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5ft 11.75in (182.3cm)
cate said on 20/Feb/07
yeah waht do you mean by scrapinng??glenn
kevin t said on 20/Feb/07
Glenn, we need a photo of you with Bale. :-)
Misha said on 20/Feb/07
Glenn: "Scraping" meaning what?
Anthony said on 20/Feb/07
Thanks misha. I was introduced to the Golden Age of Cinema at an early age. I love the older actors, though I still need to get into The Silent Era.
glenn said on 20/Feb/07
Misha said on 19/Feb/07
Hey, Anthony, a short post from Misha (what's going on here?)- I am heartened that you love Hitchcock - I regard his oeuvre as easily the most compelling of all cinema - and am glad you think Grace Kelly the ultimate screen beauty - she was. A few more of mine: Silent era: Lillian Gish, no one runs even a distant second. Sound era: Ingrid Bergman, Joan Fontaine, & Audrey Hepburn. Some very gifted actors of the past: Conrad Veidt, Orson Welles, Charles Laughton, Joseph Cotten, James Dean, Montgomery Clift. Robert Mitchum is easy to underrate because his intensity is often veiled by a studied indifference, but he was a master of his craft.
Zach said on 19/Feb/07
Misha , you have some excellent points. You should post on the Stallone page.
misha said on 18/Feb/07
By the way, Anthony, 6'0.5 sounds perfect for Bale - he could be as short as 5'11.5", but so what, these heights are close enough to make continued controversy a waste of time and space. Interestingly, I just measured myself after I spent fouteen hours out cold catching up on a week during which I got very little sleep. To my surprise I was six feet tall. I could hardly believe it, and it does alter somewhat upwardly a few of my in-person celeb estimates -I'm willing to give 5'11" to guys I may have thought to be 5'9". However, I still hold that there would not be so many heated and repeated entries about Stallone being 5'7" if he were truly 5'11". William Goldman and I myself saw Stallone up close in the 5'9" range - I'm boosting Goldman's poolside sighting in bare feet because I think it's fair to adjust for today's shoes, some of which have generous heels. But on Stallone's own site is an extended quote by the "shoe technician" who built his specially made shoes through the years. The guy does exaggerate a bit about how much extra height he was giving Stallone, but still this is the kind of source you can't ignore. And Anthony, does Stallone really look like he's 6'1" in any of the photos to which you referred? I just don't see it - to me he looks about 5'10", and that's with his built-up shoes. The many boxing ring scenes from the various Rocky films make it quite clear, in a setting where he cannot hide it, that he has short legs and a squat torso, that this is simply not a tall man we are looking at. I believe that these overall body indicators tell a truer tale than the apparent height a celeb attains after slipping on a pair of specially built-up shoes. In judging a celeb's height, we need to look carefully at all of these parameters where there is a persistent controversy.
misha said on 18/Feb/07
I am not so sure Slade's comments are laden with taurine droppings(as in Taurus the Bull). If screenwriter William Goldman tells us he saw Stallone in his bare feet coming out of a swimming pool and put him at 5'7", why don't we think he's made an accurate observation, instead attacking him as a jealous jerk who loves to tear apart legends? Frankly, at 6-1 Goldman couldn't give a rat's derriere about Stallone's height. What Slade said is simply true - many of the stars he listed are shockingly short in person. We can even be wrong about "obviously tall" people if we only see them on the screen. Jude Law himself said "I'm actually only 5'9", though sometimes I feel six feet." I was floored when I read this, for six feet was exactly what I had put him at over the years. By the way, this is a perfect example, because it validates Slade's comment that Matt Damon is short, as he seemed less tall than Jude Law, though not by much, all through "The Talented Mr. Ripley". For purposes of this site, I would alter the old adage "one pciture is worth a thousand words" to "one close-up barefoot sighting is worth a thousand photographs." In closing, has anyone besides me noticed that it's nearly always these guys who could be in the 5'7" to 5'9" category that all the endless heated debate seems to center on? The reason is obvious - I wonder if everyone else can see it.
Anthony said on 18/Feb/07
I truly believe Bale is 6'0.5.
cate said on 17/Feb/07
hey,I think your right anonymous he's 5'11
Anthony said on 17/Feb/07
You're welcome, Glenn.
glenn said on 17/Feb/07
thank you anthony.amen to that horse.
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/07
Good feedback Slade. Appreciated. I first thought Bale was 6 foot when he hit the scene first but now I think 5'11" is more accurate.
BTW The Horse of FUNK, why bull? What's the problem?
The Horse of FUNK said on 17/Feb/07
Wow Slade... I've read a lot of BS lately, but your comment certainly puts the cherry on the BS sundae.
Slade said on 16/Feb/07
Christian Bale is 5'11. Having met him a few times, I can say that with a degree of certainty. He is amongst the taller of the hollywood actors I have met.
The Sly Stallone comments here are hilarious. I have met sly quite a few times having organised and attended many celebrity events and I have to say that just the thought he is 5'10 or 5'11 is preposterious. Sly is sadly only 5'7. He wears lifts on a daily basis and in shoes can appear as much as 5'10.5 but without them he is no more than 5'7 at best. SOrry if I have shattered a few dreams. Other incredibly short actors that I have met include obvious candidates such as Owen Wilson, Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller and Stanley Tucci who are all 5'6 or 5'7 at best. George Clooney, Matt Damon and Russel Crowe are all shockingly short as well in person. But the all time champion is Ryan Seacrest who is almost a dwarf.
Anthony said on 16/Feb/07
I don't know, Misha. I agree, Sly is tricky. But hwo can you account him looking a consistant 6'1 at the "Rocky Balboa" premiere? How od you explain him looking 5'11 in sandles next to Glenn? Perhaps you caught Sly with a slouch (he can't always being standing that erwct). Perhaps you or your brother's footwear that day made one of you taller than usual and neither one of you was aware of that? I mean, Dolph Lundgren is at least 6'4 and probably 6'5, and Sly looked at a max 4 inches shorter than him at the premiere of "Rocky Balboa".

