How tall is Derek Theler

Derek Theler's Height

6ft 6in (198.1 cm)

American actor best known for playing Danny Wheeler on the tv series Baby Daddy. On being asked how tall he was on twitter, he said: "Depends on the day, today 6'5"". In another interview he said his resume height is 6ft 4 but he is probably around a "legit six-six and a half"

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6ft 5.56in (197cm)
Canson said on 17/Sep/17
Taking his hair into account he's actually 198 in the mugshot not 199. His scalp actually goes to exactly 6'6". Assuming he has shoes on like most do and if this is accurate he isn't quite 6'6" barefoot

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moe said on 15/Aug/17
Another article about Derek being 6'6. Click Here
Slayer said on 9/Aug/17
Damn what a slayer. Those looks and 6ft6. truly an ascended being.

genetic lottery winner
Canson said on 18/Jul/17
looks 6'5" 6'5.5 with his footwear is putting him at 6'7-.7.5 with the sole he doesn't look nearly as tall as Carmelo Anthony who was 6'7.5 in shoes
Deathstroke said on 10/Jul/17
He doesn't look a full 6'6", with shoes he is 6'6" for sure but 6'5.5" is most likely his evening height barefoot.
joe### said on 5/Jul/17
chris pratt brother identcal face
Canson said on 29/Jun/17
@SJH: his hair got him to 6'6.5. Maybe 6'5.25 but I'd say 6'5@ and that's also saying the mugshot was a low and not a morning height
S.J.H said on 29/Jun/17
Hard to say. I feel him 6'5.25 if he was 6'6.5 with the mugshot
Canson said on 16/Jun/17
Bobby3342 said it best. Everyone claims a shoe height in hollyoowd that's of course except for guys like Howard stern. Theler may have undercut it at 6'4" but 6'5" maybe weak 6'5" at worst but not over 6'5 def not 6'6". That's a shoe height to keep consistency with everyone else
Matthew Robinson said on 7/Jun/17
I have to agree with Canson on this one. 6'5" is fair enough for this guy. Maybe 6'5.25" at a push.
Canson-194CM (6'4 3/8) said on 29/Apr/17
@Shiva: again. Look at his claims. Yes anything is possible but you're taking in account his footwear above I hope along with the fact he claimed he only wears flat shoes along with the fact he has claimed 6'4 6'5 and 6'6.5 and almost 6'7. He doesn't have flats above. The 6'6.5 is likely in a high shoe (1.5"). I think Christian said it well below that most guys listed 6'6" on the site aren't. Even the most legit ones to our eyes are like Anthony Joshua and are 6'5.5 tops The real legit one as he mentioned here is Deblasio. He looks 197-198 lowest. Bobby3342 said it well too and bobby and I are about the same height 194cm and Christian an inch taller 196.5 easier to tell at this size how a real 6'5" or 6'6" would look. Theler doesn't look as tall as Anthony Joshua to me or even close to Deblasio or Carmelo Anthony in height. The latter I've seen in person and he's around 201.5-202cm in dress shoes as I was about 197 in mine. Yea theler at 196 cm would make him 199 in a regular dress shoe. 195-195.5 near a solid 6'5 in a higher padded shoe can still put him at 199.
shiva 181 cms said on 29/Apr/17
@canson ,he could be somewhere b/w 6'5 and 6'6 I'd definitely rule out less than 6'5 ,also over 6'6.75 (as he claimed legit 6'6.5 and generally looks an inch shorter like 6'5.5 ) I'd stick to 197cms
Canson said on 25/Apr/17
@Shiva: a 6'6" guy typically won't hit his head unless in higher footwear but of course the degree of 6'6" matters if they're strong they'd be 6'7" out of bed and likely in a regular 1" shoe would do that. A 197cm guy like Rick Fox who is around 6'5.5 is less likely at his lowest because he'd probably not even clear 6'7" unless in shoes like theler has on above. Bobby3342 said below very well in a higher shoe a 6'6" guy could conceveiably be 6'8". I met Carmelo Anthony in person and he's a strong 6'6" no lower than maybe 198.5cm and he in dress shoes when I met him was easily 202cm. Under a regular doorways he'd be a near miss even in a 1.2" dress shoe. Out of bed I'm about 6'5 1/8 and about 194cm afternoon (193.9 evening). I myself at 194cm-195cm like Bobby is during the day would be 197 in dress shoes. And close to 6'6" in some shoes still even at our afternoon heights. Yes if you look at Theler he doesn't look more than 6'5" range more 195-196 like stern would not as tall as Anthony or even Fox
Canson said on 25/Apr/17
@Bobby: correct well about 194 at my lowest but you're correct. We're the same height average of about 6'4.5. Theler may be a legit 6'5" at his lowest but don't see him anymore than that
bobbyh3342 said on 24/Apr/17
moe..canson is 195cm how do I know , well for one when he played basketball he was listed as 6'6 in the papers and team roster (just like I was) and you cant be listed at 6'6 when your a midget, you have to be at least close to your claim, and me and him being our height can spot out people our height easier than others who are say 5'10. notice everyone that says derek isn't 6'6 are also very tall themselves, bottom line derek theler is at best 196 at worst 194
Canson said on 16/Apr/17
Looking at him as opposed to Rick Fox he looks shorter imho. Looks more current Howard sterns height of 6'5"
Canson said on 8/Apr/17
@Shiva: and that's what sparks debate those shoes above are pretty high. I can believe he's 6'6.5 in them meaning 6'5 barefoot. Remember he said he's only wearing flats in the video posted below. He never said 6'6.75 he said almost 6'7. He also said 6'6.5. I Might have had him low at 194/195 but 195/196 is what he looks honestly. Meaning he could be 6'6" out of bed or near it. People typically underestimate how tall a proper or strong 6'5 (6'4.75-6'5.25) looks. Christian said it well below the slew of guys claiming 6'6" like Rory McCain and even those who are listed at it here like AJ Rick Fox etc are probably over 6'6" out of bed but walk around at 6'5.5 more likely.
shiva 181 cms said on 8/Apr/17
Guys he's claimed 6'6.75 as his true height we don't know how he's measured with or without shoe ,but it's hard to see he's 6'6.75 without shoe ,assuming under most probable case he's measured with an inch or some change shoe at his low may be not at his lowest ( its hard to imagine he measured 6'6.75 out of bed with shoe ) he's 6'5.75 may be at his lowest 6'53/8 that could be his lowest
Canson said on 7/Apr/17
Christian well said! But joshua may be weak 6'6" tho as maybe Rick Fox both are maybe 6'5.5. Theler it wouldn't surprise me tho if he is your height 6'5.25 or even 6'5" flat. I'd like to see him in a normal pair of shoes not the ones he has on above and claims "he always wears flat shoes". Spencer Wilding not sure about. A true 6'6" I agree can be Deblasio or Carmelo Anthony if he were listed. I've met him and he for sure is at minimum 6'6 maybe 1/8" or so over as he's close to his draft height
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 6/Apr/17
I can assure you he's not 6ft6 during noon let alone at night. I've noticed that a lot of guys listed on Celebheights as 6ft6 aren't true 6ft6'ers. Like Derek Theler, Anthony Joshua, Rick Fox, Charles Kelley, Spencer Wilding, and I could go on and on. Bill De Blasio on the other hand, may be legit 6ft6 at his lowest and doesn't fall anything under 197cm worst case.
shiva 181 cms said on 6/Apr/17
He does look as tall as 6'6, I know how tall a legit 6'5 looks one of my college friend is 6'5 tall every body thinks he's 6'7-8 I've guessed him as a 6'5-6'6 range guy but when he's measured he's about 196cms a legit 6'5 er he does tower he's head over shoulders above almost every one
Canson said on 25/Mar/17
A lot of people don't realize how tall a true 6'5" or strong 6'5" really is. Even more so a legit 6'6" guy. That's talking about someone like bill deblasio or Carmelo Anthony
Canson said on 22/Mar/17
@Shiva: His shoes are more than 1". We could argue 6'6" out of bed 6'5.25 at night which makes him close to 6'7" in a shoe that adds 1.25/1.5" like above
shiva182cms said on 21/Mar/17
He's at least 6'5.5 if we assume he measured with a shoe as he said he's legit 6'6.5 closer to 6'7 I don't even think there's a point in lying about 1/2" at his height
Canson said on 20/Mar/17
@Shiva: he also doesn't look much taller than Barkley if at all next to The Rock. Barkley is 6'4.5. One of my best friends has met him more than once and said he's about as tall as I am (I'm actually 6'4 1/3) but he said he's 1.5" taller than he was
Canson said on 20/Mar/17
@Shiva: I think you misunderstood what I was saying. In his footwear if he's 6'6 barefoot he'd be 6'7.5-6'8. The sole on his shoes in the pic rob has above are a good 4cm. No a normal 6'6" wouldn't if they are in a normal shoe they'd be 6'6.5-6'7. But I said look at scenes where he is walking out of doorways he looks 6'5" like you mentioned. Watt is 6'5 3/8 draft height so likely walks around at a full 196cm or 6'5.25 max since the draft is earlier in the day. Yea Theler could be his height agreed. But Gronk's? Gronk is an inch taller as far as measurements go he was 6'6.25. I doubt there're even looks close to his height
shiva 181 cms said on 19/Mar/17
Canson said on 18/Mar/17

