How tall is Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle Reece's Height

6ft 2 ¾ (189.9 cm)

American Volleyball player and model.
The beautiful @LisaLeslie is 2 inches taller than myself at a glorious 6'5. She carries it perfectly.
Woman never lie up w[ith] their height. 6'3.
I have a few friends that make me feel like a dainty flower and not 6'3 175 [pounds].
Keep standing tall and ENJOY who you are!

How tall is Gabrielle Reece
Photo by PR Photos
I'm six foot three, wear a size twelve shoe, and once upon a time could leg press 935 pounds.
Fewer than one percent of American women are taller than five feet ten. I was six feet tall at age twelve, six three at fiteen. The popular wisdom is that my height must have made me some natural-born, badass athlete, but just the opposite is true.

How tall is Gabrielle Reece
Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle
Photo by s_bukley/

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Average Guess (71 Votes)
6ft 3.05in (190.6cm)
5 ft 11 3/4 said on 20/Jun/22
She has the same height with the serbian volleyball player Ivana Nešović
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
Actually Gabrielle at almost 6'3, makes Barkley near 6'7
IceCold said on 31/Mar/22
Barkley looks 6'6 there Click Here
Click Here

And dwarfed Tiger Woods Click Here
Caleb ~179cm said on 28/Mar/22
6'2.25. She definitely looks closer to 6'2 than 6'3 from what I can see.
Chaoscontrol. said on 1/Nov/21
Mickie said on 30/Oct/21
The quote "Woman never lie up w[ith] their height. 6'3." is patently false lol. Maybe there is a smaller percentage that lie up with their height than men, but there are still plenty that do.

Yeah I know a 5’3.75 measured woman who’s claimed 5’7
Canson said on 1/Nov/21
6’2.5 afternoon height
Mickie said on 30/Oct/21
The quote "Woman never lie up w[ith] their height. 6'3." is patently false lol. Maybe there is a smaller percentage that lie up with their height than men, but there are still plenty that do.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Oct/21
I've just read a very friendly comment left by Gabrielle herself back in October 2008. So celebs DO go to this fine height site! 😃👌

I knew a French Gabrielle, and she told me off for using a deodorant, adding that it was bad for the skin. She said, "I don't use one and do I smell?"

I replied "Yes, you do actually!" 😷

She was the Mum of my boyfriend back when I was 20 and she was rather bossy. One day, one of her sons opened his mouth and burped really loudly. I laughed, the other son laughed as well but his Mum told him off, making the incident funnier than ever!

Gabby gets 6ft3. 😉💐
David Tang said on 2/Aug/21
pretty tall
Leesheff1985 said on 12/Jul/21
I doubt she has any friends that make her feel like a dainty flower. Not unless all her friends are 6ft 10 and 200+ pounds
David Tang said on 8/Jul/21
tall. 6'3
Animus said on 13/Apr/21
@Chris Junior

I think 170-175lbs is very believable for her.
I once knew a fit, CrossFit-type woman who was six feet tall (I know that, because I’m six feet tall) and she once revealed to me that she weighed just shy of 160lbs. She had well-toned abs, meaning she wasn’t fat at all, but she had some muscle to her and had a good athletic frame. She thought we weighed the same, probably because we were the same height - she was quite surprised to learn that my weight was 185lbs (as a 21-year old) when in her mind we were the same size.

Anyways, the fact that Reece weighed around 170lbs when she was a professional athlete is definitely plausible.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 18/Feb/21
A 935lbs leg press sounds pretty impressive. I wonder what her other lifting records are
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jul/20
Click Here

There you can see it.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jul/20
I always thought she looked more Scandinavian looking and was surprised she had an Afro Caribbean father but I can see it a bit more as she ages, not in the above photo though as that's older.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Jun/20
I do some justice for Gab to be fair,i find out she could be always a good 6'2 1/2 rounded up 6'3 more i check on her but did she lost any height now it is hard to tell. Her husband Laird Hamilton could be 6'2 peak but it look more 3/4 inch between them now. Charles Barkley might really have some footwear advantage than her in the past like 1/4 to 3/8 inch that can make some difference close to 3".
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/May/20
Click Here this picture taken in 2002, looks like shes strong 6'2 next to 6'0 Tiger Wood and 5'11.75" Dylan McDermott (Dylan claim 6'0, Rob well nailed) so i would have say 6'2.25" peak is no question. Maybe Lisa Leslie wasn't a full 2" taller than Gab. Strange is Kobe had 3/4" on Lisa.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/May/20
@Canson Agree it. Somehow it struggle in mind to think she could be 6'2.25" now letting alone 6'2.75". Rob seem confuse with Lisa Leslie and Gabrielle Reece listing when legit 6'4.75" already prove to had Lisa by 3/4 inch.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Apr/20
Silly me! That was a different model with a name also beginning with 'G'!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Apr/20
Oh dear! I don't think that I left a guess just now, so I'll do it now instead....

