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5ft 4.33in (163.4cm)
FOR Glenn said on 8/Feb/09
I know you have answered this before (like a million times) but could you tell me if this urban myth of growing after the age of 20 is true?
lily said on 4/Feb/09
Ecurb: even if you're 5'7 and daniel looked 3 inches shorter than you, it doesn't make him 5'2 or 5'3.

do the math!!!
Ecurb said on 2/Feb/09
Stood just a few feet from him on 1/29 while he was signing autographs after an Equus performance. I'm 5'7" and am AT LEAST 3 inches taller than Mr. R. I'd guess 5'2" or 5'3".
5 ft 3.2 said on 31/Jan/09
I'm pretty sure that he is 5 ft 5.5 I have a picture somewhere on my computer of Emma and Daniel standing next to each other. She's wearing flipflops and he's wearing regular flats. He's about half an inch taller than her 5 ft 5 frame. Anyways, if he hates his height so much, he can just have an operation to change it. He has enough money for 20 of them. The operation can add 2-3 inches to him.
Rituparna Ganguly said on 29/Jan/09
It doesn't matter
wheather Dan's height
is 5'5" or 5'7". What
matters is his talent. He
is a talented actor.
Many people have
rocked the world with
their talent n capability-
height couldn't prevent
them. One of them is
Nepoleon Bonapart.
lily said on 25/Jan/09
i don't think 5'4.5 is tall ENOUGH for a guy, but i'll tell you one celebrity who's even smaller than that... RAY MYSTERIO

he's only 5'3 and he's amazing.

there's nothing wrong with ur height and tell those classmates to get off ur case.
Bruce said on 23/Jan/09
hes 167 cm a bit over 5 ft 5 in
Bashful said on 20/Jan/09
...Is 5'4.5 tall enough!...
...My classm8s are teasing me,..That im too small in our class,..Tell me some celebrity,..With the same height with me...
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/09
glenn... i think for some young people Daniel is a lot cooler then Oaul Mccartney and Keith who-ever. stop the attitude ugly old man.
rahul said on 16/Jan/09
i think he is about 5'6 or 5'7 fit, not more than....thats it.
glenn said on 15/Jan/09
i could give a rats ass about daniels worthless to boot.wouldnt mind a photo with him,but apparently i never put in the time.gee,what does that say? perhaps a could give a toss about him period.he has been in new york for months too.oooo,congrats you obtained his autograph on your napkin.frame it.i spanked(a.k.a,pounded,hammered,went to town,had a signing)paul mccartney today and got the photo with(not my first with him by the way).so i have better things to do.keith richards left me a lovely xmas gift.daniels been nothing but a snob that sneaks out of places nowadays.leave a comment with assuming you know it all,and you get a lovely response from me.i love people like you.ta ta.
Linda said on 14/Jan/09
Glenn you originally wrote back 3 years ago that Daniel Radcliffe was polite even though he had passed by you a couple of times. For some reason you seem rather bitter that a busy young actor was unable to stop and give you your photo. I happen to have his autograph and he is a very polite young man. Let it go Glenn.
umad80 said on 7/Jan/09
Where is the passage that it says he grew 10cm? It seems like an odd sort of statement considering they're from Harry's POV and I only remember Mrs. Weasley commenting on Harry having grown. So you'll have to quote that part of the book because I honestly just don't recall it...

It is funny how much they are different from their characters in basically height only. lol
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/09
Harry grew a lot between books 5 and 6 but he was initially pretty short. I think Harry was about 5'4-5'5 in book 5 and it is said that he has grown about 10 cm. So he's probably 5'9 in book 6 and 5'10 in book 7. Ron has always been way taller than Harry but I don't think he's that extremely tall. Probably 6'2 in book 7. As for Hermione, I'd also say 5'4.
And I think Neville is pretty short in the books, like 5'6, but he's tall in the movies. And Draco is said to be slightly taller than Harry so probably 5'11 for him.
lily said on 6/Jan/09
he really is 5'5??? isn't that pretty short compared to the average height in men???
Sean said on 4/Jan/09
I believe judging from what J.K. Rowling wrote that the characters heights are
Harry:5'10" (taking into account he was said to be very skinny) Ron:6'1", Hermione:5'4"
umad80 said on 3/Jan/09
It would depend on what JKR considers 'tall'. It's funny, I only remember Mrs. Weasley commenting on Harry getting taller. But that doesn't mean he's 6' because he had "gotten taller" because we don't know how tall he was previously. Now, I haven't read the books in over a year, but I don't ever remember them specifying an actual height. In any case, Dan is definitely shorter than Harry, but we're just not sure of how much shorter... But then, none of the actors are really the heights their suppose to be. Even the twins who are suppose to be short and whatnot. hehe
Anonymous 2 said on 30/Dec/08
Arikado, Harry couldn't be 5'8. Despite what JKR said in the earlier books in the last three if I ain't wrong he grew a lot and beeing described by being tall in the last book so I guess that he was at least 5'10" and maximum 6'
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/08
I think Harry's supposed to be about 5'11". Ron ,6'2"/6'3", Hermione, 5'3"/5'4".

None of the actors are right. Hhaha.
Arikado said on 22/Dec/08
5 foot 5 is right for him.. if he was over 6'0 that wouldn't be right for harry. i think harry's maximum height is 5'8.
anonymous said on 2/Dec/08
to haze

you really are tall when you wake up in the morning, it's because the ligaments in between your spinal cord strectch when youre lying in bed. your original height will be back few minutes later
teddy89 said on 11/Nov/08
in a picture close to ralph fiennes(180cm), he's a head shorter than him. so i think max 1.62 m
Evanna said on 5/Nov/08
Dan Radcliffe commenting on his height again (New York Post via Wenn News):

Radcliffe Enjoys Anonymity In NYC
5 November 2008 4:17 AM, PST

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is enjoying his run in Broadway play Equus - because he can go unrecognised in the busy New York streets.
The actor, 19, is currently living in the U.S. while starring in the live stage show, and he insists the Big Apple provides welcome relief to his native U.K., where he is constantly spotted by fans.
And Radcliffe is convinced it is his diminutive height - he is 1.6 metres (5 foot, 5 inches) - that keeps him from being noticed.
He tells the New York Post, "The other day, I walked through Battery Park City up around Wall Street for about two hours, and I wasn't stopped once. I'm so short, no one notices me."

Well as we know 1.6m is actually 5'3", not 5'5". But anyway he hasn't grown.
Eve said on 2/Nov/08
Ive always thought Daniel is only about 5'2". Emma looks taller than he is in the newest potter series who is supposed to be 5'5".
joe II said on 31/Oct/08
Anonymouse3 = uber ignorant.

when was this last updated?
Anonymous3 said on 29/Oct/08
tallone I advise you to stfu, just because there are more freaks than USUAL does not classify them as NORMAL. And yes I will visit UCLA sometime. O wait what's the point of wasting my time when I could just live my own wealthy life. No need to get my hands dirty. Roffle
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Have an nice day.
haze said on 29/Oct/08
listing sounds about right. not sure on the shrinking though. im sure it affects everyone differently. im 6'3 on the dot before i go to sleep and have measured 6'3.75 morning. i also weigh 280 pounds and have a vigorous physical schedule. so i cant judge on radcliffe. short for sure though
Dave said on 27/Oct/08
No, it's not true, in Hungary the average is 5'6" (170 cm). So WE ARE the shortest in Europe.
umad80 said on 27/Oct/08
To be fair, not everyone shrinks at night. Some people do stay the same height all around. For instance, I have measured myself and stay the same height I always am (after the initial waking up of being 5'6"). I don't know the general rule, if most people shrink at night or not. But the point I was making is that if people think Dan is 5'4" at night, but during the day he is 5'5" then you can assume he will definitely look shorter at night and people will get his height wrong. I thought that made perfect sense.
Teddy89 said on 27/Oct/08
In italy the average is 5'8.5 (174cm) and we are the shortest in europe! Him, to be english, is quite short!
lene said on 27/Oct/08
he really looks short in the Harry Potter series..perhaps it's really the genes, but being in the spotlight at a really young age could also be a reason. i believe that, scientifically, young celebrity stars don't grow as much as they should because they are exposed to the spotlight. i think i heard from a news clip that the heat coming from the spotlight affects the pituitary gland. examples are the olsen twins?.. well, i'm not really sure though.
glenn said on 26/Oct/08
ill never forget when he ran by me a few times,3 years ago,ignored my photo requests,and looked 5-4.
Anonymous said on 26/Oct/08
It is possible. Daniel's mum is very short, under 5', so in his case the lack of inches is hereditary.
teddy89 said on 25/Oct/08
I was born july the 23,1989 (exactly like him!) but i'm 5'8.5 (174 cm) and when i was 15 i was tall 5'3!! How is possible he didn't grow in 3 years?
andy said on 24/Oct/08
people add an inch at night, their spine straightens out as they sleep. Thats why everyone is taller in the morning.
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
Umad, why do you find it necessary to say that he shrinks at night, don't most people shrink a bit at night?
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
That's a huge growth spurt Kyla, highly abnormal I'd reckon --> 1.5 inches about (assuming that your "littles" count as .25". Lol, and Torny, did you whip out a tape measure because, if you did, that would be awesome.
Ahleks said on 16/Oct/08

people who grow two inches after reaching age 19 are like one-in-a-million.
Kyla said on 13/Oct/08
I was a 1/4" shy of 5'8" all through high school, now at age 24 I am a lil over 5'9", so some females do have small growth spurts after age 18!
Torny said on 10/Oct/08
At Mme Tussauds' in London he was around my height (170 cm=> 5f7). They may have lied...
umad80 said on 9/Oct/08
Er, I've heard of males growing pass the age of 18, that does happen. But to say all grow pass 18? No, the average, common age is 18 for men and 16 for females. Most females, in fact, stop growing at 15 like I myself did. The growth deal is is a puberty thing, so the idea that everyone grows in their twenties is a bit far fetched, though something that can happen. (I think it's more likely for males for some reason though. I've never heard any female say they've grown pass the age of 18, really... but I'm sure someone, somewhere has.)

