How tall is Viscera

Viscera's Height

6ft 6 ½ (199.4 cm)

Nelson Frazier, Jr. was an American professional wrestler who wrestled under the title Viscera. He was billed as 6ft 6 and up to 6ft 9.

Believe me, Viscera isn't the best-looking guy in the world, but he's a 500 pound, 6-foot-7 black guy with a blonde mohawk.
-- Adam Copeland

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Average Guess (119 Votes)
6ft 6.61in (199.7cm)
Jordan87 said on 2/Sep/21
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Vis, Listed 6'6" / 497 pounds in 2000.
Jordan87 said on 19/Aug/21
@ ChaosControl,

Various measurements through the years, at times I have been measured as low as 5'10", Doctors have measured me at 5'10.5" and 5'11" on a few occasions. I myself measured once at 5'11-1/4" but that was at 10:00am in the morning a few years ago and likely not accurate. I was measured at 5'10.75" at Age 16 , I Saw Vis at age 17. All I can say Is I'm not shorter than 5'10 and not taller than 5'11. Same height since 16, if any growth happened, it was not much unless we are talking about body mass.

Speaking of which, that day, I was with a Few of the players on my high School Football Team, The biggest kid was our Nose Tackle, at 17 he himself was 6'1 and 278 pounds', Vis made him look very very " Slight". Again, I will stress, He was a really nice guy, but ENOURMOUS.
Jordan87 said on 18/Aug/21
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I Meant to post this, rather then the other link. Rikishi is 6'0 with Rob, he comes up to Vis's eyeleve, making Vis not much taller than 6'5". No Way 6'6".
ChaosControl said on 18/Aug/21
@Jordan87 for comparison how tall are you?
Jordan87 said on 17/Aug/21
At ChaosControl,

Yes, I mean I took a break from Wrestling from like 1994 to 1999. When I got back into it in 1999 they were listing Viscera at 6'6" both on WWE ( WWF) .com as well as some of the Games. Then it was " 6'9" or 6'10" during matches, eventually 6'9" on the as of around 2005ish.

Vis showed up at a Public School Basketball court Near me in Staten Island when I was 17 years old ( 2003). He was outside doing autographs for the School Kids. He was enormous, Solid 6'5", I'd say he could have been slightly more. Carrying around 450 pounds ( Yes he was a real 450 Pounds) must have had some affect on posture.
ChaosControl said on 13/Aug/21
@Jordan87 from what I’ve seen of him, completely agree on strong 6’5. I’ve heard commentary call him 7’0 before (I’ll pull up the match) and an article that called him 7’1 (it used Kayfabe height for the others)
Click Here Micheal Cole (who is seemingly on a mission to get ALL the stats wrong) calls him 7’0
Click Here" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Click Here This is the article. Not only does it say he’s 7’1 but it also uses a picture of Jeff Hardy for him
Jordan87 said on 12/Aug/21
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At the Face off, Rikishi ( 6'0" With ROb) comes up to Viscera's Eye level. Vis Could not have been much over 6'5"
Jordan87 said on 12/Aug/21
Met Big Vis back in the 00's. Nice Man, Soft spoken and Shy. He remains the only WWE Wrestler I have ever met.

He was listed at 6'6" on a few occasions ( Than 6'9" lol) . I would peg him at 6'5", stood maybe 5 feet away from him. He could be slightly taller than that, carrying 450 pounds ( Trust me, he really was 450 pounds, this is not an inflation ) could affect. Vis I'd guess at 6'5.25"
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 9/May/21
@Viper he had really bad posture because of his weight, so it’s possible was was a solid/strong 6’6 but that billing makes 6’6 flat, 6’5.75 or even 197cm possible
viper said on 8/May/21
That's interesting

He needs to be downgraded to 6-6 1/4
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 8/May/21
Viper I literally posted a picture of a 6’6 billing for him
viper said on 6/May/21
I only remember Mabel being billed at 6-10
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 1/May/21
Click Here here it is. A 6’6 billing. He was 6’6 flat but I’ll let you off with the listing considering he was super morbidly obese with god awful posture. He could be anywhere from 6’5.5 to 6’6.5
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 29/Apr/21
How do I post pictures I’ve taken here? I wanna show a picture from a book that has him as 6’6
Editor Rob
just use one of the free services to host an image like,
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 8/Mar/21
I’m not sure how to post photos here but I have a book that calls him 6’6 as Mabel. They wouldn’t under bill a big man like him
Covvvid1984. said on 23/Feb/21
First appearance was billed @ 6-10. Lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/21
Could see 6ft7 peak as a possibility. Probably had lost a bit toward the end with his weight...he was definitely clearing 500lbs at his heaviest
Big ed said on 29/Jan/21
Billed 6'8 as mable
Dred_ said on 26/Dec/20
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He looked near the same as kane
Dred said on 5/Dec/20
Undertaker wore the same big boots sole of viscera in that year
Click Here
In the video posted by @plk there are viscera and taker in their peak height.
Click Here
They looked about the same height both standing straight

