How tall is Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

American Actress best known for roles in movies such as Hitch, 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Other Guys and We Own the Night. In the Sunday Telegraph newspaper she is quoted as saying: "I'm only 5ft 6in and adore heels as they make my legs look longer. Brian Atwood heels are the perfect mix of sexy and classy". In fact her modelling agency gave her height as 5ft 6, Bra Size as 32C, Waist 24 inches, Hips 34 inches, Dress Size 2-4 and Shoe Size 7.

How tall is Eva Mendes
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Average Guess (35 Votes)
5ft 4.66in (164.2cm)
Realist said on 8/Dec/22
I would have to say a very weak 5'4. I f Eugenio Derbez is 5'8-5'9 barefoot and 5'10-5'11 in boots then she has to be under 5'5 as she wore massive at least 4-inch heels and was still 5'8ish if that.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Mar/21
πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ’πŸŽŠ Happy Birthday Eva! πŸŽŠπŸ’πŸ’πŸŽ‚

Wishing actress Eva Mendes a terrific 47th Birthday with husband Ryan Gosling and their two daughters Esmerelda, who is 6, and Amada, 4, who is named after the character Eva played in the movie 'We Own The Night'.

5ft5. πŸŽˆπŸ°πŸ‘§πŸ‘©πŸ₯‚πŸ§”πŸ‘§πŸ°πŸŽˆ

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Oct/20
Shes at most 5'4.75".
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Mar/20
πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday Eva! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸ’

Today, 46 years ago, Eva Mendes was born. Many Happy Returns to Eva!

5ft5. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ°

Nik said on 6/Mar/19
It bemuses me that she talks about being "only" 5'6"!
Nik said on 2/Aug/18
5'6" isn't short for a woman!
Junior Hernandez said on 2/Feb/18
She don't look over 164cm next to her legit six feet tall hubby Ryan Gosling.
even said on 25/Jul/17
a strong 5'4.5"
AH said on 21/May/17
She looks 5.4 (163cm) in all pics I've seen of her
Wind said on 27/Mar/17
She can't be over 5'3". She is not taller than Scarlett Johansson. In the pics I have seen she is almost always wearing higher heels and she is not a lot taller. I don't even se an inch difference between the two, they are almost the same height. Besides you can see by her legs that she is in fact below average. Her calves are very short.
Luke said on 23/Feb/17
5ft5 would be perfect for her

Eva with ryan gosling who is mesured as 6ft0
( i am sure shes wearing heels which gives her 4 cms maybe )

Click Here

And here ryan gosling with 5ft6.6 ellen flat foot

Click Here
Realist said on 12/Feb/17
She's probably 5'3-5'4 but at 115 or whatever she weighs she's very lean which makes her look 5'6.
Phil said on 3/Jan/17
i really think she is below 5 foot 5. She wears huge high heels and she is still shorter than 5 foot 8 Kevin James.
Justine said on 2/Jan/17
Eva Mendes around 3 inches taller than Diane Kruger when they sat together at an event. However, Eva's heels had a platform. Eva will still be at least an inch taller than Diane. However, strange that 160cm tall Scarlett Johansson seems to be taller than Eva Mendes. I always thought Diane was 170cm tall, and now could be shorter than Scarlett who is 160cm.
jakob said on 30/Sep/16
evidence suggests 5'4 'ish
N said on 3/Aug/16
if she is 5'6 then Ryan must be 6'2-6'-3 because he towered her in all the pictures. But then he is listed as 6'0. Eva can't be taller than 5'3 or he is taller than 6'o
Jlmnop said on 27/Aug/15
She only looks about an inch shorter in photos with Jessica Biel, who you have as 5'6"ish. 5'5" seems right
hahaha said on 11/Jan/14
What a liar!!! I've met her & towered over her & I'm 5'5". She is barely 5'2". Just look at her in photos with celebs who haven't lied about their height & you'll see the truth.
marla singer said on 22/Nov/13
5'4" max. How can you explain Scarlett being as tall as she is?
And next to 5'7" Keira Knightley, with footwear and camera advantage, still looks 3 inches shorter Click Here
Silent d said on 3/Nov/13
No way she is 160cm. I watched hitch again and the height difference was 15cm and she had heels on. 165cm. Her proportions are at least built for a 5 foot 5 female.
me said on 22/Aug/13
she looks tall she says herself shes 5'6,,,,,,people r just trying to make her shorter
Anna85 said on 21/Jun/13
I agree qith :) (smile face), in the pictures of the spirit premier in all angles scarlet and eva look the same height. Why do you insist that she is 1.65?
:) said on 2/Jun/13
She is 5.33 max.
Next to Scarlett Johansson she isn't taller then her.
marla singer said on 28/Mar/13
She looks pretty tall, I would have believed her 5'6 claim but it's impossible there are 2 inches between her and Scarlett... in some photos they even look the same height Click Here Click Here Click Here I think she's 5'4
Miiiiiiighty_l- said on 19/Mar/13
Doesn't look 5'6 for sure next to Gosling