But on the subject of Dan - height wise, it's obvious he is 5'5". Though I think it is possible he shrinks at night.
Alma Carey said on 7/Oct/08
Males continue to grow in height until about the age of 27. Females until about 25.
Daniel Radcliffe is going to grow AT LEAST 2 more inches, possibly 3. It happened to my brother
Epona Cladach said on 5/Oct/08
Just got in from "Equus" at the Broadhurst on Broadway...YES he is that buff...his body looks is not airbrushing....and YES, he is a good 5'4" or 5"...he was almost a full head shorter than both the actor who played his father and Richard Griffiths...and he was about an inch shorter than his female love interest, who was very petite. I was 12 feet from him. And he was AMAZING by the way...I'm almost looking forward to him wrapping up the Potter movies (of which I a fan) so he can move on to other things.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/08
Unknown, you are kind of right, but, I'm telling you guys, look at new photos of Dan, he really seems to have grown in the past year! We'll definitely see when more photos of the cast come out, but I'm telling you, he looks taller and bigger.
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/08
Anon, that would put D-Rad at 5'2" or 5'3" and, if you believe he is that short, that's fine, but just remember that that would put Grint at about 5'4"/5'5" and, come one, he's not that short.
umad80 said on 30/Sep/08
Matt looks weird with that short hair! Not a good style on him.

Any ways, that person saying Dan was shorter than her (?) whois between 5'4" and 5'5" must be on something. lol I'm not saying Dan is tall, but he's been taller than Devon Murray whois around 5'2" (her estimate would put Dan between 5'1" and 5'2"!) and it would make Emma the same height and Rupert around anywhere from 5'4" to 5'6" and I've seen him in person, and he was taller than me at 5'5" (probably 5'6" or so with shoes) back in 2005. There is no way he's under 5'8". lol! So yes, I'd say Dan's more 5'5" and probably shrinks a bit at night.
unknown said on 30/Sep/08
dan's about 5"5 right? maybe he'll grow about 2-3 inches cause he's got two more years to grow..
maybe he'll be 5'7 or 5'8 which is by the way pretty average for a boy's height
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/08
Has Rob upgraded Rupes then umad? Oh, wait, as I guessed --> no, I'm not the only delusional one I see. ;). But, I will admit it, Rupert looks bigger physically in those photos, horizontally rather than vertically of course.

Editor Rob
speaking of Potter I did meet at the weekend Neville Longbottom and professor Sprout.
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/08
"The first thing I noticed was that he is short. I'm about 5'4"-5'5" and he was a few inches shorter than me."

Click Here
umad80 said on 23/Sep/08
Hehe I was going to mention that article too, Evanna. And I know if Dan was 5'6" he'd have corrected the guy immediately. (Remember how important that non-existent half inch was?) So Dan is 5'5" and Emma is 5'5" (maybe just slightly taller, but that's pushing it). Looks like the only one still growing is Rupert. He looked a strong 5'9" while filming Wild Target and he was standing next Bill Nighy and around 4" shorter with lesser heel and with Emily Blunt, wearing basically the same heel in footwear was taller and when she was wearing the heels he looked about the same height, give or take a few centimeters. So maybe Dan can still grow after 20 like Rupert. :P
Evanna said on 22/Sep/08
Anna, you're delusional. Radcliffe is 5'5" max. Here's a brand new article from Herald Tribune: Click Here

"Radcliffe looks nothing like Harry Potter. He wears no glasses; he has no scar on his forehead. He talks rapidly, with a streetwise London accent. He is buff from "Equus"-related exercise. He is 5 feet 5 inches, or 1.65 meters, shorter than you would think (as so many actors are) but comfortable enough to joke ruefully about it."

Radcliffe's done growing, get over it!
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/08
Anon, why do you not have a picture then and why did you not whip out a tape measure if you were standing next to him? And, come on m8, 5'4" is a bit harsh, he's looking closer to 5'6" these days.
Anon said on 17/Sep/08
He's short, I want to see him stand in front of a tape measurer because I wouldn't be surprised if he's 5"4... I stood next to him and he's not as tall as he likes to say he is.
Anonymous said on 17/Sep/08
Sorry E, that was the link I meant to give, you were just suppossed to find the photos from there, hahaaha and I believe the title was actually called "Equus promo pictures", so much good that does you, right? haha, anyway, there actually are some more stage door photos (paparazzi!) photos on and he does indeed look bigger, I don't understand!
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/08
THey can airbrush people to make them look like they have gained more muscle mass, Evana? Is that what you're talking about? I'm not talking about his abs, which would be airbrushed, I'm talking about him actually looking bigger physically.....and they didn't do that with his promos for the last run of Equus, so I just find it strange. Look at some photos here Click Here It's nothing to do with his abs or his height for that matter, I just found it interesting.....
Evanna said on 15/Sep/08
Anonymous, that's called airbrushing.
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/08
Look at recent Equus promotion, he looks like he has got much more buff, it's weird.
Big King said on 6/Sep/08
Daniel is known as a shorty but maybe today he could reach 5'7" because his height was already as 5'8" in mention.
erica said on 13/Aug/08
daniel sos need to growww
umad80 said on 4/Aug/08
Heh. Right. Rupert so stands as straight as Dan. And please, everyone knows that Dan and Emma are the same height. It's only you who won't see it or admit it. At least when it comes to Rupert most people agree with me... he's just so hard to tell. What's even funnier is you use things like the Paris photocall. If you were absolutely correct, and Emma was 5'7" (LOL) then Rupert would be pretty tall. Taller than he is, at least. Rupert clearly has 3-4" on Emma in every picture at that time so for them to be anywhere near the same height, Emma would have to be losing that much. Of course her shoes clearly give her a half inch advantage over Rupert's.

I like that it's obvious that you're annoyed with me. Names like "Lady" and "have you read them?" (What does that have to do with anything?) "dumb" etc. Everyone here is in agreement that Dan and Emma are the same height (the actual height is still somewhat in question). Is Rupert huge next to them? Definitely not. Like 3-4 inches, no doubt. It would look insignificant, of course. Especially with the shoes Rupert wears versus theirs when they're out It's not really that obvious until you're getting over that in height.
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/08
Well, according to this site, a "smidgen" means something! Anyway, I just find you funny. You always give me crap about my wanting Emma to be taller than Dan (which, by the way, I don't want, it's simply the truth - it would be so much better if she were shorter - better for the series!), but then you always talk about how Rupert always slouches and, thus, looks shorter than he really is. Lady, give me a break please. Rupert indeed used to slouch, but these days (look at the Paris photo call from last year) he stands perfectly straight, almost as straight as Dan. It's pretty obvious that he's got over that phase, but Emma has not - she slouches every second and it's not just a "little pressure on her leg", no. She full out slouches - JK has even noted this in the books! Have you read them? Anyway, it's dumb, and pretty obvious that Emma is taller than Dan and Rupert is really not much taller than either Dan or Emma. Emma's above average, Rupert's about average, and Dan's slightly shorter than Rupert. Deal with it. Emma needs to shrink, Dan needs to grow (though I think he has a little) and Rupert needs to take some growth hormones because he is way shorter than Ron should be. :D!
stefan said on 30/Jul/08
Dan is 5'4'' (163cm) flat out! Definitely! I mean, the brothers who play Fred and George are 6'3'' (191cm) and he looks a whole foot shorter than them. Maybe he's even 5'3'' (160cm).
tallone said on 29/Jul/08
Anonymous3 you don't get out much. If the tallest girls you have ever seen are 5'11" I am going to guess you live in the South. Your comment was one of the most ignorant things I have read in quite some time!

Geena Davis, Brooke Shields, Uma Thurman and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks are all 6'0". Here are a ton of other tall-amazing women...Carol Mann (Hall of Fame Golfer) 6'3" Michelle Norkett (model) 6'3" Gabrielle Reece (beach volleyball player) 6'3" Kerri Walsh (volleyball player) 6'3" Lindsay Davenport (Tennis Player) 6'2-1/2" Amy Acuff (American high jumper) 6'2" Janet Reno 6'2" Adriana Sklenarikova (model) 6'2"
Brigitte Nielsen 6'1" Pam Stone (standup comedian) 6'1" Alexandra Stevenson (tennis player) 6'1" Betty Thomas (of "Hill Street Blues) 6'1" Venus Williams (Tennis Player) 6'1" Dian Fossey 6'0" Allison Janney (of tv's "West Wing") 6'0" Kristen Johnston ("Sally" on tv's 3rd Rock From the Sun) 6'0" Elle Macpherson 6'0" Tyra Banks 5'11" Christie Brinkley 5'11" Mariel Hemmingway 5'11" Claudia Schiffer 5'11" Carly Simon 5'11" Anna Nicole Smith 5'11" Sigourney Weaver 5'11"

...and I would love to have you come to UCLA (roster included below) and tell our women's basketball team that they are freaks. You wouldn't last a minute.

31 Alexander, Moniquee C 6-6
24 Brown, Candice F 6-3
21 Campbell, Doreena G 5-10
1 Earl, Nina F 6-1
2 Henderson, Tierra G 5-10
23 Ibekwe, Chinyere F-C 6-4
4 Nzekwe, Christina F 6-4
14 Pluimer, Lindsey F 6-4
34 Rogers, Regina F-C 6-3
13 Tukiainen, Erica G 6-0
Anonymous3 said on 21/Jul/08
lauren how the hell are you 6'6 as a girl, you're lying through your teeth, tallest girls ive seen are 5'11 and sometime an extreme rare case of a girl being about 6'2, either that or you are some sort of freak
umad80 said on 21/Jul/08
She IS NOT taller than Dan. God, all you have to do is look at any picture at the HWF ceremony. Dan is 5'5" and Emma is 5'5". Get it through your thick skull Anna. And if Dan said 5'6" in a Jonathan Ross interview that was *after* he said 5'5" then he's suffering from... something. He said 5'5" at the photocall and then an interview (or two, I don't remember) for DB. He's 5'5". He's admitted it. Get over it.

