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Peak: 6ft 3.16in (190.9cm)
Current: 6ft 2.57in (189.4cm)
No Way said on 1/Aug/06
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There's one inch at the deceiving angle where it's hard to judge exact heights but CLEARLY Rock is atleast 1 inch taller than foley. Surprising, there's not much good pictures out there.
Alex said on 31/Jul/06
Knoxville has been listed at 6'1 but he's really 6'0 and thats what Glenn estimated him at I believe too and he looks it as he only had 2 inches on 5'10 Sean William Scott.
Viper652 said on 31/Jul/06
"I've seen other times where Lesnar and Rock were more the same height. It kinda looks like Rock is stretchin his neck a bit to seem more taller. I strongly believe Lesnar to be a 6'2 guy so Rock could just be as tall as him."

I think Lesnar is 6-1, but its not the best pic to judge from.
Viper652 said on 31/Jul/06
He has 2-2.5 inches on Knoxville with the ground flat, but Knoxvile is slouching in most of them and is standing off to the side. The Fahey comparisons are better because they are at least standing fairly straight next to each other in most of the pics. He looks either shorter or the same height as Fahey who is 6-2 Max. Ralph that picture is terrible, it looks like it was taken on a slope.
Danimal said on 31/Jul/06
No Way, the Rock has never had 2" on 6'2" Mick Foley. Get the idea out of your head that The Rock is 6'4".

BTW Alex, we have a pic of the Rock with 6'5"-6'6" Hilbilly Jim and we see the height difference is noticable. If you don't remember that pic, go on Hilbilly's website.
Danimal said on 31/Jul/06
Johnny Knoxville has also been listed at 6'1" Alex.
No Way said on 31/Jul/06
Mind you guys like Knoxville+Brock Lesnar are standing FULLLY ERECT. The Rock is relaxed and very slightly hunched over.
hero said on 31/Jul/06
the guy looks 3 inches taller than knoxville,not 2, and also is johnny not jimmy..
ralph said on 31/Jul/06
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2 inches taller than jimmy knoxville, 2 inches taller than jimmy knoxville!!!!!?????
ER. said on 31/Jul/06
Viper, the problem is that people here can look at the same video and/or picture and see totally different things, that's why I think sightings/official measurements are always the best source.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
In those pictures he is 2 inches at the very least taller than 6'0 Johnny Knoxville.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
I saw Rock and Damien on TRL and they looked around the same height. Rock may have even been 1/2 inch taller.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
Rock could be 6'2 but anything under that I will find very hard to believe.
Viper652 said on 30/Jul/06
Alex, I dont see the Rock taller than Damien at all when they are close together standing straight. He is either shorter or the same height. Funny because Ive pegged Damien as being closer to 6-1 than 6-2 anyway.
Viper652 said on 30/Jul/06
"This website confirms that people see what they want to see, if nothing else."

I agree, with all the evidence shown now its pretty ridiculous to suggest the Rock is over 6-2.
No Way said on 30/Jul/06
When have you seen other times where Rock is the same height as him? I mean come on these guys are face to face. And the Rock is stretching his neck FORWARD so how does that affect into him appearing taller. The fact is he just IS taller.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
Just wait until The Rock comes around the NYC area again. I'll make sure I meet him and get a good picture with him standing up.
ER. said on 30/Jul/06
This website confirms that people see what they want to see, if nothing else.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
Guys, we need a good picture of someone on this board with The Rock who knows their legit height. That should settle this.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
I've seen other times where Lesnar and Rock were more the same height. It kinda looks like Rock is stretchin his neck a bit to seem more taller. I strongly believe Lesnar to be a 6'2 guy so Rock could just be as tall as him.
No Way said on 29/Jul/06
This same site has Brock Lesnar listed at 6'2" and NFL had him at the same height. Here's a pic of the Rock face to face with 6'2 Brock Lesnar. The Rock is 6'4", notice his neck hunches over. Click Here
Alex said on 29/Jul/06
Viper, in some of those pics Rock looks taller than in some pics Damien looks taller. Its because of certain angles and depending on who is standing a certain way.
Danimal said on 29/Jul/06
Yeah Viper, I did see the footage of Kane imitating The Rock and Hogan. Actually, Hogan and Rock looked the exact same height then. That was the beginning of 2002. If The Rock's 6'2", then so was Hogan in that video.
ralph said on 29/Jul/06
Is ridiculous to say that the coach is taller than the rock. I said you, I went to a raw show years ago im 5"11" and the rock was very tall. And I also saw the Coach, (he was doing interviews) and he looked about two inches taller than me.So dont say incoherences.
Alex said on 29/Jul/06
Coach looks like a solid 6'3 guy. I've seen other times where Rock is about the same height. Rock was wearing sneakers and Coach was in other type of shoes, maybe with a bigger heel to make him 1 inch over Rock.
Viper652 said on 29/Jul/06
The Rock looks shorter than 6-2 Max Damien Fahey in every pic where they are standing straight next to each other. Click Here

