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Peak: 6ft 3.14in (190.9cm)
Current: 6ft 2.55in (189.4cm)
Alex said on 14/Oct/06
Viper, they actually have new cut out stand ups of some WWE wrestlers on now and Rock is one of them and his cardboard stand up is 6'5 they have it as. The one I have that I bought in 1999 is 6'2.5.
Viper652 said on 12/Oct/06
Yeah Wilbur, wouldnt surprise me If Rock was listed 6-4 in college.
wilbur said on 11/Oct/06
i hope you all know that college heights and weights are bulls*** ive known plenty of college athletes that have had 2 to 3 inches added on to their height, i know a guy that is 5'9 mabye 5'8 listed as 6'' and a guy 5'9-5'10 listed as 5'11,
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/06
dwarfs knoxville

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Alex said on 3/Oct/06
He was more than 220lbs in the Rundown. The Rundown was made in 2002 after he lost to Lesnar for the title and took time off and he was still big so def 250 at least and maybe 260lbs. 290lbs I read at I wasn't sure about that but I knew he was at least about 280lbs in his football days. For most of his WWE career he was 260-270lbs.
Danimal said on 1/Oct/06
The Rock was 290 at his heaviest (college football days).
Viper652 said on 1/Oct/06
I thought he looked more than just 220 in Rundown.
Alex said on 1/Oct/06
Cobra, Rock use to be 280lbs in his college days and just bulky. In most of his WWE days he was 265-270lbs, big with some definition too and the Scorpion King he was 260lbs. It was after that when he leaned out more. I don't think he was as low as 220lbs in the rundown. He said he was 250lbs in the rundown I believe. I know by WM 20 when he came back for a match he was down to 240lbs and was def leaner. Now he's 230-235lbs I'd say.
Cobra said on 30/Sep/06
In Rundown his weight is just 220 pounds, that`s not that much, but it can be, he is much more ripped than in his (early) wrestling days.
Alex said on 30/Sep/06
Coach has interviewed Rock backstage a lot in the past and they really look very similar in height. But also take into account that Coach spreads his feet out far to make other superstars appear taller, mainly the shorter ones under 6'0. For example I remember him interviewing Angle backstage and they were the same height, but then he interviewed The Rock and Rock was the same height.
Danimal said on 29/Sep/06
Yes he did. Good to be back Viper and NO, Jason didn't run me off, but ironically enough, now that I'm back, he's gone!
ralph said on 29/Sep/06
You mean the video I linked. Click Here
PatW said on 29/Sep/06
O wow, alright thats my bad when Viper said that he thought coach looked taller then the Rock I you said Conan. I am at falt and I am sorry.

adn yes I believe that Coach is taller then the rock, coach is a very tall guy. He is taller then Edge, towers over vinnie mac and Triple H. He was also atleast the same height as Cowboy Troy who gets listed at 6'5".

and to umafactor Rock was actually listed at 6'3" in teh beginning of the rundown not 6'4", Thoguh I still believe that he is 6'4", im just being honest, but you cant draw your conclusions there, I mean they listed 6'5" tim robbins at 6'3" in bull durham.
PatW said on 29/Sep/06
Viper652 I basically prove that rock stood taller then conan,and that is your response?

what video are you refering to anyway?

VIper I have seen may of your posts about celebritys mainly wrestlers, and you never go into detail, you just sya that they are a lot shorter then they really are.

I have nothing against you personally, but if you are going to make a statement that a certain individual is shorter back it up with evience, and dont ignore the facts that I put in front of you!
Viper652 said on 29/Sep/06
Coach looked taller than Rock in the video Danimal linked.
Uma factor said on 29/Sep/06
In the movie The Rundown, he played Beck, whose height is listed as 6'4" at the beginning of it.
Glenn said on 29/Sep/06
Conan like Letterman are both great guys.I have only one photo of me and Conan.lost.time to update I guess.I just kinda consider it a waste of film when I see him.or its bad timing.Ill be getting a celeb,and he walks by.cant get both.
Mr. E said on 29/Sep/06
I just saw that Rock/Coach video. I think it's suspect. Coach actually played hoops in college, quite well as the stats go, and was listed at 6'3". judging by the way he stands next to WWE guys. But looking at everything else, Rock is 6-3 6-4 tops.
Danimal said on 28/Sep/06
Jason, I agree with you on Lesnar's height.
PatW said on 26/Sep/06
Glenn is conan a jerk? why have you never gotten a pic with him?
dmeyer said on 25/Sep/06
in the pic with glenn he loooks aleast 6 foot 3
Glenn said on 25/Sep/06
Conan was or still is a legit 6-4.I see him walking down the street all the time.
Viper652 said on 25/Sep/06
Im honestly unsure on Conan's exact height. Hes nothing more than 6-4 flat for sure, but he has appeared shorter, such as looking the same height or slightly shorter than 6-3 Henry Simmons for example.
PatW said on 25/Sep/06
viper so you agree that conan is under 6'3" as well?
Jason said on 25/Sep/06
I've seen Lesnar close up in person & can confirm only 6'1 1/2'' for him. He looked 6'1 1/2''/187cm. I went with 6'2'' before because I thought he couldn't possibly be below that even though he really did look just short of it. And that was in his wrestling gear. If his wrestling boots were giving him any extra height then he could have even been only 185-186cm.
Viper652 said on 24/Sep/06
I think Lesnar is 185-186, and you are right Alex Rock had barely an inch on the guy. In the video Rock looks barely taller than Lesnar.
Alex said on 24/Sep/06
Rock didn't have more than an inch on Lesnar.
Alex said on 23/Sep/06
Viper, I've seen that video leading up to their match. It seems they use weird angles for that video though and if so Rock still looks about 1/2 inch taller but in the ring Rock has Lesnar by a full inch it looks.
PatW said on 23/Sep/06
"If you dont know about Conan's stage setup, Ive read about it and his stage tilts downward so the celeb gets an added boost when they shake Conan's hand. Even Conan slouches when he does it too. For you to even defend that is proposterous."

