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6ft 3.85in (192.6cm)
ER. said on 19/Jun/06
Man, is Conan so obsessed with height, that he demands to stand back to back with nearly (every) tall celebrity that comes on his show? That's pretty crazy.
Viper652 said on 16/Jun/06
Ehh, Hasselhoff really is no taller then 6-4 though. He can look taller at times because of his build and for being that tall to begin with.
Darren said on 13/Jun/06
There's no way Conan is 6'2. He's definately 6'4, Hasselhoff might be 6'5, he's one of those guys who look taller then they have been said to be. like Steven Seagal, and some shoes have thicker heels but still are not lifts or anything, maybe Hassellhoff wore bigger shoes? And Conan does not wear lifts or anything, you can see that he wears normal dress shoes and when he's somewhere else than on his show he usually wears normal shoes, I saw him here in Finland and he's a huge guy, and his shoes didn't have large heels or lifts inside them, trust me. I saw a picture of him with a fan in Chigago, his fan said he's like 6'2 and conan was right beside him and he was leaning down and making a funny face, and he still was taller than the 6'2 guy.
Viper652 said on 11/Jun/06
Conan just doesnt look 6-4 on his show half the time to me. I could deffinitly see him as a legit 6-2 1/2 like Jason says.
Jason said on 11/Jun/06
I seriously doubt a guy as tall as Hasselhoff would be wearing big heels to try to appear taller. If anyone would be wearing big heels, it's Conan. He's the guy always talking about height and boofing his hair up like that lol. Conan's also appeared in the 6'2 1/2'' range next to a number of other celebrities.
Matt said on 10/Jun/06
He said on his show once "I'm like 6'4 1/2- 6'5". I'd believe it, he is very tall, he looks about 6'4. I guess Hasselhoff was wearing taller heals. They did not show his feet.
Jason said on 10/Jun/06
Conan looks 6'2 1/2'' in the pic where he's back to back with 6'4'' David Hasselhoff. His boofed up hair just makes him look taller.
bikagyura said on 16/May/06
looks even taller than 6' 4 to me
Jake said on 25/Apr/06
Connan didn't quite measure up to 6'4" Hasselhoff. He is probably 6'3.5", and rounds up to 6'4", or goes by his mourning height.
Anonymous said on 21/Apr/06
"He's got to be under 6'4 now". I'd estimate something like 6'3 1/3"
People lose height as they age, men about 0.75 cm per decade, and women about 1.25 cm per decade. You also have to realize that when we wake up, on average we're 1/2 inch taller than when we go to bed. This effect may be greater in very tall people.

When I was 20, I was 5'9.75 during the day, and 5 10.4" when waking up.

Now I'm going to turn 31 in "

sal soon committed suicide after realizing he is destined to become a midget
Sal said on 17/Apr/06
He's got to be under 6'4 now". I'd estimate something like 6'3 1/3"
People lose height as they age, men about 0.75 cm per decade, and women about 1.25 cm per decade. You also have to realize that when we wake up, on average we're 1/2 inch taller than when we go to bed. This effect may be greater in very tall people.

When I was 20, I was 5'9.75 during the day, and 5 10.4" when waking up.

Now I'm going to turn 31 in

andrew butthead said on 23/Mar/06
he's 6'4", hes even said it talking to a guest who was like 6'8", he was like "when guests come out, they're surprised that im so tall at 6'4", but when you come out im so shocked at how much taller you are"
Chris said on 15/Feb/06
Conan visited the president of Finland. She is 172 cm. In this pic she is wearing high-heels and he is not standing up straight. But he is at least 6'4''.,2789,778734,00.html
Viper652 said on 3/Feb/06
Hasselhoff is a legit 6-4 dude, that would make Conan 6-3 in that pic.
wrestling said on 2/Feb/06
Conan Looks A Solid 6'4"
cantstop25 said on 30/Jan/06
in that photo with conan and hasselhoff, hasselhoff is standing up perfectly straight where conan is actually leaning back, though i still think that dave is still slightly taller
Forever_69 said on 29/Jan/06
Kilborn ain't no 6-5, he was 6-4 with shoes on (measurement from his college basketball days)
Mikex said on 29/Jan/06
Hasselhoff looks an inch taller in the photo but it could be the angle.
Anshelm said on 27/Jan/06
Hmmm... based on some comments, as well as my own observations he seems to be shorter than the likes of David Hasselhoff, Liam Neeson, and Renny Harlin – all said to be 6'4". But then again, Conan has appeared taller than other guys said to be 6'4", like Goran Visnjic. So I guess he's 6'4" to the inch, but maybe not to the centimetre.
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/06
In the picture Rob submitted you can see where Conan's hair cut fades from a huge fluff to buzzed sides. Now imagine his whole head buzzed. Would Hasselhoff have atleast 2 inches on him? Their eye levels sort of speak for themselves.
supes78 said on 21/Jan/06
Here's a great pic of Conan standing next to 6'4" David Hasselhoff and it's easy to see that they are the same height. Case closed.