Don’t you think that viscera deserves an upgrade at least a full 200 cm in his peak ?
Editor Rob
nothing within reason is discounted
heightchecker34 said on 30/Nov/20
Viscera IMO was 6'6.25 peak. In the 1995 match with Undertaker.. he had on 1 inch lifts in his boots while Undertaker boots were flat. So he looked roughly equivalent to him. That makes Taker 6'7.25 in his prime. Viscera/Sid Vicious/One Man Gang were all 6'6.25. Viscera and Gang looked pretty similar in height, when they fought, granted it was past their prime, but still looked 6'6 even. Kane wore huge lifts + mask when they wrestled so he could pull of nearly a weak 6'9 range, but in reality was probably 6'7.25.
PLk4521 said on 17/Nov/20
Taker was 18 years removed from his peak in 2008 and he looks comfortably taller than Big Daddy/Viscera even there though it's not by as much of a margin as it was in their early counters where you can clearly see an inch. (From 2:48)
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Kan said on 15/Nov/20
Considering undertaker was near his peak back to 2007-2008, as you can see.
Click Here
Here are viscera and undertaker in 2007
Click Here
Viscera choke undertaker and taker rises straight to its maximum height
And this is the result
Click Here
While this is back to 1990
Click Here

Do you think this is a difference between 6ft6.5 Guy to 6ft7.25 - 6ft7.5 Guy ?
Editor Rob
I think there is a difference, but of course I wouldn't be going under 6.5 for the chokeslams, it's still hard to really judge the height.
Kan said on 15/Nov/20
I really think beacuse of his size and his terrible posture most of the time, under the stadiometer perfectly standing straight he looked taller than we though.
If you are unsure on 6ft 7 there is a compromise figure that you always can give, as 6ft6 3/4 ( a weak 6ft7) like many people here suggest, for his peak height is clearly believable
Kan said on 15/Nov/20
though Next to crush (Brian adams) and jbl both solid 6ft5 guy like you said, viscera looked huge if he was standing straight seems clearly 2 inches taller Than both
Click Here
I don’t believe you think this is only 1.5 inch gap, if it’s not 2 at least 1.75
Kan said on 15/Nov/20
Gene snitsky and viscera were friends outside the ring. This is a pic with both outside the ring
Click Here
Here snitsky is closer to the camera but even snitsky himself said on his instagram account that he is at least a couple of inch shorter than viscera. And snitsky obviously is near 6ft5 than 4

Click Here

So if you don't want to put viscera as tall as 6ft7,Are you conviced for put him between 6ft6.5 - 6ft7 ? 6ft6 3/4 @Rob
Kan said on 14/Nov/20
Editor Rob
Not convinced as tall as 6ft 7 for viscera

I'm not saying you have to give a 6ft7 Mark for peak viscera, but my question is why don’t you give a 6ft6 3/4 mark for peak viscera ?
Because in peak height next to undertaker really looked near the same height

Click Here

Clearly taller than guys like sycho sid
PLk4521 said on 13/Nov/20
To Kan,

The photos you posted are from videos where they are moving around

Example: here's another moment from one of the photos you posted
Click Here

Undertaker and Kane look solidly an inch taller.

You can see this staredown video from 2:48, hopefully it clarifies any confusions
Click Here
Kan said on 13/Nov/20
For you viscera is near an inch smaller than Kane and undertaker ?
Is this an inch ?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

and we must also consider in this staredown he doesn’t look over an inch smaller
Click Here
And this is viscera posture in that Moment
Click Here
Click Here

Are you convinced now ?
Editor Rob
Not convinced as tall as 6ft 7 for viscera
PLk4521 said on 11/Nov/20
With Kane in late 2000's
Click Here

With Undertaker in late 2000's
Click Here

With Undertaker in early 1990's, from 2:48
Click Here

6'6.25" maximum in his peak is my guess.
Kan said on 10/Nov/20
For reference, this is what he looked back to 1995 next to peak undertaker
Click Here
I struggling to see any difference. Both looked real close in height if There is a difference it’s probably 1/4 inch at most and taker is listed as 6ft7 1/4. Probably viscera Could have been down into 6ft6.25 - 6ft6.5 range by late 2000's
Kan said on 7/Nov/20
For reference, this is what he looked back to 1995 next to peak undertaker
Click Here
I struggling to see any difference. Both looked real close in height if There is a difference it’s probably 1/4 inch at most and taker is listed as 6ft7 1/4. Probably viscera Could have been down into 6ft6.25 - 6ft6.5 range by late 2000's
Kan said on 7/Nov/20
I hope you take this into consideration.
King kong bundy was a 6ft4, i Mean here’a next to bam bam biglow and Ted dibiase
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He looked a legit 6ft4 Guy...
But here next to viscera (Who is in a flat boots)
Click Here
They came face to face and the difference still huge. Is near 3 inch than 2.
Click Here
Click Here
bundy also stands on tiptoe and tilted his head up
And this is a clearly 2.5 inch difference if not even 2.75 inch considering viscera as 5 inch eyelevel. Considering bundy tilted his head up, he even can pass for 3 inch of difference. So Rob are you decided on 6ft6 3/4 for his peak height ? He looked taller back in the day
Kan said on 4/Nov/20
He looked similar to peak taker back in the day
Click Here
King kong was probably a legit 6ft4 guy
Kan said on 4/Nov/20
Any idea how is the difference here
Click Here
Editor Rob
it seems around an inch or near it
Kan said on 31/Oct/20
Editor Rob
It is a possibility, there is a greater chance of that than say just over 6ft 6 or over 6ft 7