Ok then guys like jeff goldblum and bob saget are also 6'2". Seeing as were teh same height compared to Conan. And you say that conan sloches and that is true, however he is stading perfectly erect in the picture with the rock, so I dont know why the hell you would use that to help your argument. And if they really do that with the stage explain this, why would they tilt the camera to the left in Conans favor? That is why Conan appears taller, when they are further away and the rock appears taller when they are upclose. So yeah I hate to break it you, but the rock is much taller then you think. Again I just point out facts I will downgrade people as well (maybe conan is shorter the 6'4").
hero said on 23/Sep/06
first,lesnar is anywhere from 6'1.5 to 6'2 according to Minnesota Vikings,so we can say that lesnar was a measured NFL player,second if you watch the match you'll see that the rock had at least 1.5 inches over him,in that video of the rock training the guy aint standing straight,and Glenn, who MET the rock said he was 6'3.5 at least,so there you go...
ralph said on 23/Sep/06
hey viper, the video is cool! but Im still thinking the rock is more than 6'3"
Viper652 said on 23/Sep/06
Rock looks the same exact height as Brock Lesnar in this video. Even though I think Brock is more 6-1 the Rock is no taller than 6-2 for sure here. Click Here
Glenn said on 22/Sep/06
I just got a pic with knoxville again where he is looking shorter.
Alex said on 22/Sep/06
Damien looks 6'2 so maybe Knoxville was in bigger shoes.
Glenn said on 22/Sep/06
Alex,yes The Rock appeared 6-3.5 to 6-4.
mike said on 22/Sep/06
the rock's a tough one, i think when he has his good posture he's close to 6'4, but in alot of his pics he's slouching/leaning in/looking down and only looks 6'2 to 6'3, i'd say/guess he's 6'3.5 billed at 6'5 when he was wrestling
Viper652 said on 22/Sep/06
I think Damien is closer to 6-1 now, seeing as he only had an inch on 6-0 Johnny Knoxville the last time he was on TRL.
stan said on 21/Sep/06
On TRL a 6'2 Damien stated that "this show today is as big as the rock is tall", why would he say that if the rock was the same height or even an inch taller than him
Alex said on 21/Sep/06
Jason as it seems Rock can be anywhere from 6'2-6'3 now. No more no less.
Glenn, didn'tyou estimate Rock at 6'4 in that picture?
ralph said on 21/Sep/06
Alex, you said that the coach was taller than the rock?

Click Here

Viper652 said on 20/Sep/06
Well you are delusional If you are trying to pass that off as a judge of Rock's height Anonymous. If you dont know about Conan's stage setup, Ive read about it and his stage tilts downward so the celeb gets an added boost when they shake Conan's hand. Even Conan slouches when he does it too. For you to even defend that is proposterous.
Glenn said on 20/Sep/06
Great guy.bumped into him.have that luck and timing.
Jason said on 20/Sep/06
Welcome back, Alex.

Suprised at your Rock encounter, Glenn. Doesn't add up with all the wrestlers I've seen (never seen the Rock in person) so dunno. Weird. :) How was he to you?
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
Viper652 says on 20/Sep/06
"Anonymous, taking a vidcap from the Conan show at that angle is hillarious. Many of his 6-0 guests look close to his height when they greet him."

yeah that is complete BS, I watch that show all of the time I have never seen a 6' celebrity even look close to conan in height. And yes if you are refering to the angle in which the rock is closer to the camera then yes it favors rock, I already pointed that out. HOwever the camera is tilted in conans favor plus his hair also help a lil. that is why you cannot go by measuring the top of the head, if you read all of my last post ou would have realized that conan is looking up into the eyes of the rock. Conan has also sted many times in the past that the rock is much bigger in person. and if you watched all of the clip you would have seen that later on conan mentions that because he and rock are tall guys it is hard to remain inconspicuous. Now I have never met the rock in person so I cannot say that he is 6'4" for sure, however compared to the ohter celebs he most certaintly is. And im sorry but If anybody believes taht conan looks an inch taller, never mind 4(!) then you are either an idiot or somebody who does not want to believe something that they know is true. Me I am all about the truth, If I thought rock looked 6'2" I would say it and expalin why. I am all about the truth, I am not bias towards anybody.
JK said on 20/Sep/06
Even Glenn who met THE ROCK is saying he is 6'3.5'', i cant believe all those jealous people arnt even believing Glenn.
Viper652 said on 20/Sep/06
Anonymous, taking a vidcap from the Conan show at that angle is hillarious. Many of his 6-0 guests look close to his height when they greet him.
Louie John Buluran said on 20/Sep/06
he look a legit 6 ft 3 1/2 as Glenn is saying here all along
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/06
im sorry but you guys are all a bunch of fools, saying that there is no way that the rock is 6'3" now go find the pciture of david hasselhoff and compare them, rock has more height on glenn then hasselhoff, they are both bent however the rock is more bent. Now glenn may have worse posture in the rock photo then in the hoff photo, however the fact that the rock is further from the camera makes up for that. So all in all yes I believe that the rock is a legit 6'4"

now look at thsi phot with him and Conan Click Here

Now I understand that the rock is closer to the camera, however you can clearly see that conan is looking up at the rock.
Alex said on 19/Sep/06
Rob, Well it didn't break. Just we had new carpet put down in the whole house so it was all disconnected. I am back now though.
Alex said on 19/Sep/06
I haven't been online for 7-8 days now since my computer was down. Looking at the latest posts its a fact anything over 6'3 for The Rock is too much.

[Editor Rob: computer troubles...thought you'd done a 'Jason'
Glenn said on 19/Sep/06
Whats amazing is I finally got a photo with him and witnessed him at 6-3.5, no less.and you guys still doubt it.
Viper652 said on 18/Sep/06
I agree Kene. Hes really no lower or no higher than 6-2.
kene said on 18/Sep/06
hi to everyone here.. look at the pic above.. even with a straight posture he will looks only 188..189 beside 173glenn.. trust me..this big-guy looks no taller than 6ft2..or can't be lower 6ft2.. in wwe hes been bill as 6ft5(195) which is common for all wrestler get a peak height of 1.5inches or 4inches(4~10cm) added their true height,its a must in wwe.. triple-H bill as 197cm but was suspected lower than 6ft2(188)..which is real.. he is just 187(6ft1max) in real..john cena bill as 186(6ft1)in real is 183.. booker-t peak height as 6ft3(191cm)..but in real was around 6ft2. and others wwe wrestler:

JBL 6ft6 =193cm6ft4
kevin nash6ft11=206cm6ft9
kane7ft =198cm6ft6
the rock itself..6ft5= 188~189cm range is right!!
with a normal shoe(2~3cm)he looks 6ft3 or max!!