And I am open to the surgery possibility, but there's a lot of complications involved with it. It takes at least a year to fully recover from it, and that alone has me fishy on the whole surgery issue.
misha said on 16/Feb/07
Anthony, getting back to you on Stallone, perusal of many photos discloses that his height can vary significantly in different shots with the same people. If these people are consistent in their own photos with other third parties, then it definitely red-flags Stallone as a "heavy lifter". We who frequent this site know a person can do many things to augment their height. But what can they do to lessen it? The burden is on you to explain how I at 5'11.5" clearly perceived someone you say is my height to be at least three inches shorter than me when he was standing so close we could have touched each other. What is your explanation?
Viper said on 15/Feb/07
Misha, do you think Sly had the surgery? The guy can look over 6-0.
Anthony said on 15/Feb/07
That's okay, Misha. You saw Stallone yourself, I haven't. However, Glenn has also seen him, many more times than you, and all of his sightings as well as a lot of evidence on his page (including a barefoot shot with 5'11.75 Brigitte Nielsen) show that he truly is in the 5'10 range.
Misha said on 15/Feb/07
Anthony, I take your disagreement honorably and seriously, and am really conciliatory by nature - I don't have to be right about Stallone and actually would not mind being proven in error. Let me study a few hundred photos of Stallone in various situations with a wide assortment of poeple whose heights are well-established and get back to you with a response.
Anthony said on 15/Feb/07
Misha, Stallone is 5'10.5. How do you explain him looking 6'1, even closer to 6'2 in many photos? How the heck can he be 5'7? I know everyone will say it's his lifts and his rediculous posture, but even with those factors, I cannot for the life of me see how there's no way a 5'7 guy can look 6'1-6'2. If that was possible, wouldn't guys like Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson be able to look just as tall as Sly can?

Bottom line: Sly is 5'10.5. The absolute lowest I will except for him is 5'9.75, but I'm more apt to believe 5'10.5, which is what Glenn saw him at. IN SANDALS.
misha said on 15/Feb/07
Glenn, I don't want to scrap with you, but where was he hiding that 5'10.5"
when I at under six feet (though very little under) could have reached out and touched him and was quite surprised that he was only marginally (less than an
inch for sure) taller than my brother, who cannot push past 5'7" to save his life? We were on even footing, a black top parking lot type of surface. There is a scene in the original "Rambo" where he is booked into the local jail. Many players come in and out of various shots within this sequence. What struck me at the time I first saw it that I only remembered again when I was close to Stallone in person was that every single guy in that entire sequence towered over him. Glenn, for pete's sake, the guy is a notorious wearer of lifts and only has about an inch-and-a-half over your 5'8" in the photo with you at his site with those lifts on! How does that make him even yet another inch taller in his bare feet? The numbers simply don't add up (literally and figuratively). If someone is only an inch shorter than me, it is just not possible for me to guess they are four inches shorter when they are standing right next to me - I would have to have the discernment of an imbecile (let's allow a tempting response to that to pass for now, just give me your honest thoughts).

[Editor Rob: ultimately sightings with photos that can (sometimes they can't) back up an estimate are always compelling to visitors...]
Glenn said on 14/Feb/07
Stallone is 5-10.5.NOT ridiculous.
misha said on 14/Feb/07
Bale is a fascinating actor who not only portrays a wide range of personas with
frightening intensity - he also has an elusive, protean sense of physicality that can be overtly disturbing. It is almost impossible to believe that the protagonists in "The Machinist" and "American Psycho" are in real life the same person. It is not suprising that his section on this site contains an amount of material that is perhaps excessive for his moderate level of fame,
as his height is indeed difficult to gauge. Weighing everything, I put him exactly at six feet. He cannot possibly be shorter than 5'11.5", but neither do I think he could be as tall as 6'1". Publicity that has put him at 6'2"
and even 6'3" is the same sort of ludicrous nonsense that has put Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone at 5'11".
Thomas said on 5/Feb/07
Alex you seem to be hanging around the same pages I do heh. Well yes, I think bale is 183cm tall, possibly slightly more.
RobertJ said on 31/Jan/07
In my opinion Brandon is about 1/2 inch taller than Hugh so it makes sense that Bale looks shorter compared to Routh than to Hugh. 5'11.5'' flat minimum.
daver said on 25/Jan/07
just saw batman begins
he is for sure 6'0" no question
he could possibly be even more maybe not a full 6'1" but something like 184cm or so
he definitely does not look dwarfed by 6'4" Liam Neeson and 6'2" Morgan Freeman
of course that could also be the angles and such but he is just built like a 6'+ guy
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/07
That Brandon Routh pic is no good. Routh is standing 'behind' Bale. Hence Bale 'seems' taller relative to Routh. Compare the size of Bale's head to Routh's. This picture is not accurate!!
Alex said on 15/Jan/07
Viper, I never seen the Machinest so I can't say I saw him at 120lbs. Is he a legit 6'0, possible as he does look it but even at 5'9-5'10 at 120lbs thats very skinny. Thats unhealthy to lose that much weight than gain a lot of weight. I'm a smidge taller than this guy if he's 6'0 so I can't imagine being at 120lbs. I was 5'11 155lbs when I was 16 and I was skinny so it would be insane to be 6'0 120lbs.
Viper said on 15/Jan/07
Alex, the guy looked freaking disturbing in the machinest. I can beleive the 120 pounds easy. He had a 25 inch waist. Hes just an amazing actor. To put his body through that is amazing and nuts at the same time. Then he bulked up to over 200 pounds for Batman.
Alex said on 12/Jan/07
I can believe that he's 6'0. On the E channel they were saying he got down to 120lbs for some role. Thats beyond crazy. 120lbs at 6'0. If he's 6'0 then he's damn near my height. At 6'0 you should be a bare minimum of 180lbs I'd say and even thats on the skinny side. 190lbs or more is better. I'm at 200lbs and at a good weight.
cate said on 5/Jan/07
in almost all the pictures i saw hes taller so i think bens right or 6'1.
Ben said on 3/Jan/07
When American Psycho was coming out, I read he was 6-2 and believed it. As I later looked him and the other actors up, they were all about 5-11, 5-10 and Bale was mentioned as 6, so I think it´s true that he´s 6. On photos he doesn´t look any bigger than that.
Viper said on 3/Jan/07
Its possible that Bale was wearing lifts when Mark met him.
dmeyer said on 3/Jan/07
in movies he looks 182 but at movie premieres looks more 183 so 6 ft no more
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/07
Jackman is 6'2.5 (189cm) at the very most, Mark is living in a fantasy world if he thinks Bale is 6'2. Mabye your realy only 5'11 Mark, seeing as Bale is one inch taller than you.
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/07
I find it hard to believe that Bale is 6'2" as Mark below claims.

