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6ft 5.29in (196.3cm)
Canson said on 5/Sep/17
@Insomniak: good point!
insomniak said on 4/Sep/17
@Canson, zoom in the picture Lennox is a fraction taller. You have to really zoom in to spot the difference.
Canson said on 3/Sep/17
Don't see any difference with Lennox Lewis. Both 6'4.5- 6'4 5/8 range

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Guanzo said on 2/Sep/17
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Canson said on 2/Sep/17
@Rising: Dr J is still taller than Barkley is and this was in 2016 where Doc was 66 years old don't know if he's still 6'5.5 there but still edges him

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JT said on 2/Sep/17
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Canson said on 31/Aug/17
194.3-194.6cm range
Canson said on 31/Aug/17
@Rising: he and Lennox are the same here and rob has them listed the same. 6'5.5-6'6 is a shoe height for Barkley

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Canson said on 28/Aug/17
@Rising: I don't know if Lebron is 201cm to be honest. Melo isn't a full inch shorter than Lebron is that's maybe half. Melo I agree with being roughly 6'6.25 since I've seen him. Lebron was said to have never measured after reaching and surprising 6'6". Bosh is about 3" taller than Lebron Wade about 4" shorter than Lebron. I don't consider Lewis to have grown either as he's about 1.5" or so on Lebron

My guesses

Lebron 6'6.75-6'7
Lewis 6'8.5
Wade 6'2.5-6'3
Bosh 6'10

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Canson said on 28/Aug/17
@Rising: I have to disagree that the pic of the whole heat team is a good reference. Using them it is difficult to gauge how tall any of them are. Looking at Lewis with Howard or Allen Howard looks 6'9" Lewis 6'8.5 Allen 6'3.75 imho. Ray looks the same with other guys like carter or Kobe he isn't as tall as they are
Canson said on 28/Aug/17
@Rising: I doubt Rashard grew. And that is 5" or closer to it than 4". Rashard is still shorter than Howard is. As for the pics they're no different than the Jordan Barkley one where Barkley is favored in the camera angle. Butler and Wade are that diff as are Haslem and Wade imho. As for Caron butler I beieve 196 cm but the diff with them is over 2" imho no less than 2"
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Aug/17
@Christian: I wouldn't ignore it if it was a fact. I've only read Pat Riley recall Jordan was measured around 6'4.5" entering the league 25-30 years later. There's no other source for this and I don't even know for a fact that pre-draft measurements occurred that far back. Besides, I've said to Canson that if I see enough visual evidence to make the measurement implausible then I'll reconsider. But in the absence of that, I do take a confirmed measurement as a valid reference. Seems logical, no?

@Canson: Big difference. Mine is a full pic. The Manning one is at a low angle and Barkley is farther from the camera making the difference look larger. In the Miller pic, I don't think a hug is a good time to judge an exact height difference, especially without both of their feet flat on the ground.

Wade looks to be slouching with Rasual Butler. He can look near 4" shorter depending on the size of Butler's head since Wade reaches a bit above his eyebrows, but the difference between the two seemed pretty small during pre-game between the Spurs and Heat 2016. Caron Butler is closer to Wade's height and one of the pics I posted was a full one plus we agree on Caron's height so I'd think he was a better reference. One of the pics I posted with Kobe was also a full one and even if I gave Kobe no more than 6'4.75", Wade still looks his measurement there to me.

Rashard does look at least 4" taller than Ray to me. I'll give you that, but Lewis looks noticeably closer in height to 6'10.25" Bosh than he does to 6'
7.25" Lebron: Click Here He should be just 1.25" taller than Lebron and 1.75" shorter than Bosh. Instead, he only looks an inch shorter than Bosh, but has more than 2" on Lebron. Considering he came out of high school, can we really rule out Rashard growing a bit more to at least 6'9"? Would you consider a 6'4.75" player or a 6'8.5" minimum one a better reference to compare to someone 6'4"-6'5" range?

Ray looks 6'4.5"-6'5" range to me with 6'6" Pierce: Click Here Click Here
Canson said on 26/Aug/17
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Aug/17

As for Barkley and Jordan, here's the best pic I've seen thus far: Click Here

Rising the issue is the pic you posted of Jordan and barkley is no different than this one of them

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Number one, Jordan is not taller than Kobe who is 6'4.75. Jordan is about 6'4.5 barefoot. And there are not 2cm in your picture. That's at most 1/2" and yes Barkley is favored there. You would need them next to each other.

However, look at Barkley with 6'9" Danny Manning or 6'7-6'7.5 Oliver Miller

Even with Miller off the ground very slightly that appears to be 4" at least. If Miller were down some it would be a bit less more like 3. Either way, no chance barkley is over 6'5 let alone 6'5 with him. With Manning he looks "at most 6'5" not taking into account Manning's larger forhead. I mean as I have mentioned over and over, if it were one or two people who said he is 6'4-6'5 and everyone else said hes 6'6 than it would be easier to believe what you are saying but its the other way around and the whole thing about the low eye level 6'6 guys are saying they are 1-2" taller than him so that doesn't work. IF someone can see clearly over his head, it means he is not 6'5.5

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Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 26/Aug/17

Jordan was measured 6'4.5" at the pre draft. For someone who constantly base their estimates on pre drafts so much, you seem to ignore the fact that Jordan was measured 6'4.5"
Canson said on 25/Aug/17
@Rising: ray Allen with 6'8.5 Rashard Lewis. Lewis is shorter than Howard is. Allen looks over 4" closer to 5 really shorter than him. Ray I believe is 6'3.75 (6'4 on a good day) honestly and Wade an inch lower. Ray looks an inch shorter than Kobe as well. But that makes sense because he would be 6'5" in shoes.

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Canson said on 25/Aug/17
@Rising: Rasual Butler is 6'6.75. Look at Wade next to him and tell he doesn't even look 6'3". Caron also easily has 2" on Wade in that pic. My estimate for butler is 196cm I'd say 2cm over me so with Wade he looks around 191 max. With butler and Lebron and Haslem, Wade looks 6'2.75 as he also does with Barkley Kobe or Jordan

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Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Aug/17
@Canson: I tried to reply earlier, but it didn't go through so anyway. Yes, I do take pre-draft measurements at face value until given reason not to. I don't dispute some will be inaccurate, but I believe it's the best starting point to have. But as I've said, I think you put too much stock into other people's estimates and anecdotes, some of which may be more ribbing than a serious estimate. Like I've said, I don't believe Barkley was measured 6'4 5/8" and as I said the article in question simply says it was "learned" Barkley was "more like" 6'4 5/8" than 6'6". This could have been "learned" by Barkley claiming 6'4" and a fraction or this writer seeing Barkley in person and estimating him shorter. I agree some skepticism is appropriate for the pre-2000 draft measurements since they are from sportswriters and errors are made in reporting, but even those I'd put above what you're assuming is an Olympic measurement for Barkley because whether accurate or not, the pre-draft measurements explicitly claim to be measurements and we do know measurements take place pre-draft. We don't even know if the players were actually measured in the Olympics, nor do we have other measurements to compare to. The only list was that one which knocked 2" off every NBA listing except Stockton, which imo, could taint the credibility if we ever do find reports of an actual measurement. Let me put it to you this way, haven't you and someone else met someone and disagreed on their height? We've both noted many times that people's perceptions are warped by guys my height claiming 5'11", guys 6'2" claiming your height etc. so you acknowledge in that sense many have a warped perspective even based on erroneous claims, imo, that alone makes most other people's estimates something to take with a grain of salt. As for Wade, here's the video I took the still from: Click Here You can see a significant difference even by Wade jumping to hug him. I think there's near a couple of inches between the two.

But the issue is more Wade's height. You mention 6'5.25" Butler, but he looks 1.5" max taller than Wade: Click Here Click Here You're right that we're all that the mercy of the camera, but as far as pictures go, these are pretty good, no? Wsde has looked nearer 6'4" to me with Butler and Kobe to name a couple, so I'd really need to see some photographic or video evidence up to this standard, preferably players closer to Wade's height to change my mind.

As for Ray. I believe he's about 6'5". He looks about the same as 195 cm Michael Redd: Click Here

As for Barkley and Jordan, here's the best pic I've seen thus far: Click Here

Jordan is 6'4.75"-6'5", imo and Barkley looks at least 2 cm taller. I can't see Barkley looking any less than 6'5.5" with Magic and to me, he typically looks even taller, but in fairness, the same could be said of Kobe with Magic, even on good video at Michael Jackson's memorial and I think Kobe is only about 6'5" give or take a small fraction. I think there's less than an inch difference between all 3, but overall, Barkley looks the tallest to me.
Canson said on 22/Aug/17
@Rising: your estimates have logic based on the pre drafts. However the pre drafts are not always reliable imho. They are the same word of mouth that constituted Barkleys 6'4 5/8 as they also come straight from reporters. Me personally I would believe a measurement of 6'4 5/8 as it came from the olympics which has no reason to try to over or undercut anyone. The pre drafts where a person is auditioning is a bit different. Not sure if you saw the piece I posted about the warriors on Kobes page I believ. A couple days ago. The audio is of the warriors former GM. He says himself that draymond green is the 3rd shortest warrior yet he Klay and Iggy all supposedly measured the same at the combine. I believe it because Iggy looks taller than him as can Klay at times. Iggy looks that height maybe 6'5.5 with other guys where drsymond is no more than a solid 6'5". That's the same logic with Wade he looks a lot smaller than he is listed and he is like Christian said no more than 6'3. I would've said weak 6'3 really but I think the difference with Barkley is a bit pronounced due to the angle favoring him and the fact Barkley is much bigger not to mention we cannot see the footwear they wear. But it's a bit silly for guys like Danny Ainge Michael Jordan Dan Majerle Cotton Fitzsimmons The sixers owner and GM in the 80s as well as others who've met him to say he's only 6'4 range if he's really 6'6. My opinion is he isn't a solid but he's closer to 6'4.5 or perhaps his Olympic measurement 6'4 5/8. Not to mention he looks that height with Karl Malone or Magic etc as well as Jordan. Jordan edges Barkley just as often as he edges Jordan
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 21/Aug/17

That's because Wade is 6'3" at the most.
Canson said on 20/Aug/17
@Rising: there is more than an inch between them but it is more likely that Wade isn't as tall as billed. I've personally played ball against Keith Bogans and he himself is a legit 6'4" guy. Bogans played high school ball in MD but we are from the same area in Virginia and I played against him growing up and he's close in age with me. He's taller than Wade as is Butler who is a good 6'5" that's a good 2" between them. Barkley says here below that he is 6'4.75 and measured 6'4 5/8 per Sports Illustrated who yes got their info from a sportswriter likely but the pre drafts also come from a sportswriter as well so no more credible and in fact I would believe that more as it is a specific measurement on a guy who was already well on his way to being a hall of fame player at 29 than someone who is trying to get drafted in the league. Wade does not look a legit 6'4" guy or even a 6'3.75. I'm not seeing how he could measure 6'3.75 if Lebron is 4" or so taller than he is. Ray is a max 6'4" barefoot and taller than wade not 6'5. Ray isn't as tall as Carter Kobe or any of the two guards listed at 6'6 or else he would've been as well. As for pre drafts it says it well when three warriors are all the same height yet the GM says draymond is the 3rd shortest warrior on the team. He klay and Iggy all "supposedly" measured the same 6'5.75. Iggy and klay if talller are still not as tall as Livingston who measured 6'6.25. I'm not saying that they are all wrong because I believe Livingston is that height as he looks about as tall as Carmelo Anthony does in game and pics and even Iggy to me looks 6'5.5ish. But it says for 2009 and beyond that they were Morning measurements on top of that.

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Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Aug/17
Here are a couple of stills of Barkley and Dwyane Wade from their commercials: Click Here If anyone doubts the height difference, I can post the original video, but I do believe Wade is about the 6'3.75" Rob and the pre-draft camp list him so that's one reason I see Barkley as a 6'5.5" guy. One thing is sure, there's more than an inch between them. Some think Wade is shorter than the measurement, while others like myself think it's more that Barkley is taller than many think, but it has to be one or the other.
Canson said on 18/Aug/17
@Rising: Mo isn't quite a foot shorter than Webber. Mo was listed 6'1" which leads me to believe he's prob around 5'11/6'. And you have to remember Webber was likely measured as a Sixer and could be compared to a player that was measured 6'9 and been shorter as well. Artest is "roughly" that but could have been a bit under at his low like 6'5.25. But nonetheless I see him a strong 6'5 if Kobe is a tad under. I see Rose as a tad taller than Miller. As for Mullin with Cannon, That's going off Robs listing for Cannon. I may use his listing a tad for some stuff but I look at the objects and people around them as well and don't use them at face value.

As for the Barkley Olympic that is the same as a writer who lists a pre draft measurement as these come from writers as well. His estimate was from Sports Illustrated edition previously. That to me is a very specific measurement.

lsu alum said on 11/Oct/15
does anyone on this site intellegent enought to read the disclaimer on the DRaftexpress site. Everyone uses that reference as if it was definitive. They clearly state that they did not measure anyone, and are just printing what other writers have stated.
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Aug/17
We agree on some, such as Artest at roughly 6'5.5" and Jalen at 6'6". I have Miller the same as Jalen, but like I said, I'm not going to argue about a fraction away. I don't see a full inch on Barkley, though. At times, it can be tough to see a difference. Eye level might look an inch apart, but the top of their heads would be closer, imo. Mullin doesn't look that much shorter than Reggie to me and the difference would probably be smaller without his head tilt/posture: Click Here This is from the same day as with Jalen. Mullin looks a good 7" taller than Nick Cannon(Rob lists him at 5'10.5") if you consider Cannon's hat: Click Here But I'll concede neither of their posture is good for comparing so I'd agree to take this one with more of a grain of salt than Mullin and Jalen.

But as I've said before, there's no proof or even a source that says Barkley was measured 6'4 5/8". One writer just said they "learned" Barkley was "more like" 6'4 5/8" than 6'6". That could mean anything in the 6'4" and change range and the writer doesn't say how he "learned" it. Barkley could have said it, a teammate could have said it or the writer could have concluded it from seeing Barkley in person.

In the main Dream Team pic, Mullin and Jordan aren't side by side or on the same level. Barkley and Jordan are, though and Barkley looks taller than Jordan again in that pic. I think both Barkley and Mullin are taller than Jordan, but I wouldn't put Jordan as low as 6'4.5". In that case, I actually think Rob has been right to list him 6'4.75"-6'5". Pretty much identical with Kobe in multiple full pics, but if anything I'd give Kobe the edge. I agree Jalen isn't under 6'6", but I don't think he's much, if anything over it. I give Webber the full 6'9", though. Mo Cheeks would be nearly a head shorter than Webber, but 6'9" is still in the range he gives. I assumed Cheeks was about 6' or so, which means he's right in between our heights, but that's probably too short to judge an NBA big man's height precisely, imo.
Canson said on 16/Aug/17
@Rising: I don't see Mullin more than 1/2" taller than Spree. I agree with you on Spree that he's 6'4" solid which means Mullin for sure isn't 6'5.5. I would say he's 6'4.5 honestly and he looks identical with Jordan in the dream team pic if anything not a difference we can see. I remember mullin was listed 6'7 and 6'6" during his career 6'6" at St Johns as well which signals to me he wasn't 6'5.5 most likely barefoot. The most I could give Mullins is maybe 195cm or a full 6'5" but that looks iffy with Barkley I'd say both can look max 195cm and that gives Barkley the benefit of the doubt since he was actually measured 6'4 5/8. But that could be his lowest. Rob's listing for Barkley is fairer in my opinion because even if he were 6'4.5 that's only 1/4 difference and 1/8 if his lowest is 6'4 5/8 which is fair enough esp since he claimed that height so often.

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Canson said on 16/Aug/17
@Rising: it's over an inch with chuck and Reggie
Canson said on 16/Aug/17
@Rising: you said that very well honestly!

