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5ft 10.24in (178.4cm)
steven said on 21/Aug/08
He's solid 5'11" that makes real sense
Leo said on 20/Aug/08
Clooney is 5ft 10 at the top, perhaps 5ft 9.5in. In this picture you see him nearly on his tippy toes and ninty degree posture trying to be upright. Beckham is slouching, you can even judge his height against Julia Roberts and Victoria Beckham. David Beckham is 6ft in shoes, 5ft 11.5 barefoot and he has easily two inches on clooney here: Click Here
Brad said on 17/Aug/08
Most were real but the stench on others just smelled real bad. As one feedback said: "I was contacted by a band member saying the signatures were forgeries". The non-delivery was the thing. His site was stopped cold. Keep in mind, he admits he's broke. He coulda had a great handle with photos with all the celebs, who he was, etc.., instead if you read the feedbacks, he (who ever owned the site, the odds of Glenn having a credit card or a computer to list was zero) was another eBay mess. When an 8x10 Springsteen signed photo goes for $20 and you subtract what he paid his buddy to list his stuff, cost of photo, fees, you can see he had no clue what he was doing unless he sold the thing to his bud for higher and he took the bath.
Anonymous said on 16/Aug/08
Brad, you mean they might be fake?
Brad said on 16/Aug/08
As listed above. Has Brad by 1/2" if Brad doesn't break out the ones that piss off George.
Leo said on 15/Aug/08
5ft 10 tops to me.
Brad said on 15/Aug/08
You should have told eBay. Don't deal with him on autographs. Please don't.
Rut said on 15/Aug/08
Not sure what you talking about, brad, with all due respect..
I got the pic (from an celeb) from Glenn, autographed, it was ok..but didnt like it that I asked for a better(which he promised for free), he never gave it, not even after I asked him again, and he promised me double, he never gave that either, and gave some vague excuse that he couldnt give it.
Anyway, I wouldnt recommanded it, thats my advice..

Brad said on 10/Aug/08
Hey Rut, care to tell us where you got the "picture"? I already know. It doesn't exist for good reason. Really bad. Rut, you only got a "picture", how'd you like to get an expensive autograph that......and then....and then...
Rut said on 9/Aug/08
5'11 atleast.
I like to comment on Glenn: Dont ever buy pictures from him, there are good one's but he is a con artist, he promised me one for free if I didnt like the first one that much..He never did sent me (even promised me double) the second pic and more..The first pic was 'ok', but because I was a costumer, I asked for a better one, anyway thats it..
Rob, Is Herbie Mann still here?

All the best,


Editor Rob
I did remove a lot of musicians from the site when glenn left.
Leo said on 7/Aug/08
5ft 10 barefoot in my opinion. I think damon is 5ft 9.5, pitt is 5ft 11.5 tops. Non of these are 6fters....
Brad said on 4/Aug/08
Real difficult to tell, he's had major surgery, wears stealth customs. As listed above is close enough.
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/08
Thank god. Some sense on this board. For awhile there people were talking this insanity that Clooney is 5'11, 5'11.5. Granted I haven't met him, but 5'11+ guys can usually look tall onscreen, expecially if they are thin like George. He never looks anything but average on Screen. My guess would have been 5'10, but I am not surprised that Mr. R saw him at 5'9.5. That makes Pitt 5'10 at best.
leonari said on 1/Aug/08
yeah Clooney is a bright guy. But he is a sloucher. I give a good 5'10 " still but somebody should tell him that slouching is bad for his health.
Mr. R said on 31/Jul/08
George Clooney is without a doubt the coolest man in show business. He will always talk to his fans, and he is VERY smart, which he doesn't get credit for. I had to throw away my image of the ER pretty boy when I met him. I also had to put away my image of him as tall too! He is 5-9.5
Gago said on 30/Jul/08
I agree with you Mr. R, I met him early January at the Critic's Choice afterparty, and he seemed around 5'10, but very nice man.
Mr. R said on 28/Jul/08
I have met George several times in Hollywood, and he is shorter and thinner than he seems on screen. He is only 5-10 on a VERY good day. Actually, he is a half in below that.
Complex said on 28/Jul/08
I agree Viper, but 5'10 is the max I can see Pitt barefoot, and Clooney I don't think reaches a full 5'10 barefoot, 5'9.5 sounds right for Clooney.
dural said on 27/Jul/08
Clooney comments on Trump calling him a very short guy

Click Here
Viper said on 25/Jul/08
I think Clooney is 5-9 1/2 and Pitt is 5-10.
Corvette said on 24/Jul/08
Clooney is not taller than Pitt. He' 5'11 and Pitt 5'11 1/4.
Joe said on 21/Jul/08
Had over two inches on him when I saw him. He's 5-9, maybe 5-9.5 at most.
saints said on 15/Jul/08
i think,clooney is taller than pitt...maybe pitt is always wearing lifts to look taller than clooney...regardz to george!!!!!!
Lilliana said on 14/Jul/08
Well, on a March 2008 issue of Esquire, the interviewer spent a day with George Clooney googling him and they went on celeb heights.

The interviewer talked about how this website "features a bizarrely impassioned debate about Clooney's height -- with participants arguing for everything from five nine to six one and analyses of his footwear and comparisons to Javier Bardem's stature"

Anyway, George Clooney then told the interviewer that he's 5'11.5 . Compared to Javier Bardem he's at the most 2" shorter, But Javier Bardem's height is a highly debatable 5'11 to 6'4, even. Though you can never take what a person says about their height as true, they are usually no taller.

He also slouches as he has said his mother tells him, so I agree that hes about 5'11.
ryan said on 11/Jul/08
my good friend works in hollywood on film sets and told me that clooney is really only about 5'8"-5'9" when hes not one knows the height of Pitt...the reason everyone looks taller in movies is because of the way they place the cameras...the majority of celebs are pretty short like paris hilton is really short like 5' 6" but she looks so much taller...for those who argue about clooney and pitts height pitt is taller than clooney in oceans 11
Mike said on 9/Jul/08
He is not that tall at all. My brother (who is 5'-7") met him at a pizzeria in the Village in NYC said he was a bit taller than him, maybe 5'-9" TOPS. MOST actors lie about their height, its just the way it is, your image and perception in hollywood is better if you are taller. You would probably stretch your height too if you were an actor! ;^)
Anonymous said on 1/Jul/08
yes , i just dont see clooney wearing lifts , seems unlikely to me. the guy is average not less but not much either .I think all the problem with him comes because of pitts misterious height , so pitt distorts the heights of clooney and damon cuz his height is allways fluctuating instead , i dont see clooney very tall one day and average the other , he allways looks pretty much the same ,i mean everyone can wear heels that doesnt mean lifts ,i think the very short he cant be is 5.10.
frenchguy said on 19/Jun/08
Last month, there was an interview of Clooney in France.
The journalist (a woman) thought he was too sexy and asked him to tell something unsexy about himself. He thought about it for a few seconds and said that he wes wearing heels in his shoes. He said "in my shoes".
That's funny.
I don't know if it was true cause: what's the point of trying to seem taller and then confess it to a journalist?
leonari said on 18/Jun/08
George is very close to 5'11" and maybe was over it before his surgery he needed because he hurt hiself during a scene filming syriana. those 5'9" claims are idiotic. The man has long limbs...
jones said on 3/Jun/08
Well Pitt is taller in all of the movies they do together. Clooney even admits as much. So Pitt must be close to 6 feet. Personally I think Clooney is 5'10.5 and pitt 5'11.5
Complex said on 3/Jun/08
Clooney's probably taller than Pitt, if they were both barefoot...If not then they would be close to the same height :)
chris said on 2/Jun/08
Glenn,you rekon clooney is definitely 5'11,and you think brad could be nearer 5'10.5,do you think clooney is taller than Pitt,obviously without pitts lifts
Jake Is Back said on 28/May/08
Anonymous says on 27/May/08
I think this height is right. Granted, I haven't met him in person, but he has never looked very tall onscreen ever. I've found that most guys in the 5'11 range look tall onscreen (Leo, Bruce Willis, Pitt, etc).

