 18/Oct/12
He´s definetely 5´10 in the least. Stop with the downgrading people

i'm sure westwick is 171 max, so Chace can't be 178
Chiara said on 18/Oct/12
He´s definetely 5´10 in the least. Stop with the downgrading people
Louis said on 16/Oct/12
Not much taller than Ed Westwick who i think is 170
173-175 for Chace
balrog said on 12/Oct/12
Lose the .5
zero said on 11/Sep/12
In the Convenant he was easily an inch shorter than Taylor Kitsch who is listed here at 5'11''. This guy also has great posture, might appear taller but looks pretty average to me.
OfficialHeight said on 17/Aug/12
5'10 max.
Most definitely not 6ft.
Constantly wearing lifts, would not be surprised if he's 5'9, 175cm-ish or there a bouts.
Enrique said on 27/Jul/12
No more than 175 cm: Click Here
steven said on 15/Jan/12
chace is 5'11 in normal foot wear and 5'9.5ish.
Silent d said on 7/Jan/12
Some people say zac is closer to 175cm. 179cm. Taylor kitsch is tall. Maybe 181cm. He is built.Chace is 179cm easy. No way he is 6 foot.
Andrew said on 2/Jan/12
you forgot that the way he looks depends on manner of his walk. i mean, some people always walk straightly, other - not.
so two guys with the same 5'10" height may look totally differently.
jase said on 17/Dec/11
So true that when celebs get more popular, they grow in height. I have seen many pictures from the day he started gossip girl. He and mathew settle are the same height, or slightly shorter than mathew. Recent pics have shown that he has grown taller than mathew settle...Definite lift wearer inside by an inch.Also, there is a pic of him and rob lowe standing side by side...Same exact height.
Chris said on 15/Dec/11
Another fool actor who thinks that someone's gonna believe that he's a 6 footer.

He's not even 5'11, that's clear because he never looks tall.

With 5'8 Zac Efron: Click Here

Being generous with him, two inches taller than Zac.

5'10 guy, TOPS.
Robert said on 19/Nov/11
Not taller than 5´10" flat i think.
josef said on 17/Nov/11
he's 5'10 without shoes with shoes 6 flat ok??? he's taller than lautner 4 inches...
LAN Jiao said on 18/Oct/11
chace is easily 5'10. 5'10.5 sounds fair
bryler said on 13/Oct/11
Click Here
consider their shoe heels are a little different
otis said on 5/Sep/11
Just found this pic Click Here
Looks about 5'9.5 next to Ed Westwick
blerg said on 5/Aug/11
however tall blake lively is, he looks to be about 3 or 4 inches taller in these pictures Click Here
jake said on 18/Jul/11
Could be anywhere from 5ft9.75 to 5ft10.5
Someone said on 20/Jun/11
i would say about 5'11''
paul86 said on 7/Jun/11
Looks 2 inches taller than ryan; so chace is between 179-180cm.
gupsr said on 4/Jun/11
In Hollywood women wear at least 4-5 inch heels the majority of the time they are seen in public. So do the math if an average height man 5'10 is standing next to a 5'4 tall woman wearing 4 inch heels they are now two inches apart eye level. For Chace Crawford I think 5'10.5-5'11.5 is accurate. The male celebrities trying to claim a legit 6'0 usually are only 5'10.5 since wearing low shoes that have an inch will make you 5'11.5 so technically you are now 6'ft easy. Rob is there anyway you could do an article on Van Hansis height from As the World Turns I am curious about his height because he claims 6 ft flat on every single website and do not think he is anywhere close.
MD said on 15/May/11

How much taller does Chace look than 5'8"ish Ryan Phillipe, here?

Click Here

Click Here

I still question whether Ryan is a full 5'8", himself.

Chace, when posed properly, has some of the best posture I've ever seen. Still, I think he's probably 5'10" at the most, but generally looks taller because he holds himself up very well in posed pictures.