Certainly here looked not much shorter than Kane
Click Here
0.75 inch difference doesn’t seems impossible and considering the Huge weight difference it’s not impossible that viscera could have drop more height than Kane in his 30’s - 40’s
Kan said on 26/Oct/20
so rob after everything you watched in this days,
Is 6ft6.75 a believe figure for his peak height or is out of the question
Editor Rob
It is a possibility, there is a greater chance of that than say just over 6ft 6 or over 6ft 7
Kan said on 18/Oct/20
I just found other segment that I would like to show you.
This is back to 1999 with undertaker, both in peak height i think
Click Here
And this is several staredown with Kane back to 2007
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
They are very very similar.
I don’t know if kane lost a bit of height in that moment, i doubt, he still seems to be in good posture and maybe There is more chance viscera could have lost height because of his mass. He started wrestling in 1995. So i think in his very peak a 6ft6 3/4 list isn’t unreasonable.
What do you think
Kan said on 18/Oct/20
Next to akebono , he doesn’t looks shorter

Click Here

I doubt akebono edge him out
6'3 Julian said on 16/Oct/20
I can defend myself, thanks. But I do love to read your well constructed put downs
Kan said on 15/Oct/20
Here with kane outside the ring ( in wrestling boots)
Click Here
Very similar
Kan said on 14/Oct/20
It seems possible 6ft6 3/4 for viscera. Of course if he wasn’t in perfect posture maybe he looked even under 6ft6 or only 6ft6 flat. But if you watch this
Next to prime taker and Kane he looked near the same, I would not be surprised if he was only half inch shorter
Click Here
Click Here

And i really think viscera can looks taller next to 2007 kane than braun strowman did next to 2015 Kane
Click Here
Kan said on 11/Oct/20
Editor Rob: With Ben and the other player I wouldn't go full 6ft 7

Any chance he was a weak 6ft7 or 6ft6 3/4 ?
Next to Kane back to 2007 i really think the difference wasn’t much
Click Here
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go a full 6ft 7 for him, however I could see the argument between 6ft 6.5 to 7 range is possible
Kan said on 8/Oct/20
Is 6ft6 1/2 the most that you argued for viscera ?
Remember him with the legit 6ft7 footballer
Click Here
He seems similar. if viscera stands straight it may be taller than we might think
Editor Rob
With Ben and the other player I wouldn't go full 6ft 7
6'3 Julian said on 7/Oct/20
If words can’t describe my delusion then how are you able to determine that I’m supposedly indescribably delusional. You’re delusional
6'3 Julian said on 7/Oct/20
@Battery have you actually seen Viscera wrestle? He’s got god awful posture and was morbidly obese. Plus he was billed as 6’6 when wrestling as Mabel so that’s the highest he’s likely to be. I’m not gonna take your bait and I’m not gonna believe Taker was ever 6’8 except straight out of bed, which isn’t the standard we use here
6'3 Julian said on 8/Sep/20
@Van Halen I mistakenly believed at the time that Undertaker was 6’8 peak. I have realised he’s maybe 0.5” above Viscera
6'3 Julian said on 28/Aug/20
Ministry of Darkness mate. Those matches have Taker looking taller than Viscera
6'3 Julian said on 26/Aug/20
Watch some of their Ministry of Darkness matches
6'3 Julian said on 18/Aug/20
Maybe not @Fivefooteye. He looks 2 inches shorter than Undertaker, 6’6-7” is probably right
Fivefooteye said on 6/Aug/20
If Strowman has an average guess of 6'6.75" so Viscera deserves a taller guess.
Gobgghbfffcnkj said on 22/Jul/20
@viper he was billed 6’6 568 as Mabel. They gave him 3 inches and took off 90lbs when he started as Viscera
viper said on 13/Jul/20
I remember him being billed as 6-10 when he was Mabel
Wrasslinfan said on 11/Jul/20
I’m watching Viscera vs Benoit. The match made the laughable claim that Vis is, and I quote, “a 7 footer”. I’d have said he looks a couple inches shorter than Undertaker, so 6’7ish
Hanov said on 11/Jul/20

If he was about 1 foot shorter he would be (5'7.5")
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jul/20
Anywhere 6ft6-7 for this dude.
Estim8r said on 2/Jul/20
Not so Big after all, guess they gotta change it to Average Height Daddy V
Hanov said on 11/Jun/20
His brother is listed 6'1.25. Big Vid had good genetics
Kane99 said on 5/Jun/20
He doesn’t look 6ft6 1/2 with young taker
Click Here
A good an inch shorter and viscera was in very good posture.
And next to old kane who was no more than 6ft7 in this moment
Click Here
Looks at least 3/4 of in inch taller, even a bit more. So rob if sid is 6ft6 1/4 even viscera didn’t look taller than that
Hanov said on 23/May/20

Vicera sometimes looked lika a 6'7 guy
Kane99 said on 22/May/20
You always listed sid taller than viscera because he gave a taller impression.
Click Here
Click Here
Do you really think that he’s taller than Sid ? Always looked at least an inch shorter than taker and in some shot over an inch
Editor Rob
Viscera might be one wrestler when compared with Sid, who has a looser posture due to his weight. I can see how people would say he could look 6ft 6 range at times.
Hanov said on 22/May/20
@James B

He was taller than Sid, with good posture of course
James B 172cm said on 21/May/20
rob since you downgraded sid to 6ft6.25 could 6ft6 1/4 also be possible for viscera?
Editor Rob
He might have been near that 6ft 6.25-5 peak range.
Hanov said on 4/May/20

I agree, 200 cm exactly
Michael186 said on 1/May/20
I'm gonna go with a nice, round, even 200cm for Big Vis.
Hanov said on 28/Mar/20