5'5 even looks generous
MR.HEIGHT said on 30/Jan/13
Solid 5-4 1/2
johnnyfive said on 7/Sep/12
I saw her while she was filming Hitch with Will Smith in downtown Manhattan. 5'5 is what she looked like next to a 6'1 flat looking Will Smith.
deppfan said on 1/Sep/12
Click Here (Scarlett Johansson)
Click Here
Maybe even 5'4". She looks tall though.
SIlent d said on 25/Jan/12
She is hot. Maybe i'm distracted by their beauty. 165cm. Happy andrea[ita]? 5 foot 5 is about right.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 22/Jan/12
Silent d, i notice you make all the girls taller. You name some movies and you say "she looks tall". But you CAN'T judge girls from movies because they wear heels, use camera tricks and even a 5'2 girl can appear tall on screen! She was on an italian show and she looked pretty small next to the others. In fact, i thought she was taller. No more than 5'5!
Klem said on 3/Jan/12
Ryan Gosling looks to have half foot on her and she is in heels and he in normal 1.4 inch boots. She could be 8 inches shorter than him so 5-5 looks right.
Silent d said on 29/Dec/11
Why do people make fun of tall girls? They are sexy. Height is not the issue. People are just mean. 168cm is right.
Mandy said on 25/Dec/11
Agree 100% with Gab .. After all the multimillion supermodels are all super tall! And they all look very good!
Alice said on 18/Dec/11
Is this a discussion about what is considered tall at what's considered petite? I didn't think it was, but since it apparently has become so: I have a best friend who is 5'9, while I'm 5'2. Nobody ever seems to talk about her about her height (except for me) while everyone has a comment about my height. I've heard that some places girls are bullied because they're so tall, but I've never seen anything of it. In fact I don't really see any downsides with being tall.
Isabella said on 7/Dec/11
@kell: Average height is more 5'4"- 5'6", petite being 5'3" and under, and tall being 5'7" and over.
Silent d said on 23/Oct/11
In hitch shee looks tall. In we own the night she looks tall. Five foot six is about right.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 15/Aug/11
5'5" is short to me. But I have a strong aversion to anything average and below so I'm biased. 90th percentile plus is where it's at.
Angie said on 1/Aug/11
5'5 is the averge height and anything over that is considered tall for a female and Eva is 5'6
Jake T. said on 4/Apr/11
Eva is 5'4.5 or 164 cm watching a few pictures with Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson.
Cyrus C. said on 8/Mar/11
@Brad your not very assertive Bro because NYC and LA average is around 5'4 but they aren't heavy Latinas. ..nice curves maybe not heavy though . ..that's southern white girls that are heavy, look at the obesity rates in Texas amongst Caucasian females...pretty high just thought I would make that correction man.
Irene said on 1/Feb/11
As one comment said, "Go to NYC or LA where the population is heavy latina and 5' 7" is very tall." I live in San Antonio Texas, am latina, with a light complexion, freckles, and I am 5'9" and men love the combination of the latina and height. So, do not sterotype any culture having to look any particular way.
TruebloodFan said on 24/Jan/11
hmmm...the press really can make a mess! this one was described as 160cm in several articles I've read. something wasn't right, I knew it. she's never short. 5ft5 seems right.
kell said on 11/Jan/11
5'3"-5'6" is considered the 'average' range for women...below 5'3 is petite and shorter than average, and 5'6-5'7 is taller than average, but not tall...5'7.5" and above is considered tall...5'11 and above is very tall...5'1 and below is very most women are between 5'2" and 5'7" [excluding east asians and scandinavians...5'4" is considered tall in east asia, and short for scandinavians]...eva mendes definitely looks 5'5".
Lord Chief Justice said on 18/Dec/10
well yeah i'd say shes 5'6 at least
6'0 barefoot said on 17/Dec/10
funny how gab got offended..her brain must be tiny...anyhow...hahaha
gab said on 15/Dec/10
How can you guys say that 5ft6 is "Lanky" or even tall, there are women who are aroung 5ft10 or even 6ft imagine how they would feel. I would say 5ft5 is about average. But 5ft6 is no where near to lanky. And no it's not ugly. Just 'cause the world is used to seeing shorter women is doesn't mean you have to lable someone who is above average ugly or manly.
safran said on 29/Jun/09
she stands 5ft 6.
take a look: Click Here
James said on 4/Jun/09
anon mendes is 5'4 and scarlett is 5'3
Alex said on 28/May/09
Petite is really a combination of height and being thin or skinny. Pretty much 5'3 and under and 115lbs or less would be considered petite by most.
anon said on 2/May/09
@ keez
5' 4" is not petite. 5' 3 and under is. I'd say that Eva's around 5' 5'-ish area. Scarlett's about 5' 4 1/2".