Editor Rob
I think he appears a couple of inches taller
Larry said on 14/May/11
Chace is exactly one inch shorter than Penn, so depending on if you think penn is 5 9 or 5 8.5, Chace is either 5 9.5 or 5 10. But he does wear lifts and barefoot he can't be over 5 10
Michael said on 4/Apr/11
This guy looks pretty short to pass for 179cm. I concur with Menace that 177cm is just about right.
Menace 195cm said on 25/Mar/11
no way 179cm, he seems at most 5'10 at 178cm. could be 177cm in occasion.
jake said on 25/Mar/11
Rob if he's 179 cm which I agree with would you say Penn badgley is about 176 cm?
angela said on 17/Jan/11
Anna, a pair of 4-inch heels does not guarantee to add 4 inches in height, usually less than that. besides, he was also wearing shoes when you met him. I think 179-181cm is about right for him, most likely 179-180cm, which I still think is a good height.
and blake lively in some close scenes stand with them wearing flats if you guys haven't notice
Anonymous said on 6/Dec/10
Where were you with Penn and Chace, Anna?
anna said on 3/Dec/10
Chace is definitely taller than 179 cm. I met him earlier this week and I was wearing 10cm heels. I am usually 173cm and standing next to hem in heels he was still taller then me. Same with Penn. He was just as tall as I am in heels. So he has got to be over 180cm.
linke said on 3/Dec/10
5'10.25 would be better fit.
paul86 said on 1/Dec/10
Since Chace been upgraded to 179 cm or 5'10.5' than Ewan Mcgregor should be upgraded too right rob?

Editor Rob
ewan looks shorter to me
Mr. R said on 30/Nov/10
@Shawn - Ewan is below 5-9, so Rob may be a little overestimating here.
Shawn said on 30/Nov/10
also, this is the last thing, but look at his shoes, there some big heels, maybe 1.3 inches or so. What do you think Rob? Maybe back to 5'10? I think 5'10.5 is possible but he just seems 5'10 to me though certainly not under.

Click Here
Shawn said on 29/Nov/10
Moreover, here is Chace with Ewan McGregor (who I think in fairness is 5'10 not 5'9.5) and chace is only about an inch maybe inch and a half taller. My guess is without the lifts, Chace is a flat 5'10, not under but not over either.

Click Here

And here is the pic of Chace with 50 that I was talking about

Click Here
Shawn said on 29/Nov/10
Check it out. He's TALLER than 6 foot fifty cent here. Coincindentally its at a formall event where he'd be wearing "dress" shoes. A lift wearer for sure. In other pictures (one link further down this page where he is walking side by side with 50 cent) he is at least an inch and a half more like 2 inches shorter than 50. Not sure of his real height, but sure he's a elevator shoe hollywood small man...

Click Here
Shawn said on 29/Nov/10
well, if chace is 5'10.5 themn its odd because Taylor Kitsch listed here at 5'11 is definately an inch taller than him in the covenant (watching it on tv now).

chace is 5'10 or wears lifts...
linke said on 15/Nov/10
I doubt him being 180 cms,unsure bout full 179 either.he could be 5'10.25 though.

Editor Rob
I think 179cm could be fairer
MasterMind said on 28/Oct/10
He wears Man Heels (Elevator Shoes) all the time, so he is hard to pin down - But the times that he has been seened in normal shoes he always looks 1.79m / 1.79.5m or 1.80m.

So I say 5'10 - 5'11, there is no way he is 6" (1.83m) barefoot.
donno said on 20/Jun/09
This guy doesnt come across as tall.. Average height at best - 5'9/5'10..
The guys on the show arent tall, and it doesnt help that Blake Lively is about 5'11.
Lila said on 1/Jun/09
You were both wrong and in denial. He's been viewed as being 5'10 since the start. He looks it too. You can tell Ed Westwick is not a tall guy so if Chace stand next to him it's not that hard to notice he's not much taller.
Penn Badgley wears lifts, but that's a whole other issue.
ruby said on 28/May/09
Chace is 2 inches taller then zac efron according to perez hilton.. zac is 5'8 so that makes Chace 5'10 and not 6 feet tall. All this time I thought he was 6 feet, but unfortunately he's not.
(last year when carrie n chace were dating..she mentioned that he's a tall guy).
Tracey I used to believe that too, but honey we are both wrong. he's below 6. That means (5'10).
tracey said on 27/May/09
this is wrong i have read everywhere that he is 6 0 and that is it
MD said on 21/May/09
I agree with you that he's not a full 5'10", but there is absolutely nothing that can be gleaned from the photo you offered, loopyloo.
loopyloo said on 21/May/09
I'd say 5'9-10 is about right

