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6ft 5.08in (195.8cm)
Canson said on 1/Nov/18
@Viper: well said. And it was 6’4.75 before. That is 1/8” inflation just because of how others are listed making him appear taller than he is
Canson said on 1/Nov/18
@Viper: well said
Canson said on 31/Oct/18
@Rising: The more I see of Richardson the more he looks just a solid 6’4”. I won’t rule out 6’4.75 for Wallace or even 6’5”. If you see Wallace and Kobe together they look almost identical. Wallace isn’t any taller. He could look similar with Barkley for a few moments that they interacted. But for Ainge and Barkley, Ainge called Barkley 6’4 1/2 below. I definitely agree with you that he could measure 6’4.75-6’5 but not at a low. Likely that is a morning height for him (probably around when the combine would occur or maybe an hour or so after) I can say that the 6’4 5/8 may have been his low at his peak as well. I would say that his low could be around 6’4.5 up to 6’4 5/8 imho.

In the comparisons between Wallace and JRich I see about half inch really
Canson said on 31/Oct/18
@Rising: I understand he claimed those two. But just because he did doesn’t negate the claims of 6’4 1/2, 6’4 3/4, and the measurement at 6’4 5/8. In the case of the two you mentioned, you can see in this article that 6’5.25 is a shoe height 6’5.5 and 6’5.25 are shoe heights however. You see in this article in the 80s that he claimed 6’4.75 and 6’5.25. 6’5.5 has to be a shoe height as well if the lower of the two you mentioned is.

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viper said on 30/Oct/18
Rob has him at 6-4 7/8, so that should tell you something.

It's crazy how great he was at 6-4.5. Even If he was 6-6 he was undersized.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Oct/18
@Canson: I'm not saying if Barkley claimed 6'5.25" that would prove he is, I'm just saying that's a figure I can buy and since he's apparently quoted as saying that's barefoot, that would also suggest the 6'5.25" or 6'5.5" claims weren't meant in shoes. Whether they're accurate is a different matter. I know you're saying 6'4.5" and not 6'4" flat, but my point is about Ainge saying Barkley is 6'4" and the same height as he is. We have the full team photo with the two side by side and Barkley looks clearly(at least an inch) taller. Same with Kenny, my point is Kenny calling Barkley 6'4" while claiming to be 6'2" himself makes the accuracy of his claim for both himself and Barkley questionable at best, imo. I agree Kenny is closer to 6'1", but I see 4" minimum. If you look at that last barefoot pic I posted, Kenny reaches no higher than Barkley's eyebrows and with better posture. I think that's gotta be 4" and it looks at least that in the Jon Jones video as well. But even if I'm wrong about the difference and it's only 3.5" as you say, that still means the 2" difference Kenny implies is way off. That Bird quote says 6'4" or 6'5" so he's not ruling out 6'5" and I've said the 6'4.75"-6'5" is possible, but I can't see any lower. Jason Richardson was measured 6'4.75" pre-draft, iirc, but Wallace looks noticeably taller: Click Here Click Here
Canson said on 29/Oct/18
@Rising: i understand all of your points. And I respect them and you. But I don’t have him 6’4. 6’4.5 instead. That puts Kenny at about 6’1”. There is not a full 4” difference between them. Really it can look 3” at times like when they did the parody of them walking into the Champions club where Barkley wasn’t allowed in. That’s only a 3” difference between them (clearly). As for his 6’5.25 claim I see where you’re coming from too. But that’s no different than him claiming 6’4.5 below at :52 where Ainge calls Barkley Jason Richardson’s size and barkley says Gerald Wallace is about 6’4.5 like he is
Canson said on 29/Oct/18
@Rising: i understand all of your points. And I respect them and you. But I don’t have him 6’4. 6’4.5 instead. That puts Kenny at about 6’1”. There is not a full 4” difference between them. As for his 6’5.25 claim I see where you’re coming from too. But that’s no different than him claiming 6’4.5 below at :52 where Ainge calls Barkley Jason Richardson’s size and barkley says Gerald Wallace is about 6’4.5 like he is
Canson said on 28/Oct/18
Larry Bird “Charles is a totally dominant player. Guys who are 6-4 or 6-5 just aren’t supposed to be able to do that in the NBA”. From the NBA Basketball “An Official Fan’s Guide” published in 1994.

If the guy were really over 6’5” or even a full 6’5”, people wouldn’t be calling him that and he would’ve been listed taller than 6’6” his whole career. Likeliest that the 6’4.75 or 6’4 7/8 were morning measurements of some sort and he’s really more like his Olympic Measurment of 6’4 5/8 or 6’4.5 at a low
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Oct/18
@Canson: Yes, "more like" COULD refer to something a mm off. Though I don't think Wolff actually had a precise measurement he was referring to. I believe Wolff was probably under the impression players were measured at the Olympics based on the '92 and '00 rosters that had players listed 2" or 3 cm below their NBA listings and remembered Barkley giving precise figures like 6'4 3/4" over the years or SI itself writing Barkley was 6'4 7/8" a year earlier. I think Wolff likely conflated these things, but to this day we don't see NBA players like Lebron, Durant, Melo etc. getting measured for Team USA. The only reason players are measured at the pre-draft camp is so teams considering drafting them can better evaluate them, but that's not at all necessary for established superstars. Barkley himself said "They lie...I’ve been measured at 6-5, 6-4 ¾. But I started in college at 6-6." Two things to note, one is Barkley isn't acknowledging measuring below 6'4.75" and it also seems he's talking about entering college. If Barkley is referring to himself as 6'4" within the context of the NBA while calling Jordan 6'6" then that's definitely downplaying. I firmly believe Barkley is taller than Jordan, but at worst, they're about the same height so implying he's 2" shorter is misleading. If you go back to the last page, several posters allude to a 6'5.25" claim. An anonymous poster quotes Barkley saying "barefoot, i'm six five and a quarter." But Vegas mentions this as well. This was supposedly after a Cavs/Suns game on 1/28/07. If this can be confirmed then Barkley has claimed more different heights than Dolph Lundgren. I don't agree that a 6'5" Barkley wouldn't surprise people since that's much smaller than other dominant rebounders who spent most of their careers as 4s and still below his NBA listing. That's one of our differences while the other is the reliability of second or third hand sources years after the fact. All it took for the New York Times to falsely report Larry Johnson "barely topping" 6-3 at the pre-draft camp was Mutombo saying his height was one of the most exaggerated. Similarly, Mutombo saying Collins was 4" below his listing was enough for the New York Times to report "Collins, who is more like 6-8, is not the only basketball player telling a tall tale." Notice the NYT writer uses the exact phrase "more like."
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Oct/18
@Canson: I'm not telling you not to base your opinion on that and I'm not telling Rob he should upgrade Barkley, I'm just saying that doesn't convince me with all this visual evidence, including some of what I just posted. Especially since you said Majerle said maybe Barkley is 6'5" so we're talking a really small difference, especially with Chuck's pointy head, weight, loose posture and the appeal of an underdog story like a 6'4" Barkley. Even the 6'5" flat or weak 6'5" I say is possible is already me accounting for Barkley maybe having a tendency to look taller in photos or video for some unexplained reason. I don't have any confidence in Kenny Smith's word because I believe Kenny claims to be 6'2" himself and the difference is far greater than 2". A 6'4" Barkley puts Kenny struggling with 6'. Similarly, if Ainge were to admit he's no more than 6'3" himself then I'd find him more credible, but not as long as he's claiming Barkley isn't taller than he is. I would think someone with sense would have said Durant actually is 6'9" range by now or 6'10" max rather than 6'11"-7'0" or at least pointed out Durant is only 6'11" in shoes, but still you even hear a guy like Chris Webber call Durant a 7 footer. Same thing with Kevin Garnett. I'd think someone besides KG himself would have said he actually is 6'11", especially since Brook Lopez is taller. Even considering A-Rod is more like 6'1.5"(which is bad news for Trump's hopes of even being a full 6'2" peak), Barkley still doesn't look under 6'5" to me there. And what about Gabrielle Reece? Even if she drops under 6'3" to say 190, Barkley still looks like he easily clears 6'5" with her. If we can establish whether Barkley has lost height or not then maybe we could get them to settle this once and for all on Inside the NBA, much like when they weighed Barkley.
Canson said on 24/Oct/18
@Rising and Christian: “more like” could also mean that he measured 194.7 cm which is 1mm over 6’4 5/8 or 194.5 cm which is 1mm under the mark. I’ve found that very few people, even in the presence of a doctor, measure perfectly on a fraction even 1/4 of the time that they measure. The doctor, nurse, or person measuring will generally take whichever fraction the person measures closest to. But Rising, Christian has a point. If Barkley were 6’5, they wouldn’t make something that specific or list him that way. If Barkley had measured 195cm they would’ve said “more like 6’4 3/4” or if they had measured him at 195.2 6’4 7/8 or just called him closer to 6’5”. Too many people are stuck on him having claimed 6’4 in his career and others calling him that which is why people want to say he downplays his height. Downplay would really only apply if the man has never measured under 6’5 or maybe 6’4.75 in his lifetime or for the sake of this argument during his playing career. He’s always measured between 6’4-6’5 but still 6’4 range. Obviously he has at some stage if he was only 6’4 5/8 at one measurement
Canson said on 24/Oct/18
@Rising: there’s a huge difference. Barkley is 6’4” range barefoot. Maybe not a flat 6’4 but around 6’4.5. AROD you mentioned isn’t 6’3”. So that’s the difference there. Like Viper said, they wouldn’t undercut how tall a guy actually is by that much. If he’s 6’5 range they wouldn’t be saying he’s 6’4”. Eventually someone with some sense would’ve called it out had that been the case
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Oct/18
Judging by this pic with Alex Rodriguez 2 years ago, Chuck's height seems to be holding up well in his mid 50's: Click Here The funny thing is few in the general public question A-Rod is 6'3" so you'll have many casual fans calling A-Rod 6'3" and Barkley 6'4". That reminds me of reading Ben Stiller was 5'8" and Tom Cruise was 5'7" in the same article. Rob doesn't have a page for A-Rod yet, but he does list Gabrielle Reece 6'3" and we saw her in a good side by side pic with Barkley: Click Here @Christian: I forgot to mention that I understand why you assume Barkley was measured that, but your last post shows perfectly that's it's just that -- an assumption. If it were more than that, you wouldn't have to speculate about the precise nature of the figure.
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Oct/18
@Christian: "More like" literally means the exact same thing as "closer to" as you can see by the verbatim definition I quoted, which literally comes up as "nearer to." It's much more logical to assume he meant what he actually wrote rather than something considerably different. You could say Magic Johnson was "more like 6-7 than 6-9" and Barkley was "closer to 6-4 5/8 than 6-6" and the meaning of the sentences wouldn't change. And read the quote above, Wolff did say "than 6-6" at the end. The precise figure is probably because Barkley's height was given as 6'4" and a precise fraction many times, including as early as the 1987 interview with Chick Hearn and it was given as 6'4 7/8" just a year and a half earlier in that very same magazine: Click Here Wolff almost certainly read that considering he wrote for the same magazine. He probably heard figures like that for years and remember the players being listed shorter, including Barkley at 6'4" and Magic at 6'7" and wrote that without thinking too much of it. If he meant exactly, he'd have said that and he doesn't say measured anywhere. That's the least that should be expected considering nobody else has any details of any measurements. IF anyone was measured -- and that's a big if -- I seriously doubt Wolff had the list of measurements in front of him 9 years later. There's no reason for established NBA superstars to be measured for the Olympics. Just look at some of the height listings for the 2000 team, Kevin Garnett was at 207 cm or 6'9" range! Click Here McDyess at 202 etc. They just knocked 3 cm off everyone that time. It was actually claimed once players were measured in 1988 and that's possible since they were still amateurs, but given the Olympic history of just knocking off 2" from everyone in '92 and 3 cm off everyone in 2000, I'd take any claims like that with a grain of salt. In short, it is plausible Wolff assumed Barkley was measured(even if he didn't specifically state that) at the '92 Olympics because of that article Rob posted, but it's not logical to assume he meant exactly 6'4 5/8" any more than he meant Magic was exactly 6'7". Personally, I believe Magic is or was 6'7.5" because his 6'8.5" claim seems like a shoe height to me.