Only thing is For the pic with Mullin and Rose the angle to favor Mullin some as when he's with Richmond and Spree he doesn't edge them but maybe 1/2-3/4". Rose's shoulders are a good bit higher. I have him only edging Reggie my 1cm prob. He looks a tad taller in pics like maybe 1/2" at most. I heard 6'5-6'6" with Reggie when Ozzy posted on another page years ago here when Reggie was referring to Ron Artest's height when there was a mismatch with he and walker and Reggie said he's "his height" 6'5-6'6. I concur with you more 6'5 5/8-3/4 where as Ron is 6'5.25-.5 (Ron claimed 6'5 1/2 on Big Boi's neighborhood).

but you are absolutely right Rose is a solid 6'6" on his pre draft I don't believe he's under that. I wouldn't hesitate to say he may be a hair over until I saw him with Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler and Pippen where he is shorter than all of them including Pippen but not by much with the latter. He looks that with Webber too. Webber shows 6'9 on his pre draft but have heard guys like Mo cheeks refer to him as 6'8/6'9 same as spencer Haywood. He's more 6'8.5/.75 range prob.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Aug/17
Reggie looks taller than Chuck to me, but just slightly. I've always thought he's 6'6", but he could be 1/4" under. I didn't hear that claim myself so I'm just basing it off what I've seen. Here's what I'm talking about of Mullin and Jalen: Click Here He actually didn't measure up better to Reggie than Rose. I think both Barkley and Mullin have bigger heads than Reggie, though. Reggie's head seems on the small side for someone his height. I've seen some 1/4" in the late 80s and early 90s. Mutombo and Shawn Kemp are examples. I believe Rose was said to have measured an even 6'6" and without looking it up, I believe it. Reggie didn't look shorter to me on that video of the two I posted a while back, so my guess is both are 6'6" even. As I said, I can't argue the possibility of say a quarter inch under or so, but we're within a fraction on both Rose and Miller. Barkley typically looks to edge out Jordan to me(partially due to Chuck's pointy head) and I don't remember seeing Jordan and Mullin in a good side by side, but I'd guess Mullin as the taller of the two. Mullin and Barkley did measure up better to Pippen than Jordan did.
Canson said on 14/Aug/17
@Rising: yep! 6'4" for Mitch worst case 6'3.75. Mullin looks maybe half inch or 2cm taller than sprewell and him both. I think spree is a legit 6'4. Mullin looks shorter than Miller. Miller once said he's around 6'5-6'6" so my guess prob closer to 6'6 like 197cm imho. He looks to have Mullin and Chuck and MJ by 1-1.5" and rose looks maybe half inch or so taller. It's hard to gauge Rose. He may be a stronger 6'6 (1/8-1/4) which he should've been rounded to 6'6.5 since they didn't do 1/4 back then). Plus he was listed 6'8" in college and pros. But according to people who've met him they say he's 6'6" in person legitimately
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 13/Aug/17
Rob, do you think he lost height and what´s the tallest you would argue for his peakheight?
Editor Rob: I think some people could argue a 1/4 inch over 6ft 5, I am not sure he's really lost anything noticeable.
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Aug/17
@Canson: I agree with a good chunk of your post, including Mullin and Barkley at the same height as any difference is simply too small to call in a photo. A poster posted an on court photo where Barkley looked taller, but in the side by side photos I posted with Pippen and Ewing, they looked identical and I think those were better for height comparisons than the on court photo. Where I differ is I see Mullin just slightly shorter than Miller, who I see at 6'6" or very close to it and Mullin looked barely shorter than 6'6" Jalen Rose at Jalen's academy 5 years ago. As for Barkley and Kenny, I simply wasn't trying to guess posture because I don't know how much difference it was making. I was only saying where Kenny reached on Barkley as they were standing. Of course, for all we know, one or the other could have 1/4" or so thicker shoes, but while I usually see Barkley at least 4" taller than Kenny, I'll reserve judgement until I see the video you're referring to. You might be right about Mullin and Sprewell, I don't remember the difference. How tall you think Mitch Richmond was? I always assumed about 6'4".
Canson said on 11/Aug/17
@Rising Force: yes a friend of mine has met spree before (my former AAU coach) and he himself is 6'2" and said Spree is 6'4" barefoot (is about 6'5" in sneaks) so I agree with you on that. I look at him next to Chris Mullin tho and he is literally almost as tall it's not an entire inch which leads me to believe (amongst other data) that Mullin isn't even 6'5". He doesn't look any taller than Jordan does and looks a good bit shorter than Reggie Miller who has also admitted to being 6'5/6'6" himself. I bring up Mullin because he was used to compare to Barkley once and was said that Barkley edged him (which he doesn't they're about the same height) give or take a fraction
Canson said on 11/Aug/17
@Rising: with the lean taken into account I have them as about 3" apart. I'll post the video of the hall of fame skit on ITNBA.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Aug/17
@Canson: Well in that picture you posted, Kenny is literally right at Barkley's lower eyebrow and at the bottom of his higher eyebrow or right at the top/above his higher eye. The line I put is undoubtedly straight as it's computer programmed rather than hand-drawn and Kenny has no hair so there's no question where his head ends. I did concede that Kenny looked to be leaning more, but I didn't try to guess how much difference that made in height. As for how much difference that is, well eye to top of head is 4.5" on average, but an average man is 5'9"-5'10" so since if we use the range of our diverging estimates for Barkley, we can at least say he's somewhere between 6'4.5" and 6'5.5". That means Barkley is at least 7 inches above average give or take, so my belief his head is more like 10" than 9.5" and eye to top of head more like 5" is not much of a stretch. Without considering posture, I see a 4" bare minimum difference due to the line reaching barely above Barkley's higher eye. Like I said, this doesn't mean this would be the difference if they stood evenly and were right next to each other rather than Ernie being in between, but the actual difference as they're standing can't be less than 4" there. My personal opinion is Barkley is about 4", maybe 4.5" taller, which I believe the other 3 full photos I posted show, but that's obviously debatable otherwise this page wouldn't exist. I do agree with you that Kenny is around 186 cm, maybe 186.5 cm. I hadn't thought about Cassell's height much, though. I imagine there's a good comparison of him and Sprewell somewhere from that excellent '04 Wolves team. I think I told you I saw Sprewell maybe a foot away around 2003ish and he struck me as a solid 6'4", but I can easily be off an inch or two in person once people get into that around 6'2" range or taller. But back to Barkley and Kenny, I'll view anything else you post of them and go into it with an open mind. I do think Barkley could be a guy to shrink in the next few years considering his back and knee problems in the 90s, but height loss is tough to predict.
Canson said on 9/Aug/17
@Rising: it's definitely 8cm like S.J.H said as Ernie and Kenny both call Barkley 6'4" and he looks 194/195 next to both of them. They are both well above his eyebrows which would be 4 or 4.5 right there. I agree on Kenny also because People I know have met Sam Cassell and put him at "about" 6'1" but I feel Kenny is a little taller so I'd say Kenny is more like 6'1.25-6'1.5. Kenny was a bit taller. I saw Sam next to Cheryl Miller who is 6'0-6'1" range herself barefoot and was listed as 6'2" and she looked the same height whereas Kenny is taller than her. The pic I posted with Kenny and Barkley Kenny is leaning and still a bit above his brows or right above meaning he's likely about 3" with a straighter posture. Also check out the video where they prank Barkley on Inside the NBA and go to the club "Hall of Fame" where Barkley isn't invited in. He's right behind Kenny when Kenny walks in and it's a clear 3" difference between them when they do.
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Aug/17
That's 4" minimum taller than Kenny Smith the way they're standing there or 4"-4.5" range as Kenny's head actually only reaches around Barkley's lower eyebrow and is just barely above Barkley's higher eye: Click Here Kenny may be slouching or leaning more there, but at least if you measured them how they're standing at that moment, the difference would be well over 3". There's very little margin for error because Kenny is bald. The real question is how much height Kenny is losing due to that lean compared to Barkley, who isn't standing perfectly, but doesn't seem to be leaning as noticeably.

Here's 3 full photos of Barkley, Kenny and EJ: Click Here

For the record, I didn't take these stills, but I do remember watching this episode about 10 years ago and I remember Barkley a bare minimum 4" taller than Kenny as the photos show. In the first barefoot photo, Barkley looks near 5" taller to me as Kenny reaches no higher than his eye level then probably more 4"-4.5" in the 2nd barefoot photo and finally in the photo with shoes, Kenny seems to reach that same spot on Barkley as the photo Canson posted so I'll say 4"-4.5" again. It's possible posture or camera placement is exaggerating the difference at times, but I can't see less than a 4" difference personally. I suspect Kenny could be anywhere from 6'1" to 6'1.5" barefoot, but no more and no less than that range. Even if I'm wrong about Barkley at 6'5" minimum, I'd still say Kenny's height was more inflated as he'd be lucky to hit 190 cm in sneakers and may well be more 188-189 range in shoes.
Canson said on 7/Aug/17
@RP: it's 3" Kenny is well above his eyebrows and that's how both look on TV next to each other
RP said on 6/Aug/17
Barkley has Kenny Smith by 4"... minimum 3.75" !!
184guy said on 5/Aug/17
@Rob you have guessed both at 6'4.75, but using Jimmy Fallon as reference, do you can guess someone the tallest one ?
Jimmy and Joe:
Click Here
Jimmy and Chuck:
Click Here
Canson said on 4/Aug/17
@SJH: not to mention Ernie also calls Barkley 6'4". Ernie is listed as 6'1" and a full 6'1" or near 6'1" Ernie puts Barkley at his Olympic height 6'4 5/8 as there isn't even a full 4" between the two of them either. Smith and Barkley I would say similar to that about 8cm.
S.J.H said on 2/Aug/17
Kenny claim he is 6'2 and call Barkley at 6'4 which is so untrue. Like Canson say there is solid 3" between Barkley and Kenny which is right. I did say there is 8cm between the duo.
Logan said on 31/Jul/17
He used to used to be a bit taller than Jordon which is 6,6 so Barkley is 6,7 but he is shorter now probaly 6,5 so 6,5 now but in his prime 6,7
Canson said on 28/Jul/17
@Christian: I was befuddled myself. I wasn't close to him but from a distance I'd have believed his 6'3 or 6'4 list. Maybe it was an error tho. But with Magic Johnson he could almost pull off 6'2-6'3 imho rather than 6'1.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 27/Jul/17

I don't get why he was measured 6043 (6'4 3/8") at the draft though. Click Here Must've been a computer error by NFL.
Canson said on 21/Jul/17
I've never been able to pinpoint Merrimans height. I would've thought from a distance in public he was 6'3-6'4. But after seeing pics and the posts where people met him closer up he's 6'1-6'2. I wasn't standing that close to him when I met him unfortunately. Was a good distance away. For Barkley I'd say 194-195
Tuft said on 20/Jul/17
How does Shawnee Merriman only look 5'11 with 5'8 Dominick Cruz. Click Here
Canson said on 18/Jul/17
@Rising Force: I can agree Rob has some people accurate like Barkley actually (he's within maybe 1/4" of his listing but prob between 6'4-5 middle of) but there are some others who are listed pretty high and maybe a couple listed a bit lower not as many tho although John Larroquette I believe is closer to his 6'5" claim as he walked past my parents and me and literally was maybe 3-5 feet from my 6'4" father and appeared a bit taller. Of course I didn't see footwear didn't pay attention but just noticed it as did my mother. I was younger and probably 5' something at the time however as it was maybe 25 or so years ago whereas I'm in my mid 30s now.
Canson said on 18/Jul/17
@Rising Force: well SJH met Fallon and said he's under 5'11". Never looks that tall with Jordan either
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Jul/17
I'd say Rob is remarkably accurate, but there are some I'd say he's 0.5" off on. Michael Douglas, Mario Lopez and Mel Gibson come to mind as two I'd say are listed too high by that much and I'm becoming more suspicious Conan O'Brien might be as well. It's rare he's off more than that, imo, but ironically, I firmly believe Barkley is one of them as I'm convinced he's 6'5.5". I can't see Fallon far from 5'11.5", I know a lot of you have mentioned friends who have met people here, well, I know someone who spent 5-10 minutes with Fallon in a bar(I've seen the proof) and they said 5'11" to 6 feet sounded about right, which looked also looked right visually as this person is also 5'11" and change. Barkley does easily have at least 6" on him, but admittedly, our debate won't be settled by comparing Barkley to men under 6 feet since differences can look bigger or smaller, especially when they're that big.
Canson said on 17/Jul/17
@Christian: that I wholeheartedly believe. I didn't know what he meant at first
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 17/Jul/17
Canson said on 11/Jul/17
@SJH: I don't understand your last post. Are you saying that Kobe looks 6'5.5 with Fallon or with other celebs who aren't verified?


I think what he meant was that most celebrities are actually 0.75" or 1" shorter than Rob's listings, which I can somewhat agree. I would say about 0.5" though not quite 1"
Canson said on 14/Jul/17
Out of bed 196-197 (give wide range am to pm for his weight)
Before bed 194-195 (6'4 5/8 olympics measurement at 29 years old)
Canson said on 14/Jul/17
Charles Barkley is not an inch taller than jordan. They're almost identical. Some pics Jordan actually edges him whereas some he edges Jordan. Some they're the same
Canson said on 14/Jul/17

Dan Majerle says it here that he probably isn't even 6'5.
Maybe he's a weak 6'5 (6'4 5/8 is what he measured at the Olympics).

Click Here
Mark(5'9.5") said on 13/Jul/17
Barkley could have been a full 6'5" when he was young, but because he gained weight, he lost a bit of height. I could be wrong.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 13/Jul/17
peak 6´5.5", no less
0.75"-1" taller than Jordan, in dress shoes taller than Hogan in cowboyboots...

Fools people with his 6´4 and change claims...

It would mean a downgrade for alot of big names if hes really just a very strong 6´4"
Canson said on 11/Jul/17
@SJH: I don't understand your last post. Are you saying that Kobe looks 6'5.5 with Fallon or with other celebs who aren't verified?
S.J.H said on 10/Jul/17
No offence. I look through again many times and still see Kobe Braynt and Barkley look comfort 6'5.5 with those celebrities. Highly doubt most of them were 0.75" or full inch off the listing given by rob. I've seen Jimmy Kimmel in real look 179cm exactly my dad's height and he really not even a 180cm guy but get listed at 181cm just like what he look next to Kobe i see over 6' between them.
Guanzo said on 9/Jul/17
6'5.5'' with shoes next to 6'1.75'' Dwayne Johnson?
Canson said on 9/Jul/17
@Christian: agreed! I'd go with under that mark honestly if it's a nighttime height only because some people that have seen him have given him 6'4" where some 6'5. My guess the 6'4 5/8 is probably his afternoon and he may see 6'4.5 at night or maybe a hair under but then again not sure how tall he would be out of bed he may lose a full inch but at 3/4" avg that makes sense the Olympic height
Canson said on 7/Jul/17
Meant to say 6'7" or 6'8".
Canson said on 7/Jul/17
If he were 6'6" barefoot as a power forward he'd be listed at 6'6" or 6'8 instead of 6'6". Dr J was 6'5.5 taller than Barkley and listed at 6'7. Reggie miller is also a good inch or so taller than Barkley and listed 6'7"
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 6/Jul/17

Lol, he admitted to being 6ft4 3/4 on several occasions so no way he can be 6ft6. Best case he's 6ft4 3/4 but I think he's even a tiny fraction below that.
Canson said on 2/Jul/17
6'4 5/8 per his Olympic measurement which is his actual height in bare feet 6'4.5 at night
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 28/Jun/17