In the first pic Rock looks barely taller than 6-0 Steve Austin in street clothes backstage at a WWE event here. Click Here
Viper652 said on 29/Jul/06
Rock looks 1-1.5 inches shorter than Coach. He's 6-2 Max and physically appears 6-1. The Rock doesnt even really look tall there.
ER. said on 29/Jul/06
Actually no, he still looks 6-3 1/2 there to me in that video. He's no taller than that though.
Anonymous said on 29/Jul/06
coachman is about two inches shorter than the rock, and he is 6"1.5", so rock is 6"3.5"
Viper652 said on 28/Jul/06
Ok, after seeing this video with Coach there should be no doubt in anybody's mind that Rock is 6-2 Max. Click Here

In all honesty he physically looks 6-1 here in street clothes.
Viper652 said on 28/Jul/06
Rock did some of the best mic work ever in WWE. Pretty cool how he could do stuff like that on the fly. Danimal, did you see when Kane imitated the Rock and Hogan at the same time? Just an excellent promo from Kane really. Also I agree with all those height estimates which might be a first.
Alex said on 28/Jul/06
Viper, but the new Rock stand up they have at 6'5 though, LOL. Funny when I got the stand up 7 years ago I was like The Rock is 6'5 not 6'2 like this. Now today its obvious he's much closer to 6'2 than 6'5. But why have Kurt Angle's standup at 6'3 but Cena's standup is 6'1?! LOL
hero said on 28/Jul/06
Rock and foley aint at the same height!..take a look
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or for example at least 2.5 inches taller than 6ft vince
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Danimal said on 28/Jul/06
What's HILARIOUS about that Rock N' Sock intro that Rob provided was when Liz was staring at Rock's unit for real and Rock picks up on it and tells her that the "buffet is closed"...LMAO!!!!!!!!! That was too funny. Girls are worse than us guys.

Viper, I have no idea how tall Coach is, but I would estimate between 6'2" and 6'3".

As regards to Foley, he once upon a time got 6'4" listings. I believe the 6'2" one though and again, the Rock is the same height, as I've been saying for quite sometime. HHH is 6'1". Stone Cold is 6'0". HBK is 5'11". Bret Hart the same.
ralph said on 28/Jul/06
good pics, hamtaro and editor. I think that confirms rock is 6"3.5" , (that is his real cardbord)
Viper652 said on 28/Jul/06
Rock looks exactly the same height as Foley in that video. Foley is wearing regular shoes while Rock is in boots no less.
Viper652 said on 28/Jul/06
Damn Alex, thats funny that Rock's stand up cardboard figure is his real height of 6-2.
Alex said on 28/Jul/06
Viper, yea he does appear a little shorter in some shots but look at his weight though! We're talking about a guy who was 280lbs when he played football and 260-265lbs when he was in the WWE. I remember he came back in 2003 looking more leaner and by 2004 he was down to 240lbs when he was at WM 20. He looks 225lbs sometimes today. May have dropped some more weight.
Viper652 said on 28/Jul/06
Danimal, how tall is coach?
Viper652 said on 28/Jul/06
Mick Foley does look 6-0 half the time because he slouches so much.
hamtaro said on 28/Jul/06
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Im not sure,Danimal...

[Editor Rob: here's old clip Rock and FOley

with wrestling because of the camera angles you can have big swings in how they look.

but Look at this one...