I agree, Clooney never gives the tallish impression that legit 5'11 + guys do. As if the guy who thinks Brad Pitt is 6'1" is really almost 6'.
Anonymous said on 27/May/08
I think this height is right. Granted, I haven't met him in person, but he has never looked very tall onscreen ever. I've found that most guys in the 5'11 range look tall onscreen (Leo, Bruce Willis, Pitt, etc).
Random Person said on 21/May/08
You know, watching a very episode old episode of Roseanne with a very young (almost unrecognizable) George Clooney, he doesn't really look over 5'10" at all compared to 5'4" Roseanne. This is before his back surgery even. I'd say a very late growth but he was already well into his 20's by Roseanne so he did he pick up an affinity for enhanced footwear? No doubt he can look 5'11" at times nowadays.
glenn said on 19/May/08
acg-mind posting that on the harrison ford page? i appreciate your words either way,if you do or dont go to that page.some people here dont appreciate me.
ACG said on 18/May/08
I think he should be upgraded by a full inch, from reading glenn's posts. His are usually the only worthwhile ones anyhow....
Yaspaa said on 13/May/08
Yeah you're right james ,the camera is low with Brown closer to it. I think George would be a touch taller had the camera been higher.
TheUnansweredQuestion said on 12/May/08
Then why does he appear 2 inches shorter than 5ft 11 Gordon Brown?
Anonymous said on 10/May/08
He looked 5'10-5'11 in Leatherheads compared to Jim from the office.
Yaspaa said on 8/May/08
Here's an interesting shot,the guy on the right is listed at 6'1 and Don Cheadle second from left is listed on this site at 5'8.25,Clooney could be a bit over 5'10.5 . Click Here
Anonymous said on 8/May/08
so the rumor him being 6 feet while in his highschool basketball team could be right if they measure in shoes... The man has a good height. At least in my book 5'11- 6 feet: best height to be. anything below 5'11" is plain wrong. Watch the peacemaker. Look at him being the same height or taller than Nicole Kidman in decent heels...
glenn said on 8/May/08
saw this man on his birthday 2 nights to 6-3 and 6-5 lub security,he looked 6ft,6-1 in dress shoes.not with the help of the shoes either.the man is 5-11.5.
Jake Is Back said on 6/May/08
I've always thought of Clooney as 5'10". No disrespect Glenn, I do take you're estimations seriously.
Roy said on 6/May/08
George leaning a bit so he look 6ft beside Glenn , strange pic he is 5ft10 max.
glenn said on 30/Apr/08
there is no question clooney and willis or anybody can look shorter than their respective heights.i saw clooney in a situation where he wasnt expecting people,on sort of an off day,doing voice overs in a studio,and he was 5-11ish,5-11.5.i wasnt expecting to see him either.i was shocked actuall and people took pics with him,and by the time i got up to him,he was in a car.i was waiting for mick jagger.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/08
Glenn, with respect how do you explain him being smaller than 5ft 11 Gordon Brown?
He looks around 5ft 11 in your pic but could it be the pavement and his footwear?
Just want you opinion

TNTinCA said on 29/Apr/08
Clooney wouldn't have lost any height at this stage in his life unless it was due to surgery.
Clooney is only 46 years old. Height loss due to aging doesn't normally set in until people enter into their 60s and 70s.
dmeyer said on 29/Apr/08
i think he could 5 ft 10 since my friend tell i am noticably taller
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/08
I doubt Clooney was ever a full 5'11. he couldn't have lost that much height. If he had, then Rob would have had his peak as 5'11. It is possible he could have worn lifts when he was younger and less established.
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/08
Brown with 6ft Cameron Click Here
Brown is 5ft 11.5 max maybe 5ft 11.25, which makes Clooney 5ft 10 these days i.e he has lost a little height or his footwear is not as big as it used to be. He's not 5ft 11 unless he has a habit of bending his knees in pictures
Lara said on 20/Apr/08
pic of Clooney with Zellweger, just to add to the discussion: Click Here

Also, I saw pics of Gordon Brown with Obama this week and it looked like Obama had an inch on Brown, tops. If Obama is 6'1", I'd say that Brown is nearer 6ft than the 5'11" that is claimed. So, Clooney could actually be 5'11" or close enough. Here's a pic of Brown with Bush, you can see that Brown is clearer taller, even though Bush is nearer the camera and wearing slighter bigger shoes: Click Here

I'm pretty sure that Brown is 6ft.
bam said on 13/Apr/08
in ocean's eleven, call me crazy but there is a scene where clooney stands next to matt damon. He looked 5'11.25 maybe even 5'11.5. Nowadays he barely looks 5'10 next to matt damon and everyone else. It is very likely his surgery caused him to shrink to 5'10ish. With his relaxed posture, today he rarely looks 5'11.
dmeyer said on 13/Apr/08
i have no problem believing is a full 5 ft 11 in like 5 ft 11.5 morning
guk said on 11/Apr/08
Looking at that picture again, Brown is angled toward the Camera making him appear much bigger. There is a picture with Sarah Brown where Clooney looks about an inch less on her than Gordon does.
Gordon does look close in height to Blair, therefore I believe Brown is more like 5ft 11.5 (for once someone playing down their height, which means 5ft 10 or 10.5 for Clooney is probably fair i.e. 3-4cm difference
guk said on 10/Apr/08
Brown gets listed as 5ft 11, and he looks this next to George Bush, which puzzles me as why Clooney apears shorter by a couple of inches in that other photo
with Bush:
Click Here
listed as 5ft 11:
Click Here
Lynn said on 10/Apr/08
Do you know if Clooney uses lifts?

Today he has met candidate Italian Prime Minister Walter Veltroni.

I have always thought Veltroni is at least 5'11" but from the pics I have just seen they seem same height.
guk said on 10/Apr/08
George with 5ft 11 UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Click Here

Brown closer to camera, but looks to be more than 0.5 inch taller, maybe Brown is over 5ft 11, but he's smaller than 6ft Tony Blair
glenn said on 9/Apr/08
i bumped into clooney 5 months ago and he was still 5-11 at least if not a bit was a casual encounter.he was dressed down.
UKHeightEnthusiast said on 8/Apr/08
Yeah I was going to post that picture with Gordon Brown. Clooney looks an inch and a half shorter than Brown, who is probably around 181-182cm. I think Clooney is 5'10 1/4.