Viper652 said on 17/Sep/06
Rock is closer to the camera Ralph. Looks 6-2 there.
Anonymous said on 16/Sep/06
he's much less. He was on a poster in the movie theater and was 1' taller than Wayne brady he's six 1 max
JK said on 16/Sep/06
I'll go with the 6'3'' listing although he is an inch taller
ralph said on 16/Sep/06
viper, the rock is clearly taller than jimmy carter at that pic
Viper652 said on 15/Sep/06
Jimmy Carter looks no taller than 6-2 next to other celebs and he looks marginaly taller than the Rock here. Click Here
Viper652 said on 15/Sep/06
Conan's show is a terrible way to judge. Ive seen 6-0 celebs look only an inch shorter than him when they greet him.
aerotive said on 15/Sep/06
The Rock was on Conan O'Brien's show tonight. If O'Brien is 6ft 4in, I think The Rock's listed height of 6ft 3in is spot on.
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
Well, Dumbdude says Rock is 5-10-5-11 and is serious about it, lol.
Ola said on 14/Sep/06
Viper well that was a joke... (and i think u know that:-) I believe he is 6'4! thats my opinion
JK said on 14/Sep/06
I personally think he is 6'4'' but hey thats just me, and theres no point arguing coz The Rock's height will not change from 6'3'' on this site.
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
Ola, I cant forgive you. You just said the Rock was 3-10.
Ola said on 13/Sep/06
come on guys, time to stop fighting. dont let heights go personaly...
dan, viper, i can forgive you if you can forgive me. just respect other opinions ok?
Ola said on 13/Sep/06
Rob cant u put the rock down to 3'10 or something? i dont think he is taller than that
Viper652 said on 13/Sep/06
Yeah, the man truly is 6-2-6-2 1/2 Max like Ive been saying the past year now.
Ola said on 13/Sep/06
and that should come from a guy like you? who posts pic there we dont see their foots... you cant take that seriously. i have had much better proof than you thats for sure
JK said on 13/Sep/06
Alright stop the arguing, I don't think Rob will ever downgrade or upgrade The Rock from 6'3''.
Danimal said on 13/Sep/06
I have the episode from 2000 still on one of my VHS tapes. Rock had to stand militarily like straight with his head back and he still was marginally shorter than Will. The Rock is under 6'3" that's for sure.
Viper652 said on 13/Sep/06
Hey, Im just saying its the only thing you have provided.
Viper652 said on 13/Sep/06
Danimal, didnt you say the Rock looked shorter than the supposed 6-3 Will Ferrell?
Ola said on 13/Sep/06
viper, then try to write on my language(swedish) and you then i can judge you.
complain about spelling is very very low... i did expekt more from you
Viper652 said on 13/Sep/06
Ola, the only thing you have provided on this site is bad english.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
Kid?? Listen Ola, you've never provided ANY proof to back up your claim that Hogan wasn't taller than 6'5" in his prime. Big John Studd was a legit 6'7" and Hogan was barely shorter than him
Ola said on 12/Sep/06
Danimal shutup kid. i have had alot of proofs but you have ignore them all,
specially about the rock heights. and yes, hogan has never been taller than 6'5. btw how tall is john tenta?(earthquake). 6'5 max? he was clearly taller than hogan and thats a good example
JK said on 12/Sep/06
Yep and i think the truth is 6'3.5'' - 6'4''
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
Ralph, Glenn said only 6-1 the first time. Glenn is right a lot of the time but he has been wrong before. I think the truth lies somewhere in between.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
Ola, you keep stating your estimates as if they are facts and in a condescending tone: "ACTUALLY Jay Leno IS 5'11" You should almost be say DUH, don't you guys know that by now? You have NO proof to make claims that Hogan was NEVER taller than 6'5" or whatever else you randomnly say multiple times on a daily basis.
ralph said on 12/Sep/06
Viper, why dont you read glenn's comments? HE SAYS The Rock IS 6'4".
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
Ola you overstimate everyone. Why is that? Alex If you say Rock is 6 inches taller than Glenn that is still only 6-2.
Ola said on 12/Sep/06
Actually jay leno is 5'11
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
Casual shoes Viper.
Alex said on 11/Sep/06
In the picture how it is I see a good 5-5.5 inches difference. If Rock stands up more straight its over 6 inches.
Alex said on 11/Sep/06
Rock has said he is 6'4 too. Even on WWE TV when he was billed and said to be 6'5 by announcers he still said 6'4. I think he's 6'3 though. Could just be saying his morning height or in shoe height.
Viper652 said on 11/Sep/06
Danimal, for some fun comparisons compare that picture to this of a measured 6-4 1/2 athlete next to a 5-9-5-10 Jay Leno. Click Here
Viper652 said on 11/Sep/06
There has even been to much evidence supplied where the Rock isnt even 6-3. Id say 6-2-6-2 1/2 at the absolute, absolute max.
Ola said on 11/Sep/06
Listen danimal, hogan usually weared alot of lifts when he was in the ring with the rock(like my pics has proofd) but still he did not have more than 1/2 inch over the rock. -I- am sure, that rocky is taller than hogan barefooted. And about the rock is not being 2 inch taller than foley... well. he is 2 inch taller, in the pics i have seen
Danimal said on 11/Sep/06
I say TOPS 6'3" for The Rock.
Danimal said on 11/Sep/06
Listen guys, we know that Hogan is at best 6'3.5" and we ALL know (with exception to Ola, JK and one or two others), that Hogan was taller than the Rock in 2002-2003. HOWEVER, that was before Hogan's hip replacement, SO, Hogan may have still be over 6'4" at that point. I still don't see The Rock 2" taller than 6'2" Mick Foley. Then again, Foley used to get listed at 6'4" as well as 6'2" at times.
Viper652 said on 11/Sep/06
No ralph, there has been to much other picture evidence to the contrary that he is closer to 6-2 barefoot.
hero said on 11/Sep/06
there you have it guys...the rock is a good 6'3 or 6'3.5 for sure.....cant be under that....
Ola said on 11/Sep/06
exacly, lissen to me, jk, ralph and glenn. 6'4! he is 6'4 fully straight. the only way it goes ;-)
ralph said on 11/Sep/06
Viper, you are like a wall. Dont you understand that the rock is 6'4"?
Viper652 said on 11/Sep/06
Whats weird is he looks in the 6-2 range next to actual measured athletes standing straight no less.
Viper652 said on 11/Sep/06
Also keep in mind that Glenn isnt standing fully straight either.
Viper652 said on 11/Sep/06
Glenn, what type of footwear was he wearing?
Glenn said on 11/Sep/06
Well I asked my friends,and they said 6-4.
Glenn said on 10/Sep/06
Whatever Rock claims he is,should be put down.whether its 6-3.5 or 6-4.
Viper652 said on 10/Sep/06
Rock still only looks 6-2 in that picture, but I do admit he is bending over to Glenn's side. Maybe 6-2.5-6-3 If he stood fully straight. To say anything over 6-3 is still crazy though. Also Glenn, what footwear was he wearing? Rock's height seems to flunctuate between 6-2-6-3 in pictures. I still think he is in the 6-2 range barefoot.
Danimal said on 10/Sep/06
He's NOT 6'4" in that pic. We've seen legit 6'4" guys stand next to Glenn and they are much taller than that; Steven Seagal, Liam Neeson, David Hasselhoff and the list goes on. For him to have to be 6'4", there would have to be an 8" difference and even if Rock stood straight, I don't see one.
JK said on 10/Sep/06
Even Glenn is saying that the Rock appeared 6'4'', so there you go Alex and gang.
Ola said on 10/Sep/06
his height should be changed to 6'4
stan said on 10/Sep/06
Rock is at least 6/3.5
Glenn said on 10/Sep/06
Pic was taken the night of the MTV awards,August 31.he was in town to promote that movie.not the awards.bumped into have to understand,pic or no pic,he appeared 6-4 to me.another pic was taken an hour later,that Ill post soon.doesnt help though for figuring out the height much.
Ola said on 10/Sep/06
Also take in mind that rocky is standing BEHIND glenn
Alex said on 10/Sep/06
Glenn, when was this picture taken with The Rock?
Alex said on 10/Sep/06
Actually I'd give The Rock 6'3 flat in the picture with Glenn. He still isn't over 6'3 and 6'4 like a couple here still think.
Alex said on 10/Sep/06
Glenn, decent picture. Too bad both aren't standing straight though. If Rock stood straight then Glenn would be up to the bottom of Rock's nose so there is at least 6-6.5 inches right there and Rock's eye level to the top of his head looks about 4.5, maybe 5 inches. Rock does look over 6'2 there though if he would have stood straight. 6'2.5-6'3, but not 6'4 like JK is saying though.
Alex said on 10/Sep/06
Viper, exactly I can believe 1 kid 12-13 who is very tall in the 6'1-6'2 range but anymore than that is BS. That would mean you have a bunch of kids who will be 6'11-7'0 when they are done growing.
Ola said on 10/Sep/06
i agree JK. And if the rock would stand upright he would have been taller than the top of the pic. thats a another 6'4 proof.

