How tall is David Dobrik

David Dobrik's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American Youtube star. In a vlog, he once claimed to be 5ft 10.

How tall is David Dobrik
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Average Guess (47 Votes)
5ft 9.13in (175.6cm)
Tys da 5'11 said on 2/Jul/22
Cody ko actually specifically said 5'8 3/4 but I think that's another way of saying 5'8 cause Cody to me certainly looks 5'8... David may edge flat 5'9 so good listing Rob!
Moe J said on 23/Nov/21
How tall do you think Noah Beck is? He posted on his Instagram pics with Tom Holland and Alexandra daddario.
Social confusion said on 11/Oct/21
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What is going on here?
Noah is supposedly 5'11" and David 5'10". David makes him look 6'
Editor Rob
maybe closer to the camera than David makes him look taller.
Trintton said on 12/Jul/21
I would say David is 5’9 1/4, Todd is 5’11 1/2 and Jeff is either 6’0 1/4 or 6’0 1/2
Vsquad said on 30/Jun/21
David still claims 5'10 as per a recent insta story where he weighed himself in. Jeff Wittek was there too and is still claiming 6'1 as well.
5'8 boy said on 30/Apr/21
Rob, how much do you think he weighs 150lbs?
Editor Rob
yeah he might be in 150-5 zone
al001 said on 6/Oct/20
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Look at the 5th slide, it’s David (with decent posture) next to Jeff Wittek and Toddy Smith. Keep in mind we don’t know footwear or ground level, but to me it looks like Toddy is a solid 5’11 and Jeff maybe a bit over 6’0.
al001 said on 28/Sep/20
@Martin Distro the real crime is that google has Jake Paul at 6’1.
Martin Distro said on 18/Sep/20
google has now listed 5’10 david dobrik to 5’9
Keith 5'10 said on 23/Jul/20
Maybe 5’9 1/4 and 5’10 with shoes Rob?
Martin Distro said on 30/Jun/20
my take on the vlog squads height

David Dobrik 5’9 1/4
Jason Nash 5’11 1/2
Alex Ernst 6’0 1/4
Jeff Wittek 6’0 1/4
Todd Smith 5’11 3/4
Scott Sire 5’9 3/4
Heath Hussar 5’8
Zane Hijazi 5’9 1/2
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/May/20
Most people would probably just say "6 and a half" if they mean 6'0.5", at least that's how I'd personally claim. Using "feet" might cause confusion in this case.
Vsquad said on 17/May/20
Rob, is it proper to say "6 feet and a half" or can people say they're "6 and a half feet tall" as well?

Jeff Wittek said he was that on his most recent video. However, he also joked about a door that he marked as 7 feet tall, where he stood in front of it and his head came up at the halfway mark... so I don't know if he meant to admit he was 6'0.5 or if he meant 6'6 as part of the joke lol.

Here's the video if anyone wants to see. Just a quick bit from 9:50-10:00 -

Click Here

I do think Jeff is 6'0.5 rather than 6'1 as he claims, which is why I hope he finally admitted it lol.
Editor Rob
I think he's having a bit of a joke there.
Vsquad said on 7/May/20
@Cosy bop @Rob

Actually, Cody confessed to being 5'8.75 in Jeff Wittek's barbershop video (after they teased him for being short)... so he's definitely not the full 5'9.
Cosy bop said on 25/Apr/20
Seems about right, Rob how tall do you think Cody Ko is?
Editor Rob
Cody claimed 5ft 9, but I'm not sure
Pablo Escobar said on 22/Apr/20
Seems like a strong 5'9 ft
Vsquad said on 23/Feb/20
Wow, if Jason confirmed he's under 6ft then that gives a much better perspective on the rest of the vlog squad's heights.

Jason always looks 2ish inches taller than David, so David is definitely not 5'10.

Guys like Jeff barely look taller than Jason, so they can't be any more than 6ft themselves.
heightdude said on 14/Feb/20
@Akselki Can you please link the vlog.
Akseli said on 12/Feb/20
Jason is just under 6 ft. He said it in one of his vlogs.
Peter175 said on 3/Feb/20
175-177 works well for David
maaasTer said on 22/Jan/20
Appears to be 5'9.5 on Jimmy Fallon. Should update it.
edgeso said on 22/Jan/20
Looked 5’9 with 5’11.5 jimmy fallon
al001 said on 17/Oct/19
Here's some more pictures i found with Cody Ko who claims 5'8.75 as a reference.

Click Here

For the vlog squad and also Jake Paul here's some more pictures.

Click Here

Click Here (This one has a better angle and you can see the footwear in the last picture) Jeff Wittek (roughly 6'0), Jake Paul (listed 5'10.5), and Cody.
heightdude said on 14/Oct/19
I'd say David is 177 cm +/- 1cm.
Vsquad said on 19/Sep/19

Yeah I've looked back at some photos of them together, and it does look a lot more like 3 inches.