@Canson: You'll have to tell me the timestamp in the video, but I found this still of the celebration: Click Here Ignore eye level since Magic is tilting his head up. Check out the difference between the top of their heads. Maybe it's a solid 2" difference if Barkley has the camera advantage. And Barkley is slouching himself in the first pic. The point is, it's consistently less than 2.5". The most it could be is 2" in those pictures, imo. You'll have to tell me the timestamp in a long video. Jordan is shorter in this Dream Team behind the scenes footage from both angles: Click Here was visibly shorter than Barkley in the official dream team photo: Click Here and in these: Click Here Click Here I have Jordan at 6'4.75", but Barkley definitely looks taller to me. Malone was brought up at 6'8" and Penny at 6'6" and I agree with that, but that means Barkley looked at least 6'5.5" with them in 1996: Click Here and Barkley measures up at least that well comparing both to Gene: Click Here Kenny Smith has been cited as a source and this is the best side by side barefoot still of Barkley and Kenny and Barkley still has 4" minimum with worse posture: Click Here so Kenny better stop claiming 6'2" himself and Ainge can say Charles is his height, but Barkley is noticeably(more than an inch) taller in a full shot side by side: Click Here For the record, I think both you and Christian are generally reasonable and accurate with your estimates, but Barkley looks easily 6'5"+ in most comparisons to me. That's why the lowest I can give him is the 6'4.75"-6'5" range he said he measured, but the 6'5.25" he's supposed to have claimed barefoot looks more accurate to me honestly.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Oct/18

If Wolff meant that Barkley was closer to 6'4 5/8" than 6'6", he would've said something like "Barkley was more like 6'4.5 than 6'6". First off, 5/8" is a very specific number, and there would be no reason for him to pick that figure unless if Barkley actually measured it. Second, he didn't write "than 6'6" at the end of that statement.
Canson said on 23/Oct/18
@Rising: in the first pic with Barkley and Magic, Magic is leaning. Magic does have 2.5” on Barkley easily in dream team video. In the videos Jordan and barkley are around the same height
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Oct/18
@Animus: That's a fair post and I'd even say he's probably around 6'5" one way or the other, but going by how tall Barkley looks and the fact he claimed it once, I wouldn't say it's clear at all that he's not 6'5.5". Video with 5'11.5" Jimmy Fallon: Click Here Just look at how the top of Barkley's pointy head is barely in frame and he doesn't exactly stand like Henry Cavill either. You might say Barkley has ground advantage, but then that means he'd be on lower ground here since their positions are reversed: Click Here Barkley still towers Fallon by a minimum 6". He looks 7"+ taller than Hugh Grant, whom many think is a legit 5'11". I don't think that myself, but he's probably not under 5'10.5". Fwiw, I've seen Fallon with someone I know to be just over 5'11" over and Jimmy might have not been taller, but he definitely wasn't shorter. I don't expect you to just take my word for it, though so here's Fallon with a 6'0"(at worst 1/8" under) Drew Brees: Click Here Fallon is maybe 1 cm shorter or 1.5 max. Jeremy Renner also edges Rob out and Fallon had at least 3" on him: Click Here

@Canson: Sorry, I forgot to respond to a couple of things in my last post. I agree Barkley and Mullin are about the same height, but I doubt Mullin was less than 6'5". I don't trust shots during games for height comparisons since the cameras are often high, low and at a distance. Mullin looks barely shorter than 6'6" Jalen Rose here: Click Here Certainly not 1.5"-2" shorter. He did look 1.5"-2" shorter than Scottie Pippen, but certainly not 2.5"-3": Click Here Even if you believe Pippen's reported 6'7.5" measurement was early, Mullin looks at least 6'5" even compared to a 6'7" flat Pippen. Incidentally, the same would be true about Barkley there and that's as good of a pic as you can find with Barkley and Pippen side by side in a full shot. And whatever Dan Majerle is, he wasn't taller than Barkley himself: Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Oct/18
@Christian: No. "The world learned" is vague. Wolff doesn't say HOW "the world learned" that. If he meant to get across that Barkley measured then Wolff is a poor writer. The definition of "more like" literally comes up as "nearer to (a specified number or description) than one previously given" so in this context, it just means closer to that than 6'6". With literally no other source stating Barkley was measured and no other source stating the 6'4 5/8" figure, Wolff would have had to be a lot more specific to state as a fact that Barkley was not only measured, but measured at exactly 6'4 5/8". It's very possible Wolff was just referring to the 6'4 7/8" since that's at least been mentioned twice('99 and '02) and unlike the 6'4 5/8", did specifically state it was a measurement. Imo, it's even more probable Wolff was referring to that dubious list that knocked off 2" from every player's NBA listing, which included Barkley at 6'4" and Magic at 6'7". You can believe what you want, but it's simply misleading to tell people Barkley was measured and at exactly 6'4 5/8" if that's what you're basing it off of. Actually reported measurements like Dwayne Wade, Eli Manning and Aaron Hernandez are regularly doubted and yet this assumed measurement with no documentation is taken as verified? Like I said, you can believe what you want, but it's misleading to state it as a fact and I won't believe it without documentation.

@Canson: You say clearly, yet the only side by side pic of Barkley and Johnson shows them identical: Click Here And the Magic point doesn't make sense either because the difference doesn't look anywhere near 2.5"-3" most of the time they're together:
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Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Oct/18

Words like "more like" and "the world learned" are just semantics. People say "more like" to mean "actually". It's the same as saying "Charles Barkley was actually 6'4 5/8".
Canson said on 21/Oct/18
@Dream: absolutely
Animus said on 21/Oct/18
Barkley is clearly not 6'5½ and he's clearly not 6'4. He is without question closer to 6'5 than 6'4, so anywhere from 6'4⅝ to roughly 6'5 is possible for an afternoon measurement. Whenever I watch a video of him and compare him to others whose heights are known to a reasonable degree, he comes off as around 6'5.
Canson said on 20/Oct/18
@Viper: if Barkley were really 6’5.5 he would look a lot closer in height with Magic. Magic at his peak wasn’t more than 6’7-6’7.25. That’s roughly 3” between them (2.5-3”). Go to where they are celebrating. Also Chris Mullin isn’t as tall as advertised. He’s Barkley’s height not 6’6 or 6’7. He was only listed 6’6 like MJ and Barkley at first then became 6’7 when he moved to forward for the Warriors in the 80s. He’s 6’4” range as well only half inch taller than sprewell If not even the same height at 6’4”

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Canson said on 20/Oct/18
I agree with Viper. He generally can look about half inch taller than a legit 6’4” guy. Maybe his peak was the 6’4 5/8 he measured at the olympics (or a hair under at 194.5) but 6’4.5 looks just as possible. He doesn’t look a legit 6’5”. Larry Johnson is strong 6’5 and is clearly taller than Barkley
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Oct/18
@Canson: I'm not using the McGinest screenshot as proof Barkley is taller. I just posted that as a response to say I'm far from convinced they're the same height. But you're assuming that Dr. J being an inch taller is prior knowledge and disregarding the pic you refer to because of that. Personally, if Dr. J was taller, I doubt it was an inch. I don't think he measured up better to Moses than Barkley in this full side by side pic: Click Here Fwiw, Barkley looks to be standing straighter, but Moses might have a slight camera/tilt advantage.

@viper: I'd even agree surprising is a fair description, but impossible is going too far, imo. Some heights get repeated a lot, but they wind up being myths like a 5'5" Rod Stewart. An overweight man with often bad posture and a pointy head(meaning relatively lower eye level) can get guessed a bit lower to begin with. I admit 6'5" flat is possible too, but I can't go lower than the 6'4.75"-6'5" range partially because of videos like this: Click Here Even if Jones is a flat 6'3", Barkley is still looking at least 6'5" to me and 4"+ taller than Kenny as he usually does. The 6'4 7/8" figure was actually mentioned another time in '99 by SI, though so there may be something to it. He might be a guy like Kobe who sometimes looks taller than he is, but I don't know.
Canson said on 19/Oct/18
@Viper: yes and that’s what I’ve been saying all along. Like Danny Ainge Calling him 6’4 1/2 or Dan Majerle saying he’s “maybe 6’5 probably 6’4”. You can see with Danny Manning who is 6’9” that Barkley is over 4” shorter. That doesn’t mean he is 6’4 flat it just means he’s somewhere in the 6’4” range. To be fair he may give off a shorter impression at times but these are his teammates who have played with him for years. To add to that Moses Malone called him 6’4” and Dr J and Mo Cheeks both said he’s 6’4/6’5 and Joe Klein 6’4 as well. They wouldn’t all be making that up. I see what Rising is saying that he’s probably not a flat 6’4” but neither am I and I still claim 6’4” as well at 6’4 1/4-1/3 range. He’s just 6’4” and change. In his prime he likely would edge me but we likely would not be able to tell a difference unless I came all the way down to 6’4.25 and he were something like 6’4 5/8 because that would be a cm. 1/4” is not noticeable. To be fair, other players barefoot heights weren’t established, so many people believe Barkley is undercutting himself. It’s quite possible Malone was not even a full 6’8”. He may have only been 6’7.75 and he was easily at minimum 3” taller than barkley when the Dream Team was inducted. Malone didn’t have but about half inch on Magic in reality. Magic was also never as tall as Rob lists him here. Maybe 6’7.25 but he’s nothing more than 6’7 today tops. Maybe a hair under even. Look at Magic with Kurt Rambis and Rambis is taller than him clearly. And a 6’5.5 guy at a low would not be guessed under 6’5.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 19/Oct/18
@Canson @Christian

Hey guys, off topic: Could you comment on Christopher Lee's page? There's something new I was wondering, and I'd love to hear your point of views on that something!
viper said on 18/Oct/18
Barkley at 6-5 plus would be surprising because he's referred to as 6-4 so much.

A 6-5.5 Barkley doesn't seem possible to be gauged at just 6-4 by so many.
Canson said on 18/Oct/18
@Rising: I can’t tell from that picture who is taller because I can’t see the ground level etc or the way either is standing. I’ve seen pics where Barkley looks taller than Dr J and he’s an inch shorter
viper said on 18/Oct/18
6-4.5 looks right on the money.

He gets called 6-4 so much by people who meet him.
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Oct/18
@Canson: I watched the video and when they appear to be more equal distance from the camera, Barkley looks taller to me: Click Here No idea when McGinest was measured.
Canson said on 16/Oct/18
@Rising: in the pics I’ve seen they look identical but Willie measures 6’4.5 or 5/8 himself so If a morning height he’s only around 6’4-6’4 1/8.
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Oct/18
@Canson: I meant Riley said Jordan measured 6'4.5" 25 years later since Riley was quoted saying that in 2009 and Jordan was drafted in 1984. Rob says the Philly sportswriter's quote was 2002 at the top so that would be 18 years after Barkley was drafted and Alexander Wolff wrote about the Olympics in 2001 so 9 years later. In each case, there's a significant passage of time so I agree the 6'4 7/8" could also be inaccurate and I've never called it official myself because we'd need corroboration with more than one guy saying it and no doubt about where and when it occurred before calling it "official." I've said before that it's reasonable for you to assume a precise figure came from a measurement since Rob does that too such as with Holyfield, but my point is it's still an assumption. That's why Rob doesn't say Holyfield measured 6'1.25" at the top of the page, though it's understandable to believe he did. But again if the SI writer Alexander Wolff meant Barkley was exactly 6'4 5/8" then why say he was "more like" that height? With no known history of NBA players being measured at the Olympics, I'd need it to be explicitly stated Barkley was measured at the very least. Saying "the world learned" could mean any number of things. As for Barkley's actual height, that's a different matter and you've explained why you estimate Barkley around 6'4.5". I'm not saying I don't understand, I just don't agree on Barkley's height.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Oct/18
@Canson: I bet Barkley would be taller there if they were equal distances from the camera. Look at their eye and chin level and then consider Willie's head looks more than an inch bigger with most of that being from eye level up.
Canson said on 15/Oct/18
@Rising: I don’t think that was 25 years later when the reporter recanted that. Maybe I’m wrong. Jordan would measure 6’4.75 but I feel that his low would be 6’4.5 and prob wake up to 6’5.25. I say that because a guy who is guessed 6’4 range just as often as a full 6’5 is likely 194cm range and that’s how Jordan looks is 194-195. As for Barkley, that would be silly for them to be that precise about his height down to the 1/8” though. They wouldn’t do that. And here you see Danny Ainge also say he’s 6’4.5 even tho Ainge called himself that too. Ainge was more like 6’4” flat which he later admitted when he said Barkley was about 1/2” taller than he was and that Ainge was 6’4”. Dan Majerle said the same. I just think it’s nonsense for them to downplay his height when people have met him in the NBA and off the court and have pegged him in that same 6’4-6’5 range. Many people here do that. I do see where you in particular are coming from however but I don’t agree. Barkley at 6’4 5/8 is like Kevin Durant at 6’9”. Barkley at 6’6 is like KD at 6’11”. You’re right in that they inflate one and downgrade the other when referring to either of them. However, the “6’4” is adequate for Barkley as he is somewhere around 6’4.5” most likely. As for KD it’s likely he is not even 6’11” in shoes but they rounded up his shoe measurement from prob 6’10.5. So that’s where you get Barkley being 6’4 and KD being 6’11. If we wanna say downplay for Barkley then it’s by maybe 1/2” or so. For KD that’s an inflation of 1/2” prob. But both are about 1/2” away from Barkley’s barefoot height and Durant’s shoe height. That’s what they do to make the accomplishments sound better. They don’t simply make up a height to make someone shorter on purpose. I’d have an easier time believing Barkley 6’4 than KD being 7’0”

As far as the measurements, Even without what Barkley himself said, he measured 6’4 7/8 just like Christian said. Being that we don’t know when it occurred and being that it likely was a morning measurement if combine, I don’t see why him being 6’4 5/8 wouldn’t be possible. That’s just 1/4” from his combine measurement. In addition, in regards to what you said earlier about there being no proof Barkley measured 6’4 5/8 there is none that he measured 6’4 7/8. Rob saying that is official is only because it came from a sportswriter and because so many people here try to induce him to boost Barkley. Truth is we don’t know if the 6’4 7/8 is accurate for him. It’s no different than what you said about the Olympic measurements and it’s not official.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Oct/18

Very true
Canson said on 14/Oct/18
@Rising: Barkley is “about” same height as Willie Mcginest who measured 6’4 1/2. Don’t know what time of the day so possible he’s only 6’4 flat. If Barkley does edge him then it’s likely that McGinest is less than 6’4.5. Bill Belichick even called Barkley 6’4”.

