How tall is Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester's Height

5ft 4 ½ (163.8 cm)

American actress best known for playing Blair Waldorf on tv series Gossip Girl. In film she can be seen in Monte Carlo and The Roommate.

How tall is
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Average Guess (33 Votes)
5ft 5in (165.1cm)
The French Dude said on 5/Sep/20
Also x3, Blair Waldorf is 163 cm(5'4 1/4 or 5'4.2), is writed down in the books,and has a 7 1/2 us shoe size(also writed down in the books), based in your listing Leighton is 1 cm taller than her character!(sorry for my english!)
Jacquelin said on 5/Sep/20
i met her in 2008, i´m 5´5 and my sister is 5´6.5, Leighton was definetely taller than me, she was around my sister height(she was like half inch or 1 cm shorter than my sister) and both were wearing really similar shoes, so that makes her 5´6(168 cm), she´s also prettier in real life.
The French Dude said on 2/Sep/20
Also x2 just found she has a 7 us shoe size!, in Gossip Girl Blair Walforf has a 7 and a half us shoe size!, very similar i think, fun fact.
The French Dude said on 29/Aug/20
Also she has nice body proportions, my sister thought she was around 5'7!, also maybe cuz her height difference with Blake is not that much!, also just saw gossip girl again this year and i'm more than sure that she's a strong 5'5! Anything under that sounds like a bad joke to me.
The French Dude said on 14/Aug/20
Gets a strong 5’5 to me!, can look pretty tall sometimes and never looked short to me, very pretty girl also.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 16/Jun/20
Legit 5ft4 1/2" girl
Luna28 said on 16/Jun/20
Is it in morning or in the end of the day? What do you think? :)
Editor Rob
I think 4.5 might be a low range for her.
Sandy A Cowell said on 9/Apr/20
🎂🎊💗💐 A Very Happy Birthday! 💐💗🎊🎂

Today is Leighton Meester’s birthday. Many Happy Returns to her! XX
Let’s wish her a very happy and healthy new year. 🌹


Nik Ashton said on 8/Apr/20
Many people think she is “5 5”!
Nik Ashton said on 6/Apr/20
She does often look above average!

The average guess is 5’4.94” (27 votes)!
GGhere said on 5/Apr/20
I think she grew. She definitely looks taller than when she started on Gossip Girl. I was a huge fan of GG and noticed that while Blake Lively stayed relatively the same height, Leighton started to catch up to her in the later episodes. Taylor Momsen is 5'6.5" and there are lots of photos of Leighton standing next to her (with shoes of similar heights) and they're eye to eye. So I would estimate that she's actually 5'6"-ish.
Jorge Campo said on 1/Apr/20
Legit 5 feet 4 1/2
Alice Bay said on 9/Mar/20
I don't know if you've seen her there, but how much do you think she weighted during her Gossip Girl day, like the first 1-2 seasons?
Editor Rob
Maybe 118 pounds back then
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Dec/19
Strange that shes the only actress i find out can look from 5'3 to 5'5 1/2.
Nik Ashton said on 3/Nov/19
@ Justine - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!
khaled taban said on 2/Aug/19
5'4.5" is right 💪
Nik said on 21/Apr/19
The average vote is 5'4.48" after 14 votes, it looks fair enough to me! There are 4 e's in her name!
Nik Ashton said on 20/Apr/19
She does look to be 5’4.5”!
Nik said on 31/May/18
I like her name! I am convinced with this listing for Leighton Meester!
Jazz said on 30/May/17
She is taller than 5'7 Diane Kruger. Something wrong with the listing.
Jess said on 22/Mar/17
Leighton Meester is also taller than Jessica Alba.
Justine said on 26/Jan/17
Way taller than Diane Kruger.
Sarah said on 26/Oct/16
Close to 5'4.
Sophie said on 17/Oct/16
Rob, Do you think Leighton may be shorter than this? She only has US size 5.5/6 feet...
S.J.H said on 13/Oct/16

