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5ft 4.33in (163.4cm)
Maya said on 7/Jun/07
umad 80 you were right about Emma's shoes at the US premiere of GoF. I thought she wore ballerinas, but no, these shoes had small wedges, around inch or so: Click Here
Also, Dan's shoes look very suspicious in all the pictures from the same slideshow. For example check out his shoes at the picture No 6, they have monster heels. You might be right after all about Dan boosting up his height. But I still think he might be shorter than 5'5.
umad80 said on 6/Jun/07
I can't say what he wore during PoA or during the French premiere of GoF, but I've looked at pictures of Dan (trying to determine Rupert's height) and you can see that he's made himself several inches taller. So he's either wearing elevator shoes or lifts. You can tell it's more or less elevator shoes due to how Dan stands. Look at pictures from GoF UK premiere, GoF US premiere, and the Photocall. Dan stands straight at attention, legs very close together. No one stands like that, so he's obviously trying to hide the larger heel he has on his shoes.

That is why people get confused on Rupert's height. They think Dan stands exactly at 5'5.5" as he says, but with putting on two or so inch elevator shoes he stands between 5'7" and 5'7.5", sometimes bordering on 5'8".

If you want to see documented proof, check out this photo. This photo Click Here was taken at the 2005 GoF photocall. As you can see, Dan is almost standing at 5'7.5" - almost two and a half inches taller than Emma. You can also Click Here and see a bunch of low-res photos from then, and you can see what I mean about how Dan is standing, putting his legs together. And if I find the time, I'll look at the UK and US GoF premieres and see if I can't show that he was wearing at that time too. (Considering he was as tall as Emma - maybe a tad taller - was at the US GoF premiere and she had at least one inch or so heels on.)
Ariella said on 5/Jun/07
I agree with umad80, but he didn't wear elevator shoes at every premiere, and Emma is 5'5, still she hasn't grown.
umad80 said on 4/Jun/07
Yeah, Dan is definitely between 5'5" and 5'5.5" but I doubt more and doubt less.

Fan sites had Matt Lewis down at 5'10" but this was YEARS ago. He looks to be around the same height as Jamie Waylett! I would say he's definitely a 6 footer.

Anna, I know you really want to believe 5'7" for Emma, and to be honest, I hope you're right. LOL I'd hate to be wrong on Rupert's height. But I've said it before, that outtake photo is crap! Look at how much Dan is leaning. His legs are not even perpindicular to the rest of his body! And Emma looks to be leveraging herself up by pushing on Dan. That looks to be the 'sexy' shoot they were going for imo.

I think Glenn is wrong on the 5'4" deal though. I think Dan just appears short because when I saw him at the premiere I thought he looked short too. But he wears elevator shoes and unless he gets three inches out of it, I've proven that he is about 2-2.5" taller in his shoes because he and Emma are basically the same height at 5'5" and during GoF promotion he had a good two inches or so on her.
Ariella said on 4/Jun/07
You forgot that they have about 1-2 inch heels on, Katie has about 2 because the girls shoes are thicker, and Matt is really tall compared to Dan.
Ariella said on 3/Jun/07
That's right umad80.
Maya said on 3/Jun/07
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Dan looks a looooot shorter than Matt Lewis, and exactly the same height as Katie Leung (which is according to this site 5'4.5"). Has anyone got a clue how tall Matt may be? Some sites have him at 5'10", but to me it's obvious that he has grown. Now that I think of it, even in GoF he had Dan by at least 6-7 inches, in the scene where they walk towards the lake for the second task.
Ariella said on 2/Jun/07
But he's taller than Emma, that would make her 5'3. And I've met Emma in person Numerous times because I live in Oxford.
umad80 said on 2/Jun/07
Hmm. Did you account for shoes? I'm a firm believer that Dan is between 5'5" and 5'5.5", but if you have regular tennis shoes on, you might be an inch taller than your normal height.

My thoughts are:
Rupert--between 5'9" and 5'10"
Maya said on 2/Jun/07
I read some of the old comments on this page and Glenn also estimated Dan as 5'4" when he saw him. That was last year allright, but I don't think Dan has grown since
leni said on 2/Jun/07
dan is really short i saw him equus yesterday and he was the shortest actor on stage. he came and spoke to us at the end and he was shorter then the female director who was shorter then me (im barely 5'6) when i walked pasted her...hes like 5'4
Ariella said on 30/May/07
Dan is 5'6 and Emma is 5'5.
Arjun said on 29/May/07
Chip, actually Jamie was somewhat taller than Dan even in CoS (there was no direct comparison of them two, but he (Jamie) was a little taller than Tom, who was taller than Dan) But Jamie towers over Dan now - I think by at least 9 inches. He is taller than Joshua Herdman (Goyle) as well (the latter was also an "early grower" like Dan, I think he's around 6'0"?)
anna said on 28/May/07
Wow, you're hilarious Daniel. That was just oh so witty and clever. Anyways, I agree with you Chip. I think that Tom might have grown some during CoS because in some photos/parts of the movie he looks shorter and some he looks taller, such as the photo in the book shop. But, yeah, he was definitley the first to be done with puberty seeing that his voice broke the earliest and has basically not changed at all. And like we've said, he has said in interviews that this is "the level he will stay at." And, yeah, I've heard that his mum is 4'10"-4'11" and that his dad is 5'8" I believe (?), which would mean you would most likely be taller than him because your Dad is quite tall, 5 inches taller than Dan's dad.
daniel said on 27/May/07
now my height is 6.2 inch and emma is defenately smaller tham me becsuse when i ****ed her she was smaller tham me on the bad totally nude
Charlotte said on 24/May/07
I dont think that new pic from teen vogue is v good at all...he is slouched and standing at a v limiting angle - look at his legs! Saying that, i do think Emma might be a bit taller, but no where near 3 inches taller! Maybe an inch - if he's 5'5.5 she might be 5'6.5.
Cuz there is no way he is under 5'5 - its impossible!
Arjun said on 23/May/07
Actually Anna, IIRC Tom was taller in the second movie as well. Just see the bit after Lockhart poses with him and he (Tom) is watching from above. When he comes down the steps and meets Dan and the rest, he is clearly taller than Dan.
umad80 said on 22/May/07
I think Dan is definitely 5'5.5" only because he seems to be only slightly taller than the 5'5" Emma. He obviously does round up Rob, or as you put in here, an early morning height.
anna said on 21/May/07
Click Here I wrote some stuff about this photo on Emma Waton's page, but if you don't want to read that stuff, just look at it. And overall, it really astounded me. I know that it's impossible to judge Rupert, but it is actually a quite good picture to judge Emma and Dan. I know the angle is a bit odd, but to me it is conclusive evidence that Emma is a few inches taller than Dan at the least. Also, it shows that Emma was almost certainly wearing flats on the cover shot, which would mean that she is easily 2 inches taller than Dan (b/c she is standing in back, slouching, etc.). This is just my opinion and I could be completely wrong, I would just like to hear other's opinions. However, I really do think these photos prove that Dan is 5'4"/5'5" and Emma is 5'7"/slightly more. She really does look much taller than him now. And for your information, this photoshoot took place a day after the conclusion of OotP fliming, which means they are basically the most recent photos we have of the trio.
DeanT84 said on 20/May/07
He, was on Jonathan Ross not to long ago and he said he was 5'6'' so I guess as he's 17 he's probaly still growing so I think you should apdate Dan's hight.

Editor Rob
if you read further down...before that show he says he's 5ft 5.5 but he's going to start saying 5ft 6.

and whaddyaknow! He starts saying 5ft 6...he follows through on his rounding...saying it doesn't mean its true though.
xD said on 17/May/07
He says he's 5'5, lol, at least he's more honest than all those guys claiming to be 6 foot
anna said on 15/May/07
Yes, that is definitely the truth CT, D-Rad has almost positively, in my opinion, had his growth spurt. Do you guys remember in PoS and CoS when he was nearly if not taller than almost all of the other guys and his voice broke, whereas many of the other guys' voices did not break fully until the third movie? And, yes, that is true CT, he was easily taller than Tom in the second movie, but then Tom just grew way taller than him in the third. And he is 17 years old, but he looks much more mature than that, I believe he has always looked quite mature for his age. Also, as I have said before, in many interviews he has said that ~, "Those who are waiting for me to grow may be disappointed seeing as my mum is only 4'10"/4'11"/5'?". I think he is blatantly saying that he will not grow anymore/has not grown recently.
umad80 said on 14/May/07
I would still think 5'6" is a bit much to swallow, but you never know. However, if anyone knows Emerson of Mugglenet's height, that should give us a guage. Click Here - of course Emerson looks to be wearing flat shoes and Dan seems to be wearing regular tennis shoes, so you'd have to give him a bit of a height advantage.
Charlotte said on 13/May/07
I met Dan briefly after i saw him in Equus, he was signing autographs, and he seemed the same height as me, if not a little taller (Im just over 5'7).
I was wearing completely flat pumps adn he was wearing trainers...obviously they give him a little lift but theres no way they would have given him more than an inch.
IMO he's 5'6 at the least...he's never gonna be a 6 footer but i think we should rememeber he is only 17, so altho he's had his growth spurt thats not to say he hasnt grown a little bit. I think he should be upgraded an inch.
Anyone else see him recently and agree?
CT said on 3/May/07
I think he already had his growth spurt because there was a time that he overtook Tom Felton (probably when he was 13 or 14) and now Tom is taller.
umad80 said on 22/Apr/07
It is obvious that Dan wears lifts and when he wears regular tennis shoes, something with a thicker heel. And his dress shoes have at least two inch thick heels on them. Click Here - So, if no lifts were used, the normally 5'5"-5'5.5" Radcliffe would appear at least 5'7"-5'7.5" And if he is wearing a lift, he is obviously looking much taller. (This all of course if the what appears to be two inch heels do indeed give him two inches.)