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Canson said on 13/Oct/18
@Christian: I respect Rising a lot. But I don’t agree with him here. The Olympic measurements he’s talking about are totally different from the 6’4 5/8 Barkley measured. That article he’s referring to is the one Rob posted about a year ago where they knocked off 2” from every player even the ones who weren’t measured. In the case of 6’4 5/8, the article that that came from only referenced Magic and Barkley. In addition, the article is very specific and says 6’4 5/8 for Barkley. If they were going to purposely downgrade him, they wouldn’t waste their time being that precise. They’d have just called him 6’4”. 6’4 5/8 is closer to 6’5”. In the article (almost everyone here missed this detail), it said that only some players were measured. It said that Barkley was one of the ones who volunteered to be measured. That 6’4 7/8 is no more “official” than the 6’4 5/8 in my opinion since people don’t believe Pat Riley when he says Jordan measured 6’4.5 or that Barkley measures 6’4 5/8. 6’4 7/8 came from a columnist as well, and there is no record. My guess is that 6’4 5/8 is the more accurate of the two being Barkley claimed 6’4 3/4 and being that he is told constantly that he’s not even 6’5 like 6’3” Chick Hearn telling him to his face in an interview and Mo Cheeks, joe Klein, Dan Majerle and Danny Ainge
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Oct/18
@Christian: I'm open to the possibility, but there's not nearly enough for me to say case closed. For one, I've never seen official NBA measurements more precise than quarter inches and I haven't seen any draft measurements before 1987. The writer also reported this years after Barkley retired in 2002 and doesn't mention a source or who took the measurement. You and others question measurements with far more documentation.
Canson said on 11/Oct/18
@Rising: only problem is 6’4 5/8 would signal “closer to 6’5” than 6’4. They wouldn’t have put it that way I doubt. It lines up with his claims of 6’4.75 and 6’4.5.

Add Danny Ainge to the long list of people who call Barkley 6’4 range

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Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Oct/18

Even if you say that the 6'4 5/8" wasn't legit, Barkley still oficially measured 6'4 7/8", so you can't say that he's 6'5"+.
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Oct/18
@Canson: The thing is, it doesn't actually say Barkley and Magic were measured or even their exact heights. It just says they "learned" Barkley was "more like" 6'4 5/8" and Magic was "closer to" 6'7" than 6'9". For all we know, that writer could be referring to the roster where they just knocked 2 inches off. That SI article was written 9 years later in 2001 so the writer might have not even had the roster in front of him, but remembered Barkley and Magic being listed shorter and somewhere in the 6'4" and 6'7" range, respectively. I can see not much more than 3" between Barkley and Rock in the full picture, but Barkley has visibly worse posture and it's actually much more in that other pic with just Barkley, Rock and Shaq. I don't see any indication of a footwear advantage. Both seem to have fairly flat footwear, but Rock looks like he's wearing boots, though I can't see the heel. Does anyone know what brands and models they're wearing? Maybe the videos for those segments will have a clearer shot.
Canson said on 8/Oct/18
@Rising: I have about 2.5-2.75” between the two. Barkley max 6’4 5/8 Rock 6’2”. Footwear advantage may make Barkley 6’4.5
Canson said on 8/Oct/18
@Rising: I do agree with some of what you said such as Bird measuring 6’7”. Obviously he’s taller than that. But that is a different mention to measurements than barkley’s. They simply knocked two inches off every player on that one. Barkley is said to be 6’4” there. In the other one, he’s 6’4 5/8 however and it only makes reference to Barkley and Magic being measured. So I would say that that’s a bit more accurate
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/18
@Canson: I still say if you compare Barkley to Rock even at 6'2", he's minimum 6'5" there, but if you compare him to Shaq and possibly even Marky Mark, then he can look 6'4.5ish in those pics. Shaq looks massive there. I don't believe any players were measured at the Olympics, though. Especially since there was that roster listing every player exactly 2 inches below their NBA listing with the odd exception of Stockton. I think we can safely say Larry Bird was not 6'7".
Canson said on 6/Oct/18
@Rising: I see 6-7cm with Barkley and Rock. Barkley’s sneaker is slightly thicker. I have Barkley at about 6’4.5 and Rock 6’2” imho. Coincidentally, I have a friend who has met both and that’s kinda how he pegged them as well. He says Barkley is between 6’4-6’5 which aligns with his 6’4 5/8 measurement and he said the Rock was an inch shorter than him although in the pic he showed me of them it looked more. My friend is 6’3” (measured him 190.4 cm at night)
Rising - 174 cm said on 29/Sep/18
Obama's head looks a bit bigger than Barkley's there and I don't believe that's the case in reality so I would think Obama is getting at least some camera advantage. I don't think you can tell what the difference would be there. A video like the ones Obama had with Kobe and MJ would be better or at least a side by side pic. The absolute minimum I can see for Barkley and Rock in the full pic is 8 cm: Click Here And I'm just not seeing this footwear advantage. I'm not saying it's impossible until we know exactly what each are wearing, but I'd think any difference would be maybe 1/4". I do agree that Obama could be just shy of 6'1" as he looked close to Trump's height and admittedly looked under it with MJ and Kobe. But the difference between Barkley and Rock actually looks even greater in this pic with them side by side: Click Here Going back to the full pic for a second, I think it's clear Barkley has loose posture, but you could argue 6'4" range Barkley there with Shaq(who looks to be dropping the most height) and possibly Wahlberg(who is standing straight and closer to the camera). Barkley only comes up to Shaq's mouth. I don't know if Wahlberg slipped a lift in his Jordan, but he's looking taller than I'd expect with everyone except Shaq. Rock struggles with 6'2" next to Wahlberg, though I'd give him 6'2.5" barefoot in general for 2013. But in the second pic, Barkley has more than 4" on Rock and his posture still looks worse. I doubt Rock would remark on how small he looked with Barkley if it was less than 3", though. There does look to be a tilt from left to right in the second pic, but maybe a slight tilt the other direction in the first. I'd think the best comparison is the two closest in height and that's Barkley and Rock and Barkley looks easily 6'5" range in that comparison, imo, but as I said, the other heights don't quite add up.
Canson said on 26/Sep/18
@Rising: I’m taking into account where Obama comes up on Barkley’s head and that’s not even a 4” difference. Regardless of camera advantage Obama would still come up to the same on his head. Again we are assuming Obama is a full 6’1 and not like 6’0.5-.75 or .75. His physical said “roughly 6’1” and rob even said he believed 6’1.5 in shoes

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Canson said on 26/Sep/18
@Rising: I’m taking into account where Obama comes up on Barkley’s head and that’s not 4” difference. Regardless of camera advantage Obama would still come up to the same on his head

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Canson said on 26/Sep/18
@Rising: assuming Jackman is actually that tall. I’m not sure 3.5” either could be 3”. But again we don’t know if Jackman is that tall. As for the Rock with Barkley, Barkley has a footwear advantage and isn’t even a full 3” taller in the pic if we zoom in. And Rock is not above 6’2” barefoot
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Sep/18
@Canson: Which photo are you referring to? Obama is noticeably closer to the camera in every photo I've seen of the two. That was already back in 2013 and 6'1.5" Hugh Jackman without extra hair probably reaches just above his eyebrow or looks 3.5" shorter than Barkley that same night even with a camera advantage: Click Here The same year Barkley was dwarfing The Rock with seemingly worse posture.
Canson said on 10/Sep/18
@Rising: not sure if Melo would be over a flat 6’6” or right at or right between. He definitely didn’t look less than 6’6” for sure as he looked roughly the same size as my 6’6” buddy that I spend a considerable amount of time around. Melo was 1.5-2” taller than me minimum with similar footwear (I think). We both had dress shoes but possible one of us had 1/4” thicker sole. I agree Barkley has also claimed 6’4.5 here but to be fair all of the players tell him he isn’t 6’6” and that he’s 6’4” range. Him saying 6’4 really isn’t downplaying it if he can measure around 6’4.5. Not sure if he’s that low or lower or 5/8. But I do agree that he is over a flat 6’4” at his peak. As for Miller, he could be like 6’5 5/8. Penny looked a hair taller and Metta about the same difference shorter. Penny is supposed to be a solid 6’6. I always had Rose taller than Miller. Rose is Penny’s height. Now Chris webber is said to be 6’9” but saw Mo Cheeks refer to a 6’8/6’9” guy when he talked about him playing once. Not directly him but said that if they had a 6’8/6’9 guy to guard. Webber didn’t look any taller than Peja either and was dwarfed by Garnett and Dirk as well as 1-1.5” shorter than Rasheed Wallace. Wallace is said to be 6’9.75. Maybe 6’10 today but not sure. I have Webber 6’8.5 and he looks that with Rose if he’s 6’6”. Webber likely was rounded up to 6’9 if he was over 6’8.5 when measured but a low could be that. With Webber and Rick Mahorn Barkley was a good 4” shorter than both
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Sep/18
@Canson: You're right that neither is verified, but nobody is really questioning Metta is at least around that and would measure that at some point of the day. Obviously, Barkley is one of the most debated and he's claimed at least 6'4", 6'4.75", 6'5" and 6'5.5" while we only have the 6'5.5" for Metta as far as I know. Miller generally looks around 6'6" to me, but that could mean he's just under at maybe 6'5.75". He looked close to Penny, but just slightly shorter in those all-star team photos. He looks about the same as Rose in this video to me: Click Here but Melo definitely seems bigger on the court than Miller use to, though the league has gotten smaller. I'm sure Melo would measure a bit taller anyway. I picked that pic with Metta because you can see their entire bodies, it's pretty straight and they're about equal distance from the camera as far as I can tell. Here's another from media day: Click Here Fwiw, Barkley looks a bit shorter with Miller around the time of the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight than he did in that '07 all-star weekend pic so some height loss is possible for him.

And I get what you're saying about the number, but that's why I mentioned Durant and KG. Players call Durant a 7 footer all the time and Garnett was regularly called 7'1". As far as LJ, I haven't really looked for others, but he's not nearly as famous or accomplished as Barkley so fewer mention him in general. I've said Barkley could be right around 6'5" flat as well, so I'm not saying he must be 6'5.5", but that's still what he often looks to me and it is one of his claims. On the otherhand, The Rock remarked on both Shaq's size and Barkley's size compared to his own. He didn't mention a specific figure, but would he have noted how much bigger Barkley was if it was only 2"? I believe you on LJ's height too, but you haven't met Barkley so right now we're both guessing. Even if you did meet Barkley in the next few years, we'd have no way of knowing if he used to be taller so his peak would still remain somewhat of a mystery. Height loss by 55, much less with his knees, back and weight is fairly probable. LJ might be taller, I don't know, but like I said, in that one Team USA card, they look about the same to me.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Sep/18
@187.5 cm That is a boots height for Barkley and Rock should be 6'2.
187.5 cm said on 7/Sep/18
Barkley - 198 cm
Rock - 187 cm
Canson said on 6/Sep/18
@Rising: Miller has said before that Artest is “his height” around 6’5 or 6’6”. I don’t doubt Metta measuring 6’5.5 at some point in the day (I actually was the one who found that quote for Rob on YouTube) which is why he now has a page. But Metta claiming 6’5.5 is no different than Barkley claiming 6’4.5 as it’s not documented. However, I certainly believe he does measure that number although I doubt it’s a low prob 6’5.25 as Miller has said himself he’s between 6’5-6’6. I have Miller half inch taller maybe a cm. Miller isn’t as tall as Jalen Rose or Penny Hardway or Carmelo. And in those pics I really can’t compare using them as metta Looks taller in other pics with Miller. At times they can look the same height so it may just be the specific pics you chose here.