Firstly he is more than an inch shorter the Hugh Jackman, like 3 + inches shorter. He is shorter than Micheal Caine, one or 2 inches.
He is slightly taller than Sean Bean(5'10.5" here) perhaps, half an inch to an inch .
Anthony said on 16/Dec/06
Kevin Tuma, you're wrong on all of them except for Routh. Routh is 6'2.5, but Neeson is 6'4 (possilby more 6'3.5 nowadays). Michael Caine is now 6'1.25. I personally think Bale 183-184, nothing more or nothing less.

The tallest Batman is West, who's 6'2. Then Bale and Kilmer both come in at 6'. Next is Clooney at 5'10.5, then Keaton at 5'10. If you want to count him, Kevin Conroy, who played Batman in the 1990s' animated series is 6'.
kevin tuma said on 12/Dec/06
Hero worship is amazing. He isn't built for the role, either, but mainly he can't be over 5 ' 11" based on the photos standing next to Brandon Routh and Liam Neeson, both of whom are obviously about 6' 2.5". And both of whom are at least 3.5 inches taller than Bale. Septagenarian Michael Caine is around six feet tall now, and he also looks taller than Bale onscreen. Bale's 5' 11".

Val Kilmer was the tallest Batman to date, with Adam West probably in second place, Clooney tied with Bale for third.
MOF said on 6/Dec/06
Bale looked about two inches smaller than Michael Caine in Batman Begins, and Caine is supposedly 186cm now. As I've said before, Bale is on the 180-183cm mark.
Batfan said on 23/Nov/06
I don't think so , Raptor, ok, some artist use all those tricks to see a little high, but in this case i've got another one. Have you seen the pictures with Jackman down here? You may agree with me that there are no more than 5cm. right? One guy who worked with Jackman said that he is near to 190, probably 187 when lees. Even if there were 5cm of difference, Bale would be 182, or 183 if there are less diference.
raptor said on 21/Nov/06
i know a guy who worked with him on batman begins and when i said ''Bale's big ins't he?'' he said na he's a short as , he's my height. That guy is only about 5-9 to 5-10. Don't forget its all about posture, lifts, camera angles and hair. Why do you arnie looks big, because he is filmed from below, Bale could easily have lifts. The guy also met katty holmes and said she was really tall for a woman, her being about 5'9 / 5'10
Glenn said on 20/Nov/06
I read 6-2 and thought that in American Psycho.but in Batman,he looked 6ft.
TNTinCA said on 19/Nov/06
Actually, in American Psycho, I got the impression he was taller. Like 6'2". I was somewhat surprised to discover he was 6 foot. But I doubt he is any shorter than that.
Josh said on 18/Nov/06
In American psycho he looked 6'0.5 (184cm) so 6 feet is about right.
Batfan said on 16/Nov/06
I think that his greatest trouble is that he almost never stands with his back straight. That makes him look too smaller, There are some scenes on the Prestige movie wher he looks very close to Jackman, but there are others where he looks very shorter.Just take a little look at the pictures with Jackman and Everett. Or Jackman and Everett aren't as tall as they say, or Bale's height is a little tricky, you know.
sam said on 9/Nov/06
There's a couple photos of Routh next to Jackman out there and Routh does seem to have about an inch advantage. Maybe, Routh's really about 6'3" and Jackman's more 6'2". Bale next to both guys seems to be about 6 foot even, just as he says. The 4 inch difference with Neeson is probably accurate also.
MOF said on 8/Nov/06
In Batman Begins, Liam Neeson always looked a good 4 inches taller, sometimes even more. If Bale was actually over 6'0" he wouldn't look 4 inches smaller, perhaps if Neeson wore lifts but I think that's pretty much not the case. Anything from 180-183cm I think is likely for Bale, probably closer to 183cm.
TNTinCA said on 30/Oct/06
I actually thought Routh looked closer to 6'3" to me. Could be his physique though since he is kind of lanky.
Jackman can be tricky but I tend to agree that he looks closer to 6'2" then to 6'3".
Viper652 said on 30/Oct/06
Honestly, Jackman looks shorter than 6-2 half the time. Routh looks 6-2 at least always.
MD said on 30/Oct/06
I'm not arguing he's taller than 6'0" if you were responding to my pictures. If anything, I'm calling into question either Routh or Jackman's height. They both can't be 6'2.5"...
dmeyer said on 29/Oct/06
if he was more than 6 ft he would have claim it also in premieres he does look a 6 footer but in movies looks more 5'11 maybe his body shape
dmeyer said on 10/Oct/06
after seing him near liam neeson and freeman he might be 6 feet but no more
Lmeister said on 10/Oct/06
Mr Bale is a legit 6 footer...
Batfan said on 7/Oct/06
Yes you're rigth, but you're talking about Burton, who didn't pay much atention in how the caracter looks like, and Schumacher, who didn't care about nothing of the Batman persona. The diference is that Nolan it's a huge fan. Any way, here are many comments wich support what I say, although I think you agree with me.
Gav said on 4/Oct/06
If you've seen Equilibrium, Bale definately looks 3 inches taller than Sean Bean who is 5'11.
Drew said on 28/Sep/06
"Look, if this guy were less than 180, I think Nolan wouldn
Batfan said on 24/Sep/06
Ok. In the Batman Begins dvd somebody says that Neeson is about 195, here they say he is 193 isn
MD said on 20/Sep/06
Just for note, McGregor is definitely shorter than what Rob continues to list him as. It's obvious.
Batfan said on 19/Sep/06
One guy down there said that Bale is 4-5 cm taller than Ewan McGregor.I saw a picture of McGregor and Hayden Christensen, and it seems that Christensen is taller than McGregor by about 5cm. That make him close to 184 Hayden Christensen, isn't it? And even if Christensen is not that tall, I think he is not shorter than 182 (Christensen).
dmeyer said on 11/Sep/06
freeman makes him look small in the movie and liam has a good 4 inches on him so no more than 6 foot
Drew said on 11/Sep/06
With Brandon Routh:

Click Here

I always thought he was around 6'2" or 6'3".
Batfan said on 11/Sep/06
I think he's 180-183, not less. Besides, he almost never stands with his back straight.
TheMan said on 31/Jul/06
Yeah Bale is probably just about 6,0. No way he's 6,2 he was nowhere near 6,4 liam nelson.
FASULO said on 30/Jul/06
With Spacey...Click Here
FASULO said on 30/Jul/06
I think here we have the last confirm of Bale height.No more than 182.Very probably as i said some months ago 180
MD said on 27/Jul/06
Just more reference, here he is with 6'2.5" Brandon Routh:

1. Click Here
houdaloth said on 26/Jul/06
there is no way that bale is 6.2 . you just have to trust your instincts. i think bale is between 5.11-6 foot at max , oyu can just tell
funkmonk said on 11/Jul/06
Hi Frank2, have you met Bale by any chance?
Jordan said on 28/Jun/06
Christain BAle used to be billed as 6'2 on many websites including but then they changed it to 6'0
kenshin said on 21/Jun/06
in front of Routh he does look 6'0 cuz Routh is def not shoter than 6'2.5
supes78 said on 10/Jun/06
This is the best pic of Bale & Routh with no skewed angles and it looks like a difference of a couple of inches, but no more than 3 inches;
Click Here

Routh's official bio released by his own agents refers to him as "the strapping 6
funkmonk said on 10/Jun/06
Difference of 3+ inches in favour of Routh. Perhaps Bale is under 6 foot afterall.
Viper652 said on 9/Jun/06
Routh is no taller then 6-2.
J-Dog said on 8/Jun/06
Isn't Routh more 6'3" than 6'2" that would explain the difference in height.
TNTinCA said on 8/Jun/06
He was a good two inches shorter than Morgan Freeman in Batman Begins. Also shorter than Michael Caine by about an inch to an inch and a half. In Reign of Fire, he was only a little taller than Matthew McConaughey. I think 6 foot is accurate.
Viper652 said on 8/Jun/06
He doesnt even look 6-0 next to the 6-2 Routh.
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/06
Bale looks 6'2 to me. The pics over at seem to prove he's over 6'0. At the least, he's 6'1.
RobertJ said on 4/Jun/06
Here's a good pic of Routh and bale: Click Here

Looks about 3 inches difference in height.
RobertJ said on 4/Jun/06
A picture that was taken today: Click Here

Routh's abit further from the camera and slightly bending but he looks a good 2 inches taller. 6ft or 6ft 0.5 sounds right for bale.
dmeyer said on 6/Apr/06
in batman he looks nowere near 184 freeman has 8 to 9 cm on him in the movie and liam got a good 4 inches on him but in those pics at the premiere he looks minimum 6'i dont get whi he dosent look it in the movie
Fan of Bale said on 26/Mar/06
Christian Bale is exactly 6'00 ft on the dot and is the 3 tallest batman with
Val Kilmer 6'1 the tallest , Michael Keaton 5'10 the shortest and George Clooney 5'11 the next shortest
Kenshin said on 15/Mar/06
He's shorter than Ken Wantabe or watever his name is so i think he's a solid 6'0.
MD said on 11/Mar/06
I'm not sure if these have been posted. Maybe they'll help:

Christian next to Freeman:

1. Click Here

Christian next to Freeman again:

2. Click Here


3. Click Here
Glenn said on 9/Mar/06
6 Feet.
Viper652 said on 9/Mar/06
Brett, some have estimated Neeson as in the 6-3 range also. Hes either 6-3 or 6-4. Either way, how hillarious is it that E channel says Bale is 6-3.
funkmonk said on 7/Mar/06
Regarding Bales's wright in Batman Begins. He was not 210-20 for that film, more 190 See
Brett said on 6/Mar/06
The pic Marc put up from Batman, shows more then 4 inches height gap, as the top of Bales head, is barely inline with Neesons eye level, and a normal man as Rob says has 4.5-5 inches from their eyeline to the top of their head. I think this could explain why Neeson is always said to be over 6'4", as he was taller then Conan O'brian, who is 6'4" and thought Neeson was more like 6'5". Neeson also towered over Harrison Ford in that one movie they did together, so I do not think the height Gap is suggesting that Bale is under 6'0", but rather that Neeson is a little more then 6'4" even. Either way theres a good 4.5 inch gap between the two.
Marc said on 22/Jan/06
Also, in Batman, when he is next to Liam Neeson, neeson has about 3-4 inches over him. If Bale was the 6'3" E! claimed him to be, that would make Neeson around 6'7". I truly believe he is 6'0", 6'1" at most.
175cm16andgrowing said on 21/Jan/06
yeah but if he was 5'11'' nobody would'Ve suggested him to be 6'2'' so ' is right. e said that himself. Is corect with the weight: Out of (most) films: 185, Batman Begins: 210-220, The Machinist: 121, new movie: 145. Height 6'? yes. Exactly. Compare him to Freeman and other actors, he's 6'. And see him in BB... he wears boots that make him taller.
Marc said on 10/Jan/06
He is supposed 6'3". While watching Batman Begins information, E! said that he is the first person to be the intended height of the actual Bruce Wayne - 6'3". But, look at him next to 6'4" Liam Neeson. He has to be around 6'0". Those 3 inches were probably aded to make him more imposing. I think he can be as tall as 6'1" but probably not.
Marc said on 10/Jan/06
He is supposed 6'3". While watching Batman Begins information, E! said that he is the first person to be the intended height of the actual Bruce Wayne - 6'3". But, look at him next to 6'4" Liam Neeson. He has to be around 6'0". Those 3 inches were probably aded to make him more imposing. I think he can be as talk as 6'1" but probably not.
CBB said on 6/Jan/06
LOTS of pics being posted as SHH seem to point him as 6'2.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/06
Next to Caine (6'1.5") and Neeson (6'4"), Bale looked about 6'1". Next to Freeman (6'2.5"), he looked 6'. He can be hard to pin down at times. I never did think he was a member of the 6'2" club, though. ;)
Jason said on 29/Dec/05
He looked 6'0'' to me in Batman.
CelebHeights Editor said on 29/Dec/05
Saw Batman the other day. Sometimes, because of camera angles he could look 6ft or 6ft 1. His scenes with Caine/Freeman pretty much ends any notion of this guy being 6ft 2!
Anonymous said on 21/Dec/05
He is MORE than 2 inches shorter than 6'4" neeson.
sam said on 14/Dec/05
He looked 6'1" to me in Batman.
Carla said on 8/Dec/05
Bale is stooping a little. He almost never stands with his back straight. Even on those Batman premiere photos. In comparison to other 'measured' actors and actresses, he looks 6 (not less) or 6,1 but i don't think he is 6,2 as many sources claim. Pity but 6' is absolutely acceptable for me.
Gotxo said on 7/Dec/05
Yes, Viper. He has a scene in the toilets of a restaurant and he gets very close other actors, as he tries to kill one (sorry can't remember his name). When i saw that film i belived he was his publicited 6'2" but he was about the same height other male actors. Was it giant cast? Him at 6' is a better explanation.
Viper652 said on 6/Dec/05
Bale certaintly looks 6-0 at least in American psycho to me.
FASULO said on 6/Dec/05
Bale-Freeman:2-3 inches of difference
MOF said on 5/Dec/05
Actually Gabe, Gary Oldman is officially listed as 5'10, and every eyewitness says he is smaller than that. Usually 5'8 to 5'9... Bale is probably 180-183cm
Anonymous said on 4/Dec/05
Bale is my favourite actor and i can judge better about him..that's all.I don't say he's under 180 in all cases.i think 181 is realistic,but this is a thinking that has strong evidences.However I'm 180
Gabe said on 3/Dec/05
Bale is a few inches taller than Gary Oldman who is officially 5'11" tall, I am guessing he is at least 6'1" tall. most likely 6'2" is accurate.

[Editor Rob: if Bale is 6ft 2 barefoot I'll bite the head off a bat!]
Matt said on 3/Dec/05
Matt McConaughey is about 6'1" tall, Bale stands around the same height when he costarred with Matt. Most British people estimate their height, my best guess is that he really is 6'2" tall. He is at minimum 6'1" tall, still the tallest movie Batman, taller than Clooney(5'11") and Keaton 5'10".
Jocke said on 2/Dec/05
Seriously guys, many of the juding is from pictures that the whole bodys isnt visibible, for all we know they can wear high heels in the pic that "starwars23" submitted. If Bale says he is 183, then he is 183. And "FASULO" around 15 postings here concerning his height trying to bring him down under the 6 feet score, what is the matter with you? Napoleon Complex or? Tell us your height, i guess 5'4". But you prolly lie and say 6'1"
FASULO said on 30/Nov/05
That photo is another sure proof about Bale height.there is infact 2 good inches between Caine and Bale as I've already shown.Caine as all we know isn't 187 cm of 1960 but probably 185 or less.Moreover for me Neeson and Freeman aren't in right position to compare.this 183 for Bale is unrealistic
Jay said on 29/Nov/05
he said he was 6 foot 2!!!!

