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6ft 5.08in (195.8cm)
Gonzalo said on 25/Feb/08
Barkley looks way taller than 6`4. He has been one of the big sruprises of this site. I thought he was shorter but there are many pics in which he towers over 6`2, 6`3 guys
Daryl Basarab said on 24/Feb/08
Barkely says he is 6-4 and he looks like he is 6-4. I can't believe how many people can't see that in this thread. He looks wide and muscular, but he does not look tall.
Viper said on 21/Feb/08
Ive never heard of a baseball player being underlisted Bob. Usually they are fudged by 1-2 inches. Sometimes 3-4 in extreme cases.
bob said on 21/Feb/08
yes in wrestling they all lie, but it makes him look more impressive to dominate at 64 instead of 68 of course,and in college bball we would lie to seem bigger to other teams,i met numerous athletes john rocker listed at 64 more like 65,mario lemeuix listed at 64 is more like 65,if barkley said 65 in a half or 66 would be believeable but 64 come on,i am 64 thats like me saying i am 61 just no way,i can see a fudge of one to two inches but not three to four like he is saying
derek said on 21/Feb/08
I guess he flat out lies about his height... Just strange that he is taller than he claims cause it is usually vice versa.
Leung said on 19/Feb/08
I could not have said it any better Vegas.
bob said on 19/Feb/08
i agree vegas, because barkley is there hero which he is mine also,but fact is fact, i am six four and he towers over me walk past him all the time its a no brainer,been playing basketball all my life l know what six four or six six looks like,wish we could get a tape measure out and settle this once and for all
Vegas said on 19/Feb/08
why is that viper, there are tons of full-length photos showing barkley to be within one inch of guys like Dominique Wilkins who was listed at 6'8 his whole career, there are full length photos where he matches up quite good with shaq

there is a video of him looking the same height or just a smidge shorter than Krist Novoselic and towering over the other nirvana guys one of whom is a legit 6ft.

there is numerous photos where he has 3 inches on seal and kevin sorbo.

how is barkley pulling off all these amazing feats of height, its either mega lifts or he really is 6'5+???
Viper said on 19/Feb/08
You're pretty wrong, because Jordan is not 6-6 either.
bob said on 19/Feb/08
i know because all these years people have been duped by him and the media, i will bet my house and car that this man is at least six foot six barefoot, i made a bet with his close female friend one hundred dollars and she would not accept, like i said work in the night club industry see all these guys, jordan a legit 66, oakley a legit 69, tyrone hill 69-610, but barkley at least 66 more like 67 in my honest opinion, its his legacy he is trying to protect that he is the smallest power forward ever to dominate and to lead in rebounding,
Viper said on 18/Feb/08
Thats really hard to beleive bob.
bob said on 17/Feb/08
i work at a night club, barkley always comes in, i am six four barefoot, and he towers over me played college ball been measured a number of times,have a bouncer there that is six six, and he is taller than him, and if you ever look at his shoes he wears loafers with no heels what so ever, so me six four with regular dress shoes, he is at least 2-3 inches taller than me, this is coming from someone who sees him on a weekly basis,
Shaq is 7'1" said on 15/Feb/08
Wouldn't 6'4 5/8" be more accurate since the Sports Illustrated article you quoted states he was measured at that height? I'm sure Chuck is just rounding up when he claims to be 6'4 3/4".
Leung said on 21/Jan/08
Derek, seeing Barkley towering over Conan was no illusion, Barkley is a tall dude.
I love Chucky, he was one of my favourite players during the 90
derek said on 20/Jan/08
im sorry this is weird. I mean he towered 6'4 conan the other day, and he looks in the 6'6 - 6'7 range in all of these pictures, yet he says he's only 6'4.75? I think he's one of the few basketball players to wear lifts.
Mattiew_- said on 26/Dec/07
I remember an old pic of Barkley with Bill Goldberg (barefoot) backstage and I didn't even recognize Sir Charles at first because he looked huge ...