I understand what you are saying about hyperbole but I could find 10 references just with coaches and players and other officials that call him 6’4/6’5 whereas you see the one for LJ. Him “barely topping 6’3” is like Barkley only being 6’3”. And LJ is taller than Barkley. I’ve also met LJ. He looks between 6’5-6’5.5 (he had me by a solid inch) and my former teammate had him by at least a full inch (6’6.25-.5). I’ve also met Dell Curry in 2002 at RDU airport and he was slightly shorter than me. He’s less than a full 6’4. Id say max 6’3.75 maybe 6’3.5-.75 nonetheless id say weak 6’4”
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Sep/18
@Canson: My point about Mutombo and LJ is that sometimes you hear erroneous figures and they're usually hyperbole to illustrate a point. I'm not sure Mutombo was the only one who said Lj was shorter than 6'5.5" either. The NY Times also reported LJ "barely" topped 6-3 at the pre-draft camp and you know as well as anyone that's ridiculous. It seems they just repeated what Mutombo said about LJ's height and assumed he measured it. Similarly, the NY Times and Mutombo both called Jason Collins 6'8". Sources can be dubious yet get repeated. Just like as many players have said Durant is 7'0" and Garnett is 7'1", but it doesn't make it true. Many can't distinguish 6'4.5"-6'4.75" from 6'5"-6'5.5" unless they're interested in height, especially with varying eye levels, posture and read what Rob has written about perceived height and check out how many have said Rod Stewart was 5'5"-5'7" over the years. A poster I consider credible from the Stallone page worked security for Stewart twice and said he's actually around 5'10.5" or 5'10" minimum, which supports Rob's listing. I also doubt there's much or any difference between Barkley and LJ. Here's the closest thing to a side by side pic: Click Here Surely Magic is or was in the ballpark of 6'7.6" in the morning. I don't know if Magic is 6'7" or 6'7.5". I assume his 6'8.5" claim is in shoes, but either way, Barkley typically looks at least 6'5" even if Magic is 6'7" flat and not only that photo. I don't see what you're referring to as nothing about the camera angle immediately stands out. In fact, they're more side by side than Barkley is with Campbell. MJ looks shorter next to Magic, especially when you consider Magic is leaning in noticeably: Click Here And 6'4" is ridiculous for Barkley, who has otherwise always been quite precise with his quotes and even the Hearn quote suggests he thinks of himself as closer to 6'5" than 6'4" saying he was "almost 6-5." Most people I know round up the half inch if anything just as you're taught to round .5 up rather than down in math, but I could even concede some taller people might round down at the half, but past the half and it becomes a stretch. If nothing else, the 6'4" claim does show he'll downgrade his height and also shows why he would. He was comparing his accomplishments as a "6-4 forward" to what Jordan did as a "6-6 guard" so he's being misleading at best by using MJ's NBA height at the same time since he could have made the same point by saying they're the same height. That and the fact I've never heard Barkley mention shoe height also makes it doubtful he'd claim 6'5.5" without mentioning it as a shoe height if that's what he meant, but I doubt his mugshot from the side angle added 2.5" and the straight angle still added 1.5" despite showing him with a pretty proportionate 10" head. As for Dr. J, it's never been proven he's taller than Barkley: Click Here Click Here Obviously, Barkley has a camera advantage in the second pic, but look at their shoulders, eyes etc. and it looks very doubtful Dr. J would be taller if he moved slightly forward. Cheeks is about equal distance, though and 4.5" minimum shorter than Barkley.

And it's just your assumption that Barkley was measured 6'4.6" at any time or that he was measured at the '92 Olympics at all. There's nobody who has even specifically claimed Barkley or anyone else was measured at those Olympics and the one quote you're basing that on doesn't even say Barkley was exactly 6'4.6", but "more like" that than 6'6". If players were measured then where are all the other measurements besides Barkley and Magic(whom the writer merely said was "closer to" 6-7 than 6-9) and why no measurements for the '96, 2000, '04, '08 etc. teams? Btw, 6'5.5" Artest/Metta doesn't look taller with Reggie than Barkley does/did: Click Here Click Here
Canson said on 3/Sep/18
@Rising: yes Mutombo. However nobody else has said that about LJ. He’s 6’5” range. I’ve met him and he’s taller than Barkley. As for Barkley with Magic that’s the camera angle. First off, Magic is 6’7” flat not 6’7.5. I doubt he was ever that tall. Look at Magic with Kurt Rambis and Rambis is taller. Magic barely edged Jamal Wilkes. But If you had a 6’6” guy next to Magic in that pic they would look the same height or maybe even an advantage to the 6’6” guy. Barkley would look the same next to him as Jordan does. As for 6’4” being ridiculous, it’s not. He is 6’4 range and measured 6’4 5/8 at the olympics. That may not have been his lowest but even if his low is about that or 6’4.5 saying 6’4” doesn’t mean that he’s a flat 6’4”. It just means he’s 6’4 range. Yes he claimed 6’5.5 but that is his shoe height. As for the comparison with LJ, you just said it that Mutombo mentioned that. There are at least 10-20 players and coaches etc who have pegged Barkley at that height.
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Sep/18
@Canson: As you know, Barkley has had varying claims and we know 6'4.75" is one of them, but he's also said 6'5" and 6'5.5", which I think is more what he looks or looked, but he's even said 6'4", which is ridiculous. Like I said, I'm not surprised some would think he's shorter, though. He's one of the shortest great rebounders of the modern era and his pointy head would make his eye level slightly appear a fraction shorter than he'd measure. He's also had bad posture since he's been middle aged and overweight, though I don't know if that was the case back in the 80's. Back to the Campbell pic, isn't Magic about Campbell's height? Click Here I don't see anywhere near 3" between Barkley and Magic. Remember, Mutombo said Larry Johnson was only 6'3".
jonas said on 2/Sep/18
One of the few that downgrade heights. My friend thought he was 6"7 I Said to him noe everyone inflate heights. But he looks taller then 6"5 with Kenny som he has to be a little over 6"1 not 6"3
Canson said on 2/Sep/18
@Junior: he’s claimed 6’4 and 6’4.5 before. He measures 6’4 5/8. My guess is 6’4.5 was already his low at his peak
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Sep/18

Here's an another quote from Barkley saying he's 6'4.75" Click Here Might wanna add that to the description.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/Aug/18
@Canson Barkley true height claim to be 6'4 3/4 that is legit at worst he maybe 6'4 1/2 soon. He still looking alot between like 6'4 5/8-6'4 3/4.
Canson said on 27/Aug/18
@Rising: with the Hearn Video as well, he essentially saw that Barkley wasn’t even 6’5” which leads me to believe 6’4.75 or 7/8 is an earlier measurement. Hearn himself was around 6’3” at his peak. Barkley while not as low as 6’4” was likely 6’4-6’5 peak
Canson said on 27/Aug/18
@Rising: I doubt he was ever that tall. Dr.J was taller than he was and he was only about 6’5.5 peak. Maybe 6’4 5:8 was his low in his prime. With Chick Hearn he also stated 6’4.75 here

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Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Aug/18
@Canson: Differences are the photo I posted is full with footwear known and they're not touching each other while MJ has his arm around Barkley's shoulder, which I think could be pushing Barkley down considering even if we say they're both 6'4.5" range for arguments sake, why would Barkley look shorter even with a camera advantage? I doubt their shoes would vary that much. I said up front that Barkley had a camera advantage over Kenny(but not EJ) in the first pic, but not the 2nd. He only has a slight tilt advantage in the 2nd, but even if you rotate it back by a few degrees, I'm confident he'll still be 4"+ taller even with his loose posture. And if Kenny is right about Barkley then Kenny often looks barely 6' to me. I don't doubt Barkley could look under 6'5" to some in person.

As for Campbell, well he winds up looking 3.5"-4" taller in that photo, but is gaining a pretty significant camera advantage unless his head really is at least 1.5 cm bigger than Barkley's and I have some doubts about that since Barkley looks to have around a 10" head to me including the point at the top. It wouldn't surprise me if Barkley's knees, back, age and weight are causing him to shrink either. I only claim he's 6'5"-6'5.5" in his prime, but he could be shorter nowadays. Most comparisons I've used are years old at this point.
Canson said on 23/Aug/18
@Rising: I wasn’t saying that standing behind gives him a definite advantage but I was point out that in your pic with he and Jordan it’s the same as the one with Kenny he and Jordan and Jordan is favored. It’s the same with the pic with Kenny EJ and Barkley Barkley is favored in that one. Both Kenny and EJ have said Barkley is 6’4” range. It’s all about camera angle.

In this pic with 6’7.6 (morning) Calais Campbell Barkley surely is under 6’5”. He looks about 6’4.5 given all factors like the camera

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Canson said on 23/Aug/18
@Rising: I wasn’t saying that standing behind gives him a definite advantage but I was point out that in your pic with he and Jordan it’s the same as the one with Kenny he and Jordan and Jordan is favored. It’s the same with the pic with Kenny EJ and Barkley Barkley is favored in that one. Both Kenny and EJ have said Barkley is 6’4” range
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Aug/18
@Canson: I don't know that being behind in the full pic gives an advantage especially since Mullin is about the same height as Barkley yet looks noticeably shorter than both in the background so it seems being farther back gives a disadvantage, especially since Jordan's head is a bit bigger than Barkley's in the photo and I don't think that's the case in reality. Barkley always looked a bit taller to me in off court Dream Team footage: Click Here Not the best angles, but I believe Barkley edges Jordan. I did say Barkley looked shorter in the pic with Kenny, but I think that might be due to Jordan's arm around Barkley's shoulder since Barkley also looks shorter than usual with Kenny Smith. I even thought Barkley might have a tendency to wear thicker footwear until I saw him barefoot and nearly able to look over Kenny's head: Click Here Click Here Barkley might have a bit of a camera advantage in the first and tilt advantage in the 2nd, but he still looks a lot taller to me. Back to the on court photo, that particular angle favors MJ. Look at the photo shot from the other side. That favors Barkley so he winds up looking taller: Click Here So I'd say that's inconclusive, but you'd probably determine they were the same height from that if anything.
Canson said on 18/Aug/18
@Rising: In the pic with Kenny Smith, he’s standing just like Barkley is with him in the pic you posted. Likely because he’s further back. That’s how Barkley looked taller in the pic you posted too
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Aug/18
@Canson: I don't know that Barkley has much of an advantage as Jordan is closer to the camera. MJ does look taller in the 3rd pic you posted, but it could be his arm on Barkley's shoulder and Barkley doesn't look as tall as he usually does with Kenny. I trust the full photo the most, though. Barkley looks taller in this one: Click Here and though Barkley has a big camera advantage here, I'd be somewhat surprised if Jordan was the same looking at their eye level: Click Here As for in game court shots, they use a lot of high and low angles so I always take heights with a grain of salt, but Barkley does look taller here bumping heads with MJ: Click Here Click Here
Canson said on 14/Aug/18
@Rising: it all depends on the picture. Barkley and Jordan look the same in the one below. In the one you posted, they would be closer if not Jordan taller if he were standing evenly next to barkley. Do you notice in the third picture that I posted Jordan is further back than Barkley and looks taller? It’s identical (opposite) of yours where Barkley is further back and looks taller. The person doesn’t always have to be closer to the camera to appear taller. They could still have an advantage. Example is Jordan looks taller in the last picture

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Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Aug/18
@Canson: It's always possible someone didn't hit their low when measured so I can't argue between 6'5.25" and 6'5.5" for Artest. 6'4.75" and 6'5" are also close enough. Vanessa could easily make a 1/4" error measuring someone over a foot taller than she is or the wall/floor level could easily do that in a home measurement. And I'm not convinced Barkley or anyone else was actually measured at the Olympics. Nor do I know what exactly he was measured. We have one writer claiming Barkley was "officially" measured 6'4 7/8" and Barkley claiming he's been measured 6'5" and 6'4.75", but we don't know when this is supposed to have happened. Barkley looks a bit taller next to Jordan than Kobe did: Click Here Click Here They could be the same too as they look with Conan, but I'd guess Barkley taller if anything. At least in their primes. Jordan is the shortest of the 3, imo, but just barely.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Aug/18

Barkley's head was closer than Seagal's, even though their bodies were about equal. That alone gives one a camera advantage.
Canson said on 11/Aug/18
@Rising: I would have Kobe slightly taller than Barkley and his wife specifically measured him 6’4.75. That’s likely a low for him and he would be 6’5.5 out of bed maybe. Metta has prob half inch on Kobe. I actually was the one who found the mention of him claiming 6’5.5 on Power 106 for Rob. That is probably something he would measure but maybe it’s not a low for him. Maybe 6’5.25. Barkley measured 6’4 5/8 at the olympics in 1992.