The camera looks weird
Kane99 said on 17/Mar/20
Click Here
Sometimes looked under 6ft6 1/2
Hanov said on 1/Mar/20
Looked weak 6'7 with Kane and Nash
Deathvalley99 said on 12/Feb/20
In your opionion there are more chance that viscera was close to 6ft6 or 6ft7?? He didn’t look smaller than sid in my opinion
Editor Rob
For a peak I doubt he was just a flat 6ft 6, but over much is debatable though.
Deathvalley99 said on 3/Feb/20
If rikishi was 6ft1 and Sami zayn is almost 6ft1 I think viscera give a taller impression than Braun strowman
Click Here
Deathvalley99 said on 1/Feb/20
Click Here
This 2 monster looked very close in their peak height
Deathvalley99 said on 27/Jan/20
After I see more pic and video of viscera and considering that viscera was in the ring with the same wrestling boots of kane.
Click Here
In their face off viscera didn’t look an inch smaller, maybe 3/4 of an inch.
Click Here
Click Here
If kane was in peak height is unlikely only 6ft6 1/2 for viscera
Deathvalley99 said on 23/Jan/20
Click Here
Deathvalley99 said on 21/Jan/20
Click Here
Viscera and snitsky. As you can see is hard to believe only half of an inch difference between this 2.. any thoughts?
Deathvalley99 said on 20/Jan/20
Click Here
Next to undertaker (2007)
Deathvalley99 said on 19/Jan/20
Click Here
Snitsky struggling to look over 6ft5.5 with 6ft5 ben. I doubt as tall as 6ft6.. viscera looks at least an inch taller than snitsky and he doesn’t look much shorter than 6ft7 footballer. For me viscera could look 6ft6 3/4 or snitsky under 6ft6
Deathvalley99 said on 19/Jan/20
Click Here
He looks taller than Braun strowman did. I suppose that viscera could edge strowman out
Deathvalley99 said on 18/Jan/20
How tall was for you? Taller than baron corbin?
Roderick said on 18/Jan/20
Always such a big, intimidating wrestler. RIP
Deathvalley99 said on 17/Jan/20
Click Here
In this segment how is the difference between kane and viscera ? Maybe kane is near to the camera and give him an advantage. Seems about an inch difference, probably even less in my opinion
Deathvalley99 said on 16/Jan/20
Judging from this pic
Click Here
How is the difference between viscera and Jbl in your opinion?
Deathvalley99 said on 8/Jan/20
Big viz needs a downgrade mr. Robert Paul! Always looked an inch shorter than the undertaker but he was in clearly footwear advantage, therefore when came face to face with kane which he used the same kind of boots, kane can look near 6ft8 next to viscera.
Xpac99 said on 21/Dec/19
Click Here
How was the difference between viscera and taker in this pic, considering that viscera was in footwear advantage in that moment?
Neville said on 2/Sep/19
Click Here
Click Here
Rob if viscera is 6ft6 1/2 how tall is snitsky in this staredown?
Editor Rob
Kane can look near 6ft 8 with Viscera
Xpac99 said on 1/Aug/19
Click Here
Peak height for both... i don’t say he was only 6ft 6, but maybe 6ft 6 1/4 like corbin is ok for him
Click Here
Pause 2:05
With kane not peak height in that year, around 6ft 7, looks near an inch smaller
Xpac99 said on 27/Jul/19
Click Here
What do you think was the difference in height between this 2 ??
Mabel aka viscera was in big boots sole like kane
Editor Rob
He could seem over an inch smaller there, though he was dazed and wobbling about a bit from all those hits.
mohammad said on 25/Jan/19
Big Daddy's real height = 6'6"

Big Daddy's real weight = 500 pounds
Jordan87 said on 18/Jan/19
His weight Billings as his " viscera" Gimmick was 450, 496, 487, and 485. Those looked accurate for a Man of his Size.

As Mable he was billed at 554 and 568 and looked larger than when he was " Viscera".

He did look massively tall in person but I am going by when I was 12 years old and met him outside our public school.
Demon87 said on 13/Dec/18
6ft 6 1/2 big Rob seems too much.. complitly shorter than kane
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
And about the same height of sid eudy, but in huge sole boots..
Maybe the same height of corbin, not more
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Nov/18
Here's a nice pic of a Viscera/Kane... staredown... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 10/Nov/18
Here's 6'6" Viscera (closer to camera) w/ Jesse Jackson (was 6'3" peak height):
Click Here

Jackson and Vince... Click Here

Young Jackson and Randy Savage... Click Here

Jackson and Triple H... Click Here

Jackson w/ Batista and Titus... Click Here

Jackson w/ 6'10" Khali and 6'3" Titus... Click Here

I believe all pics are from 2014, the year Viscera passed away, except for the one w/ Savage, from back in 1993.
Zampo said on 22/Oct/18
6'6 range. I actually found him pretty scary during the whole ministry of darkness period. His "World Largest Love Machine" gimmick was pretty entertaining though. RIP big man.
Xpac99 said on 29/Aug/18
I think that you possible upgrade sid height at 6ft 6 3/4
Click Here
Xpac99 said on 12/Aug/18
In your opinion rob a Train (matt bloom) had the same height of viscera ??
Editor Rob
Bloom at 6ft 6 range is ok, but at 6ft 7 I'm not sure he's as tall as that.
Magic said on 13/Jul/18
Kane was probably 6ft 8, because in every staredown with viscera looked taller... in my opinion kane had about the same height of viscera withuout the footware and the foreste of viscera is huge 3/4 cm minimum . 6ft 8 for kane is very possible but rob still not sure
tree said on 1/Jul/18
Viscera had thicker shoes when he fought Kane
James B 171.5cm said on 14/Jun/18
rob do you think kane has been 6ft7 flat for many years? i say that because he looks similar in height too viscera.
Editor Rob
It's still arguable at times that he wasn't that much over 6ft 7, which is why he can seem 6ft 7 I suppose with viscera.
Xpac99 said on 25/May/18
Click Here
Same height ?
Editor Rob
Kane could have the edge there.
Canson said on 10/Mar/18
@MS: I also don’t see Taker less than 6’6. He has very poor posture today. He could be 6’6-6’6.25. Peak 201 looks good tho so agree there too
MS said on 9/Mar/18
"Taker today is 6'6", at his peak 6'7" 1/2. So in late 2007 Undertaker and Big Daddy V squared of taker appeared to be the same height. "