[Editor Rob: any idea when/what interview?]
starwars23 said on 26/Nov/05
looks 6'2" to me

CelebHeights Editor said on 20/Nov/05
I've copied this over from one of the article comments:

"I happened to be in Santa Monica a few weeks back and happened into a bookstore. Christian Bale was browsing about and was trying to seem inconspicious (drab clothes, mussed hair, blah and blah). The only reason I noticed that it was him is that I get the "You look just like that guy from American Psycho/Batman" jazz all the time. (Richard Gere, too, but anyway...) I went and stood next to him by the magazine rack just to see if we could get a Lucy/Harpo Marx thing going. Not a chance; celebrities always see themselves in relation to themselves: no one else exists. Not to belabour it but I am exactly 6' tall and he was approx. 1" shorter than I. I was wearing hiking books, thus making me a bit taller than 6", and he was wearing a pair of basketball shoes. So, despite the claims in his biographies (I googled it), Christian Bale is the same height as me, ie. 6'." - Bunny Dracula
Brett said on 28/Oct/05
go watch shaft and youll see hes atleast 2inches shorter then big sammi, and in that pic sam isnt upright , hes leaning alittle and still looks to have 2 inches on him. So id say like 6'0" to 6'0.5" is right for bale, I mean he claims 6ft so I reckon he probably is bang on the 183cm mark, as hes a pretty straight shooter, he doesnt talk himself up.
J.J.F said on 18/Oct/05
In this pic an inch-and-a-half shorter than sam jackson, at the most
funkymonk said on 14/Aug/05
He is maybe an inch taller than Sean Bean (listed 5'11 here) in the film Equilibrium. See them here
FASULO said on 14/Aug/05
And Rob,how do you explain this Murloney-Bale pic?I think it could be really interesting...

[Editor Rob: yes (you have to register to see that pic), there doesn't look a great deal between them...mulroney done that julia roberts flick and really did not look anything other than average]
FASULO said on 14/Aug/05
How do you explain this rob?

[Editor Rob: you have to register to see the bale pictures, but there's a slight tilt in that pic...magic shoes? Hmm, you've seen those pics of him in basic trainers then in shoes on gettyimages and the possibility does exist...]
CelebHeights Editor said on 13/Aug/05
You know a magazine (Seventeen) from 1992 described Bale back then as 6ft 2.
seans_the_name said on 7/Aug/05
When Nolan and Co. were filming in Chicago, I managed to snag an autograph from Christian Bale. I'm 5'11, and he was about an inch and a half taller than me.

Very exciting moment for me too, btw. Major Batman fan.

[Editor Rob: the 184cm does seem to be very close to truth...]
J.J.F said on 3/Aug/05
well sam, I've seen Begins twice now (yes I know - don't start) and Bale really looks a solid 2" shorter than Freeman to me, I can't see Bale being more than 6' - anyhow he has said so himself, and if there is one guy in Hollywood whose word I might take for it, then it's him.
sam said on 20/Jul/05
In Batman, there was barely any difference that I could perceive in height between Michael Caine and Christian Bale. Caine was 6'2" at his peak and is now 6'1"-6'1 1/2". Bale looked to me about 1" to 2" inches shorter (about 4 cm) than Freeman and about three inches shorter than Neeson (about 7.5 cm). I think he's just about 6'1". There's no way I buy 5'11.5".
jonny boy said on 13/Jul/05
i e-mailed this guy who runs the web site asking him how tall he is because he said when he did the press junket for Batman and met Christian Bale that he was and him were eye to eye. he just got back to me...he said he's 6'1
FASULO said on 10/Jul/05
Last news from Batman Premieres:in all these premieres,after Tokyo where Bale was in sneakers-and yu could see the enormous difference in among Tokyo and the last ones-Bale is without doubt WITH ELEVATOR SHOES 2'5".Rob you should see these photos.

[Editor Rob: yes, his trainers are about 1 inch max though...but then sometimes when he has shoes he suddenly looks more taller than just 0.5 inch extra :0]
raazorwyre said on 2/Jul/05
reports from crew working with him is a minimum of 6 plus...up to 6 foot two. I'm likely to stick with around six foot one or so, but the point us, he is NOT under six feet tall, and that is very, very freaking skinny. I don't know many folks who've known men under 120 lbs. and over 6'1" close to their 30's...not with his other bodily proportions, and in the film it varies. What's amazing is how quickly he pulled off the transition to putting it back on. He's got me I alone in my strange ways? ;)
CidofSpain said on 30/Jun/05
In the last scene of Batman, Bale is about an inch or two shorter than Michael Caine (6'2"), so I would say probably he is 6 feet tall. Bale looks about 3" shorter than Newsom, so again he is probably 6 feet.
funkmonk said on 27/Jun/05
He was about an inch taller than Sean Bean in Equilibrium. Bean is listed as 5'11" though tome he looks shorter.
Also he appeared 3 plus inches shorter than morgan freeman in Batman, Morgan is listed as 6'2.5"
FASULO said on 21/Jun/05
Bale is DEFINITIVELY NOT 6'0".Dear editor see these pics:
For me there are 2 inches of difference.Caine is 185-186.Bale 5'11.25" at best.We have another Brad..
Viper652 said on 19/Jun/05
Jay Leno isnt 6 foot tall, hes 5-9 to 5-10. Bale is no more then 6 foot Max
British Guy said on 19/Jun/05
Editor Rob,

I Agree With You On This One,

Christian Is About 6ft 0in/6ft 1in.
jbrwn said on 18/Jun/05
I believe Christian Bale is 6 ft.2. He was nose to nose with Gerard Butler in Reign of Fire and Gerard is 6'2". Gerard was nose to nose with Craig Ferguson who is also 6'2" and slightly taller than Jay Leno at 6' tall.
FASULO said on 18/Jun/05
For me Watanabe is really 184.Otherwise we couldn't explain he's shorter only 3 cm than Freeman(I would say Morgan in last years has shrunk 1 inch).And Ken seems taller than Bale in Batman too.Neeson has a terrible posture in all occasions-so it's very difficult evaluating him-but difference is 10 cm or more.Now it is very important giving much attention to last Batman's scene:
where Michael Caine and Bale are together in the middle of ruins of Wayne's mansion.That's for me the best testing ground.
Mr. R said on 17/Jun/05
You know, everytime I see that pic of the Batman cast, I am puzzled. Katie Holmes looks like she is many inches shorter than Ken Watanabe, but she isn't. I know Liam Neeson to be about 6-3, which makes Watanabe maybe 6 foot, but Katie looks like she is 5-6 compared to Watanabe. Rob what do you think?

