How tall is Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe's Height

5ft 4.5in (163.8 cm)

English actor best known for starring in the Harry Potter series of films. He has also appeared in Woman in Black and Horns. He stated in 2005 he was was 5ft 5.5 (that half inch being important!) and in 2007 he claimed to have measured himself at 5ft 5.

How tall is Daniel Radcliffe
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I'm 5 foot 5, so in some shots I need to be on a box and that's something that I'm very used to. But, in this film [The GameChangers], I’m on a box in so many scenes with Joe Dempsie, who’s a couple of inches taller than me, the joke was like, everyone knows I’m really short, so everyone's going to think you're tiny for this entire film!

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Average Guess (73 Votes)
5ft 4.43in (163.6cm)
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/17
I wonder if he will have a short/tall son.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Nov/17
@ Klapperschlangensindgeil21 - Emma Watson isn't short for a girl, and she's a main member of the 'Harry Potter' cast!

PS Are you, by any chance, German?
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 10/Nov/17
The whole main cast for Harry Potter seems to be short.
Terry said on 8/Nov/17
I would guess Daniel as being a strong 165 in the morning and slightly over 163 at night.
Sacred said on 6/Nov/17
Daniel Radcliffe is 164 cm or 165 cm
Tom said on 6/Nov/17
I reckon he's the same height as me. I've measured myself in the morning, afternoon and evening. In the morning standing at my tallest I'm almost 5'5 1/2 then during the day I'm 5'5 exact. Then at night I'm just a hair under 5'5 at 5'4.90 I think Daniel has the same height as me. But he's probly 5'6 with sneakers like I am. Would I claim my height as 5'5 or 5'4?
Editor Rob: at some point I think Daniel will drop under 5ft 5, but certainly before mid-day I think he would still be close to 5ft 5.
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Oct/17
@ Warren - Hi! I doubt whether I was that hell-bent on noticing which of the two was taller myself! I mean, usually boys outgrow girls, just not in this case! Both grew up to take on new and adventurous parts and I'm sure that the parents of both young actors are as chuffed as any parents have the right to be!

Cheers Warren!
Enjoy your weekend! 😉
Nik said on 28/Oct/17
Daniel looks at least 5'4.5" and at most 5'4.75"!
Warren said on 27/Oct/17
@Sandy Cowell
I mean that I always thought he's taller than Emma Watson but seems Emma's taller.. even in the film the last series Harry Potter I didn't notice, yeah and he's so handsome too! completely agree with u
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Oct/17
@ Warren - Hi! For those of us who've had the pleasure of watching Daniel grow up, seeing him stabilize at 5ft4.5 wasn't so staggering at all! He is charming and intelligent and when I saw saw him play a young father in 'The Woman in Black', I felt he was more than capable of playing the lead in an adult ghost story and play older than his years very well to boot!
Who needs to be tall to excel at what he does? Not Daniel!
Warren said on 20/Oct/17
Really surprised he's only 163-164cm?
Jake said on 13/Oct/17
I have seen him before at a festival he was around 5'7 but he had shoes on, so Id say he is about 5'5- or 5'6 barefoot
Shoaib ahmad said on 7/Oct/17
He should be listed as 5,3.5 at his best.
He looks 3inches shorter than Nick Jonas
Shoaib ahmad said on 6/Oct/17
Click Here
Here's a picture of Nick Jonas With Daniel Radcliffe.Nick is listed here as 5,6.75 and Daniel is 5,4.5.But you can clearly see in the picture that Nick is minimum 3 inches taller than Daniel
Editor Rob: we should never assume that a famous person doesn't do the 'tip toe trick'...
KH said on 5/Oct/17
Did Radcliffe get downgradde I thought I remembered him being listed at 5'5? Good call either way this guy is short and yes he is shorter then Emma Watson.
Editor Rob: I was but a young lad the last time Radcliffe seen 5ft 5 on here
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/17
Always seen him as just short of 5'5 around the 164cm mark compared to his fellow Potter actors in the last few films. However with the correct footwear he can appear a strong 5'5 hence his 5'5 and a half claim, his posture is far from great and at times can perhaps make him seem shorter.
Bennett said on 25/Aug/17
Mr Potter is 1m61cm w/o shoes
Vam said on 9/Aug/17
Rob, 163.8?