[Editor Rob: they went back to back]
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/06
Well, he's at least 6'4" because he was standing taller than Will Farrell, who's 6'3".
Danimal said on 17/Jan/06
Greg Kilborn (sp?) is apparently 6'5", so he is .5" to 1" taller than Conan.
Jason said on 17/Jan/06
Oh ... I misread and thought you were suggesting would he really be the tallest talk show host lol! Actually, he just may be even so!
Jason said on 17/Jan/06
Don't think so, but being that tall (which honestly, is gigantic compared to the majority of celebrties) and with that hair, he can get away with claiming to be.
Viper652 said on 17/Jan/06
Thing is Jason, wouldnt he still be the tallest talk show host at 6-2.5??
supes78 said on 16/Jan/06
Craig Kilborn at 6'5" was the tallest talk show host, so Conan should have exagerrated more if he was indeed looking for publicity, which is just a ludicrous notion. I've seen plenty of 6'4" celebrities on his show such as Tom Selleck, David Hasselhoff, Dan Laraquette, etc. and Conan was just as tall as any one of them. And I refuse to believe the guy wears lifts for every episode as I've seen his footwear many times when he's doing his physical bits such as hopping on his desk and he always seems to be sporting normal dress shoes.
Jason said on 16/Jan/06
I reckon Conan is more like 6'2 1/2'' minus the hair and shoes. He doesn't appear taller than the Rock (who I believe to be no more than 6'2 1/2'') and he was shorter than Micael Clarke Duncan who sure as hell isn't his listed 6'5''. Why would Conan lie about his height? Cuz it generates publicity if he's billed as the tallest talk show host around.
Anonymous said on 16/Jan/06
He said on his show that he's 6'5"!

[Editor Rob: he's growing!]
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/06
F I N A L L Y! Someone else can see that his hair puts about two inches on him. Thank you!
cantstop25 said on 12/Jan/06
look at this picture Conan

Conan looks taller then the rock but if you look at the picture hard you will see that the Rock is just slightly taller. AS you can see conan's hair makes him look taller. the rock is only 6'4"
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/06
well tonight he definitely looked at least 6'4" next to John Tesh who said he was 6'6", Conan looked almost as tall as him, maybe about 1.5" shorter
gyllenhaalic823 said on 17/Dec/05
WOW! He's tall! I was watching a preview of an episode with him and Nancy O'Dell (5'9.5" with shoes = around 5'11"-6'0" because she was about five inches shorter than him) I think that this height is correct, however, if Nancy was wearing flats then his height should be downgraded two inches.
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/05
He's 6'4 1/2" according to
mac1 said on 28/Nov/05
Conan is definately 6ft4. He is huge compared to the majority of his guests and you can tell when he walks on at the beginning of the show that he is a tall man.
Mr. Awesome said on 16/Sep/05
Yes, Rob; I think that Conan might be slightly over maybe .5 inch or .75 inch, and that Saget is about an inch under 6'4'', maybe even as low as 6'2.5'' at this age.
Qwerty said on 14/Sep/05
If he says he;s 6ft-4 hes that, he looks it.
mjd said on 27/Aug/05
You have Saget listed as 6'4.....hmmmm...interesting....about a week ago he was on conan and was about an inch shorter than him...Conan is a very tall man....He's IMO 6'5....perhaps 6'4.5

[Editor Rob: I have Saget and Conan both listed at what they've is conceivable one might be slightly under 6ft 4, one slightly over?]
Mr. R said on 19/Aug/05
Sam, thnaks for supporting my view that the position of tv cameras affect our perception of their height.
sam said on 19/Aug/05
When guests come out, the camera is usually behind them or close to them, so it tends to make them look taller next to Conan when they shake hands. I've noticed multiple times that 6'4"ish guests seem taller than Conan, but if they stand next to him in a more centered shot at the end, he is as tall or taller than them.
cantstop25 said on 11/Aug/05
ehh ignore my comments he probably is 6'4" saw him last night and this time when him and bob saget shook hands they stopped and talked to each other while still standing and they were the same height. IM wathcing the show now and he is only about an inch taller then donald trump. I was judging his height from when they go to shake hands with the celebrities however maybe it is just a weird camera angle. also his hair does make him look taller
cantstop25 said on 8/Aug/05
"Actually Tim Robbins looked 1 inch taller than conan"

well that is because when conan went to go shake tims hand he leaned in, he always does that. Later on however when the show is closing and conan goes to shake hands with isla fisher and tim the camera turns away right when conan was about to shake tims hand however for that split second it seemed as though from that angle tim was looking up at conan.
cantstop25 said on 26/Jul/05
he was atleast the same height as 6'5" tim robbins who was on his show last friday. I couldnt believe it his man is indeed very tall, everytime a celebrity comes on his show they often remark about his height. IM going to up his height again to 6'5"

