How tall is Dean Cain

Dean Cain's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

American Actor best known for playing Clark Kent/Superman in the 1990's tv series show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. In film he has appeared in Out of Time. He said in a blog interview (Cool Kids Table) about working on Smallville, "Tom's big! I mean I'm six foot, 200 pounds, but he's got to be six foot three, 240. He's big, man. That kid is definitely taller than me and definitely bigger.". In 2015 on a Crowder podcast he also claimed"I was measured at Buffalo at Five-Eleven and Hey listen, I may have shrunk". In this convention photo I had about 1/3rd inch more sneaker than him.

How tall is Dean Cain
5ft 8 Rob and Dean (age 46) @ Winter LFCC, 2012

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Average Guess (71 Votes)
5ft 11.3in (181.1cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Sep/23
I think 6ft on the dot out of bed and 5ft11¼ evening
Danny B said on 25/Sep/23
Hi again Rob! From the previous comment does that mean he measured close to guys like Sebastian Stan? Like 5ft 11 and 3/8ths at night?
Editor Rob
I reckon you would struggle to tell Dean or Sebastian apart.
Danny B said on 24/Sep/23
Hey Rob! do you think Dean Cain woke up at 183.5? Or just 6ft? In his prime obviously
Editor Rob
Likely stronger 6ft range in the morning.
Harris Ahmed said on 30/Aug/23
Rob do you think 2.5 inch difference between 2 people is a lot ? Like how do you think a person who’s 2.5 inches shorter than someone perceive the other person ?
Editor Rob
With same posture, it is a noticeable difference. However, if the taller person doesn't stand as well and is lowering their eyes when talking to you, whilst you raise yours, suddenly it can seem not that much.
Rich d said on 10/Nov/22
Was around him for a day at a charity event a few years back. Im 5’10 and he was cleanly taller. Super nice guy - intelligent and knowledgeable.
miko said on 25/Aug/22
I suppose it's not impossible he may have been close to 6'0 in his 20's. Obviously not a full 6'0 but 5'11.75 can't be ruled out for a prime. At 56 he may have lost a fraction.
6'4" Leprechaun said on 4/Apr/22
The Bills listed him at 5'11" and if you dig deep enough on the internet he's listed at 5'10". 6' was only mentioned when he played Superman.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Oct/21
Never looked near 6ft to me ever...always a solid 5ft11
Almost 180cm guy said on 2/Oct/21
This photo of Dean with Lou from 2000 just shows that the 5ft 11.75 is his correct range: Click Here
He might have looked a full 6ft at times but I think the fraction below that is more appropriate and he was definitely over 5ft 11.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Sep/21
He just doesn't look like a guy that's near 6ft. Always more 5ft11 range....and that will bruise his ego I'm sure
Stinky 186 cm said on 27/Aug/21
He’s in between 5’ 11 1/2” - 5’ 11 3/4” but my first guess would be 5’ 11 1/2” for sure
Mickie said on 15/Jul/21
He probably meant that he measured 5'11 5/8" rather than 5/6".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/May/21
Rob, is 5ft11 flat arguable?

He just does not look like a guy whose knocking on the door of 6ft. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt with that 5/6th listing and that he got measured very early. Put it this way, guys like Matt Smith and Capaldi would edge Dean, IMO
Editor Rob
Well with a fraction less sneaker he still looked 5ft 11 range so I an believe he measured 5ft 11.5 range
Canson said on 23/May/21
@Editor Rob: so you met him in 2012 at 46. Do you think there was a chance of a small height shrinkage? Or do you think he got a Morning measurement? I’ve never seen the NFL measure in 1/6” increments either.
Editor Rob
well 3 years later when he claimed 5ft 11 5/6ths he also said who knows I may have shrunk...

at 46 when I met him...if anything you are talking mm or 2.

I'd say it could have been 10-11am...
Almost 180cm guy said on 16/Apr/21
Hey Rob! Is there a chance of a 5ft 11.75-6ft range for Dean? Take a look at his photos with Lou Ferrigno from 2000: Click Here Click Here
Lou was 48-49 at the time so he might have lost half an inch already but I doubt he was less than 6ft 3.5 then. I can't see the four inch difference between them. Rob, do you see the chance that Dean could have been a 182-3 cm guy more than an 181-2?
Editor Rob
11.75 is the highest I'd really go, but then 11.5 might be the low range for him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/21
I don't think Dean's a legit 182cm guy, let alone him to someone like Capaldi or Matt Smith...he'd easily get edged. 181cm tops in my book...possibly 5ft11 flat