Julian said on 30/Jul/17
Rob, is he seriously only 5 foot 4.5? I knew Harry Potter was short but, seriously? How did you figure this estimate?
Editor Rob: seeing him beside all the other harry potter actors, especially ones i saw up close, I thought around that 4.5 range might be possible.
even said on 18/Jul/17
hes 5 foot 4
even said on 20/Jun/17
Marcello said on 8/Jun/17
MJKoP: Not when self reported 5'4 Ken Jeong stands next to Hart does he seem over 5'2.
Click Here
MJKoP said on 5/Jun/17
Marcello: If anything, it's proof that Hart is taller than 5'2".
S.J.H said on 5/Jun/17
Honestly i always think he best fit as a barefoot 161cm guy at times could pull off 162cm i never see him look over 5'5 with shoes
Marcello said on 17/May/17
Also more proof that Radcliffe is 5'2" range -

See Kevin Hart next to Fallon - top of his head is straight in line with Fallon's mouth level.
Click Here

See Radcliffe next to Fallon - top of his head (including a bit of hair) is straight in line with Fallon's mouth level.
Click Here
Marcello said on 17/May/17
Watch Emile Hirsch meeting Strombo and watch DR meet the same man.
Click Here
Click Here
See how Dan's eye level is at Strombo's chin whereas Emile's is at the bottom of Strombo's nose.
Marcello said on 17/May/17
He's 5'2.5 at night - Watch him next to Fallon.
Click Here

Compare 5'5.5" Dave Franco to Fallon.
Click Here

I myself am 5'4.75 in the morning, 5'4 at night and was exactly the same height - eye to eye - as this man - Vilmos Zsigmond.
Click Here
See Vilmos next to 6' Travolta.
Willes188 said on 15/May/17
As listed
Danimal said on 15/May/17
5'5" in shoes. 5'3"-5'4" barefoot.
Unknown said on 12/May/17
How many shallow comments?! He is a kinda short, no so short, below 5'3" is so short for a man.
He isn't a child and can't be seen as a child c'mon is it a joke?? Is it heightism?
His height isn't so rare, I am around his height and I know very men with same height or shorter.
Stop it to say that a guy must be 5'7"-5'9" above for getting the girls and to be handsome... if it was that the case, then is the end of the world for us short
Dale said on 15/Apr/17
hi rob, what would be a typical eyelevel for a188cm guy with pretty big head
is 176cm noraml?
Editor Rob: Dale, yes around 176 range might be quite typical...Daniel, when standing with a true 6ft 2 man might only be at the end of the tall man's head.
Bobby said on 23/Mar/17
Growing up, I always thought he looked tall in the movies, and then to my shock discovered, at the time, that he was 5'6. I'm even more shocked to discover that he's been 5'4.5 all this time. That's usually the height of women.
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Mar/17
abe - 158cm? 5ft2, no more? Yes more! 2-and-a-half quality inches to be precise! 😉
abe said on 5/Mar/17
158 cm at most , no more , it can't be
Deepa said on 4/Mar/17
That's freak to know this ...thnkyu
No way said on 17/Feb/17
He's Maybe 5'4 tops
mande2013 said on 17/Feb/17
Rob, what would be a typical eye level for a 5'5 flat guy, around 1m54?
Editor Rob: yes in and around that zone.
Lily Jarvis said on 13/Feb/17
He is 5'6", which is short but not yet unheard of for a man.
Sally (5'11.5 said on 10/Feb/17
Playboy got it wrong when they asked DR if being short limits his career. Being TINY made his career. They successfully found someone who could look childlike for many years.
VeryShortRussianDude said on 10/Feb/17
@Arthur At least he doesn't have the same level of intelligence & maturity of a child, the same can not be said for yourself.