Canson said on 23/Feb/20
@Junior: that and if Lisa Leslie is really 2” taller than her it puts her around 6’2” tops
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/Feb/20
Those picture i already posted long ago shows no help to push her 6'2 1/2 and up with 6'4 3/4 Charles Barkley had a 3" on her. The most she could be 6'2 and Laird is probably 6'1 1/4-1/2.
Yang (5 footer 8, 173) said on 19/Jan/20
Minimum 6ft 2 half at least. Tall women for sure!!!!!!
Just happened to find her old pic took way back on May 7, 2002 (Tues) in Hollywood along with American actor Laird Hamilton. There seems to be around 1 quarter inch difference height betwen them.
Tunman said on 30/Nov/19
185 for Laird is too low although he could often look that short.That would put Gabby at 187 at best.He looked 9"shorter than Noah and the latter is listed at 6'10.5".I know that in the very early years he was listed at 209in french newspapers which seems very believable,certainly not measured early in the morning (later,I think in 2010 or so he went on and claimed 215 on french TV which is laughable).So like 186,5 would be more likely.Gabby even several years ago could seemed a good 6'2er.I feel 188,5 was very possible especially taking into consideration the Kerri Walsh pics,I would give her 189 but that's really the max I could see for her.That 190 was probably a 9-10am measurement.
Lek 196cm said on 21/Oct/19
Rob, so what do you suggest now for her current height?Now she seems around 188-188.5 cm, while her husband doesnt seem taller than 185cm.You should probably change her current height.
Editor Rob
6ft 2.25-2.5 today may be possible
Lek 196cm said on 19/Oct/19
If Kerri Walsh is listed 1.88cm and is almost the same height with Gabby, despite she wearing flats and Gabby snickers..Then what makes you think that Gabby is 1.90 cm??Then gabby seems around 6 cm shorter than lisa leslie which ist 1.94 cm tall, that makes Gabby around 1.88 cm.Then his husband who is not shorter than 2-3 cm than gabby, appeared around 2-3 inches shorter than Sacha baron cohen who is 1.90 cm.Which means all evidences conclude that gabby is around 188-188.5 cm tall.The claim that she is 1.90 cm is funny.What do you think?
Editor Rob
Losing height by late 40's might seem strange for someone like her, but then Jenny by age 43 had already lost a fraction and by the age gaby is at (49) lost over half an inch.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Jul/19
@Canson To be more honest on the metric i get the estimate for Lisa is 192.5cm a low and Gabrielle 188.5cm a low. Although i also felt Lisa could look like 4.5cm edging out. Gabrielle can look as low as 6'2 with her former teammates 6'2 Kerri Walsh. Barkley like i say before he might have slided in 1cm extra insoles that is why he could look 197cm with 6'4 listed Boris Kodjoe and Kodjoe in person met by my 6'0 friend who met Jason Momoa say that Kodjoe is only 192cm in person that gauge out Barkley look 196cm with him which is the suspicious 1cm orthotics slot in his shoes took out it would be 195cm for Barkley. Well you can suspect he slide in 2cm insoles and is flat 194cm you think of the hip replacement thing make him lost height, those 6'4 in real rumors can't always trust it. Because someone like James Harden who can look 3-4cm shorter than Barkley and there are people claim to met Harden and insist him solid 6'4 so how can it be appropriate with Barkley and Jordan 6'4 in person rumors? Am i right? Its more of the prove and evidence we see enough and frame of a person we see it everyday to judge on a person's height is more accurate. There are worst of a forum i read up someone claim Kobe and Jordan is 6'4 with shoes in real, that is BS right? Shoes, ground and posture people meeting a person in real has some main issues from perception of how tall a person look. You say you met Carmelo Anthony but you still could not decide whether he is as low as 6'6 or he he is really 6'6 1/4? Problem is Carmelo is not over 6'6 at best from the scientific fact he get measure in the morning at 6'6 1/4 so how could he not lost anything in a day? Unless he grow but there strong prove that 6'7 Lebron had him an inch on stage and during the game on NBA court. For Carmelo being 6'6 is like prove that Kobe is at least 6'4.75" not a lie from Vanessa words also strange that Kobe can look the 196-197cm at times with a whole bunch of different celebrities and it look 10-10.5cm from height differences with 185cm Barrack Obama, things we often forget is the shoes stuff maybe Kobe sometimes sneak in fraction orthotics in his shoes too? We can also suspect alot of celebrities did this that is why they given chance listed higher by Rob. Rob may not know all the time which actors he met might had a false shoes difference with him when that guy could have slot in something 1/2 more heels lift or something 1cm boosting height.
Canson said on 10/Jul/19
The other thing is for a woman that size, how much does Reece lose in a day? If the 6’2.75 were early morning 6’2 or 6’2.25 certainly are possible. Lisa can honestly look 192-193 with Kobe. If under 6’4” it’s not by much and I doubt Over 6’4”
Canson said on 10/Jul/19
@Junior: that does not mean that Gabrielle is that low. It could be a lot of other variables. Remember that Barkley often looked taller than his listing with other celebs. Think possibly his footwear or what is inside of it. And if Barkley measured that at 29 in 1992 I don’t see why dropping 1/4” is not reasonable considering how bad his knees are, how heavy he is, and that he had hip replacement. From what people say when they meet him today he’s 6’4”. That doesn’t mean on the nose but probably not far over it
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 10/Jul/19
If going by Kobe's height compare that first came that Lisa Leslie is 6'4 flat and Lisa had Gabrielle close to 2" which is a need to drop Gabrille down 6'2.25", problem goes to 6'4 3/4 Charles Barkley, 6'4 3/4 Kobe Bryant and 6'2 1/2 Geoff Stults. Unless three of them were really 1/4 higher than listing then would do a justice for Lisa being 6'4 1/4 and Gabby 6'2 1/2 but meanwhile they're listed 1/4 too high for max height.
Andrea said on 9/Jul/19
I myself thought that Lisa was 6'4 MAX, last time I had a look at her, Tunman, but maybe that's a bit too low... I mean, if that's the case, where does it leave Gabby at? I really struggle to see any less than 2.5 inches between them in those pics, to be honest.
Speaking of which, Rob, how can you still have her at 6'2.75? Even going by a 6'4.5 Lisa, there's not a chance she's that tall with her, come on!
Tunman said on 4/Jul/19
Well,if Barkley was measured 6'4 5/8" technically it's close to 195 (194,6-7)and that's really the lowest arguable imo.I mean he could easily look 6'5 at times though probably just under it.Question is how much.Very possible that he,Jordan and Kobe fall in that 6'4 5/8-6'4.75range.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Jul/19
Canson, you're putting Gabrielle into flat 6'2 zone when you think of Barkley at 6'4 5/8 and 6'4 3/8 now. From the past Barkley had her by 6.5cm not under it considered with every advantage issues.
Canson said on 3/Jul/19
@Junior: I agree with almost everything. I doubt Barkley is 195cm tho. He wasn’t that at his peak and probably is no more than around 194 today
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Jul/19