I don't see how a 6'6 could hit his head to doorways and 6'5.5 guy couldn't, and also doorways aren't measured and are not same for every house

A guy like Howard stern who's very thin would easily appear taller than a muscular guy like Derek theler,
Peter Hermann is also slimmer than Derek theler

Look at a guy like jj watt or Rob gronkowski Derek is very close to them both in weight and height
shiva 181 cms said on 19/Mar/17
Here he's with Blake Shelton I'd say he's at least 197 more possibly 198-199 range
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Canson said on 19/Mar/17
@Joe: I agree Wlad is def 6'5-6'5.25 and Theler could be his size but I doubt he's taller. I'd still say 195cm range maybe full 6'5".
joe### said on 18/Mar/17
yes, i remember wladimir lookind about same height fury, This was funny because fury looks over 2 hinches before. but next to theler He is sometimes big shoes but different case is a elizabeth debicki about barrefoot in movie even so look taller and same range Tom Hiddleston and hugh laurie
next site Audley harrison strong 6´5 or strong 196cm
Canson said on 18/Mar/17
@Joe: I guess we will never truly know so all we can do is speculate and guess. In my honest opinion comparing pictures of Theler with guys who "self proclaim a height" is hardly a way to tell how tall he really is. I'd have maybe bought 6'6" had I not seen the footwear and heard him say he only wears flat shoes in his video below. He clearly wears shoes with a heel and could be 4cm like Unsub 5'10 said. My honest opinion is he isn't as tall as Metta World Peace or Rick Fox both of those guys are 196-197 guys both have admitted as such. Most guys in Hollywood claim their shoe heights which Theler I can completely buy being 6'6 and change in a 4cm sole or even a 3cm sole and being a 6'5" barefoot guy tho which is grossly underestimated for how it looks. Look at a guy like Howard Stern or Peter Hermann both of whom are legit 6'5" guys. That is how a legit or strong 6'5 (6'5-6'5.25) guy looks in real life. I wake up to 6'5" myself (195.8cm) before dropping to 193.9 at night and I've put on steeled toe boots in the morning and been well over 6'6" closer to 6'7". To put it plainly if Theler were really 6'6 1/2 or even just 6'6 flat barefoot he would be anywhere from 6'7.5-6'8 in the footwear he has on above like Bobby3342 mentioned below. And like Unsub 5'10" mentioned below, he would be hitting his head on doorways if he were that tall and he clearly doesn't as he has room to spare (noticeably) under doorways in the TV show. And they aren't much larger than a normal doorway if even at all.
moe said on 17/Mar/17
Joel McHale with Conan
Joel McHale with Stephen Fry (who has claimed anything between 6'4 1/2 and 6'5, but I don't believe is 6'5).
Joel McHale with Zachary Levi.
Joel McHale with Chevy Chase.
Joel McHale with Ansel Elgort who is more like 6'2 and change but claims 6'4.
And lastly...that Derek Theler pic one more time.
Canson said on 17/Mar/17
@Joe: again it's possible but you always have to look at footwear. Look at the pic with he and the Rock he doesn't look much different than Barkley looks with him maybe 1/2" because that's hard to tell but Barkley isn't even 6'5" most say he's 6'4 range that have met him like 6'4.5. And it's not one person it's several including teammates and coaches. But Theler may be taller. Looking at his footwear above in the pic Rob posted it appears he wears high footwear but it may be true what you said because a guy who is 6'5.25/6'5.5 is the height that he said in that video of 6'6.5-6'7. Those shoes have to be at least 1.5" if not more. Looking at his mugshot he was like 198 or 199 (tough to tell because of his hair) but if that's in shoes he's likely 196 range like you mentioned 6'5-6'5.25 is more likely than 6'5.5. That's still very tall any way you put it.
joe### said on 17/Mar/17
6´5.25 or 6´5.5 my guinness in barefoot
Canson said on 16/Mar/17
@Joe: I've never met him. He could be but to me (looking at his shoes and choic in footwear) it's debatable. Maybe he is really 6'6 but my opinion is he isn't quite. I agree more with SHH when he said 199 with shoes and 196 without hair. I never use comparisons to others unless I know reliably how tall the other person is
joe### said on 15/Mar/17
moe´s picks looks over 6´5
moe said on 14/Mar/17
Derek Theler next to Joel Mchale....
Editor Rob: certainly another instance of Mchale struggling to look near his claim.
Unsub 5'10 said on 12/Mar/17
I noticed that when he walks through the apartment door he would at least need to be 3cm taller to reach the door frame. What's the height of a door frame?, 6'7, 6'8",?,... He looks more like 6'5-6'5.25 to me. It's also true he usually wears a thick footwear, virtually a 4- centimeter sole.
Canson said on 8/Mar/17
To be honest he can pull off 6'6" because he wears high footwear. If he hadn't come on TV and said he only wears flat shoes in the post below I may have bought it but above he clearly doesn't have flats on and looks around 6'6 in those shoes maybe a hair over. If he's. It as low as 194-195 like Bobby and I had he isn't over maybe 196 or more specifically 195.5 possibly
Canson said on 4/Mar/17
@Joe: doubt he's that tall. 6'5" tops
divincodino92 said on 21/Feb/17
Jean Luc Bilodeau about 5 feet 7, 7.5 while Derek 5 feet4.5 in my opinion
c-mo said on 8/Feb/17
actually Jean Luc Bilodeau seems more like 173-174cm even rather than 175cm
c-mo said on 6/Feb/17
this guy pulls the height off extremely well . looks really good on him