@Christian: agreed. That’s the most I could ever see Barkley at even in his prime is 6’4.5 at a low.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Aug/18
@Christian: Even if a camera advantage were clear(I don't see it), it'd be difficult to say how much it added. It's easier to guess about posture adding/taking away, but even that can be tricky. I don't think Seagal at 6'3" flat is most likely either as Rob said 6'3.25" is the lowest he'd probably guess. 6'3" flat is possible and at least from my perspective it's difficult to accurately guess people 7" apart from my height.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Aug/18

He looks 1.5" taller than Seagal but his looser posture is negated by his camera advantage, and Seagal's likely more 6'3" flat than 6'3.5" which would put Barkley at 6'4.5"
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Aug/18
@Canson: I don't see the advantage, certainly not like the posture difference, but I think you're looking at is eye level. He looks in proportion to me as an abnormally large head is one of the first signs of a camera advantage. I really don't see under 6'5" there and I do think the 6'5" flat mark is possible now since Kobe can't really be more than that with Metta 6'5.5" and Barkley and Kobe do look about the same with Conan.
Canson said on 9/Aug/18
@Rising: Barkley also is favored in the pic with camera angle. That’s max an inch. Doubt less but highly doubt more
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Aug/18
That's more than just an inch with Seagal. Even if they had equal posture, that's an easy 1.5", but Barkley clearly looks to be slouching more. Their eye level looks closer, but not the top of their heads.
Canson said on 9/Aug/18
Rob met Seagal and pegged 6’3.5. Barkley isn’t over 6’4.5 tops if even that

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Yas said on 8/Aug/18
He always seems to appears over 6'5
Canson said on 6/Aug/18
He also measured 6’4 5/8
Nils2 said on 5/Aug/18
I believe 6'4.75 was better listing,
Surely 99,9% people who would measure someone 6'4 7/8" or themselves would go with 6'5.
I think Barkley is honest about being measured both 6'5 and dipped under it aswell. And it would have to be more obvious then 1/8. Lets give more trust to Barkley himself and not the writer.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Jul/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" Aree with you. I seem it clearly Kobe the tallest one then Barkley follow by Jordan. I personally don't bother Vanessa Bryant measure that 6'4 3/4 figure she mention on Kobe. I did put Kobe at 6'5 if i am Rob and follow up 6'4 3/4 for Barkley and 6'4 5/8 for Jordan.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Jul/18
Mugshots can often add height because the person necessarily stands in front of the chart and thus closer to the camera, but the way to get the best idea is to see how much the head looks in proportion. In the straight on view, Barkley's head does look about 10" starting at 5'9" and ending at 6'7", which is about what you expect from a man in the ballpark of 6'5". The 6'4 7/8" shouldn't be viewed as "official" without corroboration, but it's definitely more official than 6'4 5/8" because it doesn't even specifically say he was measured or that he was even exactly 6'4 5/8". It simply says the world "learned" Barkley was "more like 6-4 5/8." It doesn't say how they learned that or even that he was exactly 6'4 5/8", but around that. The 6'4 7/8" could be compared to the 6'4.5" Pat Riley claimed Jordan measured.
Editor Rob
Yeah, trying to get a perfect mugshot really needs the camera to be put at the same height as the top of the head. If it's lower, the chances are it adds height, sometimes a couple of inches quite easily.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Jul/18

Mugshot height charts are the worst when it comes to estimating heights, especially since most of the time people wear shoes and the camera's panned below the person's eyelevel making them appear much taller.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Jul/18

I doubt that the 6'4 7/8" was made up IMO but I see it as being no more "official" than his 6'4 5/8" measurement. But I don't get why some people like Rob think that the 7/8" is more official than the 5/8" just because the writer wrote "officially" in the same sentence. It's just semantics. I mean, Rob lists Kobe at 6'4.75" which isn't even an official NBA measurement but merely a measurement by his wife. Rob has the three listings (Kobe, Barkley and Jordan) backwards. Kobe's the tallest one, then Barkley, then Jordan.
Petra said on 26/Jul/18
I think over 6ft 5 is correct
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viper said on 26/Jul/18
The Campbell pic is something. You could argue he looks 6-3 there
ArnoldSc said on 25/Jul/18
Barkley was measured far taller than 6'4 Click Here
Canson said on 25/Jul/18
@Christian: right. And if Calais Campbell measured 6’7 3/4 (morning), he would be 6’7 1/4 maybe 3/8 at a low. Next to Barkley he honestly looks about 194cm maybe 6’4.5 absolute best case but I also wouldn’t rule out him being my height
Canson said on 24/Jul/18
@Christian: it wouldn’t surprise me if the 6’4 7/8 is made up. They’ve never done 1/8” increments at the combine. They simply could’ve made a mistake with 6’4 5/8 and used 7/8 instead. Nonetheless, it’s more valid than 6’5.5. People here are taking his “shoe claims” and him talking as it’s his actual measurement since they don’t want to admit the other celebs really aren’t as tall as they claim imho. I think 6’5.5 may be a valid shoe height in a 1” sneaker
Canson said on 21/Jul/18
6’7.6 morning measured Calais Campbell with Barkley. Even taking into account camera advantage, Barkley still is 3 solid inches shorter than Campbell

Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Jul/18
Rock stand a little distant away from camera that put Barkley adavantage to look extra inch higher. 6-6.5cm between them.
187.5 cm said on 11/Jul/18
Rob, only 6 cm different? Barkley and The Rock
Editor Rob
More in their photo, but I feel Rock half the time isn't standing tall.
Canson said on 5/Jul/18
@Junior: tough to say. With Snoop and Barkley he looks under 6’0” even with Cp and Steph curry he does. Barkley and Snoop don’t look that much different in terms of height compared to Harvey.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Jul/18
@Canson Maybe true with the camera advantage. Harvey is most likely 6'0 even not that low @5'11 1/2. That extra 1/2 inch he get from Rob i still can't manage to see it.
Canson said on 4/Jul/18
@Junior: Barkley and Snoop both looked taller than their listings but because they had camera advantages with Harvey. Harvey also is nowhere near 6’0.5 today. I’d be surprised if he even hits 6’0” still. Really 5’11.5-6’ now
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Jul/18
Barkley look about 6'5 3/4 with 6'0.5" Steve Harvey. Click Here
Canson said on 3/Jul/18
@Junior: yea it’s estimation but then the people who are around him regularly like other ballers all say he’s 6’4”. I don’t think he’s flat 6’4” but I could almost believe his 6’4 7/8 or 3/4 as a height an hour or two out of bed and be 6’4.5 at a low. Best case maybe 194.5. He isn’t that close (in my estimation and opinion) to 6’5” or else people would never guess him that low
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Jul/18
@Canson: Well "more like" 6'4 5/8" could mean 6'4 7/8" since it could be taken to mean 6'4" and a very precise fraction so they could easily be the same. Neither is official, but the 6'4 7/8" does at least say he was measured that height while the 6'4 5/8" doesn't say for sure where the figure comes from. I agree that it makes it sound like Magic and Barkley were measured, but it could have come from a claim Barkley made at the press conferences pre-Olympics. I haven't changed my mind on Barkley, but if you believe Barkley's claim that he measured 6'4 3/4" and 6'5" then that fits in between those figures perfectly.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Jul/18
@Canson It's just all estimation. Barkley looking 6'5-6'5 1/2 range with all celebrities was a fact. We can kill off 1/4 from what Barkley look min 6'5 on all variety show he attend. He really does look 195cm with Shaq middle claimed 7'0. There is no way he is only 6'4-6'4.5" that will put a guy like Kirk Fox and Joe Manganiello down to 6'4 and nothing which mean Rob often cover up 2cm for all celebrity he met.
Canson said on 28/Jun/18
@Rising: and a hip replacement

@Junior: yea I can buy Barkley measuring that but it’s no different from them saying 6’4 5/8 and it could even be the same one just different number by mistake. I use the opposite stance of why do people who played with him call him 6’4 or 6’4.5? I would have an easier time believing it if this were 6’4.75, 6’4.5, 6’5, as they are all 1/4 and solid. 1/8 not happening In the NBA. If somehow that is his I can believe morning height like other players are measured and they listed him 6’5 on his pre draft as that’s how it would work. This could explain 6’4 5/8 at a low
Canson said on 27/Jun/18
@Rob: yea I see what you’re saying but just because it says “official” means nothing. He could’ve been measured something like 6’4 5/8 officially and they could’ve made a mistake and said 7/8”. I say that because the NBA doesn’t use 1/8” increments when they measure. I would have an easier time if he had measured a flat 6’5 “officially” or even 6’5.25 or .5 and they listed him like that and it would be more believable to me than 6’4 7/8. At least 6’4 5/8 was mentioned in the SI article and most people guess him Lower than 6’5”
Editor Rob
It could have referred to a measurement that wasn't the NBA, I believe that sports writer was Philly based, so maybe he knew about it? But generally I feel he has looked close enough to 6ft 5 to give him that mark.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 27/Jun/18
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Jun/18
@Canson: You're right that we don't know it's official, but it's different than the 6'4 5/8" because that writer says the world learned Barkley "was more" like 6'4 5/8" than 6'6". It doesn't specifically state how they learned that(could be from Barkley himself) or that it was specifically 6'4 5/8". Saying more like 6'4 5/8" could mean 6'4 3/4" or 6'4 7/8". But what I will say is it's not much different than Pat Riley claiming Jordan measured 6'4.5". It's basically the same kind of info. Unfortunately with Barkley, this was never settled with an on camera measurement while he was still young enough for us to rule out shrinking. It'd still be interesting to see, but as an overweight 55 year old with a history of back and knee problems and bad posture, we wouldn't know if Barkley is still at his peak height if he were to be measured today in 2018.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Jun/18
Looking at the upgrade of 1/8 now we knwo why Barkley look an easy 6'5 with celebrities. Jordan and Barkley should be the same height. Jordan was measure at 6'4.88 (195.27cm) so literally no difference from Barkley if put them both bareoot back to back. I read up ona forum that Fiba claim to measure Kobe at 196cm. Not sure true or not. Time of measurement can be the argue topic.
Canson said on 27/Jun/18
@Rising: if he measured 6’4 7/8 at a low that is his true height. Even if that 6’4.88 is an extreme low would mean he is a touch over 6’5 or a flat 6’5. The thing that Rob posted is no more official than the 6’4 5/8 from the olympics as it is someone saying that “he measured it”.
Canson said on 26/Jun/18
That’s odd because the NBA doesn’t do 1/8”’increments and back then not even sure about 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. It’s really no more official than the “6’4 5/8” everyone else balks af
Canson said on 26/Jun/18
@Rob: do you have a link? That’s interesting
Editor Rob
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Jun/18
Interesting find about the 6'4 7/8", though I think at the very least, Barkley and Kobe will both edge out Jordan. The 6'4 5/8" quote doesn't actually say he measured that like the 6'4 7/8" does and doesn't even say he specifically was 6'4 5/8", but "more like". Barkley himself does say he measured 6'4.75"-6'5" so if you take Barkley's claims at face value then you could say he was measured that. I'll admit it's possible he's around that at his low, but I still think he downplays his height and let the truth slip with the 6'5.5" claim. It's also possible he's 6'5.5" compared to other NBA pre-draft heights, many of which are earlier in the day and would drop to a weak 6'5" later in the day. Though I think he still often looks taller compared to non-NBA celebs like The Rock, Jimmy Fallon, Hugh Grant etc. And again, I get the other side. I almost never believe people consciously downgrade their height, you'll see me argue that on the Ryan Reynolds, Paul Walker and other pages.
184guy2 said on 26/Jun/18
Or he could have not standing at his tallest and measured a fraction shorter.
Canson said on 25/Jun/18
@Rob: he also measured 6’4 5/8 and his teammate all peg him 6’4 range. It’s more likely that the 5/8 was rounded to 3/4 when he wa drafted since the NBA doesn’t do 1/8” increments or that he was measured earlier in the day at that height and could dip to 6’4.5.