initially I gave foley 6ft 1.5 but put him back to 6ft 2 due to his posture, read back 30/31 march comments on foley's page. He can have appearance of 6ft, then unhinging back can look near 6ft 2...
hero said on 27/Jul/06
well yeah the photo aint great,but we are talking about xzibit who is more like 5'10-5'11,and the rock still have at least 4 inches so that's why i cant believe he is 6'2,again, i agree,sometimes the guy looks like a 6'2,but 90% of the times he looks a solid 6'3...
Danimal said on 27/Jul/06
Okay GUYS. I don't care what you say. Laugh all you want. Download The Rock helps Eugene from 2004 and you will clearly see that Coach is TALLLLLLLLLLER than the Rock. They're both in street clothes in the ring, just standing and talking for like 10 minutes. The Coach is the taller of the two. The Rock just isn't as tall as everyone claims. He's 6'2" at most. He was the exact same height as Mick Foley on SNL and the exact same height as him in Beyond the Mat. 6'2"...6'2"...6'2".
Alex said on 27/Jul/06
In movies they can make anyone appear much taller or much shorter.
Viper652 said on 27/Jul/06
These pictures on the Southland tales movie shoot actually surprised me of how short the Rock appears here. Click Here
Glenn said on 27/Jul/06
So I might be an inch off.another thing,I saw Rock with 5-5 Brian Johnson of AC/DC,and Rock didnt look 6-3 next to him.more 6-1.that and shaking his hand gave me that low,I couldve sworn I read that.doormen and security guys tell me 6-3.5.maybe Rock wheres lifts,then again these same guys will tell me 5-7 on Stallone.Ill believe Rock at 6-3,6-4 with no problem in a heartbeat over Sly at 5-7.thats hard to swallow.this same doorman is 5-8 himself and Sly will walk by at 6ft.Im looking in amazement and stupified at the guys words.the Rock 6-3.5 claim came from a security guy thats 6-3.5.hmm.somethings fishy there.maybe the same thing most of you are doing on this site.trying to make yourselves feel better in some way.either by downgrading or matching the height to for thought.
Viper652 said on 27/Jul/06
I dont know how tall Xbizit is, but thats a terrible picture ROG. Hell, there are pics on Rock's site where he appears 5-11-6-0 on some of his movie shoots.
ROG said on 27/Jul/06
Look this picture.

Xbizit - 1.85m
The Rock - 1.94m

Click Here
Alex said on 27/Jul/06
WWE now has a couple of cardboard stand ups to buy now again like they had 6-7 years ago. They have Cena and its 6'1 but the Kurt Angle one is 6'3!? LOL
The Rock they have at 6'5, Batista at 6'6, UT at 6'10 Rey at 5'6 and a couple of the divas. I actually still have The Rock standup from 7 years ago and it stands at 6'2.
hero said on 27/Jul/06
the coach never looked taller than the crazy idea,the guy is 6'3.. learn to live with that..
ralph said on 27/Jul/06
Coachman taller than the Rock? hahahahaha

Are you kidding us?

Click Here

[Editor Rob: that's just too hard a picture to tell differences...when you shoot from a low angle, the object furthest away from lense is gonna appear shorter]
Danimal said on 26/Jul/06
I meant to type 2004, not 1994. But yeah, the Coach WAS taller than the Rock. The Rock was wearing sneakers and the Coach dress shoes.

