How tall is Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly's Height

5ft 5in (165.1 cm)

Canadian Actress, best known for playing Kate Austen on TV series Lost. In film she can be seen in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and Real Steel.
I am five foot six, I am built of muscle and bone and that is not very good for fashion but it's who I am. Women who look good in fashion are six foot tall, don't have an ounce of muscle and their legs are the size of my arm

How tall is Evangeline Lilly
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Average Guess (19 Votes)
5ft 5.66in (166.8cm)
Adijos said on 4/Aug/17
Happy birthday Evangeline Lilly for yesterday! 😘🎉🎊💝📦🎂
Slim 181 cm said on 10/Jul/17
Strong 5ft6 to be honest.
berta said on 5/Feb/17
i thought she looked almost short in lost but in the hobit she could look little taller. pretty mutch avergae height at about 165 is good lising
Giorgi said on 14/Jan/17
Perhaps due to her physique comes across shorter at times.
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Dec/16
I never saw Evangeline in 'Lost', but I really enjoyed her (rather sad) part in a film called, I believe, 'Afterwards', about the afterlife unsurprisingly. I thought she played her part beautifully!
I was expecting the actress to be at least 2 inches taller on the grounds of her playing the feisty redheaded elf lady in the last couple of 'Hobbit' films. My boyfriend assures me that elfkind consists of tall people, and 5ft5 doesn't really qualify as tall! Still, few people are going to know these books as well as my Jim! He can quote from them and tell me about anything or anyone from 'The Lord of the Rings' or 'The Hobbit' - and even Tolkien himself!
I read an interview with Evangeline in one of the 'quality' Sunday supplements and she is a lovely person from a thoroughly nice background. I also liked the reason her parents called their daughter 'Evangeline'!
Allie said on 31/Jan/16
Funny how I always here casual non fashion fans say that female fashion models have to be or are around 6 ft tall.. funny how if you actually know about fashion.. 6ft's too tall!
jake said on 21/Sep/15
5'5" is a good call... that's exactly what she's always looked like.
Sam said on 16/Jul/15
She always looked mature for her age IMO but damn is she crushworthy. Previews for Ant-Man and she looks really good. Recall being jealous of that Hobbit when Lost was on the air!
Arch Stanton said on 7/Dec/14
Rob the photo isn't showing here again. Gorgeous face yeah. Saw pics of her today and looks almost old enough to have been her mother in the Lost days looks like a fully grown woman now LOL but still very attractive. Couldn't give a **** about her build or height, with a smile like that she'd win any man's heart!!
[Editor Rob: hadn't uploaded the photo. ]
Sam said on 5/Dec/14
Hard not to have had a crush on her if you were a watcher of Lost but later on she could look a little muscular for my taste. I like how that she was waiting at home for Jeremy Renner at home in The Hurt Locker but it was still not enough to keep him from going back to the warfront, it shows how far gone he is.
184.3cm said on 12/Oct/14
If she is only 165cm then Matthew Fox can look no more than 183-184 next to her! My wife is 168cm and the difference looks very similar.
Hannah said on 4/Feb/14
5'5" is right. Pretty good height for a woman. Not tall not short
Sarah said on 4/Jan/14
Looks small on Lost because the main actors are above average. She's about 5'5" and slim
Ted said on 24/Dec/13
She consistently claims 5'6", but looks 5'5" in most everything I've seen her in. She's not a real tall gal, more like almost petite.

