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5ft 4.34in (163.4cm)
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/06
Emma's 16 now and according to her "around 5'5". Face it people, she's NOT growing to be 5'8". all the girls i know who are 5'7" or 5'8" have been that height since they were 14. This arguing about Dan is absurd. He was 5'4" at 14. He's going to grow at least in inch! So Dan is at least 5'5", which would make Emma between 5'4.5" and 5'5.5". Emma will not end up at 5'8" or 5'9" like some silly people claim. At most, Emma will be 5'6" and Dan will have one last growth spurt and also reach 5'6". As for Grint, he looks between 5'7" or 5'8" and will either stay at that height or logically end up at around 5'9".
Will said on 18/Apr/06
Yeah I agree,, Emma and Dan are really SIMILAR in heigt, both about 5'5". Althought I think Dan is a bit taller (about .5 or an inch taller than Emma. So they are both about 5'5". and I also agree with anonymous about the postures in that pic, its a bit hard to tell, and silly to use that pic as an example. By the way who is Karee, and why are you so obsessed with making Emma Watson tall, 5'6" is pretty tall for a girl, especially in the UK.
anonymous said on 18/Apr/06
considering in the last picture, all three actors were in very different postures(watson is stretching her neck to the max, radcliffe is twisting his head sideways and grint has the world's worst slouch) it is very difficult to compare. I don't think footwear really mattered, Emma's shoes HAD heals, about the same as Dan. They're the same height, I think Dan's height shouldn't be lowered, give the guy some break.
john link said on 17/Apr/06
Yes, Rob, I think it is time to change Dan's height to 5'4" and Emma's to at least 5'6". Look at this picture when all are actually standing up stragiht...Emma and Rupert look about the same height and easily 1 inch taller than Dan. Emma is wearing flatter footwear than the other two which would add another .5 to 1 inch for her.
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Kj said on 17/Apr/06
I agree with john link, Rob why don't you change his height to 5'4'' he don't look anywhere near 5'5''. personally i think he is 5'3.5'' like most of the peoples opinions.
john link said on 17/Apr/06
I definitely agree with you Ellis. You are right, Emma and Rupert have relaxed postures and are still taller than Dan even though he stands as tall as he possibly can. Emma IS taller than Dan and almost as tall as Rupert. The height difference between Dan and Emma is really becoming noticeable. If you look at the Empire Awards pictures she is a good 2 inches taller than Dan. Also, take into consideration that she is wearing flat boots whereas Dan is wearing dancing shoes with larger soles. Emma is beginning to look closer in height to Rupert than she is with Dan. Here are their current heights and how tall I think they will grow (all those Dan fangirls, time is really running out, he is almost 17 and he does not look like he has grown a centimeter in the past year...)
Emma: 5'6" to 5'7"
Rupert: 5'6" to 5'7"
Dan: 5'4"
(Editor Rob, I think you are stretching it to say that Dan is 5'5", at least downgrade him to 5'4.5". Emma is starting to look WAY taller than him.)
Sorry for taking up so much space, but I would also like to add that Emma seems like she has the frame to grow to be at least 5'8".
mm said on 17/Apr/06
i think emma is 5'4, dan is 5'5 and rupert is 5'7. there was this picture during their london press conference when dan, rupert, and emma was wearing flats and they were all standing straight, the height difference was noticible.
Ellis said on 16/Apr/06
this is really getting silly with so many people still claiming that dan is taller than emma, i mean come on... notice in so many of the pictures of the trio, when they are posing take a look at all their postures. you will notice that the majority of the time dans feet are together standing up as tall as he can with his neck stretched. on the other hand rupert and emma stand casually; with their feet apart, slouching not stretching their necks to the fullest. give it a rest, all these daniel radcliffe fangirls trying to make it seem as if he is taller than he really is. stop dreaming
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
I think he is at least 5'5", he isn't THAT much samller then Grint anymore, and if in 2004 he said he was 5'4", well it's pretty likely he has grown at least an inch in that amount of time, at that age.
hey said on 14/Apr/06
um karee, in that pic, dan isn't really standing straight either (he's kinda leaning side ways) so they're about the same height, the top of their head end at the same place in that picture you provided, Emma just has her chin up so it seems like she is taller.
Editor Rob said on 14/Apr/06
Just seeing what he said in 2004, in SFX magazine stated: "I'm 5'4" and [Grint] is a lot bigger than me".
karee said on 12/Apr/06
thank you rob so much! you finally changed the heading. After seeing the pictures you provided, he looks well under 5'5" much more like 5'3.5". Also, Emma looks much taller than him! Do you think Emma is taller than him Rob? In the Empire Awards pictures she looks way taller than him. It is actually quite cool! Emma seems to be at least 5'6".

Editor Rob
I think they are very similar in height, some pics depending on how they are standing it may look one is taller
STFU said on 12/Apr/06
Rob do you think daniel radcliffe is actually 5'7''?, he looks to stand at 5'3.5''

Editor Rob
ultimately its his final height that will be remembered here, the question is will he reach 5ft 7? Has he stopped growing is the question...
Charlotte said on 11/Apr/06
Daniel: 5'5" (or just under)
Rupert: 5'7"
Emma: 5'4"
Bob said on 10/Apr/06
He is taller than emma watson and she is 5"5. He is 5"7. It lik says it everywere.
%67 said on 10/Apr/06
WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON ???? he is not even 5'4'' are you kidding he is definetly 5'3'', just look at the picture with 5'5'' billie piper her footwear makes her about 5'6'' but daniel looks 5'3''.