He really dwarfed Goldberg and looked huger too .
Odd pic ...
Leung said on 2/Dec/07
Good stuff JT,
In that photo Barkley looks similar height to 6
JT said on 1/Dec/07
Click Here
Jason said on 1/Dec/07
An NBL (the Australian league) coach described Barkley as being 6'5'' on a hot day.
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/07
I always saw Barkley a tiny tad taller...
Derek said on 29/Nov/07
Leung- I did watch basketball during the 90s. Barkley has claimed so many heights even he has probably lost count. My dad met MJ and said he was 6'5". Barkley did look marginally shorter.
Vegas said on 29/Nov/07
the famous video again Click Here kurt cobain looks 10" at least shorter than barkley, dave grohl about 6" at least
Gonzalo said on 29/Nov/07
Barkley looks very tall. I guess he has tried to fool us all these years by saying he is shorter than what he really is. That video with Novoselic really surprised me. Barkley is minimum 1`95
Leung said on 28/Nov/07
Vegas is exactly right with regards to MJ and Chucky.
Derek, I
Vegas said on 28/Nov/07
there are as many photos showing barkley taller than mj as vice versa such as Click Here closer to the camera but would still edge jordan by nearly an inch Click Here

yes i have seen the photos like Click Here but remember jordan is closer to the camera there and if you use that as evidence you must be prepared to use this where barkley looks taller than 6'7 Grant Hill Click Here
Derek said on 27/Nov/07
The strange part is Barkley was shorter than Jordan.
Vegas said on 27/Nov/07
the video with 6'7 Novoselic was enough evidence for me
JT said on 27/Nov/07
I noticed that too Viper. I saw Marcus Allen at the LA Auto Show about 20 years ago and he was a solid 6'2". Barkley is not less than 6'5".
Leung said on 25/Nov/07
Viper, it's not an illusion. Chucky is a legit 6
Viper said on 24/Nov/07
Barkley had what looked to be around 4 inches on 6-2 Marcus Allen standing on the sidelines at a college football game on tv 2 days ago. I was shocked. Though its not the only time hes given that illousion before.
Badradio said on 16/Nov/07
no way man... i saw him on conan o'brien couple nights ago and he had 2-3 inches on conan.I say 6'6
JohnP said on 11/Nov/07
Goldberg at 6-1? He was a little taller than Brock Lesnar (1/4 to 1/2 inch) who is 6-1 1/4 as you peg him at, Viper. That would make Goldberg 6-1 1/2 or 6-1 3/4, if Brock really is 6-1 1/4.
Viper said on 11/Nov/07
I peg them both at 6-1.
Vegas said on 11/Nov/07
goldberg was slightly shorter than triple h in gear AND streets, so he is no taller than 6'2
JohnP said on 10/Nov/07
Have also in mind that I wrote "often" more accurate, not "always more accurate", since I know the NFL has been exaggerating more than college sometimes.

But with Goldberg case, it sounded more like the NFL wore correct than the university he played for (Atlanta).
JohnP said on 9/Nov/07
Vegas, in that pic with Goldberg, Goldberg seems to have a little of an angle advantage. Not by much though, but if both of them stood straight besides each other, Barkeley would look taller imo.

Also take into account that Goldberg was listed at 6-2 in professional football. Professional football heights are often more accurate than college football heights.
Vegas said on 8/Nov/07
there is no 8.5 inches between shaq and barkley in that photo, lol, if shaq is 7'1 and barkley is 6'4.5" then the top of barkleys head would come below shaq's bottom lip and that is not the case in the photos of the two in ordinary footwear
Shaq is 7'1 said on 4/Nov/07
If you want to be exact 6'4.625 would be best because Sports Iluustrated even said that was what he was measured at.
Vegas said on 21/Oct/07
goldberg and barkley Click Here

bill goldberg was listed at 6'3, while playing football for university of georgia bulldogs from 1986 to 1989, this was long before he decided to become a wrestler in 1997.

as for barkley and the 6'3/6'4 claims, lol, guess that makes shaq barely 6'9 so if barkley is barely 6'3 Click Here most pep shaq at 7'1 or 7'0, i don't see a 8 or 9 inch difference there :P
Schnouzer Breath said on 5/Oct/07
Probablby 6-4.5ish but is pretty huge now so extry weight could be bringing him down (kicks bootay on the nba halftime show, tell 'em, Chuck!)
ed said on 5/Sep/07
Is that Brad Garrett behind Charles Barkley because they look the same height.
Look at the woman she is taller than both of them (of course without the chair she would be about 5').
Click Here
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/07
The 6'4 3/4" is very accurate look at this recent interview with Marv Albert. At 0:58 he says 6'4 3/4"