Same height, really? No! And Mabel had big soles. Click Here and Click Here
Logan said on 13/Feb/18
Taker today is 6'6", at his peak 6'7" 1/2. So in late 2007 Undertaker and Big Daddy V squared of taker appeared to be the same height. Now remember Taker has not lost that much height in 2007 so a safe bet is 6'7" and I think Big Daddy V is 6'6" 3/4 right before his death; but in his prime 6'7" or 6'7" 1/4.
Dangerous said on 22/Jan/18
Click Here
Rob look at 1:53 big Daddy V is taller than kane
What do you think ??
star69 said on 19/Jan/18
Swag123 said on 2/Dec/17
He’s 6’ 9” Barefoot and 7’ with Boots.


6'6.5-6'7" barefoot
Jim Hopper said on 18/Jan/18
Once billed at 6-11
Dude 173 cm said on 18/Jan/18
I meant to say think* not thought
Dude 173 cm said on 9/Jan/18
He falls down to 6'6.5" but a weak 6'7 should be the shoot i thought
Dude 173 cm said on 9/Jan/18
Rob, his posture wasn't good and he still looks in the worst 6'6.5" most the time, that 6'6 is round down and maybe a bad day
Swag123 said on 2/Dec/17
He’s 6’ 9” Barefoot and 7’ with Boots.
Canson said on 21/Nov/17
I think he gave the impression he was taller. He looks like he’s a 6’6 ranger tho max
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Nov/17
6ft9 looked extreme but I can see 6ft7 possibly
even said on 17/Jul/17
hes real height was 6 foot 6 . he also weighed 500 pounds .
Tyson said on 13/Jul/17
Looks only 2 cm shorter than Kane in the ring and hasn't big bones like Big Show (acromegaly), so easily that descomunal weight affected to his height a little bit. Viscera has good chances of be 6'6.75 and without counting the weight i can't go with under 6'6.5
Logan said on 29/May/17
Undertaker is 6,8 and Kane is 6,8 to and looking at pictures of Kane and Big Daddy V standing face to face Viscera looks about 1 inch shorter so 6,7 and plus he steps over the top rope so 6,7.
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 21/May/17
@Jordan Giant Gonzalez @ 7'5 ? Okay troll, he was measured at 232cm ni 2000 by the Guinness Book.. ( 7'7.25" )
heightchecker34 said on 10/Apr/17
RIP big man... I used to remember watching Big Vis during my youth and legit being frightened of him, except when he started during his comedy bit. While he was wasn't moving like Bam Bam Bigelow or Undertaker, he was still fairly agile for his size. 6'6.5" does seem perfect, with 6'6 being the minimum. His billed height of 6'9 is not to far fetched, especially if he might have passed for 6'7 before wrestling. If under six footers can increase their height by 2 inches, the taller you get, the harder it gets to prove your lie. Similar in height to Big John Studd, Sid Vicious, Gene Snitsky, and currently Erick Rowan.
Danimal said on 14/Mar/17
Was billed at 6'6" at one point. He is NOT over 6'6". Undertaker was taller than him in the 90's.
ma said on 14/Mar/17
Rob, will you be scared if at late night this dude will follow you in a small street?
It will be my nightmare
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Mar/17
He was definitely closing in on 500lbs. If he was Big Show's height he'd be leaner at that weight
John said on 29/Jan/17
6'7 max. R.I.P
The Horse of FUNK said on 17/Nov/16
Freaking hell... imagine walking down the street late at night and seeing this guy coming toward you.
Leonardo said on 6/Sep/16
Rob he is listed 221kg, so, Does he was 6'6.75 if he would had a normal weight?
Editor Rob
his weight is anything but normal.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 12/Aug/16
Rob please, Can you convert this page to a page of Viscera ? All comments are of him.
Rest in peace
Editor Rob
Viscera's page has been reactivated.
Mattiew_^ said on 14/Oct/07
Viscera is 6'7 at least .
Remember late John Tenta (RIP) was 6'6 .
Nelson is taller . He has bad posture and if you ask could very well have been 6'8 in his prime .
He doesn't seem that tall because of his bulk and the weight he is carrying (around 480 at least if you ask me) .
It's like Big Show , both are suffering from weight and bad posture , but i'm sure if he was 150 pounds lighter he would look every bit of 6'7"1/2 / 6'8"
Red said on 27/Jul/07
mike m where are the 2inches? Stop the vid at 8.00-8.02, UT is max 0.5"-1" taller.
justin said on 28/Jun/07
viscera is 6ft6 no more, kane is 6 ft 8, undertaker 6ft7, big show 6ft10.5, the imposter kane 6ft6-6ft7
Gollum said on 6/Jun/07
Viscera is 6'7 by my estimations around 480 pounds.
mike m said on 30/May/07
imo i see at least a 2 inch difference,taker looks about 6'8",Viscera looks 6'6".
Paul said on 28/May/07
How do Taker and Big Viz compare ?
Click Here
Alex said on 11/May/07
Viscera I say is 6'6 and 475lbs.
Viscera Fan said on 24/Mar/07
Viscera is 6'6 no taller. I met him at Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando in 2001. I chatted with him for about 5 mins. No one really knew who he was but I was shocked to see him in line infront of me and my now ex-girlfriend. He did seem so much taller than I thought. But he confirmed for me that he is almost 6'7 but 6'6 is his real height.
GORO said on 18/Mar/07
There was a Royal Rumble were VIS towered of Rakishi by about 5 inches or more when they faced off. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or have a picture of it to post up. (I believe it was the Royal Rumble where the Rock won with Big Show lasting at the end with him) Big Vis 6'6-7 barefoot no less.
hry7 said on 2/Mar/07
I give him a strong peak of 6'7.5 bare feet, 6'9 shoes.
Danimal said on 16/Feb/07
I give him 6'6" Viper. Nash didn't tower over Viscera at the 1995 Survivor Series. Viscera (Mabel at the time), stood his ground next to Nash and was only 1-2" shorter than Taker in the mid to late 90's.
Viper said on 14/Feb/07
Viscera is closer to 6-5 than 6-8.
BGKing said on 13/Feb/07
I think Viscera is closer to 6'8.
mike said on 1/Feb/07
big vis looks 6'7" around 2 inches taller than ben.
Alex said on 4/Jan/07
Viscera is 6'6-6'6.5. I think thats the most accurate that most will agree on here.
Warlord said on 26/Dec/06
I'd definitely give Viscera 6 foot 7 and 1/2. He compares well to the 6 foot 8 -1/2 Undertaker and also certainly looks taller than this 6 foot 7 Starks character and this Starks character is definitely a solid 2 inches taller than the 6 foot 5 Rothleisberger.
Alex, why pick on JR. The announcer's are told to say crazy things. I've seen JR even differ a lot with the announced weight when a wrestler walks out. He isn't the WWE official source. Jesse Venture always used to say wacky stuff too when he was an announcer.
Warlord said on 26/Dec/06
I'm not sure if I understood you correctly, but did you say (Oct 9/06) that HHH is shorter than Vince McMahon? If so, you're not as smart as I thought you were. That's is ridiculous. If I have misunderstood you then I apologize.
Alex said on 18/Dec/06
There was a good picture of Starks and Viscera but not sure where I can find it now. Its a photo section of him backstage at Raw. Starks is 340lbs and Viscera would have 100lbs or more on him because Starks has more muscle than Viscera so Viscera could easily have more weight on him than you think because muscle weighs more than fat. Viscera looks at least 450lbs to me too. Comparing him to 415lb Big Black has me give Viscera 450-460lbs.
Viper652 said on 15/Dec/06
Looks like Starks is trying to hold Ben back from going at it with Viscera.
Jason said on 15/Dec/06
It's impossible to tell from that pic, man. Starks' measured height is 6'7.1''. Don't think Viscera would have 110lbs on him ... that's an astronomically enormous weight difference.
JT said on 15/Dec/06
WWE has another photo of Viscera with Big Ben and Max Starks where Viscera looks at least as tall as the 6'7" or 6'8" Starks, even considering the angle. (Click Here) Hard to tell what Viscera weighs with the baggy clothing. He has to be at least 450 lbs.
Alex said on 13/Dec/06
On Raw this week JR was like Viscera is 6'9-6'10. JR blows things out of proportions a lot. I remember once he said Albert was 6'10.
Alex said on 12/Dec/06
Here are pics of Big and Rob, tough to find many of them but found a few here at the bottom of this page.