And hell, if slouching makes you lose 3" than Rupert must be 6'. Seriously. And Emma does NOT slouch more than Rupert, in fact, she never really 'slouches'. She more or less does not stand straight as an arrow. Slouching would be more about shoulders, and back. Emma stands more weight on one leg. That is NOT slouching but a relaxed posture.

And here, the trio (And don't give me rubbish "I can't see their feet!" That's just because you know that Dan and Emma are the same height and you don't want to admit it.) are standing the best, no shoes and Dan and Emma are the same height with Rupert 4" taller: Click Here And here are more: Click Here Click Here and Click Here (this picture right here proves that if Emma is 5'6" or 5'7" like you want to claim, then Rupert is an easy 5'10" to 5'11".)

So yes, it's quite obvious that Emma and Dan are the same freakin' height and Dan is proven to be an average of 5'5" and probably losing height during the night. Emma is not taller and if she is, it's by a smidgen.
Anonymous. said on 21/Jul/08
Joe is correct. And you are reading to much into the comments, wow, and I thought I was bad. Also, ".....and even comment on being short, if he's 5'6"?" Ehm, yes, because 5'6" is so much taller than 5'5"! haha, that's what's so funny about people on this site, they think and inch is the most noticeable thing in the world, as I've said, look at a ruler, an inch could easily be made up by one's hair or whatnot, it's not that big (as a matter of fact, I'm watching OotP right now and Radcliffe's hair looks to give him about an inch thus proving that it's not a big amount!). Oi vey. He's probably somewhere between 5'5" and 5'6" which is short for a guy, but honestly not that short, at least he's not 5'2" or something. He's taller than me and that's what we care about. Also, as the film progresses, I find it absolutely hillarious that anyone says that Emma is shorter than Danny! Wow, it's obvious that she's a sloucher. Did you know you can "lose" up to 3 inches if you slouch, somebody said that on one of the pages here whilst having an intense discussion about their height dilemma. Anyway, Emma slouches (more than Rupert, he actually stands now) and JK Rowling even made fun of her for it in the seventh book, so there! When Emma stands up straight she's barely shorter than Rupert and that's quite easy to see. She's taller than Dan, that's dumb.
Joe said on 19/Jul/08
on the jonathan ross show, he hesitated as if he was unsure and said "5'6". thats from the horses mouth but hes probably shorter.
umad80 said on 17/Jul/08
That's dumb. No offense, but he said "I measured myself this morning and I'm still 5'5". It's very depressing." Or something along those lines. Later on, a few months later, he says it again in a DB interview. I think I posted it sometime ago, so I don't know if it still exists. Why would the boy say he's 5'5" at the photocall and then again mention it several times months later, and even comment on being short, if he's 5'6"? Let's face it, Dan has said it himself, he's 5'5". There is no denying that. He wasn't joking, he was being honest especially if just a month or so prior to that he was claiming 5'6" and during GoF era he said 5'5.5"! And the photos don't lie, unless he loses about 2" at night, or the other guys are freakin' giants, the guy is 5'5".
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/08
When has he said 5'5" in "recent months"? Let us not discuss the one at the OotP photocall.....other than that mishap I haven't heard anything. I still say 5'5.5" or 5'6" and Emma is obviously taller.
Bonnie: 5'4"
Katie: 5'4.5"
Evanna: 5'2" or 5'3". (Dan towered over her in OotP even when both were wearing shoes).
Rupert: 5'8" or 5'9"
Emma: 5'6" or 5'7".
umad80 said on 16/Jul/08
Well, there are millions out there. Never mind that Dan himself has actually claimed 5'5" a few times in recent months. lol But hell, here is with Daniel Day Lewis: Click Here - if Dan is around 5'6"/5'7" then Daniel Day Lewis must be a giant. And here he is with Richard Griffiths: Click Here who is supposedly 5'9" so if Dan is the 5'6"/5'7" you think, then really, Richard Griffiths must be a giant, too. And if you're going to post promotional images, it's best to put screen shots of behind-the-scenes footage than actual movie stills where camera angles can make someone taller than what they are.
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/08
Go on then, mad, share these proper photos that you've got. Rupert's 5'9" at the most and D and E are both around 5'6" and 5'7". And Josephine, if he were 5'4" he could reach about 5'6" easily with certain shoes (I reckon more)! Normal tennis shoes give about an inch.....
umad80 said on 13/Jul/08
LOL Interesting? Never mind that Rupert is slumped over and when you look close enough he still has a few inches on them, despite this slump? Might want to get real photos where they're closer to the same shoes and better posture. :P
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
I am a 5'4" and I met him at the last Harry Potter movie premiere(I am a film journalist for the Village Voice in NYC).I swear he looked about my same height and I wasn't wearing high heels.He probably can reach 5'5" when he wears certain shoes.
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/08
Man! I think Dan and Emma (especially) are giving Rupert Grint a run for his money as the current "tallest in the trio". Look at these photos of the three from OotP.....hmm.....interesting indeed. Click Here
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/08
Click Here

in this video he complains about being 5'5". it's kind of hard to hear but you can hear it if you listen closely.
Dani said on 7/Jul/08
i thought he was taller im taller at 5'9" and i a girl and im younger than him
Ellie said on 7/Jul/08
Yeah, this dude is pretty short. I think 5'5" is about right.
Ahleks said on 6/Jul/08
A 5'6"-7" guy wouldn't claim 5'5".

if he claims 5'5", then he is probably 5'4".
umad80 said on 4/Jul/08
Closer to 5'7"? Oh God. You enjoy this, don't you? Talk about laughable! I mean, in less than a year he's grown almost two inches at age 18? I think it's safe to say it... Dan is 5'5" during the day and closer to 5'4" at night. He obviously loses height at night. Recent night events have really started to show how much shorter he is than he claims. But I do think 5'5" during the day is probably accurate. (And mainly because Emma seems pretty much 5'5" herself...)
Maya said on 2/Jul/08
Anon I posted some very recent photos of Dan and Richard Griffiths on 17 June. Dan looks no more than 5'4" "tall" there. He hasn't grown.
i luv short guys said on 2/Jul/08
Dan looks great at 5'5" which is supposedly his height.Though,I have a strong feeling he can't b taller than 5'4"...& mind u,my gut feelings r ALWAYS CORRECT.
Anon said on 1/Jul/08
Has anyone got ANY new photos? You can see some of Dan from the Tonys (at which he, clearly, looked taller than 5'5"), but I have seen nothing of Rupert or Emma.....?
Anon said on 29/Jun/08
This is no joke actually, have you seen recent photos of him? He attended the Tonys and was taller than an interviewer, something I've rarely seen and he just looks different. His voice is deeper as well, I dunno, he's had a late spurt or something, but I'm banking on a strong 5'6" at the least. He's pushing 5'7" no doubt.
Robbie H said on 28/Jun/08
He look the same height as julie walters, maybe smidge taller- i thinks hes probs closer to 5'4
umad80 said on 28/Jun/08
A strong 5'6". lol Oh Anna, and you even were the one to bring up the video of him saying he's 5'5" and he's said it several times after that. More like 5'4" in the evening and 5'5" during the day. And the reason people call Dan short is because, well, he is. Why deny it? For a guy, he is short. Is it bad? No, there are plenty of actors who are his height or around his height. Michael J. Fox, Seth Green, etc. And even these guys will admit they're short. I mean, 5'5" is the average height for a girl. A guys average height is much taller. I don't think anyone is being rude with stating the obvious - one that Dan even agrees on.
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/08
Alice, being short is not bad at all (being short myself, thought not as extremely as you, I'm 5'3") and, as you said, Dan is not "so short" at all. At the very least, he is 5'5" (in the evening) and, in my opinion, he looks a strong 5'6" and some as of late. Does anyone know why we are hearing nothing about the HBP film?
Alice said on 25/Jun/08
why are people say "omg he's so short" im here to say that you guys no nothing about short. I'm a girl and im (sort of) proud to say im 18 years old with a height of 4'11". now thats stressing. especially since i have a face of a 12 year old. if Dan is 5'5" its not so bad my dad is the same height.
MJlover said on 19/Jun/08
Aimie: ''He wouldn't be as adorable if he was 6 feet tall.'' -Right!
umad80 said on 17/Jun/08
I'm still convinced that Dan shrinks at night. I've just noticed that every night event he goes to he looks 5'4" but during the day he always looks taller. Not much, but definitely closer to the 5'5" he claims. Although that is if Richard Griffiths is not 5'9"... he could have measured himself at 5'9" with that particular posture and we wouldn't exactly know it. lol
Anonymous said on 17/Jun/08
I think Daniel is about 5-5, emma the same as Dan and Rupert about 5-6 to 5-7.
What's with these ridiculous rumours about Rupert being 5-9 or 5-10??? LOL
Maya said on 17/Jun/08
Here are some new photos of Dan and Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon in HP): Click Here
Click Here
Dan looks really really short there, about 5'4" max, since Richard Griffiths is only 5'9" and has a rather poor posture due to his obesity.
Anonymous said on 15/Jun/08
hey even Sharapova is only 6'2, 6'6 is way over
ellie said on 3/Jun/08
well to me dan is around 5'4 no more than that. i met him the other days and hes shorter than me 2 inches. im 5'6.
Leon said on 2/Jun/08
I don't like how Lauren's taking the piss out of Daniel's height. I think I'd rather be three inches below average height for a guy than FOURTEEN inches above average height as a girl.
Aimie said on 30/May/08
He probably is 5'5 tall without shoes. He wouldn't be as adorable if he was 6 feet tall.
Marty J said on 28/May/08
Re Mischa: My first proper girlfriend was taller than me and nobody seemed to care. I've had a lot of subsequent girlfriends who were taller than me and it was actually them who were hung up about it. I'm pretty sure a millionaire like Mr. Radcliffe won't have much of a problem.
xxx said on 27/May/08
i tthink he's really really short. he has the same height as me!
Jules said on 24/May/08
Is it just me or did he look rather tiny in Order of the Phoenix? o.0 When he was standing beside Dudley, he looked extremely short, unlike in Goblet of Fire he seemed around everyone in his year's height.
umad80 said on 23/May/08
I was thinking that he's probably pretty close to 5'5" during the day and closer to 5'4" at night. Every time I see him at an event at night, he seems so much shorter than during the day.
Anonymous said on 22/May/08
I think he's 5'5 at most or maybe 5'5.5 but that's the maximum possible. In Harry Potter 5, he didn't look taller than 5'4 to me. It was quite obvious in the scene when he's alone with Neville, talking about Neville's parents. He was like a full head shorter than Neville and Neville was 6'0 at most.He was shorter than almost everybody. Maybe he has grown up a little bit since then. So 5'5 may be right for him. Let's say 166 cm in the morning and 164 cm at night. But then,maybe I'm generous.
umad80 said on 22/May/08
I don't think anyone was saying it was wrong (or right for that matter), just that in our society it is more visually appealing to see a tall man with a short woman. I don't think anyone is "against" either way. Just that they are being truthful about a fact of life. I mean, hell, how often do you see redheads in leading roles? Not often, if at all, and I think that sucks, but it's the way that it is... So Dan will have to fight because of his height. Rupert will have to fight because of his red hair. And Emma will actually have to fight to get decent roles because of her beauty. I mean, let's face it, Hollywood would be willing to cast her in roles for looks rather than anything else giving her terrible movie choices... So everyone has their crosses to bare, so no need to get all "society this!" and "society that!" It sucks, but it's life.
Mischa said on 21/May/08
Who is to say it looks wrong for a tall female to be with a shorter male? Do people think it's "visually appealing" to see a tall man and shorter woman because society has not yet accepted the fact that males do not dominate anymore? Society has these set images that no longer apply to modern day, yet there are those who still hold it back, that the male is viewed as the dominate and the female is just this little fragile thing that shouldn't be stronger or taller than her man. When will people learn that "visually appealing" is just saying that all we should care about is the appearance, nothing more?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a tall woman and shorter man being a couple.
Lauren said on 20/May/08
I was kind of exaggerating when i said that. Haha.