There's something really annoying and dislikeable about him as well...the stuff with Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura...and just his need for attention and his views on things that he knows nothing about.
I thought Cavill was a poor Superman until I remembered this dude
Mickie said on 31/Mar/21
Maybe he measured 5'11 5/8" rather than 5/6"?
Arch Stanton said on 27/Feb/21
182 ish does look about right. I never realised he was part Japanese when he was younger, as he's aged it looks obvious. I thought he was more Italian/Greek sort of descent when younger. Nowadays he could pass for Hawaiian.
Jkiller said on 20/Aug/20
Always believed he looked between 5'11.5-5'11.75 on screen.
houss said on 12/Mar/20
VitoCheng said on 23/Dec/19
Dean Cain is 181CM, but in the stills of Rag and Bone, he is slightly taller than Robert Patrick, who claimed to be 6 feet tall.
Click Here
Can't you see !! He's closer to the camera
VitoCheng said on 23/Dec/19
Dean Cain is 181CM, but in the stills of Rag and Bone, he is slightly taller than Robert Patrick, who claimed to be 6 feet tall.
Click Here
Nik said on 17/Sep/19
Believable listing!
K.A 188 ! said on 22/Aug/19
@CANSON agreed...
Despite being a well built and tallish guy he is till the shortest to have portrayed superman nothing wrong with him, but am just saying....
I wonder if there will ever be a superman actor well under 6 foot maybe a teenage Clark Kent superman spin-off .
Canson said on 17/Aug/19
5’11 and change
The Ben said on 21/Mar/19
6'2.5 Brandan and Dean Cain.
Similar footwear. Click Here
The Ben said on 21/Mar/19
Me at 6'0.25 and Dean Cain. Think I maybe had a slight footwear advantage. Click Here
I could have stood taller. I'd say he was around 5'11.
Ben Bell said on 9/Mar/19
Met him today in Liverpool. I’d say 5’11 tops. Super nice guy.
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 16/Dec/18
Ive met him about 5 years ago somewhere next to my workplace and took a pic with him just like you did way back in 2012. He seems like he is 3 inch taller than me when i had great conversation with him about something.... Anyways, I would say he is really strong 5ft 11 180cm rather than 5ft 11 half and 6 footer... Btw, He is also down to earth just like Zac Efron and Tom Felton........
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 23/Nov/18

But Rob's dropping height as well.
Editor Rob
I think in this photo we are both similar posture wise.
Bobby said on 20/Nov/18
You can tell that he's dropping his posture, and he still looks a strong 5'11. I would definitely give him the listing of 5'11.5, but 5'11.25 is also possible. Anything in the 181/182cm range.
Zampo said on 6/Nov/18
Possibly 5'11.25.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Oct/18

Canson said on 16/Oct/18
He looks about 5’11 with Rob. Not 5’11.5. That assessment accounts for posture
CDS said on 14/Jun/18
I may be wrong, but I'd say he's somewhere between 5'10.5"and 5'11" barefoot, and that buffalo bills measurement was in sneakers, just like every time I was measured for every single physical I had while in sports. Then its just the classic roundup to 6' in shoes. And rob, he mayve had slightly less sneaker than you that day, but you're wearing a flat, cropped hairstyle while his in that photo would tend to give him a little extra advantage. Close to 6' in shoes , end of day, is my estimate, one inch less barefoot...
Canson said on 25/Apr/18
The more and more I see of him I would give him 5’11” flat no more no less. Maybe peak was a touch more
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Apr/18
Looks nowhere near 6ft
KC said on 27/Mar/18
Deano is a clean 6 footer.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Dec/17
Rob, how tall do you think Chris Kyle was?
KH said on 24/Oct/17
I don't see a reason to question the listing. Rob's met him. He has been on tons of TV shows. To say he could be under 5'11 is just wrong to me and to say 5'10 is ridiculous.
strangerdnce said on 24/Jul/17
Thought he was taller
mrtguy said on 29/May/17
Rob, remember Cain isn't even touching his chin but very close, so wouldn't that make Big Show at least 6'11.75-7ft at most at least??
Editor Rob
I would have said Cain was a bit above his chin there, so 11 inches is possible, although with Routh on the other side and closer to the camera it makes Show seem shorter with that side.
mrtguy said on 29/May/17
Rob, Big Show is at least 7ft1 if not more standing next to Dean Cain?? Click Here
Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
I think he's still under 7ft there.
191cm said on 16/Apr/17
Legit 5'11 guy, 5'11.25 for Dean
Canson said on 10/Apr/17
@Christian: my definition of strong is like you and I fall in our respective ranges meaning 1/8" or 1/4" or 3/8" above. You could argue it up to 1/2" maybe after that I'd consider it weak at the next height like for you 6'5.5-.75 would be a weak 6'6 me an inch lower weak 6'5. These are of course using your afternoon or evening heights. I'd go more 2/3-1/4" under for weak tho so if someone is 197cm at their lowest they'd be weak 6'6"
Canson said on 10/Apr/17
@Christian: my definition of strong is like you and I fall in our respective ranges meaning 1/8" or 1/4" or 3/8" above. You could argue it up to 1/2" maybe after that I'd consider it weak at the next height like for you 6'5.5-.75 would be a weak 6'6 me an inch lower weak 6'5. These are of course using your afternoon or evening heights
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 10/Apr/17
Canson said on 9/Apr/17
Christian he may have been like Harrison ford strong 6'0"