Click Here
Alex said on 12/Dec/06
Well Big Black has around a foot, more likely a foot on Rob who is 5'6 I believe. Viscera could be 475lbs though. Big Black is actually athletic for guy who is 415lbs.
Paul said on 10/Dec/06
Alex, I am not aware they are on MTV Europe. Vis could be 475lbs, plus or minus a few.
Viper652 said on 4/Dec/06
That Big Black guy looks between 6-2-6-4 to me.
Alex said on 3/Dec/06
Paul, maybe. Do you ever watch that new show on MTV Rob and Big. Well Big Black is 6'6 he claims and may be it, at least 6'5 though. He weighed in at 416lbs on a scale at the gas station and he is smaller then Viscera but may not be as much as you think. Viscera is at least 450lbs I'd say still, doesn't look 500bs if you compare him to Big Black.
Paul said on 19/Nov/06
Alex, 475lbs ?
Alex said on 16/Nov/06
What do you guys guess Viscera's weight is though?
Alex said on 16/Nov/06
Jordan, Carlito looks 5'9.

I'd say Viscera is 6'6. Last year I believe it was, JR said Viscera was 7'0 and this is when Viscera was right in the ring with 6'3 Coach and only had Coach by 3 inches.

Would be funny is hockey listed their player's heights in skates. LOL
Danimal said on 13/Oct/06
Hockey is also very accurate Vipe.
Viper652 said on 12/Oct/06
"I've been to many sports shows and the athletes always look the size they are billed,"

I met a few pro baseball players a few weeks back and just about all of them were at least 2 inches shorter than their billed heights, and a couple up to 4. This is just pro baseball. Wrestling is even more cartoonish. Pro football is the most accurate, but still fudges on some.
Danimal said on 9/Oct/06
I think Viscera could be 6'7" (or slightly under that).