Click Here
Alex said on 20/Apr/09
Also she came out number 1 on the Top 99 women of 2009. Mendes is a very attractive and hot women. I'd probably rate her a 10 on a scale but to be number 1 on that list is really pushing it. Top 10-15 I can def see her but not as high as 1.
Alex said on 18/Apr/09
She doesn't have a big butt really. Certainly above average and somewhat thick but its not huge or anything.
SLR said on 27/Mar/09
She is definitely 5,5 but she looks shorter because of her big butt and short legs.
anonymous said on 27/Dec/08
In the new movie spirit she looks 5 foot 5. She looks taller than 5 foot 4 jennifer aniston. She has stubby legs but she has a bigger upper body which makes her tall. 5 foot 5.
Lara said on 26/Dec/08
I've met eva and I'm 5"8. she was taller than me, but she was wearing heels and you could tell straight away that she was not tall, her legs are quite short.
A said on 23/Dec/08
She has quoted in magazines as saying she's 5'6" so I'll take the mags word for it.
LilLee said on 11/Dec/08
Nah, there is no way she's under 5'6" i always thought she'd be taller but 5'6" sounds right that would make her 5'11" in heels and she can certainly look that tall
Mimi said on 10/Dec/08
Tiffany, again - they do not have the same heel. Eva is wearing a front platform shoe and Scarlett is not. In those series of pics (go to gettyimages for more from that premiere), Eva looks about 2 in. taller. Given that she is wearing higher shoes (look at where the ankle hits, Eva's is higher up), let's say she gains approx another inch over what Scarlett gains. Hence, Eva is no more than 1 to 1.5" MAX taller than Scarlett.
Tiffany said on 10/Dec/08
i think she has a solid 3 inches on scarlett in the pic below and they are have the same heel on. eva is probably 5'4.5 and scarlett 5'2.5, judging by the height diff between her and her husband ryan renolds

Click Here
mimi said on 9/Dec/08
Nadine, there is no way Eva is 5'5". Those pics you just linked are not good ones to use since Eva is wearing the much higher heels, so of course she gets a bigger height boost. There are pics of them a few days back where they both have the same-height heels and they look dead on, with Eva maaaaybe about .5 in. taller than Scarlett. NO way is she 2 in. taller.
Nadine said on 8/Dec/08
and here she is slouching to be scarlett's height