I heard rumors that she is only 5'3.25 in real. I'm not sure of that but i do believe what you said shes like 5'3/4 so at best close to 5'4
Anne said on 27/Sep/16
Saw her in LA eating dinner with a friend, she walked past me wearing flats and she was shorter than me I am 5'5 on the dot- she must be 5'3/4, it's weird how celebrities are shorter than they seem!
Emma said on 30/Jul/14
@mira no 166cm is 5'5 and a half, looks like YOU don't know how to convert feet to centimetres
Alexiosk said on 28/Jul/14
Ice, I think that picture you posted is all about the angle distorting their relative heights. I have no idea how tall Crawford really is, but Meester absolutely is accurately listed.
ice said on 15/Jun/14
Rob, why didn't my comment post?
[Editor Rob: I don't know sorry]
ice said on 3/Jun/14
Hey Rob, something isn't adding up. Either he's taller than listed, or she's shorter. Click Here
Balrog said on 3/Nov/13
5 feet and 4 inches and a half is exactly 163,83cm rounded up to 164cm.
Mira said on 1/Nov/13
5'4.5" = 166 cm
Looks like no one here knows how to convert feet to centimeters.
Elijah said on 7/Feb/13
I agree that she can look very attractive at times but then she goes back to looking pretty plain often as well.

Listing looks about right... comes across as average height.
Balrog said on 10/Jan/13
Accurate listing. She's beautiful.
anon. said on 27/Jan/12
I'd say 166 cm.
me said on 3/Jan/12
I'm 164 cm and have Leighton's body type. If you cut her head from the pictures, I'd say it was me. I'm not very tall even in high heels. I also had a friend in HS who was as tall as Blake Lively and she always looked much, much taller than me.
Ed Westwick is not that tall but he's way taller than Leighton when she's in flats. Even in huge heels she's always a bit short or around the same height.
Silent d said on 15/Dec/11
Deppfan blake is def 5 foot 8 at least. She is tall. Leighton is 164cm. End of story.
lol93 said on 22/Nov/11
Click Here a lot taller than 5'8 mark consuelos with heels she must be a little taller... rob how much height those heels give?
blbg said on 11/Nov/11
well i belive roxane is tiny, because she looks much smaller than Leighton.. Click Here . Roxane is wearing highheel whearas Leighton is wearing flats.. I guess roxane is about 158 and leighton is about 164
Silent d said on 23/Oct/11
In gossip girl she is obviously 10cm shorter than 174cm blake. She always looked average on gg. Chuck always looked short to me. They just make the guys look short on gg except for chace. The girls are tall. I use to think leighton was 168cm when a website said blake was 177cm but now i kno.
FER said on 11/Oct/11
TAKE A LOOK !!! i would say theyre the same height (selena and leighton)
Click Here
Leighton's heels
Click Here
selena's heels
Click Here
deppfan said on 1/Oct/11
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Look at thaaat. Leighton must be 5'4" at max. Thus there is no chance that Blake Lively is even taller than 5'7.5".
Um said on 23/Aug/11
Selena is 5'3, Leighton is 5'4 .
Beryl said on 15/Jul/11
Have you seen the on set photos of gossip girl with french actress Roxane Mesquida ? I'm not so sure anymore about Leighton meester being 5ft 4. She is so much taller than Roxane Mesquida who always seemed to be average height. What do you think ? Or is Roxane that small?
Click Here
I could not find any information about Roxane's height : (
Kaylene said on 25/Jun/11
Click Here
Katie Cassidy- 169/170-that's for sure.
So Leighton and Selena are around 160cm(5'3)
Lara said on 23/May/11
I think 5ft 4 is the best guess for Leighton. I've seen her in many pictures with Ed Westwick who is a well known 5'8/5'8.5 and there is quite a difference between the two, even in big heels she doesn't reach him at eye level.