DKKO, you really should think before you talk. Vince is still shorter that 6'3.5" Hogan. He's MAX 6'2". HHH is even shorter.
Viper652 said on 9/Oct/06
Vince at 6-7? LOL Coach is only about 6-3 at best. Viscera is Max 6-6.
Dkko said on 6/Oct/06
I think Jonathan Coachman could easily pass for a wrestler, he always seems to be taller than almost the entire RAW roster, I remember him interviewing Triple H about 3 years ago in the locker rooms and he certainly had an inch over him, so if HHH is 6'4, Coach easily is 6'5 and Vince Mcmahon is a legit 6'7, he was on Conan O Brien's show in July and was much taller than him, people claiming Vince is 6'3 are seriously insane and Big Vis is 6'8, no way 6'6
Paul said on 27/Aug/06
Well 6'6 (198cm) seems the minimum for this guy with 6'6.5 or 6'7 (200.6cm) more probable. Maybe a straight 200cm.
Jordan said on 13/Jul/06
CArlito I heard was 5'9, so of course the WWe has him higher---and Yes I think Kane is 6'8
Viper652 said on 10/Jul/06
Triple H looked barely 6-1 looking up at Max Starks.
Jordan said on 8/Jul/06
triple H looks 6'2 1/2
KingNick said on 7/Jul/06
I'm sure everyone's seen these photos by now, but just in case, check out this link with the 6'5" Ben Click Here There's one there with Viscera. Ben's friend (you can tell from other pics too) looks to have about 2 inches on him, which would place him around 6'7". Vis is a little bigger than him in this pic, plus it looks like they're all pointing their heads up to look taller. I would place Vis at around 6'8" in this pic. Then again, you can't see their footwear, so that could come into effect. What you guys think?
Alex said on 20/Jun/06
Viscera looks a solid 6'6. Can't see him under that nor over that. He looked 3 inches taller than the 6'3 Coach sometime ago. They billed him at 6'8-6'9 a lot and even 6'10 years ago and even said he was 7'0 TV once.
Viper652 said on 4/Jun/06
Viscera for the most part looks 6-6 to me, but Jason's estimation of 6-5 could be right as well. It wouldnt be to shocking.
D.J. said on 2/Jun/06
I can assure you Triple H is not 6'4" but he is definitely more than 6'1". I think he's around the 6'2"-6'2 1/2" mark. He's not much taller than Vince.
Jason said on 1/Jun/06
Actually Warlord, I am willing to bet Triple H is closer to 6'1'' than 6'4''. So what constitutes inarguable and conclusive evidence one way or the other when it arrives or is found, and how much are you willing to put up?
D.J. said on 1/Jun/06
I was watching the casket match against Undertaker at IYH:5 and they were eye to eye. Take away the boots and Big Vis is around 6'7".
Warlord said on 31/May/06
Once again, I agree with Frank and Danimal. Viscera is definitely taller than 6 foot 7 and could easily be as much as 6 foot 8. 6 foot 7.5 is my estimation. Frank, I agree that the Undertaker stands 6 foot 8 and 1/2. It's possible he may have neared closer to 6 foot 9, but 6 foot 8.5 is a definite. I have a friend who met him at a gym in Colorado. Kane is actually shorter than the Taker. He wore shoes purposely designed to make him taller than Undertaker. Kane is more like 6 foot 7.5 to 6 foot 8. Taker has bewteen 1/2 and 1 inch on him. So you're right Kane and Taker are taller than Viscera. I don't even read what Jason says anymore. 6 foot 5 is such a friggin joke. Why would anybody even pay attention to someone who is so stupid. Jason, you still want to bet that HHH is 6 foot 1 like you claim. I'll bet anything he is far closer to 6 foot 4.
Jordan said on 25/May/06
Ya'll see if you agree with these estimations and comparing Viscera to the 6'7 football palyer,VIS is an inch shorter ifyou look close
Undertaker 6'7, Deisel 6'8, Big Show 6'11, Kane 6'7, Viscera 6'6, Bradshaw 6'5.5, Giant Gonzales 7'5
Eric said on 10/May/06
i give big vis anywhere from 6ft6.5 to 6ft7
Alex said on 27/Apr/06
He looked only about 6'6 next to 6'3 Coach on Raw last week.
Danimal said on 6/Mar/06
No way is he as short as 6'5" as Jason claims. I can believe that he is between 6'6"-6'7" today. If have downloased tons of live footage of him from 2000 onwards and in the last 4-5 years he has not been able to fully straighten out his back/neck. This can either be due to all of his injuries and surgeries, which I believe to be the case. Something about him just seems shorter. Hogan is in the same boat. I have no doubt he was close to 6'8" in his prime. He looked it up until 1999 when he tag teamed with the Big Show against Kane who wore HUGE stilts and X-Pac. Back then Undertaker still stood very tall next to the Big Show. He hasn't attained that type of height/posture since.
Frank said on 6/Mar/06
Ok Damimal i can buy that but he is no way 6ft 5 like some people think
Danimal said on 6/Mar/06
Frank, while I respect your steadfast conviction of UT being at least 6'8", you are basing this on when you met him over a dozen years ago. He has NOT appeared to be the same height since the early 90's. I do believe he was 6'8" at one point, but not any longer today.
Frank said on 6/Mar/06
Taker & Kane are taller than Vicera ......The tallest Vicera could be is 6ft 7
KingNick said on 5/Mar/06
Personally speaking I think he's 6'8", the same height (in my opinion) as The Undertaker and Kane. My little essay on their heights can be found on The Undertaker section of this site. Vis is massive, he's so wide it's hard to tell his height. But it's feesable they exaggerate him to 6'9" or 6'10" if he's 6'8". I mean, how many people are 6'10"? I'd believe it.
Danimal said on 5/Mar/06
Viscera has been billed as high as 6'10". Based on that pic, I give him over 6'6" legit.
Frank said on 28/Feb/06
Come on guys who cares about Cena!!! This is a for Viscera
tropical said on 16/Feb/06
big viz realli looks 199-200cm,and the guy really lookd over 400pounds,one big dude
Goro said on 15/Feb/06
What about VISCERA towering over RIKISHI at one of the Royal Rumbles? Can any one find a picture of them toe to toe at this Rumble? They stood toe to toe before they went at it?
wrestling said on 13/Feb/06
Yes Rob I Mentionned Nelsion Frazier Jr... Hes RAted As 6'6" And Looks To Be It , Tho When He Wrestles He Wears BLACK Boots With 2-3" WHITE heels To Look 6'8-6'9" ... Looks 6'8" On Pic With STARKS , But Hes Dressed Up In Wrestling Gear So Take 2" OFF hes 6'6" ... 197cm Minimum
CoolJ said on 13/Feb/06
On the Cena front.. got a buddy who's 6'1.. met Cena.. said Cena was noticably shorter.. if that helps
Alex said on 13/Feb/06
Cena doesn't wear lifts. His sneakers give 1-1.5 inches of height so say he's 6'1 then he's 6'2-6'2.5 in sneakers.
Jason said on 13/Feb/06
I've seen John Cena close up in person twice and as I've said a few times, he looked 6'1'' both times. I doubt he wears lifts, at the most maybe his basketball shoes are the kind that give you more height rather than less. So, the shortest he could be is 6'0 1/2''.