For some reason, guys like Barkley, Kobe and Jordan makes everyone else look shorter than their listings on celebheights.
Lak said on 28/Jun/17
This guy is only 195cm !! He towered over the the who claims 6'4" or even more , the difference was maybe 4 inches to 5
Canson said on 24/Jun/17
@Rising Force: I agree on Nique's 1993 season! And in 94 I never got why Atlanta decided to trade him for Danny Manning. Manning was said to have had friction with Larry Brown which I believe because brown was tough as a coach. I think that 90s hawks team (early 90s) was amazing with John Koncak Kevin willis Nique Mookie and Augmon and guys like grant long. Then the late 90s when they had Laettner and Mount Mutombo and Smitty as well. I like Nique but it was a shame for him because he had injuries. He was underrated as a player but not underrated meaning he was briefly mentioned with Magic Bird Doc MJ etc at the time but you don't hear much today unless from us older guys in our 30s and 40s who saw him play and can appreciate him
Canson said on 23/Jun/17
@Rising Force: Reggie miller I believe actually 6'5.5-.75 range so I agree as for Drexler 6'5.5 is absolute but a solid 6'5 is more reasonable. He doesn't look as tall as Reggie Miller or Fox etc and pippen is close to 2" on Clyde if not a full 2. I look at Drexler with Hakeem who Mario Elie mentioned was closer to 6'9 not 6'10. Hakeem is also slightly shorter than Ewing is. As for Ewing he is no way 6'11. Look at him with Starks or Oakley. starks is 6'2" and 7-8" less not 9". Rodman yes 6'6.5 what I was saying. I meant he isn't 6'7. Pippin axtually doesn't look an inch taller there are many pics where rodman edges him out and there are others where pippen does or they are the same height. As for Jordan I don't just get the 6'4.5 from pat Riley I also get it from people who have met him. The key thing to remember here is if MJ is in a pair of basketball shoes namely his own that's adding up to 1.4" or so so if he's near 6'6" in them he will appear 6'5" barefoot. I did hear about the 6'4 7/8. That was not in the NBA it was at UNC. Having played ball myself in college I was measured at a 6 AM practice too once. I measured 6'4.75 once but know by evening I (at that point would've been no more than 194flat on abnormal day). I was up an hour which I buy for MJ as I do believe he's 6'5.25 or 1/8 out of bed and 6'4 1/2 is his height he would be at his lowest or near it. My guess looking at all of the guys we're talking is that maybe Barkley edges Jordan by a 1/4" maybe 1/8" and is his 6'4 5/8 at his lowest. The one thing I can say about two of the people I know who have met Barkley one is 6'2 one 6'3 and both met him in a restaurant and one in an airport so flat ground for both and both stood in front of him and shook hands. The other I didn't include is a scout who has met him multiple times who is 6'2 as well. All of them said 6'4, 6'4/6'5, and 6'4.5 (one said he's about identical with me). I mean even if somehow there's a footwear advantage on all of their parts he's prob still no more than 195cm at his lowest but since the 6'4 5/8 is there that's what I class him (even tho I don't know what time of the day he was measured).
RisingForce said on 22/Jun/17
Canson, he says "wasn't much taller than 6-6 or so", doesn't sound like he'd argue with 6'6.5" for Rodman, which I can agree is pretty close, but Pippen could look at least an inch taller than Rodman. I do agree Dumars can look shorter with Rodman. But Barkley has 3" minimum on Joe. You are right that Barkley is slightly in front in 3 of the 4 pics and that definitely could be helping him, but he's actually slightly behind him in the 2nd pic and the difference is never more than an inch. 'Nique could be 6'6.5", but I can't buy any shorter. Here he looks an inch taller than Reggie Miller, who I believe is about 6'6" with 6'5.5" being the bare minimum you can argue: Click Here It is possible the photo favors the left side since Jordan looks as tall as Reggie. I don't know if you've heard of Jordan measuring 6'4 7/8", I've never found proof, though I do think it looks accurate. I know Pat Riley had said he measured about 6'4.5" entering the league, which is at least part of the reason I'm guessing you estimate Jordan that height. I think we need to establish NIque's height now. I'd give a tentative range of 6'6" minimum and 6'7" max. Btw, since we're both big basketball fans, I have to say how remarkable Nique's 1993 season was. This is not quite a full pic, but close: Click Here I estimate Drexler at 6'5.5" minimum and 6'6" max. Nique looks 2 cm taller to me.

As for Isiah, I believe he can look closer to 6'0" at times and I also agree Will Smith can't be under 6'1", but if anything Isiah honestly looked taller in his guest appearance. Could have partially been angle and posture, but it's really tough for me to buy Isiah an inch shorter. I do think our debate is going better now and I have to say I'm enjoying it more. We'll have our Ewing debate on the Pippen page.
Guanzo said on 21/Jun/17
If the Rock is 6'2.5'' Barkley is 6'6''
Canson said on 20/Jun/17
@Rising Force: Barkley is slightly in front of Wilkins just FYI
Canson said on 19/Jun/17
@Rising force: here Pippen as have Jordan and Rodman himself at one point said Rodman is 6'6" range

Click Here
Canson said on 19/Jun/17
@Rising Force:the effort is there on your part but anyone who has seen Dumars will not buy that he's 6'3". In your pics he looks literally almost as tall as a guy you claim is 6'7. Nique and Rodman are not 6'7". Neither is. Both peak 199cm guys like Rob has Rodman listed. As for Dumars look at him next to a 5'10-5'11 guy and see how little difference there is between them. Dumars was also a good 2-3" less than Jordan was and Jordan is 194-195. Dumars was max 6'2 maybe 6'1.5. I don't know a difference in height with Dumars and Thomas tbh. If Thomas is under 6'1" he is shorter than will. I believe will a full 6'1".

Click Here
RisingForce said on 18/Jun/17
I found some very good photos. With 6'7" Dominique Wilkins and 6'3" listed Joe Dumars: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

You must admit, 4 full photos with straight on angles indoors is pretty good evidence. Barkley has 4 inches on Dumars in the first 2 photos then 3 in the 3rd and 4th and he's almost as tall as 'Nique in the first and last then just about an inch shorter in the second. Dumars looks like a 190 cm guy if 'Nique is 6'7" in the first photo, but then 189 at best in the second, maybe more 6'2.25", but at least 6'3" in the 3rd and 4th photos. But if you believe Isiah Thomas is about 6'1" then Dumars looks a legit 6'3" compared to him: Click Here Click Here Click Here If Isiah is shorter than 6'1", that's bad news for Will Smith! Though Dumars does look 189 if Rodman is 6'7" himself, or
Canson said on 14/Jun/17
@Bazza: agreed
Bazza said on 14/Jun/17
The listing looks good to me.same height range as MJ and Kobe.All 3 about 6'6 in basketball shoes which is pretty much what most NBA listings are.
Canson said on 14/Jun/17
@Rising force: not a good comparison when that pic makes Barkley taller than Dr J to say he's 5" over cheeks. Cheeks has said Barkley is 6'4/6'5. As for Mullin I highly doubt after seeing him with spreweel that he's 6'5. They're identical almost at most he's the same as Barkley 6'4 5/8. Mullin isn't taller than Jordan either Jordan is 6'4 1/2. Pippen is 200cm maybe almost 6'7. I didn't give him full 6'7 I said that is the max. That's not 1.5" that's at least a solid 2. Pippen is always at least 2" over Barkley see their pics together on the rockets. So if pippen is 6'6.75-6'7 we don't have good enough eyes to tell if Barkley is exactly 2" less. He could be 6'4.5-.75 like he is. Nobody is that good to tell 1/4" difference when it's 2 already. The reason there is so much debate on Barkley is because he claimed his barefoot height when others claimed shoes. 6'4" range for a power forward is very short barefoot. That's why it sounded like he was downplaying he wasn't. By 6'4 5/8 that makes Karl Malone more like 6'7.75-6'8" similar to boozer maybe a hair taller as boozer is more 6'7.5 imho. Malone has 3" on Barkley plus. It looks 3 that's saying Malone is full 6'8 when he's not a full inch taller than Magic is. Patrick Ewing barefoot is said to be 6'9 3/4 that was posted by Harry Sachs on kg page and another poster Robert Broome mentioned on Lin's page that Ewing is his neighbor and said he's 6'9 and change (Broome is 6'5). Now I always had Ewing at 6'10" barefoot but 6'9 3/4" is not much different. But 6'10 or less is accurate next to Jordan and Barkley as well as Oakley who is only 6'7" according to someone that recently met him
RisingForce said on 13/Jun/17
Canson, you posted that first picture in your last post, and I countered it with a similar one where Barkley was taller by a similar amount in the all-star photo. The second pic really tells us nothing for height comparison as Doc is way closer. 3rd pic, is better than that one, worse than your first though since they're farther apart and the angle is lower. I still see this is as the best angle we have of the two: Click Here The only problem I see is that we can't see their feet. I never claimed Cheeks was necessarily 6'1" either, but he never struck me as below 6 feet. Even if he's 6' even, that'd still make Barkley 6'5" there. Admittedly, we don't have nearly as many good height photos available to us with NBA players since most pics are on the court, but this is what I consider a pretty good photo: Click Here Not perfect, but standing pretty close, each with decent posture, if not great. I see Barkley as about 4" taller than Hugh there, arguably 3.5" depending on how much extra hair he has. And these I'd consider very good pics, particularly comparing Barkley to Pippen: Click Here Click Here I know we have a disagreement on Pippen, I say 6'7.5", you say 6'7" flat, but can we at least agree on the height difference in those 2 pics as it looks about the same in both pics. Between 1.5" and 2". They have the same type of shoes even. If Pippen is as tall as I say, that would put Barkley 6'5.5"-6'6" range, but if he's the height you say, he's still 6'5"-6'5.5". It's difficult to see Barkley under 6'5" there unless you argue Pippen is under 6'7". I give Barkley and Mullin the same height in both pics, though you could argue Barkley is a hair taller because he's bald. Ewing always looked 6'11" to me and he doesn't look 6" taller than Barkley. I don't see a full 4" on Pippen either.
Canson said on 13/Jun/17
@Rising Force: yep I've explained that on the site many times too as far as switching people. It never goes into light and falls on deaf ears until someone like Barkley who everyone upgrades appears his real height. Instead when he appears taller than someone it's well he's taller than this person so he must be this. He's not as tall as Dr J is either way you put it. Notice how when the angles are favored Barkley only looks as tall as Dr J or maybe marginally 1/2" at most taller but when it favors dr J he comes out looking 2" or so taller. He's taller than Barkley that's why. As for the pic when Barkley played in Houston that is worse than what you said about the pic with magic Johnson at Reggie millers HOF. Also look at the pic with Calais Campbell who showed a 6'7 3/4 (morning presumably) combine Barkley comes out much shorter than him at least 3". But that pic is the same as the one you posted with Dr j can't see shoes or perspective
RisingForce said on 13/Jun/17
Not here he isn't: Click Here Yes, Barkley is slightly closer to the camera in my pic, but he's positioned just like Dr. J is in your pic. So what we've discovered so far is whoever is closer to the camera winds up looking taller. The best we have is this side by side pic where neither has a camera advantage: Click Here The two look identical in that pic, which is probably the most accurate, though inconclusive. Btw, Mo Cheeks is a good 5" shorter than Barkley in my first pic and they're about equal distances from the camera.

I saw Christian's post when he wrote it. It's just his opinion and I respect him, but saying a 1-2 cm footwear difference is just not realistic. 2 cm is impossible and 1 cm is a huge stretch. Frankly, I don't even see this alleged footwear difference, but it would be smaller than the posture difference. At least Christian and I agreed on the height difference in the full pic without considering posture or footwear. Still looks to me like Rock has those black boots he wore a lot while promoting Fast & Furious, while Barkley has a normal everyday sneaker.
Canson said on 12/Jun/17
Dr J is clearly taller than Barkley is

Click Here
Canson said on 12/Jun/17
@Rising forCe: Harden a true 6'4? Westbrook is about An inch shorter and 6'2.25. That is accurate. Look at harden next to Howard. He's max 6'3.25-.5 but looks closer to 6'3"
Canson said on 12/Jun/17
@Rising force: look at Christian's posts below where he said himself Barkley had a footwear advantage on Rock. Both were in sneakers if you look closely Barkley has thicker on. So you say Dr J isn't taller than Barkley is? An aged (doc does CLEarlylook taller) but Kobe is clearly taller than him at the same event but you sweep under the mat?
RisingForce said on 11/Jun/17
Canson, I really don't know what you're seeing there because that's well over an inch. Look at Barkley's head getting cut out of the frame while Harden, even with the little mohawk is well within the frame, plus, Harden is looking at the bottom of Barkley's nose at best. That's not an inch, even on an average size man. I can buy the 6'4" for Harden as well, or at least something like 6'3.75" if he was an early measurement. If he's not even 6'3.5" then 6'9" is the most I could buy Durant. As for Dr. J, I again don't know how you say Dr. J is taller in both, in the first pic, Dr. J's hair is about the same height as Barkley's bald head. Dr. J may be less than 6'5.5" today(although I think he claimed he wound up growing to 6'6" anyway in that interview, I have no strong opinion on which he is other than that since I've been arguing 6'5.5" for Barkley, I wouldn't give Dr. J more than that) but I've posted pictures from the 80s and 90s showing Barkley at least as tall. Actually, he seems taller in the '86 all-star photo, even if he is slightly closer to the camera. There was no real difference between them. If you want to put Barkley 6'4.5", then I'd really say you have to challenge Dr. J's height as well. Especially since you argued Moses Malone was more 6'9" than 6'10" because Moses was more than 3.5" taller than Dr. J.

I still don't see anything noteworthy with Barkley's shoes. Rock actually had boots in that photo and Barkley was more than 3" taller with a noticeable slouch in the full pic and even taller in the other pic.
Guanzo said on 11/Jun/17
The Rock looks 1'' shorter than Hasselhoff. Hoff is 6'4'' But Rock looks 3.5-4'' shorter than 6'4'' Barkley interesting..
Canson said on 10/Jun/17
Rising force I don't see what you are. Dr J is taller than Barkley in both of those pics. He appeared looking down because of his stance The chances are better Dr J is shorter than his peak 6'5.5 today.

SJH: I totally agree Crawford isn't over that height and could even just be 194cm at night like I am
Canson said on 9/Jun/17
@Rising Force: it's ok to disagree. I don't expect us all to agree but if you're going to post and use logic then consistency is the key. I've had the same with Height before. If you're going to post pictures they shouldn't favor someone or the other is all i said and mine do not favor anyone. By the way that is an inch with harden and Barkley. If you look at both in the video (tops maybe 3cm) which may out harden 6'3 3/8 Barkley 6'4 5/8. As for footwear I don't know who has more but I've noticed in all photos including the one with the Rock that Christian eloquently pointed out Barkley does wear thick sneakers thicker than the person in comparison with and same with mullin and Barkley that Height posted. As for Harden he never has looked a true 6'4" or even close he looks 6'3" range with Kobe Beal etc
S.J.H said on 9/Jun/17

I don't think Jamal crawford is not over 6'4.5 if any odds he is decent 6'4.5 not over , check on the link. Kobe i'm pretty sure is full cm taller when stood up straight.

Click Here
RisingForce said on 9/Jun/17
By the way, there's no way that's just an inch taller than Harden. More like 2 and as for Harden being his measured 6'4" or not, well the case for Durant being over 6'9" isn't good if he's not because I just posted a pic on the Durant page where Harden is only about 5 inches shorter and I have a full pic ready to post if necessary showing 5" max between them.

Btw, I do appreciate you posting more pics and videos, even if I still strongly disagree on Barkley being less than 6'5".
RisingForce said on 9/Jun/17
Canson, as far as the mugshot, if he got 3 cm from it, then he only has a 9" head, which is just not true. Like I said, his head actually looks in proportion for his height in the front view. He could have got a fraction, maybe a half inch max, but he'd still be a good 6'6.5" in shoes then, and that would give him a small head for his height, which doesn't seem to be the case. As for shoes, Barkley always wears shoes in the 1"-1.25" range. This isn't Karl Malone where talking about. If he had a mugshot(he should for that 13 year old!) then I'd say he may have had cowboy boots, but I've never seen Barkley wear them.

As for Gretzky, seems about 5" to me, so he doesn't really look 6'5.5" admittedly in that clip, but I don't know if he ever stands at his full height there.

As for the Kobe pic, it really isn't a great pic, certainly not enough to declare Kobe is taller. Let me demonstrate how those side angles, particularly shot low can be deceptive. Similar angle and Barkley is looking down at Dr. J: Click Here Same day, similar angle again, but magically, Barkley is shorter: Click Here And there have been some very good pics posted showing Barkley at least 6'5.5". The ones with Pippen and Mullin from 1992, the pics with Hugh Jackman and the Rock and the barefoot pics with Kenny Smith all come to mind. The Dream Team pic with Jordan seems pretty good as well. Also, the comparison with Jimmy Fallon and Hugh Grant, both pics and video. There are plenty of other good side by side pics as well, though admittedly, not all are full pics, but one of the ones with Magic was almost a full pic.

Here's Barkley side by side with Ray Romano: Click Here Romano is listed 6'1.5" here, but did claim 6'1" as well, so make of that what you will. Regardless, Romano even with his hat looks 5" shorter than Barkley.
Canson said on 6/Jun/17
So if Barkley is 197cm barefoot it means Kobe is 198. Kobe appears the same as Jamal Crawford in pics (I'll give Kobe the full 195 but no more while Crawford is between 194-195). And don't make an excuse about the pic or shoes because it's no worse than any of the others down below where Barkley is favored

Click Here
Canson said on 6/Jun/17
@Rising Force: again. Shoes don't matter when you have put Barkley up against someone else much shorter only when it's someone close in height when he appears close in height or 194-195. Take a look at this press conference with Wayne Gretzky. I'd imagine both are in dress shoes. Gretzky is listed as 6'0" always has been. Barkley when his head isn't tilted down (crown up) never looks over 194/195. As for the mugshot go look at Kobe's page where Rob commented. He did say he's not sure how much height the shoes added but we cannot see Barkley's shoes. So if he got height from the mugshot (I surmise an inch maybe 3cm is about it) he would be 197-198in shoes not 201. At 6'6 in a thicker shoe he is coming out 194/195 again. I have thicker shoes that I wear casually that add nearly 1.5 due to padding inside as well.