Anything more than 5'4 for Leighton is ridiculous, a real 5'5/5'6 could easily reach 5'8 in high heels..she doesn't and is clearly no more than 164cm.
dd said on 20/May/11
uhmmm @blbg.

first off.. its hard to tell, but leighton seems a bit taller. and second, selena has wedges and leighton is wearing flats.

soo gomez is around 5'3.5 ishhh
blbg said on 10/May/11
Click Here
if selena is 163-165, than leighton must be around 162-164
Elena Salvatore said on 22/Feb/11
I think Leighton Meester is about 5'3.75 or 162 cm. Look at these links to show Leighton Messter with Minka Kelly (who confirmed herself at 5'5")
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

So, 5'3.75 may be 5'4 maximum for Leighton Meester !!!
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/11
Click Here
You're so dumb that you seriously regard this pic as an indication of height difference.
Blink said on 21/Jan/11
Oh yes i know high heels;)She is taller than many celebrities with her "high heel shoes" but these celebrities was wearing high heels too.If you wonder how high their shoes just look at ;)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
lola said on 16/Jan/11
I watches her on regis and kelly and she is tall as kelly ! So i guess she's 5'3
Daaaah said on 28/Dec/10
´´Blink`` have you ever heard of highshoes??? You cant know how high shoes Leighton and the other girls like Mileyn are wearin! i dont really even care about their hights (;D) But just wanted to say ...
Anonymous said on 21/Dec/10
But there is more than 2 cm between her and Katie Cassidy(5'7").
Gigi said on 19/Dec/10
In my opinion leighton is 5'6 max she is a little bit taller than Miley Cyrus(5'5) so Leighton could be 5'6 max !!
LOVE YOU LEI said on 16/Nov/10
1.64 cm?
Guys don't be silly..
Leighton is taller.
I think she is 1.68.. :/
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/09
actually when she was on ellen she did look quite a bit taller than her because she was slouching a bit
she is not 1.60 she would be more than 1.65
kate said on 2/Jul/09
Yeah and did anyone happen to notice how slouched over lil wayne was? He's probably up to her ear standing up straight, maybe a little more which would put leighton right at 5'4".
eleni said on 29/Jun/09
I really thought she was 1.66 at least but when I saw her at live with regis and kelly she seemed 1.60( youtube) if kelly is 1.59. She seems very tall but she is not.When you see photos of her with her boyfriend in flat shoes you can see she is 1.60 or 1.62 the most!!!!Honestly she has a good body structure...For example kate beckinsale seems very short but is 1.70
And miley cyrus is around 1.62 not more .Here is she
with leighton
Click Here
Realme2008 said on 28/Jun/09
She's at least 5'4". So Stop with the 5'3" non sense. She's towering over Lil' Wayne in this photo. Click Here
She always appears to be average height, and that's what she is.
Q said on 20/Jun/09
robbie, Leighton is OBVIOUSLY taller than 5'3". She's a legitimate 5'5", or even taller than that.
K said on 18/Jun/09
what about when she went on the Ellen show, wearing 5-6 inch platforms she was barely taller than Ellen who is 5'7 in her sneakers