Viper, The Mentor's stats had The Rock at 6'1 3/4" and Hogan at 6'4 3/4" back in 1996. I believe. Put them next to each other in that year and not 6 years later, you would have seen a 3" difference in height. Hogan lost a lot during those years and it's obvious.
Alex said on 26/Jul/06
Anything over 6'3 for The Rock isn't realistic anymore, especially 6'4-6'5 claims. Some pics show that he's 6'2 then some may show he's 6'3. I still wouldn't throw 6'3 out the window but its possible hes closer to 6'2 though.
Alex said on 26/Jul/06
How tall is Coach? 6'2-6'3? Remember in interviews with shorter guys Coach would spread his legs far apart to appear the same height as others. I remember he and Angle appeared the same height yet him and Rock were about the same height.
Alex said on 26/Jul/06
Ralph could really be 5'11 and just thought a 3-4 inch difference was a 5-6 inch difference. But if it was really 5-6 inches then he sounds like a 5'9 guy.
ralph said on 26/Jul/06
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look at this
Viper652 said on 26/Jul/06
Danimal, I remember that Mexican Mentor list had Rock at 6-1 1/2 and Hogan at just under 6-5 supposedly a decade ago. Would that make sense back then?
Danimal said on 26/Jul/06
Even The Coach was taller than The Rock when The Rock came out to defend Eugene back in 1994.
Danimal said on 26/Jul/06
Rock is NOT taller than Hogan. That one pic you provided isn't accurate. Download the entire match and Hogan has him by over an inch. Hogan's posture is HORRENDOUS and his knees are permanently buckled and his neck is FUSED. Rock is 6'2" MAX.
Viper652 said on 25/Jul/06
Ralph, you are saying Rock looked 6-4,6-5 to you? I think you might be a solid 5-8 guy. Shoot, I havnt even seen a picture yet where he looks that tall. The guy is 6-2 and nothing more, yet Rock's fanboys are coming out of he woodwork to defend him. lol
Glenn said on 25/Jul/06
Letterman is 6-2.5 in his prime.he told me this.Ralph mouth, Im happy you met him too.6-4,6-5 ? Im not the only one that sees 6-2 as possibility.taller than prime Hogan? maybe you should take over Ralphy boy.
Alex said on 25/Jul/06
Rock can't be as low as 6'1, 6'2 at the very least he would be.
Alex said on 25/Jul/06
Viper, I remember the time Big Show did look 6'7-6'8 on Conan then the next time he was on it a year later he looked a 7'0 guy. Camera angles can do that with that show because if you notice when the person comes up to shake hands with Conan they put the camera angle in Conan's favor to make him appear closer height to the person.
ralph said on 25/Jul/06
rock 6"1"????????? hahahaha, please, Im a solid 5"11" guy and when I met him Rock covered me for 5 or 6 inches. He is very big, bit taller than the old hogan.
hero said on 24/Jul/06
still dont get it,you are saying that hogan is 6'3-6'3.5 tops right? but the you want so badly for the rock to be 6'2 when he is clearly as tall as hogan....and yeah! hogan wearing boots,and the rock wearing sneackers
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you are giving orton 6'4,the rock looked only 2cm(MAX)shorter than orton,or for example batista never looked taller than the rock....
Viper652 said on 24/Jul/06
Sometimes talk shows are not the best way to judge height though. Ive seen the Big Show look only 6-7 next to Conan. Glenn, I do think Rock wears some enhanced footware at times to look a littler taller. Ive already shown a good number of pics on here where he looks 6-2. I doubt hes just 6-1 though it wouldnt shock me to much If he was.
Glenn said on 24/Jul/06
Yes most people say 6-3.5.if your talking about me Ayreon,I meet these dont.I shook his hand.I didnt claim 6-1.he appeared it.apparently,Im most likely many times am I wrong.honestly,hardly ever.well at least with men.women can throw me off.however there was talk of 6-1 from other folks I talked to 6 years Im not the only wrong one.or,maybe,just maybe there is some truth to it.maybe he is a hair over 6-1 or he is 6-2 and wears lifts.tall guys do wear lifts.not common,but tall,certain type of individuals Im afraid to name, confided me in this as practice amongst them.and they told me Depp was a lift wearer.
Alex said on 22/Jul/06
Jake, you're giving Austin a bit too much at 6'1 while he's just 6'0 even. Most of your list looks accurate to me as I'd bring Batista down to 6'3 flat and Orton up to 6'4.
Alex said on 20/Jul/06
Funny how some years ago, up until 2004 I really did think The Rock was 6'5 and never he questioned myself that he looked shorter because he did look 6'5 on tv. He's been downgraded a few inches since 2 years ago from me.
Jake said on 20/Jul/06
Yeah, wrestlers inflate their height, its just a question of finding out by how much. Maybe I'm giving some guys, (like Stone Cold) the benifit of the doubt too much?
Bleemo said on 19/Jul/06
I like your list Jake I agree with almost all of it, though I do think Austin is more likely a little shorter and I am certian the Big Show is atleast a few inches shy of 7'.
Alex said on 19/Jul/06
Jake I'd say its like this, very similar to your list actually

Rock- 6'2.5-6'3
Batista 6'3
Randy Orton 6'4
JBL 6'4
Kane 6'7-6'8
Undertaker 6'7
Big Show 7'0
Stone Cold 6'0
Danimal said on 19/Jul/06
Viper, I agree with you on most of the wrestlers heights. Everyone over estimates Stone Cold. He's 6'0" MAX. I believe that HHH is slightly over 6'1" and The Rock is around 6'2" and Hogan TODAY is 6'3.25"-6'3.5" As for the rest, I've mentioned it enough.
Viper652 said on 18/Jul/06
Pretty much Alex. Interesting how Jake has Kane a half inch taller then Taker. I think Kane is 6-7 and Undertaker 6-6. Stone Cold is obviously 6-0 Max. Guys like Rock, Batista, Edge, are 6-2. Randy Orton is 6-3. JBL looks 6-4 to me. I remember Jason saying JBL only looked 6-2 1/2 in person though.
Alex said on 18/Jul/06
Jake, Orton was 4 inches taller than Brooke and Brooke had on big heels too. Brooke is a solid 5'11 girl in her barefeet too I can bet.
Alex said on 18/Jul/06
I notice some of us and Viper's estimates are just an inch apart, even 1/2 inch sometimes. We are basically arguing over 1/2 to an inch of height, lol.
Danimal said on 17/Jul/06
Oh Yeah,
Goldberg 6'3"
Flair 5'11"
Danimal said on 17/Jul/06
The Rock 6'2"
Batista 6'3"
Kane 6'7.5"
UT 6'7"
Show 6'11"
HHH 6'1.25"
Cena 6'0"
Shawn 5'11"
Stone Cold 6'0"
Viper652 said on 17/Jul/06
You guys are inflating all of them by an inch.
Jake said on 17/Jul/06
Well, hero, your list is much closer to mine than it is to Frazen's. Everyone on your list is within .5" of how I listed them except Kane (1" difference.) Anyways I think the Rock is about 6'3".
hero said on 16/Jul/06
mm i dsagree from your list jake,i would put it this way....
rock 6'3-6'3.5 tops
batista 6'3-6'3.5 tops
randy 6'4
jbl 6'5
kane 6'8
taker 6'7
show 7'
stone cold 6'1
Jake said on 16/Jul/06
Actually, come to think of it, if Orton is 6'3.5" the Rock would be under 6'3". But maybe Orton is 6'4"?
Jake said on 16/Jul/06
Frazen, this is more likely to me:
Rock - 6'3"
Batista - 6'3.25"
Randy Orton - 6'3.5"
JBL - 6'4.5"
Kane - 6'7"
UT - 6'7.5"
Fat Show - 7'
Stone Cold - 6'1.25"
Alex said on 15/Jul/06
Viper, I've seen LL look 6'0 even sometimes.