Click Here
Nadine said on 8/Dec/08
here's a pic of them together

Click Here

she looks 5'5 and Scarlett 5'3
Bianca said on 8/Dec/08
Mary kate is right. Theres a picture with Scarlett and Eva and some other woman side by side. Both wearing similar sized heels and they are exactly even. If anything Scarlett looks just a lil taller then her in the picture
Mary Kate said on 5/Dec/08
Eva is 5'4" MAX! I have a photo of her and Scarlett Jo. side by side, arm in arm, and she is Scarlett's height but even has a visible 1" platform in her shoes peeking out. How can I post that pic?!
anonymous said on 29/Nov/08
5 foot 5 at most. She's hot and she just glows.
keez said on 2/Nov/08
I'm a security guard at sony.When I saw eva mendes on the lot a week and a half ago...Man I noticed her sexy ass from a mile away! She's really petite in person . I'd say 5"4-5"5 range.
anonymous said on 14/Oct/08
I watched hitch and she was only up to his neck with heels on so i'm a little bit skeptical of her height. Since will smith is 188cm, I would say she's at most 5 foot 4 or the camera angle makes her look short. That's my opinion. She's not that tall.
anonymous said on 14/Oct/08
I watched hitch and she was only up to his neck with heels on so i'm a little bit skeptical of her height. Since will smith is 188cm, I would say she's at most 5 foot 4 or the camera angle makes her look short. That's my opinion.
jeannie said on 1/Oct/08
She's def around 5'4". After finding out she has really big feet (like me) from Yahoo OMG pictures... i love her even more now~~!! xD haha~
lola said on 24/Sep/08
Yeah I agree with below! 5'6" is actually slightly more than 2 inches over average!! Average in US is slightly under 5'4". Being a 5'6" person myself I find it a bit annoying, you're not short but you're not considered tall, I particularly hate when people call it average though, it is NOT average for women.
Jessie said on 31/Aug/08
There is nothing more annoying then a actress complaining about being 5'6 because that is 2 WHOLE INCHES over average. anyway she is more like 5'4.5 thats my guess for the beautiful Eva Mendaz:P
Alex said on 6/Aug/08
I was looking at her website and it lists her at 5'7. She doesn't look no 5'7, thats for sure. She's at least 5'5, maybe pushing 5'6 at most.
Anonymous fan said on 1/Aug/08
there is a simple explination for all this almost EVERY single celeb (and model) lie about their height by about 2 inches.
Josh said on 1/Mar/08
yeah 5'5 and hot . Mmmm lets see Alex my top 5 I like Ali Larter ,Hayden Panettiere, Anna Kournikova , Jennifer Connely and Eva Mendes Im not saying they are the hottest ones but they are really hot hehe.
C. said on 23/Dec/07
She's stated herself that she was 5'5". She may be slightly over, but she's honest, unlike some other celebs.

As for attractiveness, it's all relative. Personally many so-called ordinary people everyday I've seen look better than celebs. Not to say there aren't attractive ones, but personally many appear to be vastly overrated. Minus all of the hair, makeup, cosmetic surgery, photoshop, etc.-- well, you be the judge.
Stan said on 5/Nov/07
i met her yrs back around 2002-2003...i dont recall her height but id say shes about 5`6-5`7...
myspace celebrity said on 4/Nov/07
she looked 5'6 in we own the night
Matt said on 9/Oct/07
Ive seen he with Jessica Simpson in a picture and she must had to be at least 4 iches taller than her.
Alex said on 13/Jun/07
I've only seen Wild Things part 1. I'll check part 2 out when I get a chance and go rent it.

Lillo, true that girls that tall aren't very attractive, well most I've seen but I've seen plenty of girls 5'9-5'10 very attractive. Its just short girls like 5'3 and under give you that cute impression. Lately girls in the 4'10-5'0 range have been catching my eye a lot.
Viper said on 13/Jun/07
You havnt seen Wild Things part 2 Alex? Thats the definitive Susan Ward movie.
lillo thomas said on 13/Jun/07
Alex if the girl is fairly attractive i dont care is she is 6-0 to 6-2 but in my experience from what i have seen girls of that height are usually dont atractive at all.
Alex said on 12/Jun/07
Lillo, at 6'5 you can easily go date a girl 6'0-6'2 but I notice some tall guys don't like tall girls. So what are these very tall girls suppose to do, get with a short guy which I see sometimes.
Alex said on 12/Jun/07
Yea, Susan Ward is hot too. I've only seen her in Shallow Hal and she was pretty hot.
lillo thomas said on 12/Jun/07
i dont care much about a girls height either aslong the girls isnt taller
than 5-8,5-9 max very tall girls arent usually atractive to my tastes.
Alex said on 12/Jun/07
I don't judge on girl's heights much at all as long as they're not as tall as me barefoot. I'm 6'0 1/2 so the tallest girl possible for me would be 5'11-5'11.5 but thats pushing it a bit. I kinda like girls more shorter though, I've seen girls 4'10-5'0 that I liked. But it really varies though.
Viper said on 12/Jun/07
I really could care less about a chicks height really. Yeah, Alba is top 5. Susan Ward, Ali Landry, Kelly Carlson, they are right up there as well.
Leung said on 11/Jun/07
I think Viper admires many female Celebs and it would be too difficult for him to narrow it down to a top 5 favourites.