Click Here
asdasd said on 29/Aug/07
Ed, you posted very interesting pic. The difference beetwen them is about 13/14 cm, i remember an episode some years ago of prince willy smith and him and isiah were the same height. i believe both in the 6'1' range, or at worse isiah is 1,84 but not less of that. Sir charles is 6'6 in shoes or 1,97/1,98 and 6'4,5 or 1,95 barefoot. Due to his fat body he looks shorter or anybody else 6'6 guy, but he can looks his currenty listing height.
john said on 28/Aug/07
I saw Charles in a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona a couple of weeks ago and was shocked at how short he looked, maybe 6-3 at the most.
Reminidi said on 17/Aug/07
Always thought he was in 6-5 land (or close to it).
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/07
Is 6'7.25 Magic's official measurement from the 1992 Olympics?
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/07
Cyclops Where did you get the 6'7.25 height from?

Here are some of the NBA stars heights I am 100 % sure of

Shaq 7'1"(Pre-Draft Measurement)
Vince Carter 6'5 1/2"(Pre-Draft Measurement)
Charles Barkley 6'4 5/8"(Olympic Measurement)
Steve Nash 6'1"(Pre-Draft Measurement)
Kevin Garnett 6'11 1/4"(Garnett claimed this himself)
Dennis Rodman 6'6"(Rodman claimed this himself)
Dikembe Mutombo 7'1"(Pre-Draft Measurement)
Cycklops said on 14/Aug/07
Rob, have you added the Magic Johnson page yet? Start it at 6'7.25" please.
Craig said on 11/Jul/07
I met the man myself when he was playing for the Rockets....I am 6'1" and I promise you the Chuckster is every bit of 6'5" and probably closer to 6'6". Not quite as tall as my father-in-law who is 6' 7 1/2"
ed said on 15/Jun/07
Isiah Thomas and Charles Barkley:
Click Here
Leung said on 21/May/07
Yes props to you B-Baller and Gonzalo, you both seem to know what you are talking about, unlike some of these other people that obviously don't even watch the NBA.
B-baller said on 21/May/07
Barkley looks 6'5 next to 6'2 Kenny smith, watch inside the NBA on TNT
Gonzalo said on 21/May/07
Great pic anonymous. Have you think of the possiblity of Barkley lifting Pippen? Cause that´s what it seems. Barkley doesn´t look to be under 6`5
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
6'7 Scottie Pippen towering over Barkley

Click Here
Duhon said on 3/May/07
Chuck is as close to 6'5" as you can get. Its probably even less than a quarter inch as he says.
Viper said on 2/May/07
Barkley is closer to the camera.
Leung said on 1/May/07
Very true Vegas, I don't see Chucky being anything less than 6'5"
Vegas said on 30/Apr/07
Another picture of Charles Barkley looking 6'5+ with Kevin Sorbo and Seal both listed at 6'3 Click Here This is kinda getting boring I really want to see a few pictures of Barkley looking sub 6'4 as a few on here claim he is.
Gonzalo said on 26/Apr/07
Bird looked like a true 6`9 guy.
antron said on 25/Apr/07
some people seem to be confused as to some true barefoot heights of late 80's-90's basketball stars. Charles and Michael Jordan are both around the 6'5" mark, and Magic Johnson about 6'7.5". I never really was into Larry Bird, I don't know how tall he is, same as Magic? Remember that NBA players can choose to list height in shoes or barefoot(both of which can be inflated by an inch or so; all but those over about 6'10" use the shoes height).
asfasf said on 23/Mar/07
compared to 6'9 c web (he isn't 6'10 as nba claims) sir charles got exactly less 3 inchs, look like in the 6'6' range so
Derek said on 19/Mar/07
That's because the 1992 Olympics had MJ at 6'5" and Chuck at 6'4 5/8".
Randy said on 18/Mar/07
Every picture I've seen of Barkley and Jordan they either look around the same height or Michael looks a little taller.
Duhon said on 15/Mar/07
Not sure why there's so much debate.i've heard charles say he's 6'4.75" a few times in interview and he's used the word "exact" as well. during the all-star weekend they just rounded his height up a bit to 6'5" (and who wouldn't if you were that height?)
JT said on 9/Mar/07
I think Barkley is a strong 6'5". His 6'4" claim is just Barkley being Barkley. He's still arguably the greatest power forward in NBA history.