Editor Rob
if you hadn't guessed, I am taking pity and being generous with the guy...he does appear more 5ft 4
digeer said on 10/Apr/06
I don't think he is even 5'5'', Rob you are being too generous by giving him an inch, he looks exactly about 5'4''-5'4.5''
karee said on 8/Apr/06
thank you for agreeing amanda! she defintely is taller than dan! i think that dan is under 5'5" and emma is 5'7" or over! but there is one thing...i do not think rupert is 5'10" the empire awards pics emma was wearing flat footwear, but she was still as tall or taller than him. he is probably about 5'7".
Amanda D. said on 5/Apr/06
Emma is taller than Daniel. She is 5ft 7in and Daniel is 5ft 5.5in. Rupert is really tall(5ft 10in), the tallest of the group. If you think Emma is shorter than Daniel, you are mistaken. In the pictures you can see that she is taller than him, even when she has flat footwear.

Editor Rob
all these heights I think are negated by them all standing beside a genuine guy in the 5ft 11 range 'Isaacs'.

you know I'm thinking that radcliffe has measured himself first thing in the morning now!
Madeline said on 2/Apr/06
no, she doesn't, i don't care if you think Daniel is short- he is. But you can't start thinking Emma is taller- she isn't.
dave said on 1/Apr/06
woah nice picture emma (dan/'s girl) that really shows how short dan is...also i would like to add that some people believe that robert is only 5'11" or 6'0" so that would make dan even shorter and he also looks WAY shorter than robert in this pic...robert isn't standing up straight whereas dan is (robert has to look down to talk to dan lol) so the height difference might be like 10"-12"...that is why i think dan might be more like 5'4"...also oswaldo dan is most likely done growing...he has not grown much lately and rupert and emma (especially) continue to look even taller than him...have you guys looked at the empire award pics? emma looks taller than both rupert and dan and she is wearing flat boots whereas the boys where shoes with heels! she has grown!!!!!!
emma: 5'7.5"
rupert: 5'7"
dan: 5'4"-5'4.5"
Oswaldo said on 31/Mar/06
Definitively you can't predict the height of someone. However, you can guide yourself taking as a base the human group the person belongs to. For example, I'm hispanic and at late sixteen I was really short maybe getting 5' 6 1/2'' (168 cm). But now I'm eighteen and I am 5' 11'' (180 cm). Among latinos (I'm venezuelan)I'm somehow tall but in comparison with caucasians and like most of you, americans, I'm short.

Dan is caucasian, so he'll probably get 6 foot height easily. That measure in Venezuela is tall, guys.

Take care.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 31/Mar/06
Click Here
Go to this link and see the height difference between Robert Pattinson and Dan.
Robert is about 6'2. Dan and Robert have about 9 inches difference which makes Dan about 5'5. So maybe Dan is near to 5'5, like 5'5.5 or 5'4.5.
Anyways, we cannot conclude unless he himself comes and tells us, right?
Dave said on 29/Mar/06
anonymous: there is no way Dan is taller than Emma and Rupert is 3 inches taller than her...did you look at the pics? Emma is taller than both of them when she is wearing flat footwear.
Dave said on 27/Mar/06
Is it just me or does Emma seem to have had a big growth spurt? In those recent Empire Award pictures she looks taller than Rupert by about .5" and taller than Dan by about 2". When she stands up straight she looks even more taller than them. Maybe it is just me, but I think she looks taller than both Rupert and Dan and looks to be about 5'7" easily.
Glenn said on 24/Mar/06
Your right Bill.
Madeline said on 24/Mar/06
nicely said Bill, i agree!!! we'll just have to wait a few more years...
Amanda said on 23/Mar/06
Dan and Emma look 5' 6"... Rupert is 5' 7".
bill said on 23/Mar/06
there is absolutely no clear cut scientific way to guess anybody's end height. i have a friend that at 15yrs old, was 5'4", at 17yrs, 5'9" and now at 20yrs, 6'3". my other friend who is also 6'2" (he stopped growing at age 16) his dad is 5'8" and his mother is 5'6". there are thousands of different factors. myself?? i was 5'9" at age 13 and i'm still there. =)
Glenn said on 22/Mar/06
Smallest male celeb Ive seen since Michael j fox.5-4.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 21/Mar/06
Andrew said on 20/Mar/06
From seeing the recent picture posted by Rob, I have to agree with him...Dan does not even look 5'5". He also seems to be done growing: he looks extremely mature, his parents are very short, and he has not grown in awhile. Emma is continuing to grow taller than him.
Madeline said on 18/Mar/06
he is slouching in that photo

Editor Rob
grint is slouching as always in pics, in this one dan seems standing ok
Jess said on 18/Mar/06
Daniel isnt 5'6" hes 5'7" and a half (half very important half an inch taller then Emma)

Editor Rob
this has been beaten to death...I think even Glenn seen this guy just last November and thought he was rather short...5ft 5 max, maybe 5ft 4?

Jason Issacs with hand on Daniel.