When you say strong 6'0", do you mean 6'0.25" or 6'0.75"? Because I define "strong" as a quarter inch above a certain inch, and "weak" as a quarter inch below. For instance when I say that someone is a weak 5'10", I'm meaning that he's 5'9.75".
Canson said on 9/Apr/17
Christian he may have been like Harrison ford strong 6'0"
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 9/Apr/17
Canson said on 14/Aug/16
I'd go with 180. In Out of Time, Denzel had him by a couple inches Denzel looks a legit 185guy


I doubt that Denzel was ever 185. Even Rob has listed him as 6ft0.25 peak, which I agree with. He didn't dip below 183 for sure, but 185 is kinda far-fetched.
Canson said on 21/Mar/17
@Rampage 5'11 looks right today and even with Denzel was a bit shorter in Out of Time
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/17
This guy would measure than Arnold even today...nothing over 5ft11
MurMiles said on 4/Feb/17
He's certainly not under 5-11. Just watched him on podcast standing around with Steven Crowder, who is an easy 6-2, and Cain was not more than a few centimeters shorter. Couldn't see footwear, though.
Fe said on 10/Dec/16
@Editor Rob,

If Cary Elwes is now at 5'11" flat, wouldn't that apply the same for Dean?
U have said in the past that them 2 were very similar range havn't you?
Editor Rob
Fe, it is arguable Dean could be 5ft 11.25
Pierre said on 23/Oct/16
Rob is more slouching imo and his eyes are at the same height as Dean's mouth.Rob has a little more sneaker so...imo he's around 5"11'
Editor Rob
I watched how he stood with the people in front so I tried as best to stand similar, dropping height. I think this photo is quite close to how he actually did look in person.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Oct/16
Never looked 6ft even back in the early 90's
LG69 said on 28/Aug/16
Sammy Derrick,
Based on that photo, he would be 6'3" or so. Who knows what he was standing on for that photo. It's not accurate because he was no more than 6' at best...maybe closer to 5'11" in reality.
Canson said on 16/Aug/16
@Rampage: agreed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Aug/16
Denzel Washington I think was a full 6ft0½ peak
Canson said on 14/Aug/16
I'd go with 180. In Out of Time, Denzel had him by a couple inches Denzel looks a legit 185guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Apr/16
I don't see 182/183cm at all. More like 180cm
Johno said on 7/Apr/16
More around 5'10.5 i believe.
S.J.H said on 7/Apr/16
6'0 with dress shoe why not? He does look under 181-182cm with rob. 5'11 a stretch
NBAer said on 7/Mar/16
Rob,he doesn't look over 179 with you,and you're also leaning alot in this one...i can see maybe 180cm for this guy since he has 0.3in less footwear.Pretty generous listing imo.
Sammy Derrick said on 1/Mar/16
I remember him saying that he didn't think he was " big enough" to play football at 6'0 tall and 190lbs...And I personally don't think he was big enough to play Superman,but he worked around it.
Click Here There is the proof.I think he was a full 6'0(183cm)in his younger days.
@EditorRob what do you think?Cause he always towered his cast members in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.6'0 should he be up-graded?
MattW said on 23/Feb/16
Considering he was young and in great shape when he played football I could easily see him losing ~0.5" in the last 20 years and today he's a strong 5'11.5
CD said on 19/Feb/16
Rob, if someone measured in the 5/8ths range wouldn't 11.75 be a fair mark for him if it was his low? Or are you thinking it was perhaps a late morning measurement?
Editor Rob
I doubt it's going to be a teatime measurement, so I wouldn't round up to 11.75
Gregorovich said on 15/Feb/16
Rob, this is a good height for Cain. I met him couple years ago, and he is not that tall. I'm 5'10" and he was marginally taller. Very, very weak six footer.
Editor Rob
if he meant 5/8ths for his measurement, I think it could be believable for him
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jan/16
He doesn't look over 5ft11 at all
Mat said on 23/Jan/16
ROB! could he have been measured at 5'11 and five sixTEENTHS?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure, but when they measure for the nfl it will be rounded to the 1/4 inch. These stadiometers or tapes might go to 1/32, or 1/16th divisions.