Click Here
natalia said on 11/May/09
If you look at all pictures on caption MATHEW SETTLE you can see that he is the bigest in this show.. and he is 5'10 .. so that CC is barelly 5'9
i gues he is 5'8-9 and no more...
kelsey said on 11/May/09
wth. u guys. chace can't be shorter than 5 11". he looks about the same height as blake lively when she has 3-4inch heels. And I heard that Blake lively is 5 10" which I doubt. I guess she's around 5 8" or 5 9", no taller than 5 9". That'd make him 6 feet at least.
Anonymous said on 10/May/09
jed, that picture is fake, that's why..
confessional said on 8/May/09
ed westwick its short, the guy its 5'8 at his max...crawford its 5'9.05 to be exact..5'10 in a very good day
jed said on 3/May/09
i think chace is way shorter than 5'10!
in this pic with jc chasez he looks like a 5'6 - 5'7 guy maybe even shorter!
he seriously looks really small next to chasez whose set to be also 5'10...
Click Here
OliTheMan said on 29/Apr/09
dude if this guy is 5"10" then Ed Westwick is 5"7"... no
Lego said on 25/Apr/09
italian says on 10/Apr/09
chace crawford isn t 5.10 because in the other web sites is listed as 184 cm addition he was also a model ,so he can t be 1.78

actually, he can be 178cm, with models sometimes there are exceptions (see Kate Moss).

looks 176-178cm to me.
Tracey said on 15/Apr/09
Well i watched the covanent extras and it says that Steven Strait who plays Caleb is 6 2 and Chace is a bit shorter than him so i figuered 5 9 to 5 10 so i agree that he is 5 10.
italian said on 10/Apr/09
chace crawford isn t 5.10 because in the other web sites is listed as 184 cm addition he was also a model ,so he can t be 1.78
-- said on 1/Apr/09
No way he's 5'10- on the late nite show wit jimmy fallon (who is listed on sum places 5'10 and 5'11) which I personally think he's 5'10.5" but on the show during the cooking segment he was bout 2-2.5" shorter then fallon/ and wen he first came out you could see their footwear and chance had a bit thickish shoes while fallon had thin (soles) dress shoes so I think he's truely 5'8
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/09
If Chase is 5'10, how tall would you think Bill Kaulitz was? (The one with the huge hair)

Click Here
anonimomo said on 13/Mar/09
WHOA. from his chest up he looks so tall. I've always had this feeling he was 6 ft tall, like he could model. But after seeing some full body pics of him with Ed Westwick, I think he is at most 180 cm, or 5'11. I'm 5'9.5 but I just have a feeling he's taller than me a lot!
MR said on 7/Mar/09
chace was on the jimmy fallon late night show and they stood up for awhile during the cooking segment. It looked like jimmy had about 2.5inches on chace. jimmy is listed here at 5'11, so that make chase around 5'8.5". I personally think jimmy is about 6ft, so I beleive chase is about 5'9.5".

I didn't notice their footwear however...
confessional said on 17/Feb/09
lively its not 5'8 more like 5'7 no 5'7.05 and craford its barely 5'10 more like 5'9.05
ssss said on 3/Feb/09
can someone tell me Connor Paolo's height?
Candyman said on 25/Jan/09
he cant be because theres a pic of him and carrie underwood and she 5'3 and she wasnt wearing heels and he wasnt that much taller than her i'd say about 5'8
Dude said on 19/Jan/09
no this guy is 5'9 because Zac efron is in the 5'6-5'7 range.
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/09
Chace Crawford - 5'10
Blake Lively - 5'8
Penn Badgley - 5'8.5
Ed Westwick - 5'8
Leighton Meester - 5'4.5

Is that right then?
horacle said on 18/Jan/09
I'm agree with 5'10. He's not a tall guy, 6' is ridiculous.
rock'n roll said on 8/Jan/09
i agree withj italian boy, 177 cm will fits him well, maybe 176...
so that makes the other two gossip guys on the 5'8 to 5'7.05 range and lively at 5'6 to 5'7 range
italian boy said on 7/Jan/09
my friends met him last summer..he his between 176 and 178...i don't know why in his biography is listed at 183cm
Brent said on 5/Jan/09
he is just under 5'10 in the morning and 5'9.25 at night
king kong bundy said on 1/Jan/09
5-10, with the other two peddling around 5-8
Ali020202 said on 29/Dec/08
Why are there so many 5ft9.05 estimates, it probs means 5ft9.5. Ne way i think he is a legit 5ft10 not taller or shorter.
piet said on 12/Dec/08
looks about 175 cm not more
jiijijijjijijijijiijijji said on 5/Dec/08
doesnt look 3 inches taller than 5'7 ellen degeneres, both wearing sneakers
so he must be 5'9.05 at most