If Radcliffe is 5ft 7.5 I will eat Harry Potter's broomstick!
Madeline said on 14/Mar/06
I agree TNTinCA, no one in my blood-realated family is taller then 5'7", both my parents being 5'6", and me being 5'5" (for the last 3 years, since i was 13!!) yet, my brother somehow managed to not only break the average barrier but make to 6'4", so I don't think anyone can acurately predict height. We'll just have to wait and see...
TNTinCA said on 14/Mar/06
I wouldn't put too much stake in that 'future height prediction' mechanism. Nothing is absolute and you never truly know. I had my growth spurt early in life. At 14, I was 5'9" and weighed 145 lbs. By that gizmos calculations, I should have topped out at around 6'1". But alas, genetics hit the brakes at 5'10". :-)
Guess I should be grateful. My father is 5'7" and my mother is 5'2" so its not like I had major height genes to begin with!
Cassie said on 12/Mar/06
A (male) child who is 5' 5 1/2" tall at 16 years, 8 months of age has a predicted future height of (*drum roll*): 168.7 cm or 5' 6.4"!
Click Here
So Dan will be about 5' 6.5" tall.
Cassie said on 6/Mar/06
*Realistic* Future height Predictions:
Daniel/Emma: 5' 6" (168 cm)
Rupert: 5' 8" (173 cm)

Dan's mom is either 4' 10" or 4' 11" and I'm not sure how tall his father is, but unless he's over 6' (which is very unlikely), Dan's not growing anymore past the 5' 6" (168 cm) he is now.
Cassie said on 5/Mar/06
Emma Watson is going to be about 5' 5" or 5' 6". She is 5' 5" now and, at nearly 16, I doubt she's going to grow anymore.
bikagyura said on 4/Mar/06
Karee: Emma Watson ending up at 5' 9
Madeline said on 1/Mar/06
Jann Carl- is the name of the interviewer, and I'm trying to find out her definent height now.
Madeline said on 1/Mar/06
and does anyone know the height of both his parents, I know his Mum is meant to be quite short, but how tall is his Dad?
Madeline said on 1/Mar/06
I saw an interview with daniel(promoting The order of the pheonix) and he was standing next to an interviewer, who I found out is 5'7" (after some hard research) and Daniel was about 2-3 inches taller then her. So it appears that he has had a growth spurt, so yay for all the fans!

Editor Rob
last time I checked pics of him 1 month ago he still looked 167cm...who is the interviewer?
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 22/Feb/06
DANIEL is definitely shorter than Emma. That is for sure and I agree with you and your pics, Karee! Good, keep it up. Now look at these pics. SHE Is surely taller.
And, in the second link, clearly observe Dan's shoe's heels. They are very high and then observe Emma's. Its totally flat. And, Dan is standing on the carpet which looks about 2cms high. So, I conclude that Dan is shorter than EMMA!!!
trueheight said on 20/Feb/06
dunno about dan, but emma is definately done growing. MOST girls stop at 13 or just 1 year after their 1st menstrual cycle. It is not feasible for a girl to continue growing beyond 16 unless she has a pituitary problem, I've never met any girl that grew beyond even 15. if so, it will be millimeters not the inches you all claim. For boys its different so i can't really be sure about dan
TNTinCA said on 15/Feb/06
Looks like Daniel may end up being below average in height. May have an inch or two left though. I was 176 cm when I was 16 (measured for my driver's license) and I peaked at 178 cm when 18.
Karly said on 5/Feb/06
They exaggerated the height difference between Daniel and Clemence to show how young Harry (a 4th year) was compared to the other triwizard competitors (7th years and older 6th years). Daniel is 167 cm (just under 5' 6") and Clemence is 5' 8". She was about an inch taller than 5' 7" Rupert, and Rupert isn't that much taller than Daniel in real life. Camera angles and big hair make him appear taller than he really is.