Click Here
Nb said on 6/Jun/17
Rob, how tall would you say Barkley looks with hockey player PK Subban? He's listed at 6'0" but it looks more like a 6 inch difference

Click Here
Editor Rob: 5-5.5 inches maybe
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
@Height mullin has never been as tall as Reggie. Mullins looks 6'4.75 or 6'4.5 at times honestly
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
So Height you criticized my pic of Barkley and Magic where Magic was taller and the pic you posted is just as bad if not worse. You can't see their shoes either and I will be my life savings of Pique were to switch places with barkley that he would be taller. Barkley is favored in that pic. Barkley has Harden by an inch. A 6'3.5 guy is just under 192 making Barkley 194/195 like he has been measured previously
RisingForce said on 5/Jun/17
Canson, are there photos of RuPaul's heels? RuPaul has worn the heels with a platform that actually do add about 4 or so inches before. Most I'm sure will add 8 cm minimum. Also, the wig makes it tough to pinpoint exact differences. But speaking of Barkley's height in shoes, I come back to the mugshot: Click Here From front view, Barkley hit just about 6'7" in shoes with an eye level at the 6'2" mark and a chin just under 5'9". A head just over 10" with an eye to head of 5" is pretty well in proportion. An average size head will be about 9.5" and an average size eye level to head will be 4.5". But an average man is 176 cm last I checked. So a man we at least agree is somewhere between 6'4.5" and 6'6" is way above average. For comparison, Rob met Ken Kirzinger, who played Jason in Freddy vs. Jason and estimated Ken at 6'5" with a 10.25" head and an eye to head of 4.75". Seems Barkley's head in the photo is in proportion for a man around 6'5". If the mugshot from that angle were distorted to add significant height then Barkley's head would be enlarged. Just look at 5'9" Paul Newman's mugshots. His head winds up looking a foot long. Also, look at Barkley from the side angle when he was at 6'8" in shoes, his head was an inch longer than from the front angle since his chin was at almost the same exact mark. This leads me to believe Barkley really was 6'7" in shoes that night or damn close to it. There's no way his head could be 1.5" less than 10.25" or even 1" less, especially with the pointy head I pointed out when comparing him to some basketball players around his height. Actually, that might be why some perceive Barkley as shorter. In basketball, nothing above the shoulders is really useful as height, court vision being the exception. The point may make him a fraction taller, but it mean nothing on the court.
Bard said on 4/Jun/17
6'5 is fine.
Height said on 3/Jun/17
Chris Mullin's head is pronouncedly tilted downwards and to his left in that picture...

As for Barkley, he has always looked taller that 6'4.75, and if he is not taller, he shouldn't be any lower than 195cm-196 cm. Yet some insist, it's impossible for him to be in the 6'4.75-6'5.5" range.

James Harden and Gerard Pique are pretty much the same height at 192cm:

Click Here

Barkley with Pique:

Click Here

Click Here

Barkley with Harden at an arms distance:

Click Here

So can can a 194cm-194.5cm guy seem to have a at least a 4cm (probably 5cm) advantage on guys who are only 2cm shorter than him?

I honestly don't buy the fact that Barkley wore and still wears "thicker" shoes, even nowadays when he's retired and has no reason to wear them.
Height said on 3/Jun/17
@Canson please detail me how you can tell that Barkley's Nikes are thicker than Mullin's Nike's.
Canson said on 2/Jun/17
Let's also use the pic of Barkley next to Rupaul and 5'2" Muggsy Bogues. There Rupaul is taller. He is in heels most likely but at 6'4 that makes him 6'7" in them possibly and Barkley 6'5.5-6'6 in dress shoes shoes meaning 194-195 barefoot
RisingForce said on 2/Jun/17
Canson, your link of Miller and Mullin didn't work it said "Internal Server Error". I found a pic where Miller looks slightly taller, but it wouldn't surprise me if Mullin was equal if he wasn't tilting his head. I've never seen Miller claim a height either, but he definitely doesn't look shorter than Jalen here: Click Here

Where is your source for Barkley being measured and Bird not being measured? That doesn't make sense. I suspect that Sports Illustrated quote may be referring to the list where everyone was 2" shorter than their NBA height. Which makes sense since the wirter used words like "closer to" in Magic's case and "more like" in Barkley's case. If Barkley was actually measured 6'4 5/8" then why not say "Barkley measured 6'4 5/8"?

I've never said Krist was definitely 6'7", but nobody seems to doubt his height and I'm using Rob's height as a reference. Part of my claim here is that Barkley's listing doesn't add up to other listings on this site. And Barkley is an unmeasured person as far as we know. There's no proof of any measurement, you're literally just assuming he was measured because a number is specific, but the writer said "more like" which could be taken to mean Barkley was 6'4" and a fraction. I actually don't even see 1.5" between Barkley and Krist in the video. The difference is barely visible to me. But if you want to challenge Krist's height, go right ahead. I'm open to changing my mind because I feel much less certain on Krist than Barkley.

You've never met Barkley either, so what? Neither has Rob, but we can all have opinions. It would still be an opinion even if we had met him. Anything short of measuring him will be an opinion.

And please stop claiming you've found these contradictions in my argument because there are none. Selleck and Barkley are irrelevant to each other. I've said about 4000 times on this page that I base my estimate on how tall Barkley LOOKS. Selleck has claimed only 2 heights, which could be interpreted as the same. He's said 6'3.5", probably when he's being more precise and then 6'4" other times, which may just be rounding to the nearest full number, like most people do. Most importantly, it actually LOOKS plausible. Selleck can look shorter than a legit 6'4" at times to me, such as with Swayze and then Ted Danson is just a bit shorter sometimes. Plus, I can't think of a motive for Selleck to claim he's a measly half inch shorter than he really is. Does it make his acting career more impressive? No. He doesn't have the motive Barkley has as an undersized power forward and dominant rebounder. I even posted a quote where Barkley said himself that he did was more impressive because of his size. Plus, you said yourself that 6'4" is about as tall as anyone should really want to be and there's no benefit to being any taller. If Barkley could often look 6'4.75" then I'd gladly accept it, but he doesn't, not unless everyone else is an inch shorter than I and most people think they are, including Rob. I wish he was that height because we could close the book on this and say we know Barkley's exact height, but his height just doesn't add up. He's consistently looking 6'5.5"-6'6" to me. If it looked impossible to me that Selleck was 6'3.5" then I wouldn't believe him. A better analogy would be Ernest Borgnine. But like I said, both of Selleck's claims can add up together. Most people round at some point. In Barkley's case, he's claimed 6'4", 6'4.5", 6'4.75", 6'5" and 6'5.5". I believe the 6'5.5" was his honest height because of all the comparisons I've posted as well as his mugshot. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he's taller, but 6'5.5" looks plausible enough so that figure is fine, imo.

If anything, it's another contradiction on your part that you for some reason think Selleck down downgrade himself a 1/2", but can't even consider Barkley would despite it boosting his accomplishments. In fact, since I know you're an NBA fan, you should know that most of what Barkley says isn't to be taken seriously. The same isn't true for Barkley. I don't rule out Selleck being the full 6'4" when he was younger, btw, but I think it's less likely than the precise claim in his case. a 1/2" doesn't alter things dramatically for him either way. If he had a problem with his height, I'd have thought he'd say 6'3".

Barkley was also the same height as Mullin in those full dream team photos I posted with Ewing and Pippen. Both side by side and in dress shoes. No 1/2" shoe difference there for sure.

The Durant analogy does apply, same with Garnett. Durant is somewhere between 6'9" and 6'9.5", he MIGHT be close to 6'11" in shoes, but that's a long way from people like Webber calling him a 7 footer. Same with Flip Saunders calling Garnett 7'1", sometimes even 7'2". Makes for a better story in those causes if the tall forward with perimeter skills is 7 feet when they don't want to be. The same way with the short undersized interior player. You can read the same type of things about Wes Unseld as well. They exaggerate it because it's a better story. Haven't you ever heard of anecdotes or hyperbole? I can't tell you how many times I've read Kareem was 7'4" or even 7'5", including from opposing big men and coaches.

Vin Diesel's co-star said he was 6'4". That should tell you that you can't read too much into other people's estimates. There are too many ridiculous height estimates like that out there. Rod Stewart gets them all the time. I really don't know why you assume everyone is good at judging height precisely. I really can't figure out where you got that idea. Including "people on the internet", anonymous people who you don't even know met the person. That's not evidence. If you have friends or family close to you whose judgement you trust then I get that. It doesn't convince me
Canson said on 1/Jun/17
Chris Mullin with Reggie Miller. Miller isn't a full 6'6" barefoot he's said himself he's between 6'5-6'6" and he is also clearly shorter than Jalen Rose who measured a solid 6'6" at the combine.

Click Here
Canson said on 31/May/17
@Rising force: it says Barkley was one of the ones measured there bird was not. Yes it did say 6'7 but it said 6'4 on that same page for Barkley. All had 2" knocked off in the program. Barkley was actually measured as was magic Johnson. They look that difference in reality apart. 6'4 5/8 is a very specific number don't see why they would make that up. You still haven't found a reference for Krist being a legit 6'7". For all I know he may be 6'6" barefoot walking height and 6'7" in shoes which is about a 1.5" diff with Barkley like you mentioned. If you're going to take Krist's claim than it's only fair you take Barkley's too. Makes no sense to take the claim of an unmeasured person and not one who was
Canson said on 31/May/17
Rising Force: suggestion say you think he's "over 6'5" not that he isn't under because you don't know. You've never met him. Why is it that you challenge selleck claiming he's 6'3.5 to me when I said I thought he was 6'4 but when Barkley says he's 6'4.75 and has a 6'4 5/8 listing you look the other way? Bias? I mean look at what you wrote. "Why would a guy downplay his height"? Why would Barkley especially when others in the NBA could just as easily call him on his bluff. Yet everyone says he's 6'4" or "no more than 6'5". Always consistent. Also all I said about his shoes is his is thicker than Mullin's. It is very clearly thicker and that could make up to 1/2" difference. Not to mention a variable that nobody has mentioned which is how tall mullin is. None of us know. I have never inquired as to whether anyone knew Mullin that I know is around the league or about his height. But He may be "under 6'5" as he looks no taller than Jordan does and Jordan is for sure under 6'5" per people I know who have met him as is Barkley. Don't know why they would lie about it along with those on the internet and his teammates like Majerle ainge or West or Klein etc. your reasoning there doesn't make sense saying that they downplay his height like they up play Durants. Two totally different things. Durant is a shoe measurement so In shoes he would if he measured in the morning be 6'11". At his lowest 6'9.5 tho barefoot. Barkley in the morning in bare feet is 6'5-6'5.5 at his lowest 6'4.5-.75. Also Look at mullin next to Reggie miller or jalen Rose. Rose is a full 6'6" and is taller than both miller and Mullin Mullin isn't as tall as miller either.
RisingForce said on 30/May/17
Canson, if you clicked the link, you'd know it's a VIDEO with Nirvana, NOT one still pic and Pierce is still taller than Kobe there. Not much, but taller. We don't know there was any Olympic measurement and if there was, we don't know it was 6'4 5/8" either. The writer just says "we found out" Barkley was MORE LIKE 6'4 5/8" and that's literally the only time that figure has been mentioned that I've seen. The 1992 Olympic heights were a joke, look at this NY Times article, they literally just knocked 2" off everyone's NBA listed height: Click Here Larry Bird at 6'7". You seem to be implying Barkley wears unusually thick shoes, like he's Jensen Ackles or someone. That's just silly. Barkley usually wears basketball sneakers, or dress shoes for formal occasions. Mullin, like Barkley isn't under 6'5".
Canson said on 30/May/17
@Height: Barkley has a thicker shoe. At best they're the same height
Canson said on 30/May/17
Rising Force that is a dodgy angle and you're taking a claim of Krist saying he's 6'7" we don't know how tall he is. He could be taller than Barkley or not so much nor do we see footwear in the pic. Again his Olympic measurement gives him 6'4 5/8 and his teammates and coaches fans have said the same.
Logan said on 29/May/17
The rock is 6,4 so he is 6,6.
Canson said on 29/May/17
@Rising Force: I'm going off what Barkley measured at the olympics and how he has been described by teammate as and coaches and fans not how tall I want him to be or being my height. You're making him 6'5.5 to make the math work for example krist how do you know he's really 6'7"? Is there a measurement somewhere that he had which we can verify? If you're going to use his 6'7" claim why aren't we using Barkley's 6'4 5/8 measurement which is very specific number
RisingForce said on 29/May/17
It's not a joke at all. It's a video. Everyone who has seent hat SNL appearance agrees Barkley was barely shorter. At least I post visual evidence to back up my assertion and I don't post dodgy angles. When possible, I post full shots and video and I've posted plenty of them. You simply have an idea in your mind and are not open to changing it with Barkley, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary including a photo of Barkley directly in front of a mugshot that's in proportion showing Barkley in shoes with a head that starts at 5'9" and ends at 6'7". Naturally, Barkley measures up well to a 6'7" man on video. You haven't said why the video is a joke. Do you think they stood Barkley on a box? For what purpose?
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 29/May/17
Canson said on 29/May/17
I agree with everything Christian said. Rising Force that picture with Krist is a joke. Barkley could be 6" shorter or taller and not tell the difference. Christian said it best once that most of the pics here are really no good for comparing


I appreciate it.
Height said on 29/May/17
Here's Barkley right behind Chris Mullin:

Click Here
Canson said on 29/May/17
I agree with everything Christian said. Rising Force that picture with Krist is a joke. Barkley could be 6" shorter or taller and not tell the difference. Christian said it best once that most of the pics here are really no good for comparing
RisingForce said on 28/May/17
For the Barkley is under 6'5" crowd, how tall do you think Krist Novoselic is? Click Here He's generally considered to be about 6'7", looks massive and is barely taller than Barkley.

Canson, I've not upgraded a single person to compare to Barkley. I consistently use Rob's own listings or pre-draft measurements. I can't remember ONE person I upgraded over either pre-draft measurements or Rob's listing in comparison to Barkley. When there hasn't been one of Rob's listings or a a pre-draft measurement, I've had to make a reasonable guess. I was speculating that Barkley might have gotten the figure from an inaccurate measurement or something, but I think he's just downgrading himself for reasons I've already stated. We don't know any 6'4.75" measurement ever took place, or if it did, how old Barkley was so I really don't have to explain it regardless. And yes, people sometimes don't stand tall for every measurement, a stadiometer could be attached to the wall wrong, a floor warped or it may even just be a rough, inaccurate measurement holding a tape measure near someone. This is really getting silly. You pretend we know for sure Barkley measured this height, yet you disregard actual measurements when you don't like them. I posted the quote of Barkley calling himself a plain old 6'4" and saying that made his accomplishments more impressive. I don't want Barkley to taller at all, stop pretending you have some insight into my mind, it's just embarrassing. As a matter of a fact, I wish I could make Barkley fit at 6'4.75", I've tried, but the mugshot, the dozens of comparisons I've posted just don't add up. I know you haven't had much photographic or video evidence to counter mine, but let's just stick to how tall he looks. I could easily say you want to Barkley to be your height, but it's meaningless. It answers nothing and while it can seem that way to me, it's absolutely irrelevant to how strong your argument is. You could very well be biased, but you could also make a strong case at the same time. Attack the argument, not the person's motivation. That's the only valid way to debate. And we've seen Barkley standing with Jordan a number of times, not a big difference, but enough to tell Barkley is taller. 184guy, that's exactly my point, Barkley is 6'5.5". We can't use it as evidence that Fallon is only a flat 5'11" because he's at least 6 inches shorter than Barkley since Barkley's height is in dispute. Using Rob's 5'11.5" listing, that adds up perfectly with the 6'5.5" I've been insisting Barkley is/was. Fallon at 5'11.5" is spot on as far as I'm concerned, but I'll just say, go to Hugh Grant's page. Many(not me) are convinced he's taller than a flat 5'11", yet Fallon at a flat 5'11" would make Grant closer to 5'10" since Fallon looks a clear 2 cm taller.