Editor Rob
if you want to see brown beside athlete type into getty denise lewis gordon brown to get idea of how he looks with a 5ft 8 girl wearing trainers.
Fisher said on 8/Apr/08
And here is 5'11 George Bush with 5'11 Gordon Brown. So the Clooney pic is quite odd.

Click Here
Fisher said on 8/Apr/08
Just when I was convinced he was a strong 5'11, the Gordon Brown picture happens... perhaps ol' Rob is right after all, who knows...
Bleemo said on 8/Apr/08
Losing and inch to an inch and a half on Gordon Brown who is 5'11ish...

Click Here
Jack Daniels said on 8/Apr/08
Glenn do you really think George could be 5'11.5" in his prime? He's only 46 years old, why did he already shrink?
Tachna said on 5/Apr/08
Here he says 5'11
Don't believe that

Click Here
ed said on 4/Apr/08
from new film leatherheads w/ 6.2 or 6.3 Krasinski

Click Here
glenn said on 4/Apr/08
claiming 5-11? he also claimed 5-11.5.
glenn said on 4/Apr/08
oh,i forgot you met him mimi.saw him as recent as 4 months ago,and he was still least.5-11.5 in his prime.
mimi said on 3/Apr/08
5'11"??? YEAAAAA right! 5'10" no more.
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/08
If he's claiming 5'11 then he's definitely no taller than that and most likely no less than 5'10. I think the 5'10.5 estimate is correct.
leonari said on 3/Apr/08
and thats what he is : 5'11"
ed said on 3/Apr/08
claimed 5.11 on Letterman tonight promoting leatherheads
Anonymous said on 31/Mar/08
Anonymous KinG says on 29/Mar/08
he looks 5 ~6cm lower brad pitt height. if hes 179 then brad should be around 184 or 185.. but brad pitt was peak at 5ft11 so clooney should be only 5ft9 i'll say..

Yeah but Pitt lives in lifts. seriously, there are pictures of him and Angelina and their kids playing on the beach. All are barfeet or in flip flops except Pitt who is in his patent high tops frolicking in the water with the children. It's a bizzarre scene to say the least.
Anonymous KinG said on 29/Mar/08
he looks 5 ~6cm lower brad pitt height. if hes 179 then brad should be around 184 or 185.. but brad pitt was peak at 5ft11 so clooney should be only 5ft9 i'll say..
Fisher said on 28/Mar/08
Clooney is not going to give a magazine or any published paper his correct height, hardly any stars do. Even though he is one of the most honest stars in Hollywierd.
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/08
dude they drop the name in the new esquire and he says 5'11.5. i'm sure you know it. i have no clue how tall he is.
Bryce said on 21/Mar/08
He's trying to sell 5'11.5" again in the new Esquire, but I've seen him up close and he's no taller than 5'10.5".
Brad said on 18/Mar/08
Glenn are sleeping. He's 5'11.
deadman15 said on 13/Mar/08
they used part of my quote in the new esquire!
Anonymous said on 13/Mar/08
5'10.5 can very easily look 5'11. 5'10.5 can look 6' to the untrained eye. I'm 5'10.5 and when I say "I'm 5'11" when asked my height, most people always think I'm taller. I think George is right around Rob's estimate.
Bosco said on 12/Mar/08
rob has him right..he always looked like a full 2 inches shorter than noah whyle
ed said on 12/Mar/08
new esquire article claims he is 5-11 and looks it standing next to some 511 model he used to date
SaintClair said on 11/Mar/08
I wonder if my boy george standing at a generous 5'11 could of put up a fight against fabio who i think has a few inches on him that includes a bit more mucle mass.
glenn said on 11/Mar/08
thats up to rob.i agree 5-11.
ty said on 8/Mar/08
This site was mention in an interview with george.Click Here

Editor Rob
he's still 5ft 11.5. Maybe the interviewer did mention the site to him! Always good getting a url in a mag ;)
Jake Is Back said on 7/Mar/08
I'm sorry but the man who thinks Brad Pitt is 6'1" ain't a full 5'11".
ed said on 6/Mar/08
he has excellent posture and clothes hang perfectly on his frame... every photo i ever see of him he looks 6 foot but apparently he isnt
BERTA said on 5/Mar/08
he doesnt look shorter than 180, maybe 181
dmeyer said on 4/Mar/08
rob you seem very convinced of 5'10.5 is 5'10.75 to 5'11 possible
dmeyer said on 4/Mar/08
it is clear pitt is easy 6 footer in his elevator clooney looks only 1 in smaller with normal footwear i would say clooney is 6 ft with shoes so 5'11 witout it
glenn said on 4/Mar/08
5-11 peak.and still kinda is.though his injuries make people see a shorter clooney i guess.i saw him recently and he still looked 5-11.
Anonymous said on 4/Mar/08
5-11 upgrade should be in order!
Fisher said on 3/Mar/08
Alright Glenn, you win. 5'11 it is for George. Back when I said I met him eye to eye, my mom happened to snap a shot of him with me from a distance. He was a micro spec taller then me in the shot. I was 5'10.5 then, now I'm 5'11 and still growing (17 yrs old). So + 1 in the battle to raise George to 5'11
Ian said on 3/Mar/08
Looks like 5-11" in this picture, taking the leaning into account. Exactly the height where someone might think 5ft10-6FT depending on footware and posture.
gton said on 3/Mar/08
He always looks tall to me 5-11 to me, its possible right experts ?
Jon said on 2/Mar/08
Ok look at this picture,he is leaning to the right a little and he still has over 2 inches on glenn.I think if he was standing up straight he would have atleast 3 inches...
glenn said on 2/Mar/08
thanks xander.he is at least 5-11.maybe a hair of under 5-11 is ridiculous.
ghizlane said on 1/Mar/08
i think george is about 6 ft .bc i met him once in restaurant i'am 5.10 and when i stand next to him he seems 2 inches taller
Xander said on 1/Mar/08
He looks to me like an 5ft 10.75 man, cause he is leaning to his right..there's no possibility he is taller than 5ft11 glenn? Great photo By the way!Glenn on his best!;)
Alex2 said on 29/Feb/08
leonari,i didnt personaly mean it but you really should read the convosation before jumping to conclusions.
leonari said on 29/Feb/08
Rob: Why are you criticizing me when I lose my temper but let a random new guy like Alex2 insult me with the word "idiot" (when I was simply defending your ability to gauge height ROB) . Well either the rules apply to everyone or do you want me to stop posting in general?? This Alex2 guy has no clue about nothing.