@Rob how tall do you think Jean-Luc Bilodeau is ? can you list him please ? he is listed as 178cm on the web but not sure if he is really that tall ...looks more like 175cm or something
joe### said on 3/Feb/17
The footwear that comes wearing very similar to those of Brad Pitty
joe### said on 31/Jan/17
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 26/Jan/17
S.J.H said on 25/Jan/17
Theler is def at least 2cm taller than joe manganiello. I wonder if the 199 cm mugshot came with footwear. I don't think he is under 196cm and most likely 6'5.5


Police mugshots are typically taken with the suspect's shoes on, and if he was 199cm with shoes, then that means he's 196.5cm barefoot, which is 6ft5 3/8.
S.J.H said on 25/Jan/17
Theler is def at least 2cm taller than joe manganiello. I wonder if the 199 cm mugshot came with footwear. I don't think he is under 196cm and most likely 6'5.5
Canson said on 6/Jan/17
I agree Berta some kind of 6'5" for him. Whether very weak weak solid strong he's within 1/2" of it
berta said on 6/Jan/17
this guy is a hard one. to me he can be anywhere from 195-198,5. i just pick a number, lets say 197
Canson said on 8/Dec/16
Sure Moe right after you show me a pic with you having met Theler and Tim Robbins Chris Odonell and Tom Welling. I don't believe you've met any of them or worked in show business. Whether you believe I'm 194 or not I can honestly care less
Canson said on 8/Dec/16
Sure Moe right after you show me a pic with you having met Theler and Tim Robbins Chris Odonell and Tom Welling. I don't believe you've met any of them or worked in show business. Whether you believe I'm 194 or not I can honestly care less
Canson said on 6/Dec/16
@Moe: I can care less if you believe me on how tall I am. I mean I have no reason to lie about it and don't see why I would when I've consistently said it across this site. You're only "saying" this because I don't agree with you. You're being childish about this in your miserable lonely childish life. But you can do us a favor. Go ahead and post a picture of you "actually" working in the Show Biz industry and "actually" meeting Theler. Oh and don't forget to let us see his footwear that he is wearing. I can see if the former is a problem because A you never worked there or B when the people who took the "necessary" step to rid the "impurity" from the organization probably didn't let you take them. What a shame!
moe said on 3/Dec/16
@Canson "post a pic" if you're 194. Otherwise I don't believe you
Canson said on 30/Nov/16
@Moe: number one get your facts straight. I claim 194 flat which is my lowest. Like Bobby said you already knew that. Two Peyton was measured 6'5.25 at his pre draft. They take place earlier in the day. Number three watch a Papa Johns commercial. JJ Watt measured 6'5 3/8 and is clearly at least a cm taller than Peyton. JJ is 196 himself at his lowest as again the combine takes place in the morning. Looking at pictures with Kobe Bryant he looks his height of 195cm but I don't doubt he was a strong 196 early in his career. He has had 4 neck surefeeirs done so not uncommon with that and the abuse on his body to succumb to height loss.

Everything out of your mouth is "a guy at Tim Robbins club was 6'5 and Robbins was taller. Joe manganiello is 6'5 and Manning is taller." No Moe. Sorry but it doesn't work that way. Just because someone claims a height doesn't mean it's gospel. Manning was reliably measured at 6'5.25 so he isn't more than that even peak. Tim Robbins has said he's 6'4.5 and 6'5 both so my guess is peak he was a weak 6'5 like Bobby and I are. Manganiello was standing right next to Heyward when he was drafted and measured 6'4 5/8 and were identical so quit upgrading him. Unfortunately you take a "6'5" self proclaimed person's claim. That person may be 6'3 for all we know. Yes people do lie about their height all the time and they claim their shoes which is an extension of lying as well because they aren't part of their body. A real 6'5 that's Howard Stern peter Hermann maybe Theler. I only can't tell if he's full 6'5 because of his footwear. So Bobby and I don't assume someone is a certain height just because they say they are and automatically bell curve everyone else around that person's claim like you do. And btw enough of the Bobby is 5'7 and Canson is 5'6". You are acting very childish for no reason and being highly disrespectful all because someone doesn't agree with you. You were like that with Andrea and Joe as well. So quit attacking Bobby and me because we do not agree with you. We aren't doing that to you. Why do you want so badly for Theler to be 6'6"? Bobby and I can honestly care less if he is or isn't. If he is more power to him. I honestly wouldn't envy that height myself because I wouldn't want to be any taller than I am. I'm happy with the way I was made. It's just that we don't believe he is based on looks. It's much easier for a guy who is 6'4-6'5 to tell how tall someone our own height or near our height is than someone nowhere in the ball park. So we are merely giving our opinion and it isn't consistent with yours which is fine. But we are doing so respectfully. You on the other hand are not. I think now this whole entire community can see why you are no longer employed in show business because of your condescending attitude and know it all beligerent personality. Always putting others down and making snide remarks because their views are different than yours. You are clearly immature. And Going forward, please do not address me in or use my name in any more of your posts if you're going to attack me or put me down. I'm trying hard not to do it here myself anymore either to others so I'd appreciate it if you do the same. Thank You.
moe said on 28/Nov/16
The link with Joe and Brandon Molale no longer works, so here's a better link.
moe said on 27/Nov/16
Peyton Manning is 6'5 1/2. Here he is with Joe Manganiello. He's a fraction taller. Click Here
Here's Joe with 6'4 Brandon Molale Click Here
Here's Brandon with 6'5 Kevin Porter Click Here
Here's Kevin Porter's instagram where he discusses his height all the time. Click Here
And here's Kevin with Derek Theler. Click Here
Here's another with Kevin and Derek Click Here

Not to mention every single cast member on Baby Daddy describe Derek as 6'6, and he has said he's 6ft6 in three different interviews. No longer a debate.