She should be bring down at 6'2 1/4 no chance she was taller than Geoff Stults who was most unbeatable 6'2.5" in this site. 6'4 3/4 Barkley had her by solid 2.5" (had deducted Barkley's shoe advantage), no surprise she was measure at her doctor close to 6'2.75"(189.9) in the morning and rounded up 6'3 and came down a low at 6'2.25". 6'2 Kerri Walsh is hardly looking half inch shorter than her Click Here Walsh is not in heels and shes in flats lesser than Gabrielle. Her husband is not 6'2 1/2 more closer to 6'1.75". Lisa Leslie is also not 6'4.5-6'5 range more down to 6'4 if Kobe Bryant is only 6'4 3/4 that already worst to make Gab 6'2.25", plead no lies that Lisa is really at least 2cm shorter than Kobe and like Canson mention also look to be 1" between them from higher side. 6'2.25" is fair for Gabrielle. Strong 6'3 Gwendoline Christie would have beat out Gabby by 3/4 inch i wouldn't be surprise that.
Canson said on 1/Jul/19
I would put her 6’2-6’2.25 at a low
Canson said on 1/Jul/19
@Tunman: Leslie. I’m going to assume that she was wearing flats only because If she weren’t it would mean she was 6’3” which she wasn’t. My personal guess is that she is probably around 6’3.75 barefoot which would make the difference possibly an inch if he were 6’4 or 6’4 1/8 in dress shoes he’d be 6’5 and 1/4 probably. I’m not going solely off his encounter but also off how she looks with Candice Parker. Parker looks 6’2-6’2.5 next to Sheldon Williams who edges me by around 3”. Sheldon May be 6’7.5 tops or a hair under that. But as far as Barkley with Reece, unless he had an advantage on her then 2.75 would put her under 6’2”. Barkley was measured 6’4 5/8”
Canson said on 29/Jun/19
@Tunman: I know my father met her once and thought she was shorter than him (he was a peak 6’4-6’4 1/8). Possible she was wearing flats and he would’ve been in dress shoes. But even beyond that Kobe looks a full inch on her
Tunman said on 27/Jun/19
Provided that Kobe falls in that 6'4.75-5range I can give Lisa 6'4.25"which could be the best compromise I feel.Could Gabby then stand like 6'2.25"near enough to 189?very possible.I'm just going to assume that Walsh is truly the 6'2.25 she claims and that she and Gabby are the same.This definitely leaves Laird in the weak 6'2 range which I'm convinced he could look too often compared to the full 6'2 (6'1.5 being the most convincing figure imo).In your pic he looks indeed a full inch smaller but I can buy rather 1,5-2cm differnce when counting his slight leaning(also her hairlevel looks more 1.25than 1.5" if you ask me).All in all I would be surprised if Gabby turned taller than Geoff Stults or that Laird was only an inch smaller than Baron Cohen more likely 1.5"indeed and probably a full 9"under Noah
Andrea said on 26/Jun/19
I didn't see that, Tunman! Not that I disagree with it (I agree that even 6'4.5 probably is a bit generous for Lisa), but with her now down at 6'4.5, I think it is safe to say that 6'2.75 is 100% IMPOSSIBLE for Gabrielle. I mean, surely there is more than just 1.75 inches between them? Rob??? Click Here
As for Laird, I can see why you say that the difference between them is more 0.5-0.75 inch, because sometimes I'm sure it can look as low as that. That's possible, I guess, though other times (like in that barefoot pic I've posted) it can look easily more than that...
Anyway, 6'2-6'2.5 for Gabby (and 6'1-6'1.5 for Laird) definitely looks a lot more believable than anything over it.
Tunman said on 24/Jun/19
The problem is that she looks too often 6'2 flat although obviously most people wouldn't raise an eyebrow even if she claimed 6'4.
With Barkley she looks 3.75-4 or 2.75-3 if she really has an inch less footwear.On the same way she looks 2 solid inches smaller than 6'4.5" MAX Lisa Leslie and that's assuming Lisa's posture doesn't make her lose 0.25 or 0.5.Again I fail to see how she's closer to 6'3 but then Rob must have his reasons to say she's not under 189.
Tunman said on 23/Jun/19
Very good points,Andrea.Actually Rob brought Lisa Leslie down to 6'4.5"which is still a bit too much if you ask me.You remember you did post that pic of her with Kutcher few years ago and she looked max 1.25"taller though I could have bought 6'4-4.25 given a very slight slouch.And for sure Gabby struggles to look much over 6'2 even if Lisa manages the full 6'4.5"(which again I'm not convinced of).
the 6'2.25" claim of Kerri Walsh is interesting because if it's truly her evening height that makes Gabby like 6'2.25 or 6'2.5 in other words a honest 189.
As for Laird,I think it's quite hard to spot his height.He could be as short as 6'1.5"with Noah if the latter stands at his tallest,yet I have to disagree with the fact he's an inch smaller than Gabby,perhaps 0.5 or 0.75 at the very max from the pics I've seen,I mean they often look too close for being a full inch apart,possibly 187 and 189 for them which is still more convincing than 188 and 90 imho.
Andrea said on 22/Jun/19
To be honest, even 6'2.75 does seem too much, from what I've seen.
Even if we say that Lisa Leslie is 6'5 (which I certainly found it hard to believe, last time I checked), she looks 6'2.5 MAX with her: Click Here
With Charles Barkley here Click Here , it's a shame that we cannot see their footwear, but she looks MINIMUM 3.5 inches shorter (actually more 4, if you consider that she's not really much above his eyebrows: Click Here ). Of course you can always say that she's in flats, so in say an inch less footwear, but still...
As for that Kerri Walsh gal, she actually has claimed a very precise 6'2 1/4 a few times on Twitter Click Here , so she may well be a smidge more than 6'2 (I don't really know her). That being said, I struggle to see Gabrielle much taller than her, yeah: Click Here I mean, to be fair to her, I think she's dropping more height than Kerri there, but then again, she has a noticeable footwear advantage, so the two things probably even each other out.
As for Laird, I think he's roughly around an inch shorter than her (sometimes he can look less, sometimes more). Here's a good pic of them barefoot: Click Here Is he really near 6'2 himself though? From what I've seen, I highly doubt it. With that 6'10.5 MEASURED basketball player that Tunman has posted, he would be AT LEAST 9-9.5 inches shorter, if that guy were to stand at his tallest: Click Here And again, well more than just an inch shorter than Sacha Baron Cohen: Click Here
Speaking of Gabby, I'd love to see her with Gwendoline Christie, who is a TRUE 6'3 range woman, as I'm sure she would be easily shorter than her. Certainly more than just a fraction!
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jun/19
Yeah, 190 seems right. I wouldn't go under that but Laird at times can look 187 range. Possible he measure an Andy Murray sort of measurement.
Tunman said on 17/Jun/19
Oops!sorry to post again,I just saw you downgraded Laird to 6'2 flat which definitely seemed more likely anyways.So maybe downgrading Gabby by 0.5" would be a good beginning?I'm still convinced that there is only 0.5"between them.
Nik said on 9/Jun/19
It is interesting that she is taller than her husband!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jun/19
@ Junior Hernandez - That's fine! I haven't even seen her playing her sport, so your opinion is more than welcome. I will certainly bear it in mind next time I vote for her. When it comes to many a sportsperson, except perhaps for footballers because their game is the only sport I ever watch - I'm a complete and utter NOVICE! 😂😂😂