I'm just saying, if i was a celebrity THAT short and had a relationship with someone at least 5 inches over my head, i would expect the tabloids to somewhat mock me.

But, hey, maybe i'm wrong.
Anonymous said on 19/May/08
hahaha, true TJ. He's really not that short, I would even say 3 inches below average, but I dunno.
umad80 said on 19/May/08
I was going to say, Dan isn't my favorite but I would seriously doubt he'll have a lackluster career in Hollywood due to height. I'm not sure he'll achieve great status due to height, and certainly not what he has with Harry Potter, but I doubt he'll be hindered that much. I think he'll be doing what he's doing now... the lead where he plays complex characters with possible romantic connections.
TJ said on 18/May/08
Laughing stock of Hollywood Lauren? I think you're rather overstating that. He is short yes, but many stars in the past have been who have done ok with romantic roles. Michael J Fox is shorter and was never a laughing stock. It's true to say that he'll probably not be paired with a taller woman, but there are lots of female actors in the 5ft to 5'4 range, some of whom are very big stars. Incidentally, while laughing at Radcliffe, take a moment to think that you're 14 inches taller than the average female height and he's 4-5 inches below average. Think it's clear which of you has the most unusual height.
Anonymous said on 18/May/08
Lauren, how?
Lauren said on 14/May/08
Hahahaha. I'm a 6'6" girl. I've met him before. His head is, like, right up to my breasts. It's soooo funny! My extremlely long legs are soooooooo different from Radcliffe's little ones.

You can see the same thing in pics with his girlfriend. She's, like, two inches taller than him. The guy's a little munchkin compared to a amazon like me.

I don't see him hooking up with Maria Sharapova or ANY tall girl soon. They'd, like, tower over him. He'd be the laughing stock of Hollywood.
Evanna said on 14/May/08
amy says on 23/Feb/08
rob how much chance is there that Dan is over 5ft 6in

[Editor Rob: about as much chance as me wearing a glasgow rangers top.]

Hiya Rob, as you might know Manchester has been invaded by 100000 Rangers fans wearing the said tops and royal blue tartan kilts - but they don't carry placards saying "Dan Radcliffe is 5'6" either! :D
umad80 said on 5/May/08
Yeah, that's why he looked like a munchkin next to Daniel Day Lewis. Yes, certainly looking taller.

Give it up, Anna. Dan is not getting taller. And Emma is nowhere near 5'7" or even 5'6".
Anonymous said on 2/May/08
*short guys are adorable.....anyway, I'm telling you, Dan is looking taller lately. Check out shots from behind the scenes HBP filming, you will see what I mean.
PECHObdmi said on 1/May/08
MAYURAKSHI(BDMI) said on 1/May/08
umad80 said on 29/Apr/08
Actually, it's visually appealing to see a taller guy with a shorter girl. There are disadvantages for sure. But that's why they have apple boxes. But the people mentioned, along with the likes of Seth Green, rarely get leading men roles. It's a tough business and being a certain height helps tremendously.

Any ways, recent photos prove that Dan is not above 5'5", especially at night. And Dan obviously has people telling him what to say or is suffering from sort of short term memory loss because ever since the Order of the Phoenix photocall, he's been adamant that he's only 5'5". And Dan is not taller than Tom Cruise. Cruise is around 5'8" according to Rob, and there is no way Dan is near that mark. lol I'm sure this Newton fellow was joking because everyone wants to say Cruise is short, but he really is the height that most directors want for their leading men roles. Though right camera angle, shoes, etc. can make anyone look taller.
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/08
Dude, John, I totally agree, I think cute guys are adorable; however, being 5'2" is a slight advantage when it comes to my liking compared to other girls. Anyway, Dan really is not that short and, honestly, if he can act, he will definitely make it in show business. Also, as Terry points out, Ross says that Radcliffe is really not that short compared to some people and Newton even says Daniel is taller than Tom Cruise. I think Dan has got taller, look at recent photos.
JohnDoe said on 28/Apr/08
Sophie you sound like an idiot, if Micheal J Fox and Danny Devito can act then so can Daniel Radcliffe,there is nothing wrong with being short,i don't understand why people don't focus more on the advantages of it,especially girls, yas don't have to break your neck kissing a guy closer to your height ya know,but hey if you wanna break your neck go right ahead.
terry said on 27/Apr/08
in an interview with Jonathan Ross he claims 5ft 6,...also Ross reassures him that he's not small, by asking another guest who claims he could be taller than Tom Cruise..
umad80 said on 21/Apr/08
I think Dan tends to get smaller at night. I've noticed that during the day, it's not so crazy to think a legit 5'5" (or there abouts) is hard to swallow. But the last few night events he's attended, he does seem more 5'4".

Anna, what are you talking about?

Mass, there is a theory that the hot lights from working on a set all day tends to stunt your growth. Whether this is true, I don't know. It could be lumped in with smoking and drinking coffee does that, which isn't at all true. lol But at the same time, there are lots of child stars who never grow quite as tall as you would imagine them to.
Andre said on 21/Apr/08
Rob, Daniel doesn't look like a 5'5 looking at the pictures posted, seriously he seems 5'4. That's more likely isn't it? Or why do you give him a 5'5?
Anonymous said on 21/Apr/08
I actually think he looks taller in recent photos with a pizza man, who I know to be a strong 5'6". Dan's wearing tennis shoes and looks a good inch taller!
mass assasin said on 19/Apr/08
does anyone else think it's weird that loads of child actors end up tiny ? for example there was that guy in that nickelodeon show who was also in american pie , that guy from home alone , obviously dan , and i think it's that guy from the bill cosby show he's also small there are probably loads of other examples to , then at the opposite end many basketball players have another growth spurt after they turn 18 . personally i think it's a mind set a b-ball player will get it into his mind that if he is taller he will play better and his life will be better , and so his pituritary gland acts accordingly and releases a large amount of human growth hormone child actors are constantly being told that they're child actors . so they get it into their heads that they can keep this up if they stay small perhaps the brain thinks no child acting =bad life? i know it sounds ridicoulous but hey the brain is capable of much stranger things.
metalboy said on 3/Apr/08
height doesn't matter.. it's the person that matters.. X/
TJ said on 25/Mar/08
You're not really surprised by a girl dismissing a guy because of height are you Tom? It's the one thing that most girls don't look beyond when it comes to guys.
Anonymous KinG said on 25/Mar/08
Radcliff is short.. Frankly,the latest Harry Potter he look no more than 5ft4.. His small ..between 161~163.. Can't be 5ft5..
yeah said on 12/Mar/08
This picture shows it pretty well.

172 cm Rupert, 165 cm Daniel and Emma 165 cm.
Both Daniel and Emma are wearing some sort of heels or elevator shoes.

Click Here
Tom said on 12/Mar/08
well im so surprised that there's still girls taking height first priority like samantha
kln said on 11/Mar/08
his legs are short as hell, when he gets on a tv show for an interview his feet can't even touch the floor, i've never had that problem and i'm only 5'6, i thought he was shorter than this, or maybe he just has short legs even for his height
Anonymous said on 10/Mar/08
I've never seen any info on him being 5'8, could you send the link please?
But then again I would like him to be 5'8 because that would make Tom Felton 6'1.
samantha said on 5/Mar/08
you're kidding me, right? 5'5'' he seems taller in the movies and pictures.
but i read in his website he's 5'8''. He's totally going to stop being my crush, since i'm 5'8' and a girl. he's to short...
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/08
Leung, that's reading way too much into the situation, but it may be true, I don't know. His footwear looked normal, but whatever. Anon (a)? mous, you're right...
anonamous said on 2/Mar/08
omg Evanna
ur right
hes like a shrimp next to Day
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/08
Thank-you, how ironic, i say 5'9"-5'11", chaos ensues yet, according to Helen B., my assumption is essentially right? Yes.
Helen B said on 26/Feb/08
peru, I've heard Daniel say that his mum's about 5 foot (or just under?) and his dad's 5 10.
Anonymous said on 25/Feb/08
I don't know, do I? Do you?
Evanna said on 24/Feb/08
Anonymous (i.e. Anna) you never give up, do you?! Weird camera angle, are you kidding me? How about this one: Click Here - the straightest shot possible, and Radcliffe is even closer to the camera. And he still looks like a shrimp. As Leonari has pointed out, it was very generous of Rob to give him a full 5'5".
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/08
Sorry, had to add something...i saw pics of Dan and his father (who's 5'9"-5'11" i've heard?) and he honestly did not look much shorter. in my opinon, he's been looking taller and his footwear honestly doesn't look that sketchy, the daniel lewis thing was just an angle issue. perhaps
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/08
Amy, I think it's somewhat possible. Come on, he's not that short. He seems 5'6"ish-5'7", Rupert 5'8"-5'9", and Emma around Dan's height, perhaps slightly shorter or taller. Dunno though, it's hard to compare people with such different builds.
amy said on 23/Feb/08
rob how much chance is there that Dan is over 5ft 6in

Editor Rob
about as much chance as me wearing a glasgow rangers top.
Stephanie said on 22/Feb/08
I agree w/Rob. 6' is adding on 7 inches, which would definitely be noticeable.