Now regular tennis shoes... check out the all around heel on those babies! Click Here - and see what it has done for him on the normally 5'9" Richard Griffiths. That's at least 5'7" on a 5'9" man since on a 5'8" man, that's around 5'6"-5'7" per this: Click Here

So the next time people think Dan is the exact height he claims, I hope they look back at this and realize he's put 2+ inches on himself. Thus Rupert being much taller than thought of struggling 5'6".
CT said on 19/Apr/07
Just watched a recent interview on where Dan says he is 5'6" and that his mom is 5'0", but then again I saw an older interview where he said that he was 5'5" but that he was going to say he was 5'6" because that sounded better. But also, he doesn't seem like the type to use height as some kind of self-esteem build-up, he is the first to admit that he is short and that he will probably not grow anymore.
madeline said on 13/Apr/07
anna that isn't a very good photo. their all slouching and the ground isn't very even at all. but what does matter who is taller anyway? i just want to know their heights...
there's some new photos of Dan from a prize 'ceremony' (theatre book prize) and one is with Donald Sindon who, according to this site, is 6'. it's prob. not that great a photo cause its only their upper halfs, and it doesn't fit in with Daniel's speculated height (he doesn't seem that much shorter than Sindon) so i dunno. but yeah check it out...
Click Here
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/07
To Anna:
The reason that Dan would not mention being taller than Emma is the typical male ego. It would not be saying much and not be much of a build up for his self-esteem if he claims he is taller than Emma. Emma is a girl. Personally, all evidence still points to Emma being the same height as Dan. Lets wait til July
Chip said on 8/Apr/07
When I was born, my doctor's said that they think I would grow to be about 6'3". Honestly, I can't see that happening, lol. I might reach 6'0", but I don't think I'll reach 6'3". I don't know how they got that anyway, since my mom is about 5'0" and my dad is about 6'1". I could inherit more of my dad's height, though. I wonder if height is always based on genetics though. I have a cousin who is 15 who is about 5'7"-5'8". His mom is about 4'10" and his dad is about 5'2". He has older siblings, and none of them are taller than 5'2". And he's not adopted or anything, so... Lol, I dunno. I think I still might have a a growth spurt left, since my feet hae grown a lot in the past year and few months. As for Dan, I think he is pretty much done growing. But, it honestly doesn't matter, and I bet he doesn't care how tall he is, being one of the richest teens in Britain.
6'2.5'' JK said on 8/Apr/07
I can still see him growing half an inch, but who would know the difference lol
Chip said on 7/Apr/07
I honestly don't think Dan will grow any more. If he does, it'll probably be one inch at the most. But honestly, I don't think he has grown very much (if at all) since CoS. If he had been growing about one-two inches steady per year, the I would think that he has a growth spurt left, but it seems that he's barely grown at all in the last four years.
Rajeev [happy @5'11 said on 7/Apr/07
I think Daniel will get his growth spurt and become at least 5'11"-6'.
6'2.5'' JK said on 7/Apr/07
He said his dad was 5'9'' on the Jonathan Ross show, so the least he should have been was 5'8'' or even 5'9''
RICHARD said on 7/Apr/07
I do actually believe that Daniel might be 5'5-5'6 due to having short parents. He is 18 now and will probably make it to 5'11 or 6' if he has a growth spurt left.
glenn said on 2/Apr/07
if they come back for the next movie here to promote,ill try again.
glenn said on 2/Apr/07
all i met was the kids outside the main a party for the last movie.the main cast snuck with potter.i ran into ol harry in the street,twice in one afternoon,november 2005.had a smile on his face and seemed pleasant,but ignored me.
glenn said on 1/Apr/07
5-4 when i saw him 16 months ago.
Chip said on 31/Mar/07
bikagyura, guys CAN grow until they're 21, although most of the time is is late bloomers who do. Everyone is different. I honestly think that Dan could be done growing, but I'm really not sure. How much has he grown during the HP movies? He's definitely grown since the first, but it seems like he's barely grown at all since the second. He has barely shown any signs of growing lately, not even by a steady two inches, so I think he's done. It's funny, I remember that when PoA came out, I thought Dan looked really tall. However, I was much shorter back then than I am now, so my opinion has probably changed. Currently, I'm and 14-year-old male, 5'5" and still growing.
Dan said on 30/Mar/07
One of my friends is just a few months older than Radcliffe and he is 181 cm and still growing.

I think Radcliffe still has a growth sprout left. You wont believe how many 18 year olds I know, who grew several inches in just a years time. I guess we will have to wait and see.
bikagyura said on 30/Mar/07
What's all this nonsense about men growing until they're 21... OK, the thing is this: We (men) grow until we are about 18, and maybe a mini-fraction of an inch from there until we are 21... But we don't grow noticeably after we turned like, 18..
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/07
Credit, Entertainment Weekly, April 6, 2007 (page 26): "At 5 foot 6, [Dan] is indeed one of the shortest among the main Potter kids."
6'2.5'' JK said on 24/Mar/07
He could be 5'6'' Now
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/07
He just claimed he was about "5'6" on the Jonathan Ross Show, that seems right.

Editor Rob
he's doing exactly what he said a couple months ago that being 5ft 5.5 he's going to start claiming 5ft 6...and there you have it, lol.
Arjun said on 13/Mar/07
Looks 5'4.5" - 5'5" with 5'9" Griffiths.
kaye said on 13/Mar/07
"Hitman" i think your height is average my uncle is 17 too and he's 5'9 or 5'10...
Scarlett said on 5/Mar/07
I think the avergage height for a guy is still about 5'9/5'10, so yeah i think you're about average! And men dont stop growing until they're around 21 too.
Hitman said on 4/Mar/07
Dan's height is not more than 5'6" for sure.
By the way, I am 17 n my height is 5'9" . Am i short or average? Please reply.
Editor Rob said on 2/Mar/07
That 'A' thing in recent quote is meant to be 1/2, he's never not going to maintain that 1/2 inch...
Scarlett said on 1/Mar/07
He does look short, but one of me best friends lives a few roads away from daniel in fulham, and he saw him on the street v recently wearing a tux and apparently he was around my friend's hieght (5'11ish)
Im assuming he is shorter than that, but 5'5 really is very short...i think he may have had a small growth spurt? Maybe its time to upgrade him...
bauer said on 11/Feb/07
A new quote from Daniel Radcliffe on how tall he is now Click Here

Matt said on 9/Feb/07
The editor's sarcastic comment about "that half inch being important" is pretty lame. He could've rounded up a half inch (as Glenn has done) and said 5'6''.
Antron said on 5/Feb/07
looks ripped in the Eqqus photos, I wonder if this will make him appear taller with his clothes on...
6'2.5'' JK said on 5/Feb/07
He really maybe 5'6'' in real life, but he just gives me an impession of a 5'4'' guy
heidi said on 4/Feb/07
his mum's 4'11
Darren said on 1/Feb/07
He seems pretty short to me (5-4 or so), and I've been wondering if this disappoints JK Rowling. Has she ever commented about Radcliffe's height? Maybe several years ago, thinking that he'd grow tall? I also wonder if the casting agency checked into how tall the actors were projected to grow. Does anyone know how tall his parents are? (Alan Radcliffe and Marcia Gresham)
heidi said on 26/Jan/07
she's had a growth spurt...when she was like 12/13...she luks the same..its just the shoes tht she's wearing...can you believe shakira is 4'11?? she luks rrelllllly tall like 5'5 and above...its just bout the posture...emma is 5'5...ppl who have met her mentioned bout it..even during the GOF premiere she looked taller than dan...but he was taller...coz at that time she stated she was 5'5 (actually 4 months later) i guess that makes sense..
TJ said on 24/Jan/07
Heidi doing as nice job of highlighting the heightism point I made on the Scorsese thread. There was nothing malicious in the intent, but a definite suggestion that being short is something that requires sympathy, as if they have an incurable disease.
HXZ said on 22/Jan/07
Well in the books, Harry's supposed to be "getting tall" so that the girls would notice him, Ron's supposed to be super tall and lanky, and nothing is said of Hermione. I feel that both Daniel and Rupert are too short for their roles, but they play them well.
heidi said on 22/Jan/07
wel...dan stated in an interview 4 sumthing..yeah..the POA that he was 5'5.5 ! and emma in 2006 Feb stated that she was 5'5 :|....she hasnt grown since then :P..she just luks dan's legs are dun find him attractive...jus feel sad 4 a bloke like him ( 5'5 for a 18(soon2be) guy....isnt thatjust sad?:|
heidi said on 19/Jan/07
its impossible for emma to become taller...:|..she's wayy past puberty (very1 noe's it) and i dun tink dan will grow taller.. in fact he is taller because he had mentioned he is half inch taller than emma probably the heels (im not sure) or just the angles and positionin tat makes emma luk taller :|...dan has a possiblity..both my parents are relly bro became 5 inches taller when he turned 18 :|:( depends...:P...dan said he had started shaving...but he just luk mature 2 me :|..duno why :P
LAZ said on 11/Jan/07
I think that the maximum height for Radcliffe would be around 5'6, shortest would be 5'4.