Thank you, Danimal. That's actually as close to a measurement as we have and he's 6'7" in shoes from the straight on angle. His head even looks proportionate at about 10 inches, very normal for a 6'5.5" man. 5'9" chin and 6'7" top of head(in shoes).
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 28/May/17
Barkley 6'4 5/8" (194.6)
Kobe 6'4.75" (194.9)
Jordan 6'4.5" (194.3)

All 3 of them are within .25" I feel, so it might be difficult to tell their heights apart if they all stood together.
184guy said on 27/May/17
Fallon probably is no more than 5'11 since he looks a solid 6 inches beside a guy like Howard Stern or Barkley
Canson said on 27/May/17
Rising force: how many people have you had to upgrade to make him 6'5-6'6 though? You even go as far as to say that he "wasn't standing straight" which is a crock. He said he measured 6'4.75 when he was drafted and that is an event he would stand straight for as it is money on the line. You need to think intelligently there and not subjectively because you want Barkley to be taller. And when you say he may have measured it at an extreme low I doubt he did but even if why is it ok to use a measurement less than an hour out of bed for pre drafts (some of which are made up in general like John Wall) rather than someone's lowest
Danimal said on 27/May/17
Minimum 6'5.5" barefoot. Arrest photo puts him at 6'7" from the front and 6'8" from the side obviously with shoes on.
Click Here
RisingForce said on 26/May/17
184guy, I do agree he can look 196, though I think he's 197. He can look anywhere in the 6'5" range up to 6'6" at times. Christian, I don't know of any real footwear advantage. Both have shoes in the normal 2.5 to 3 cm range. But I think Rob has Fallon right at more 182 cm, if he's 5'11" flat then Hugh Grant is closer to 5'10"! But that's my point exactly, to fit Barkley in at under 6'5", you have to downgrade everyone 1-2 cm below Rob's listings.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/May/17
RisingForce said on 17/May/17
I mean come on, look at Barkley with 5'11.5" Jimmy Fallon! Here's a still: Click Here And here's video: Click Here That's an easy 6+ inches. Jimmy looks tiny next to Barkley. The idea that's only 5 inches is incredible, Fallon would come up to Barkley's eyes if that were true, yet even when Barkley is slouching and hunching, he can look clear over Jimmy's hair. A near enough 5'11" Hugh Grant looks noticeably smaller even. Here are more stills: Click Here Click Here Click Here That's not how a solid 6'4" guy looks next to 180-182 cm men. For a comparison, look at Jensen Ackles, who is probably slightly taller than Fallon, even without his boots, he's much closer to Jared Padalecki's height(widely agreed to be a solid 6'4") than Fallon is to Barkley. It's not even close. There's no way Hulk Hogan was ever taller than Barkley, much less over an inch. I have both at 6'5.5", but I see a much better chance of Barkley peaking at 6'6" than Hulk.


Fallon's actually more 5'11" flat. So Barkley being 6 inches taller makes him 6'5", not 6'5.5" Plus he had a slight footwear advantage over Fallon, so 6'4.75" makes sense.
184guy said on 19/May/17
@Rising force Barkley head is nearer the camera and Has better posture and is not tilting down his head Like ISIAH. Still I believe he looks 6'5 and change . I Still believe barkley is around 196 much more than 6 '4.5 range. He Could have been measured at 6 4.5 5/8 or 3/4 whatever but he not necesserily Was standing at his tallest. He look with more often a good 6'5 than just a 6'4er
RisingForce said on 18/May/17
Barkley looking more than 5 inches taller than 6'1" Isiah Thomas: Click Here If Isiah is under 6'1" that's bad news for Will Smith, but even if he were 6'0", Barkley still looks to clear 6'5" as Isiah's head is lucky if it's halfway up Barkley's nose.
RisingForce said on 17/May/17
I mean come on, look at Barkley with 5'11.5" Jimmy Fallon! Here's a still: Click Here And here's video: Click Here That's an easy 6+ inches. Jimmy looks tiny next to Barkley. The idea that's only 5 inches is incredible, Fallon would come up to Barkley's eyes if that were true, yet even when Barkley is slouching and hunching, he can look clear over Jimmy's hair. A near enough 5'11" Hugh Grant looks noticeably smaller even. Here are more stills: Click Here Click Here Click Here That's not how a solid 6'4" guy looks next to 180-182 cm men. For a comparison, look at Jensen Ackles, who is probably slightly taller than Fallon, even without his boots, he's much closer to Jared Padalecki's height(widely agreed to be a solid 6'4") than Fallon is to Barkley. It's not even close. There's no way Hulk Hogan was ever taller than Barkley, much less over an inch. I have both at 6'5.5", but I see a much better chance of Barkley peaking at 6'6" than Hulk.
RisingForce said on 17/May/17
I never said anything about low heights, I Go By midday. That's more than an inch shorter than Barkley. Closer to 2", 1.5" minimum and that's what I'm talking about, to really argue Barkley under 6'5", you have to make everyone shorter. Kobe often looks more 6'5"+ to me. If Vanessa measured accurately, then it was probably his low height. Arby, there's no proof of any 6'4.5" measurement whatsoever. Mike Gminski was listed 6'11", let's say for the sake of argument that's in shoes. Barkley still looks 6'7" in shoes with him: Click Here Btw, looking at Barkley with Webber again, he actually does look 6'5.5" since his bald head reaches around Webber's eyebrows, almost exactly where Rock reached on Barkley in the full pic. The pic with Gminski and the mugshot are further proof Barkley is the equivalent of a typical NBA listed 6'7", or the league average height, but most his position are at least around 6'9"-6'10" in shoes or taller. Everyone always talked about how tall Magic was at his position, which is how his height got exaggerated so much in the opposite direction. To think so many thought Magic was 6-9 and Barkley 6-4, even listing Magic 6'7.5" and Barkley 6'4.75" doesn't add up as I posted a half dozen pics of them and Barkley is 1.5" shorter or at most 2". Barkley can look more 6'5" than 6'6" at times, but never convincingly under.
Canson said on 16/May/17
@Rising force: so if harden really is 6'4" at his lowest (doubt it because they take place in the morning and he looks at least an inch under Kobe) my guess is 6'3" and change 191-192. Barkley is an inch taller so 6'4.5. You have to remember height varies throughout the day. So if harden measures Between 6'3.75-6'4" (that's the range as he would be rounded up if he's a hair over the 1/4" in the AM) then Barkley measures 6'4 5/8 later in the day that's how they would look naturally. Just because one measures taller doesn't mean you have to inflate the others. As for your downplaying comments Kobe at 6'4.75 (assuming that's his lowest) what's the issue with him saying 6'4" and Barkley at 6'4.5 what's the problem with him saying 6'4"? They don't have to round up just because others do. I am also close to 6n4.5 and I just claim 6'4" myself when I'm a hair over 6'5" when I wake up 195.8cm and about 194 at my lowest usually. There's no rule saying I have to round up even if I were 195 at my lowest there is no rule so those two aren't downplaying anything
Arby said on 16/May/17
Harry: don't get it either. I've had coworker who used to work with me at the airport and he's 6'7" and next to Charles was 3" taller almost. The Suns players that played in the 90s with him say he's 6'4 not 6'5 or 6'6. We have seem almost every player who has ever played for the Suns and Diamondbacks and also met many from both teams. 6'4 1/2" is the most he is and what he measured in the NBA in 1992
RisingForce said on 14/May/17
James Harden was measured exactly 6'4" without shoes and isn't even close to Barkley's height here: Click Here 6'4.75" Lennox Lewis is closer to the camera, seems to have better posture and is still a bit shorter than Barkley: Click Here Barkley is easily taller than 6'4.25" Michael Strahan as well: Click Here
RisingForce said on 14/May/17
We don't know what Barkley actually measured. Pre-draft measurements don't go back that far. There's simply a mention in a Sports Illustrated article, but the one list of Olympic heights I saw just knocked 2" off everyone's NBA listing, except Stockton who they put only 1" lower at 6'0", but they even had Larry Bird at 6'7". If you accept such a vague report mentioned in only one article, then you must acknowledge Dwyane Wade's 6'3.75" measurement, which makes Barkley comfortably over 6'5" in comparison. And yes, my evidence is how people are typically estimated here, by visual evidence. Off the top of my head, there's only been really one photo where Barkley looked convincingly shorter, which is the one with Webber and Mahorn. As for Sprewell, checking his pre-draft measurement, he's supposed to have actually measured 6'4.5". I can't say if that's more accurate, or if he's 6'4" based on my experience, but if we're going to read so much into a supposed measurement for Barkley then we can't ignore it. Either way, Barkley does look noticeably taller than Sprewell: Click Here Watch around 0:43, Sprewell looks noticeably shorter when he's not hopping. But it seems I could literally post a hundred comparisons where Barkley looks 6'5.5"-6'6" and it will be ignored, as well as Barkley standing in front of a height chart at 6'7" in shoes, which is as close to a measurement as we have. The important point is a logical one. If I'm not mistaken, the other case rests on a typical perception of players, but as I've said repeatedly, the same case can be made to support Kevin Durant at 6'11" or 7 feet, so unless you want to accept that, we must admit that at a certain point, how tall they actually look becomes more important. There's just no way around it when you commit to this "players say Barkley is shorter" because just as many say Durant is well over 6'9" as well, so either you have to give around Durant 6'11" or 7 feet, or there must be a reason you don't believe this either, probably because you think he LOOKS shorter, am I correct? If that's the case then the Barkley debate must be settled by how tall he looks. HarrySachs, Barkley had stated he was a plain old 6'4", 6'4 1/2", 6'4 3/4", 6'5" and 6'5 1/2". So we know Barkley sometimes gives an incorrect height since he can't possibly be all those heights and the fact that Barkley has given himself only 6'4" shows he'll downgrade his height because there's just no way to argue he was a flat 6'4". Actually, I found a really important quote:

"I feel I'm the best player in the world. Michael Jordan? He's a 6-6 guard. Everybody expects him to do what he's doing. I'm a 6-4 forward. No one expects me to do what I've done.
''I think what I have accomplished at 6-4 will never be accomplished again,'' Barkley said. ''There will never be another 6-4 player that can play inside like myself.

That tells us so much because it shows Barkley's reason for downgrading himself, he's saying himself that it makes his accomplishments more impressive. Also, Canson at least conceded Barkley was probably slightly taller than Jordan yet here is Barkley describing Jordan as 6'6" and 6'4"! This shows what Barkley says should be taken with a grain of salt. Also, HarrySachs, the attitude that my opinion is baseless, is pretty obnoxious. I'd say the fact that we have Barkley standing in front of a height chart at 6'7" in shoes is at least reason to question the conventional wisdom since the only height Barkley has given that adds up with his mugshot is 6'5.5".
HarrySachs said on 13/May/17
Charles Barkley stated he was 6'4 3/4 yet people still want to believe he was taller.
RisingForce said on 12/May/17
I will add, I just now saw Rob's comment that Hugh Jackman doesn't stand perfectly with his hip or knee, but Jackman was close to the camera and Barkley didn't stand perfectly either so still 4 inches. Jackman is at least 6'1.5" so Barkley looks a good 6'5.5" in comparison. No way is he under 6'5" with Hugh.
Canson said on 11/May/17
Rising force: I agree Sprewell is about 6'4". Barkley isn't 1.5" taller than he is. Again when almost everyone who comments on his height both in people who have met him commentators and MBA players why would they say he's 6'4" when he isn't? Your logic has no merit and is based on pictures. Sorry but I agree with Arny. He has met him as has a friend of mine who is his height almost at a solid 6'3" that said the same thing as he did

You brought up the mugshot where Rob mentioned clearly that he is looking down at the camera which adds height. Maybe 6'6" in a good shoe 6'4.5 barefoot. 6'7 in shoes would make him as tall as Reggie miller when he's clearly shorter
Canson said on 11/May/17
Rising force: I agree Sprewell is about 6'4". Barkley isn't 1.5" taller than he is. Again when almost everyone who comments on his height both in people who have met him commentators and MBA players why would they say he's 6'4" when he isn't? Your logic has no merit and is based on pictures. Sorry but I agree with Arny. He has met him as has a friend of mine who is his height almost at a solid 6'3" that said the same thing as he did
RisingForce said on 10/May/17
I've seen no evidence Malone was only 6'9" and if that was true, that would make Dr. J shorter than 6'5.5" and then look how Clyde Drexler measured up to an aged Moses: Click Here Clyde's head only reaches Malone's eyes and Clyde isn't a flat 6'5", much less 6'4.5", which he'd have to be to make Moses 6'9". Note an aged Elvin Hayes looking near 3 inches shorter than Moses as well. Asserting Dr. J was taller than Barkley doesn't make it so. As for Mo Cheeks, if Barkley were 6'4" then how tall does that make Mo? Click Here He's lucky if he's within 5 inches of Barkley and Dr. J is only standing a bit behind Barkley there, so it's highly unlikely from that Dr. J was taller. But we don't have to guess about camera advantage here as they're side by side and the two are identical in height: Click Here Btw, here's Barkley making 6'3.25"-6'3.5" guys like Kevin Sorbo and Seal look short: Click Here Rob has met Sorbo. Also, I forgot to mention, it's worth noting in those Dream Team photos where Barkley isn't much shorter than Pippen that Barkley is also pretty much the exact same height as Chris Mullin, who was always listed 6'7". Obviously, that was a shoe height, but Mullin isn't under 6'5". I saw Mullin's former teammate, Latrell Sprewell in person off the court when he was with the Knicks and he's definitely a legit 6'4". And again, those statements are no more proof of Barkley being 6'4" than statements prove Durant is a 7 footer or 6'11" minimum or the numerous times Flip Saunders said Kevin Garnett was 7'1".
Arby said on 10/May/17
6'4 and change no more no less. he measured 6'4 1/2 in 92 that is correct.
RisingForce said on 10/May/17
Of course I know about the 6'4.75" claim, but I think he let the truth slip with the 6'5.5". No less can explain the 6'7" he looked in shoes when he was arrested. The Chick Hearn thing is meaningless since how many announcers have you heard insist Kevin Durant is 6'11" or 7 feet? Or the announcers I heard insist Kevin Garnett was 7'1" for a decade. No less than 6'9" Chris Webber who was an NBA listed 6'10" calls Durant 7 feet all the time despite the fact they're probably about the same height. In both cases, it could be exaggerating for effect. Either the undersized power forward or the very tall wing. Their physiques also add to it. Durant is thin with an insane wingspan making him seem taller while Barkley is stocky, which can make someone seem shorter. Really, we have to stick to what they look. Neither of Barkley's claims prove anything especially since they contradict each other, but I do think it'd be strange for a guy like Barkley who is always mentioning his relative lack of height to lie and claim 6'5.5" in the context of that quote since he's admitting they rounded up his height. Hell, Patrick Ewing once claimed to be 6'9" in an interview with Mutombo and Yao, when as a Knick fan I'd bet a large sum Ewing was at least around 6'11" barefoot.
Canson said on 9/May/17
@Rising Force: Malone is 6'9" not 6'10. That's in shoes. Oh and Moses Malone was one of the ones along with Dr J and Mo cheeks that called Barkley 6'4". Doc is taller than Barkley is
RisingForce said on 8/May/17
I doubt Rock is only 188 cm since at age 30, he could look a solid 6'3" in sandals. I'm sure he can look it with the bad posture he usually has, but he's stretched up in the photo with Barkley. In the full shot, Rock's head reaches the top of Barkley's eyebrows, but I've seen no evidence of a footwear advantage, however, it is obvious Rock has the posture advantage with Barkley slouching and even still that's every bit of an 8 cm difference or slightly over 3". In this closeup with Barkley seemingly standing straight, Rock's head actually only reaches Barkley's eyes! Click Here Anyone can draw a line if they don't believe me. In that pic, it's 4.5" IF Barkley has an average sized head, which is unlikely since he's not an average height man. The posture difference in the full shot is bigger than any possible footwear difference, which would only be 1/4", if that. There's just no way Barkley looks less than 6'5" with Rock even if Rock were only a flat 6'2". Onto another comparison, Moses Malone looked around 6'10", as you can see here with 6'5.5" minimum Dr. J: Click Here Just like Barkley looked at least as tall side by side with Dr. J, Barkley actually measures up better to Moses here as his head reaches the top of Malone's eyebrow: Click Here Barkley has better posture, but Moses is potentially a bit closer to the camera. Either way, that's 4.5" max even considering posture.
Canson said on 8/May/17
He has also said he's 6'4.75 and that was in the 80s. Chick Hearn also claims he isn't even 6'5" here.