btw, a friend to my little brother was close to 6'2 when he was 13. now at 16, he's atleast 6'3 and still grows. So viper boy, only becouse YOU are a dwarf doesnt mean that ALL kids are dwarfs
JK said on 10/Sep/06
Viper652 if you can't take it those 12 - 13 year olds are 6'1 - 6'2'' then you just shut the f*** up, anywayz nice picture glenn it shows that the Rock is in the 6'4'' range
Ola said on 10/Sep/06
Why dont list the rock as 5'3? in this jungle of dwarf celebs.
then finaly viper,danimal and alex would be happy
Viper652 said on 10/Sep/06
Alex nobody in my school was very tall at 12-13. But I did have one classmate at age 14 who was at least 6-3. But he was 14 and the only one. He eventually grew to at least 6-8. JK is the biggest bulls***ter of all time.
TheMan said on 9/Sep/06
I remember at 14-15 a couple of kids started getting really tall. My tallest friend ended up 6,4 i was taller than alot of these taller kids at the beggining even that kid. Another of my friends was 6,1 and 2 were 6,0 all were pretty tall by the end. But i was only 174cm maybe even as low as 173 (5,8.5) back then not 181cm (5,11) like now. I had a few who were 5,11 i remember thinking they were so tall.I now relise though not all were 6,0 i think some maybe ones i thought were 6 foot were probably just scraping it like they were probably 5,11 and half maybe even 5,10. It's easy to overpredict height when youre younger. But there were deffently quite a few over 6,0 at 15. It took me damn near about 5 years after i reached 5,8 to get to 5,11 i must of reached 5,8.5 by 14 then didnt regrow again til 17 kind of a strange layoff. Did anyone else experiance that i mean i actually didnt grow for three years maybe more. I then grew 3 inches 7-8 cm in the next three years very slowly snail pace. By the end of school though 5,8 was small in my school everyone was taller than me mostly only by a few cm though. This did surprise me for awhile as i thought 5,8 was actually average but i think average actualy is more high 5,9 5,10 5,11ish for sure.
ralph said on 9/Sep/06
This is my growht:

13- 4'11.5" (151 cms)

14- 5'2.5" (158 cms)

15- 5'6" (168 cms)

16-5'9" (175 cms)

17-5'10" (178 cms)

18-5'11" (180-181 cms)

At the age of 18 I stopped.
Alex said on 9/Sep/06
When I entered 9th grade I was 5'8 then when summer began the following year after 9th grade ended I was 5'9.5-5'10.
Danimal said on 9/Sep/06
In my grade 9 class (kids were all 14 because it was the beginning of the school year), only 2 kids were over 6'1". One was 6'1" and the other was 6'3". Over the next 2-3 years MANY of the kids in my grade shot over 6'0", but only 2 of them were over 6'1" in grade 9. I was 5'5" then and am now 5'10".
Alex said on 9/Sep/06
Jk, I can believe 1 kid in your school is 6'1-6'2 at 12, maybe 2 kids at most, but no more than that. I never have seen one before. I've seen kids 14-15 that are 6'1-6'2 sometimes. When I was 12-13 in 7th grade there were a couple kids 5'8-5'9 but no more than that and thats even pretty tall for their age.

Viper, when you were 12-13 what were the tallest heights in that age range when you were in school? 7th grade would be that age range.
Alex said on 9/Sep/06
Rob, could lower the Rock down to maybe just under 6'3, like 6'2.75?
Glenn said on 9/Sep/06
Oh,Rob.did I send this pic?

[Editor Rob: for those who haven't saw it alread, yes I'll put it on here tomorrow since he's one of those guys you could argue to death on here.]
JK said on 9/Sep/06
Viper man they arn't 5'3'' 12 year olds, they are 6'1''+ coz i am 185cm myself and they are taller than me, I don't Think the Rock will be downgraded from 6'3'' anymore.

[Editor Rob: for sure in many pics he will look just 6ft 2, but the guy is notorious for not standing like stallone]
hero said on 8/Sep/06
yeah i agree viper,you posted some pics with 6'2 nfl players,but remember that the angle wasnt clear,they were satnding close,but not to each far as i know we can put it this way,is possible for the rock to be 6'2? i mean bleemo said "he really does have a terrible posture and still looks tall" i deff agree with that,i really beleive he's 6'3 at the lowest.i do beleive that is more possible for him to be 6'3ish.
Alex said on 8/Sep/06
Viper, correct on Conan they use camera angles to make taller celebrities look closer to Conan in Height. Example was Big Show.
Viper652 said on 8/Sep/06
I dont think it was shoes with Conan, a ton of his guests look close to his height when they shake his hand. Its the camera angle and the way the stage is tilted to make the celebrity look taller.
Bleemo said on 8/Sep/06
Ooooh if there's going to be a triple threat match can I be the special guest referee? I've always wanted to be a referee!