[Editor Rob: Katie's shoes are very thin so she's losing some height compared to others]
FASULO said on 17/Jun/05
I've just seen Batman Begins and Michael Caine seems to me 4-5 cm taller than Bale,Freeman 7(?),Neeson much taller...However I wanna underline a peculiar thing:in all scenes with these tall men Bale is never correctly shot shoulder
to shoulder or with large frames.There are ever some tricks to hide his real
height.Judge yourself.
Jo Blo said on 17/Jun/05
These comments are ridiculous! There's no way a guy who's 5'11 can be mistakingly listed a 6'2 for years! It's just impossible for that amount of error. The guy is 6+ ft. Let's leave it at that.
J.J.F said on 16/Jun/05
Lol FASULO - that was 'JJ', I am J.J - different one. From now on I'll use all my initials to make the difference clear :)

No I think Freeman is about 6'2.5" though of course I can easily be 0.5 off target, that would make bale just under 6' yeah. You can't really get these guys height right to a half inch - but Bale definitely looked 1" taller than Josh Lucas in Amer Psycho and lucas is not under 5'11" I think...
JUSTMATT said on 15/Jun/05
Today I saw in a magazines a photos of Bale with Freeman in "Batman begins" and Freeman to me seems 2 inch taller so I think he is 183-184 and Freeman 189.
J.J said on 15/Jun/05
Yes Bale is a tough one, in 'Psycho' he looked and inch taller than Josh Lucas - who is not the 5'11.5" he is listed as here.
But standing next to Freeman he is a good 2 inches shorter.
Now I have Lucas pegged at 5'11" and Freeman at 6'2.5". I think the 6 foot listing for Bale is correct (I also think Sean Bean is slightly taller than 5'10", hence the small difference between him and Bale)
Fasulo said on 13/Jun/05
Now we can do some considerations about Bale:
1)Bale seems being from 5 to 7 cm shorter than Freeman(really 189? or better187..)
2)10-12 cm shorter than Neeson(+190)
3)8-10 cm taller than Taye Diggs
4)Probably 2 cm taller than Sean Bean in Equilibrium
5)5-6 cm taller than Alessandro Nivola
6)5-6 cm taller than Leto in American Psycho
7)6 cm taller than Ironside
8)4-5 cm taller than Theroux in American Psycho
9)3-4 cm shorter than Matt Ross in A.P.
10)Same height or probably +1cm with Jeffrey Wright
11)4-5 cm taller than McGregor
12)Same height with Kidman in Portrait of a Lady
13)2 cm taller than Robert Sean Leonard in Swing Kids
Definitively between 180 and 182 but not more or less.What do yu think Director? These are all my knowledges..
Big Dave said on 13/Jun/05
I think that Bale is slightly shorter than what he is listed here. I would say that he is in the 180-182cm range. He does look about four inches shorter than 6'3.5 Liam Neeson. He also looks about 2.5 inches shorter than Morgan Freeman. I think that he is probably 5'11.5.
Viper652 said on 13/Jun/05
Its very possible he might only be 5-8. In Hollywood they can really Exagerrate Actors heights big time. Sometimes up to 5, even 6 inches for the Extreme cases. Kilmer is a legit 6 footer, so That would mean Bale would be waaaaaay below 6 foot.
Fasulo said on 13/Jun/05
I said a lot of times this truth with comparison of various snapshots and photos-that he is under 6 feet-but really NOT under 181!It's just impossible
thinking him under 5'11".i agree with yu Director
CelebHeights Editor said on 13/Jun/05
I had an interesting email from a contact who tells me the following: His friend was at the batman premiere and was shocked at when speaking to Bale (the friend is 5ft 10) how short Christian Bale looked. They estimated him to be closer to 5ft 8 than 6ft! By comparison they had said that Michael Caine and Val Kilmer looked tall.

Some of this might be down to road camber, but by accounts this person is quite aware of judging height...I really do not know what to think! I know there may be some road camber and 'shock'...but still, I find it hard to imagine bale even being 5ft 11!
Lmeister said on 9/Jun/05
I think Mr.Bale is one of the honest guys in the showbiz. He could easily say that he is 6'1'' and wear high heeled shoes. I do believe that he is also being honest about his weight. He does look muscular in Batman, but like funkymonk noted that he doesn't look huge...then again there is a guy who claimed to be 5'10''/177 pounds and looked pretty damn huge...hmm
funkymonk said on 7/Jun/05
a note on weight. He said in empire magazine he went down to 120 pounds for the film the 'machinist' then up to 190 for batman begins. Have a look at his batman images, he did bulk himself up but does not look huge. I reckon its unlikely though he is under 6 foot and weight that amount.
Fasulo said on 7/Jun/05
What do yu think about this?
J.J said on 31/May/05
Neeson doesn't look more than 6'3" in those pics
kevin said on 30/May/05
i think those pics prove that bale is 6ft. Ken Watanabe looks quite the same height. but katie holmes doesnt look 5ft 9in next to Watanabe. maybe 5ft 8in. freeman 6ft 2in and neeson 6ft 3.5in.