[Editor Rob: it is unquestionable he can look 5ft 11, 6ft and 6ft 1.

only question is if it really is posture or lifts]
Viper652 said on 13/Jul/06
Danimal, I figure you would at least give the chance that LL would be 5-11 barefoot. You said yourself he looked over 6-1, lifts or not. I agree that LL can look 6-2 sometimes. I was browsing through pics on wireimage and he made 50 cent look short. But other times he can look 5-11 max.
Viper652 said on 13/Jul/06
Looks like Farzan only beleives in billed heights :)
Larry said on 13/Jul/06
Viper652 - I have to duck under to even get into my mother-in-law's Camry! :-) My 6'6.5" uncle can't even get into some cars! With my brace on, I had to be loaded into The Malibu like lumber! :-) I found out my 6'4", 240 pound cousin (who is my age) could actually pick me up in his arms! I had NO IDEA he was THAT strong. We once owned an AMC Gremlin (in the early 70's). I practically WORE that car!
Danimal said on 12/Jul/06
Viper, while you're 99.999 percent sure, I'm 100% sure that I not only shook the man's hand, but did like 5-6 takes with him and I had to stretch to look up to him. He's NOT 5'11".
Viper652 said on 12/Jul/06
Well Danimal, LL looks 5-11 half the time, and hes also billed as that a lot. Im 99.999 percent sure 5-11 is his barefoot height.
Jonathan said on 12/Jul/06
I have seen The Rock up close and personal at the premiere and afterparty of The Mummy Returns. When he was ready to leave there was a huge wall of security guards blocking me and other fans. The security guards were no small men, I were my height 6ft or a little taller and The Rock towered over them. So I say that he must be 6'4" -6'4 1/2" tall. End of story!
hero said on 11/Jul/06
6'3 also seems to be ok for this guy...but rob,we have the rock at 6'3,hhh at 6'2....but you still have batista at 6'4? and goldberg at 6'2.5???? i mean,batista didnt look taller than the rock during their match and also goldberg looked an inch shorter than the rock and at the same height of hhh.Hogan for example was at the same height of the rock and you still have him at 6''s time to make your move rob..
Viper652 said on 11/Jul/06
I have to recline the seat all the way back on most cars to get comfortable as well Larry, and Im not even 6-5 like you. I cant imagine being over 6-6 trying to drive most cars comfortably.
Danimal said on 11/Jul/06
Viper, lifts or not, that dude was LONG and TALL and really built. He was defintely over 6'1", lifts or not.
Larry said on 11/Jul/06
Alex - Yes, I'm "long-waisted". Also I wear my pants below my normal waist. 36" isn't "too long" for me, but I prefer 34. I'm broadly built and my head rubs the ceiling in our Malibu Sedan, with the seat all the way back. I usually incline my seat to be more comfortable. Also, my reach exceeds my height by a bit: height = 77 inches, reach = 78.5 inches.
Viper652 said on 10/Jul/06
LL was wearing his lifts the day you saw him Danimal.
Danimal said on 10/Jul/06
LLCoolJ is NO 5'11". I personally met the man when I was an extra a few years back. I'm 5'9.5"-5'10" and he towered over me.
Alex said on 10/Jul/06
Rob, good the Rock is bought down to 6'3 flat I see. I was wondering when that was going to happen. I think the listing now is pretty accurate even though Rock can appear 6'2.-6'2.5 in some pictures then can look a solid 6'3 guy.
Alex said on 10/Jul/06
Larry, you must have a longer torso then right? At 6'5 most would wear a 36 inseam easy. My friend is 6'5-6'6, not exactly sure how tall but I think he's right in the middle at 6'5.5, gotta measure him but he wears a 36 inseam easy but he also has long legs too. I am about 6'0.5 and I wear a 34 inseam but I have long legs too.
Viper652 said on 10/Jul/06
He is mostly torso. I know of a 6-4 guy that only wears a 32 inseam too.
ER. said on 9/Jul/06
32 inseam? Sorry, but that's just plain nuts. I'm an inch shorter than him and wear a 35" inseam, and they're not to long, they fit just right. He'd have to have a super long upper body in order to have a 32" inseam.
Emily said on 9/Jul/06
In Welcome To The Jungle (which I believe was called The Rundown in the US...), in the opening scene in the club when the stats of the football players are shown, his height is listed as 6'4"
Larry said on 9/Jul/06
Inseam length ALSO depends on how you wear your pants. At 6'5", my inseam is 35", but I tend to wear 34" inseam with my pants below my natural waist.
Alex said on 7/Jul/06
If he has a 32-33 inseam then his legs are short. I am shorter than him and wear a 34 inseam and its not too long. It fits right.
Viper652 said on 6/Jul/06
Rock's inseam is probably 32-33 I think.
Alex said on 6/Jul/06
I would assume The Rock wears at least a 34 inseam though.
CoolJ said on 6/Jul/06
The Rock has a massive head in that pic w/ Bettis. If Bettis is 5'11.. Rock has to be 6'3"
Glenn said on 6/Jul/06
I was the first to say LL was 5-11,if you scroll all the way down the LL page.but how do you explain when he looks near 6-3 in my other photo with him? I need this guys lifts.Im going to ask him his height,and explain to him how he can vary.he is so nice,he will laugh it off.
Viper652 said on 5/Jul/06
Keep in mind that Rock's legs are on the shorter side for his height actually, but LL's look unusually long there. An yeah, LL did look 5-11 on his sitcom. Im pretty sure he wears lifts now.
CC-Tron said on 5/Jul/06
Well LL Cool J looked no taller than 5'11 on his sitcom "In the House". He couldn't hide his height on that show because he had to wear sneakers. His co-star Kim Wayans was eye to eye with him without heels. Viper his footware does look suspicious. Those soles look unusually thick.
Viper652 said on 2/Jul/06
The Rock is looking 6-2 to me here with 5-11 NFL player Jerome Bettis. Click Here