I don't think Conan would increase the Rock's height, don't forget height works against an actor once you get to a certain size, basically over 6'2 I reckon. If anything the Rock was probably wearing a bigger heel then Conan, or maybe he is 6'3.5? I certainly don't see him under 6'2.5, remember he really does have terrible posture and still looks tall.
Viper652 said on 8/Sep/06
JK, go back to school with your 5-3 12 year old friends and take your ebonics language with you. You supply nothing to this site and you should ashamed.
JK said on 8/Sep/06
Viper, Dude i wasn't joking, u do really need to improve your reading skillz.
Viper652 said on 8/Sep/06
Hero, we have supplied pics where he looks 6-2 next to actual measured NFL guys, not some celebs we have no idea in hell what their real height is.
Viper652 said on 8/Sep/06
The Big Show has appeared only 6-7 on Conan before, when we know hes around 6-11 at least. Conan raises his stage anyway to give the shorter guests more height. The Jay Leno show is a much better comparison.
Viper652 said on 8/Sep/06
Viper you need to improve your reading skillz (no offence).

I like your kindergarted english JK.

Ola said on 8/Sep/06
No no no! the rock was easly in the same heigh as conan. they're both 6'4 - CASE CLOSED! Danimal: plz drop your personal harrasments! and you have been ignoring all my pics, so a guy like you shouldnt say one damn word
ER. said on 8/Sep/06
Hey, guys. Let's not make this into a page of personal attacks. Save the enthusiasm for something that's important, it's just height.
hero said on 8/Sep/06
first,the guy aint 6'2...he's a bit taller than 6'2-6'2.5 mick's hard to find a pict of him standin straight,most of the photos here show him bending his head,people who met him,said he's over 6'3...i think it's better to believe the guys who met him and not some dudes with their own the guy does look over 6'3..
stan said on 7/Sep/06
Rock was on conan and was about 1/2 inch shorter i do think he is about 6'3 1/2 maybe a little under
Danimal said on 7/Sep/06
Ola, the only joke on here other than you, is JK. After all, that's what his initials stand for ;). Sorry I'm being so cruel with you kiddies, but you guys are SO off it's not even funny anymore. We've established things on here, with many other guys who are long gone, but provided EXCELLENT proof, which none of your newbies do.
Ola said on 7/Sep/06
viper,daminal,alex vs me,ralph and jk... anyone who want to join?
JK said on 7/Sep/06
I said YOU COULD think he is 5'11'' and its fine by me coz thats your opinion, But in my opinion he is 6'3.5'' - 6'4'', Viper you need to improve your reading skillz (no offence).
Viper652 said on 7/Sep/06
You just mentioned 6-4 and 5-11 for the Rock JK. We cant take you seriously, sorry,
JK said on 7/Sep/06
I Still believe that The Rock is near enough 6'4'', if you guys think he is 5'11'' or something thats also fine by me coz they are your own estimates.
Viper652 said on 7/Sep/06
Danimal is right most of the time. Alex is right most of the time too. Ralph, you are always overestimating everyone on this site. You are no different from Ola and JK. Its ridiculous.
ralph said on 7/Sep/06
Danimal, you are always classyfing wrestlers below their real heights. For example, you say that bret hart is only 5'10" when he is 6'1", stone cold 5'11", the rock 6'1" or 6'2", cena as 5'11", batista and orton 6'2", hhh 6'1", benoit under 5'8", jericho 5'8"... and why? because wrestling is fake
Ola said on 7/Sep/06
For me he is 6'4 atleast. and age has nothing to do with this.
Daminal, you are a joke. give it up!
Danimal said on 6/Sep/06
JK, give it up and Ola, your facts are fictitious.
Danimal said on 6/Sep/06
Easy their Ralphy boy!!!!!!!!! When the f did I laugh!! Tell me you didn't cry over that? I never said the Rock was 6'1". I said 6'2" you baby.
Alex said on 6/Sep/06
JK, how old are you? 15 right? When I was that age up until 20 I believed Rock to be 6'5 then 6'4 then last year I knew he was no more than 6'3.
JK said on 6/Sep/06
For me he is 6'3.5'' at the very least.
Alex said on 5/Sep/06
For me I think its obvious that Rock isn't over 6'3. Could be 6'3 flat as it looks in some pics but then some pics show he is more 6'2. So he's anywhere from 6'2-6'3, no more no less. Those claims over 6'3 you can put to bed now.
Viper652 said on 5/Sep/06
Same here Alex. I cant find any old media guide listings online. I found a bunch of Florida State's, but no Miami hurricane listings from the early 90s.
JK said on 5/Sep/06
What the heck is going on around here?? why is everyone dissing eachother man, The Rock could be 6'4 Max but at the least he is 6'3.5''
Alex said on 5/Sep/06
Viper, you can maybe find Rock's listing height for when he played in Miami online. I am actually going to try and find it.
Glenn said on 5/Sep/06
It appears that way are right.Viper,yeah Snoop was 6-4 back in the day.
Viper652 said on 5/Sep/06
Glenn, Snoop only looked 6-0 next to his guards? Thats funny. The guy can look taller than 6-3 half the time, which I think is his real height.
ralph said on 5/Sep/06
I said it before: "The Rock looked about 5 inches taller than me when I met him" but danimal, viper and glenn laughed, and they said the rock was 6'1". Now glenn has met him , and you all know I was telling the truth.
Ola said on 5/Sep/06
Danimal what facts from you is it to accept? -I- on the other hand, have facts. watch my pics dude :> btw iam not 4'8... iam 6'1 1/2
Danimal said on 4/Sep/06
Ola, lose the cockiness and have some respect for others opinions and stop claiming your "estimates" as facts.
Viper652 said on 4/Sep/06
I didnt realize you were a midget at 4'8 Ola, damn. Id be interested to know what Rock's billed height was when he played at Miami in the early 90s.
Glenn said on 4/Sep/06
I believe Viper cause my eyes played tricks on me too.or was Rock playing tricks?.my friend says Rock is 6-4.tall celebs with REALLY tall security can throw me off.Snoop looked 6ft next to his guards.but appeared 6-3 when I got the photo with.6-4 when I got him in 1995.
Ola said on 4/Sep/06
Viper yes and hogan looks 4'8 3/4
Viper652 said on 4/Sep/06
Rock only looked 6-0 at best on that episode of the 70s show. Pretty surprising.
Alex said on 4/Sep/06
On the 70's show he was taller than the character Eric who is 5'11 I read so he really didn't look more than 6'1 on that show but camera angles I bet had something to do with it. Would have been interesting to see him with Ashton Kutcher.
Alex said on 4/Sep/06
Rock is at least 4 inches taller than Sean William Scott who is actually 5'10-5'10.5.
Ola said on 4/Sep/06
If rocky is 6'2 1/2 then Hogan is 6'2. how can you guys ignore a eye-to-eye pic like that?! the Rock maybe looked to be 1 inch shorter than duncan, but thats just that... "looked to be!" i have seen pics there the rock was slightly taller than duncan, and pics there duncan was slightly taller than rocky. barefooted i think rocky is slightly taller than duncan by around 1/2 inch
Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
This was 1999 Viper.maybe my eyes decieved me due to ground levels and posture.I studied the ground at alot of these places I took photos at and notice alot of hills.small and LARGE.thatll really affect a the pics back.again weird postures.looks possibly 6-1 in one pic and 6-3 in another.6-4 to my eyes in the flesh.I always suspected and mentioned Rock might be my biggest fuk up.but you saw similiar low heights on this guy too? Danimal-I agree but others saw 5-11 too.and supposedly was annouced this height in a boxing ring.
Viper652 said on 3/Sep/06
Something is fishy here though. I would like to hear Glenn's take on this. Glenn, how do you attribute Rock looking only 6-1 the first time. Was it an old man slouch, or do you think lifts are involved?
Jake said on 3/Sep/06
The Rock is 6'3" max.
Ed said on 3/Sep/06
I think 6ft3 sounds good for The Rock at max! Maybe a little less is posssible, he's a big guy no doubt, but his height is too sketchy in too many photos and movies for him to be as tall as 6ft4 to 6ft5 as some claim. I've never met the guy, but from what I've seen in movies like The Scorpion King in which he looked 1.5 inches shorter(maybe more) than the reported but disputed 6ft4.25 Michael Clarke Duncan, The Rundown in which he was maybe 2.5 to 3 inches taller than the 5ft11.25 Sean William Scott, Maybe 2 inches taller than the 6ft1 Karl Urban in Doom, or the 6ft0.75 Johnny Knoxville in Walking Tall! My guess between 6ft2.5 and 6ft3 barefoot.
Viper652 said on 3/Sep/06
Ive already posted pictures of the Rock looking well below 6-4 next to athletes and other Celebs already.
Danimal said on 3/Sep/06
Glenn, I met LL Cool J on a movie set a couple years ago. I had to look way up. He was taller than my 6'1" friend who had a seen with him, by at least 2" if not more.
JK said on 3/Sep/06
Ola i agree that The Rock is 6'4''.
Ola said on 3/Sep/06
This is still the best pic, just watch Hogans shoes! its so much lifts that it becomes ridiculous. LOL! : Click Here