Seriously I don't want to insult people I really don't, but some of the comments on this site makes me weep for humanity, like could you comment like grown ups? some of the comments on here mostly directed towards short men are just so puerile, fatuous, shallow, & all round moronic that it truly beggars belief that the people typing the comments are fully mentally developed adults.
Arthur said on 3/Feb/17
If he was at least 5'7 he would have been a very handsome man. He is just like a child.
Potter Fan said on 23/Jan/17
He's so short
Johnny said on 22/Jan/17
He makes average height guys look tall.
So sexy but too tall said on 20/Jan/17
i wonder how a author describes him
MJKoP said on 6/Dec/16
Even with PLATFORM shoes, Harry Potter still couldn't hit 5'9.75. :D
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Nov/16
I saw Daniel on QI and he has a fantastic personality and I found him very interesting and funny! He may only be 5ft4.5, but he is still a prime specimen of manhood and the ideal example of an attractive smaller man!
Gaza2121 said on 23/Nov/16
Mande2013, he actually looks under 5'4" in those pics lmao. But he's probably 5'4" range.
Sam said on 23/Nov/16
Same height as Tom Cruise he says, yeah right. Of course if anyone raises an eyebrow of Tom legitimately looking his listed height people will put it down to lifts as usual. To be fair to Daniel he can look 5'5 at most but maybe this listing is more accurate. I'm not sure.
CD said on 19/Nov/16
5ft 4 flat is definitely too low for him, he never looks more than 4 inches shorter than Tom Felton. In fact I too can still see the almost 5ft 5 argument because in many shots Felton seems to be standing with better posture...

Also 9 times out of 10 James McAvoy has a thicker heel on his shoes as well as likely being a little over 5ft 7.
mande2013 said on 18/Nov/16
Rob, where do you think his eye-level would be? Right around 5'0? Or 5'0.25?
Editor Rob: mande, probably a good 5ft, his eyelevel isn't that short for his height.
mande2013 said on 14/Nov/16
Radcliffe may be a small guy, but no way does he look 5'4 flat here: Click Here

I honestly still think he's a weak 5'5er.

I see a weak 5'5 guy here: Click Here
Realist said on 12/Nov/16
5'4 120 max
same said on 7/Nov/16
the more you look at them, the shorter they seem!
same said on 7/Nov/16
some people just keep getting shorter on celebheights!
NC said on 7/Nov/16
Rob I wouldn't be surprised if he was just 5'4 he looks rather short next to dave Franco
Editor Rob: NC, I think 5ft 4 flat is just too low, although I can see the argument - if you watched him with Tom Felton or Jesse Eisenberg, at times he looks not much over 5ft 4!
oliver said on 2/Nov/16
I would say 5'4 for him and 5'4.5 for Emma Watson. He looks half inch shorter than her.
VeryShortRussianDude said on 1/Nov/16
Strong 163cm IMO so 5'4.5 is like a roundup height for Radcliffe, I'd bet good money he dips a little under 5'4.5 on the nose.
RainbowBlaster5 said on 24/Oct/16
Zoe Kazan ssemed taller than him in "What if" and she was in flats and he was in shoes , it's the scene where the postmans letters go flying all about and they help him if I'm not mistaken.
S.J.H said on 1/Oct/16
5'4.5 is right also 5'4.25 could be lowest
Pita ji said on 16/Sep/16
He is no more than 5 foot 3.5 out of bed dave franco is 5 foot 5 he look almost 2 inches shorter than dave.
heightmaster3000 said on 29/Aug/16
I really think 5,4.5 might even be pushing it a bit. I was shocked how tiny he looked next to Eisenberg and Franco in the movie as well as red carped pictures. As low as 1,62 is not out of the question if you ask me. BUT I have to say I think it's amazing how comfortable he seems to be with his height. There never seem to be any attempts to make him look closer to his co-stars and as far as I can tell he doesn't seem to wear lifts either. He reminds me of MJF in that regard. That shows alot of confidence.
www said on 25/Aug/16
at least shorter people have less of a height loss than taller ones. good for harry.
mande2013 said on 24/Aug/16
McAvoy has a clear footwear advantage in all those pictures with Daniel. I'm telling you people, he's a weak 1m65.
mande2013 said on 24/Aug/16
Okay, I'm gonna say it. I still think DR looks close to 5'5 here: Click Here