Dan is shorter than Harry Potter, though. I remember one of the books describing Harry had grown like a foot or half a foot over the summer or something like that. Harry is probably about 5' 10". He is tall enough but not too tall.
the shredder said on 22/Feb/08
Rob , just asking ... What is the TALLEST a 5 ft 5 guy can look with big heeled shoes with lifts inside ? ... Can a 5 ft 5 guy look nearly 6 ft tall with the biggest lifts out there without ANYBODY knowing ??? ... What do you think MAX a 5'5 lift wearing guy can get away with ?

Editor Rob
without anybody knowing, I think he could if he had impeccable posture and a boot that did have 3-inch lifts 5ft 8-9 range.
G-MANN said on 21/Feb/08
Radcliffe is a little guy, simple as that. In fact it's probably fortunate for him he didn't turn out to be a six footer, that wouldn't be right for Harry Potter.
Anonymous said on 20/Feb/08
well, is that angle a little off or is it just me? i looked at other photos of the two and he didn't look that short at all...check getty, i think it's a weird angle, but that's my opinion.
TJ said on 20/Feb/08
Why the big deal over the pic with Daniel Day Lewis? To me, Dan actually looks a strong 5'5 in that. Look at it again with a line across Click Here Top of Dan's head comes to Lewis' mouth, which would make him no more than 8 inches shorter. Rob has Lewis at 6'1.25, which would make Dan 5'5 or a touch over.
al993 said on 20/Feb/08
I'm 5'8" and I look obviously taller than Radcliffe next to my 6'1" friend. If Daniel Day Lewis really is 6'1" too, then Radcliffe looks more like 5'5" .
G. said on 20/Feb/08
Incredible! They're like father and son in this photo! There's too much difference between them! Poor Dan, he's eighteen now and I don't think he could grow up more...
Leung said on 19/Feb/08
You obviously haven
G. said on 19/Feb/08
I think he could be a little bit taller... maybe 1,70 m? Or it seems taller because of his weight (he's thin)? Mmmmh...
Leung said on 13/Feb/08
Yeah I got the little guys mixed up.
Evanna said on 12/Feb/08
Leung that was Elijah Wood in LOTR, and Danny Radcliffe is Harry Potter lol. But they are lookalikes indeed, and apparently exactly the same height.
Leung said on 11/Feb/08
He is getting demolished next to Daniel Day Lewis. That's amazing. In LOTR he didn't look as short as he does in that photo.
Evanna said on 11/Feb/08
In any case 5'5" is his absolute maximum, 5'6" is out of question.
Evanna said on 11/Feb/08
This is Danny boy next to his namesake Daniel Day Lewis, at the BAFTAs: Click Here
What do you think Rob? Could he be under 5'5"?

Editor Rob
you could never rule 5ft 4.5 out, but I think for the moment 5ft 5 is ok.
sam said on 10/Feb/08
just saw him at baftas he could possibly be under 5ft 5
Aaron said on 10/Feb/08
Saw the red carpet at the BAFTAS and he was standing next to Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest kinda towered over the guy :S

I guess 5'5 is about right.
umad80 said on 24/Jan/08
Rupert's shoes in the HP films aren't sketchy. They're probably a half inch more than what the others are wearing. Possibly. It's hard to see the sole of the shoe. Plus it's very little difference (shoe-wise) between him and Dan when the boys are in their Gryffindor uniforms. It's not like Rupert is 10 inches taller in regular clothes compared to Dan in the films. lol
Anonymous said on 23/Jan/08
Yeah, I concure gabbyf. I saw that movie as well and he is indeed taller than her and he is wearing TENNIS SHOES the entire time. They definitely are not sketchy, such as Ron's shoes in the HP films.
Kal said on 22/Jan/08
Rupert looks about 4 inches taller than Daniel. Rupert actually looks almost 6 foot in the harry potter movies thanks to camera trickery. I met Emma Watson when I went to london and she was about 10 inches smaller than me (I'm 6'3"). Daniel is definitely really small, I never realised how small Rupert is before.
umad80 said on 21/Jan/08
Dan himself has said 5'5" after saying 5'6". So is he lying about his height and wanting to make himself shorter when he was trying for awhile to make himself taller? lol Again, camera angles will make someone appear taller. And if they want to make the guy taller, they can do that easily with a trick of the camera.
gabbyf said on 20/Jan/08
I can't agree with 5'5''. in december boys he is a midge taller than teresa palmer and teresa is 5'5 3/4'' almost 5'6''. I would think 5'6''
umad80 said on 10/Jan/08
Gah. I keep forgetting to put my name in the box. That was me below.
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/08
Anthena, no offense, but you need better eyesight! LOL There is no way that Emma is 5'2" in heels. And there is no way that Rupert is only an inch taller than Dan. I'd rather believe Rob's estimate of 5'7.75" before even thinking 5'6". Besides, Rupert was marginally taller than me in 2005 when I had shoes that I think put me over 5'6" (normal height is 5'5"). But Dan is very definitely around 5'5".
Laurien said on 10/Jan/08
Sigh. I'm taller than Dan and that's depressing.
Athena said on 9/Jan/08
I met Daniel and gang at a premiere and was surprised at how short they all were. Emma Watson looked my height in heels...well, maybe a bit taller...she looked 5'2, Rupert Grint looked 5'6, and Daniel Radcliffe to my surprise looked 5'5. I couldn't believe it was almost like we were eye to eye...well, I guess he couldn't be Harry Potter standing at some 6' or
Dennis said on 29/Dec/07
In this interview he claims to be 5f 6 in, but you can really tell that he's lying.
Click Here
In both of his appearances at Johnathan Ross he mentions that he would like to be taller.
ras said on 15/Dec/07
I think Radcliffe could be shorter. He looked shorter in some scenes of Order of Phoenix than Julie Walters. He also looked so short with Gary Oldman.
myspace celebrity said on 14/Dec/07
Robbioe H---natalia tena (tonks) is about 5'7-5'8;daniel might still be growing btw
Robbie H said on 27/Nov/07
how tall is natalia tena? - the one who plays tonks
kenneth said on 23/Nov/07
5ft6 in newpaper i read as his height.. 5ft7 in asia magazines acticle.. 5ft5 in this website.. i watch harry potter and i realise his even shorter than 5ft4.. 5ft5 his peak height.. this boy is only 5ft3(161cm)range barefoot.. 5ft5 unless he wear 2.5in heels..then convince me .. haha..
Sophie said on 22/Nov/07
We know Harry is meant to be tall, though. In book 7 we are told that Harry is exactly the same height as his dad...and James was always described as a tall man. I think Harry (by the end) is meant to be around 6 ft, and Ron a few inches taller. Obviously this isnt going to happen in the films, but seriously...they need to give Dan lifts! He's not taller than either Hermione or Ginny, and looks so small next to evryone else! He's a great actor now, but this (IMO) detracts slightly from his performance. I know its not his fault, but i really think they should start giving him elevator shoes! :)
umad80 said on 19/Nov/07
No, I don't think that's right... I know Molly says Harry and Ron got taller in the 6th, but she hadn't seen Harry in 3 months and was fussing over him, so he could appear taller to her. But in any case, heights are NEVER mentioned, so there is no way to know for certain just how tall Harry is suppose to be. So I think Dan at 5'5" is fine. But I do agree that he should be a little taller than Emma's Hermione and Bonnie's Ginny. lol I think Bonnie might be just a little taller than the both of them...
rip said on 18/Nov/07
But umad, Harry was also supposed to be much taller than Hermione which is clearly not the case. Infact in the sixth book it was mentioned that Harry is getting very tall. Of course Rupert must be taller than Harry. Probably the tallest boy. But Rupert is not a main character as Dan is. So special attention must be given to his height. Height of a person migh ruin a character. It is just my opinion. No hard feelings.
allana said on 15/Nov/07
i've met him cause i know someone who went to city of london sch w/ him. he's hella short! i'm 5'9 and he's def. 5'5.
Evanna said on 11/Nov/07
Final burst of growth?! Then he'd better start popping some HGH pills soon, before his growth plates have fused. At least he can afford the treatment...
umad80 said on 11/Nov/07
Heh. Is that true about 21? I know for the longest time it was 18, but it seemed a lot of guys are consistantly growing beyond 18 these days. So was the age changed?

Rip, I don't think that is right. I'm not sure 5'5" is accurate for Harry, but it's never been anyone's opinion that he should be in your height range thoughts. It was always Ron who was suppose to be the tall one. In fact, Ron is suppose to be really tall and the twins are suppose to be short and stocky. So if anyone, it should be Rupert in lifts. lol So obviously they just let it be natural because you can't help this. But if anything, Ron is suppose to be a LOT taller than Harry in the way it's written.
uma said on 11/Nov/07
i'm very surprised to know that Dan is only 5'5'' that means if we compare him to Katie Leung and Emma Watson, no major difference then..just an inch or so..hmm..i always thought he's 5'7'' but,oh well...:)
anonymous no-name said on 10/Nov/07
anonymous, he has never stated himself as any taller than 5'6", and at the london photocall for OotP he said he just measured himself that morning and was 'still 5'5".' I suppose a lot of people just want him to be taller than he really is.