Meghan, your brother is an exception. Statistically speaking, most guys are done growing at 17. I know there are guys who grow later, but only if they have genes for late growth spurts. My neighbor was 5' 10" at 17 and now he is 24 and still the same height. In contrast, when my dad was 17, he was also 5' 10" and now he is 6' 3", but you have to have the genes to grow! Daniel's parents are short, so I really don't think he's going to grow past the 5' 6" mark. If he's lucky he'll be 5' 7", but most likely not.
Runnin'doubleT said on 4/Feb/06
IMO Emma is shorter than Dan,and the gap between Rupert and Dan is shortening, just look here :
If Emma's really 5'4, then Dan and Rupert are just a little bit taller...
meghan said on 30/Jan/06
ok,I have 4 bothers and my 19 year old brother just grew like 2 inches. so it's not like a 16 yr old guy is even CLOSE to being done growing. and does it even matter? I mean, it's not like it's height that makes a person better, and that is coming from a model. I'm only 5'5 but I still get modeling who cares?
trueheight said on 30/Jan/06
a pic w/ him and his parents might indicate his future potential. I'm almost 23 and have grown about an inch in the last yr
Serene said on 23/Jan/06
Fleur ( Clemence Poesy) is around 3-4 inches taller than Dan. Plus Karee is right, Daniel is about 5'4"-5'5.5" at range
Karee said on 22/Jan/06
Mouldy: I agree with you, there is no way Fleur could be 6'1". She is much taller than Dan, so that means that Dan is not 5'5" to 5'6". He is defintley more in the 5'4" to 5'5" range. Also, he seems to be done growing because Emma continues to look taller than him. Another thing to think about is that Dan could be wearing lifts and I think it is safe to say that Emma is not. I mean, at premieres and stuff she almost always wears flats and it would be hard to stick lifts in there. So, here is what I think there current heights are and how tall they will become:
Rupert: 5'7.5".....5'8"
Dan: 5'4" to 5'5"....5'4" to 5'5"
Emma: 5'6.5" to 5'7.5" least 5'9.5"
mouldy said on 20/Jan/06
Exactly,Karee! I didn't mean Fleur is 6'1" but if Dan IS 5'5.5" - 5'6" then she would be about that height (which is very unlikely). So Dan fans have to accept that he's probably even shorter!!! Well,who cares, it's like Karma! He's young, good looking and filthy rich, it's only fair he's short!
Wicked Kid said on 20/Jan/06
Karee, vikor meant that Dan could be wearing lifts in his shoes.
Karee said on 16/Jan/06
Mouldy: The actress who plays Fleur is not 6'1", but Dan is much shorter than her. Look at this picture:
The producer guy is "around" 5'10", most people think he is shorter than that. Fleur looks about 5'8" to 5'9" and Dan is still about a half a head shorter. That shows that she is not 6'1" and Dan is defintley not 5'6". He is more around 5'4" in my opinion.
vikor thomas: What is Rupert talking about, that Dan wears shoes to make himself look taller in the movies and elsewhere?
Emma is taller than Dan.
mouldy said on 14/Jan/06
Well,I think Dan is 5ft 6in the MOST. If you notice in the scene where all four champions are ready to dive into the lake, you'll see that even Fleur (dunno the actress' name) is more than half a head taller than him. So if Dan is let's say 5ft 6in, she would be 6ft 1in, which is freakishly tall for a woman! I don't think she's even taller than 6ft 1in, does anyone else? So Dan's just 5ft 6in the most I guess...
Wicked Kid said on 14/Jan/06
George: That's a possibility. Daniel isn't exactly the tallest guy around.
vikor thomas said on 14/Jan/06
rupert says on 11/JAN/06.i can tell this by seeing the height in the movies.not only me but also the others can tell.

George said on 11/Jan/06
Do any of you think Dan wears special shoes or lifts to make him look taller?
George said on 11/Jan/06
???: Why would she be 5'5" when she was 12? She will reach 5'9", mark my words. Right now she is 5'6.5" and she is still growing.
lorna said on 11/Jan/06
she wont grow to be 5 ft 8 or 9 or 10 i think 5 ft 6 maximum shes turning 16 shes almost stopped growing
??? said on 10/Jan/06
5'9?? she'd had to be already 5'5 when she was 12 to be five foot nine, and seeing how she looked average height in chambers of secrets i doubt it
Katie said on 9/Jan/06
Emma will be at least 5'9".
hey said on 9/Jan/06
well apparently she said she's about 5'5 in a recent interview and she would know her height best, so i believe she's a solid 5'5, it looks about right anyway
Krista said on 8/Jan/06
Emma turns 16 in April and most 16-year-old girls are done growing. However, from recent years' growth, she might have a couple of inches left and will grow to be 5' 7" or 5' 8". Some people say 5' 9" but that's really unlikely. That would be like if she was 5' 7" now. Currently she looks in the 5' 5"-5' 6" range, closer to the 5' 6" mark. She was 5' 4.5"-5' 5" in May and Dan looks 5' 5.5" like he said he was back in May. Katie is done growing for sure (she's 18) and Dan is about done too. With Emma, it's hard to tell because of rumors.
If she is 5' 6"-5' 7" like some people say, she is still growing and will be 5' 8" or 5' 9". If she is still 5' 5" she will probably get to be about 5' 6" and stop. Dan will be done at 5' 6". If he's not already that tall he will be soon. He's only 1 cm under that height.
Karee said on 8/Jan/06
No I don't think Emma is done growing, but I do think Dan is. In my opinion, Emma will grow to be at least 5'8".
chris said on 8/Jan/06
well neither emma or dan has grown for quite a while, so i reckon they've both stopped growing. I don't think emma being younger really matters, its only by like what, just over half a year, guys stop growing later than girls so their age difference really evens it out don't you think
Krista said on 7/Jan/06
Emma ONLY looks taller when she is in heels or Dan is leaning forward. Emma IS taller than Katie, though. I think Dan and Emma are about the same height now.
Here's what I think:
Dan- 167 cm
Emma- 166 or 167 cm
Katie- 165 cm
They are very close in height, but Dan IS the 5' 5.5" he says. He was 5' 4" back in 2003 and has grown an inch and a half since then. Emma was 5' 3" back than and is about 5' 5.5" now.
Karee said on 7/Jan/06
Cellebel: I don't really think that what you said makes sense. I mean even if most guys continue to grow while most girls stop growing earlier, Emma Watson is younger than Daniel. Also, look at how mature Daniel looks. Daniel has also not grown much in a while. That leads me to believe that Daniel is done growing and Emma is continuing to grow. Sorry for being so negative. I agree with you that it doesn't matter how tall Dan gets. I really like him being short.
Cellebel said on 5/Jan/06
You're really making a prob' out of this, don't you? Hmmm... Let's say Dan is only 16 and boys of 16 still grow, don't they? And girls stop earlier with growing than boys... Soo; should say enough, right?