Dave Franco is quite obviously sporting lifts. But come on, assuming Ruffalo and Eisenberg are 5'7 and changers, nowhere is Daniel pushing 5'4 flat. The 5'4.75 listing may have been more on the money. MJ Fox would look smaller in this picture. It's Daniel's thin frame that gives the illusion he's closer to 5'4 than 5'5.
d,ml said on 23/Aug/16
how low will rob go on daniel radcliffe? that is the question.
Editor Rob: if he reaches 80 he'll be 5ft 3
Jazz said on 15/Aug/16
I wasn't sure Rob would downgrade him again or Emma. Even though I always thought Emma looked a fraction taller.
Aditya. said on 13/Aug/16
Height is always not a problem, Generosity is.
Talent and hardwork beats hollow appearance all the bloody time.
Alex91 said on 12/Aug/16
Hey Rob, I appreciate that you downgrade Daniel's height because 5ft 4.5 seems correct. But near James Mcavoy, Tom Felton and Dave Franco Daniel seems to be 5ft 4.25 or 5ft 4. Personally I think Daniel is around 5ft 4, what do you think Rob?
Editor Rob: I think he probably measured 5ft 5.5 in a shoe, that is believable and why he joked about rounding up to 5ft 6. 5ft 4 he can look at times, but then a guy like mcavoy ain't a weak 5ft 7, he might be like me a little over the mark but nobody is going to say a tiny amount like that.
Word1234 said on 9/Aug/16
@mat very interesting photos, Daniel with his Harry Potter cast seems to hold up to those weak 5'5 claims, but when you see him with Macavoy, Franco, joe Jonas he looks like he's barely pushing 5'4.
Must be witchcraft and wizardry :p
Aaron Zamora said on 3/Aug/16
I believe that Radcliffe is 5'4 flat.
Editor Rob: I wouldn't go that low but I think 5ft 4.5 is quite realistic.
Leonardo said on 20/Jul/16
He and Emma Watson are 5'4.25 (163 cm) and no more.
Mat said on 13/Jul/16
Oi check this out! Daniel guilty of tip toeing! ;-) Click Here

To be fair to Daniel, there is no way he would only be a flat 5'4, but he also fails to pass for a 5'5 man in every photo out there. A weak 5'5 man should pass sometimes for 5'5 but he never does. He is just definitely over 5'4 but unknown how much over it. Click Here Click Here

Unless Tom Felton hasn't grown since the editor met him ( to me he has the proportions of a 5'10 man, he could even look tall amongst the small cast of HP ), then I can see Daniel as 5'4.5 on the dot! He and Bruno Mars may be the exact height.
lol said on 8/Jul/16
some people just keep getting shorter on celebheights...
miko said on 7/Jul/16
In Cruise is in lifts he could well be looking over Dan's head!
Alex said on 3/Jul/16
I met him some years ago. He was like 30 cm shorter then me. I think 164 is right.
ND said on 2/Jul/16
Rob do you think 5'4 on the dot would be a better listing and more accurate? After seeing him in now you see me 2 it seems unlikely that he would be closer to 5'5? What do you think, a slight downgrade in the possible future?
Editor Rob: 5ft 4.5 may well be closer for Daniel...I think he can struggle to look near 5ft 5 half the time.
ND said on 29/Jun/16
Hey rob I just saw now you see me 2 and when Daniel stands next to dave Franco, Dave Franco has him by a couple of Iniches Daniel looked more 5'2-5'3 compared to Franco who is 167cm do you think that's possible?
Editor Rob: Radcliffe wouldn't be that short, although I'm sure he can look 5ft 4 at times.
Mat said on 23/Jun/16
Rob is 5'4 flat possible? He looks really short.
Editor Rob: at times you could say he looks 5ft 4-4.5 zone
Lee said on 19/Jun/16
He's not a lot shorter than tom cruise. Tom is scraping 5'7 maybe even a weak 5'7 and Daniel is 5'5" at the shortest. 2 inches isn't exactly a big gap
Word1234 said on 11/Jun/16
Click Here
Not the best picture but Dave Franco looks quite a bit taller than daniel Radcliffe.
For some reason every picture of Daniel Radcliffe he looks like 5'2. I struggle to see him anywhere close to 5'4.75. Honestly.
tiny said on 10/Jun/16
145-149cm: impossible
150-154cm: weak
155-159cm: probably
160-164cm: probably
165-169cm: weak
170-174cm: impossible
L said on 4/Jun/16
I am just bit under 5'6. I've stood next to Daniel and 5'4 might even be stretching it. He is quite small.
Mat said on 22/May/16
Hey Rob, apparently Daniel thinks he is about the same height as Tom Cruise, who is 3 inches taller? From Playboy