Editor Rob
in the paper the other day he'd said someone told him boys don't stop growing till he hopes for a final burst of growth.
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/07
So if he's 5ft 5in then how come nearly all the sites give his height as 5ft 8in? An increase of 3 full inches seems a little unlikely even if he is a male movie star so likely to lie a bit. He must be at least 5'6-7 surely.
rip said on 9/Nov/07
Dan is 5'5" max. He is 0.5"-1" shorter than Emma. Whenever you see a picture of both of them together, with Emma not bending her knees, she is taller. So given Dan is 5'5", Emma is 5'5.5"-5'6"(more likely).

And Dan's height does not fit the height of "Harry Potter". It is quite surprising that film director does not use lifts to make Dan look taller. He is easily the shortest guy in the film. Ideally, Harry should have been
Gia said on 9/Nov/07
He is small. Definately not exactly 5'6. Maybe 5.5 1/2.
umad80 said on 7/Nov/07
Yeah, and if you read the article, she bashed every single potter actor (and even a non-potter actor). So I don't really trust her intelligence to begin with. lol I still firmly believe that a weak 5'5" is most accurate. Just because I think if that boy is willing to go from 5'6" to 5'5" in a matter of a month, he'd be willing to admit lower.

So Stan is 5'10"? He just doesn't look 3" shorter than Rob Pattinson at that one premiere they attended together. But proof enough that you can't trust every photo you see.
Evanna said on 7/Nov/07
Haha Rob, you're a genius! :D The celebheights dance of accuracy, now that's something worth seeing... I imagine it as a mix of pogo and Pete Crouch's robo dance...
Evanna said on 7/Nov/07
Do you mean Stanislav Ianevski, Rob? You already have him listed here, and your 5'10" estimation is obviously correct. Doesn't that make you at least a bit proud when you meet someone in person and realise that you've guessed his height right? ;)

Editor Rob
yes, Stan. Close means he could be 177cm ;) Yes, I'm so proud that I do the celebheights dance of accuracy...
Evanna said on 7/Nov/07
Yeah I know umad80, that's why I said I was unsure whether the "reporter" should be trusted (she's a gossip columnist, innit?). Still I found it funny. I guess we won't know whether Radcliffe is a strong 5'4" or a weak 5'5" until we measure him! (Doesn't make any difference, he's pint-sized either way).
The weird thing is that when they filmed the first HP movie, Radcliffe was approximately the same height as Felton, Grint and Lewis, although they were all older than him. But obviously he had an early growth spurt and was done growing very early, by the age of 16 at best.

Editor Rob
oh, I saw another minor potter character the other week there, the Bulgarian fellow from goblet who once held the honour of growing from 2cm to 184cm in a day elsewhere :P

I thought he was close to 5ft 10.
umad80 said on 6/Nov/07
Oh, Evanna, I don't really pay attention to those sorts of things. Because people tend to forget shoes too. For all we know she could've been wearing heels. Because he doesn't look barely two inches taller than Devon Murray who is 5'2". At least back in 2005 when they were photographed together, Dan was definitely at least 5'4" then for sure. I still think a weak 5'5" makes the most sense.

JK, 7" but a weak 5'5"? According to this site, Parkinson is 5'10" so 7" would make him 5'3".
Evanna said on 6/Nov/07
Look at this, it's a report from the OotP DVD launch (not a very flattering one btw), but here's what the journalist had to say about Dan's height: "In person, he is very much still a child. He is small, he is my height. I am 5 ft 3 and 3/4...on a good day. To me, that
JK said on 5/Nov/07
I definetley agree with Evanna, that difference was close to 7 inches, it makes me doubt if he is even 5'5'', id still say he is a "weak" 5'5'' though
umad80 said on 4/Nov/07
I dunno Evanna. I think 5" shorter is right. With Parkinson's head down a bit, it looked 4", so I'm saying about 5" looks more accurate. Give or take of course. Probably a weak 5'5".
Evanna said on 4/Nov/07
There's a video of Radcliffe on Parkinson: Click Here About a minute into it, Radcliffe and ol' Parky shake hands, and although the camera focuses on Parky's arse, the height difference is at least 5-6 in. I keep saying that 5'5" is generous for Radcliffe.
serval said on 3/Nov/07
saw him on parky tonite

parkinson was one hell of a lot taller

i give daniel 5'4"
marklin said on 3/Nov/07
dan,i'm afraid that you'll not be getting taller are 18 now..i've seen december boys, you are not really tall,i can see the three boys have opportunity of being taller,you are just that tall..and even Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Hermione(Emma Watson)was much taller than you are..she was born in 1990, right?..well, dan, this is just a matter of genetic,u don't have to worry much about this,u r still a person and u can be always a successful actor...
Sarah said on 25/Oct/07
Heys guys,Idon`t think dan is growing any more He`s over 18 now..He`s only 5ft5 in..It means he`s as tall as my!! I`m a girl & Iam from KSA I think UK Boys are more taller.
umad80 said on 8/Oct/07
In that particular photo? I think it could give an inch or so spiked up like that. But the hairstyle he was wearing in LA probably wouldn't give as much as it's not as radical. So probably a half inch or so in LA imo. Just a guess though cause it's hard to tell. But his hair definitely is poofed up a bit compared to the straight hair styles that Emma and Rupert wear. Which is why I'd give Emma around 5'5.5" at the most.
Leung said on 7/Oct/07
I watched Rove last night and Harry Shearer was similar in height to Rove McManus. Rove was only very slightly taller. Rove is looking real short these days, definitely nowhere near the 5
Anna said on 7/Oct/07
umad80, how much height do you think his hair gives him after viewing that photo, if you did? And you still have not seen those photos I posted? They are on getty and, if you haven't seen them I'll send a link, but honestly do not really want to, Getty is so slow for me, it's ridiculously annoying. rob, how tall do you think D-Rad's father is?
umad80 said on 7/Oct/07
Emma's never looked 1-2" taller than Dan. If you don't count his hair which it is quite obvious that he wears a flattering hairstyle for his height and Emma might be closer to a half inch or so, but who knows. I haven't taken a rule to his head to see how tall his hair makes him. lol
Anna said on 7/Oct/07
And, I just had to mention this, Luke, note that he is a male, says he is 5'6.5" at night (which is his shortest height) yet when people ask him how tall he is, he says 5'6" because he feels like he would cheat them if he were to round up to 5'7". Now, I am not saying this with 100% authority, but when one thinks of it, could this not be the case for someone like, let us say, Emma Watson? She may really be 5'6.5" or over 5'6" at night, but she doesn't want to round up to 5'7" or list 5'6.5" (again, that would make her look really stupid in my opinion) so she puts 5'6" on her official page? I mean, if a guy does this, then the possibilities of Emma, being a female and looking slightly uncomfortable with her height, doing the said are quite plausible. I mean, just when you think about it, it makes sense and plus in photos she looks easily 1", if not 2" taller than Dan. I posted some barefoot photos of them and Emma looked to be 1 to 2 inches taller when both stood properly. And this was not even considering Dan's hair, which, if you look at this photo by enlarging it Click Here seems to give him about 1 to 2 inches easily. Yeah? Nevertheless, have you seen his eyes? Wow, they are amazingly blue and gorgeous.
5'3" Aix said on 7/Oct/07
Yes Anna, 5'10" or more. At max, 6'2.5"?
Anna said on 6/Oct/07
His dad looks suprsingly tall, even if his mum is 5' (could be taller you were saying?) the dad still looks 5'10" or more. Yeah?
umad80 said on 6/Oct/07
I don't think Dan is growing any more. He's over 18 now... not that he can't of course, I think guys can grow beyond the age of 18. But it doesn't matter who is what in a family. I've said before that my family, everyone is 5'10" and under but my brother was like 6'3" to 6'4". And the only person who came remotely close to that was apparently my great grandfather on my father's side. But my dad is (was?) only 5'10" and my mom is (was?) only 5'5.5". I'm 5'5". So it doesn't matter...

Glenn on here said that in 2005 Dan looked 5'4" which I thought he looked short too when I saw him from a distance that year at the GoF premiere. So if he's only 5'5" in 2007 that means he's only grown an inch in two years. So unless he has a major growth spurt alluvasudden, I don't think he'll grow much beyond 5'5".
5'3" Aix said on 6/Oct/07
Generally, he's 5'5" but still can grow taller. He mentions in the Ellen show that his mom is 5'2" (more like 5' to me though). But I saw in one pic that his dad is tall. Dunno, but looks like his mother is taller than he says. I just found this picture somewhere Click Here which text says that it's his parents. Yep, his dad looks tall, well, taller than my 5'8" dad.
Luke99 said on 5/Oct/07
Hmm, I'm 5'6 and a half at nighttime (my very shortest) and when people ask I say 5'6 because I feel like I cheat if I round up to 5'7?