Anyway, I think Daniel shouldn't grow that much anymore... His height is fine for small girls like me ^.^ (I'm uhmmm... 160 cm... What's that in inches? ^^ I'm not English you see... ^.^)
Karee said on 2/Jan/06
Rob, will you downgrade Dan's height to 5'4.5"? There is no way he is 5'5.5", unless people agree that Emma is 5'6.5" to 5'7".
bella said on 2/Jan/06
Well, I've never seen Daniel next to me, but I really think he must be the height he claimed a few months ago, about 5'5 5''
KELSEY, I went and look for the pic you posted, and yeah, Emma is taller, but because she was wearing little heels at NY premier, she wasnt' wearing flats. See---->

I checked on the Press Conference in London. They both were wearing flats and Dan was actually a bit taller than her--->


^_^ hugs!
Karee said on 2/Jan/06
Thanks for agreeing with me Anthony. If you look at pictures of Emma and Dan, Emma is a couple inches taller. Anyone can answer these questions:
1) How much taller do you think Emma will get?
2) Do you think Daniel is done growing?
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/06
I saw Daniel Radcliffe on "Regis" and he seemed to be walking with some difficulty. Any one know why?

Editor Rob
shin splints?
Kelsey said on 1/Jan/06
I dont't think that Daniel is still growing. He doesn't seem to have grown much. Rupert and Emma continue to look even taller than him. He is done growing in my opinion.
I7 said on 1/Jan/06
This guy is still growing, I think his official height is still changing.
Kelsey said on 1/Jan/06
Look at this picture. The view is straight on and all three seem to be standing pretty straight. Emma is at least 1.5 inches taller than Dan and almost as tall as Rupert.
Karee said on 1/Jan/06
Amanda: In those two pictures Emma is not closer to the camera and Dan is not slouching. Emma is taller than Dan and will grow a lot taller, mark my words.
Amanda said on 31/Dec/05
Emma is closer to the camera and Dan is slouching, and the other pics aren't coming up.

Emma and Dan are definitely taller than the 165-cm Katie (she usually wears heels to make herself look taller), but Dan and Emma look about the same (167 cm), maybe with Emma being a little taller.
Karee said on 31/Dec/05
Look at these pictures, Emma is way taller than Dan. These pictures are straight on, there are no weird camera angles. Emma is wearing flats and Dan is wearing shoes with quite large soles and Emma is stll at least 1.5 inches taller than him. That is why I believe that Emma is at least 2.5 inches taller than Dan. She is continuing to grow taller while Dan is most likely done growing. Here is a conclusion of how tall I think Dan and Emma are and how tall they will grow:
Emma: 5'6" to 5'7.5".....still growing, will grow to be around 5'10"
Dan: 5'4" to 5'4.5"....done growing
This is just what I think and just put some pictures up to support my opinion.
George said on 30/Dec/05
Yeah, Dan is defintley not tall. Personally, I think he is done growing. Emma is taller though in my opinion.
Wicked Kid said on 30/Dec/05
No...It could be that flats are way more comfortable, which I totally agree. Anyway, Daniel isn't exactly tall in the first place. I'm really doubtful about the 5'5.5".
George said on 29/Dec/05
Yeah I agree with that statement wicked kid. Emma rarely wears heels. Why do you think this is? If she were short she would most likely want to wear flats do make herself look taller.
Wicked Kid said on 28/Dec/05
I was saying, their heels should be similar because neither Emma nor Mischa like wearing heels. Mostly flats.
sianna said on 27/Dec/05
ok, to emily, did u even bother 2 read the heading? 2004, thats when the picture was taken! imnot tryin 2 b rude, but lyk i said, rupert has just recently had a growth spurt, and they aren't standing normally in the images. To say that Rupert is 5'8, 5'9 is ridiculous, even on this website he is 5'7. can u imagage him being the same hight as Mischa Barton? no. To wicked kid, i hav seen the full of these photos and emma's heel is practically the same as mischa's. ill b generous and giv mischa a half an inch more, but mischa doesnt even wear high heels because she is so tall in them. i dont think it matters wat height dan is , he is a good looking boy and a great actor.
Amanda said on 27/Dec/05
Daniel is just about the same height as Emma and he said he was just under 5' 6", like 167 cm, so Emma is 166 cm tall and Katie is an even 165 (she only looks taller than Emma when she's in heels; when they both wear flats Emma is actually about as tall as women claiming to be 5' 6"!)
sianna said on 26/Dec/05
yes! omg, finally sumone makes sense! i totally agree with u wicked kid. Many ppl hav provided recent photos of emma, dan and rupert. but how can emma look tall in sum, yet short in others? she is always closer to the camera, and she has the best posture compared to the biys who always slouch. in this photo (, emmas shoes are actually higher than Dans, and u can see that she cant be that tall, as her legs are short. i find it hard 2 believe that she miraculously grew nearly 2inches from when she stated that she was 'about 5'5' only about a month or two ago. Dan will grow. many ppl forget that rupert is 17, and he only had a growth spurt last year when he was 16. dan will hav is soon, many biys dont shoot up until they are 17 or 18. emma may on look tall because Dan is short. and rupert isnt really that tall either, i mean for a male 5'8 isnt tall.
Wicked Kid said on 25/Dec/05
Natalie: THANKS SO MUCH for repeating yourself. Well what I'm saying is exactly the kind of things that some are saying about Dan's shoes - that it's 4cm!! Ridiculous isn't it! Anyway this should be proof that Emma's still much shorter than Dan in sneakers. And she's closer to the camera. What are you going to say now? That Dan's wearing lifts?

fact: I agree with you. Emma, Dan and Katie all look short. Girls no matter what always stop growing first. Any female 5'7" and above LOOKS tall. That's why female PETITE Models have to be 5'6" - 5'8".