By the way, I'm 17, 5'6 inches, and I've only grown 1/4 an inch over the past year. Am I done growing? :(
... said on 9/Jan/07
Well, Rupert is the around 5'8? 5'9? He's grown.

And Dan's only an inch taller probably than Emma. If you've seen the OoTP pics...yeah.
JT said on 6/Jan/07
Dan takes his height after his mother I think, so he'd be about 5'2 at the most and I am afraid may stay that way unless he has a major growth spurt late in his teens. I will way though he looks taller in the new OOTP trailer, but that could be done with well placed camera angles, actor positioning and height enhancing shoes.
heidi said on 29/Dec/06 wasnt teen vogue..its was elle girl
Click Here
She says she's 165 cm :| something else says she's 169cm..but i think its better to believe what she said =)
Leung said on 28/Dec/06
I think 5'5" is spot on. In those recent pics with Heath Ledger you can see that Daniel is quite short.
RentGirl said on 27/Dec/06
i have Teen Vogue and i don't remember her stating her height. where did she say it, or which month was it. i have the one with her on the cover.
heidi said on 27/Dec/06
seriously...daniel radcliffe has 2 be around 5'5.5 and IS Taller than emma...she is around 5'4.5-5'5 (SHE HAD STATED THIS IN TEEN VOGUE) ..not more than that..and u DO luk taller in boots..and i relly dun think emma will grow in the near future..she's way past puberty..:|..she's going to be 17 in it will surely be better if we forget bout her becoming 2 -3 inches taller...daniel wont probably grow that tall either..coz in the martha stewart show he did state that he had started 2 shave :| probably emma is 5'5 and daniel is 5'5.5
coolgirl said on 21/Dec/06
iam not saying there is something 'wrong' anna..but i think u have a point there..he does look short at the ootp set(i checked the pics afterwards)
coolgirl said on 18/Dec/06
hello....r we missing a point here..he stated that he was 5'5 in 2005..this is the end of 2006..he's probably grown a few more inches by now
anonymous said on 4/Dec/06
Are you suggesting she grew 3 inches and shrank back again?
linda said on 22/Nov/06
I question Nikki in that Radcliffe doesn't do any "book signing" - was this in the UK?
Antron said on 22/Nov/06
John, see my full response on Emma's page, in case you only check here.
Antron said on 18/Nov/06
5'5" looks right. He has never looked shorter than Emma Watson recently. Someguy's photo has Dan a little taller than Emma. His legs look correct. This is a recent pic as well. It is a promotional shot for Order of the Phoenix.
Maybe he was 5'4" a little while ago when you met him Glenn. He certainly doesn't look a great deal taller since the 3rd movie, but as evidenced by his bath scene in movie 4, he looks more mature in his body. I could give him an inch or inch and a half in the past 2. He is what? 17 now?
6'2'' JK said on 17/Nov/06
Come on guys, there is no way that the guy is short as 5'3'', he is 5'4.5'' - 5'5.5''
monkeylove said on 16/Nov/06
Whatever his height, he looks like he has huge feet. Anybody know his actual shoe size?
Nikki said on 14/Nov/06
Hello all! Indeed he is about 5'5 i would say more along the lines of 5'3 tho. I met him last year at a book signing thing with my mom (who is 5'3) he was about the same height as her.
Suzana said on 11/Nov/06
so wat he is 5'4" or 5'5" or 5'3" isn't it enough that he is too handsome n talented?
Aussie Bloke said on 8/Nov/06
HA! more like 5ft3, this guy is tiny, observe him at grand openings, he is shorter than Emma Watson at times!
Ann said on 4/Nov/06
yeah, I don't think he's 5'3", he must be between 5'4" and 5'5" I don't know, it's really difficult to say...I mean look at this, he looks tiny!Click Here

sorry, I dunno how to make the link clickable
someguy said on 4/Nov/06
Click Here
Glenn said on 1/Nov/06
Thanks Anna.
Glenn said on 24/Oct/06
I had no clue on this guy.I though he was 5-8 to 5-10.naively.then he walked by me twice in one afternoon last November and ignored my photo requests.seemed like a nice guy,actually.maybe he was 5-5 with a slouch giving me 5-4 appearence.maybe hit 5-5 now.all I know is I was stunned at his petite size.thanks Evanna.thats true on those sites.
coolgirl said on 23/Oct/06
5'4!!!ur kidding....ur saying he's 5'4..this website says he's 5'5...the biography says he's 5'7...karina has also met dan and she says says he's 5'6...this totally going out of range...
Glenn said on 20/Oct/06
Yes,I have.he is 5-4.
Evanna said on 11/Oct/06
Great stuff, Ann! I found another interesting article in the penultimate issue of Total Film, they interviewed Rupert, and he mentioned, well, not exactly his and Daniel's heights but their sizes. Here's the quote:
TF: If you and Daniel had a fight, who would win?
Rupert: I think me. Daniel does work out a bit, but I'm bigger, so perhaps that'd give me the edge. We once arm-wrestled and I beat him...
Ann said on 10/Oct/06
Look at this, it was in a French magazine, it's a OotP set report."The whole place is so big that some people cycle from one set to another. Some even use a golf car... It's 10am, everyone is already in place and two shooting teams are getting busy at the same time. Fortunately, Rupert Grint is available: "There's a relaxation room for when we have to wait. Since I've stopped school and don't need to study, I spend my free time playing ping-pong." The little redhead of the first film has grown into a beanpole, but the same can't be said of Daniel Radcliffe: he's only five foot three. Unlike his schoolmates, the hero didn't have any free time for us. We had to wait until the evening, when the shooting stopped, to get to talk with him."
zebra said on 6/Oct/06
Hey folks let me know what you think about the new DA photo from OOTP. Dan is the shortest teenage male in the shot. It seems like he's standing slightly in front of the girls and appears to be the same height. He's a short one. Poor sod (not moneywise though, LOL).
TJ said on 2/Oct/06
Stephanie, it's possible for guys to grow that late, but not all that common. There are some guys who stop growing at 21 and others who stop at 16. If his height hasn't really changed in the last year, chances are he could be done.
TNTinCA said on 2/Oct/06
Actually, most males reach peak height at 16. While it is not uncommon for growth to occur up to and including the age of 21, its unusual. Of course, anything is possible.
Stephanie said on 2/Oct/06
Guys can grow until they're 21/21. Dan is 17, so he has several years of growth left. His height is ok now, but I hope he grows a little more because Harry is supposed to have grown a lot in the next couple of movies.
roxy said on 1/Oct/06
i'm not that shocked to hear that dan's only 5ft5inches.and i dont think that he wont grow taller .his height is ok for a boy of his age,i mean he has 1 more year 2 grow.
Joviano said on 29/Sep/06
I can see he's 165... Not any taller since 2005. How disapointing, I thought he's taller than me. I don't think that he will grow taller. But if he does, I bet he's just going to 170. And then...It's over!
Jordan said on 26/Sep/06
I can see him at a solid 5'5, but will he grow any more?? I'm 18 and 5'10 1/2 and have been this height since I was a freshman in H.S. Now I'm a senior so maybe dan wont grow anymore.
wlgirl said on 25/Sep/06
i mean that makes me sad:( to know that dan is that short) i think he is 5'5'' or 5'6 because in the premier of the goblet of fire he was standing next to katie(cho chang) and as far as im concerned she is 5'4'' ... emma is 5'5'' rupert is 5'8'' and robert-super hot and sexy-pattinson is 6'0'' or 6'1'' LOL
john link said on 23/Sep/06
Dan is 5'5" and Emma "is" 5'5" and she is shorter than Dan? Hmm...that does not make much sense to me. ??
marion said on 20/Sep/06
According to some sources...
Dan: 5.5 ft
while Rupert is 5'8 (he said it himself) and Emma is 5'5... a little shorter than Dan...
johnny link said on 9/Sep/06
What did he say in the interview (from Also, there is a new batch of photos from filming and you can see Dan walking and he looks really really really short. I think he is the shortest actor I have ever seen, even shorter than Seth Green.
Bluebell said on 8/Sep/06
Here's Rupert and William Moseley (5 foot 10) so Rupert looks about 5 foot 7 at most. [url]Click Here[/url]
krock said on 7/Sep/06
Jenna does interviews with Daniel every year and has asked him his hieght before. Go to for more info.
johnny link said on 6/Sep/06
What are you talking about Hera? Just because they are on a fansite doesn't mean they are in contact with him.
Hera said on 5/Sep/06
From a DR website: Sept. 05 5,5! This person must be know because she is in contact with Daniel Radcliffe!
johnny link said on 3/Sep/06
Sorry girls, but I don't think he has grown. Pictures of him from today make him look more than a head shorter than a guy. Go to any Harry Potter website and you will see. Also, considering that he is 17 and has not grown in years, I am guessing he will not grow. I know I seem lopsided with saying that Emma will grow and he will not, but I am just going by what has been happening. And Emma has been growing where he has not.
mouldy said on 3/Sep/06
Rob, he IS 17! Not heading towards it...And I still think he's 5'5", 5'6" at most!