Cheers and best wishes to you Junior!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Jun/19
@Miss Sandy Cowell
Had to disagree with you. The most she can be 6'2.5" and could be her peak which no chance she is only 1.75" shorter than 6'4.75" Charles Barkley. The lowest between them is near 3" not near 2".
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/May/19
Wow! This Gabrielle is over 8" taller than the second tallest Gabrielle. That's a big difference!

Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/May/19
I have wasted my breath. But comfirmation 6'3 was a round up from her morning height 6'2.5" and still look more like 6'2.25" and shorter than 6'2.5" Geoff Stults.
Nik said on 28/May/19
It's nice what Gabrielle says about Lisa Leslie!
Arch Stanton said on 24/May/19
Laird is slouching a little there though. Around 6'2, I'd guess 6'1.75 from what I've seen overall. Gabby was listed at 190 and I think it was a proper Volleyball measurement.
Arch Stanton said on 24/May/19
Click Here

A good comparison with Laird there barefoot. I think she is a genuine 190 6'2.75, she was listed at that rather than 191. Possible Laird is 187 range.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Apr/19
@Lek195cm Fully agree with you.

Click Here Many golf game image of them together here to make better comparison, however Gabrielle look easily under 6'2 with 6'4.75" Charles Barkley. We can argue possible that Barkley had thick footwear maybe 3.5cm style black leather shoes and Gabrielle wear one inch style. She still never being 6'3 and most likely she was struggle 6'2.5" peak. Click Here this is one of the best one she stand next to Barkley, look 2.75" shorter without her hair and disadvantage footwear which makes her real height to be 189cm and Barkley 195cm. Click Here ignore this worst one she look 6'1 with him but footwear totally unknown. Click Here Next to 6'0 Tiger Woods struggle to look near 2.75" taller (Woods standing a little behind both Barkley and Gabrielle) Click Here her footwear visible here Click Here Barkley shoes hardly sees how much it give from looking it may look 1.25" but could have a little inner soles given fraction more, just estimate. I could be wrong but to all the facts she doesn't look max 6'2 1/2 and Laird Hamilton always look a flat 6'2 with her.
Lek195cm said on 16/Apr/19
I and my friend have met her last year.My friend who is 1.89cm and Gabby looked exactly the same and they both had similiar footwear.So she is around 188-189 cm.
Nik said on 14/Apr/19
It's so good that she has said "Keep standing tall and ENJOY who you are!"! There are a whopping 5 e's in her name!
Anderson said on 27/Mar/19
Gabrielle Reece is a very tall woman, I’m 5’9 and when I met her in an event and she was much taller than me I felt like a small child, the top of my head reached just above her shoulder level, though she was wearing moderately high heels. Was awkward having to look so high up to talk to a woman.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Mar/19
@Mimi If you look at her with Charles Barkley at the golf game she don't even make it over 6'2. I'll be generous to give her 6'2.25" and her husband Laird would have being always 6'1.75" or less.
Mimi said on 19/Feb/19
I wouldn't go above 189 cm for this statuesque lady. I've seen pictures with Lisa Leslie wearing similar heels and looking at least 2.5 inches shorter than her and Lisa isn't even 6ft5
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 28/Jan/19
1."The beautiful @LisaLeslie is 2 inches taller than myself at a glorious 6'5. She carries it perfectly."
Truth is Lisa is only 6'4 and obviously shorter than Kobe Bryant.

2."Woman never lie up w[ith] their height. 6'3."
Truth is she look at most 6'2 with 6'4 3/4 Charles Barkley.

3.Click Here At least 8.5cm shorter than Barkley we could see it clearly, how could she be 6'3 even shes in flats?