What do you have to come up with against that, viper?!
ralph said on 3/Sep/06
ola is right. viper hasnt any pics. rock is clearly taller than hogan, look at his eyes!
Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
LL is an enigma.I remember him being 5-11,6ft in the old looking 6-3.and 6-4 MTV awards night.and yes,those doubting The Rock being 6-4,including myself once,he did look this that night.nothing to do with the awards.he was promoting that new movie.maybe he had lifts on.
Ola said on 3/Sep/06
Danimal it doesnt take 2 years to see what kinda guy viper is. he ignored all my pics. but he on the other hand, doesnt have any good pics at all.

Danimal i have post fair and just pics... so far as it gets. can you post some better pics? Rock is 6'4 to me. Hogan could be 1/2 inch taller in his boots (alot of lifts) but as i said, rocky is easly 1/2 inch taller than hogan barefooted.
Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
Stop the press guys.I was trying to keep it a surprise,but I bumped into Rock and got 2 photos with him,an hour for the shocker and debates till the gory end.6 fukin 4 !!!!! and so was the Sly of black celebs,LL COOL J !!! towered so much over 50 cent I almost didnt notice 50!! madness! confusion! done with mirrors? what kind of trickery if any?!!?

[Editor Rob: is this another dmx scenario, did he look 6ft 1-2 with slouch?]
Danimal said on 2/Sep/06
Clear the way kiddies, Danimal is here to the rescue. Ola, just to mention, you don't know that Viper has NEVER provided good evidence, seeing you haven't been on this site for 2 years.

Furthermore, stop comparing a pic of a Rock who is standing FULLY straight, with a Hogan who is leaning forward. Watch their match from 2002, where Hogan still can't even straigthen out his neck, back and knees, YET, still has over an inch on the Rock. This evidence has been provided in the past.