And @Bobby- What proof is there that Canson is a 195 guy? He writes like 5'6
Canson said on 17/Nov/16
Theler has as much difference with Elway as Peyton manning does. And manning is looking more 195 these days than 196. At most, Bobby is correct Theler is 6'5 flat. At worst 195 cm. No way he is 6'6" barefoot. That'd be a completely different level and he doesn't give that vibe or look
BOBBYH3342 said on 7/Nov/16
5'7 Moe ? try 195 but you already knew that
moe said on 7/Nov/16

You're 5'7"
BOBBYH3342 said on 29/Oct/16
Elway is 6'3 like Derek and I are 6'6 ,(only in shoes) a legit 6'6 has to duck on most door ways because pending shoes he may be standing as tall as 6'8 .
moe said on 25/Oct/16
@BOBBYH3342 I'd love to take your money. Theler next to 6'3 Elway.
BOBBYH3342 said on 21/Oct/16
well moe I am so glad you showed that pick of the rock and derek theler . now look at the picture of the rock and Charles barkley ? can you honestly tell me derek has more on the rock than Charles barkley does? just proves my point no way in hell is derek 6'6 in his barefeet. I really wish we could bet money on this
josh jeffords said on 14/Oct/16
Wow that is a tall dude and yes good looking..
I know lots of girls who dont like super huge dudes so dont all of us get jealous at once.
He looks over 6 4 but does tend to wear boots so no telling.
Thats funny he must be like the second tallest guy from Alaska we are short up here, hell im 5 8 and tower lots of guys :>.
moe said on 6/Oct/16 -Brandon Molale next to 6'5 Joe Manganiello. - Brandon Molale next to 6'5 Kevin Porter (Brandon has a little extra footwear advantage in this pic). - Kevin Porter next to Derek Theler.

As we can see...Derek is taller than two inches than Kevin who is slightly taller than Brandon, who is pretty close to 6'5 Joe. Derek is 6'6.
moe said on 6/Oct/16 Molale next to 6'5 Joe Manganiello. - Brandon Molale next to 6'5 Kevin Porter (Brandon has a little extra footwear advantage in this pic). Kevin Porter next to Derek Theler.

As we can see...Derek is taller than two inches than Kevin who is slightly taller than Brandon, who is pretty close to 6'5 Joe. Derek is 6'6.
CNROM89 said on 4/Oct/16

Dwayne is 6'2,5 nowadays and ı dont'see 4 inches diffrence between them. 3 inches max and Derek Theler is solid 6'5 guy.
CNROM89 said on 4/Oct/16

Dwayne is 6'2,5 nowadays and ı dont'see 4 inches diffrence between them. 3 inches max and Derek Theler is solid 6'5 guy.
moe said on 2/Oct/16
Derek standing next to the Rock.

Click Here
James said on 2/Oct/16
Derek standing with dwayne Johnson Click Here
joe### said on 16/Sep/16
Derek Theler same time Ali Baba had rented under 6'6 on a bad day
I doubt very much that it looks the same height Ali baba
Josh said on 12/Sep/16
One thing is for sure he is not under 6'5. I have yet to see anyone tower over him. He makes legit 6'4 guys look small. This listing is fair for him.
James said on 10/Sep/16
How much do you think this guy weighs Rob? 240 maybe?
Editor Rob: 230-240 zone is possible for him.
Canson said on 2/Sep/16
@S.J.H:agreed. I can't see 6'6 barefoot as a low but agree when you say 6'5. I'd say at worst (accounting for hair) he's a weak 6'5 that maybe sees it for most of the day
joe### said on 27/Aug/16
I agree
S.J.H said on 24/Aug/16
Seriously he can't be under 6'5 and he atually look more 196cm or 6'5.5
Canson said on 21/Aug/16
@Joe: wouldn't surprise me if they're equal or he's shorter than Wlad. Wlad's a strong 6'5.
joe### said on 7/Aug/16
I'm sorry Rob but I doubt very much he looked 2cm more than Vladimir
Matt said on 19/Jul/16
I don't know how tall he is, but he towers every single person he's on screen with. I have yet to see another actor taller than him. He's also insanely good-looking and pretty decent at acting. Only in Hollywood, the Land of Dwarves, he would be struggling to get a lead based on his height. He should literally have roles served on a silver plater.
Canson said on 11/Jul/16
@CNROM89: I can buy him being 197-198!out of bed possibly and then dropping to 195-196 at the end
CNROM89 said on 8/Jul/16
Rob, maybe 198 cm his morning height and maybe he needs some downgrade? Legit 6'5 guy i think.
moe said on 26/May/16
Wow, my comment really got messed up. I don't know if it was a glitch, or editing. Anyway, I've posted enough information about Theler's height. People with sense, will see the photos I have of him looking taller than a 6'5 actor, and towering over two 6'2 actors. Or just watch Shark Killer where he dwarfs Arnold Vosloo. I'm out.
Canson said on 25/May/16
Moe you are saying everything about Bobby and me that you should be about yourself. You're the epitome of ignorant. And you're arrogant and a know it all. U get argumentative when someone doesn't agree with what you "perceive" to be truth. I wonder why you no longer work in the business
Canson said on 25/May/16
Moe you are saying everything about Bobby and me that you should be about yourself. You're the epitome of ignorant. And you're arrogant and a know it all. U get argumentative when someone doesn't agree with what you "perceive" to be truth. I wonder why you no longer work in the business
Canson said on 25/May/16
Emphasis on "former". Hmm wonder why?
moe said on 25/May/16
"Wish I was wrong moe, but unfortunately Canson and myself are rarely incorrect."