Here's a good pic of Barkley next to Ray Romano (6'2" per Editor Rob), Chris Webber (probably 6'8.5" to 6'9") and Brad Garrett (6'8" per Editor Rob).(Click Here). Barkley looks closer to 6'6" here. Garrett might be only 6’7” and Romano only 6’1". You know about those "Hollywood heights".

Magic usually looked around 2 inches taller than Barkley when they played. Either Magic has really shrunk, Barkley had big-heeled shoes on, or Barkley was standing a bit closer to the camera. Magic looks to have Barkley by close to 2 inches here from that same photo shoot. (Click Here) Magic still looks at least 6’7” based on these recent pics. Here’s Magic, legit 6’5” Kobe Bryant and Kareem (legit 7’2”, maybe 7’1” now) (Click Here) Another recent one of Magic and Kobe (Click Here)

Here's Barkley next to Kareem, 7'1" (listed) Vlade Divac and 6'4" (listed) Byron Scott. (Click Here) I don't think Scott was any shorter than 6'3".

Barkley looks taller than 6'4" Dan Marino here (Click Here) and here (Click Here)
Leung said on 8/Mar/07
Yes Barkley was awesome he was my favourite player during the 90’s. Actually the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever bought were a pair of Barkley model Nike Airs in 1993. I also remember swapping half my trading cards to get a Barkley rookie card.
weekly said on 7/Mar/07
When even the NBA history site writes he is closer to 6-4, he is probably that. But he could be anywhere from 6-0 to 7-0, he was a briliant player.
Derek said on 5/Mar/07
The All-Star game had Chuck at 6'5", so that is the absolute most he can be, though I think he is really 6'4 1/2"-3/4".
Viper said on 5/Mar/07
Im still not totally convinced. Barkley only looks a flat 6-4 next top Kenny Smith on the TNTR NBA show.
Gonzalo said on 5/Mar/07
I agree Leung. Anyway, Barkley would have been great even at 6`7. He looks 6`5 minimum
lillo thomas said on 5/Mar/07
that pics convince me that he is taller than 6'4 he is about 6'5 barefoot.
Leung said on 4/Mar/07
Nice pics Vegas, they clearly show that Barkley is taller than the 6’4” that people are imagining. The guy is 6’5”-6’5.5”.

The reason people like to understate Barkley’s height is because it magnify’s his basketball achievements by emphasising the underdog story of an overweight and undersized power forward who overcome the odds and became one of the greatest players.
Vegas said on 4/Mar/07
He has claimed 6'4.75" before and now 6'5.25" in January, I really do not have a clue with this guy. I forgot about the Chris Novaselic footage and that just adds to the confusion.

He is a half an inch shorter than a slouching JBL so 6'6 is probably wrong but he certainly can look 6'6 from time to time in certain pictures; what is going on here because I'm stumped
Viper said on 3/Mar/07
So Vegas, If Charles is all over the place then I dont think we can use that evidence of him barely looking shorter than 6-7 Chris Novaselic.
Vegas said on 2/Mar/07
Either Barkley is 6'6 or he wears 3" lifts!!!
Looking only 1" shorter than 6'8 listed Dominique Wilkins and at least 3" taller than 6'3 listed Joe Dumars Click Here or Click Here or Click Here or Click Here

Looking taller than the 6'9 listed Magic Johnson (prob closer to 6'7 in reality) Click Here or Click Here