I would have give her 6'2.25" max but nothing more and Laird Hamilton probably flat 6'2. People should stop lie to themself for what they have see in their eyes. Click Here Geoff is taller and he is solid 189cm not 6'3.
Leke196cm said on 23/Jan/19
She must be between 6’2 and 6’3.She is most likely 189 cm tall while his husband is around 185-186 cm.
Tunman said on 20/Oct/18
Click Here
One thing is true she looks taller than her husband in most pics but is he 6'2.5?I doubt it really.Overall I would have thought Reece often looked under 6'3 especially with Mandy Moore and 6'2 Kerri Walsh.More chance for 6'2.5"imo
Dream(5'9.5") said on 3/Oct/18

Agreed. A lot of people (both men and women) have lied about their height.

One of my high school friends called my 5’10”-5’11” friend 6’1”. She called me that (6’1”) based on a ‘f@&king photo’ which I looked taller than my 5’10”-5’11” (this was in high school and we had to use the school’s cameras) and I was way closer to the camera. I knew my 5’10”-5’11” friend was taller than me in ‘person’ and she drastically exaggerated my height that much higher, based on a f@#king photo, not in person.

Now, I could name other scenarios that ‘women’ and ‘men’, but that was the worst case.
Nik said on 2/Sep/18
Many people of both genders lie about height!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Aug/18
Click Here 3.5-3.75" shorter than 194.6-194.9cm Charles Barkley in this picture shes 6'1 1/8 max but we could argue she drop a little height standing on one side of her knee with a 1/2 inch flats on her feet and Big Barkley had on a standard 3cm footwear. But shes still has to be about 3" shorter so about 6'2 closer to the truth.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Jul/18
Geoff Stults look fractionally taller than Gabby Reece from what i see.
MAD SAM said on 11/Jul/18
I would say that’s what a 6’3” at 190.5 cm would look
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 29/Jun/18
Shes 6'2 1/2 at best i can say.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 22/Jun/18
Rob, would you say J August Richards would be taller than this lady?
Editor Rob
Probably more chance he is a little over 6ft 3 and Gabrielle a little under.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 1/Jun/18
"Women never lie about their height."

Welllllll, I'm not a sexist, but there has been occasions where women have lied about their height.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 10/May/18
I always thought she look 6'2.
awkward said on 29/Jan/18
as SJH showed it, next to Barkley that 6-3 listening is very generous
joe### said on 28/Nov/17
geoff stults upgrade Click Here
even said on 20/Sep/17
she is a legit 6 foot 3 no doubt about it , but those arms look like they can extend to a length of 2 meters .
even said on 17/Jul/17
she is 6 foot 3 . at least 160 pounds .
Tunman said on 13/Jul/17
Click Here
Here her daughter looks more like 5'9 tops imo that's in June 2016 if I'm not wrong.
I'm guessing the daughter might end up a good 6'+ anyways.Yeah as you said Nona she seems proud of her height enough not to downplay it like some tall girls,actually a rare case of mom and daughter boosting their heights
I think Arch said she was allegedly measured at 190 that makes sense since she looks way smaller than Barkley which again raises questions about his own height as he often looks a strong 6'5.Gwendoline is more the strong 6'3er.A small downgrade would be perfect for Gabby.
even said on 6/Jul/17
shes at least 190 cm tall
Nona said on 5/Jul/17
She said in an interview revcently that she is 6'3". Infact she also said that she weighed 175 lbs and after some surgery she was down to 160 lbs and that she was pretty disappointed at losing that weight which was all muscle. She further went on to make her 12 year old daughter to reveal that she weighed 162 lbs at 5'10". Basically she was proving the point that big is beautiful and that there is no need for girls to be ashamed about it. Hats off to both the mother and daughter.
S.J.H said on 21/Jun/17
If she have smaller footwear with charles barkley that would not be much and she can only be pushing 6'1.75. Charles Barkley honestly made her look 6'1.5 , i see a 8cm + between them.

Click Here Barkley slouch and still look over 6cm taller

Click Here Barkley pushing 9cm higher than Reece so how could she be 6'3?? 6'2? Not even close honestly.. 6'1.5 is generous , barkley is 6'4-5/8 which is not even a full 195cm guy
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 20/Jun/17
Her "Women never lie up with their height" quote is obviously false, as I've met plenty of women who do it. She could be anywhere from 6'2"-6'2.5" Definitely shorter than Gwendoline.
Canson said on 16/Jun/17
Yea I'm with you SJH. Only because Lisa for sure isn't 6'5. My 6'4" father is taller when he met her. She may have had flats but still that may make Lisa 6'3.5-6'4. Gabby 6'2.5 maybe
insomniak said on 27/May/17
Rob she doesn't look 6'3 would you say this is one of those optimistic listings on this site?
Editor Rob
yeah I do agree that she ain't like a Gwendoline, a genuine strong 6ft 3.

Although she says women never round up, I wouldn't be at all surprised if she dipped under 6ft 3.
S.J.H said on 24/Feb/17
Click Here Shes not even 6'2

Click Here charles barkley is a strong 6'4.5. The optimistic side is that she is 6'3 with certain footwear and 187cm barefoot

Click Here
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 29/Jan/17
jacob said on 23/Jan/17
Rob, I am 185 cm out of bed but shrink to 184 cm during evening. Next week I will probably meet gabby. Problem is that I have bet my friend that I'll tower her ( didn't know her height exactly earlier).Do you think lifts can work or I'm certain to lose.