just saw it on youtube
Complex said on 27/Nov/08
Oh & watch guys, as my last post said, with popularity and once he learns what lifts are, this dude will be getting listed all over at 5'11-6'0. Mark my words now that way when it happens, everyone will know i'm right. Same happened with Pitt!
me said on 21/Nov/08
this guys from GG are kinda hard to tell, they all wear lifts/boots and the girls heel/plataforms all the time. i just saw a picture of leighton meester listed as 5'5, with jessica simpson ( both wearing sandals ) and they were exactly the same height.
Valeri said on 20/Nov/08
Sorry,complex. Zac is a proper 5'8 and chace is a proper 5'10. In comparison to all really. Look at him with emile hirsch. 4.5 in taller,consdiering hirsch is 5'5.5
Josh said on 14/Nov/08
He can look 5'9 in many pics so hes not a full 5'10 guy , hes in the 5'9.25 (176cm) to 5'9.5 (177cm)range.

Penn Badgley is 5'8 or maybe a bit shorter.
Josh said on 14/Nov/08
close to 5'10 hes like 5'9.5 (177cm) but in that pic with JC he looks 5'9
mr archibald said on 28/Oct/08
I agree with django exceopt on westwcik, he's not 5'9 he is more like 5'8, and yes badgley wear lifts that's why he is hard to figure it ouy

but my guess its 5'8 and chace its like 177cm
django said on 26/Oct/08
Crawford is around 177-178 cm, Ed Westwick is a proper 175 cm and Penn Badgely seems around 173-176 cm, hardest to pinpoint because he is the lift wearer of the show, in barefoot private shots never taller then 5'8 Blake Lively though.
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/08
complex is 1005 right..I always said crawford mya not even 5'10 and penn badlgley its like 2 inches shorter than him
Complex said on 14/Oct/08
What's funny is lots of ppl here think he is 5'9 (just as ppl thought about Brad in the day) but as his fame gets more and his lifts get bigger, a few years later ppl will say "5'9 is absurd, never under 5'11", lol, same exact thing happened with Brad, as his fame got bigger, so did his lifts...cough cough, I mean so did he :) Judging on the photo of him with Efron, 5'9 would seem right, cuz Zac isn't 5'8, he's more 5'6-5'7...
howie day said on 1/Oct/08
yesh chace its 6' right and I ahve to believe hi biography, he was like two inches shorter than jc chazes who's not even 6' so you get real..he is 5'10 at most
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/08
FYI chace is 6 feet. Read his biography. You can't size up a person by looking at pictures or standing near him. Please. Get real
howie day said on 17/Sep/08
a little bit under 5'10 you mean lol
Anonymous said on 16/Sep/08
I know Chace Crawford and he is a little over 5'10". I came to see him in New York a couple of months ago. He is a great person.
howie day said on 16/Sep/08
anonymous...couldn't agree more
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/08
5'9.5" is my guess. People saying 5'11-6' are crazy IMO. Flat footed, nowhere near that.
jovanotti said on 11/Sep/08
I agree with viper 5'10 at his max and he's the tallest among the gossip girl gang..he can be 5'9.07 177cm fits him perfectly
Viper said on 10/Sep/08
He certaintly looks shorter than 5-10.
MD said on 9/Sep/08
Just had the channel on CBS and something called "Fashion Rocks" came on. I just noticed, for a guy his height, he's got some incredibly short legs. I never noticed it before, but it looks weird.
X said on 7/Sep/08
Chace Crawford is 5'10 I met him and talk to him, I am 5'10 and we were exactly the same size and weight. Maybe he wheres lifts sometimes, but he is 5'10 no question.
V said on 3/Sep/08
anonymous.please. What kind of dress shoes have AT LEAST 1.5 inches of advantage over chucks? This right here discredits your opinion entirely since you dont know what youre talking about. Clearly Crawford is 5'11 at most and 5'10 is probably spot on. Zac being 5'8 has around 0.5-0.75in at msot of advantage,So 5'8+1.25in 5'9.25 in shoes and chace 5'10.5 +0.75in is 5'11.25 in shoes. 2 inches difference.
jovanotti said on 18/Aug/08
lively its 5'7.05 at she was to be like 5'10.05 on those heasl and she is bartely taller than him..he is a weak 5'10
Marissa2000 said on 15/Aug/08
Again I think he's 5'10"-- Click Here
5'11" is too much for him Click Here
Anonymous. said on 11/Aug/08
I think he's slightly taller than his listed height because Efron is wearing heels in that photo whilst Crawford is wearing Jack Purcell Chucks. So, Efron probably has about a 1.5 or more inch advantage in footwear and, seeing as Crawford is clearly two inches (actually looks more than that?) taller than Efron in the photo, he is probably closer to 5'11" or scraping 6'. Plus, I've seen photos of him and LIvely in sandals before and he has at least 3 inches on her and I genuinely think that girl is at least 5'9". I dunno, perhaps an upgrade for Efron's (more attractive) twin?
howie day said on 8/Aug/08
I need to see chace crawford next to luke perry..or ian somerhalder...then I will know he's real height...he is a weak 5'10 I think
Marissa2000 said on 4/Aug/08
Looks to be about a two inch difference between him and Zac Efron. Click Here
5'10" is a good height listing for him.
howie day said on 1/Aug/08
I will be so happy its chace its downgradedto 177...I think that he's real height
Peter said on 25/Jul/08
why do my posts keep getting deleted, hmmm