Editor Rob
some descriptions (not many) might end up out of date if I include an age :-)
Jessica said on 28/Aug/06
well, I wouldn't say 5'6" is wrong.
There are some new photos of him on, and although he is sitting down, he's limbs don't look short. Maybe he's grown. a bit.
Karina said on 28/Aug/06
Dan is 5'6", I meet him this year and he was a bit taller than me, I am 5'5"
anna said on 24/Aug/06
Yeah Kourt, Dan does look nothing more than 5'5" in that picture. But would you look at those shoes?? lol pretty sketchy to me. Even if they are not elevator shoes, they still give him quite a bit of height...
Kourt said on 16/Aug/06
here's a picture of Dan. i dont know how old it is but it looks pretty recent. he looks about 5'5". nothing much more.
Click Here
Jessica said on 12/Aug/06
I think Emma and Daniel are both 5'5. It seems to cary as to which one looks tallest in different photos, so it makes sense that they are the same height. And rupert my be a little taller, maybe 5'6.5, or 5'7. maybe.
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 10/Aug/06
I do understand you, John Link!! But anyway, since you've come back, start it all over again. Controversies do happen, even in movies, not only when it comes to predicting people's heights. So don't worry at all. If people think that way, don't care. That's my suggestion.
Anyway, here is my opinion. As usual, my opinions have not changed regarding their heights. Emma is pretty well taller than Dan who is pretty well shorter than Rupert. So, this little confusion proves, Rupert is the tallest, next Emma and then Dan.
So, my predictions:
Dan: 5'4
Emma: 5'5
Rupert: 5'6
DudeX said on 9/Aug/06
Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde oh oh!
john link said on 8/Aug/06
Has anyone ever met Daniel, Rupert, or Emma?
Jessica said on 8/Aug/06
Daniel doesn't always wear dress shoes, I have quite a few pictures of him wearing cons. But he certainly doesn't seem tall. I think that 5'5" is about looks pretty acurate, judging from his body,etc. However I don't think you can really tell until you see the him in person.
Larry said on 8/Aug/06
Rob - so John IS Anna? :-) So, John Link was "missing"? Thus making him the
_______ Link? I'm so confused!

Editor Rob
yes, not that it makes much difference in the grand scheme of things
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 4/Aug/06
Where's john link these days???? No comments of his. He is not to be seen at all.
Hmmm......come back, John link!!!
JK said on 3/Aug/06
John link, this is what you said ''does anyone else think that it is absolutley adorable how short he is? lol I think it is quite cute'', no offence but do you like other boys LMAO....
honey said on 3/Aug/06
[Editor Rob: lol, john link has returned with a new name, anna ;-)]

Funny, Rob, that's exactly what I thought!
But I can't say I missed the whole elevator shoes theory...
anna said on 2/Aug/06
And I would like to point something regarding the movies and the onset picture. I don't know if someone else has mentioned it (it is kind of boring to read the long posts because they so often get ridiculously off subject), but it is about the shoes that they wear. In movies when the male actor is short, the directors, crew, etc. may provide him with elevator shoes or lifts so he doesn't look so short compared to the other actors. Since Harry isn't suppose to be as short as Dan is, the director may have given Dan elevator shoes or lifts to make up for Dan's, well, shortness. If this is true, it means that screencaps from the movies are not always reliable because Dan could very well be wearing lifts or elevator shoes. A good example of this is Ben Mckenzie from the OC. He wears chunky shoes that give him a lot of height and Mischa Barton wears thin soled shoes to make her look shorter. There may be something like this going on with Dan and Emma. Since the onset picture was, like the name says, taken onset, Dan may have been wearing his filming shoes and Emma wearing her thin soled ones. I am not saying that I know this is going on for a fact, but it is a large possibility. What do you guys think?
anna said on 2/Aug/06
I notice that in the heading it says Dan said he was 5'5.5". Maybe that was with his elevator shoes on making him about 5'3.5" barefoot.

Editor Rob
lol, john link has returned with a new name, anna ;-)
anna said on 1/Aug/06
From looking at pictures and reading articles and websites, I have to agree that Dan does wear suspicous shoes. I think he does wear elevator shoes or uses a combonation of dress shoes and lifts. How else would you explain the fact that he always wears dress shoes? I am guessing that he is more like 5'3.5", at the very most 5'4.5" barefoot. 5'3.5" very likely. And this is kind of random, but does anyone else think that it is absolutley adorable how short he is? lol I think it is quite cute. And from what I can conclude, he is staying put at the height he is now. :)
Glenn said on 15/Jul/06
No.a couple of other kids,yes.
Wicked Kid said on 14/Jul/06
Did Glenn see Emma or Rupert too?
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 14/Jul/06
Oh please, evanna. That is not a theory, it's a fact. It really is. Maybe I was being rude to you, but it perfectly makes sense (what John Link has said). Sit and think things over.
john link said on 10/Jul/06
This is really getting irratating because I can not see this picture! argghh Well, even if the photo was taken on set think about this. Dan may be wearing elevator shoes or lifts because the crew wants him to. This is what often times happens when the male actor is short or the female actress is taller. And I am pretty sure that Dan wears elevator shoes, although it is certainly just a theory. Think about it and it does make sense. As for Rupert and Emma wearing elevator shoes. Well, let's talk about Rupert first. If you look at his shoes at various events he always wears converse, which I am pretty sure are not elevator shoes unless they have invented "elevator converse." As for Emma, how could she possibly wear eleavator shoes? They do not make elevator shoes for women, just men. All women need to do is wear heels and Emma almost always wears flats so that basically explains that. And thanks for the support Emma. However, I could care less what people say about me. Cheers!
evanna said on 10/Jul/06
Emma, insane or not, I must tell you that the picture that caused your hysteria WAS indeed taken on set. You can check that out in any HP fan site, the picture was taken in March 2006 when this little boy Thomas visited the set.
Dan is short, OK, everyone can tell that, but this whole elevator thing is just a theory. He wears dress shoes a lot, but that doesn't mean he wears elevators. Besides, do we have a proof that Emma & Rupert DON'T wear elevators? Obviously not.
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 10/Jul/06
EMMA: 5'5
DAN: 5'4
evanna said on 8/Jul/06
Perhaps these two john link and emma should date...
Anyway I see that many people on this and Watson's page have based their opinions upon the Empire Awards pictures. However those are very weird pictures with funny camera angles, and in some of them Dan looks taller than the other two, in others he looks shorter, and all three of them look really tiny next to Heyman and Isaacs, who are not particularly tall men. But in pics from world premieres of GoF the height difference between Heyman and trio is not so huge. My point is that pictures from Empires are not good ones to judge heights.
Anonymus said on 8/Jul/06
Maybe he wears dress shoes because he LIKES them. It looks very strange if you wear a smart suit and chucks beside it. He doesn't wear dress shoes on set, but he still looks taller than Emma (or they're heights are at least very close together), just as he looks in the pics of Empire Awards. I don't think he wears elevators, because if he did (as john link claims for the Empire Awards photos), he should've looked way shorter than Emma in this pic from the OOTP set, but he's not.

Click Here

Why don't you explain that, Emma(Dan's girl) or john link? If Dan really was 5'3.5'' or 5'4'', Emma is 5'3'' or 3.5'' according to the previous photo. And not to mention Rupert- under 5'5'' or what? I'm 100% that Dan doesn't wear elevators on set, so I'd really like to hear what you two, john and Emma think now.
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 8/Jul/06
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 6/Jul/06
Has anyone here noticed how Dan dresses? He mostly wears formal dresses which would look appropriate for elevator shoes. Because elevator shoes come as dance shoes, not as sporty ones. So he always wears dresses like ones which match elevator shoes. What do you think, John Link?
john link said on 5/Jul/06
hahahaha my wishful opinions. Right.
Charlotte said on 1/Jul/06
Honey- I know, that happens to every poor soul that disagrees with his wishful opinions. You learn to ignore it.
john link said on 30/Jun/06
Yeah maybe Dan is 1/2" taller than Emma when she is standing about 20 feet behind him. haha That is hilarious that people are actually guessing heights off of those horrible screencaps.
honey said on 29/Jun/06
haha Charlotte, john link's gonna bite your head off for that!
Charlotte said on 29/Jun/06
By the looks of the those recent screencaps (thanks 'Some guy'!) Matt and Rupert are doing their trademark slouching and Emma and Dan, as per the usual, pull themselves up to their full extents. Rupert still looks 5'6", Matt is still 5'10/11", Em is still 5'4" and Dan is still half an inch taller than Emma.