Your chances are extremely slim, I would say. Since you're about 6ft0.5 at your lowest, you would need a 2.5 inch lift to be the same height as her. And it's impossible to fit lifts that thick into regular shoes, so you would need boots or high top sneakers, and even then, you may walk clumsy or even trip over. Not the brightest idea, Jacob.
jacob said on 23/Jan/17
Rob, I am 185 cm out of bed but shrink to 184 cm during evening. Next week I will probably meet gabby. Problem is that I have bet my friend that I'll tower her ( didn't know her height exactly earlier).Do you think lifts can work or I'm certain to lose.
Editor Rob
with lifts you might get very close, but fall a bit short.
anyonmious said on 23/Dec/16
Peak height is 6'2.5" and her present height is 6'2"
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Dec/16
@ Arch Stanton - I don't think the day I wake up one morning all sensible will ever dawn!
Until then, I shall enjoy keeping as fit as feasibly possible, wearing my hair long and playing my music loudly!
Rock on!
Arch Stanton said on 14/Dec/16
jacob said on 4/Dec/16
Rob can gabrielle reece surpass gwendoline christie and maria sharapova in height?
Editor Rob: for me Jacob, no, I believe she would only look taller than Maria, but Gwendoline would edge her.

Gwendoline vs Gabby would be sort of like peak Jimm Stewart/Gary Cooper vs Gregory Peck I think, a clear edge. Gabby at 190 is possible, but close to this mark obviously.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Dec/16
Aren't you a 55 year old ish woman Sandy LOL?
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Dec/16
Oh no! I fancy some Reece's Pieces now! Yum yum yum!

(I wonder if Gabrielle reached the dizzy heights of 6ft3 by eating these? I can't think of a nicer way! Yum yum double yum!)
jacob said on 4/Dec/16
Rob can gabrielle reece surpass gwendoline christie and maria sharapova in height?
Editor Rob
for me Jacob, no, I believe she would only look taller than Maria, but Gwendoline would edge her.
S.J.H said on 14/Nov/16
Shes lucky to reach 187cm

Click Here
Tunman said on 24/Jun/16
possibly 6'2.5"she's indeed 2" shorter than Leslie but Leslie isn't 6'5 rather 6'4.5" IMO.She's also taller than her husband but is he really 6'2.5" he looked smaller with Joakim Noah,possibly 6'2.
S.J.H said on 30/May/16
She lie about her height. In fact she's 6'1.5 standing close next to 6'4-5/8 charles barkley. If barkley is 195cm then gabriellle reece is not over 187cm max
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/16
No offence Charlie but you're an idiot. Here she is in flats next to a 5'10.5 guy (Orlando Bloom) in sneakers with pavement and camera position Click Here In other photos with him she's very clearly around 6 ft 3. If she isn't she's a whisker under it.
Johan said on 15/May/16
Charlie there is no way this lady is only 5'10". She is mostly in flats all the time and towers over average guys like Orlando bloom. I wouldn't have guessed her anything under 6'1" and thats just at a glance .

Even with my estimate of a 5'10" tops Bloom she still looks about 6'3" with a footwear disadvantage.
charlie said on 13/May/16
I will say this most female Celebs will measure their height according to how tall they are in high heels. This way if a movie producer is looking for a female who claims she is 5' 9" then he will assume thaat's the highest she will be that's of course she is wearing heels in the movie otherwise she would be of normal height which is around 5' 4". I believe Gabrielle Reece is around 5' 10 perhaps 5'11 at most and with heels she is 6' 3". Heck if you see a 6' 3" female flat footed wearing 6 inch heels and some one ask's her how tall she is she can not tell the person she is 6' 3" because they will automatically assume she is around 6' 7". I can not imaging her being 6' 3" flat because that would bring her height to a towering 6' 7". Theres no one in this world who is that height unless they are fibbing.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jun/15
In flats here with Orlando Bloom with footwear advantage, clearly around this
Click Here Her oldest daughter is only 11 or 12 and looks already at least as tall as an average fully grown woman, but it's to be expected with two parents around 6 ft 3!! The daughters could end up Lisa Leslie height.
176,2Tunman said on 13/Dec/14
Women never lie with their height?lol
Well,maybe less than men but there are tons and tons who will boost themselves
Actually she looks rather a weak 6'3 like 6'2.5-2.75 with Leslie but I think she's a legit 6'3 since she generally looks taller than Laird,here listed 6'2.5
Lee Whit said on 6/Oct/14
That has to be the most unflattering pic ever! IMO she should wear heels too, best look on a Lady.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Sep/14
@Real Enigma, taller, The Rock is only 6'1 :-)

Click Here

Does look near the 6'3" mark with Lisa Leslie.
tiny said on 23/Jan/14
She is a solid 6'3" no doubt and extremely well built. Its just that in some pics she appears overweight with a tummy and huge thighs and in others she is seen with a flat tummy and muscular legs. Either ways she is very healthy and weighs in at atleast 175 lbs
Real Enigma said on 9/Oct/13
Just imagine, shes as tall as The Rock!
Arch Stanton said on 17/Mar/13
Jose says on 5/Oct/12
Geez, can women really get this tall? I mean even for a guy 6'3" is too tall. I only remember seeing this one girl at the gym that I go to that was easily about 6' on the dot, since I was only about 1 1/2"-2" taller than her ( I am 6'2" when I get get out first thing in the morning, although I recently find out today that grew to 6' 2 1/4" :) ), and I though it was just strange to see a girl that tall, but now I can only imagine seen this 6'3" Actress in person. It will feel awkard to see a girl about my height :s.