I wonder if in celeb world I would be considered 5'7/8?
Anna said on 4/Oct/07
Kie, yes, UK guys are usually taller, Dan is just on the, how shall we put it, shorter side. He's somewhere between 5'5" and 5'6" and the average height for a guy in the UK is somewhere between 5'9" and 5'10". Just as a note, it says the average height for females is around 5'3.5" to 5'4".
umad80 said on 4/Oct/07
Dan doesn't seem the type to short change himself. He's been saying 5'5.5" since GoF and then tried to say 5'6" and then admitted to 5'5". He seemed to want to make himself taller, so I don't get why he'd round down. I do think that the reason he looks taller is posture and shoes. Oh, and hair! He stands very, very straight. There is some talk about his shoes possibly being dodgy. Plus he has a really flattering hairstyle. I think all three factors tend to make him look taller than the 5'5" he even admitted to being after initially saying 5'6".
Kie_Jenx said on 4/Oct/07
Hey! He's only 5 ft 5 in?? It means he's as tall as me! I'm a girl and I'm from Indonesia, I think UK boys are more taller! He's 18, right?
Anna said on 3/Oct/07
yeah, people, search youtube for that Rove appearance and maddie, I kind of feel what you are saying. I mean, yes he indeed does look short, but he looks taller than people I know of who are 5'5". I dunno.
Leung said on 2/Oct/07
Hey guys,
Search Youtube for
maddie said on 2/Oct/07
i dont think daniel is 5'5. lots of my guy friends are 5'5 and just by looking at him in ordinary pictures, he seems maybe an inch or so taller.
umad80 said on 1/Oct/07
I've said numerous times that he wears lifts. He might be "ok" with his height enough to joke about it... but I don't think he likes to be dwarfed any. I'm not sure he was wearing lifts that night. He just seemed shorter than normal. Emma was like two inches taller with her large heels. Rupert was at least 3" or more taller than him. And we know that Matt had to be at least 7" taller. Bonnie was in the same boat as Rupert as she only seemed a half inch shorter than Rupert. I think only Evanna was shorter than him. LOL But if he was wearing lifts then... it throws a monkey wrench into everyone's height because it'd make everyone taller.
anonymous no-name said on 1/Oct/07
They have indeed a very high front, about 2"? They must be pretty hard to walk in haha. I don't know how high Radcliffe's lifts are, but he seems to be wearing his 'normal' dress shoes (I suppose he has a slight lift build in?) Compared to Rupert it looks like it gives him more than normal dress shoes, but I'm not a 100% sure.
anonymous no-name said on 1/Oct/07
Click Here here is the link to Mirren presenting the award to Dan. In the video she looks at least 2" taller, not at all the same height! Her heels give her what? 4"? Dan's lifts got to give him about 2"? That would make him 5'4"! Or maybe he is wearing regular dress shoes wich give him 1", or Mirren's heels give her more like 5" (not very likely?!) either way, Dan is probably really not more than 5'5".

Editor Rob
they've got a thick front, 4.5 inch they'd give. Radcliffe wearing lifts?
umad80 said on 30/Sep/07
So if she was 5'7" with them and noticably taller than Dan than he wasn't wearing lifts? But it puts him at 5'4" really... depending on how much taller. But maybe he shrinks at night because he looked 5'5" everywhere in LA. Although I think I'll have to agree with Anna on this and say that Helen is bending her knees. It's a bit noticable in high-res pics. See: Click Here

Also, I know Rupert is a bit more forward in this pic, but if you measure the top of Dan's hair to Rupert... Rupert has like 3" inches. Click Here So if he ends up 5'6" in dress shoes Rupert would be at least 5'9".
Evanna said on 30/Sep/07
Thanks, Rob. I guess that pretty much clarifies the situation.
Evanna said on 30/Sep/07
I watched the award ceremony yesterday (well, some bits of it) and I have to agree with Rob, I think that Mirren actually did take her shoes off for the photos, because she was notably taller than Radcliffe when she presented him with the award.
I still believe that the photos of all three of them barefoot are the best for judging heights, because we can never know how much they actually get from footwear. Rob please enlighten us here, how much would heels like these give Click Here ? I'd say about 3 inches, but I'm not sure, I'm no expert on high heeled shoes.

Editor Rob
they look above average, I think they would give a good 3 over barefoot.
Anna said on 30/Sep/07
You are from Maryland, US or something, correct umad? I think I remeber that because I thought you were from Los Angeles, CA because you said you went to the LA premiere of OotP, but you just flew across the whole US of A to attend. Dedication, nice.
Anna said on 29/Sep/07
Actually, I think what happened is she bent at her knees. Could this be it? If you look at the photos, it looks like that is what she could be doing. Nevertheless, in a video I watched where both were standing up properly and they looked essentially the same height. So, that would mean Dan would be 5'7" or 5'7.5" in those shoes, right?
umad80 said on 29/Sep/07
Uh, there were no photos of Dan looking as tall as Rupert. He looks 3 inches shorter most of the time. I'll have to go with Rob and say that Helen Mirren slipped of her shoes so Dan didn't look so short. Which might be why you see photos of her showing off her shoes.

But there you go again, Anna. You look at a photo and don't even check to make sure. I drew a line for you. Click Here - Rupert is clearly taller by at least an inch and they're both leaning into people in that one. She looks a little taller than Dan with that lean. If Dan is definitely not wearing any dodgy shoes, then he is 5'6.25" in them. She looks like she's got close to an inch on Dan even with that lean. Maybe a little more as Dan's hair is a little wild so it's hard to tell. I put her at 5'7.5" with that lean. Rupert is leaning to and still an inch taller putting him at 5'8.5" or there abouts. This meaning standing up straight puts him closer to 5'9".
Anna said on 29/Sep/07
haha, yes I "claim" to be from the UK. Just to let you know, I've been saying that I am from London ever since I came to this site, so I guess you just generally do not read what I say? Just joking, but honestly, that's a good idea. I'll just waltz into her house and measure her, that sounds like a great plan. All I have to say is I hope her brother is there, I don't care if he's young, he's sexy. But, yeah, I really don't know what is up with those Helen Mirren photos, but I don't think she has shrunk anything considerably because I believe she was just added to this site after the making of 'The Queen', am I right Rob? But I think Dan may have been wearing some intense lifts because in some photos he looked nearly as tall as Rupert and the angle does look to be blatantly favouring him. Here it is. Click Here As for your change in opinon umad, I am guessing you now think Emma at least 5'6" because, if you think Rupert is 5'9" and he would be "closer to 6'" and Emma would be "in the 5'9" range", then in actuality, Rupert would 5'9" and Emma 5'6". Dan would be 1 inch shorter than Emma as well by your conclusion. Nice.

Editor Rob
I've not been paying attention but just looking at radcliffe and mirren, I'm certain she has slipped out of her heels. He probably joked 'yer making me look short with those hooker heels ma lady!' or something.
umad80 said on 29/Sep/07
Helen Mirren is listed as 5'4" here. There are photos of her showing off platform shoes. Easily giving 2-3 inches. So either Dan is wearing major lifts which would make every single person very tall. You know, putting Matt Lewis around 6'3", Rupert closer to 6', and Emma in the 5'9" range... or Helen has shrunk below 5'4". I think the later seems to be more true.