I think Alex just gives off a taller impression to me, whether by his frame or presence. Like, I'm pretty sure he's the same height as someone like Jeff (since Jeff also looks 3 inches taller than David), however for some reason I'd still subconsciously imagine Alex as taller than him. Again, its just the impression he gives off.

Either way, if Alex really is 6'0 then yeah. Jason, Toddy, Scott, etc... they're all 5'11 and under for sure. I really did used to think Toddy was 6'-6'2.
al001 said on 15/Sep/19
I never thought Alex towered over David and the rest, but mainly David just has horrible posture in photos. He's only a bit taller than Jason Nash, Toddy Smith, etc.

Click Here

Here's a picture of David and Alex both with similar posture, and Alex doesn't look more than 3 inches taller. To me he looks like a 6'0 range guy (which is tall, but so many 5'10-5'11 guys claim it that it loses its value) but not a true 6'1 which is quite tall.
Vsquad said on 13/Sep/19

Yeah I saw your posts but I still find it hard to believe Alex is under 6'1... He looks too tall for just 6ft. I'd still be willing to believe that he scrapes 6'1, and maybe he was just measuring wrong in the insta stories that day. Or maybe he's 6'0.75.

It was funny though you should have seen them. Alex was so determined to find out if he was taller than Brandon lol.

I have pictures of them measuring each other. I just have to find a way to upload them from my phone and make a url out of it to post here.
al001 said on 11/Sep/19
I'm glad i'm not crazy and that there's proof now. I knew there was no way Alex was 6'2 like it says when you look it up (I go into more detail in my other posts).
Vsquad said on 11/Sep/19
Alex and Brandon (from the Vlog squad) were doing back to back measurements and using tape measure on Jonah's insta story today. Brandon was wearing vans and Alex was wearing adidas. They both measured 73 inches (with their footwear)... which means they're 6ft barefoot.

I was shocked. I thought they were 6'1 - 6'2 this whole time because they're always noticeably taller than the rest of the Vlog Squad.

This should help with guessing the rest of the vlog squad heights. Going by this, I don't think most of them are over 6ft like they claim. Also, David is definitely only 5'9 like Rob says because Brandon and Alex always tower him.
edges0 said on 16/Aug/19
Looks about an inch shorter than 5'10.5 John Stamos at the Teen Choice Awards
Jbrownsley said on 13/Aug/19
Looked about the same height as John Stamos at the Teen Choice Awards. He needs an upgrade.
al001 said on 3/Aug/19
@Mates Brogan
Nick Lachey looks at least as tall as David if not taller

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Still can't see him being 5'10
Mates Brogan said on 25/Jul/19
Looks about an inch taller than 5'9 listed Nick Lachey. David's wearing VANS.
TheBat said on 12/Jul/19
5'9.25" at max.
Piers said on 6/Jul/19

Some of them are dishonest about their heights, but not all. A lot of them wear flat footwear and still manage to look pretty tall.

Jeff claims 6'1-- however if everyone agrees that David is only 5'9, then that'd make Jeff 6'0 because in everything I've seen them together in, he only looks 3 inches taller max. Alex Ernst claims 6'2, however I think he's more 6'1.5. He always looks a big 4 inches taller than David. Everyone else:

Matt King - 6'2.75
Dom - 6'1.75
Brandon - 6'1.5
Todd - 6'0.5
Jason - 6'0.25
Scott - 5'11
Zane - 5'10.75
Heath - 5'8
Jonah - 5'6.5

Yes, I've analyzed this quite a bit lol.
Piers said on 6/Jul/19
I think there's a chance he could measure close to 5'10. He hangs with Josh Peck a lot (who is rightfully listed at 5'11 on this site), and David only ever looks an inch shorter than him both in pictures and in videos.

Either way I wish we had a solid confirmation that he's 5'9, even though I'm certain he is. It would help me pin down a lot of the guys in his videos since most of them claim 6'1 - 6'2.
al001 said on 6/Jul/19
The whole vlog squad lies badly about their heights, from what i can see the only one who looks solidly over 6'0 is Matt King. Jeff Wittek and Alex Ernst could be around 6'0 though.
Bk said on 6/Jul/19
The average vote is too low. David’s no less than 5’10 flat. He has poor posture which may make him appear shorter, but if he were to stand up perfectly straight he’d probably be a solid 5’10. He seems very close in height to 5’11 Dillon Francis.
Anna S said on 5/Jul/19
He's at least 5'8 but no more than 5'9.5
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Jul/19
I've never heard of a vlog before! What a strange term, so from 'Stranger Things' to stranger terms in a mere two comments, I shall conclude with a guess for 5ft9 for Dave D!

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