Anthony: Careful now, some girls around here claim to have grown significantly after 16.

Natalie(again): Would you mind getting us the ORIGINAL photo for this ? With photoshop, alot of things can be done. And you're the one talking definate now.

n: that's right. catwalk models sometime talk about how awkward they felt at 12-14 when they stuck out from others(in height).

Carmen: Perhaps he'll hit a growth spurt yeah?
Jessica said on 25/Dec/05
Well, I also agree that Dan might not grow that much. Probably at the most 2 or 3 inches. But he still looks tall in the movies.
Some Guy said on 25/Dec/05
HAPPY care everyone...kekekekeke ^_^
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 25/Dec/05
I am 13 years and I am 5'1. I don't think I am going to grow much more. I may just reach about 5'3 or 5'4. I will not be so tall, certainly.
Just like that, Dan is 5'5.5 now and I don't personally think he will be growing till 5'9 or 5'10. He may grow up to be 5'7 or less. He's already 16, guys. There's not much time. Boys stop growing maybe at 19 or 20. He's just ogt 4 years and he is going to grow very slowly.
Well, if you disagree, please do make sure you send your comments.
MollyMoo said on 24/Dec/05
This probably doesn' really help the situation, but it seems kind of hard to tell in photo's how tall someone is, you can only really make an approximation. I'm almost 13, and i'm around 5 foot 5", so it's hard to beleive. Most 16 year old's i see are around 5 7", or something. My brother's 17 and i'd say he's around 5 8". He's not that much taller. But in some of the older photo's Emma's is shorter than Dan, mybe by an inch, but still shorter. Anywya, i don't know. But Dan's still hot, and if he's around my height, that's even better!! ;)
n said on 23/Dec/05
Emma is not taller, and Dan looks 5'5 to 5'6. Dan might grow, he's 16 and guys generally stop growing later. I doubt emma will reach a staggering height of 5'9, that's like the height of supermodels. If she is going to be that tall, she would be already, havent you heard the stories of supermodels who were already freakishly tall by the age of twelve and thirteen.
Natalie said on 23/Dec/05
This is a recent photo. Emma looks really tall in this picuture doesn't she? She is almost as tall as Rupert, I would say at the most 1 inch shorter, probably not even that much. Rupert is at least 5'9", so Emma is easily 5'7". To Anthony, Daniel is no way 5'7". He is 5'4" to 5'5". Look at recent photos, Emma is a lot taller and is continuing to grow while Daniel is most likely done growing. Remember people, Emma is the youngest, why would she stop growing first? Even if she is a girl. She will grow to be at least 5'9" or 5'10". Mark my words. Also, Daniel is defintley done growing. He looks the most mature and has always seemed more mature than Rupert. His voice and appearence. He is really hot, but Emma is taller than him.
Anthony said on 23/Dec/05
I think some persons here should give Daniel more credit than they are giving him, because in fact he is about 5'7. Also Emma is not taller than Daniel when they are wearing same levelled shoes. Another thing is that Emma probably will not grow any taller, while Daniel is only 16 now and could put on 3 more inches by the time he's 19 or 20. I'm just turned 16 and I'm 5'11 and i have a friend who is 16 as well and he's 6'4.
fact said on 23/Dec/05
uh karee, i think you are getting carried away, emma is a girl, if anything she is the first to stop growing and the least likely to grow anymore. i agree withe wicked kid that dan is taller, the rest of you should really give him more credit with his height, he looks five foot five or 165cm, if emma is taller at 5'7, she would have the figure of keira knightley who actually looks tall, emma does not even LOOK tall.
Natalie said on 21/Dec/05
Wicked Kid-
You say "Though Emma wears flats sometimes, they aren't as flat as you think they are." How do you know? You can't just say something like that and act like it is exactly right. She is almost barefoot and Daniel has on dress shoes. Emma is still at least an inch taller than Dan in these pictues. The pictures you provided prove that Emma is taller than Dan. In the pictures Emma is taller. See, Emma is obviously taller.
Kelsey said on 20/Dec/05
Daniel is not 5'7". Emma is, but not Dan. I agree with you Karee.
CelebHeights Editor said on 20/Dec/05
I see Statesmen describing him last month: "the 5-foot-7 Radcliffe, now 16"
karee said on 18/Dec/05
Some guy- Those are some nice pics, but I don't think they are very accurate with the heights. Emma is defenitley not that much shorter than Dan and Dan is not taller than Rupert. They are on different plains if I were to guess. Also, when Emma is standing with just Rupert, she looks to be almost as tall as him. Emma is 5'6.5" or 5'7", Dan is 5'4" or 5'4.5", and Rupert is 5'8" to 5'8.5". Dan is done growing and Rupert might grow a little bit more. Emma will grow a lot more. I think Emma is going to be the tallest in the end.
Glenn said on 18/Dec/05
your cool with me emma.I thought you were mad at me when I was just trying to be honest, but Im glad you understand.keep in touch!
Some guy said on 17/Dec/05
I guess you could say these are some recent/old pics lol..... not sure if these'll help, but nice pic nonetheless...XD
karee said on 17/Dec/05
Emma is taller than Daniel. Wicked Kid, do you have any proof to prove me wrong?
Ellis said on 16/Dec/05
i really do think that dan is stretching it a bit with that whole 5ft 5.5. im that exact height because ive been measured by my doctor and just recently i met dan looking for cds. we were both wearing the same mckenzie flat leisure shoes and had a laugh about it because i said he copied me haha, well i knew as well as my friend who was with me that i had atleast half an inch on him
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 14/Dec/05
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 14/Dec/05
Thanks Glenn. I will surely mail you and tell you what to do. we'll keep in touch.
karee said on 12/Dec/05
Yeah I agree with you Ema (Dan's girl). Dan could be using shoes to make him look taller. There are no way that his shoes are just 1cm tall. They are at least 1 inch and Emma still looks much taller than him. Keep in mind she is basically barefoot!
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 12/Dec/05
Anonymous, don't mind, but I feel what Karee is saying is right. Daniel's shoes look like that, but they are not really 1cm. Emma is wearing heals which is about 3cm (approx), but Dan is using shoes which make him look taller. Yes, there are shoes like that. Go to the link below and see. These shoes make a person look 10cm taller.