Editor Rob
were you asking glenn about any luck with chace...glenn isn't here anymore to answer.
howie day said on 21/Jul/08
I doubt he reaches the 5'11 range..,maybe in shoes if he was 5'11 he would've look 6 in dress shoes and he doesnt!..he is 5'10 at most
Lego said on 20/Jul/08
he's got the shortest legs i've ever seen, he's the next BRAD PITT, long upper torso (of a 6'1 guy) with legs of a 5'5 - 5'6 guy.

check this out

Click Here

i agree with the listing on this website, 178-179 is his height imo, and i do not think that Leighton Meester is 165cm but slightly shorter like 163cm.
Valeri said on 20/Jul/08
Seems 5'10-5'11.since I'm 5'11 and I ok pretty similar on photos next to people,so no horther han 5'10 and no shorter than 5'11.
howie day said on 14/Jul/08
that height seems about right although..there's a posibility that he might be 5'9.05 (177 cm)
glenn said on 17/Jun/08
thanks lily.ill check tonight or tommorow.
Lily said on 17/Jun/08
He may be in NYC now. They may be shooting GG mostly in NYC, with only short trips to Hamptons. He lives in West Chelsea. Try near The Equinox Chelsea evenings.
Lily said on 4/Jun/08
He's not going to be back in NYC for a long stretch until July 20/21st. Before that he'll be in the Hamptons, from June 19- July 21st, unless he goes home to NYC for short visits. Right now, they're on hiatus until June 19, he's in LA this week.
glenn said on 31/May/08
no luck that fast.this could take months.but being i saw the girls several times in 8 months,hopefully itll be a turnaround like that.
Peter said on 29/May/08
Any luck yet Glenn?
glenn said on 22/May/08
that does help lily cause i haunt all of manhattan,in particular lower for the other poster,no way is he under 5-10,and looked 5-11 actually.
boscorelli said on 21/May/08
chace its not taller than 5'10...he could be as low as 5'9.05...
Lily said on 21/May/08
He lives in West Chelsea if that helps.
glenn said on 20/May/08
no problem gonna ask around for him.
Peter said on 20/May/08
Great. thx Glenn
glenn said on 19/May/08
oh goodie peter.that would explain why i see the girls so much.ill get this guy for you.he probably walked past me alot without me knowing who he i lead to a sighting and photo with.
Peter said on 19/May/08
The whole cast resides in NY. So it shouldn't be that difficult to spot him.
glenn said on 19/May/08
i think its too late.he is gone for now.however,dont they tape the show here? forgive my ignorance.i just see the girls here so often,i maybe he is common in new york too.
Peter said on 18/May/08
If he's 5'10 than Penn Badgley is 5'8 (rumored to be wearing lifts and boots a lot of times) and Ed Westwick must be 5'8 too than.