Click Here
Frank R said on 6/May/17
In a 1993 interview, Charles Barkley said he was 6'5 and 1/2". Considering that he was 34, that was probably an accurate assessment on Barkley's part, and it was probably his peak height. I don't think he has shrunk more than 1 inch by age 54.
Arby said on 6/May/17
You all need to remember that athletes are overlisted some more than others. I'm 6'3-6'3.25 and have stood next to many 6'4 or 6'5" listed Suns players and other NBA players that pass through the airport and we are very much the same height. I've met Charles Barkley well over 100 times and have even eaten lunch with him and he is not much taller than I am 1-1.5" is it. He's not 6'5 let alone 6'6" like he's billed in the paper. A former coworker himself is 6'7 and we met Michael Finley once when he played here.. Finley is supposed to be 6'7". To put it in perspective he had Finley by about 1.5" standing next to him. next to Charles he was close to 3" taller than him
Canson said on 6/May/17
@NFL nerd: rock's head is clearly above Barkley's eyebrow. Look at the crown on rock's head it's at most a 3" difference from Barkley's crown at the top. I agree with Christian it's a 6-7cm difference where a 188cm rock puts Barkley 194-195. Barkley does have a footwear advantage on him
RisingForce said on 5/May/17
They're standing side by side in your pic as well, but certainly photos where you can't see much more than their heads aren't ideal, much less one off photo. I agree the difference is likely more than just 1", but in the near full photo it can look about 1.5". Even in your photo, I see 2" absolute max if you look at top of the head rather than eye level, which would add up with Magic listed here at 6'7.5" and Barkley at 6'5.5", though I think 6'7.25" and 6'5.5" is very possible or 6'5.75" for Barkley. The distance between the tops of their heads is really not that big. Magic's raised eye level makes the difference look larger, but if you created a scale using their head size for reference, I'm confident the difference would be an absolute max of 2".
Canson said on 2/May/17
@Rising Force: side by side is not the best way back to back is. Side by side can be favored by the camera as well. Magic is not only 1" taller than Barkley is which is how it loOks in one pic you posted
RisingForce said on 1/May/17
Canson, side by side pics are the best for comparing height, but even if you disagree regard the first series, then how about the pic after that. You can almost see their entire bodies and that's not remotely close to 3". Then in the one after that, Magic is actually closer to the camera and still doesn't look near 3" taller.
Canson said on 1/May/17
Rising force: the pic with magic is horrendous. Yes he will appear the same height because they aren't that far apart. You'd need to be 6-8" different to see it. Again look at Reggie millers hall of fame speech with magic and Barkley and it's about 3" same with Barkley and Malone it's 3.5" prob. One of the pics magic is clearly leaning and still looks 2" taller with the lean
Canson said on 1/May/17
Rising force: the pic with magic is horrendous. Yes he will appear the same height because they aren't that far apart. You'd need to be 6-8" different to see it. Again look at Reggie millers hall of fame speech with magic and Barkley and it's about 3" same with Barkley and Malone it's 3.5" prob
RisingForce said on 29/Apr/17
I'm not sure I even see a full 3" there with Magic, especially since Magic is tilting his head more and raising his eye level. The 1992 pic with Pippen wasn't at all poor, it's as good as you're going to find and certainly The Rock pic, Larry Johnson pic, Hugh Jackman pic, Samuel L Jackson pic, Michael Jordan pics and Dr. J pics. You can see more of their bodies in this series of pics and Barkley is just barely shorter: Click Here Click Here Click Here And here's another, this time, nearly a full pic where Barkley looks 1.5" max shorter: Click Here Same here, though not as close to a full pic: Click Here And not a big difference here, though it's from that same side angle as the Kobe pic: Click Here I'm fine with calling that a bad pic if you like, but then you have to put the Kobe pic in the same category since the angle is almost identical. Whether these pics are represenative of the actual difference, it at least must be said that I have legitimate reason to believe the difference between Barkley and Magic is only 1.5" or 2" absolute max and at least that a case can be made Barkley is 6'5.5" minimum(certainly with the mugshot pic in front of a height chart). I'd similarly acknowledge a case can be made for 6'4.75"-6'5" flat, though I obviously think he's taller. But I'm not sure why we're still talking about random internet posters. For one, we don't even know all of them actually met Barkley or that they're the height they claim, 2.We have no way of knowing how well they can judge height. There's a reason Rob no longer accepts photos from posters he hasn't seen in person.
Canson said on 29/Apr/17
So Rising Force in this pic Magic is quite clearly 3" or more taller than Barkley is. I already know what's coming next. Point is you can't use pics that have poor perspective which is the norm on this Charles Barkley page.

Click Here
Canson said on 29/Apr/17
Rising Force: I do respect you and that's fair for your opinion. However what you said In that last post is actually correct for most of those guys. People you see on the internet have said popped is 6'6.5 barefoot. I've seen it more than one place. Wade at 6'2.75 makes sense as well. Dr J is taller than barkley by a full inch bit the same height or shorter. The pics you use aren't very good. Dr J himself has said that. And magic is 3" taller than Barkley is. By the way Jordan, Christian is right he's 6'4.5. That along with Barkley are confirmed by people who have met both (one of which has met Dr J and said he's taller than both guys as well). Seagal peak was 6'4" maybe but today is only about 6'3.5 and coincidentally only an inch shorter than Barkley not 2".
NFL nerd said on 29/Apr/17
The rock is wearing boots with Charles. Hes worn that pair frequently, including on his page phot here. Zoom here to see how thick they are on the rooftop pic with the fast crew: Click Here


I'm not sure what method your using to level the rocks head in that pic. A simple flat device like a ruler clearly shows his head is lines up right where Charles eyebrows meet with the bridge of his nose.

In the better full shot pic, Click Here ,his head lines up with the highest point of Charles left eyebrow.
RisingForce said on 27/Apr/17
Quite the contrary, Christian. You have to downgrade far more people to fit Barkley at under 6'5". Suddenly, that means Rock is only about 6'1.5", Hugh Jackman is not even 6'1", Julius Erving is also under 6'5", Scottie Pippen would be more 6'6.5" as opposed to his 1987 reportedly measured height of 6'7.5". You admit Barkley looks about half an inch taller than Jordan, while Rob has Jordan at 6'5"(which seems about right, especially since he can look taller with Dwyane Wade), but to fit Barkley at a weak 6'5" max, you need Jordan only 6'4.5". Then you'd have Kenny Smith at about a flat 6 feet. Magic Johnson would be comfortably under 6'7" since there's absolutely no way he's 3" taller than Barkley. Dwyane Wade would also have to be more 6'2.75" than 6'3.75" and you certainly can't read much into Barkley's supposed measurement if you disregard Wade's. Steven Seagal also winds up more 6'2.5". But thanks, Canson. As long as we remain respect since it'd be silly to have a lack of respect over a very unimportant issue like this. It'd probably take the fun out of it if I didn't have anyone to disagree with as well.
Canson said on 27/Apr/17
@Markus: sorry but he was actually measured at 6'4 5/8 and has claimed 6'4.75 long enough since entering so he had to have measured both at some point whether morning or evening. What is more likely is these unmeasured unverified celebs you use aren't what they actually claim and the fact that you are using pictures. To compare. Pics are no good 90% of the time on this site. And it's funny that some pics work to the advantage of the poster that is posting. Meaning if you can't see footwear it's good enough to make someone taller but another pic with someone else where you can't see their feet is not good enough if Barkley appeared his true height of 194-195
Canson said on 27/Apr/17
@Rising force: your logic btw in that last post makes no sense. You said even if "Pippen is 6'7 instead of 6'7.5" Barkley is 6'5.5. So you just said Barkley is 2" shorter than pippen. Now you're saying it's 1.5" just to keep Barkley at 6'5.5. Also why do we have to believe Pippens pre draft but not the Olympic measurement Barkley received? I'm sorry but Pippen has also had major back and knee surgeries more than once and early in his career. He easily could've dropped some height. And Pippen is not 6'7.5 barefoot. I'm sorry but after Allen Iverson was listed 6'0" on his (I know for a fact he's 5'10-5'11) that they aren't always accurate. Remember scotties predraft has him listed as a barefoot height only not a shoe height. Why would they list him 6'7" then for most of his career than 6'8"? He'd have been listed 6'8/6'9 if he were really almost 6'9" in shoes or over 6'8". Btw if you look at the blazers teams he doesn't look "really any" taller than Steve Smith who is listed 6'6.5 barefoot. In fact smith can look taller. And he doesn't look more than maybe 0.5-1" taller than Jalen Rose who is listed 6'6" barefoot. There's a better chance of pippen being 6'6.75-6'7 which he looks and Barkley 6'4 5/8.

Also why do your pictures where we can't see Seagal's shoes carry weight to you but the others here where we can't see his footwear with the ines I posted don't? You just proved that your biased that's it
Canson said on 27/Apr/17
@Rising Force: Malone out of his own mouth when interviewed once said in response to someone asking him how tall he is whether he was 6'9" "actually I'm 6'8". That's his barefoot height. I respect your opinion as we all differ but I agree with Christian you have single handedly inflated 3 or 4 people just to make Barkley 6'5.5. Like Christian also said Jordan is 6'4.5 two friends who have met both (Barkley twice) said they're the same height and we are talking an NBA scout (my former AAU coach who is 6'2) and another friend who is 6'3. I don't think when you add them to the people I've posted below that they are that incompetent that they would mistake a 6'5.5 guy for a 6'4.5 especially when one of the posts the guy was 6'6" saying he was taller than Barkley before.
Canson said on 26/Apr/17
@Christian: yes I agree with what you said. If that's his low means his height out of bed would likely be 197. And I doubt Barkley is that high.the logic is flawed there. I respect Rising Forces opinion. But that made no sense and it's just upgrading him for no reason
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 26/Apr/17

Saying that Barkely's 6'5.5" means that you have to inflate other celebs' height to be consistent. You inflated most of the people you mentioned below so that you can fit your narrative of Barkley really being 6'5.5"
The absolute most I could give for him is 6'5" flat, although it's a bit unlikely. He can look a half inch taller than Jordan at times though, but that doesn't make him 6'5.5", since Jordan himself isn't 6'5", he's more 6'4.5" actually (there's a lot of evidence I can give you that Jordan's 6'4.5")
RisingForce said on 26/Apr/17
Fair enough, Christian, I'm 5'9" around noon in Converse and a hoodie, so I don't have personal experience with how much tall men shrink. I was just speculating because Barkley overwhelmingly looks 6'5.5"+ to me and it seems impossible he's any lower, but then I believe he's simply downplaying or was undermeasured once and the 6'5.5" was his true, honest height. Canson, I'll amend that then and just stick to 6'5.5" afternoon. Even if Pippen was 6'7" flat, then Barkley would still look about 6'5.5", but he was reportedly measured at 6'7.5" and looks it to me. He consistently looked it with Jordan: Click Here who incidentally, looks noticeably shorter than Barkley did with Pippen. Malone has never been proven at 6'8". In fact, Malone looks at least as tall as 6'8.75" Shawn Kemp: Click Here Barkley does surprisingly look shorter than Kobe in that photo, but one photo from the side view where we can't see their feet isn't proof Barkley is shorter and Kobe is far from settled at 6'4.75". I think he's more likely your height, Christian, or at least 6'5.25". Just look at Kobe with Obama or Magic Johnson at Michael Jackson's memorial service. Besides, I'm not convinced Barkley is that much shorter than Malone, who I believe may be closer to 6'9" than 6'8": Click Here Malone certainly looks more than an inch taller than 6'7.5" Magic here: Click Here Even at 6'3.5", Steven Seagal has Barkley looking over 6'5" rather than under and I agree we can't put too much into a single photo, much less once that isn't full, but it's Seagal who typically wears big boots. My photos with 6'5.5" Dr. J and Larry Johnson do show compelling evidence Barkley is around that height himself in addition to being taller in a couple of photos weith 6'5" Michael Jordan, one of which(The Dream Team photo) is a full shot. Even if Kenny Smith is 6'1", he only comes up to about Barkley's eyes at best in bare feet making Barkley at least 6'5.5" there.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 26/Apr/17
@Rising Force

I know not all people shrink throughout the day at the same rate, but a 6'5.5" guy in the afternoon possibly can't drop down to 6'4.75"-6'5" at night, especially if you're saying that's his usual low. That's too extreme. I'm 6'5 3/8" in the afternoon and usually creep down to 6'5.25" at night, but even in my most extreme low I dropped to 6'5" on the dot (195.5cm)
Canson said on 26/Apr/17
Again Kobe Bryant is taller than he is and he is o Lu confirmed that he is 6'4.75 (Kobe has)

Click Here
Canson said on 26/Apr/17
@Rising force: look at what you just wrote. You won't rule out he measures 6'4.75-6'5 at night. If he measured that it's his true height. Rob said himself and I can attest to it being it. If you are at a point after 5-7 hours then you don't lose anymore significant height. Maybe 1:8". An extreme low maybe another 1/4. His extreme is far less than that. So if he gets to 6'4.75 at night then maybe 6'5 would be his true height. Now it seems as if you are making excuses to keep him at 6'5.5. Just like the ones you made Dan Majere and Danny Ainge "downplaying" his height as well along with him when he's shorter than Majerle by an inch and taller than Ainte by half.
Markus said on 26/Apr/17
Editor Rob: 6ft 5 is arguable...he has said he's measured in 6ft 4.75-5 zone, so I've no reason to disbelieve him.
Maybe if he wakes up almost 6ft 6, some days he's going to look quite tall.

Do not you consider that the figures of the celebrities can be wrong? Hogan's actual "6-4,5" is obviously just as wrong
as Cena's "6". In the case of Barkley, everything speaks for the fact that he is wrong to his own fault in terms of his past
(peak) height.
RisingForce said on 25/Apr/17
I think you're right, Dmeyer, you have to downgrade an awful lot of people to make this fit. I just can't see any less than 6'5.5". Canson, he did post a pic of Barkley and Pippen, now here's a pretty ideal one: Click Here 2" tops making Barkley at least 6'5.5" Actually, more like 1.5" apparently: Click Here Barkley at 6'4.5" would make him 3" shorter and there's no way. In fact, Barkley is much closer to Pippen's height. Magic Johnson also has 2" tops on Barkley as my pics of the 2 together plus the comparison to Merriman show. Here he is with Seagal: Click Here Keep in mind Seagal has better posture and a hat/bandana plus Seagal almost always wears cowboy boots. Canson, what stood out to me in your video is that Barkley again looks not much shorter than Pippen, that same 6'5.5"-6'6" range. Some random people on an Internet forum isn't compelling evidence. Barkley downplays his height most of the time just like when Kobe referred to himself as 6'4" and 6'5" in shoes, which would make Obama under 6 feet, but the 6'5.5" is probably honest even though I think he looks the full 6'6" a lot. Even if Rock is 6'2" flat, Barkley looks 6'5"-6'5.25", but Rock is listed here at 6'2.5" making Barkley at least 6'5.5" there. As for footwear, 2 cm difference is ridiculous. If there's any difference at all, it will have to be proven by finding the shoe models. We also have multiple photos of Barkley taller than Michael Jordan and Barkley measures up better to Pippen. I will say there's a possibility because of how tall Barkley is, he shrinks a lot in a day. I won't rule out that he might have actually measured 6'4.75"-6'5" range at his low at night, wake up over 6'6" and be about 6'5.5" midday or lunchtime. But nothing under 6'5.5" adds up with the mugshot. Well, at least we have quite a debate on this page! But I'll just add Dennis Rodman as another who downplays his height, for probably the same reason(undersized power forward and rebounder) Rodman is definitely taller than a flat 6'6" as Rob agrees by listing him 6'6.5", but I'd give Rodman 6'7". Comfortably taller than Jordan and barely shorter than Pippen.
Canson said on 25/Apr/17
@Christian: 6-7 cm would make Rock 188 (like my friend who met him said) Barkley 194-195 like he also said when he met Barkley
Canson said on 25/Apr/17
@Markus: Malone isn't only 2" over Barkley. It's not less than 3". Watch when they are right in front of each other when they walk on stage. Keep in mind that when it's 3" in appearance that could be 3.25 as well. Also keep in mind Malone may not be complete 6'8. He looks the same size with boozer. But he could also be a full 6'8". I don't deny Barkley wakes up 6'5 1/4-3/8. He may lose an inch and even if he doesn't he could lose 3/4" from there like normal and put him 6'4 1/2-5/8