Milano is a bit on the short side but still rates well. My opinion is that Kelly Brook is getting up there in the ratings.
Anthony said on 11/Jun/07
I personally never saw Alba as anything special. Milano is amazing, though.
Alex said on 11/Jun/07
Milano I'm like crazy about, LOL

Viper, isn't Jessica Alba your # 1 favorite? Give me your top 5 favorites in order if you can, if not just name 5. Goes for actresses, singers or any other female celeb.
Viper said on 10/Jun/07
Milano is awesome. I cant say that enough.
Alex said on 10/Jun/07
Longoria is hot but she's not rediculously hot. Also she comes off as someone I think who thinks she's too hot while there are several other celebs that are hotter than her.

Anthony, I can be a bit picky at times then I can more generous, but I'd need time to think of a top 10. But Alyssa Milano and Jessica Biel are my 2 favorite girls.
Viper said on 10/Jun/07
She looked downright scary to me lillo.
Anthony said on 9/Jun/07
Alex, my personal Top 10 would be: Hayden Panettiere, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alexis Bledel, Gwen Stefani, Ali Larter, Salma Hayek,
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Maria Sharapova and Petra Nemcova. I am a bit picky.
lillo thomas said on 9/Jun/07
Wow viper Eva longoria without makeup look average at best
glenn said on 9/Jun/07
jessica beil on the other hand can do no wrong for me.plain or not.i agree anthony on eva.
Alex said on 9/Jun/07
I think some of you guys may be a bit too picky.
Anthony, name a few female celebs you think are the hottest.
Anthony said on 8/Jun/07
Agreed Glenn. Mendes can look hot, but other times just plain, same with Jessica Biel.
Viper said on 8/Jun/07
See Eva Longoria Lillo.
lillo thomas said on 8/Jun/07
also like to point out that very beautifull girls that are natural are very rare. most of us will be likely dissapointed seeing most of this hot girls
without make up , make up can certainly can make miracles.
glenn said on 8/Jun/07
im with lilo.eva is hot,but not that hot.lets not get out of hand.there are girls walking the streets hotter.
Andromeda18_ said on 7/Jun/07
Well, either Mandy Moore is much taller than 5'10 or Eva Mendes is really short (or both). The height difference in the following picture is huge! Even if Mandy was wearing huge high heels it wouldn't justify such a difference.
Click Here

In this other picture, Mandy Moore's standing next to Marcia Gay Harden (who's supposedly 5'4.5'') and the height difference isn't so big. Given the way they're dressed they're both wearing high heels for sure.
Click Here

And as a side note, I don't think she's that hot either, particularly face wise.
Leung said on 7/Jun/07
The saying β€˜beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is clichΓ© but the recent comments here show how true the saying is.

For some guys Eva Mendez is totally hot, but many guys wouldn’t take a second glance. For Viper she is probably a 10/10, but lots of guys would say 7/10, because of being attracted to different looking women rather than having different standards.