Something fishy indeed going on with Sir Charles!!!!
Gonzalo said on 26/Feb/07
Barkley looking two inches taller than 6`4 Jesse Ventura
Click Here
Barkley looking three inches taller than Samuel L. Jackson
Click Here
Barkley doesn`t look under 1`95 to me
Leung said on 20/Feb/07
John Salley was well known in the NBA for being a joker and prankster, so in regards to his 6'3" comment you should assume it's one of his lame jokes.
Gonzalo said on 20/Feb/07
John Salley might say whatever he wants but Charles Barkley is not 6`3. Barkley is minimum 1`94
youngbutgood said on 19/Feb/07
There an episode of Best Dam sports show where John Salley says that he is actually 6"3 then says sorry Charles but thats the truth. I think it might be legit cause they're good friends.
Derek said on 18/Feb/07
All-Star game had him at 6'5", but I think they rounded up a bit. 6'4 1/2"-3/4" is accurate.
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/07
Patrick Ewing was 6'9
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/07
today after the re-run of the cavs/suns game barkley stated that he was barefoot 6 foot 5.25. he said "barefoot, i'm six five and a quarter." this guy is schizophrenic.
Jake W. said on 24/Jan/07
def. a legit 6'4", maybe 6'4" and change, not 6'5"+.
Leung said on 24/Jan/07
I agree with JT, Barkley is 6’5”.
Part of the reason we like to entertain the idea of 6’4” is because it adds to his legendary status, it really appeals to the underdog affect. You know, one of the most dominant NBA Power Forwards of all time being a ‘round mound of rebound’ short guy against the odds and being one of the best rebounders in the league.
lillo thomas said on 24/Jan/07
charles barckey isn't 6'6 . 6´6 is his height with shoes . he is between 6'4
and 6´5
JT said on 23/Jan/07
Legend Stopper, there's about a 3 inch difference there and the floor is not level (Barkley's feet are at a lower level than Malone's). Barkley's own claim that he is 6'4" is B.S. I think he's no less than 6'5" and probably a bit taller.
CoolJ said on 5/Jan/07
Anonymous. You shut your ears off after he started that sentence.. He went onto say he was really 6'4"
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/07
Barkley said that he was 6'5.75" during an NBA broadcast tonight.
CoolJ said on 4/Jan/07
Tonight 1/4/07 SAC vs LAL on TNT Barkley stated he was 6'4" in the 2nd quarter with about 6:25 left
asfasf said on 2/Jan/07
barkley never looked 6'4'' to me but 6'5'' 6'5'' in most of case @@
is a bit taller than jordan 1cm i guess
Viper said on 2/Jan/07
Robinson was 6-11 I thought.
Leung said on 1/Jan/07
Robinson was listed as 7'1" during his NBA career. He may not have been as strong as some other centers such as Shaq or Ewing but he was definately a lot quicker, and for a big man he had a decent mid-range shot.
Anonymous said on 10/Dec/06
charles barkley is 6 4 3/4 i am a legit 6 5 and i saw him at a wawa he was standing striaght up and he was a legit 6 4 possibly 6 5
Alex said on 7/Nov/06
Conan may be 6'3 but under that I doubt. His hair may make him look 6'4 or taller. I've heard of 6'5 estimates of him before.
Viper652 said on 3/Nov/06
David Hasselhoff is taller than Conan and hes 6-4. I have my suspicioins that Conan could be in the 6-3 range or even possibly shorter.
Frank said on 3/Nov/06
I Agree JT. he was on Conan O'brien and he was 2 or more inches than Conan who is about 6ft 4 so something is fishy....I know people who met Conan and said he was very tall
lillo thomas said on 3/Nov/06
he could be 6'5, most people can't tell a diference between 6'4 and 6'5 in their mind. Sometimes cant tell a diference even when 6'4 and a 6'5 guy is standing next to each other. The main reason is body frame some people looks smaller than they really are and other looks taller than they really are.
Viper652 said on 2/Nov/06
JT, the problem is most people peg him at 6-4 in person.
JT said on 2/Nov/06
I'd give Barkley at least 6'5", possibly a shade taller. Was he any shorter than Jordan? Like supposed 6'6" Rodman (who looks at least an inch taller), I think Barkley wanted to be thought of as shorter than he really is to make his rebounding accomplishments all the more impressive.
Viper652 said on 1/Nov/06
Charles is really in the 6-4 range barefoot. You really cant judge height on Conan's show because a lot of his guests who are 6-0 look close to Conan's height when they shake his hand. Though I think Conan might be under 6-4 regardless.
Bill said on 31/Oct/06
Yesterday,(Oct. 30) Barkley was a guest on the late show with Conan O'Brien, and when they were shaking hands, they stood upright against each other, and believe it or not, Charles was at least 2 or 2.5 inches taller than Conan. None of them was slouching their backs. Also, last friday Jennifer Aniston was a guest on Conan's show and they were talking how tall Vince Vaughn was (6'5" she said) and then Conan was like, "wow, I'm 6'4" but my hair makes me look taller." Now, the question is: Is Conan shorter or is Charles really 6'6" without shoes?
aerotive said on 31/Oct/06
He was on Conan O'Brien's show tonight. Looked a good two inches taller than Conan to me. I think Barkley's more like 6ft 5.5in. Either that or O'Brien is shorter than widely believed.
Alex said on 23/Sep/06
Barkley was always listed at 6'6 I believe. He does look over 6'4 though. 6'4.5-6'5 I'd say.
jeff46 said on 21/Sep/06
how do we know that jk simmons is 5"10 10 he could be 5"6
Viper652 said on 21/Sep/06
Charles Barkley made Goldberg look only 6-0 next to him. He really is a legit 6-4 guy.
Cantstop25 said on 19/Sep/06
o and another thing does anybody else remember one of the commentators say during the final four that charles was at most 6'3.5"? I found that to be a bit odd, but I swear the commentator said it.
Cantstop25 said on 19/Sep/06
alright go to then go to photos then click on personal photo galleries and wait for all of the phots to load, then check out the very last photo. compared to 6'8" brad garett 6'10" cwebb and 6'2"(?) ray romano barkley looks about 6'8"-6'9"!
Editor Rob said on 7/Sep/06
Here is his quote, 1997:
"I'm 6-4 3/4 [6ft 6] just sounded good coming out of college"
Danimal said on 4/Sep/06
Viper652 says on 18/Aug/06
"Well now you finally made some sense with that post Louie."