Assuming they are all wearing standard school shoes, of course.
Some guy said on 28/Jun/06
Here are some recent screencaps from the Harry Potter skit for the Queen's 80th birthday. Sadly some have the cast slouching a bit.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 22/Jun/06
No not at all. I agree with you, John Link!! It's just absolutely worthless and stupid. Pathetic, literally. Anyway, we are not the same, okay? We agree with each other that's all, right, John??? Yes!! I know he agrees with me.
My predictions::
Dan: 5'3.5
Emma: 5'6
Rupert: 5'6 to 5'6.5
honey said on 22/Jun/06
It's just that the two of you are the only ones who firmly believe in that "Dan-wears-elevators-and-Emma-is-tall" theory! I guess people thought there couldn't be two of a kind...
john link said on 21/Jun/06
No we're not. That would be so stupid. I mean for all we know anyone who thinks Dan is 5'4" or agrees on anything could be the same person, but we just have to trust each other that people aren't that lame. I am not pretending to be other people, so I think that if anyone is pretending to be other people they should stop because it is just stupid. It would be sad if people were/are doing that. Very sad.
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 21/Jun/06
john link said on 19/Jun/06
We are not the same person! I am honestly telling the truth.
Some dude said on 19/Jun/06
12hours sorry, but it's still kinda fishy that the responses are so close together. would be sad if they were the same person =P
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 19/Jun/06
Thank you so much, John Link!! You are so very sweet. Thank you again.
Sure! Emma might be close to 5'7, maybe. And also, maybe she is quite as tall as Rupert. I agree with you now. Thanks again. You rock too, John Link!!
john link said on 18/Jun/06
Well I consider 5'7"-5'8" pretty tall for a girl. I know it is not giant, but it is pretty tall. In fact there are two girls on my sister's basketball team who are 6'6", so it's not like I think girls can't be over 5'8". But Anonymous, how tall do you think Emma and Dan are? I understand your footwear thing, but we do know that Dan wears shoes that give him a lot of height and Emma wears shoes with very little height. And we know that Emma is still taller than him even with this disadvantage.
Anonymous said on 17/Jun/06
Sure, john link, because she's the only one here who agrees with you... :D :D :D The footwear is very unreliable. For example: my trainers look like they add at least 2'' to my height, but the sole is only bout 1 cm (not even 0.5'') thick. It's just that kind of a design. And Emma's shoes don't have a big heel, but I've seen quite a lot of similar boots, which have some kind of a ''inner heel'' that adds a few centimetres. So, when you start thinking of every detail, anything is possible. And I don't think Emma is a tall girl. I'm from Slovenia and girls, who attend the same school as I do, are about 5'5'' (average). There are also girls, who are under 5' (twins- 4'8'' and 15 years old) and there are also three girls, who are above 6' (one is 6'2.5'', the second is 6'1'' and the third is 6'2''). These girls I mentioned are 15-18 years old. Myself, being 5'6.5'' at age 15,5, I consider tall girls those, who are above 5'8''.
john link said on 16/Jun/06
Yeah thank you so much Emma(Dan's girl)! You are amazing! haha I mean Emma is taller than Dan in the pictures where he wears dress shoes, and most likely, elevator shoes. If they were to stand back to back barefoot I think Emma would be quite a bit taller than him. I like your predicitons. The more I look at pictures, the closer Rupert looks to 5'6.5", not 5'7". I think Emma may be closer to 5'7" though when you take footwear and that kind of stuff into consideration. Also, she doesn't look that much shorter 4-5 inches shorter than Heyman, more like 3 inches, which makes me think she is closer to 5'7" these days. But you are awesome Emma(Dan's girl), you rock!
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 16/Jun/06
Yes, John Link! I know that you are upset that no one agrees with you. But I definetely do. My predictions and your predictions seem somewhat similar, don't you think?
Tell me your predictions once more.
Mine are:
Dan: 5'3.5 or 5'4
Emma: 5'5.5 or 5'6
Rupert: 5'6
john link said on 12/Jun/06
Cool Emma(Dan's girl). I definitely agree, Dan does wear elevator shoes. So, if Emma looks about an inch taller than him in pictures (take or add a little) then wouldn't she be about 2.5"-4" taller than him if both were barefoot? It would makes sense if Dan's barefoot height was 5'3.5" and Emma's 5'7". At least to me. It all makes sense.
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 12/Jun/06
Hey, I am the same, John Link!! I was the first person to start the controversy about elevator shoes. All of you here just go back to all the comments and see it. It was me who started it. I am really sorry. But Dan does wear elevator shoes. Really. I know it for sure.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/06
Well, I don't think it's that invisible if someone wears elevators all the time. Why? Because the elevators lift your heel and the whole backbone, but it's kinda weird and unnatural if someone's heel is lined with shoe laces or even higher (normally, the heel is hidden in the shoe, but by wearing elevators it ). You can clearly see the foot was raised somehow.
john link said on 11/Jun/06
No, I can't, but awhile ago I posted some pictures of his shoes at various events. I guess the only way to really prove that he wears elevator shoes is to go to a HP premiere or something and take his shoe and see if it is an elevator shoe, but I am not going to do that.
Charlotte said on 10/Jun/06
Can you actually prove he wears elevator shoes? I understand that he would. he is pretty short, but can you prove it?
john link said on 10/Jun/06
Oh sorry Charlotte, you must have misunderstood me or have not been reading my comments about footwear. Dan always wears dress shoes/most likely elevator shoes and Emma always wears flats or shoes with very little heel on them. So, if Emma looks 1 to 2 inches taller than Dan in the photos, if both were barefoot she would be more like 3 to 4 inches taller than him.
Charlotte said on 8/Jun/06
You seem to be contradicting yurself John Link. If she's "1 to 2 inches taller than Dan" and he is " under 5'4" " that would not make her " over 5'7" ". I'm not sure if there is an alternate universe where this would make sense.
john link said on 8/Jun/06
Okay, we all agree that it is hard to predict heights fom pictures and movies and that the only real way to tall is to meet someone in person. I don't think you have met Dan, Rob? (correct me if I am mistaken), but we do know someone who has! Glenn and he said that Dan was in the 5'4" to 5'4.5" range. Why don't you downgrade Dan to 5'4" or 5'4.5" Rob? Isn't seeing someone in person more reliable than looking at pictures?