The 5/6th is hard to understand, it makes more sense 5/8ths to me.
Mat said on 22/Jan/16
David said on 12/Oct/15
I just watched the youtube clip and he says he was measured at Buffalo at 5'11" and 5/6. That's Buffalo, New York so this was right after he graduated from college when he was signed to play for the Buffalo Bills (professional football, NFL) before he got the knee injury in training camp. So this measurement was not during college football, because he went to Princeton University which is in New Jersey. Rob it's up to you if you want to correct that.
[Editor Rob: as mentioned before, nobody really gets measured 5/6ths, it is more believable 5/8ths or if he said 7/8ths, I suppose you could say he meant one of those rather than the sixths.]

Rob, did you actually read the guy's comment? It's like he is asking you about the weather, and you answer him about what time it is. He says that Cain was not measured in college as you write in the description. And you answer him about the 5/8 5/6 thing. LoL.
Editor Rob
he made 2 comments that moment and I'm more replying to the first part about fractions, but I did take out the college part :)
Al said on 9/Jan/16
Weak 5'11 to be honest.
Thomas6ft1 said on 29/Nov/15
Looks like Seth MacFarlane
Scott said on 29/Nov/15
I'm watching Gentle Ben 2: Black Gold. He and Corbin Bernsen were face to face and he appeared a little shy of Bernsen. But, it could be Bernsen had thicker footwear.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 28/Nov/15
@Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Nov/15
Right after big Connor hahaha
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Nov/15
He's gotta be the most insecure 6ft guy ever...
David said on 12/Oct/15
I just watched the youtube clip and he says he was measured at Buffalo at 5'11" and 5/6. That's Buffalo, New York so this was right after he graduated from college when he was signed to play for the Buffalo Bills (professional football, NFL) before he got the knee injury in training camp. So this measurement was not during college football, because he went to Princeton University which is in New Jersey. Rob it's up to you if you want to correct that.
Editor Rob
as mentioned before, nobody really gets measured 5/6ths, it is more believable 5/8ths or if he said 7/8ths, I suppose you could say he meant one of those rather than the sixths.
David said on 12/Oct/15
Dean also said in season 1 of the Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman DVD commentary that he is six feet barefoot. I think this was for the commentary on the pilot episode if I remember correctly. When he said he was measured at 5'11" and 5/6 for college football I believe this is a very accurate measurement. Of course, five eleven and a half looks possible for him too, but I take his word about the college football measurement. That's five eleven and .83 inches. Almost six feet.
SportsHeight said on 8/Oct/15
Rob, what did this make American Sniper Chris Kyle? He was listed at 6'2", but looked right around 6'1" next to Cain, right?

Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have thought 6ft 2 beside Dean, but if that was a military measurement, it would be hard to argue...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Sep/15
Typical 5ft11 guy who wants to be 6ft.
Really don't like this guy.
Matthew190 said on 14/Sep/15
The 5'11 5/6" claim could buy him a 5'11.75" listing though right?
MattW said on 3/Sep/15
Dean Cain himself says when he played football he was measured at 5'11 and 5/6ths of an inch: Click Here
Editor Rob
do they measure in 1/6's, maybe he meant 7/8ths?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/15
MalibuRoad says on 30/May/15
Dean is 6'2" (with sneakers on...). I met him twice. I'm 6'3" on the nose and was wearing reef flip flops - he had sneakers on and was still solidly an inch or so taller. Nice guy.

Which would make Tom Welling at least 6ft5!
MalibuRoad said on 30/May/15
Dean is 6'2" (with sneakers on...). I met him twice. I'm 6'3" on the nose and was wearing reef flip flops - he had sneakers on and was still solidly an inch or so taller. Nice guy.
NBAer said on 22/May/15
Looks like between 179-180 to me,take footwear into account and BAM! A legit 180 guy(180-180.5cm),that's it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Mar/15
Rob, could 180cm be closer?