Editor Rob
I really struggle to see Emma at 5ft 7 ;) Producer, Emma and Katie. Katie looks to have smaller sized shoes than emma, but both do look roughly the same height...The producer guy looks to have 5 inches on emma, and he remarkably (not) is close to the 'some would question' 5ft 10 Oldman

Emma is 5ft 7, the same way that Danny Devito is 5ft
anonymous said on 11/Dec/05
to karee, im not going 2 say that u r wrong, but i will just point out some facts on those photos u hav provided. the first photo is of the recent movie and emma is standing straight while dan is slouching. The 2nd photo (on the link) was taken last year, and Emma was wearing a 4-5cm heel. i no this 4 a fact as i have pictures. The 3rd pic was also taken last year, and u can see that Rupert and Dan have grown since then, although emma doesnt look like she has (well not much). the second last photo is pretty accurate, although the boys do not stand straight like emma does. and in the last photo, emma is closer to the camera, so she appears taller. dan's shoes r only about 1cm tall (i no this as my brother has similar shoes). im not trying 2 argue, all im sayin is that emma is either shorter, or the same height as dan, not taller. u just have to inxlude posture and camera angles.
karee said on 11/Dec/05
wow Emma is getting really tall. So is Rupert. Both seem to be shooting up and increasing the gap between Daniel. There is no doubt, Emma is at least 5'7", Rupert 5'10", and Daniel at the most 5'5". I really hope that Emma and Rupert keep growing and Dan stops.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 11/Dec/05
Hi Glenn, Thank god you saw my message. Anyways, I am going to tell you a very silly thing and I cannot tell it here. I will send it through email if you give me your mail id.
karee said on 11/Dec/05
To Danny's gurl...Emma is taller than Dan in flats. I can't get the link, but I have pictures where Emma is in flats and Dan has on dress shoes and Emma is a couple inches taller. These are very recent pictures also, they are from the London premiere of Goblet of Fire. Daniel is done growing and Emma is still growing I think. Does anyone else think that Dan is really hot and it's cute how short he is?
Geoson said on 11/Dec/05
I think Dan is probably 5"6, to be exact, i heard about this somewhere in the news, and Rupert isn't 5"10 for sure, as he doesn't look that high, but i do believe the twins are over 6
Glenn said on 10/Dec/05
Im sorry emma,didnt see you.what do you want me to ask him? again to comment on reality,dude I was shocked,he looked 5-4.but he might be 5-5 tops.SHORTY.
Sirius' son said on 6/Dec/05
hey, can anyone tell me, if i (im 16) will grow more.. im 5'8 .. im not bothered by dan's height.. im bothered when someone replaces him.. and emma and rupert..
Wicked Kid said on 4/Dec/05
Actually, Dan doesn't look taller in the movies. He seems frequently towered by his fellow cast members.
Serene said on 1/Dec/05
Haha..don't mention it Dan's gurl. I was also suprise that he didn't seem to like the name Danny.