Jake said on 3/Sep/06
Magic Johnson was never 6'9". He was more like 6'7". Barkley's height is 193 - 195 cm, I'm pretty certian. I think closer to the bottom of the range...
Viper652 said on 18/Aug/06
Well now you finally made some sense with that post Louie.
Danimal said on 17/Aug/06
Johnson was always listed at 6'8" and 6'9". Sources claimed he was only 6'7" and these are all measurements with his 1.5"-2" shoes on. The man very well could be less than 6'6", which would account for Charles looking about an inch shorter than him.
Viper652 said on 17/Aug/06
Johnson was no taller than 6-7. 6-9 Larry Bird had 2 inches on him.
Gramps said on 19/Jul/06
I've always heard that Barkley was 6'4.5" and he looked it.
Danimal said on 16/Jul/06
First pic shows him at 6'8" and the second at 6'7". There is no way he is 6'4". Much closer 6'5".
6-5 project dude said on 15/Jul/06
I balled with him after a prelimary try-outs for national and internatial congressional who's who scrimmages, he's bout 1/2 inch shorter than i am, he's a cool guy, and he had good advice to offer for when i was supposed to set off the dribble pics
Papa Smurf said on 11/Jun/06
I met Charles in Gold's Gym in Birmingham and he said that he is a true 6'4.5" barefoot.
WWEFAN said on 8/Jun/06
I found a cool link which may help on some of these heights, and looks as if Barkley is over the height listed unless his shoes are giving him a good 3 inches, Mugshots/barkleymug1.html" target="_blank">Click Here
Viper652 said on 5/Jun/06
That must make you 6-2 then Ez. Pretty much everyone who has seen Barkley have said he looks 6-4.
Ez said on 4/Jun/06
He is NOT 6'4 I met him maybe 5, 6 times in Philadelphia working in a bar he frequented he was a legit 6'6. I'm 6'4 as measured barefoot by my doctor and he was taller than I am and he had on dress shoes. Case Closed.
guayuvin olivo said on 5/May/06
Barkley barefoot height must be 6'4 . Jordan is taller than him about .5 inch.
Michael Jordan height bare foot is about 6'4.5, 2-2.5 inches shorter than Pippen who is a legit 6'6 guy
deepestvoice said on 1/May/06
I think Barkley is no taller than 6'4 or maybe just a little over. Remember when he took down Shaq? I don't think anybody in the NBA past or present can beat down Sir Charles.
Viper652 said on 21/Apr/06
I cant see Goldberg any taller then 6-1.
Jason said on 4/Feb/06
Nah, he wears boots. I've changed my mind on Goldberg and now do think he's only 6'1 1/2''.
Viper652 said on 3/Feb/06
Ashton is in the 6-1 range, so If he was taller then Ashton then he might be in the 6-2 range.
J-Dog. said on 3/Feb/06
The "official" height is hard to say, who is to say what is everyone's official height, wouldn't it be just as inaccurate to list your late-night height after you have been on your feet for 12 hours. I think Mid-day height is more of a general consensus accurate number. Morning height is just as important as late-night, but middle day is probably what most agree upon.