lillo thomas has acknowledged that Eva Mendez is attractive but I think he is just pointing out the fact that for lots of guys she doesn’t rate so highly.
lillo thomas said on 7/Jun/07
i dont say that eva mendes isnt hot i say that eva mendez isnt that hot
meaning that she isnt one of the hottest woman i ever seen. The hottest girls
i ever seen are encounters in public places and arent celebrities . So I cant tell you names because i dont know them .
Alex said on 7/Jun/07
I'm actually more generous than I was when I was younger but about celebs I guess I could have high standards a bit but not like some do though.
When it comes to regular people I don't have high standards unless it comes to overweightness. But I'll see girls that are only so so looking and I'll like them, years ago I would never think that. Having high standards for people doesn't get your very far at all. I hate the people who are below average looking who have high standards too. Like fat guys who only go for thin or average framed girls.
Viper said on 7/Jun/07
If she isnt remotely hot, Id be interested in what other chicks you think are hot. I personally seem to have higher standards than most when it comes to celebs, yet Im blown away by you guys not thinking shes hot.
lilo thomas said on 7/Jun/07
viper it seems that i got high standards too. i dont find Eva Mendez that hot.
she isnt a ugly woman by any means . she is somewhat a atractive woman but
i have seen hotter woman than Mendez .iam talking from my point of view because beauty perception
is a relative thing and she look about 5'4 to me.
Viper said on 7/Jun/07
Jeez, and I thought I had high standards, lol.
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
Karl, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I don't think I've heard someone say Mendes isn't hot at all. lol
Karl said on 4/Jun/07
I don't think she's hot at all. I just don't see it. She seems to be 5'3-5'4 to me.
hunnybee said on 1/Jun/07
everywomen looks better with abit of makeup but remeber the images we see of these "perfect" women have been airbrushed to trick us into thinkin that they are perfect if they havent been airbrushed they have a whole team of people to make them look good
Alex said on 29/May/07
Its all a matter of opinion really on who thinks who is hotter than who, but Mendes is up there though for hottest celebrities though. I'd rank her in my top 10, not top 5 though.
Viper said on 29/May/07
There arnt too many women hotter than Mendes.
Anthony said on 26/May/07
Mendez looks about 5'5 to me. She looks really gorgeous here. I always thought she was average lookswise before. I think Longoria looks better than her WITH makeup, though, though I agree she looks average at best without it. That being said, thee are women hotter than both of them.
glenn said on 24/May/07
thanks sam.i love you guys too.
PJ said on 24/May/07
Saw her in the Village and was shocked at her height. Her body and proportions are nearly perfect, I estimated 5'6 maximum.
Alex said on 24/May/07
Viper, I'd take Mendes over Longoria too but Longoria is still hot. And yea her without make up she only looked ok thats it. She is skinny but I don't care about that as long as its not like Nicole Richie or Mary Kate skinny.
Alyssa Milano and Jessica Biel I'd take over all of them though. haha
Those are my 2 girls.
Sam said on 24/May/07
We all love you Glenn! We want to thank you for all the posting pictures here!
glenn said on 24/May/07
i agree viper.totally.
Viper said on 23/May/07
Mendes blows Longoria out of the water, and its not even close. Alex, Mendes is a natural beauty. Plus her body is insane. Remember those awful Longoria pics without her makeup? She didnt even look average. And shes too skinny on top of that. Not saying Longoria isnt attractive because she is but shes no Mendes thats for sure.
glenn said on 23/May/07
whos being mean here? anyone? this is a height discussion forum.i never cared for the other eva.
Alex said on 23/May/07
Which Eva is better? Mendes or Longoria?
I like both. Longoria is more cuter but Mendes is probably more sexier as both are sexy though.
Longoria is so small I could tear that up. LOL
Matina said on 23/May/07
Do not say anythinh because she is really beautiful! Stop being mean!I think that 5ft 5.25 is the idean height for a woman.
glenn said on 23/May/07
she looks great in person viper.
glenn said on 23/May/07
i settle with 5-4. 5-5 seems to high cause i was shocked at how short she looked.i thought she was 5-6ish.
Viper said on 22/May/07
Glenn, does she look even better in person? She looks as good here as she does in professional photo shoots.
Alex said on 22/May/07
She looks 5'4-5'5 to me in her movies. She looks average height for a female or a bit more. I lean more toward 5'5 but no more than that though.
glenn said on 22/May/07
your not reading my posts sam.
Viper said on 22/May/07
I had always thought she was 5-6.
Anonymous said on 22/May/07
Had it on video mode huh Glenn lol? I'd would too if i ever met her. She's smokin..i'd tap her.
Sam said on 22/May/07
if Glenn 5 8'', Eva Mendes babe would be 5 10''
glenn said on 22/May/07
she is between 5-3 and 5-4 to me.i could be wrong.5-5 sounds to high.its my 2nd pic.first was actually on video mode by accident.
Viper said on 22/May/07