I think Maggie Smith, at least in 2004/2005 - for when GoF was filmed, or the shoes she could've been wearing? We never see what McGonagal is put in really. Anyways, I think she was 5'7". And in 2005, Rupert was not 5'9". That's rediculous. That's the time I was talking about with Maggie Smith. And Emma is nowhere near 5'7". Since you now claim to be from UK, go look for her so you can measure her. lol
Anna said on 29/Sep/07
So umad80, how tall do you think Maggie Smith is? You seemed to think her taller than her 5'5" listings because, surprise, rupert didn't look 5'9" next to her if she was that height. I'd say she is 5'5" at the very least and 5'7" or 5'8" in normalish sized heels, like she was wearing in OotP. LIke I said, Emma looked at the most one inch shorter than Maggie whilst Maggie was in heels and Emma in flats, so that puts Emma Watson somewhere between 5'6" and 5'7". What I find quite interesting is that Emma actually looks taller compared to people when the other members of the trio - Dan and Rupert - are not in the picture. Examples being Maggie Smith, Evanna Lynch, Bonnie Wright, and Emma Thompson, just to name a few. I think what happens is she actually stands up straight because she doesn't care if she's taller than other ladies, whereas she doesn't want to tower over guys like Dan and Rupert. It could be total rubbish, but I think it may be true. I know people hate it when I say this, but she looks close to 5'7" when standing next to the said people and her brother, Alex Watson, who is actually quite tall as well. Rob, come on man, you have got to upgrade her. She's no longer 5'5", I think everyone has come to realise, some people are just to stubborn to put it into words.
Anna said on 28/Sep/07
Okay, so I was just looking at some photos from the 'national movie awards' that took place today and was quite suprised by some of Helen Mirren and D-Rad. Click Here You can see more on Getty if you care to do so. Now, here's the deal. Helen is listed on here as 5'4" and, if you look at other photos from the event, is wearing 2 inch or so heels that would make her about 5'6". Now in the photos both look to have good posture, yet even with Helen's footwear advantage, Dan still looks about an inch or even two inches taller. How can one explain this if he is only 5'5"?
Anna said on 28/Sep/07
That's probably true, although I think he was closer to 5'5" when the film was released and probably a solid 5'4" during the filming of GoF. Like I've said before, he was probably 5'4.5" or 5'4.75" and then grew 1/2" or so from there. And Emma was probably around 5'4.5" during the release and grew more than Dan - nearly 2 inches or more one could argue.
umad80 said on 27/Sep/07
I think Dan was 5'3"/5'4" in 2004/2005 because Glenn said he saw Dan and thought he looked 5'4" back in 2005. When I saw him, I thought he looked short too but I thought maybe it was one of those things where someone looks taller on screen. Plus he was pretty far away from me. My guess is that he was probably around 5'3" or so when they filmed GoF. (You can really see how true this is when you see him next to Robert Pattinson or even Maggie Smith!) And then when it was released he probably was closer to 5'4". And probably grew his final inch between 2005 and 2007. That's not too out of the realm of possibility. I think he's pretty much a solid 5'5" just like Emma is. But as I said, she's probably just slightly taller.
Anna said on 27/Sep/07
Yeah, I think that's essentially correct umad, I think Dan could actually be 5'5.5" or 5'75.75" in the morning though, and thus a 5'5" or 5'5.25" in the evening. And I actually do not think he even said morning, I think he said today, which is why I'm wondering where one gets that he's 5'5" in the morning. And does anyone know if Dan and Seth Green took a photo together? I know Seth went to the LA premiere of OotP. I wonder if they took a shot together.
umad80 said on 26/Sep/07
Oh. I can clear that up for you Hugo. I think you inadvertantly spun what Dan said. In an interview during the photocall he said, "Everyone says 'my how tall you've gotten!' but I just got measured this morning and I'm only 5'5". It's quite dressping really." I think that might be slightly paraphrased... but the point is, he said he got measured in the morning, but that doesn't mean he wasn't up and walking around and was measured at a correct 5'5". He looks 5'5" to me. As does Emma. They're both a solid 5'5" imo with Emma possibly having a slight advantage. And Rupert is more in the 5'9" range for sure.
Leung said on 26/Sep/07
Daniel is a short dude but you are really exaggerating, 5
Anna said on 26/Sep/07
In no way am I trying to say your opinions are terrible, absurd just sort of came out. I'm just kind of used to speaking that way without people getting fussed, sorry. You are totally entitled to your opinon, I'm just thinking that Emma would most likely not upgrade her height by two inches. If she cared, she could stand up straight. Right?
Evanna said on 26/Sep/07
Hugo, it's just Anna, she's always like that, she's been around this site for more than a year urging for Watson to get upgraded.
Anyway you might actually have the point; the reason why I came back to his forum is because I had a chance of meeting Mr Pedja Bjelac (Igor Karkaroff in GoF), and he said that Radcliffe was really small, barely over 5'3" when they filmed GoF. At first I found that weird (especially coming from someone as tall as Bjelac, I guess everyone looks short to him), but it actually made sense, sort of a put things in a new perspective. And Radcliffe surely doesn't look like he's grown much in the past couple of years. He could well be 5'5" in the morning on a good day, and closer to 5'4" for the rest of his living. Emma Watson might be slightly taller than him, but only up to quarter an inch, and she's surely not over 5'5".
Hugo said on 26/Sep/07
Firstly, I'm not going to going scouting to find who said this, but someone said that in an interview, Dan admits to being 5'5" IN THE MORNING. Secondly, it's my OPINION that I think Emma is a little above 5'4"--with Dan being shorter. Now, if that puts Danny boy into the 5'3" area, so be it. Lastly, Anna, I don't know why my opinion of Emma and Dan's height bothers you so much that you have to say my opinions of their heights are "absurd." I'm not being sensitive, I'm just wondering why you can't handle the fact that someone(me) might find them to be shorter than what they are posted for?
Brent said on 26/Sep/07
on the ellen show she made a joke about him standing oon a chair to talk to a tall girl in the audience.....................bitch
Anna said on 25/Sep/07
Did Dan actually say 5'5" in the morning? Because I highly doubt this, I would actually have to see and/or hear the interview to believe this. I'd say he is easily 5'5.5" in the morning and shrinks down to just over 5'5" in the evening. As for Emma, we all know she is easily 5'6" in the evening. And it's just blatantly absurd to say 5'4" for Emma and Dan shorter than that (although you have got the Dan being shorter bit right). If Emma were 5'4", Dan would be 5'3" or below and Rupert would be barely 5'6". None of the said are remotely true in my opinoin.
umad80 said on 25/Sep/07
I don't think Dan is 5'5" in the morning. I think he's 5'5.5" in the morning. I know that one interview took place and it was obviously early, but we don't know how long Dan was actually up. But having seen them in person, they're both definitely 5'5" with Emma possibly being taller. Nothing more than a half inch.
Hugo said on 25/Sep/07
If Dan is 5'5" IN THE MORNING, he will shrink from this. How much shrinking, I don't know, but whatever it is he's shorter than Emma. I believe Emma is a little above 5'4" with Dan shorter.
Anna said on 24/Sep/07
Yeah I know Rose, I care not if Dan is short, just so long as he is not under 5'3" (like I am), which I highly doubt is the case. Unless he shrinks absurd amounts.
Rose said on 23/Sep/07
thats ok. im short 2 so i no how u feel. i have a girl who is 3 years younger than me and she is taller than me. =p but hey, dan is still taller than me.
Anna said on 23/Sep/07
Yeah, I guess that's logical umad, but do you not also remember how he said all of the cast are taller than him now? I mean, I know he likes to joke about his height, but I am quite sure he wouldn't be saying that EW was taller than him if she really wasn't. Do remember that the 5'5.5" came from the "1/2" taller than Emma Watson". At least that is what I've heard. It's just ridiculous to say that he's still taller than EW. I'm sorry, but it is.
Evanna said on 23/Sep/07
Folks, Editor Rob saw Harry Melling (Dudley) couple of weeks ago, and confirmed that Melling's only about 5'9", and he absolutely dwarfed Radcliffe in OotP. Conclusion: Radcliffe probably wears lifts in his TV appearances, premieres and such. It's never too early for a short actor to start wearing them. ;)
umad80 said on 23/Sep/07
Sorry guys, but Dan has stated in two interviews - one recently being one for December Boys, that he's 5'5". Just prior to that he was giving himself 5'6". Why would he suddenly short change himself a whole inch? I mean, if the actor is willing to say he's 5'5" after trying 5'5.5" in 2005 and 5'6" before he finally admitted 5'5"... I think it's safe to say he's 5'5".
Anna said on 22/Sep/07
Yeah, Rob and viewers of this page, you should really watch that Rove interview, at least the first bit where Daniel walks in - he looks just under 5'6" like Leung said and, surprsingly, Dan's shoes look less dodgy than Rove's.
Leung said on 20/Sep/07
After the Rove appearance I really doubt he is as low as 5'5" flat. Anna knows what I'm talking about. I think he's probably a shade under 5'6"
Anna said on 20/Sep/07
Yeah, I'd say he is 5'5.5", maybe 5'5.75" in the morning and just a tad over 5'5" throughout the day. Actually, I'm guessing 5'5.25" or even 5'5.5" would be perfect listings for him. Also, I think he can get close to 5'7" or 5'8" in special shoes.
umad80 said on 19/Sep/07
Dan is 5'5". In a recent radio interview he apperantly stated this again. I had the link before, but I guess my comment never went through... My guess though is that Dan is 5'5.5" in the morning and just a normal 5'5" throughout the day.
Anna said on 19/Sep/07
I'd honeslty say anything under 5'5" is unreasonable for him, seeing as he looks closer to 5'6" in more recent photos.
Anna said on 19/Sep/07
You saw Equus Aix?? Do tell. And, honestly, how is one going to be able to tell if someone is either 5'5" or 5'4.5" when he is on stage? lmao, look at a ruler, it's a quite small increment. Do you know what I'm on about?
5'3" Aix said on 19/Sep/07
5'5" is him at his tallest, I think. He looks like 5'4.5" barefoot *in equus i mean*.
Anna said on 17/Sep/07
Has anyone looked at those recent photos and recent footage of Dan looking closer to 5'6" than 5'5"? By the way, is Teresa Palmer really 5'5.75"? She's not on this site....
Anna said on 16/Sep/07
No, yeah, you are completely right Hugo. I wasn't trying to offend anyone, I was just saying that it's quite uncanny to think that we are chatting with people who are out of uni and in the real world, I just never really thought on that. It's fine though and I completely understand. And I completely understand where you are coming from with your mate. I have friends who are much older than me, so it is definitely not strange. And, yeah, you definitely, without a doubt, do not need to say how old you are. Quite petty and unnecessary.
Hugo said on 15/Sep/07
First off, I'm not 30 years-old, my buddy is. I do not have to disclose how old I am. Someone can be 39 and have a 60 year-old buddy. Or, someone could be 20 with a 35 year-old buddy. You don't always have to have the exact same age group of friends. People may find they get along better. Secondly, Anna you've just insulted people who really are 30 years-old who come here. You make it sound like they don't have anything to do all day but comment on heights. There isn't an age requirement. Some might say to you, you seem like a teenager, why aren't you doing teenager things like going to the mall, or doing your homework or attending your after school job?.....instead of commenting on heights.
Anna said on 15/Sep/07
JK, I really don't think that's true. The dad being 5'9" is definitely true seeing as I saw the show, but that would definitley not mean Dan would be, at a minimum 5'8" and a max 5'10" or 5'11". His mum being 5' certainly messes things up a bit, does it not? I feel like you are just disregarding that fact completely. And, like others have said, (Chip, are you serious, 5 inches after college? that's ridiculous, but I guess things can vary like that) things are quite unpredictable. You can't really make minimum and maximum guesses, in my opinion. And gyp, I was quite surprised as well when I found that out. When you think of it, it makes sense that not everyone on this site is still in high school or uni, but I just never really thought 30 some year olds would come on here. Quite surreal. And, yeah, I really think Dan is probably over 5'5", more like 5'5.5" or 5'6". I know I keep changing, but with during his recent promotional tour he really does look to be closer to 5'6". And that would definitely make sense because there is absolutely no way Emma is anything under 5'6" (when you see recent photos of her with actors/actresses who aren't RUpert Grint or Daniel Radcliffe), so that would put her at 5'6.5" or 5'7". I am guessing she is a weak 5'7" to be honest, she's barely shorter than the 5'8" Rupert Grint. I wonder what they're going to do to downplay that mistake in casting. And, as for the age subject, I think Dan does indeed carry himself in a more mature fashion than, especially, Rupert, but I think he literally looks older too. And, think about it, in PoA Dan looked easily 15 or 16 years old whereas Emma was struggling to look like a 13 year old. And Rupert looked quite young as well and, remember, he is 2 years older than Emma. And, although I love Rupert, I really wish he would act more professionally like Dan, such as at premieres and stuff. Jeans at a world premiere of your movie, not Dan always looks cute and fashionable, props to him.
JK said on 15/Sep/07
Dan said on Jonathan Ross that his dad was 5'9'', So the minimum Dan should really been was 5'8'' and the max was like 5'10'' or even 5'11''
Godyoupeople said on 15/Sep/07
Oh gosh.
If Hugo's not a teenager, I've been lecturing a (insert age here)-year-old on Buddhism(thianks for the tip Anna)???? Wow. Oh gosh.

Ok, moving on. I think that maybe Dan IS over 5'5.5". That old post from Anna about the Goblet of Fire movie is actually quite realistic, now I think about it. Hmmm.

On the age-related subject: I think the reason Dan seems more mature is because he kind of takes acting more seriously. I mean, with the premieres he wears suits and everything, while Rupert wears jeans or something. Also he acts a bit more serious sometimes, while Rupert and Emma are at times more relaxed. I don't know, it's just my opinion.

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