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Click Here

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@Christian: The big key takeaway is that the NBA players and coaches that have been associated with Barkley say he’s 6’4”. That carries Weight. Along with the fact that the NBA would not purposely make someone shorter and everyone simply “go along with it”. Taller, yes but not shorter. He’s often said he was 6’5 like he did on Inside the NBA with comparison to Conan and on Letterman. The NBA would not “purposely” short someone height. But people get the perception that it’s downgrading because he rounds 6’4.5 down to 6’4 or others do that when in reality they may see him at an extreme low and he may be under that mark and be aware he is. This foolishness like he “downplays his height” is really comical when people say that and have no proof. It’s even funnier when people use excuses and try to use pics favoring him to make him look taller lol

Click Here
Editor Rob
I don't know about that...

I dug a bit deeper and found a mention by a Sports Journalist that he was "Officially measured at 6-4 7/8 inches".

That's right between what he said in the quote above 6-5, 6ft 4.75...which is from 2008.

Personally I think it's enough to give him that mark.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 24/Jun/18

Just because those aren't official NBA draft measurements, doesn't mean they aren't evidence. And the latter, Barkley admitted to have measured 6'4.75". So you're saying he was lying?
Editor Rob
he could have measured 6ft 4.75 and 5 on another occasion, but he likes the modest low measurement.
Canson said on 24/Jun/18
A word of advice to all. The NBA doesn’t underlist or downplay anyone’s heights. They simply used a barefoot height to describe Barkley at times which people see as “trying to make his accomplishments better” whereas someone like Kevin Durant is listed barefoot on paper but often called at a shoe height (rounded) to make his skills sound more impressive. The 6’4 is simply 6’4.5 or 5/8 rounded down which is perfectly legitimate since after all he did measure 6’4 range albeit closer too 6’5”. Since some go with a barefoot listing and the rest shoes, it’s mixed. But they won’t call someone shorter than they’re barefoot height. That’s just ridiculous and ludicrous as someone would’ve corrected them by now.
Canson said on 24/Jun/18
@Vegas: that’s not true. there were two different articles. One that specifically mentioned Barkley 6’4 5/8 and Magic “closer to 6’7 than 6’9” and then the one you refer to that has all of the players 2” shorter. I don’t know why Mo Cheeks Moses Joe Klein Malone Danny Ainge or Dan Majerle would say he’s 6’4 range. That’s foolish
Vegas' said on 24/Jun/18
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jun/18

Barkley was measured 6'4 5/8" and another occasion 6'4 3/4" (even admitted it). He's not 6'5"+. Hogan had already lost height by then in those pics.

Photo 2/9 is from AWA so before his 30th birthday as he left there spring of 83. Hogans also wearing cowboy boots.

Again no evidence of said measurements. Same article had Scottie Pippen down as 6'5 range.

If Barkley was 6'4.5 then Hogan was alot shorter peak than listed here, under 6'4
Canson said on 23/Jun/18
@Junior: he actually looks 6’4” at times. I can’t tell a difference from the 194.3 to 194,6. But I will say that’s likely a low for him as opposed to a morning height. I can say peak maybe he was 6’4 5/8 at a low but because it looks no different than 6’4.5 either
Canson said on 22/Jun/18
Danny ainge says how tall Barkley is here

Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jun/18
@Canson Barkley doesn't look this low at 6'4.5" really still look the 194.6-195cm. If we count for a few years more he could jolly be 6'4 1/2 but not now yet.
Canson said on 20/Jun/18
@Christian: picture 10 of 19 has Hogan not standing straight either. I can say that for a few of them and the diff isn’t much. Imho Hogan probably was down to max a flat 6’4” by then
Canson said on 19/Jun/18
@Height: I think Vince is a legit 6’5” or at worst maybe 195-195.5 range
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jun/18

Barkley was measured 6'4 5/8" and another occasion 6'4 3/4" (even admitted it). He's not 6'5"+. Hogan had already lost height by then in those pics.
Height said on 17/Jun/18
I believe he is closer in height to Vince Carter than he is to MJ (and even Kobe).

Here are some interesting pics I found (not mine). Although the scale is off, the proportions and differences are accurate:

Click Here

Click Here

In this full body picture , he looks pretty much the same height as the comparison with Hulk Hogan in his prime, who I would say was in the 6'5.25"-6'5.5" range (most probably closer to 6'5.25"):

Click Here
Canson said on 14/Jun/18
@Junior: that’s possible for a low for both as is 6’4.5 for both at a low. Barkley has had hip replacement and in his case being obese there is a possibility of him only being 6’4” or a hair above today
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Jun/18
@Canson He may not losing height yet but losing posture for sure he can stand and look 6'4 in alot picture but watching reliable clips when standing tall he can look 6'4 3/4-6'5 despite the tiny extra heels he got on his feet we don't know much. The Olympics estimate Barkley at 6-4 5/8 would be accurate and highest 6'4 3/4 is still possible although on the court in the past he can look shorter than Jordan but also look taller sometimes. Jordan wear his nike air on the court might just pass for 6'6 and Barkley could have a thinner footwear. They both might be as low as 6-4 5/8.
Canson said on 6/Jun/18
@Christian: lifts may be a bad way to describe them but shoes with more padding inside. I could see him wearing orthotics as well. I’ve worn them before myself
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 6/Jun/18

By lifts, do you mean orthotics? I highly doubt someone like Barkley would wear actual lifts.
Canson said on 2/Jun/18
I agree on Barkley, Junior. Then when Barkley wears a thicker shoe or lifts he may be 6’6.25 or so in them which is why some think he’s close to 6’6”. My guess is he’s what you said around 194.5 in his prime
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/May/18
@Christian-6'5 3/8" It will put you 2.5cm taller only the more often you wear it or less to be 1.1" (2.8cm), for me i suspect Barkley sometimes had wear the kind of boots looking dress shoes a newly wear it at 4cm and the more he wear it around will push below 4cm like 3.5cm. Like saying Barkley still 194.6cm and he wear the 3.5cm not less he gain to be 6'6 on the dot and looking it. That is how the 6'6 illusion on the tv works because celebrities mostly are claiming shoes height.
Canson said on 30/May/18
@Christian: the pairs I have appear to add about 1.2 unless I measured incorrectly. I measured in them once and was like 6’4 3/8 barefoot at that time of the day and got 197 cm in mine
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 28/May/18

Yeah, the typical dress shoe has roughly a 3cm heel but it'll put you around 2.5cm taller.
Canson said on 28/May/18
The biggest thing here is that he has a very specific measurement. That may not have been a low for him maybe 6’4.5 but either way it’s a hell of a lot more accurate all the way down to the 1/8”. People say that the measurement was made up but that’s hard to believe that would happen all the way to the 1/8”
Canson said on 27/May/18
@Christian: yea I was going to say an average sized dress shoe is about 1.2” maybe 1.3 at most.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 26/May/18

The vast majority of dress shoes don't give you 1.5" of height though. Even if some of them have 1.5" heels, it doesn't mean you'll be 1.5" taller because of how the foot slopes. It's gonna be more like 1.3"
Canson said on 26/May/18
@Junior: in some cases Barkley appears to have close to 2” footwear
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/May/18
@Christian-6'5 3/8" @Canson Those 1.5" heels dress shoes footwear were not uncommon nowadays especially those actors often wear it on the movie premiere but some people may denied it say it's a normal 1-1".2" shoes to cover up their extra 1/4-1/2 claim or listed height here. Barkley might be at his low 194.5cm and if he often fit in a 1.5" heels boots style/dress shoes he would look a big 6'6 to people who claim shoe height and look an easy 6'5 to others who claim honest barefoot range. However footwear does do apart with how tall a person look next to others.
Canson said on 20/May/18
@Junior: that makes sense now. In the 5th picture, Look at Barkley barefoot on the scale and his difference with Kenny is much less pronounced than it is when he has a camera angle or some designer shoes. There are other times when they are right next to each other and it’s 3” diff others when it appears 5”. It makes even more sense being people have met him that are taller than he is and say that he’s 6’4 or 6’4/6’5 then others have said 6’6 but that is either a bad estimate for him or it could be as a result of the shoes. The more common guess is 6’4.5 for him and even teammates say as such.

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Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 20/May/18

Barkley can sometimes look taller than his 6'4 5/8" measurement because of footwear, but also most celebs around him are listed a bit higher than they really are, like Fallon for example.
Canson said on 17/May/18
@Junior: I can believe that to be the case along with some people needing downgrades
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/May/18
Sometimes i wondering Barkley might had wear thick footwear quite often (not 2" lift or up) that gives more than just normal 3cm. One time Barkley was on Jimmy Fallon show when he seat down the chair which can see its a kind of boots look 1.5" he wear. If he wear it once that he could've be wearing it to attend show such as SNL or other variety show that may add up his height why he could easily look over 6'5.
Canson said on 13/May/18
@Shane: Barkley has claimed 6’5” as well. To be fair, he would be over 6’5” out of bed. Not sure how much over 6’5, though. I would guess 6’5 1/4 probably. However, 6’6” for him would be impossible even directly out of bed. Not sure how much height he loses though. He was pretty heavy at points during his career and even heavier now. However, I have always believed based on what guys like Dan majerle, Danny Ainge, Mo Cheeks, Joe Klein, Moses Malone, Dr J, Magic, Jordan, and others have said about his height, that he’s not higher than about 6’4.5 at a normal low and would dip below that on a day where he reaches an extreme low
Canson said on 12/May/18
@Shane: well said! Yep. He does always point out that Barkley isn’t 6’6” but never adds that his listed height is inflated. He would likely, in my honest opinion, be 6’1 or perhaps even 6’1 and change at his low so 6’2 out of bed would be a good possibility for Kenny the JET out of bed
Shane said on 10/May/18
@Rob: are you not posting my comments my friend? @Canson: Always funny to see Kenny Smith talk bad on Charles' height when Kenny was himself generously listed at 6'3" and is likely closer to 6'1" barefoot. I've never seen a shot where Barkley didn't tower The Jet.
VicLions said on 6/May/18
I would say Barkley is 6ft4 3/4, he appears the exact same height as Michael Jordan
Canson said on 1/May/18
@Animus: very true that he would be 6’5-6’6” in shoes. But he’s 6’4.5 barefoot that’s his actual height since shoes aren’t part of his body. To be fair Kenny is not wrong here
Animus said on 30/Apr/18

In shoes Barkley would be between 6'5 and 6'6, so Smith's comment is silly.
Canson 194cm said on 30/Apr/18
Out of bed 6’5.25-.375 peak
Before bed 6’4.5
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 30/Apr/18

There are plenty of pics where Barkley looks under 6'5" if you research enough.
Canson said on 30/Apr/18
@Berta: Barkley had a footwear advantage on Rock. But the diff should be 6-7 cm so 194-195 for Charles makes Rock 188ish
Canson said on 30/Apr/18
@Mouloudo: yes he’s 6’4 1/2 but nobody wants to accept that. Too bad that Kenny said it along with Danny Ainge Dan Majerle Joe Klein Moses Malone and a host of others but people don’t want to buy it. Too bad he even measured 6’4 5/8 at the olympics but it was “a lie” to many. Some things are just the way they are
berta said on 29/Apr/18
this guy never looks under 6 foot 5 to me. but he have claimed this ecact height couple times so i guess it is the truth. its just weird to that dwayne johnson could be 187 cm tall and not a mm more if charles is 195
Mouloudo said on 27/Apr/18
Click Here