Good call, Rob.
Sam said on 25/Jun/13
Not 5'6" range but 5'5" is a good call...she's not really short just a solid average female height...if better than average female looks!
little sue said on 6/May/13
Lol, whats working out got to do with how tall you will be?? its genetic! I have'nt sat down since I was 5 and still only reached 4ft 10 3/4
GREENBERET37 said on 4/May/13
Are you sure she is below 5'5? I mean I'm no rocket scientist, nor one to brag, but She should be about 0.2 inches taller or shorter than me. I mean obviously she would be taller given the fact that she's a supermodel and works out more. I hardly work out at all whatsoever. Instead of doing pushups I sit down on the couch watching TV playing video games and eating junk food. I'm already an adolescent, so my height will be 5'6 until I'm 28 years old or older. I'm an adolescent primarily because my high-school graduation is two years away. But since I'm only 5'6, some would say I've been more active from age 5 to age 8 than age 9 to age 16, which is how old I am now. I used to be 4'6 when I was 5. But the 4-inch growth spurt I had when I was 4 slowed me down.
GREENBERET37 said on 4/May/13
I would say on average she's 5'7. Maybe taller. Taller than me at least. I'm 5'6.5-5'7.
Godred said on 5/Jan/13
@Bobbie - No way 5`7.5`5 seems about right.
Bobbie 5'3" said on 10/Nov/12
I would say she was taller than 5'5"... Easily 5'6" maybe 5'7"
Peyman - 6ft 0in said on 31/Jul/12
Lost actresses exact height
Evangeline Lilly(Kate):5ft 5in
Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet): 5ft 8.25in)
Yunjin Kim(Sun) : 5ft 5.5in
Maggie Grace (Shannon) :5ft 9in
Cynthia Watros (Libby) : 5ft 7in
Emilie de Ravin (Claire):5ft 2in
Michelle Rodriguez (Ana Lucia) : 5ft 4.25in
Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) : 5ft 7in
theblacklab said on 7/Jun/12
I'd say she was about 5'4" as her frame seems to match that of a petite woman. However I'd lower the bar no further than that. Her limbs aren't very long, and from what I've seen of people who are 5'5" and above (my mother is 5'5.75" and my 5'8"; 5'9" aunts, as well as myself (currently 5'5", but still growing!), seem to have longer limbs in comparison. She is still gorgeous, and I think height never really applies to many situations unless someone is extremely short or extremely tall.
Sam said on 13/Dec/11
Funny she's fairly petite seeming she can give the impression of being shorter (although her arms are pretty muscular). I remember her looking pretty short next to that celebheights arch-villain G.
Marianita said on 27/Sep/11
I agree, I also think she is a bit taller than that, maybe 167...
Jake T. said on 6/Sep/11
Evangeline was 8 cm smaller than Elizabeth Mitchell so I supose she is 1 cm taller than this.
Jack said on 3/Sep/11
166 cm
a TÃœRK said on 25/May/11
% 100 that woman 1.60 or less
re said on 21/Apr/11
slight upgrade? hah she's holding hands with a hobbit in that photo :)
voicelessdentalfricative said on 7/Mar/11
She may be deserving of a slight upgrade

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david said on 31/Aug/07
anthony, you are right about Ali Larter picture
Alexandra said on 27/Jun/07
165-166 is right for her. She can't be taller than that, but she can't be shorter either...
sf said on 12/Jun/07
I think leonari's on to something here...could just be cause I'm smokin' doobie right now...
venus said on 10/Jun/07
She seems shorter, though she is still petite.
glenn said on 29/May/07
i think she looks hot here.i love girls when they arnt done up.
leonari said on 28/May/07
oh please! Everybody knows how it is with pictures! It' s a tiny moment in time that gets frozen for ever. Don't you have pictures where in real life you looked stunning one evening and on the photos like a dork.
I think Evangeline smoked doobie before this pic. I mean look at her eyes!!
Anthony said on 28/May/07
Yeah, Evangeline is realy hot, but she doesn't look at all that great here with Glenn, unlike Ali Larter who look stunning in her photo with him.
G-unit said on 26/May/07
haven't seen her uglier than in this pic :P
leonari said on 24/May/07
Robert: she looks matter her age man!
Robert said on 23/May/07
5-5 sounds right for her.
She is 28, but looks like over 35.
Viper said on 23/May/07
She looks like a 10 year old kid here.
glenn said on 23/May/07
yes,im bending alot.
sam said on 23/May/07
Wow, she looks so petite in this picture. I assume you have a serious lean going on, right Glenn?
Franco said on 30/Apr/07
many times i thought she is 5'6 barefooted in LOST but then even next to similar or slightly taller (1.73-1.75m) actors she definetely looks 1.65m maybe 1.66m.

id give her 1.66m to be sure cause she doesn't look shortish.
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/07
I know this is already on Michelle Rodriguez's page, but are there any photos of the two together? I'm curious who is taller...
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 12/Mar/07
I think we should change the perception of petiteness to 5ft 2 for girls.
Melody said on 11/Mar/07
Evangeline isn't that petite. I think she's got an average height... 5'5-6 at least. On Jimmy Kimmel (I have it taped) she looked tall enough to have a presence that a petite person wouldn't have.
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/07
Saw her on The View on March 2. When she stood next to Elizabeth, they were the same height, except Eliz had on flat sneakers and ELily wore about 3 in heels.
mike said on 1/Mar/07
'Moni says on 2/Oct/06
Saw her on Jimmy Kimmel on Oct. 1. She looked very petite walking out on stage. She cannot be 5'5" even with heels on.'