Editor Rob
Gago had similar words towards you on the bardem thread and I put the ........ to show I edited that part.
glenn said on 29/Feb/08
alex2 is right.not refering to you leonari.alot of inaccuracies on the site.but it is good overall.
Alex2 said on 28/Feb/08
leonari you idiot! Just stay out of this, i was referring to Glenn's comment about Bruce Willis who myself and him think is nothing below 6'0" yet is listed 5'11 here! But Clooney is fine thats spot on! But there is a lot of people that are way too low e.g. Willis, Sid.
Marcelo C. said on 28/Feb/08
Dear Fisher: Sorry about my opinion below, I didn
Fisher said on 27/Feb/08
Appreciate the backup Anonymous & TNTinCA. Some people just don't know gravity's harsh impact on the spine...
Jake Is Back said on 27/Feb/08
I think he's 5'10", but I doubt 5'11".
Alex2 said on 27/Feb/08
I gotta say there is loads of people on this site that are downgraded terribly and its just well WRONG Rob.
TNTinCA said on 27/Feb/08
Fisher has a good point in the height changes from morning to evening.

I myself am about 5'10 1/4" in the morning and by evening, its around 5'9 3/4". And of course, the good ol' celebrity elevator shoes can always help. :-)

Clooney does appear at least 5'11" in that pic with Glenn.
Moke said on 27/Feb/08
I must say he looks taller on the photo...would say 182cm
S.M. said on 27/Feb/08
I'm 1.71m in the morning and end up 1.69.4m by the end of the day. Five-seven and a quarter to five-six and three-quarters.
MotownCrystal said on 27/Feb/08
If Glenn is 5ft 8 then George has gotta be either 5ft 11 or 6ft
Marcelo C. said on 27/Feb/08
Fisher: I really have to congratulate you, as you can measure yourself and determine you
Fisher said on 11/Feb/08
I think Clooney's height is very similar to mine:

Morning height: 5'11
Day: 5'10.5
evening: 5'10.25
glenn said on 11/Feb/08
ill trust elevator encounter against me meeting him many all footwear.
paul said on 10/Feb/08
I rode an elevator and stood right next to him ... im 5'10..... he was barely taller than me and the first thing I looked at was his shoes...big,, big heals.. trust me hes no taller than 5-10"
glenn said on 10/Feb/08
usually dress shoes can make one look shorter.
Jules said on 9/Feb/08
I've been wondering how tall guys footwear usually is. Like in some dress shoes, they make the girl look so short next to them, when the ladies are clearly in heels and in another photo (not in heels or dress shoes) they are the same difference in height (sometimes lol)
dmeyer said on 6/Feb/08
considering he looked 2 in under noah who i met 6'0.5 in like weak 6'1 clooney looks 2 in smaller so 5'10.5
Al said on 31/Jan/08
He was just on NBC news walking next to Ann Curry. Didn't look 5' 10" to me.
glenn said on 29/Jan/08
im not saying your lying,but that your mistaken.i saw clooney not too long ago with rachelle,my sometimes partner in crime,and she agreed with 5-11 as well.i think her pic is up as a link too.if newman shrunk to 5-6.5 from 5-9 in 3 years,i believe you,but thats shocking and sad.i heard he wasnt in the best of health.some men dont shrink though.if i get over my fear of flying this year youll see me out there.
Fisher said on 28/Jan/08
Look Glenn, I have no reason to lie to you, I'm a high school student that just got accepted to college. I live in an upscale suburb of L.A. There is a huge concentration of Stars in the area, you should stop by some time and take a few pics with some of them.
Guest said on 28/Jan/08
Click Here

Here is George and Casey Affleck pics who was previously considered as 173cm
Eddie said on 28/Jan/08
Gonzalo, look at Willis's shoulders. They're obviously higher than Clooney's.

Concerning Newman... Do you really think he has shrunk 7 cm?
glenn said on 28/Jan/08
there is no way willis is shorter than way.newman shrinking? sure.very possible.but not from 5-10 to 5-6.5.unless he is as bad as eastwood.i saw a pic my friend had with newman from 4 years ago and newman looked 5-9.i understand in 4 years alot can happen.i bet he is at least 5-8.
Gonzalo said on 28/Jan/08
Willis looks only marginally taller than Clooney, so Rob listings sounds accurate. Newman is over 80 nowadays. I guess he has shrunk
glenn said on 27/Jan/08
people being right at one chance encounter and people being right and never meeting a celeb is fatuous at best to me.look at the pic on top.though he had boots on he towers me.look at his waste and he is leaning in.i saw clooney recently and he was still 5-11.i cant imagine newman being smaller than 5-8 now.and to judge newman with that pic is ridiculous.
dmeyer said on 27/Jan/08
i agree that willis can look mush taller than clooney for example clooney can look 3 in smaller than weintraub when willis apears 1 in smaller
Fisher said on 26/Jan/08
Rob is right Glenn, I've met Clooney 3-4 months ago as I said before. He is the same height as me 5'10.5. Also If you look at every other pic of Clooney and Willis on google images, Willis has just a spec on Clooney. So it shows that he is just 5'11 now and probably was 6'0 in his hay day. As for Newman, he was a flat 5'9 back in the day, now he struggles around 5'6.5 with terrible posture. Rob has them right.
glenn said on 26/Jan/08
robs listings already spreading crap.clooney is without a doubt 5-11 and bruce is 6-1.thats why.and how do you get paul newman at 5-6 i dont know.he was measured at 5-10 on the stern show.he was without a doubt that height to as i witnessed all these actors repeatedly for 20 years.explain those pics rob.willis looking 6-1 to me.
Eddie said on 26/Jan/08
No way he's 5ft 10.5in.
Just take a look at this pics:
Click Here
Click Here

He's about 2 in smaller that Willis (5ft 11.5in). Just take into account that Willis is bold, while George's hair adds him at least 0.5 in visually.

And Paul Newman is 5ft 6in and no way 5ft 9.5in as he's listed here.
Even at peak his height was 5ft 8in max.
Danny said on 24/Jan/08
As someone said: Damon is obviously shorter and he doesnt try to cover it. About Pitt and Clooney... For me they appear the same height... But i see that Clooney doesn't really care about it... Pitt always tries to make him look higher than he really is. Elevators etc. Imo Matt = 177cm, George = 179cm, Pitt = 179-180cm.