What a stupid comment. Try to removing your head out of your butt once in a while. It's surreal watch authority about ping you guys cling to your shoddy beliefs, and trying to speak with such authority on the heights of people you've never met, regardless of the wealth of evidence to the contrary. You're the epitome of ignorance.
Canson said on 24/May/16
Bobby: you speak the truth! As always! For Theler, it's clear. He doesn't "only" wear flat shoes like he said he does in the interview. The pic above and the one where you called the "huge" heal with Cedric is perfect evidence of that. Not to mention we don't know how tall Cedric is nor does he stand straight. Most celebs claim shoes. Strike that. 90%+ do! And in theler's pics I've seen he has the proportions of a 6'5 or almost 6'5 guy. Most people don't realize how tall that is. Yep 6'6.5 in the shoes he wears however. And Robbins is shorter than Stern like you said. You met Stern who is 6'5" and someone close in height is able to tell over someone who is maybe half a foot shorter or even 4". Let's face it though. Moe clearly has anger issues. He gets pissed with anyone who doesn't agree with him. Checkout what rampage said to him in one dialogue. It's spot on truth to a "former" show bus himself! Hmm!!!
bobbyh3342 said on 24/May/16
Wish I was wrong moe, but unfortunately Canson and myself are rarely incorrect. Good day sir or madam
moe said on 23/May/16
Tim Robbins is over 6'5. You're wrong. And Derek and Cedric have the same footwear. You guys are just short losers.
Lee said on 20/May/16
If he is 6'6" then tahj is 5'6" easy there's Max a foot between them
spainmen191cm said on 19/May/16
In my opinion the previous listing of 6ft5 was better, I mean I cant imagine 198cm, for this guy but I would argue he is 196, he doesnt give the impression of a 6ft6 giant
bobbyh3342 said on 18/May/16
yes moe , I saw those pics. did you notice the size of your boys(dereks) heals compared to cedric? derek is a big guy who wishes he was taller, always wears huge kane hodder heals and elevator type boots, why he wants to be taller il never know ? its too damn expensive once you get past 6 '3
Canson said on 16/May/16
@Moe: I can't tell what you are inferring about MWP's height whether youre saying he's 6'5 or 6'7. But World Peace out of his own mouth said 6'5 1/2. Reggie Miller said he is 6'5-6'6 just like he is too. Miller is maybe taller than him by a hair too. Also you have Tim Robbins as "over 6'5". He's 6'4. He's shorter than Howard Stern is who is a legit 6'5. I'm 6'4 1/2 just like Bobby is and he is right, we do get guessed at 6'6 sometimes even 6'7 very often just because if others lie and screw up the perspective or are far away in height it makes it hard to tell.
Canson said on 16/May/16
@Moe: I can't tell what you are inferring about MWP's height whether youre saying he's 6'5 or 6'7. But World Peace out of his own mouth said 6'5 1/2. Reggie Miller said he is 6'5-6'6 just like he is too. Miller is maybe taller than him by a hair too. Also you have Tim Robbins as "over 6'5". He's 6'4. He's shorter than Howard Stern is who is a legit 6'5. I'm 6'4 1/2 just like Bobby is and he is right, we do get guessed at 6'6 sometimes even 6'7 very often just because if others lie and screw up the perspective or are far away in height it makes it hard to tell.
moe said on 14/May/16
I don't speak for those people. But then again, unlike the people you mentioned, I can tell the difference between 6'5 and 6'7. I've never met Carmelo Anthony, so I have seen Ron Artest/Meta World Peace or whatever he's calling himself now, and Ron is huge. Jared Padalecki struck me as over 6'4 1/2 when he walked right by me at Comi-Con. Theler is 6'6. Easily. Just look at the picture of him next to Cedric Yarbrough.
bobbyh3342 said on 14/May/16
sorry moe I agree with you on some points ie paldecki being 193 but I don't know how old you are but in the 90s Michael Jordan claimed 6.6.5 legit , theler is 6.5 which gives him his 6'6.5 in shoes Derek theler is not and never has been a legit 6'6 .5 barefoot if he was he would be claiming 6'8 , and by the way a barefoot 6 5 is huge I mean huge, look at everyone who has met howard stern they have said he is 6'7 , just to give you an idea of how tall a barefoot 6'5 is I have been the tallest employee at my restaurant for 15 yrs at 195 and that's not even a legit barefoot 6'5, and 6 foot 5 is in the 99.565 percentile that should give ya an idea how big a legit barefoot 6'5 is derek theler is a big man but he is not a barefoot 6'6.5
bobbyh3342 said on 11/May/16
and moe canson is giving his height only as a reference because it is relavant. . canson is the same height as me so I understand ,when we say 6 4.75 people laught at us and go bull**** your 6'7 why you wanna make everyone smaller, you don't have to trust me but listing derek theler at 6'6 is like saying he is as big as Carmelo Anthony which aint true yes Anthony is listed at 6'8 but he is not, 6;6 and change barefoot, To try to make a point, the whole world goes by shoe heights that's why every bodys perceptions are thrown off. we are not downgraders we are truth tellers in a world full of bull ****ers forget it canson we should just start claiming 6'7 we cant un do 30 years of lies
moe said on 6/May/16
@Canson...Nobody cares about your height.
Canson said on 4/May/16
@Robv: in reference to your post a while back, count me as one of the "taller" guys who likes and is content with his height. No desire to pad the numbers as it does absolutely nothing for me and don't see what it does for anyone to "want" and "claim" or overstate a height other than what they really are
moe said on 3/Apr/16
Derek Theler next to 6'2 Cedric Yarbrough. Click Here Click Here
And here is Cedric next to the Rock. Click Here
S.J.H said on 2/Apr/16
The mugshot for Derek had sticking body to the wall which is accurate at 6'6.5 but the myth is that was he barefeet or with sneaker/boots/dress shoes?
I come a conclusion that he's a real 6'5.25 at least by lowest and also could be 6'6 listed by rob
Canson said on 1/Apr/16
Derek is being a good man claiming his shoes so he won't show up other celebs.thats what it is. That's the Hollywood way. Of course if that were Bobby or me, we'd have to flip the bird lol. i commend Howard Stern and others who don't bs and claim to be more just appease others lol
joe @@ said on 31/Mar/16
routh not look 6´3
Your link does not open
moe said on 25/Mar/16
Joe, you're delirious. I present facts. You present idiocy. You spout the same crap again and again, when I post links where the people state their heights and others acknowledge it. I'm done talking about this with you (specifically). You never met these people. I've met them and talked to a bunch of them. I worked background for years for a lot of these guys. What a twit.
joe### said on 21/Mar/16
you are fanboy these guys
moe said on 18/Mar/16
He is.
joe### said on 11/Mar/16
routh not seem 6'3 with Rob
moe said on 7/Mar/16
Here's Brandon Routh and Jason Momoa when Jason isn't wearing a hat. Jason tends to wear cowboy boots in a lot of pics plus the hat which can make it harder to determine the actual height difference. As you can see in this pic, the height difference aint that big. Sure, I think Jason is probably a little taller. But Brandon is 6'3. Click Here
moe said on 5/Mar/16
bobbyh3342, how much is your life savings? I need to figure out if I'm going to the Bahamas, or to the dollar store.
joe @@ said on 4/Mar/16
As you put a 6'3 listing for Routh if it is clearly shorter than Jason Momoa that seems to be 6'3.5
Routh seems to be solid 6'2.5 with Rob
joe### said on 2/Mar/16
look at an example Daniel Cudmore listing in Claim your friend 6'8 and then 6'7 more in fact seems to be 6'6 flat
bobbyh3342 said on 2/Mar/16
i would bet my life savings that he is not a legit 6'6 barefoot ,I'm that sure.. you think he is as tall as Carmelo Anthony huh? gtfoh I agree with canson weak 6'5 barefoot 194 195
moe said on 1/Mar/16
Jonathan Bennett is not 6'2.
joe### said on 27/Feb/16
Tom look with Jonathan Bennett listed 6'2 tone is clearly higher
moe said on 23/Feb/16
I guess Rob didn't post my last comment. Anyway Joe, I provided two separate interviews with Derek's height being stated as 6'6, links to Derek's cast members saying he was 6'6, an interview where a reporter mentions that her brother is 6'5, but that Derek seems "much bigger", a picture of Derek standing next to a 6'5 actor and clearly being taller, and all you've got are your "feelings". And by the way, I actually saw Tom. You didn't. And it was when he wasn't looking to have his picture taken, or be on a set, or whatever. So he wasn't wearing his giant Smallville boots, like he is in this picture Click Here When normal, he's only slightly taller than Callum Blue who is 6'1 Click Here Take a good look. With 6'2 Michael Daingerfield Click Here Take into account that Michael is bald and Tom has a lot of hair on his head. Not much difference. There is a lot of credibility to Tom being in the 6'2 range. He didn't seem as tall in person as Brandon Routh who I have seen three times (I live in Hollywood and used to do a lot of background on sets).
joe### said on 22/Feb/16
6´6.5 impossible
S.J.H said on 20/Feb/16
Hes either 196cm or 199cm barfoot. The mugshot did not show his feet.
joe### said on 12/Feb/16
moe,do not take your arguments seriously Tom welling in 6'2 is impossible
moe said on 9/Feb/16
Joe, your arguments only prove that you're jealous or something. It's not longer up for debate. Get over it.
joe### said on 6/Feb/16
Click Here
Click Here
joe### said on 2/Feb/16
I'll go with 196 cm or 197 cm weak
joe### said on 2/Feb/16
rob,andrea on the video at the end jared he does not seem to look 6'6
joe### said on 2/Feb/16
rob,andrea on the video at the end apre jared he does not seem to look 6'6
moe said on 27/Jan/16
Here they talk about Derek Theler being near 6'7. Boo yah. Click Here
joe## said on 12/Jan/16
Routh not look 6´3 with Momoa
Andrea said on 11/Jan/16
You can say what you want, moe! I have NOT met Tom in person, but having looked at him with many people that Rob HAS met, I am 100% sure he's over 6'2 and near enough 6'3! If he were 6'2, many people on here would need a "drastic" downgrade (and some already do) :)
moe said on 10/Jan/16
@Andrea, I stand by my statement with Tom Welling. Brandon Routh was taller in person. Padalecki is definitely taller than Tom in person by at least a couple inches. And Theler trumps them all.
shiva said on 10/Jan/16
I'm really really jealous of this guy what! he has the perfect height , perfect abs , rugged handsome look and a strong Lower jaw he has everything that a man wants to be I've never seen a guy as perfect as him no offense though talking about height he gives me the impression of a legit 6'6 guy I would be great having a photo of him and cudmore together
Canson said on 7/Jan/16
Moe, I respect your opinion and "feeling", as well, as you said to have met him before. and maybe somehow he is 6'6 barefoot and like Bobby said 6'8 in boots or even more. Who knows? Guess anything is possible. I never met him. That's exactly why I have to go off my "feelings". My feeling is he is 194 195 tops barefoot. that also seems to be the trend in Hollywood where everything is shoe height. Also becoming that way in the world. I can't think of very many celebs listed here, at least more modern ones, who are truly listed barefoot. Some of the ones Rob has met in person are prob close however. He also has a good 2" of footwear on here. He may have had them on when you saw him and not noticed it. I have similar soled shoes that give me nearly 2". The sole is huge. I can't count how many times I was guessed as being 6'6 or even 6'7 when I am actually 6'4 1/2 late afternoon. People make mistakes or different judgments with height assessments from time to time esp if a big difference from their own height. You made one with Tom where maybe he is 6'2 but others don't agree. Again, who knows?? However some of your other assessments I agree with esp Padelecki as I'd def give him 6'4.
joe### said on 7/Jan/16
billing similar height to the Charles Barkley measured in footwear
Andrea said on 6/Jan/16
moe, no offence, but you already loose credibility when you say Tom is 6'2, when he is CLEARLY than 6'2 range guys!
I can believe he's 6'6.5 in shoes, maybe the kind he's wearing in the picture...
Barefoot he probably is somewhere in 6'5 range...
moe said on 4/Jan/16

