How tall is Gene Snitsky

Gene Snitsky's Height

6ft 4 ⅞ (195.3 cm)

American professional wrestler. In 1998 - at age 28 - he was described as "6-7, 245 lbs", although in 1993 he was Reported as near 6ft 5. In 2012 he said his measurements were "6'7" 300lbs" and that at age 12 he was "6'2". In 2015 he said he was 280 pounds.

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Average Guess (81 Votes)
6ft 5.72in (197.4cm)
IceCold said on 29/Mar/22
ChristianPerkins said on 15/Mar/22
Would you say that Snitsky was taller than a peak Charles Barkley? I would
Editor Rob
Really hard to give one a definitive edge.

I d'give Snitsky the edge
ChristianPerkins said on 15/Mar/22
Would you say that Snitsky was taller than a peak Charles Barkley? I would
Editor Rob
Really hard to give one a definitive edge.
Andrey200 said on 17/Dec/21
2 cm between Rob's guess and the average guess must be in the top 10 biggest differences on this site
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 24/Feb/21
Yeah I’m quite surprised that he’s sub 6’5. Guess he must have been sneaking big lifts
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/21
The 6ft8 billed height I knew was ridiculous but I wouldn’t have thought this low
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/21
Rob, did you have Snitsky at 6ft6 originally?
Editor Rob
yeah he was added at that mark.
James B 172cm said on 6/Dec/20
rob what made you thought he was 6'6 to begin with?
Editor Rob
he could pass for near it with some wrestlers...however some of those other wrestlers listings weren't exactly set in stone either.
6'3 Julian said on 20/Aug/20
He was 6’4-5. Described by a commentator as 6’6. Billed 6’8 and I read an article than calls him 7’0. How does a 6’4 guy get a 7 foot billing?
6'3 Julian said on 18/Aug/20
Didn’t they say he was 7 foot once
RoelC said on 12/Aug/20
Snitsky looked about 1 inch taller than Tiny Lister Jr. back in 2014.

Click Here

Lister Jr. was in his mid-50's back then and Snitsky in his early 40's.
We can't see footwear, but I doubt Lister lost much height. Could he have been shorter than his listed 6'5" height?
Wrasslinfan said on 16/Jul/20
There’s a segment in Wrestlemania 22 (2006) where you see Goldust, Snitsky and Booker T standing near each other
Goldust looks huge because of his hair but easily a solid 6’4 without it
Snitsky is 2 inches above Goldust
Booker looks tiny, maybe 6’1
Estim8r said on 3/Jul/20
I’ve heard as high as 6’8. But really I’m gonna say strong 6’5, maybe 6’6
SeanR said on 1/Jul/20
There is a pic of Nathan Jones (peak 6’9 1/4”) and Heidenreich holding a trophy that can be searched online. Heidenreich looks a solid 4+ inches shorter than Jones there.

Snitsky and Heidenreich look about the same height and NFL listed Heidenreich at 6’5”. So I think Heidenreich can be in that 6’4 3/4” 6’4 7/8” range as well.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Jun/20
Didn't know he played NFL football. He could be more 194cm at his low, based on the combine figure.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jun/20
What a wonderful name! Before I even think of having fun at his expense, I'd better observe that he's a bit taller than me!

Mr Snitsky can have 6ft4.7/8ths. 😁👍
Kane99 said on 17/May/20
Click Here
Is 13 cm range possible for snitsky eye level in your opinion
Canson said on 6/Apr/20
@Editor Rob: he only measured 6’4 7/8 at the combine.