Another funny thing is check out the pic of Rock with LL Cool J sitting down and how much higher LL's legs are with suspicious looking footware.
hero said on 25/Jun/06
mmm ok,but the thing is that austin never went to the ring or the stadium without his boots,the rock weared sneackers until the match,and for example how can the rock look taller than full 6'1.5-6'2 mick foley,and dont tell due his bad posture,because foley aint look that close to the rock..still dont see him under 6'3.
Alex said on 20/Jun/06
Me and Austin are just about the same height as I may be like 1/4-1/2 inch taller than him and for me to look 6'3 I'd have to be in boots that are 1-1.5 inches with a 2 inch lift.
Viper652 said on 19/Jun/06
Or the angle of the picture is terrible and he wasnt the height the chart stated.
Alex said on 18/Jun/06
The chart could have been off but I'd think they are legit since it was an actually arrest. If it was correct then Austin was wearing like 4 inch lifts which is hard to believe. Could have just been in his regular big boots and on his tippie toes as discussed sometime back.
hero said on 18/Jun/06
austin is anywhere from 6ft to 6'1,but i wonder then,austin never went to the ring without his boots,and the rock did,sometimes he weared sneackers...lot of times..for example in the icon vs icon hogan wears boots and the rock sneackers and they looked the same height
Click Here
there you have the full page
Click Here but then again lets say hogan wasnt 6'4 at 2002,lets say he was 6'3...the rock would be at least 6'3..
Jason said on 16/Jun/06
Or they weren't bothering to measure his height in the mugshot and it was consequently off. Austin might be 6'0'', though.
Alex said on 13/Jun/06
Hard to find Austin under 6'0 at all. If he was 5'11.5 there is no way he'd be 6'3 in that mugshot of his unless he was in 4 inch heels.
Jason said on 13/Jun/06
I'd think Austin is like 5'11 1/2''. I really can't see him at 5'10'', but with wrestling you just never know.
Viper652 said on 13/Jun/06
Man, I just cant buy Austin at 5-10 cc-tron. I guess its possible. Jason, that means the Mexican mentors list was inflating Austin's height by 2 inches!! Either that or Austin has shrunk since 1996.
CC-Tron said on 13/Jun/06
The only time The Rock looks over 6'2 to me is when he's wearing boots. When he wore sneakers for some of his promos in the WWE he seemed significantly shorter. I give him no more than 6'2.5 Sure he looked down on Steve Austin but Austin is 5'10 and wore very obvious lifts.
Alex said on 12/Jun/06
In pictures The Rock can look 6'2 sometimes, 6'2.5 somtimes and then 6'3 sometimes too.
Jason said on 12/Jun/06
Funny how he looks 6'2'' next to athletes with real measured heights but looks taller next to actors of uncertain height.
Viper652 said on 12/Jun/06
I think its a slight possibility that Rock wears bigger footware at times? Its possible.
hero said on 12/Jun/06
yeah i agree but again,if he is only 6'2,how can he be as tall as brendan fraser?or way taller than knoxville etc,i said this once,"yeah the guy looks sometimes 6'2" but to be honest 90% of the time he looks over 190...
Alex said on 11/Jun/06
Viper, any pictures of Rock and Vanessa?
Alex said on 11/Jun/06
The picture Hero posted with Rock and Scott, Rock does look over 6'2 but not in the other one.
Alex said on 11/Jun/06
I remember that TRL episode where The Rock was on it with Vanessa. I've heard her height referred to as 5'7-5'8. She looks a solid 5'7 at least but wears heels a lot so isn't the easiest to compare her to others. I forgot how much taller Rock was than her, but I know it was a lot.
Viper652 said on 11/Jun/06
A 6-2 guy looks just as tall to me hero. And Sean isnt a full 5-11. On his own website it states that he is 5-10. The pic with knoxville isnt the best because it looks like its on an inclined hill. The pic you just posted with Sean he looks 6-2 as well. Ive posted many pics on this site where 6-2 could be feasible for Rock.
hero said on 10/Jun/06
but the thing is that sean is a full 5'11,its hard to say cuz of the angle of the picture..
Click Here
then the rock is a full 6'3,he is at the same height that brendan fraser(measured barefoot during a show and yeah he is 6'3 for sure)
Click Here
go to the link of "click here to view photo gallery".
and also good 2-3 inches taller than knoxville who is a full 6ft
Click Here
Click Here
so i think i made my point its hard to see the rock under 6'3...i mean i do know he aint 6'5 as wwe said or other pages,maybe he aint 6'4...but he really looks tall and 6'2 is just one crazy idea..
Viper652 said on 10/Jun/06
Alex, the Rock didnt look any taller then 6-2 next to Vanessa Minnillo on TRL as well.
Alexander-Serbia said on 10/Jun/06
The Rock height is 193cm, i walked near to him and he was taller than me about a 3 inches..he is large and that
Alex said on 10/Jun/06
Rock does look 6'2 next to 5'10-5'10.5 Sean William Scott I do admit.
Viper652 said on 10/Jun/06
Sean Williams Scott is 5-10.
J-Dog said on 10/Jun/06
Ok, I have to admit I usually don't agree with Viper, but I see his point, near Sean William Scott the Rock looks more in the 6'2" range.
J-Dog said on 10/Jun/06
Here he is beside Sean William Scott (5'11.25") Click Here
J-Dog said on 10/Jun/06
If the Rock played College football at Miami University, aren't actual records of his height available online?