I've met one woman who was about her height and in heels and looked near 6'6" and yes. she was similar sort of appearance and highly intimidating. Too beautiful and goddess like, most men would be scared to chat her up!
Arch Stanton said on 29/Nov/12
Laird claimed "6'2" on a documentary Brad, but I think his website says "six three", Rob is most likely spot on with 6'2.5", I think he's a little shorter than Gab.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Nov/12
Nah she aint 185 pounds. 170 pounds would be roughly near what she is I think.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Nov/12
If any of their offspring end up under 6 ft Brad they can officially class themselves as runts. Daughters should end up at least 6'1". Were they to have a son, that's basketball breeding territory. Tall mother's tend to have tall sons, and 6 ft 3 is the female equivalent of 6'8""-6'9". Add the fact Laird is a solid 6'2" guy, you'd expect a son to be easily 6 ft 6.
Jose said on 5/Oct/12
Geez, can women really get this tall? I mean even for a guy 6'3" is too tall. I only remember seeing this one girl at the gym that I go to that was easily about 6' on the dot, since I was only about 1 1/2"-2" taller than her ( I am 6'2" when I get get out first thing in the morning, although I recently find out today that grew to 6' 2 1/4" :) ), and I though it was just strange to see a girl that tall, but now I can only imagine seen this 6'3" Actress in person. It will feel awkard to see a girl about my height :s.
nona said on 4/Sep/12
Gabrielle Reece at 6'3" & 185 lbs is the most attractive tall woman I have seen. She make Maria Sharapova look under nourished
Brad said on 1/Sep/12
Oh jeez, if her and her hubby are both 6'3", then her 2 children could be tall as well! Using a height from genetics formula, I counted a genetic potential of 184.5 cm (Or 6'0.5") ([Father's height-or+13]+Mother's height/2) (They are both girls so I subtracted.
Shaun said on 7/Dec/11
I read somewhere her father was black or something, cannot believe that one. She looks like some Nordic superwoman. Could her kids get any stronger genes than having her and Laird as parents LOL!!
Shaun said on 12/Nov/11
Gorgeous and feminine at 6'3" despite having a top athletes body. Laird's a very lucky guy. When both are in flat Laird looks a bit shorter so I think her 6'3" is legit. She owned 6'0.5" David Schwimmer on Leno in low heels by about 4 inches.
super mario said on 21/Sep/11
by far the most attractive women over 1.85(sharapova isnt more than 1.83 lol) i ve ever seen
Legend said on 7/Apr/11
She's the most beautiful girl over 6 feet I have ever seen. I'm 5'11.5 in shoes at the most and I would not mind being with her :)
J.J. said on 24/Jun/09
I'll give her 6'2.75"
Doug said on 3/Feb/09
Looks **very** tall and gorgeous too. Her height in inherited genetically - her mother is 6'2". Funny she always looks at least an inch taller than Laird, and Laird is a biigg guy!! perhaps she is in heels when with him.
Pamela said on 10/Jan/09
Saw them both on the Today Show yesterday. They were both barefoot, showing yoga postures, and Gabby did look an inch or so taller than Laird. But maybe that was just the camera angle. I've seen pictures where he looks taller than her, too.
gabby reece said on 27/Oct/08
hi. somehow i came upon this picture and entry shown to me by a friend. for the record I am 170 pounds (don't want to mis represent) and 6ft 3in. My husband Laird is 6'3...I wish all of you peace and good health...whether you are short or tall..g
anonymous said on 20/Oct/08
haha M.P. how tall are you?
BG said on 15/May/08
I agree with M.P I am 100% the same. I wish I were more secure with them, becuase they turn me on more than anyone
M.P. said on 7/May/08
Tall girls do intimidate me, but I like to be intimidated. I'm insecure and aroused, at the same time.
Alice said on 20/Feb/08
Andrea, I know exactly what you mean I am a tall girl myself 6'1 and almost all the guys I go out with are a little scared and intimidated, even the few ones that are a bit taller than me I guess it's very damaging to the male ego to have their female partner much bigger and/or stronger than they are because men are supposed to be the protectors and providers and maybe a guy would feel like he wants the earth to swallow him when he gets into trouble with other guy and he says: "i'll blast you into next week, if you didn't had a girlfriend
who could whoop my butt in seconds" I get a LOT of stares from men, but I guess they won't want me to be their bodyguard ;)
Toucan Sam said on 4/Jan/08
I've stood next to her and she is definitely 6'3". I tend to find tall women unattractive, but she is one hot, tall chick.
Andrea said on 9/Nov/07
Why all this talk about her height being odd or wierd? Most of the female beach volley ball players are tall. She is a professional sports person not some scrawny runway model and I think she looks great. Why is it men drool over the long leggy type and then they discover the girl is 6ft or above and then the complaints come: "That's too tall!" "Oh man! She has BIG feet!" or "Wow! She weighs 140!" What gives with that.
Monica said on 16/Oct/07
In Gleen's photo, Mrs. Reece looks like she's clearly has an inch or maybe a little bit more over her boyfriend, even if they are leaning just a bit, just look at the distance of their eyes, Gabby's eyes are well a few millimeters over her boyfriend's eyelids and also their shoulders next to Gleen's, Gabby's are just a little higher, so O'Contrarie, I guess your name in this case applies to your misjudgement of Gabby's and her boyfriend's heights lol! I think Reece is 6'2 and her bf 6'0.5 MAX
antron said on 14/Oct/07
He has better posture, they're about the same, whatever
O'Contraire said on 31/Jul/07
Well she's supposed to be the same height as her husband Laird. But I think her husband could be an inch to an inch and a half taller. In this picture, they're both wearing flats along with their daughter. He looks 6'3 and she looks 6'2 tops!
Click Here
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/07
She is way taller than all the super heroes. Dont understand why she is listed at only 156 lbs cos when she was single she was 170 lbs and now after becoming a mom, she should atleast be the same if not more
Mr. R said on 10/Jun/07
Years ago, she used to date Dean Cain of "Superman" fame. She used to wear huge heels, and he did not like it, and told her to stop. She told him that she loved "being taller than Superman!"