I hope you get that pic soon, Glenn.
homesick said on 16/May/08
he is not taller than 5'10 that's for sure...but I think that chace being 5'9.05 its a posibility too...and he's the taller of the gossip girl badgley and westick..both of them has to be 5'8 at their best...badgley always wears lifts or boots you can always tell that...however sometimes chace only wears regualr sneackers so as ed...but badgley its the bif lift wearer in gossip.During the first episodes badgley looked noticabley short than balke then when the show got popular he started to look taller and more I guess fame always comes along with a good pair of lifts! lol
glenn said on 15/May/08
maybe ill get him this week.he is being difficult.
Viper said on 15/May/08
Hes a good deal taller than the 5-7 listed Lindsay Price in massive heels. Click Here Though that listing is probably her height in heels. He does look tall in shots by himself.
Viper said on 15/May/08
Rob has a point. It does look like that Priestley has a slight footwear advantage and JC's shoes look a little suspicious.
mclover said on 14/May/08
Wow, really glenn. Its weird because on the show, he always seems so tall. but in other pics, he looks relatively average/short. My opinion does not really matter though since i have never seen him in person, so I cant really say for sure.
Realme2008 said on 14/May/08
For those of you who think Blake Lively is 5'10". What does this photo suggest? Click Here -- Obviously she isn't. Penn has to be at least 5'9" also for those of you who keep saying he's 5'7 1/2. Blake is standing fully erect, but there still would be a noticeable difference if she was. Maybe below 5'8".
glenn said on 14/May/08
5-10 min.from afar he looked 5-11.
Peter said on 14/May/08
I still can't believe he's only 5'10. Than he obviously wears lifts on the show right?

And the other guys too.
glenn said on 14/May/08
this guy walked by me all night.he was 5-10 like rob has least.
MD said on 13/May/08
Yes, he's definitely closer to 5'9" than 5'10".


Editor Rob
he's got near 1/2 inch less footwear than priestley and if JC is wearing the same size heel as he does here he might have advantage aswell?
john said on 13/May/08
viper is totally right..I've said 5'9 too and he's the tallest fo the gossip girl boys...I can imagine the other two guys like badgley and ed...might be in the 5'7 range
Viper said on 13/May/08
He looks 5-9 at best in those pics.
MD said on 12/May/08
For reference:

With 5'-6.5" (more 5'6"?) Jason Priestley:

Click Here

Click Here

With 5'10.5" J.C. Chasez:

Click Here

Not even 5'10"
john said on 12/May/08
anybody who says that chace its 6' defintely doesnt know anything about measuring heights...chace its 5'10...maybe..5'9.75...he could be as low as that
mclover said on 9/May/08
Yeah Avory, i saw that picture with Lindsay price and was confused as hell. Because i knew she was 5 foot 7. Then i saw her in heels and when he was still taller than her. This seriously left me scratching my head. The only conclusion i can come up with is that she really is not as tall as listed. because i have had friends that have seen him in person and said that he was definitely around my height, maybe a little shorter and i am 5 10 and 3/4ths lol. Even when you see photographs of this guy, he does not have measurements of a 6 footer. So i will go with 5 foot 10.
homesick said on 9/May/08
looks 5'10 to me...that abdgley guy look int he 5'8 range
Karina said on 9/May/08
Yes, he looks like 5'10, and he is sooo cute =)
xoxoGG said on 6/May/08
Chace is definitely 5'10". I'm 6' exactly, and he was easily two inches shorter than me. Great guy though...very friendly and down to earth kid.
jonny said on 23/Apr/08
avory..blake lively its not taller than 5'8...I think she is 5'7 flat and chace has like 2 inces nad half on her maybe three..but I'm not sure..
chace its not taller than 5'10..I met him...I am 5'11 and I had an inch on him so this guys is weak 5'10 and a strong 5'9.05
Avory said on 23/Apr/08
I think Chace is definitely atleast 6 ft. He's a bit taller than Blake Lively who is 5'10 i mean theres no denying that the girl is huge and even with her heals on he is still taller than her a bit. Also, in this picture Chace is with Lindsey Price who is 5'7 and wearing 3 inch heals = 5"10 and Chace is noticeably taller than her by a good three inches in his non heal shoes.. so there you go
anonymous said on 20/Apr/08
chace is definitely 5'10". had the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago. i am 5'10", and we were exactly the same height.
Bj25492008 said on 19/Apr/08
5'10 can look a lot like 6 foot, but he simply isn't. You just gotta pay attention to when he is standing next to guys who are 6 feet or taller, and you will see the difference. Also Pete Wenzt is listed as 5'6.5 on this site, and I actually think he is or just simply 5'6".
Bj25492008 said on 19/Apr/08
5'10 can look a lot like 6 foot, but he simply isn't. You just gotta pay attention to when he is standing next to guys who are 6 feet or taller, and you will see the difference.
Holly said on 18/Apr/08
I would say he's atleast 6'.
jonny said on 18/Apr/08
hahahahha met_him...uou definetley have to like 5'3 to believe chace its 6'1 hahaha
chace its not taller than 5'10 and penn badgley i two inches shorter than him like 5'8 tops
met_him said on 15/Apr/08
he is 186 cm
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/08
I used to think no less than 6', but if Penn Badgley is 5'10 1/2 then check out this picture. Click Here