so if she really is 5'5 then adding her heel height, that would make her 5'10 at least
A said on 13/Jun/09
well, she is wearing pretty high heels though. and if she took them off, i'd guess she would be between 5.6 and 5.7.
That also makes more sence Taylor being 5.8, and Blake 5.10.
Ervs said on 7/Jun/09
Look at the pics from the mtv movie awards when she is next to lil
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/09
Click Here In this pic leighton and Amber Heard are next to each other.Amber Heard is commonly known as 5'7" or 5'8".And there is no height difference between the two. And again look at this pic. Click Here .Is Taylor longer than Leighton and Jessica?Not too much maybe not at all. 5'8" is Taylor's height as far as we know.So it seems possible that Leighton can be taller than 5'5" comparing her with them.
robbie said on 29/May/09
shut up..becca,,you think you are leighton meester?...dont give us your imaginated stupid story. I have seen her, and she can defintely not be 5'6. and if she was how do you explain her height on ellen degenered show,where she was wearing huge ass heels and barely taller than ellen.
becca said on 28/May/09
no way is she 5 4.5!! blake lively is 5 9 and she looks 3 inches shorter at the most making her 5 6. mine little sis is 5 9 and im 5 6 and they height difference between us looks around the same as leighton and blakes
Anonymous said on 26/May/09
What's with all these women with male names? Leighton, Blake? When is someone going to name their daughter Bruce? Might as well..
Lina said on 19/May/09
Leighton is obviously taller than 5'3". 5'4" to 5'5".
robbie said on 9/May/09
she probaby is 5'-3-5'4, cant be any taller than that and as for ed westwick he seems 5'7-5'7.5, blake lively is taller than ed westwisck.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/09
My height is 171, and i have met leighton and she was wearing flats and was barely shorter than me. I dont know where you get your information from.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/09
it looks like they also try and make blake look shorter because she is the same height as dan.
also to the comment about the photo where blake and leighton look similar in height it is also the camera angle but i also think leighton is not shorter than 5'5
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/09
the crew on gossip girl use alot of camera angles and other techniques to make leighton appear taller
Ryan said on 27/Apr/09
Blake isn't 178cm (5'10") she's 173cm (5'8"). Blake Lively often lies about her height though, so that's why a lot of people think she's 5'10". Also that's a pretty bad angle. If Blake Lively isn't wearing heels, and Leighton is she would easily look similar in height to Blake.
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/09
"She looks 5'4", so this height is probably accurate. She could be in the 5'3" range, though."

I second that.
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/09
Click Here
in this photo blake and leighton are both in flats and look at the height difference. i don't really think leighton could be shorter than 5'5 because blake lively is 178cm
Anonymous said on 22/Apr/09
leighton is almost always wearing 4-5 inch heels on gossip girl that would make anyone look tall
Johnny said on 22/Apr/09
Blake lively was probably wearing flats while Leighton was wearing heels that would easily make them look similar in height Wendy.
wendy said on 19/Apr/09
however..she looks same like blake was that? is blake even shorter than 5'8"?
Sarah said on 8/Apr/09
Leighton does look 5'4". Blake is tall, that's why she looks short on Gossip Girl.
5 ft 3.8 said on 7/Apr/09
5'5" sounds about right. Leighton isn't tall, but she isn't short either. I think she is a tad above average though.
Random Person said on 6/Apr/09
I'm taking posture, positioning and heels in account...but she still seems a tad taller than 5'4.
McLovin said on 1/Apr/09
She was a blonde in her appearance in House M.D. 5'4" no less
Phil said on 31/Mar/09
Blake Lively is 5'8, not 5'11.
Brett said on 31/Mar/09
Have you seen the latest gossip girl stills?? she stands next to blake lively who's 5'11 and they're both wearing heels and they look pretty much the same height, I mean leighton is a bit shorter of course, but not that much
Random Person said on 29/Mar/09
That's an interesting question J.lee, because a lot of people don't seem to be sure of height measurements. Sometimes when a person says 5'7 is short, in their head they're thinking 5'5-5'6.

I'm 5'8 in the morning and 5'7 by night, but people always assume me for 5'9.
Jenny said on 27/Mar/09
She looks 5'4", so this height is probably accurate. She could be in the 5'3" range, though.
Josh.J said on 26/Mar/09
i only remeber seeing her in House a couple of times. she is very beautiful and petite suits her well.
glenn said on 26/Mar/09
j-lee-i got pegged at 5-6 to 5-10.usually,i get 5-9 believe it or not.girls and guys.girls was the 5-6 and 5-10.of course 5-7s,and 5-8s pop up too.
J.Lee said on 25/Mar/09
Glenn did any girls ever think your five ten? What is the highest and lowest someone ever guessed your height?
Kathy said on 25/Mar/09
I think she's like 5'3 because there's a behind the scenes shot of her with chace and she appears to be wearing 3 inch wedges and standing on a thick board and still unable to reach chace( who is 5'10)
Little Red said on 24/Mar/09
she's wearing heels for sure so glenn is likely right with the 5'3-5'4.
k.leigh said on 24/Mar/09
Ed Westwick's height is described as 5"9 and a half by other sources, and looking at this picture and others, that is COMPLETELY off, so I'd say he's about 5"7-8. Look here:
Click Here