Does being short limit his career? “I don’t think so. Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise have very different careers, and they’re both about the same height as I am.''
Editor Rob: Daniel's in for a big shock when he shakes Tom's hand for the first time!
Mat said on 14/May/16
I think that he would have been an alpha male if he was 5'10 (or above of course). Height plays a major role in appearance unfortunately. If he wasn't famous, any girl would pick an average (or even below average) looking 5'10 guy over him any day.
ND said on 26/Jan/16
hey Rob,
do you think 164,5 could be daniel's end of the day height or his out of bed height?
mande2013 said on 23/Jan/16
@MD, In that last picture that you pronounce the killer, I see a 3.5 inch difference between Radcliffe and McAvoy, but it's possible the latter's wearing lifts while DR has normal footwear on, because in other picture with the two of them the difference didn't seem that large.
MD said on 13/Jan/16
@Rob & @Ouch,

Some better photo from one of the events pictured in the article you linked to. Notice McAvoy is not standing to his fool height in just about any of them, and we know he's only 5'7".

Click Here

Click Here

At another event. McAvoy may have a bit of a footwear advantage, here:

Click Here

The killers, though:

Click Here
plus said on 31/Dec/15
No more than 164,5 and he is very similar to Pablo Motos. Both removed their shoes for a test in a program. Pablo Motos claims 167 cm, some years ago in an article about shoe lifts it said he was 166 cm, but Motos is 165 cm.
Lol said on 21/Nov/15
I always assume people are a half inch or so taller than they are listed on this site
Ouch said on 15/Nov/15
Several new pics of Radcliffe with James McAvoy: Click Here There seems to be at least 3in difference between them, maybe even more.
jordydecke said on 15/Nov/15
Click Here

Daniel Radcliffe clearly wearing lifts ^ - very short guy, as most child actors tend to be. I think this is because casting directors would choose younger looking children as they're more likely to stay looking younger throughout shooting.
MJKoP said on 8/Nov/15
Lawrence194cm said on 26/Oct/15
Daniel Radcliffe seems a pretty tall and wiry bloke. When he stood next to Severus Snape he can't have been more than an inch or taller smaller than him. I'd put the lad somewhere between 178 and 181 cm. The character Harry Potter was always meant to be around 6'1" in adulthood so I guess they did the casting pretty well.

As hilariously wrong as this may be, I almost find it to be refreshing after all the ridiculous downgrading that takes place on this site!
Lawrence194cm said on 26/Oct/15
Daniel Radcliffe seems a pretty tall and wiry bloke. When he stood next to Severus Snape he can't have been more than an inch or taller smaller than him. I'd put the lad somewhere between 178 and 181 cm. The character Harry Potter was always meant to be around 6'1" in adulthood so I guess they did the casting pretty well.
Ron said on 11/Sep/15
He's always looked a little taller to me... I think he may actually be the 5'5 he claims, maybe with the half out of bed. He just seems to edge Watson out very slightly and he never looks that much smaller than Grint who I peg at 5'8. His height suits him, he's got the right build for it! And he never has problems asserting screen presence either, so all in all a pretty impressive stature!
Josh said on 8/Sep/15
Hey Rob, isnt 5'4.75 more like 164,5 so 165cm? Or am i wrong?
[Editor Rob: 164.465, so since that mark is nearer 164 than 5 I display the closest cm.]
mande2013 said on 20/Aug/15
I guess this downgrade was inevitable, but in most Western countries, I'd say males in the 164-169 range are all treated pretty much the same socially anyway.
CD said on 5/Aug/15
Rob, now that I have grown a fraction do you think I'm as tall as Daniel yet? I'm a good 5ft 4 5/8ths (well last time I measured a week or so ago), and at worst around 5ft 4.5 on the dot. Out of bed a fraction over 5ft 5.

I know you haven't measured him, but could he still edge me barefoot?
[Editor Rob: CD, I think radcliffe probably falls into the 5ft 4.75-5 zone if you measured him.]
CD said on 23/Jul/15
It looks more like 2.5 minimum shorter, maybe 3 at most. So he's over the 5 foot 4 mark, probably close to 5ft 4.75 given the footwear. Daniel looks more than an inch above James's eyes, so I can't see the difference being in the 3.5 inch range.
the shredder said on 21/Jul/15
With James MCavoy he looks 3.5 minimum shorter , even if James has boots he can't be more than 5'4.5
Parker said on 19/Jul/15
Same height and build as Michael J Fox. 164 is my guess.
Pedro said on 15/Jul/15
He confirmed in this interview that he is 5'5": Click Here

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