Barkley at 6'5" at least?
Jason said on 3/Feb/06
If I recall correctly, you said you're 6'1 1/2'' when you first wake up? Your height isn't your height when you're fresh outta bed, because you're taller then. Goldberg could be only 6'1 1/2''.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 2/Feb/06
I SERIOUSLY doubt that Goldberg is shorter than me Viper652. I remember seeing him countless times on TV when he was wrestling and I also remember him standing taller than Ashton Kutcher when kutcher came out to him during the mtv show punk'd. if he's 6 foot 1, kutcher is under 6 foot 1? C'mon. No way. Goldberg is definitely no 6 foot 1 guy, I'll seriously give him 6 foot 2.5 to 6 foot 3.
J-Dog. said on 2/Feb/06
Barkley at only 6'4" is very hard to believe, is Gabrielle not 6'3" anymore? Look at Barkley by Seal...come on.

"The Answer" has some very good points.
CoolJ said on 2/Feb/06
Again he stated he was 6'4.75" on TV a couple years back... He could be 6'5 in the morning.
Jason said on 2/Feb/06
It looks like it was taken in the locker room. The likely explanation is Goldie's in bare feet. Barkley isn't over 6'4 1/2''.
Viper652 said on 2/Feb/06
Goldberg's true height is 6-1. So that would make Barkley 6-6 in that pic, his listed height.
The Answer said on 2/Feb/06
i have to say a couple things about this , first to the editors , barkley says he' "6'4" because he wants to seem like the little engine that could he's much taller than that atleast "6'6", if you would look at the mug shot of him at peak he's "6'9" , ok we can take off a acouple of inches saying he had shoes on and wasnt directly against the wall that covers about two inches , also it seems the editors try an make someone who's tall shorter than they are , example : charles barkley says he's "6'4" but we all know he's not so they put him as "6'4" but when someone who says they're "6'4" and really is they list him at "6'2.5" .. it makes me think because i see a lot of tall actors and they get listed shorter than they actually are .. also i have to say charles barkley is "6'6" because honestly seen him ,met him and took a pic with him i am a full "6'7" and i was no more than an inch taller than him ..
deadman said on 6/Nov/05
before danny ainge started in the front office for the celtics, he used to work for tnt as an announcer. he interviewed charles barkley, and was busting his chops about not really being 6'6. danny said"come on, i'm 6'4 and a half, you can't be 6'6". ainge and barkley played together on the suns. if a fellow ballplayer(that has been in the locker room with countless number of times) is busting his hump, i think it's safe to say that barkley was nowhere near 6'6. plus, pretty much every basketball shoe gives you about 1.5". when i played in high school, i was 5'10 but was always listed as 6'1(added an extra 1.5" to my height with shoes for intimdiation purposes since i was playing small forward..ha ha)
Brett said on 5/Nov/05
about that pic with Goldberg , Goldbergs hardly above barkleys mouth to nose region
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/05
Common, Barkley has to be 6'6"....Look at this pic with Gabrielle Reece. He
appears to be about 4" taller than her, and ahe is 6'3"...
P. Ho said on 25/Oct/05
look at this photo of Jordan with Barkley
I'd say he's 6-5.
Mr. R said on 25/Oct/05
I saw Barkley as I was changing planes in Phoenix. H walked right past me. 6-4 or so is pretty close.
Gramps said on 23/Oct/05
I've seen Barkley many times on talk show. He is a solid 6'4" even now.
J. said on 23/Oct/05
Barkely himself once said: "There'll never be another 6'4" player to do what I did". Even if he's way shorter than alot of NBA players, he's still a legend and a pretty big guy!
Mr Smith said on 23/Oct/05
I saw Charles Barkely at a club in San Antonio Texas back in 97 when he was still playing with the Houston rockets.I went up and spoke to him and shooked hands .I am about 5"10 and i had on cowboy boots and he was a little bit taller than me.He looked very small compared to being listen as 6"6 and durning that time he had lot some weight.I would have to say he looked at least 6"3 to a weak 6"4 at most.
CoolJ said on 23/Oct/05
Barkley said on a TNT game he was 6'4.75"
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/05
Yeah, he's 6'4". I remember him telling David Letterman that on a recent episode.

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