[Editor Rob: yes, from 92-94 with miami hurricanes. Never got a reply old team roster enquiry though...]
J-Dog said on 10/Jun/06
Yeah but Viper those pictures of Stone Cold and the Rock aren't full body pictures its very hard to tell, and I see Ston Cold listed as 6'1" on this site, not 6'0", why is that?
ER. said on 9/Jun/06
Rob, I think The Rock looks more than 2 CM taller than this 186 CM-guy in this picture: Click Here . It also seems that the 186 CM-guy is standing slightly straighter than The Rock, so I would by no means outroule a 1.75 - 2 inch difference between the two of them. He doesn't look 192 CM next to the 195CM-guy though, but he's not standing completely straight there either, so a bit harder to judge.. I still think he's 192 CM though, but nowehere over that. ;)
hero said on 8/Jun/06
if the guy behind him is 186 and the guy next to him(black hair) is 181,the rock must be at least 190,because the rock towers him by good 4 inches,so i would sey that the rock is for sure 6'3..cant buy anything under that..
Click Here
Alex said on 8/Jun/06
Viper, I can bet Austin is wearing lifts there. He is known for his big chunky boots that can give 2 inches of height and Rock is probably wearing flats.
Alex said on 8/Jun/06
Maybe Rock is in smaller footwear than the others. That or they just did a camera angle that made him look shorter.
Jason said on 8/Jun/06
Viper, I think the Rock only looks 6'1''ish in all those pics with Maria Menounos. I tried to enlarge the one where you could see his trainers to get a look at them but you had to join to view the enlarged version it seems. Would just be a case of Maria's trainers being bigger I'd say. Some athletics shoes have very little sole in them. Or maybe bad posture. Unless the Rock has all fooled big time and he's really 6'1'' and wears lifts lol. But I seriously doubt that; I can't see him under 6'2''. But I don't see him over that, either.
Viper652 said on 8/Jun/06
Alex, I think the reason why Rock only looks 6-1 1/2 with Nicole is, hes really not standing fully straight.If he was fully erect he would be a solid 6-2. But to counter that is they are wearing the same type of shoes, in which nobody has a height asvantage over another. I think the Rock might look taller in other pics because of his footware personally.
Jason said on 8/Jun/06
The Rock only looks 188cm with the group of measured Rugby League (Gosh, I had them mistaken for AFL players! They're rugby players not footy players!! Trust me, I'm not exactly the biggest Aussie Rules football fan :P) players. With 186cm AFL player Nathan Buckley he appears over 188, though. However, that pic is from training and Nathan would just be in trainers while the Rock would be in dress shoes or whatever.