Editor Rob
in-person estimates are part of trying to figure height. If you've got multiple shots and different angles of people at an event, then yes, pics+footage can be very worthwhile...
john link said on 8/Jun/06
Thanks Emma(Dan's girl). I just have a question, are you the same person as Emma(Dan/'s girl)? Also, do you think Dan wears elevator shoes?
Emma(Dan's girl) said on 8/Jun/06
I agree with you John Link. There are know elevator shoes for girls. It's only for men. Women wear heels. You're right. Dan is definetely shorter than Emma....I'm absolutely sure.
john link said on 7/Jun/06
A lot of the pictures you posted are not reliable because Emma is slouching and Dan is standing up straight. An example is the third picture, where Emma is leaning on Heyman's shoulder and Dan is basically craning his neck to look as tall as he possibly can. And the hilarious thing is that Emma is still taller than him. If she would stand up straight, she would be about 1 to 2 inches taller than Dan, I am guessing. I am still convinced that Emma is taller than Dan even when he is wearing his "special" shoes. And speaking of elevator shoes, I do not understand why you think my claim is so funny? Why wouldn't he wear elevator shoes? He is under 5'4" and 16 years old, I think I would wear elevator shoes if I was in his position. And plus it is the way he acts. In photos he is always standing perfectley straight while Emma and Rupert often slouch. That is a reason why I think that Emma does not wear elevator shoes and Dan does. Do they even make elevator shoes for girls? I think most short women who want to be taller wear heels. Why would they bother with elevator shoes if they can just wear heels? Anyways, on Emma's page a few people have noticed that Emma rarely wears heels. If she doesn't even wear heels, why would she wear elevator shoes?
john link said on 5/Jun/06
Actually I have taken a ruler and compared the three's heights. As far as I can tell, Emma is taller than Dan and Rupert. And I am not just trying to make Emma look taller because that's what I want, she seriously does look taller than both of the guys. I don't know what it is, but it is honestly what I see.
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/06
john link, what I said before, was meant for the pic I showed you. And if you think Emma looks taller than guys, you should seriously consider wearing glasses (because she's shorter than Dan and Rupert, while both of them are slouching). But even in your ''favourite'' pic Emma is shorter than Rupert and she's making herself look taller by raising her head and chin up). But if you look closer, Emma and Daniel actually look they're at the same height. Take a ruler and compare them by using the horizontal border of the photo. Emma could never be 1.5 inch shorter than Dan. He might even be for a few milimetres taller than her.
Charlotte said on 4/Jun/06
Dan and Emma are around the same height.
Dan - 5'4.5"
Emma - 5'4" or 5'4.5"
Rupert - 5'6".....5'7" when he is standing correctly.
john link said on 2/Jun/06
No, Emma, I am not 6'0" I am 5'9". I actually am not just saying that Emma will grow to be 5'8" or more and is currently 5'7" so she will be more my height. I don't care at all how tall a girl is. I honestly think, after seeing pictures, etc., that Emma is 5'7".
john link said on 2/Jun/06
Anonymous: How can you say that Emma looks shorter than Rupert and even Dan in that picture? And I don't see how the camera angle is strange, it is straight on! I think anyone is hard pressed to find a better picture to compare heights. And in the picture Emma looks about 1.5 inches taller than Dan and the same height/slightly taller than Rupert. There is absolutely no way she is shorter than either of them in that picture. I am pretty confident that Emma is around 5'7" and Dan is around 5'4". Rupert 5'6.5".
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/06
The camera angle is a bit strange in that pic, it looks like the camera was above the trio (obviously, the author of the photo was a lot taller than them) , so I think that's what makes them appear smaller. Because I honestly don't know how you can say they look 5'3''. I mean, compared to what?!
But still, my point was- if Emma were really taller than both of the guys, she wouldn't look an inch shorter than Rupert, and a bit shorter than Dan when she's standing at her full height, while Rupert is leaning and holding his head down a bit.
JK said on 1/Jun/06
How can you say she is 5'7''?? In that picture that Anonymous posted they all look 5'3'', the trio are so short!!! I bet you daniel Radcliffe will be 6'0'' (just Kidding)
Charlotte said on 31/May/06
Both the boys slouch when standing with Emma. Dan's not that much taller than her, but he does it for some reason.
john link said on 27/May/06
Some elevator shoes can increase your height by 3.5" or more. So, if Dan were 5'3.5" barefoot, doesn't the possibility of Emma being above 5'7" sound even more likely? She looked at least an inch taller than Dan when she was wearing shoes with less than a 1/2" heel and Dan was wearing, most likely, 3"-3.5" elevator shoes. It all makes sense. Emma is at least 5'7" and Dan is around 5'3.5".
Emma said on 27/May/06
John, Dan is surely less than or just 5'4. But Emma can't be that tall. She might be around 5'6 or less. I think you like Emma and want her to be tall juct because you are tall. Let me guess, you are about 6'0. No offence. But think once more, you are totally smitten. AWWW!! That's great!!
JK said on 26/May/06
I agree with you John on Dan being 5'4'', But there is NO WAY IN HELL that Emma is a centimeter taller than 5'5'', that is just crazy!
Emma said on 26/May/06
Hey, guyz! I know that a month is not yet over, but I am back. I was really feeling bored without you guyz, you were pretty interesting. Thanx for agreeing with me John Link. It's me Emma(Dan's girl). Remember the fake interview???
john link said on 24/May/06
Yeah that height seems pretty accurate for Dan, Emma. I am also positive that Emma is taller than Dan and I think Dan may wear elevator shoes. I would if I were in his situation. But I think Emma is at least 5'6" because she is as tall or taller than Rupert, who has to be at least 5'6".
Emma said on 24/May/06
Hey, there Sianna. First and foremost, the pictures you provided were great. I just loved 'em. Anyway, I don't want to be rude. But listen to this. Dan is wearing elevator shoes. They mean that even if the shoes look small in height, they make you look about 2-3inches taller. It's great that technology has improved. I have heard recently that Dan is wearing wherever he goes and Rupert wears such shoes in the movies. I didnt want to be rude. But I am sure Emma is taller than Dan.
My estimates:
Emma: 5'5
Dan: 5'3.5 or 5'4
Rupert: 5'6.5 or 5'7
john link said on 23/May/06
Sorry for being rude sianna, I was seriously just trying to get a point across, I did not think I was yelling at you, sorry. I can guess that Dan was not slouching in the pictures because of his behavior in all other photos. He always stands abnormally straight to look taller. And thank you so much for providing pictures, but you cannot say that "and also, i have provided good pictures" because this is the first comment you have actually posted pictures. And I hate to say it, but some of your links don't work. As for the ones that do, Emma's shoes are not nearly an inch thicker than Daniel's. Heels are on the heel of the shoe (hence the name heel). From a straight on view, we cannot see the heel of Daniel's shoes, but I think I have seen some other pictures of that photocall and remember that they were quite quite large. Also, if you look really closely at the picture you have posted, you can see some of the heel of Dan's shoes. It looks huge. It looks at least 3 inches, no joke, but once again you cannot blame him, he is in the 5'4" range and almost 17 years old. Emma and Rupert's Converse shoes work differently than Dan's dress shoes. They look like they have a thick sole, but it is merely there for decoration. I know because I have a pair myself. It only gives you about 1/4" of height. That may be why Dan looks taller than Emma in that picture. So, if both were barefoot then (keep in mind this was in the fall of 2005) then Emma would be about an inch taller than Dan. I think Emma has grown quite a bit since these photocall pictures, which explains why she is shorter than Rupert in these pictures and she is taller/same height as him in the more recent pictures. I don't think either Rupert or Dan have grown much if any since then, once again explaining why Emma is now the tallest of the trio. The Mischa Barton link does not work and neither does the last link. Sorry.
surfingtexas said on 23/May/06
bottom line is there kids. emmas probably done growing but theres no way of telling how tall dan will be. i was 5'7 in 8th grade and didnt grow at all through out high school. now im 23 and 6'3. he still gots a shot. in any case, emma looks about 5'3
Charlotte said on 23/May/06
I always did wonder about the 2005 Baftas pics.She doesn't look to have grown anymore than an inch since,yet she was no more than 5 ft 3 next to Mischa the constant sloucher.
sianna said on 23/May/06
actually i do take ur comments to offense coz u seem very rude...they comment that emma made about wanting to be taller than Dan was actuall on the 3rd or fourth movie...secondly how on eartn would u no if Dan wasnt short n i always slouch!!! and also, i hav provided good pictures, for example look at dans shoes in the pic Click Here emma's shoes look nearly an inch this photo emma ahd a small heel on, about 1 inch and is the same height as dan Click Here emma is close to 5'7, the tell me why she looks about 5 inches shorter tha 5'8-5'9 mischa barton, and they both had on 2-3inch heels i mean mischa is even leaning in a fair bit Click Here in this photo they are both standing straight (emma had boots on with a small heel) and dan is still slightly taller, despite being further back Click Here clearly dan is taller....i doubt ill leave any more comments after this as i dont want to be YELLED AT
Glenn said on 22/May/06
Never met the others.have to ask my friends.
john link said on 21/May/06
I wonder what Glenn thinks of the trio's heights. I noticed in the caption above, it says he has saw him in late 2005 and thought he was in the 5'4"-5'4.5" range. I totally agree with this, maybe even a little under. I wonder if he has seen Emma or Rupert? Probably not, but hey, it is worth a try.
john link said on 21/May/06
Oh sorry JK, I thought when you said, "Your having laugh about Emma being close to 5'7"..." you meant anyone who thought Emma was close to 5'7", and, as you probably know, I firmly believe Emma is nothing less than 5'6", increasingly closer to 5'7". Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was not posting as Anonymous to make it look like someone believes me. Once again, sorry for the misunderstanding. As for your comment sianna, I noticed a few interesting aspects. You say, "i doubt Dan would be wearing lifts..." Why wouldn't Dan wear lifts? I mean he is almost a 17 year old guy and in the 5'4" RANGE. Not to mention, he is shorter than his 16 year old female co-star. If I were in that situation, I would wear lifts. And then you mention that in all of my pictures I have provided, you cannont see any of the actor's legs. You then go on to say "whoch would mean the Dan is slouching..." Why do you just say Dan is slouching? In pictures I have seen, Rupert slouches a ton and Emma seems to have a relaxed posture also. However, Dan is straining to be as tall as he possibly can in pictures. I have no idea why you would just mention Dan slouching, I don't think he would be seen in public without standing up perfectly straight. This brings me to my other point, you think that Emma is lying about her height. It was the FIRST hp movie where she was saying how she wanted to be taller than Dan. They are already filming the 5th movie. The 1st movie is completely history. From Dan's actions (standing up abnormally straight and MAYBE wearing lifts) I am pretty sure Emma is quite a bit taller than him. Also, please do not take this offensively, I think you should get some pictures and other information to back up your opinion. Instead of critcizing me, how about spend your efforts on finding pictures. However, I think it will be a challenge for you to find RECENT pictures that support your opinion, in almost all of the recent pictures I have seen, Emma is as tall or taller than Rupert and about 1.5"-2.5" taller than Dan. So, when you consider footwear, Emma being close to 5'7" and Dan being in the 5'4" range makes perfect sense.
sianna said on 20/May/06
yer John u have done that a coule of times...i mean putting different peoples names up to back up TRY not to make it obvious...seriously all 3 of them are under 5'7...well i think Rupert is 5'7...i doubt Dan would be wearing lifts..and John in all the pics you have provided i dont think any of them have shown the rupert, dan or emmas legs, whoch would mean the Dan is slouching...and i wouldnt b suprised if emma was lying about her height coz in teh behind the scenes on hp dvd she kept daying how much she wanted to be taller than Dan
john link said on 19/May/06
Actually I was not posting as another person JK. I just thought you were talking to everyone who thought Emma was close to 5'7", and as you probably know, I believe Emma is around 5'7", not 5'5". "Your having laugh about Emma being close to 5'7"..." that doesn't sound very specific, and it doesn't make much sense either. "Your having laugh" I am not trying to sound rude or judgemental, but I don't think anyone will support you if you talk like a caveman... Anyways, I just don't get why you (JK) think she is no bigger than 5'5"? How tall do you think Rupert is then, 5'4.5". He may be short, but I don't think he is that short. It would make sense if Rupert were about 5'6.5" and Emma about 5'7". Also, if you think Emma is no bigger than 5'5", how tall do you think Dan is, 5'2", or 5'3"? In the pictures Emma looks the tallest with a footwear disadvantage, so I think the following heights are accurate.
Emma: 5'7"
Rupert: 5'6.5"
Dan: 5'4"
JK said on 19/May/06
John link i wasn't talking to you about having a laugh, that message was for anonymous, so that means you were posting in as anonymous and you are agreeing with yourself! HA HA HA, but one thing is for sure she is no bigger than 5'5''.
john link said on 18/May/06
Actually I am not personally having a laugh, JK. I agree with you Anonymous, Emma is definitely close to 5'7" these days. As I said, and I have pictures and info to back myself up, Emma looks to be close to 5'7". Yes, yes Rupert may be 5'6", but did you notice in the pictures Emma was actually a bit taller than him? Think of this and then consider that Emma was wearing extremely flat boots, and Rupert and Dan were wearing thick-soled shoes. Dan was probably wearing lifts also, no doubt. So, think of these things and look at these pictures and you too will realize that what I am saying is not crazy or mental, it is indeed quite possible and reasonable.
JK said on 18/May/06
Your having laugh about Emma being close to 5'7'' when she is nothing more than 5'4''. Rupert is 5'6'' max.
sianna said on 17/May/06
maggie smith is 5' in heels she would be taller than Dan..explaining y she did look taller than him inj the movie john
Anonymous said on 16/May/06
Click Here
If Dan were over 5'4", he would not look this short. I looked at some of the pictures of the Empire Awards, and Emma and Rupert are actually over the Sony Ericsson sympol. Also, Emma looks way taller than Dan in the pictures some of you have provided.
Emma: close to 5'7"
Rupert: 5'6.5" to 5'7"
Dan: under 5'4"
sianna said on 16/May/06
yer just as anonymous said Maggie Smith would be in has on some sites that she is 5' in heels she would be taller than Daniel
Mystery_girl said on 15/May/06
I totally agree with sianna. Limbs don't have anything to do with height. For instance Emma has grown to her maximum. As for Dan he'll grow till he is 19+. And I agree with u john link that Dan is taller than Emma.
anonymous said on 15/May/06
maggie smith was probably in heels
Charlotte said on 15/May/06
Are you aware of what MAX means john link? Perhaps it is time to enroll.
john link said on 14/May/06
Okay something just came to my mind after I watched the 4th Harry Potter movie. Maggie Smith, who plays McGonagal, is actually taller than Daniel when they stand next to each other (by at least an inch). After doing some research, Smith is only 5'5" which backs up my opinion of Dan being closer to 5'4". I also noticed that the boys in the HP movies wear thick-soled shoes and the girls wear very thin-soled shoes. Just thought it might interest some of you.
john link said on 14/May/06
Yeah, sorry for getting a bit carried away with the limb thing. As stated by anonymous on the Emma Watson page, looking at a person's feet is a better future height indicator. I have not heard back from he/she yet, but I think that hands are good indicators too. I have always thought that Emma has had very large feet and hands. As for looking at Dan's, his look very, very small. Again, I think that his chance of gaining any height is quite slim.
jane austen said on 11/May/06
i think dan is half inch taller than emma,look at recent pics of empire awards n otto awards.hardly any diff. in height,plus emma wears slight she's abt 5" 5.5 n dan is 5"6.dan grows faster but emma is one tall girl.
john link said on 9/May/06
I am pretty sure you can trust about a million different websites listing Emma as 5'6" and up! If that many sites say that, I am guessing that height is pretty accurate. However, the one I think I cannot trust is you, or at least your math skills. lol 5'4.5"-5'4"=1"?? no it =.5"
Charlotte said on 9/May/06
You can't trust everything you see written john link.That said.he probably is 5'4.5" (considering he is about an inch taller than Emma Watson who stands at 5'4" MAX)
john link said on 8/May/06
Click Here
I believe this site has it quite correct. Also, some may think that this site is old, but look closer. It lists Order of the Phoenix under movies. There is no way Dan is over 5'4". Rob, I think it is time to downgrade Dan to at least 5'4.5".
Charlotte said on 8/May/06
Considering she is 5'4" now and has short legs,I doubt she will grow anymore than 5'6".
john link said on 7/May/06
Anonymous, how can you compare your hands and limbs to Emma's? It is a picture. I just think it is a little hard to compare your own hands and limbs to somebody's in a picture. Also, how do you know you are done growing?
john link said on 6/May/06
I think Emma does have big hands and limbs. Look at these pictures, they look quite long and large. Dan's look quite small and short on the other hand. Unfortunately for him, I do not think he will grow any taller than 5'4".
Click Here
Click Here
I think Emma will grow to be at least 5'8" considering those long limbs and large hands. Also, she is around 5'7", so it wouldn't be unheard of to grow an inch in 2 to 3 years.
Charlotte said on 6/May/06
Neither Daniel nor Emma are over 5'5",with Rupert at 5'6.5"ish...Daniel and Emma both have rather short limbs (legs and arms.Enmma's are a tocu shorter than Daniels).Long limbs are a generally indication of being tall,hands (Like Emmas.She has very wide hands,but they are not considerably long) have nothing to do with it.Feet doo,but Emma does have very small feet,for a 'supposedly' tall girl.
Jessica said on 5/May/06
Yes, he does look mature, but Mystery_girl is right in saying boys do tend to grow beyond their teens (not meaning they still grow when they're 30, but they can still grow into their Early 20's). So I do think Dan will get another couple of inches, and maybe end up about 5'7"ish.
john link said on 4/May/06
I do not think that Dan will have another growth spurt because I mean think about it, he has not grown in a year. If he were going to grow, he would have done it already in my opinion. Also, he looks extremely mature, and he is almost 17. I am pretty sure he is done growing.
LIsten said on 4/May/06
Im sure daniel will have a growth spurt soon and be atleast 5'7''
Mystery_girl said on 4/May/06
Guys...I'm sure that girls don't grow more than 0.5inches after the age of Emma can not grow to be 5'7" or whatever height above 5'6".......and as for Dan I guess he'll be quite taller than Emma a matter of fact boys grow in their late teen years...
Mystery_girl said on 4/May/06
hey there Emma(Dan's girl)....I just read the previous comments in which you yourself told that you take a look "Emma (Dan's girl) says on 20/Nov/05