I met him. I used to work background in Hollywood. It's amusing how everyone else is basing their opinions on their "feelings". I based my opinion off actually meeting him on a set. And for that matter, I've seen Jared Padalecki (6'4 and some change), Kevin Sorbo (6'3 and a 1/2), Tim Robbins (6'5), Tom Welling (6'2), Adam Baldwin (6'4), Ryan McPartlin (6'4 and 1/2), Zachary Levi (6'3) and Brandon Routh (6'3) either at Comi Con or on sets. And Theler is taller in person then all of them. You can go by your feelings if you want to. But you're wrong.
bobby3342 said on 31/Dec/15
85 percent of people claim shoe height I work with a bunch of 6 '3 guys that claim 6'5 sure people claim boot heights all the time. if derek was actually a bf 6'6 he would be claimg 6'8
Canson said on 26/Dec/15

I have a hard time believing this guy is a legit 6'6. The more i see pics here the more he looks wha Bobby said 194-195. 196 is the absolute most but he looks 6'4 and change. Not to mention in the pic posted above, he has an inch and a half-2" of footwear on. Look at the soles.
moe said on 21/Dec/15
That was Jared in the clip. There is another clip here. Click Here I saw Jared up close at Comi-Con and he was definitely over 6'4 1/2. But Timberlands or no Timberlands, Derek is over an inch taller than Jared. Derek is 6'6 in his bare feet. He wouldn't be calling himself a "legit 6'6 and a half" if he was only that way wearing big boots. Cause that would be...not legit.
Andrea said on 17/Dec/15
Rob, is the guy in the clip (towards the end) Jared Padalecki? Click Here
It's pretty much impossible to say how much is the difference but it seems that Derek is taller than him... Even if Derek has got Timberlands shoes, which probably give him about an inch advantage over Jared, who seems to be wearing thin shoes!
I believe he might measure 6'5-6'5.5 barefoot and that 6'6.5 claim comes from a shoe measurement!
Editor Rob: yeah it could be him.
moe said on 21/Nov/15
The guy on the far left, Michael Donegar is listed as 6'2 on imdb. Derek towers over him.
Click Here
bobby3342 said on 21/Nov/15
You're wrong.
bobby3342 said on 16/Nov/15
194 195 cm barefoot range
joe @@ said on 2/Nov/15
it also dominates matt Dallas ta very close to 6'6
shiva said on 1/Nov/15
Rob how many cms can he shrink during the day
[Editor Rob: the longer the spine the more chance of being 1 inch or more range...]
shiva said on 1/Nov/15
He's a very tall guy probably 6 and half feet i would he towers over 6 foot charlie hunnam it would be very intresting to see him with daniel cudmore
movieguy said on 1/Nov/15
Just watched Baby Daddy for first time and have to admit the guy looked huge. His 6'6'' claim is probably genuine. Downgraded his height on resume probably to avoid getting passed over for parts before becoming famous.
bobbyh3342 said on 17/Sep/15
ok rob you honestly tellin me this guy could be 6 7 in shoes flirtin with 6 8in boots cuz that's what a legit 6 6 barefoot looks like in public .sorry r rob but I have to disagree . (and the supposed mug shot pic look where the shadow lines up just over 6.4
[Editor Rob: he certainly can look very tall.]
Unsub 5'10" said on 10/Sep/15
is he barefoot in the picture posted by Rob?. Don't let Derek's hair fool you. Looks more like 6'5 to me. I will believe he's 6'6 when I see a photo of him and 5'8.5" Rob together.
moe said on 30/Aug/15
Correction, his girlfriend Christina is 5'10. She looks a lot like Erica Cerra.
Click Here
Click Here
Matthew190 said on 29/Aug/15
You can't see the footwear, but even in heels there should be a much bigger difference than this: Click Here Rob has her at 5'4.25".
Rebecca said on 25/Aug/15
He looks like 200cm to me his tall and hot wat not to like....
Andrea said on 19/Aug/15
moe, in that pic with Charlie he can look over 6'5 and close to 6'6... He could be 6'5-6'6 and measured 6'6.5 in shoes... Also, it's funny that he says that he says that a lot of actors today are very short, when it really seems the opposite if you see this site! It seems there's more chance an actor is over 6' than under it!
Arch Stanton said on 18/Aug/15
Wow, 6 ft 6? Didn't see that one coming. Don't know him but in photographs I still can't see it! He does look like your stereotypical American jock, but You'd guess 6'4 or 6'5 rather than 6'6!
joe said on 18/Aug/15
looks 197 cm
moe said on 17/Aug/15
It's already been established that Derek understates his height. I already showed the picture with him next to 6'5 Kevin Porter. Here is Kevin next to 6'4 Brandon Molale.