Answer by kenny smith, 3:50 mark
Canson said on 23/Apr/18
@Junior: I wonder if it’s the footwear that Barkley wears on occasion that makes him look taller. When you see him with other basketball players he looks his 6’4.5 but at other times looks taller. I’ve seen guesses range from 6’4 up to 6’6 but more commonly around 6’4-6’5. The 6’6” guesses don’t add up when his teammates say he’s 6’4 range
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Apr/18
I start to believe Barkley might be 6'4.75" than just 6'4.5-6'4 5/8 range.
Canson said on 20/Apr/18
@Viper: that’s actually about right for the Admiral. He is only about an inch taller than Duncan. Maybe 6’11 and change at best. The 6’11”, I believe, was either at Navy and at the 92 Olympics. However, remember I showed where Alonzo Mourning admitted he’s 6’8” and was listed that way in two different articles. Ironically, the 6’9.5 he supposedly measured at the combine was his height that he received at 18 when he admitted to being told he was 6’8”. The big Centers back then were all overlisted. Ewing was 6’9.5-6’10, while Mourning was 6’8, Admiral 6’11 range, Dream 6’9” range (as his former teammate Mario Elie stated), and Shaq was at best 7’0, if not a hair under. Don’t forget Kevin Willis. He was listed 7’0” but was 6’10 and I heard that on a broadcast as well as from someone who has met Willis.
Canson said on 5/Apr/18
@Viper: that’s about right between Jordan and Ewing not to mention Ewing has called Jordan 6’4” (amongst others that have). Jordan at 194cm maybe 194.5 tops (I have no reason not to believe Pat Riley when he said 6’4 1/2) because others who have met Jordan say the same thing. His shoes are very thick. If I wear my 10s I gain 1.25” usually and sometimes closer to 1.5 if I have my orthodic in. So Jordan at 6’4.5 or even 194 flat in a pair of shoes that add 3cm will make him 197 range. Not to mention the way he is built makes him look taller (all legs). But also the fact that a guy who is 6’5.75ish in shoes next to someone even your size or mine if I’m wearing a casual shoe and only reach 6’5” I would assume without looking at footwear that he’s an inch taller than me when he’s really not. Truth is if Mj has no footwear and I don’t it’s very possible that we wouldn’t tell a difference since he prob at a peak was no more than maybe .5-.7cm taller than me
Canson said on 5/Apr/18
He looks as if he may be closer to 6’4 in some pics today to be honest but after hip replacement and age. Other times still 194-195. Peak height 6’4 5/8
Canson said on 4/Apr/18
@Viper: Ewing once said he was 6’9 but he was a bad 6’9 or something to that effect. Robert Broome said it that Ewing is 6’9” and change and Broome himself is 6’5”. Of course Ewing may have been closer to 6’10 peak if not on it
Canson said on 4/Apr/18
@Viper: probably closer to 6’10 but nonetheless 6’9” range. It looks more convincing next to Mutombo who is 7’1 and Mourning is only 6’8” like the articles say that I posted with those two. Also see Ewing with John Starks who admittedly is 6’2 not 6’5. Shane said it best on one of these pages before that the Knicks height listings in the 90s was very liberal. He was 100% right as Anthony Mason was also supposedly 6’5” barefoot or between 6’5-6’6 at best
viper said on 3/Apr/18
Wow, Ewing really does look just 6-9 on the cover of Sports Illustrated with 6-0 Reagan. Top of Reagan's head is above his chin
viper said on 3/Apr/18
I will say I was watching a bulls-knicks game from 1991 the other week, and Jordan walked right up to Ewing and just past him after a foul. Ewing looked like he had just 5 inches on him
viper said on 3/Apr/18
For somebody like Paul Walker saying hes 6-1 I can easily buy since he looks it.

For a guy as tall looking as Ewing it's a bit harder.

But then I think about Durant and how tall he looks at 6-9. I can go with it
viper said on 3/Apr/18
What do you think he is. Always thought there was no way he's under 6-10 until he said hes 6-9
Canson said on 2/Apr/18
@Viper: people who I know that went to GT with him say he’s anout 6’10”. I know Robert Broome a poster here was his neighbor when he was with the Hornets and said he looked 6’9 and change. He’s said before that he’s 6’9” too. I know that Alonzo mourning (remember the pic I posted along with the references) is 6’8 range and listed 6’10. Ewing looks 1.5 or so taller
viper said on 30/Mar/18
How tall is Patrick Ewing. He was listed at 6-11 during the draft
Canson said on 23/Mar/18
@Jason: because of how other guys look with him which says more to how they’re overlisted than him under. But you’re right he would more likely be maybe under that mark than over
Jason 193cm said on 22/Mar/18
Why is the average so high? He was measured at 6'4 5/8ths during the olympics, so there's no way he's nearly 197cm.
Canson said on 20/Mar/18
Doesn’t change the outcome that much. He is still much shorter than Magic. A 6’7” magic makes Barkley 6’4” range
Yas said on 18/Mar/18
Barclay is a good foot further from the camera.
Canson said on 13/Mar/18
magic Johnson at 6’7” makes Barkley look even shorter than he is. This 6’5.5 and 6’6 crap is hilarious. Barkley was never more than 6’4.5 at his low in his prime. This is how he actually looks with A legit 6’7” guy not these ****ty pictures that favor him just to make him taller

Click Here
Canson said on 13/Mar/18
@MS: standing height is your real height and it is stretched out. Out of bed height is the only thing that adds to that which is not your true height. That’s what you’re thinking of. I can’t see Rob saying something like that. Busting a gut maybe but that Isn’t true height either
Canson said on 13/Mar/18
@Sal: height in shoes rounded up is how NBA players do it. I played ball at the collegiate level and know a variety of NBA players I’ve played against such as Caron Butler and Keith Bogans Jarrett jack etc. they usually make the height to fit the persons position and mold of what they are expected to be. Caron Butler is listed 6’7” yet was measured 6’5.25. I can believe the measurement occurred because having seen Caron since he has been in the league he was “roughly” 1” (no less than 2cm) taller than me. I’m 6’4.25-.3 at my low in the afternoon. Butler was supposedly listed 6’6.5 in shoes and rounded up. Same with Jordan he is 6’4.5 and listed 6’6. Barkley is the same 6’4.5 barefoot 6’6 listed on paper. He measured 6’4 5/8 at the combine

@Viper: he’d be 194-195 he measured 6’4 5/8 at the olympics and likely is like Jordan 6’4.5 at a low in his peak. He is heavier tho so maybe he lost more height during the day than Jordan and could end up shorter at times or taller at times.

@MS: I think you misconstrued what Rob said. When someone meaueees they stand their tallest typically. I don’t think Barkley being he was playing for money would do that and he’s beem measured several times and been said to be 6’4 range by several other players coaches and teammates. 6’4 is low but prob 6’4.5 barefoot. That’s hard to be 6’4.5 if he really were 6’5.75. My 6’3 friend has met Barkley and said it would be difficult to tell any difference with me in height and I’m 6’4.25-.3. Same with my 6’2 friend (a NBA Scout) who has met MJ and Barkley and said they’re the same height (6’4/6’5)
viper said on 12/Mar/18
I have. He looks 195cm with 6-2 Shawne Merriman
MS said on 12/Mar/18
Canson said on 7/Mar/18
@MS: I don’t understand what you mean by a standing height? That is how you’re measured and supposed to be measured

Standing height (Rob has explained it) is the height you have when normally standing, without being stretched out.
The difference is 0.75 - 1 inch for me, for a big man like Barkley it may be bigger.
Canson said on 11/Mar/18
@Dmeyer: Jordan is 6’4.5 barefoot that’s the two together and they look the same height

Click Here

Kobe is also a hair taller than Barkley

Click Here

Majerle says here Barkley was “maybe 6’5 probably 6’4”. I think 6’4 for peak is too small but 6’4 5/8 like his Olympic measurement is accurate

Click Here
Sal said on 11/Mar/18
I'll say Barkley is about 6'5" but the thing I don't understand is why would kenny smith clown charles as being 6'4" when kenny is 3" shorter than him. It's like all of the people dissing his height are really giving away their true height. Being off by an inch with an in shoe height isn't a big deal. If you are stretching 2" it's a bit dishonest.
Dmeyer said on 10/Mar/18
I have neve seen a pic were he looks less than 197cm
Canson said on 7/Mar/18
@MS: I don’t understand what you mean by a standing height? That is how you’re measured and supposed to be measured
Canson said on 7/Mar/18
@Jeffrey: well this is a site for debating isn’t it? And what the hell did you just do you troll?
Jeffrey said on 5/Mar/18
Canson as always trying to impose his point of view!

197–197.5 out of bed
196-196.5 at his low
MS said on 5/Mar/18
Barkley is as tall as Undertaker or taller, compared with Jimmy Fallon! Stop at 00:00:13.
Click Here
And here CB with JF Stop at (both men in standing height position): 00:00:52 Click Here
Barkleys "6-4,75" from the past is obviously wrong. Maybe a "standing height" measuring. Measuring that
way I´m 0,75 - 1" shorter than my real height and Barkley is still much taller than me.
Canson said on 3/Mar/18
196–196.5 out of bed
194-195 at his low
Guanzo said on 23/Feb/18
Mark Eaton is huge!

Click Here
Canson said on 22/Feb/18
@abdun noor: he’s not over 6’5” at his low let alone even a full 6’5”. Shorter than 6’5.5 Julius Erving

Click Here
abdun noor said on 22/Feb/18
If barckley is under 6'5, then why does he look so tall, he towers over everybody, and looks much taller than 6'5. Im confused
Canson said on 12/Feb/18
@Junior: kG maybe in high school. I’ve nevrr heard Pippen 6’6” tho but in bare feet I see him below 6’7” honestly but not by a lot. 200 prob or maybe 6’6 5/8 like you said. Now Barkley I’ve heard several people who met him say he’s 6’4” on the net and in person people I know put him “about” as tall as I am.
Junior Hernandez said on 11/Feb/18
Thats really strange that Barkley was being called 6'4 by a few people and he tower everyone on SNL. I ever read up on newspaper Kevin Garnett described as a just over 6'10 center and Scottie Pippen a 6'6 forward.
Canson said on 10/Feb/18
@Rob: I get what you’re saying but they’re two different databases providing the info. One simply knocked 2 inches off each player as they have several 2” under. The other where it clearly mentioned Magic and Charles being measured have them more accurate. I don’t buy 2” off each either like Bird no way he’s 6’7 no way Pippen is only 6’5 but I can buy him being a weak 6’7” perhaps. Barkley looks generally 6’4” range maybe up to 6’5 at times
Canson said on 10/Feb/18
@Rob: to Christian’s point that was his Olympic measurement. Not sure why they would make that up and it sounds very specific and believeable. I have looked at other posts on the net about him where people have met him and it sounds more believable than 6’4.75 as some say he’s only 6’4 or “close to 6’4.5” etc. chances are he may have lost more because of his weight tho but def sounds as if he’s somewhere in the middle closer to 6’4 1/2
Editor Rob
I'm not sure Scottie Pippen being 6ft 5 range (which was mentioned as well) seems possible.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 9/Feb/18
Rob, 6’4 5/8” listing for Barkley may be better because you like to use 8th fractions for celebs now.
Editor Rob
I think Barkley saying he measured 6ft 5 and 6ft 4 ¾ is believable, I'm not sure about 6ft 4 5/8ths.
Canson said on 9/Feb/18
6’4.25-.5 today prob 6’4.5-.75 max peak. The 6’5 1/2 was in shoes. Was never anywhere near as tall as Dr J who was 6’5 1/2 barefoot or LJ who was said to have measured 6’5.5 (believe morning he would) but looked closer to 6’5 in person (maybe more like 6’5.25).
FrankR1 said on 8/Feb/18
In an interview in 1993 when Charles Barkley was 35, he said he was 6’5.5”. That was believable back then, and he might be all of 6’4” today.
Canson said on 27/Jan/18
@awkward: totally agree today. May even dip below the 194 mark like I do after about 7 hours. He had hip replacement done and is morbidly obese for a 6’4” range guy at 300 lbs not to mention he’s 55 years old next month. Maybe a peak height could be something around 194.5 at his lowest but today can see a little less
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 27/Jan/18

That's the lowest I see him, but you could be right 194 flat today is a strong possibility.
awkward said on 26/Jan/18
I see Barkley as a legit 194 during the day
awkward said on 26/Jan/18
I'm curious Rob, what is your favorite sport ?
Editor Rob
I spent most of my youth playing soccer. It's still the main sport I watch, though I have barely taken part in much sport over last few years...the actual taking part, I do enjoy Golf.

In High School we did actually do a variety of sports in Physical Education classes.

I distinctly remember Athletics, Football (soccer), Hockey, Badminton, Gymnastics, Basketball being part of the curriculum.
Canson said on 24/Jan/18
@Harry Sachs:yep! but people don’t wanna believe it. There’s actually 2 pics and Lewis can look a small fraction taller in both honestly or like you said the one they can look similar. But I can see Chuck maybe having lost height because he’s noticeably shorter than Kobe in pics. Also possibly Lewis wasn’t the full 4.75 at a low could’ve been 4 1/2.
HarrySachs said on 24/Jan/18
Again there is a picture of Lennox Lewis a guy who claims to be 6'4 3/4 standing right next to Charles Barkley in dress shoes. They are basically the same height.
Animus said on 8/Jan/18
Massive guy. He is still close to 6'5 and easily weighs over 300lbs - possibly 350lbs.