Jessica said on 4/May/06
John isn't it a little hard to compare someones hands full stop in a photo, and I'd also like to take this opertunity to point out that this is DANIEL RADCLIFFE'S height page, so you should go make your comments on her page, and stick to Daniel's height on this page
john link said on 3/May/06
Jessica, isn't it a little hard to compare your hands with someone's hands in a picture? It just seems like it would be hard. I think the only thing you can accurately think of is how big they look on her own body, and they seem large. That is why I think she will grow to be at least 5'8", but it is just my opinion. She is more in the 5'6" to 5'7" range currently, once again in my opinion.
TJ said on 3/May/06
You said you were Indian in Nov 05 Emma. Scroll down and you'll see.
Jessica said on 3/May/06
My hands are that size (and no, I'm not just saying that) and I'm exactly 5'5" (and no, I'm not just saying that either)
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 3/May/06
Hey, Mystery girl!! Thanks for your support. But tell me one thing. Why did YOU think that I live in India?? Did anyone tell you that I am an Indian???
john link said on 2/May/06
Thank you for agreeing with me Emma (Dan's girl)! :) Emma definitely looked at least 2 inches taller than Dan at the empire awards. And that was with a huge footwear disadvantage! Think of how much taller she could be if both were barefoot. We must also consider the possibility of Dan wearing lifts. I think he may wear them because he is so short. So, if Dan wears lifts, Emma must be even taller! lol And you say that Emma is about 1/2" shorter than Rupert. I agree that in some pictures she looks marginally smaller than Rupert, but in some she looks the same height to slightly taller. That is why I think that Emma may be a little taller than him because Rupert was wearing shoes with about a 1 inch sole and Emma's were less than 1/2". That is why I think Emma is slightly taller than him, about 1/2". As for the probability of growing, I think that Dan and Rupert are done. I mean, they are 17 and they do not look like they have grown at all in the past year, especially Dan. As for Emma, there is no doubt in my mind that she will pass 5'8". She has long limbs, fingers, hands, etc. She definitely looks like she could reach 5'8" and I think that is what will happen. You can see in these pictures that Emma has large hands and long limbs.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Emma will reach 5'8".
Jessica said on 2/May/06
Lauren- in that photo Daniel is standing behind Mike Newell. And Rob used some really good photos of pens showing camera positions and height differences before (only I think it was on Rupert Grint or Emma Watson's height page). So Rob it'd be really good to post them on this page to show how Daniel's position in respect to Mike Newell might make him appear shorter. (Not saying Daniel isn't short. He pretty much is - 5'5" ain't that tall, but I think it is an acurate height for Daniel)

Editor Rob
the pens make it easier to 'appreciate' why some angles can be deceptive in photography. When you've got real people and big round heads, it sometimes isn't so obvious in photographs, especially when you are shooting sometimes from above the heads of the people - in this case, the pens make it obvious why the differences exist.

Here are the identical pens with a few other angles added.