Looking very 5'10-ish there.
jonny said on 11/Apr/08
well 3 things...
chace its closer to the camera, it deosnt seem like 4 inches...maybe 3 and second that pete guy..seems a bit under than 5'6...chace could be a strong 5'9.05...pushing 5'10
Bj25492008 said on 10/Apr/08
Looks four inches taller than 5'6" Pete from Fall Out Boy = 5'10
Click Here
jonny said on 5/Apr/08
ro..please...needs a downgrade...he 's way shorter than j chaces..he loost tall on goddip girl for two reason..myabe wears lifts and just becasue penn badgley and ed westwick are in the 5'7 to 5'8 range
jonny said on 1/Apr/08
well he is like 2 inches shorter than jc chazes
so if Jc its 5'11 crawford must be like 5'9...he is 177 at his best
needs a downgrade
Bosco said on 12/Mar/08
rob..what's you opinion about this guy?
why you posted him as 5'10? he can look taller but I think he's a bit shorter than that
Bosco said on 6/Mar/08
shortest 5'10 I've seen
I mean he is maybe a little below that like 5'9 1/2
176 could be better for him..he's jut not tall..he is the perfect average
Anonymous said on 4/Mar/08
Yeah, you are so right Anon, he's easily 5'11", 6' or slightly more like. Needs an upgrade I think.
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/08
tallest 5'10 i've ever seen
gossip boy said on 16/Feb/08
oh and I forgot...matthew settle its onle 5'10 tall and looks a bit taller than chace in that pic...
gossip boy said on 15/Feb/08
he looks 5'10 always to me....but
i think barefoot he could be 5'9.05...he just doesnt look over 5'10 and shorter than 5'9 either...that makes the other two guys like penn badgley and ed westwick on the 5
Anonymous said on 4/Feb/08
Looks at least 5'11 in this picture with 180cm Matthew Settle.

Click Here
Heighty said on 18/Jan/08
Hmm, interesting, since Chace did some modeling for Abercrombie and most models are 5'11" - 6'2"
anyone know Penn Badgley's height?
Mimi said on 16/Jan/08
5ft10? sounds okay for a cute guy like him :)
height_police said on 14/Jan/08
I met him...he lookednthat height..but that was in his shoes...he can as low as 5'9 and as tall as 5'10...maybe something in between will be pretty much acurrate...

rob I also met penn badgley...he looks like a legit 172...
Mike said on 12/Jan/08
No way is he 5'10, I was on the same sidewalk as he was when the photo of him and Carrie Underwood were scene together back in Nov. 2007 and she is only 5'3 and she was wearing 2 inch heels which made her 5'5, he only was about 2 inches taller than her about 5'7, because I am 6 ft and I walked past them and towered over him ,he is no way 5'10, he is about 5'7 at best.......
Nicky said on 11/Jan/08
agree with HeightMaster he looks 6ft
6footkate said on 10/Jan/08
blake lively is 5'9 [she said this twice in Seventeen] and so this height seems about right
6' said on 10/Jan/08
Not at all he's 5'10 and 5'11 maybe and that's being generous
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/08
haha there is no way he's 5'10 especially since blake lively is shorter than him
and she claims she's 5'10
HeightMaster said on 9/Jan/08
Looks 6ft+ to me...
xaoxio said on 7/Jan/08
well, Rob, you are on the right way - this guy can look taller but if you compare Chace with Sebastian Stan(180-181cms)then...yeah...close to the 178cms mark...
P.s. By the way, this guy is really well-built - no wonder he has some success as a model.

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