You see that 6'5.5" football player dwarf the Rock. Well, that was Hogan 15-20 years ago. I believe he's still taller than the Rock and that's not saying much seeing Hogan is only 6'3" and change. The Rock is around 6'2". He's never seen 6'3", let alone 6'4" in his life. Peace.
Ola said on 2/Sep/06
Viper652 doesnt accept promos there we see their foots. he only accept NFL pics there we DONT see their foots. he is 6'4
Viper652 said on 2/Sep/06
Actually DKKO, there is one time Ive seen the Rock look 6-0 at best is on an episode of that 70s show. The poster Alex saw the same episode and said Rock looked 6-0 at most as well. I chalk it up to camera angles. There is about a 5 percent chance Rock is that height and wears lifts to look over 6-2. But overall I think a 6-0 estimate is just as big a stretch as a 6-4 one. Though Glenn has said the Rock looked more 6-1 to him in person. I still think the logical conclusion is 6-2 barefoot for him.
Viper652 said on 2/Sep/06
DKKO, Rock is taller than just 6-0 I would say. I could be like Ola and say he wears lifts, but we have no idea. Most of the evidence I have posted has him between 6-1 1/2 to 6-2 1/2 standing with measured NFL players, measured soccer players and next to a few other wrestlers who we know is their exact height. In a video posted on here he was the same exact height as 6-2 Mick Foley. DKKO, If you could find those promos online somehow that would be cool.
Alex said on 2/Sep/06
Rock 6'0? Now thats a crazy underestimate as for those 6'4-6'5 overestimates.
Dkko said on 1/Sep/06
Before leaving wrestling for good, The Rock had some good promos with Randy Orton and Christian Cage, I remember that Rock gave at least some 3 inches to Oron and when he came face to face with Cage it almost looked as the many pictures posted in here with him and Hogan, with the rock in the place of Hogan and Christian in the rock's place, so if Christian is 6'2, I give the Rock a 6'0, he was definetively taller as Rocky Maivia, nowadays some 90% of his co-stars look taller than him on his movies
Ola said on 1/Sep/06
Viper652 you're a biased poster. you're that kinda guy no one taking seriously. and i havent seen one damn proof from you yet, bring it on!
Viper652 said on 1/Sep/06
Opinions are fine, its the ones that are based on thin evidence such as Ola's that make it crazy.
JK said on 1/Sep/06
If you think The Rock is 6'2'' thats fine coz thats your own opinion which is just stupid. However I think The Rock is still 6'4''.
Viper652 said on 1/Sep/06
Im pretty much laughing at that fact that you think Rock is 6-4 honestly.I cant take you seriously JK, you are a troll and a parody poster.
JK said on 1/Sep/06
Viper652 I think you really are losing it, i just can't see why your eyes can't see that the rock is 6'4'', you're just pathetic.
Viper652 said on 1/Sep/06
Ola, get serious man. For all we know Rock could be wearing lifts as well. You make an assumption you cant claim in that Hulk wears lifts. Where is the proof?
Ola said on 1/Sep/06
Its better to have "crappy" evidence... than no evidence at all! YOU has NEVER EVER proofd your point! so where is your evidence?! "Rock looking around 6-2 next to actual measured NFL players" did we see their foots? NO!
did we see their foots on my pic? hell yes!
Viper652 said on 1/Sep/06
Actually Alex, to tell you how delusional JK and Ola are, actually we already know how delusional JK is with his whole school of 6-3 12 year olds. They disregard a whole slew of evidence such as Rock looking around 6-2 next to actual measured NFL players, or other celebrities. Rock looks the same exact height as Mick Foley, especially in the video Danimal posted. Yet Ola comes up with crappy evidence saying Hogan is wearing lifts, lol. It really doesnt take much of a brain to figure this one out. Rock is 6-2 6-2 1/2 Max and no more.
Viper652 said on 1/Sep/06
Kevin Carter is 6-5 1/2 exactly actually Alex. JK and Ola, your 6-4 estinates for the Rock should be discarded at this point, along with your silly supposed evidence.
Ola said on 1/Sep/06
Did Hogan forget to wear lifts here?!; Click Here
Alex said on 31/Aug/06
Kevin Carter looks a solid 6'6 to me. Rock and Eddie George look the same height and Carter looks at least 4-4.5 inches taller than them there. Maybe his cowboy hat is making it look that way.
JK said on 31/Aug/06
viper652 i think its time you gave up your silly cheesy claims of the Rock being 6'2''. The Rock is 6'4'', the least he could be is 6'3.5''.
Ola said on 31/Aug/06
viper... i think everyone is laughing at YOU right now.
and how do you know he's NOT wearing lifts? you're still ignoring my pic!
i asking you for a good pic for proovd your claims. cant you fix one?
Viper652 said on 31/Aug/06
Ola, how do you know Hogan is wearing lifts? Please man, give it up already. Everyone is laughing at you at this point.
Ola said on 31/Aug/06
Viper, he wear lifts when he is in the ring with the rock! why? the rock is taller... simple as that! if you dont believe me... look at he's shoes again!
JK said on 31/Aug/06
You're the one who is smoking crack vipey boy coz for some reason your eyes cant see the The Rock stands 6'4''.
Viper652 said on 31/Aug/06
Wait a minute, how do you know Hogan is wearing lifts? Now you are just making up crazy assumptions to prove your point.
Ola said on 31/Aug/06
NO! iam not saying that. iam saying hogan is 6'5 1/2 in shoes and the rock is like 6'5 in shoes. barefooted hogan is 6'3 1/2 and rocky 6'4

Couse its no way that hogan in taller than the rock with more than 1/2 inch in that pic!, even though that he wear lifts ...
Ola said on 31/Aug/06
sure viper, we wondering which one who have so bad evidence that we should be laughed off this site entirely. you dont have any evidence at all! you with all your experience should know, that we cant accept a pic there we DONT see their foots OVER a pic there we actually SEE their foots! in the pic i posted hogan isnt taller than the rock by 1 inch!,not even a 1/2. only by a shade! most likely they are at the same height. and then take in mind that he is wearing lifts, so even IF he was taller than the rock by 1 inch... rock would be taller barefooted. and you still ignore hogans shoes/boots/whatever the name is on english language!
Viper652 said on 30/Aug/06
Come on Ola, get real. Your evidence is so bad you should be laughed off this site entirely. Your saying Hogan is 6-6 in shoes there? What crack are you smoking? Because Hogan still has an inch on the Rock If you think the Rock is 6-5 in shoes as well. Look at the top of their heads, Hogan is still taller. I just showed a picture of NFL guys and their measured heights and you dissmiss it. Its not even a wrestling photo where they could be in ring gear. Hes roughly the same height as 6-2 1/2 measured Eddie George. Hes standing right next to him. This is just beyond comical now.
hero said on 30/Aug/06
simple,just take a look to your own posted photo,the rock as always(i dont know why is he always doing that) bends his head,its really weird to see him satnding straight.but even he bends his head,the guy always looks anywhere over 6'2.5....he is not 6'5 for sure....but deff he looks over 190cm...
JK said on 30/Aug/06
The Rock is a solid 6'4'' and he is a great guy by the way, i don't know why u haterz are ignoring this picture Click Here
Ola said on 30/Aug/06
I Agree with hero. the players are standing much closer to the camera... and do we see their foots? NO! sorry viper, but how in the hell can you take that pic seriously?!?! watch the pic i posted! you seem them both from shoes and up! a very just and fair picture. how can you ignore something like that?!

The Rock's haters cant accept fact. why do you hate him? becouse he isnt white, or what?
Viper652 said on 30/Aug/06
So how do you explain why hes roughly the same height as the 6-2 1/2 measured player Eddie George? The Rock's fanboys are beyond comical at this point.
hero said on 30/Aug/06
cool viper,always trying to prove your point,but to be honest the guy is standing closer to the camera...sorry we cant take that as evidenece,becuase they are not standing really next to each other...
Viper652 said on 30/Aug/06
In this photo Rock is dwarfed by a 6-5 1/2 actual measured NFL player, And is roughly the same height as a 6-2 1/2 actual measured NFL player. Click Here

Sorry, but saying 6-4 for Rock is absolutely the craziest asumption of all time.
JK said on 30/Aug/06
That just proves that The Rock is 6'4'', nice pic Ola, i was wrong about The Rock being 6'3.5'' he is actually a solid 6'4''.
Ola said on 29/Aug/06
JK, hero... look at this ;) Click Here
Ola said on 29/Aug/06
iam 100% seriously! i give duncan 6'3 1/2 - 6'4. rock is 6'4 for sure.
and rocky has 2 inch over foley.
Viper652 said on 29/Aug/06
Ola, you cant be serious? lol. Rock is closer to the camera in that one picture of him and Duncan.
Viper652 said on 29/Aug/06
Most of those photos are wrestling action photos which shouldnt be used for evidence. Staredown pictures are good though.
hero said on 29/Aug/06
lot of pohotos prove that foley is a bit shorter than the rock,even when it's well known that foley is 6'2 or 6'2.5....sometimes the rock looks about 1.5-2 inches taller,in wrestling boots,but with sneackers the guy is still a bit taller..
Viper652 said on 29/Aug/06
The Rock has never looked 6-4 in pictures next to actual measured NFL players heights or other wrestlers who we know for sure their height,such as Mick Foley..
JK said on 28/Aug/06
I do have to admit The Rock does look 6'4'' sometimes, and your pictures prove it.
Ola said on 28/Aug/06
Viper, you know what "camera angles" is? in the pics rock looks 6'2 iyo, duncan are standing much closer to camera an rock always has his head bend in all pics. There is one pic of them when they are standing same far/near to the camera(imo rocky is atleast 1/2 inch taller than duncan if he would stand upright): Click Here