I'm not suprised Mo looks taller in person, he had a very rotund build.
Frank said on 13/Feb/06
Jason, Mo was about 5ft 11 but he looked shorter on TV..
Jon Smith said on 12/Feb/06
wow look at big ben dominate triple H
J-Dog. said on 12/Feb/06
How tall does John Cena look to you guys, I can't beleieve people are throwing around that he is 5'11" et cetera...he DOES not wear lifts, some claim that "well he wears basketball shoes" sorry but I dont care if they give 1.5" advantage it doesn't qualify as lifts, hell unless you are wearing addias superstars, sandals or chuck taylors you are going to get a height advantage from shoes.
Goro said on 12/Feb/06
He's 6'6 0r 6'6 and a 1/2 I met him at the mall in Albany And I'm 6'3 he was taller than me. Plus The coach definetly wears lifts. Why? Well he looked very short next to the 6'7-6'8 Max Starks but Viscera look to be as tall or a little shorter than Starks. Coach wears lifts when he knows he is going to be in the ring. Coach without lifts is 6'2 with he's probably 6'4 with lifts. Plus about 4 or 5 years ago Viscera went face to face with Rikishi and he was a head taller than him. It was at the Royal Rumble were The Rock won. So someone please find a picture of Vis and Rikishi at the Rumble
Frank said on 12/Feb/06
Rob,Jason said that Vicera was 6ft 5 but as you can see Vicera & Max are very close in height.....Big Ben looks like he on his Tippy toes or something because he is jokeing around trying to look as tall as them....In the other Pictures Max is clearly Taller than Ben....Do you agree with me Rob ??

Editor Rob
to me either 6ft 6 in that pic actually looks about the best mark, but it is unknown what Ben is doing
Jason said on 12/Feb/06
He only appeared similar in height because Starks is slightly further back.

Yeah, I remember Mo wasn't very tall.
Frank said on 12/Feb/06
Jason i took a picture with Mo (MABLE'S TAG PARTNER MEN ON A MISSION)
I was alittle taller than him ....I wish Mable was there
Frank said on 12/Feb/06
He was as tall as Max Starks so i dont know how you can say 6ft 5 Jason
William Forrester said on 11/Feb/06
That's poop, he is well over 6'6''

Editor Rob
worth posting this pic again on viscera's page:

Viscera and 6ft 7 footballer
Alex said on 11/Feb/06
Jason, also it was funny because Coach who is 6'3 was face to face with Viscera and it was about 3 inches apart and they still said 7'0 and they say Coach is 6'4 acting like if it were 8 inches apart, lol.
Seaton said on 11/Feb/06
He's so massive it's hard to judge how tall me maybe.
OOFatman said on 11/Feb/06
I'd say he looks a solid 6'6", certainly no less than that. I've seen him listed as 6'6" also, and I just don't think he's any less than that.
Jason said on 11/Feb/06
I remember he was billed as 6'10'' when he first came into the WWE in 1993 as half of the tag team ''Men on a Mission''. Doesn't suprise me they've said he's 7'0'' on tv.
Alex said on 11/Feb/06
I am going to go with 6'6. I've seen him listed 6'8 and 6'9. They've said on TV a few times he was 6'10 and even once 7'0 which is crazy.
Jason said on 11/Feb/06
6'6 1/2''? They wouldn't have rounded down lol. Anything from 6'5''-6'6'' is feasible. My estimate is 6'5''.

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