Daniel really looks short but I haven't meet him yet. So, I still believe that he is 5'5.5" tall.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 30/Nov/05
If you see him again, can you please do me a favour, please?? If you say "Yes", I will tell you what to do. Please Glenn.
I beg you, really! Dan is really what I need at the present time,
Can you do it for me, Glenn?? Please!!
Glenn said on 30/Nov/05
I was shocked when I bumped into him 3 weeks ago.he looked 5'4''!
NiNi said on 29/Nov/05
Guys' skeletons are supposed to be mature at 16 years old, and girls a little earlier. I know there are definitely exceptions to this as I grew almost 2 inches between 18 and 19 years old! I believe that the mid-parental height formula is pretty accurate in predicting adult height. So, if you want to guess at how tall an adolescent/teenager will be as an adult, it's best to know that person's parents' heights. I am not sure, but I think the average adult height is slightly shorter in the UK versus the US.
jamie said on 29/Nov/05
to karee, where did u hear these reports and can u prove it? to emma, if u are thriteen and 5'1, that isnt that short. im 15 and only 5'3.5. does anyone think ill hav a growth spurt lol, coz apparantly girls stop growing at 15-16, although my dad is 6', so does that mean ill grow? DOES ANYONE KNOW? LOL. at the most dan is 5'6...remeber at the MOST! although because he is a guy, he'll stop growing at 18-21, whereas emma has probably stopped growing.
Serene said on 28/Nov/05
Danny's Gurl, yeah, you are right. He is 5'5.5" tall. But, Daniel says that he doesn't like people to called him Danny, he says he prefers to call him Dan.( I'm just saying because he just simply said so)
Danny's Gurl said on 27/Nov/05
Ok...Danny is 5'5.5"...recently yes he is. That's that. Emma is a half an inch shorter than him. they joke about her being taller in her heels, not in flats.
karee said on 27/Nov/05
Hi guys! I am just going to say that Emma Watson is taller than Daniel Radcliffe. If you look at recent photos she is much taller than him. Daniel is really short. He is 5'5". Reports also came out that Emma is 5'7" and they are not lying!
anonymous said on 24/Nov/05
In response to Ti Gu. The average height for men is not 5'11. It is somwhere between 5'9 and 5'10. Dan looks around in the 5'4-5'6 range. I think he's most likely 5'5.
gyllenhaalic823 said on 24/Nov/05
yay now i feel ok (thank you emma+lindsay) because i just turned 13 three months ago and havent hit my growth spurt, im only 5'0-1" lol
daniel really isnt that tall, and yes, i do think that emma exaggerated her height and is only 5'3"
Lindsay said on 22/Nov/05
Thanks Emma! I'm not Lindsay Lohan by the way just in case you thought that lol! I think 5"4 for Daniel too Wicked Kid I actually agree with all of your estimates!
Wicked Kid said on 22/Nov/05
Is it possible for me to push for a 5'4" for Radcliffe? Then it'd make sense that Emma's 5'3", Katie's 5'3.5" and Rupert, 5'7".
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 21/Nov/05
Thanks Lindsay! That has solved my problem now. You are so sweet. Can you be my friend? You can choose. If you think I am not trustworthy, leave it.
But thanks for the information. I am really freed from my dilemma.
Lindsay said on 20/Nov/05
Emma I'd say your qfairly tall for 13 I was that height at your age and considered tall and you've still got a lot of growing to do! Remeber growth doesn't officially halt until your 21
Wicked Kid said on 20/Nov/05
I disagree with Casey and Anna because Katie was bending her knee and the camera was closer to Emma therefore it gives Emma a height advantage. Katie is taller than Emma. Not the reverse. Now I'm having the concept that Daniel's height isn't accurate. I mean, we are all using Dan's height to judge his female co-stars!! So why can't it be possible that Dan's was tweaking the truth?
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 20/Nov/05
dan casio said on 18/Nov/05
ya what a little guy, extremely short, reminds me of elijah wood. Hey won't be higher than 5'7'' if he didn't already grow.
Julian said on 13/Nov/05
I saw this guy here in NYC and I'd say that the 5'6" is too tall. I'm 6'3" and this guy looked to be about a foot shorter than me. I agree with the 5'5.5" estimate and I might even believe 5'4"
Alexa said on 12/Nov/05
He's probably growing some more, cuz most guys don't reach their final height till 20 atleast that what I heard. anyway, I'm 5'6
ds said on 11/Nov/05
I think Rupert is like 5'9" maybe 5'10", he grew probably. And also the average for guys in 5'9", a lot of the guys in my highschool are shorter than me and 1'm 171-172 cm.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 7/Nov/05
You are right! But maybe Emma has grown taller. But....but but but, buddy WICKED KID, all I mind is Dan's height. I am 13 years and I am 5'1 (quite tall for an Indian) and he is 16years and is 5'6. There is about 5 inches. I am not bothered to know Emma and RUpert's height. Anyways, thanks for the info.
Wicked Kid said on 7/Nov/05
Lol, Rupert Grint is NOT 5'11"!!! It's absolutely OUTRAGEOUS. Lol. Even if Dan's super short and is wearing "special shoes" for his height, we can judge Rupert by Emma. He's only about 3-4" taller than her. So 5'8". Nothing more, probably a little less. If Rupert were 5'11", Emma would be 5'7" and then Mischa Barton would be what? 6'1"?? We all know that Mischa is tall, but she's not THAT tall. Logic my dears. And btw, to some guy, that pic you posted is not fair because of the angle advantage to Dan. These: & should be better. Thanks.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 1/Nov/05
Hey, that link you showed for the picture is good. Thank you, some guy! But in that pic, the girls are not wearing heels and they look shorter. I know it because i have other pictures where you can see all of them from toe to head. Leave all the others except Dan and Rupert. Rupert in 5'11 presently and Dan is about 5 or 6 inches shorter which makes him about 5'6 in height and I have heard that the directors have brought special shoes for Dan to make him look taller than Parvati and Cho. This is a true info.
Fiona(Dan's secret gf) said on 25/Oct/05
Dan is alright for his height, he is not too tall or too short, I think his size is perfect! even though im abit taller! Anyways he is abit short but who cares! His a great friend and he didnt do nothin to make everyone tease him about his size!
So yea Bye!
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 24/Oct/05
Dan is about 5'6 or less than that in October 2005. He is 16yrs now. I dont think he is going to grow too tall. He may grow to be just about 5'7.5, not more than that, I am sure, unless he does some surgery. Anyways, I dont want to him to grow taller either, because (to all those Dan's fans) he may start liking Emma if he is taller than her bcoz all boys are taller than girls if they are girlfriend and boyfriend.
Thank all of you guys.
Anonymous said on 18/Jul/05
ROFL!! If Rupert was 5'8", then the twins would be like what, 6'3-4"????

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