Even back in the Lois & Clark days he looked nowhere near 6ft
Editor Rob
one thing, he's no 6 footer up close, 5ft 11-11.5 is a range I believe he'd measure in.
gregorovich said on 18/Jan/15
He is pretty bulky..good amount of muscle..and definitely not lanky. That fact may make him look shorter. In Malibu when I saw him at Coffee Bean, I was surprised he was not 6 foot. 5'11" IMO.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jan/15
@FA: I think looks neater and I'd prefer not to go into some long-winded spiel as to why. Just a little sentence afterwards and leave it there
Marcus said on 25/Dec/14
Rob, you are both tilting your heads forward and not standing up straight, and that said, Dean really doesn't look 3,5 inches taller, especially if you account the extra volume his hair adds. I'd say 5'11 based on this picture..
Editor Rob
he has a fraction less footwear. Yes, I was matching his looser stance, I would have asked to do a back to back but can't remember why I didn't.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Dec/14
His Japanese ancestry is becoming more apparent as he ages I think.
Lebensdorf said on 14/Dec/14
Who cares how tall he his, the man was Brooke Shields' first!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Dec/14
"Dean Cain's height is 5ft 11¼in (181cm)"

Possibly just 5ft11. He doesn't look 6ft at all
Danimal said on 1/Dec/14
Was listed as 6'0" in the 1990's.
Maximus said on 29/Nov/14
He may not be realistically tall enough to play superman, but at 5'11.5 to 6' he is not short by Hollywood standards...good height.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 13/Sep/14
I remember him saying that he didn't think he was " big enough" to play football at 6'0 tall and 190lbs...And I personally don't think he was big enough to play Superman.
Sam said on 1/Apr/14
I recall he was the same or just a bit more than Chris Meloni on SVU, which argues that Meloni's more like 5'11", although the latter can look six foot next to others.
songo said on 2/Jan/14
Looks a legit 6'0 to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/13
Doesn't look a 6fter at all. Infact, 5ft11/180cm on the nose wouldn't surprise me one bit.
Gregorovich said on 25/Oct/13
Met him in Malibu last year. Was a lot shorter than I expected. It's weird how some stars are taller than you would expect (Kid Rock is a solid 6 footer for example) and others are shorter. Cain is no taller than 5'11." I am 5'10" and he was just slightly taller. These movie stars all want to be 6 footers, so they fudge a little, and if you wear good size heels, he can pass for a six footer.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/13
Looks 5ft10 range with Rob. Welling dwarfs him aswell.
Viper said on 13/Oct/13
But Routh doesnt look taller than 6'2 with Rob.
Ras said on 15/Sep/13
He does look 5'10ish with Routh. Rob, if I remember well, did you have him listed at 6'3"?
Viper said on 5/Aug/13
I can buy 5'11 range for him, but the Routh pic is interesting. He looks 5'10 with him.
Data sealer said on 9/Jul/13
Good grief have you ever watched the show
? Scads of the actors are taller then him.. Clark's ability to blend with the masses implies he wouldn't be head and shoulders taller then most ... ie: hiding in
plain sight...
Mr. R said on 2/Jul/13
Years ago when he was doing the Superman show, he supposedly had all of the extras over 6 foot removed from the set. Supposedly he said "no one can be taller than superman. lol
thorterr said on 28/Jun/13
even although hes quite tall ,hes gotta be the shortest superman on record
Elijah said on 25/Jun/13
Looks bigger than many 5'11.75" listed guys here and he looks really hunched over. 6' flat might be fair.
Editor Rob
I'm matching his posture there...I do that at times purely for the site. Normally, standing with poor posture is a bad habit and displays lack of confidence and to me seems like a sense of insecurity.