[Editor Rob: hey, if you do that, then I'll be having to upgrade David Hasselhoff to 6ft 5.5 then!!!]
cantstop25 said on 21/Jul/05
i think conan is above 6'4". like 6'4.5". THe thing is when guests come on to his show when he goes to shake there hands he always leans over. When there are taller guests on his show he does not do this and you see how tall he is. He is taller then jeff goldblum and bob saget. Last night big 6'5" Michael Clarke Duncan was on his show and MCD was just slightly taller prob about half of an inch.
Anshelm said on 10/Jul/05
Finnish 194 cm (usually rounded to 6'4") tall director Renny Harlin looked to be about 2 cm taller than Conan, when he visited his show. Though by one-inch accuracy 192 cm is close enough to 6'4". Also, I've noticed that Conan is usually taller than guest who say they're 6'4"...
mjd said on 7/Jul/05
Ive watched Conan and at times hed insinuate hes 6'5...I remember a segment in which conan was asked how tall he was...and he replied "6'4-6'5" hes definetly something in between their
MikeZ said on 26/Jun/05
I would think conan is around minimal 6'3.5 without shoes, but i personally believe he is 6'4... hes not 6'3 and definately not 6'2. Andy richter was 6'2 and the height difference was clear.
sam said on 9/Jun/05
Conan always has said 6'4". When people say he's 6'5" or 6'6", he says 6'4". When people say 6'3", he still says 6'4". Conan is exactly 6'4", end of story everyone.
Drew said on 8/Jun/05
Why would Conan lie about his height? Did he ever say how tall he is anyway? If he did, I wouldn't understand why he'd lie about his height...why would he wanna be more than 6'3"?
Jason said on 5/Jun/05
It's possible Roger Moore might still be around 6'1'', some guys shrink less than others. My Grandfather was 6'1 1/2'' in his prime and today, at 73, still stands 6'1 1/6''.

[Editor Rob: yes, some people might lose only very small because their bones/cartilage and posture is great.]
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/05
Another case in point, when Roger Moore was on Conan right before he had a heart attack or was it a stroke on stage? Anyway he was doing that play in New York.

Well Roger Moore at about age 76, who was listed in his mid 40's while Bond at 6-1, I SWEAR, if anyone can get this show or has ti taped....

Moore stood like half an inch from Conan, they REALLY got close, Conan is a HUGE Bond fan, and a HUGE fan of Roger Moore, it was a strong, genuine, close embrace.

If Roger Moore is STILL 6-1, and if that is STILL without shoes, then Conan is 6-3 without shoes. However is Moore 6-1 without shoes at age 76?

I will give Conan 6-3, and nothing more. Either that or Roger Moore is MUCH taller than people think, as with the height of 6 feet here on this site.
David said on 4/Jun/05
Well Conan O'Brien ain't no 6-4, because Hasselhoof claims he's 6-4 as does Tom Selleck, BOTH have ONCE YEARS ago when they FIRST appeared on Conan stood back to back with Conan.

Conan is 6-3, NOT 6-4.
Mr. R said on 2/Jun/05
Beaner, I saw Conan a few years ago, and he was pretty close to 6-4, even without the hair. Notice when he greets his guests, he stoops over a lot and we rarely see a shot when he is standing straight. I saw him standing straight, and I say he is 6-4.
mjd said on 23/May/05
beaner..your crazy...when conan did his show in toronto i checked it out a few times and he "i sware to god" is 6'5-6'6...I played basketball my whole being 6'2 and most of my teamates in the 6'0-7'0 range..i have a great eye for height...and he's 6'5...hes a bit too tall to be 6'4....and 6'2 as you stated is ludacris...I'm the same height as the producer of the show and thats how i got my tickets....and he was ATLEAST 3 inches shorter then the coneZONE.mark it..conan Obrian is 6'5..6'6 with shoes
Hani said on 17/May/05
He is the same height as tom selleck
6'4 is right
Anonymous said on 4/May/05
you can't be the real pierre bernard. you wouldn't be wasting your time on this site.
cantstop25 said on 21/Apr/05
he is 6'4" according to my friend. he said he met conan and he was no taller then me and I am also 6'4". i was actually surprised because I watched his show and I notice that he is slightly taller then jeff goldblum and bob saget. those are two guys who may be liek 6'3.5" and they round up which is fine. however conan is one of the few celebrities who are the actual height they say they are. my theory is that the majority of celbrites (especially the ones uinder 6'" add 2 inches
pierre bernard said on 14/Apr/05
hey, i work on the show, and i take notice of his height compared to various guests - for example the 'rock' came on one day, he is quoted to have said he is 6'5, now i noticed conan was at least his height, HOWEVER i dont believe the rock is a genuine 6'5, i believe conan is 6'4 1/2 - 3/4

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