Leighton is about an inch to an inch and a half shorter than Ed here, with about MAYBE 2 inch heels. So let's say he's 5"8 here, she's 5"7 here, minus the 2 inch heels, that would put her at exactly 5"5, or a bit more. I just saw here in People yesterday standing straight up against Ed, and looking around 5"5 or 5"5 1/2. But no more.
Robbie said on 24/Mar/09
Yea, she could be around 5'3- 5'4...I saw her once at the airport.
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/09
glenn,she is also bending alot.i think she is taller than 5'5
glenn said on 20/Mar/09
i dont think i ever said that dude,but if i did,i was probably joking.
glenn said on 20/Mar/09
no problem j-lee.i wasnt trying to come across a always seem sweet.
Dude said on 19/Mar/09
Hey Glenn, were you 5'8 in that picture because I remember I read somewhere that you said you were only 5'8 in footwear.
J.Lee said on 19/Mar/09
Oh sorry Glenn you are right.
glenn said on 19/Mar/09
read my posts usually avoids problems.yet people never read my a matter of fact,i remember this photo more now.not only was i bending alot,knees included,it was taken on the run.she was being pulled away from a defense mechanism,to avoid messed up photos,i crouched in some way.if i didnt,i wouldve feared blocking her in the photo.people here never think of things like that.or realise not every photo is taken in leasure.
J.Lee said on 18/Mar/09
dang glenn. she is nearly a quarter foot shorter than you and she is taller than you in this pic? whats up with that?
me said on 18/Mar/09
if she was shorter than glenn with heels on, then she cant be 5'5
glenn said on 18/Mar/09
looking at some pics of her with women i dont know ,5-5 doesnt sound too bad now.leave it as 5-4.5.not lower.
Meeee said on 18/Mar/09
That was a quick change in height. I have a feeling that will be happening a lot for Leighton. I hope she is 5'3 or 5'4 that would be cute.

[Editor Rob: I agree she could be near 5ft 4]
glenn said on 18/Mar/09
dont know.5-5 seems high.5-3 to 5-4 is what i think.
victor said on 18/Mar/09
she looked really good, it must be really funny to meet all thoose celebs.
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/09
That girl is beautiful.
Meeee said on 17/Mar/09
Wait and does Glenn think this is accurate, just wondering, cause you met her.
Me said on 17/Mar/09
Yesssssssss You got her height. Soooo excited!!!!!!!!!! lol I've been waiting for sooo long. I'm actually surprised though. But sometimes she seems shorter and sometimes taller so maybe 5'5 is a good guess for her. Thank you. Sheee looks soo great!
anonymous said on 17/Mar/09
shes actually pretty hot..
Realme2008 said on 17/Mar/09
5'5" really? She doesn't look it. I always thought she was in the 5'3"-5'4" range.
me said on 17/Mar/09
was shorter or kinda the same height?
Elle said on 17/Mar/09
I love her. I always thought she was about 5'5.
glenn said on 17/Mar/09
me-no.she wasnt bending alot.
glenn said on 17/Mar/09
thats up to rob to add.not me.i send him 20 to 30 pics at a time.he picks all of them.a few table or sitting shots were obviously not used.but a couple of table shots were standing.
me said on 16/Mar/09
yeah but she was taller that you with those heels on?
i cant tell with that picture.
was she?
b2 said on 16/Mar/09
Gotta say Glenn, it's great that you post on here and you offer many excellent pictures for judging height. But I don't really see the point in adding one like this where it's nigh-on impossible to tell anything.
glenn said on 16/Mar/09
im bending.all celeb women wear heels.
steph said on 16/Mar/09
thought she was more like 5 3 or 5 4
me said on 16/Mar/09
glenn, she was taller than you on with heels on?
me said on 16/Mar/09
she had really big heels, didnt she?

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