and in this pic... duncan looks easly 1 inch shorter: Click Here

IMO, Rock is little taller than duncan.
Ola said on 28/Aug/06
JK he is 6'4 to me. defenly not shorter than 6'3 1/2. i can admit i have change my height of him (relaized that he is not 6'5) but he dont look shorter than duncan in the pics i have seen.
Danimal said on 28/Aug/06
JK, you said the Rock is 6'3.5" in your opinion, YET, just below you state: "but the rock is 6'3.5''". That kid is not you stating your opinion, but you stating a fact. When you say "is", that's you stating a fact, which you can't do, because you don't know that to be true.
JK said on 28/Aug/06
but the rock is 6'3.5''
Viper652 said on 28/Aug/06
Rock only looks 6-2 next to Michael Clark Duncan.
cam hawkins said on 27/Aug/06
Click Here

The rock looks a solid inch taller than samuel L jackson in this picture
JK said on 27/Aug/06
I just think The Rock is 6'3.5'' and thats just my opinion, however on the other hand you lot might have a different opinion, like you might think he is 5'8''.
hero said on 27/Aug/06
it's funny how you guys can take a bad photo as a topic of conversation,you spend days talking about the same photo,but when the right photos with the good angles appear,showing that the guy is 6'3 for sure the only thing you can do is talk about something else...the guy does look 6'3 next to legit 5'11 bettis or even hogan or heder...
Alex said on 27/Aug/06
JK, anything over 6'3 for The Rock you can put to bed now. I think he possibly could be 6'3 as he looks it sometimes then sometimes he looks 6'2-6'2.5, but under 6'2 is really too short. Can't see a guy under 6'2 being billed at 6'5, very hard to get away with that even on TV. Just would look stupid.
Alex said on 27/Aug/06
I can believe 1 maybe 2 kids in the school are 12-13 at 6'2 but no more than that. Those kids will be 6'11-7'1 the way they are going. Very rare will you even see a 12-13 year old 6'2.
Val said on 26/Aug/06
listen spanish hello or whatever... You haven't seen him barefoot have you now? Then take a look.
Glenn said on 26/Aug/06
He was here 2 weeks ago.didnt see him.Ill get him.looked weirdly short in the newspaper.
Alex said on 26/Aug/06
Are there 2 JK's or something because you say once about Rock being near 6'4 then you say you think he is 6'3-6'3.5 in shoes?

JK said on 26/Aug/06
Viper652, your jealous of everyones height, those kids are 6'2'' its reality man get used to it. And by the way the Rock is 6'3.5''.
Viper652 said on 26/Aug/06
Yes JK, Im jelous of your flat out ridiculous lies that would make anyone laugh.
Alex said on 25/Aug/06
Damien doesn't look taller than Rock in this picture from the site that was posted before.

Click Here
Alex said on 25/Aug/06
The Rock looks 6'3 with Jon Heder though if he's a legit 6'1.5 guy.
Ola said on 25/Aug/06
5'11 legit jerome bettis with rocky: Click Here

the rock doesnt even stand upright, and there is atleast 4 inch from bettis head to the top on that pic. if rock would have stand upright he easly would make it to over the top in that pic. rocky also is easly 2 inch taller than brock lesnar, who is legit 6'2
Ola said on 25/Aug/06
Danimal yes i can? i dont contradicting everyone. Remember hogan wearing lifts in his boots. if hogan is 6'3 1/2 (6'5 1/2 in his special boots) then i say rock is atleast 6'4 (6'5 in his more normal boots)

sadly that freedom of speech dont exist in here
JK said on 25/Aug/06
I still think the Rock is 6'3.5'' in sneakers or shoes.
Viper652 said on 25/Aug/06
Rock does look more 6-1 1/2 with Damien though in those pics when they are standing next to each other at the same distance.
Viper652 said on 25/Aug/06
Its to bad Glenn never got a picture with Rock. He said he looked 6-1-6-2 in the flesh.
JK said on 25/Aug/06
Viper why are you so jealous of those 12 year old kids heights, its not my fault you arn't tall as them, so then don't blame me.
Danimal said on 25/Aug/06
BTW, that pic with Hogan and The Rock, Hogan isn't standing straight (he never does anymore) and even still, the top of Hogan's head is higher than the Rock's and we know that Hogan is MAX 6'3.5". Rock is MAX 6'2".
Danimal said on 25/Aug/06
Ola, you have to educate yourself. You can't come onto this site and state things that go against what we are ALL saying. Read the page before contradicting everyone. We've already established things here. Respect that.
Alex said on 25/Aug/06
Never seen someone think a 6'1 guy was 6'5 before. Would be funny though. Nowadays a guy who is really 6'0-6'0.5 are 6'2 to most people.
Viper652 said on 25/Aug/06
Some of you guys are ridiculous, calling a 6-2 guy 6-4 1/2. Also JK, not as ridiculous as all the supposed 6-3 12 year olds in your school. You probably think 6-1 looks 6-5 to you, lol.
Alex said on 25/Aug/06
Jake, is Jon a legit 6'1.5 guy? If he is then Rock looks 6'3 there then.
Alex said on 25/Aug/06
Those pics aren't too good as I said. They are at different stances as both aren't even standing up straight in some as you can't go by that. A few of those Damien has better stance than Rock has.
Ola said on 24/Aug/06
Rocky is atleast 6'4 1/2. here's a great pic:
Click Here
Jake said on 24/Aug/06
He isn't much taller than 6'1.5" Jon Heder. Maybe he has an inch on him if he stood real straight - although Heder is slouching significantly himself: Click Here
JK said on 24/Aug/06
some of you guys crack me up, calling a near 6'4'' guy 6'1'' lol. how much mre ridiculous can this get.
Alex said on 24/Aug/06
Most of those pics aren't on the best angle while they aren't even standing so straight. If they were standing straight both would be the same height. On TRL The Rock did look a bit taller though.
Viper652 said on 24/Aug/06
Ive already linked those Damien pics. Rock looks shorter in just about all of them. Pretty good evidence to suggest Rock is 6-2 Max or slightly shorter. Hell, I thought Daimen was closer to 6-1 but these pics confirm he is really a solid 6-2 himself.
Danimal said on 24/Aug/06
I have to agree with Val. In those pics The Rock does look shorter than Damied. It's possible the Rock is 6'1 3/4".

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