Click Here
Canson said on 25/Apr/17
@Sportsworld: tough to tell. With magic Merriman looks 6'3 imho but with Barkley 6'2" maybe. I agree Barkley is 6'4.5. His teammates who stand next to him all say it as have fans on the internet who have met him. A 196-197 Barkley would make him taller than Kobe when Kobe is taller than him in reality based on their pic at the Espy
Canson said on 24/Apr/17
@Christian: I agree and even without a footwear difference being recognized he doesn't look more than 2.5" taller maybe 3". A friend of mine has met both and he described rock as 6'2" and Barkley as about as tall as I am but we're talking a .17" (1/6") diff so maybe he's a full 6'4.5 evening or closer to it than I am. Rising force is right he did claim 6'5.5 but if we look at many sites where one a 6'6" guy met him and said he's 1-2" shorter than him and others where 6'4" guys even 6'3" guys met him like here they say 1-2" taller than they are too. Barkley 6'5.5 is in shoes maybe in a good pair of Jordan's or something he's a full 6'5.75-6'6" but fact is he measured 6'4 5/8" with FIBA as well. The rock is above Barkleys eyebrow by over an inch
Canson said on 24/Apr/17
@Markus: Barkley is a full 5cm or 6 shorter than pippen is. Look at the pics of them in Houston together
Sportsworld said on 24/Apr/17
So Rock looks taller with 6'4.5 Barkley than 6'2 Shawne Merriman does, accounting footwear. Click Here
Dmeyer said on 24/Apr/17
Rob are you sure he IS that short hé looks 4-5cm over Seagal and 6cm over thé rock 6 FT 5-5,25 IS Closer maybe
Editor Rob: 6ft 5 is arguable...he has said he's measured in 6ft 4.75-5 zone, so I've no reason to disbelieve him. Maybe if he wakes up almost 6ft 6, some days he's going to look quite tall.
RisingForce said on 24/Apr/17
I actually think you're spot on seeing an 8 cm difference making Barkley 6'5.5"-6'5.75" if Rock is 6'2.5", but if there is a footwear difference, there's no way it's 2 cm. Keep in mind, Barkley also has loose posture while Rock is stretched up. In fact, I'd bet that makes a bigger difference than any footwear difference there. Based on that photo, I'd bet on no less than a 8 cm difference between them barefoot. Markus shows Barkley at no less than 6'5.5" in his post as well such as the Dream Team photo where Barkley actually does look about an inch taller than Michael Jordan.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/Apr/17
Nevermind, I've found their footwear now. You can see that Barkley has thicker shoes than Rock. Click Here He has 8cm on him, but if both were barefoot, it'll be a 6-7cm difference maybe.
RisingForce said on 23/Apr/17
Barkley has sneakers with Rock. Normal 1"-1.25" range, the shoes are visible in the pics I posted and if you scroll down in the last post. Canson, I never said anything about whether I believe Jackson's claim, in fact I don't believe Jackson since he claimed 6'3", which is ridiculous. He's lucky if he hit 6'2" at best. And there's no comparison between Barkley's claim and Jackson's. Barkley is at a height where many men downplay it, especially since it's part of his legend and makes his career all the more impressive. I do believe one of Barkley's claims, which was when he said 6'5.5". Why do you disregard that one? But ultimately claims should always be taken with a grain of salt. Most people lie or exaggerate in one way or another, otherwise there would be no need for this site. In general, I don't remember the commercials, but I know the difference in my photo is no less than 4" and Jackson has the advantage.
Markus said on 23/Apr/17
Correction: I meant that Barkley is 1,5 "shorter than Pippen not taller.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 22/Apr/17
@RisingForce @Canson @S.J.H

All 3 of you have yet to mention anything about footwear though. Barkley could've worn thick boots while Rock wore thin sneakers for all we know. This is why I usually don't bother guessing height differences in pics without visible footwear that much (unless if the footwear difference is noted, as Rob does in his meet-and-greet pics with celebrities)
Canson said on 22/Apr/17
@Rising Force: so you take Samuel L Jackson's claim but not Barkley's is what you're saying? There's not 4" there if you look at all of the capital one commercials it's 3"
Markus said on 22/Apr/17
Barkley was 1 - 1,25" taller than almost 6-5 Jordan: Click Here
About: 1,5" taller than 6-7,5 Pippen (Pippen`s hair is about 0,5"): Click Here
About 3 - 3,5" taller than 6-2,5+ The Rock: Click Here
About 1" taller than a 6-5+ Hogan: Click Here
2" shorter than 6-8+ Malone: Click Here
Barkley is not only taller than 6-4,75, he was clearly 6-6+ at peak height!!!
To put Jordan taller than Barkley is nonsense.
RisingForce said on 22/Apr/17
Samuel L. Jackson was what? 6'1.5"-6'2" in 2001? Well, he's close to the camera and still a good 4" shorter than Barkley: Click Here Take off the hat, move him a step back and his head probably doesn't reach above Barkley's eyes.
RisingForce said on 21/Apr/17
It was reported and as "more like". I don't count that as proof. Wasn't it reported a few years back that Jordan measured 6'4.5" coming into the league too? You don't believe Wade's official 6'3.75" measurement(and you may be right) so why believe a sup posed measurement for Barkley with just one source? I agree with S.J.H. Rock is only 6'1" range if Barkley is under 6'5". Rock even has much better posture. I haven't seen Space Jam in 20 years, but in that photo, Barkley's point makes him the same height. Just like I posted 2 photos showing Barkley at least as tall as 6'5.5" Dr. J.
Canson said on 20/Apr/17
@SJH: looks less than that to me. Rock's head is an inch or more over barkleys eyebrows. Barkley is nearer the camera as well. I'd say maybe 2.5-3 and that could be camera angle. I'd have the Rock as strong 6'2" 6'2-6'2.25 and Barkley 6'4 1/2-5/8
S.J.H said on 20/Apr/17

If you measure from rock top head atually reach barkley top area of eye brown it is really not less than 9cm and only their eye level look 3' tops because of barkley tilt down eye level. The optimistic side is to believe barkley is 6'6 then rock could be 6'2.5 as rob listed and pessimistic is barkley is 6'4.75 as listed and rock is not gota be higher than 6'1.25
Canson said on 16/Apr/17
Click Here

Everyone saying Barkley dwarfs the Rock? That's 5-6cm tops a 6'2-6'2.25 rock makes Barkley 6'4.5
Canson said on 16/Apr/17
@Rising Force: no proof?? It's right above in the quote that rob prefaced this page with and says he was measured 6'4 5/8. That's straight from Sports Illustrated. Also some food for thought. The Olympic measurements are not a prospective player trying to get drafted or make a team. So less incentive to lie up about someone's height than the pre draft measurements.
RisingForce said on 15/Apr/17
There's no proof the Olympic measurement even took place. Standing I'm front of height chart will add some height, but not THAT much: Click Here 6'6.5"-6'7" in shoes would add up with 6'5.5" barefoot. Barkley edges out 6'5" Jordan here in the best pic of the 2 together: Click Here Draw a line at the top of Jordan's head. You'll see Barkley's pointy head is higher. Not much higher, but higher whether it's 1/4" or 1/2". Identical in height to 6'5.5" Larry Johnson as well: Click Here
Canson said on 15/Apr/17
@Butt Checker: why wouldn't Barkley stand straight? That makes no sense. And if he weren't they would've called him on it when they measured him. That's FIBA (just as official as the NBA) and even more accurately listed because the players aren't being "evaluated" for the draft. If that's what he measured 6'4 5/8 that's what he is and don't know what time of day that was either.

@Christian agreed he looks 6'4.5 normally (194/195)
Christian-196.9cm(6ft5.5)Noon said on 15/Apr/17
Butt checker 6'3 said on 14/Apr/17
@ Rob c Barkley isn't below 6'5.25 he told it with his mouth he's 6'5.5 , the Olympics measurement he didn't Stan nd tall , the avg guess also,

above all he looks at least 196-197cms with all celebrities at your listings or all should be downgraded by a half inch


Please show us a clip/photo of Barkley slouching when he was measured then. You've got to have some form of evidence before accusing someone of doing something. And he looks 194-195cm to me.
Butt checker 6'3 said on 14/Apr/17
@ Rob c Barkley isn't below 6'5.25 he told it with his mouth he's 6'5.5 , the Olympics measurement he didn't Stan nd tall , the avg guess also,

above all he looks at least 196-197cms with all celebrities at your listings or all should be downgraded by a half inch
Canson said on 13/Apr/17
@orpheus: don't know as I've never tried. I know people measuring someone based on an object like doorway is not practical if they're standing far away from it tho. Like if a 6'5" guy were facing or in front of a doorway not right under it they may look exactly at the door frame from a distance but when under it will be 3" under most in bare feet
orpheus said on 13/Apr/17
Canson how accurate would you say measuring yourself with a tape measurer next to you while putting your finger or coin on top of your head is then removing. I get 6'3 every time.

When I have my finger perpendicular to 6'0 then walk up to it hits the middle of my head.
Canson said on 12/Apr/17
Barkley with 6'8/6'9 Chris Webber

Click Here
berta said on 12/Apr/17
he really look to have about 10 cm on jackman. could be little under like 9 cm. i think 196 lisitng would be better.dwyane johnson cant be under 187 can he? jckman 187,5 dwayne johnson 189 and this guy 196,3. rougfly in that range
RisingForce said on 10/Apr/17
Canson, there's no photographic or video proof offered in that thread. Someone else's judgement isn't that compelling to me, I can find just as many players who have said Durant is 7 feet, Garnett is 7'1", T-Mac is 6'10" etc. Doesn't mean I believe any to be true. I'm not sure how you see only 2.5" with Rock either. Barkley's posture is worse, but if you drew a line from Rock's head, it's not going to reach any higher than Barkley's eyebrows, which would be 3.5" even assuming Barkley has a normal sized head. That pic on Rock's page had people thinking he was way shorter.
Canson said on 8/Apr/17
Click Here

Read the 2nd thread
Canson said on 7/Apr/17
Rising force: next to the Rock Barkley looks 2-3" taller more like 2.5" meaning if the Rock is 6'2-6'2.5 puts Barkley 6'4.5-6'5. Tops
Canson said on 7/Apr/17
@Rising Force: fair enough. If that's how you believe I ram respect your opinion. But I use logic and also people who have played with Barkley who have no reason to lie as well. They do embellish the barefoot heights in pre drafts as well. Look at Wade next to Russell Westbrook. Virtually no difference. and Jordan has the same difference with Wade as Barkley does.
RisingForce said on 7/Apr/17
The 6'3.75" for Wade comes from the pre-draft camp, the 6'4 5/8" for Barkley was only reported in one SI article. Maybe it was early morning or an error, but it's at least more reliable than the supposed Barkley measurement. If that figure is true then Rock is looking closet to a flat 6 feet in comparison: Click Here And he had a good 4" on 6'1.5" minimum Hugh Jackman who is closer to the camera and standing perfectly: Click Here You get a sense of how big Barkley is on the stage as well: Click Here I respect that you trust the judgment of the 2 people you know and I may not be able to convince you, but understand, I have to go by what I see myself.
Editor Rob: I would disagree about Jackman...he's maybe an inch or so closer, but I would say is dropping a little bit because he has right knee bent, which is usually an adjustment when you drop height on the opposite hip.
Canson said on 7/Apr/17
@Rising Force: I don't believe Wade is 6'3.75. problem is if he claimed it or someone else claims a height we believe it and automatically inflate Barkley based on it. Considering I know two people who have met Barkley one is a scout who worked in the league and a friend who is a marketing exec that has met many celebs and athletes they both say he is my height or thereabouts. One of which is 6'2" the other 6'3. The latter it'd be easy for him to tell since I'm less than 4cm taller than him at 193.9. Barkley measured 6'4 5/8 at the olympics which makes more sense than 6'5.5. That I could believe
RisingForce said on 6/Apr/17
The same reason Willis Reed would insist Kareem was 7'5". As I said, Barkley himself downplays his height, not uncommon for tall guys, particularly when it's tied to Barkley's legacy. As for Kobe, I'm undecided. He could look that 6'4.75" figure with Wade during the '07 all-star weekend, but then he looks a lot taller other times like with Obama, Michael Phelps and Magic Johnson. Maybe 6'4.75" is his absolute low, but he typically looks easy 6'5.5". Barkley does look much shorter than usual there, but typically looks taller so I'd like to see more pics of the 2 as low side angles aren't the best, but while we're at it, Arnold was still a legit 6 feet when this photo was taken 10 years ago: Click Here Barkley dwarfs Arnold more than 6'4.75" listed Joe Manganiello did 7 years later, by which time Arnold had dropped to the 5'11" range. Good side by side with 6'7.5" Scottie Pippen and Barkley isn't much shorter: Click Here and barely shorter than 6'7" Krist Novoselic: Click Here A slouching Barkley is still dwarfing Dave Grohl who is around 6 feet. If you remember back when Barkley had those commercials with 6'3.75" Dwayne Wade, he was a good 2" taller than Wade. I just think the whole 6'4" range thing is trying to force the pieces to fit. The amount of visual evidence that places Barkley at under 6'5" pales in comparison to the mountain of visual evidence that puts him 6'5.5" minimum.
Canson said on 5/Apr/17
@Rising Force: how is Kobe Bryant 6'4.75 as tall or taller than he is?

Click Here
Canson said on 5/Apr/17
@Rising Force: if you look at Barkley next to Malone he looks 6'4 range. they have all said he's under 6'5". That makes no sense when Danny ainge himself said during a press conference when Barkley was asked about his height and Barkley claimed 6'6" that Barkley was at most a half inch taller than he was and Barkley didn't challenge it Ainge is 6'4" barefoot
RisingForce said on 4/Apr/17
Simply hyperbole, Canson. How many coaches and players have you heard say things like Kevin Durant is 6'11"-7 feet, Garnett at least 7'1", Kareem 7'4" or 5", T-Mac 6'10". People like to exaggerate for effect. Barkley sure looks at least as tall as Dr. J. Like I said, hyperbole isn't convincing when the vast majority of visual evidence points to Barkley being AT LEAST 6'5.5".
Canson said on 1/Apr/17
@Rising Force: but if that's the case why would Dan Majerle Danny Ainge Joe Klein Moses Malone and Mo Cheeks along with other teammates and coaches and fans who have met him some of which are close in height with him say he's 6'4 range? If he isn't. He isn't as tall as Dr J who also said the same thing. Dr J is 6'5.5 as is Dan majerle who himself said Barkley is shorter than him. Majerle claims 6'6" but is not he's at most 6'5 1/2
RisingForce said on 1/Apr/17
Let's say Kenny is 6'1", look at how his head barely comes up to Barkley's eyes, if it even reaches it and they're in bare feet so no shoe advantage. Eye to head is 4.5" even on a normal size man. Barkley wasn't claiming to be taller than he was like most men when he said he was 6'5.5". He's claiming he's shorter than he really is when he claims to be under 6'5" because it goes with the image of the undersized power forward and dominant rebounder. He looks identical in height to Dr. J who was only in his 40's here and 6'5.5" minimum: Click Here Now look at this pic from '86 and tell me Dr. J is an inch taller: Click Here Barkley is a bit closer to the camera, but it certainly doesn't seem like he'd be shorter and look at how Barkley dwarfs Mo Cheeks who is probably not that far from Kenny's height. I'm going to have to see a lot more than anecdotes to believe Barkley could be even a mm below 6'5.5".
Canson said on 31/Mar/17
@Christian: he looks shorter than Kobe here. But I don't think it's as pronounced as it looks. I think Kobe is 6'4.75 and Barkley 6'4.5 the 5/8 may have come earlier a bit or that could even be his lowest. I can't see him as 6'4.75 tho as he'd be looking a full 6'5" at that rate. I believe Jordan is closer in height with me maybe only 1/6 taller 6'4.5 at his lowest

Click Here
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 31/Mar/17
I can't see Barkley being shorter than Kobe. After seeing more pics/footage of Barkley compared to other people, It's safe to say he isn't the full 6ft5 like I used to believe he was. But he's probably 6'4 5/8"-3/4" at his lowest, same as Kobe. The reason why many coaches, players, etc. said Barkley was 6ft4, was because he has a bigger heavier body frame compared to most players, and that can give the impression that he's shorter than he actually is.
Canson said on 29/Mar/17
@SJH: I believe everything you said. Barkley getting 6'5 or over is him in a higher shoe or because a shorter guy is claiming a higher height than their normal barefoot (afternoon) or rounding. His own teammates and coaches have said he's 6'4 range which carries more weight to me. Carmelo was definitely 6'6" though at minimum. Maybe that's his lowest
Canson said on 28/Mar/17
@Borats: lol he has!
S.J.H said on 28/Mar/17
There is always different story to hear from others. Some say they met barkley he was 6'5 and over and some say barkley is only 6'4 and some say 6'4.5 and a few people prove picture and say barkley is 6'4.5 like i read up from some blog a 6'5 guy claim he meet carmelo anthony eye to eye and say he was at most fraction taller than him. Not my opinion.
Canson said on 28/Mar/17
@Ebrahim Kenny is 6'1 prob. He's said on many occasions that Charles is 6'4". Most recent being all star game when he said Charles isn't a big he's only 6'4". This was during the skills challenge. There's about 3" between them. The camera angle isn't good and he looks larger due to weight
Ebrahim said on 27/Mar/17
@RisingForce it is interesting that you brought up Kenny Smith, which I don't buy his 6'3" 6'4" height, he seems more than 2" shorter than MJ, Barkley, Kobe and VC: the weak 6'5s basically.