Are you for real? Please stop being so bitter, this girl is no way less then 5'5.
Nina said on 24/Feb/07
I'm a little obsessed with her and Dom, and I've seen so many pictures of them. I'm pretty sure the listed height is perfect. She seems 165cm, the exact same height as me.
Katharine said on 24/Jan/07
she is NOT 5'5.. she's defenitly shorter..about 5'3 or something
Franco said on 8/Jan/07
Evangeline Lilly looks identical to Kate Beckinsale and both share the same Zodiac sign (LEO), both look real good and sexy but i prefer Kate sensuality :D

as far as height goes, Evangeline doesnt look shorter than 5'7 but in reality she IS 5'5 (165cm) for real, i've gone through some episodes of Lost on my dvd and noticed she indeed looks a strong 5'5.
Celestina said on 28/Oct/06
Evangeline is about 2 inches shorter than Dominic. So she must be 5'5" because Dom is 5'7".
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/06
Yes, it is! I still see it here and laugh at it. Not putting the woman down. I think she's gorgeous and seems to be like a genuinely nice person from the interviews I've seen. But, just always thought it was funny when I STILL see the commercials. I just thought I would have heard more about it in the media/ET/Access Hollywood, etc. I sometimes wonder how much it affects the success of the commercial/phone line. At first, you might think it's great for the business, right? But, when you think about it more, after seeing the commercial, you pretty much know you'r not going to be talkint to Evangeline.

Dammit - she's stuck on that island!!!!
antron said on 17/Oct/06
sf, I just went back and re-read your entry. It's still on tv? That's actually really funny, and surprising.
sf said on 6/Oct/06
Oh, I'm not making that big a deal out of it. Just thought it was interesting and wondered if it embarrased her. Wondered if anyone else ever saw it.
antron said on 6/Oct/06
Thank you sam, as I said before, a man 9inches+ will tower over an average height, thin woman. MC Gainey is a lot heavier than Fox as well. Did you also notice that she is in teeny sandals and he is in work boots?
Also, if you look at my Lilly and Monaghan on the beach picture, if she's 5'3" then he is 5'3"; no way is he that short. He's known to be the tallest of the hobbit actors (meaning taller than Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood, both near 5'5"). Rob's got it right Lilly is 5'5".
sam said on 6/Oct/06
MC Gainey is usually listed as 6'2.5", so (being 9.5 inches taller) he should tower over Evangeline Lilly.
Moni said on 5/Oct/06
Tanya -- I watched the premiere episode and also noticed how tiny she looked in the scene where the guard led her to the cage (your pix). But I don't think she's 5'3" or under. More like 5'4". In Pix 23, she was looking down and not standing straight. The guard is a pretty big guy which made her look even smaller.
antron said on 3/Oct/06
sf, that commercial has been in the media. In fact Leno played it when Lilly was on the show. Its really not that big a story, a lot of celebs do strange commercial work to start out, acting's a tough gig in the beginning.
Moni said on 2/Oct/06
Saw her on Jimmy Kimmel on Oct. 1. She looked very petite walking out on stage. She cannot be 5'5" even with heels on.
sf said on 2/Oct/06
In my area, she appears on one of those late night "dating" phone line commercials. She must have done this right before she got famous. I'm still surprised this hasn't gotten out in the media, yet. I still see the ad on tv.
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/06
evangeline is definitely taller than 5'5! id say 5'7 cuz shes pretty much same height with dominic. look at the pictures of them somewhere.
sf said on 20/Mar/06
Yes, newer data show that average height for a woman IS 5'4"...
MD said on 12/Feb/06
Average height for a women in the U.S. is actually 5'4" if not even a little bit more.
Liz said on 12/Feb/06
average height in the usa is 5'2, steven, not 5'5. do your research.

i doubt she's 5'5. she looks more like 5'4
Steven said on 24/Jan/06
She's about average height for a woman in The United States. Over here in the Netherlands she would be deemed small.

Anyway she's perfect height for me, I'm 173cm. Then again, I'm dreaming I could even get a date with her even though I never will hehe.
nicole said on 14/Dec/05
a girl with 182 cm cannot be pretty and beautiful????
Anonymous said on 19/Aug/05
i garee with you as she doesnt look over 165cm but to be quite honest she is still a good height for a women

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