Glenn you are a lucky man. You think shes smaller than 5-4? My god its unbeleivable how this chick looks so much taller.
JB said on 22/May/07
Glenn, you're my new idol because of this pic. You're frosted expression speaks volumes.. lol.
glenn said on 21/May/07
she is smaller than 5-4 i think.she is on a higher level,obviously in bending my knees so the person taking the pic doesnt cut the top of my head off.terrible picture taker.
Chris said on 21/May/07
She could be in the 5'5'' range. So hot!
leonari said on 21/May/07
Rob please downgrade least an inch too high.
Viper said on 18/May/07
I wish I could meet her. Incredibly hot.
MTC said on 17/May/07
My friend met her in person and said she was TINY. I'm 5'2" and she said she could have been close to my height (maybe not that short). What's up with this. I've never met her so I don't know. Either way, she's stunning, but I'm just CURIOUS!!
Alex said on 11/May/07
I think she looks 5'5 on TV. I think her heels are making people think she's 5'6-5'7.
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/07
Glenn, can you post the picture? Is she as hot in person as in the movies?
glenn said on 5/Apr/07
i got her a couple of months ago.she is tricky cause you here tall and short stories for her.she was average or a little below.not tall at all.not too short like natalie portman.around the 5-4 area.
melissa said on 5/Apr/07
never met her but my friend who lives in south beach says he saw her and he couldn't believe how short she was. she definitely projects a very tall persona.
Viper said on 4/Apr/07
VERY surprising that she might only be 5-4. Looks like she fooled me big time. I would have said 5-6. She always looks taller.
greta said on 3/Apr/07
she came into the restaurant where i was working at about a year ago. SHe is rather thin and much shorter than she appears on television. I am about 5'8 and Obsessed With i say on a good day perhaps 5'4.
Glenn said on 5/Jan/07
Interesting.I heard short.
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/07
Who has actualy met her for real as people are saying they met her and she really tall others say they met her and shes 5`4" someones lieing whats with that?
anon said on 9/Nov/06
Eva looks nearly 5" shorter than Amber Valleta. I read somewhere she is 5'4".
James said on 15/Aug/06
I met her on the set of Hitch a few years ago and I was 5'3 then and she wasnt much taller then me. I think she was 5'4
johnny5 said on 14/Aug/06
Amber Valletta 5ft8.5 and eva at least 3 inch diff. Click Here
Ella said on 29/May/06
I think you might be a little off. I'd give her about a half an inch more then 5'5.5. I'm around 5'1, and she was much taller then me. My boyfriend who is around 5'7 was just a little taller then she was.
Alex said on 1/May/06
Anywhere from 5'5-5'6.
giantHeels said on 14/Mar/06
how can she be this tall? look at her next to mandy moore
Click Here
anonymous said on 3/Mar/06
She is shorter than Jessica Alba, and when Jessica is in flats! See the picture of her, Eva Longoria, and Alba at the Be More launch party...both Eva and Mendes have heels on, and while it is not clear how tall Mendes' heels are she is definitely shorter than Alba.
TNTinCA said on 14/Feb/06
Just to clarify: she was in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Not the original Fast and the Furious. (I think folks are confusing her with the actress that played Vin Diesel's sister)
She was also in Training Day (buck naked by the way: Yowsa!) She did look about 5'6" next to Denzel.
O said on 9/Feb/06
i think that eva could be 5'7 or 5'8, because I saw her at the teen choice awards where she was presenting with rob schenider and i think he is 5'3, or 5'4 and she just towered over him!
175cm16andgrowing said on 29/Jan/06
She can look 5'7''. She's the one that played Diesel's sister, right? Yes I guess so. So if she is then she can look 5'7''. She seems to be 5'6''.
srdr said on 16/Jan/06
I think 167 cm is too tall for her, 162 may be right. In gettyimages I didn't see a women next to her shorter than her. She is beautiful but at average height even shorter than most of the hollywood stars.
bigb said on 21/Dec/05
watch the movie "hitch" again especially at the end where wil and eva is dancing right next to each other. she barely comes to wil's shoulders and she is wearing long heels. no where in the movie is eva 1 to 2 inches shorter than wil smith.
jonny5 said on 10/Dec/05
Eva is at most 5ft5 she is on gettyimages with will smith and hes about 6 inch taller and she has big heels on.This long legs thing Kylie Minogue looks like she has long leg and shes 5ft.
Alex A said on 29/Nov/05
I don't know about downgrading her, I might be wrong but just like it was said before she has really long legs. If you saw the movie Hitch with Will Smith, Eva comes to about an 1 to 1 1/2 the most shorter than will who stands at least 6'1 maybe even 6'2. It's obvious that she wears huge heals but no way she can be adding 6 inches. I'm my opinion Eva at least 5'7 and maybe 5'8 and some centimeters.
Cady said on 28/Oct/05
Sorry, but I really think you should downgrade Eva cos I read in Elle Magazine she is"perfectly petite at 5"4.5" and also I saw her on the Jay Leno show and she looked teeny much smaller than 5"7!!!!!!!!

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