Rob, I think Kenny should have his own thread.
Borats Chicken said on 26/Mar/17
meanwhile, rob has grabbed some popcorn and is loving these comments.
Canson said on 24/Mar/17
@Ice: yes I'm 3'11" and you're 3'11.25. I'd take toying around in a light hearted way if you didn't do it as a way to try to insult some one because they don't agree with you which is what you did
Canson said on 23/Mar/17
@Ice: you are the dumbest most inept poster here. You start a war because you disagree with what I said and now you are throwing fake untrue insults out there to take shots at me just because you have nothing else to come back with. Please remember that you started this war so if you want to start something the please be prepared to finish it. You obviously can't finish anything which is why you probably will be alone for the rest of your life
Canson said on 23/Mar/17
@Ice: yes at 6'2.5 I feel short and come on celebheihhts and air my dirty laundry like you do. Go fugoogle your self you troll
RisingForce said on 23/Mar/17
If there's a good amount of convincing photo or video evidence presented that Barkley is under 6'5.5" then I'll change my guess, but until then I'll stand by my guess. Even if Kenny Smith is a full 2" under his listed 6'3", Barkley still looks to comfortably clear 6'5": Click Here
Ly said on 23/Mar/17
Pics or youre lying about your height.😄😄😄😄😄
Ice said on 23/Mar/17
@Canson youre prob under 5'9 ;)
Editor Rob: join the club 🤝 👍
Ice said on 23/Mar/17
@Canson actually youre the one who is truly insecure . Youre taking celebheights overly seriously when it inhabtis Users like myself who find it amusing how Users like you Go Off with Numbers foot Long hate Messages trigured by simple one- liners . Its so easy to toy with you , really . Yes , I am trolling . Its just too Fun to mess with a completeley insecure man like yourself . Have a nice day bro.
Canson said on 22/Mar/17
@Free: problem is it's pictures. I'm not sure about Merrimack honestly. You met him so you may be right. Barkley is 6'4.5 tops. He claims that 6'4.75 he's not. He measured 6'4 5/8 at the olympics and he's maybe 1.5" taller than a 6'3" friend who met him and he said he didn't look noticeably taller than I am (6'4.33). Same friend met Rock and he is 6'2". Maybe poor posture in the pic not sure. Barkley looks 2.5" taller than rock in their pic
Free said on 22/Mar/17
Interesting how Merriman is a smidge taller than Rock, and then Barkley looks about his listed height with him.

Adds up to a 6-1.5 Rock with Merriman and Barkley
Free said on 22/Mar/17
Merriman looks 6-1 with Magic Canson.

Barkley looks his listed height here with Merriman. Almost 3 inches
S.J.H said on 21/Mar/17
Click Here Jin-Woon from former south korea pop group 2AM was listed at 185cm he does make barkley look 6'4.75 if barkley stand straight. Not sure about footwear.
Canson said on 21/Mar/17
@Rising Force: here Dan Majerle says he's maybe 6'5 probably 6'4. Same thing Joe Klein and Danny ainge Michael Jordan I'm losing count now. He isn't a flat 6'4" but he isn't even 6'5. More like the 6'4 5/8 he measured at the olympics or 6'4.5. His teammates coaches along with people who have played against him not to mention see at he bottom people who have met him in person that I posted a few months back say he's 6'4 range. They have no reason to short change him if he's really taller. It just shows you that pics are often no good comparing. Magic is more than 1-2 inches taller it's about 2.5-3" I'd say closer to 3".

Editor Rob: the link you had included didn't work. With some long links, it's better to shorten with or tinyurl
Canson said on 20/Mar/17
@Berta: rock is specifically that 6'2. My friend has met him and I saw a pic with him where it actually looked like 2". My buddy is honest tho about his height (solid 6'3) comes down to 190.4 almost every day and admitted he's about an inch taller than Rock. I guess 6'2.25 is arguable and possible if poor posture but not higher than that. Barkley is around 6'4.5 not 6'4.75. His teammates have all said along with people who have met him that he's closer to 6'4 than 6'5. A legit 195cm guy will be guessed 6'5" not 6'4. Barkley gives the impression in pics with his build and if the camera favors him but in reality he and Jordan are both shorter than Kobe is by a hair and are both 6'4.4-.6 range
Canson said on 20/Mar/17
@Ice: then prove it. You must know me or something and that's very odd because I have never been to your country in my life and doubt you are mature enough to have been left alone unsupervised by your parents to travel or even with them. You are a childish ass kid and still not even legal to drink. You probably are a virgin still too because no girl wants to get with a guy who probably isn't even tall enough to look her in the eyes. So now you are making these childish comments all because you were unable to "properly" insult me below. And not to mention you are insecure about your height and yes you lie about it. I'd be more inclined to believe you probably aren't even 6'0" which is why you are an insecure ass like you are.
RisingForce said on 20/Mar/17
It's 2 pictures with Magic and there's no way Barkley is 3 inches shorter. Random estimates from people I don't know and can't verify if they're being accurate is not nearly as convincing to me as all of the comparisons where he looks around 6'6". Look at him with Rock when he was promoting Pain and Gain. He wasn't less than 6'2.5" at that time, maybe still 190 cm and Barkley truly dwarfed him. Or even the mugshot. It adds height sure, but that's why Barkley looked 6'8" in shoes from one angle and 6'7" from another. He's not less than 6'6.5" in shoes. I suspect Kobe might be a similar 6'5.5", but at least he CAN look 6'4.75" next to some other NBA players such as Shaq and Dwyane Wade. With Barkley, he looks 6'5.5"-6'6" in comparisons 90+% of the time.
Ice said on 20/Mar/17
Canson is 6'0 I can Prove it
Jonesey said on 18/Mar/17
Barkley looks 6'4.5 with 6'2 Shawne Merriman Click Here
berta said on 17/Mar/17
could he be under 6 foot 5 :o he have now cliamed it 2 times. well that makes the rock n taller than 188.
Canson said on 13/Mar/17
No Ice it isn't too much to understand. But don't sit here and make your stupid comments to others about being insecure when you were the one saying you were 6'2" and felt short or 6'2.5 and felt short etc. that takes your credibility away right there and then you to go attack others because their beliefs are different than yours? Usually by the way, it's people who inflate their height and others who are insecure with their own height like SJH said.
Ice said on 13/Mar/17
@Canson Well guess what , My claims have changed because Im below 21 and I have and still am growing . People Can physically grow in height you know , but I guess thats too much for you to understand .
Canson said on 13/Mar/17
@Rising Force: I'd say we have to downgrade. My friend is a solid 6'3" and Barkley according to him just like the others here on the internet that have met him says he is around my height 6'4 3/8. I'd give him a full 6'4.5 at his lowest. His teammates have largely said the same thing and the pic with Magic is no good. Magic is in reality about 3" taller than Barkley (worst 2.5").
RisingForce said on 11/Mar/17
If you take Barkley's word then you have to downgrade almost everyone else accordingly. Magic Johnson is listed here at a plausible 6'7.5", but he's nowhere near 3" taller than Barkley: Click Here Click Here He might have actually told the truth with the 6'5.5" or he might ironically be one of the few NBA players as tall as listed. He dwarfed a 6'2.5" Rock by a good 3 or 4 inches. His mugshot showing him at least 6'7" in shoes probably wasn't too far off. I'd love to be able to take his specific 6'4.75" and close the book on him, but I can't. He's certainly much more than just an inch taller than Dwyane Wade as well.
Guanzo said on 11/Mar/17
Charles Barkley says the NBA lies about player heights, so does DraftExpress:

Click Here
Canson said on 8/Mar/17
@S.J.H: thanks!!! And I can relate to what you said about your height because I have two friends who are around your height and a third about 1.5" lower all three are taller than me. One is only a hair taller than Christian 196.4cm at his lowest. He doesn't really complain other than maybe airplanes but the other two do. One is 198.3 at his lowest the other actually taller than you at 6'7-6'7 1/8 usually (although he saw 6'6 7/8 once that isn't normal for him I don't think as he was over 6'7" at 11pm last time). The latter wakes up I think 6'7 7/8 maybe 6'8. But those two really hate it. They are both in flats and I see the doorway issues. However the 6'7" one nowadays doesn't as much as the 6'6" guy it seems mainly because he also has put himself into some prime shape and is well proportioned and built (he's impressive) and even the 6'6" guy is too. But both have said to the effect of they wish they were my height and one said he wishes he was 6'2 once. I think 6'2" is a good height but having been 6'4, I think I'd go with 6'4 only because I'm used to it. I will say tho on the opposite end and it irritates me too that I have a former teammate from college that is friends with one of the others as we were all roommates and he claims 6'7 to this day (one of his listed heights in college). He's really 6'5.5-.75 and is an inch and almost a half shorter than my 6'7" friend. When he hung out with us and said 6'7/6'8" to someone we all kinda looked at him like what the hell lol? Because he basically put us all in a situation to have to lie which none of us did we all said he was and outed him before he said he's 6'7" in shoes which he really isn't. Funniest part is the real 6'7" guy who is the eldest of all of us by a couple years said "you really do not want to be 6'8" lol? That implies your 6'9 in shoes. He even said look none of taller guys claim shoes. What's the point?
Canson said on 8/Mar/17
@Christian: Thanks!! You're close enough (6'4.33) at my lowest if no gym. I'm front loaded on my height loss. You look like you lose 1/8" more than me (7/8" vs 3/4"). Ice is just being childish because he thinks I downgraded Barkley (when his teammates and coaches and other fans have all said he's the height I put him at) and Ice is insecure about his own height. We see how his has changed from 6'1" to 6'2 to 6'2.5 to 6'3" and he always says he feels short and wishes he were taller. He even said he wants to be 6'5 or 6'6 before.
S.J.H said on 8/Mar/17
@Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25)

Very true. But Ice was in his anger because he mad at canson for height degrade for some celebrities which is logical. We can understand. Theres two type of person insecure with their height, which is commonly people who don't reach their desire height and they inflate their height higher on any site of social network and the other insecure person which is someone being too tall and always get ask how tall he is. I'm on the tall side an always felt insecure being too tall at 6'7 before i really know a few taller guys than i in person through this few years i have always keep fooling others that i'm only 6'4-6'5 because 6'7 sounds monster to them while they're average height pupil. Now i'm claiming it i'm 6'6.9 at my lowest so i'm 6'7 and i believe beta, canson, boobyh3342, Christian you all were very tall fellows 6'4-6'5 range that don't make me alone
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 8/Mar/17
Ice said on 4/Mar/17
@Canson youre probably under 6'3


You have no proof of that. He has said he's 6ft4.38 enough times already. Why would he lie about his height? (he may be 6ft4.13 or 6ft4.25 at his lowest, since he says he's 6ft4.38 around afternoon)
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
And the inflation continues now he's up to 6'5.33. That's 3/4" or more too high.
Ice said on 4/Mar/17
@Canson youre probably under 6'3
Canson said on 3/Mar/17
@S.J.H: you're one of the smartest people here. I don't pay attention to half of these people saying he's 6'5-6'6 honestly. Face it the whole world goes by shoe heights which is why Conan Obrien is listed 6'4". He is clearly 1.5" shorter than Kobe and 1-1.5 shorter than Barkley. At most Conan is 6'3.25 prime. Funny how every 6'4" guy on his show is taller than he is and like one guy on his page said it he always goes out of his way to ask people around his height or taller how tall they are and hopes that they will say 6'5" I've seen it with Haysbert Mangianello Neeson and Selleck and lithos edged him out. He always says to the legit 6'4s "you must be 6'4/6'5 and to the stronger 6'4s like Liam 6'5. He does that to make himself believe he is 6'4". Conan while I love his show and respect him as an entertainer always makes reference to how tall he is and embellishes it. He even went as far in a large 7series BMW to make it sound as if the car was too small for him when I have an Audi A6 and it's more than roomy for me (smaller than a 5 series)
Canson said on 3/Mar/17
@S.J.H: thanks!!! Everything you said is spot on! Refreshing to know someone else understands how the system works as well!
Canson said on 2/Mar/17
@Ice: do me a favor. Go through the list of 6'5 and 6'60 guys on this site. I haven't commented on all of them. And I surely haven't downgraded them all since I haven't commented on them. Lol this coming from the most insecure loser troll on this site. You say at "6'2, then 6'2.5, in a few months it'll be 6'3" that you feel short. Nobody takes anything you say seriously and everyone knows you lie about your height which is why you inflate these guys here. So until you can point out where I have downgraded every 6'5 or 6'6" on this site and I want you to go list by list and not include any 6'4.75 or 6'4.5 guys I want 6'5 and over. Don't make another comment until you do.

And by the way Charles Barkley was 6'4 5/8 at the olympics which is what I said so I agree he's actually a weak 6'5 (worst case is he drops to 6'4.5) like I said. Kobe is 6'4.75 as listed and Jordan as pat Riley said is 6'4.5. But You want these guys to be taller to keep believing you are taller than you are (using your shoe height).
S.J.H said on 2/Mar/17
Ice said on 27/Feb/17

Canson did not downgrade everyone's height if going with specific logic espcially charles barkley height. Barkley is 6'4.75-6'5 he claim possibly measure in the morning like most people and still is and kobe bryant too, so if he is a strong 6'4.5 logically if he didn't lost any height by afternoon which is then no way. If he was 6'5-6'6 therefore rob would have change his listing long ago. I can tell you a fact because those celebrities singer,actor etc are mostly claiming an inch higher and fool others include rob there is why michael jordan, kobe bryant and barkley three of them tend to look in the 6'6-6'5.5 range but that was just the height with shoes they look not barefeet height. I can assurd 6'5 claim joe manganiello will look a flat 6'4 with them which i'm not surprise
Ice said on 27/Feb/17
Canson , the secretley most insecure poster on celebheights . Exclusiveley downgrades every guy who is around 6'5-6'6 to be his height or shorter .
Ice said on 27/Feb/17
There is no way he ever falls under a very strong 6'4.
Eagles said on 27/Feb/17
6'5.75"-6'5.5" no shoes
Canson said on 26/Feb/17
@Sanky: Kobe doesn't claim "barely" 6'4. He said that in response to people assuming he's 6'7" when he said it to the kid. His wife measured him 6'4 3/4. That's what he actually is. He's not as tall as Rick fox who's 196-197cm and practically the same as Kareem Rush who is 6'4 3/4 or 6'4 1/2. I'd say rush is the latter and Kobe is 1/4" taller. Barkley at 6'5.5 is impossible as he's shorter than Dan majerle and majerle and ainge have along with other NBa players said Barkley isn't even 6'5. 6'4.5. Like Rob said and Johnson the mugshot pic is no good. Depending on footwear Barkley may be 6'6" in shoes and stand 6'4.5 or 5/8 like he was measured is as high as I'd give him to be getting people saying he's 6'4 otherwise they'd peg him as 6'5 anything inside 1/4" isn't really noticeable enough to anyone to distinguish a difference from 6'5
Johnson said on 25/Feb/17
@sanky look my mugshot in the page of Rob Paul. If the camera is not taller than your eyes you look 1 inch taller in a mugshot.
RisingForce said on 25/Feb/17
Looks at least the 6'5.5" he once claimed or even 6'6". This is an instance where I think he downplays his height a lot.
Canson said on 25/Feb/17
@Arby: finally someone with sense. My solid 6'3" friend said he wasn't "noticeably" taller than I am and I come down on a normal day to 193.9
S.J.H said on 24/Feb/17

i agree it. I've see a legit 6'6 guy took a picture with barkley, barkley does look 1.5" under 6'6 so 6'4.5 legit and he can only be 6'5 in the morning and conan o'brien is the same height as you a real 6'3 :)

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