Click Here

And here is Kevin next to Derek.
Click Here

Here is Derek next to 6-6'1 Charlie Hunnam.
Click Here

Plus, the actual interview where Derek admits to being 6'6.5. In the picture with Kevin, he looks close to 6'7.
Matthew190 said on 17/Aug/15
"You’re a pretty tall guy, coming in at 6’4″ – 6’5.” Click Here hmm
moe said on 16/Aug/15
I already said I met the guy. You're not wanting him to be 6'6 doesn't change anything.He's taller than Padalecki.
MD said on 16/Aug/15
He's clearly 6'6". He's definitely at that height in acting where it as actually helpful to lie in the downward direction.
Matthew190 said on 16/Aug/15
Possible elevator shoes: Click Here
Andrea said on 14/Aug/15
Well, moe, it is quite "relative" what other people say about his height! Especially a guy like that who is a lot shorter than him... I don't know, maybe we should wait he becomes "more famous" and see if he really is near 6'6! With Aisha he doesn't look 6'6, for example...
moe said on 13/Aug/15
Tahj Mowry his costar also refers to Derek as 6'6. But like I said, I've MET him. He's definitely that height.
Click Here
Here is 6'5 Kevin Porter standing next to Derek Theler at Comi-con and looking noticeably shorter. Click Here
Theler would stack up well next to Daniel Cudmore.
RobV said on 13/Aug/15
@ Andrea, I agree. And it appears to be yet another example of a very tall guy claiming much more. Look at Jason Momoa (still growing at 30 allegedly!) and others. I run nightclubs and have met very tall guys in the public eye who, if the subject comes up, always say they are 6'6" or even more when you can tell they are anything from 6'3". This is quite a recent development with all the hype around height. When I started in clubs 15 years ago, it wasn't quite as important but it now seems that all tall guys wanna be able to quote "at least 6'6" ".

The interesting point here is that it seems his 'official height' on the imdb resume is 6'4" but he has pushed it right up to 'a legit 6'6.5" !! That's 2.5" taller. btw I would also never trust anyone who prefaces their own stats with the words 'a legit'!

For what it's worth, I think that sometimes well known guys give their actual height in an unguarded moment, but once it is realised that it is pretty important, they start to use devices to credibly load on more inches. "I've still growing...that was wrong..." etc
Andrea said on 12/Aug/15
Well, you can see the same Aisha with Jared Padalecki: Click Here
Of course the footwear is still unknown...
There are other photos with Jared (and Jensen) out there and it's hard to believe that Aisha is as tall as listed... And, even if she were that tall, that's still not a 5'11.5 woman next to a 6'6 guy!
My 6'6 friend looks noticeably taller than that next to 5'11.5 people :)
MD said on 12/Aug/15
Nice find, Rob. Very tall guy, nonetheless.
Andrea said on 11/Aug/15
Is he barefoot, there? If yes, he can look 6'6 there but as you know photos like these aren't much reliable! It would be interesting to see next to some "more famous" people or people you've met because i had a quick look at him and there are just a few photos out there with guys i've never heard or seen... He looks quite tall but it's hard to imagine him as tall as my solid 6'6 friend, just at looking at him or "his proportions", like Big Arch would say :)
[Editor Rob: there's not many out there I can see, but With Aisha (footwear unknown) he does have a decent amount on her.]
Editor Rob said on 11/Aug/15
This might be were he got told he's 6ft 6.5 as he can appear at beside the chart:
Click Here
Maybe 6ft 6 is ok for him
Andrea said on 9/Aug/15
Lol, is this another Jim Beaver or Jake Gyllenhaal? I mean, Rob first says he looks near 6'5, then this guy comes out with 1.5 inches more and he suddenly grows on Celebheights... Of course now, if you asks him how tall he looks he's gonna say "after having another look i think he might be near his claim", right, Rob? :)
And this time, we're talking about 1.5 inches!!! Not a cm! In any case, i have seen nothing of this guy but i doubt he'd claim 6'5 and then 6'6.5! It sounds like he might have measured his height in boots (like those you see in the picture above) and went with it! Like that guy from Sons of Anarchy (can't remember his name) who claimed an outrageous 6'5.5 on Twitter!
[Editor Rob: maybe he measured a legit 6ft 6.5 earlier in the day.]
moe said on 7/Aug/15
Here Derek says he is "6'6 and a half" which totally makes sense. In person he is a very tall man, easily bigger than Jared Padalecki who I saw up close at ComiCon.
Click Here
bobby h3342 said on 29/Apr/15
rob why do you think this guy is 6 5 barefoot? have you seen him in person?
[Editor Rob: never seen him, but if you look at him with others I think he looks a 6ft 5 guy.]
b-mint1994 said on 2/Apr/15
Boy did he hit the genetic lottery.
Josh said on 5/Mar/15
He is definitely 6'5 and maybe a little more. This guy is tall.
moe said on 31/Jan/15
I saw Derek Theler while doing audience work for Baby Daddy. He is more than 6'5. He could pass for 6'6.
Samantha said on 21/Dec/14
I think Derek is really handsome, but part of that is the character he plays on Baby Daddy. He's such a lovable giant, kinda goofy, but the kind of guy who was in love with his neighbor way even back when she was overweight. The reason I bring it up is because someone below wrote they don't know the kind of character he plays on tv. Also, between tall and lanky and short and stocky, I'd take tall and lanky any day! But Derek doesn't really qualify as lanky...
bobbyh said on 8/Nov/14
rob thanks for having this site.. my wife tells me im obsessed and makes fun of me. its good to know there are others like me...thanks I enjoy your videos
[Editor Rob: I'll have another 5-minute video out in about a week hopefully, which I would say that you should definitely show your covers one of the words you used above ;)

Jenny can empathise aswell...we videod a few skits today and she said 'Rob, this isn't a parody, this is like real life! :)"
bobbyh said on 6/Nov/14
6'5 don't think so . I cant find a pic with him without elevator shoes. he isn't even trying to hide them?
Jay said on 25/May/14
Rhonda, why would a guy his height need lifts? Until you find more proof, other than one picture, this guy is 6'5 or damn close to it.
Jay said on 24/May/14
Why would he need lifts Rhonda? You need more proof than dissecting one picture. He's 6'5 or close to it.
SAK said on 25/Apr/14
@MD, I also have not seen this show. But it would be interesting to see how they would deal with such a height difference, whether they even acknowledge it.

And I would say, Derek is not simply a tall guy but are very tall guy.
MD said on 25/Apr/14

I was also being conservative in my estimate between Bilodeau and Mowry. I tend to be fairly conservative in my estimates despite quite a few people thinking otherwise. Yes, it's more than three inches, which is why I qualified it with "at least." Mowry and Bilodeau are short and below average, respectively, and Derek is a legit tall guy.

I've actually never seen the show, and I wonder if they took height into a huge part of their casting for the show? What are the attitudes they write for the three guys?
SAK said on 24/Apr/14
@MD, great pic again.