Forgive me my hopeless english -_-
derek said on 23/Jan/08
If Clooney can appear 6'0.5,6'1 in simple cowboy boots then he must be a legit 5'10, 5'10.5 guy. As for lets say Sly, he has never appeared this tall in boots yet only does in elevator shoes.
Real said on 22/Jan/08
Hm.. another one of those guys I always assumed was over 6' for some reason.
Leung said on 21/Jan/08
Sean Penn is not good person to compare heights with because one day Penn can be looking nearly 5
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/08
he could be that,he looks an inch taller than Sean Penn.
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Valeri said on 12/Jan/08
So gago saw him at 5'10.glenn sees him at 5'11 and making a msitake of half an inch is okay,since we didnt actually measure thaking the middle of fisher when he saw clooney eye to eye it makes snese 5'10.5,Though clearly just like pitt,penn was probably wearing some footboost,that's why clooney looks hardly 5'10,like 177cm. 179makes sense.
Fisher said on 10/Jan/08
Met Clooney in the Valley in L.A. 3 months ago, I'm 5'10.5 and we were looking eye to eye. No difference in our heights. My friend took a picture with him, he is 6'2 and towered over Clooney as he does me.
leonari said on 10/Jan/08
I agree with Glenn...The man looks over average. Not much but still. So 5'11" is perfect. Which would confirm the 5'10" for Damon...
glenn said on 10/Jan/08
sorry to disagree,but i saw clooney on a day off for him a few months ago and he was the 5-11 i always saw.
Gago said on 9/Jan/08
Leonari don't overreact that way, and I'm sorry, my mistake, i was going to write 5'10, and thanx for correcting. so i saw him at about 5'10.So Mr.R was right seeing Clooney at 5'9.5.
Valeri said on 9/Jan/08
Click Here
Click Here

the difference between these 2 is max 1.75 inches. Rob,you either upgrade penn by 0.5 inches or Clooney is actually a flat 5'10
same with Pitt.
leonari said on 9/Jan/08
Gago: what?? WHAT?? First you go: he didn't seem 5'11 at awards. Then you go" about 177 about 5'11" ????? So what it is it?? Is he 5'11"? Cause 177 for sure is NOT 5'11" wise guy. 177 is around 5'9.5 or a tad more. Get your conversions right before posting.
Gago said on 8/Jan/08
At Critic's Choice he didn't seem 5'11 that he claims, he was hardly 2 inches taller than Sean Penn, he was shorter than Javier Bardem, so i think he's 178 flat, or possible 177cm about 5'11.
Caesar said on 1/Jan/08
Fisher says on 31/Dec/07
"We all saw the photo with Clooney and Damon in socks with Pitt in slippers. It proves he is 5'10.5 FLAT while Damon is 5'10 FLAT and Pitt is 5'11 FLAT."

As I said before:
Pitt is closer to the camera, has better posture and is in possibly thick slippers. I have seen many pictures where they look identical in height and a few where Clooney is taller. I think that are both 5'11 with a possible 1/4-1/2 inch variation in either direction.

There are many pictures in which Clooney appears taller than Pitt. There is a good likelihood both are 5'11. Also, look at Glenn and Rachelle's pictures with Clooney. Clooney is 5'11, Pitt probably also 5'11. Damon is 5'10 even.
Fisher said on 31/Dec/07
We all saw the photo with Clooney and Damon in socks with Pitt in slippers. It proves he is 5'10.5 FLAT while Damon is 5'10 FLAT and Pitt is 5'11 FLAT.
deadman15 said on 31/Dec/07
clooney and damon were both in chicago over the summer for the oceans 13. clooney looked 5'11 and was wearing sneakers. the thing i did notice is he doesnt have the best posture(as stated here many times before), and he does do the head tilt thing alot...again, as stated here before, the biggest reason for seeing him as low as 5'9.5 and nearly as tall as 6'. i get pegged at 6'2 but that is because i have good posture, and the reason i dont look like im getting dwarfed standing next to a guy like andrei arlovski.
Caesar said on 30/Dec/07
Valeri says on 30/Dec/07
People.Clooney is not smaller than Pitt.never has been.They are the same or even Clooney is 0.25-0.5in taller,since he can look the same with relaxed posture next to brad with much better posture.If Clooney is indeed 5'11 still,then brad is probably 5'10.5/75 thats my guess.So he can look 5'10 and over 5'11 depending on posture and lifts.pitt that is.

I definitely agree. Clooney has never looked anything less than 5'11 to me. Pitt is trickier, but both could be the exact same height. Damon is minimum a weak 5'10 (5'9 3/4) and quite possibly a strong 5'10 (5'10 1/4).
Valeri said on 30/Dec/07
People.Clooney is not smaller than Pitt.never has been.They are the same or even Clooney is 0.25-0.5in taller,since he can look the same with relaxed posture next to brad with much better posture.If Clooney is indeed 5'11 still,then brad is probably 5'10.5/75 thats my guess.So he can look 5'10 and over 5'11 depending on posture and lifts.pitt that is.
Caesar said on 29/Dec/07
lucao says on 26/Dec/07
if pitt is 1.80 as u listed clooney is 1.78 max. Click Here

Pitt is closer to the camera, has better posture and is in possibly thick slippers. I have seen many pictures where they look identical in height and a few where Clooney is taller. I think that are both 5'11 with a possible 1/4-1/2 inch variation in either direction.
Etep said on 26/Dec/07
he looks a strong 5-11 close to 6 feet in that pic with Glenn. considering glenn is 5-8...
lucao said on 26/Dec/07
if pitt is 1.80 as u listed clooney is 1.78 max. Click Here
dmeyer said on 25/Dec/07
0.5 to 0.75 in lifts might explain whi pitt apear only a bit taller than clooney
Caesar said on 24/Dec/07
C. says on 23/Dec/07
But Brad always wears lifts. Therefore he's always going to look taller (hence the 6'1" comment). I'm now not so sure Pitt is taller than Clooney.

There's a good chance both are 5'11. With very minor lifts Pitt can gain a 0.5 inch advantage and still look normal, and would also explain why in most pictures and in Oceans Pitt is only marginally taller than Clooney.
C. said on 23/Dec/07
But Brad always wears lifts. Therefore he's always going to look taller (hence the 6'1" comment). I'm now not so sure Pitt is taller than Clooney.
spi said on 23/Dec/07
ok.let's take for granded that bitt is 182cm(official hollywood height).if anyone see the pictures with clooney,brad is at least 3-4cm taller so clooney can't be taller than 178-79
dmeyer said on 23/Dec/07
clooney is just passing mid 40s he couldnt have lost more tha 0.5 in
glenn said on 23/Dec/07
i explained awhile ago he had cowboy boots on.i had really flat rachelles pic he had on casuals and i agree on the 5-11 we both saw.
Adam Brennon said on 23/Dec/07
Glenn, why does he look about a foot taller than you in that photo?
Lynn said on 22/Dec/07
Strange pic.
Or Glenn has short legs or Clooney has a very short torso and incredible long legs.
Rachelle said on 22/Dec/07
I had flips flops on, and I don't know about Clooney, I didn't look. Maybe Glenn knows because he saw him, too.
leonari said on 22/Dec/07
Rachelle: What kind of shoes were you wearin?? And Clooney? Flats? Please reply.
Rachelle said on 21/Dec/07
I think he's about 5'11"
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Little BadAss said on 11/Dec/07
George Clooney & Brad Pitt are both about the same size. I've never met Clooney,but I know Brad Pitt from my home town. Brad is 5'11 & that's with footwear.
C. said on 10/Dec/07
He doesn't look 6' (otherwise Brad would have to be 6'1") but I'm going to go with this estimate. I guess it really is his head movements.
Mattiew_- said on 8/Dec/07
5'10 if you ask me..