Click Here
Editor Rob
I put a link to that page at the top.
hs2020 said on 4/Apr/20
Snitsky was listed at 6'5" in the NFL Combine and looks about the same height as Big Ben:
Click Here
Click Here
Paul 7'11 said on 22/Mar/20
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Rob, I'm not seeing 6'6 here considering he is also with JBL here who is 6'5. At most 6'5.25 because 6'6 Heidenreich obviously edges him out a good bit.
Deathvalley99 said on 18/Jan/20
I honestly think snitsky is 6ft5 1/2 or 3/4 or viscera was a touch over 6ft6 1/2.
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Because the difference between this 2 has always seemed more than half of an inch
Wrestling Fan said on 22/Sep/19
They both are equal in height and they both 6'6"
Click Here
In this picture Heidenreich is leaning a little bit but trust me they are equal in height.
Yuri99 said on 15/Sep/19
Click Here
It’s arguable the same height of corbin? 6ft6 1/4
Demon87 said on 12/Sep/19
How is the difference next to almost 6ft cm punk?
Click Here
Yuri99 said on 11/Sep/19
In my opinion snitsky is even over 6ft6.. i don’t know for sure but i see more than 2 inches next to randy
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Demon88 said on 8/Sep/19
Do you Think was tall heidenraich or snitsky??
Xpac99 said on 4/Sep/19
Click Here
With 6ft5 listed jbl at the corner. No way he is 6ft6
Demon88 said on 4/Sep/19
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Again 6ft6 1/2 listed viscera taller by an inch on snitsky
Xpac99 said on 3/Sep/19
Click Here
With matt bloom (a train, lord tensai, Albert) bloom was in 6ft6 range, an inch taller than 6ft5 listed test.
Click Here
Snitsky doesn’t look as tall as matt
Demon88 said on 3/Sep/19
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With 6ft2 3/4 listed Batista again it’s impossible to put him 8 cm taller
Demon88 said on 3/Sep/19
Click Here
With 6ft2 triple h again he isn’t 6ft6. Near that for sure.. i think 6ft5 1/2 is ok for him or 6ft5 3/4 at the most
Demon88 said on 3/Sep/19
Yes but in the video segment i post he doesn’t look 6ft6 in every case with orton. 1.5 inches taller is probably but 2 inches is too much. My friend post in viscera page the difference between viscera and snitsky next to kane, and viscera doesn’t look only 1/2 an inch taller.
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He doesn’t look 6ft6 with 6ft7 1/2 taker. Heidenraich was about the same height of snitsky. If you want more evidence i show you
Demon88 said on 1/Sep/19
Click Here
I took a picture of the video with orton. Orton is 6ft4 and i don’t snitsky looks 6ft6. How tall do you think is snitsky in this pic?
Editor Rob
He could be 1.5-2 inches taller, but it might look different actually if the camera was a bit higher up.
Demon88 said on 31/Aug/19
Rob watch this video
Click Here
Snitsky is taller than 6ft4 randy orton but i think give 6ft5 1/2 is reasonible.. he doesn’t looks a full 6ft6
Demon87 said on 14/Aug/19
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Are you sure he’s 6ft 6? Maybe 6ft 5 3/4 is a better list
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 29/Jun/18
Always seemed like a 6'5 guy especially in his face offs with Kane.
Canson said on 13/Mar/18
@MS: I’d bet money He’s not 6’6. I may actually have him high at 6’5.5. May just be 6’5 the more I see. Ben could be near that height but combines are held earlier in the day so wouldn’t surprise me if Ben were under 195 in the evening
MS said on 12/Mar/18
Gene Snitsky can´t be 6-6. With almost 6-5 Ben Rothlisberger: Click Here
6-4,5 - 6-4,75 is Snitsky´s height.
Logan said on 10/Feb/18
Look around 6'5" 1/4
Jake T. said on 22/Jan/18
He can look 6'5 and 6'6, i think he is 197 cm.
Canson said on 20/Jan/18
Doesn’t quite look a legit 6’6” with Arnold but not less than maybe 6’5.5 (196–97 range)
Connor Simpson said on 20/Jan/18
Looks a legit 6ft 6, Arnie here looks closer to 6ft than 5ft 11 here though, how old is this pic Rob or is it recent?
Editor Rob
I think Arnie might have thinner sneakers, it's a few years old I believe, early 2015 maybe.
heightchecker34 said on 19/Jan/18
Nice add Rob! I always wonder the heights of former WWE monsters! I always thought he was around 6'6.5, so this listing seems fine. After looking at clips of him, since it has been a while, I think you hit the nail on the head. I think lowest he would measure is 6'5.75. Rob, who do you think would measure taller... Snitsky or Baron Corbin? Baron Corbin just is a skinny beanpole, (he lost the muscle after his NFL days) while Gene has muscle mass. Also, I wonder how tall Jon Heidenrich is. In one clip when they are attacking The Undertaker, and Kane saves him, Heidenrich looks 6'7 range with Snitsky.
Editor Rob
I see Corbin claimed 6ft 8, but I've not paid as much attention to him, I may try to have a look.
Tall Sam said on 19/Jan/18
Not to be superficial, but his picture could come up in the dictionary along with the word brute. He has a mean looking facial structure in combination with his height and weight.
logan said on 18/Jan/18
Kane is 6'7" plus the lifts 6'9" or 6'8" 3/4. at first look Gene looks 6'6" but in his later years around 08-09 he only looks 6'5". Not sure how tall he exactly is but he looked a little shorter than Kane in lifts, and a little taller than Randy Orton. So I guess he is around 6'6".
tree said on 18/Jan/18
Didn't looked 198cm next to 190cm Batista Click Here or 188cm Triple H Click Here
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 18/Jan/18
Can´t see full 6´6" for him, he was about an inch shorter than Heidenreich Click Here , Heidenreich was easy 1"+ shorter than Taker
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jan/18
6ft6 is fair. Closer to his billed height (and his claim) than most guys the WWE put at 6ft7. Most of them are like 6ft4!

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