that's it, from now on I'm going back to my normal stance and no more bad habit :)
Data sealer said on 25/Jun/13
He was a professional athlete and university ( Princeton) all star.
Data like height and weight etc would be carefully documented
Lorne said on 21/Jun/13
I always knew he would be honest about his height. He's not a big 6 footer, but considering the footwear disadvantage he must be pushing 182 cm, and clearly not less than 181cm. The point is that claiming 6ft with a low height of 5'11.5 is pretty honest, just rounding up. Of course, saying '"almost 6ft" or even "about 6ft" would be the best answer, but when you have 181-182cm guys like Justin Timberlake claiming "almost 6ft2" then just rounding up half an inch seems like a breath of fresh air! And he accurately referred to 190cm Tom Welling as being "6'3", instead of the crazy 6ft4-6ft5 guesses some other people(who have even met him!) say. Just saying it's refreshing. And 5'11.5 is correct, IMO.
bodwaya said on 19/Jun/13
rob here is a video where cain is taller then kimmel 5 foot 11 kimmel is it possible kimmel needs a downgrade or cain needs upgrade Click Here
Duhon said on 6/Jun/13
Recent pic of him and brandon routh. Click Here
Bard said on 6/Apr/13
Look's 5'11 in the pic accounting for footwear and posture.
B.T. Stomp said on 12/Mar/13
I did a 3 day stint working background for a show called 'Bounce'.
It will be VH1's first scripted series debuting this year.
We were shooting some scenes for a charity auction.
Therefore all the men were wearing suites and dress shoes.
There were a few times where I was just a few feet from Dean.
I'm 6'1" in my socks and he only seemed to be around 1" shorter than myself.
Unless he was using some custom footwear to appear taller.
However, when he first arrived on set he was wearing street clothes.
He had on sneakers and seemed to be the same height the entire time.
Dean Cain is listed on his movie/tv page as being 6' in height.
My estimate is that Dean Cain seems to be around 6'.
This is of no consequence, but Mark Cuban was there doing a brief guest spot.
I didn't get as close in proximity to him but I got close enough.
Mark Cuban is listed on his movie/tv page as being 6'3" in height.
My estimate is that Mark Cuban seems to be between 6'2"-6'3".
Though I would say he is probably closer to 6'3".
That is all!
John said on 9/Jan/13
He looks kind of rough here. I'd say 5'11 is possible but not below that. Kind of looks like a thick mesomorph 5'11.
Bakura said on 8/Jan/13
5'10 max even though he's clearly at least 3 inches taller than Rob in the photo? Oh, Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP, you never fail to amuse me.
Byron T. said on 6/Jan/13
I met him in person last year at Ohio Comic Con and he was no less than 5'11.'' A very awesome guy!
Trey said on 6/Jan/13
Pulls off 5'11 - 5'11.5 depending on posture.
Dom said on 4/Jan/13
Rob I see you moderate comments but have you thought about not including comments that say something absurd like 5'10 max, when there is clearly a photo of you and the subject that obviously indicates otherwise.
Editor Rob
I delete a bunch of ones that sometimes take things a bit far although that 5ft 10 comment is from a year ago before I even met him...

other times it's of interest to see how low some people think someone is, and then show some evidence (like having met someone) to show they might not be as tall/small as believed..
Trent said on 30/Dec/12
He's not even close to 240. 200 - 210.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Dec/12
Always look around 6 ft I thought, but is Welling really 240 pounds?? Looks more 220 to me.
Gregorovich said on 29/Oct/12
Saw him this morning in Malibu. I'm 5'10 and was wearing 3/4 inch heeled hiking boots and he had 1/2 inch tennis shoes. He had me by just half an inch. Taking into account the delta between our heels, he is just shy of 5'11" . Bank on it. NO WAY is he a 6 footer. Between 179 and 180. Shorter than you would imagine because on screen, he looks like a strong 6 footer. Time for a downgrade to 5'11" max.
Editor Rob
I met him aswell and yeah he doesn't look a 6 footer, but I think he is very similar to elwes, somewhere in 5ft 11-11.5 range.
thewanderer said on 3/Sep/12
Met him yesterday at DragonCon in Atlanta. I'm a strong 5'11'' (181-182 cm) and we were wearing similar footwear. We were about the same size, but he might have edged me by a little bit. I think this rating is spot on.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 17/Jan/12
He's 5'10" MAX.
Always looking up and down said on 22/Dec/11
You are right Vtec, saw the same episode last night and was looking to see how tall Cain was compared to Donovan and he was definitly shorter, about 3 inch difference, there is no way he was ever 6ft.
Vtec said on 16/Dec/11
5'10" max looked 2" shorter than Jeffrey Donovan on burn notice tonight
Time to downgrade
Dan said on 8/Aug/11
Legit 6 footer, great actor, was great as superman, and no one complains about him being too short to have played superman.
twingo said on 6/Aug/11
I allways thought this guy was taller than that, in Lois and Clark he allways looks taller than everybody and recently he appeared in an episode of smallville e looked almost as tall as Tom Welling. But, if he stated the height ...
Terryman said on 25/Jun/11
1,82 metres
Legend said on 20/May/11
He looks 5'11.5 more than 6 feet.
Legend said on 19/May/11
5'11.5 on the dot.
hs2011 said on 13/Apr/11
Looks legit 6'0".
JamesT said on 5/Feb/11
Who cares about 5'11.75 vs 6 foot, there are too many factors, what time of day, people shrink, Im 6 foot in the morning and 5'11 at night. If hes that close just give him the 6 foot bc he prob is in morning and early afternoon
Shadow2 said on 18/Jan/11
I was on a movie set with Dean's "Lois and Clark" co-star Lane Smith (Perry White) about seven years before the show started, and Smith, then about 50, seemed close to 6'1". He always looked a minimum 6' on the show with Dean.
ashton said on 9/Jun/09
Hey all i worked with dean on many eps of ripleys and if you doubt me i understand but look it up i was an anouncer on the show my name is Ashton smith check it out any way he is six foot okay really he is a solid six foot you may not believe it but he is maybe caino is even 6'1 he is a solid man see you guys
el toppo said on 8/Jun/09
hi friends, I just watched ep 4 of season 7 and Dean Cain seemed really short against Mike Rosenbaum. They stood together for one scene but it was a close up. No good shots of him with Welling.
Anonymous said on 14/May/09
The AJ guy who claims to have worked with Dean is a douch bag! Dean's and old buddy of mine. He's a legit 6', trust me. Enjoy your extra work career, AJ.
Yaspaa said on 1/May/09
Rob,is Alan really 5'10.5? Dean has quite a lean going on there.
tony t. said on 28/Apr/09
A weak 6ft, not a strong 6ft.
Doug said on 27/Apr/09
Wow is he really a legit 6'? Surpised. I thought he was more like 5'10" or 5'11". He looks just about 6' here. His physique makes him look more 5'10".
kash said on 19/Jan/09
A.J. - How do you audition for those made-for-TV movies?
miser said on 18/Jan/09
don't you think he gives an impression of being under 6' glenn?
glenn said on 13/Jan/09
he's 6ft.i have a photo with him.
Josh.J said on 12/Jan/09
to any doubters that he is 6ft here are 2 pics.