I remember him stating 5'10 in an itw ...
Bobbbo said on 8/Dec/07
I'd say he looks 5'11-6"0 because he looks a solid 3-4 inches taller than Tobey Maguire(who I belive is 5'7 and a half)
B said on 6/Dec/07
5' 9'' for George Clooney is to low!! 5' 10'' minimum and 5' 10.5 most likely.
C. said on 6/Dec/07
Looking at the pic again, he does look like that stated height, yet I still can't help but to wonder if he's wearing lifts or something. B/c in another pic posted in this site w/ Brad, he clearly looks 5'9" or so. Either that, or Brad is almost 6', which I find hard to believe. Maybe it's just the way he's posed in the pic? Yet I still can't get over the fact that his arms look so short for a guy around that height.

AHHH! Clooney baffles me.
C. said on 5/Dec/07
He's nearly 5'11"? He always looks like he's 5'9". 5'10" max. B/c his arms are kinda short...or something. Maybe he just has a short torso and short arms? I don't know.
Clive said on 1/Dec/07
I don't know what she was wearing in those pictures...
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Chris said on 30/Nov/07
no way hes 5'10.5 i would give him 5'9 because in the movie "Solaris" their is a sex scene and hes standing bare foot with Natacha McElhonce and she is 5'8 if that, he isnt even an inch taller in that scene!!
dmeyer said on 29/Nov/07
that very same friend has a pic with don cheadle and cheadle was slighly shorter than him ,my friend says cheadle is max 5'7
dmeyer said on 29/Nov/07
a friend of mine who is 5'7 but he wears 1 in lifts so he looks 5'8 ,has a picture with cloney from 3 days ago ,and clooney does seem 3.25 in taller than him like 8 cm , but he told me george had big caterpillar styl with bigger heels than average so clooney is near enaugh the 5'11 mark , then i took a pic with my friend and i look slighly taller than george near my friend so 5'10.5 for clooney
H said on 16/Nov/07
What a nice photo!
Salvatore said on 16/Nov/07
Have seen Clooney more than any other actor American. He comes to Italy for suits from us many times. We did not measure height ma but I believe he is 177cm by sight only
Richy said on 5/Nov/07
Irritating also: Please compare Glenn's foto with Pierce Brosnan and the this one with Clooney (refering to the height stats of both celebrities...exited about what you think about it.No offense,just curious)
Valeri said on 25/Oct/07
mofo,its really starting to irritate,sorry.youve been here long enough to read,that glenn has said countless times that clooney was wearing cowboy boots and on the taller side of the sidewalk.
Valeri said on 25/Oct/07
timber,some eyewitnesses from the past have said that as well.on here.the usernames are fading away,but someone saw him on the set of good night and good luck,spent thew whole day there.5'9.5 he said,another person saw hi mat the screening of the movie,also said 5' its a small possibility,i think taller though.
timber said on 20/Oct/07
Donald Trump said he thinks Clooney is under 5?10?.
Click Here
mofo said on 18/Oct/07
glenn what foot wear was he wearing if can rember cause he certainl looks 5 feet 11 inches and if brad on this site is only 180 there should not be any difference but in the pic rob put of him matt and clooney pitt lookes a good inch or two taller and he was only wearing slippers which have minimal if any height adjustment. So if clooney is 179 then pitt has to be 182 or 183 at least right?
Mattiew_^ said on 14/Oct/07
Clooney always looked 178cm to me .
markp said on 3/Oct/07
In polish newspaper named "Dziennik" couple weeks ago was photo of Clooney and that tall women actress. Next to that photo was some text that Clooney said "I'm 178cm tall and i never had complex with that, till now" 178cm -> 5'10. But i don't know is this true that he said that, it was in newspaper but you know sometimes journalists wrote about things that never happened ;) Is this true or not what did they wrote but it seems right. That's why Clooney (178cm) next to Pitt with lifts (183-184cm) look so small.

Editor Rob
these journo's convert wrong, especially when someone says height in feet/inches, then converts to cm!
Kerry said on 3/Oct/07
I met him 3 weeks back through work, and he is def no taller than 5' 9-9.5". He is def. not 5' 11". He has gotten pretty gray as well.
Valeri said on 17/Sep/07
sam,jsut check the other shots and theres your answer. 1-2in depending on tildas heel.
sam said on 17/Sep/07
I wonder how much shorter Clooney would still be if he straightened up. To be fair, Tilda's shoes are indeed pretty ginormous.
Evanna said on 16/Sep/07
Wow that's a great pic Rob! I didn't realise Tilda was that tall, she must be at least 5'11". What I don't understand is why would a tall lady like herself wear monster platform heels?! They might be trendy, but she looks like a fockin' giant there.

Editor Rob
clooney is joking around there with his knees bent :) He joked before with a tall lady in a magazine.
dmeyer said on 10/Sep/07
noah is no shorter than 184 cm like 6'0.5 in and clooney is no more than 1.5 in shorter so clooney was 5'11 back then and noe 5'10.5 nearing 50
Valeri said on 10/Sep/07
that could be it original.either way both pitt and clooney are no less than 5'10 and no mroe than 5'11,unless Gere is 5'9 only,then Clooney is only 5'9.5,but if gere is 5'9.5-5'10 at 58,then Clooney is a legit 5'10-5'10'5,so 5'10.25 is a good estimate.Pitt is 5'10.75 I agree,or 5'11,but no more.
Original said on 9/Sep/07
Clooney is 5'10.25" without lifts for me... Brad Pitt 5'10.75"
for me.
valeri said on 5/Sep/07
Click Here - next ot Gere,and glenn siad he could be 5'9 now,but lets give him 5'10,if he would straighten up a bit,he would be same as Clooney,so Cloney is either 5'10 now or 5'10.5,not a full 5'11.And wait,I though you though pitt was 5'10 Glenn? and now you're agreeing on both names or did I misunderstand.
glenn said on 5/Sep/07
exactly roxy on both names.
Roxy said on 4/Sep/07
In this photo george looks around 5'll, unless your shorter than 5'8.
There is no way he is shorter than 5'll and brad pitt as well. Angelina is nooo way shorter than 5'7. my daughter recently saw her in California.. she is 5'6 1/2 and angelina was visually at leastt! an inch taller than her. She said she was very sweet & stunning as usual.
Valeri said on 3/Sep/07
in these shots he genuinely looks 5'10.5,sporting a little bigger than normal hel though I think,but still.minght be close to 5'11.
Anonymous said on 1/Sep/07
What shoes is he wearing? From other pictures, I say 5'7" or maybe 5'8" TOPS.
Bababoom said on 30/Aug/07
He looks 5'11 with that pic with Glen since he's leaning.
dmeyer said on 23/Aug/07
clooney peak height 5'11 now 5'10.75 0.25 in loss by late 40s is possible
18,181 said on 18/Aug/07
clive,i cannot believe you just compared those two clooney pictures.i just cant believe the primitive mind such as that.I truly hope youre not Clive Owen,haha.
18,181 said on 18/Aug/07
man assman,you truly are an assman,no offense haha.Norton is 6ft(at least),Pitt is 5'10-5'11 range and wore shoes with huge heels in Fight Club,evidence exists.Marky Mark is more 5'8,not 5'7.Damon and Clooney are the ones I agree with more or less,though I'd peg Clooney at 5'10-5'10.5 and Damon at 5'9.5.As for Keanu Reeves,a legit 6'1.
Anonymous said on 17/Aug/07
Good stuff KT. I laughed out loud at your response to assman....
KT said on 16/Aug/07
What a post, Assman..