Editor Rob
she's evil! How are you doing yourself?
eg said on 26/May/07
wow she looks like a giant
Tracey said on 10/May/07
if Gabrielle Reece is ugly, then apparently the modeling industry needs the advice of "Anonymous" below - because somehow they found her beauty worthy of a successful modeling career. It might be worth noting as well that she is married to one of the world's premier athletes, ( also a successful model), whom she is taller than.
Viola said on 7/May/07
I do not think that Gabrielle looks ugly. Yes, she is very tall for a lady, but she is rather slim and has a pretty face - in my opinion, she is just just great!!! Very attractive!
Shero said on 7/May/07
She is deffinately 6'3". The height works for her. And I know some who would say 5'1" is too short. But who's to say what is attractive or not? I'm tall and my height has never been a disadvantage or looked at negatively.
Anonymous said on 4/May/07
Being THAT tall is ugly for a lady. I am 5 feet and 1 inch, and i think that`s much better than 6 feet and 3 inch
Lola said on 18/Apr/07
I'd definitely disagree with the comment below regarding Gabby's height. I am 6'1", slender but fit, much like Gabby, and I average 147 in weight.....even less when I'm super active. So saying she's 156 at 6'3" sounds right to me. She's stunning and great role model for tall girls!
Austrian said on 29/Mar/07
well, i have seen a woman of the same height

the Austrian foreign minister :)

she actually looks kinda similar like Gabrielle Reece, just that shes older and not as beautiful obviously

but her name is Ursula Plassnik, and shes 191 cm tall, has blond long hair and blue eyes ;)
Anonymous said on 10/Mar/07
Hi michelle, its good to have Gabrielle Reece as ur hero. She is a good role model for tall teens like u cos she is tall and well built, not like the tall superskinny models on the ramp.
Michelle said on 3/Mar/07
Most people say they are an inch or two taller than what they really are (especially celebs). But Gabby Reece is definetely ATLEAST 6'2 barefoot! I am a 6'1 teenage girl, and Gabrielle Reece is my hero!
Jennifer said on 13/Feb/07
Well her mom Terri is 6 foot 2. In her book she describes her mom (Terri) as being the "genetic freak" of her family since she was the first female to go past the 6 foot barrier. Terri's mom (Gaby's Grandma) was 5 foot 9 and she couldn't remember any other super tall (over six foot) women in the family before them. Gaby's late father (who died when she was 5) was about 5'10" tall. In her book there is a picture of Gaby's mom Terri, and she is tall and amazonian like Gaby.
ralph said on 6/Feb/07
They both look strong, they could be bodyguards!
Anonymous said on 6/Feb/07
What a woman, so beautiful and so tall. Guess she works out like mad to have that bod. Still dont agree with the 156lbs for her weight. Looks more like 170 to me
Coffin_fodder said on 5/Feb/07
She's really tall,unusally tall,gracefully tall! I dont think I've seen any woman taller than her.
supes78 said on 4/Feb/07
Here's both of them side by side in sandals looking the same height;

Click Here

But I suppose that since she's holding the baby her posture might be slightly affected.
TNTinCA said on 3/Feb/07
Those two need to procreate as much as possible. Those are the kind of genes we need to spread around! Hopefully offset the huge amount of chlorine we currently have in the pool! :-)
rodogg/199 said on 2/Feb/07
wow shez tall unless heels are bein worn but she iz still tall fo a lady
Glenn said on 1/Feb/07
Thanks J-dog.Im glad you appreciate is important.
J-Dog said on 1/Feb/07
Wow, Austrian you scare me, lol. Laird Hamilton is half Greek also.

Glenn I have to give it up to you again bro' great job I have been waiting to see this one for awhile.

Laird her husband is also a tall guy, but I believe in the picture as Glenn says she is in slight heels and he tends not to be insecure to the point to straighten up his looser posture.

Laird Hamilton looks about 6'2.5" Click Here
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/07
Ive seen a Video Fashion episode where they did a shoot on Gabby. She said that she was not only taller than most men, but outlifted them in the weight room at her gym. She said that she was 6'3" and 170lbs. Now with a kid she should defnitely be more than 170lbs. Dont know where the 156lbs came from
Viper said on 31/Jan/07
She always looks 6-3.
Glenn said on 31/Jan/07
Great people.bumped into them.
TNTinCA said on 31/Jan/07
Her husband is definately shorter. On that Cribs episode, both of them were barefoot during the tour. (They have a gorgeous house in Hawaii) She had at least an inch to an inch and a half on her husband.

Hey Glenn, what were their personalities like? They seemed so genuine and pleasant during the MTV interview.
gf said on 31/Jan/07
I remember Gabby saying in an interview that Laird was her height, although she also claimed that his "curved shoulders" or slouching made him a bit shorter.
Glenn said on 31/Jan/07
6-3 for sure. small heels too.
footballed28 said on 31/Jan/07
what I really want to know is...was she wearing heels? in the picture she only looks 6'3 without heels
RobertJ said on 30/Jan/07
So Glenn, was she definitely 6'3''?
Austrian said on 30/Jan/07
lol... this has got to be the perfect arian couple

blond, blue eyed, and TALLL

wonder how tall their son will be, if they have one... 3 meters? :)
TNTinCA said on 30/Jan/07
I saw their home profiled on MTV Cribs. I could tell she was quite tall but with no frames of reference (other than the husband) I mistakingly assumed she was 5'11" or 6'. I'm shocked to realize she is 6'3"!
S.J said on 30/Jan/07
W00W amazingly Tall it says that laird guy is also 6,3 but he seems More like a 6,2 or 6,1 1/2 maybe even 6,1
mir said on 30/Jan/07
wow, tall!
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/07
It's not difficult. UFC fighter Kendal Grove is 6'6 and 185lbs
Star Dude said on 30/Jan/07
How can you be 190cm and be 156LBS?! You must be not human or bone less!
stop lying!

Editor Rob
this is from 1989 when she was 19, probably was a bag of bones back then

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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