[Editor Rob: there's a few more shots I see:

here worth looking at again...the 3 guys on the rock's right (guy 6 inches behind him is 186cm), black hair is 181 and the other guy beside him is 183 I think]
Viper652 said on 8/Jun/06
Alex, I really have no idea why the Rock looks so short in that 70s show episode.
Alex said on 8/Jun/06
Too bad we didn't see a picture with Rock and Matthew Lillard who could very well be 6'4 though.
Alex said on 8/Jun/06
Viper, you said that it only looked 5.5 inches difference between The Rock and Maria. Maybe if hes leaning some but look at a few others with them 2 as you can see he has more 6-7 inches on this girl and we are still unsure of her height. Seems shes in the 5'7-5'8 range no doubt as I see her listed at that very often.
Alex said on 8/Jun/06
The Rock looks 6'2.5-6'3 next to the footy players. Then he looks an easy 6'3 other times but in the pictures Viper posted with Maria who is like 5'7 and Nicole Richie who is 5'1 we know then The Rock looks 6'2 there and kinda barely too.
Viper652 said on 8/Jun/06
I wonder If 6-0 Steve Austin is wearing lifts here to look the same height. Click Here

Heres the usual 2 inches Rock has on Austin. Click Here
ER. said on 8/Jun/06
Have to agree with Rob here, he really LOOKS 192 CM. The best would be to have a full body picture of him next to someone though, one where he stood straight on even ground.

[Editor Rob: beside the 195cm player he doesn't look 192, beside the 186cm player he is taller of course, but how much exactly, 4cm?]
Viper652 said on 7/Jun/06
Jason, how tall does the Rock look to you in the pics I linked.
Alex said on 7/Jun/06
I agree that the 6'3.5 claims for Rock we can put to bed, but 6'3 is possible still but anything over that is too much.
hero said on 7/Jun/06
"there have been a few people on this site" yeah one of four said he is 6'2...MOST of them said over 190...
Alex said on 7/Jun/06
Viper, The Rock on the 70's show I thought would have been a good comparison but he lookes shorter there too next to 5'11 Eric. Does he come face to face with Ashton Kutcher who is about 6'2?
dmeyer said on 7/Jun/06
i met him i think he is 6'3.25" pushing 6'3.5"
Jason said on 7/Jun/06
Rob, pro footy grounds (where they're at) here in Oz are flat as can be.
Alex said on 7/Jun/06
Yea, Maria's height is a bit unsure of but she does look a solid 5'7 though even though I've seen many 5'8 listings on the net. But Nicole Richie we know is 5'1 for a fact though. Shes a good comparision. Question is how much taller was The Rock than her? You have a couple of pictures with Rock and Nicole but you gotta look at the best one and shes just a bit past his shoulder which makes it at least 13 inches difference. I admit a lot I see Rock looking 6'3 but here he looks 6'2 barely.
Viper652 said on 7/Jun/06
Yes, I can buy Rock is 6-1 with a slouch.
Viper652 said on 7/Jun/06
"i preffer to believe the poeple who met him..they all say he is over 190cm."

Hero, there have been a few people on this site who have said Rock looked 6-2ish in person. Glenn said the Rock looked as short as 6-1 to him in person, and no taller then 6-2.

[Editor Rob: Worth regurgatating some older pics: 186cm and again, and 195cm...and those with him on the grassy ground beside other guys here...if he had stood on flat ground with the other players I'd be faster to downgrade him.

Still, 6ft 3.5 can be a cm too far, but 6ft 1...sure, with big slouch?

wait for Shrinking Sunday, he might get included for downgrade later this year!]

Viper652 said on 7/Jun/06
Hey Alex, I think we can put to bed the 6-3.5 claims for the Rock to bed now. Its also high time for Rob to lower his height some. I wish more wrestlers were at that Rock and Jock football game, because they would all be wearing the same shoes
Viper652 said on 7/Jun/06
Alex, Nick is closer to the camera so its not a good comparison. Somebody said on Maria's page that she said she was 5-6 1/2 on Howard Stern's show. Rock looks 6-1 1/2 there regardless.

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