"So Pitt is 6ft"
LOL...Go to Pitt's page and say that. You'd get mauled like there's no tomorrow. It's been proven that he wore lifts in fight club to look taller than Norton too.

Edward Norton you say is 5'11"? now that's funny stuff bro.
assman said on 14/Aug/07
Keanu Reeves for years has claimed 6ft and I believe it. The pic on this thread shows Clooney about two inches shorter than Keanu. I give Clooney 5 10.5,Pitt is about 6ft when compared to Clooney. In Fight Club, Pitt is one inch taller than 5ft11 Edward Norton
So Pitt is 6ft
Norton is 5 11
Clooney is 5 10.5
Matt "Bucky Beaver" Damon is 5ft9
Marky Mark is around 5ft7
Clive said on 13/Aug/07
The Purepecha Native's comment is exact ! The picture shows a difference in level in favour of Clooney, that's why it's not a reliable photo...

Moreover look at the difference between a 'well-dressed' and a 'down-dressed' Clooney : Click Here

The Clooney on the left can easily look 180-181cm but the Clooney on the right rather looks 177-178cm and even on the right picture, he's not barefoot...
Steiner said on 13/Aug/07
To 'Worried guy':
If you were a girl I would have tell you no.
But as a boy, you can EASILY reach 5'10 if you are 5'8 at 16, even more.
One thing is true, Chineses are less tall than European or American people but in your case I don't think it makes a very noticeable difference...

As for me, I was only 5'5 at 16 and now I'm 21 and I've reached 5'10 !
So don't worry 'Worried guy' :-)
Purepecha Native said on 7/Aug/07
he is standin on the high side of the side walk! the side walks are like 2 or 3 centemiters higher on the inside part to let water drain away to the guter

the reason side walks are made like that is to eliminate any pudles so we cant be shure what hes real height is! hell how can we be shure GLENN is 5'8? he coul be like 5'7 1/2
Worried guy said on 7/Aug/07
I'm Chinese, and i'm also 5'8' and at the age of 16 is it possible for me to grow up to 5'10?
181,181 said on 4/Aug/07
well the only way to find out for myself,how tall he is,unless there's some concrete evidence,I suppose is to star in a movie with him,and not just as an extra.Easier said than done,lets see who manages to accomplish that.
17,181 said on 11/Jul/07
whats interesting is that the filming for oceans eleven actually started in early february,at least thats the official stats.the 2000 thing seems strange.
Martin J. said on 10/Jul/07
I was an extra on oceans 11 back in late 2000. Im 5'10''.5 and george was exactly the same height as me. Plus he was funny, if your
17,181 said on 8/Jul/07
he had the usual dress,cool,I always knew he was little feminine.haha,just kidding,it must be great to meet these guys in real life,though Glenn is probably even bored by now. :D
17,181 said on 8/Jul/07
5'10 makes most sense to me too.If Clooney has posture like brad he can look 5'11 yeah.
Franco said on 7/Jul/07
he lives in Italy i met him and been around his Villa (not inside) and got an autograph along with many other peoples.

he had the usual dress shoes and impeccable dress and to be honest he looks 181cm.