Click Here : with Christopher Meloni who is listed on this site as 6ft. they look about the same.

Click Here : here with have him with dan cortese who is 6ft.
A J... said on 11/Jan/09
I'm an actor who worked with him on a made for TV movie. I'm 5'9.5" and he is taller than me. The wardrobe girl that did his measurements said he's 5'10.75". Since I lie and say I'm 5'10", it's quite plausible for him to get away with 6'. Also, most actors add between a half and an inch and a half, so the lie continues.
Timothy said on 20/Dec/08
Ex Pro Football players heights are easily verified since they go through the grueling NFL combine. People forget this guy was an all-american in college. He is just below 6', just enough to round up though
Mr. R said on 9/Dec/08
I am only reporting what I read. I am sure that he is a nice man, but many stars still have their vanity.
angela said on 8/Dec/08
He's 6ft tall. I kind of agree, his physique/wide shoulders may make him appear to be shorter.

Mr. R
Sorry, but I find your story hard to believe, lol. Especially since you cited that it was 'famous'. EVERYONE (famous or not famous) who has met Dean spoke about how friendly and really nice he was. He doesn't hesitate to take pictures with fans or put his arm around them and such.
Antonio said on 7/Dec/08
A frend of mine worked with Dean on "Lois & Clark". According to him Dean was an even 6'.
Jay said on 5/Dec/08
I'm surprised that everyone thinks he's less than 6 feet. He actually looks _taller_ than 6 feet, but I agree that it's because of his solid physique and wide shoulders. The stated height of 6 feet is just about right.
miser said on 15/Nov/08
"OutBenchThis says on 23/Feb/08
Dean's never looked 6 ft to me. He gives the impression of 5'10."