To me there looks to be more then 3" between Mowry and Bilodeau, maybe 3.5/3.75" difference. I think Mowry is between 5f3.5-5f4.
MD said on 23/Apr/14
I agree, SAK. As tall a guy as Derek is and with a proportional head length, it's possible we could be talking ten whole inches different between the two. I just said 5'8" to be conservative.

BTW, here is a photo of all three to try and nail down Mowry's height:

Click Here

I think Bilodeau has at least three good inches on him.
SAK said on 22/Apr/14
Thanks MD, the 2nd pic is great for comparison. I would go far as to say Bilodeau looks 5f7.5/171cm next to Derek.
MD said on 22/Apr/14
SAK, that's really not the best photo to try and judge, but there are others without the angle showing Derek a full head taller than Bilodeau and Mowry is even shorter than Bilodeau. So, Bilodeau can't be any taller than 5'8":

Click Here

Click Here

BTW, anyone notice he poses in all of this solo shots? He angles the left side of his body towards the camera and bends at the waist. You really see guys do this.
Mario said on 21/Apr/14
(Not srs).
Mario said on 20/Apr/14
6ft 5 is the new 6ft. Anything 5ft8 to 6ft2 is normal in developed countries. 6ft3/4 is tall, 6ft5 is wow. 6ft used to be wow like 50 years ago.
SAK said on 20/Apr/14
Derek Theler is 6f5/196 how tall are the guys next to him? Click Here

Jean Luc Bilodeau (left) Tahj Mowry (right)
Jay said on 19/Apr/14
I thought this site was about discussing height? Watch Baby Daddy or anyone he's near. Dude towers over everybody.
Chris said on 18/Apr/14
Is there anything dumber than the term alpha male? No, there isn't.
xaoxio said on 17/Apr/14
A lot of ridiculous stuff here. Just take a look into history so u would know that the vast majority of great men(politicians,actors, singers,scientisits, conquerors, etc) - therefore real alpha males - were average or slightly below average height. Height has nothing to do with masculinity. You're either alpha male or not, regardless of height...
No Surprises said on 17/Apr/14
I've got to say, some people on this page are coming across as severe Small Man Syndrome sufferers. It's pretty well established that a small, muscular man will not attract as much attention as a taller man, regardless of physique. If he's tall AND muscular, like Derek Thaler, he's definitely on to a winner.
nolifeloser said on 17/Apr/14
Looks like he is wearing lifts yet he his meant to be 196cm?
SAK said on 16/Apr/14
1.85 m, 83 kg says: @SAK Extremely childish response. If the criterion for being an alpha male is height or good looks, fine, he is. What I'm saying is not in this age - it's intelligence. Others are saying it's muscle mass/speed, which is more logical to me. french guy 183cm described him as a "good example" of an alpha male. I strongly disagree.
I find most of the negative comments on this page more childish.

Derek Theler is good example when a very tall guy looks after himself and therefore looks very impressive. People below 6ft never seem to really look that great no matter how in-shape they are.
Mario said on 15/Apr/14
@185 83kg Yes I was giving an opinion but so where you. You are giving an opinion too. Don't state it as fact. It works both ways. Peter Crouch possess excellent height. Muscluture is less important when you are tall from what I have observed. I hit the nail on the head.
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 15/Apr/14
Nobody's "busting on" the tall and thin, a few people have just picked up on the BS in french guy 183cm's comment.

You're describing the alpha male requirements for an ape. "No one admires a short man walking into a room, no matter ho muscular"? That's your opinion, don't state it as fact. You can go and admire Peter Crouch by yourself. Life's tough, deal with it.

Extremely childish response. If the criterion for being an alpha male is height or good looks, fine, he is. What I'm saying is not in this age - it's intelligence. Others are saying it's muscle mass/speed, which is more logical to me. french guy 183cm described him as a "good example" of an alpha male. I strongly disagree.

@Arch Stanton
You pretty much hit the nail on the head.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Apr/14
We have rather a lot of 6'5" guys on here now don't we Rob!!
[Editor Rob: there is probably a lot more percentage wise on a site like this, than you would find if you took 5000 random men off the street to measure.]
Arch Stanton said on 15/Apr/14
I don't know about alpha male but he clearly looks a good looking guy. He doesn't really look 6 ft 5 proportionally in the photo though, unlike most guys that height he has quite short legs.Looking at the photo actually I'd have guessed 6'2-3" but I'll take Rob's word for it he generally looks a proper 6'5".
Mario said on 14/Apr/14
@SAK I know right, lmao! We all know its true, when a tall guy walks into a room, everyone admires, regardless whether he is rich/poor . It's just human nature. No one admires a short man walking into a room, no matter how muscular. Life's tough, deal with it.
Emmett said on 14/Apr/14
Mathew says on 12/Apr/14
His twitter quote is a weird way of answering and makes me suspect he's not a real 6'5" but I honestly have not seen enough of him to say.
[Editor Rob: it's not as obvious what he is inferring...]

He measures himself every day ;)
SAK said on 14/Apr/14
There are some very jealous and bitter comments on here for this guy. I agree with @french guy, Derek does represent the quintessential alpha male in terms of physicality.
Mario said on 14/Apr/14
My take on 1.85cm question - He is tall. He does not need to lift to be ''alpha'', his height is a stand out feature. He is alpha for similar reason as to why American presidents have always been over 6ft. Height indicates intelligence, power, confidence. His height indicates he would be a good breeding partner in terms of physical characteristics, something women are unconsciously attracted to. Lmao as to why people need an explanation.
Sam said on 14/Apr/14
Hey, stop busting on the tall and thin everyone...I wouldn't say it makes you "alpha" to be tall, although in this case, the guy's got handsome looks, so that might help with the ladies. Of course, strength doesn't equal height but I don't remember anyone arguing "Theler must be strong". Generally, those with the most success in our society are those with intellect, work ethic and aggressive business senses not necessarily stature.
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 13/Apr/14
I don't doubt that women would flock to this man, but as for being alpha male? Is he a weightlifter? Is he a fighter? What's his IQ? What alpha male traits does he fulfil?
Powerhouse said on 13/Apr/14
@ Emmett ....exactly and some people fail to realise height isn't size. There are plenty of short stocky strong dudes and some skinny lanky weak tall dudes. Tell me who is the bigger man a guy 5'9 195lbs or a guy 6'0 160lbs? Thats just my point anyway.
Emmett said on 13/Apr/14
Being very tall does not make a guy an 'alpha male', nor does it mean he can have any girl he wants. Enough with the alpha male bull; we don't live in a society of caveman where the best adapted members are always the biggest, most physically imposing ones.
Mathew said on 12/Apr/14
His twitter quote is a weird way of answering and makes me suspect he's not a real 6'5" but I honestly have not seen enough of him to say.
[Editor Rob: it's not as obvious what he is inferring...]
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 12/Apr/14
@french guy 183cm
The alpha males of homo sapiens in the information era are the most intelligent. We aren't gorillas.
[Editor Rob: intellect is one thing, but using it to good effect is another!]
littlesue said on 11/Apr/14
Does nothing for me, way too tall and look at his short legs!!
french guy 183cm said on 10/Apr/14
Here, you have a good example of an alpha male, the kind of man who get a lot of respect and any girl he wants.

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