Check out this video, where he weighs in at 298lbs: Click Here

From his appearance and height you'd guess he would weigh 240-250lbs in that video (compare him to most UFC heavyweights), but the fact that he is essentially 300lbs tells you something about the muscle density of the most elite athletes. Mind you that he was been retired for some years at that point.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 8/Jan/18

I strongly disagree. Rob's not gonna underlist someone by 2 inches, I just don't see that happening.
Dmeyer said on 7/Jan/18
Sideikis is aleast 183cm Charles looks aleast 17cm taller so 199-200cm aleast 9cm over 188cm so 197cm he looks more often 198-199cm than 195cm hé looks 4cm over listing its rare
Canson said on 1/Jan/18
Here Bill Belichick describes Barkley as 6’4”

Click Here
Canson said on 28/Dec/17
Rock 188
Barkley 194-195
Canson said on 26/Dec/17
@Junior: Maybe full 6’3” no higher. I wouldn’t be surprised if Barkley at nearly double nickel and 300lbs today isn’t any taller than I am. He may be closer to 194 now or less. Maybe not an inch or even half but 1/4” or so is possible.
Junior said on 25/Dec/17
@Christian-6'5 3/8

I think the one you post on the top picture Barkley had slightly camera advantage with Boris to look close to 2" taller but more picture i look at it i will rule out 3.5cm or max 1.5" not over. Lets say Barkley is 194.6cm then Boris is supposed to be a full 191cm or worse a legit 6'3 guy.
Canson said on 25/Dec/17
Rampage I take your estimate there a lot more seriously than the 6’5 1/2 or 6’6” crap I’m seeing below. I personally have 194.5 peak but close enough to 195
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 23/Dec/17
He really doesn't look that tall if you're estimating his height based off of his proportions. However, he clearly does appear to be somewhere between 6'4 1/2"-6'4 3/4" when you compare how he stands with other celebrities. Also, if he was measured by the NBA at 6'4 5/8", then I don't see him as being any taller than 6'4 3/4".
Canson said on 22/Dec/17
@Free: draft express was good but not even totally accurate but agreed more so than the roster heights were
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/17
Rock is 189cm, Barkley 195cm
Free said on 21/Dec/17
Just emailed draftexpress on why the hell they did away with their database.

Now we have nothing to go on
Editor Rob
maybe they were offered a pay check so that people will just go with the 'in sneakers' heights listed on the web.

It seems strange to delete a lot of data like that, which was very useful!
Canson said on 20/Dec/17
If you’re saying rock is 187 that makes him 193/193 rock is 188 Barkley 194+
Canson said on 17/Dec/17
6’4.5 max today
Canson said on 15/Dec/17
Well said Christian! Max I see Boris is 6’3” honestly maybe 6’2.5 even in many cases or 6’2.75. I think 6’3” is a fair claim 6’4 a shoe claim
Canson said on 15/Dec/17
@Christian: agreed! I meant sneaks he’s 197/198
checker said on 14/Dec/17
You guys need to email draftexpress about deleting their measurement database. I havnt gotten an email back.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/Dec/17
If Boris Kodjoe was really 6'4", then that would put Barkley at 6'5.75", but that can't be the case when Barkley was measured 6'4 5/8", so 6'2.75"-6'3" is my belief for Boris.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
And you can see their footwear Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 13/Dec/17

Barkley could be 197-198 in sneaks and other thicker footwear. And 196-197 in more casual shoes.
Canson said on 8/Dec/17
@Dan: that’s a bit odd when his teammates have also said he’s 6’4/6’5 and he measured 6’4 5/8 barefoot. He’s 197-198 in shoes
DAN said on 7/Dec/17
True 6ft 6 inch guy. Clearly downplaying his height.

Some excellent evidence posted here but he clearly isnt 6ft4 range
Animus said on 7/Dec/17
Posturally, these days Barkley can come across as 6'4, but he has always been and still is closer to 6'5. In his prime he was 250lbs, with limited strength training; broad-shouldered, naturally strong and muscular but not with an enormous frame like an NFL player (i.e. in terms of wrist size). A truly spectacular athlete with an abundance of explosiveness and agility for his size.
Canson said on 7/Dec/17
@Junior: Barkley may edge Jordan by 1/8” or so. Pippen can look 1.5” to 2.5” taller than Jordan at times
Canson said on 6/Dec/17
Looks like Majerle is actually taller than Barkley as suspected and as Majerle mentioned. He’s leaning In the pic clearly and would edge Barkley

Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 2/Dec/17

I know, why would they do that?
checker said on 1/Dec/17
draftexpress deleted their measurement database. That sucks.
Canson said on 30/Nov/17
@Jalen: Barkley was never barefoot 6’6” he was measured 6’4 5/8 at the olympics in 1992 and he was only 29 then still in his prime. Today he may be closer to 6’4” than 6’5” but he really doesn’t look tonhave lost much height to tell you the truth from his peak. Looks the same with Kenny and Ernie as he did when he first began with TNT
Jalen C Gilmer said on 29/Nov/17
6'6 when and 6'5 now.
Canson said on 27/Nov/17
@Vegas: i have to respectfully agree to disagree especially when i know at three people that have met Barkley (one of which also has met the Rock and put him 6’2” range). All three have said something to the effect of Barkley being 6’4 1/2 or 6’4-6’5. And these are all people 6’2 and above. It adds up with what he was measured 6’4 5/8 and what everyone around the NBA has assessed him. The reason people believe he downplays his height is because he claims his barefoot height and people make a big deal about the barefoot height while other guys are listed at their heights in shoes (roster heights) and don’t often claim their barefoot heights so a guy claiming 6’4.75 next to a guy listed 6’10 who may only be 6’8-6’9 barefoot is gonna be 4” shorter naturally
Canson said on 25/Nov/17
@Jam: that’s more believable especially being the combine takes place in the morning. Also puts into perspective why people were saying that his lack of height for a Defensive End (not his sexuality and personal life) is the reason why he didn’t make it in the pros.
Jam said on 24/Nov/17
Michael Sam was measured at 6'1.5 at the senior bowl. He's not a real 6'2
Vegas said on 23/Nov/17
I only post photos where you can't see feet/stance/ground to show you that you shouldn't be using them as evidence...

I mean Evan Mathis was measured 6'5 1/4 barefoot at the draft, there is he and Dwayne Johnson looking practically same height so does that mean Dwayne is 6'5? Click Here

Veron Davis and rock photo you posted is of little value for the same reason the Mathis one isn't. Not sure why you estimate Dwayne Johnson at 188-89 then post a photo of him looking 2 inches shorter than a 191cm guy..that would make rock more 185cm

Michael Sam was measured 6'2 barefoot at the NFL draft so we have a good idea of Dwayne Johnson's height from that Click Here

As for Nirvana clip I see little wrong again. Barkley has 7+ inches on grohl and 10+ on Cobain while standing behind both. A 6'4 range Barkley would massively effect both of those guys listed heights on here
Canson said on 19/Nov/17
@Vegas: saying keep stuff with ground level to a minimum tho, Neither of the two pics you posted are we able to see ground level. So back to the Rock with Campbell. Looking at the pic doesn’t look like Campbell is standing completely straight either. I will bet money that this would be at minimum a 5-5.5” difference otherwise. How is Vernon Davis taller than the Rock if the Rock is 6’3? I can confirm that Davis is a legit 6’3” as i live right outside of DC and have met him before here but he’s taller than the Rock. As far as Barkley and the Rock, Barkley is wearing a thicker sneak which reduces the advantage he has. That’s no more than 6-7 cm max in reality and likely puts Rock 188-189 Barkley 194-195

As far as favored Barkley is favored in the video more so than Krist and people use that video all the time to make Barkley taller but that video is not a good way to determine height differences

Click Here
Vegas said on 18/Nov/17
Being closer to the camera helps..alot. I have met both guys and been photographed with both (there is about a 7 inch difference between the two yet you wouldn't know it here) Click Here

We know Barkley is about 3 inches taller than than rock yet Campbell only looks about an inch or so taller next to rock than Barkley Click Here

Btw I would keep stuff where we can't see feet or ground to a minimum as yes it's not good evidence. Photos in truth should be only used in combination with video as you can basically find a photo to back up any height agenda.
Canson said on 17/Nov/17
@Vegas: there’s nothing wrong with any pic. But that means there is nothing wrong with this pic of Barkley with 6’7.75” (combine measurement in the AM) Calais Campbell

Click Here
Vegas said on 17/Nov/17
There is nothing wrong with the camera angle of that clip with Barkley and Nirvana on snl. The camera switches to straight on at 47 seconds Click Here

Barkley easily 7+ inches taller than grohl and 10+ taller than Cobain
Canson said on 17/Nov/17
Barkley with 6’8/6’9 Chris Webber. If you look closely enough at Webber with draft listed 6’6 Jalen Rose or draft listed 6’9.75 Rasheed Wallace it’s clear he isn’t a full 6’9”. Which makes sense because NBA pre drafts back then only consisted of 1/2 or full inch so he could’ve been 6’8 5/8 or 3/4 and at his lowest even be 6’8.5 at a low

Click Here
Canson said on 12/Nov/17
@Junior: tough to say with those guys but wouldn’t surprise me if it’s combo of being overlisted along with camera angle for some. I also say with Dave on SNL where he looked almost as tall but the angle was poor yet some used that as proof bexause a listed 6’7” guy was near him in height just to say Barkley downplayed his height. Little did anyone say about the camera angle or the fact that he may not be 6’7” in reality. Could be a claim or a listed height just like Barkley being listed 6’6” during his career. But seeing Barkley with a guy like magic Johnson is proof it’s around 2-3” in a good picture.
Junior said on 12/Nov/17
@Canson, seriously which is true of lowest 6'4-5/8 for Barkley then with a modest to say those celebrities who perform SNL or stand on stage with Barkley were all 2-3cm shorter than rob listed them. I remember Bill Hader look nothing over 6'0 with Barkley on a SNL clip and Adam Sandler look like flat 5'9 or less with Barkley.
Canson said on 10/Nov/17
@junior: another reference

Click Here
Canson said on 10/Nov/17
@Junior: the 6’5.5 is a shoe height for him. I also saw when they commented on him being the smallest rebounder to lead the league in that category he said 6’4 3/4 and 6’5 1/4 in shoes. The 6’4 3/4 is likely a roundup from 5/8 as the NBA doesn’t do 1/8” increments. 5/8 is more accurate for him and I wouldn’t rule him with as heavy as he is dipping to 1/2 honestly. I say that because people guess him as 6’4 often or 6’4/6’5 that doesn’t usually happen when someone is that close to 6’5” esp if he wears sneaks often like he does

Click Here
Junior said on 10/Nov/17
Barkley had this two quote he say: "I claimed to be 6-6 when I played, but I'm only 6-5 1/2" and "I'm 6-4 3/4 [6ft 6] just sounded good coming out of college." meaning he claim both 195cm and 197cm, now i wonder that is w sneakers he was 197cm and thicker footwear at 198cm. I wonder how the Olympics gauge a 6-4 5/8 for Barkley when he never claim it.
Canson said on 9/Nov/17
@Christian: yep that’s how SJH guessed Affleck that he was 6’1” range when he met him too. Fisher could at best be solid 6’2” like you said on his page but he looks 187 imho too.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 8/Nov/17
Affleck looked no taller than, if not a tad shorter than Ray Fisher who looked about 187cm or so next to Rob, so it won't surprise me if Affleck's really 186.5cm
Canson said on 8/Nov/17
Well said junior. Barkley is always 194-195 range Ben may be a bit higher as a best case but likely 186-187. Barkley makes a lot of people look shorter esp when he’s favored in a pic or has a footwear advantage and other times it’s like you said when someone else is overlisted a bit like Ben
Junior said on 8/Nov/17

Highly doubt that Ben listed morning height/out of bed by rob and Barkley listed lowest height plus their footwear could be a 1.5cm difference included camera angle help Barkley look 11cm taller than Ben. Their barefoot different maybe 8cm max so Ben lowest 186.5cm and Barkley 194.6cm.
Canson said on 7/Nov/17
@Dmeyer: I’m not seeing how Barkley is anything over 195cm (194.5 looks better from what I’ve heard from people who have met him- he’s between 6’4/6’5).

Click Here
Canson said on 5/Nov/17
@Dmeyer: affleck is overlisted. As for Seagal that’s like 0.5” to 1” and possibly after seagal lost height.
Dmeyer said on 5/Nov/17
Rob the Guy trully looks 10-11cm over Affleck who isnt under 188cm and looks easy 8cm on 189cm rock
Editor Rob
he can make Affleck look 187 range, although I think in one event Ben had thinner sneakers on as he could look barely over 6ft 1 with Matt damon too.
Dmeyer said on 4/Nov/17
Rob how Côme he Always looks near 6'6 he looks easy 5cm over Seagal and 10cm over Affleck and many other examples
Editor Rob
he insists he measures around 6ft 5 or just under...but maybe during the day sometimes he looks more than 6ft 5, like a fraction over it...

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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