Newell is a big guy in any case. As for emma/dan, there's a bunch of pics showing similar, some might suggest emma a little taller, others dan a whole, I don't see 1.5 inches as some do, but they are entitled to their point of view. I'm still curious if and how much more dan might grow or indeed if they've all finished!
Mystery_girl said on 2/May/06
hey there Emma(Dan's girl)...Say I don't think ypo will grow taller than 5'2"...coz your mom is a bit short...( though its a fair height in India)...and after 13 you don't grow much....
Let me tell u this...I haven't grown an inch for the past 1 and a half years...yeah...however i don't intend to coz i'm already 5'7.5" at this age of 15 and a half :-)
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 2/May/06
Yes, John Link! I absolutely agree with you. Though, I feel Emma might not be 5'7, man!!! Sorry to say that!! But she might be 5'6. Rupert is about half an inch taller than her. So he might me 5'6.5. But I agree with one thing, that is, Dan is surely shorter than Emma. I am sure of that and I agree with you. He might be about 5'4 or less. I'm sure. Also, in the special DVD og Goblet of Fire, there's a thing called "Meet the Champions" or something like that and there Robert Pattinson asks Emma something. Emma is slouching in that and looks about a foot less than him. So she might be about 8 inches shorter than Robert who is 6'2. So Emma is 5'6. That makes Dan (2 inches shorter than Emma) about 5'4.
lauren said on 1/May/06
Click Here
Dan with Mike Newell. Now Newell may be tall, but I do not think everyone looks this small compared to him. lol There is more than a head difference!
john link said on 1/May/06
Dan will be 17 in July and does not seem to have grown in more than a year. It looks like he is most likely done growing. Sorry all you dan fan girls.
john link said on 30/Apr/06
Why do you say that Charlotte? You have no information to back you up whatsoever. I don't know why you want to make her seem shorter than she is, but Emma really does look about 2.5" taller than Dan with a footwear disadvantage. She also looks as tall or taller than Rupert. I mean, did you see the pictures? They are very recent and I think that they confirm that she is taller than both Rupert and Dan. It also confirms that Emma is at least 5'7". Rupert seems to be in the 5'6" to 5'7" range and Dan, he seems to be under 5'4". Emma is tall and Dan is short! Also, have you guys seen Goblet of Fire? In the maze scene Emma is standing next to Devon Murray (who plays Seamus.) She looks about 4 inches taller than him. He is thought to be 5'3", therefore making her 5'7".
Charlotte said on 29/Apr/06
She's about 5'4.5" (MAX) to Dan's (MAX) 5'5".
john link said on 29/Apr/06
Sorry Emma (Dan/'s girl, my friend was on my computer and I forgot to change my display name. I swear I wasn't pretending to be someone or something! That would be extremely yeah...get back to me on that question :)
lauren said on 28/Apr/06
Yeah no problem Emma (Dan/'s girl)...and 5'4" is not necissarily short for a girl, average. Also, thanks for agreeing with me on Dan being the shortest. I just have a question to ask you though, do you think Emma is as tall as Rupert in the picture? She looks the same height/taller and she has a footwear disadvantage. Let me know! :)
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/06
Rob, if you're listing Daniel as 5'5", then I think you should downgrade Emma to 5'4.5" or 5'4" because she is clearly shorter than him.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 28/Apr/06
Charlotte said on 27/Apr/06
Sorry john.But,I've honestly never seen Emma as taller than Rupert in pictures.She's currently at least 2 inches shorter than him.She's not a very tall girl,just average.Long?!?! Sorry mate,but I don't think you've seen a girl with big hands/feet or long limbs.Her feet look around size 6 max (in Aus sizes) that is small,but it goes with her height.
Mystery_girl said on 27/Apr/06
Hey i'm just 15 and so soon i'm 5'7".Isn't that too tall??? How much more will i grow? My parents are both 5'8" each.
john link said on 26/Apr/06
Please don't ignore my pictures. :( somebody at least say something about them.
john link said on 26/Apr/06
Emma (Dan's girl): Thank you so much for the support! As for your height, I can only guess. I think that you could grow to be around 5'4" or so, but you never know. Hope this helps! :)
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 25/Apr/06
Hey, John Link! I agree with you, really! I don't think Dan is or will grow to be even 5'6. Can you tell me one thing? My mum is 5'1 and my dad is 5'8. Can you tell me how tall I will grow?? I am 13 years, 6 months and my height is 5'1. I am as tall as my mother. My weight is 45 kgs. Tell me, okay?? Thanx!!!
john link said on 24/Apr/06
Yeah I agree with you Charlotte, I would say that Rupert is max 5'7", but I mean Emma only 5'4"?! She is TALLER than joke! She is now aobut 2.5 inches taller than Dan (in the Empire Awards pictures, probably 3 to 4 inches taller than him barefoot.) Also, I just am wondering where you guys have seen Emma's parents. I've looked for them all over the internet (heights also) and have not found them. I know Dan's parents are extremely short (his mom is under 4'11".) If your mom is under 5'0" I do not think you will have much of a chance to grow above 5'4", even if you are a guy. You also have to take in consideration that Dan looks much more mature than the others. His voice broke in the first movie! It does not look like he has grown much in the past year or two either. Emma is a different story however. Charlotte, you say Emma has stubby feet and legs, are you kidding? She has huge hands and feet! I know her hands are big because of GOF. At the Quidditch World Cup they all kneel down and there is a close up of her hand over Dan's. Emma's look enormous compared to Dan's! It looks like if she put her hands up to Dan's, she wrap her fingers around his. Take a look for yourself if you own the movie. She looks like she could grow to be at least 5'8". I think she will as I said. Here are what I think their heights are and how tall they will grow to be.
Emma: 5'7"...5'8"+
Rupert: 5'6.5" the most 5'7"
Dan: 5'3.5" to 5'4"...5'3.5" to 5'4"
Here are just some pictures to show that Emma has long legs, long arms, big hands, and big feet. She will grow much taller in my opinion! :)
These are just a few pictures. They are actually quite revealing becasue they show that Emma is now a little bit taller than Rupert and about 2.5 inches taller than Dan (probably more like 3 inches or more if both were barefoot.) The pictures also show that Emma has long legs, big feet, etc. That is why I think she could grow to be at least 5'8"...I hope you see my point. :)

Editor Rob
you can't really link to any gettyimages, so the links don't work
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/06
charlotte do you have any pics of Dan and/or Emma's parents- I'm curios to see. But I totally agree with you that Emma doesn't have a tall persons build- she's pretty average size for girls her age. And I have seen Daniels mum- and she is pretty short, but I haven't seen his Dad.
Charlotte said on 24/Apr/06
Okay then.I'll give Rupert 5'6" then.This decreases the other two's height as well:
Rupert: 5'6"
Emma: 5'4" (This seems fair,considering she was 5'1" at the POA premieres)
Daniel: 5'4.5" (He is a bit taller than Emma,but not much)
768 said on 24/Apr/06
I am going to puke if you say Rupert is 5'7'', I met Rupert and I am 5'8'' (172cm) And I Absolutley TOWERED over him and he wasn't even slouching, He aint even 5'7'' i don't know how he gets away with it, This guy was 5'5.5'' Max
Charlotte said on 24/Apr/06
Daniel: 5'5" (MAX,his parents are short people,with small builds)
Emma: 5'4.5" (Having seen her parents,they both seem to have average body types,and short builds,plus she also has small,stubby feet and legs,which tall females certainly do not have)
Rupert: 5'7" (MAX)
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/06
Dan has more chance of growing than Emma does. Girls generally grow earlier than boys. Plus, body type hasn't got much to do with it. I know heaps of people with slender bodies that look like they'd be tall, but arn't. My sister's have the same body type as Emma and they're only about 5'4" (that's average of their heights- one's 5'5" the other is almost 5'4") , so I thnk it's rediculous to say Emma wiil be 5'8.5"- that's really quite tall for females.
Yi=31 said on 23/Apr/06
Emma will not grow another centimeter!! i really do think Dan will grow another couple of inches late on, teenagers stop growing at 18.
john link said on 23/Apr/06
Sorry typo on my last comment. I do not think Dan is still growing. Sorry.
john link said on 22/Apr/06
Opposition323, I think Dan is growing. It doesn't seem like he has grown much in the past year, if at all, and he looks pretty mature. I mean, think about it, Dan's voice broke in the first movie. Also, he turns 17 in July, which is coming up quickly. Rupert is probably done growing too because he is 17. Emma, however, will grow to be at least 5'8.5". She has the body type, etc.
Glenn said on 22/Apr/06
Will keep in touch through here,take care!
Opposition323 said on 22/Apr/06
I don't think Dan is done growing yet, he probably will have a growth spurt around 16-17 and gain a couple of inches. All of you are forgetting that he is only 16 years old and will reach his full potential at 18.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 22/Apr/06
Glenn said on 22/Apr/06
yeah,how have you been? havent seen him since.but when I do ,I will.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 22/Apr/06
Glenn said on 21/Apr/06
I dont think my first response went up.Daniel ran by me twice.I wasnt expecting to see him.
john link said on 20/Apr/06
I basically agree with you Emma (Dan's girl). However, I think that Emma is more like 5'6.5" to 5'7". She is taller than Rupert or at least the same height.
Elio said on 20/Apr/06
I agree with Anonymous. Like the vast majority of girls who are 16, Emma will not grow another millimetre.
Charlotte said on 20/Apr/06
Emma is 5'4.5",5'5" at the very most.Daniel seems an inch taller than her (they seemed the same height at Empire because of Emma's 2.5 inch boots)
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 20/Apr/06
DANIEL - 5'5
EMMA - 5'6
RUPERT 5'6.5
rob j. said on 19/Apr/06
Does Glenn have a picture with Dan? (i agree with you jacob) I would also like to add that I think Emma could grow to be above 5'8"...she has the figure and stature.
Serene said on 19/Apr/06
Impossible for Emma to be 5'7" and Daniel 5'4"..anyone notice the girl wearing flats with 1 inch high heels..??

I do think that Daniel is 5'5"..
jacob said on 18/Apr/06
okay look at this picture... Click Here
jason issacs towers over dan and issacs is only 5'11". rupert is finally standing up straight and so is emma (even though she leans her head slighty, if she made it normal she would be even taller or about the same height as she looks now) From the picture you can see that rupert and emma are the same height (emma might have .5" on him) and that dan is clearly about 2 to 3 inches shorter than rupert and emma. here are their current heights:
Emma: 5'6.5" to 5'7.5"
Rupert: 5'6.5" to 5'7"
Dan: 5'4" to 5'4.5"
Not only does emma look a little bit taller than rupert in the picture, I believe that she may be even more than 1/2" taller than him because of the boots she is wearing. They are pretty flat. Considering this, she may be even taller than 5'7" and rupert and dan a little bit shorter than the heights i listed them at.
john link said on 18/Apr/06
I am not trying to be rude, but do you realize that if Dan twisted his head to a normal position (in the picture I provided) he would actually be even shorter? Rupert may be slouching, but he does lose to much height from it. Emma is clearly as tall as Rupert and a couple inches taller than Dan. Also, her boots did not have much of a heel on them at the premiere. 1/4" at the most.

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