i think the real clooney height today is 178cm actually
17,181 said on 6/Jul/07
well,that doesnt say much albi,for all we know the woman couldve been 5'9 + 4inch heels.Maybe it was hte ad Matt was tlaknig baout.the 168cm girl with 8-9cm heels.174-175cm without shoes if theyre the same height.Unless the gal had 4inch heels(which she had) and he was barefoot next ot her,then hes 176-177,I think hes at least that. 174-175 is too low for Clooney,surgeries or this girl mustve been 5'9 and smaller heels.
Albi said on 6/Jul/07
Just saw an ad on TV with Clooney and another actress. She was on heels and he was at least 3 cm shorter than her. 179cm is a good estimate. He is definitely not a taller-than-average guy.
Viper said on 5/Jul/07
Thats not totally true dmeyer. David Arquette is 5-10 or slightly under and he never looks short on screen.
dmeyer said on 5/Jul/07
i agree that clooney never looks short so he must be 5'10.5 to 5'11
17,181 said on 3/Jul/07
Clooney is no less than 5'9.5 and no more than 5'10.5. I think 5'10 after the injuries anyway. And Pitt is probably 5'10 too.May also be 5'10.5 nut it's hard to believe 5'11 for pitt. I could believe 5'11 for Clooney back in the day,but for pitt back in the day I could never believe 5'11.
17,181 said on 30/Jun/07
Clive,what makes you think they even wear lifts in oceans 13,seem like regular shoes to me,especially in the scene where they walk together before start talking about when they met Reuben. Pitt was the same height,possibly 1cm taller.It was all over the place.the whole film.Just like oceans 11. Matty isn't 5'10 I believe,not without the help of his shoes.5'9,possibly 5'9.5.
The overall average is 5'9 in the US i think,but if we're talking young men,then 5'10
Aaron said on 28/Jun/07
Well if Vipers correct, which I'm not going to agree or disagree with, Matt Damon needs to be downgraded 2 inches.
Clive said on 26/Jun/07
I saw Ocean 13 yesterday. During the movie you often see Clooney and Pitt together. They have quite the same lifts and Clooney always looked from 1 to 2cm under Pitt so he must be around 178.5cm.
I think his exact height is 5'10.25 and after having seeing the movie, I'm even sure of this !
Alucard said on 24/Jun/07
dog: Wrong...the average in Sweden is 181 and in Netherlands it's 182.5 cm, for the men between 24-33. Better check your sources...
dog said on 24/Jun/07
is 180 over the average height in usa? in sweden the average height is about 183. in amsterdam its 185 :O
Viper said on 23/Jun/07
I think Pitt is 1 inch taller than Clooney at most, not 2. The most logic puts Pitt at 5-10-5-10 1/2 and Clooney at 5-9 1/2 - 5-10.
MATT said on 22/Jun/07
I repeat I was not at the backstage but what I found interesting is that: his co-star in the spot is 168 (she said that but maybe she also short), why they choose a co-star of 168 cm? Maybe because Clooney is not so tall??? Then again, a girl who was in the backstage when interviewed said Clooney is really cool but not tall. Now not tall doesn't mean short but for sure a genuine 180 cm person in Italy is considerer quite tall or, at least, why she said he is not tall if he was 180? In my opinion Clooney is not short but without shoes he is no more than'on he claims to be 180 so for sure he is no more that that!
Mr. R said on 22/Jun/07
Actually, I think in People Magazine, or some other celeb rag,(mind you I LOVE celeb rags), he said that he was the tallest kid at the beginning of high school at 5-11 and played center. Then he stopped growing, and watched everyone grow past him. My guess is that he was given 5-11 in high school in sneakers.
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/07
Viper, you are correct. George is 5-10 at the tallest part of the day.
Patrick said on 22/Jun/07
Brad Pitt is listed at 5'11", and he looks at least two inchs taller than Clooney. Clooney is 5'9", on the best day of his life. It looks like people are confused by the lifts and boots actors wear.
17,181 said on 21/Jun/07
what do you think Rob? Since Bruce seems to struggle with the 5'11 mark,maybe Clooney is more 5'10.
17,181 said on 21/Jun/07
sorry,thats 168+8(9)= 176-177 and take away Clooneys shoes,174-175.So still by your estimations Clooney is 5'8.5-5'9 which he clearly is not,unless he was barefoot when the girl was 176-177cm in heels.
17,181 said on 21/Jun/07
Matt,you know that 4inch heels or 10cm heels never give you 10cm right,10cm heels give you 8-9cm.So that would make clooney 175-176.And Clooney wasnt barefoot was he,when he was the same height.he was wearing shoes,which give 173-174cm by your calculations my friend.haha
MATT said on 21/Jun/07
Ok guys, 2 weeks ago Clooney was in Milan, where I live, because he had to film a new spot. I was not on the backstage with him but last night on italian television there was like a movie of Clooney new spot. In this spot Clooney kisses an italian girl, Margherita, who is from Sicily. The girl in the interview described herself as 168 cm. For the spot she has on 10 cm heels so she was 178 and Clooney was her height. Also a person who was on backstage said that Clooney is nice but not tall. In my opinion he is 178 without shoes.
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/07
good point 17,181. One wouldn't have a reason to make jokes about their height at 5'10.5-5'11 unless they played in the NBA. He could be under 5'10 although I think he's right around 5'10 flat.
Viper said on 20/Jun/07
Yeah, its obvious he is nothing over 5-10, and possibly a half an inch below it. I think hes really struggling with 5-10 personally. 5-9 1/2 barefoot.
17,181 said on 20/Jun/07
You know what I realised,over the years Clooney has always joked about his height,for ex. when next to Julia Roberts at this years oscar season,the oprahs special feature,where julia came to clooneys house to interview him,clooney once again said,look how tall I am,when greeting roberts,he was standing a stair higher,and julia responded,"yeah,that most be the first" .So Why would a 5'11 guy,the irony of which he also claims that depsite making fun of his height.Why would an almost 6ft guy make fun of his height every now and then.I don't think he's a legitimate 5'10.5.More 5'10.and since he was cracking those jokes before the injuries,he was probably 5'10 even back then.maybe has lost a bit after the surgeries.But 5'10 I think.The photos with Willis and my pathetic calcualtions lower,but still calculations non the less,might clear that up a bit.
17,181 said on 17/Jun/07
Well,If Dicaprio can sometimes pass for a 6'2 guy,yet being 5'11(possibly 5'10 or 6ft),then it seems easy to upgrade ones own height by an inch.Though with Clooney,I don't think he wears lifts,cowboy boots sure,but lifts ,nah. It would be interesting to see the 5'10 clooney photo though,Glenn. :)
666 said on 16/Jun/07
Ooo and here's an example of what I mean.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/07
I believe Glenn said 5'11. please correct me if im wrong Glenn.
17,181 said on 16/Jun/07
seems quite believable to me.thanks Mr. R.So if he was at least 1.5 in shorter + probably clunky/bulky shoes he might be only 5'9.5. He probably was 5.10.5 before he had the surgeries.But after probably lost at least 0.5 inch,which would explain the 5.9.5-5'10 sightings. And the tallest point of the day would be when waking up,so 177cm in the afternoon ,like 5'9.65 and probably down to 176cm by the evening.I think it's safe to put him at 5'10 now.Frank2 also spent a whole day in the presence of Clooney on the GNAGL set,and also described him as 5'9.5.Now if a third person,say Glenn would see him at that,I think it would be quite safe to say, hes no more than 5'10.
Mr. R said on 16/Jun/07
The day I met George, it was at a screening of Good Night and Good Luck. I went to the bathroom, and he was standing in the lobby waiting for the film to end to start the q and a. He was standing erect, and I noticed that I was definitely taller than him. I also noticed his clunky shoes seemed to probably add a little more size. After the q and a session, I went up on stage to met him. He was surrounded by gorgeous women, so I did not meet him face to face. However, I stood on the edge of the stage as he was walking off, and he was noticeably shorter than me, and he was standing erect. He is 5-10 at the tallest point of the day.
17,181 said on 15/Jun/07
+ movies ain't the thing to judge by.People who have actually met celebrities,like Glenn and Mr. R, Frank2 etc.Rob probably is correct,but saying dead correct is pushing it.Also,I think Mr. R isn't that ignorant to not mention the slouch,if he was fully erect himself,which he wasn't I bet.
17,181 said on 15/Jun/07
yeah,bamGlenn has stated many times,that he wears boots here and the sidewalk can give you a few inches as well.And movies isn't any proof.He never looked more than 5'11 to me even in the earlier days.And 6'1? I'm sorry but are you kidding yourself? is that 5 inches to you? thats 3 inches.If hed stand straight it would be 4 inches.That's 5'8 + 4 inches= about 6ft -1 inch boot advantage= 5'11 - sidewalk adavantage of aprox. 1 inch gives you 5'10.
Anonymous said on 15/Jun/07
Yes but he's in cowboy boots and also has the sidewalk advantage.
bam said on 14/Jun/07
clooney was a legit 5'11 . He looked very tall in his earlier movies. After the surgery he is 5'10.5 + bad posture. Rob is dead correct. he looks 6'1 in the pic above.
Anonymous said on 14/Jun/07
Good point Aaron. He could easily be under 5'10 while standing relaxed at 5'10.5
Aaron said on 14/Jun/07
how was his posture with comparison to yours Mr. R? Since your on this site, you're most likely a lot more height conscious than clooney. Clooney tends to slouch a lot. There's a difference between measured height and the height that people stand when in a relaxed situation. You must take that into consideration.
Mr. R said on 14/Jun/07
17,181 I am 5-11 and a half. When I was standing right next to George, he was a LEAST an inch and a half shorter. He also had bulky shoes that were suspect. He is 5-10 on a good day!
17,181 said on 12/Jun/07
How tall are you Mr. R ? 5'11-6ft? I think Clooney is 5'10 too.Possibly even less,if people have seen him less than that.
Viper said on 11/Jun/07
Im 99 percent sure Leno isnt 5-11. He always looks 5-9-5-10 when he has actual measured athletes on his show.
deadman said on 11/Jun/07
saw george and matt damon walking around downtown chicago...very personable with fans. george looked 5'10 to 5'11. damon looked a bit under 5'9(both were wearing sneaker type shoes)
Drew said on 10/Jun/07
Viper, yes, he exactly as tall as Jay Leno. Why 5'9.5"? Jay Leno is 100% 5'11". He looks that height when compared to every single guest.
Viper said on 10/Jun/07
Yeah, I peg Clooney at 5-9 1/2 - 5-9 3/4 exactly. Might be 5-10 out of bed.

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