[Editor Rob: To be fair to Holmes, she is wearing VERY thin type shoes seen here so the her height of 5ft 9 still makes sense since 184ish Watanabe has a good inch advantage over her footwear]
John said on 30/May/05
That Japanese Guy by the way in that pic below is Ken Watanabe who on this site is listed at 6 ft 0.5 in, the same as Bale. Either Watanabe is taller than this site lists or Bale is truly right on the 6 ft mark.
Fasulo81 said on 12/May/05
A precious snapshot..
Fasulo81 said on 10/May/05
Dear editor this is an interesting photo about Bale..
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/05
Bale In Portrait Of a Lady seems to be perfectly face to face with Nicole Kidman(with very short heels)
Anonymous said on 7/Apr/05
Smoke yu should see in Equilibrium the snapshot Bale-Bean(178 cm in Celebheights)and then yu'll know.1)Bale is taller than Bean not more than 2 cm.
2)Bale-RhisMeyers(178 cm) they are equal.3)Diggs could be only 5'7" confirming my words(infact there aren't 12-14 cm of difference between them in your snapshot!).4)Bale is incredibly shorter than Neeson(192).5)Bale is taller than Alessandro Nivola(175 cm) in a Laurel Canyon premiere snapshot not more than 5-6 cm(infact they are shoulder to shoulder).6)In the Shaft snapshot Bale-Jeffrey Wright(absurd..stated 183 ?!? but perfectly equal to Bowie!(178 cm)...probably shorter than Bowie in Andy Warhol)where Bale is taller just 2 cm.7)In the Laurel Canyon snapshot Bale-McDormand(168 cm with heels 175 admitting she's heels..).Is Bale 184????
Smoke said on 7/Apr/05
I ran into Mr. York a couple years ago, and I guess he must have shrunk an inch in that span. I truely remember the guy being about 5'11". Now I don't know anything about Rhis-Meyers, but in comparison to Michale Ironside you can certainly see that Bale is atleast 183-184 cm.
Mr. R said on 6/Apr/05
As I've said before, Michael York is now 5-10, and Taye Diggs is 5-7. I met both last year in Hollywood.
Anonymous said on 6/Apr/05
I'm sorry Mr Smoke but I have at least 3 photos that shows clearly Bale real height.So look in Balecollection site,the Velvet Goldmine snapshot with J.Rhis-Meyers(stated 178 in Imdb)with boas...incredible don't yu think?
Smoke said on 6/Apr/05
Yep, Ironside looks about 1-2 cms shorter than York there, and my personal account of York has him at about 5'11". BTW I agree that Bale does actually look tall everywhere, and 184 cm really isn't that tall.
Smoke said on 6/Apr/05
I'm pretty sure he's atleast slightly over 6'0". Here's a pic of Bale with Michael Ironside (listed at 6'0"), now if Ironside is really 6'0" then that would make Bale the 6'2" he's listed at everywhere. Even if Ironside is 1-2 inches shorter than 6'0", that would still make him 6'0"-6'1". Bale is closer to 6'1" than 6'0", that is if he isn't smack dab in between those two heights.

[Editor Rob: I had undergraded Ironside, but this picture from the 90's would suggest then that Ironside was a solid 178ish (or less if Mr R was correct with Michael York being shorter). Nowadays I think he's slightly under that. But Bale I've had 184 and even Matthew McConaughey described him as tall in a recent magazine...]
Fasulo81 said on 6/Apr/05
Perfect..The Bale an Taye Diggs(5'8" or 5'7"..?) photo shows clearly that there aren't 10 cm or more of difference..confirming my doubts..however Bale is not 184 cm.very probably 181-182 cm.
Ricardo said on 5/Apr/05
I think a solid 6'0" is more like his height, he isn't that much taller than 5'8" Taye Diggs
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/05
Dear editor for the real height of Bale you should see a pic of balecollection site and see in equilibrium gallery..Bale and Sean Bean at the same height..

[Editor Rob: I think they're walking in the snapshot you refer to but Bale does look taller to me :) Bale and Taye Diggs - that shows a better difference between diggs and bale.]
Fasulo81 said on 30/Mar/05
In Equilibrium Bale is at the same height of Sean Bean(178 cm)...In Reign of Fire he's identical height of McConough.Bale is surely 180!
Smoke said on 28/Mar/05
"With Batman Begins (2005), he will become the seventh actor to play Batman and the only one since Adam West to stand the same height as Batman, who is 6-feet-2-inches tall according to the comic books."
Well I guess this quote loses it's meaning on this site! I think he's a solid 6'0"-6'1" guy, so I definately agree with his listing on this site. He's still got the perfect build and persona to play Batman though, even though he's not quite "Batman's real height".

Fasulo81 said on 27/Mar/05
dear editor i don't think there are only 10 cm of difference in batman photo between Liam and Christian.but 12 or more...
Mr. R said on 18/Mar/05
This seems about right for Bale. Definitely not 6'2". I did meet Liam Neeson this past fall at a Kinsey screening. I saw him in the parking lot, and slid up next to him to size him up for my friends at celebheights! I do not think that he is 6'4" anymore, and I believe him to be closer to 6'3".
CelebHeights Editor said on 18/Mar/05
Neeson at his peak was definitely 6ft 4. Is he still this height (I think he's maybe marginally under but not much). Bale and Neeson in Batman. One thing is...Bale was never the 6ft 2 he got listed at a few years ago.
CelebHeights Editor said on 7/Feb/05
You know, he could be just over 6ft, I asked a Fellow called Jon by email who met him at Sundance (click here to view bale, scroll down page) and he emailed me back: "I'm about 5' 11" - I think he is about 2 inches taller than I".

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