I agree, he looks less than 6' to me, even 5-10.
Lego said on 27/Jun/08
i'm a fan of his B-movies or tv movies, he's 6'0 in shoes, i reckon he's 5'11 barefoot.
OutBenchThis said on 23/Feb/08
Dean's never looked 6 ft to me. He gives the impression of 5'10.
Ann said on 17/Jan/08
He's easily above 5'10. but he looks much shorter than his real height (6fit) in any screen ,compared with any other actor or actress. What I want to say is that keanu Reeves who has the same height with dean does look pretty taller than dean.
patrick said on 16/Nov/07
That is just ridiculous Tannoy! A 5'10 man looks much smaller unless he's always wearing awful lifts or uses platforms, what he visiby did not, whether it is in Lois & Clark or "elsewhere"!
7'8"Tanmoy said on 30/Sep/07
I think He's just 5'10" & he looks as 6' for his super body
Anonymous said on 25/May/07
I remember reading a post on a thread dedicated to real life celebrity meetings, and somebody skewered Cain, remarking "it was probably short man's syndrome". Hard to imagine a genuine six footer being associated with shortness...
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/06
I have seen one listing for Dean at 5'11
superboy13 said on 19/Oct/06
In the Lois and Clark DVD he says he's 6ft 0.
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
he did look smaller than denzel in out of time denzel looks 184 cm very often
Viper652 said on 7/Sep/06
I think hes 5-10. He did look more 6-0 on Beverly Hills 90210 but that show makes everyone seem taller.
Miamidude said on 6/Sep/06
I meet him in Miami at a party too and he was about 5'8, he had on sandels and my impression was this dude is short. I'm 5'11 and he was pretty small. My wife and I could not believe it.
Rebel77 said on 23/Jul/06
On lois & Clark season 1 in the comentary on the pilot show dean mentions that he is 6ft barefoot and 6'2 with shoes that have a heel.
Harry said on 11/Jul/06
he sure doesn't look 6 ft
Viper652 said on 10/Jul/06
Dean looked 5-10 tops at the 2006 all star baseball celebrity softball game.
dmeyer said on 2/Jul/06
he looked a hair smaller than denzel he might be 5'11.5"
Anonymous said on 5/May/06
My sister is 6'1 and she met Dean at a park in Brentwood, she talked with him for almost an hour. She was wearing flats and she said he was probable about 6'0 but no more then that. Trust me a tall girl knows when a guy is shorter.
tybor said on 10/Apr/06
He does look a couple of inches taller in comparison to the guy in the photo than kurt russell. I'm not sure what you're trying to prove Frank2, but to me you just proved he is 6'0 especially in comparison to 6'3 Gabby Reese.
Cliff said on 10/Apr/06
I saw Dean and Gabrielle when they were dating about ten years ago in Santa Monica. He was wearing boots and was still slightly shorter than her. She was wearing flat sandals. She is EASILY six-foot three, as I had to look up at her and I'm five-eleven. One of the tallest and hottest ladies I've ever seen. Btw, Dean did appear to be around six-feet. It certainly takes courage to date a lady that tall, kudos to Dean!
deadman said on 9/Apr/06
ummm, that guy is not gab reese. the woman is gabrielle reese. she was a pro volleyball player and is 6'3".......
Viper652 said on 9/Apr/06
Dean has never looked 6-0 to me. 5-10 seems about right.
MD said on 7/Apr/06
Anonymous is right. I'm watching "Las Vegas" tonight, and Dean looks marginally taller than 5'9" Jimmy Caan, and about the same height as 5'10" guest star Shawn Christian,
Brandon said on 31/Mar/06
Dean Cain Is 6ft I Have Met Him Im 6ft 21/2 He is Shorter two 1/2 He is 6ft
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/06
i think he's about 5'10½" to 5'11"... he's definitely taller than 5'8" but i don't think he's quite 6'0", because if you notice on las vegas he's barely bigger than james caan who's about 5'9" to 5'10"
Ay-za said on 2/Feb/06
he is 6 ft?!?
whoa! he looks smaller than his real height
Viper652 said on 18/Jan/06
Rob, he really looiked 5-8 to you,are you serious?? I find that hard to beleive.
dmeyer said on 17/Jan/06
he looks shorter than denzel by 1 inch in out of time
julie said on 28/Dec/05
I have met him and he's definately around 6 feet. I am 5'6 and he towered over me. Just want to add he's also super hot and sweet!
ROUTH said on 21/Nov/05
He is 6ft i met him i was 6ft we was the same height
RobE said on 18/Nov/05
I meet him in Miami at some party and he was freaking short, I'm 5'11 and he seemed to be 5'8 at best. I don't know where they come up with 6'. I meet him so unless you can say you have meet him, then you can't say anything.
TheMan said on 27/Aug/05
Yep 6foot on the dot. In one superman episode they show him on a mugshot when superman goes to jail. On that he's about 6,3 but that was done delibritly to make him look taller as superman is sopposed to be huge. I guess they just liked Dean cane more than any of the other candidates even if he wasnt the extra 2 or free inces required. As i read an article saying they were looking for a 6,2 6,3 candidate to play superman. But they still chose dean cain. But if you look all of the past superman and even the current smallville superman are all well over 6foot. I mean christpoher reeve was about 6,4 or something.
Heightster said on 11/Jul/05
Met Dean. He's 5-11 MAX near 6' with shoes/hair. Nice guy.
Mr. R said on 14/Mar/05
There is a famous story from the Superman set, when Cain realized that a number of the extras were taller than him, and he demanded that they be replaced. Saying, "no one is taller than Superman"! I think he is 6' on the nose.
Big Dave said on 14/Mar/05
I think that 6ft is accurate. There is a scene in Out Of Time where he squares up to Denzel Washington. He is exactly the same size

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